March 16th, 2010

The Unions are Back

George Osborne gave the CCHQ boys and girls a pep-talk yesterday in which he asked them if they could perhaps, maybe, please, “work harder”, and it seems to have paid off. Today’s attack on Unite has played out better than any recent engagements with the Labour.

Clearly done at short notice their  “Charlie Whelan’s New Militant Tendencydossier on the back of the BA strike is a comprehensive slamming of the choke-hold union money and officials once again have over the Labour Party. It says a lot about how far the Tories have really “changed” given their most proficient act this year has been old fashioned union-bashing.

Like the Ashcroft situation, Labour’s return to reliance on union cash was a ticking bomb. New Labour was built around keeping the unions at arm’s length, yet the leader of the financially stricken Labour Party has to sink to quiet mumbles on Woman’s Hour when he is forced to criticise them. Unite seem to have finally come to the conclusion the rest of the world reached long ago, that Gordon isn’t going to be around and they are willing to kick him while he is down with the timing of this strike. The unions are energised at the prospect of a Tory government and they mean business, with their £25 million war-chest, the only thing Unite will get out of this election is the chance to fill the green benches with their loyal stewards.


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    Charles Flaccidwidger says:



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      John Thomas says:

      Merchant Bankers?


      • 14

        Now listen, here in Labour we need every penny of this money to save millions of babies being eaten by horrid Tories. It is our proud boast that not a single baby has been eaten by a Labour cabinet minister since 1997. After the win the election with a majority of 800 seats, we will make trade union membership compulsory, giving us even more money.


        • 16
          John Thomas says:

          Mandy Pooh go and play with your oldest friend in a quiet room


          • GEORGIE PEORGIE says:



          • who funds the thieves ? who cares says:

            yes and the public REALLY gives a shit about choosing between Unions and Ashcroft and which is the sleazier in the teeth of a recession

            hilariously unintentional comedy by the pompous pronouncement of todays CCHQ efforts as the best yet, because you say so
            well that’s all right then Mr “Indepenedent” blogger
            we’re so glad you approve of central office’s work
            20 year old attacks will do no good, the public knows the score

            amazing it still needs spelled out with only weeks to go but a measure of why the polls are what they are since some unbelievably still don’t get it



        • 94
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          Mandy, you’re losing your grip. It’s POOR People’s babies. Middle class people’s babies are too well fed and give probems with cholestrol. No Tory would be seen dead without a poor people’s baby stuffed and boiled on the plate.


      • 34
        Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

        Bankers and Union Reps. All wankers, although the later are envious, couldn’t-make-it-in-a-month-of-Sundays Banker wannabes.


        • 76
          PLANTPOT says:

          have a look at the unite geneology of senior Acas people………how impartial can they be!!!!!beware BA


      • 48
        Dog says:

        uaf uaf


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    Throbber says:

    I still think this strike is a con.
    In connivance with Unite, McRuin will “save Easter for hard working British families” yet.
    After the election of course – loads of strikes.


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      Dick the Prick says:

      Nope – apparently some long haul cabin crew can earn up to £70k which is a tad excessive for serving drink and stuff. Ex public sector you see – terms & conditions ‘you’re breathing union air’ etc etc, bleet bleet, drivel drivel.


      • 51
        jgm2 says:

        I seriously doubt cabin crew are getting 70K a year unless they work all 365 days.

        And even then I doubt it.


        • 78
          concrete pump says:

          They definitely get 30k+ if they’re high up trolley dolls.

          I think Virgin cabin crew are on a ceiling of 18 – 22k.


          • jgm2 says:

            30K ain’t what it was but I agree the Virgin girls give much better service for much less money on those figures.

            I don’t think the BA cabin crew have a leg to stand on if you compare their T&C with any of the other domestic carriers. If they want a job with the same T&C as a molly-coddled state airline they should bring their unique skillset to Air France.

            They’re just striking themselves out of a job. I live near Gatwick. Maybe I should go on a one-day flight attendant’s course and become a ‘scab’. Just for something to do.


          • Tony says:

            30K ain’t what it was – Its still more than this Professional Engineer with 10 years graduate experience who designs military helicopters gets!! No wonder the country is screwed when the high tech wealth creating industries get paid less than someone serving drinks!


      • 157
        Lord Sugar (remember him?) says:

        They won’t get quarter of £70k working at Amstrad but we still expect them to vote Labour.


  3. 3
    George Bush's Poodle says:

    I am so pleased postman Pat has decided not to deliver on his proposed new dog tax after all.


  4. 4
    Homer J Simpson says:

    The slogan worked for me at Cypress creek


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone got a link on Bercow getting the nod this afternoon? Bias by the Speaker?


  6. 6
    Unfinished Business from 1970 says:

    Outlaw and ban the fuckers like they did in Australia not so long ago.

    Shut them all fucking down, let the lawyers make some more cash by moving into the void.


