March 20th, 2010

Glorious Gloria Gets It

According to a tweet from Tom Watson, Gloria DePiero is taking over from Geoff Hoon in Ashfield Gloria having won the Labour nomination in Ashfield. She brings a bit of glamour to the people’s party and is the exception to the rule that politics is show business for ugly people.

Blair is said to have had a mid-life crush on Gloria.  Guido can’t fault him for that, she was the best thing on GMTV.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of her…


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  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Apologies if this has already been covered but deserves maximum exposure.

  3. 3
    Fenrir says:

    Has she ever been, the place is a complete shithole.

  4. 4

    Fit as the proverbial dog. Please arrange to have her wiped down and couriered over instanter.

    If not, would she be interested in an internship at Order-order?

  5. 5
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Labour hoping her looks will get them some votes. A few more bimbo’s and they just might get a hung parliament.

  6. 6

    butcher’s dog.

    That was the Valpolicella mis-speaking.

  7. 7
    Unixman says:

    love to Unite with her !!!

  8. 8
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    John Mann getting a little uppity it seems.

  9. 9
    Raving Mad says:

    Pray tell

    exactly what is it that she can realistically bring to the table?

    a life rich in experience, gained by hard work, endeavour and no mean talent or just a journalist with time on bbc radio 5 ….. FFS

  10. 10
    Rigid & Dead Old Git .......... says:

    Ahem ….. about this Unite malarkey young Gloria … ?

  11. 11
    Slot Gob's Husband says:

    Blair is said to have had a mid-life crush on Gloria

    I Tink U will find Blair is NOT alone.

  12. 12

    What’s the table got to to with it: she is lovely and therefore gets the vote.

  13. 13
    James Robinson says:

    Piss off !!!

  14. 14
    Grenville says:

    She’s too pretty to be a labour supporter

  15. 15
    flipper says:

    Shame, I could never sleep with a socialist.

  16. 16
    Labour is not ALL bad then. says:

    FFS why didn’t they put Gloria up against Bercow or Jacqui Smith?

  17. 17
    ian e says:

    Of course that photo is not exactly recent!

  18. 18

    Good one!

    Seems Labour are keen on fox hunting after all.

  19. 19
    droogie says:

    I always did say GMTV was a socialist breeding ground. Little wonder McDoom gets to sit on their fucking sofa every five minutes.

  20. 20
    Sow's ear says:

    Never could understand why GMTV sent Carla Romano to Holywood when they had Gloria DePiero. Little wonder ITV is going bust.

  21. 21
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Too small a unit for you Tony
    Girl needs extra pasta and cream donuts
    I WOULD shag her , but if she started to waffle on about Keynensian econcomics or social cohesion just as I was about to slip her one up Bournville Avenue I’d have to show her the door and tell her not to call me ever again.

  22. 22

    @HarrietHarman Well done Gloria DePiero! Brilliant choice for Ashfield. Nice tits too! Hubby sends hugs

  23. 23
    Randy Mandy says:

    I’d prefer a well-hung parliament.

  24. 24
    fuido gawkes says:

    she has two great things going for her 1, beauty 2.brains no not those things…..tut tut

  25. 25

    Ladies don’t talk with the mouths full, plus it would be the first time she’s got something straight in her head.

  26. 26
    Silvio says:

    I say! I’l give her a job!

  27. 27
    James Robinson says:

    One has a while the other is a

  28. 28
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either! says:

    They wouldnt know what to do with her! first question her fellow MPs will ask –
    “do you have any younger brothers”

  29. 29
    England's Government of mentally unstable, bullying, Scotch Socialistic liars says:

    At least the gang of Labour luvvin filth at GMTV has been broken up now.
    Who can forget the platform those third rate wretches gave Alan Milburn to spread his lies and scare stories about the fuel protests bringing the NHS to a halt?

    Frightening to think of the total compliance and outright bias NaziLabour has enjoyed from the British broadcast and print media.

    I wonder if these media filth who dont have to send their kids to state skools will be explaining any time soon why it is moral for Britain to be spending more on debt interest than on edyukashuns innit

  30. 30
    Anonymous says:

    Whatever The tory spin is. This Conservative is well impressed that Gloria is taking over from Hoon.

  31. 31
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    On all fours on the table is fine with me
    Depending upon the height of the table I may need something to stand on

  32. 32
    Randy Mandy says:

    He actually had a mid-life crush on a GLORY hole – Mine!

  33. 33
    England's Government of mentally unstable, bullying, Scotch Socialistic liars says:

    I think her main intellectual thrust was more:
    ‘So Mr Blair why are New Labour so amazingly brilliant at the economical things, you know money ‘n stuff’

  34. 34
    Lez B Friends says:

    She’s in the wrong party. Labour is now the champion of the UGLY DYKE.

  35. 35
    Harold Shipman MD says:

    No one in the Ashfield Labour Party truly wants her there, although the town would vote for a turd with a red rosette on it.

  36. 36
    Sock_Shock says:

    GMTV, that being the show who’s anchorwoman is Kate Garraway?…Spunk vestle & married to Damian McBride?

    No wonder Eammon & That skinny old bag left.

  37. 37
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    “Hello , this is your new Hoon”

    Tell her to shave it, get some talc on it and get on the sofa, she then gets my vote

  38. 38
    Doc Trough says:

    The bosom is now southbound on the M6. This is the woman who introduced Draper to Spifire Kate.

  39. 39
    Grey Obama says:

    Watching OBAMARAMA on the telly now. Have not seen him for a few months so absolutely shocked that his hair has turned total grey.

  40. 40
    huggie says:

    I don’t want to be a heretic, but she looks a bit like David Mitchell in drag.

  41. 41
    Harold Shipman MD says:

    Does everyone and there dog who has been a party activist once thinks they can become a MP now?

  42. 42
    Chien says:

    Ouaf! Ouaf! Ouaf!

  43. 43
    Greychatter says:

    All these celebs can afford to be Socialists – its those who pay their wages who can’t.

  44. 44
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Mine bends to the left, so she can justify it
    I hope that she gets to be Home Secretary, then I will volunteer to let her swallow my DNA at least twice a day

  45. 45
    Llama says:

    Never seen the woman in action. But I am guessing the only reason Guido is reheating some news already covered much better in the DM is so that some horny old goat can post up the comment…

    News! Nu liebore hoon to replace nu liebore hoon!

