March 21st, 2010

Yes We Cam!


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    Gorgon says:

    I hope Sarah doesn’t get ideas.


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      No you can't. Even Politicalbetting has now abandoned the Conservatives. Hung Parliament on the way says:

      New ICM poll has the lead down to just six

      ICM News of the World Mar 19 Mar 14
      CONSERVATIVES 38% 40%
      LABOUR 32% 31%
      LIB DEMS 19% 20%
      LAB to CON swing from 2005 4.5% 6%

      Does this make NOM more likely?
      A new News of the World ICM poll brings bad news for the Tories after what appeared to have been a very good week for them. The moves, all within the margin of error, has the gap down top just six points.

      I had been saying that if ICM got to this sort of level then I would start to be convinced that a hung parliament was a likely outcome.

      Time to sell the Tories and buy Labour I suggest.


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        Ratsniffer says:

        Buy marxists? Why? Let’s just have a look at what they have done over the last 13 years…oh…can’t do that….they have erased history and are not allowed to campaign on their past record, it is so dire.


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          Fartsniffer says:

          marxists! LOL! you sound like that fucking retard Palin
          so you admit we should all vote for UKIP then as they tell us how crap Brown is all the time too ? beginning to see the flaw yet ?
          since you need it spelled out to you…
          EVERYONE (except the fuckwit Labour supporters) in Politics can campaign on how shit Brown and NuLiebor are because it’s so fucking obvious

          you need to do far more than just call Brown shit every day to win an election and the reason the Conservatives have pissed away a 26 Point lead is that’s all they have done or seem capable of doing


          • Ratsniffer says:

            Fuck off back to your trolling hole. If you don’t think this lot base their policies on marxist principles, take a look at the political backgrounds of some of our wonderful labour politicians…you could do well to start with the grand father of them all, Michael Foot…and his “friendship” with the USSR…NuLabour was merely a ploy to make them electable….Campbell himself admitted that. Labour hard left have been there all along…..they just wear suits now instead of donkey jackets.


          • Blair the neoconservative poodle and banking Marxist says:

            you think Blair bending over for the neocons was marxist do you ?
            think Browns disasterous ‘light touch’ regulation & Bailing out of the incompetent Bankers was marxist ?
            think moneygrubbing Blairs million quid Banking job in the US was given to him because he was a marxist ?
            fuck off with your retarded pejorative sloganeering for dum dums
            it’s embarrassing how stupid you are


          • Comrade Dictator says:

            Errrrrr all marxists leave the population poorer exacatly like the neo cons so yeah.


          • Stalin says:

            Off to the camps with you


          • Mao says:

            In the name of equality we will shoot all non communist party members


          • Hitler leader of the National Socialist Party says:

            It was the joo’s and bankers that ruined our country comrades


          • Fidel Castro says:

            We are all equal comrades but you can never elect me, I must rule over you as long as I live in the name of fairness and equality.

            Viva the dictatorship


          • Hugo Chavez says:

            I’ve got my propaganda, I’ve got revisionism, I’ve got my blame the capitalists excuses and will hang those who complain with nooses.


          • dum dum says:

            brain the size of a walnut
            necons are the same as marxists now


          • Robert Mugabe says:

            It was the white man and the capitalists my comrades that is to blame for your starving belly, my wife will think of you all while dining in Paris.


          • My dream is in tatters now says:


            dum dum you mofo you broke my combo


          • Anonymous says:

            If the expenses have been the payee must have a record, unless paid by the EUssr


          • COMMIEMARXINAZIS!!!!!!! says:

            another Sarah Palin level submental fucking retard


          • OMG OMG OMG says:


            LOL fukken retard, you cannot even grasp the elaborate levels of satire i’m using to poke fun at impotent sad bitter little left wing pea brains like yourself.


          • COMMIEMARXINAZIS!!!!!!! says:

            The neocons were neocons and were proud of being neocons (until they fucked everything up)
            Palin is her name Bush is his name

            you’re headcase ranting aboot JOOOS! and CAPITALISTS! and ZIONISTS! is yet more proof of you being a lying weasel and mentally unstable feeble minded scum

            It’s no surprise you are too stupid to realise the difference between pejorative sloganeering and the truth
            it’s equally no surprise that you are about as succesfull at deploying “satire” as you are with rationality or having an IQ above a turnip

            you are a dum dum
            live with it


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          Brown's a Tosser says:

          They have not erase history – they shredded it.