    • 30
      Bob Page says:

      They served their purpose back in sweatshop Victorian Britain but they are nothing but political vehicles for marxist crooks and gangsters now. Put them on the bonfire along with the quangos.


    • 116
      Johnny says says:

      The role of unions is somewhat past but only because the State has intervened so much in everyone’s terms of employment, safety and whatnot. They have nationalised employment just as they have several banks. It has taken responsibility working conditions away from employees and employers and inflicted them upon taxpayers. It has done so to the benefit of corporations (taxpayers subsidising low wages for example).

      I’d be content for private congregations of employees such as UNISON, UNITE, etc protecting themselves if the Government got it’s beaky nose out of wages, maternity leave and a whole load of other stuff and stopped bunging unions our money.


  7. 7
    Harriet's Clit says:

    You can’t touch me I’m part of the Union.


    • 11
      Sing a long Seventies says:

      Till the day I die….


      • 19
        genghiz the kahn says:

        and one helluva shout of Out Brothers Out.


        • 28
          genghiz the kahn says:

          Did the BBC ban ‘You don’t get me I’m part of the union’ cos it upset the bruvvers?


          • Susie says:

            “We want this! And that!

            We demand a share in this, and most of that, some of this, and fuckin’ all of that!

            Less of that, and more of this, and fuckin’ plenty of this!

            And another thing – we want it now! We want it yesterday, and we want fuckin’ more tomorrow!

            And the demands will all be changed then, so fuckin’ stay awake!”

            – Billy Connolly


          • Uncle Mort says:

            Brilliant, reminds me of the damascene moment when I realised that all Trade Unions were shit, and that they’ve always been shit.

            I could never understand why The Strawbs, an excellent folksy group, recorded the song because it didn’t seem in line with their folksyness.

            But then, I thought the song was critical of Union corruption and power, whereas they probably thought it was a celebration of Union corruption and power.

            How ironic that it’s been saved by German TV. I bet they’re laughing their socks off at the resurgence of the Unions.

            Working with the Krauts in the 70s they would always kindly enquire ‘And how are the strikes going in the UK’. but we had to suffer all the pisstakes because they could supply us with bog rolls when we’d run out, due to the latest ‘Industrial Action’


    • 21
      Dromey - Product of an All Woman Short List says:

      Oh there you are!


  8. 8
    Casual Observer says:

    The summer of dysfunction.

    I can see it all starting to take shape…

    Unite doesn’t really care about anything but power. I guess that’s why they’ve targeted Willie Walsh. Strange if that power leads to BA going down the tube. Wanna buy a 777 dreamliner cheap?


    • 55
      A Darker How says:

      not with the price of fuel fook that


      • 96
        EUve been framed says:

        One of ZaNuLabs most spiteful and unreported attacks on their own supporters, the people who mistakenly look to ZaNu to help them in poverty. Have been hurt the most and will be hurt most by the deliberate policy of a Labour government, to make poor people poorer, by increasing energy costs.

        The kind of people Sara Twatter have lunch with at £30 a plate and £50 a bottle, are minorly inconvenienced over such trifles as soaring fuel and energy costs, that effect the price of everything we buy. No, the poorest have been deliberately left to struggle by these socialist bastards and whats more, their suffering will grow year on year as fuel prices are forced upwards, in a planned and disgusting attack on poor people and those on fixed incomes, for the benefit of government taxes and billionaire energy corporates.

        It is nothing short of a scandal, Cameron could legitimately hang to socialists out to dry for their contemptable behaviour and reaped disaffected Labour votes by the shed load, however, true to form, Dave has bought the bus pass to frozen hill and agrees with everything the hateful socialists are doing to our most vunerable people.


    • 195
      Gordon Taylor says:

      nah you worry too much. the World Cup will grab everyone’s attention and nobody will get hurt. Come on Engerland…..


  9. 10
    Irene says:

    So no “modernisation fund” from the Tories?


  10. 15
    Pete says:

    The whole thing’s a put up job, IMO


  11. 17
    Gordon Brown says:

    I don’t think I can take much more of the personal insults against me. I’m a human being! I have feelings! Leave me alone!


  12. 18
    nigella says:

    the key to success at the ballot box is to educate the masses – they do not realise how much shit we are in.

    Brown does not believe it because he is blatantly mad, AND he lies when he does get it!

    Bit by bit NuLab is beginning to unravel, but it is not quick enough, the clock is ticking……..

    Sort it out, be more brutal and honest with the facts, scare everybody shitless, sleepless nights, cold sweats stop fucking about – tell it how it is.



  13. 20
    Mrs Whelan says:

    Mrs T for Terminator was a robot designed by Skynet systems in the future and sent back in time to wipe out the unions and human resistance that opposed the creation of modern working practices and implementation of technology in the working place and society.

    This was a danger to development and creation of Skynet that could not go unpunished.

