March 10th, 2010

Staggering Hypocrisy

Given what a shining New Statesman’s James Macintyre took to top freelance totty Rowenna Davis, it was only going to be a matter of time before she ended up writing for the struggling magazine. Last month she wrote a piece slamming parliamentarian’s use of unpaid interns suggesting that “MPs’ dependence on unpaid interns gives those from richer backgrounds a headstart on breaking into politics.” A fair point perhaps, so what’s this Guido reads? “The New Statesman Brand and Project Department is looking for an intern…” Paid? Yeah right…


  1. 1
    Mad Nads is NOT an expenses mega-tougher says:

    MPs should use their family to do nothing for taxpayers money like good piggies.


    • 8
      erratum says:

      “Mad Nads is NOT an expenses mega-trougher” would perhaps make more sense.


    • 31
      Willsteed says:

      I thought the UK had a minimum wage?


      • 38
        John Bull Printing Outfit says:

        Are you in the real World ???.There are NO jobs !!!!Thousands of graduates are working throughout the UK as unpaid interns or in the voluntary sector in the hope of actually either eventuallygetting a paid job or have something to enhance their CV.Some have even paid thousands of pounds for the privilege to actually work as an unpaid intern. AND there are literally hundreds of applicants for EACH unpaid internship


        • 69
          Stan Butler says:

          There are thousands of jobs available in the UK but graduates don’t want to shovel shit, get their hands dirty, wash up etc. I know because I employ some and they have a very high opinion of themselves. Well, because every man and his dog nowadays has a degree in something there are a lot less ‘graduate level’ jobs but plently of ‘shit shovelling’ jobs. I suggest graduates consider their options and buy a shovel.


          • DNTT says:

            Well said!

            I used to laugh when we’d get a new graduate in at work.

            Suited, booted and full of academic knowledge.

            The first month always, without fail involved them making the rounds of tea.

            They would whinge and bitch about doing the tea. Thought that the job was “beneath” them and not worthy of someone that has got a piece of paper and twenty grand worth of debt.

            What they didn’t realise is that by getting the drinks in, it gave them the chance to observe what every single person in the factory did for a job, and to learn their names.

            All qualified, no common sense.


          • Lord G says:

            This problem does not just affect graduates – it affects all of our society, hence the opportunities for immigrant workers. The same people who think it is beneath them to graft are the first to complain about the immigrant workforce who come in and fill these posts. Clowns.


          • Selwyn froggit says:

            I Love digging holes


      • 99

        Sarah Brown – the UK’s minimum WAG.


    • 43
      Chipfriers Bobby says:

      Surely two fresh vacancies have just cropped up in Glasgow? Get your CVs ready.


  2. 2
    I Kandy says:

    Who would you hire to front Guy News? Emily Nomates or Margaret Beckett?


    • 7
      Shurely shome mishtake ? says:

      the words ‘top totty’ and no picture?
      this place is going to the unlicensed dogs


    • 120
      Anonymous says:

      Who would you hire to run an economy?
      The Darling who announces that he will announce the date of the next budget?
      Today: 1.491900 US$/£

      Will there be any point in having a budget by the time he’s got around to announcing that he will announce the date of the budget?
      The exchange rate on the dollar will have fallen through pound weakness (Yes we are in a worse state than the US – “It all started in America” – no it didn’t).


  3. 3
    school for scoundrels says:

    What is Poshos, please?


  4. 4
    Steve Expat says:

    Socialism – do what we say, not what we do.

    Lefties seriously think that Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was an instruction manual, and that the evil Thatcher got in the way of it being implemented to the correct timescale.

    Ms Davies is rather cute though, I’d give her an unpaid internship!


  5. 5
    Watt Tyler says:

    Neo-Labour is a treat to the welfare of your family:

    Remove these perverts form power.


    • 6
      Watt Tyler says:

      Happy-ologies for the spelling mistakes; the point, nevertheless, remains forceful.

      Remove these filth-mongers from power.


    • 86
      Moley says:

      Is it now illegal to look at porn on the internet?

      What offence are these councillors supposed to have committed?

      Have they had Conservative thoughts?


