March 30th, 2010

Exclusive : Guardian Editor’s Internal Rant at Murdoch

Guardian’s Imaginer-in-Chief Alan Rusbridger has sent out an email to anxious hacks responding to articles about Carolyn McCall’s unexpected departure from GMG, laying into all and sundry (well, except the BBC) in a thousand words of defensive ranting.

The Times‘ one-line comment calling the Guardian a paper “in turmoil” clearly struck a nerve. In response to that one word, Rusbridger manages 128. Not content with Murdoch-bashing, he then devotes another three paragraphs to gloating over the Indy, calling it loser of the “format wars“, before gushing over his financial overlords and accusing competitors of just being jealous. “Outsiders look at all this and they don’t quite understand it.”

“Let’s be honest. Some of it is envy: the Scott Trust has been, and continues to be, a remarkable illustration of how a company can support serious journalism and how a news organization can place editorial at the heart of everything it does. So it comes under attack – just like the BBC – by people who dislike or envy the subsidy model and our journalistic freedoms.”

Then it’s back to Murdoch-bashing, and something even vaguely close to a threat: “We can equally certainly make the most of the opportunity presented to us. It’s no more than Mr Murdoch would do to us.” And then there’s profoundest wisdom of all: “Insecurity often breeds anger, denial and a search for someone to blame.”

A solution to the newspaper’s woes? “Mutually imagining”


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    Can you make it bigger I left my bi-focals somewhere?

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      Oooh I found the zoom button

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        Anon says:

        Can you find the shut the fuck up button please Trev?

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          Mr Slater's Parrot says:

          S-S-SSKKKRRRAAAARRRRKK!!! (tweetle)

          • Lord Trombone says:

            B O R I N G.

          • Mr Slater's Parrot says:

            C O R R U P T!!! (preen) (ting)

          • Bert Weedin says:

            there’s news in papers? Fuck me and I’ve been using this internet for 20 years. If some thing happens in America I know before the UK media. Sell me something I don\t have and I may buy it,but with this fuck off dude.

          • Mr Ned says:

            haven’t any of the dead tree press realised that they would be much more marketable IF they actually decided to publish, ……. THE TRUTH?

            Not one of the dead tree press held Blair to account before the invasion of Iraq in spite of massive questions relating to the strength (or lack thereof) of the case for war NOT ONE single claim of Iraq’s retention of WMD held up to independent scrutiny pre war, and yet the dead tree press gave Blair and his acolytes a completely free pass on all the lies he was telling. They passed on Government lies as established and accepted truth, without question, and mislead the nation into an unlawful war.

            If they are even prepared to lie us into war, then there is NOTHING that they will not lie about. You cannot trust the mainstream media AT ALL…..AT ALL!!!

            That is a massive part of the reason that the mainstream media is shrinking so fast and that less than 50% of the public support mainstream political parties. We, the majority, KNOW that the establishment are a bunch of criminally insane, lying, sacks of shit!!! We do not believe a word that they tell us and we know that they do not give a shit about us AT ALL.

            FUCK the dead tree press and every single one of the criminally negligent bastards that work for them. They are NOT journalists worthy of the title. They are paid whores of the elite, NOTHING MORE!

            When the Guardian and the Independent and the Mail and the Times all fold and disappear, I will be celebrating their looooooong overdue demise.

            They are all enemies of the people of this country and enemies of humanity. Fuck Them All!

          • Vote dave get police state EUSSR says:

            Guardian, Mirror, sun, BBC, ITV – all work for the NWO, cheerleading rags for the slaves political football teams, all teams have the same owners, the same managers and the same agenda.

          • Vote dave get police state EUSSR says:

          • Alex Jones exposes the NWO media says:

          • Sir William Waad says:

            Don’t these journos take themselves terribly, massively, up-their-own-arsefully seriously?

          • FU MSM says:

            Far from being any safeguard against tyranny, the MSM are willing accomplices to our disenfranchisement.

            The weasel bastards lie, mislead, covered up and connive with the very criminal, corrupt political elites that are the cause of our problems.

            Every single newspaper in this country, without exception, deserves to go to wall.

          • John Cleese says:

            Isn’t it about time you were an ex-parrot?

        • 76
          Bullyline says:

          leave blind Trev alone you work place bully

        • 153
          Thrusterbuster says:

          someone strangle that fucking parrott

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          Thrusterbuster says:

          Trevor your flies are undone

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      Has Rusbridger considered what will happen when the next Tory government orders the BBC and other quangos to advertise their non-jobs in other dead-tree-press publications? No I thought not!

      • 22
        Susie says:

        Cameron’s said that all government posts and those dependent on public money will be advertised online to save costs.

        They must be terrified.

        • 43

          THe NUJ will be toothless this time.

          • Digital Dismissals says:

            ha ha .they have been toothless for one investigative who gets the job done.arsewipes.

          • How about MPs expenses and the Telegraph??

          • Mr Ned says:

            Everyone who works for the dead tree press are an enemy of humanity. That they would even consider working for publications that willingly passed on Government lies as accepted and unquestioning truth in order to directly lead to an unlawful war, means that they are as guilty as Blair, for they KNEW the truth and they willingly suppressed it.

            Not ONCE did they hold Blair to account for his many lies. Even the blogosphere was publishing evidence at the time which tore Blair’s arguments apart, the dead tree press continued sucking Satan’s cock hoping for a face-full of that black sticky Satan jissum.

            They wilfully, and with evil intent and malice aforethought, did deliberately conspire to publish fraudulent information to manipulate the public into supporting the ultimate war-crime. They are, each and every single one of them, complicit in the ultimate war crime and they all should be facing justice for that.

            Fuck them all!

          • Digital Dismissals says:

            true.forgot that in the tide of shite the rest of them are

          • Longbow says:

            Hey, the NUJ even have a clause or something to make sure the B&P only get shit coverage.
            I hope ALL MSM organisations go to the wall

        • 57
          WatchGuardy says:

          Have you seen the high numbers of anti-Blair comments – 600 – 700 on some!!

          Bloody hell – that’s more than Tory Trolling!

          • Sharp stong teeth,hungry says:

            and a feeble effort from those trembling in the bunker is “What’s wrong with the circus? I like the circus. Will there be a lion tamer? And acrobats?

          • barefootcontessa says:

            That was fun!

