March 4th, 2010

Justice for Nick Hogan

Pub landlord Nick Hogan was  jailed last week for an absurd six months for breaking the smoking ban. Anna Racoon broke the story

“Nick was actually jailed for non-payment of the fine originally imposed for a ‘mass smoke-in’ on the day the ban came into force in 2007 in his pub, the ‘Swan and Barristers’ in Bolton. He no longer has that pub. He was fined again when council inspectors walked into his present pub and discovered a group of customers smoking – Nick wasn’t even on the premises.”

Nick is now in a debtors jail for not paying his £10,000 fine. A campaign has been started by Anna and Old Holborn has raised £6,200 towards the £8,664.50 he needs to get out of a jail, described as one of the most violent in  the country, by next week. For the state to lock this man away for this when every day violent criminals walk free beggars believe. Please dig into your pockets to raise that extra two and half grand.

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  1. 1

    We’re all banning smoking together.

    • 3
      Lord Ashcroft says:

      Leave it to me to sort it

      • 11
        the cowardly TaT who dare not squeak his name says:

      • 38
        Website? You must be joking. says:

        And so should you for such a crap website.

        • 137
          The Trogladite says:

          That’s not a website, it’s a pathetic computer virus.

        • 219

          £7572 raised so far.


        • 263
          Mr Ned says:

          OH, You would be doing more good by putting that money into the Justice for Hollie campaign.

          I thought you were made of better stuff OH, and had a grasp of what is real and important. but by campaigning on behalf of a criminal who allowed people to commit suicide by instalments on his premises and risk the health of others in the process you are losing the plot.

        • 282

          Mr Ned,

          If you think this is anything to do with smoking, you are being niaive

        • 283
          care in the community officer says:

          Fuck off Mr Ned you terminally confused twat.

          If people want to ‘commit suicide by instalments’ that’s their business – not yours, not some council stasi jobsworth’s and not the state’s.

          What part of that do you not understand?

      • 44
        The Wrong Solution says:

        Why is this campaign prepared to hand over 10k to Jack Straw to get Mick out?

        If he had paid the fine in the first place he would have not been jailed and he would only have paid a fraction of 10k.

        So now, not only has Jack Straw won 10k, he has also been able to flex his muscles and frighten other pubs into submitting to the smoking ban.

        It all seems arse aboutface to me.

        • 94
          Anonymous says:

          Indeed, we should pay 10k to get Jack Straw out of power, so that he cannot make any laws to punish one person for the actions of another.

          Or we should pay the tories to make some crime we can do, that gets Jack Straw arrested instead. They we can keep doing the crime and keep getting him locked up.

          We could make a ‘passive bullshit’ law, every time we talk bullshit, Jack Straw will be locked up for 6 months for not stopping us, even if he’s not around to stop us or able to stop us.

          • D L George says:

            Cheers anonymous, I’ve just sprayed my keyboard with coffee, its taken the last five minutes to clean it out.

            Good solid suggestion. Zanu have passed far more ludicrous laws in their time.

        • 262
          BBC Lover says:

          Fuck this guy! He broke one of the only decent laws labour ever created.


          Guido, really? You would rather campaign to help someone who broke the law and put the health of others at risk, than for a downs syndrome girl who was routinely raped and abused by a bunch of perverts who are escaping all forms of natural justice???

          • care in the community officer says:

            Well fuck you too, Mr BBC lover.

            Your vacuous whataboutery is irrelevant.

            Apologists for creeping totalitarianism are the scum of the earth.

          • dayvid dimmmbelbee says:

            Justice not just for him, not just for Hollie; Justice for All.

            Start with Justice for one, and work around to everyone else.

            And fuck the BBC.

          • Lion of England says:

            In witch world do you live in? for your information it was not Nuke Labour that brought it in,it was from their MASTERS AT EUssr HQ,and the WHO.
            YOU DIP STICK

    • 28
      British bloke says:

      Sent my fiver to OH campaign on this a few3 days back – please help if you can.


      USA eyes Falklands oil deal with…..”Argentina”. Yep.

      Special relationship?

      • 31
        Dave S says:

        Those lousy treacherous yanks.

        After all the blood & gold we have expended propping up their empire quest in the ME this is how they treat us?

        New Labour & Cameron had better get on the phone to Hilldog.


        • 49
          stilyagi_air_corps says:

          After the al Megrehi case, yes.

        • 67
          Road_Hog says:

          It’s very straightforward, let’s pull our troops out of Afghanistan and send a few of them over to the Falklands for R&R. Problem solved, a lot of money and lives saved.

          • Mr Ned says:

            A few? Send every last one of them.

          • Mr Ned says:

            It is now more important than ever that we get a Government that will pull us out of the EU.

            As it is when the combined EU defence force is established, the UK and France will be required to give up their seats on the UN Security Council. We will be replaced by an EU representative.

            When that happens, if Barak Hussien (the Anglo hater) Obama gets his way, we will not be able to prevent the USA and the EU from giving the Falklands to Argentina in the UN. They will create a security council resolution demanding that we hand over sovereignty of our Falkland Islands.

            We will not be able to veto it as we will no longer have a seat at the UN top table.

            That would be it, we would be fucked over totally, and that is what Obama wants!

          • Katabasis says:

            “s it is when the combined EU defence force is established, the UK and France will be required to give up their seats on the UN Security Council. We will be replaced by an EU representative.”

            Mr Ned. You are mistaken – this is *already* the case as a result of the Lisbon Treaty being in force. – See Article 34, Section 2, subparagraphs 2 and 3 of the Lisbon amended Maastricht treaty.

        • 268
          Mr Ned says:

          Fucking yank bastards!

      • 132
        AC1 says:

        It’s just one-term Obama continuing to be rubbish.

      • 167
        Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

        Right, and what about the fact that BP share the licence for drilling along with Repsol in Argentinian waters or is that not so treacherous?

        AH (C)

      • 265
        The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

        Special Relationship:

        USA = Dog

        UK = Lamp post

        • 303
          Thats MISTER pleb to you! says:

          The USA are willing to fight the war in Afghanistan to the last Brit!

        • 338
          Lion of England says:

          What do you expect of the COLONIALS,We have to much AMERICA OF Arse
          in our country time to to shove them of in the Mayflower again,Bastard race,THEY WANTED INDEPENDANCE SO STAY IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY AND

    • 33
      Zimbabwe in better economic health than Gordon's Britain says:

      The pound has fallen 7% against the Zimbabwean Dollar since January.

      Well Done Gordon. NOT!

      • 45
        Come on Dave get on the attack. says:

        “Gordon Brown has been accused of many things. But the prospect of his re-election resulting in Robert Mugabe’s currency being preferred to sterling must surely be one of the most hurtful.”

        The Tories should be shouting this from the rooftops.

        • 115


          I’ve got most of my cash tied up in wheelbarrow futures – don’t rock the boat, or if you do, please use the line…


          P.S. Pravda had ‘Cabaret’ on last night – are they preparing us for some Weimar moments, or was it just more pederast pantomime from the coke sniffers?

        • 119
          The IMF is coming says:

          Brown is meeting Zuma today and they will be discussing Zimbabwe. Presumably Brown will be taking some lessons from Zimbabawe

          • udderly 'orrible says:

            They will also be discussing his seven wives and 30 children probably with a view to ascertaining if local M*zz*ie followers of the same cargo cult could be benefit further thanks to Chief n’Zuma’s multi-wife experience.

      • 105
        Old Tory says:

        Does anybody care?

        The average person in this country has NOT been affected by this recession. A lot are even better off! This has been one of the less damaging recession (SO FAR) I have ever known. There are many people who read about this credit crunch and how dire it has been and therefore credit Nulabour for getting them so “painlessly” through it!

        Also many view the Tories rightly or wrongly as being in the back pockets of the bankster elite that forced the Nulabour government to hand over hundreds of billions on threat of economic armageddon.

        Tory Bankers! Then, there is the expense scandal the headlines were “duck houses, moats, flipping” all Tory fiddles.

        There is a very good chance that the Tories have blown it and Mr Brown will be with us for another five years…

        • 127
          Bully Basher says:

          The recession isn’t really over yet, much more to come and a deficit that keeps growing.

          Whoever gets in is in for a rough ride. If it’s Brown (god help us all) he will be well and truly rolling around in shit of his own making.

