March 19th, 2010

Gordon Brown Double (Temporary Position)


  1. 1
    10 Drowning Street says:

    Can’t they just take the one that currently infests and infects this place???


  2. 2
    Bob says:

    Have you gone CHAV Guido ?


  3. 3
    fuido gawkes says:

    the pound goes down …… dat


  4. 5
    Freddie Flintoff says:

    eh up lads , Can someone shoot the hoon up the arse with a shotgun?


  5. 6
    Hang The Bastards says:

    There is no other human on this plant that remotely looks like that ugly-bong-eyed-fucked-up-sone-of-a-wank-manse.

    The nearest I could find was


  6. 8
    A few home truths says:

    I watched that BBC TV programme on politicians last night. I concluded that “They really don’t get it” (still) do they?

    Widdicome wanted to bludgeon to her way of thinking – no surprise there.
    Ex union MP did not seem to realise that his Union’s activities had contributed to the demise of Steel making in this country. Tory Toff denies that he has been caucht with his fingers in the Expenses till. So it went on.

    The only bloke to speak any reality was the Tory fella who said that people will vote where they know their vote matters. So, we have a collection of Whipped MPs who nod through EU-dictated legislation and cannot understand why they are correctly viewed as a waste of space. Isn’t “democracy” fun!


    • 13
      Next Station says:

      But fascism isn’t,enjoy


    • 84
      Batty Hattie Harmanescu says:

      Yes, that silly cow Widdecombe is still banging on about successive governments being the root cause of the expenses scandal. Dishonest MPs don’t seem to enter her argument at all.

      Strange, how people who so easily “do God”, have such a problem with a bit of basic honesty.


  7. 11
    Lord Ashcroft's Piggy Bank says:

    Looking forward to Hague being in the cabinet, given that he won’t have a fucking clue about what’s going on as it’s so easy to pull the wool over his eyes, as indeed it is with the whole of the Tory top command.

    Never mind, it was all worth it for Ashcroft’s loot I’m sure.


    • 39

      You are a badly dressed bank clerk from Belgium and I claim my UKIP fridge magnet!


      • 302
        Old Nick Heavenly(really smug) says:

        keep the non-country out of it skint

        our greatest compensation for the bank klerc is that fashionably dressed britney tears to the eyes, cor what a looker she is and horrid gordum shouted at her

        great vid, wicked even, my fav


  8. 12
    Moley says:

    The double is intended to step into Brown’s shoes to meet the public prior to the election.

    It could well be that the double will also step into Brown’s shoes as PM and make a better job of it than Brown does.

    Will the Labour Party and Unite put a Brown double in place as Party Leader and PM without telling anybody?

    Maybe they did it years ago; the present incumbent of the Brown persona is pretty unbelievable.


  9. 15
    Gorfoons Blownit all says:

    maybe its for the TV dramatization of the brown premiership – knowing it doesn’t have long to run.
    Title suggestions – The Down-the-pan Street Years
    – Spot the Talent Competition
    – Nokiaering off

    I am sure you can do better than this


    • 45
      AC1 says:

      Top 5 at the box office
      “Gordon in Dunderland”
      “Red Ink Zone”
      “He’s out of his league”
      “Forget me”
      “Shuttered Island”

      “My Struggle”.
      “I love you Hugo Gramsci”.
      “Dastruct Kapital”
      “Flipping Feck”
      “The Queen is I”


      • 64
        Anon says:

        Get a job and get a life AC1.
        You don’t half post some rubbish.
        You must be living off an inheritance. Push mother down the stairs did you?


        • 81
          AC1 says:

          Take a full refund and fuck off.


          • Anon says:

            It seems I have hit a nerve AC1. Afraid of work, eh?
            So you did push mother down the stairs to cash in on the inheritance.
            Either that or you are just a dole scrounger, you clearly do not work for a living.
            You’re just another one of those spongers you are always moaning about.
            Get a job doleboy.


          • AC1 says:

            What a fool you are Tat.

