March 8th, 2010

Absolutely Brilliant Feminists

To celebrate International Women’s Day Guido thought he would share an intimate email exchange between close friends, all devout feminists,  in the run up to last year’s event.  Draper was working away at LabourList and thought he would titillate the boys a little:

From: James Macintyre
To: Roger Liddle; Derek Draper
Sent: Tuesday, 3 March, 2009 14:38:18
Subject: FW: CV

Roger, Derek, this guy is super bright, and Labour, and finishing an internship with NS this week. If you have a place for him..or if there is anyone you might be able to forward to..

From: Derek Draper
Sent: 03 March 2009 15:14
To: James Macintyre; Roger Liddle

is he cute though?
020 7486 ████
MIND Journalist of the Year 2007/8

From: James Macintyre
To: Derek Draper; Roger Liddle
Sent: Tuesday, 3 March, 2009 15:07:35

I knew that would be your response!

From: Derek Draper
Sent: 03 March 2009 15:19
To: James Macintyre; Roger Liddle

what’s the answer, though?

(if you are single you should pop in here on friday morning as we have the delectable rowenna davies here guest editing labourlist for international womens day)

fowrad to a harman led labour party


From: James Macintyre
To: Derek Draper; Roger Liddle
Sent: Tuesday, 3 March, 2009 15:15:49

He is very tall, handsome in a bookish sort of way. Very █████ and █████.

I am very much single and in need to remedy that. I ███ █████ ███ ██ Friday – who is this woman? Otherwise will have to try and pull Harman..


From: Derek Draper
Sent: 03 March 2009 15:26
To: James Macintyre; Roger Liddle

he sounds like a queer

(she says she’s a freelance journalist, quite lefty, very beautiful)

From: James Macintyre
To: Derek Draper
Sent: Tuesday, 3 March, 2009 15:24:35

well you called her delectable then appeared not to know her – anyway i see she is now v v fit – ridiculously beautiful – why she editing it – so you can look at her?


thanks for emailing the labour woman – please let me know what her response is however negative – even if she says “i have heard he is a total wanker” as i know she will reply to you. x


No wonder Ms. Davies wasn’t too impressed with her day in the office, she later wrote:  “When I first met the site’s regular editor Derek Draper and his all-male staff to discuss potential questions for an online survey, he suggested with a grin that I ask “Is domestic violence always wrong?” and then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to set me up with James Purnell.”  Clearly a confused bunch.

Happy Women’s Day everyone…

*Some parts redacted on taste grounds.


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    These are our values. It’s in our D-N-A….

  2. 2

    We’re all trying to avoid vomiting together.

  3. 4

    What is wrong with James Macintyre’s spelling?

    A future fair for all?”

  4. 5

    Kind of sums up Labour doesn’t it? Say one thing to be “right on trendy” whilst thinking something different.

    Have a better pic of Harman and her Labour lies on the blog.

  5. 8

    For Guido to redact something on the grounds of taste is as likely as Fred West saying “No thanks, she’s too young and closely related”

    • 21
      Dick the Prick says:

      Quite so – most intriguing! What a bloody shambles though. You don’t use your work e-mail for crap like that; at least have the good sense to jump into hotmail. Amateurs!

      • 63
        Anonymous says:

        You’d actually want to use Google Mail and make bloody sure the “always use HTTPS” option is selected.

  6. 10
    Sarah's sacrifice says:

    15:15 McIntyre to Draper(Redacted).”I fucked Gordon’s wife on friday”.

  7. 13

    It was bad, even by our low standards of decency.

  8. 14
    Sir William Waad says:

    Try getting away with that sort of banter if you were running a furniture showroom in Swindon. It’s one rule for them, another rule for us taxpayers. I’m not surprised, because these people are known to be scum, but I am a bit shocked as I really think that kind of sexist talk is wrong, as I was saying to one of the stable lasses the other day as she bent over to scrub a horse’s hoof in her tight jodhpurs….

  9. 15
  10. 16
    Larry says:

    Please leave this at the top of your page as long a s possible, and try to force a reply from James Mcintyre.

  11. 18
    Could You Shag a Socialist says:

    Rowenna Davis might be attractive but I really couldn’t be bothered.

    • 23
      Phwoarr! says:

      I bloody could!

    • 25
      Mitch says:

      Your principles are admirable, but you might be taking it too far….

    • 38
      Knock, knock it's the bailiffs says:

      At night all cats are grey!

      As it’s national womens day who’s up for lesbian lavatory lust?