    3 billion human lives ended on 4 May 1979. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war Judgment Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare: the war against the machines. The computer which controlled the machines, Skynet, sent two Terminators back through time. Their mission: to destroy the leader of the human resistance, Charlie Whelan, my son. The Terminator was programmed to strike at me in the year 1954, before Charlie was born. It failed. The second was set to strike at Charlie himself when he was still a child. As before, the resistance was able to send a lone warrior, a protector for John. His name was Gordon Brown It was just a question of which one of them would reach him first.


  14. 22
    Stephen Pound MP, low IQ, puffed up, waffling, gobshyte MP, and bus driving cunt says:

    I’ve long felt the Cam/Osborne axis was far too sane, happy, mature and balanced to comprehend the utter rage/hate filled, maladroit, ‘fear and smear everyone’, this country is all about me! me! me! nature of the Lord High Emperor and his henchmen.

    This is great news though, especially Gove’s speech today, cracking stuff.
    The weirdo loony, son of the manse craves the company of bullying, lying, brutish pieces of dog shit like McBride, Whelan, Campbell, unelected mortage fraudster filth like Little Lord Sodomite, seven home/two butler ‘what’s in it for me’ scum like Woodward, and pension robbers like Lord Paul.

    Fucking great job Tory boys, go after the Trot vermin backing the enemies of England’s freedom


    • 67
      Ahoy says:

      I like the jib of your cut


    • 130
      IainM says:

      Your forgetting about the gangsters and the hairy Lesbian Brigades!


    • 176
      "So! where ya goin for yer olidays" says:

      WHELAN WEARS A SYRUP….and it’s fuckin dyed, nobody’s barnet is that colour in real life innit! looks like Wella (shades of rust)….the curtains dont match the carpet.


  15. 23
    Morgan Everett says:

    New Labour is well and truly dead.


  16. 24
    Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

    The one thing Joe Peeps doesn’t like is Unions. Misogynistic, nasty, marxist/bully-boy pricks don’t really do it for the man about to loose his job. They do have a base among the mostly useless public sector workers, but no doubt that is about to be remedied.


  17. 25
    More strikes please says:


  18. 27
    Sarah Brown says:

    Do you boys think I’m sexier than Samantha Cameron?! The only thing Sam has over me is that her marriage is genuine. Apart from that, she’s not better than me. Oh, hold on. Getting a text from my lunch pal Lord Paul.


    • 35
      Breast Fan says:

      I like the size of your breasts Sarah can you let me grope them?


    • 136
      IainM says:

      How much will you pay me Sarah?


    • 175
      Sion Simon: Ridiculous, self regarding, puffed up cunt says:

      Sarah I adore your tree trunk legs, they get me masturbatin’ furiously as i pontificate on the next stage of New Labour’s development


      • 179
        Albert Spearpoint says:

        Sarah. Dont take this personally, but I couldn’t ever fancy you, because you have a thick neck, I simply dont fancy lasses with thick necks, and yours is thick. So, just to recap, you have a thick neck, and I dont…….


  19. 29
    jgm2 says:

    On the upside- the currency is recovering as the Tory vote recovers.

    Headline missing from BBC ‘Petrol gets cheaper as more say they will vote Tory’.


  20. 31
    Real Alternative says:

    CCHQ are useless aren’t they? I mean, they should have done this work, we;; years ago, so why didn’t they produce this dossier at exactly the time that the Cashcroft affair started. Useless tossers, has anyone mentioned to them that a rebuttal has to be rapid? Two weeks later is just too slow. Useless tossers.

    Hey Dave are you listening? Oh right, OK so here is my solution: ban all strike action in public services. You know it makes sense because as soon as you start your slashing of public services after the election Whelan and his mates will bring the country to a stop. So be pre-emptive Dave, you now know the first law you must pass. But you won’t, because you are a useless tosser too.


  21. 32
    Eileen Critchley says:

    Get ready for mini bus loads of thugs fly postering at 4am in a town near you! And thats before the Asian candidates get their franking machines out!

    Clearly Unite is running the show and they just have too much to loose. On the plus side Whelan is a Hunt of the highest order.

    Personally I’d be on the phone begging Willie Walsh to embark on a round of surprise mass sackings. If he did so, I for one would never fly with another airline again.


    • 59
      Michael Murray says:

      Are you planning to go to Oxford to study? I might have some “friends” there who’ll like to visit you and finish off what didn’t happen before.


    • 75
      Unite(d) we fall says:

      …and the share price keeps on rising. It’s clear to see how the City have predicted this to work out.

      Great for my company as we have several AC heading to LHR on Fri night. The only possible losers here are BA CC.

      And to the moderates of you I am genuinely concerned. The militant minority, led by the blinkered, self serving few, will screw you.

      My only hope is that WW recognises the worth of the decent crew, and rewards you by leaving you on present T’s & C’s (crew complement reduction exempted) as it would appear he always wanted.

      BASSA reps should hang their heads in shame.


    • 87
      Engineer says:

      Flying pickets?

      Somehow, a minibus full of Diversity Co-ordinators doesn’t seem as intimidating as a minibus full of miners or steelworkers. No need to put the Army on standby, methinks.