  6. 9
    Cassandrina says:

    Interns are in.
    Loads of jobs available in Europe, America and the Far East, especially in the development aid business where they are seeking brains without payment or responsibilities.
    Of course they forget the old Soviet adage “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work”


  7. 10
    James ' I need sorting out' Macintyre says:

    “Paid? Yeah right…”

    Oh yeah, paid in kind, if you know what I mean…….nudge, nudge wink, wink.


  8. 11
    Steve Expat says:

    O/T already (sorry), but are Labour seriously trying to smear Joanna Lumley in the Indy?

    Didn’t they fuck up big time when trying to discredit this ‘national treasure’ only a few months back..?


    • 13
      a troll in the woods says:

      “The Defence minister Kevan Jones ordered the inquiry after it emerged that former soldiers had paid thousands of pounds to a welfare charity which referred their cases to immigration lawyers in this country.”

      Kevan Jones has got form for sucking humongous amounts of Brown cock, and then carrying out his masters orders.


      • 17
        Steve Expat says:

        No matter what Phil Woolas achieves in what’s left of his life, the first million hits on his name will always be about him being chased round the BBC by an actress with a somewhat better sense of politics than he will ever have.


        • 34
          A Pensioner says:

          And a nicer arse


        • 51
          A perfect example says:

          One of the delicious memories of 2009 for me;

          The absolute nonentity and mediocrity Woolas,making up policy on the go as he is cornered by a woman with the common sense to seize him by his balls and squeeze really hard.

          A cowardly and grotty man,so perfect an example of Brown’s thugs that you will ever lay eyes on.


      • 42
        Doc Trough says:

        A well known citrus fruit, Mr Jones is almost universally loathed by the armed forces.


    • 58
      Mr Ned says:

      Of course they are going to attack her. She made them look stupid, cruel and heartless on prime time TV, then after their “charm offensive” which included capitulating to all of her demands, (and that one REALLY sticks in their throat), she tells everyone to vote green!

      Attack and smear is all labour have left!


      • 121
        Sting's Beard says:

        What is utterly astonishing is this silly little ministers insistence that Lumley make a statement. She is a private loyal subject of the Queen and does not have to do anything she does not wish to. Perhaps the minister is giving voice to his sub-conscious recognition that lumley has far more right to be in power than he has!


        • 159
          Pedant says:

          “She is a private loyal subject of the Queen”


          After the British Nationality Act 1981 (brought in by that patriot, Margaret Thatcher) British subjects were no longer subjects and became citizens.


          • Sting's Beard says:

            Thank you Pedant! You may quote the law wheras I quote a higher authority, myself! No actually what is more intersting is that successive EU Treaties have made HM the Queen a citizen of the EU. despite the fact that she is our Sovereign. Stuff the EU I am not a citizen, I have never lived in a city!!


    • 169
      Anonymous says:

      MoD very hurt that Gurkas are not taking advice from the MoD, minister also hurt that Gurkas do not love Big Brother, so minister deputizes a posse to dig some dirt up on the lawyers the Gurkas prefer their legal advice from, on the grounds that said lawyers are getting their hands on Big Brother’s money.

      Ridiculous story – all the memes that mark out nu liebore – including raising false expectations and then pissing on the people concerned.


  9. 14
    Murdoch loses another Million thanks to Coulson says:

    Max Clifford drops News of the World phone hacking action in £1m deal

    Tabloid accused of buying silence after persuading celebrity PR agent to drop case over interception of voicemail messages


    • 22
      Street of Shame says:

      who is bugging the England team I wonder…


    • 129
      Sting's Beard says:

      Talking of Max Clifford whatever happened to the lady from the National anti bulling helpline he took on as a client. Has he thrown her down a well or something. He seems to be doing a pretty good job shutting her up on behalf of the Misguided Doom of Downing Street!


  10. 15
    fagged@eton says:

    They’ve been using interns for ages – one NS ad remains from last year:

    “New Statesman Projects Intern

    We require availability from June 15th until October 9th.
    The position is unpaid however travel expenses from zones 1-3 will be covered.
    Deadline for applications is Friday 5 June.”


    • 30
      Anonymous says:

      Hypocrisy on a crocodile goes riding by . . .


