April 2nd, 2010

Guy News : Clash of Pie-tans


  1. 1

    it was hillarious

  2. 2
    Dack Blog says:

    Urgh. At breakfast?

  3. 3

    Eric Pickles makes Prezza look like Woody Allen.

  4. 4
    J.Presclott ( five bellies, two Jags & two inches ) says:

    I look slim and cultured next to porky Pickles and Chris Hoon.

  5. 5
    Oh and by the way says:

    Pickles reminds me of one of those Russian dolls. I keep imagining the bigger one being set aside to reveal the smaller one but it is never thinner just smaller.

  6. 6
    Fabians, Marx and Hitler are of the same creed says:

    Pickles should have gone for the higher moral ground – asked the interviewer to keep two jags and that ignorant Lib dem OAF quiet when trying to answer the question

  7. 7
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Two jags, two bogs, two women, now its two beached whales.

  8. 8
    MI5 says:

    Please send AA breakdown service to take these pie eating farts away…

    Lock stock and porky barrel…

    Ther really are an eyesore…

  9. 9
    Doc Trough says:

    The Fat o’ the Land.

  10. 10
    Jack says:

    Put Piggie WATSON with them and no one will vote in the Election…

    We will all flee these monsters…

  11. 11
    Oh and by the way says:

    He should have insisted that Estler keep quiet too and allow him to finish answering the questions asked of him. It was disgusting the way they all ganged up on him.

    Estler showed particularly vicious bias against Pickles.

  12. 12
    Tony "Dansing Queen" Blair says:

    Is Pickles the only member of he working class in the Tory Party then ?

    Like Zanu Labour wheel out Prezza ro hide the fact that their senior ranks are all millionaires now ?

    The working class can kiss my arse and all that…

  13. 13

    What is it with our thick twat journalist class? Have they no nose? Have they no perception? Where are the stories this morning? Do you dumb fucks not read the boards, do you not *sense* mood? Are your red, burst-capillary noses so fucking full of charlie that you can’t get a whiff of the political breeze?

    Okay, I reckon I’m three days ahead again: fellers, here’s the themes you’re going to be all over next week.

    “Labour’s All Fools Day” – Mandelson’s April 1st dismisal of business leaders’ concerns regarding NI rises looks to have seriously misjudged etc etc etc.

    “Cameron’s Good Friday” – George Osbourne’s NI plans and labour’s cackhanded response to them resulted in a significant poll bounce for David Cameron as the holiday weekend began…

    “Tory Campaign’s Easter resurrection” – Conservatives danced on the roofs of black cabs as the NI spat saw their campaign finally take life…

    Oh, and of course, dear Polly, the Dumb Fuck in Chief – “Brown has one last chance to stand firm on NI increases, and tell labour’s story in favour of redistribution”.

    So the future, she is writ….

  14. 14
    Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

    Was that Guido in the black and white scenes at the end, or Michael Jackson?

    PS: Stuart Wheeler’s got nice curtains. My mum’ll vote for him.

  15. 15
    Pork Pig Pickles says:

    yer not wrong fat eric
    lay off the pies pickles
    you’re chuffing enormous now fatboy and resemble a veitnamese pot-bellied pig squeezed into a suit with a jowl for every day of the week
    you may be the only politician alive larger, weighs more and looks more grossly corpulent than prescott

  16. 16
    Bully Boy Balls says:


    Shock ! Horror !! As Liebour appear to have ‘sexed up’ documents.


    The Fourshits of Hell are everywhere.

  17. 17
    Martin Day says:

    Easter Friday and very excited.
    We put our tree up yesterday and Lord Mandelson is on top. Daddy made his body out of a toilet roll centre, daddy said that it was ironic. I didn’t understand what he meant. Daddy has a Blue Peter badge.

    We are going to see the Railway Children on Saturday, mummy said that it was because I did well in my speling test last week.

  18. 18
    Who ate all the Pies ? says:

  19. 19
    Who ate all the Pies ? says:

  20. 20
    The big D says:

    If those three are the cream of party spokespeople, God help us.

    OT1. The Haringey Shoesmith story looks like the testicular one may have dropped one.

    OT2. If the RMT ( with the help of Network Rail) are keeping old (burnt out) signal boxes on the active location list, has all the money spent on the Union Modernisation Fund been wasted?

