March 7th, 2010

Gordon’s Scottish Snowstorm

Whoever says  Scottish politics is dull might want to take a look at last week’s unravelling saga around Labour controlled Glasgow City Council. Who would have thought when Gordon sat next to him on the Thursday before last that within a week one of Scotland’s up and coming politicians would have attempted suicide, that a police investigation would link the same man, Glasgow’s most senior politician, to major organised drug criminals and an 18-year-old Labour activist would be end up dead outside the city’s Council Chambers. As ever Gordon is pulling a Macavity on this one.

Steven Purcell was talked about as the saviour of the Scottish Labour Party, its brightest young star, he was tipped as a future First Minister.  However if Purcell ever wanted a return to front-line politics, he certainly handled his spectacular fall from grace, spectacularly badly. No crisis manager could stop the drip, drip, drip of information concerning his party-boy lifestyle, snorting and drinking until the wee hours yet serving the city of Glasgow to a surprisingly competent degree. Yet he was in with the wrong crowd and in May last year some of Scotland’s top coppers visited Purcell in his council offices as his name had repeatedly cropped up in investigations. There was reason to believe that someone was attempting to blackmail Purcell with mobile phone footage of him.

Fast forward to last week and as Gordon was leaving Glasgow, Purcell was going into meltdown. Vodafone blocked his number after he abused call centre staff and he was found in tears talking nonsense at his desk. He ended up in the Castle Craig rehab centre. Although Purcell was earning fifty grand as council leader, you must wonder how much of this went up his nose and therefore who was paying for the rehab stay and for retaining of lawyers and crisis managers? Either way Purcell went missing from the rehab centre on Sunday night. Some have suggested he attempted to kill himself in open water as he was found soaked.

By now the story had started to emerge in the press and by Monday the internet was rife with rumours about Purcell stepping down because of cocaine rather than the “stress” cited in the official statement.  We now know that Council staff wanted to blow the whistle but were stopped by Purcell’s mysteriously funded lawyers. As the week progressed the story unravelled more, Purcell’s vain attempts at crisis management were no match for overwhelming evidence. The final straw was the collapse and subsequent death of a admirer of Mr Purcell’s, a young Labour Party activist named Danus McKinlay who “worshipped” Purcell and “would do anything for him” . Guido understands that McKinlay was diabetic and there has been reason to believe that he had stopped taking his medication resulting in his subsequent collapse.  Witnesses said they thought he was drunk – an easy mistake to make of someone who desperately needs insulin.

That was the final straw, within two hours Purcell had resigned as a councillor and has fled Scotland to an unknown sunny destination. Through all of this Gordon has remained silent. The ally he was once so keen to be photographed with, campaign for, tip for future greatness and fund-raise for, was left to the scrap-heap. What did Gordon know and when?


  1. 1
    Down with Brown! says:

    I haven’t heard one BBC report of this story!

  2. 2
    Katie T says:

    “What did Gordon know and when?”

    Yes, I desperately want to know thizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • 18
      Loonette says:

      Katie T says,

      ‘We are perfectly capable of working for ourselves, and producing goods and services for direct use by whoever requires them. A new system where, when you need, say, various food items, a couple of cartons of orange juice and a new radio to replace one you dropped and broke, you go to the nearest ’shop’ or ‘superstore’, take them off the shelves, and leave. No queuing at a checkout. No handing over money or a bank or credit card. You just take what you need and leave with it’.

      • 101
        Katie T says:

        And? It’s called moneyless real socialism and will be far better than what we have now. Capitalism is clapped out and can only be kept going now by creating bogus ‘growth’ through ever more borrowing, debt and financial and political chicanery. This can’t go on for ever though, just as feudalism couldn’t before it. It doesn’t really matter whether the Tories, Labour, Lib Dems or any other pro-capitalist party wins power. The system they all so desperately want to politically manage is fucked and doomed. The future under over-the-hill capitalism is prolonged economic stagnation and decline punctuated by occasional self-deluded recoveries, such as the one we have now.

        • 131
          BBC1 says:

          Oh Dear, another one who wants to get rid of “money” and replace it with bureaucrats.

          It will fail just like all the other murderous socialist ideas.

          • Katie T says:

            “It will fail just like all the other murderous socialist ideas.”

            Didn’t you know? There has never yet been a geuninely (moneyless) socialist society anywhere. There’s been a few state capitalist systems, but these have fuck all to do with real socialism, if you can be bothered to check facts from bollocks. As for “murderous ideas”, it’s capitalism that produces these in abundance. Two world wars were fought because competing capitalist ruling classes sent working class men and women under their control to slaughter each other. But hey, who cares about about lots of death and destruction. Being able to earn and spend money is all that really matters, eh.

          • Soviet Air Force says:

            Why weren’t the socialists pointing out that state capitalist states were state capitalist and not socialist then?

        • 144

          Have you seen Alice in wonderland yet?
          You’d love it.
          Gordon would make a terrific red queen.

          • Lewis C says:

            Grinning Cat(astrophe)?

          • Just Joking says:

            The dormouse = Hazel Blears?

            The White Rabbit = Ben Bradshaw

            Tweedeldum & Tweedledee = The Milletwats

            Jabberwocky = Shaun Woodward

            The Cheshire Cat = Gordon Brown

            The Dodo = Alistair Darling

            The Queen of Hearts = Mandelson

            Bill the Lizard = Peter Hain

          • Sting's Beard says:

            In the internet age there is no power on earth that could prevent Socialism from being put into operation, that is if people wanted it. All it needs is for a Socialist to set up a website on which everyone agrees to it subscribes to the site and pays over all their salary each month. The website in return pays you your equitable share back. Whats that you dont want to subscribe? Whys that because you might pay far more in than you get back. Welcome to the real world. Socialism only ever happens by the application of State force. Thus socialism on any significant scale is always State socialism. The only practical exception to this is Insurance ( which is a form of voluntary socialism) which does not involve giving up your entire earnings.

            Search the internet high and low. You might find a few oddball barter schemes and hippy sites but you will not find any genuine attempt to create a Socialist world. The reason being that nobody really believes in it. Go figure!!

          • The Red Queen says:

            “Off with their economy!”

        • 147
          stilyagi_air_corps says:

          How can you beat the feeling of being bunged a wodge of (possibly illicit) wonga under the table, after a hard day’s graft?

          Silly woman. It’ll never catch on with the working classes. Unless your talking barter, babes, in which case see me…

          • AC1 says:

            Money is more efficient than barter. That’s why even though governments still extort from us when we use it we still do (until we don’t and then it’s anarchy).

          • stilyagi_air_corps says:

            I never pay for sodomy with mental deficiants, AC.. I have some scruples, you know

        • 160
          Bricktop says:

          I like this bird ere Errol.

          I’m going to fuck her gently then go have tea with her mother.

          It’s going to be beautiful.

          • Willi Windbeutel says:

            You’re always going to have trouble getting rid of the corpse. Apparently, the best thing to do is cut the body into six pieces, then feed them to pigs.

        • 166
          Odds Bodkins says:

          As Alice says “I can believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast”.

          You are madder than a hatter.

        • 169
          FFS Katie dear do grow up says:

          If i’m a cop and there is no money and someone comes and rapes you, what do you expect me to do about it if i’m not getting paid?

          You think a packet of chocolate biscuits and a can of Carlsberg special brew will be incentive enough for me to go out and do my job 9-5, like it is for your dole scrounging voting base?

          How am i going to holiday in a country that still uses money if we don’t use money? are you going to print off some monopoly vouchers.

        • 184
          Anything you say, honey says:

          OK Katie T.

          What do you do for living? No offence, work is honourable and noble and you should not hide your light under a bushel. Do you make radios or pack orange juice. I’ll happily take all the radios you make and then some. Just leave them outside your house and I’ll arrange to collect them. Do you make laptops as cool as a Vaio? I’ll have as many as you and your mates care to turn out.

        • 236
          Tony says:

          The thing is it wasn’t capitalism that got us into the mess but kinda a socialist capitalism. The sub-prime mortgages were thought up by the left in the mid nineties because ‘it wasn’t fair’ that poor people couldn’t buy their own house; therefore banks were forced to lend money to people that could never afford to pay it back thus creating a massive pyramid scheme. If capitalism was allowed to run itself and failure was properly punished then banks wouldn’t have lent the dodgy money.
          I think the only system that will ever work will be the one that most closely follows natural selection and evolution, and for me capitalism without interference is it. Sure, it isn’t fair – but life’s not fair. Sure there will be failures and companies going to the wall – but the ones that don’t will be the ones with the right business model. Anything else is just un-natural

          • AC1 says:

            Not just that, but Governments decided that more debt = more tax on consumption.

            Therefore they let Credit expand at 14% a year and moved reserves below the real risk level.

            Result bankrupt the whole banking system.

            Dumb Katie hasn’t noticed that the State controls the money.

          • AC1 says:

            Not just that, but Governments decided that more debt = more tax on consumption.

            Therefore they let Credit expand at 14% a year and moved reserves below the real risk level.

            Result b4nkrupt the whole banking system.

            Dumb Katie hasn’t noticed that the State controls the money.

          • Mr Ned says:

            We do not have a capitalist system in this country, it is a corporatist system. If we had a capitalist system there would be almost no Government at all, the Banks would overtly create society’s rules and there would be almost no tax.

            Capitalism did not fail, for it has not existed. Fractional reserve fiat currency is not capital. The myriad bits of worthless paper that quadrillions of dollars have been leveraged on, are NOT capital. If it were it would not have lost so much value. True capital is money backed by something of real worth, it is securitized by items of intrinsic value, be that land or precious metals or gems, it is backed by value.

            What we have seen in the west over the last 150 years is a corruption of capital, not by capitalists, but by evil men seeking more and more power than capitalism can grant.

          • Soviet Air Force says:

            Moral hazard.
            The banks had access to too cheap money for too long and misinvested it. When things got bad they had to have their losses socialized.
            It will happen again as they will never learn.