        • 81
          Digital Dismissals says:

          and I am going to open the website

        • 260
          ST says:

          Lovely, bye bye Gruniad nevermind I’m sure the BBC will have you after all they took the editor of the News on Sunday as their head of documentaries didn’t they?

    • 21
      Sussexed says:

      Touchy touchy, Alan.

      One thing I agree with, they are certainly going to need to make transformational change when Society is reduced to recruitment ads from the unions and their income drops 90%.

    • 78
      RAM says:

      Thought that was a (very, very slightly) interesting take on the current state of the media – don’t really know why Guido posted it. Our print media are in serious problems at the minute – both the Times and The Guardian – with very serious consequences. Just picking two of their stories – Trafigura and Byers Taxi – shows the importance of high quality investigative journalism. If Guido had snagged either of these stories he would have tennis elbow resulting from excessive back patting by now. Oh but wait he did come up with Baldemort, guess everyone needs a chuckle now and then.

      • 116
        Catflap says:

        Do you think if they stopped paying footie players millions, people would give up playing or watching football?
        Would they bollocks.
        A new breed of journo will emerge with fire in the belly and just happy that they are behind a keyboard and not a plough.
        That used to be incentive enough once and soon could be again.
        Ivory towers need to be knocked down.

        • 147
          Anonymous Misogynist says:

          I can see you’re not behind the door..

        • 164
          RAM says:

          I agree with your Schumpetarian view to a point but I see no signs of this new breed emerging instead I see an explosion in sex-obsessed tabloid journalism. For all the new mediay blogging types that are out there- their output is staggeringly limited. I just feel the UK’s proud history of high quality investigative journalism is something to be protected rather than derided, the blogosphere is often little more than a electronic knitting circle for the chattering classes (as our very discussion is currently proving). I just can’t for the life of me think of any really big stories the likes of Guido has uncovered.

          • Catflap says:

            But that is the point who chooses what is a big story?
            It isn’t going to be the TV and papers for very long at this rate.
            Take the Climategate scandal as an example.
            A story that would have died a death without the Blogs and some bloody good investigative work and analysis by bloggers.
            I myself am doing the legwork uncovering the guilty parties in my local council concerning the Iceland bank investment disaster.
            Why?because the local press are spoon fed shit eaters.

          • MSM liars says:

            UK’s proud history of high quality investigative journalism

            You’re having a laugh!

            To take just one, not so insignificant little example, where the fuck were the MSM over the global warming controversy? Year in, year out, there they were, happily parroting every bogus charity and government’s scare story as gospel.

            All the heavy lifting was done by an ‘electronic knitting circle’ of dedicated bloggers. Only when they could no longer ignore it, did the MSM jump on the bandwagon with some half arsed attempts at ‘investigative journalism’, even then pinching all the credit for doing very little.

            If not for the likes of Steve McIntyre, Anthony Watts, Bishop Hill, Richard North and others, the MSM would still be mindlessly mouthing state propaganda over supposed AGW.

            So don’t give me crap about the MSM’s legendary ‘investigative journalism’. They have become state liars every bit as much as the BBC.

          • RAM says:

            Catflap – fair point the media has a role in framing what is big and what isn’t but if I was able to put some objective criteria I would say something that it is clearly in the public interest to find out. And by this I don’t mean who Prescott is shagging because I don’t really care – I mean things like a multinational company trying to stop a parliamentary question coming into the public domain or the massive corruption at the heart of the UK Arms Industry or former government ministers peddling influence.
            These stories I think are just out of the reach of the new media and to be honest I just think you are going to see even closer fraternisation between government and privately financed media which is even harder to hold to account.
            As for Climategate I don’t want to turn this into a debate on the issue itself but you’re right bloggers can play a role in sustaining something but surely you admit that any scientific evidence, whether pro/anti climate change requires expert analysis rather than punters randomly mouthing off.
            By the way good luck with Icesave investigation.

          • Mr Ned says:

            absolutely right catflap. the climate change story itself was shaping up to be the world’s second biggest scam (after usury based fractional reserve banking of fiat currency)

            What has the media done about it? Reluctantly covered a bit of it whilst downplaying the significance of the fact that all the predictions of ice-free Arctics, and polar bears extinctions, and increasing hurricanes, and disappearing glaciers, and Amazonian desertification and cow farts and Antarctic heating and the lack of medieval warm period and the surface temperature record according to the “MAN MADE” climate change hypothesis have ALL be PROVEN wrong.

            NONE of it is true. The “rigourous peer reviewed science” was nothing of the sort! Many of the alarmist claims in the IPCC reports were not peer reviewed AT ALL, in fact some even came from magazine articles and from extremist environmentalist pressure groups and were FRAUDULENTLY accepted as scientific.

            What little peer review there was, was NOT rigourous at all, but done by a self-selected peer-group of believers who would sanction any rubbish so-long as the conclusion was “man is causing the earth to warm up dangerously”

            They hid data, withheld data, lost essential data, fraudulently manipulated data and ignored data. ANYTHING that would support the hypothesis was hyped, and anything that contradicted the hypothesis was removed and suppressed.

            They intimidated scientific journals and put enormous amounts of energy, pressure and money into advocating a single view.

            This was NOT science, in any way shape or form. it was not even a bastardisation of shoddy science. What the IPCC has done does not even begin to resemble science in any single way at all. It is as scientifically valid as Alice in Wonderland.

            My daughter started a zoology degree this year and in their “basic skills” lectures they taught the crucially important and basic requirements for something to be scientifically valid.

            Data fraud, data manipulation, withholding and hiding data, self selecting who gets to peer review based on their beliefs, and changing the data to fit the hypothesis were NOT part of the scientific method, in fact each and every one of these things on their own, negates the scientific method. When ALL these things and more are present, then you cease practising anything resembling science and start practising a religion or a cult.

            The mainstream media has been appalling in wilfully covering up for MASSIVE fraud, corruption, conspiracy.

            they all deserve to burn for their crimes.

          • AndrewSouthLondon says:

            Thank you Mr Ned. In a few short paragraphs not funded by Big Oil you have done for nothing what our £30bn a year paid-for Media Industry found itself unable to do. What a loathsome bunch our journalists are. A house in W4 and invitations to the right dinner parties and their *rse is pwnd.