          • Blair's Expenses says:

            wonder if anyone ever made a sly copy of those Blair expenses?
            who would be machiavellian enough to do such a thing
            and rhymes with Handlebum


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          Auntie Flo' says:

          Gordon Brown: Wrote doctorate on James Maxton an idealistic Clydeside MP from the Marxist ILP (BBC)

          Steven Byers: former activist of Socialist Workers Party activist (Guardian )

          Charles Clarke: former radical Marxist, spent year in Cuba (Guardian)

          John Reid: “I have known John Reid as a Communist” (Galloway)

          Alan Johnson: “I wasn’t a Trot, I was more CPGB [Communist Party of Great Britain]. I did consider myself to be a Marxist” (New Statesman)

          Alistair Darling: former part of International Marxist Group and Trotskyist Fourth International” (Evening Standard)

          Bob Ainsworth: ‘candidate member’ the ‘International Marxist Group’ (Daily Mail)

          Alan Milburn: Worked at Marxist bookshop

          Charlie Whelan: Former member of Communist Party (Observer)

          Mandelson: joined Young Communist League (BBC)


          • senile old codger lost in time says:

            David Cameron wasn’t even born when some of that occured.
            wakey wakey Grandad it’s 2010!
            senile old duffer.


          • BREAKING NEWS +++ BERLIN WALL FALLS +++ says:

            21 years ago


          • Auntie Flo' says:

            Try and spin however, it shows a number of disturbing early ideological coincidences among our government’s movers and shakers.


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        Ampers says:

        I disagree. This is good news for the Tories.

        It will have every blue rinsed matron egging their family to go out and vote for “Call Me Dave” whereas many lazy Labour voters will say, we can make our point and stay at home as he will win anyway.



        • 184
          the great titsby says:

          Dead right Ampers, the fat lazy fuckers who say they will vote Labour in an online survey, won’t bother to get off their lard arsed butts come election day. In fact most of them won’t even know if it is an election day.


        • 185
          Cor Blimey says:

          blue rinsed matrons being famous for their love of scantily clad photoshoots


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          tat's colostomy bag says:

          Of course tat neglected to mention that YouGov, the pollster who once had the Tories on a 2% lead now have them on 7%, more than trebling their lead. Looks like the BA strike is having a bad effect. Oh dear, those punters selling the Tories will get their fingers badly burned I’m afraid.


          • shit for brains says:

            YouGov also had the Tories at 26% at one time
            weak weak stuff

            the polls say it’s going to be a Hung Parliament

            thems the facts no matter how hard you try to weasel and spin

            even PoliticalBetting has now had to finally admit the obvious yet you are still trying to pretend everything is fine with your head up your arse

            you really are a desperate loser


          • tat's colostomy bag says:

            Er….I don’t know if you’ve noticed fuckface, but an election hasn’t even been called yet. Can you imagine an electorate voting for Brown after seeing him dribbling like a cretin in an election debate? No thought not.


          • Susie says:

            Never been polled, nor have my friends. Went to a party the other night in a marginal Lib/Lab seat and not one of them were voting Labour.


      • 225
        Anonymous says:

        “Even Politicalbetting has now abandoned the Conservatives. ”

        No it hasn’t.


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      Martin Day says:

      Just wait until you see photos of Lord Ashcroft’s wife !!

      Another reason to vote Labour

      Go on Gordon, get in there


    • 28
      GlamCam says:

      Next step is to follow Carla Bruni and display her nipples. The photo shoots outside No 10 could get rather interesting after the eletion.


    • 174
      Tears for Piers says:

      Oh no not Sarah Thighs


    • 206
      Auntie Flo' says:

      Oh, no, please… don’t do it, Sarah, don’t try to compete.
      No minis, no cleavage, leg or bum shots…

      Stick to mumsnet, eh?

      Let’s be honest, You’re…er…er…not built like Sam Cam, are you dear?


    • 242
      Dog says:

      uaf uaf


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    Brown - dick! says:

    Nice one Dave


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    JFK says:



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    Sarah Tweet says:

    Have been visiting an 88 year old friend who rescues unwanted teddy bears and gives them a home!


