March 30th, 2010

Party Political Broadcast on Behalf of the Labservatives


  1. 1
    codebreaker says:

    chillingly realistic

  2. 2

    We all laugh at the Lib Dems together.

  3. 3
    Aaron says:

    That is rather good actually.

  4. 4
    Porkbusters for the many not the few says:

    not bad at all. second voice needed work though.

  5. 5
    A fair fayre fare for all. Arkright says:

    serr gutt

  6. 6
    Kestler says:

    Cable certainly got the laughs last night George. Mostly at your expense.

  7. 7

    If they can afford to get that onto our TV screens – that will sway a lot of voters.

    Nice work.

  8. 8
    Prodicus says:

    I always turn to the LibDems when I want a larf. Makes a change from serious politics.

  9. 9
  10. 10
    Hamish Macbeth says:

    Labservative……. ?????

    Surley “Conbore” would satisfy Trades Description Leglisation better

  11. 11
    A fair fayre fare for all. Arkright says:

    that is going to be a hit with the great masses,why could’nt cchq do something like that

  12. 12
    Hamish Macbeth says:


    Sureely “Conbore” would be more accurate

  13. 13

    A much better option all round. Direct representation……… much more like it….

  14. 14
    Old Tory says:

    Not as good as Blair, just watched his performance on Sky, pure class. The Tories need to up their game. Still ALL to play for.

  15. 15
    Jim says:

    Good work. Might be better off with some ref to the Lib Dems at the end rather than trying to entice me onto their website?

    Note to Cowley Street: get working.

  16. 16
    Andy says:

    Scarily good, as to last night Osborne looked good, Darling looked nervous and Cable forgot that he wasn’t doing a after dinner speech

  17. 17
    Shit stickers and shunters says:

    Just put a “Start a campaign” on facebook
    Labour are going to make massive cuts in jobseekers allowance and housing benefit is only going to be paid for 4 weeks. It’s allready got them screeching “No fucking way.I’m not voting for them”.
    Great stuff shit,sticks to any thing

  18. 18
    TS says:

    I’m sure the guy doing the Gordon Brown voice over is the narrator from Theme Park World.

    Lib Dems have made Tory ads look lame. Just need a wealthy backer to put these all round the country.

  19. 19
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Er, no. Very voluble, verbose and sundry other V-words, but right over the top of cranium. Won’t stop me dobbing in £50 though. Sock it to them in plain English.

  20. 20
    Ghost of Greg Stone says:

    Sloppy, there is no doorbell at Number 10.

  21. 21
    Barry Macleod-Cullinane says:

    At just after 10am this morning, I saw the Lib Dem’s “Labservative” bill-board truck heading down Rennie Street, a culdesac next to Blackfriars Bridge – which sort of sums up where the Lib Dems are going!

  22. 22
    Shit stickers and shunters says:

    Iris Digital

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    Registered on: 03-Mar-2010
    Renewal date: 03-Mar-2012
    Last updated: 03-Mar-2010

    Registration status:
    Registration request being processed.

    Name servers:

    WHOIS lookup made at 12:12:51 30-Mar-2010

  23. 23
    MTPT says:

    Was the “Cameron” voice meant to sound like Ken Clarke?

  24. 24
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:

    Vho are vou ??????????

  25. 25
  26. 26
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:

  27. 27
    Shit stickers and shunters says:

    this is comment one reply,go down for comment 1 again

  28. 28

    Poor Old Fatbore waddled all the way to the court without even bothering to check if the MPs would be there.
    Let’s hope his campaign is as amusing.

  29. 29
    amongomous says:

    Yes they should up their game by getting a Ian Huntley to speak on their behalf.

  30. 30
    Lord Walrus Tits says:

    a winner!

  31. 31
    ShoutsAtTheTV says:

    I’d give the Liberals 5 minutes.. But 5 years is tooooooo scary a thought

    Kids let loose in a sweetshop; kids in charge of a battleship

    Tooth decay with rockets and explosives..