            I work as hard as I like. I run my own successful business thanks.

            Maybe it’s you that is without a job? Does the guilt at your own lack of ability motivate you to be abusive?


          • Spank Sinatra says:

            I think that’s Guido’s line actually.


          • Anon says:

            You are projecting again AC1.
            And your business cannot be successful, it must be very slow indeed, as you are posting here all the time!
            You must have definitey inherited money to set your ‘business’ up. You profit from the dead.
            You’re a bit like Tony Blair really.


          • AC1 says:

            Nope, it is the Tao of Business. Effortless Effort.

            My business Partner is currently out doing a sales demo for a rather big client.

            Me, I’m going snow-boarding as my work to create the demo is over. Just packing my bags today.

            The business has lot’s of money in a safe bank and no debt, and all the seed capital came from my savings.

            It’s so sad that your “life” is so bad you can only see things from a negative perspective?


          • Anon says:

            Ah, your ‘partner’ is doing a sales demo for a rather ‘big’ client.
            I see, you run a gay sex service.
            Sounds about right.


      • 119
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        Brownfinger (the man with the fecal touch)
        Crash Gordon


  10. 16
    Sarah Tweet says:

    it is late – am signing off


    • 25
      Tam O Twits says:

      Prezzer thanked me for following him on twitter. I said don’t thank me fatso I’m a spy not a fan


      • 42
        Charles Flaccidwidger says:

        Don’t use Twitter too much but it does have it’s uses. Like reminding Prezza at frequent intervals that he is a pie scoffing, incompetent, punch throwing adulterer. Oh, and to call him a twat.


    • 65
      Bob Page says:

      Don’t worry, in a couple of months you’ll be signing on.


    • 76
      Sarah Twatter says:

      Is it too late for this Country ?? Couldn’t Gordon sign off NOW ????


    • 318
      Hang The Bastards says:

      Stupid fucking whore


  11. 17
    concrete pump says:

    It’s not a TV company looking for a double, it’s the government. After the Tories win the GE, what’s left of Labour are going to kill Gordon Brown and replace him with a looky-likey. They will then install him in a cave in Scotchland where he will give video messages to the public via Al-jabeebya.


    • 74
      Mr Weller says:

      It is difficult to tell the difference between the TV company and the Government, and now the Union.


  12. 18
    The Hangman says:



  13. 19
    They're all smug, sneering, Trot cunts at the BBC, 'cept Susanna Reid whom I wish to bum very much says:

    This guy’s not bad, not quite as deranged as Broon, but not bad:


  14. 20
    thick as thieves says:

    Cheers Guido,I got the job as Gordon Brown’s double


  15. 21
    QWERTY says:

    Just visit any nutter house to find some fat ugly one eyed mong, that will do.


  16. 22
    Freddie Flintoff says:

    Make me Lord Flintoff, Minster for Europe , I will show them how piss the night away . There prob lilly lightweights anyway


  17. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Good heavens..Browns’ double???…isn’t just one of the prick enough?

    Perhaps it’s actually Brown recruiting for a the knowledge that after May 6th it might be ‘prudent’ to have some poor hapless guy take the bullet for him?


    • 270
      TheDevineOne says:

      Just shoot all of them – all Gordon Browns, Lord Mandlebum, the Squeeker, Sweaty Balls and his ladyboy, Harry Harrperson and all the other non-etities who think they’re somebody – up against the wall, no blindfold, and use the splatt-guns to cover them in the same shit they’ve been spraying over us. They can then go and live on some sinker estate on 50 quid a week and be thankful.


  18. 26
    Sally BCOW's Random Twatterings says:

    If David Cameron had been PM in 2007 when Amicus merged with the TGWU, Unite would have been called DAVE #davefacts #bbcqt
    about 11 hours ago via TweetDeck

    @lostmytitleist Am neither cool nor a proper practising politician. But cheers.
    about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to lostmytitleist

    Top party at @sarahbrown10 house!! Wonderful chats & laughs with sparky, inspirational women. No crusty old buffers to be seen :-)
    about 13 hours ago via TweetDeck


  19. 27
    Keep it in the Clan says:

    Alison Jackson, known for her celebrity mock-up photos and Double Take series, has previously struggled to find anyone who resembles the prime minister.