  22. 37
    I Hate Labour With A Passion says:

    The Thatcher and Major governments had more than their share of lies and corruption. But they were amateurs compared to the outright relentless criminality of Labour the last 13 years. Blair, Brown et al have been the most corrupt bunch of bastards to ever hold power in this country. Brown deserves to spend the rest of his days a bitter and angry man in a deep depression about how he always wanted to be prime minister and only got the job by default for 3 years and was absolutely fucking shit at it and hated by the public.


    • 44
      jgm2 says:

      To be fair – he wasn’t just shit PM. He was a really shit chancellor and I bet he was a really, really shit history lecturer.

      This isn’t a three year blip of shit-ness. This a lifetime of incompetence. This isn’t the ‘Peter principle’ of being promoted to his level of incompetence. He’s been incompetent at every single level his entire fucking life.


    • 46
      jgm2 says:

      Gordon Brown is the poster boy for ‘Fuck up and move up’.


    • 137
      udderly 'orrible says:

      Go back to his Scotchland Liebour roots for the underlying reasons.
      Tie it all up with the Glaswegian m*afia/P*urcell shenanigans and you start to get a fuzzy outline of the true size of the Marxist-designed filth mountain that has poured out of the Highlands and into Westminster, totally programmed to wreck the country.

      Where are the history boys? Where is the army?


      • 140
        IainM says:

        O please please give us our Independence! We will take the nice Highland bit called the Lake District off your hands and you can keep all the Paki infested bits!


  23. 38
    Lord Uddi says:

    The “dossier produced on Whelan and the Union bullies

    You say, Guudio, at “short notice”

    What the F’ing hell have the Tories been playing at for all these years…

    With a Government that is patently corrupt

    A PM who is “titanically demented”‘

    With his inner cirle who have spent years lying, smearing and frauding..

    The Tory High Commend should have “dossiers” on all these slobs.

    Just bring them out one by one

    And make the British People see that they are governed by scum…


  24. 40
    obangobang says:

    If the Unions are Back, are the Tories Sack and Gordon Crack?


  25. 42
    Charlie Whelan says:

    You have no idea how much cock all this publicity is getting me. Sorry, I meant pussy. Gordon’s the biggest pussy of them all. In other words, he’s a massive, gaping c/unt.


  26. 45
    Martin Day says:

    Kinnock kicked militant out.

    Unite are licking Liebour out


  27. 50
    Sir William Waad says:

    I remember trade unions….Red Robbo….Hugh Scanlon….Jack Jones….glam rock….hipster bellbottom trousers….Bagpuss….Morris Marinas….the Smash robots on telly….denim waistcoats… was crap.


    • 77
      Melvin says:

      the drugs were better


    • 81
      Engineer says:

      Power cuts……three-day week (I quite liked that one, I was at school at the time)….Mick McGahey….Austin Allegros…..bad winter weather….telephones with wires….Dairylea cheese triangles….you’re right, it was crap.


      • 90
        New Years Day 1974 says:

        As Britons bundled up in sweaters inside their chill homes and offices and scurried at night through streets that had been curiously darkened, the country last week shifted to a three-day work week in yet another effort to conserve coal supplies and electrical power. The austerity measure, decreed by Prime Minister Edward Heath last month after Britain’s coal miners refused to work overtime pending a new wage settlement, means pay cuts of up to 40% for 15 million British workers, massive unemployment, and sharp curtailments in industrial production.

        Except for such essentials as transportation, food supplies and medical services, half the country’s businesses and industries will work Mondays through Wednesdays, and the other half Thursdays through Saturdays. Shops and offices that can operate without using more than their alloted share of electricity are permitted to remain open. All over London last week, gaslamps and candles lighted counters as shoppers thronged to take advantage of new year’s sales.


        • 115
          Shouts Louder says:

          it all started with I’m backing Britain.


        • 147
          Henry's Afterthought says:

          Wasn’t Heath like Gordoom simply following orders?


        • 148

          I’m just reading “When the lights go out.” A look at 1970’s Britain.
          Not bad at all if a little bit lefty.

          The astonishing thing I discovered was that for once in his life Tony Benn had an almost good idea. True, he would have screwed it up, but in its initial form it was correct.

          If all the income from North sea oil was put into a separate investment fund, untouchable by governments, sort of like Norway did, then today the UK’s sovereign wealth fund would be £450 billion pounds. The largest in the world.
          Enough to buy the banks 100% without tax increases. The UK could just own the banks as part of its assets without having to worry about getting its money back. Just more income to add to the fund.

          But never mind. Instead we spent it all on …on …erm…think..think!….

          Where the fuck is my money! Enough for a free house and car each..
          Where’s the billions and billions from north sea oil?


          • Thatcher's roll up says:

            Thatcher rolled it up and smoked it. That’s why she is outta her fooking head!


          • Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

            What an interesting idea! I remember at the time feeling a bit disturbed that this one-off bounty was being pissed away on German cars and German kitchens (they were all the rage then). It was one of my key objections to Thatcherism – it was so short-sighted.

            The flaw in the case that you, Sir WW will easily have spotted, is that a certain vile Scots politician would simply have given the lot away to wasters who might, if bribed sufficiently, fall out of bed mid-afternoon, dispel the Class 1 haze with a Special Brew or two, then lurch off to the polling booth and put their cross in the correct box.


          • Bertie Wooster says:

            the fuckers are sitting on 10 times the amount northwest of scotland


    • 152
      cassandra king says:

      I remember the 70s well, at the time it seemed to last forever but looking back now it all happened in a few minutes, wierd innit?
      The 70s seemed to linger for an eternity when we lived it soley because it was so rubbish, the shite music and the shite clothes and the shite TV and the shite food, mind you I grew up in the fens so everything smelled of decomposed shite.


    • 165
      Mad as hell and won't take it any more says:

      Beer was cheaper though.


  28. 52
    .243 Win says:

    From ConHome :

    “59 Labour PPCs are members of Unite, 27 are members of the GMB and 19 of Unison.”

    Couple of things here :

    1. Baty Hattie Harpic’s all-women lists seem to be taking a back seat in favour of the tribal option.
    2. All this “jobs for the brothers” stuff is going to put ZaNu deeply in the shite parliament-wise if/as/when there’s a season of unrest following a Tory victory.


    • 190
      Jack Dromney says:

      You will get us
      we’re part of the union
      but not for expenses fraud
      not for expenses fraud


  29. 60
    Golden Wonder Crisp says:

    Ah, the poor desperate Tories. At this stage and given this dire government they should be 20% ahead. Instead they’re scrabbling round in their 1970s strategy books. Thatcher destroyed the ambitions of the trade union movement – they are a joke.


    • 72
      jgm2 says:

      I think you’ll find that Labour’s whole election strategy has been based on 1970’s class war. In fact their whole response to Brown’s economic meltdown has been to blame ‘the rich’ and put punitive taxes on them. Not to raise any meaningful amount of money but to appeal to the class-war mentality of the core vote.

      And it’s not just desperation and ‘show’ from Labour. They really are back to the 1970s as evidenced by the union funds being used to parachute in union placemen over the heads of the dedicated lifelong Labour constituency members.

      This isn’t the Tories raising the spectre of 1970s unionism. This is the Tories reacting to the de facto resurrection of 1970s class war and union-inspired social chaos.


      • 132
        Magda McTwatter says:

        My Heros favourite TV programme is “Life on Mars” in fact he wants to take the whole country back to the 70’s Tweet Tweet


      • 182
        Young Tarquin says:

        Totally agree, at least under Blair, there was a feeling that most people could do well. Under this twat and his spinfuckers, the country has been split into the toffs and chavs. At the election it will boil down to a ‘class war’, The truth is though, the only way to remove Brown and Labour from government is to vote for the Tories, there is no other option, a vote for UKIP=Gordons home and dry, a vote for the Libs=Gordons home and dry. That’s the unpalatable truth.
        I was speaking with a respected ex-politician (non trougher) who informed me that GB is genuinly loathed, half of what we read is just that! half. Half of how badly he is disliked within parliment from all sides. I genuinly believed him.


    • 74
      Salt'n'Vinegar says:

      Are you from sHunthorpe Golden Wonder?


    • 85
      Martin Day says:

      didnt golden wonder go Bust?

      superceded By linekers Walkers crisps. Do keep up dear Boy!


  30. 64
    Neil Kinnock says:

    Well alright! Well alright! Well alright!


  31. 66
    Neil Kinnock's a good old boyo says:

    I’d have made a very good prime minister, I believe, boyo.


  32. 79
    Martin Day says:


    Unite together to Bombard Bercow with Bulletts and Banish him from Buckingham.

    Vote Farage, UKIP

    You know it makes sense.

    Following the defection of Conservative MP Quentin Davies to the Labour Party in June 2007, there were persistent Westminster rumours[13] that Bercow was likely to be the next Conservative MP to leave the party.

    Despite the rumours, Bercow did not defect to the Labour Party. However, in September 2007, Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced that Bercow had accepted an advisory post on the Labour government’s review of support for children with speech, language and communication special needs.


  33. 80

    EEEE Bye gum………we need more moneh to keep out those evil rich people…..

    poor sarah has to pay £30 for a plate of spaghetti (that’s foreign muck) while you eat sausage in batter from t’chippy………

    just puutin me feet up in rent free flat reet now!


  34. 86
    Charlie biarding school whelan says:

    Look er bruvvas(MOCKNEY ACCENT)if we smash BA you will be out of work but i wont be.


  35. 89

    I like to eat willies willies willies willies willies willies willies willies willies willies willies willies willies willies willies

    8—-) ((


  36. 91
    TwoDogsFucking says:

    Hot Tips for Labour election campaign team.

    Change the name of the party to one people don’t associate with all that is shit.