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    Ratsniffer says:

    Art class for children shut down by labour because the kids are “too middle class”

    The class war continues…vote labour, get marxists.


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      Heir to Blair brushes his hair says:

      Vote Dave get Tony


    • 229
      Harriet Harperdaughter says:

      Harriet Harperdaughter did not get where she was today by going to middle class art clubs. She was up 2 hours before she went to bed to get food for her starving parents and siblings. This is the type of person we need in government.


    • 250

      I hate to slam on the brakes of the of the Outrage Bus, but who amongst us ever thought the result would be different? It was pretty obvious from the start the only parents who were going to ferry their sprogs to after-kindergarten art classes were the pushy parents of Notting Hill.

      We should be thanking the loonie toons on Hackney Council; their motivation may be rooted in class envy but in reality they’ve just scored a double own goal.

      Firstly, they save the taxpayer money. If the yummy mummies in their Chelsea Tractors want little Tarquin and Griselda to learn how to fingerpaint, let them pay for it – they may not like it, but they can certainly afford it.

      On top of that, by doing this before the election, the Mad Trots manage to pin all the blame on themselves.

      Quite frankly with the unions going batshite crazy and the Local Council Loons behaving as per standard Labour’s campaign managers must be pulling their hair out.


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    Down With Brown says:

    BBC reporting the big Labour sleeze scandal in a way that favours their party.


  7. 17
    thick as thieves Labour PPC says:

    “glam pictures of Sam Cam taken a decade ago” !!!!!

    A decade is a long time in politics and David Cameron and George Osborne are still telling the same old gags.

    Time to move on guys

    What we want is 5 more years of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister


  8. 19
    ian e says:

    Heck, is politics now REALLY this trivial? No wonder the UK/World/EU/UN is in such a hooning mess.


    • 80

      You new here? This is a gossip blog, in the top right hand corner it says we do “tittle-tattle”. You should go back to the Political Quarterly perhaps.


  9. 22
    Down With Brown says:

    A sign that Gordon is desparate. He’s bringing back Tony the liar to try and win the election.


    • 29
      Ratsniffer says:

      The marxists will say anything, do anything, tell any lie, to cling onto power. They are like some gasping twitching corpse of a regime, clinging on while the country burns.


    • 41
      Archer Karcher says:

      Let`s hope they decide to canvass together in public. Eggs, rotten fruit, paint, punch in the mouth, this way please.


  10. 23
    Ratsniffer says:

    Got to admit she is gorgeous….though a bit thin for my liking…if she had the body of Nigella Lawson she’d be perfect.


    • 43

      Waist up, Mr. Sniff: there’s a good reason Nigella hides the lower half behind large tables and islands when cooking for camera.


      • 47
        Ratsniffer says:

        Perfect for a soapy tit-shaft though.


      • 195
        Anonymous says:

        Could it be because, when you’re cooking, you need a fucking surface on which to arrange the ingredients and utensils?


        • 213

          If her lower half was any good the table would be on skinny legs to let the audience see the below stairs area. She is barge like in that department sadly, as any cursory googling will establish:

          Do please keep up.


          • Looks positively comfy to me, TT.

            I’m waiting with great anticipation for the Sophie Dahl cookery porn due to start on Tuesday – now that’s a proper woman!


      • 239
        Uranus, The Magician says:

        She’s a lard ass – oops pig fat not allowed on those bounteous Jewish thighs!


  11. 24
    BBC's verdict is A MISS says:

    BBC News Susanna Reed did did not approve of the snaps when they came up at the paper review. The Chap sat next to her seemed to though.

    Perhaps the jealous female voter will be put off by GlamCam.


  12. 25
    this in no way reinforces the Dave is a lightweight narrative says:

    this gives call me Dave the kind of depth and seriousness needed in the voters mind.

    the public only have to see the words ‘supermodel wife’ and they immediately associate it with heavyweight thinkers and not the stories of Tiger Woods and Sarkozy and their Supermodel wives that have dominated the press.

    Great move by the Mail!

    in the teeth of a recession if there’s one thing the public demand of politics and politicians it’s vacuous glam spreads, obvious innit ?

    fuck all that IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID! rubbish


    • 26
      Ratsniffer says:

      No, what they really need are vacuous tweets from Mrs Broon.