  32. 32
    Pete says:

    But isn’t he in jail?…

  33. 33
    dead tree dead dumb press says:

    yes, he did get a great deal of applause did old Vince
    well spotted

  34. 34
    ShoutsAtTheTV says:

    But this is Tedious.

    If Labour goes hard left, or the Tories hard right – it’s “same old Labour / Tories”; but if they move to the centre, then the complaint is that they’re the same as each other.

    FFS! What is it that the electorate really wants?

  35. 35

    And don’t worry boys and girls, you’ll get your Easter bunny before the Easter weekend. I can assure you.

  36. 36
    stilyagi_air_corps says:

    He got there before your mob of folksingers, though. Show keen, and all that…

  37. 37
    Not a libdem says:

    I give it a nah rating

  38. 38
    Three headed one party contrick says:

    LabLibCon trick, sums all the consensus clowns up.

  39. 39
    Ricky Tomlinson says:

    ‘Congratulations to @ChrisBryantMP & Jared on your historic Civil Partnership today, with you in spirit on the #labourdoorstep’

    labourdoorstep??? back passage more like – My Arse

  40. 40
    The Electorate says:

    permanent summer,green trees all year round,christmas 4 times a year,free drugs,free wine and lager,the movie channel,I could go on.

  41. 41
    Willi Windbeutel says:

    In the interest of openness and full disclosure will he still be standing for election hiding behind his silly mask? The new Screaming Lord Such (without the charisma).

    I suppose its still marginally better then Gordon Brown, but there’s not much in it.

  42. 42
    B*lls*it also "Delivered by a Labour Government" says:

    A relaxed,tanned,sleek and imaculately coiffured and expensively suited jet-setter mover and shaker multi-millionaire Tony Blair told an invited audience at Sedgefield…”I understand the difficult times that British families are going through!”

  43. 43
    Mr Slater's Parrot says:


  44. 44
    Staunch Labour says:

    here here

  45. 45
    Vote Liberal get Brown says:

    Vote Liberal get Brown .

    Vince for chancellor?
    He’s been promised…………but hey, he can FO after the election.

    Hot tip:
    Vince to win Strictly Come Dancing 2010.

  46. 46

    I’m sure the vast majority of Labour-voting Liverpudlian dockers and car workers are with Luciana in her joy !!!

  47. 47
    Big Mac N Tosh says:

    sounds tasty lucien burgers,do they have then in mcDonalds or burgerking

  48. 48
    Greychatter says:

    Tony can afford to play to the media – made £20 million in three years out of politics and the Tax payer – not bad – Iraq War, Iraq Oil, Lumbered Britain with Gordon – Probably now a Non-Dom. – Sir Tony next?
    Don’t forget Tony was PM when Gordon was frittering away Britains wealth during the “Boom” – he got out knowing that the “Bust” was coming.

    Anyone daft enough to Vote for Labour ever again deserve the politicians they elect!!

    Vote anything other than Conservative and get Gordon Brown for two more terms – he will never let go of the power he thinks is his God given right. These are dangerous people. Let’s see the back of them for the future good of Great Britain.

  49. 49
    Willi Windbeutel says:

    We will settle for the public execution of Gordon Brown on live TV having been stripped, shaved and publicly humiliated by having to publicly suck dick.
    Then tarred feather and hanged with piano wire. The putrid corpse then dumped on a Kirkcaldy council tip.

  50. 50
  51. 51
    Madam Le Whip says:

    I could make Vince dance

  52. 52
    Wiesenthal says:

    How did I miss you.

  53. 53
    no longer anonymous says:

    Everyone laughs at grandad.

  54. 54
    whitewashing coming says:

    Blairs company interests being questioned on the BBC

  55. 55
    The Electorate says:

    That’ll do.
    Though I rather suspect he’ll suffer no humiliation on the dick sucking part. Maybe force him to lick a fanny instead.

