February 25th, 2010

Why Burnham Didn’t Want An Inquiry

Guido understands that Andy Burnham is about to be in some deep trouble. Yesterday he said he “did not believe that a lengthy, adversarial inquiry would be in the best interests of health care in Staffordshire.” Today it has emerged that in 2007, as a Junior Health Minister, he signed off on one of four stages of the Mid-Stafford Hospital’s elevation to Labour’s coveted Foundation Trust status. This was despite four formal alerts about the hospital’s dangerous practises. The rest they say is history.

No wonder Dave was asking about this at PMQs yesterday. Guido just got off the phone with Julie Bailey of Cure the NHS, a local group campaigning for a full inquiry into the case, who said she had to go because “we’re just about to start filming” as Andrew Lansley was on the way.

After Burnham’s “tired and emotional” outburst at Lansley last week for the death tax posters, Guido senses he may be dodging Nokias by the end of the tea time news…


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    First says:

    Woo hoo!

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      James Gordoom Brown says:

      Window licker.

      • 18
        It takes one says:

        Campbell lecturing on bullying?

        Rather like Hitler standing at the gates of the death camps complaining that the Allies were not clearing the bodies away fast enough.

      • 30
        MisterE says:

        Off topic for this thread, but has anyone else noticed that an anagram of Labour’s new slogan – A Future Fair for All is Our Fearful Fat Liar…??

        I wonder who’s idea that subliminal message was…

        • 69
          Steve Expat says:

          If Labour thought that the Tory posters were ripe for piss-taking, I can’t wait to see what happens when that slogan ends up in 5′ high letters on billboards.

          Doesn’t it sound awfully like “All Animals are Equal”?

        • 96
          Imaginary runs says:

          Did you notice Brown’s bulging belly while he was throat tonguing Darling at PMQ’s – this 3 mile running lark must be happening in between the nightmares he has every night about having to call a General Election.

        • 203
          Sir William Waad says:

          I’m looking forward to going this fair. I also go to the local Mop and try out my skills at shooting and coconut-oriented ballistics,

        • 335
          hughjend1 says:

          yeh..but it isn’t.

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      First There Were The Apostrophe Jihadists Then Came The I'm First Invalids says:

      I thought we had got rid of the idiots who post first and go woo woo.
      Obviously not. Your IP address will be noted and we will send round Mossad dressed in tennis outfits and false moustaches to sort you out if you do it again.

    • 121
      Prezza the Scott says:

      Last night, my kids and I were sitting in the living room
      and I said to them,

      ‘I never want to live in a vegetative state,
      dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle.
      If that ever happens, just pull the plug.’

      They got up, unplugged the Computer, and threw out my wine.

      They’re such assholes

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    Your mascara won’t save you now Burnham.
    People have died because of your incompetence and attempted cover up.

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      Anonymous says:

      Want to bet?

      These bastards have no shame.

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        Lord G says:

        Julie Bailey mentioned this on the C4 news yesterday – glad it’ll get the prominence it deserves.

        • 94
          MisterE says:

          She did indeed – she gave a great interview…
          If anyone wants to watch it:


        • 148
          Angry old git says:

          What was odd was listening to a Union spokeswomnan on the radio news yesterday saying ‘we’ve got the root of the cause; now we need to start putting it right’ or somesuch. Odd for a union person to be holding back when it comes to sorting out institutional incompetence …

          FOI request, anyone, for emails and notes of phone calls made from DoH to unnion officesin the last three days?

          • Scrobs... says:

            Aaaah Mr Angry, but Burnham did do 4 months work experience with the NHS Confederation, which of course, qualifies him a million times over to do the ‘job’ he does.

            He really is an insignificant little boy, and probably is kacking his pants right now.