        • 144
          Gordon the political animal says:

          The Tories did the right thing at the Autumn conference, telling the truth for once. Unfortunately dave lost his nerve and has since back tracked. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that Gordon is mitigating the effects of the reccession on the UK people until after the election. He is deliberately letting the UK economy deteriorate in order that he gets re-elected. It’s the right thing to do in his warped mind.

    • 88
      Winston says:

      Non payment of a fine is an offence against the state rather than an offence against the person. As far as the state is concerned this is the most dangerous of crimes, imagine if we all started witholding what we ‘owe’ them?

      Non-payment of taxes and fines must be punished as harshly as possible, hence why little old ladies end up in chokey for forgetting to pay their council tax.

      • 260
        UK Debt Slave says:

        That’s why EVERYONE should refuse to pay them

        Council tax (an unlawful tax)

        Speeding tickets

        Parking fines

        ‘Wheelie bin’ taxes

        FUCK EM


    • 292
      terence patrick hewett says:

      There are 11 million pub smokers and in a few short weeks we will have payback.

    • 305
      Nick the Prick says:



      I have met Nick Hogan on numerous occasions as a customer at the Swan With Two Necks Pub in Chorley. He is the biggest dick head you could ever wish to meet. The pubs are awash with UKIP literature that he tries to force down the customers necks. He is a very active UKIP zealot who flouts the law because he thinks he can, then complains about his civil liberties. Don’t be fooled the guy is a prick.

      In fact last time i saw him in the swan with two necks I was with my wife, who happens to be Irish, this was just after Ireland voted yes to Lisbon Treaty. Couldnt wait to get out of the pub, he was abusive and rude.

      He is a zealot nutter who behaves like a child

      • 318
        Absolutely Passionate says:

        On the strength of that I have just made another donation.

      • 340
        Anonymous says:

        You’ve missed the point: This Nick guy – he may not even be nice to cats – so what? If everybody had to be perfect before we were entitled to protest about bad laws then no one but Jesus would be able to protest about bad laws. As I see it, Nick has started to wake people from their comfortable belief that big Government can be trusted to be on our side

  2. 2
    Grofons Blownit says:

    I wounder what you get for work place bullying these days

    • 12
      restandbthankfull says:

      It would be called something like “very demanding of people”. As Mangledbum said of the Prime Mentalist “man who is quite emotional, who is quite passionate in what he believes and is doing … who gets angry but chiefly with himself, who doesn’t bully people” So there is no such thing as bullying – for bully read passionate. It’s all smoke and mirrors in a country run by Labour. Will it change under CMD? Hmmmm.

    • 40
      Anonymous says:

      Is anyone surprised that this guy has been banged up? You shouldn’t be! I read today that kids of five are being placed on a government “Hate Register” so how far away are we from re-education camps. Fucking hell… so many open goals for the Tories but they’re still in the changing rooms tying up their bootlaces!!

      • 222
        Lord G says:

        The tories are like a rabbit stuck in the headlights – too many possible goals so they don’t know which to go for.

        Dave should pick a couple of the juicier ones and go for them, not back down and make the liebore scum come clean – the house of cards would soon come tumbling down around their ears…

        • 310
          penwen says:

          I have voted Tory all my life and I am just so saddened that there is not a strong voice in the conservative party who can denouce this shower of shit , we call a government, for what they are. I cannot for the life of me believe that there is the remotest possiblity that these crack pots can be re-elected into government. Let the Scots rule themselves and the English rule England. Go home Brown we don’t want you here !!

  3. 4
    Scottish Politics says:

    If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime. No sympathy whatsoever for someone who deliberately flouted the law with his “mass smoke in”.

    • 20

      In addition to the evidence of smoking taking place, the Courts have also indicated that they are taking into consideration the following matters:
      • the number of occasions on which the council is able to demonstrate that information and advice on the smokefree requirements have been provided to the person in control;
      • the failure by the person in control to take action after the receipt of such information and advice;
      • public statements made by or on behalf of the person in control:
      that they do not agree with or support the smokefree legislation;
      • that they are actively campaigning against it; or
      • that they do not intend to do anything more than simply inform people that they should not smoke.

      Officers of LACORS and the CIEH are continuing to closely monitor prosecutions and may be able to provide information on trends, levels of fines and costs, etc but not of course advice to councils in preparing their own cases. Of particular interest are those cases brought against repeat offenders which test the ability of the council to secure penalties prescribed in the legislation which will act as a deterrent against further offending as this information may be used to inform responses to further consultations by the Government.

      You can be jailed for not agreeing with smoke free legislation, as Nick was – THOUGHT CRIME

      • 37
        The Admiral says:

        How do you legislate for being a pillock and not paying up…

        Sorry Old Holborn. I usually agree with every thing you write but…

        • 42
          Smokefree,smellfree,healthy. says:

          Me too.

          Smoking ban only good thing the criminal Labour thugs ever did.

          • AC1 says:

            Without customers, most pubs will be closed soon. Which is what Labour wanted.

            Labour Thankyou for supporting the destruction of British society.

          • the thick of it says:

            cheap supermarket dr–ink killed them off as well

          • Billy Goat Gruff says:

            Ban smoking, pubs close, less opportunity for discussing civil unrest. All part of the plan, scatter any possibility of resistance

          • Doctor Mick says:

            Before the smoking ban there were smoke free bars. No phooker went to them.

            Go figure..

          • Dick Tator says:

            Alcoholic drink ban coming soon to a (closed) pub near you. If anyone thinks that dramatic price increases don’t equate (eventually) to an alcohol ban, then you need to get a life. By the way, where are all those people who wanted ‘no smoking’ in pubs. Certainly not in the pubs – they don’t go there any more because their smoking friends stay at home with supermarket beer.

            Closing down all the places where people meet to talk, including village halls (music and performance bans) and pubs will reduce the likelyhood that there could ever be any organized resistance to government measures “for you own good”.

            EUSSR coming to a neighborhood near you. In fact, YOUR neighborhood. Any guesses what is the next thing to be banned – for your own good, of course. Elections, maybe? Not needed now for the EU Commission, and soon not needed for (non) national governments.

            You have been warned!

          • Smoking=Freedom says:

            First they came for the smokers…
            but they were really coming for the drinkers all along.

            And you compulsive non-smoking pillock sheeople fell for it.

          • UK Debt Slave says:

            This was the real reason for the smoking ban

            It’s nothing to do with health. Government makes a huge amount of money out of smokers. The real reason is Fabian social engineering. They correctly figured that a smoking ban in pubs would cause many of them to close and that is exactly what they want.

            In their new ‘post democratic society’, they don’t want people assembling together in pubs where they might plot to collectively or tell the government to go fuck itself. And more simply, they hate the idea that anyone in this shit hole of a country might have somewhere to go where they can enjoy themselves.

            They could have let the market decide. There is a market for smoking AND non-smoking pubs. Their solution is a totalitarian one.

            They are spiteful fascists. Thank christ I’m leaving this hateful country. It has become unbearable living here.

      • 50
        Billy Goat Gruff says:

        Jack Straw on Sky yesterday with a back drop of Ministry of Justice logos looked more like the manager of a third rate football team. He will benefit from capturing the attention of those unable to think (as demonstrated on this blog).

        Even using the word justice in connection with this government is stretching the definition of truth.

      • 52
        John Terry is snide and was stuffed by Man City says:

        Absolute bollocks Old Holborn! This fooking idiot was jailed because he continued to flout the law right up to non-payment of a fine. He was party to allowing smoking on his premises, he knew exactly what he was doing. There’s nothing ‘thought crime’ when he turned a blind eye. He’s just a silly cnut.

        But hey – I bet the fooking clown doesn’t do it again when he gets out of jail.

        • 61

          Not too keen on this choice/democracy thing eh?

        • 65
          righty right wing (mrs) says:

          You haven’t read the whole story have you?

          Well do it now dear, then come back & if you still are of the same opinion I will get the rough boys to call you rude names.

        • 240
          Frank Woodbine says:

          The fooking clowns in this saga are the Misters who alienated the smoking population of this country with their draconian non smoking edict.
          Like the 10p tax it was good for a laugh in the HOC but the victims of these marxist prats will have their day at the ballot box quite soon and then we will see who gets the last laugh.

      • 63
        righty right wing (mrs) says:

        It is not enough to just accept New Labours big brother state, you must publicly state that you love New Labours big brother state.