  56. 56

    […] Holborn Versus The Lib Dems 30 03 2010 The Lib Dems have a fantastic new video attacking the status quo in an attempt to get people to do something different, other than vote […]

  57. 57
    Peasant says:

    LOL, the tossers who made the video got the URL wrong. It is I am sure lazy hyena would have got that detail right.

  58. 58
    The Tick says:

    hmm former clergy,that’s a box ticked for him,no guesses what one

  59. 59
    Am I unhappy says:

    Oh what a shitty thing.

  60. 60

    […] Guido Fawkes calls the campaign "a cracking attack on the status quo". Share with […]

  61. 61

    Old Holborn versus The Lib DemsThis spells out why the Lib Dem video is a FAIL and that Old Holborn is the only person offering change at the election.

  62. 62
    Mr Ned says:

    Since when did the politicians in labour, tory or the libdems give one shit about what the public want?

    If they did we would have had a referendum on the Lisbon treaty and on membership of the EU. Immigration would have been restricted, taxes lowered and used more effectively to tackle social problems. The global warming scam would not be tolerated by the Government and the human rights legislation would not apply to convicted criminals in prison. Schools would educate instead of indoctrinate, we would not have gone to war in Iraq, Hospitals would be cleaned properly, bins would be emptied at least twice a week, the police would be discretionary instead of corporate revenue generation agents, the ID card scheme would have been scrapped, we would be able to buy and sell products in any damned weight and size measures we wished, Hollie Grieg would get her day in court against her alleged abusers, and so much more besides…

    What do people want? something that NONE of the main parties are offering. left/right/middle of the road is a red-herring. ALL the main parties are on the same side and it is NOT ours! They represent the interests of the owners, the REAL owners. the people who own the large multinational corporations and use their political muscle to create cartels and stifle free-market competition.

    They are all corporatists pretending to be reformed capitalists, or socialists, or social-democrats. They are not anything of the sort. They are Fascists and they don’t give a fuck about you at all. AT ALL.

    Well most of them (according to consistent polling) want to be able to choose who sets our laws and not have the EU as a dictatorship telling us what we can and cannot do.

    All three main parties completely ignore this, in fact they seek to hide this behind a lie that they are interested in our worries and concerns and values at all.

    The only reason we even get a referendum is because it gives us the revolution suppressing hope that we even have a choice. We don’t. There’s no choice at the next election. If there was a chance of a choice they would scrap the election on national security grounds. If the B and P party or the U KI P party stood any chance of winning this election at all, they would cite the Civil Contingencies Act and scrap the whole bloody thing! All three parties are lying consistently to you. All three are for implementing a global corporatist agenda that is opposite to the agenda’s that they claim to favour.

    They are ALL corporatist, Pro EU, pro immigration, pro racist, sexist and heterophobic political correct legislation in an attempt at cultural genocide.
    Fuck all three main parliamentary parties.

  63. 63
    liblabcon says:

    just tried to buy but gone

    Domain name:

    Morag Henderson

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    UK Individual

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  64. 64
    liblabcon says:

    Vote labour for Gordon because Tony has a nice tan and a nice suit and white teeth and smiles a lot

  65. 65
    Charlie Whelan says:

    If those Lib Dems get uppity I’ll turn the fire on them

  66. 66
    liblabcon says:

    First you have to learn to smile as you kill.

  67. 67
    John Thomas says:

    “Anyone daft enough to Vote for Labour ever again deserve the politicians they elect!! ” , but do the rest of us have to suffer for others being daft as you put it. It’s the same with both big parties, “I vote con/lab because my father voted con/lab, and his dad voted con/lab, I cannot work things out for my self but they (con/lab) will look after the interests of me and mine” Doh!

  68. 68
    liblabcon says:

    Not just a talking Norse hey but a sharp smart one.

  69. 69
    stillsaggy_airhead_cock says:

    Show keen to make a c’unt of himself certainly
    at last there was only a handful of muppets making cocks of themselves

  70. 70
    Staunch Conservative says:

    here here

  71. 71
    this is not an anonymous name says:

    everyone laughs at the silly kid

  72. 72
    John Ward says:

    A palpable hit

  73. 73
    Lib/Lab/Con says:

    Status Quo?