            “Nurse, the bedpan for the little minister…….er, no, under his bum, not crashed around his head…”

            Of all right then, there won’t be an enquiry anyway…

        • 320
          MadArthur says:

          What a precise and determined woman. In contrast to the idiocy of Andy Burnham, the fake scouser and fake health minister. Didn’t some one say something about novices soetime ago…?? here’s one – he’s a novice human being who’s full of shit. RESIGN BURNHAM you bastard

    • 21

      “We have the document he signed. And we have proof that the Stafford Strategic Health Authority CEO David Nicholson lobbied hard for this to happen”.

      Nicholson is now CEO of the whole NHS. And Nicholson’s Deputy at the time Cynthia Bower now runs the Care Quality Commission.

      If true, this might represent what New Labour tends to call ‘rewarding failure’

      • 47
        Dick the Prick says:

        How tediously predictable – nay, blitheringly natural in New Labour’s chronicle of shite.

      • 50
        Van Helsing says:

        It is about time that manslaughter prosecutions were brought against all involved up to minister level. If it was a private firm that had caused the death of so many people the Government would be screaming out for it Remember Network Rail and the corporate manslaughter allegations.

        On a related subject Govt document reveals possible 50,000 NHS. deaths since 1997 due to malnutrition.
        Hard work reading. Hope link comes out.

        • 74
          Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

          50K? That’s not too impressive. Surely the harded eugenicists scattered throughout the Fabian/Common Cause movement can do better than that!

          Looks like this scandal is helping the yanks fight Obama’s socialist healthcare plans: the story is currently front page on Drudge so a few million Americans will now be familiar with the wonderful service provided by our NHS.

          • Watch the Skies! says:

            Which is more than will be over here. There is a persistent myth of a ‘world-leading’ free NHS that, coupled with ignorance of how systems which rely upon a mixture of self insurance and self-funding actually work, that guarantee brand loyalty to the NHS.

            Grotesque failings. lethal mistakes are all fitted into this model as ‘exceptional and tragic errors’.

            Thus is born the false choice of NHS or Calcutta-style misery. Show how Seden, Belgium, France and Germany deal with the poor unwell and this edifice should finally crack.

        • 110
          Some of us have to make room for the migrants says:

          The Times;

          “Figures published by the Home Office show the number of people given citizenship last year jumped by almost 60 per cent to a record 203,865. When Labour came to power in 1997 the figure was 37,000.

          Overall 1,530,000 migrants have become British citizens since 1997.”

          • Anonymous says:

            DM reporting 58% increase in ONE year (last)!

          • Steve Expat says:

            Need to gerrymander the electoral system as much as possible before to stop the baby-eating Tories getting in and stopping it.

            What percentage of this 203,000 people have been given council housessettled in Lab-Con marginals I wonder?

        • 120
          Mr Ned says:

          If this had happened under a tory administration, the entire labour leadership and the BBC, SKY NEWS, and Channel Four News would be screaming for corporate manslaughter charges to be brought against the head of the hospital, the NHS and the Minister for health.

          This CRIMINALLY negligent administration, in this one case, has directly caused the deaths of more people than Al Qaeda has in this country. How many more cases are there in other health authorities?

        • 187
          Roger Daley says:

          I dropped 18 lbs in a 16 day stay. (Not bad for a health farm)
          Tiny portions of mostly yucky muck.
          The Mrs was bringing me in sandwiches to keep me from starving.

      • 59
        I'm a bannerman says:

        I am unemployed and awaiting news on a job interview the other day.

        If I don’t get it,I am going to follow Labour round on their dereliction tour – with a new banner each day;

        “Brown – Unelected and A Piece of Excrement”

        “Burnham – Applying His Mascara While The Patients Die”

        “Balls – Er Er Er Er Er Er Er So What?”