  46. 46
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Gloria del Beavera, Connie Fuq – surely the politically neutral Al- Jabeeba must be able to field Tory and Lib Dem equivalents – or is this scabious behemoth a breeding ground for left wing politicians only.

  47. 47
    Hypocrisy and Cant Cant Cant says:

    What? That ENORMOUS wanker? Sign the petition:

    This man deserves the fate that Edward II suffered.

  48. 48
    Is that You Gov? says:

    Some of us have been giving Peter Kellner a hard time this week about his YouGov polling, which is actually internet based, as I understand it, and that showed huge weighting to Liebour.


    I won’t go over again about his links to the liebour party and his wife being the £300k per annum EU foreign affairs secretary, and how he was close to the Kinnocks and how he was the political editor of newsnight!

    Any way it looks like after some crticism they have changed their methodology.

    So their latest poll looks like this, bearing in mind all their previous ones were showing a tory lead of about 3 or 4 per cent.

    It now gives a 7% tory lead!

    And YouGov now has a bigger lead than ICM

    March 20th, 2010

    YouGov Daily poll Mar 19 Mar 18

    LABOUR 31% 32%
    LIB DEMS 19% 20%
    LAB to CON swing from 2005 5% 3.5%

  49. 49
    Dino says:

    She is a Succubus of the Left.

    She would willingly suck the shit and cheese off Gordon’s greasy cock, but she’d have to dress up as Peter Mandelson first before Cyclops would let her.

    Think about Draper’s wife, what makes her be near that thing? No soul, just like this female demon.

    Fancy her much now?

  50. 50
    Cant Cant Cant says:

    They did last time. Hoon!

  51. 51
    Dead DJ says:

    Not arf arf

  52. 52
    Durty Den says:

    And spread ‘em

  53. 53
    Sock_Shock says:

    Ooops, I did of course mean Derek Draper, ack, ya know, one Liebour spinner is much the same as another.

  54. 54
    Dino says:

    When you work for Emperor Gordon you soon learn that he does not like bad news, people who fail to realize this do not last long around him.

    He requires and demands endless sycophancy, such is the fragility of his ego.

    This is all for the good, when your enemy is making a mistake, do not interrupt them.

  55. 55
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    She looks like she’s straight out of one of the videos fivebellies claimed for.

  56. 56
    fuido gawkes says:

    anna span, gloria………must pop to the loo

  57. 57
    barefootcontessa says:

    Doesn’t take much to ‘take in’ a few men does it Gloria? Bravo!

  58. 58
    Dino says:

    Ha ha, its the eyes.

    Anyway, you say it like its a bad thing…

  59. 59
    Call me Infidel says:

    Brains? She’s a socialist ergo she has shit for brains.

  60. 60
    LOL says:

    Victory to the patriotic EDL in Bolton today, while dozens of UAF Labour/Stalinists and muzlims are arrested including UAF leader Thick Weyman Bennett…..

  61. 61
    sandy says:

    You dirty dog.

  62. 62

    Daniel Finkelstein is hosting a top totty event next week in Parliament

  63. 63

    sadly not wearing a Hijab

  64. 64
    Dick the Prick says:

    Who got the job? The one with the experience or the one with the qualifications? The one with the biggest tits, obviously.

  65. 65
    Anonymous says:

    How does she handle her PMT? Having women make decisions while irrational is even worse than women making decisions when normal.

  66. 66
    Anonymous says:

    English libel law needs reform to stop it being the first refuge of scoundrels wanting to hide their activities from the public and a milch cow for lawyers.

  67. 67

    £10 in advance, £15 on the door. Flange dripping out the walls.

    Facebook Group here

  68. 68
    Fluffy Thoughts says:

    Maybe she’s an Shia-Alevi? I’ll drink to that…! :D

  69. 69
    another one bites the dust says:

    Here’s a photo of UAF boss and Labour Party member, fat Weyman Bennett being arrested in Bolton today. Nice to see the boys in blue arresting these red shit-stirrers for a change.

  70. 70
    Harold Shipman MD says:

    Anyone feeling under the weather?

  71. 71
    An English Teacher says:

    Their. Not there.

  72. 72
    Unsworth says:

    Excellent tit credentials. What has she got between the ears?

  73. 73
    yuk says:

    Take a look at this communist minger complete with mini-skirt and beer-belly. No wonder most male reds are homos.

    Larvly!! LOL

  74. 74
    O.P.Pression says:

    A binbag ? Why ? This is the 21st century, not the 7th !!!

  75. 75
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either! says:

    Dont forget this is all stage-managed shite,these are the two extremes of the labour party,just wait for the soundbite “the do-nothing tories would lay off all the community cohesion persons of all genders,disabilities and race”

  76. 76
    QWERTY says:

    She’s another fucking leftie hag. She used to give the first jock gay boy (Bliar) easy questions at the monthly news conferences and gives McMong aural blow jobs with her soft questions.

  77. 77
    Left (shitty) Foot Forward says:

    You can always trust Phoney Bliar to favour a good ‘un.

    After all, – He chose Gorgon to manage the purse strings.

    That worked well.

  78. 78
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either! says:

    what ,she has ears! I must scroll up for another look

  79. 79
    Ooooh ooo ooo says:

    Monkey in a suit

  80. 80
    Explorer says:

    Nice lips (all departments) ?

  81. 81

    Too small, Beast???

    With a diet of pasta and red wine she’d go up a couple of dress sizes too.

  82. 82
    QWERTY says:

    The Tories have the better totty. They really should give Lucy Pinder a seat, my face is available.

  83. 83
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:

    Er, she’s a Labour PPC, ergo nil.

  84. 84

    QED, DtP.

    Remind me: how many slim, fulsome breasted women are on the dole?

  85. 85
    Explorer says:

    no – No – NO! . .

    au natural . . please!

  86. 86
    Doc Trough says:

    About 7 litres.

  87. 87

    Signor Hoon just wants her to give him a quick buff.

  88. 88
    Anonymous says:

    I think this week has really been a turning point.

    What made it so was when Gordon finally admitted he “lied” to the chillcot inquiry with regard to the defence budget. He came out of Chillcot thinking he had played an Oscar performance as a member of the public audience put it to him on the politics show last Sunday, even before he admitted to his “lying”.

    Every one knows he lied, but is far too polite to actually say that word “lied”. Any other interpretation, from the guy who has been at the nations purse strings for over 13 years, is just not credible.