    Change party leader to one people don’t associate with all that is shit.

    Change policies to ones that aren’t shit.

    Make sound promises to have Mandeleson executed.


  37. 98
    BillyBob - Stop immigration, reduce crime !! says:

    I hate the f*ckin leftie barstewards !!


  38. 99





  39. 101
    Need a new job? says:

    I hear BA have a few vacancies coming up lol.


  40. 103

    Fully 14 Labour candidates have come from trade union employment. Three and a half times that number, 63, are the Tory candidates who are bankers. Who has done more damage more recently? And if public money really is being passed through the Union Modernisation Fund to the Labour Party (I am not convinced – that whole story has the feel of having been concocted by people perfectly, tribally ignorant of union and Labour financial arrangements), then that pales into the merest of insignificance compared to the funding of the Conservative Party by the bailed-out, taxpayer-dependent City.

    No one has bailed out Ashok Kumar’s Teesside constituents in what would be recognised as a marginal seat, since it was Tory until 1997, if it were in the gin and jag belt, which returned almost only Tories last time without changing the Government, that is inhabited by the people whom those constituents bailed out by paying the full whack of tax that they rightly had no option but to pay. Who do the Tories’ paymasters and candidate factories think will bail them out next time?


    • 110
      Ex Miner says:

      Unions don’t make money, the leech of the taxpayer.

      Bankers make money, quite a large chunk of the GDP in fact.

      If you want to bitch and moan then blame your union buddies back in 1970 who destroyed British Manufacturing and made us uncompetitive on the world stage forcing us to rely on the banks in the first place.

      Labour hated us just as much as Thatcher but at least she had the balls to face us down.

      Where would we be today under Labour with it’s fancy environment laws and save the earth hippies?

      On the same fucking scraphead Thatcher put us on, So don’t pretend you are a friend of mine you liberal scumbag.


    • 113
      jgm2 says:

      The teeny problem with that scenario is that the banks that did go bust but were bailed out – RBS, HBOS and Northern Rock were all based in Labour territory – Scotland and the North East. So while Labour is spinning that it was a bailout of rich southern folk it was actually a bailout of Labour voters.

      Didn’t stop Labour ‘punishing’ the rich though eh?

      Yet again the Labour spin and the truth are diametrically opposed.


    • 134
      Moley says:

      No one has bailed out Ashok Kumar’s Teesside constituents in what would be recognised as a marginal seat, since it was Tory until 1997, if it were in the gin and jag belt, which returned almost only Tories last time without changing the Government, that is inhabited by the people whom those constituents bailed out by paying the full whack of tax that they rightly had no option but to pay.

      You have been awarded First prize in the Incomprehensible Gibberish Competition.

      Will you be writing the Labour manifesto?


  41. 104

    Ahhh. Why it seems like just a couple of years ago and labour were strapped for cash and inviting the unions in for a chat.
    Hang on! It was only a couple of years ago!
    June 2008.

    The Labour party has run out of cash. they need some fast from some old associates.
    Brendan Barber takes on his more familiar role. Don Corleone.
    He meets Gordon Brown

    Brendan Barber: [leader of the trades union congress] “Why don’t you go to the business leaders, the celebrities and the Labour supporting millionaires? Why come to us?”

    Gordon Brown: “What do you want of me? Tell me anything, but do what I beg you to do.”

    Brendan Barber: “What is that?”

    [Brown gets up and whispers in the TUC leader’s ear] “Give me £50 million.”

    Brendan Barber: “That I cannot do.”

    Gordon Brown: “I’ll legislate you anything you ask.”

    Brendan Barber: “We’ve known each other for many years but this is the first time you’ve ever come to me for counsel or for help. I can’t remember the last time you invited me to your house, Number 11 or Number 10, for an exchange of political views, even though we share many of the same aims and ideals from the old days. But, let’s be frank here. You never wanted our friendship and even our money. NuLabour were keen to distance themselves from the Unions and even you were afraid to be in our debt…”

    Gordon Brown: “I didn’t want to get into electoral trouble. The voters.. the 1970’s and Arthur Scargill and the miners and all that… Tony wanted to avoid any connection.”

    Brendan Barber: “I understand. You found paradise in the landslide election victory. You had a good deal of support, made a lot of new friends, the EU protected you and there were banks and finance houses and peerages for sale and you didn’t need friends like us. But, now you come to me and you say “TUC, CWU, GMBU,NUT give me funding. But you don’t ask with respect. You don’t offer friendship. You don’t even think to call me Comrade.
    Gordon,Gordon. What have we ever done to make you to treat us so disrespectfully? If you had come to us in friendship then your bank book would be overflowing. Your creditors would be paid this very day. And if by chance an honest man like yourself should make political enemies then they would become our enemies. And then, they would fear you.”

    Gordon Brown: “Be my friend… COMRADE.”

    Brendan Barber: “Good. Someday, and that day may never come, but it will probably come very very soon, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me. But, until that day, accept this cheque as a gift.”