        “Straw – I could have stopped the War starting,but I couldn’t be bothered”

      • 72
        If We Don't Improve It More People will Die Unecessary Deaths says:

        AC1 may have an opinion on this but it seems to me as if the managers of the NHS are copying the medical administrators in America who are paid bonuses for denying treatment.
        The formation of the NHS in 1948 was a truly great recognition that everybody needs healthcare no matter how rich or poor they may be. And it does work. Even though it is expensive and can be inefficient it is still less expensive and more inefficient than the American model of healthcare.
        But for deaths to be allowed to happen and then for nobody to be held to account is completely unacceptabe. There seems to be a culture of you cover my back and I’ll cover yours when the priority must be the care and treatment of the patient.
        The NHS seems to have become a job creation scheme and no matter how crap you are at your job you will not be sacked. That culture is damaging the service and must be dealt with head on.

        • 131
          cant hunter says:

          Plus they all get 7, thats seven, weeks holiday a year.

        • 147
          Anonymous says:

          And who, pray, is likely to do it?

        • 195
          false consciousness says:

          actually that’s not true….if you are related to a tory, and prescribe necessary drugs to a schizophrenic(albeit a call girl coke-head) you lose your job. be a labour placeman and put in place targets that help kill 1000….get promoted…..simples.

        • 238
          Sir William Waad says:

          Before 1948, nobody went without healthcare because they couldn’t afford it. Chaps like me had to pay, but the jolly old working class with their brown ale, flat caps and whippets got it free (and in a clean hospital, in those days). The NHS basically just nationalised what was already provided locally and extended free care to the middle classes. The idea that the NHS introduced healthcare for the masses is another Labour myth that ought to be challenged.

          Oh, and they brought in some really horrible free glasses and non-functioning hearing aids.

      • 87
        Steve Expat says:

        Typical NuLiebour, junior staff fuck up and get pulled out of their chair, senior managers fuck up and get a promotion.

        Looking more and more like a ‘night of the long knives’ will be needed on May 7th, getting rid of the lot of these Liebour placemen and women before they bring the country to its knees.


      • 199
        pigs in space says:

        Be fair, if failure isn’t rewarded by the state, then how would lefties get the jobs and money they think they’re entitled to?

      • 367
        Bertha Rochester says:

        Not just promoted – but Nicholson as CEO of Care Quality Commission is now overseeing the three monthly inspections of Stafford hospital, that she allowed to get in to such a mess on her watch in the first place. How typical.

        The exponential rise in managers in the NHS is in direct correlation to the drop in standards of care, medics and nurses can be struck off for incompetence NHS managers just get paid off

    • 29
      Andy Burnhams Kneecaps says:

      NHS incompetence is just nature’s way of freeing up council houses for single mothers innit

    • 38
      udderly 'orrible says:

      Burn him

    • 88
      Hugh Janus says:

      I have always thought that Burnham was well out of his depth. Come to think of it, the same could be said of the entire front bench.

      If, as has been suggested, the shambles that passed for an NHS hospital was responsible for between 400 and 1200 deaths, this has to be a scandal of immense proportions. However, according to an article in the DT today, we stuffed money into the pockets of these abysmal people and sent them on their way – to bigger and better jobs in some cases! A fine example of rewarding failure if ever I saw one. Yet more public money wasted, this time to buy their silence. And what about those charged with auditing the hospital’s standards – where were they? Another expensive but bloody useless quango.

      Welcome to broken and corrupt (but no longer Great) Britain.

      • 112
        Harold Shipman says:

        400-1200 deaths? bloody amateurs.

      • 226
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        Reward for Failure does seem to be a running theme with this government.

        Given that everything Labour’s done has been aimed at truly fucking-off middle England, reward for failure makes great sense; appoint some utterly clueless fuckwit to a position of authority, wait for them to fuck-up on an almost Biblical scale, and then promote them and give them a huge bonus with taxpayers’ money.

        Revenge for the miners’ strike, innit.

  3. 3
    Stringfelatio says:

    just looked at Mumsnet for the 1st time… and the last. Just a load of dried up pre menstrual old hags moaning and that. Nothing new there then.
    They want to get some stockings and thigh length boots on before they can possibly be taken seriousley

  4. 5

    This will give Gordon an excellent opportunity to reprise his “you ruined my life” line.

