March 19th, 2010

What Happened When Emily Confronted Charlie Whelan?

If you want to find out what happened when Emily Nomates confronted Charlie Whelan you’ll need to watch Guy News. Fair and balanced Emily also “Fact Checks” Guido’s pursuit of a familar foe.  Look out for the return of some old villains and a war-room briefing from the Conservative chairthumb, Eric Tickles, finishing up with musical cabaret show.

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UPDATE : If your link doesn’t work click on the screen picture in the email.

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  1. 1

    We’re all gunning for Whelan together.

    • 2
      Dog says:

      uaf uaf

      • 8

        Will be watching and see if Charlie Boy collects his monthly salary from Gormless Brown

      • 76
        Funambulist says:

        The UAF blackshirts were chanting a different three letters when I filmed them at their Geert Wilders protest… “IRA!…IRA!…IRA!”

        • 98
          Anti Fascists Protected the Jews from fascist mobs, Remember? says:

          Lots of anti UAF morons out tonight.
          Must be Jew haters like AC1.

          • UAF supports Islamofacism and the oppression of free speech says:

            How’s the special plan against the B-N-P going lol you sad fucking soap dodgers

            Call in Blue State Digital again did you? lmfaooooooo how much did that cost you this time.

            United Against Facism?

            You couldn’t unite your way out of a paper bag

          • UAF moron says:

            Anti Fascists Protected the Jews from fascist mobs, Remember?

            Now ‘Anti-Fascists’ side with people who attack Jews.

          • Dog says:

            uaf uaf..

          • Eddie says:

            The UAF is a front organisation for the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party. This shady mob, run by dodgy foreigners, go around doing the Labour government’s dirty work these days.

            Why the Conservative Party still backs the UAF is anyone’s guess.

          • David Cameron says:

            I’m a big fan of the UAF.

          • UAF Policy Statement says:

            We protect Jews from fascists by trying to burn down the Israeli embassy with our Jihadist brothers while screaming ‘Gas the Jews!’

            It’s great fun and all paid for by UNITE and your taxes.

          • TJ says:

            The UAF are an unholy alliance between Trots from the SWP, Labour party officials terrified of losing votes to the B-N-P, Jew-hating Muslims, and extreme zionists who think all British Jews should be intimidated in fleeing to Israel.

            They really are a sinister bunch of anti-British fanatics.

          • TF says:

            It’s time to turn the spotlight on these UAF goons methinks!

        • 107
        • 135
          AC1 says:

          Fighting Fascism by stopping
          Free Association
          Free Speech
          Free Assembly

          and by supporting

          It could only make sense to the home of cognitive dissonance, the left.

          • Stop Press

            Moffat fucked in Scotland. Jockanese heroin addled gangland psychos throw her out of Labour for not being ginger and drunk


          • barefootcontessa says:

            NICE CAP. Has he been to Gieves?

          • every “citizen” to receive a government webpage. Just for them.

            “The aim is that within a year, everybody in the country should have a personalised Government website through which they would be able to find out about local services and do business with the Government. A unique identifier will allow “citizens” to apply for a place for their child at school, book a doctor’s appointment, claim benefits, get a new passport, pay council tax or register a car from their computer at home.”

            We are East Germany


          • AC1 says:

            I hope this personal webpage crap is an april fools joke?

          • Busted Nokia says:

            sadly it does not look much like a joke..

          • AC1 says:

            We know you love Gay Nazi Porn. We understand. You live a hard life due to your many and profound handicaps and if that lifts your bleak existence then so be it.

          • thick asssss thieves says:

            i’m impotent and midget porn doesn’t get me off anymore

          • Mr T says:

            We need some straight talking:

          • I am not a number, I am an alphanumeric code and a legal fiction.

          • A well wisher says:

            NE 05 11 07 D

            You were born in 1967

            Best not to post your NI number on the web

          • Groucho says:

            Brown would like to be like Stalin, but he’s not quite mad enough. He’s also a complete lying coward, whereas Stalin had the courage of his convictions.
            Stalin would have ordered all ‘citizens’ to have a barcode tattooed on the back of their neck and shot any dissenters without batting an eyelid.

            Brown however prefers the creepy ‘if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear’ approach.

            Trust this government to hold my personal data on a computer system? The government that copied the names, addresses and bank details of 25 million people onto two CDs and lost them?

          • Fuck off, ‘well wisher’ – I was already able to read and write in 1967.

            Shows how much you know – and yes, that is my NI number, issued in 1979, if I remember rightly.

            Thing is, as someone who has never bought into the whole credit thing, I don’t care about ‘identity’, or ‘identity theft’, or any of that shit. I’ve only ever bought one thing on tick in my life, and that was a house – anyone trying to use my identity will find a useless credit record and no access to what I have.

            I’m still not a number, I am an alphanumeric string of little or no utility.

          • albacore says:

            Does Fawkes ever read these comments?
            For the past couple of days I’ve been fdisking hard drives, reinstalling different Windows O/S’s on various PC’s and generally going nuts trying to stop scam virus warnings popping up on this site alone out of all the websites I browse.
            Every bit of software I use is paid for and legal; yet I know people, by no stretch of the imagination hackers, who brag that they can pirate any program, movie or track that takes their fancy.
            Brown and the rest of the Parliamentary wrecking-crew have done a comprehensive job of shafting the country senseless. This latest stratagem of converting the law-abiding into paperless, virtual nonentities at the mercy of any hacker, IT cock-up, computer or power failure or strike is a master stroke.

          • UAF says:

            Anti fascists protected Jewish people from fascist lynch mobs in London and yet and yet AC1 attacks the UAF.
            That is because AC1 hates Jews, he’s a Jew hater.

          • Doctor Mick says:

            NICE CAP. Has he been to Gieves?

            Charlie’s showing a nice touch of working class chic with his latest getup. He reminds me of the council’s rent man.

    • 46

      Why is Emily doorstopping Foggy Dewhurst ?

    • 105
      Whelan 'n' Dealin' Bullyboy says:


    • 115
      g1lgam3sh says:

      Especially round here…

      • 259

        Thanks, g1lgam3sh – I remember seeing JCC live, back when I was happy and the world was only quite fucked.

        I’m ashamed to admit that I flirted with Socialism around that time, but am now completely cured.

    • 140
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Gordon Brown asked about the use by New Labour of the private banking details stolen to order from a Swiss bank. Gordon is fine with it. Isn’t that Gordon admitting the crime of being accessory’s after the fact?

      If so much has been “paid back” to the tax man, where is the money?