      • 78
        Matt R says:

        I’m sympathetic to breaking laws when they are patently unjust, but there’s no way this is so clear cut. Smoking kills those around you, and is also pretty disgusting to have to put up with. Now I’m sure the bar staff that don’t smoke would love to say “know what, I’m not going to work in a smoke filled environment”, but unfortunatley most people have bills to pay. I’m not saying I APPROVE of the blanket smoking ban (although I definitely ENJOY it), but I cannot see this as the little guy striking a blow for natural justice. Sounds more like someone saying: “I personally don’t like your law so I’m going to ignore it”. And we all know where that leads.

        • 98

          “I personally don’t like your law so I’m going to ignore it”.

          And we all know where that leads.

          Ghandi? Mandela?

        • 120
          righty right wing (mrs) says:

          Oh dear,

          So you agree that for the first time in our history private citizens must under threat of imprisonment act as an agent of the state to change the behaviour or those around them?

          A P9oliceman in every ones head – New Labour style?

          Welcome to Britain – you are obviously new here – did you trade your postal vote for permanent residency at the Unite Office yet?

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            “private citizens must under threat of imprisonment act as an agent of the state to change the behaviour or those around them?”

            Pretty much always been the job of a pub landlord. They must police underage drinking, drunkeness, drug taking (perhaps violence too, can’t quite remember whether they get fined, or just lose their licence).

          • Indeed

            When did his responsibilities extend to tobacco? ANYONE who controls a space, not just a pub, is under the new edict from the Politburo

            If I smoke in a phone box will they imprison the head of BT?

            If I smoke on the tube, will they imprison boris Johnson?

        • 124
          AC1 says:

          Matt R,

          Sounds more like you don’t like Pub Landlords deciding what can happen on THEIR property.

          Don’t like a proper pub, don’t go there. Simples.

        • 249
          Bogeyman says:

          Matt R “Smoking kills those around you”

          If that was true the population would have been wiped out generations ago, you stupid idiot.

          • Anonymous says:

            Correct, Bogeyman.

            Matt R – name one (just one) person, by name, who has been killed by second-hand smoke. It shouldn’t be difficult, the tossers out there tell us that hundreds of thousands perish around the world each year.

            Surely, you know someone in your street/parish/county/country/continent. C’mon, you lily-livered, quivering heap of jelly-formerly-called-a-”Man” from not-so-Great-Britain, give us a name!

          • Smoking=Freedom says:

            Note that even alleged “passive smoking victim” Roy Castle really died from a non-smoking induced cancer. All those decades in smoke filled rooms didn’t kill him at all.
            They have to lie to drag idiots along.

      • 139
        sockpuppet #4 says:


        Its a bit like saying Ronnie Biggs was guilty of it because he THOUGHT he might like some of the money off that train.

      • 165
        Penfold says:

        The rules are there to be obeyed.
        Labour were voted in, they promulgated the rules.
        If you don’t like the rules, change them. Vote someone in who will, OR fight for your freedoms and seize control.
        Great sympathy, BUT you will never win against goverment who have a vested interest in screwing you down to enforce rule, OTHERWISE Anarchy exists.
        Labour are more than happy to see 50 pubs close every week, it reduces your chance to drink, interact with peers and perhaps swap sedition. Labour want a compliant nation, so if Gordo gets in don’t be surprised to see a wartime rationing scheme brought in under the guise of a rescue package which will limit our ability to smoke and drink.

        • 261
          Anonymous says:

          Penfold, evidently, you are not Greek, more’s the pity. It seems that your spine has been replaced with jello.

          Now, if you were Greek, you’d tell them to get the **** out of your face and riot if they didn’t listen. Does that help? No, but it keeps those silly buggers in the Halls of Power focussed on important things, like getting the country out of the poo, rather than spending their meager intelligences thinking up ways to annoy and punish their own people.

          You think it’s not coming to Britain? The list of EU countries most in danger of becoming the Next Greece are: Ireland; Portugal; UK.

        • 321

          No-one voted for a blanket smoking ban. It wasn’t in the Labour manifesto. A partial one was. Get your facts straight before blathering on about the rites of democracy.

    • 109
      The Buffoonite says:

      Your website will still be crapola

  4. 5

    ah, but non-payment of a fine is violence against the State, a far worse sin than beating a burdensome low-cash-yield OAP

    • 13
      Groucho says:

      Agreed, crimes againt the person go relatively unpunished in this country. However when this chap was given the fine he would have been warned that non payment would get him locked up. He shouldn’t have been too shocked when this was followed up.

      • 25

        He CANNOT pay it. He offered to pay as much as he could but has been made bankrupt.

        Debtors prisons stopped in 1861 apparently

        • 100
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Sorry … but putting aside all the stuff about rights and freedom for 5 minutes.

          He runs a pub, perhaps the biggest pub in the town, in a plum location.
          He’s gone bankrupt for the sake of £10K?

          He sounds a right chancer. I’m glad I don’t want to go in his pub any more.

        • 111
          Doctor Mick says:

          Tenner donated OH. Good on yer mate.

          And I phookin hate smoking.

        • 113
          Groucho says:

          Perhaps he shouldn’t have staged the mass ‘smoke in’ then, if he wasn’t able to pay the fine that would inevitably result?

          • Doctor Mick says:

            Perhaps you should carefully sort your trash out into green, white and brown glass, make sure platsics are kept separate and that grass clippings are put in the green wheelie. Just in case the council inspectors fine you. You tart.

          • Groucho says:

            Dr Mick – he sounds about as bright as you are. Let’s see – here’s a new law, everyone is looking, lets see what happens if I break it….

          • Doctor Mick says:

            OK Brain of Britain the last time you exceeded 30 mph in a built up area did you hand yourself in for speeding?

            I think this case – simple as it is – is way over your head pal.

    • 15
      restandbthankfull says:

      I wonder what stealing from the public purse is called – expenses?

  5. 6
    The Admiral says:

    I like pubs. I’ve never smoked. I have cronic broncitis.

    You work it out…

  6. 7
    Groucho says:

    Whether you agree with the smoking ban or not, he deliberately broke the law, then refused to pay the fine. What did he expect to happen?

    • 17
      mloh says:

      What’s to say he wont carry on offending? £10,000 a month?

    • 19
      Runny McDonut says:

      sounds like a metric martyr type situation

      • 26
        The Admiral says:

        Metric martyrs don’t kill themselves and their mates…

      • 32
        Groucho says:

        You can sell bananas by the kilo, pound, furlong or fortnight and it still won’t affect anyone’s health.

        • 58
          AC1 says:

          Maybe you can tell the bar owner what to put on the TV too?

          The answer was simple. Allow smoky pubs and smokeless (atmosphereless) pubs and see which one people went to…

          Of course we know the answer, people go to pubs with an atmosphere, and the righteous don’t like that.

          • works for the rest of Europe


            Brussels for example

            From the 1 January 2007 onwards, Belgium will allow smoking in restaurants in separate rooms where no food is served. Bars and cafés are not yet affected by the ban but are required to provide adequate ventilation and a non-smoking zone to their clients.

          • AC1 says:

            But OH, that won’t sate the neo-puritans need to ban stuff people enjoy.

          • Doctor Mick says:

            Yeah, it was compulsory to go into a smoky pub. You couldn’t phook off home or go to one of them deserted smoke free bars.

    • 175
      Get Up Stand Up says:

      “he deliberately broke the law”

      So did Maya Anne Evans reading out names of soldiers killed in Iraq at the Cenotaph.

      Silly selfish cow, ain’t she Groucho?

  7. 8
    Andrew Withers (LPUK) says:

    Cheers for highlighting this ’cause celebre’, the more I read about the background to the way the Law has been framed and the ‘advice’ given to magistrates that campaigning against this authoritarian measure will land you in chokey is utterly appalling

  8. 9
    mloh says:

    Daily Telegraph Most Read Today
    No Ashcroft?

    Australian woman died after ‘head was cut off during freak lawnmower accident’
    ‘Sex dungeon’ found in sleepy Devon village
    Rare Buddhist flower found under nun’s washing machine
    New Zealand woman believes she saw Madeleine McCann
    Boy develops fish scales at 14 months old

    Bugger the Economy…and this isn’t The Sun FFS.