      • 65
        this in no way reinforces the Dave is a lightweight narrative says:

        you make my point for me
        it’s fluff and has about as much substance as a blamange
        neither will have any appreciable effect on the polls or election
        but with only a scant few weeks to go this is the weekend scoop


    • 69
      Dino says:

      Of course, being ugly is much better, hence why Sarah Brown is so well loved and an asset to the country.

      The Left make me laugh, they are so partisan that they can’t even admit that she looks cracking.

      Remember, Labour started all this wife stuff, they just don’t like it when it is used against them, as ever, one rule for them…


      • 82
        fluff says:

        what do you think ‘supermodel’ means dum dum ?

        even so these are 10 year old snaps as Guido points out
        and even Dave looks cute as a button with a bit of airbrushing

        it’s fluff
        only the twats in Conservative and Labour high command are stupid enough to think the wives will shift many votes in Britain


  13. 30
    Epic Fail says:

    BA strike fails to TAKE OFF lol.


    • 90
      Willy Walsh says:

      Michael O’Leary and me have fucked the English over good and proper and the thick c unts don’t even know it. I fuck BA and Michael clean’s up. Me leaving a sadly bust BA for deputy chairman at Ryanair.


  14. 31
    Martin Day says:

    Budget 2010: David Cameron prepares for 48-hour marathon gag telling session

    Labour’s last-ditch Budget will herald an unprecedented gag telling battle over Britain’s future, writes Martin Day.


    • 37
      Down With Brown says:

      I think Cameron will mention that the government’s tax take has doubled since 1997 but Labour’s been wasting so much money that we still have a shortfall of 13.5%, the largest of any major global economy. Nothing funny in that one.


      • 45
        Ratsniffer says:

        It’s about as funny as cancer. Stalin has spent our money on employing millions of diversity officers, buying the votes of the unemployed by ramming benefits down their throats, and on potty social engineering schemes dreamt up in university wank-fest communist debating societies. Oh, and let’s not forget how he sold off our gold at the bottom of the market….


  15. 33
    thick as thieves says:

    This is a true story folks

    To celebrate the Conservatives lead in the opinion polls , the CCHQ staff arranged a night out for David Cameron to thank him.

    They booked him into one of the top hotels in London. They put on a massive banquet – all you can eat. They gave him the best room in the hotel. They filled the room with high class strippers and the best champagne money can buy.

    He moaned about the colour of the curtains.


  16. 48
    DIRK DIGGLER says:

    Any flap shots ?


    • 53
      The Court of Public Opinion says:

      If there are, they will be held back until nearer voting time just as liebours lovely spindoctors are with the osborne ones.


      • 56
        The Sun says:

        we now have every single reporter and pap on staff hunting for them
        we won’t get scooped by The Mail again
        they are fucking with us on OUR territory


  17. 57
    JUST A THOUGHT says:

    Why were these photo’s taken and for what ?


  18. 61
    Who is the woman sat next to Sir Michael? says:

    Sir Michael White getting put in his place by a woman paper reviewer on the Marr Show. Who is she?


  19. 64
    Is that You Gov? says:

    Some of us have been giving Peter Kellner a hard time this week about his YouGov polling, which is actually internet based, as I understand it, and that showed huge weighting to Liebour.


    I won’t go over again about his links to the liebour party and his wife being the £300k per annum EU foreign affairs secretary, and how he was close to the Kinnocks and how he was the political editor of newsnight!

    Any way it looks like after some crticism they have changed their methodology.

    So their latest poll looks like this, bearing in mind all their previous ones were showing a tory lead of about 3 or 4 per cent.

    It now gives a 7% tory lead!