  21. 21
    Oh and by the way says:

    It’s great that this ‘dodgy dossier’ has come back to haunt Balls and Labour but I am just a bit cynical that it has been released to the press just before a General Election campaign starting. The article states that the Judge will report later in the year ie most probably after the GE, too late for political capital to be made on it.

    Must shorten the odds for Antony Calvert beating Balls though surely?

  22. 22
    The Dirty Rat says:

    This ball is going to bounce back and hit Balls in the balls.

  23. 23
    Porky Pickles says:

    Dave thinks Eric is working class coz he’s from ‘oop north’ along with Hague.

  24. 24
    Right Bastard says:

    Guido, old news is no news.

  25. 25
    Lord Chief Justice says:

    There is clear evidence that Balls interfered in the due process and “his officials” twisted the dossier to put all the blame on Arrowsmith…

    This forms part of a pattern of behaviour…

    Labour and Tory MPs, his own officials and the press know that Balls is a permanent bully…now acting without respecting the rights of employees…
    (The Mail takls of Arrowsmith being in line for £ 1 million compensation FFS)

    And this also forms part of the numerous dogy dossiers have accumulated during their 13 years ruining the country with the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time and creating Broken Britain..

    NuLabour was a FRAUD from start to finish…

  26. 26
    Hugh Janus says:

    Low ball or no Balls?

  27. 27
    Hugh Janus says:

    You’ve been reading the DT again – some of theirs is so old it should be drawing its pension by now (if NuLiebour hadn’t stolen it of course).

  28. 28
    Fat Eric says:

    He’s jowltastic!

  29. 29
    Anon says:

    Fairly shit broadcast this week Guido.
    Please raise your game.

  30. 30
    Gay Gordon of Scotchland, better known as King Midas the Zero and King Canute the Last says:

    All my lies are the truth because I say so.

  31. 31

    The most unsavory pork pies I’ve ever seen.

  32. 32
    Lord Chief Justice says:


    The Clown Mandy picking a fight with Business says it all…

    Mandy was thr architecxt of Nu Labour which has bust the country with a doubling (so far) of national debt – quite a grotesque feat…

    Mandy has never worked one day in business

    He is unelected

    He is a smearer

    And he has had to resign twice foe dodgy deals…

    Mandy and Brown are what is wring with Britain

    They have been a DISASTER FOR BRITAIN and are so currupt and incompetent that every day costs us millions

    PS And BTW Another 1 000 jobs suppresseed at Jarvis in top of all the other disasters he has presided over as Business Sceretary AND MANDY IS STILL PONTIFICATING FFS

  33. 33
    Doc Trough says:

    Isn’t. Prezza going to the House of Lards?

  34. 34
    Gavin's auntie says:

    Gavin has always been biased against the Conservative party. His mother says he’s one of the worst on the BBC for it. Useless presenter and interviewer as well. His father says he’s a complete limp wristed cu*t.

  35. 35
    The Dirty Rat says:

    Lord Letch of Melton Mowbray.

  36. 36
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Be fair, the Right Honorable Ed Balls, MP for Poppyclaiming-upon-Flip, only had 45 minutes to do it in. He’s lucky there are so many retards in his constituency he can rely on to deny the country their Balls moment.

  37. 37
  38. 38
    Ordinary Bloke says:

    Has anyone else noticed how old and tired Mandy is looking these days?

  39. 39
    Bully Boy Balls says:

    Talking of bullies…


  40. 40
    I know I'm a bit thick but says:

    Can anyone tell me why these union twats Woodley and Crow are calling strikes at a time which is guaranteed to damage McDoom and NuLieBore?

    Oh, and Chris Hohne is a complete cu~t

  41. 41
    Chas. Dickens-Prezcutt says:

    It was the breast of times, it was the Wurst of times…

  42. 42
    j. says:

    Here I am practising my Lordly inter-personal skills

  43. 43
    C.Hoon, LimpDim says:

    The clue is in the name..

  44. 44
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Oh yes, once the BBC hear of new liebour caught sexing up documents again they’ll be all over it like mandy to a rentboy. Oh, wait…

  45. 45
    Here I am practising my jowly inter-personal skills says:

  46. 46
    John Thomas says:

    It’s not big enough!