        • 251
          AC1 says:

          For Katie to do some learning.

        • 304
          Dom Fisher says:

          Whatever happened to Katy Taylor-Richards. Did she fall off a horse?

        • 418

          Barter systems are all well and good. But what if there is an imbalance of what is available and what is required.

          If someone needs a builder to do some work, it’s no good people offering them -say- a massage, or a book keeping service, or some organic vegetables.

          They need a builder. And if no body is offering the services of a builder for barter, then that is where money comes in as being quite useful.

          And if I want a radio, who decides what type of radio I can have? Or how many?

          It sounds like good idea but there are too many practical difficulties.

      • 238
        stilyagi_air_corps says:

        Katie. You need help.

        You are so ill, you don’t even know how deeply into a deep, self-harming fugue state you really are. You are also unconsciously hurting others around you. The only thing keeping you safe, alive and physically healthy is the fact that you are living in a relatively non-aggressive capitalist society. Try reading ‘Socialism’ by Ludwig von Mises with an unbiased open mind, or failing that, try his ‘Anti-Capitalist Mentality’, per anum, until the delusions subside.

        • 254
          ST says:

          Excellent prescription. A Mises brain enema.

        • 281
          One click its mine says:

          I am depositing 1000 pounds into a central clearing bank.then I am going to be the bank of me and lend my personas 9 times the amount.

          • I love you Katie T says:

            I want to worship and love Katie T she has shown me the light, she is an enlightened goddess in this evil world, please teach me more my queen.

      • 399
        Dino says:

        Wow, a complete loon.

        Someone’s never read Atlas Shrugged.

        It sounds like something a 12 year old might come up with.

        • 470

          Which? Atlas Shrugged, Katie’s bucolic fantasy, or both?

          Ayn Rand is just as shit as any Marxist crap – if you want real Libertarianism, start with Thoreau.

      • 526
        Henry Crun says:

        Just like shopping at Lidl.

  3. 3
    Down with Brown! says:

    Vote Lib Dem if you on’t believe prisonners should go to jail:

    • 30
      QWERTY says:

      We should re-house prisoners where rich Lib dems live, Hampstead Heath (the buggery centre of the western world), Surrey and Twickenham, instead of dumping scum on run down council estates.

      Notice how it’s never the wealthy who get their kids kidnapped off the streets raped and murdered.

    • 379
      Nick2 says:

      If incarceration doesn’t work, then why does local crime decrease when the courts sentence a ‘nominal’ (or they overdose)? At least until another miscreant steps up to take their place that is.

  4. 4
    Brown is a HOON says:

    Brown has made a statement about these events

  5. 6
    Gormless Brown says:

    I know fuck all about anything.

  6. 7
    Dolf says:

    RIP Danus. Very tragic what happened to him.

    Not so for Mr Purcell and his cronies.

  7. 9
    Gordon Is A Moron says:

    It was the right thing to do.

  8. 11
    The Dirty Rat says:

    What about the three who have just ‘tossed themselves off’ (no pun intended) the highest tower block in the city?

  9. 12
    Martin Day says:

    You know you can never ever get anything on Gordon. He will just deny it. Who can prove otherwise?

    Gordon is such a strong leader.

    • 21
      Mincer's mate says:

      Remember its still your Day Martin Day

    • 52
      Anonymous says:

      Yes indeed, time and time again he is like the child with his hand in the biscuit barrel who indignantly denies he is after a bicuit.

      • 94
        Martian Day says:

        Yeah but enough about ‘Martian’ Day what about the one eyed tosser

        • 257
          Gordoom cooks the books says:

          Read Fraser Nelson in todays Screws Of The World says it all Gordoom is completely unable to ever admit he is wrong the scary thing is you know he believes it mind you when you`ve got the likes of Balls & Mandy telling him he always right what do you expect

      • 170
        Ginger Hob Nob says:

        But what sort of biscuit? Focus groups convene to discus please.

    • 264
      Anonymous says:


  10. 14
    BROWNED OFF says:

    Going by the out of focus picture it hardly seems that our leader was ‘keen to be photographes with’ or should Gordon get someone better behind the lens?

    • 57
      genghiz the kahn says:

      is this why mcbroon was so keen to prohibit photography in public places.

      perhaps there should be an appeal for the two Hunts broon and purcell lining up together – standing side by side for socialism…

  11. 15
    Brown is an A1 c/unt says:

    Barbara Roche sums up why I and most people loathe Labour.

    • 22
      Brown is an A1 c/unt says:

      Roche’s face at 2:07 is one I’d never get tired of slapping.

      • 556
        Bazza says:

        We have Roche to thank for the multikulti revolution.

        Come the civil war, her rubber face will be dripping its goo from atop a pike.

    • 384
      ShoutsAtTheTV says:

      Dear BBC,

      Please pay Paxo £1m a year – he’s so worth it… Oh, you already do.

  12. 19
    Unsworth says:

    So just how close was Purcell to Brown?

  13. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah the goings on of an alderman in Glasgow will be right at the top of Brown’s agenda.

    I’m not sure Dave & Gideon will be happy about stories involving politicians and cocaine appearing on the radar screen.

    I wonder what Voderman has to say about all this.

    • 27
      Anon says:

      Is it possible to believe that a person like Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of Great Britain was unaware of the sort of Scottish scum he was so closely associated with?
      It is simply not credible to suggest he did not.
      And so your proposition that he did not does not hold water.

      • 35
        Anonymous says:

        ‘Scottish scum’

        As oppossed to English scum like Gideon?

        • 47
          Anon says:

          Gideon Osborne is an Englishman.
          If God were a man he would be an Englishman he would certainly not be Scottish scum like you.

          • Anon says:

            And thank you for agreeing that the Scottish Gordon Brown knew all about this Scottish cocaine addict’s behaviour.

          • Watching the English Whinge says:

            Only if God were a pretentious racist twat–which is of course possible.

        • 60
          Sock_Shock says:

          Do please piss off you tedious troll, this is a story about Labour, not the tories, deal with it you bell end, stop trying to spin it.

          • Anonymous says:

            The story is about a politician brought low once the public became aware of his use of cocaine.

            So, nothing to do with the Conservatives at all.

        • 113
          Glasgow Blue Nose says:

          Purcell’s not Scots. He’s a second or third generation Irishman who happens to have been born and lives in Glasgow. With a bit of luck he might not come back from Australia- shame he didn’t a few thousand of his fellow Teagues with him

          • Anonymous says:

            Luck would be a stopover in Singapore. We execute druggies it says on the landing cards….

          • Anonymous says:

            There we have a sectarian comment reflecting the west of scotland protestant hatred of non protestants. Shame on you. If you had made those comments in person or we knew who you were you would be prosecuted.

          • Anonymous says:

            Drop dead, hun.
            I’d rather several thousand Irish or black new Scots to any more white settlers.
            PS My parents brought me up in the Church of Scotland, Lifeboys and BBs. Just so you know.

          • Anonymous says:

            Oh. Whats that song you biggotted peeple sing?

            “the famine is over, why don’t you go home?”.

            Your views help to make the west of scotland divided. You are clearly a bigot sir and as such a small minded idiot. You should apologise, but you won’t.

          • Anonymous says:

            There speaks the orange man twiddling his little baton.

            But no, I will not swear but turn the other cheek, as I have grown used to this sort of abuse.

            I extend my sympathy to you and hope you do some major soul searching.

          • stilyagi_air_corps says:

            Show some pity for the poor fellah, it must be terrible for him. Some people’s brains just can’t handle the trauma of not being Irish.

          • Anonymous says:

            “I’d rather several thousand Irish or black new Scots to any more white settlers .”

            What ? The Irish aren’t white ?

            Or is the “white settlers” jibe merely anti-English racism ?

            How liberal you have become , sir , since you turned your coat !
            There’s a good tame Hun ! Well done!

          • Danus sphincter says:

            …but Purcell is a Taig, albeit one with a love og cock & coke & gangsters.

          • Rosster Potatoes says:

            “the famine is over, why don’t you go home?”

            You mean it’s not /

          • Fairliered says:

            The Scottish Labour party are cosying up to the Orange Order – scum like Glasgow Blue Nose – what do you expect from the party that try to cover up their politicians drug taking & being pally with drug dealers.

          • Cromwell says:

            Well said, Mr Glasgow Blue Nose.

            Hopefully others will note the hysterical replies from the demented “Celtic-minded” hordes.

            It is always thus. They attempt to hide their own vile sectarianism, under a cloak of anti-sectarianism.

            Vile vile bigots.

          • Anonymous says:

            Celtic minded??? Is that because I deny the religion of my birth as I am ashamed to be associated to the likes of you and blue nose.

            Religion has nothing to do with football, why do you raise it?

            It seems common sense and decency has nothing to do with you blue nose or you potatoe head/

          • Cromwell says:

            You started your original demented reply with the words “Drop dead, hun”.

            The word “Hun” – as has been proven in a court of law – is recognised as a derogatory slang term for Protestant.

            So whatever your religion is now, you are guilty of sectarian abuse.

            Which kind of proves my point that people like you attempt to hide your own sectarianism under a cloak of anti-sectarianism.

            You vile bigot.

          • Big Ian at Balleemeana says:

            Hoots mon!
            Ids well no-un that Rangers fanz says it cums from hunni bears und is acampliment

  14. 28
    QWERTY says:

    The BBC only report anti Tory stories. Note how the BBC totally ignored Channel 4′s story last week about Muslim extremists by Andrew Gilligan. Expect the BBC to report in great detail Andrew Rawnsley’s attack on Cameron this week.

    Also note that Rawnsley was pilloried by the BBC for his accusations about St Gordon (it was all lies, no proof, it’s just Gordon being Gordon, being violent towards staff shows he cares etc.) but the BBC will lap up every word that Rawnsley uses to smear Cameron with and the BBC won’t question one element of it.