      • 41
        Cato Street Conspirator says:

        You don’t understand – when ‘nice’ people like the NS and the Guardian do it there’s nothing wrong because what ‘nice’ people do must be right. But if ‘nasty’ peopl do it then it is wrong. Simple really.


  11. 18
    caesars wife says:

    rumours of March 24th budget , ruin termed a dangerous dog act ,NI votes to run its own justice and policing , balance of trade (gloablisation in action) and downgrade to credit rating ,council execs pay is out of control. An interesting day !.

    Should interns be paid ? there is thing called gaining experience , not too much wrong in being a student and being offered subsistence for some mid term experience to see if you like it . everything wrong with describing an intern being abused for 12 months because you can earn more cash than by paying them a wage .

    commons debate on Exeter and Norwich unitary status , which had some interesting exchanges , lab Mp Rosie Winterton led the assault giving young Chole a bit of a swipe , Charles Clark wieghed in from the sparse Labour benches ,Bob neill cried deciet and a threat to goveranance . The question CW was most intrigued was why ms Winterton did not disclose the “financial” information that had swayed the decision , by not disclosing this she left the debate to swing wildly . Cw wasnt sure if she had any proof that what she was proposoing would work at all ,at least on the basis and reasoning of the idea , it mostly seemed that the merger would favour whoever labour thought should run them , and she stumbled at finding an example of of where it had achieved results .other grumblings were very interesting .

    NN had a go at one of CW long running worries about Labours (and USA ) society , just as it got going with Aric sigmund and Dana, Microsoft social stidies spokesperson , satellite feed got pulled , how very jammy .


    • 48
      TosserWatch says:

      fascinating take on proceedings…have you thought of starting your own blog ? doctors could prescribe reading your postings to aid sleep ..yawn yawn


      • 72
        Sir Everard Digby says:

        Tosserwatch – I see you don’t like intelligent thought……..are you a socialist? or a product of New Labour Education? Perhaps CW could re-write this as a set of multiple choice questions for you?

        Personally I am fine with all the comments on here-even the Labour trolls who think they are clever but really just show themselves for what they are and what they support – a corrupt and bankrupt regime in every sense.


    • 75
      Up sh1t creek says:

      There will be NO budget, the election will be called early to make sure there isn’t. No cuts and the markets will give their brutal verdict, (pretend) cuts and the public sector will react with “anger.”

      It is better therefore to not give one and ride out the flack from the Conservatives of not giving a budget “what have you got to hide.” Blah blah blah.


    • 176
      Old Adage says:

      I sweat you pay


  12. 19
    Purdy avenging high kicks says:

    New Labour are a cowering, trembling cowards and I’m going to kick Brown’s hairy arse.


  13. 21
    Islamic fanaticism IS the problem says:

    If Labour win the election…

    2011: “Today, the government passed legislation which will introduce the Alternative Vote electoral system in time for the next general election. The Prime Minister, Mr Miliband, denied accusations that AV makes Britain a one party state.”

    2012: “The Prime Minister has instructed the army to enforce Martial Law after some of the worst rioting in the country’s history.”

    2013: “Amidst much opposition and protests, the government today passed a law which will make Sharia part of the British justice system.”

    2014: “Four Muslim men have been acquitted of burning down a hospice which they said was home to ‘evil AIDS patients.’ The court decided that the men had been acting in accordance with their faith.”

    2015: “Labour have won a landslide election victory. Prime Minister Peter Mandelson said he had received a clear mandate from the electorate.”


    • 25
      hysteria is the problem says:

      2016: “Tony Blair reveals himself to have been a woman all the time and supplants Mandelson after a live televised ‘arm wrestle for the PM reality show’ takes place of all future elections.”

      2017: “Peanuts are proved to cure cancer by the Daily Mail and Britain adopts the peanut as it’s currency amid panic buying.”

      2017: “Jamie Oliver found drowned in a tub of Peanut butter, Daily Mail admits it’s Peanut Story might have been bullshit. Britain returns to the pound”

      2018: “Robots take over Western Europe”

      2019: “Robots get bored and leave Western Europe for the Robot Whorehouses of Japan.”