  5. 9
    mick fumblepants says:

    in deep shit maybe he should ring dizzy for advice

  6. 11
    PK says:

    oh good

  7. 14
    Anonymous says:

    Julie Bailey for PM!

  8. 16
    John Cipher says:

    This Ferdinand Lopez style chancer must burn!

  9. 17
    Nok Nok Who's there? says:


  10. 19
    Plato-Says says:

    Crikey – POABWAS

  11. 22
    Brown Nappy Man says:

    Incompetence and cover ups

    Lies and deceit

    and what about justice?

    This stinking corrupt cess pit of a Government

    Hollie Grieg and Robert Green

    is the sickest of all

    goggle it

  12. 25
    dave says:

    When will the julie bailey smear campaign start?

  13. 27
    Labour filth from the sewer says:

    He’s a little scouse chav. Wasn’t he was caught fingering Tessa Jowell on a bus a few years ago?

    The Labour party is a nest of lying, thieving, incompetent, abusing Hunts from the sewer.

  14. 31
    Scandalous says:

    Those staff at the Stafford Hospital that allowed the terror to happen without blowing the whistle are in the same groove as the Labour cabinet allowing the devil to continue in his unelected position as Chief Ruin.

    • 65
      That's Democracy says:

      Years ago, believe it or not, That’s Democracy used to work with Martin Yeates. Few could understand the continual and baffling promotions he received–even fewer can understand it now. It was, of course, all about self advancement.

  15. 33
    Theo says:

    Burnham looks like a warmed up version of Harry Potter

    Aas he drunk wjen he was

  16. 34
    Day of The Jackal says:

    I understand that the action group have sworn they will haunt Labour at every opportunity during the election campaign.

    Just another reason for Brown never to be exposed to real Britons in the electoral roadshow.

    You won’t get within 400 metres of the mental one.

    • 49
      Gordon's close protection(of the public not him) officer says:

      er….actually that’s 600 metres, as continual practice has strengthened the nokia arm to an alarming extent…..

    • 61
      Peter Carter-Fuck says:

      400 metres is a bit far for 5.56mm, best use a 7.62mm. Better yet, a 50 calibre, and splat the bastard.

      • 107
        Gun pedant says:

        A 5.56 round is easily good enough for 600 yds but, as you say, 7.62 even better. A .50 cal isn’t sufficiently accurate – brute force only.

        • 176
          Peter Carter-Fuck says:

          Gulping Gordon’s a big fucking target though, I think those bananas must be coated in chocolate and cream. A 50 calibre hole would look just right.

        • 248
          Nick2 says:

          Apparently a .416 round is first shot accurate from 2500 yards in the hands of a trained sniper. A .500 round is probably powerful enough to penetrate Brown’s armoured limo, though from closer range.

          Surely there are some milboys and girls with the means and the motivation?

        • 269
          backwoodsman says:

          not sure, 5.56 reportedly stuff all good much over 350 metres. Have you seen the footage of the taliban chappie and the .50 ? Bits going everywhere.

          • Thrusterbuster says:

            on an away day cabinet meeting couldn’t we use a decent field gun and get the lot at once…they can be buried on may the 6th

      • 137

        pshaw – what’s wrong with a proper calibre? Rule 3! 0! 3!

        Although can you imagine trying to headshot that doughboy? I’d say, assume there’s body armour on top of the blubber, get up close with something penetrative, give him a full clip of one of them FN P90s. Colanderise the fucker.

    • 158
      Anonymous says:

      The electioneering will be more staged managed than ever this time round. Platoons of heavily armed police and party thugs will ensure the psycho does not come into contact with the plebs.

      Instead we’ll be treated to shots of our glorious leader shaking hands and smiling, trying to look human, to rows of party stooges masquerading as Joe Public. All boo-ing and shouts of protest in the background will thoughtfully be edited out by the state broadcaster.