    I think for the public this was the final straw, with so many of them up to that point, prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt with his lying and bullying, as it involved cutting defence budgets at a time when our guys were dying in a war in combat. This has not gone down too well with the public. You should have watched thisweeks Question Time from Manchester if you think differently. Many of them were spitting blood, while our guys are shedding it in the STANS.

    He can offer the moon in his budget, but we know it will be just another one of Gordon’s lies. In any case, from a fiscal viewpoint, the markets will ensure that what ever he promises in his budget, he will not have the power to do it. The markets will see to that.

    You have to realise that our fiscal position is not far off what is happening in Greece and it’s only the election that is preventing all parties from telling you exactly what is going to happen immediately after the election. Things are definitely that bad. Just study all the figures, our house prices, public sector employment and the deficit. Look for a good article in the FinTimes last Friday about our finances and why the pound is still sinking.

  89. 89
    Anonymous says:

    Budget 2010: Tax has doubled under Labour
    The Government’s share of what we earn has nearly doubled in value since Labour came to power.

  90. 90
    fuido gawkes says:

    where ?

  91. 91
    Jed says:

    Ugly looking critters these reds, and so full of hate towards English people.

  92. 92
    Jed says:

    Just another leftie meejah slag on the make to go alongside Mariella Frostrup, Lorraine Kelly, Fiona Phillips, Kay Burley, Julie Etchingham, Victoria Derbshire, Anita Anand etc

    I bet they’re all cronies of tweeting Magda.

  93. 93
    nell says:

    Ho Hum!!

    The labour party are having a berlusconni moment!!!!

    We can’t win votes with serious policies, because we don’t have any. But we can con the fringe voters into voting for a pretty face!!!!

  94. 94
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Are her hand gestures a statement of ambition?
    I fully support her in her goals

  95. 95
    Dave says:

    I doubt the EDL are ‘stage managed’.
    They seem to be a genuine grass roots movement of white working class and footie fans who are genunely sick and angry at the islamification of Britain.
    No wonder the lefties, dhimmis, and muzzies are so vociferous against them.

  96. 96
    fuido gawkes says:

    brains don,t get votes buddy, bazookas do. trust me

  97. 97
  98. 98
    fuido gawkes says:

    works for me ,rather have a pretty face than a no brains bloke, and i don,t have a fringe

  99. 99
    Horton hears a who? says:


  100. 100
    nell says:

    Indeed- in desperation, they’ve tried parachuting Unite supported members, in increasing numbers, into labour constituency seats that are haemorrhaging mps.

    Then they have been told in the last week or so that more than 50% of Unite members think cameron will make a better leader.

    Oh Dear bad policy. Let’s rethink!!

    What’s left for the poor old moulting labour party. Only totty!!

  101. 101
    Randy Teenager says:


  102. 102
    fuido gawkes says:


  103. 103
    statechaos says:

    Shouldn’t that be a well-hung parliament?

  104. 104
    Labour - the lie, deny then smear party says:

    Fukkers stinking rotten troughing labour fukkers

  105. 105
    Dolly the Creep says:

    Don’t ferget my missus, K.Garroway

  106. 106
    Christy says:

    Lol,just shows who the thugs are,and I noticed that the despicable UAF mob were supported by various councils and trade unions.
    Personally I will support any organisation which peacefully demonstrates against the islamification of this country.This filthy bunch of marxist quislings who laughingly call themselves a government have a lot to answer for in their treasonous deliberate actions to turn this country into a multicultural hellhole.
    Maybe just maybe we are now seeing the beginnings of the british arousing from their slumbers and smelling the coffee.

  107. 107
    vomiting voter says:

    You have got it in one!

  108. 108
    Sock_Shock says:

    Harsh comment “Ooooh, ooo ooo”….but they aint exactly doing themselves, or anyone any favours are they, black or white.

    (UAF that is)

  109. 109
    Christy says:

    Annonymous,yeah I saw that,and here we are talking about a liebour bint with big tits.
    Dont care who she is,all I want to see is liebour annhilated shortly.

  110. 110
    Megan says:

    Second rate academic qualifications. How did she reach the higher echelons of GMTV & the Labour Party, I wonder?

  111. 111
    Labour - the lie, deny then smear party says:

    It would be a nice turnaround to get to Fu*k a socialist – rather than the current gang raping of us -by the socialists

  112. 112
    Da_Bimbo says:

    Nothing wrong with bimbo’s :-)

  113. 113
    Randy Teenager says:

    lol we can bring our own lube as well

  114. 114
    fuido gawkes says:

    art thou,,,, game set and match to gawkes

  115. 115
    Martin Day says:

    Labour are a pile of utter crap – I have known this all long of course.

    All of us in Brown’s bunker really hate him – the bully boy Brown.

  116. 116
    Glenn Beck says:

    Looks like anyone with a garden should think about a barbed wire fence now. No doubt if any of the immigrants tried to set up shop in the garden of any MP, they’d be removed swiftly enough by the police – but one rule for the parliamentary scum and another for the tax payers of the land.

  117. 117
    Dick Ta Phone says:

    She’s showing you how long my dick is.

  118. 118
    Anonymous says:

    That has to be Idi Amin, surely.

  119. 119
    Christy says:

    101 thanks for the link.
    Well well when this is shown by C4 tomorrow it should cause a bit of a stir,shit and fan spring to mind hopefully.

  120. 120
    Jackass Straw says:

    UAF are my sort of people.

  121. 121
    Anonymous says:

    sSleazy Byers caught bt sleez sting op


    Aand a few other Labour MP’s as well

  122. 122
    pigs in space says:

    she’s down 45% in popularity this week according to internet movie database

  123. 123
    can,t argue for a toffee john says:

    hang on chap, oh go on then ,you win

  124. 124
    Engineer says:

    Use protection (e.g., a non-dom condom) to avoid contracting STD (socialist transmitted drivel).
    The symptoms include a strange desire to read the Guardian, finding Polly Toynbee attractive, regarding the BBC as unbiased, and an urge to eat muesli. It is treatable by prolonged exposure to Norman Tebbit and the collected writings of Jeff Randall, but many sufferers never recover (c.f. Squeaker Bercow).

  125. 125
    It's their Human Rights innit ? says:

    “Looks like anyone with a garden should think about a barbed wire fence now…….”