    And YouGov now has a bigger lead than ICM

    March 20th, 2010

    YouGov Daily poll Mar 19 Mar 18

    LABOUR 31% 32%
    LIB DEMS 19% 20%
    LAB to CON swing from 2005 5% 3.5%


  20. 66
    Hot To Trot says:

    Wait till the press release the photo of a nappy wearing Gordon on his rocking horse


  21. 68
    UNITE, keeping Liebour flying, but not BA says:

    The political row surrounding the dispute deepened last night after it emerged that Unite is to give the Labour party £4m to help fund its general election campaign. The union agreed the deal with the Labour leadership a few weeks ago as Labour desperately sought the cash to mount an effective campaign against the Conservatives. The £4m represents half of the money that the unions have been asked for by Labour. Up to £2m is said to have been requested from Unison, the public services union, and another £2m from the GMB general union. Eric Pickles, the Conservative party chairman, told the Observer: “When travellers are facing the effects of Unite’s militant action it is beyond belief that Brown can have the brass neck to keep his crumbling Labour government afloat with cash from these union barons.”


  22. 71
    Biffo says:

    The set up to holocausting the Iranians and WW3 continues

    The pizzaboy bankers’ tool keeps the cretins diverted with fannywatch.


  23. 78
    Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    Is Sam Cam unable to sit on a chair correctly?


    • 86
      Greeb-Streebling says:

      She hasn’t quite mastered that tricky art yet.
      Supermodels have a hard enough time co-ordinating themselves to walk up and down a catwalk in a straight line without their brains exploding.


    • 89
      Ed says:

      She looks good to me!


      • 99
        Day Dreaming says:

        Seconded. No wonder “Dave” is keen to make sure that he always returns home at night wherever he is in the country.Even the ubiquitious Martin Day may be tempted to consider changing his preferences………..


      • 117
        Archer Karcher says:

        Visit Specsavers pronto.
        She looks good compared to the average ZaNu shemale lesbian blancmange, however pretty much any normal female does.


  24. 79
    the feeder says:

    I hope Gorgeous Sarah Brown shows us her big fat tree-trunk legs! Wooaarrhhhh, all that slobbery fat!

    Slap her arse and ride in on the waves!!!!


  25. 85
    UNITE, keeping Liebour flying, but not BA says:

    If you are inconvenienced by the BA strike, it is your own fault. You should have learned a lesson from all the other strikes the union has organised in the past.

    There are many, many other great airlines to fly with out there, where you can still buy Champagne on route, but you don’t have to put up with the “Do you know who we are, we are British Airways?” attitude.

    You might not want to take a pay cut when the airline is losing millions of pounds, but thank God there are other airlines out there that can do a better job.

    I would have thought that taking a pay cut is better than losing your job.

    Passengers will vote with their feet. Bye Bye BA RIP.

    The rank and file will end up losing their jobs just like they did with ost of the other British Industries, while the UNION BARONS WILL END UP WITH THE GRAVY TRAIN THAT IS THE HOUSE OF LORDS, JUST ASK BRENDA DEAN, WHO GOT ALL THE PRINT WORKERS SACKED IN THE 80’S AND WHO NOW LIVES THE HIGH LIFE IN THE HOFL.


    • 93
      BA Cabin Crew push self-destruct button says:

      There are quite a few American Airlines that covet BAs Heathrow slots and don’t forget Branson is more than willing to take on BA’s Atlantic business whiilst the budget airlines will snap up the short haul and european flights.

      After this would YOU be prepared to risk flying BA ? Unless they drop their ticket prices 75% ?(and even then you’d be dubious)


      • 137
        Sue Denim says:

        Don’t agree with the strike but IMO BA is a great airline to travel with.

        For a slight price premium you get a far superior service.

        I’ve flown with plenty of budget airlines and national carriers and they are all pretty poor in comparison.


        • 166

          You must try our ‘Lenin Class’ flights, sometimes we have sandwiches and Irn Bru.


        • 181
          BA Cabin Crew push self-destruct button says:

          You may be right but that all counts for nothing if the airline isn’t profitable and goes bust and people don’t worry so much about service they want guarantees that when they book a ticket the plane will actually leave BUT in fairness there is plenty of blame on both sides.

          Walsh’s management style doesn’t help but neither does the union’s stance announcing strike dates which it has to be said played right into BAs hands and allowed them to withdraw an offer that in the circumstnces was probably the best the workforce could have hoped for.

          Ultimately the dispute will be settled but no one will gain anything except the UNITE leadership…NOT the airline which will have lost business and reputation;NOT the Cabin crew who will eventuallly probably settle for less than was on the table originally and undoubtedly see redundancies and finally NOT the flying public


          • Baron Von Well-Fuckedover says:

            flown long haul with all the majors for over 30 years in cattle and in Buisness. Presently BA is tops for expensive middle of the road for comfort etc but nothing special.