            The puppet masters are not big oil, they are a handful of guilty hedge-fund billionaires, and national tax-gatherers. Piano-wire and lamp-posts will be in short supply on the day of reckoning.

          • revolting peasant says:

            The trouble with the mainstream media is that it’s controlled by moguls with vested interests and agendas.

          • Catflap says:

            Funny you should mention the coverage of the BaE kickback story.
            That is a good example of a left leaning journo framing a story if ever there was one.
            most people did not or do not care that BaE used dodgy means to secure contracts that keep British jobs safe and exports up.
            Only a journo with an axe to grind would want to stir the shit for Britain and give our competitors an advantage.

          • Einstein says:

            At last some thing worth reading on here.

          • RAM says:

            So Catflap do you think that the way the Climategate story has been framed both by the bloggers and the mainstream Telegraph has been devoid of intellectual or commercial bias as you suggest for the BAE story? Do you agree with Mr Ned that “the surface temperature record according to the “MAN MADE” climate change hypothesis have ALL be PROVEN wrong.” That seems like a very definitive statement from a sceptic. Self proclaimed sceptics often seem to be very decisive on one side of the argument.

            And if you’re happy for the UK Government to be ferreting around dodgy arms deals with Saudi Arabia while underfunding troops in Oraq/Afghanistan fair enough- I can’t see there being a lot who would agree this isn’t a pretty big deal. Also the subsequent settlement from Goldsmith suggests massive executive interference in the legal system which warrants investigation alone. I would suggest this kind of dealing is very much not in the interest of UK weapons industry worker but to line BAE pockets.

  2. 3
    Anon says:

    A wasted rant in my view, Rupert Murdoch is a chronically old man who will soon be dead.
    Problem solved!

    • 7
      Maladroit Labour Chump says:

      Am hoping Gordoom pre-deceases Rupert by a good number of years.

      • 20
        Cya b*nkrupt lefties says:

        A wasted rant in the fact that old Murdoch grew personally fond of the left wing, where as his spawn are firmly against it.

        Thick left wingers scoring an own goal by attacking old man Murdoch and giving the younger Murdoch clan something to sharpen their axes about.

        • 58
          Digital Dismissals says:

          and how they are.wait untill he pops and they get the wheel, a firestorm is coming

    • 36
      Bert Weedin says:

      yep,I got a bet on it for Aug

  3. 5
    • 13
      John (the Zanulabour Destroyer) says:

      No it isn,t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the PCC and the rest of the Westminster Village can go fuck themselves,,,,,,,,,There are usually many hundreds blogging on this site,,how are they going to shut us up.
      Oh and if they want a fight I look forward to it,,,,,,roll on the next civil war,,I,m dying to exterminate these socialist bums

    • 28

      Pity Liddle didn’t use the adjective ‘proportionally’!

    • 192
      barefootcontessa says:

      The thing is, was he correct in his statement?

      • 217
        Mr Ned says:

        Hell yeah!

      • 230
        Tattooed_Arry says:

        Majority of the perpetrators are Black, and the vast majority of the victims are White.
        If the situation were the other way around the Anti-Racist Thugs would be marching, and the media would be having a field day.
        As it is there is silence, in order to protect the Red multicultural experiment.

  4. 6
    Cya bankrupt lefties says:

    The Guardians delusional rantings won’t save them from economic reality.

  5. 8
    Cya b*nkrupt lefties says:

    ffs modded, try 2;

    The Guardians delusional rantings won’t save them from economic reality.

  6. 9
    Odds Bodkins says:

    Goodness me what an outburst. I particularly like the bit “people who dislike or envy the subsidy model”. Er, don’t most of us dislike the subsidy model? Fuck the Guardian and fuck its bedfellows at the BBC.

  7. 10
    The IMF is coming says:

    Wait until the Public Sector job adds disappear

    • 92
      Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

      If Labour do win the election they could post an advert in the Guardian mourning the loss of every bloated public sector job as it gets the chop. It wouldn’t please the public sector dead wood on their last day in their plush, underachieving office – however, it would keep the subsidy-sucking Guardian onside.

  8. 12
    Jon says:

    deliberate leak? seems very self congratulatory.

  9. 14
    Susie says:

    And where is the Scott Trust based Mr Rusbriger? And does it pay taxes? If so who to?

  10. 15
    backwoodsman says:

    “The guardians web traffic rose by 22%” – (20% of which was punters hurling scorn and abuse at champagne pollys’ deluded ramblings !! !

    • 30
      Mr Slater's Parrot says:

      LAGERPOLLY!!! LAGERPOLLY!!! (hurl)

    • 50

      I’m sure the 22% will be revised later to 44% just like Labour’s remarkable recession busting recounts!

    • 91
      Cheese Lover says:

      Only 20%? I love going there, but I do it just to recommend all the anti-socialist posts on the articles: if I try actually reading someone like Toynbee, I just collapse in mirth so it’s better to omit the articles themselves. I suspect I’m not the only one. There are others in the quiet majority.

      • 96
        Cheese Lover says:

        Forget to mention that I’ve noticed recently that a proportion of my recommendations of posts there don’t seem to register and increment the count. I think they have a pro left filter under development.

      • 172
        משאבת בטון says:

        I shall try that tomorrow, when i can see straight.

    • 94
      Unsworth says:

      So the demented bint has a use, then.

  11. 17
    Peasant says:

    Has anyone read it to the end yet? I couldn’t.

    • 33
      משאבת בטון says:

      Only just…..Fucking hell, Rushbridger is a dull c*nt.

    • 46
      no longer anonymous says:

      I tried. I really tried. But halfway through I had to start skim-reading.

    • 61
      Maximus M. Bacillus says:

      I confess I did. It looked like a pep-talk, so I went in search of the pep, yet all there was was circumlocution. God help the Graun. There will be a lot of people grateful for the opportunity to recover their mental accuity when the Graun folds.

  12. 19
    bus dodger says:

    jezuz kerrist, what a moaning old fartbag! could do with a back hand farehand combo, or to have some nutter leap into his face with their forehead. sanctimonious custard ( a c*nt-bastard hybrid, which is useful inpolite conversation!)

  13. 24
    Jimmy says:

    Rant? Really?

    • 38
      Devil_Inside says:

      The first page is a bit “rant-lite” but fairly so I’d say. After that there’s some quite aspirational stuff about reforming newspapers to meet the digital age.

      Quite an interesting piece all told.