    I’m not sure that is actually legal …..Wasn’t there a case brought a couple of years back where a burgular successfully sued the owner of a property for injury caused when he scaled over a wall protected by barbed wire/broken glass. I belive the ruling was that a home-owner could be prosecuted if they used such devices by the local council and the burglar awarded damages and costs against the property owner

  126. 126
    can,t argue for a toffee john says:

    i must disagree , actually, great points , well researched, yes i concur strongly

  127. 127
    Barry Obama,Licensed Cabbie says:

    I once had Gloria in the back of my cab

  128. 128
    Les Grognards says:

    Don’t count on it….there are still 32% of the electorate that appear willing to vote for Labour….enough to deliver a “Hung Parliament” and Labour as the largest party.

  129. 129
    UAF Loon says:

    The great Marxist – Muslim alliance; you just know it’s gonna end in tears.

    Roll up, roll up, place your bets on who’s going to be the first to double cross the other in the grande anti-west alliance.

  130. 130
    Simon says:

    Is that you Nell?

  131. 131
    Death by a thousand cuts says:

    Nice Tits! What else has she got going for her? I’d give her one!

  132. 132
    Anonymous says:

    There’re 650 people in Westminster that need your special care, doctor.

  133. 133
    Susie says:

    Does a pressure washer equal undue force? Just a good soaking of ‘unwelcome guest’s’ bedding twice a week should do the trick.

  134. 134
    Terry Bollea says:

    That is Brava Contessa brother

  135. 135
    fuido gawkes says:

    gloria in exchequeris amen

  136. 136
    Terry Bollea says:

    I think she has got beer from Brains

    and it was subsidised Brother!

  137. 137
    Richard Timney says:

    Not half!

  138. 138
    Grecian 2000 says:

    It’s slowly dawning on him that Global Warming will not be the money spinner to cover his Brown-like money splurges, that pissing off the kikes will reduce Democratic campaign donations and that he will be remembered for fuck-all beyond being the first and only black Democratic POTUS.

  139. 139
    Tampered nelson says:

    It is the right thing to do

  140. 140
    Channel 4 Mole says:

    I spoiled the whole thing by warning the dopey wankers off as soon as I found out – had they been Tories I would have been fired for doing that.

  141. 141
    Dino Bravo says:

    On á manqué le e grec pour la madame Victoria

  142. 142
    smart alecs smarter brother says:

    just off to polish my red rosette, your analysis is poor , live and learn

  143. 143


    charged with?

    Yup, I know the answer

    ” conspiracy to commit violent disorder “

  144. 144
    Terry Bollea says:

    Some guy breaking into a commercial garage in Middlesborough I believe brother

  145. 145
    Anonymous says:

    A FORMER Labour cabinet minister has boasted about how he used his government contacts to change policies in favour of businesses.

    Stephen Byers, former trade and transport secretary, was secretly recorded offering himself “like a sort of cab for hire” for up £5,000 a day. He also suggested bringing Tony Blair to meet clients.

    He was among several politicians recorded by an undercover reporter posing as a company executive looking to hire MPs for lobbying work.

    The others included:

    – Patricia Hewitt, a former health secretary, who claimed she helped to obtain a key seat on a government advisory group for a client paying her £3,000 a day.

    – Geoff Hoon, the former defence secretary, offered to lead delegations to ministers and told the reporter that he was looking to turn his knowledge and contacts into “something that frankly makes money”. He said he charged £3,000 a day.

    – Margaret Moran, the Luton MP who was forced to pay back £22,500 in expenses, boasted that she could ring a “girls’ gang” of colleagues on behalf of clients. Among those she named were: Jacqui Smith, the former home secretary; Hazel Blears, the former communities secretary; and Harriet Harman, the deputy leader of the Labour party.

  146. 146
    Susie says:

    And the BBC headline to accompany their film? ‘EDL protesters clash with police’.

    But the film appears to show UAF protesters being forced back by the police with the EDL supporters staying behind the police barriers. Of the 55 arrests, 51 were UAF mid-afternoon.

  147. 147
    a loopier dirge says:

    Oedipal Gorier
    Lipread Gooier

    logo pi readier

    pig roadie lore

    ergo diaper oil

    (and for her Italian heritage)

    Lira period ego

  148. 148
    OAP says:

    Bastards shoot them all. Volunteers for a firing squad.

  149. 149
    Dry Martini says:

    She may still be fit, but a few years in politics will soon deal with that. Consider Glenda Jackson, who was fairly presentable in her heyday, or Yvette Cooper, who once combined gamine beauty of Isabelle Huppert with the overarching intelligence of Bamber Gascoigne, but who is now just a stupid, ugly cow.

  150. 150
    South of the M4 says:

    The police will not help you, the law will not help you. That logic has gone. For me it is a baseball bat and lots of instant aggression. That will be the only way the situation is resolved and quickly.

  151. 151
    Sock_Shock says:

    Never mind PMT, What about PM’s’QT…no woman can handle that.

  152. 152
    Bardirect says:

    the GMtv sound man used to give her one too, one too.

  153. 153
    An Anonymous Phoney Pharoah says:

    How much the fug were the fugging tories guys in Major’s cabinet fugging done for?

  154. 154
    Jan says:

    How to become a Nu-Liebor MP. If you cannot get into one of the top 50 universities in the UK, then join the student union of your ex tech college (now) university. You can make a name for yourself starting your own revoloution.This way you can climb the greasy pole. Go and work for Al-Jabeeba or go and work for a human rights organisation as a lawyer with your third rate degree. If you are black it will help.Then start activating and mixing will all the other third-rate Nu-Liebor people. This has certainly worked for:
    Sadiq Khan, Vera Baird, Gloria DePiero (Central England University hahaha) and many others
    Not clever enough for that? Well, then join a union and just climb your way up the greasy pole by stirring up the workforce.You can then be the token working class/black MP. This has certainly worked for:
    Bob Aintworthatoss,Dawn Butler and soon-to-be MP Jack Dromey
    If you don’t want to be an MP but want to earn loads of dosh go to the House of Lords. Join Baronesses Scotland (Mid Essex Tech College and Uddin (University of North London).
    I believe that the people who make the laws and govern our country should be the brightest of the bright (and certainly better educated than the people they govern).Sadly Nu-Liebor politicans dont’t fall into that category at all whatsoever.

  155. 155
    Anonymous says:

    Boss of Korean firm that gave Tony Blair secret cash was jailed for bribery

    Read more:

  156. 156
    Grandma says:

    Well put, but very scary.

  157. 157
    Call me Infidel says:

    and a few other Labour MP’s as well

    Including our old friend Hoon apparently. Ho, ho, ho.