    • 10
      Grofons Blownit says:

      no Lord Paul either – balance at last

    • 22
      The Admiral says:

      Thanks. I’ve been buying the Times, silly me…

    • 47
      Off with his kopf! says:

      So can we not arrange for the lawnmowing tractor to be out in Green Park when the mad Brown is on one of his so-called 3 mile “runs”?

  9. 14
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    “council inspectors walked into his present pub”

    They would do. Its 100 yards from their offices.

  10. 16
    Ash tray says:

    Smokers should be made to suffer. Their lives should be made hell. They should be monitored 24/7. Tagged and with no human rights. Hunted down in their community and continiously harassed until they give up.

  11. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Just chucked a tenner.

  12. 21
    Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:


    Please name “those violent criminals who walk free”

    Unlike the Tories we



  13. 24
    restandbthankfull says:

    It seems Madeleine McCann has been “seen” all over the world – and sometimes at the same time. Strangest story I have ever heard in my lifetime. I wonder if the changes Jack Strawman plans on making to the libel lawyers will curb the funds going into the pay the mortgage, sorry Find Madeleine Freund.

    • 154

      Those Portugese police are bastards, aren’t they?

      Fancy not sending a full team to each sighting, tooled up and ready to appease the consciences of the useless parents ensure that justice is done!

      I’m surprised there hasn’t been an ‘Our Madeline of Fatima’ sighting yet, but I’m sure there will be…

  14. 27
    Dom Fisher says:

    Round our neck of the woods in Brum, a homeless man got slung in jail for 8 weeks for stealing a duvet. Otoh a girl was convicted of smashing another girl’s head against a toilet rim up to 10 times and walked free. Source.

    • 36
      The Dirty Rat says:

      Ah but she does have a lovely pair of tits. Far better than that unfortunate homeless chap had I would wager.

    • 46
      Groucho says:

      Violent crime gets little more than a ticking off because it doesn’t affect the establishment. The law makers and politicians unfortunately won’t ever be glassed, stabbed or beaten to a pulp by a drunken yob, so they couldn’t care less.

      But steal from them and by God you are in for it. Fiddle your taxes and a the full weight of the state is thrown at you. A local dodgy businessman was done a couple of years ago for evading half a million quid in tax – he got 5 years inside, 8 if he doesn’t hand over the money. That’s the sort of time you would get these days for killing someone.

  15. 30
    gert says:

    there’s no such thing as a “debtors” jail.

  16. 34

    Cheques for the Nick Hogan fund can be made payable to Freedom to Choose (Scotland). Please write ‘Nick Hogan Fund’ on the reverse side of the cheque.

    The address is Freedom to Choose (Scotland), c/o The Dalmeny Bar, 297 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8SA.

    Contact: Belinda@Justice for Nick Hogan page on facebook, or at Freedom2Choose.

    • 51
      I have a dream says:

      and what about the;

      “Freedom To Choose A Prime Minister” fund?

    • 56
      Freedom from Smoke says:

      Non-smokers don’t have the freedom to choose if some git smokes cancer sticks near them.

      Ban it – charge £1,200,000 per pack.

      • 71
        AC1 says:

        So now smokers have no choice but to enjoy a smoke and a drink at home.

        Smoke free pubs seemed to have no demand, i.e. before smoke fascism a pub was quite within its rights to ban smoking, but none did.

        Obviously because people like a smoke with their drink.

        I personally think this was just a way for neo-puritans to further destroy an enjoyable part of British pub culture.

      • 242
        Smoking=Freedom says:

        Yet you are quite happy about women driving their huge SUVs down to school and putting carcinogenic diesel smoke in kiddies lungs, Dumbass.

        A fuel guzzling motor driven through a town puts more toxins into peoples lungs than a smoker can in months.

    • 79
      REEVO says:

      I won’t be donating “cash for fines” anytime soon as I am already paying via taxation for Nick Hogans stay in jug to the tune 30K per year.

      I can think of better ways than wasting 30K!

    • 99
      Groucho says:

      He staged a mass ‘smoke in’ on the day the law was introduced. He was being deliberately antagonistic. Well, his bluff has been called.

      The smoking ban is a stupid, badly thought out law. But it is the law and this chap intentionally broke it, then didn’t pay the fine. No sympathy from me, I’m afraid.

      • 143
        righty right wing (mrs) says:

        Its called “principles”. And having a back bone.

        You carry on being a slug.

        Have you actually read the whole story? Have you grasped the underlying concept that is at stake? Understood the subtle change in emphasis between private individuals & the State, & what the state now demands they do for it?

        Are you happy that merely disagreeing with a New Labour law can be “taken into consideration” by the Courts when weighing up sentence?

        • 171
          Groucho says:

          Yes, I have read the story. The publican was inviting trouble and he got it.

          As far as I know, your attitude toward any law is taken into consideration when you are standing in the dock, and always has been. Thinking you are above the law is pretty much guaranteed to weight things against you.

          As far as principles go – I don’t believe that anyone has the right to poison others as a result of their habit. So perhaps the thick, selfish twat might learn a lesson?

          • Woodbine Warrior says:

            So everyone in his pub was forced to smoke? Idiot.

          • Groucho says:

            Yes. Or does cigarette smoke magically lose its carcinogenic properties if its coming from the bloke sitting next to you?

          • plan 9 says:

            Ok gucciho! do you drive a car ? or use a bus? plane for holidays?, I don’t and I don’t see why I should be poisoned by your bad habits!.

          • Do you think ghandi was inviting trouble or that uppity negro, Rosa Parks?

            They achieved quite a lot and it wasn’t anything to do with getting the best view from the front of the bus.

            This is not about smoking.

      • 239
        North, but not Scotland says:

        Groucho, good work fella on the use of the word “chap”. One of the all time best in my estimation.

  17. 35
    John Terry is snide and was stuffed by Man City says:

    This fooking idiot refused to follow the law and continued to allow smoking in his pub, he had numerous warnings and was given every chance to conform. He was then fined but decided not to pay, even after several chances. So he was rightly jailed for non-payment of a fine.

    Either we have laws or not. And if we have them and people don’t conform then they should suffer consequences. I cannot believe that people are giving money to this imbecile when there are deserving charities that are struggling.

    It has nothing to do whether or not the country is violent etc, if you continue to disobey the law to the ultimate you will finish up in jail. Let the stupid fooker stay there and serve his sentence. A fooking prat if there there was one!

    • 157
      Bridge is a cuckolded twat says:

      I bet you give loads to charity. My arse.

    • 187
      A fat expense-fiddling arsehole Labour MP (while stubbing out his fag in one of the Commons bars) says:

      So glad you agree. Next year we intend to introduce a law banning YOU from eating any food, watching any media output, expressing any political view, or wearing any clothes, other than what we (in our infinite wisdom) have dictated.

      Failure to comply will mean a 10 thousand quid fine, criminal record and 6 months in jail. Under our new regime prison will be reserved for hardened criminals like smokers, foxhunters, OAP Council Tax martyrs and anyone with a job.

      So glad that you fully agree that the state has the right to dictate how YOU should manage YOUR affairs on YOUR private property – it will be one less for the gulag. Imagine being stupid enough to think that individual freedom of thought or action should still exist under a Labour government.

      • 211
        Groucho says:

        Its a Public House, not private property. The publican can invite his mates into his flat upstairs for a smoke if he wants to, but the staff and customers in the pub itself have the right not to be poisoned.

        • 294
          Smoking=Freedom says:

          They also have the right not to go there in the first place, Idiot.

        • 325

          They have no rights whatsoever. It’s his pub. They can be refused entry for having a funny shaped nose. Look it up.

          • Groucho says:

            Its a place of business, open to the public. If you were in any business premises and were injured due to the negligence of the owner, you would have a right to sue.

            Also, what about the bar staff?
            Would you work in an environment where carcinogenic chemicals were knowlingly left hanging in the atmosphere?

            If the ban hadn’t been imposed, it was just a matter of time before there was a test case against a brewery for either harm against a customer or for failing to protect its workers. The resulting massive hike in insurance premiums would put most pubs out of business.

            This is one law that Labour has introduced that I actually agree with. Its not about human rights or freedom – you have the right to smoke until soot comes out of your arse if you want to – just not around people who choose not to smoke.

      • 253
        John Terry is snide and was stuffed by Man City says:

        His offence was NOT on private property it was a pub for fuck’s sake where the public go to drink – a pub is a commercial premises that admits the PUBlic. How brainless are you?