    She is now staging events in Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh and Dumfries in the hope of finding a lookalike

    So that is where the Jockanese inbreds come from then.


    • 61
      Steve Expat says:

      Alison Jackson, she was the person behind the series Double Take* a few years back, and a few Chanel 4 specials.

      Very subtle, almost like The Office rather than outlandish comedic voice-based impressions seen by Bremner & co – you’re never quite sure if you’re watching a hidden camera shot of the real people or a set-up with lookalikes.

      Good luck to her in finding a Broon lookalike, their is only one of the fat cnut, thank God!

      *Not to be confused with an Aussie comedy show of the same nane.


    • 110
      Sir William Waad says:

      She should take a stroll round Pennywell or Muirhouse and look carefully in every skip.


  20. 30
    Martin Day says:

    Another violent Tory

    All Conservatives are the same…….thugs

    Tory peer Lord Tebbit could face prosecution over claims that he kicked a person wearing a dragon costume during Chinese New Year celebrations.

    The 78-year-old also grabbed a drum as he tried to stop noisy celebrations outside his home in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, last month.

    Police confirmed today they received a complaint about his behaviour.

    At the time, Lord Tebbit told Martin Day that he heard a “dreadful noise” outside his home and was not aware that New Year celebrations were taking place.

    He told the paper that he put his hands on a drum in an attempt to stop the noise.

    “I got my knuckles rapped for my pains,” he said.

    “I then got jostled by a dragon. I have never been jostled by a dragon before.

    “I gave it a shove, then got on my way.”


  21. 31
    My Bro Gordo says:

    Gordo, yo da man


  22. 38
    the blue peter cat says:

    We can say that there is no truth in rumours that we are about to start making our own labour party political broadcasts.

    We have been making them for years.


  23. 41
    BBC Typo says:

    The hunt is also on for lookalikes of Peter Mandelson and Alasdair Darling as part of the same project.


  24. 44
    Roman Polanski says:

    No Guido

    It’s not a TV company

    It’s my film company

    I told you I am going to shoot a horror movie about the Mad Man


  25. 46
  26. 47
    Charles Flaccidwidger says:

    I’ve got a dustbin of well rotted horse shit. Put a suit on it and it probably won’t be possible to tell the difference.


  27. 50
    TWATSON says:

    RT @henrymacrory: benefits of Unite membership is discounted airport parking <- join – useful for MPs using the Ashcroft jet
    about 22 hours ago via Echofon


  28. 53
    Minger Brown says:

    Full marks to the Scottish BBC for putting up a monglike photo of Gordon.


  29. 58

    Surely a dog turd will be a suitable stand-in for Gormless?


  30. 59
    SuBo is Gordo says:

    Can’t see what the problem is. SuBo is Gordon’s spitting image and like Gordon she is stark raving bonkers.


    • 131
      Anonymous says:

      I’ve heard of one university psychology dept that is using clips of Gordo to illustrate aspects of sociopathy.


      • 239
        South of the M4 says:

        I know of one company that uses Brown as an example of how not to manage people in their training sessions – and then some of his policies to show how things can get *ucked up by poor management. Previously they had used the
        ‘Herald of Free Enterprise ‘ incident. That’s modernisation for you.


  31. 67
    Freddie Flintoff says:

    Eh up lads ,Something to laff at


  32. 69
    Diversity Officer says:

    To ensure diversity and equal opportunities for ethnic minorities in society we have found a black double;


  33. 79
    The Sleeper says:


    Right then..what’s the betting on the BA strike being magically called off by 5.00pm tonight?

    Following that announcement,how long will it take for the Mong to claim the credit for brokering the deal?