    • 140
      super strength says:

      In your case Jimmy, more like a runt.

  14. 25
    Ewanme Botha says:

    LMFAO !!!!

    Who buys a paper for anythin but the crossword ??? The Grauniad’s is shite .

    ALL ‘papers’ are a refuge for ‘couldn’t getta proper, productive job’ graduates wiv verbal diarhroea – look at fuckin Hefferlite’s outpourins , FFS .

    Murdoch’s experiment will fail as long as we can get our disinformation free from other sources , darlin .

    They will all go to the wall eventually coz NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS . LOL .

    Who cares ????

    See ya E xx .

    • 201
      barefootcontessa says:

      Too true, particularly about the crossword.

    • 268
      ST says:

      True. Journalists often ask of politicians as to whether they’ve had a real job. Being a jurno is a real job is it? It’s just paid gobshittery.

  15. 26
    Cya b*nkrupt lefties says:

    I love how he points out the Times losses while casually brushing over the WSJ and FT paywall successes that will shore the losses up.

    Funny criticism and economic lectures coming from a useless left wing paper that is kept afloat by AutoTrader sales.

    • 41
      Ewanme Botha says:

      Hmmm .

      Don’t those esteemed organs carry loasda info wot could make you rich ???

      People will pay a quid for the lowdown on the markets but will they part wiv a nugget to read Bryononny Gordon witterin on about panty pads ???

      Nah , don’t spose they will .

      E x .

  16. 35
    Sir William Waad says:

    I’ve never liked the Grauniad because of its snobbish assumption of its own moral superiority. I’d be sad if it disappeared, though. If the Murdoch ‘paywall’ is a success I’ll bet you Garudian will copy it!

    • 51
      Don Of Doncaster says:

      and that’s what he said in” we can all learn from each other”you take the chance Murdoch and we’ll wait and see.

    • 62

      Apparently Murdoch claims his paywall can be seen from the moon!

    • 123
      alan russbridger says:

      some years ago I had the guardian delivered daily. when I realised it was the same one each time I stopped having it delivered.

      I now prefer the Beano

  17. 39
    Hoon MacHoon Chief Hoon of Clan MacHoon principal Hoons of hereaboots and a liitle beyond! says:

    Can you please tell me what is interesting in this document. I cant be arsed to read through it all!

  18. 45
    briansj3 says:

    Outstanding piece by Clay Shirky the old model collapses before a new model works.

    • 53
      Paper terrorists says:

      fuck me you can blow up a news paper business like that. Thanks for that

  19. 52
    R Murdoch says:

    I don’t read newspapers. They get the news out far too late and I can read the comments columns that are worth reading on the web.

    I certainly haven’t the slightest intention of reading the 4 page diatribe above. If the editor has got time to write it, then he’s not doing his job properly.

    I’ll fire him next time I’m in town…

    • 54
      Digital Dismissals says:

      email him you twat

    • 100
      Sir William Waad says:

      I used to own a newspaper, but it folded. Then I opened a dojo for sumo wrestling, but it went belly-up. My icemaking company went into liquidation and my Holidays in Iraq venture bombed. So it’s back to milking the good old Common Agricultural Pissup!

  20. 55
    you can fuck my hoon but stay clear of my hain says:


    LMFA right off. You don’t really like free speech, do ya?? Unless it’s coming from within your little bunker, that is.


  21. 73
    wanna buy a watch mate says:

    Billions of pounds of our money is racing around in circles chasing something we think maybe there. When it catches up and smashes into it it will break up into even smaller parts we think maybe there and prove that that is the meaning of life.

  22. 74
    Catflap says:

    I bought a copy of the Guardian once….

  23. 75
    There Really are Reds Under our Beds says:

    What are dullard. About as inspirational as a limp biscuit. The Guardian is going down the tubes as people get their news direct from the sources, the government can’t afford to recruit anybody anymore and the only thing its got going for it is a web-forum for Thatcherite Tories to have a rant at the loony left. Only 2% of households can bother with the print version and it has an influence out of all proportion to either its popularity or is capability.

  24. 82

    “people who dislike or envy the subsidy model”

    Cünt. Try this Alan, people who are fucking *forced* to pay, on pain of imprisonment, for the subsidy model, or who see their taxation spunked on grossly over-priced advertising for non-jobs filling your pages….

    I assume this whine is trying to steady the ship after McCall’s departure and the paywall announcement, and in the sure and certain knowledge that advertising revenues are agoing to be zilch for the next five years. Fair enough – the Guardian is a voice, I bear it *some* ill will for the childish way one unamed individual treated me there, but also a lot of *good* will for the breaks one decent individual gave me: Georgina Henry. She’s shot up the greasy pole and I think that’s a great shame,a s she really knew how to run an online operation AND she wasnt’ averse to talking about commercial pressures.

    She and I talked about paywalls years ago, about revenue models, about the G potentially being an early and radical adopter of a different model, rather than being forced to play catch up – but that’s what’s facing them now.

    Murdoch’s decision will see his online readership slashed, but it won’t stop others following because it *will* bring *some* income.

    What they all should do is charge, but charge pennies. Micropayments, as I set out here

    before I left CiF in a great big fucking huff. Some called it a flounce. On reflection, maybe it was more of a flounce than a huff.

    Annnnyway, when a gaffer sends out morale boosting ranty emails it’s generally a sign that disaster is looming. The observer again? Oh dear…

    • 93
      Digital Dismissals says:

      They think Murdoch is mammon of media. He does it it must be right. That sly old bastard is drawing them into a trap. He has the funds to weather it. they don’t

      • 299
        Theta says:

        Indeed. if you can’t spend cash buying everyone else up to grow an empire, you can use that cash instead to sink your competition. Clever man, Murdoch.

    • 104
      Owl Arse says:

      all I do with one pay for news site is copy the headline I want to read and google is.The media is so repetitive ,one publishes it they all do.Shimple

    • 129
      Thelma Barlow says:

      OOooooooo Frank, I love it when you talk dirty

  25. 83
    SirMichaelWhite says:

    I’m sorry but this has gone right over my head.

  26. 89
    Moley says:

    Well I read the letter, and it’s just like reading the Guardian.

    You work hard to wade through a sea of unexciting words and realise at the end of it that they did not say anything or have any clear purpose or meaning.

    Why did he bother to write it?

    What was his purpose in writing it?