  74. 74
    Rob C says:

    Great advert, but the worrying thing for the Lib-Dems here has to be that it will draw attention to them. Look what coverage has done in the past – a quick boost followed by a bigger decline as people study what they actually stand for… I think it will undoubtedly boost the ‘none of the above’ box!

  75. 75
    stilyagi_air_corps says:

    Absolutely. if everybody took themselves as seriously as you obviously do, they’d be… ugh… You.

    How boring would that be?

  76. 76
    stilyagi_air_corps says:

    Whoops, sorry Maladroit. Aiming for the twat who poorly copies people’s ‘names’.

  77. 77
    Dick Robinson says:

    I find it funny that no one can copy Cameron’s voice properly. Even Rory Bremner said he couldn’t do it.

  78. 78
    Old Labour says:

    I want to kill myself.

  79. 79
    Simon Harley says:

    A plurality of the British people haven’t voted Liberal since 1906. You’d have thought that the boys in yellow would have gotten the message by now. I think it’s fair to say that the last major act of a Liberal government was taking us into the First World War and nearly a million dead Britons.

  80. 80
    jgm2 says:

    90% of Liverpudlians are straight. Get over it.

    When I say ‘straight’ I mean not gay. Obviously they’re not straight. They’re as fucking crooked as a nine-bob note. In a robbing, thieving, stabbing, ‘you’ll never-walk-alone’, we’re fucking great we are, there’s only the Jocks and the fucking Geordies can come close to matching us for an inflated sense of how fucking magic we are’, kind of way.

    Vote Labour. So that your kids can vote Labour too.

  81. 81
    jgm2 says:

    Guess what. The jackass who brought us into WW1 was an MP from Fife too.

    Those Fife electors have a lot to answer for.

    Let us hope that Brown does for Labour what Asquith did for the Liberals.

  82. 82
    Simon Harley says:

    Holding the electors of Fife accountable may not be a bad idea, actually…

  83. 83
    LibLabCon enemies of Britain says:

    Like most western European countries now, we are ruled by a political caste hostile to their own peoples.

    Across Europe, our so-called rulers might as well be occupying powers for the fuck-all they have in common with us.

    Policy after policy after policy forced through without mandate or consent, to the detriment of native Europeans, all to satisfy the greed, malice and vanity of our elites.

    Thanks to these bastards, Europe now faces seismic upheavals in the decades to come. The political caste’s answer will only ever be more authoritarianism against the very people who never wanted the state’s shit rammed down their throats in the first place.

  84. 84
    Ampers says:

    Yes, Billy…

    It will backfire as most people realise the LibDems float between Labour and Conservatives but mainly Labour.

    It will help independents and the smaller parties though.

  85. 85
    cassandra king says:

    Post of the week!

  86. 86
    cassandra king says:

    The only way for us to survive as a nation is to destroy the liblacon political class, they have become our enemy and they mean to destroy us.
    Time to wake up and smell the stench of conspiracy emanating from Westmonster, we have one final chance to clip their wings in a peaceful way and if we fail this time only a violent revolution will remove the cancer.

  87. 87
    Lightweight Cast Iron says:

    Well said!

  88. 88

    […] A cracking attack on the status quo – Guido Fawkes […]

  89. 89
    Dave says:

    May I just say this:
    Thank you.

  90. 90
    D Pict says:

    and who better to represent them than someone who has not done an honest days work ever?

  91. 91
    Anonymous says:

    it was on its way to the agency that created it – who are down that way

  92. 92
    Anonymous says: and .com working now.

  93. 93
  94. 94

    Where’s Vince “I’m a bit confused, me” Cable, in all of this, then?

  95. 95
    Will I Hell says:

    I wondered where Will Heaven had pinched his latest Telegraph blog idea from…. He’s lifted the Blair piece, too.

    He really should credit you, Guido.

  96. 96

    Cheers for this. A worthy interlude.

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