      2020: “King Charles shocks the world by performing experimental genetic engineering on himself to become a Spaniel”

      2021: “Prime Minister Noel Edmonds is ‘elected’ by arm wrestle and eats his vanquished opponent Blair live on Air. Election deemed a success by ITV who trounce Eastenders in the ratings”

      2022: “Rapture, Apocalypse and Pringles releases a new crisp labour called chive and herring”

      2023: “Year Zero – The People’s Republic of Chips is formed where once Britian stood. Ant and Dec are worshipped as Gods. The dead are the lucky ones.”


  14. 23
    French says:

    Rowenna Davis or Davies?Guido’s organ has inserted a letter.


  15. 24
    Ghost of Ashcroft says:

    Fuck the Staggers – Ashcroft still stinks.


  16. 27
    Doctor Mick says:

    Was Monica Lewinsky paid as an intern, because she wasn’t laid, he heard under oath?


  17. 35
    A Pensioner says:

    O/T but it appears Shortarzy is lacking in more than one dimension.

    Carla: if you’re following this blog, call me I have something for you.


  18. 37
    Andrew k says:

    Here are some killer lines for David cameron to use in pmq’s and beyond: the Gordon brown illusion
    created a ” boom based on debt”
    “boom and super recession”
    “not just a recession but a Gordon brown super recession”


    • 39
      John Bull Printing Outfit says:

      The British economy is well placed to take advantage of the recovery……mmmm !!!!


      • 55
        Anonymous says:

        He’s still fucking saying it, even today when the only countries on the planet worse off than we are could well just be just Zimbabwe and Greece (and on some technical measures we’re actually worse off than Greece too) –

        BBC: Gordon Brown is set to say he has guided the economy through a “storm” over the past 18 months and is ***best placed to secure its recovery***.

        How can that evil negligent fucker have the gall to still stand up and say “we’re best placed” ?


        • 68
          Luck of the Jonah says:

          The only luck Brown has had is being the unelected PM now rather than when the I*R*A were loose on the streets of London firing mortars etc at Downing Street.



        • 77
          Throbber says:

          How can he say it? Because he is an evil liar and a complete lunatic.
          He has no shame or morals whatsoever.


          • Craigoh says:

            Luck? Oh, so it was just through “bad luck” that Gordon Brown, the “Iron Chancellor” singlehandedly FUBAR-ed the Britsh economy?


      • 114
        Moley says:

        Quote from Mail article;

        “A Treasury spokesman defended Labour’s approach, saying: ‘The Government has set out a plan to halve the deficit over four years. Backed by the force of law, this is the sharpest deficit reduction in the G7 over that time.’ ”

        The credibility problem that Labour has is that the world knows that it has exempted itself from the need to comply with its own laws.


    • 52
      TosserWatch says:

      the chamber couldn’t cope with killer comments like this…have you thought of applying for a political speech writer’s job in westminster ?


    • 59
      Infanta of Castile says:

      DC also needs some ripostes for when Brown “replies” to a question about the economy by talking about Ashcroft.

      How about – “the PM and his unelected first minister seem more concerned about whether someone in the conservative party may or may not have reneged on a private commitment to another member of the party than he does about whether he and his predecessor have reneged on so many of their very public commitments to the British people”
      “If the PM is so concerned about potential loss of tax revenue, will he undertake not to place government advertising contracts with any organisation linked to off-shore tax havens?”


      • 70
        HP Officejet says:

        From Collins English Dictionary

        2 adj A congenital characteristic or feature in a person is so strong that you cannot imagine it ever changing, although there may seem to be no reason for it.
        usu ADJ n (=incorrigible)
        He was a congenital liar and usually in debt.


  19. 44
    Less_Labour_Wonga says:

    So working for naught is the new nirvana?

    (Do interns use the subsideised canteens?)


  20. 47
    thick as thieves says:

    I’ve always been worried that my boss will catch me on order order at work.

    Now thanks to a colleague of mine, I don’t have to worry anymore.

    If my boss walks towards my desk I just have to click on one little button & it makes it look like i’ve been watching porn instead.


    • 54
      Tats all for now,folks! says:

      Wow – that must have taken all of your daily brain power to come up with that one.