  15. 32
    genghiz the kahn says:

    is this about Gordon’s celebrated dividing lines?

  16. 33
    itsgordon for me-agordonforme says:

    Do we know when the BBC are going to allow the Conservatives to join in the election campaign?

    • 59
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      The less cover the Tories get the better for them – anytime they say anything their poll ratings collapse.

    • 69
      NAZI LABOUR says:

      It would not be in the national interest to allow any conservative or Euro sceptic party to participate in the election debate. In a spirit of fairness and generosity we will broadcast their dimal electoral results at the appropriate time!!

  17. 37
    I love MILFs says:

    If this woman was standing to be prime minister, she’d win 100% of the votes:

    • 45
      Yum Yum says:

      Ding! Dong! Come Along!

    • 82
      Charles Manson says:

      She would win 100% of the heterosexual male vote. I don’t think that is 100% of the population.
      She would have my vote though.

      • 180
        Need a cold shower says:

        Who is she? What programme is she on? I want to beat one off now.

        • 204
          jo public says:

          mm 100% male hetrosexual vote well currently there is 49.98 male population with male homosexuality at 32% and male impotance treatments at more than 850,000
          a further 31% males below puberty and a further 18.2% above an age of ability or inclination
          Na her tits wont win it, to little red blooded able vote

        • 208
          Caravan Club of GB says:

          try bapwatch in goo gle

    • 188
      Lord Effingham says:

      First Carol Vorderman, now Corrine Wicks; its just too much for one week – I’d only just finished cleaning up my keyboard too.

  18. 38

    What I fail to understand is how those immediately surrounding Gordon “Pharaoh’s Curse” Broon appear to be immune to his pestilence: the only explanation is that they are all undead already.

  19. 39
    Labour Are Finished says:

    The image of ANYONE wanting to finger Beckett makes me retch.

  20. 42
    Diane Abbott likes eating says:

    Let’s see what Diane Abbott has to say about all this.

  21. 43
    Laney says:

    [b]Some have suggested he attempted to kill himself in open water as he was found soaked.[b]

    Wouldn’t the fat fucker float?

  22. 44
    SNaP Dragon says:

    We’d take the drug-addled, mega-stressed, morally-vacuous Purcell over Iain Gray as Labour Leader in the Scots Parliament any day.

    • 97
      Quagmire Gray says:

      Giggity, giggity!

    • 240
      One of Bain's Bastards (Kirkie Brigade) says:

      Quite correct, Eck is fed up of swatting Elmer Fudd every week and needs a new challenge. I hope Purcell recovers quickly and comes back healthy. Labour in Scotland need somone like him to rebuild after the inevitable meltdown. He would make a worthy opponent in Holyrood, which is not something that can be said for any of the current crop. Good government needs a capable opposition.

  23. 49
    Govt-By-Cluster-Fuck says:

    Drugs , scandal, mob links, and mysterious deaths, another normal day then…….

    Glasgow council merely relects the views of the good citizens of Glasgow I assume ?

    The only thing missing in the drama is some gratuitous abuse of police powers….

  24. 54
    liam says:

    not purcell’s fault, he just fucking loved playing with chemicals:

  25. 55
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Come on, none of us are interested in Scotland. Ashcroft is STILL the story and will remain so.

  26. 64
    the Grex says:

    Labour are finished: did you have to do that? I’ve just thrown up a pizza and 2/3 bottle of Co-op chardonnay.

  27. 67
    G Brown says:

    Leave me alone. I have feelings too.

  28. 68
    Mitch says:

    Aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah)

    Ooh White, White
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    (Tellin your body to come along, but white lines blow away)

    Little Jack Horner sitting on the corner
    With no shoes and clothes
    This aint funny, but he took his money
    And sniffed it up his nose

    (Hey man, you wanna cop some blow?)
    (Sure, what you got, dust, flakes or rocks?)
    (I got China White, Mother of Pearl, Ivory Flake, What you need?)
    (Well yeah, well let me check it out man, just let me get a freeze)
    (Go ahead man, stuff I got should kill ya!)
    (Yeah man th-that’s that’s raw, wuh)

    (Freeze! Haha ha ha! Rock! Freeze! Rock! Freeze! Rock!
    Freeze! Rock! Freeze! Rock! Freeze! Rock!)

  29. 70
    John Prescott says:

    I’m hungry.

  30. 71
    Anonymous says:

    The thoughts of any normal human being would be with the families of the lad who died and the councillor. As you will know, Paul, addiction can strike anyone and can lead them to do ridiculous things and ruin their life. This really isn’t something that you should be scoring points off Brown for.

    • 79
      Come and die at the GRI says:

      Brown isn’t a “normal human being”.He’s an unelected PM with a personality disorder.

    • 85
      Tom Logan, Institute for Studies says:

      boo hoo, dry your fucking eyes

    • 91
      Martin Day says:

      You appear to be very desperate Guido and scraping the bottom of the political barrel.

      Stick to exposing Lord Cashcroft & William Hague

      This was posted on a Scottish activists blog and I agree wholeheartedly with it

      My kids were at school with Danus and we all recall his good nature as well as the health complications he bravely played down. I was therefore utterly disgusted to read on the Guido Fawkes blog that someone under the pseudnym ‘Taggart’ has been casting aspersions and making political capital out of this ghastly tragedy. If anyone posting here has actual clout, please do what you can to sort that lot out. Our respects to Danus’ family and friends. RIP

      • 117
        Martin Day says:

        we are sorting you out , you’re dead come the election. Your leader started the lies, dont be surprised when other people follow suit, you hypocrite.

      • 181
        g1lgam3sh says:

        You’ve got about as much clout here as a feather boa.

      • 472
        Fairliered says:

        Just because he’s dead won’t stop Labour filling in a postal vote for him.

    • 98
      Charles Manson says:

      True, addiction can strike anybody and leave them broken.
      But when it is the Labour leader of Glasgow Council, that is news.
      Why didn’t Scottish Labour deal with the situation before it got out of hand?
      Not good enough! Everyone knows Labour in Scotland is as corrupt as the Sicilian mafia and not so nice.

      • 145
        IainM says:

        As corrupt as – hah way more corrupt! Th Sicilain Mafia are way more lgit than Labour in Scotland these days!

    • 119
      The Court of Public Opinion says:

      Addiction can strike anyone? You are talking about coke? Gosh, and there’s me thinking you had to choose to stuff it up your nose first. Thanks for the warning, I’ll get my local vicar to alert his flock of pensioners next Sunday.

      • 230
        Cocaine..the key to control says:

        Cocaine is a lifestyle choice that gets out of hand but, if you can afford it, you can go on and on and on. You build an ongoing relationship with a supplier who will get to know you very well and can turn you on and off to nudge things his way…favours etc. To be a reliable and discreet supplier you have to control the market. Mafia love cocaine addicts as do their Glasgae counterparts. Crime can be very organised indeed with a very complex structure, involving lots and lots of subsidiaries.

    • 373
      Susie says:

      The thoughts of any normal human being would be with the families of the lad who died and the councillor

      What were they doing letting their diabetic boy hang out with with a much older man who was also a coke addict?

    • 449

      The point is obviously missed on you.

      Brown’s close political friends accused of associating with gangsters.

      Brown should have known this. After all, he is PM…

  31. 73
    Margaret Beckett's clitoris says:

    The last time I got any action was when Steve Purcell did lines using £1 notes.

  32. 77

    Gordon Brown:

    “As to Mr Purcell’s particular requirements not a single request was ever turned down”.

    • 333
      Bladderer says:

      Is it possible to time not taking your insulin so as you can die at a given time and the steps of the place your hero is having his downfall. Fucking amazing mathematician

  33. 80
    John Prescott says:

    I like gherkins.

  34. 86
    John Prescott says:

    I’m still hungry.

  35. 88
    Sarah Brown says:

    I like sex. But not with Gorgon. I prefer it with human beings.

    • 112

      To be basted or not to be basted: that is the question, Sarah.

    • 127
      Anonymous says:

      oh hi Sarah

      can you tell us about your direct dealings with Loud Prawl

    • 451
      Anonymous says:

      Have you considered checking the police register your good hubby has introduced to check if their partner has shall we say a shady past (especially recommended if you have kids) because if something I just read on David Icke’s site is anything to go by, maybe you should?

  36. 90
    Harridan Harpy says:

    Hello voters. Tell me the truth. Do you like me, love me or adore me? I know it must be one of the three.

  37. 95
    Jacqui Smith says:

    My husband keeps asking me if he can “splooge” all over my face. Does anyone know what that means? He said he saw it in a pay per view movie and wants to try it out.

  38. 96
    Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:

    This thread is shite and by the way we understand that Steven Purcell has left for Australia (unknown sunny destination???)

    Will David Cameron ever admit to trying Class A drugs in his past ??

  39. 100
    England's Government of mentally unstable, bullying, Scotch liars says:

    These fucking Scotch socialistic vermin are an embarrassment to England and all the hard working, high rate tax paying, law abiding English citizens who pay the bills for these scum.

    Please Scotch, vote for independence from England, those nice people in Brussels will pay for your drunken binges, your free uni’s, your morbidly obese citizens, your smug sneering BBC broadcasters, and your fine upstandin’ politicians who debate dog fouling so professionally, and eloquently.

    • 271
      Anonymous says:

      Your saint’s a Turk
      Your queen’s a Kraut
      You’ve got ffukc all
      To sing about

      • 410
        Thick Jocko says:

        And I suppose you think St. Andrew was Scottish?

        St. George was a 4th centaury Roman Officer from Asia Minor. Fuck all to do with invading Turks a thousand years latter.


    • 341
      We shag your wives cause you cant get it up says:

      Thank fuck there are no Labour politicians or supporters in England. By Christ what a blessed country you must live in you fucking muppet !!!!!