  158. 158
    Anonymous says:

    Aides to Gordon Brown say they are most concerned by Ms Moran’s interview in the Dispatches programme, due to be broadcast tomorrow.
    They have been warned that she can be heard promising to help modify laws on immigration in order to boost the business interests of the fake company.
    One senior Labour source said last night that Ms Moran was ‘not very well’ and anything she said should ‘not be taken seriously… the idea that she has the ability to influence anything is laughable’.

  159. 159
    Jan says:

    Stephen Byers…Liverpool Poly and a member of the Militant Tendency. Another fifth-rate politician

  160. 160
    Madme Defarge says:

    Eff all. Another damned careerist. People in the Ashfileds are fed up with Hoon never having been there.
    There is a case for saying you can’t stand until you’re 40 and can bring some serious work and life experience to the table.

  161. 161
    nell says:


    Eng you should be writing for the Telegraoh or something !!!

    That’s very funny- it has made me laugh and now I’m going to bed.

    Good Night. God Bless!

  162. 162
    Bird wsb says:

    Here we go: anyone letting the side down is ‘not very well’ which I take to be a euphamism for ‘mentally ill’. The oldest tactic in the book! Would whichever ‘senior labour source’ said that offer the same explanation for G Browns inappropriate remarks to the Chilcott enquiry?

  163. 163
    Homeowner says:

    Just dump the bodies in the local lake or bury them or something after your done and none is the wiser.

  164. 164
    XOX says:

    I hear there’s an injunction out stopping a story about Charlie Whelan in tomorrow’s Mail on Sunday. Pity, it’s supposed to be a real humdinger.

  165. 165
    Madme Defarge says:

    I lived in Yorkshire during the miners strike. The miners would go out on their picket lines waiting for the buses of “scabs” to go through so they could protest. Police all knew them as all local and it was fairly peaceful.
    Then two things happened. Socialist Worker and various assorted Trots, intellectuals and Islington types turned up and the local fuzz was replaed by hard men from the Met and other forces.
    The rest is very nasty history but I remember some of the local lads I knew talking about the Socialist Worker members and how theyw ere very bad news and when they turned up they gave them a warm Anglo Saxon welcome of fuck off.

  166. 166
    MB. says:

    In the Mail

    “On the way out, still on the take: Four top Labour MPs trapped in TV sting”

  167. 167
    Labour Labour Labour - Out Out Out! says:

    HA HA HA

    Labour are in so much deep shit they bring Blair back – Escuse me Mr Blair: Have you taken time off from the oil companies to do this?

    Blair is an utter idiot and nobody will believe a word he says! Blair was the man who made Gordon Brown Chancellour and wrecked the economy, Blair was so weak he let Brown take over. The UK pays a huge amount to protect Tony Blair after his middle eastern mistakes – Anything he says should be laughed at and dismissed! Tony Blair is a liar and someone who has cashed in on public office! His wife did it before they left office! They should be hung not listened too!

  168. 168
    /b/ says:

    fap fap fap fap fap

  169. 169
  170. 170

    Too many men in politics suffer from all-women shortlists

  171. 171
    Labour Labour Labour - Out Out Out! says:

    Gloria DePiero, Your tits are the only thing going for you!

    Hopefully you will be defeated as Geoff Hoon was a Tit – We dont want a pair replacing him! Seriously what do you have to represent Ashfield other than a big pair of tits? Your views are nothing, your TV appearence is laughable – The opposition deseve the seat more than you! You support the idiot Gordon Brown, you deserve to be defeated!

  172. 172
    DtP says:

    No one likes phoning you

  173. 173
    DtP says:

    No one likes phoning you!

  174. 174
    LostInGoole says:

    Love to leave a comment on Youv’e been Cromwelled, but can’t. Like most MPs, I seem to have lost my way in the IT undergrowth.

  175. 175
    Fith Rate Politician says:

    I dispute this remark.

  176. 176
    nell says:

    Block on news tomorrow about charlie whelan!

    WOW what’s that about? His current ive-in partner ?? His bank account that shows exorbitant sums of money going in and out?? His close connections to other left wing governments in cuba/china/russia??

  177. 177
    Mrs Trellis says:

    As Brian Blessed would say “She’s a lovely bit of ‘rough'”!

    Go to 2 mins 55 secs!

  178. 178
    Susie says:

    Sure it was just Moran he was talking about? Sounds quite like another person who goes by the name of McMental.

  179. 179
    Susie says:

    The truth will out. Just before the polling stations open, with a bit of luck.

  180. 180
    LostInGoole says:

    Why not go back to the original Greek way, and give everyone a chance to make laws and govern. The same with local government. Pay a minimum fee, provide food and accomodation, and they have to fulfil their duty for a year. No dodging. If the books don’t balance, they have to pay the difference. It would certainly concentrate the mind. Anyone who tried to feather his own nest would be done for treason, and sent to work in the salt mines of outer Hebrides for 20 years.

  181. 181
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    His favourables are dropping like a stone. Dems very concerned about mid terms and congress is not a happy place.

  182. 182
    Same old dishonest Labia says:

    Done for asking questions and free hotel stay in paris, cost? Prison

    NewLabia really are the pits. Fucking shameful

  183. 183
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    I think you should visit specsavers!

  184. 184
    Anonymous says:

    Good looks !!!! The stupid bint looks like him from the Peep show, come on you know Im right !

  185. 185
    Anonymous says:

    Harriet has shown how it is done. ie Lie when asked a difficult question then get your office to provide clarification at a later date. Hey looks like someone bought into that idea !!!!

  186. 186
    Lord Mandlemort of somewhere up in the north East says:

    Hey there is a queue

  187. 187
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Fresh air between ears is a pre-requisite if you are a Labour candidate.

  188. 188
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe they are just mentioning the fact he is a proper cu nt no doubt !

  189. 189
    LostInGoole says:

    Set some man traps and boiling oil. Should keep the thieving little gits away from the expenses trough.

  190. 190
    Anonymous says:

    The BA Strike appears to be crumbling, wonder why this is ? Do you think its because the staff are not supporting it ? Or maybe its because of some story due( but not necessarrily will ) appear in tomorrows papers ? I have no idea, no evidence what so ever, goodness me what is going on ?Allegedly.

  191. 191
    IainM says:

    Lovely just what the Country needs like a hole in the head another Labour Bimbo Slut!

  192. 192
    OMGWTFBBQ says:

    Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu you broke rules one and two

  193. 193
    LostInGoole says:

    The WI saw through him, but he was given a second chance. Let him in, and then string the traitor up.