    Following that,will the additional million pound ‘donation’ from UNITE to Browns’ re-election fund be open and transparent?


    • 87
      Hoffa says:

      Hey Whelan we hadda the deal


    • 170
      Jan says:

      O/T But really same story.Derek ‘Militant Tendency’ Hatton the man who bankrupted Liverpool has appeared TWICE this week on Andrew Neil programmes.Liverpool became a basket case when this man and his ‘brothers’ had finished theri reign of terror in the 1980s.Neil even referred to him as ‘Degsy’,I nearly puked.This lunatic Hatton was banging on about Mrs T and comparing Willie Walsh to her.Neil (not known for his incisive interviewing skills/analysis did not pick him up at all about the fact that BA staff at Heathrow are paid double the salary/benefits as other airlines.The BBC (and Neil)really are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. I suppose they think that by repeating the line that EVERYTHING in the world is Mrs T’s fault, people will vote for Nu-Liebor and the saviour of the World, Brown. Why should you pay the BBC so that they can give appearance money to scumbags like Hatton?
      Jeff Randall was interviewing Digby Jones on Wednesday night and their take on the BA/Unite row was absolutely brilliant. Digby Jones was saying that BA is the flagholder for the UK and that this will damage the UK big time,also that the Teamsters in the US should be taken on by Walsh in the US courts as what they are planning is secondary picketing.Also that other airlines around world would be thrilled to get BAs slots at Heathrow if the airline failed.Still,Jeff Randall is far superior to Neil in every way. Digby Jones had appeared on Neil’s Daily Politics on Tuesday and Neil got nothing out of him as his interviewing skills are now so poor. He should be on the variety/entertainment section not serious politics shows. He’d do well as the ringmaster in a circus.


    • 247
      South of the M4 says:

      Should it be so then that would mean Brown was prepared to let the national airline lose £27m, and possibly more, and for thousands to be greatly inconvenienced just to stroke his ego. I think he has form here……


  34. 85
    fuido gawkes says:

    v to the o to the t to the e to the l to the a to the b to the o to the u to the r.
    alright don,t bother rappers


  35. 88


    This is the second best Brown impression – Rory Bremner on the subject of Gordon Brown’s madness…………..:


  36. 89
    Martin Day says:

    Its my production company that is looking for a double for Gordon so we can have him star as davros in the latest episode of Doctor Who I am writing.
    In this episode I also get to star in it as a huge tic like creature that resides
    on the moon surface.I am leader of the giant tic army and the hero manages to fight off wave after wave of attacks by the tic army.Think Zulu but set on the moon.

    Check the credits out at the end because not only will I be mentioned as writer but also as the lead villain.

    It says in big letters at the bottom

    “Martin Day-Waving Lunar Tic

    I thank You!!!!


    • 99
      Tam O Tic says:

      that gave me a laugh.thanks Martin you nutter


    • 100
      LOONWATCH says:

      keep off the meow meow nutter


    • 171
      Martin Day says:

      Now I have got your attention I would like to tell you about my new new project that I have undertaken to help the Labour party get elected for the fourth term.
      John P and Dougie A have decided that they need to work together in achieving our aim.
      They employed me to think up an overarching theme to the campaign of doubling our number of confirmed labour/unite voters every week and to pay homage to
      John Ps hard work on the internet.
      Using my latest fidelity graphics chip I have come up with a campaign slogan that sums up our aspiration of being the democratic party of choice among the people of Britain.
      I will be launching my project this afternoon by flying a banner over London saying “British people-go fourth and multiply”.

      What do you think guys.Come on give me your honest opinion.


  37. 90
    Cash Gordon says:

    Just listening to the young squaddie on Sky who has won a medal for Bravery, so moddest too. Gordon Brown is not fit to lick his boots.


    • 104
      Jus Wundering says:

      How many ex forces are Labour MP’s?