    • 378
      Watching the English Whinge says:

      Ah the fine upstanding whingers who follow our Yank president around humping his leg. Very impressive. Apparently no one ever bothered to tell you what a bunch of losers you are–like losing an empire. Now you’ll lose what little is left of it. Sooo sad.

    • 397
      Barnett's fag packet says:

      Sadly, Scotland’s politicians don’t have the nerve to go it alone……. they know which side their bread’s buttered.

      I’m sure if the SNP were to stand in England with “Scottish independence” as their main campaign slogan – they’d get proportionally more votes per head of population than they do in Scotland.

      England sponsoring Scotland since 1707.

      • 435
        Anonymous says:

        Just like Quebec, always threatening to leave, but never quite getting round to it.

      • 486
        Al Campbell sinking gently into mental illness says:

        That’s the problem, these vermin want all the perks but are too savvy to go it alone

        Fucking parasites

        And Tony agrees with me

    • 405
      IainM says:

      Cant England get its own Independence Party! Oh I fuckin forgot you call it the BNP!

      • 519
        Anonymous says:

        Its only in recent years that the neanderthal English realised that the union flag wasnt actually the English one. The flag of St George must have been a revelation for them, Thick bastards !

        • 568
          Fucking delicious! says:

          Don’t be too hard on them bud…oh well, get right intae them!

          Fucking englandshire parasites have been ruled over by Germans and Scots (Blair, Brown, Cameron et al) since history beganl. They really are pathetic…

          Fucking delicious!

  40. 109
    Martin Day says:

    You appear to be very spot on Guido and nice to see you scraping gordons bottom. He loves it!

    Stick to exposing Lord Paul & making sure we all know the return that Unite get for giving their money to Liebour. Their leader parachuted into a safe Liebour seat bypassing all women and ethnic shortlists for his hypocritical wife harperson.

    “I was therefore utterly disgusted to read on the Guido Fawkes blog that someone under the pseudnym ‘Taggart’ has been casting aspersions and making political capital out of this ghastly tragedy.”

    This Liebour ofcourse, would never ever ever do. Would they?

    If anyone posting here has actual clout, please do what you can to sort that lot out.

    We are all doing our best on her to sort you lot out.

    RIP Liebour!

    • 302
      Hang The Bastards says:

      Harman & her twat husband should be investigated…. What a bunch of hypocrites

      • 549
        Gordon Brown says:

        Harman, her twat, & husband should be investigated….

        I think you will find that they are outstanding socialists and I wish them well in the next election

  41. 111
    anonymouse says:

    “What did Gordon know and when? “

    And how hard did he push?

  42. 123
    Martin Day says:

    Liebour looking for more tears and sympathy from this story.

    • 159
      Piers for Tears says:

      I’ll try my best to make him look human.

    • 385
      Susie says:

      Interesting Mr Purcell hasn’t hung around to give the family of his young friend his support during this tragic time, I suspect he’ll not even attend the boy’s funeral.

      Instead he was on the first flight out of the country at the news of his friend’s death… hmmmm.

      • 446
        Come and die at the GRI says:

        Isn’t Purcell a suicide risk?It seems irresponsible to let him fly off to Australia in his present state.Who could have authorised this?

      • 454

        Susie, thats a good point.

        Unless Mr Purcell felt he needed to be on the other side of the world, ASAP?

        Why would he need to do that?

        • 505
          Wing Commander says:

          A bit of a Broon trick running away, like running of to Afgani stan a day after the inquiry so that he looks like he cares about the troops. This is typical school ground bully tactics, when you power in the playground starts to diminish run to the bigger harder kids for protection.

  43. 135
    Life long Conservative voter says:

    Excellent, one less Trougher/Liar to fret about!!

    But the BBC and Sky will still be headlining Lord Ashcroft!!

    Bring it on, and as advised keep your powder dry Dave.

    It’s cast iron that (Labour) will cherry pick anything decent that the Tories propose.

    This is because Labour truly do not have a clue how to deal with the current economical and social Poo Heap that they have inflicted on this country. They really are devoid of understanding anything that demands an iota of common sense!

    • 298
      Hang The Bastards says:

      The Tories are going to UNLEASH the Forces Of Rightousness on these LABOUR HuntS !

      Keep your Powder dry Cameron. Dont let the clueless twats steal your ideas.

      SHOCK & AWE… sending Labour iunto the Abyss

  44. 137
    Martin Day says:

    That’s me Gordon

  45. 142
    Martin Day says:

    I’m gordons friend

  46. 143
    Gordon Brown says:

    You know, you people don’t understand. When you do a job as important as mine there are so many issues to deal with. I’ve sorted out the Chilcott enquiry and been to Afghanistan too in the last three days alone. I return to find this er difficult er situation in er Scotland, Glasgow, and er I just don’t know what has er been happening er yet. I will however er set up an enquiry into er what has happened so that er we can er learn er the er lessons er here at which er point er er er er er …. oh er fuckit ….(throws phone at wall and tips table over …. again) …..sobs profusely

  47. 146
    Nick Robinson's Blog says:

    This is all small beer compared to Lord Ashcroft’s crimes against humanity.

    • 172
      likkle jimmy crankie says:

      hey jimmy we don’t do small beer here in Glasgae, jus who yer talkin aboot mun?

  48. 148
    Where's Gordon? says:

    Gordons taken an impromptu trip to Cape Cod with Purcell

  49. 155
    Martin Day says:

    I changed now, I can see the error of my ways now.

    Vote Conservative.

  50. 177
    • 182
      Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t be too sure of your analysis

      Tory voters as well as others are out of work and on benefits

      There’s also a lot of disabled people who detest this government and are on benefits

      Go and think about the conclusion you are drawing

      • 195
        Ronny Deskarts says:

        Why destroy his well reasoned argument concluded after much thought and arse scratching.

      • 196
        Scammer says:

        I’m going on JSA this week, fuck it they will never know, I am working at the same time.

      • 201
        Maladroit Labour Chump says:

        Take some time to read the article from start to finish. It’s abundantly clear that Liebour have created a huge client base who depend totally on the largesses of Social Services ( us the Taxpayers ).

        Why wouldn’t they vote Liebour ?? Unless you believe that proverbial turkeys vote for Christmas ? Think about it !

    • 330
      barefootcontessa says:

      Another third work for the government.

  51. 179
    Pot Calls Kettle Black says:

    Hypocrite Harperson and the judge’s comments.

    Harperson calls into question an honourable man’s “judgement”

    Harperson (a trained lawyer no less !) has excellent “judgement” in dealings with her corrupt sister

    Now – F*ck off, pet, won’t you ?

  52. 183
    Disappointed says:

    I think that your use of quotation marks in this post is beneath you. Unless you have some evidence of the young lad having been involved with Purcell in anything other than a professional manner I’d suggest that you might want to change the tone.

  53. 186
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    A 37 year old H*mosexual drug fiend who was “best mates”
    with a morbidly obese 18 year old who wanted to climb onto his greasy pole.
    Scotchland politics
    A place where men can wear skirts (handy) blow on “pipes” and get a D notice whenever they are caught rapeing children

    • 197
      Has Scotland always been a nonces den? says:

      Spot on Beast

    • 256
      Anonymous says:

      You sir are a Hunt.

    • 335
      We shag your wives cause you cant get it up says:

      We only wear “skirts” as you put it because English women go ga ga for it and then we have to shag them !!!!

      • 428
        Sigmund Fraud says:

        Ach, ja… und also often there comes with the alkoholisiche transvestism what ve in der psychoanalytical trade call over-compensatory bragging mit zer ladies. Ein clear case of nationally suppressed homosexuality. Gedanke, zat vill be 500 Schillings bitte.

      • 499
        We shag your girlfriends cos our wives are fat and ugly says:

        Yeah they love to swap dress tips with you red haired girly men, makes sense I spose, all girls together innit. All this while you’re doing them with a turkey baster wedged between your legs, pretending you actually have a penis. GOOD WORK sir ! Now feck off back to your shitpit of a country.

        • 506
          A Smug Scot says:

          Those white English girls shave their legs and smell nice, unlike hairy Mrs Jock who smells like distillery and battered mars bars.

          • IainM says:

            Those white English girls are all poxed up from Black Cock though! The Jock chicks are clean cos nae one will touch them seeing as they are all violent!

        • 518
          Anonymous says:

          Go on admit it youve never actually had a shag have you ?

  54. 190
    Anonymous says:

    get rid of jockland England will be a much safer and cleaner place I am convinced always ignoring jockland has been a huge mistake sneering and jeering at it has caused us to be blind to the political filth and corruption that emanates from that place

    • 392
      Watching the English Whinge says:

      Of course, the ENGLISH would never do something dirty like that would they? Nah.

      Not Jeffrey Howard Archer, Baron Archer; not David Mellor, QC; not Bernie Ecclestone; John Majors would never shag Edwina Currie. Such an honest clean living bunch of whiners. All they do is want to blame someone else for being such deep-seated twats.

    • 409
      Susie says:

      Emperor Hadrian had the right idea. Surely it could be repaired and built a bit higher?

      • 443
        Adrian Swall says:

        Oi – what about all us Northumbrians?

      • 453
        A modest Proposal... says:

        It really needs to be a very deep moat or dividing sea. Think how the North Korean Army engineered their part in the ’53 ceasefire – dig underground bunkers, join them up underground so they’re impregnable to conventional artillery/bombing & form a de facto cease fire line to any army that doesn’t to throw their soldiers’ lives away.

        Then start a covert, aggressive & invasive deep tunnelling effort south of the dividing line. They started nearly 60 years ago in N Korea. Some tunnels were discovered when they broke surface 4 miles inside South Korea. There’s evidence of deep tunnelling still going on in the south of S Korea (all the way south from the ceasefire line).


        A DMZ & land-mines alone won’t cut it. Excavate a deep trench using benefit claimants (or tactical nukes if Obama’ll still let us have some under ‘Operation Plowshare”) Flood the moat, mine the English side & post sniper teams there between Afghanistan tours for R&R.