      Where is TAT these days – is it true he now shares a cell with Peter Sutcliffe?


  21. 49
    Hairbrushed Dave says:


    • 53
      TosserWatch says:

      earth shattering news breaking….good god david cameron checking his hair is tidy b4 going on sky.


      • 63
        Brown Check says:

        Before Brown goes on TV;

        Injection of 3 doses – check

        Clean teeth and remove Mandelson’s arse hairs – check

        Warm up gaping jaw movement – check

        Insert bad eye – check

        Insert semi-bad eye – check

        Apply three layers of make-up -check (send for ambulance for make-up lady after being shoved out of the way)

        Pep talk from minder (“they are wrong on everything” is today’s message)

        Ensure shirt is hiding straitjacket – check

        Pray he doesn’t explode – check


        • 104
          Right Bastard says:

          Hand cheque to Czech cleaner wearing check skirt – check


        • 124
          Geordie Girl says:

          Had a bloody good laugh at that Brown Check – especially Mandelson’s arse hairs, gaping jaw, bad eye and semi-bad eye.


        • 163
          Dino says:

          Ha ha. It amazes me how the Labour types can push forward Brown as next PM, KNOWING that he is an incompetent loon.

          Goes to show, people believe what they want to believe, whatever makes them feel best.


  22. 50
    Why is youth wasted on the young says:

    I am of the strong opinion that no party wants to win this election outright and all are hoping for some kind of hung parliament so they can blame each other when the impending, imminent, looming, approaching, forthcoming and unavoidable gargantuam colossal tons of shit hit the fan.


    • 56
      A week in politics is a long time says:

      Agree and the £ is plummeting this morning, the shit has already hit the fan.


    • 66
      After You says:

      A bit of a “after you”, “no,after you” game at the door of a room.

      They just don’t realise the room contains the rotting corpse of Great Britain.


    • 105
      Anonymous says:

      The only person who wants to win the election (but can’t summon the courage to call one) is Gordon Brown. Anyone else in his position would have faked their own death about 2 years ago.


      • 141
        Sting's Beard says:

        Perhaps he is dead and its all been a gigantic scam to avoid having an election. Bit like Paul McCartney really being dead since 1966!


  23. 76
    The BBC says:

    Achtung achtung achtung
    The dear leader is making a speech now about the state of the economy.


    • 85
      SS Titanicshit says:

      Wisp ahoy cap’t
      Is it the recovery lookout?


    • 87
      Carlos says:

      He’s having a few troubles with reading the autocue again. Oh, and those stupid hand gestures at all the wrong times! Oh, and he can only look towards the audience on his left. Oh, and he’s a moron. Oh, and he’s just waffling. Oh, and the BBC are going to be lapping it up. Oh, and I give up. I’m off for a coffee.


  24. 78
    Pinky Dinky Doo says:

    Brown on the telly already – 8.45am – probably talking shit – I can’t stand anymore and am off to jump off a bridge somewhere


    • 94
      Suicides "R" us says:

      Try a high rise block of flats in Glasgow, it’s the nuLabour way to go.


      • 125
        Anonymous says:

        No, he’d have to climb 13 flights of piss-soaked stairs, first. Labour’s clientele being little better than animals and all that. Hardly the stuff you’d like your final memories to be made from.


  25. 79
    Top Totty says:

    Please note that there is one rule for the left & one for everyone else. What the left do & what they write are two different things. Please never forget that the facts are what the left tell you!


  26. 82
    Sarah says:

    Can we have no mocking of Darling Husband please.


  27. 88
    hang um high. says:

    O/T just been reading coments on the Nick Robinson blog….hes been getting a right good kicking about his Biased reporting for his master Gordon Brown.
    So he changed tact on his next blog and still getting a good kicking., think people are now waking up to the Fucking biased BBC about time.


    • 150
      Sting's Beard says:

      Yeah I noticed that. Intriguing because he certainly wouldn’t have been given a bollocking from the powers that be at the Beeb. Maybe just hedging his bets in case he has to deal with a non Labour government in the future!


  28. 89
    Tom (Peeping) says:

    She is pretty god dammed fit though…

    …anyone know where she lives?