      • 118
        Ufight says:

        how they don’t lose it with this lot i will never ever know – it says a lot about our troops (and their famalies) the way they have been conducting themselves. look at all these muppets striking because they want more pay for their cushy jobs and look at how the troops are treated.


    • 225
      The Dirty Tat says:

      hello nell


  38. 93
    Brown's Buggered Britain says:

    Maybe someone is planning a Blue-movie that involves fiscal stimulation?


  39. 95
    Sir William Waad says:

    A Gordon Brown double? Who could possibly want more than one?


  40. 116
    Mr Weller says:

    I need to be more presidential… oh oh no I don’t.


  41. 117
    Martin Day says:

    thick as thieves and Cameron ‘could work together in hung parliament’



  42. 120
    Network Rail Spokesperson says:

    Our negotiations with the RMT union have hit the buffers


  43. 122
    HoC = House of Corruption says:

    Fuck. Taxes are going up:


  44. 125
    Chanel Tunnel Spokesperson says:

    I must admit we can see a bit of light


  45. 127
    Unsworth says:

    Give it a few weeks and they can have the real thing – at minimal cost


  46. 128
    Nick says:

    ANy Prime Mentalist double would be scared to leave their own house, surely?


  47. 130
    David Cameron says:

    I’m not booking anywhere for Easter. I’m just going to pack 2 planks and 3 nails and hike around. Maybe somebody will put me up for the weekend.


  48. 137

    Any (_:_)rsehole will do what . . . . .


  49. 142
    I hate New Labour says:

    Why don’t they just use a bucket of sh!t?

    Minus the bucket.


  50. 143
    Scene Kid says:

    Is this Menephrone drug a gay drug? does it loosen up your arsehole like poppers or something?


  51. 156
    Anonymous says:

    Tories still lead by 8% points

    Harris poll for The Metro Mar 16 Mar 9
    LABOUR 28% 29%
    LIB DEMS 18% 18%
    LAB to CON swing from 2005 5.5% 5.5%

    so so different from liebours’ kellner poll

    with others taking more of the poll this time.

    so liebour and tories down 1 each


    • 192
      They only whine when their losing says:

      Four weeks before the 2008 London mayoral elections, a YouGov poll placed Boris Johnson 13 points ahead of the incumbent Ken Livingstone. Livingstone’s campaign team branded the poll “fundamentally flawed”, arguing that it failed to take account of London’s larger ethnic minority population compared to the rest of the country, and saying that it would complain to the Market Research Council of Great Britain.Ipsos MORI and ICM polls put the candidates neck-and-neck. A subsequent poll was derided by Livingstone as “a transparent attempt by the Evening Standard/YouGov to give Boris Johnson a more credible lead”. However, Livingstone never made the official complaint that had been announced to the media, and in the event, YouGov’s final poll showing Johnson in the lead by six percentage points was the only accurate prediction.


  52. 162
    Ufight says:

    now the rail workers are striking.

    welcome to brown’s britain – unions calling the shots and sod all happening.


  53. 163
    Union of Bucket Kickers says:

    Rail strike now on bbjabba


  54. 164
    Ordinary bloke says:

    Just how bent is this? Criminal fraud?

    “Union behind BA strike receives £18m from taxpayers in ‘money-laundering’ deal with Labour”


    • 179
      It's all well and good telling us but says:

      Yes but what is spineless Dave going to do about it and the BBC if he gets in power?

      Nothing probably cause he is a damp squid.

      Tories backed the wrong horse.


    • 182
      They're All At It says:

      I’ve said this before, and I’m sure I’ll keep saying it, but why isn’t this being plastered everywhere – why aren’t there cabinet members being hauled over the coals about this?


  55. 165
    Steve Expat says:

    Breaking – RMT to strike over Easter – Sky News


    • 200
      Groucho says:

      Bastards. Sack the lot of them and bring in people prepared to work for a living. If any still exist in Brown’s Britain.