  17. 36
    mick fumblepants says:

    how do these politicians sleep at night they are so low,god help us(not you mandelson)

  18. 37
    Theo says:

    Burnham looks like a warmed up version of Harry Potter

    And was he drunk when he was “tired and emotional” ??

    Is there anything this governmment does which does not turn out to be a clusterfuckup…this times involving many deaths ???

  19. 40
    politically un-correct social worker(retired) says:

    If Mike O’Brien and Andy Burnham want to claim that similar things could not possibly be taking place in other NHS hospitals, then they are living in cloud cuckoo land. I know for a fact that standards of care on some wards in an acute general hospital ‘somewhere in an East London Borough’ are dire. A friend observed how a shocked family member got out a camera to record the state of things, and was immediately confronted by a nurse who said in a very aggressive manner, put that away otherwise I’ll have security come and throw you off the ward right now. Another friend had the misfortune to be admitted to this hospital, was immobile and in great pain for several days. She did not have a wash for a week. She subsequently asked to see her nursing notes: these turned out to be a complete fabrication, for example, she never saw an Occupational Therapist but there was an OT report in her notes.
    All power to Julie Bailey – but how has it ever got to this?

    • 60
      Legally Retarded says:

      “but how has it ever got to this?”

      …in a word, targets.

      • 66
        Peter Carter-Fuck says:

        In a word, socialism. It corrupts everything it touches.

        • 82
          Here Come The Nutters says:

          The American system is even worse so your talk of socialist medicine is patently a load of old bollocks.
          Please insert another coin and try again.

          • Hugh Janus says:

            Tell that to the hundreds who died at Stafford.

          • Steve Expat says:

            Both systems are fucked in completely different ways – they are the two extremes of heathcare worldwide.

            The sensible solution lies somewhere in the middle, but as Obama is finding out change is not always popular.

            Stat of the day – the US government currently spends the same on healthcare per capita as the British government.

          • conspiracyguy says:

            My son was at college in North Carolina last year. The college infirmary sent him down to the local hospital with suspected appendicitis. He was seen immediately and given a CT scan on the same day. That would take weeks on the NHS
            Over here the teenage sister of one of my staff was admitted to hospital with suspected apppendicitis. Her operation was postponed 3 times. By the time she was operated on she had become an emergency. She had to spend a week in hospital recovering.
            The NHS does not operate to world class standards. The money,your money, has been squandered

          • Watch the Skies! says:

            …no, it operates to Third World standards (even if adulteration of medicines is less endemic: we favour prohibiting access to them outright, following assessment by the Death Board the National Institute for Criminal Excrement)

        • 113
          Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

          That nurse gets paid whatever her attitude or the standard of care she plies. Turn all the hospitals into John Lewis Partnerships where possible and privatise the rest. Issue every citizen with an NHS charge card they can use to buy services and shop around. The angels-with-an-attitude can work for their customers’ pleasure for a change, or see a real cut in their take home pay.

          • Gresham's Law says:

            I moved my business to Germany some five years ago to be nearer my clients and am registered and pay intopublic health insurance here. I have a card issued by my insurer and can visit any doctor, specialist or hospital of my choosing.

            If I don’t visit the medico doesn’t get paid. Crap hospitals get no ‘custom’ and get shut down.

            The money follows the patient. It helps to keep the health pofessionals on their toes.

            The NHS is held up to be the way nobody in their right mind would want to go.

            Unfortunate but true

      • 152
        Correction says:

        “but how has it ever got to this?”

        In a phrase, “Thatcher’s internal market”.

        So much in hospitals has been contracted out to the lowest bidder. Standards fall. If you get rid of the “internal market” standards will rise.

        Of course “cast-iron” Dave says that the solution is for the trolley pushers in a hospital to take over the hospital, but then he’s clueless on just about everything.

        • 166
          Steve Expat says:

          Labour have had THIRTEEN FUCKING YEARS of majority government to change anything they wanted to change.