  194. 194
    OMGWTFBBQ says:

    get them to put it on wikileaks then

  195. 195
    OMGWTFBBQ says:

    raep some lolis

  196. 196
    LostInGoole says:

    Byrne sounds like a bit of a tit. If I received that 11 page instruction manual on my desk, it would find its way back up his a-nus. What a plonker!

  197. 197
    LostInGoole says:

    Must be his new haircut. Looked like an escaped convict on the news the other evening.

  198. 198
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    I hope for his sake his lawyer is better than John Terry’s!

  199. 199
  200. 200
    arthur says:

    their is something seriously bad going on in british politics. i fear for this country.

  201. 201
    Is that You Ken ? says:

    Ipsos MORI and ICM polls put the candidates neck-and-neck. A subsequent poll was derided by Livingstone as “a transparent attempt by the Evening Standard/YouGov to give Boris Johnson a more credible lead”. However, Livingstone never made the official complaint that had been announced to the media, and in the event, YouGov’s final poll showing Johnson in the lead by six percentage points was the only accurate prediction.

    Still whining BAIS because you don’t like what the polls tell you Ken ?

    You’re so laughably fucking desperate you are jumping around like an idiot highlighting two polls which both show a hung parliament is on the way.

    both polls suggest that it’s going to be quite a challenge for the Tories to get that overall majority.

    It is very funny to watch though so please keep it up.

  202. 202
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Anyone wonder about the numbers? The ballot was supposed to be 90% in favour of strike action. However, it seems pretty clear that a lot more than 10% have gone in and almost all those working at Gatwick. That ballot looks pretty dodgy.

  203. 203
    Is that You Ken ? says:

    Four weeks before the 2008 London mayoral elections, a YouGov poll placed Boris Johnson 13 points ahead of Ken Livingstone. Livingstone’s campaign team said the poll was “fundamentally flawed” and saying that it would complain to the Market Research Council of Great Britain.

  204. 204
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    I tend to agree. We have become a dumbed down society where celebrity seems to be the order of everyday.

  205. 205
    smell the hung parliament turnip says:

    New ICM poll has the lead down to just six

    ICM News of the World Mar 19 Mar 14
    LABOUR 32% 31%
    LIB DEMS 19% 20%
    LAB to CON swing from 2005 4.5% 6%

    Does this make NOM more likely?
    A new News of the World ICM poll brings bad news for the Tories after what appeared to have been a very good week for them. The moves, all within the margin of error, has the gap down top just six points.

    Both the Tories and Labour are at levels that we’ve not seen for a long time with ICM – the pollsters that’s regarded by many as the “gold standard”.

    This is bound, surely to have an effect on the markets.

    I had been saying that if ICM got to this sort of level then I would start to be convinced that a hung parliament was a likely outcome.

    Time to sell the Tories and buy Labour I suggest.

    Mike Smithson

  206. 206
    Hung Parliament still on the way says:

    New ICM poll has the lead down to just six

    ICM News of the World Mar 19 Mar 14
    LABOUR 32% 31%
    LIB DEMS 19% 20%
    LAB to CON swing from 2005 4.5% 6%

    Does this make NOM more likely?
    A new News of the World ICM poll brings bad news for the Tories after what appeared to have been a very good week for them. The moves, all within the margin of error, has the gap down top just six points.

  207. 207
    Hung Parliament still on the way says:

    Does this make NOM more likely?
    A new News of the World ICM poll brings bad news for the Tories after what appeared to have been a very good week for them. The moves, all within the margin of error, has the gap down top just six points.

    Both the Tories and Labour are at levels that we’ve not seen for a long time with ICM – the pollsters that’s regarded by many as the “gold standard”.

    This is bound, surely to have an effect on the markets.

  208. 208
    Hung Parliament still on the way says:

    I had been saying that if ICM got to this sort of level then I would start to be convinced that a hung parliament was a likely outcome.

    Time to sell the Tories and buy Labour I suggest.

  209. 209
    I'm the Heir to Blair Tony Cameron (hear my soundbites roar!) says:

  210. 210
    IainM says:

    Labours ballots are always dodgy. The Teamsters could probably teach them some of the old Mafia tricks to go!

  211. 211
    Watt Tyler says:

    Compare glorious Gloria to this mannish, misandrous, poisonous bitch:

    (2009) New Labour M.P. Hariet Harman -WANTS TO LEGALISE CHILD PORNOGRAPHY:

  212. 212
    smart alecs smarter brother says:

    shikes can out catch dat shit

  213. 213
    smell the hung parliament turnip says:

    Maybe you’re just talking shit as usual
    Yes again

  214. 214
    Margaret Buckett says:

    She thought it was in Kent, handy for Eurostar and the weekend flit to Borgo San Lorenzo.

  215. 215
    Anonymous says:

    Lawyers should be made illegal unless they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that their existence is genuinley in the public interest.

  216. 216
    Margaret Buckett says:

    The bloke talking to Margaret Moran must have told her he was casting for Macbeth.

  217. 217
    D L George says:

    I don’t get it.

    Great looking girl, Yes
    Sexually Attractive, Absolutely
    Take home to Mom, Yes

    But, could you really get off with someone so mentaly disturbed they would stand as a Liebore candidate?

    F*ck Me no, If this were a civilised age you’d be done for abuse.

  218. 218
    Anonymous says:

    Just like the miners strike!!! OK Lets bury this fuckin myth once and for fucking all. The Miners DID NOT GET A BALLOT thats why it was a fucking huge soviet inspired uprising. No fucking legitimacey at the grass roots, every fucker knew it !!! Thas what the Labour Party dont want you to know!( amongst other things )

  219. 219
    Anonymous says:

    With a shit cleavage !!! Well what do you expect she fuckin started it !!!!!!!!!

  220. 220
    D L George says:

    Could be wrong but I think that’s old news, the story (although valid I think) was before She became an MP (when Her polarity changed).

    Psycholgists ought to sort out this sort of law, not the ludicrously fairweather kneejerking Harmen and chums.

    For a really good example of Harmens political flip flopping on this subject, take a look at CH4’s Brass Eye “the p*d*-files” (A mick take of where UK Gov took this subject) then scour for Harmens reaction, ie She wanted CH4 taken off air!!!

  221. 221
    Anonymous says:


  222. 222
    Guess the saying says:

    Harriet Harman, the deputy leader of the Labour party.