        I always laugh at creatures like you who satrt bringing in all sorts of ludicrous things which are not going to happen. Just face it – this fucking fool thought he could break the law with impunity and he lost.

        The State of course does make laws which I might disagree with but that doesn’t make it right for me to break the laws without suffering penalty. Jeeez I don’t know where you idiotic creeps live, probably under a fucking rock!

        Tell you what you can answer if you have the brains – which political party will repeal the smoking ban? To me the smoking ban is fine piece of legislation which will save lives – except of course for the morons who keep sticking the cancer sticks in their gobs. Have a nice death smokers.

  18. 39
    10 Park drive says:

    But prisons are exempt from the anti smoking laws, so he can smoke 24/7 while doing bird.

    • 241
      North, but not Scotland says:

      Good point. When free you can’t smoke. When locked up in the total control of the state you can smoke all you want, and who pays for the fags?

  19. 41
    The puppet master says:

    To all you guys here who think that jailing a person for allowing people to smoke “in his own pub” is a good idea think on this.
    Contempt of court is a logical reaction to a contemptous law is it not ?

    Let me take you to a local newspaper headline in about 5 years time.

    Woman jailed for 6 months for giving alchohol to 17 year old son.

    Here’s the real link to a real case.
    There are plenty more like this too.

    OK it’s in florida but these prohibitional illnesses do seem to cross the Atlantic do they not
    Of course the smoking ban is nothing to do at all with money and job creation is it ?

    Now then what will be the next headline in 10 years time.

    Local cafe owner jailed for serving alchohol.

    Prohibitionists do not know when to stop.
    Their livelyhoods depend on it.

    Just a thought.

    I chipped in ,why.
    Because i’m sick fed up of Labour bullying us soft targets and avoiding the hard ones.

    • 53
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Land of the Free.
      Don’t you just love em.

      • 243
        Smoking=Freedom says:

        Even people in the most oppressive regimes are not denied the right to smoke.
        Nor do most oppressive regimes punish their citizens for not being Blockwarts for the state.

    • 69
      John Terry is snide and was stuffed by Man City says:

      He wasn’t jailed because he allowed smoking at his pubs. He was jailed because he refused to pay a fine. He got what was coming to him and I’m really glad the pillock landed up in jail.

      I don’t like the law that prevents me from driving at what speeds I consider safe but I have to conform. If I didn’t I would be fined and eventually loose my licence. If I then ignored that penalty I would eventually be jailed.

      How about you twats who are giving money to this fooking idiot give your money instead to say a kids’ cancer charity or something. I can’t believe Guido has put this situation on this website.

      Fook it I’m off to enjoy the sunshine – supporters of this cnut need their heads examining.

      • 76
        The Dirty Rat says:

        If you don’t like the laws that this bunch of shit called a government introduce don’t vote for them again and again and again.

        • 96
          concrete pump says:

          I have an little sympathy, but that’s it. As far as donating goes………my skunk and merlot fund comes first.

      • 110

        He didn’t refuse to pay. He could not pay. So he is being jailed for his debts

        something that went out of fashion in 1861

        • 162
          Bridge is a cuckolded twat says:

          OH they’re a bunch of mingebags desperately justifying their tightwad ways.

        • 255
          John Terry is snide and was stuffed by Man City says:

          So using that premise anybody who cannot afford to pay a fine can go free? He certainly could pay the by paying instalments decided by the court – that is available to all people convicted and fined.

          There’s a big difference in not being able to pay and not wanting to sacrifice other things in order to pay the fine. He was a fool thinking he could beat the law.

          • He WAS paying his fine. Then they upped it £500 a month. He couldn’t pay it so they made him bankrupt and threw him in prison for 6 months

            Justice? I think not

  20. 54
    David Cameron says:

    I think Nick Hogan”got a result”

    If my Conservatives had been in power he would have been banged up for 12 months.with no prospect of early release.

  21. 57

    I’m not a smoker, but I dont’ support the ban; what should have been done is encouragement – via business rate reductions for instance – for pubs and resturants to go smoke free *if they wanted to*, and let the market decide. I imagine we’d end up fifty/fifty pretty soon.

    More concerned for the Naked Rambler than this feller though – he’ll be out in a few months, Steve Gough is going to die in jail just for being a bit weird.

    • 288

      I agree.

      I am going to campaign to make the chimpanzees and gorillas at London Zoo wear clothes. If we have to , they should have to as well.

  22. 64
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    One law for them and another for those they “represent”?

    Fivebellies troughed £116,000 and kept it after her pretend apology to the House of Corruption – a mere 13 times the amount needed to free this guy.

  23. 70
    A fat expense-fiddling arsehole Labour MP (while stubbing out his fag i one of the Commons bars) says:

    What gives you the fucking right to think that you can do what you want on your own private property without my permission??

  24. 75
    Lola says:

    I am not going to donate, not because I do not think that in any way Nick Hogan is guilty of anything at all, but because I do not see why this corrupt state should claim any more money from any of us.

    Gaoling Hogan is cleary Wrong. The State, that is New Labour, needs to be entirely embarrassed by this truly fascist and totalitarian action and the law that sits behind it. Direct action of some sort is required.

    • 92
      The puppet master says:

      Correct the reason we endure the bans the DNA, the council stazi, the control freakery.the corruption, is exactly because we do nothing about it.
      We get the government, (Porkers) ,(incompetents),we deserve.

    • 169
      Archer Karcher says:

      I agree, this is nothing short of legalised extortion.

      If nobody paid fines in such cases, the legal system would stop persecuting peoples choices. Why? Because they would make no money from such prosecutions and instead incur massive costs to the system with no benefit.

      If there was widespread non-compliance, the state would drop draconion anti choice legislation, like a hot potato. They want your money nothing else, do not give it to them, make the bastards fight for every penny, so much so, that for every penny they get, is costs them a hundred.

      Then watch them cut and run.

      • 235
        Lola says:

        What about not paying tax as well? The PAYE system is just legalised extortion on employers. It’s only there so we cannot refuse to pay. A Tax strike. That’s what we need.

  25. 77
    AC1 says:

    OT and some good news.

    Dutch anti-Islamist leader Geert Wilders scored major gains in local authority polls Thursday, making him a serious challenger for power in a June national election, preliminary results showed.

    He’s currently on trial for telling a truth that politically incorrect.

    the spokesperson for the Openbaar Ministerie put it, “It is irrelevant whether Wilders’s witnesses might prove Wilders’s observations to be correct. What’s relevant is that his observations are illegal.”

  26. 80
    Four eyes says:

    Smokers are arseholes.

    • 87
      jack straw land says:

      so are you pal

      • 93
        Four eyes says:

        No, no, I insist; smokers ARE arseholes.

        Every last one of ‘em.

        • 97
          Doc Trough says:

          I fundamentally disagree. Smokers are philanthropists – as any fule kno’.

        • 101
          jack straw land says:

          yes you are you nu lab puppet muppet innit ,you now the truth

        • 102
          concrete pump says:

          What are you going to do about it? Fuck all.

          Ha ha ha!

        • 106
          AC1 says:

          Four Eyes is a puritan fuck face.

          • jack straw land says:

            four arseholes more like and theyve all been fucked!

          • Four eyes says:

            I ain’t asking you to stop, AC1; smoke four at once, filter end first if you wish.

            I’m just telling you that all smokers are arseholes.

            There’s a difference.

          • Airforce 1, the flying ashtray says:

            Obama there!

        • 121
          the thicky tit says:

          insist away
          twats who make vast sweeping generalisations about things look like thick as pigshit cun’ts

          • Four eyes says:

            You mean you know a smoker who isn’t an arsehole?

            You’re taking the piss now.

          • jack straw land says:

            four eyes four arses fuck you cretinous c,unt

          • the thicky tit says:

            far more than one and some who are
            I also know some who imbibe alkyhol who are complete arseholes but many who aren’t
            you appear to have confused the criteria for arseholedom with a sweeping generalisation based on your own limited view of the world
            an easy mistake to make for a thick cun’t or twat admittedly

          • Four eyes says:

            A couple of my best mates smoke and I tell them they are arseholes.

            Some of my workmates smoke and I tell them they are arseholes.

            If any of my kids smoked I would tell them they are arseholes.

            As a work colleague used to say, “All you Hunts are arseholes”.