      • 53
        Could You Shag a Socialist says:

        I really couldn’t stand to hang around and hear the shite she would spout. There are better looking women with better judgement in their politics than this silly bitch.

  12. 22
    Kate Garraway says:

    Don’t bother coming home. The locks are changed and your clothes out in the skip.

  13. 26
    Dino says:

    Wow, that’s quite shocking. Any chance we can have the un-redacted version?

    Link to it, with warnings etc? Or just supply the missing words and we can put them back in ourselves.

  14. 28

    Is that McNulty on the Daily politics?
    Thought he was banished for excessive flipping. Down the Jacqui Smith, perona non video, track.

    Has he been rehabilitated?

    • 71
      Andy Carpark says:

      They can’t afford to leave a man of his intellect out of the campaign.

      When the dust has settled, the succession will be a straight fight between Tony McNulty and Phil Woolas, mark my words.

      • 186

        They only have a 3,500 and 4,500 majority respectively and abysmal records with their expenses, I doubt either of them will be returned to Parliament on 6th May.

    • 184
      Mr Ned says:

      McNulty is the former home office Minister who said,

      “We are not knocking down doors at four in the morning with people booted and suited in riot gear. Most of the removals occur around half-five, half-six, seven in the morning.”

      Phew I feel a whole lot safer now, thank fuck we only detain innocent people without charge at a more respectful time of day.

    • 211
      Maladroit Labour Chump says:


  15. 29


    So was Draper hacked has he alleged during McBride and Smeargate episode?

  16. 39
    Sweet and Innocent Child of a Politically Correct and Non-Discriminatory Socialist Heaven says:

    What’s a queer?

  17. 40
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Its not as if its just lefty feminists who would say “shut up you foul creeps”. You might think that anyone with a normal path through life would realise that banter like that is likely to get you kicked in the balls (etc.), unless its in the pub with a bunch of blokes.

    But then Draper has always been like that, and most women had the sense to ignore him.

  18. 43
    Thats News says:

    Equality. So important that Labour only allow it out of the cupboard on very special occasions…

  19. 44
    just so you know says:

    nice use of the word ‘queer’ – they are all class aren’t they! This really shows one of the most infuriating aspects of NuLabour – they try to make out they are so PC and shove laws down out throats and all the time they are worse than we are!

    PS – love the accessorising of Harmans T-shirt with the necklace.

  20. 46
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    What sort of man asks of another “Is he cute?”
    Degsy probably turned straight when he realised that even poofs wouldnt fuck him anymore
    Women are so forgiving of a mans looks , unlike knob jockeys

  21. 48

    Unredact it would you mate? We’re all grown-ups here.

    Apart from the socialists of course, but who fucking cares if they’re offended?

    BTW, might this not be a nice counter to the Labour vermin trying to smear Dave’s latest convert? Some reather fit scottish type, Tessa Hartman, full of milfy goodness.

    “She added that more needed to be done about controlling immigration. “We should be looking after ourselves at home to start with,” she said. “We need to start being a bit more selfish.”

    Her comments were seized on by the Labour Party as portraying the real face of the Tories. A spokesman for Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy said: “This just shows how out of touch the Conservatives still are. Their values are at odds with the generosity of Scots. They are a risk that Scotland cannot afford to take.””

    Generous with other people’s money, that is.

    Labour, of course, the nice party in public – unless you criticise them – the nasty party in their emails.

  22. 49
    Postal Vote says:

    Postal Votes are always ‘cute’ for he party that gets them!

  23. 50
    Animal says:

    Yet another, albeit rather amusing, example of the rank hypocrisy of lefties in the workplace. For all their posturing and claims that the downtrodden worker is better represented by Labour, take even the shortest peak at a whole range of unions and left-wing media and you will find staff treated far worse than in other companies.

    I once worked for a Labour-loving, politically-correct to-the-point-of-exasperating MD at a company some years ago. Horrible atmosphere fuelled by whisper campaigns against anyone who tried to think for themselves and an utter lack of direction. Went bust after burning through cash on vanity projects and no attempt to get to grips with the real problems they face.

    Sounds worryingly familiar, doesn’t it?

    • 82
      backwoodsman says:

      the bbc ?

      • 188
        Mr Ned says:

        The BBC cannot go bust due to the unique way it is funded (through extortion and money extracted through menaces.)

        It will still be there reporting the final destruction of the UK just before it is renamed the EUBC and swallowed up as a loyal regional broadcaster of EU propaganda.