            Never fly with them now much better airlines out there


  26. 88
    Al says:

    Sarah Brown has had the field to herself for months with her very professional media campaign on behalf of her ‘husband’.

    Now we are beginning to see what a nasty, two-faced piece of work Sarah/Magda really is and what a down-to-earth, straightforward young woman Samantha Cameron is.

    Who do you want running the country: the Brown’s (Britain’s answer to the Ceaucescus) or the Camerons ( a normal, slightly wishy-washy, but honest and straight couple)?

    This floating voter is opting for the latter.


  27. 94
    GH says:

    Great comment about the biased BBC from :

    “The BBC have become more and more bold over the last year, as they find that, whatever they say, they are untouchable and each new level of corruption becomes main stream. They remind me of film producers and hard core pornography – go a bit further each time, and hope to get away with it.As a public broadcaster they are a disgrace, it will be interesting to see how they behave during the election campaign when they are supposed to be even-handed. I suspect they will interpret that as a continuation of what they do now, follow every Conservative announcement with a prolonged rebuttal by Labour. They did this yesterday on banking, with a short excerpt from a Cameron speech followed by five minutes of contemptuous comment by Myners. It is noticeable that this never happens to a Cable comment.”


    • 107
      GBH says:

      Great comment about the biased BBC from Jeremy Hunt Conservative MP, Shadow Culture Secretary

      Jeremy Hunt Conservative MP, Shadow Culture Secretary

      “I believe that the BBC is a great national institution.”

      “I am proud of the BBC. I think that most British people think that we are very lucky to have a BBC and most people who aren’t British, if they don’t have a BBC, wish they did have one.”

      “I don’t see the BBC as a State broadcaster. “I think people see the BBC as operating at arms length from the government and it’s very important that it should continue to do so and that’s why we’ve said we will protect the BBC charter.”


      • 220
        JC says:

        You Labour trolls will keep on flogging that quote from stupid jeremy hunt to death but Cameron will slaughter the bent BBC after the election


  28. 98
  29. 100
    Georgie Osborne says:

    Ere Dave, I have thought of a jolly good wheeze, lets proceed to stick and wave our willies in that oik ‘thick as thieves’ letterbox again. Fnar Fnar

    Tickety boo.


    • 214
      Boris 'Chopper' Johnson says:

      Great idea, G-Man! I reckon several cc’s of hot Etonian semen sprayed over his carefully-stacked collection of zionist pizza flyers would be just the ticket for his dementia praecox! Just like the old days, what? Tally Ho!


  30. 103
    Telegram Sam says:

    That Sarah is a fat bird. She must be eating all the biscuits on Mumsnet.


    • 163

      It’s no wonder Gordon doesn’t know what biscuits he likes
      there’s never any left !


  31. 106
    don,t give a damn stan says:

    read this with excitement and trepidation and came to the considered conclusion……..i dont give a damn


  32. 108
    BillyBob - Stop immigration, reduce crime !! says:

    Sam……..such a lovely lady !!


  33. 116
    UNITE, keeping Liebour flying, but not BA says:

    Can’t see too many cabinet ministers, or liebour MP’s flooding the airwaves today?

    Can’t understand why that is.


  34. 119
    Anonymous says:

    A quango run by one of former Glasgow City Council leader Steven Purcell’s ex-advisers paid Labour’s biggest Scottish donor almost £700,000 in a land deal.

    Regeneration firm Clyde Gateway Developments paid the money to Willie Haughey last year for his interest in a site at Camp Road, Rutherglen.

    Clyde Gateway’s chief executive is Ian Manson, who was an adviser to Mr Purcell for two years before moving to the regeneration quango in 2008.

    Its board includes four councillors, all Labour, including George Ryan, Mr Purcell’s right-hand man when he became council leader in 2005. On February 13 last year, the board of Clyde Gateway, which is assembling land around Rutherglen’s Shawfield Stadium for regeneration, agreed to pay £680,000 plus VAT to acquire the land from one of Mr Haughey’s firms.