  29. 90
    Brown - not long now says:

    Brown working himself up at the lectern – less than 2 months now before we can safely turn on the television and know we won’t see him and his jaw and his eye and his hands and that smile thing he does.

    Steady as she goes,not long now.


  30. 91
    SS Titanicshit says:

    Budget = no election soon


  31. 92
    Steve Expat says:

    Fucking hell this is nausiating soundbite TV at its worst.

    “Started in America”
    “Global crisis”
    “Deficit Recovery Plan”
    “Protecting Services from Swinging Cuts”
    etc etc

    At the same time as Northern Rock just announced that they lost £257m last year…


    • 97
      Carlos says:

      Alkie Ayda


      • 122
        Elocution for him or Electrocution? says:

        Its actually “Soloooooshian”.

        I am doing a Phd in Brown Speak at the “University of What the F*uck” in Dunfermline.

        I get a 100% grant cos I am Scottish,stupid and use Coca Cola (nudge nudge).


    • 98
      Wayne Slob says:

      correction stupid public lost £257 m last year.
      My god he’s back on green power.


    • 108
      Doc Trough says:

      There’s a lot of babble that isn’t even English. This speech has been written by Moses David and delivered by a loon who clearly hasn’t reduced the amount of chemical support it requires to function


    • 116
      Brown - going going ...... says:

      “Living wills” ????

      We have no will left you utter b*astard.

      Get off and top yourself now.

      This is all like a very bad dream.


  32. 96
    farmer Giles says:

    just seen the missus off to work – she says ‘enjoy the day’ – I go in, turn the tv on and Gordon fuckin Browns on every channel – what is there to enjoy? Where’s my combine harvester, that do the job…….


    • 103
      Old McBurger says:

      get up late?


    • 107
      what time is the 9 O'clock news says:

      Brown on every TV channel, fcuk it even labour are now trying to throw this election


      • 153
        Sting's Beard says:

        Why is he being given all this coverage? its not as though he is pronouncing on anything important. This is blatant media bias yet again.


        • 157
          Mondeoman says:

          Correct, but who is going to stop this or police it? The rules of engagement post election annoucement kick in to provide balance, in the meantime, labour are exploiting the media and the media are allowing it to happen, this must be addressed in the future.


      • 170
        A Pensioner says:

        But what’s to like? The fat Scotch poof is a real turn off. Show more, I say.


  33. 100
    Martin Day says:

    David Cameron has got no chance with me


    David Cameron comes out fighting over Martin Day

    • Tory leader rejects claims party is reliant on Martin Day

    • Pressure for answers over Martin Day’s defection to Labour intensifies


    • 152
      caesars wife says:

      hold on evanomics and presto are in for stallingrad awards first , preston was excellent on Northern Rock figures , blah , blah ,splutter cough , not as bad as you might think evan , you know upward trend an all that .(did anyone notice figure of £243mn losses was not mentioned, just said not as much as last year ) , evanomics “mmm yeah its an improvement then” ,


    • 160
      Moley says:

      Who is Martin Day?

      (Apart from the tit who posts on here).

      Is he meant be famous, a celebrity, an expert, or what?

      I have never heard of him.


  34. 101
    BBC says:

    Achtung achtung achtung
    The economy will be fixed in 2 weeks.
    The dear leader


  35. 102
    Angry At Brown says:

    ….I can’t watch, I can’t watch ……has he said “I saved the world” yet


  36. 106
    lol from the beeb merry go round leftish media says:

    Perhaps the new statesman should write a feature on Mrs Brown’s honorary degree from Wolverhampton wonderful University where lord Paul is a chancellor?

    Just a thought


  37. 109
    He has gone over the edge into the realm of mega super hero says:

    Highest standards of supervision. SUPER VISION


  38. 110
    hang um high. says:

    im watching Brown on Sky.what the fuck is he on about does anyone know.FFS


    • 113
      what time is the 9 O'clock news says:

      It could be worse wait til 3-D televison, they’ll be 3 of him all at the same time.


      • 118
        Hic says:

        I have that problem now – I have to dr*ink so much v*odka just to be able to sit through 5 minutes of the utter scumbag talking.

        I end up seeing three TV’s and 6 Brown’s.