      • 147
        Whelan 'n' Dealin' Bullyboy says:

        Where’s the money ??? Gordoom passed it on to Unite.

      • 193
        Retired Knacker of the yard says:

        this is down to the safety deposit raid the cops robbed all the info from

    • 222
      Lord Darby says:

      Fpr Lord Holborn

    • 224
      Charlie says:

      I am wearing my working class flat cap. It will get me the robbed pensions pensioner vote.

    • 264
      Willsteed says:

      Looks like he’s at a greyhound track in the 1950′s, what a Hunt!

      Where are your doggies you Hunt Whelan?!

  2. 3
    Gordon Brown says:

    Did he hit her?Please tell me he hit her.

  3. 4
    Martin Day Productions says:

    Oooops wrong video! Here’s Charlie in younger times

  4. 5
    50 Calibre says:

    Whelan is right up to his neck in all the No 10 shenanigans. It’s what they do and it’s what he does. Him and that shit Campbell invented most of it.

    Where’s his bum boy Mr Garroway these days?

    • 203
      Levi Stapress says:

      They really are a wierd bunch.
      Campbell’s a drunken nutter – if I see him at my football club i will gladly say HELLO AL ! from one drunken nutter to another and make it hurt- we see Derek suggesitng to other student politicos that if they bummed each other wouldn’t it be fun being on opposite sides of the chamber so they could blackmail each other – what fun! – does that explain our sheisse parliament? -does Kate know this or does she like it up the sh- tter?
      Charlie whelan – is he a friend of DOROTHY ? – obviously not a friend of Mandlebum but who knows with this bunch of queens.

      What did Yelland know that has not been exposed?

  5. 6
    Charlie Whelan says:

    I’m going to fucking kill you all.

    Up the USSR.

  6. 7
    Dennis Skinner MP, oafish, barely literate, pig ignorant, Trotskyist wankstain, and cycling cunt says:

    Fookin right wing bastards mocking a proud fookin Socialist

    Comrade Whelan is working day n fookin night in the intrests of the fookin common man, an all yous fookin lot can do is fookin mock im

    Fook off to Monaco if you dont like Socialisms

    Up the fookin workers!!!!

  7. 9
    A very High, Court Judge says:

    Who is Charlie whelan

  8. 10
    fuido gawkes says:

    thats not whelan thats a flower seller, no second thoughts its bloomin harry worth

  9. 11

    I hope she didn’t come all Bryony over him.

    • 29
      Steve Expat says:

      Aah, Bryony…

      Lovely thought for a Friday afternoon…

    • 55
      concrete pump says:

      Try not to use the words ‘Bryony’ and ‘come’ in the same sentence, Tuskers.

      I have a very vivid imagination.

      • 101
        Concrete Pump Has No Friends Just Ignore Him, He'll Go Away Eventually says:

        Try imagining you have some friends concrete pump and stop creeping to Tuscan Tony.
        You sad bastard.

        • 153
          Call me Infidel says:

          How’s the blog doing twat?

          • thick as thieves says:

            It nearly had a visitor, but it was only a web-site indexer.

            It left a Code on the site though
            What does it mean?

          • Guido & TaT Fan says:

            I have just been to TaT’s new site and I must say it is excellent.
            It is just like this place but without the spastics.

  10. 12
    Toenails Robinson Fungus says:

    Al-Beeba PM – minimum coverage or comments on BA Strike, if it was Ashcroft they would be all over it like a rash, with multiple blogs from Toenails!!


    • 110
      Anonymous says:

      Ch.4 news @ 7:00p.m. Krishnan questioning Theresa Villiers about the B.A.strike & managed to introduce the name of Lord Ash****t into the interview.Is there a competition to establish whether Ch.4 or Beeb is the most biased in favour of Liebour?

      • 186
        Susie says:

        They are going to merge in the next couple of years… CH4′s bust.

        • 195
          Retired Knacker of the yard says:

          Tit A and Tit B .tit A makes no pretense at being socialist and tit B pretends it’s not

  11. 13
    The Dirty Rat says:

    My link doesn’t work. Please don’t tell me to fuck off and claim a rebate.

    • 19
      Roger Rigid says:

      Not just you Dirty Rat, won’t work for me either.

      • 27
        Deliberately Anonymous says:

        It’s surely quite easy to work out where to find it, even if the link doesn’t work?

        Not posting it to avoid a lifetime IP ban!

        • 198
          Retired Knacker of the yard says:

          afraid to mention reverse engineering an url,you can get banned for that?

  12. 14
    Chazze says:

    “Can you hang around until I’ve been to the cashpoint love?”

  13. 15
    Ordinary bloke says:

    The link is fucked. Just like McDoom and his gang of liars.

  14. 16
  15. 17
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    This is what happened, Guido ……

    Firefox can’t find the server at %20http.

  16. 18
    Steve Expat says:

    PMSL, Guido chasing down the fat fuck McBride accross London, for a Paddy’s Day pint!

    …then realising he’s wrong…

    • 199
      Retired Knacker of the yard says:

      the guy looked like “oh no why do the loony’s pick on me”

  17. 21
    MI5 says:

    My link does not work either

    Whelan and the KGB have got you !

  18. 22
    United Against Socialist Soap Dodgers says:

    Someone get recorded decking him out cold and put on the internet and you will go down a hero forever more.

  19. 23
    Jack says:

    Did dear Emily give himlthe karate chop he deserves ?!

  20. 26
    The Dirty Rat says:

    I’m falling in love with that Dermstore bint. Have I got latent homosexual tendancies?

  21. 30
    Carl Jung says:

    My fucking link doesn’t work! Will you fuckers provide the correct one on your site? Well, will you?

    • 166
      Sigmund Freud says:

      Where do you think these aggressive tendencies come from?

      Just relax.

      What was your relationship with your father? Did you wish to kill him?

  22. 31
    Ice Cube says:

    O/T – Shameless self publicist Magda Brown is splashed all over the front cover of the Evening Standard Magazine tonight. You can see how this is all going to end – just when we finally get rid of the Prime Mentalist Magda is going to do a Hilary Clinton and be dropped into some safe Labour seat. Probably somewhere like Munchin’ on Dyke near Canterbury would suit her best.

  23. 32
    Stepney says:

    Lovely work Ms Nomates; TB you need a haircut and for God’s sake Guido limit yourself to just the 4 pints a night from now on, the sight of a waddling walrus chasing after some innocent Damian lookalike saw quite an eructative spray of my 5 o’clock cuppa..

    I had to wipe the screen off.

    I thought I had the biggest gut in the UK but I am a mere sylph in comparison.