        Expensive, internationally unpopular and fairly short-lived – but it only has to last until post-IMF cannibalism reduces the Scottish breeding population into a death dive.

        • 500
          We shag your girlfriends cos our wives are fat and ugly says:

          Too elaborate. Bomb all the McEwans and Mars Bar factories, the fuckers’ll die of starvation within days. And good fucking riddance to shite.

      • 509
        Once a weak man says:

        And we could then stop playing with our clocks twice a year.

  55. 192
    Gordon McMental says:

    At no time did I ever have s*x with that wee boy
    I just tripped and found myself imbedded in him
    Out of a sense of fairness I gave him a play station and John Venables phone number

  56. 198
    Gordon McMental says:

    Mr Beast are you suggesting that certain Scottish politicians are both que*r
    On drugs and mentaly unstable with child molesting habits?

    • 210
      The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

      Labour couldnt even sort out a decent catamite for purcell
      Fucking hell, that lad looks like a shropshire butchers apprentice
      And yes I am suggesting that Labour is full of kiddie fiddlers
      McMental is one as is fondlebum
      Plenty of homos in theTory party , but it is Labour that specialises in child molestation

      • 231
        Goose Sauce says:

        Plenty of homos in the Labour party , but it is Conservative Party that specialises in child molestation

        • 434
          Sigmund Fraud says:

          And you played ze skat games mit Lord Boothbey as ein Kinde, ja? Zat is very advanced! Vould you wish to have mein telegrafische address? For zu, 400 Schillings.

          Servus, Siggy.

      • 268
        Lord Jeville Granner of Haifa says:

        Outrageous slur!

      • 340
        Rooster Potatoes says:

        Tis one of the perks of being a Scottish kafflik.

  57. 205
    Jimmy says:

    “Imagine it was Cameron or Ashcroft involved”

    Then I’m sure Guido would have written something equally tasteless and prurient.

  58. 206
    Anonymous says:

    There is a scandal brewing here in the North East of England in Labour’s supposed heartland. In Darlington the local Council is Labour controlled. The Council officers most of whom are pro Labour because the party has been in power in the Council for over 20 years decided to give the Labour candidate a helping hand by printing a card with the picture of the candidate and stating that she is the Labour candidate in the forthcoming General Election. The card also included the Council’s logo. 100 of the cards were distributed to teachers ten days ago at a Council run training course. The Labour candidate has called it ‘a storm in a teacup.’ However the Fraud Squad have been called in and are investigating.

    • 221
      I'm all ears countryman says:


    • 233
      AC1 says:

      Common Purpose “police” will sort this out for our benefactors (ZanuLab).

    • 274
      Anonymous says:

      Excellent ! And will the BBBC in the North East report this scandal?

      See , our wee scandal in Glasgow appears to be soooooo wee that we have the BBBC Scotland discuss anything but the wee scandal!

      However ,if it involved anybody from the SNP – even the cleaning lady – you can bet your life the BBBBC super sleuths would glencampbell all over it for weeks and weeks on end!

      • 554
        Bob says:

        If a cat was stuck up a tree, it would SNP’s fault and Gray would be asking for Salmond to step down. BBC/Labour24 would glencampbell it as headline news.

  59. 207
    Biology pedant says:

    Almost right about drunkenness and diabetics.
    Its not the same behaviour but its certainly odd.

    Seem to think the episode I witnessed was sorted out with a large dose of chocolate biscuits, so to be pedantic thats actually the opposite of needing insulin.

  60. 209
    Gooey Blob says:

    Where is Gordon? Is he going to lie low until this story has passed?

    Sometimes he sends Lord “Comical Ali” Mandelson out to avoid facing difficult questions himself, but we haven’t seen Comical Mandelson since Tom Bradby interviewed him for News at Ten the other night.

    • 226
      in line for a peerage says:

      He doesn’t need to lie low. He knows none of our supine journos would ever dare ask him about it.

  61. 213
    A type 1 diabetic says:

    “Guido understands that McKinlay was diabetic and there has been reason to believe that he had stopped taking his medication resulting in his subsequent collapse. Witnesses said they thought he was drunk – an easy mistake to make of someone who desperately needs insulin.”

    ::sigh:; there are a quarter of a million type one diabetics in this country, you would have thought that more people would know about the condition. I have been taking insulin since I was 11, so I think I am qualified to say that your statement above is bollocks.

    Hypoglycaemia, having too much insulin and too low blood sugar, can result in a dangerously low blood sugar within an hour or so. That does lead to a state that looks like being drunk – confused, inability to walk or talk coherently. If there is no attempt to raise blood sugar (ingesting a sugary drink, or a medic injecting glycogen) the diabetic would be unconscious within a few hours with a possibility of brain damage or death. Note the times here: within hours.

    Hyperglycaemia, having too little insulin and too high blood sugar, is a longer term issue. It takes days, maybe weeks for a diabetic to lapse into coma from hyperglycaemia. During that time the diabetic would feel very ill, they would be short tempered, very thirsty, and a large amount of lose weight. But such a diabetic would not look drunk.

    Let me repeat this, if a diabetic looks drunk but has not been drinking the likelihood is that s/he is suffering from low blood sugar and too much insulin. You must give them some sugar otherwise they may slip into a coma and die. If you are wrong and they have hyperglycaemia (too high blood sugar) whatever sugar you give them will have little effect on their condition since to get to that state they would have to eaten too much sugar over many days. But if they have hypoglycaemia (too low blood sugar) then giving then sugar will save their life.

    So if McKinlay was acting drunk the likelihood was that he needed sugar, and that he had taken too much insulin. The next question is whether it is easy to take too much. I would argue that it is not, because insulin keeps diabetics alive, so it becomes a habit to take the right amount of insulin at the right time. To take so much to cause death means consciously taking far too much. The likelihood of that being a mistake is virtually nil. From the information that Guido published here, it is 100% clear that McKinlay had deliberately overdosed on insulin, and so deliberately killed himself.

    [end of public service announcement]

  62. 214
    John Bull says:

    I once went for a weekend to Butlin’s in Ayr. It was an absolute utter nightmare. Full of obese, drunken Glasweigans and their verminous offspring. We came down to breakfast on the Saturday morning to find a man knocking nine bells out of his missus. We wandered into the shop to find a drunk talking to himself at 9 a.m. in the morning. The people were hideous and dirty. Were we glad when we left. Please EC give Scotland independence.

  63. 218
    • 235
      Mr Plum says:

      Just cannot see the Beeb leading with it

    • 239
      I'm all ears countryman says:

      Scary read, always thought something fishy happened with Dunblane.

    • 260
      AC1 says:

      Does it involve UFO coverups? most of the rest of the “articles” do?

      • 438
        Sigmund Fraud says:

        UFO ‘coverups’? Sehr signifikant! Und why should ze UFO be ‘covered’ as you say? Sometimes a Tzigar-shaped object is not ein Tzigar!

        For you, zis one ist frei.

  64. 219
    A dog says:

    woof woof vote labour woof woof

  65. 229
    Bertha Rochester says:

    I’m just so tired of all this.

  66. 232
    Mr Plum says:

    scientists call for new word for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

    how about a ‘Gordo’

  67. 242
    Purpleline says:

    Are these three suicides the drug mules for Purcell cocaine dealers?

    Looks like Mac-i-5 are cleaning up the evidence.

    • 249
      The truth is worth it says:

      Surprised they haven’t come after a few of us on here for spilling the beans, or maybe they have.

      • 252
        anon says:

        It’s well known the CIA and MI5 and other security agencies monitor this site.

        • 262
          Spooks says:

          Well if so, they like the police and armed forces, should decide where their loyalties lie.

          Is it with the increasingly corrupt and criminal political establishments that have hijacked the West, or is it with the people and the nation state?

          Time will come when each of us will have to decide and take sides.

        • 284
          ST says:

          Someone fetch my tin foil hat.

          I would hope the spooks have better things to do than hang around with a bunch of spazzers who like to shout at each other.

          On the other hand if you are reading this in your search for nasty, subversive types start with Katie T and then move on to this lot:

        • 301
          Wing Commander says:

          Just think we will all end up in the same Nu lab concentration camp and finally meet each other. The other day on Kerrang radio m i six was advertising jobs as field operatives, this is true not made up I nearly crashed my car when I heard it.

        • 423
          Susie says:

          This is probably the final straw for Omaha Beach. Next time he has to shake hands with McMental, his aide will proffer the bio-wipes immediately.

        • 458
          CIA says:

          no we don’t.MI5 may but they are dickheads

    • 261
      Anonymous says:

      There is a lot of it about at the moment, one keen young 18yr old Labour lad, a great admirer of Purcell dies outside his office on Friday, now 3 folk in YMCA accommodation die.

      Hope they remembered to organise their postal votes first…

      • 290
        barefootcontessa says:

        on the news just now, – three people died when they fell from block of flats in Glasgow. No suspicious circumstances. Is this such a common occurrence in Glasgow?!

        • 310
          jockland is hell on earth says:

          You’d know if you lived there dearie….

          • barefootcontessa says:

            Still Game – is it like that? I love it!

          • Barnett's fag packet says:

            Ah Still Game!! – Something the BBC did get right. The most underated comedy in recent years…….. As Victor would say “get it up yous, you wee fannies”!

  68. 250
    moose on the loose says:

    Hat tip to Iain Dale.

    Plenty of Labour clowns in the HoC who could follow her lead post election.

  69. 258
    Anonymous says:

    the scottish press and media are in complete hock to scottish labour
    you will barely hear a peep about this

  70. 259
    comments off says:

    Fucking hell! Gorgon McDoom is pregnant:

    Do hope Lord Mandy of England and Wales is the father!

    • 263
      • 273
        Mr Plum says:

        I think gordon may have been having prurient thoughts

        • 276
          up your bullingdon says:

          He obviously did something prurient with the turkey baster that he found in the back of the wardrobe.