  27. 97
    PAT E O'DOOR says:

    Iris robinson sold her small triangle of scrub
    to a property developer for a fiver !
    the strip of land was bought from one property developer for £5 then sold to another for the same £5 thus giving him access to the bottom of the robinsons back garden which they then sold to him for £460,000 thus avoiding capitol gains tax
    so nothing wrong there then all within the rules etc !
    fucking scum !

    • 157
      Uranus, The Magician says:

      So – she doesn’t go for the bald pussy look, then?
      Mind you it’s a bit unkind to call her bush “scrub”!

  28. 98
    lola says:

    “people who dislike or envy the subsidy model”

    That just about sums up why they are such smug self serving gits.

    Why the holy fuck should I be coerced into giving money – e.g. via state subsidised advertising – to a bunch of smug shits who have contributed to the ‘success’ of new labour. They can all fuck off and die AFAIAC.


    • 102
      concrete pump says:

      Don’t hold back lola, say it like it is.

    • 106
      Owl Arse says:

      la lal lal la lola

    • 107
      default position says:

      They have obviously ‘failed to get their message across’ in your case. but that won’t stop them trying again, ‘cos the left are obviously always right.

      • 134
        alan russbridger says:

        Quite right, yes, I’m sorry you don’t get it. It’s not poorly worded and the grammar is fine it’s, well, it’s just a wee bit too long.

        I know in the digital age that we can strive to communicate much better so how’s this -

        “knew summat’s up, shit, we’re fucked, fucked I say”

        well ………. ?

  29. 105
    PAT E O'DOOR says:

    Breaking news an assylum seeker who raped and murdered a girl who then dumped her body on a rubbish tip is allowed by the high court to stay in britain so he can marry his long term partner !

    Labour tough on crime !
    Tough on immigrants who commit crime !
    Tough on deporting those who are here illegally !

    • 115
      BillyBob - Stop immigration, reduce crime !! says:

      Shit like this I have been going on about for months………..I must be a racist !!

      • 122

        Now Now :we must make allowances for these people
        there are bad people in their own country
        who want to hurt them so we must let them stay
        here where it’s safe !

    • 169

      He only raped her he did not murdered her so thats ok then

    • 216
      Anonymous says:

      Another useful Labour recruit.

      Let’s face it, rapists, muggers, thugs, terrorists, terrorist sympathisers, nonces, traitors, organised criminals – all Labour’s core vote.

  30. 109
    geography teacher says:

    About five pints I’d say ( I never could hold my drink)

  31. 110
    BillyBob - Stop immigration, reduce crime !! says:

    Don’t you just love New Labour/Old Labour !!

    A social care levy for everyone…. except the unemployed, the underclass and immigrants!!

    • 125
      William The Warthog says:

      Billybob, Guido’s post wasn’t even about Labour yet you’re still whining you moaning old tosser.. Get a life?

    • 146
      Virgin Soldier says:

      Whilst on active duty doing my National Care Service someone stuffed a pair of incontinance pants down the loo.
      The resulting drama became known as ‘The sewage crisis’.
      After all this time i’m still waiting for my fucking medal.

  32. 112
    BillyBob - Stop immigration, reduce crime !! says:

    She would have to promise not to speak…… then perhaps I would mount her !!

  33. 117
    Murdoch's Little Helper says:

    How’s the Committee for a Free Britain going Mr Fawkes ?

  34. 118

    Struth, always thought those bastards adored me

  35. 119
    Yawn says:

    I can see why this is exclusive

  36. 121
    universal hiss says:

    I was so angry reading this….”so it comes under attack-just like the BBC-by people who dislike or envy the subsidy model and our journalistic freedom”

    From a load of subsidy junkies,champagne socialists,finger wagging,left wingers who know shit about shit.

    Journalistic freedom from what? Writing the truth?From The Guardian? From the BBC?

    • 128
      bugsy says:

      They want a model like the BBC, ‘Subscribe to our newspaper or go to prison, it’s your choice.’

    • 141
      nell says:

      Actually the ‘subsidy model’ is a good term to apply to labour who have reduced a once great nation to a ‘subsidy state’. Just look at all the long term welfare troughers, non-jobs in government, useless mp’s and peers in that house of whores, that we are subsidising.

      It makes you wonder actually what percentage of the population, after 13 years of failed labour government, is still in real employment. I have a horrible suspicion that its less than 50%.

      • 150
        Grannie Whiffs says:

        sorry dearie that’s because you can’t count like your hero ickle Georgiekins

        those who are economically inactive is 21.3% and includes, the long-term sick, unpaid carers, those who retire early, students and others too

        • 184
          nell says:

          ‘economically active’ is a curious phrase granny darling.

          The state now provides approx.60% of all paid employment in the country and most of that is for non-jobs like diversity officers, lifestyle officers, jugglers(oh yes to teach kids to juggle in Suffolk), transgender coordinators, equality officers (ironic given that the gap between rich and poor has widened in the last 13 years), real nappy coordinators (yes seriously!), and my favourite from my own tiny council at £40k a year ‘ climate change officer.

          The question is, is this vast army of useless public servants economically active or inactive given that we, the taxpayer (yes we the taxpayer NOT the government) are paying their wages.

          And pray tell where are their wages going to keep coming from if we don’t have enough people working in manufacturing and business to keep making a profit,( and we don’t!) to keep funding this crazy government employment Black Hole which is still growing!!??

          The trouble is this labour government has forgotten that money doesn’t grow on trees and that it belongs to us the taxpayer and not them.

          • Der Gubberment says:

            we have quantitive trees my dear

          • P. Diddy Dacre and his Mailgoloid Littlecock Army says:



            If only the paste eaters here realised how stupid they were.
            But that’s what makes it so funny.

        • 193
          Moley says:

          The definition is “economically inactive and of working age.

          The under 16s and the retired are excluded from the figures.

          If you look at the percentage of working people compared to the population as a whole, the figure would be around 31%.

          21.16 million in work.
          61.10 million population.

          Data is here;

        • 222
          Naked Gordon says:

          G Whiffs is none other than our old friend, that sultan of the spermy wank sock, Master B.

          Once a sad Cnut, always a sad Cnut.