          • plan 9 says:

            AH i get the name ‘ four flies’ now ,it’s because of the brain damage from all the beatings you got from your ex best mates [did they call themselves that or you ?]/work colleagues [in the home] /kids ??? what how the fffff did you get them? Ebay the local woods?

  27. 81

    [...] says at Guido’s that  Nick Hogan is in a violent prison, for non-payment of a fine of…what? £10,000? WTF is oging on with these people who say they [...]

  28. 82
    Jailed for not paying the BBC tax says:

    The state jailed a pregnant mother of 3 just before christmas last year. She was handcuffed and dragged away to prison sobbing. Her crime was not paying a £480 fine imposed for not having a tv licence.

    • 89
      James Gordon Brown (Son of the manse) says:

      It was the right thing to do.

      We know where you live.

    • 135
      The Court of Public Opinion says:

      Quite right too – that would cover 20 minutes of Woss’s wage, for heavens sake!

  29. 83
    jack straw land says:

    typical justice in fucked up nu lab land,dont pay tv licence or smoke in a pub go to jail -tie up a family and burgle their house walk free-Hunts Hunts Hunts Hunts double fucked up Hunts chief wanker straw has done a slendid job the stuck up tosser

  30. 84
    Cola Head says:

    Wow! Check this story out Guido. I wonder what ”chemicals” he was dependant on?

  31. 85
    streamfisher says:

    A £10,000 pound fine is draconian, a subsequent 6 month jail sentence is malevolent and not in the public interest, reminds me of locking oap’s up for not paying their Tv licence and all this while serial offenders of a violent and anti-social nature are given x hours community service, something rotten in the state of Denmark.

    • 168
      streamfisher says:

      Under Stalin prisoners sent to the Gulags were divided into two camps, political prisoners and common criminals (murderers, rapists, thieves), the political prisoners were seen as defying the authority of the state (a much greater crime) and so given harsher treatment and longer sentences, see any parallels?.

  32. 90
    Dave the Nepotistic Twit who has never done a proper day's work in his life says:

    You oiks will do as you are told. Good communitarians like me know what is best for you.

    We have set up the smoking police – next for the diet police. That will teach the fatties a lesson.

    • 123
      jack straw land says:

      yule kneed riot police sune fuck face

    • 244
      North, but not Scotland says:

      Will you lock up the fatties, or the feeders?

      I’ve always thought that the “all you can eat buffets” should have barriers with 14″ gaps in them to keep away the fat-bastards who leave nothing for anyone else (apart from the salad)…. oops, not thought that one through, they would just send their little bastards to fill their plates for them.

    • 297
      Smoking=Freedom says:

      Well no. They’re not going to lock themselves up, are they.

  33. 117
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    We really have gone effing mad for putting up with this crap. Welcome to East Germany.

  34. 122
    Brixjack says:

    Yeah this idiot is exactly like Ghandi & Mandela! They didn’t have this “choice/democracy thing”. That is the point. This guy is living in a society where he has a choice. All he needs to do is vote for a party that opposes the smoking ban. We have democracy, sometimes its a bit shit but it is basically democratic. It he can’t pay the fine then he shouldn’t have committed the crime. Simple as. Old Holborn definitely backing the wrong one here.

    I say this as a smoke who thinks the ban went too far!

    • 217
      Expediency cannot be allowed to limit liberty says:

      Thin end of the wedge. I don’t smoke.

      Next alcohol….health, social costs….domestic issues etc.

      Hazardous activities……dog ownership health children

      Curfew… one on the streets between oo:01 and 05:00…only ‘burglars about’. reduce crime.

      They might even decide to log all telephone and internet and have a DNA base. I know the last one is a bit far-fetched, but it has ominous precedent in a now defunct state less than four hundred and fifty miles ( as the crow flies from our freedom loving shores) to wit :

      ‘The East German regime saw enemies in every corner and went to bizarre lengths to acquire information about them. There was even a Stasi library of smells, consisting of numbered glass jars containing unwashed underwear and socks stolen from the laundry hampers of dissidents and “enemies.” The smells were intended to assist dogs in hunts.’

      But nothing like that could happen here, could it?

  35. 134
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    Guido, you are starting to lose the plot.

    This guy deliberately broke the law. He got fined. He didn’t pay the fine. He went to jail. That’s how the criminal justice system is supposed to work.

    If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Simples!

    • 159
      Sir William Waad says:

      John Locke, who more or less invented the ideas of human rights and modern representative democracy, thought that the subject had both a right and a duty to rebel if the executive of the country became oppressive and started to rule by arbitrary fiat, without regard to the rights of its citizens.

      This is the case with the smoking ban, based as it is deliberately on bogus statistics and a mere whim of the executive. No direct study of ‘passive smoking’ has shown a statisticaly significant link with ill-health. They had to resort to a selective ‘data dredge’, the statistician’s three-card trick.

      I write as a lifetime non-smoker.

      • 179
        The puppet master says:

        Correct it’s all about money, follow the money !

      • 276
        DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

        If you believe that there is no evidence that passive smoking causes ill health, then I’m afraid you have fallen for the propaganda tricks of the tobacco industry. There is plenty of such evidence. Here is an example.

        • 327

          Because all the evidence has never been anywhere near the pharmaceutical industry who make nicotine patches, do you mean?

          Two sides of the same coin.

          • DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

            Are you seriously claiming the whole idea that smoking is bad for you is just a lie made up by the pharmaceutical industry to sell nicotine patches?

            Perhaps you should take off your tin foil hat and read the peer-reviewed literature. Like the article I cited earlier, which is from independent academics.

  36. 136
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    A good friend of mine lives in Malaysia
    Her grandfather is caught speeding on a regular basis
    The Malay Old Bill (badly paid) start off with one price and then haggle for a cash price
    He can blast along at 150 kmh and get away with a £2 fine and a bit of a telling off and some friendly advice when caught
    The coppers are happy and polite, he then fucks off at warp factor 9
    Here some sour faced arsehole with a small cock wants to take you to prison for smoking (I dont indulge) or putting potaoes in the wrong bin
    Fuck this

  37. 138
    Legal Highs N Lows says:

    T’is harsh. People need to know the truth about drugs so that they are fully informed of the dangers. The laws are politically motivated and are designed to keep governments in powers This means the public are fed a lot of misinformation about drugs rendering some people vulnerable to them and open to exploitation.

  38. 142
    Doc Trough says:

    If they really have to ban something, why not prunes? Or sprouts?

  39. 149
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Crap. Moderation day today.

    * pubs and the activities one does in them.
    * the act of running out of money in a legalisticy sort of way.

    Good job he is called Nick and doesn’t live near heathrow airport.

  40. 155
    tick as teefs says:

    I’m fucked off with the lot of you and will be voting for


    • 183
      the cowardly TaT who dare not squeak his name says:

      we know you will tat

      you also said it on the other thread too

    • 298
      Smoking=Freedom says:

      That’s not as bad an Idea as it sounds, actually. Even brits might revolt at that prospect, and then we can start from scratch with a proper constitution and controls on Politicians.

  41. 156
    Jonno says:

    They should of used a vapouriser, then it’s technicaly not smoke – vapour.

  42. 158
    YOU are next says:

    I can’t believe some of the comments on here.

    Take away your prejudices for smoking and look at the precedent.

    The State is controlling what you can and can’t do in private premises. Now that precedent is set how long will it be before they introduce other laws affecting what you do in private?

    Anal sex, even consenting and in private, is illegal. Already law in Singapore.
    Illegal to use a shower at home after 10 pm if you live in an appartment block. Already law in Switzerland.

    Illegal to drink alcohol in front of children. Coming to the UK in 2011?

  43. 160
    Cassandrina says:

    Yet those self same holier than thou MP’s smoke with impunity in Westminster.
    You could not make it up.
    People like “Disgusted of Mitcham” and “John Terry is snide and was stuffed by Man City” are thankfully in the minority.
    They should consider emigrating to Putin’s Russia where they will be found good honest manual work in remote areas.

  44. 166
    Odds Bodkins says:

    We should support him. The British people did not vote for this. You don’t like smoky pubs? Then bugger off somewhere else.

  45. 172
    Aguido Dave says:

    I see the Tories have now got Clarence Mitchell on the payroll. I hope he does a better job for Dave than he did for the McCanns.