    • 272
      fifes finest says:

      This is what 9 bananas a day does for you.

    • 279
      Purpleline says:

      That picture is a fake as there is no Black soldier in it. When Brown travels to Afghanistan they always show Black soldiers init. I mean we have so many of them. And I am not racist just pointing out the way Labour manipulate the multi cultu society

      • 289
        native going native says:

        I thought the same of a school picture I saw in a local ad rag the other day. All the children were white, and I thought, well that can’t be right even in a Wiltshire backwater can it?

    • 283
      nell says:

      This man is the Prime Minister of England!

      He is the political (supposedly elected by the people) figurehead of our Great Land whose job it is , is to represent us as a nation to the rest of the World.

      Nowhere in the rest of the world do they regard him as a serious figurehead. He, and by association we, are frankly a laughing stock!!!

      • 299
        Samantha Cameron says:

        I’d vote for him.

        • 332
          nell says:

          samcam has more class – Thank God.

          The balls/whelan clumsy schoolboy smear that tried to suggest that sam would vote for gordon really shows them up for the twits that they are!!

          • barefootcontessa says:

            Well, it is possible she voted labour once, but to say she ‘nearly’ voted a second time is malicious twaddle.

          • hypocrites says:

            rank hypocrisy

            this was one of Cameron’s closest friends Ed Vaizey and was revealed by Rawnsley who you all thought was an unimpeachable source..
            till he started investigating Cameron! Hahahahaha!!!

      • 308
        barefootcontessa says:

        Did you see him in that ENORMOUS crash helmet Nell? What a cracker! he could hardly get his head through the door! He looked more like a securicor man escaping from a bank.

        • 336
          nell says:

          Did y’see that paunch !! My word what an over indulged man he is – and here he was, just a few weeks ago, trying to convince us that he jogged every morning!!!

          What a liar!!!

          • barefootcontessa says:

            I hate him hate him hate him hate him hate him HHHHHHHHHHHHATE HIM. He’s sending me nuts!

          • Samantha Cameron says:

            I would vote for him.

          • nell says:

            No contessa I don’t hate him.

            I Despise him and his balls/whelan/mcbride/mandy cronies.

            They have brought Great Britain into absolute disrepute with their bullying, their lying, their underfunding of our Armes Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, their trashing of the economy, and their promotion of the useless catherine ashton to the EU Foreign Minister’s job that is now reaping such scorn from all of Europe. (Not that I believe for a minute in the EU because it’s a rubbish institution!)

          • Huge Gateskill says:

            too many fucking bananas

  71. 270
    Baby Face Mandelson says:

    Glasgow = Britain’s Chicargo

  72. 277
    Baroness Scotland says:

    This shows that Scotch bastards are evil subhuman filth. Hitler was wrong to gas the dirty jews first. He should have wiped out the Scotch filth first.

    The Scotch are dirty fucking subhuman shit. They are all liars, thieves and perverts.

    Dirty Scotch filth should be burned like rats. I truly hope in future England declares war with Scotchland and kills them all. The Scotch are vile evil filth. The dirty lying thieving perverted Scotch Hunt bastards are a ball and chain around English humans. The dirty evil Scotch need to be burned to free humanity.

  73. 278
    Biology pedant says:

    OK. try again.

    Almost right about diabetics. Its not the same behaviour as what you get from alcohol but its certainly odd.

    Seem to think the episode I witnessed was sorted out with a large dose of chocolate biscuits, so to be pedantic thats actually the opposite of needing insulin.

    • 375
      bird with small brain says:

      Just for the record: most type 1 diabetics get into trouble because they haven’t had enough carbohydrate to mop up the insulin they have already injected, or alternatively have exercised so much they’ve used up their carbo stores, in which case the treatment is chocy biscuits or glucose or whatever, if you can catch them before they pass out. Diabetics who neglectfully don’t inject themselves with insulin – and carry on eating over a period of days or weeks – eventually lapse into a diabetic coma, for which the treatment is insulin!

      • 407
        Biology pedant says:

        The symptoms of the latter – which is presumably caused by high blood sugar – does that include the odd-behaviour-state?? this is a guess because people having type 1 diabetes, but who are not yet diagnosed, don’t have the problems.

        but as you say about “get into trouble” with low blood sugar – I was just thinking about it – the guy I saw was irritated, worried and almost frightened about what was happening, but also giggling quite a lot and to all the people observing it quite amusing (in a VERY disturbing sort of way).

        • 419
          bird with small brain says:

          An insulin coma (due to low blood sugar) comes on quickly over a matter of minutes – the person concerned characteristically becomes confused and very aggressive (Am I the only child to have been taught not to ask my father for pocket money before he’d had his tea?). The opposite coma due to excessively high blood sugar is slower in onset and behaviour is confused but usually not aggressive. They are both potentially deadly!

    • 489

      I used to work with a guy who suffered Type 1 and occasional hypo attacks – he’d start behaving very strangely and one of us would have to take him to the canteen and feed him a sandwich or two.

      I don’t think I ever saw him react to high blood sugar level, unless we count the incident with the lager and the stripper, but that’s another story…

  74. 280
    Home visit required at No 10.... says:

    I’m l..o..o..n..y, I’m Lo..o..n..y, I Know I am, I’m Sure I am I’m L..o..o..n..y

    • 459
      Sigmund Fraud says:

      I myself prefer the term sexually confused, Herr Doktor Gordon. Komm! say it mit me Ich bin… I am sexualische confused. Zere! It waz not so bad, ja? You are still alive, yes? Now ve can zer treatment commence! Take zis copy of Krafft-Ebing, read it, und see me next Tuesday. Do not forget – Swiss Francs only.

  75. 282
    I love MILFs says:

    The Tories should just show this on a loop in their election broadcasts and they’ll secure a working majority.

    • 322
      Fap Fap Fap says:

      PHOWARRRRRR that is a nice rack, someone sign her up as an mp.

      • 402
        Eric "Big Boy" Pickles says:

        Nadine. Get your assets out for the party.
        It’s the right thing to do.
        We’re desperate.

  76. 291
    Sassy_Knack says:

    One must feel a certain sense of regret that a young man with so much promise for a very soon independent Scotland should have wasted the opportunities that future high office would have promised him – not least to receive back all the Scottish diaspora from a more southerly country that no longer needs them……..

  77. 292
    Dr Shipman says:

    Did someone request a house call?

  78. 309
    Sick of Labour and Conservatives says:

    I can’t stand the Cameroons, I bet she did vote for Tony as well being the heir to blairs. Stuff the lot of them wheres Thatcher?

    • 317
      barefootcontessa says:

      Samantha should be one of Tory’s secret weapons. She dresses well, she’s attractive and intelligent, and she should be putting herself about a bit to help her struggling husband. FFFFFion too.

      • 430
        streamfisher says:

        It’s only Brown that now thinks its a great idea to pimp off his wife, him being such a believer in the sanctity of the family an all.

  79. 313
    Davey boy's gay list says:

    Ooh I’ve never voted Tory before but I think they’ve cornered the pink vote

    Shut that door!

    I mean Gideon is sooooo manly isn’t he?

  80. 314
    Mitch says:

    According to the BBC website, ‘cocaine users are getting younger’.
    I have always avoided illegal narcotics but, now I’ve found out that they actually reverse the ageing process, I’m going to give them a bash.

    • 420
      Moley says:

      And the BBC should know.

      They have hundreds of senior staff involved in the daily investigation of cocaine abuse.

  81. 316
    all white mate says:

    “Why (sniff) don’t we run big (sniiiiiiff) on this story David ?” here you go

    thanks, “SH (sniff) says it would backfire (sniiiiiiff) whatever that (sniiiiiiiiiiiff) means, George”

  82. 318
    nell says:

    There have been some very lurid tales about the scottish labour party since the demise of John Smith left them adrift without an anchor.

    Character assassination of the most vicious sort, backstabbing, wild parties, dr+g ab+se and now social connections to dr+g lords and p++dophili+. Even suggestions that bliar has a d-notice still in place to hush it all up.

    Well until this latest purcell news there was no hard evidence of such things.

    Is this, one wonders, the tip of an iceberg about to be revealed??!!

    • 328
      nell the smell of mcbride says:

      sorry love but that lunatic conspiracy theory draws top tories into it
      so if you actually believed it you would be very worried indeed

      • 344
        nell says:

        Well dear damian if that theory is true, I don’t care who’s in it – they should all be exposed and prosecuted!!

        Unlike labour that is only interested in protecting itself regardless of the public good ( bliar’s d-notice etc), I believe that the people, not the politicians, are the one’s who should be protected!!

        • 351
          nell the smell of mcbride says:

          you’ve been on the turnip mash again love
          it’s complete bollocks
          the d notice its there to protect the reputations of the Labour and Tory politicians who were warned by the perpetrator but did nothing
          I’d release it tomorrow because I’m not a tiny brained partisan troll trying to smear her opponents with lunatic conspiracy theories like you just did

        • 372
          nell says:

          What are you saying that there is a d-notice ??!!

          Suggests then that there is something to hide doesn’t it??!!

      • 531
        Anonymous says:

        name the “top tories” involved in west central scotland, please ?
        i’m intrigued.

    • 369
      The curtain has lifted just a bit says:

      The worst excesses take place in the Scottish Labour Party. Here, the notions that time served matters more than talent, and that obedience is a greater virtue than honesty, have long been dominant. When the only parliament was at Westminster, the factionalism, fixing and corruption were mostly confined to local government. John Smith and Donald Dewar knew about the awful sectarianism on Monklands District Council. They turned blind eyes to it because it was easy to deny. An unwritten contract existed – you boys can play squalid games in the closed world of your one-party council statelets, but you must never involve the parliamentary party nor will you embarrass us by getting caught. That was then. Now these tactics are the stuff of Edinburgh parliamentary politics, too. The dominant ethos in the Scottish Executive is the ethos of Scotland’s Labour councils – unprincipled, middle-aged, male, misogynist and principally motivated by naked self-interest.