    • 182
      RAM says:

      So you don’t mind a subsidised model then, as long as the subsidy for our media comes from an oligarch who doesn’t pay tax here (and barely pays tax anywhere). How the hell does that help anything- you think its hard to keep the state subsidised BBC in check just wait for Murdoch. Its the complete double think from people like yourselves who don’t see that private media is also heavily subsidised by special non-state interests who expect a wee bit in return. But enjoy, I can’t wait for Fox News UK – who should be Glenn Beck? maybe Richard Litttlejohn? Vorderman is definitely going for the Palin role.

      • 247
        P. Diddy Dacre and his Mailgoloid Army says:

        You’re wasting your time RAM.

        They don’t know this blog is the UK’s version of the Colbert Report and that so many people come here to laugh at them.

        • 249
          universal hiss says:

          Why should I pay for a stalinist BBC which I rarely watch?

          I’ll pay for Radio 4, well some of it.

          So iou a fiver. You can fuck off for the other £145.

        • 273
          nell says:

          “He who laughs last laughs the loudest ( or the longest)” depending on which saying you prefer.

          So we must wait, mustn’t we, for May 6th or June 3rd depending on how brave gutlessgordon is feeling ??! to see who will laugh and who will cry?

          • RAM says:

            Yeah we need a Colbert over here – although what’s that saying about it being impossible to parody a fanatic without becoming one?

            ‘Stalinist’ – While I am a BBC apologist I do apologise to anyone that has served time in one of Thompson’s Gulags – the real question though is are you Thompsonite or a Dykite – both brutal in their on way but at least the latter was less doctrinal. Long live Chairman Lenin, I mean Lyons.

            Nell – not making a party political point but that the mainstream media has to be funded from somewhere and private interest funding may be no better than what we have now.

  37. 133
    Raptor says:

    The Guardian tells the BBC what to think. The BBC tells the country what to think.

    The Guardian exists solely because it is subsidised by public-sector advertising, paid for by the tax-payer.

    The BBC finds all advertising distasteful, apart from advertisements for its own programmes. It prefers to be subsidised by the tax-payer directly, through an annual tax on everyone who owns a television set, whether they watch the BBC or not.

    The Guardian’s editor deplores “people who dislike or envy the subsidy model”. Well — he would, wouldn’t he ?

  38. 135
    It is a great time to be a viewer says:

    What no bunker trolls today.all on Blair worship duty? or getting fucking pounded on the blogs and whole internet.

    • 152
      I'm the Heir to Blair Tony Cameron (hear my soundbites roar!) says:

      Tough on clones, tough on the causes of clones

    • 159
      nell says:

      Well it seems that most of Britain was left completely underwhelmed by the ‘biblical’ Easter appearance of the orange tony ‘I found God after I became a war criminal’ bliar amongst us.

      Hopefully now he’ll return to his tanning salon and leave the next election to those members of the disgraced political classes who are seeking election.

      I wonder why he’s thrown his hat in with gutlessgordon to try and secure another labour term? It can’t be anything to do with him worrying what direction the Chilcot Enquiry wiould take under a tory government could it??!!

      • 209
        universal hiss says:

        It must be something to do with money.

        Expense claims for 10 years? Opps shredded by mistake. One of the biggest liars on the planet.

  39. 137
    confused says:

    I enjoyed your diaries Alan…what a lovely castle you had…and what a lad you were with the ldaies

  40. 138
    It is a great time to be a viewer says:

    I think I like that judge,keeping it in the electorates eye all that day, i hope.

  41. 142
    Gordon Brown says:

    Im living the vida loca.

    • 156
      Tonto says:

      just you wait until sarah puts you over that suite and gives you a right good seeing to that’ll make you gasp chin grinner

  42. 143
    I Squiggle says:

    Why ‘recognize’ and not ‘recognise’?

  43. 144
    Raving Mad says:

    why are the defendants costs being met by Lagal Aid – there’s hardly enough to meet the costs for ordinary people – oh I know they spend all of our money not just some of it

    • 227
      The Dept of Revenge says:

      what we need are judges who will send dogs to jail for extremely long periods for the same wages as a cop. I would do the job

  44. 149
    The Dirty Rat says:

    New Labour.

    The Chuff Nuts on the arse of the UK.

  45. 155
    streamfisher says:

    Thought you might have led with… First blog (internal newspaper one) to be reprimanded after complaints to the off fuck ombudesman or whatever they call themselves. Smart move Guido the offshore domain, it works for others.

  46. 161
    TosserWatch says:

    gordons a hoon fuck him old news best destined for the history bin

  47. 163
    Jumbo says:

    Butu his daughter has left her top public school now so surely he no longer has to worry about the £30,000 annual school fees/music lessons

  48. 165
    Anonymous says:

    who cares…she’s loaded

  49. 166
    I am the Walrus says:

    This is completly O/T but I nearly spilt my beer reading it.
    There is a small town in Austria called Fucking and they have a brewery there, also some lager beer in german speaking countries is called Hell or Helles meaning light coloured, so guess what, their beer is called Fucking Hell and it´s now a protected brand name in the whole of Europe

  50. 167
    Labour whores in BBC make-up says:

    Brown’s Bullying Corporation (BBC) is full of troughers. £800,000 is the Director General’s salary. WTF? The BBC is brainwashing shit!

  51. 168
    Catflap says:

    Opinions being like arseholes (We all have one) newspaper columnists are chaff.
    Spoonfed lobby hacks.Chaff
    Celebrity tit snappers.Chaff
    Film,food,art critics.Chaff
    fashion,travel writers.chaff
    Agony aunts.double chaff
    What does that leave?
    Not a fucking great deal when you consider a lot of Journos have an axe to grind and therefore will push what they think is news and not what you want investigated.

  52. 170
    Mitch says:

    Looks like a suicide note to me….. poor ole gruniard it aint gonna last another 5 years unless the imbecile gets back in.

  53. 171
    Labour whores in BBC make-up says:

    I am offended that I help pay for these troughing arrogant idiots at the BBC wages.

    • 189
      Catflap says:

      No coincidence that everything a socialist holds dear needs subsidizing.
      Arts and farts,opera,the BBC and the fucking Guardian.
      Market forces would have consigned this shit to the bin years ago.

  54. 173
    TANGO BLAIR says:

    listen you lot
    theres nothing wrong with the way i look
    i’ve been staying at Peter Hain’s house

    • 225
      Ghoul says:

      Blair is jaundiced and drawn.He may have hepatitis,cirrhosis or even a tumour in his liver.I hope not.