      • 213
        B(rown) B(illshi**ing) C(orporation) says:

        meanwhile a load of troops are obtaining gallantry medals today – the brave and the best.

        where is brown – has he pitched up as pm to see them or does he only visit the troops when it suits him?

        and still a bunch of jumped up workers, fired up by the unions want to strike – they need more cash and they don’t feel safe.

        well, i am sure they are being paid more than most of the troops and it is a damn site safer here than basra.

        for every ba worker who strikes today and loses their travelling pass they should award it to a squaddie who can probably only dream of a holiday.


        • 223
          Steve Expat says:

          Hear, hear!

          Squaddies being killed every day in the ‘Stan are paid half what the average BA trolly dolly or rail mainatainance worker is getting.

          And they think they have the right to bring this country to a standstill? They have no right to kiss the boots of the brave men honoured today and yesterday.

          The only positive is that there is no public support for the strikers, and the upcoming election will only serve to give the incumbent government more of a kicking as a result.


        • 231
          steel workers seaman, dockers and miners says:

          Double hear hear


        • 246
          The Dirty Tat says:

          Until May then we will ignore them.


    • 230
      Tory Dan says:

      Good old Labour governments, always brought down by trade unions and a crippled economy!


      • 264
        Groucho says:

        I wonder about this 90% support for the BA strike that Unite keep banging on about.

        Surely to God, the average BA employee knows that the business is in trouble and that striking could finally push it over the edge? Then – those who can find jobs – will end up working for another airline for half as much anyway.

        I really don’t believe that 90% of BA cabin staff are that stupid. I think they are being duped.


  56. 166
    They're All At It says:

    “A TV company looking for a Gordon Brown double”…

    Just ahead of the live televised debates… Hmmm, that does smell a little fishy.


    • 173
      Twat says:


      No that’s not Gordon, that’s Sarah.


    • 199
      The Man in the Iron Mask says:

      The “real” Brown will no doubt be kept safely locked away in the attic whilst the more affable,charismatic and people friendly “Double” fights the election on his behalf


  57. 167
    Norman Tebbit says:

    So the Unions want to cripple Britain.

    1st BA and now the railways. It’s time for a Conservative government to sort the fuckers out. I can’t imagine cuddly Dave talking tough though.


    • 277
      Old Torys never die says:


      Dave Cameron. Has anyone seen him?
      If you find him tell him to get his act together.


  58. 169
    Anonymous says:

    Union behind BA strike receives £18m from taxpayers in ‘money-laundering’ deal with Labour


  59. 177
    Anonymous says:

    Unite, and the two unions that formed it, received the public money under two little-known funds to improve management and training for its members.

    It has been the biggest beneficiary of one of the schemes, the Union Modernisation Fund, and received a sixth of all the money given out under the Union Learning Fund.

    The figures have led to fresh claims that Britain’s biggest union has taken over the Labour Party after donating almost £30million over the past decade and employing a key adviser to Gordon Brown as its political director.

    It comes ahead of a planned three-day walkout by Unite members of BA’s cabin crew this weekend, which is set to cause travel chaos for thousands of passengers.


  60. 187
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    Not surprised that they’re having trouble finding someone.

    Seriously, if you were a convincing lookalike for Brown and didn’t have the benefit of highly trained and armed close protection officers looking after you, surely you’d have been lynched long ago by now.


  61. 189
    Martin Day Productions says:


  62. 193
    Martin Day Productions says:


  63. 194
    .243 Win says:

    So are they asking for a stunt double ?


  64. 196
    Bob crow says:

    I’m crowing now


  65. 204
    Martin Day Productions says:

    We are really looking for 2 doubles, one for charlie whelan, and one for tony woodley or derek simpson, so we can interview after the next election. As liebour leaders of course.

    For that show

    will the real liebour leader step forward………


  66. 210
    Martin Day says:

    I am announcing today that I will be getting my old mate Derek Draper to star in an action series about a grandfather and grandson chef crime fighting team.

    I had already cast the the young cook but was unable to find someone to play the older cook.

    My mind was made up when I had it on good authority from a french friend of mine that Derek was an old cook or as pierre said “ee is a cuck old”.