    One of your best Guy News episodes though. Congrats to all.

  24. 33
    MY FRIENDS CALL ME ALICE and i will take a dare says:

    Was she just chatting to Fred Dibnah while she waited for Whelan ?

    • 79
      Catain Black says:

      Sadly Fred is in steeplejack heaven, otherwise I’d vote for him.

      Come to think of it, even dead he’s still a more credible candidate for MP than most of the shower we have now.

      • 202
        Bolton Lad says:

        aye lad Fred was a good un, never bought a pint though tight twat.

        • 244
          MY FRIENDS CALL ME ALICE and i will take a dare says:

          Fred never paid for anything my mate had a scaffolding company and Fred used to tap him up for every thing
          and he never once put his hand in his pocket !

          but that said he was a True and Proud Englishman ,sadly now a dying breed !

  25. 35

    Excellent vid, although the most improbable thing was seeing Guido do a 25 yard dash: something presumably that he hasn’t done in over 30 years.

    There was also a close-up of a very tightly packed ladies’ jacket that had me thinking I’d just done a 25 yard dash myself.

    • 51

      Watching Guido run reminded me of an RNLI lifeboat launch down a ramp in a force 9. It was no surprise the Taxi took so long to catch up either.

      • 75
        Alister Cooky says:

        that poor mc bride double will be on the labour payroll tonight so don’;t have sympathy for him yet

      • 121

        Actually on reflection OH Guido at speed reminded me of the film of the Hindenberg approaching the docking mast at New Jersey: you know its going to end badly, its just a matter of waiting for the moment the thing explodes in a ball of Guinness and bacon sarnie.

  26. 36
    Steve Expat says:


    EyeSpyPM: ‘Champagne’ Socialist Kevin “Toilets” McGuire spotted in the VIP at Cheltenham races

    • 40
      Terry Bollea says:

      MF looks like he lost money. Well done bookies brother!

      • 56

        He’s just realised his flight to bum Ray Collins whilst watching goat porn in Magaluf has been cancelled by strike action at Heathrow

        How we laughed

    • 42
      Socialist Porker says:

      Glad to see he’s wearing his pig badge with pride on his left lapel.

    • 44
      Stepney says:

      From the look on his face the plan to put 100k of UNITE’s fighting fund on Kauto Star was a bit of a dropped bollock.

    • 70
      Down With Brown says:

      Kevin the wanker tweeted to say that he had two winners.

      Doesn’t look that to us Kevin. Maybe he put all his winnings on Gordon Brown being Prime Minister in eight weeks time and then realised what a stupid bet that is. Or maybe he looked in the mirror and finally realised what a total twat he is.

  27. 43
    Bruce Bellend says:


    • 54
      credit controller says:

      His bookie has knocked him back and demanded that he settles his account,overdue since the 2005 general election .

  28. 57
    Blastwave says:

    I’m whacking one off thinking of an oiled-up Emily right now……!!!

    • 60
      Randy Teenager says:

      I just get hard thinking if her collars and cuffs match, loving the hair Emily babe


      • 62
        Blastwave says:

        She is a Goddess……we need to see more of her…..less of the brain dead politicians!!!

  29. 59
    Down With Brown says:

    Great stuff from the Sun exposing what a biased bunch of bastards the BBC are. The licence fee = the leftie propaganda tax.

    • 73
      Cassandrina says:

      This morning Humphrey’s on the Toady Programme mentioned the Sun’s front page in the newspapers section, and made a poor joke about the ice cream being out of date then he and Evan laughed uproariously. Only shows how arrogant and dismissive they are on the question of their obvious bias.

      • 85
        Step this way says:

        John Humphrey and that Scottish git McNaughtie;

        thick as sh*it
        stupid,so incredibly stupid
        Start every sentence with: “of course”.

        First ones up for the gallows on May 7th.

      • 93
        BBC's low-mo suicide says:

        Toady is making Beavis and Butthead look intelligent.

    • 91
      Jan says:

      I think the Evening Standard is taking on an anti-Tory bias too. Not just their articles,but the letters page anti-Tory and Magda McDoom on front of ES magazine.Look forward to seeing SamCam on front page next week..Wonder if new Russian owner is a Nu-Liebor supporter?

      • 94
        • 104
          It Is No Use Crying Tory Trolls says:

          Whinge whinge whinge everybody hates us, the BBC, the Guardian boo hoo we’re going to lose the next election and it looked like we were going to win as well.
          We better start crying and blaming people in advance for hating us and not wanting us in power.
          Grow a fucking spine you fucking useless bastards. The name of the game is propaganda, if you can’t take it fuck off.

          • Anonymous says:

            dont mind proogander just object to having to pay for it under threat of the law

            now you fuck off

          • It Is No Use Crying Tory Trolls says:

            Grow a spine.
            Boo hoo the TV licence people are outside and I will have to let them in because I am a spineless Tory coward.
            Tell them to fuck off and shut the door in their face you fucking coward.

          • Archer Karcher says:

            Can you explain to me why I have to pay for government propaganda? While you are at it, why, if I do not pay for it, the government can send me to prison?

            Where else is such a thing tolerable, North Korea, China, Cuba?

          • Anon says:

            I agree, it is not right to be forced to pay for the service but when the BBC goes fully digital and their viewing figures are available and we see how few people actually watch the BBC then the licence fee will have to be abolished and a subscription fee will be introduced.
            The only reason the BBC licence fee still exists is because its viewing figures are based on Rajar estimates which are based on 1000 people noting what they listen to and watch on the BBC every week.
            Unbelievable, isn’t it?
            Technology will set you free from the BBC all you have to do is sit and wait and in the mean time tell the licence people to fuck off.
            Problem solved.

      • 233

        He can support who he likes, just so long as he sacks that fat fucking queer Johann Hari when he buys the Indefensible.

  30. 63
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    I would love to slowly strangle Whelan with barbed wire.

    • 84
      Time is running out for Brown says:

      Very very slowly does it.

      Next – Balls.
      Next – ah – BROWN – extra slowly.

      Never in the history of England,has one man been so utterly hated by so many millions of people,than Gordon Brown.

      • 89
        nell says:

        You must surely be wrong. The YouGov polls will be showing him, on election day, as the most popular man in Britain!

        Peter is trying very hard to pacify gordon whilst his wife catherine struggles to get to grips with that ‘difficult’ job in the EU!!