    Gordon Brown: “Grazie, Comrade.”

    Brendan Barber: “Bene. Now kiss all our rings and get out.”


  42. 106
    Charlie Chutney says:

    Cap’n Calamity loves to feel the cut of my stump, Ooh Arrggh.


  43. 107
    Oh dear, things have got a bit outta hand says:

    ‘Privately senior Labour sources are distancing themselves from the strike, claiming that it is being driven by the British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association rather than the Unite leadership.’

    BBC Landale

    This suggests otherwise..are the leadership of Unite not masters of their own house, I doubt it. Expel BASSA and prove it



  44. 111
    Jimmy says:

    “George Osborne gave the CCHQ boys and girls a pep-talk yesterday in which he asked them if they could perhaps, maybe, please, “work harder”,”

    Must have seen the last Guy TV episode.

    btw I see there was a big ECR parade in Riga yesterday. did anyone go?


    • 126
      jgm2 says:

      Big deal. There are countries with smaller deficits than ours having general strikes with police and troops on the street.

      Something for us to look forward to this summer eh?

      Cameron will be bringing the boys back from the ‘stan just to keep the looters off the streets.

      Thank you Gordon Brown.


  45. 117
    55 hour week standard says:

    Derek Simpson and Charlie Whelen are typical of the New Labour elite who have hijacked a party whose purpose is to stand up for the vast bulk of average, and below average, waged workers, ex workers and those who would work given a little assistance. They are all ego driven zealots prepared to sacrifice anything and anybody on the alter of personal ambition
    As a semi skilled worker, i should be a natural Labour supporter but these arseholes represent nobody but themselves.


  46. 124
    Kniiiiiioocckkiooooo says:



  47. 131
    Message to CCHQ says:

    Get your shit together


  48. 138
    Charlie Whelan says:

    Must Die


  49. 141
    Greychatter says:

    I see Charlie Whelan is happiest when is at his home in the Highlands and love to go fishing for “Brown Trout” in the Spey – is there a pun there?

    Who pays Charlie Whelan’s wages? – is the Taxpayer funding him as Gordon Brown’s Minder or is he paid by Unite Union. Did the membership vote him in as their Political master?

    Another thought – when union membership go on strike and loose pay – do the Union leadership loose their pay for the duration of a strike?

    I don’t remember seeing any figures for Union Leaders pay, do they get expenses?

    I wonder if there are any Unite members on this blog who have any answers.

    Is Gordon now the UniteLiarbour party leader?


  50. 143
    fuido gawkes says:

    saw the unions on their uk tour in 70.s , brought the house down, well the country actually…….


  51. 144
    cassandra king says:

    Time after time the union rank and file membership have been used as expendable foot soldiers of the leftists political ambitions and time after time the union rank and file duly oblige their masters and happily walk off the cliff and into unemployment.

    You would have thought that by now the workers might have worked that the union barons have never suffered the results of their industrial blackmail and sabotage, the barons get Ks and pensions and cushy jobs and the workers get life on the dole or work in a minimum wage burger bar if they are lucky.
    Industry after industry and millions of jobs and whole towns destroyed by the union barons and for what?
    For two generations the union barons have undermined UK industry to the point of collpase all for their own selfish petty ends, they get the rewards and the workers get life on the scrapheap.
    Yet all they have to do is blame Thatcher and the bovine labour supporters lap it all up, perhaps the utterly stupid British worker deserved their fate.


    • 159
      Lemmings says:




    • 171
      Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

      Spot on, Cassandra King (is that a real name? Wow!)

      Best example is the NUM. All followed the loony Scargill into a strike when coal stocks were enormous – the NCB needed a strike for cash-flow reasons and had absolutely nothing to fear from a prolonged shutdown. Anyone could see that. The loyal foot-soldiers were starved (literally) into submission, all in the name of fraternal ‘solidarity’.

      And where’s the coal industry now? A few opencast sites operated by huge bulldozers and not much else.

      Scargill won, though. Still got paid, but above all saw one of his ambitions fulfilled – an important British industry smashed. Result!


    • 204
      Anonymous says:

      Spot on….

      The Unite Barons have got far too big for ther boots.They are corrupt all the way up to the top.

      They do not looking after their members interests,they are consumed with their lust for power and prey on weekness.

      I can’t help but feel pity for the poor people who pay for the privalage of being screwed…


  52. 145
    Holly says:

    Lets take stock.
    BA workers-
    pay their union subs-
    the union then gives these subs to Labour-
    Who gave the BA workers taxes to the very rich money men-
    Who Labour, the unions and the BA workers are so angry at-
    Then when the BA workers go on strike,they lose pay,yet Labour still get the BA workers subs from the unions?
    You couldn’t make it up.


    • 151
      Charlie Whelan says:

      That’s about it my dear, you forgot to add that we union bosses also get very rich at the expense of our workers.