  67. 212
    Martin Day Productions says:

    Liebours modernisation fund being put to good union usage.

    Strikes, Striikes, Strikes and even more Strikes!


  68. 216
    Martin Day says:

    Don’t believe the Tory lies about David Cameron’s Conservatives being the party of low taxation

    Tories plan new carbon tax to boost clean energy

    Tories are a bunch of shysters


    • 228
      Martin Day Productions says:

      we believe any lies from the tories, its liebours lies we dont belivie.

      or is it a lie that he lied about the defence budget?

      it just gets so complex these day with liebour that we just come to the conclusion that when a socialist opens its mouth, we know its lying.

      All credibility lost


    • 234
      Martin Day says:

      No no dahling .I have told you before Damian that you have to include Tory,Ashcroft or baby eaters in every post.
      If you cant get this simple thing correct Damian I will have to withdraw my offer for you to star in my new film.

      I thought you were perfect for the starring role in the film but unless you up your game on here I will have to give your leading role in “the pederast priest of Perthshire” to someone else.
      You have been warned luv.


  69. 217

    […] a bit of light relief after yesterday’s Ashcroft-heavy coverage. (Meanwhile check out this Guido link for a rapping Gordon Brown…’I’m the rhyme […]


  70. 219
    Doing the journos jobs for them and asking probing questions says:

    How many Unite members and how much Unite funding does the BBC get?


    • 220
      B(rown) B(illshi**ing) C(orporation) says:

      Brown probably having a lie in today as he was busy meeting floella benjamin (amongst others) at a womens reception at no 10 last nigh.


    • 240
      "The BBC are liars, they have no truth in their soul. They are liars" says:

      “The BBC are liars, they have no truth in their soul. They are liars”


  71. 221
    Martin Day Productions says:

    Wasn’t it great to see Derek Hatton on THIS WEEK show last night

    Just when Liebour thought that all that stuff of a party within a party had gone away.

    Incidentally, on QT last night, Raving Starkey said that Gordon was a card carrying member of Unite, is this true too?


    • 257
      we love David Starkey says:

      Not only is Brown a member of UNITE but he also gets thousands of pounds in ‘donations’ from them.


    • 271
      Roger Daley says:

      Mag the shag Beckitt is as well – she said so last night.


      • 296
        Groucho says:

        Yes, pretty difficult for the likes of Beckett and Brown to condemn Unite.

        The best Brown has managed is to say “this isn’t the right time for a strike”.

        Tell us Gordon, when is the right time for a union to drive a business out of existence?


  72. 224
    Concrete Pump says:

    Wheel in Lord Ashcroft to solve the industrial disputes I say


    • 229
      Martin Day Productions says:

      no, we should use the money from the union modernisation fund,that will clearly help prevent strikes.


  73. 235
    A Dog says:

    woof S T R I K E S woof


  74. 237
    Kevin says:

    I didn’t know transvestite companies existed.


  75. 241
    Dark Lord says:

    Cor …. it’s just like the 70s.


  76. 243
    Martin Day Productions says:

    Most workers wouldn’t work for the money our soldiers are on in the middle east. They lose their lives too for our country.

    It’s a pity we don’t really have that many people in this country who want to work.

    8.5m people inactive, 20% of the working population.

    In addition there are people in work, mostly in the public sector who are strike happy, even though their productivity leaves a lot to be desired. Most of them are totally non productive jobs.


  77. 245
    Martin Day Productions says:


  78. 251
    Brown Broadcasting Corporation accused of Labour bias says:

    The BBC’s blatant pro-Labour bias is coming under attack at last:

    “A SUN investigation has unearthed an alarming BBC bias against the Tories in the run up to the Election.
    Covert smears on David Cameron’s Conservatives are being made right across the state-owned network – sparking hundreds of viewers’ complaints.