        • 215
          Poor nell doesn't know what she is talking about yet again says:

          Four weeks before the 2008 London mayoral elections, a YouGov poll placed Boris Johnson 13 points ahead of the incumbent Ken Livingstone. Livingstone’s campaign team branded the poll “fundamentally flawed”, arguing that it failed to take account of London’s larger ethnic minority population compared to the rest of the country, and saying that it would complain to the Market Research Council of Great Britain.

        • 216
          Poor nell doesn't know what she is talking about yet again says:

          Ipsos MORI and ICM polls put the candidates neck-and-neck. A subsequent poll was derided by Livingstone as “a transparent attempt by the Evening Standard/YouGov to give Boris Johnson a more credible lead”. However, Livingstone never made the official complaint that had been announced to the media, and in the event, YouGov’s final poll showing Johnson in the lead by six percentage points was the only accurate prediction.

          • D L George says:

            That’s old YouGov.

            New YouGov has just admitted that it’s Labour bias weighting looks incorrect and they’re changing it again.

            What’s that you say Peter?, Conservatives didn’t only have a two point lead in February? What do you mean ‘weighted in favour of Labour’?

            All true, Full story on Political Betting dot com.

          • Same old bullshit. Whining Bias exactly like Ken says:

            Fick off Ken and go back to your newts

            YouGov change weighting to refine accuracy and have done since they were set up in 2001. Like every oter Polling organisation does.

            You’re clearly still bitter that YouGov showed you doing shit and you whined that it was a FIX and scweamed BIAS! like a pussy.

            Tuens out they were 100% correct and you were full of shit Ken.

            Just like all the Tory fuckwits here.

  31. 64
    Martin Day Productions says:

    Lmao at the Ghandi t-shirt Guido

  32. 66
    Tony Baldry's Dog says:

    Woof Woof S a u s a g e s Woof Woof

  33. 67
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Charile Whelan looks like a 1970′s FLASHER !

  34. 68
    Ken Lorp says:


    The link in the weekly email is fucked up. Can you please fix?

    • 78
      stun says:

      you need to remove some extra http shite at the beginning of the link. It needs to start with http://order-order to work. Shabby workmanship though, unlike the video which was one of their better efforts

      • 146
        Ken Lorp says:

        Yeah yeah, I did all that and it then took me to a Wikipedia link talking about html stuff!

    • 149
      Ken Lorp says:

      Cheers Paul – clicking the link fixed it.

  35. 69
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Damn it, why doesn’t Emily run into me for once !

  36. 74
    Lifes_a_Cabernet says:

    Anyone run into Brenda Dean recently?…. since her partisan rant to the fellow member of the Lords who got rich by working hard in the real world. If you bump into her you can also add this song to your musical caberet:

    Look at me
    I’m Brenda Dean!
    Lousy with two limousines!
    Won’t get to dread till I’m legally Dead
    Look at me I’m Brenda Dean!

    (Tee hee – can’t wait to see Emily accost that Wheelie chap)

  37. 82
    Jimmy says:

    They do say the camera adds ten pounds. There must have been a lot of cameras.

  38. 83
    Seven Weeks Time and He's OUT! says:

    I would love to confront the excrement that is Whelan – with my tries and trusted b*ase*ball *b**at (mederator protected,hopefull*y).

    But most of all,Brown – give me Brown for just one minute,that is all I will need.He will be begging for a landmine up his arse after that minute.

    I hate Brown more than anyone else.

    • 106
      anonymous says:

      He speaks very highly of you.

      • 131
        barefootcontessa says:

        I would put Blair at the top of my hate list closely followed by A Campbell, then Brown, Balls, Straw, Johnson, Hain, Cooper, J Smith, and so on, and so on. My hatred of these politicians is palpable.

  39. 86

    They’re planning to Unite and rule

  40. 87
    nell says:

    Great video Guido!

    And catching the thug whelan coming out of drowning street again!! That’s twice you have him on camera coming out of no.10 in as many weeks.

    How much time does he spend there??!

    We have a saying that ‘you can tell much about a man by the friends he keeps’.

    Well poor old gordon apparently doesn’t have too many friends but he does have thuggy whelan, ed & yvette , damian (oh yes I’m sure he’s still there somewhere sneaking in an out of the back door!or communicating with gordon through his girlfriend that works for balls!) and the mint humbug twatson.

    I reckon h++itler’s bunker was full of much gentler, nicer people than gordon’s!!

    • 88
      In at the deep end says:

      If Emily can catch him on the street,why don’t we all meet up with him – perhaps 50 of us?

      We can have a really good chat with him in Green Park.

      There’s a lake there,isn’t there?

      Deep isn’t it?

      Shit floats?

  41. 90
    Latest Job ad in The Guardian says:

    “Optional Protocol Project – Project Manager

    coalition to stop the the use of child soldiers.


    £35,500 – £37,500 depending on experience. After one year’s service, eligible for a 3 percent (of salary) pension contribution by the employer.”

  42. 95
    Tony Baldry's Dog says:

    ““““““““`\/`-\“`/-`\/“`Zee BOOMP!

    • 167
      fuido gawkes says:

      are you rolf harris,s brother , dim the lights, crank up the diggereewotsit, genius

  43. 96
    QWERTY says:

    Whelan looks like the local park perv dressed like that.

  44. 97
    The only Tory in the village says:

    The Unions are behaving disgracefully. Gideon if Brown is so appalled with the Unions then why doesn’t he withdraw his membership? Why remain a member of a Union you are disgusted with? These questions need to be answered by Brown and the Labour government.

    • 130
      barefootcontessa says:

      Willy Walsh is behaving disgracefully, and he is the management – he’s earning plenty!

      • 235

        Willie doesn’t give a shit – he knows that BA is fucked, that no amount of fiddling with trolley dollies’ terms and conditons will change that, and that his best interests lie in forcing conflict, laying off a few thousand featherbedded twats and organising a merger that protects his income and his position.

        Unite have to be absolute morons not to see the reality – they could have had a deal earlier in the week, and made Walsh look a complete prick, but they missed their chance.

        They have once again sold their members down the river in the pursuit of an unattainable goal – but then what would we expect?

  45. 100
    Peter Mandleson sings at the Labour Conference says:

  46. 102
    Anonymous says:

    spotted on

    This from Twitter


    The left are spinning very hard about something in this weekends tabloids. I sense a disturbance in the force. it involves Whelan


    • 111
      anon says:

      Tory bear hasn’t got a fucking clue, has he?

    • 116
      Anonymous says:

      “The left are spinning very hard about something in this weekends tabloids.”