    • 131
      King Eddie Longshanks's Ghosty Whosty says:

      You can see why i culled the bastards periodically now


    • 253
      Publius Aelius Hadrianus says:

      And people laughed when I first said: “Hey guys, how about building an effing great wall to keep the buggers out”

      Looks like you’re laughing on the other sides of your faces now.


  35. 121
    Mitch says:

    More public fellatio of Darling by marr , Why cant he ask hard questions and why the fuck doesn’t he stop him when he lies?.

    silly question really ……I fukin hate the BBC


    • 191
      Turn the bloody TV off then !! says:

      The BBC continually either don’t broadcast certain news items;edit them to reflect their view or are selective in their transmissions.They also fill their news programmes with “promos” for thie current affairs programmes which inevitably reflect their political agenda on both politics,climate change and social issues. The BBC has not broadcast the truth for the best part of twenty years.

      They wil NEVER interupt a Labour politician or the “Sainted” Vince whilst they continually rudely interupt the Conservative spokesperson. There is not one BBC political commentator who actually demonstrates impartiality but in fairness they would never have got the job if they did not demonstrate that they were socialist in their views


    • 192
      England's Government of mentally unstable, bullying, Scotch Socialistic liars says:

      Dont be a poof

      Marr is a proud member of the Scotch Raj in London


  36. 122
    Telegram Sam says:

    Oi Guido! Where’s the totty men?


  37. 128
    Bald Chihuahua says:

    A Labour MP friend of Mr Byrne said: ‘Liam’s bark is worse than his bite but he is a decent man and means well.

    Woof Woof


  38. 130
    Investigative reporting at the beeb says:

    The unbiased BBC presents Andrew Marr

    Andrew Marr was born in Glasgow, Scotland to Donald and Valerie Marr and was educated in Scotland at the High School of Dundee, Craigflower School and at Loretto, an independent school in Musselburgh, East Lothian. He went on to study English at Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

    He was once a member of the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory. At Cambridge, Marr says he was a “raving leftie”, and he acquired the sobriquet of ‘Red Andy’.


    • 194
      The Lorretto club says:

      Ahhh old school friends then lest we forget

      Alistair Darling was born in London. He was educated in Kirkcaldy,

      and the private Loretto School, Musselburgh, East Lothian, then attended the University of Aberdeen Darling was a supporter of the International Marxist Group, the British section of the Trotskyist Fourth International


  39. 132
    Investigative reporting at the beeb says:

    The unbiased BBC presents Andrew Marr part 2

    Marr lives in East Sheen, London, with his wife, the political journalist Jackie Ashley of The Guardian, whom he married in August 1987 in Surrey. She is a daughter of the Labour Life Peer Lord Ashley of Stoke. The couple have a son, born in 1989, and two daughters, born in 1991 and 1994


  40. 135
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Doesnt Sam sell very expensive envelopes?

    I wouldnt mind licking her flaps


  41. 138
    Investigative reporting at the beeb says:

    The unbiased BBC presents Andrew Marr part 3

    It was revealed in The Independent on 27 June 2008 by Richard Ingrams, that Marr has gained a high court injunction preventing disclosure in the press of “private information”. Unusually, permission had also been granted for the existence of the injunction not to be mentioned, and it was indeed not mentioned until Private Eye commented on it.

    In 2009, Marr’s publisher, Macmillan Publishers, was successfully sued for libel by activist Erin Pizzey after his book A History of Modern Britain claimed she had once been part of the militant group Angry Brigade. According to her own account, in an interview in The Guardian in 2001, Pizzey had threatened to report their activities to the police when they discussed their intention of bombing Biba, a lively fashion store. The publisher also recalled and destroyed the offending version of the book, and republished it with the error removed.

    I have forgotton what the “private information” was, can any one enlighten me?

    Who was it that he had the baby with?


  42. 161
    England's Government of mentally unstable, bullying, Scotch Socialistic liars says:

    Im sorry Sam but i much prefer Sarah’s tree trunk legs and grey teeth.

    I hopes you’re not too upset by me rejections, baby


    • 168

      and her frumpy Wal”rus” mart clothes
      which are Ann Widdecombe’s hand me downs


  43. 162
    Champagne Socialists says:

    Champagne socialists have been conning the “working class” for years.