    News coverage, chat shows and even kids’ TV are guilty. We found:

    BBC News gave disproportionate coverage to the row over Tory donor Lord Ashcroft’s tax status;

    LABOUR panellists were given more time to speak on flagship political show Question Time;

    A POLL on The One Show ignored issues with Gordon Brown to ask only, Is David Cameron too much of a toff to be PM?

    THE Tory leader was stitched up when footage of him adjusting his hair was sneakily fed to all broadcasters……………”

    Read more:


  79. 266
    Soldiers die protecting their country for less money than these twats says:

    I personally would like to see the army be brought back to kick the rioters heads in.


  80. 269
    Martin Day says:

    This is a bit of background info on the character.

    Gordons had the appearance of blue, ethereal serpents. Each Gordon was composed of several of these serpentine forms. Though they were incapable of speech (making only hissing noises), they had some telepathic powers, specifically mind control.

    Gordons had the ability to petrify creatures within a matter of hours. In order to do so, the serpents needed to leave the host and make contact with the target. They could be reflected by a mirror, causing them to return to the host and turning it to stone.

    Gordons were a species of parasites, inhabiting the bodies of creatures like Humans. While in the host, they greatly increased its tax rate, letting one Human host pay tax @ 50% for over 200 years. This was much less than the Gordon’s natural lifespan of thousands of years, which meant they had to frequently switch hosts.


  81. 273
    50 Calibre says:

    One Gordon Fucking Brown is one too many.

    However, if the TV company want a mock McTwat for target practice, I’m their man…


  82. 281

    Can’t this person be Gordon’s body double?


  83. 282
    Steve Expat says:

    Did Polly really just call Ashcroft and Hague liars on the DP??

    This could get interesting….


    • 317
      D L George says:

      Oh dear oh dear, wasn’t Harmen told the other week on the Marr show that if She said something like this on air She would could be sued?

      Polly Toynbee – BBC Daily politics
      The whole point is Ascroft lied, he lied, he lied to the comittee, and then William Hague lied.

      You’re on to something here aren’t you Steve? I mean this is quite big.

      Anyones one wants to see it its about 27 minutes in.


  84. 287
  85. 288
    Tat of tat hall says:

    Postal strike anyone?


  86. 291
    Toilets outed says:

    Kevin Maguire has been posting on under the pseudonym ‘BenM.
    It hasn’t taken long to out the moronic mackem.


  87. 294
    THANK YOU says:

    Record number of British soldiers honoured for bravery in Afghanistan
    A record number of British troops have been honoured for their bravery in Afghanistan, including eight who were recognised posthumously, the highest number since the Second World War.

    Words are never enough, we will always owe you so much.

    Let’s all make sure we continue to take care of these guys, like they do the States, even after they leave the services.

    God keep you all safe and bless you all.


  88. 298
    Roman Polanski says:

    Remember Mandelscum saying to Milli-Mossad

    “We must work together to save Tony’s legacy”

    So now we have it

    “Tony’s legact” was

    1) a massive fraud on the British People

    2) Financial bankrupctcy of the country

    3) Unions taking over the Labour Party and wreckinh what is left og the economy

    Can anyone seriously say that Blair Borwn a


  89. 304
  90. 310
    NotaSheep says:

    I prefer the Mika parody – “Do i attract you, do I repulse you
    With my queasy smile
    Am I too scary, are you too wary
    Do I fill you with bile
    I could be wholesome, I could be loathsome
    ’cause i’m a little bit shy
    Why don’t you like me
    Why don’t you like me without making me try

    I tried to go on the telly, hee
    but my looks were too bad, aah
    now I act like Machiavelli, emm
    I’m essentially mad, mad, mad, mad, mad!”

    Video here –


  91. 315
    Not long until Labour gone says:


  92. 320
    Dirty Harry says:

    Dave- next weeks PMQ’s
    1. Would the PM like to clarify his admission to the House last week concerning MOD expenditure. i.e. it was not not 1 or 2 yrs, it was 4
    2. Would the PM confirm he is a member of the Unite union.


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