      Could be bad news for Darling fans…

      After Gordo lied to Chilcot, rumour reaches me that an “unhelpful” armed forces story for Al might be in the papers tomorrow

      by Scott P March 19th, 2010 at 7:59 pm

  47. 109
    United we screw the public says:

    hat tip Trisha

    channel 4 news, source inside No.10 says No.10 sympathetic to strikers and that unite’s woodley had swallowed ‘his’ pride to go back round the table, says it all really.

  48. 112
    Frank says:

    Can’t play this Guy News in Germany something about Sony music!

  49. 113
    Anonymous says:

    Daily Mail – Millions to lose out in £500m pensions raid as Labour reneges on the pledge to top up payments

    ” Millions of pensioners could lose up to £200 in a ‘penny-pinching raid’ on the elderly, it emerged last night.

    The Government will freeze vital top-ups to the basic State pension after quietly dropping a pledge to increase them in line with inflation every year.

  50. 114
    Wan Gok says:

    OMG! OMG! Check out the cap! ’70′s retro! Another reason for the Unions to modernise.

  51. 119
    Steve Expat says:

    Ed Balls drowning on Any Questions (as Beckett did last night on QT) on the subject of Brown being a lying cnut at Chilcott.

    • 127
      barefootcontessa says:

      Plenty of Ashcroft again, but sounded as if Hague came out on top.

      • 134
        Steve Expat says:

        Balls was better than the car crash he can be, but does anyone really care about where the Tories get 1% of their income from? Ashcroft might have been a story for one day, but somehow the media have been peruaded to stay with it for what seems like an eternity.

        Surely outside the Westminster bubble the BA strike is more of an issue, as are Broon’s ‘untruths’ about the war where 200 brave people died, and his current involvement in another where the toll of the brave is nearer 300.

        Hague got applause for his explanation of the whole Ashcroft affair, and the biggest cheer of the night for getting as close to calling the PM a liar as any MP will.

        • 138
          barefootcontessa says:

          B Campbell has some strange ideas hasn’t she? Couldn’t grasp where she was coming from at all. Hague, since yesterday (Today prog), sounds as if he has got back his confidence, thank goodness. Possibly since he was let off the hook by the leaking of documents by Newlabour.

  52. 122
    RED ROBBO says:

    The RED FLAG will fly over Britain

    • 133
      Anonymous says:

      Don’t you mean Scotland?

      • 194
        Jan says:

        Talking of Scotland,Anne Moffat Nu-Liebor MP for East Lothian has been deselected by the local party.This woman who started off as a nursing assistant and then trained as an SEN (not even a State Registered Nurse so not the brightest in the bunch) claimed £180,457 (17th) in expenses in the last year. Good riddance to a greedy woman. But then again, who will get her safe seat?

  53. 126
    Martin Day says:


    Intense pressure from Conservative officials has forced the BBC to quietly drop a lengthy investigation into Lord Ashcroft, the party’s billionaire backer and deputy chairman. Panorama, the corporation’s current affairs programme, was expected to focus on Ashcroft’s business empire and his use of offshore entities.

    It has been shelved because of a series of letters and personal interventions by senior Conservatives, according to programme insiders. There is now little prospect of the investigation being broadcast before the general election.

    • 137
      The World's Favourite Union says:

      Are they preparing an alternative programme entitled “Flying the Flag…. How UNITE grounded Labour’s Election Campaign” ??

  54. 128
    barefootcontessa says:

    Willy Walsh is a right little shite.

    • 152
      Ted Bundy says:

      I quite agree he has made a bad situation much worse and the BA board once this whole thing is over would do well to get rid of him. At BA we really do have the worlds worst trade union being goaded on by a terrible incompetent management (just remember the T5 opening fiasco). They really do deserve each other no doubt the market in due course will take its revenge. Bye bye BA.

    • 171
      Herbert Morrison says:

      At least he isn’t a scouse git like Woodley.

    • 242
      D L George says:

      That you Contessa? Only your voice is deeper and your appear to have a Liverpudlian accent.

    • 254
      Union Official says:

      Unions untied will never be defated

  55. 139
    Moley says:

    The BBC has three trade unions; Amicus, NUJ, and BECTU. They are all affiliated to the Labour Party.

    Amicus is part of Unite; Whelan’s union.

    All three Unions are active in campaigning for the retention of the licence fee; that includes Unite and Whelan.

    You don’t need to look very far to see the taint of self interest and corruption acting as a driver for blatant bias at the BBC.

    One of the more revealing Glasgow political stories was a Labour Museum Director putting on a Doctor Who exhibition, closely followed by David Tennant, (The Doctor Who actor) publicly endorsing the Labour party.

    How much money does David Tennant and the BBC make off Dr Who videos and related merchandising?

    The BBC isn’t biased; it’s corrupt.

  56. 143
    • 157

      fuckin hell, that is really depressing data and just goes to show how bad things really are.

      Worse still is proves just how much the politicians want to hide it before the election and pretend everything is ok.





  57. 145
    Father Jack says:

    Labour are feckin shit. The Popes an erse. The BBC have feckin lost the feckin plot! Drrriiink

  58. 148

    Anyone want to leave me a message?

  59. 150
    Anonymous says:

    If anyone wants a bit of fun Harry Cohen MP has a poll on his website bottom left side of main page vote A. I think we should all visit.


    How would you like to tackle the current economic situation?

    A Should the deficit be rapidly reduced regardless of huge cuts in public services and risking the economic recovery?
    58 % | 91 Votes(s)

    B Or a more gradual reduction of the deficit but protecting jobs and public services?
    42 % | 66 Votes(s)

    • 165
      AC1 says:

      How can shifting people out of negatively productive jobs damage the recovery?

      • 170
        Hooray for the Bankers! says:

        If the Banksters hadn’t fucked the Economy with Brown we wouldn’t be in this mess.

        Shift those useless hated wankers.

        • 207
          AC1 says:

          If the Government hadn’t fucked the Credit Industry with disastrous regulation then yes.

          Remember Government controls the volume of Credit in the currency.

          • Hooray for the Bankers! says:

            DEREGULATION not regulation

            You are actually saying that NOT requiring the Banks to have a reserve, thus NOT regulating them in any way with a reserve requirement, is OVER regulation ?


            Besides, Banks have always found ways of circumventing reserve requirements. Banks in the US commonly sweep money overnight from accounts that are subject to a reserve requirement to accounts that are not. This is the sort of thing that is called “financial innovation”.

            Banks maintain a certain level of reserves for transactions anyway.

          • AC1 says:

            I’m saying there’s 3 feet of Banking regulation when there should be half a side of A4.

          • Hooray for the Bankers! says:

            Then you’re wrong.
            Like you are about the lack of regulation of the reserve requirement.