  24. 52
    X Rated says:

    Guido is concerned for our tastes.

  25. 54
    Anonymous says:

    “He sounds like a queer” Derek the psychotherapist. lol.

  26. 56
    Dark Knight says:

    Radio 5 Live this morning. Mad Hattie was being interviewed by the Skinny Scot. She was asked about her husband being selected as a parliamentary candidate in spite of the constituency being identified as one where it would be an all woman list. She said I will get back to the question. Needless to say she did not and the Skinny Scot didn’t press her and let her get away with it. Bloody BBC.

  27. 57
    Labour List says:

    James Macintyre is political correspondent for the New Statesman. Before tha”t he was a reporter at the Independent, specialising in religious affairs and politics, after moving across to print journalism from television, where he was producer of LWT’s Dimbleby programme and BBC1′s Question Time.”

    • 74
      Anonymous says:

      He would arrange the audience then? In an unbiased way of course.

      • 172
        Andy Carpark says:

        How dare you say that. It is a randomly selected audience of hand-picked lefties.

    • 76
      TheBeeb says:

      James is very unbiased in his politics and ensures our Question Time audiences are from a broad political spectrum ranging from the left to the far left.

      He is very kind to our female coke-snorters here and will rub their arses constantly during a programme.

    • 219
      lol from the beeb merry go round leftish media says:

      ze ladeeeey that is in the running for a safe seat and was poltical editor of GMTV also used to be a helping hand for Dimbleby

      wooh ….

      …. what a broad church the media and labour and the uk

      so incestuous that soon you’ll get very bored when you’ve got brains

  28. 58
    Penfold says:

    Ye gods Guido, whats that photo on the right?
    If that’s feminism then bring on the hemlock…………….

  29. 59

    Harriet’ s photo. The poor luv. She’s not normally that much of a bull!
    She reminds me of someone in that picture.

    Is it Bobby Davro?

  30. 60
    Askey says:

    Putting labourlist into google with the redacted telephone number gets this result, i thank you

  31. 64
    Martin Day says:

    this is just the sort of activity you expect from liebour.

    just hard nosed bullying lying c u n t s, every one of them, corrupt to the core. learnt it all from the soviets in the brezhnev era.

  32. 65
    Jack Dromey says:

    You are toast Macintyre !!!

    • 134

      If you had just said you were gender confused and turned up to the selection in a mini skirt then Mrs Dromey would not have to keep not answering the “why no all women shortlist for your family Hattie?” question.

  33. 66
    Disco Stew says:

    And so we have the left….
    Feminest when they need to be
    Anti racist when they need to be
    Anti homophobe when they need to be
    Anti anything or pro anything when required
    The ends justify the means.
    Wankers all the time

    • 73
      Anonymous says:

      They label groups of people as “victim” groups then use them. Chumps to a man. And complete hypocrites.

  34. 69
    Larry says:

    Well done to the man who posted a link on the New Statesman blog to this page.

  35. 70
    tinkerbell says:

    James Macintyre looks as if he’s feeling a little kweer.

  36. 75
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    It’s only religious hypocrisy – the tribute vice pays to virtue. They are like it in every single politically correct right-on institution.

  37. 78
    Martin Day says:






    • 92
      Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

      My amoral compost says it’s OK for Liebour to elbow women aside in International Women’s week

      Now get out of my way !!!

    • 107
      just so you know says:

      “rich men are too influential at Downing Street”. Jack Dromey 2006

    • 204
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      I had to spoil things – but the Labour party was set up to give the unions a voice in Parliament. Having said that, Dromey is an ace twat. Have you noticed that as his lady wife’s voice got ‘Labour-cockney’, Dromey’s voice got plumier. Some transfer of bodily fluids I suppose.

      • 234
        stilyagi_air_corps says:

        That came a little later. The Labour Party was actually set up so that elderly, sandal-wearing posh queens could meet young working-class trade without having to shell out for the privilege. Plus ca change!

  38. 81
    Sir William Waad says:

    As for ‘Roger Liddle’ – I know they don’t care for the former-leftie loony-right commentator but does Rod really deserve to be insulted like this in public?