  47. 47
    Maximus M. Bacillus says:

    M’lud, the bench is not for sleeping on. The play here is the Hoon Defence, so-called after it was proffered by the eponymous Hoon to Hutton. It runs, briefly and baldly, “I delegated my duty of care”. Evidently the defence is of the view that what is sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose.

  48. 48
    Twiggy says:

    There should be a weight limit, on all people appearing on the BBC.

  49. 49
    Night Owl says:

    Only two women? You seem to have missed a lot …

  50. 50
    Happy Optimist says:

    I liked the Easter Bunny. I thought it was a nice touch.

  51. 51
    Happy Optimist says:

    Yes. And somewhere, in England, in a shop right now, right this moment, wrapped in cellophane, is a leaving card. At the moment it’s blank but within the next 5 weeks it will have “To Lord Mandelson” written on it.

  52. 52
    City of Vice says:

    Mandy is one seriously overrated useless fuck. The man is rotten to the core and so thrives when surrounded by the corrupt party hacks and conflicted media whores looking for access – manipulation is his watchword. The EU role was perfect for a sleazeball like Mandy.

    However, pitch Mandy in with honest folks or people who don’t really need his patronage – in the latest case senior businessmen who reckon Labour’s on its way out – then Mandy get shown up for the useless, incompetent slimeball that he is.

    The Emperor has no clothes – just a sore arse.

  53. 53
    City of Vice says:

    There is more to this than meets the eye. The interfering Ed Balls created the mess by instructing local authorities to mesh their Education and Social Services departments, so he was clearly anxious to cover his arse when the Baby P thing broke. A social worker is not a teacher and vice versa but Ed Balls and his empire building NuLab mates were too thick to figure than one out. Also shortly before the Baby P scandal broke, Labour-run Haringey’s Childrens’ Services received a decent report from Ofsted, so there are questions to be asked about the integrity of the inspection process too. Odd that. Conflict of interest anyone? Perhaps we should ask the wife of Tony McNulty, shamed Labour bigwig, whose wife heads up the Ofsted operation…

    The irony is that there was no need to Balls to connive in sexing up the Baby P report. As the boss of Haringey’s ‘Children’s Services’ Shoesmith (or whatever she’s called) clearly had to go as the Baby P cock up happened on her watch, albeit that the NHS bods involved seem to be getting off lightly – how the fuck do you medically examine a child and miss a broken back?

    The reality is that the concept of taking responsibility for one’s action is alien to these overpaid NuLab types – they operate by the smear and spin instead . In short, Balls simply couldn’t resist the temptation to corrupt the process because that’s how Nulab operates.

    With the possible exception of the armed forces, the public services in this country have been hijacked by an incestuous and incompetent NuLab supporting placemen and women.

  54. 54
    Gordoom cooks the books says:

    Prezzy is a complete & utter C@#T while he was pretending to be in office he personaly waisted over £15 BILLION with his fucked up ideas thats all I have to say about that

  55. 55
    John Prescott says:

    How Many ‘Secretaries’ Have You Won????

  56. 56
    Cockney Christian says:

    When you have got rid of pesky democracy and freedom there will be none of that nonsense – eh?

  57. 57
    brain donor says:

    because they are trying to get rid of their job perhaps

  58. 58
    José Manuel Barroso says:

    Even we draw the line at having this weasel as commissioner, hes as bent as a 47 euro banknote.Comrade mandelbloom had to go

  59. 59
    Lord Fontelroy says:

    Nu Labour have only ever made appointments to people who a: gave them loads of cash or b: will give them cash back out of their allowances, this goes for euro mp’s , mp’s , quango’s etc etc they also need something on them so that they will toe the line, this was mandelsons area of expertise.There is no place in the Labour party for an honest politician.

  60. 60
  61. 61

    […] For the next four weeks we will be given the opportunity to hear educated men and women slagging each other off… a sort of Rah Boo Sucks… in the case of my own favoured party… and given dire warnings by Gavin Esler on Newsnight that they must sit quietly with their hands behind their backs like visitors to a lap dancing club – lest we have a repeat of the wonderfully disgraceful episode on Newsnight the other evening  covered well by Guido Fawkes on his post Clash of the Pie-Tans. […]

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