    There are so many of them, Polly Toynbee telling all the lads what they ought to be doing from her villa in Tuscany, never a thought for all those air miles to and fro, and the effect on the climate too!

    Then of course, don’t forget all the liebour luvvies at the dear old beeb, far too many to mention. All living off our taxes that we are forced to pay.

    Then there’s the good old socialists too who know a lot about the “working class”, Neil and Glenys Kinnock.

    All those luvvies in the Lords, all the old 80’s union leaders like Brenda Dean. Remember her? She did a hell of a lot to advance the cause for the print workers, didn’t she? Where are those that Murdoch sacked against where she is now, I wonder?

    My arms are aching now, any one else like to nominate their favourite champagne socialist?

    There really are so many. Lord Mandelson has to be the best, or would that honour now go to dear old Tone? He’s working so hard now and all the money that he and his wife are earning is going to make poverty history in Africa, isn’t that nice?

    Sorry I forgot the current Union dinosaurs; sorry I mean leaders, who really have to have the very best hotels when they stay away, while the working class will make do with the special offer from Travelodge at just £19 per night!
    They really don’t want to demean themselves after all, do they?


    • 179
      can,t argue for a toffee john says:

      your attitude to the working classes upsets me greatly, so i like a drop of champagne from time to time , i,m working class to me boots, born and bred into socialism……….wait one , just re read your thesis . you know what , your analysis is correct on all levels .well done chap, vote tory , vote toffs.i can,t find an argument to that . you win


  44. 169


    GORDON BROWN exaggerated figures on how many businesses the government has helped during the recession.

    The prime minister has repeatedly claimed that 300,000 firms have taken advantage of an initiative allowing them to stagger tax payments.

    He cited the figure during prime minister’s questions in the Commons and also during a Labour party conference.

    However, the business minister Pat McFadden has revealed that the true number of companies receiving help with cash flow under all government schemes is actually 168,000.

    Yesterday, the Conservatives accused Brown of misleading parliament, saying he had a long record of making “bogus” claims.


  45. 172
    Doc Trough says:

    Anything for a fellow with special interests? Say Margaret ‘odge?


  46. 173

    ME ?


    • 182
      Lloyd George Knew My Father says:

      Come on – surely we can all agree that if it’s anyone it has to be Miriam Clegg.


  47. 178
    QWERTY says:

    Next week Lord Fondlebums’ boyfriend will appear naked. The ‘men’ at the BBC will be drooling over those pictures for sure.


  48. 183
    Mitch says:

    Camerons taste in women cannot be faulted . makes gordons beard look like some screechy old fish wife …….or a PR stunt.


  49. 188
    match of the day says:

    Emma Thompson?



  50. 189
    Hairy Palms of Hamstead says:

    Thats a bit more like it sam,you prick teaser.Still not up to ‘SamsClam’ standard but, enough to knock one out,for now.


  51. 205
    Odds Bodkins says:



  52. 210
    fuido gawkes says:

    hair style very duran duran ….
    .her name is sammy and she lies upon the floors
    if you look carefully you might just see her…………


  53. 218
    iain says:

    I hear the TV on in the background here and it sounds as though Nick Clegg is being tied up in knots with a few simple questions.


  54. 233
    Leslie Phillips says:

    Ding dong.


  55. 243
    Cartman says:

    They killed Kenny!


  56. 244
    QWERTY says:

    Camerons bit = posh totty

    The one eyed mongs = ugly old fish wife. She’s also barking mad.


  57. 246
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Very nice Sam.! Classy lady. Just what we need to represent the UK.

    Much better than that transvestite troll married to the bong-eyed-son-of-a-manse


  58. 251

    I loved this line from the article:

    With her husband’s political career in mind – he became MP for Witney in 2001 – Mrs Cameron insisted none of the shots should be too raunchy.

    Especially as it comes just above the picture in which you can see Sam’s pantie gusset.


  59. 252

    btw The chaps at ARRSE have been debating this question since last Saturday with considerably more flair and much less political bullsh1t.

    They’ve got more pictures too.


  60. 254
    Wanker says:

    Tissues, please!


  61. 255

    […] Hopefully pics like these will stiffen up support for Dave Cameron and his limp Tories! […]


  62. 256
    kadhem says:

    sex ouuuuuuuh


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