            After the self-inflicted disaster it’s perfectly clear there wasn’t enough effective regulation to write on the back of a box of matches.

            What you really mean is you want no regulation at all.

            Obviously destroying the Economy plunging it into recession and astronomical debt with Brown’s catastrophic light touch regulation wasn’t enough for you.

            Next time you want every company in the FTSE bailed out by the taxpayer not just the incompetent Banks.

  60. 151
    Union of Sheeple says:


  61. 155
    Bill ZeBub says:

    Although it’s not about Blair any more, nevertheless that old poster which was derided at the time, in hindsight looks astonishingly prescient. The same applies to brown too.

    Blair demon eyes

    Someone should do one of Brown.

    • 168
      Tachybaptus says:

      It would look extra dreadful with the wooden eye pointing up and left as it does.

  62. 158
    nell says:

    The media needs to turn a spotlight onto thuggy whelan!!

    Why does he spend 80% of his time in drowning street??!

    What is he to gutlessgordon??!

    maguire of the mirror is painting whelan tonight as a saint .

    We need a real expose of charlie whelan the bunker manager!!!

    • 177
      Ratsniffer says:

      There’s no secret to be discovered, Nell. McBroon is in hock to the unions. Without union money, the bailiffs would be carting off the furniture from the labour party offices. The leftie union barons know they’ve got labour over a barrel. So, they can “suggest” (insist) on their own candidates being parachuted into safe labour seats, they can dictate policy; in short we are back to UK circa 1970′s. Except the beer and sarnies at no 10 have been replaced by suchi and Pouligny montrachet. Modern marxists do like to keep standards up.

  63. 159
    Branson, R says:

    Since Gordon Brown is a member of the Unite union, it seems like government policy to take British Airways to the cleaners.


  64. 160
    Agent 99 says:

    Brown slaughtered in the times

    one or two for quote of the day

    • 313
      barefootcontessa says:

      To Hugo Rifkind. Don’t even think about it. He’ll get a permanent chauffeur, a gold plated pension, servants and bodyguards galore, why should he worry about remembering his keys, driving his car, remembering his ‘phone number,or jacking up his broadband.

  65. 161
    Father Jack says:

    Ah Easter is coming! Let’s crucify a Labour Politician. How about than drivelling feckin erse Ian Gay Gray MSP?. Whine!

  66. 162
    Labour - the lie, deny then smear party says:

    Just a thought, but being as the various markets have already assumed a Conservative victory if, per chance, labour win or there is a hung result surely there is going to be an almighty stock market crash together with the pound in free fall?

    The thought of that madman Brown actually being ELECTED should terrify any sane person; even those tribal labour voters, who are still hanging on to a bit of their god given common sense, must have a very real sense of unease by now?

    I can’t see a tribal labourite voting conservative – but surely lots of the bastards must be feeling some sort of unease if not shame by now? If not why the rise of the British * party?

  67. 174
    OAP says:

    As a senior citizen who has spent his life being proud of the BBC and it’s impartiality and fair balance, I now feel disgusted with their clear bias towards the Labour Party. As a senior citizen i feel that if the Conservatives win the election they should rein in the political bias of the BBC they have justiification in reducing the licence fee thus forcing the BBC to focus on basic services. Many senior citizens who pay the licence feell that they do not get good value for money will agree that something should be done to haul back the diminshed BBC.

    • 178
      Ratsniffer says:

      Privatise it. Let the marxists try making telly in the real world, rather than the subsidised one.

      • 181
        Jeremy Hunt Conservative MP, Shadow Culture Secretary says:

        “I believe that the BBC is a great national institution.”

        “I am proud of the BBC. I think that most British people think that we are very lucky to have a BBC and most people who aren’t British, if they don’t have a BBC, wish they did have one.”

        “I don’t see the BBC as a State broadcaster.”

        “I think people see the BBC as operating at arms length from the government and it’s very important that it should continue to do so and that’s why we’ve said we will protect the BBC charter.”

  68. 180
    Larsson says:

    I for one am still getting the trojan messages and warnings from AVG about this site. I’m Going to Dizzy’s site until this is finally addressed.

    • 182
      Ratsniffer says:

      I keep getting some kind of pop up which says there are viruses infecting my computer! It then asks me to download something to get rid of them… (which i do not do) yet when I do a scan with my own (up to date) McAfee it finds none….What is happening?

      • 184
        Larsson says:

        It’s been happening for a while and it isn’t just one or two people saying so.
        My anti-virus no longer trusts this site and I value my PC not to take chances.

        • 190
          GCHQ Trojans says:

          We’re just getting on with the job. It’s the right thing to do.

        • 192
          Tachybaptus says:

          I have AVG, and the day before yesterday Igot a warning while reading Guido comments, not an AVG warning but a Windows-looking one with the icon of a shield on it. It listed various Trojans that were supposed to be infecting my computer. I scanned for them but they weren’t there, nor was anything else nasty. It seems to have been a fake message. It was encouraging me to go to a corrective web site that had nothing of Microsoft in the URL, so I didnt go there and simply closed the window, encountering various protests about this being unwise, which I overrode.

          I think this was a fake popup that would have taken me off to get something nasty. It is also quite likely that the thing comes with various disguises to make it look more authentic, AVG and Microsoft among them.

      • 234
        Der GIA says:

        u are using the vindows ja?dis ist neine gut. Go to der google and type in da vords “Knoppix” dis ist der von used by the sly FBI and der CIA as its der von dat can be booted from der floppy and den puffftttt ist gone

      • 280
        backwoodsman says:

        Raty, exactly same problem. Checked with my IT guy and he says it shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t open it. Simply delete it.

    • 206
      AC1 says:

      Run this…

      Sounds like you have spyware on your pc.

      • 210
        Larsson says:

        I run it and Spybot search and destroy and AVG with a full scan every day.
        The fault is not at my end AC1. There are many other posters getting this trouble.

        • 214
          Young Tarquin says:

          It’s fake anti spyware, just close your browser down, and delete temporary files, no harm done as long as you dont click on any part of the page. Yes someone has posted a link to that site and it will stay in your browsers cache until you clear temp files, then run malwarebytes, and it should be clean. someone’s up to mischief.

        • 220
          thick as thieves says:

          Use firefox and use the Ad Block Pro add on.

        • 248
          AC1 says:

          Try MBAM bet you it finds alot of stuff that Spybot doesn’t.

          That’s why I stopped using Spybot.

    • 232
      Not The Dumb Public says:

      can you copy the message warning to here.