    • 179
      Ctesibius says:

      Liddle is a fat bastard who you see wandering around the place from time to time. Just to remind you:

      “we asked Liddle if Draper was as influential as he claimed. Liddle leaned forward. “There is a Circle,” he confided. (Liddle was now whispering.) “There is a Circle and Derek is part of The Circle. And anyone who says he isn’t is An Enemy.” He reassured us that “Derek knows all the right people.” Could Draper introduce us to policy-makers who might be helpful? In response, Liddle handed us a card with his Downing Street and home phone numbers. He then made an extraordinary offer. He said to us:

      “Whenever you are ready, just tell me what you want, who you want to meet and Derek and I will make the call for you.”

  39. 83
    Dolly the Creep says:

    Whooooooooops !!

  40. 84
    Jonah McTit says:

    Dear Guido,

    With respect to Mandy’s comments about Dave lacking balls, do you have have any info on Mandy’s past with regard to Gordon’s balls?

    Such an (alleged) relationship and its aftermath might explain a lot. Presumably both parties would, if it is true, have plenty that they would like to keep quiet.

    Just wondering, given Mandy’s rather aggressive recent behaviour, and his obsessing about balls.

    Perhaps co-conspirators have more detail?

  41. 87

    Hey Guido, dig the cross-hairs out won’t you? There’s got to be another scalp either from this piss-poor crew, or in Glasgow.

    BTW, doesn’t anyone at Unite care that Charlie ‘Charlie’ Whelan seems to spend most of his working day “doing” for Gordon?

    • 206
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      No, Unite members pay their subs purely so that Whelan can give Brown a helping hand.

  42. 90
    Vegan Yosemoni Sam says:

    What no gravey say your prayers rabbit

  43. 91
    Martin Day says:




    • 136
      Disco Stew says:

      And dont forget, for the last 13 years they have kicked the working class
      man in the bollocks…that will learn them to vote socialism.

  44. 94
    James Macintyre says:

    She is the most powerful woman in the country, loved and loathed in equal measure. She’s pushing through controversial and ideologically driven legislation. And she yields to no one in her fight for what she wants

    Profile: Harriet Harman

    His profile of Harriet is a far cry away from; ” I am very much single and in need to remedy that. I ███ █████ ███ ██ Friday – who is this woman? Otherwise will have to try and pull Harman..”

    • 125
      Equality is for the little people says:

      What did this article say “Loved in equal measure” ???? I dont think so mate !!!

    • 128
      Fill in the blanks says:

      I ███ █████ ███ ██ Friday

      • 146
        the clitheroe kid says:

        Four naughty words in a row that make sense? Quite hard to do, but I’m sure that won’t stop some from trying.

        • 229
          OwlHoot says:

          “I haven’t shagged since last Friday” ?

          The word lengths, and general gist, seem about right.

      • 151
        Detective Lewis says:

        errr the letter ‘L’ ?

        My morse is not so good these days I’m afraid

      • 164
        Robinson Crusoe says:

        Leave my friend alone!

  45. 96
    The Dirty Rat says:

    *Some parts redacted on taste grounds.

    I’ve got very poor taste – let’s see it please.

  46. 97

    Rowenna looks like a typical leftie shrew.

    At least harriet is really a posh bird posing as a leftie. Therefore we can surmise that she is dirty and probably takes it up the arse whereas Rowenna would probably cut your cock off

    • 112
      Anonymous says:

      “Harriet is really a posh bird”. Bird, as in, “ugly fuckwitted trollop”?

  47. 101
    Groucho says:

    Best laugh of the day so far! Pleeeeaase Guido, unredact it!

  48. 109
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Talk about a disturbed view of human relationships! Analyse that, Draper.

  49. 114
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    BACP were warned at the time against letting dolly represent their previously untarnished reputation.

  50. 115
    Girl power says:

    I have a feeling that Draper and Macintyre will come off second best when Garraway and Harman take their revenge.

  51. 117
    young werther says:

    They’re not talking about Jonty Pryor are they, ‘cos he’s a fucking ugly cuпt?

  52. 119
    Hattie Hardbint Madperson says:

    Well I think Its a private matter but I am sure the court of public opinion will decide.

    Sorry got to dash Hubbies up for a new job and he needs my support but you know where to find me

    *ring ring !! dink*

    Oh! Oh dear not again

  53. 120
    Odds Bodkins says:

    Rowenna does speak the truth:

    “the average woman speaks 20,000 words a day while the average man speaks just 7,000″

    • 133
      Labour School Grad says:

      sez it stub that fag out missus and make a brew,i’m going fo a shit and a read.i’ll have toast and not too much butter it makes the bacon slide off.

    • 140
      More or less Silent Bob says:

      Somebody’s nicked all my words.