    A fish rots from its wife down

  223. 223
    Terry Bollea says:

    She realized her name is Harm man and not harm children brother!

  224. 224
    Chuck Norris says:

    She is to politcs what I am to acting

  225. 225
    Chuck Norris says:

    and spelling

  226. 226
    Labour - the lie, deny then smear party says:

    Brown is a ‘Kipper’ – two faced and no guts

  227. 227
    D L George says:

    Ang on.
    Let me clarify, when I said ‘valid’ above, I was refering to the posters comment on Harmens history, NOT my opinion* on Harmen OR her views.

    *Which regarding Harmens thoughts are pretty much DIRE at the the best of times.

  228. 228
    D L George says:

    Sorry Terry, My comment above wasn’t aimed at you.

    Yes you’re right, most of Her venom is aimed at the non female sex.

  229. 229
    Susie says:

    Yeah that’s right the truth.

    Hurts, doesn’t it?

  230. 230
    D L George says:

    Could it not be that you’re a…
    Gay man who thinks He’s straight who looks at an attractive girl who He doesn’t fancy so pretends He fancies Her but rebukes anyone on a blog who brings up the subject and feels so insecure that he calls himself anonymous?

    Personaly, I fancy…
    Kate Silverton – decent person
    Susanaha Reid – who wouldn’t
    Emily Maitlis – brains, I do brians
    Kate Humble – amazing bravery – watch Her do caves
    Julia Bradbury – nowt wrong wit’ girl that does lakes
    Georgie Thomspson – I don’t really do sport but I’m more than willing to learn

    And very sorry to all those I missed (there are many)

    and… OMG blast from the past, Anna Ford!

  231. 231
    Obo says:

    I am a tool. Find my blog. it’s excellent.

  232. 232
    Time for REAL change says:

    Guido the state blogger gives you Glamour rather than politics, while our country, privacy and democracy gets flushed down the shitter!

    Wonder if he is an agent of distraction for the masses of sheep?

    Mmmm tough one!

  233. 233
    D L George says:

    Oh yes.

    Plus, I can’t be the only one who has a thing for Kirsty Walk, there’s something about a strict older woman.

    Oh yeah, Miryam Moshiri, and who’s that new girl girl on the Beebs business hour?

    (ps Apologies to all female readers for being a mysogonist tw*t)

  234. 234
    D L George says:

    Only sounds like a ‘bit of a tit’

    You’re having a laugh right? that guy is not ‘wholly and completely’ but his proper description lies a good foot and a half lower than the chest region.

    Bit of a clue, it begins with ‘cu’, there follows an ‘n’, followed by an affirmative expressive ‘T’

  235. 235
    Chuck Norris says:

    If Emily Nomates is an agent of the New World Order I say go New World Order

  236. 236
    A Smith says:

    She is down as Kirsteen which confuses me as Kirsty is the pet form for Kristen.

  237. 237
    Ken Olson says:

    as in computer using nt

  238. 238
    D L George says:

    Kirsteen Walk? Why does She do Newsnight as Kirsty? Weird.
    Don’t care, fancy Her either way.

  239. 239

    Must have been cold that morning – a brisk sea breeze whipping up the old Scammell wheel nuts…

  240. 240
    D L George says:

    Emily Maitlis – brains, I do brians

    That would be Brains, I do Brains, I don’t do Brians.

  241. 241
    A Smith says:

    You would have something to talk to her at the restaurant while ignoring Lord P and Magda

  242. 242
    Confucius he say says:

    History tells us that many a young man with Conservative tendencies has had a political “Damascene Conversion” to socialism if there’s the promise of a good screw at the end of it

  243. 243
    Jimmy Heddle says:

    Things must be desperate in Brown Central to think the one man more reviled than Brown can actually help them.

    P.S. Whatever you do DON’T mention IRAQ

  244. 244
    Legal Beagle says:

    If you can’t stand until your 40

    There will be no more children in Britain..

  245. 245
    David Cameron says:

    To quote Mark Twain “The report of my death is an exaggeration”.

  246. 246
    Martin Day says:

    Martin Day yesterday called on David Cameron to sack party donor Lord Ashcroft.

    Pressure also grew for an inquiry into how the billionaire deputy Tory chair was awarded his peerage.

    Martin Day said: “If he was serious about tackling vested interests, David Cameron would sack Lord Ashcroft.”

    The attack comes after Tories helped force the BBC to postpone screening of a probe into Lord Ashcroft.

    Mr Cameron was also accused by thick as thieves that he knew for two years that Lord Ashcroft was avoiding tax.

  247. 247
    Ching ching says:

    NEWSFLASH: Charriet to start a car driving school and mobile phone box company. “With my husband soon to be a top-rank MP and Minister for Troughing it is time to take on fresh opportunities,” said Ms Harming. “L-plates, a crash course in hit-and-run, and Nokias are our future.”

    Steve Buyers commented “Wish I had thought of that scam first.”

  248. 248
    George Osborne says:

    We are all in this together as we have been driving home now for the last few years,

  249. 249
    Down With Brown says:

    Sudnay Sleeze special on the way I think. NuLabour on the way out but still on the take, milking power for every last pound available.

  250. 250
    Down With Brown says:

    You won’t be so cocky on May 7th. A Tory government is just over six weeks away.

  251. 251
    Hugh Janus says:

    Bringing Bliar back is outstandingly good news. A campaign that has to rely on the most mendacious and warmongering politician of modern times. What a gift!

  252. 252
    Down With Brown says:

    BBC strangely running this story well down the news and quoting at length Labour counter-stories. “Labour promises stricter rules on lobbyists” after making millions of pounds twisting legislation to feather their own nests.

  253. 253
    Down With Brown says:

    NuLabour still corrupt and still screwing up Britain.

  254. 254
    Anonymous says:

    Guido: Hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of her…

    I hope we never see her again.

    She may be pretty on the outside but her heart and soul must be rotten.

  255. 255
    Down With Brown says:

    Nothing glorious about her, she’s another hag from the unite/Whelan stable.

  256. 256
    Martin Day says:

    Sorry I’m such a Hunt, I’m seeking treatment for the shit that pours from my keyboard.

  257. 257
    Down With Brown says:

    Britain’s leading Eurosceptic says vote UKIP, get Brown. Only Cameron can defeat Brown, vote Tory to get rid of the worst PM the UK has ever had.

  258. 258
    Martin Day says:

    Joining a party of mandacious losers – obviously a bit short in the brains department then.