    • 180
      You can't make this sort of stuff up - can you? says:

      No – it is worse even than that (and worse than what Charlie Whelan says above). Unite get a grant from HMG (us) to reconstruct themselves. Then BA workers pay them subs … now carry on as before ….


  53. 149
    John Rambo says:

    I just wanted my country to love me


    • 158
      major Dundeal says:

      don’t worry John,a few more months and all your Rambo’s will be rampaging in your country.


  54. 162
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Labour will get wipe of the face of the earth at this election.

    One one likes the Unions or their dirty protection racket money


  55. 168
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    The unions can afford to pay NuLab, thanks to the ‘Union Modernisation Fund’, a racket whereby the gummint (ie we) pay them to ‘modernise’ (WTF’s that? you may well ask).

    Neat, innit? Tax income is paid to unions; unions pay NuLab; NuLab uses our money to oppress us.

    And another thing – union sponsorship of MPs. Imagine the fuss if News International sponsored a dozen Tories.

    Why isn’t BluLabDave attacking?


  56. 169
    Fletch says:

    Presume that Calamity Bridges wasn’t involved in this operation!


  57. 185
    Sarah Brown says:

    Cash – a-ah – saviour of the universe
    Cash – a-ah – he’ll save everyone of us
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Cash – a-ah – he’s a miracle
    Cash – a-ah – king of the impossible

    He’s for everyone of us
    Stand for everyone of us
    He’ll save with a mighty hand
    Every man every woman
    Every child – with a mighty Cash

    Cash – a-ah
    Cash – a-ah – he’ll save everyone of us

    Just a man
    With a man’s courage
    He knows nothing but a man
    But he can never fail
    No one but the pure in heart
    May find the golden grail
    Oh oh – oh oh
    Cash Gordon My Hero


    • 198
      Raving Mad says:

      wish I had the courage to be like Gordon


      You had me under your spell then

      Gordon IS A MORON


      • 203
        Anonymous says:

        Vote Labour – Get Unite! :-(

        Vote Liberal – Get Unite,(eventually :-( :-( suckers)

        Vote Conservative – Get Even :-)!!!!!!


  58. 186
    A Moan Grumpy says:

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to Guido


  59. 188
    M Carter says:

    Attacking Whelan will do the Tories no good at all. They need some policies and some credibility. Only a few weeks left to get some together.


    • 197
      Spotted Dick says:

      what? like all the new policies coming out of new labour – twat! Dog tax and walkies….


  60. 193

    seriously ?? the tories are actually are going to try and run a 20 year old attack campaign with a few weeks to go and the polls what they are in a recession ???

    Mandelscum won’t believe his luck
    CCHQ finds the shotgun and aims squarely at it’s foot yet again
    no wonder they lost a 28 point lead


    • 200
      Sir Everard Digby says:

      I see so attacking Ashcroft and trying to make the link to Tory toffs was a stroke of genius but attacking those who bank roll Brown and making a link to the bad old days of Union over influence is of course utterly stupid.

      Could you explain your logic?


  61. 196
    Unite Togevver Forevva says:

    It has been announced today that the Unite Party of Great Britain, funded and aided in its political machinations by the former labour party, will be fielding 365 candidates at the next election. Charlie Whelan, Life President and BAFTA award winner has announced this move early to enable voters to notice the difference between them and all other parties. He endeavours to win every possible seat, podium and lectern in his mission to rid the United Kingdom of its sanity, once and for all.

    Don’t forget you read this first on Unite We Stand, Charlie Will Never Fall Communications (please mention us in team meetings and conferences).


  62. 199
    D L George says:

    Just saw something really bizarre.

    Lady and Gent from the BBC with a guest presenter (Asian chap – didn’t catch his name). One Beeb presenter started going on about Labour and Unite, the Asian chap started to spin in a Labour ‘on message’ type of way.

    The Beeb presenters didn’t let it go and opened up todays Daily Mail showing a double spread of the CCHQ bods shown yesterday by Guido (Whelan masks and swag bags), the Asian chaps eyes nearly popped out of his head.

    Whatever He was expecting, it wasn’t this. He immediately started to say it’s all Tory spin, there’s no story, if there had been a story it’s already over etc etc etc. Besides he said, Labour was built on Unions, Unions allowed it to blah blah blah.

    The female presenter ended the session with …
    “Yes, but this is NEW Labour, they’re not supposed to be so close to Unions are they!”

    Brilliant, that’s what I want from Aunty Beeb.

    Show finished about 5:55ish


  63. 201
    Simontm says:

    To be fair Guido, Unite did warn Liebore a couple of years ago about its intentions:
    “While a fair amount has been achieved already in terms of influence
    with the current Government, the upcoming General Election and the revival of the Conservative Party mean that the process of reclaiming the Labour Party for workers needs to be accelerated.”
    unite statement to members 2009


  64. 202
    Anonymous says:

    Vote Labour – Get Unite!!!

    Vote Liberal – Get Unite (In the end!)

    Vote Conservative – Get Even!! :-)


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