      • 400
        nell says:

        Yes I do believe that is true. Sadly!

        The ratepayers of these scottish districts have , for years, been short changed by these labour self-servers! and that is so true of places like Glasgow!!

  83. 325

    There have always been serious concerns about the links of some of the Strathclyde Police ‘old guard’ to organised crime….one of the reasons behind setting up SCDEA and compartmentalisation of intelligence functions.

    It doesn’t seem impossible that Purcell was given a heavy hint by SCDEA, and that the party hierarchy (possibly Brown through the police or security service) found out and told Purcell to step down very recently…hence his collapse.

    Disturbing if the young man (Purcell’s friend) who died decided to stop taking insulin…perhaps a cry for help or genuine grief that passed unnoticed or ignored.

    • 331
      cuntstable handshake says:

      but how on earth could it all be covered up? ma ha bone, so mote it be

      • 376
        The curtain has lifted just a bit says:

        In the same way that trapped and intimidated Neapolitans are trapped by an unholy and corrupt alliance between politics and the camorra. Glasgow is Naples with sh*t weather.

    • 350
      nell says:

      One wonders? Did he know something that labour did not want to be publicised.

      Was he ‘forcibly separated from his insulin injections’ knowing that that would cause his death and so stop him telling what he knew!!!

      • 355
        David Icke says:

        Don’t forget the new world order shapeshifting lizard-people.

      • 361
        nell the smell of mcbride says:

        smell the desperation
        smells like, a hung parliament

        • 381
          nell says:

          Indeed – labour’s desperation can be felt even in the far flung quarters of East Anglia.

          Even we are watching the lurid glasgow labour council /drugs/crime-lord meltdown!!!

          • nell the smell of mcbride says:

            good, fuck them and fuck their useless leader Brown

          • Anonymous says:

            Indeed and the last thing Scots who hate Brown more than most need and who hold the key to Labours downfall is for ignorant English muppets to slag them off with racist shit. Yeah thats right divide and conquor and get Brown another 5 years !

    • 408
      Tattooed_Arry says:

      A cocaine lifestyle and the need for regular self-maintenance of blood sugar levels do not mix.
      I would imagine that the use of such a stimulant would lead to abnormal swings in the body’s metabolism especially that relating to blood sugar levels.
      However, as I understand it there is no evidence that the person had ever taken cocaine, let alone whether it was related to his death.
      People who are insulin dependent do die in this manner, often as has been noted in this thread, because they are mistaken for drunks – and nearly everyone will cross the road rather than be accosted by a drunk or someone perceived as being drunk.
      It would have been less suspicious, given that it happened in Glasgow, if the “dark forces” behind a cover-up had arranged a stabbing, rather than go to the trouble of inducing an insulin related death.

  84. 367
    S.B.S. says:

    That is another hoon weaving baskets, soon there will be more basket weavers than normal people.

  85. 371
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    If you wish to kill a person without trace
    A quick shot of insulin into a hair follicle does the job

    • 380
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      If the person is actually a diabetic, it wouldnt be suspicious for them to have insulin injected into their arm.

    • 555
      J O'leary says:

      into hair follicle?

      difficult,we are talking several mls

      or are hair follicles larger in Scotland?

      probably the deep frying that does it

      the more I see of Scotland the more it comes over as a completely alien and malignant country joined to England for no logical reason other a political fix 300 years ago

      why England has to carry this strange corrupt overprivileged bunch of sanctimonious bigots is beyond me.

      Oh, God, please end it!

  86. 387
    Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP says:

    I’m still here.

  87. 388
    Abu Bonanza says:


  88. 394
    Anonymous says:

    aye the lovely red rose dinners were well attended by “friends” of purcell everyone knows these “friends” attended to get better links to the establishment and make themselves seem legit as well as launder money by going into business with labour sponsers

  89. 396
    Anonymous says:

    Sterling’s election woes are a vote against Brown

    The particular problem here is Gordon Brown. I believe the chancellor when he says he wants to cut the deficit. I believe George Osborne and Vince Cable, the shadow chancellors. The prime minister, however, does not seem to believe it, even if he is occasionally persuaded to say it. He cannot believe what he saw as a transformation of Britain’s public services during his chancellorship, “prudence for a purpose”, has to be followed by more savage cuts than anything Margaret Thatcher tried.

    Until he believes it, and can convince everybody he does, the markets will continue to harbour extreme doubts. And they will continue to believe a Labour victory, particularly a minority Labour government, would be very bad for Britain.

  90. 403
    The only way the BBC would cover it says:

    The conservatives are under renewed pressure tonight after a high-flying council leader with links to David Cameron resigned amid allegations of drug abuse. David Cameron met with the leader of Glasgow Council at a dinner, however the following day the council leader quit siting “stress”. This is on top of recent pressure from a mate of a friend in a pub who’s recent revelations about Lord Ashcroft’s tax affairs from 10 years ago have brought renewed scrutiny on the Tory leadership. Our reporter, Li Ebour reports….

    • 427
      The Enquirer says:

      Dr John Reid
      Ex Speaker Martin
      Des Browne
      Steve Purcell
      Disgraced MP Jim Devine
      Jim Murphy
      etc etc etc

      All regular attendees and staunch supporters at Glasgow Celtic Football Club
      Draw your own conclusions.

      • 441
        IainM says:

        One of them at least was better at scoring than Celtic!?

      • 477
        Anonymous says:

        Followers of Football North of The Border will also have noted that the current mudslinging and smokescreen tactics emminating from Celtic Park has all the hallmarks of a new Labour “attack dog” mentality about it. Wonder who be behind that then eh, Dr John !!!!!!!

        • 516
          udderly 'orrible says:

          Would that be the same Dr John who , while still a minister of the crown, told police he had “no idea” when asked about traces of a suspect chemical substance they had found in his home?

          • The Enquirer says:

            The same Dr John, who, as Minister of Armed Forces, kept association and actively seeks the company with many thousands of “like minded” individuals who sing in support of treason and the murder of their own countrymen ?

            People who revel and support the killing of the very people he was Minister for. “Friends” of which would gain greatly by the state intellegence he now had full access to.

            Liked them so much he chose to be their Chairman.

            Yes indeed – He.

            A denier in all aspects of Truth.

            VOTE LABOUR – Vote for these very very decent people.

        • 532
          Anonymous says:

          Dr John.
          Direct qute from Wiki.

          “According to George Galloway, Reid is an accomplished singer and guitar player and “taught a whole generation of Labour activists, including yours truly, the entire IRA songbook”.

  91. 404
    Yvette Blooper chugs on honorable members says:

    Ed Balls asked me this

  92. 415
    Martin Day says:

    Labour have nothing to fear with these muppets fronting the Conservative Parties election campaign

    We want Osborne,we want Osborne,we want Osborne

    The Conservatives also described as “complete rubbish” a report yesterday claiming that the party has chosen a “famous five” – Cameron, Kenneth Clarke, William Hague, Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt – to front the election campaign and that other figures, such as shadow chancellor George Osborne, were being sidelined.

    • 503
      Sir Everard Digby says:

      The only muppets are running the country at present -correction that’s a slur on the Muppets who at least had a degree of wit and intelligence.

      Labour -Debt,Lies,Cowboys

  93. 416
    I hate Harpy Harman says:

    I can never get enough of this. I love the stony expression on her face.

    • 422
      I can enever get enough of this. I love the slapheads evasion says:

      • 440
        streamfisher says:

        Will Youtube tennis catch on as a popular pastime now that our Davis Cup team have been relegated to playing in the same division as Easter Island?

    • 552
      Frank Hebert says:

      That is what a Feminist looks like. What did the Femins ever do to her?

  94. 421
    Gordoom cooks the books says:

    does anyone know where I can get a dvd of mad Haty Harmen`s interviews & PMQ`s as she is FUCKIN hilarious I love her keep her in a job she is priceless

  95. 437
    Moley says:

    Glasgow is a “small” city and is home to BBC Scotland.

    It is not in the least surprising that Labour’s tentacles of power extend into the BBC and influence its reporting of Glasgow politics.

    What should be shocking to everybody is that the BBC’s bias covers the full spectrum of “Pravda’s” activities.

    On the one extreme is the smear and exageration of any adverse story connected to a Tory, but on the other we now see the wilful suppression of information about Labour politicians which should very definitely be in the public domain.

    Compare the information provided by “Rantinrab” with the BBC reports and what you see is the BBC putting a halo on a Senior Labour politician who others suggest is not only a drug addict with connections to organised crime, but is also in an influential position regarding the awarding of contracts and is susceptible to blackmail by his criminal contacts.

    The BBC is every bit as rotten as the Scottish Labour Party, but unfortunately an election will not remove the corruption in our State broadcaster.

  96. 452
    Anonymous says:

    I’m off to join the English Defence League.

  97. 455
    PMK says:

    Keep digging, God knows the Labour controlled ‘BBC Scotland’ will not.

  98. 456
    bhoysbuggerbhoys says:

    Some severely pissed off members of the Fourth Estate because they’re being prevented from printing stories about Pink Purcell and his links to the Daniel crime gang, his sexually intimate relationship with the tragic Danus and the fact that he not only used coke but was also concerned in it’s distribution.

    • 471
      Anonymous says:

      Interesting, had assumed he was a Lyons’ man

      • 492
        George Squared says:

        I’d plump for him being a McGovern man, his Labour colleague Councillor James Todd (Labour, Ward 17, Springburn) being one of their Taxi drivers. Who was it that was awarded the school run taxi contract ? Not Network Private Hire perchance .

        West of Scotland Labour politicians = Crime Incorporated.