          Was Major in 1992 still blaming things on James Callaghan’s government??

          • Hugh Janus says:

            And they have trebled the NHS spending. No excuses of any kind.

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            Indeed they have, but certainly blair’s new labour bought into the idea.

            Of course, they should have ironed out problems or replaced it with something if they thought it would do better. (sorry. i laugh at my own words when i see them written down)

      • 178
        Rip Van Winkle says:

        Legally Retarded says:
        February 25, 2010 at 4:04 pm
        “but how has it ever got to this?”

        …in a word, targets.

        Sorry,….New Labour. And all the poltical appointments in every nook and cranny of

        The Health Service
        The Civil Service
        The UK Border Agency
        The Police
        The Judiciary
        The Crown Prosecution Service
        Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
        The Education ‘Service’

        In fact in every department, every sub-department, everywhere. It’s not what you know or how competent you are, it’s who you know and what you believe. Ah, and it helps to have no back bone.

    • 75
      Man the barricades says:

      And there’s the thing – anyone ever getting aggressive about standards in a hospital/school etc , very quickly get beaten up by the thought police and security thugs employed on said establishments.

      Best thing is to go to the local TV station and Guido etc to get the news out.

      And how has it got to this?
      Because there are not enough people with the spine to take a stand and get REALLY angry.

      Labour have drained all spirit from the British people – the country has been ruined by Brown and his thugs.

      • 167
        Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

        Fear not, through the miracle of modern technology it will soon be possible to buy a miniture, HD video camera from Argos, to pin to your lapel and covertly record these situations. The bloated, public sector, customer-facing agencies won’t be able to cope when their crap is posted all over YouTube in a couple of years. Why watch cops-and-angels soaps on TV when the real farce in all it’s gritty realism is a mouse click away?

    • 92
      Cyco Billy says:

      If you think that’s fabrication, wait till patients find out what is really on their NHS database records once GP records have been put on the computer. Few people will recognize themselves from their alleged medical histories. Having the wrong leg or kidney removed will become an everyday occurrence. And in stalinist manner, every operation accomplished will be hailed as another success.

      • 173
        Que? says:

        Dave wants to hand all of that stuff over to Google. I guess that when your notes appear on the screen at your GPs there will be a bar at the bottom with targeted ads. Can you imagine that? You go to your doctor’s to get something for your piles and the doctor gets an advert for Busters World!

        • 350

          What, give all that data to people who are experts in data classification and retrieval?

          It’ll never work – much better to piss the money away on fucking amateurs like New Labour have done.

    • 229
      Fidel X Penses says:

      Indeed, all power to Ms Bailey.

      How long, I wonder, will it be before the hounds of hell start smearing her? At this rate she’ll be given the Dr. Kelly treatment and end up as another bluebell in the woods.

      • 298
        Peter Carter-Fuck says:

        You just know the NuLabor mongs will be trying their best to smear her. They’ll probably discover that she organises dog fights. It didn’t take them long to fuck Mrs Pratt did it?

  20. 41
    MI5 says:

    “Tired and emotional” normally means drunk…

    Was this the case ?

    Or is he another nutter lke his Bully Boss ?

  21. 42
    Anonymous says:

    ……and another one bites the dust!

    • 123
      Impeachment now says:

      Don’t hold your breath. No known NuLabia correlation between Responsibility and accountability. The protection of the 4th estate is as yet unbreached. Ed Balls will remain untouced by scandal of child starved to death by her own Mother on his watch. And so on and on

  22. 44
    Stepney says:

    There you go. That’s what happens when you give massive responsibility to someone who, in better times, wouldn’t have risen any further than the junior office clerk who you would send out for cakes, praying that the stupid fuckwit didn’t get the order wrong.

    Fucking useless. A career twat.

    • 56
      Noo_Lie_Bore 'elf SpokesPerson says:

      Au Contrare!