  46. 173
    Unemployed barman says:

    It’s so much better now i can’t get any work,what with the generous handouts i recieve from the government and i have so much free time to myself i wonder why i ever bothered to work in the first place.

    • 181
      jack straw land says:


      • 186
        jack straw land says:

        it gives me plenty of time to slag people off on blogs you c,unt!

        • 206
          Unemployed barman says:

          Hey Jack use your free time wisely,i invested my first giro in a couple of ounces of weed,i soon doubled my money!

          • jack straw land says:

            good thinking barmen allways know best i might get some just spunked giro on booze though so got to starve for a while good way to diet though maybe i’ll bring out a diet video

          • Michael Six Foot Under says:

            The police saw me through the walls of my house smoking weed from the street and I was arrested.

            It goes to show, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t get stoned.

          • Unemployed barman says:

            The diet video sounds a great idea! but if you want to make real money buy a couple of Latvian teenage girls they can make you a fortune if you keep them on their backs for 24 hours a day

          • jack straw land says:

            sounds like a good plan barman and its not like east europeans are in short supply,not round here its like living in warsaw have to wait for giro cash though

          • Unemployed barman says:

            Well don’t worry you can do a few cashpoint muggings or an odd burglary,these low risk crimes with virtually no chance of being caught should get you started.

  47. 176
    Michael Six Foot Under says:

    The government are planning to halve the number of smokers by 2020.

    Should be fairly simple, just give them more cigarettes.

  48. 180
    Michael Six Foot Under says:

    “Iraqi female bomber kills dozens”

    She then got out of the car and blew up.

  49. 181
    Michael Six Foot Under says:

    Whats the difference between Windows and Madeline McCann?

    Windows made it to 7.

  50. 184
    Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

    Hurry up get him out, dad’s on his way!

  51. 189
    Michael Six Foot Under says:

    Going to a gay club is a lot like telling a lie;

    if you can’t keep a straight face then you’re buggered.

  52. 190
    Crime does pay says:

    A man who cost the insurance industry £1.6m in a “crash-for-cash” fraud has been ordered to pay back just £1.

  53. 191
    Don't agree says:

    Sorry, Guido, can’t agree with you.
    I hate smoking and approve of the ban 100%, but apart from that, this
    guy seems to have gone out of his way to get himself in the predicament he’s in.

    • 196
      jack straw land says:

      free cigs in prison plus good drug supply,why not!

    • 252
      Bogeyman says:

      I hate sanctimonious, dictatorial prudes but don’t want them banned (actually, come to mention it…)

  54. 192
    how timid are the british now? says:

    lots of spineless people on here…….

    it’s not really about smoking is it?

    it is about having a choice-being an adult!

    we could easily have smoking/non-smoking bars.

    the tobacco co’s have known since the 1960′s that smoking causes cancer…..

    yet the govt. has been all too happy to take the tax for 50 years!

    if any govt. really cared for our health it would have been outlawed years ago!

    there are thousands of unfair shit laws that have been made and our fat useless mps just did as they were told without ever reading what they were legislating on……….ever heard of the Lisbon treaty? how many of the 645 read it? maybe 1?

    all too busy stealing our money and quaffing subsidized drinks and of course smoking in the hoc !!!!!!

    one of the reasons they get away with all their effing lies is that there are so many people in this country who are brainwashed……totally compliant………
    all moaning to each other but UNWILLING to do anything themselves……..

    the man made a stand. give him some credit.

    meanwhile jon venables has been living the life of riley and ‘doctors’ want to release peter sutcliffe!!!!!!!!

    the irony!

  55. 194
    Michael Six Foot Under says:

    I was refused a job application the other day. I was gutted. Apparently putting “Gangbang” does not qualify as a good example of teamwork

    • 199
      jack straw land says:

      i applied for a job too but apparently being a dosser is not experience,gutted

  56. 195
    A fat expense-fiddling arsehole Labour MP (while stubbing out his fag in one of the Commons bars) says:

    I’ve never voted Tory before, but my savings will be worth fuck all under another Labour Government

  57. 197
    how timid are the british now? says:


  58. 198
    Michael Six Foot Under says:

    87% of all liposuction patients are in a bin round the back of the hospital.

  59. 200
    Michael Six Foot Under says:

    A good friend of mine was killed while on tour in Afghanistan.

    The band have now sacked their tour manager.

    • 215
      Unemployed barman says:

      How do you know there going to plant the old twat?,i hope for an incineration of his remains or the bastard will probably turn into a fucking zombie.

  60. 201
    timid british lackeys-pathetic? says:

    lots of spineless people on here…….

    it’s not really about smoking is it?

    it is about having a choice-being an adult!

    we could easily have smoking/non-smoking bars.

    the tobacco co’s have known since the 1960’s that smoking causes cancer…..

    yet the govt. has been all too happy to take the tax for 50 years!

    if any govt. really cared for our health it would have been outlawed years ago!

    there are thousands of unfair shit laws that have been made and our fat useless mps just did as they were told without ever reading what they were legislating on……….ever heard of the Lisbon treaty? how many of the 645 read it? maybe 1?

    all too busy stealing our money and quaffing subsidized drinks and of course smoking in the hoc !!!!!!

    one of the reasons they get away with all their effing lies is that there are so many people in this country who are brainwashed……totally compliant………
    all moaning to each other but UNWILLING to do anything themselves……..

    the man made a stand. give him some credit.

    meanwhile jon venables has been living the life of riley and ‘doctors’ want to release peter sutcliffe!!!!!!!!

    the irony!

  61. 204
    Michael Six Foot Under says:

    Local News: ‘Amputee robber evaded police for 15 days’

    15 days. That’s amazing considering he wasn’t armed.

  62. 207
    smoke a jew says:

    Wow! And the token retarded corrupt black pig Attorney General, Patricia (uppity) Scotland, is changing the law so jews who slaughter babies will illegal war weapons are exempt from prosecution in Britain.

    Many hundreds of jews travel to Palestine each year to torture and kill Palestinians. Because they give money to the filth in parliament (Tory, Nu Liebore, and the scum Liberals) they are exempt from prosecution, and indeed, the police give extra protection to jew war criminals, jew mass murders, jews who commit crimes against humanity, jew child-killers, and the nest of jew thieves in the financial sector.

  63. 209
    Michael Six Foot Under says:

    Definition of irony;

    Having no signal in a mobile phone shop.

  64. 210
    Michael Six Foot Under says:

    If you didn’t laugh you would cry at the state of the country.

    • 216
      jack straw land says:

      what about if your tear ducts had been surgically removed by mandys undercover henchmen eh what then?

  65. 214
    Michael Six Foot Under says:

    I recently went to Haiti and told my favourite joke, it brought the house down….

  66. 220
    Max says:

    Probably getting away light; in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Nottingham he would have been banged up just for not putting the No Smoking signs up.

    They don’t like dissent from the Party line oop north.

    Non Smoker Faces Jail For Not Allowing Smoking in his Shop Without Using Official Signs

  67. 234
    Hughes. says:

    There are still debtors jails?? Can we send Gordo there till he’s worked off the deficit?

  68. 246
    P Im Wright says:

    Forest Bank nick sounds ideal for my VIP clients.

  69. 247
    Michael Six Foot Under says:

    Why are women so loud and annoying?


  70. 254
    Hogan's Heroes says:

    The total ban was not in the last Labour manifesto, so has NO ELECTORAL MANDATE.

    It is appalling that after virtually wiping out discrimination against Women, Gays, Disability, Race etc. that this blind-spot has appeared and discrimination against smokers is not only allowed but encouraged and government sponsored. It’s a disgraceful indictment of the fools who stand on their party-manufactured platforms BSing us about “fairness” and “free societies”.

    There will always be a tiny vocal minority of hate-filled Bigots = the anti-smokers – but the VAST majority, the people with any common sense at all know that the total ban is UNFAIR and DISCRIMINATORY. In any free society CHOICE is the ONLY fair option. How DARE politicians talk about “fairness” when hospital patients in dressing gowns and pensioners playing bingo are forced off-premises in freezing temperatures??!? SHAME ON YOU.

    Antis want things ALL their own way – smokers want CHOICE for ALL (even antis). Any civilized human being can see which is the right way to go.
    >>ONLY VOTE for politicians who pass this acid test….<<

    Hogan is a Hero.
    Stand Up and Speak Out Against Discrimination.