        • 514
          udderly 'orrible says:

          Quick speed read of the hundreds of commenter links on this blog to Scotchland and its Liebour Criminals, Pa*edos and Drug Addicts makes me wonder what on earth the rest of the country is thinking in allowing these corrupt scumbags to ever travel across the border, never mind run the UK (into the ground).
          Britain fully deserves its fate if this is a cross sample of the class of sink estate slime that comprises McRuin’s Scotchland party.

          • labour is a cancer on society says:

            Remember it is the British Labour Party run from London. They farm human misery in the West of Scotland for the votes that keeps Scotland in the Union. But then Scottish lives were hardly a price at all to pay for the Union. The mistake London makes is to let their ‘representatives’ anywhere near the levers of power.

  99. 457
    Barnabas Scudamore says:

    Aweful – just aweful.

  100. 465
    Down with Brown! says:

    The Steve Nolan Show on Five Live is going on about Ashcroft again. When will the BBC and Labour realise that Ashcroft did nothing illegal.

    • 478
      Two lines now and a wrap to go says:

      We have a government whose election campaign is based on personal attacks and an opposition who responds with a lets not frighten the voters message.
      You’re all going to hell.

  101. 467
    Anonymous says:

    And the cocaine dependancy is just the cover story!

  102. 469
    Gill says:

    Purcell was mixed up in organised crime in Glasgow, he had been for years, but he thought he was untouchable!

    He was well know around the gay clubs and lived in the same flat for years which was in an area you would not expect for the position he held.

    He was at a charity event in the Hilton the week prior and sat at the top table with Brown, Murphy & Gray.

    No one from the Labour party has made a statement on this!

  103. 474
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    O/T but just thought I’d give you an update on our Education, Eddjercayshon, Ed-you-cowson pledge…………

  104. 479
    Huge Gateskill says:

    what have i missed

  105. 491
    Gill says:

    City council refuses to review decisions made by Purcell

    Amazing, it’s only gone midnight on Sunday, see how efficient Brown has Labour run councils in Scotland!

    The Labour run press ready & willing to spew it out, but hey, remember NO COMMENTS ALLOWED ON PURCELL!!

    • 566
      IainM says:

      No surprise! They are all rushing about buying body armor and worrying about thier knee caps if you get my drift!

  106. 493
    Gazete Oku says:

    Hi, thank you very much. good job.

  107. 494
    FUGLY says:

    What a fat fuck Purcell is. A Fugly scotchpie, he obviously has more than one addiction. Brown knows this fat fuck has been sticking his nose in something other than his shitty arse. Brown will distance himself from Purcell though wee ‘ec must be laughing.

  108. 496
  109. 498
    Anonymous says:

    I’m sure someone has already pointed this out but… For an insulin dependant diabetic to die suddenly they have to have a “hypo”. Insulin acts to lower blood glucose by moving it into the tissues where it can be used/stored. A diabetic gives themselves insulin typically before a meal in anticipation of a sudden influx of glucose into their bloodstream. If they give themselves too much insulin or too little glucose (as sugar or carbohydrates) they have a hypoglycaemic episode where their blood sugar becomes very low. As the brain depends on blood glucose then this is affected first, the person can become disorientated and drowsy with coma and death resulting if help doesn’t arrive. Often diabetics will carry a sugar gel you can rub on the inside of their mouths in case of emergency.

    • 513
      Moley says:

      Reply to 496

      Another “coincidence”.

      See 509

      You want to bump off a diabetic clandestinely?

      Swap his usual insulin for one which is more concentrated and quicker acting.

      Just use a syringe to put the new preparation in the same bottle, by the time the diabetic has realised that something is wrong it will be too late for him to rescue himself.

      I would expect somebody who was committing suicide to stay quietly at home; not die in the street.

  110. 507
    Yarnefromhorsham says:

    So thats why GB went to visit the troops. Nothing is ever straight fwd with Brown.

  111. 511
    Moley says:

    It is not all that common for three people to fall to their deaths simultaneously.

    Is it a coincidence that it occurred in the same city at the same time as the Purcell affair?

    Who were they?

    Are they linked to the Purcell affair?

    Did they fall, or were they pushed?

    A disused tower block is an ideal place for criminal meetings and illegal activities.

    • 523
      Nu Peeds says:

      There are probably kids involved. There usually is with the evil filth in politics.

      Remember the Tory, “Cash for Knighthoods / Cash for Rent-boys” scandal with that sick fuck, Derek Laud. Five of the alleged abuse victims were burned to death, along with Health Visitor.

      The scum in Labour are probably tying up loose ends.

      • 529
        Madame Defarge says:

        There has been some odd stuff on the internet for years regarding Scottish establishment and kiddie fiddling. You only have to google it and it’s all out there including a link to the Prime Mentalist.
        D notices; Operation Ore; Dunblane and an odd child abuse case in Aberdeen. Either the conspiracy theorists are into warp drive or there is something sinister going on in Scotland…and who is running GB?

  112. 520
    Wazza says:

    How did he pay for the drugs? He must have been doing at least £500 a week on em. That’s £25,000 in cash every year. This may make Ashcroft look like nothing. Keep hammering away Guido.

    • 521
      Wazza says:

      Just read that he is/was on £60K a year. Shurely not enough to pay for the HIGH life. The Cameroons must have somebody onto this 1. Will frighten voters in those Southern marginals when they get the full SP.

    • 522
      Moley says:

      Drugs provided in return for favours?

      Influencing the police to turn a blind eye?

      Influencing the media to bury stories?

      Influencing the council’s procurement staff and committees to award contracts to the “right” people.?

      There are also rumours that he was dealing.

      • 524
        Moley says:

        I think that Glagow police should call in an outside force to take this investigation over.

        But if Brown wants it all swept under the carpet; that won’t happen, will it?

        This is a real litmus test for the police, in the next few days we will have the answer to the question;

        “Do we live in a police state; will the police obey orders to cover up any criminal activity committed by those in Government or linked to those in Government.?

        The jury is out; the verdict is awaited.

        • 536
          Anonymous says:

          I reckon you should carry out the investigation. You obviously have all the answers.

          Personally I think Gordo Brown killed this guy with his bare hands then dragged the three witnesses to the Red Road flats and threw them off the 15th floor.

          Anyone who disagrees with me is part of the conspiracy.

  113. 528
    Anonymous says:

    “tip[ped] for future greatness ”

    We need to start asking “why?”. Are only those who are compromised such that they can be controlled being pushed to the top ?

    • 542
      Cromwell says:

      You have to understand politics in Glasgow, particularly Labour politics.

      Purcell – whom I know personally – ticked all the boxes for the West of Scotland Labour establishment and most of the Scottish media, particularly BBC Scotland.

      He is a Roman Catholic, a Celtic season-ticket holder and shareholder, and he is gay.

      He probably would have become the First Minister of Scotland.

  114. 533
    Taggart says:

    The most serious concern regarding the BBC is the lack of national coverage.over the 1200 or so deaths associated with the Mid Staffordshire foundation trust.You English are tossers for standing it.

  115. 534
    Taggart says:

    If you English feel stong enough about the lack of coverage by MSM of wee Stevie Purcell why dont each of you print off 6 copies each and leave them on train seats Etc Etc. Drip Drip Drip.

  116. 535

    Interesting that this snippet was all over the Jockish newspapers but didn’t warrant a mention darn sarf. Little wonder when everyone south of the border is in thrall to Lord Mandy of Pandy and his constant re-hashing of the Ashdown non-affair.

  117. 539
    The Enquirer says:

    Each and every time a reporter/interviewer/MP/someone mentions “Ashcroft”, the respondent must always answer “Purcell”

    Bet that would immediately stop the “on message” group in their tracks.

    Lets report the REAL corruption stories.

    Roll on PMQ and Question Time.
    Gloves Off – Round One.

  118. 543
    Anonymous says:

    Did Broon turn up in person to tell Purcell they knew what he was up to and wanted him out of the way in case the sh!t hit the fan before the general election?

    Was seeing his world crumbling all too much for Purcell?

  119. 558
  120. 559
  121. 560
    Veronica IQ says:

    Purcell was treated at Castle Craig – a place which uses the 12 Steps, where you have to talk openly about your past and your addiction, and be honest. Probably the reason he left after only a few days. Thought this page was interesting

  122. 561
    Anti Dis says:

    79 Councillors needed to run Glasgow. Surely not jobs for the bhoys?

  123. 562
    James says:

    Many thanks to Guido for reporting this story. I hope he will continue to expose the facts as they emerge.

    It is scandalous that there is nothing in the Scottish press or the BBC giving the full account. It’s called the “protect the Labour Party at any cost” campaign.

    The Scottish media let us down at every turn, spinning against the Nationalist movement but hiding the activities of Labour. They whole lot of them need gutting out, particularly BBC Scotland and the BBC Trust, who allow themselves to continue unhindered by their code of practice. We want fair reporting. Its not much to ask but it is not what we are getting.

    I look forward with interest to watching First Ministers Questions on Thursday at 12 noon. I am sure the Labour party will be treading very carefully not to give Alex Salmond an opportunity to talk about the events of the last week.
    The Tories may not be so quiet on the subject. We can only hope that their motivation to damage the Labour Party is greater than their lack of desire to give any assistance to the SNP.

    In the wake of an expenses scandal and the resignation of the executives, Salmond has already said that he would reorganise Strathclyde Passenger Transport (SPT) if it was not reorganised to be more politically representative in its spread of councillors (predominantly Labour at present). The Purcell affair and the silence of the Labour party on that gives the perfect oppotunity for Salmond carry out this threat to SPT.

  124. 564
    Gill says:

    The Steven Purcell and Strathclyde Passenger Scandals in Context

    Media House Chairman Jack Irvine Lodges Complaint With The Sunday Herald Over Article

    Purcell is still checking his Facebook page

    How sure are we that Steven Purcell has left the country??

    It is too big a story to allow a cover up!

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Francis Elliot reports on No. 10 strategy meetings:

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