  259. 259
    Hugh Janus says:

    ‘Fraid so. Split the tory vote and watch McBust slime his way back in, for another 5 years of wrecking. What an apalling prospect. Whilst DC doesn’t deserve a win on present performance, McBust deserves nothing less than stringing up for his.

  260. 260
    London Pastafarian says:

    “sadly not wearing a Hijab”

    Should she be stoned or beheaded?

  261. 261
    labour is a cancer on society says:

    He has a vested interest in campaigning in Scotland against the SNP. I am pretty certain an independent Scottish Government will go after him for war crimes.

  262. 262
    A Pensioner says:

    I’m sure Guido was only interested in seeing her tits, not seeing her in public life. And we call all agree with that.

  263. 263
    John Bercow says:

    Amen to that brother

  264. 264
    A Pensioner says:

    Well this is the 11-plus test for the thick bastards (ie electorate) – can they figure out how to get rid of Brown, or has terminal thickness taken hold.

  265. 265
    The Titanic starring UK PLC says:

    Vote Nicky G and at least you’ll get first class service as the ship sinks below

  266. 266
    The Titanic starring UK PLC says:

    Government plans a paperless society = Government can’t wait to get away with more corruption without records of it.

  267. 267
    BBC says:

    Oi Gordon….we need some breaking news on terrorism or some another diversion….I cant hold this hot potato much longer….hurry up..

  268. 268
    Ratsniffer says:

    Can it happen though? McStalin is re-inventing himself as a caring, sharing man ‘o the people, the last 13 years have been erased, pensions were never stolen, gold was never sold off cheap, education was never wrecked, a million diversity officers were never employed, he never said an end to boom and bust, and the future is so bright you gotta wear shades…and…Joe Public might just fall for it.

  269. 269
    George Osborne says:

    A Nazi Concentration Camp Commandant calls an Englishman, an Australian & a Jew into his office & announces, “Vee are goin to have a cricket match. You, Englishman, vill captain zee English team & you, Australian, vill captain zee Australian team.” The Jew asks what his part will be. The comandant says,
    “You vill be Zee Ashes.”

  270. 270
    A Pensioner says:

    More to do with taxation of the middle class.

  271. 271
    Tony Blair says:

    We just shred the records anyway.

    Its the right thing to do.

  272. 272
    Baboon's arse says:

    There’s so much Labour shit in there its hard to know where to start.

    Some funny stuff too:

    In a statement released yesterday afternoon, Mr Byers said: ‘I attended an informal meeting to discuss a potential job opportunity. During the course of a casual conversation I made some exaggerated claims.

    A Labour source said last night: ‘Those MPs who are involved in this are mortified by how stupid they have been. There is no suggestion that they have broken the rules in any way, and they would rebut any such suggestion.

    A second source added: ‘Moran has been very unwell with stress, and so should not be given any credibility. If you were to draw up a list of MPs able to influence power on a company’s behalf, she would be right at the bottom.’

    Lord Mandelson also said he had ‘no recollection’ of talking to Byers about the issue.

    Liars and common thieves, each and every one.

    Read more:

  273. 273
    No Fixed Abode says:

    Nice, Harriet Harperson and Patricia Hewitt by the looks of it. Imagine what’s crawling around in there.

  274. 274
    Gloria says:

    I fell for it…

  275. 275
    Anonymous says:


  276. 276

    Certified User of New Technology.

  277. 277
    DIRK DIGGLER says:

    any flap shots ?

  278. 278
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    I fear that termial thickness has taken hold. Come May 7th we will find out and let trust the electorate start to smell the coffee by May 6th and understand how thoroughly discredited on every level this NuLabour government IS.

  279. 279
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    The corridor of uncertainty leads to the gas chamber.

  280. 280
    Labour - the lie, deny then smear party says:

    OMG can this be true? An empty headed boobie whose only claim to fame is the ability to read an autocue?

    What the hell can Gloria DePiero bring to the DIRE need to repair the nation both economically and socially?

    Sure we can make jokes about her tits and good looks but….but…… splutter……..does this not sum up what labour is all about?

    Talk about fooling all of the people ALL of the time!!!!

  281. 281
    Hugh Jardon says:

    ….the best thing on GMTV?
    Yep probably.

    Perhaps I should have saved up more pennies & bought a Stage afterall.
    She’d have been well up for it..may be!

  282. 282
    Hugh Jardon says:

    WTF’s a stage?
    I’m a Hunte

  283. 283
    Hugh Jardon says:

    MY spunk vessel…possibly!

  284. 284
    Anonymous says:

    10.000 majority in Ashfield says it all really
    will some one explain to me what people see in the labour party.and where the fuck are they because no one I’ve ever met said they support labour.Some sort of secret society.

  285. 285
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    She’s a socialist and therefore the enemy. I hope she gets defeated.

  286. 286
    Labour - the lie, deny then smear party says:

    Can she not see that she is being used? Surely she is not taking herself seriously?

  287. 287
    Nick says:

    ….. at least you’re taste’s improved Guido.

  288. 288
    cockney christian says:

    thats the benefit of christian western culture, shes probably not had he cu’nt stitched up either

  289. 289
    cockney christian says:

    she knew she was going to get the push from gmtv so used her obvious charms to secure the ppc – not rocket science

  290. 290
    cockney christian says:

    mange tout mange tout mein herr

  291. 291
    Madme Defarge says:

    YEP! I am with you on this one. Had they had a ballot they would not have gone on strike and who knows we might still have some sort of a mining industry and the associated skills and businesses that once supported it instead of industrial wastelands.

  292. 292
    smart alecs smarter brother says:

    have you tried reading an autocue ,jolly hard , its a bit like working on a tinned fish production line, if you lose track , its messy. leave gloria in exchecqueris alone ………..hear endeth the lesson amen.

  293. 293
    ann davies says:

    A fine example of an unbiased political reporter?

  294. 294
    Lib Dems are Tossers says:

    Randy Mandy – I’ll supply the hangman – Mr Pierpoint came from my neck of the woods [sorry about the pun!]

  295. 295
    Madme Defarge says:

    According to AlJaBeeba she was selected by a “postal ballot” of members. Why does this give me a sinking feeling?

  296. 296
    LostInGoole says:

    Did say he was a bit of a tit – the it in clit.

  297. 297
    James Robinson says:

    Labour rapped over sexy TV girl

    PARTY bosses have been slammed for bringing ex-GMTV host in to fight a safe seat

    Read more

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