    • 257
      John Terry is snide and was stuffed by Man City says:

      “There will always be a tiny vocal minority of hate-filled Bigots = the anti-smokers…”

      Oh you silly, silly person. Do you really believe that anti-smokers are a minority? Tell you what fella – which future political party of whatever persuasion is going to repeal this excellent smoking ban which has and will save many lives?

      I love it now going into pubs and restaurants and being able to breath non-smoky air. And I laugh at all those pathetic sods standing outside sucking on their cancer sticks because they are too weak to give it up.

      • 259
        Bogeyman says:

        You can have your smoke-free pubs, arsehole. Just don’t force them on smokers.

      • 272
        Fair for all says:

        I get a lot more pleasure from my Cuban cigar than from reading the opinions
        of a fascist bastard ,holier than you ,totalitarian idiot who can survive only by feeding on his own predujice

        • 279
          John Terry is snide and was stuffed by Man City says:

          Fair for all: Good I’m really happy about that. But you won’t be smoking it in any pub LOL!

          Bogeyman: You won’t find any ‘smoking’ pubs anymore in this country so either fuck off abroad somewhere or enjoy your filthy little habit – outside in the cold and rain.

          All smokers really want to give up, the ones that do are strong of character and the ones that cannot manage it are weak-willed.

          • Bogeyman says:

            Might have guessed. An ex-smoker turned evangelist. There is none worse – smug, boastful and patronising.

            Luckily none of my friends are not arrogant tossers, even the ones who’ve given up. They think a total ban is wrong.

            Now fcuk off and join the Labour party.

  71. 267
    Pip says:

    He should have got 12 months

  72. 271
    farang says:

    Roll up Roll up and support Old Holborn and Nick Hogan ….

    Just £10 from c.250 people will do it!

    Yes the No Smoking pubs were deserted – now all bloody publs are deserted -

    very contradictory to the Government’s stance on not bing drinking at home but preferring it done in a *controlled* situation

  73. 274
    Fair for all says:

    270 is meant to say prejudice

  74. 275
    Mr Ned says:

    The state not only is standing by and doing NOTHING to prosecute whoever abused, raped and sodomised the young Hollie Greig, They are actively covering it up.

    That is far more serious than putting a bloke in prison for refusing to pay a fine.

    If you really want to do some good, campaign for Hollie Greig to expose the perverts at the heart of the state who are stealing children from loving homes to put into sex-abuse-rings, whilst at the same time leaving other kids is absolute squalor and at serious risk of harm and injury and death!

  75. 277
    Nick the Prick says:

    Don’t be fooled by the suit, tie and I’m a nice guy crap

    I have met Nick Hogan on numerous occasions as a customer at the Swan With Two Necks Pub in Chorley. He is the biggest dick head you could ever wish to meet. The pubs are awash with UKIP literature that he tries to force down the customers necks. He is a very active UKIP zealot who flouts the law because he thinks he can, then complains about his civil liberties. Don’t be fooled the guy is a prick

    • 300
      smig says:

      Awwwww diddums!

      Don’t ya like it when someone disseminates different propaganda to your own?

      My heart fucking bleeds.

      If you want freedom to whinge and bitch, you gotta let the rest of us rip you a new arsehole from time to time too.

      Fucking right-on, controlfreakery fuckwits should be pilloried at every opportunity.

      You twat!

    • 312
      Boy says:

      Sounds like a bloody good bloke. We need more like him.

      • 315
        Hogan is a prisoner of his own doing says:

        No WE don’t need him. You might as you are a wanker. What’s good about Hogan?

  76. 280
    Blue Rosette says:

    Delighted to have contributed toward the outstanding fine to get this chap out of debtors prison.

    Where’s the donate button for contributions for the fighting fund to prosecute bent politians?

    • 293
    • 307
      Hogan is a prisoner of his own doing says:

      Lair. I don’t believe you’ve contributed anything to this UKIP waste of space. But in the rare chance you have done you must have less brain cells than an animal. Just think of all the good causes you could have given it to and you chose this criminal who is bordering on the edge of insanity.

      • 308
        Hogan is a prisoner of his own doing says:

        Soory, it should have said liar not lair – typo error.

        • 313
          Boy says:

          Stick with lair. And crawl back into it.

          • Hogan is a prisoner of his own doing says:

            Well if I have a lair it’s going to be a whole lot more comfortable than the outdoor smoking sheds set up by pubs for those daft sods who can’t give up the filthy habit.

  77. 295
    Anonymous says:

    its water bill time from the evil water companies led by southern water. what the hell do they do? other than screw helpless pensioners.
    foreign owned many of em . Southern dont even give us drinking water .Oh and whats offwat about they say they look after consumer interests he he what a racket . jolly

  78. 301
    Nick the Prick says:

    Nick Hogan is a twat who has got his comeuppance.

    Go to the Swan With Two Necks in Chorely and you will see what a twat he is:

    Not only smokes in his own pubs, he smokes in others thast he doesnt own to be controversial… Really hard core knob is Nick

  79. 302
    Nick the Prick says:


  80. 304
    tick as teefs says:

    Is Nick Hogan related to Hulk Hogan,the well known wrestler ?

  81. 309
    nakedputz says:

    Poor kid. I’m sure his human rights were breached as the judge delivered a suspended prison sentence, yet the poor kid was caged on remand.



    • 317
      John Terry is snide and was stuffed by Man City says:

      Just clicked onto your link (poor kid). That’s exactly what’s wrong with this fucking country and why we need an election asap.

  82. 314
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    If this guy considers himself to be above the law, perhaps he should consider standing for parliament. He’d fit right in.

  83. 324
    Junican says:

    The language on this site is disgusting.

    When I get to be party leader soon – any party will do – I’m going to do something about it.
    First, I’m going to declare all these private websites PUBLIC websites because anyone can comment on them and because children can see them. And, not only can rude words not be used, but any other words that I decree (I will issue a list) like black, tobacco, alcohol etc will have to be asterisked out so that they are hidden from the sight of children and impressionable adults.
    Second, I will fine anyone who uses a rude word. Don’t think that you can get away with it by using an alias. I have the GCHQ remember!
    Third, just to make sure, I’ll fine these Guido Fawkes people masses and masses every time they let a rude word through, even if they do not know that it is a rude word.
    Fourth, if they refuse to comply, I will not send them to prison for refusing to comply. I will send them to prison for not paying the fine!

    That’ll sort you lot out, you fucking bastards! (Oh, the law doesn’t apply to me of course.)

  84. 333
    Patrick says:

    “Mommy State”

    While mommy is appearing everywhere in the US, it seems that she is even more evident in the UK.

    Personally, I am truly offended by fat people, and they make me ill when I have to mingle with them in restaurants, etc. Can’t we start prohibiting such “conduct’ for the health and well-being of everyone?

  85. 334
    Johannes says:

    Mr Hogan could consider a new career as MP or even better… MEP ! Both so-called parliament buildings in Strasbourg and Brussels have large,comfortable smoking areas in their bars even though the EU plan a Europe-wide ban on smoking in all “public spaces”,including outside !
    I am fortunate to live in Berlin where there are many bars for smokers.Unlike in the U.K. we have a Constitutional Court that does not allow the unelected EU commission to trample on our rights and freedoms.
    I will make a donation to Nick through paypal.

  86. 339
    Bucko says:

    Who are all these Hunts who dont understand liberty?
    And who the fuck is HOLLIE GREIG

  87. 341
    Simples says:

    PRIVATE SMOKING CLUBS (ADULTS ONLY ) for smokers and for non-smokers who wish to join, staffed by smokers. THAT’S CHOICE.

    What the hell can the Anti-Smokers complain about.

  88. 342
    Table Bear says:

    This whole affair is just a holographic image beamed down from Planet Batshit Loopy.

    When the bastards came trotting down to kidnap him, his whole town should have barricaded them out. Should they then continue to advance, more appropriate means should have been use to prevent them from carrying out their ‘duty’.

    I don’t care if they have families to feed. Police officers are unneeded, jackbooted little bully thugs who would piss on your mother’s grave if paid to do so.

  89. 343
    Tim Hunter says:

    can I suggest that my song ‘Freedom2B Ourselves’ becomes the campaign theme song (a bit like ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ etc.)

  90. 344

    [...] Raccoon has the full story, Old Holborn organised the fund raising and Guido was more than happy to publicise it.  Within hours co-conspirators had raised thousands to spring him from [...]

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