  55. 174
    IainM says:

    Labour Hacks squeeling like stuck piglets! Hilarious! They doth protest too much over Murdoch shifting his allegiances again!

  56. 175
    streamfisher says:

    And just when you think things could not possibly get any worse during this election Clown fest it is announced that Tony Blair (the anti-christ) is going to campaign for Gordon to be re-elected, the Bastard certainly has got it in for us now, hasn’t he?, £20 million would be enough for most people to walk away with.

  57. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Thats not a rant its an internal memo, utter non story Guido and it says nothing dodgy or contraversial

    • 207
      Paywalls are funny says:

      Shush bitch i like seeing leftwingers get frustrated over the free market.

  58. 181
    Agent 99 says:

    the guardian website traffic is up because of people reading the posters comments pouring out their hatred for all things Labour.

  59. 185

    Look you lot i’m a straight kind of guy i always said we would be whiter than white
    thats why no one knows where i keep my millions and i pay twenty firms of accountants to keep you guessing
    and as for tax hey i’m tony blair the people love me they dont care if i pay tax or not
    as for how much i claimed on expences hey my receipts fell into the shredder so no one will ever know
    Just sit back and love me ok !

    O/T Man Utd 1 nill up after one min !

    • 195
      nell says:

      All those millions and who pays for his impressive , 24/7, top class, security force to keep him and his odious grasping wife safe from people who want to see him tried for war crimes? We do!!!

      • 224
        barefootcontessa says:

        Let him try and walk ‘naked’ , without his heavies, in any ordinary town in Britain and see how he gets on.

      • 226
        Moley says:

        Blair’s top class 24/7 security force is Blair’s prison bars; in his eyes 24/7.

        He is a prisoner for life, and rightly so.

        • 235
          Einstein says:

          didn’t I teach you any thing about relativity

        • 246
          nell says:

          Not in my book. Not until he’s locked up by the Hague.

          He lied about WMD. He took us into the Iraq War to further his own personal ends.(£20million and counting)

          He allowed gutlessgordon to cut MoD spending and send our troops, ill-equpped and under-funded into Afghanistan and Iraq where hundreds of them have died needlessly because of this foul, self-serving, labour government.

          Hundreds of thousands of civilian children, women and men have died in those two countries because of bliar’s lies.

          Sorry but justice will never be done (Yes! and I know it never will) until bliar is locked away in an international prison cell.

          We need to keep reminding him and gutlessgordon of that view right up to the day that bliar dies in his Bahamas hideaway and gordon expires in his scottish sanatorium.

          • WMD says:

            When’s Dave pulling the troops out of Afghanistan again warmonger?

            You’re still dancing in the blood of dead troops for the cheapest of purely partisan pointscoring reasons while telling them they can fuck off and have another 5 years of bloody carnage because you back Cameron the Warmonger 100%. You are a coward who won’t give a fuck about dead civilians or troops after May.

            If you had the courage of your convictions and warcriminal rhetoric you’d want the troops out of Afghanistan NOW. But you are as transparent and odious as the Warmongers Bruin Blair and Cameron.

            You’re every bit the Warmonger shill as those scum who voted for Bliar.

            You also sound as stupid as Dave who actually believed Bliar and supported the Iraq war when most of the British public knew he was a warcriminal Liar.

            You will be reminded of your pretend outrage for warcriminals and dead troops every day Cameron keeps them in the Afghanistan Quagmire just as the Warmongers Bruin and Bliar are.

          • 44 year old in nappies says:

            tat scares me

          • nell says:

            Cameron has to get elected first.

            More important, is when is gutlessgordon going to pull out our troops that he has no intention of funding or kitting properly?

            Cameron like the rest of the country believed bliar’s lies about weapons of mass destruction that were supported by MI5, jonathonpowell and scarlett. Look what happened to the one decent, honest man (Dr David Kelly) who opposed their view?

            Quagmire? Yep we really are in one now – bliar and gutlessgordon have put us there. bliar will now clear off to the bahamas and brown to his scottish sanatorium and leave others to try and extricate us from their mess. It won’t be easy!!!

          • WMD says:

            I realise that you are clearly very stupid but try and get this through your thick skull. Unless you want the troops out now you are as big a Warmonger as Bliar and Bruin and Cameron.

            The differnce is your shameless hypocrisy and repulsive wallowing in the blood of dead troops to try and score cheap Party political points.

            If you had the best interests of the troops at heart you would want them out of the slaughter immediately and not try and weasel about Cameron not being in yet. Has he said he’ll pull the troops out ? NO. He’s done the exact opposite time and time again. And if the public knew Bliar was a Warcriminal Liar what’s your and Cameron’s excuse apart from massive stupidity ?

            So shut the fuck up about him not being in yet.
            And stop trying to exploit dead troops llike the warmonger Bruin does. He uses them for a Photo Op. You use them as a political footall.
            You are both Warmongering exploitative scum.

  60. 188
    Anonymous says:

    Despite it supposedly attracting a high amount of hits, the Guardian website is almost bereft of advertisements. For some reason advertisers are shunning the Guardian so they probably realise that Guardianistas are too focused on being joyless and self-hating to bother going out and spending any money.

  61. 191
    MARY JUANA says:

    No i’ve not been abroad we have been staying at Jack Straws house
    and his son is a very keen gardener you see he grows these like tropical plants in the bedrooms you see
    and they need like high power lamps on 24/7 which

  62. 194

    No i’ve not been abroad we have been staying at Jack Straws house
    and his son is a very keen gardener you see he grows these like tropical plants in the bedrooms you see
    and they need like high power lamps on 24/7 which

  63. 198
    Anonymous says:

    Today will be remembered as the day Gordon got himself a new beard….Tony !

  64. 200
    Stu says:

    OOOh tetchy smacks of a little desperation at the Grauniad. Personally good riddance to Toynbee and the rest of the left wing idiots that populate its columns.

  65. 204
    White Van Man says:


  66. 205
    Gruniad Balls says:

    So What?

  67. 214
    universal hiss says:

    Is it the ISP or GCHQ? Get a grip.

  68. 234

    how do

  69. 238
    Down With Brown! says:

    An orange war criminal says – Vote for my mate Brown.

    The people of Britain say – Go back to Bermuda, you Hunt!