    • 268
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Just use ‘Sandboxie’ to run your browser sandboxed. Kiss goodbye to viruses and trojans for good :)

  69. 183
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Harry Cohen has an interesting poll at the bottom left of his website’s homepage:

    “How would you like to tackle the current economic situation?

    A)Should the deficit be rapidly reduced regardless of huge cuts in public services and risking the economic recovery?

    B)Or a more gradual reduction of the deficit but protecting jobs and public services?”

    I’m sure conspirators would only vote in line with their true feelings on the matter, rather than treating it as a poll on what they think of him personally.

    At present, it’s 62.8%^ for option a) and 37.2% for b).

    • 230
      Not The Dumb Public says:

      or maybe a long history of devious usury plays a part in manipulation.
      and just in case no one heard it here it is in a shout


  70. 185
    It pays to accessorize says:

    That cap will come in handy when it comes to grovelling to the IMF. It can double up as a begging bowl.

  71. 187
    Jan says:

    O/T The DT report that HMRC are to crack down on £40 billion tax evasion starting with people who evade Capital Gains Tax. Apparently there are people who evade CGT by not declaring the sale of a second property.Well,they could start with those troughers in the HOC.

  72. 188
    Anonymous says:

    BA are shite.
    Willie the Walk is a gobshite
    Unite are shite
    Charlie Whelen is a c’unt and a shite
    Mandelson is a shite and then some
    Parliament is a cesspit of thieving shites
    Cameron is shite lite
    Bob Crow is shite without the charm
    Nick Clegg is one of those joke shites you buy to amuse guests
    The BBC is shite hitting the fans
    Murdoch is a shite shitting the fans
    The C of E peddle shite as gospel
    Prince Big Ears is a shite and an arsewipe to finish
    The EU is foreign for shite

    Gordon Brown makes shite look not only electable but desireable

  73. 189
    Thoughts from a small room says:

    BA are shite.
    Willie the Walk is a gobshite
    Unite are shite
    Charlie Whelen is a c’unt and a shite
    Mandelson is a shite and then some
    Parliament is a cesspit of thieving shites
    Cameron is shite lite
    Bob Crow is shite without the charm
    Nick Clegg is one of those joke shites you buy to amuse guests
    The BBC is shite hitting the fans
    Murdoch is a shite shitting the fans
    The C of E peddle shite as gospel
    Prince Big Ears is a shite and an arsewipe to finish
    The EU is foreign for shite

    Gordon Brown makes shite look not only electable, but desirable

  74. 191
    Gordon Brown says:

    I, Gordon Brown do not support the Unions decision to strike. I am withdrawing my membership to Unite and urge all Labour politicians to do the same. Why? It is the interest of the country and it’s economy and it’s right thing to do.

  75. 196
    Anonymous says:

    So while our troops are being sacrificed, talks with the Taleban take place over tea and sarnies.

  76. 197
    Mr and Mrs Batty says:

    God love ‘em.

  77. 201
    FuckedOffBBCHack says:

    ……….. at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh year I stand here amongst the ruins of a once proud nation and tell you the BA strike has finally been called off. After 4 tons of sandwiches and 7050 gallons of tea Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who cancelled the election on the basis it may interfere with negotiations between Unite and BA, has declared a victory for commonsense. “At last everyone has seen reason” he said in direct provocation to the “do nothing” Tories. Willie Walsh, who died three years ago, said that he considered the outcome fair for the Union and BA but especially the general public, whose patience has been sorely tried. Tony Woodbine and Charlie Farley refuse3d to talk to the media except to say that they feel vindicated by such a beligerent stand. The staff of BA, which stands at one pilot now jobbing DJ and a former Tiller Girl turned cabin staff are really pleased to be able to get back to work. As a BBC reporter, who has followed this dispute from the beginning I’m just pleased the fuckers have given in. It’s been a bloody nightmare of epic proportions and now I’ve got to go back to the ward for more medication. Thank you and back to the shed, erm I mean studio, if there is one……

  78. 213
    Game on says:

    Never mind how much Unite give to Labour,how much is Cameron giving to Unite for kickstarting his faltering campaign?
    Even Lord Ashcroft couldn’t afford a dream team to compete with Woodley and Whelen to trash Brown’s electoral chances.

  79. 217
    no wonder coulson is quitting says:

    about one third to one quarter of the UKs entire workforce is in a union of some kind
    and the new Conservative election campaign is to attack any staff worried about their job or pay or conditions in a recession

    they really do want to lose this one don’t they ?

    • 272
      WMD Whelan says:


      I have just had a luvly chat with Mandy

      He has just agreed with me to do a photo op


      He said he would only have a fes minutes before dashing off to Waddeston Manor to see his bankers friends .. and Cheeeeerie…

      have a good day brothers

      I am just organising my next salmon fishing weekend on the Spey

      Paid for by the stirking brothers and sisters at Unite

      They really are silly (expletives)

      • 273
        Unite Member says:

        I thought for an awful moment that you were going to tell us that YOU are a member of the working class HOODIE…

        • 275
          WMD Whelan says:

          Of course not

          We working class can kiss my (expletive)

          And all that

          But I will tell you a secret

          I’m introducing Mandy to a BA steward who wears blue suede shoes

          How about that !

          • thick as thieves Labour PPC says:


          • TaT Fan says:

            Yes, that was a particularly good post by the great thick as thieves wasn’t it?
            Here’s another one of his greatest hits:

            LIKE TORTURE?

            Keep going motherfucker, I can do this shit all fucking day long.

      • 283
        thick as thieves Labour PPC says:

        I am just about to get banned by the arch tory Guido Fawkes.
        Fawkes never gave a damn about the expenses scandal, he only used it as cover to act as a propagandist for the tories.
        now the general election is so close Guido is sweating like a rapist and the reader should expect no impariality from this place from here-on-in.
        Fawkes is a tory fifth columnist.
        end of story.
        still going to be a Labour win Guido and when that happens I will return to gloat.
        you lose, I win.

        • 299
          Mong Brown says:

          Nurse Nurse


          I had an awful dream

          The whole world collapsed on my head…

          Give me some drugs pleeeeease…

          • TaT Fan says:

            You’re a dopey spastic you mong.
            And so is your gay lover, Alkie Campbell.
            You two just made a right pair of c’unts of yourselves!
            Well done.

        • 300
          Alkie Campbell says:

          Vote for Brown and Hoodie Whelan thats it

          Wreck Britain

          Go back to your Funny Farm please

          You are getting too excited…

        • 301
          TaT Fan says:

          correction: thick as thieves said VOTE INDEPENDENT FUCK LABOUR
          if you are going to steal his work have the decency to copy it correctly.
          and here is another masterpiece from the TaT vault of greatest hits:



        • 302
          Rehab centre says:

          Are you having another nervous breakdown Alastair ??!