        • 128
          Hick says:

          make moonshine,it takes the edge off the cost and makes you feel better knowing you robbed gorgons tax


        • 130
          what time is the 9 O'clock news says:

          I have remote controlled windscreen wipers fitted to my 300″ wall mounted Plasma.

          It makes it easy to wipe off the vomit every time Brown comes on.


      • 127
        hang um high. says:

        yep hes on 3 screens now he still wont admit hes made mistakes,


      • 140
        caesars wife says:

        3 debts television , sounds about right under labour


  39. 112
    Ting Tong says:

    To do or not to do that is the decision to do or not to do


  40. 119
    Brownwatch says:

    Ominous.” In the next 5 years”


    • 126
      Steve Expat says:

      It will only be 8 weeks if the country decide to put him out of his misery – and fuck there’s a lot of misery there – on May 6th


      • 144
        caesars wife says:

        8 weeks of misery to endure , oh well time for jimmy cricket song then “with a little whistle”


  41. 123
    Brownwatch says:

    show me a soldier thats made a mistake and I’ll show you a soldier that joined the army


  42. 136
    Forces of Hell says:

    Who would want to phone the Radio 5 phone in? Youspend half an hour being quizzed by a moderator then after an hour and a half waiting on the phone, instead of getting to talk to Nick Campbell you get Victoria Derbyshite? AAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what is it with these people?


  43. 137
    caesars wife says:

    Ruin making unfounded statements and alligations again , clearly up for bulldozer effect to limit Camerons PMQs attack. I got bored about 20 secs in but he wants sacking for “a soldier that has never made mistake has never been in a battle” i mean what does he know about fighting with real bullets . 5% growth where from ,debt will be eating that like hell.

    Sound bites suggest he is in serious trouble , i think labours own polling is showing he has to do somthing in the closing stages as its so long Labour .I cant wait .

    good news is Charlie Wheelan is going to ensure that ed Balls becomes next Labour leader , clearly thers more charlie being sniffed in labour than we thought.


    • 166
      Peering over the edge says:

      Right – their private polling is showing them the abyss that Labour are in.

      Hence Harman’s astonishing PMQ’s screaming about Ashcroft,the total control over the BBC and the double strength of Brown’s dose just to keep him able to sit in a chair (of course,it all goes wrong when he tries to talk,as the dose makes him super-odd with his answers).

      Hilarious if it was someone else’s country,but it’s not.


  44. 138
    Steve Expat says:

    Has anyone actually seen this “Deficit Reduction Plan” of which Gordon talks?

    He’s mentioned it literally hundreds of times, but is there any substance to this plan other than legislating that the debt will be cut..?


  45. 142
    Doc Trough says:



  46. 161
    gordon says:

    My subjects


  47. 167

    The expression is not ‘to take a shining’ but:

    ‘ . . 4. to take a shine to (colloq., orig. U.S.): to take a fancy for.
    1839 Crockett Almanac 1840 14, I wonst had an old flame I took sumthin of a shine to.
    . . 1980 Times Lit. Suppl. 18 July 799/1 If her [sc. Barbara Pym’s] heroines were married, they were not unfaithful to their husbands, although they might take a shine to the curate.’


    • 183
      Craigoh says:

      Er, could it be shinning that Guido means?

      (As in dealing out a kick to the shins, not taking a shining to summat.)


      • 185

        One of Dave’s chums, perhaps?

        ‘Shin v. . . 3. To kick (a person) on the shins. Also, to shoot in the shins.
        1819 E. EVANS Pedestrious Tour 214 Soldiers are apt to fire too high. He was often heard to say to his troops in battle: ‘Shin them, my brave boys!’
        . . 1864 [HEMYNG] Eton School Days xiii, He could not go out of his tutor’s .. without some one .. ‘shinning’ him if he passed near enough.’


  48. 172
    Thats that says:

    Gordon Brown.There will be many months ahead of conflicting statistics
    Interperater. I am going to tell lots of lies


  49. 174
  50. 186

    […] 12th, 2010 Do As They Say, Not As They Do Earlier in the week it was the Staggers that were highlighting their intern-hypocrisy, and now as the Lib […]


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