  54. 131
    P Im Wright says:

    I see the Rowenna bird fancies the FAWcett Society…is that you on a John Terry..FAWkes???

  55. 132
    Sarah Twit Pic says: – Amanda Holden as Rosie the Riveter on Mirror women’s day supplement today Monday 8th #IWD

    • 142
      ASA says:

      Is the ‘First’ Lady allowed to place adverts for a national newspaper on a government website?

  56. 141
    sed lez says:


    From: James Macintyre
    To: Derek Draper; Roger Liddle
    Sent: Tuesday, 3 March, 2009 15:15:49

    He is very tall, handsome in a bookish sort of way. Very stupid and fuckable.

    I am very much single and in need to remedy that. I shagged a tramp on Friday – who is this woman? Otherwise will have to try and pull Harman..


  57. 145
    Disco Stew says:

    What i cant understand is, how can a gorgeous bird be a socialst.

  58. 150
    Harriet Harman says:

    A message can be left for James Macintyre, HERE.

  59. 154
    just so you know says:

    I cannot think for the life of me where flow video got the ‘stress at work’ idea from – not sure if sent to no 10?

  60. 156
    pissed off voter says:

    I was intrigued by the seen elsewhere article on keyboards. For several decades I’ve worked in IT, sometimes in environments where several hundred keyboards were in use and I have never, ever come across a broken keyboard. How the fuck can Downing Street break 100 in twelve months? Though the total cost is probably only a couple of grand, it is a couple of grand of taxpayers’ money. For me, this typifies the attitude of politicians to our cash. Christ, start adding in nokias, ‘ lost’ laptops, etc and there’s almost enough to cover an MP’s dodgy expense claims.

    • 171
      IT Dept says:

      what IT dept.Mine was full of the fuckers and they were full of sticky coffee. mind you not that many

    • 185
      Sir William Waad says:

      Keyboards are not designed to bounce.

    • 218
      Odds Bodkins says:

      I’ve never seen it happen either. With or without coffee spillages.

      Probably down to the Great Clunking Fist when there no nearby Nokias, printers or subordinates handy.

      • 236
        stilyagi_air_corps says:

        I thought partially-sighted people were supposed to have an ultra light touch?

  61. 159
    Martin Day says:

    Go on Norman

    Blow to David Cameron as Lord Tebbit tells Tories not to vote Conservative

  62. 161
    Rowenna Davis says:

    I never wanted my period. I wasn’t one of those girls who kept checking their knickers for the first bloody specs of womanhood. Me? I was too busy measuring my breasts. At my school boobs were “buff”; periods were nasty.

    • 180
      Sir William Waad says:

      Why would she keep her specs in her knickers? Or did some boy leave them there when her Mum came home unexpectedly? Or can she not spell ‘specks’?

    • 193
      AC Onsumer says:

      Remind us which university you went to again? I seem to remember this haven of menstruation you so lovingly describe was also the place where you were treated like a minority…wedged between overly sexualised bops and competitive tutorials with arrogant public school boys”.

      Surely you have a broad enough pool of life experience to avoid constantly harping back to Oxford and manipulating your memories of the place to fit with your latest musings.

      This beauty went to Oxford like Jacqui Smith

    • 205
      Could You Shag a Socialist says:

      See what I mean, no decent bird would talk like that. Tory women don’t menstrate like socialists, they are more descrete and dissapear off for a few days, as they should.

      Can’t beat Tory totty.

    • 213
      NorthernGit says:

      what woman in her right mind writes an article like this…yuk

      • 231
        Joey Comb says:

        I went out with a Tory bird once. and when it came time to drop the kid she said excuse me and fucked off behind a bush. 15 minutes later she joined me in the pub with our son.Now thats a classy bird.

    • 227
      Disco Stew says:

      Blimey all that talk about moon cups was a bit of a passion killer.
      What kind of a woman gives up tampons to save the world?
      If she thinks she has saved the world, we realy are fucked.

    • 237
      Sigmund Fraud says:

      Ach, Ja, failed infantile-regressive wish-fulfillment und fear of impending integrated adulthood… Ze vish to permanently delay – ze chosen vord Fabian is nicht coincidence – responsibility over one’s own Biologische imperative… A clear diagnosis of der Socialismus-praecox in early-blooming floridity.

      Zat vill be 600 Schillings, Jungfrau… in your own money, bitte.

  63. 162
    REEVO says:

    Sounds like typical office wanker stuff to me, in any case bleeding hearts that expect any thread of common decency from Ed Balls seedy little gang of giggling twerps could do with a reality check.