  70. 243
    Martin Day says:

    ‘This is a very important speech for Dave, “How to lose a General Election”, and today he’ll be wearing a designer outfit consisting of a bowler hat,wellington boots and jockstrap.

    • 250
      nell says:

      I see darling has finally admitted today that the hike in national Insurance Contributions will cost lots of jobs – 57000 according to cameron.

      According to darling that figure is ‘manageable’. Well maybe for darling – not very manageable if you happen to be one of the 57000 is it??!!

      • 253
        Grannie Whiffs says:

        Cameron also thinks you need to watch Al Gores Film to understand climate change dearie.

        • 265
          nell says:

          Who was it granny darling that was so desperately anxious to be seen with Al Gore at the Copenhagen Summit, just like a groupie chasing after a pop star, that he dragged Al Gore into a private room right in the full blaze of press flashlights?

          Oh Yes! I remember! gutlessgordon making a fool of himself yet again on the International stage!!

          • Remember this dearie says:

            Mr Cameron said:

            “If you want to understand climate change, go and see Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth.”

            Mr Gore praised the role Mr Cameron had played in promoting environmental issues.

            “The fact that both your political parties are competing vigorously to offer solutions is very important,” he told Tory frontbenchers.

            “I can assure you that people around the world really are watching and are appreciating the quality of this debate.”

          • nell says:

            I wonder how much money gore has personally made from the climate change fiasco??

            No doubt edmilitwit will be making personal millions from it after the next election when labour gets knocked out of power.

            I doubt very much that cameron has made any money from it – and he hasn’t spoken about it since the uea scandal. Let’s see what he does about it when he gets into power. That will be interesting!

          • Grannie Whiffs says:

            the poor old dear is too confused to admit her hero is as solidly behind climater change as the other Parties are
            we don’t need to wait
            Camoron hasn’t said one word to contradict his climate change is real stance but witless old farts love deluding themselves that he is really thatcher in disguise despite all the evidence to the contrary that he’s a Blairite featherweight jellyfish

      • 256
        universal hiss says:

        Don’t worry Gordon is making one million new jobs in windmills & smart greeny electric stuff. Have they used intelligent engineering yet?

      • 289
        A Darling says:

        If we didn’t set the rating I would have made the UK a B+++ by now oops wrong site

    • 264
      Martin Day says:

      Okay, maybe I’m talking bollocks but I did design and model the outfit.

  71. 254
    Jock Sparrow says:

    Tonight’s 10% Yougov lead for the Tories will see Brown sticking a straw up Bliar’s japs eye for a good slurp

  72. 257
    Agent 99 says:

    Oh dear, Darling: Chancellor discusses ‘occasional’ drug use in his younger years

    Read more:

  73. 259
    Accountant. says:

    Mmm 57000 civil service non jobs @ £35000 a year pay them £5000 pa to stay at home, bingo £1,710,000,000 saved.

  74. 261
    the bubble is crap says:

    That little twat can shut the fuck up.

  75. 263
    Dark Lord says:

    Bliar is a Catholic – ergo – by his own beliefs he is going to hell for the sins and misery he has perpetuated.

    • 283
      Pope von Ringstinger says:

      We Catholics also believe in absolution if you do a deathbed confessional and give us half your inheritance.
      Just don’t get knocked down by a bus without at least having a priest and your cheque book handy.


  76. 266
    Poor Newsagent. says:

    Sales of dead tree press are dying (sob)

  77. 271
    44 year old in nappies says:

    Does anyone want to be my daddy or mummy?

  78. 288
    The World's Worst Paper says:

    If I had raging dysentery, and was shitting blood, pus and bile, The Guardian would still not be fit to wipe my suppurating arse on.

  79. 290
    Moley says:

    The same site will also answer all your questions about the Government conspiracies regarding UFOs and crop circles, how Mossad was responsible for 9/11, and MI5 for the July bombs in London.

    It is clear that a lot of people on this planet sincerely believe things that are not true.

  80. 291
    Jac says:

    Apparently, since they are a Labour leaning paper it is prudent to behave like little bullies! Let’s face it you’d be peeved if Polly ‘I love/hate’ Godron (not a mistake) as in EnRon :) working for you. She’s dithering as much as the Labour party, who does anyone note, are now attempting to call the Conservative’s flipflop!

    Oh NO Prezzer is on Newsnight… Bliar is popular?

    • 294
      nell says:

      tangoedtone and prezza – the PM and Deputy PM that brought us to this economic ruin with the help of gutlessgordon .

      Yes! I think a poster of those three saying ‘ Look how Low we have brought Britain – Vote For Us ‘ – Would be Good!!!

  81. 296
    Labours Law is an ass says:

    Tough on crime tough on the causes of crime


    “A 66-year-old British woman was fined and ordered to wear an ankle monitor as punishment for selling a goldfish to a 14-year-old.

    Joan Higgins, 66, owner of Majors Pet Shop in Sale, England, was fined $1,506, ordered to wear an ankle monitor and given a seven-week curfew as punishment for selling a goldfish to a 14-year-old boy sent into the store by police on a test buy, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.”


    Rapist who dumped victim on rubbish tip escapes deportation after judge says he ‘has right to stay and marry in UK’

  82. 297
    Cameron = Blair = Tossers says:

    Rushbridger is just another word for Hunt.

    Oh and when the Scott Trust learns to pay its UK taxes, just like the Guardian was so keen that Ashcroft should, then it just might be worthy of the fake moral high ground that it loves so very much.

    Roll on a Tory government taking away all of the public sector advertising and sinking this appalling paper in turmoil once and for all.

  83. 301
    Cassandrina says:

    What a boring letter – was he trying to send his staff to sleep?
    He is obviously hot under the collar about the Times, but he should read the article in PE, first article on page 6.
    It states Carolyn McCall’s empire building cost GMG £75 million over Emap while collecting a £385,000 bonus on top of her £424,000 salary.
    It also reveals that Chairman of GMG at the time was Lord Myners.
    Seems to me serial failures like Crozier and those above still seem to get lucrative positions.
    Years ago when investigating why a Caribbean company was failing due to management and staff incompetence, I was told by the American phsychology team sent in before me that management had been for years selecting people just like them, with the same values who also posed no threat to them – and absolutely nothing to do with their abilities.
    Could very well be a symptom of Brown’s Broken Britain!

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