          I can help…

        • 305
          Hoodie Whelan says:

          Is that Mandy… hello luv !

          Throwing another hissy fit…

          All getting too much for you is it ?

          ZanuLabour going up in flames

          The unions are (expletive) you…

          We’ve waited a long time to take you down you know…

          Go off for your shooting weekend with the super rich and forget about your political career

          You are a capitalist roadster like the awful Blair

          You never were one of us…

          It’s finished…

  80. 225
    Beware of things to come says:

    if you want to follow insanity on a mission follow this

    • 227
      Beware of things to come says:

      and go here for confirmation, look about,dig and see.

      • 229
        God loves cannibals more says:

        ”During our stay in the rural jungle – we will have no communications with anyone. It may be a week on our return trip to Chennai that we can stop into an internet cafe to get a word out about us.”

        Lets hope the daft fuckers get lost and eaten by cannibals and we never hear from them again

  81. 226
    Barnabas Scudamore says:

    Off topic I know, but this “sport relief” really doesn’t sit very easily with me.

    Eddie Izard – Labour supporter
    David Walliams – Labour supporter
    Patrik Kielty (spelling?) – Labour supporter
    Chris moyles – Labour supporter
    Annie Lennox – Labour supporter

    ALL together on the Soviet Communist BBC.

    I am very cynical about the whole sport relief thing – don’t know why, but I wouldn’t be at all suprised if 70% of the money raised went to the Labour Party Election campaign or something equally vile !

    Is this worth looking into guido? or am I just being paranoid ?

    • 245
      Iris 'dry minge' Robinson says:

      Kielty is a Shinner.

    • 266
      Marathon man? Not likely. says:

      And the fatso Eddie Fizzard ran 43 marathons did he?

      Like hell he did NOT.

      Total bullshit – very well known in sports circles that the c*unt never ran them.

      • 315
        Barnabas Scudamore says:

        Does ANYONE know wether this “43 marathons claim” is true or not ?

        Is there a GPS plot of every marathon he ran ?

        I just don’t buy it !

        Plus, Izzard is great mates with Brown, we all know how much shite he talks !

    • 271
      Uncle Fester says:

      and as we know, all of the above are well known sports stars …..

  82. 231
    Samantha Cameron says:

    Read about me DAHLINGS in Uncle Murdoch’s paper;


  83. 237
    Get Smart says:

    More Government double dealing yesterdays Mail..
    “Family ‘right’ to pay £110,000 ransom to kidnappers to secure safe release of Sahil Saeed, says immigration minister”

    Putting aside how an out of work taxi driver could find £110,000 has the government policy now changed with regards to paying ransom. They were quite happy to leave the lady kidnapped in Iraq a few years back to be shot in the head because “we do not deal with kidnappers”
    There is also the case of the couple held in Somalia again no government interest.
    Could it be this policy only apply to certain people coming up to an election.

  84. 238
    screech says:

    yer dum fukin limey bastards.doncha no wot the fuks goin on

  85. 239
  86. 258
  87. 263
    Steve Bell says:

    I’m a Hunt

  88. 274
    harpic says:

    The usual contrived plan will be as follows- Brown will `settle` the BA strike by some devious ploy then will be lauded as a saviour. This settlement will be at an agreed time to maximise its effect on the coming election. What an utterly ludicrous and weak creature he is to allow himself to be manipulated by his paymasters `Unite` – totally unsuited as a Member of Parliament or as a representative, and a tragic and selfish mistake allowed by his feckless and oily predecessor who did not have the courage to sack him. There are perhaps some questions to be asked regarding their relationships.

    • 277
      Lord Ashcroft says:

      But Crash Gordon is out of the attic now…

      You see what happens when you let a looney tune loose in No 10 !!!

  89. 276
    Anonymous says:

    Total demolition job on Browns lies and Labour. This needs to go onto ARSE because I am sure they do not know according to the article.

    Soldiers on the frontline face the prospect of being unable to vote at the forthcoming General Election. This is a direct result of the Government’s cack-handed and thoughtless system which governs their voting rights

    Read more:

  90. 282
    Pink Tory News says:

    Latest poll

    More gays will vote Tory than Labour

    Christ there must be something really wrong with our campaign…

  91. 285
  92. 286
    Barry Norman says:

    ****BREAKING NEWS****

    8.0pm crook caper SkyMovies – “Thick As Thieves”
    be sure to watch it

  93. 290
    Jumbo says:

    New liebour, with all its corny but fiendish strategies of spite, remind one perfectly of the school bully who made your life a misery and always managed to evade expulsion.

  94. 294
    Charlie Whelan, Tony Woodley, Derek Hatton, Jimmy Hoffa, leading the workers into the promised land says:

    Destroy British Airways!!

    Smash the rail network!

    Bring the public sector to a complete halt!!

    Smash British capitalism and grind it into the dirt!

    Gordon Brown: FIVE MORE YEARS!!

    Gordon Brown: FIVE MORE YEARS!!

  95. 307
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Nice story but why the Albert Tatlock picture?

  96. 308
    Anon says:

    Another thread lost by the Tory and Labour Trolls, another thread won for democracy in Great Britain.
    Good, innit.

  97. 309

    Forty seven days until election.

    Where will the culprits be on bunker night? Who will be first to flee the city.
    I except Alistair Darling to be at his remote crofter’s home, waiting for Brown’s goons to come for him.
    Balls will be at his masters side in the Downing street bunker.
    And Mandelson..
    He will be on a U-boat heading to Argentina. With all those lovely billions in gold bars.

    What? You didn’t really think McHoon was so stupid he sold the gold off for peanuts did you?

  98. 312
    Cynic says:

    I’m becoming more and more upset by your labelling of poor Emily ‘Nomates’. Its a terrible characterisation for the poor girl. She seems quite a passable young filly and, in my somewhat out of date experience, is much prettier than the average gal one might meet at a Hunt Ball or Conservative Soiree. So unless she is totally committed to using personality as a form of contraception, I cannot understand the ‘nomates’ tag.

  99. 314
    fuido gawkes says:

    my old man is whelan
    he wears a flat type cap
    he wears gor blimey trousers
    and he lives in a couc……a rather nice part of town

  100. 317

    [...] What Happened When Emily Confronted Charlie Whelan? If you want to find out what happened when Emily Nomates confronted Charlie Whelan you’ll need to watch Guy [...] [...]

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Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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