  64. 165
    Martin Day says:

    Martin Day said: “Those complaining about the new 50% tax rate, while calling for the Government to reduce the deficit in the same breath, would do well to understand what financial hardship is really like from the millions of people on low and middle incomes who have lost their jobs or had their savings destroyed by the recession.”



    • 174
      Mr EXIT says:

      It can only get better

    • 190
      Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

      Martin as I’ve said numerous times before, this is NO time for a nobhead.

      Now fuck off !

    • 191
      The IMF is coming says:

      Still not convinced Martin.
      Will not be voting Labour.
      Run along, there’s a good boy

    • 194
      cherie says:

      and which set of hoons were in charge?


    • 203
      Martin Day says:

      The stoneage is underrated.


      • 212
        Tony & Cherie Blair-Bollingers says:

        Hi there,

        We just popped by to say we are getting richer by the second. My new book is out soon, that’ll be another cool five million wodgers.

        Our fat daughter is just eating our cash, no literally, she’s eating our cash, still, we can afford it.

        Hope all you poor folk can afford a holiday this year, the pound is really nothing but shite now, still our money is off-shore, we’ve bought one of those non-dom gadgets, amazing yeahh!

        Anyway must dash, we have some really rich socialist friends coming round for a lavish dinner on the taxpay so you can all fuck off now!

  65. 181
    caesars wife says:

    very nice guido . Dread to think what mans week would look like under labour probebly a week long event of a man in ladies underwear being alternately lashed, burned branded and his wallet emptied via a new wimins tax , while harriet slaughters pigs and eats there still fresh livers !

  66. 183
    Minekiller says:

    OT…Sky has a story about an Inspctor Jones from West Midlands Police, charged with death by dangerous driving allegedly, killing a student…but also ‘misconduct in public office’….more to this story is there?

    • 192
      Doc Of Dixon Green says:

      about as much as 3 falling happily one after the other from a 30 floor high rise

  67. 189
    unsympathetic says:

    i do miss derek not posting on here……they were such fun times…….

    screaming like a banshee…insulting everyone,telling them that they ‘probably smelt like fox shit’……….halcyon days……..

    tell kate that cataracts can be removed for £800 nowadays.

  68. 199
    Derek Drapers says:

    Those homophobic tories sound like right fuckin queers.

  69. 200
    failed tech college teacher runs amok unchecked by gang of self serving greedy hoons says:

  70. 201
    Cape Cod says:

    Any word on the Icelanders telling the pizza boys to stick it, Gay Fawker?

  71. 209
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:


  72. 214
    Hayupthere says:

    Is this what the glasgow 3 were doing

  73. 216
    Hayupthere says:

    is it vids your modding

  74. 220
    Anonymous says:

    I note that Prime Hoon Brown has problems with his PC keyboards – the following may be apt:-
    Keyboard with high quality 16 mm integrated trackball and two button pointing device. Featuring: Mechanical keys with gold cross point contacts for high-precision key action, individual key life expectancy approximately 20 million cycles and a MTBF of 134,000 hours Multiple language support available. PS/2 Interface with Optional USB

    Can we sue him for destroying government property? Now?

  75. 228
    Woman voter says:

    Why don’t they try growing up -it can be fun! After all, what woman wants to be pulled by schoolboys.

    Labour just doesn’t have many sophisticated men in its ranks.

  76. 230
    Agatha says:

    I’d like a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates and an expensive West End dinner for International Women’s Day.

  77. 233
    Ratsniffer says:

    Funny how Harriet’s sisterhood always turn a blind eye to this sort of malarkey, much in the same way as they said nothing about Prezzer’s shenanegans.

  78. 241

    [...] Absolutely Brilliant Feminists To celebrate International Women’s Day Guido thought he would share an intimate email exchange between close [...] [...]

  79. 243

    [...] 10th, 2010 Staggering Hypocrisy Given what a shining The New Statesman’s James Macintyre took to top freelance totty Rowenna Davies, it was only [...]

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A confused Nick Griffin says Nigel Farage is a shill for the City, forgetting that City banks want to stay in the EU:

“Farage is a snake oil salesman, but a very good one. His supposed anti-immigration stance is all smoke and mirrors, as is his carefully cultivated image as a ‘man of the people’. The truth is that UKIP is a pro-immigration party that exists to lobby for the interests of the City of London.”

Alexrod says:

It’s money innit.

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