      You only get promoted on merit in Noo_Lie_Bore!

      (That and saying the right things to the right people at the right time)

      I know – it’s come to me! . . Arse Lickers!

      • 91
        Maladroit Labour Chump says:

        Promoted on merit ???? You can cut that nonsense out !!

        First we have to hit our diversity targets, then our gender targets, then we have to meet our ‘widening participation’ targets. If there’s a vacancy left after we’ve ticked all those boxes we get a mate in.

    • 70
      the ghost of Gordon Lee says:

      actually i believe little andy was very highly thought of at everton when they used to allow him to sell the programs….unfortunately he had to go when it was pointed out that charging £250 for a scrap of a4 that declared everton had won every game 10-0 and were favourites for the World Cup wasn’t really on. Still…prepared him for higher things didn’t it…..?

      • 76
        Stepney says:

        …presumably having spent £157,000 of other people’s money printing the scraps of A4, (which were misspelt, back-to-front and poorly printed. In Korean).

    • 86
      Groucho says:

      Normally, in business, the Peter Principle stops ambitious incompentents before they can do too much damage.
      However in this government, being completely fucking useless seems to be a prerequisite

      • 98
        Bullyboy Brown says:

        How do you think I staff my Cabinet now ??? So many traitors have resigned since I took over and saved the World.

  23. 46
    NHS Box Ticker (and SignerOrffer) says:

    We sign anything!

    Anything at all!

    Especially fat cheques for our buddies

    and ‘brought in’ ‘consultants’

    and advisors

    ‘n QUANGO people

    ‘n them as might give us a job later

    ‘n the bullshit brigade

    ‘n the Div + inclusive Brigade

    ‘n that

    We’ll tick and we’ll sign

    And we’ll get our name down,

    ‘n get invited

    to London Toon

    to meet the Glorious Leader.


  24. 51
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    When little Andrea puts her best party dress on and goes round to Number Ten for her fisting tonight, I advise her to lube up first. Gulping Gordon is a tight bastard at the best of times, and he certainly won’t be wasting any of his precious vaseline on her. He’s had a two ounce jar that’s lasted him ever since he touched a girl that time at Edinburgh University, one of the “Brown Sugars”, well, his fingers were pretty brown by the time he’d finished. You’ve been warned Andrea.

  25. 52
    • 302
      Gresham's Law says:

      Well if you can cut spending without ‘damaging’ services, why the fcuk didn’t they do it years ago and leave us all with a bit more of our cash to make our own choices for better or for worse.

  26. 53
    purpleline says:

    Great story, lets hope this does for the man who was probably watching EVERTON than going through the paper-work on this sorry NHS Hospital.

    This is the man who arranged a party even in Portsmouth because Everton were playing their that Saturday. Yes morning event at local Hospital and then off to the match.

    Sums up Nu Labour perfectly.

  27. 54
    Steve Expat says:

    What 25,000 of the working class in Liverpool think of Andy Burnham:

    Mrs Sion Simon has as much chance of getting elected there as Kelvin McKenzie!

    • 80
      Send the boy round - I'm too busy with my fists says:

      But so typical of the coward Brown to send the boy to take the heat while Brown beat up his wife.

    • 81
      Lucious Luciana Langford-Berger says:

      I’m going to win or I’ll thqeem and thqeem until my fwiend Euan tells his daddy to make it happen

  28. 55
  29. 58
    Cyco Billy says:

    From Guido’s link: we have proof that the Stafford Strategic Health Authority CEO David Nicholson lobbied hard for this to happen”.

    Nicholson is now CEO of the whole NHS. And Nicholson’s Deputy at the time Cynthia Bower now runs the Care Quality Commission.

    This back-scratching is carcinogenic. Once established, a tumour grows its own vascular system to support continued and secure access to its host’s blood supply and nutrients.

    Incinerate them all.

    • 73
      Is this the ArseHole? says:

      . . who was i/c of NHS procurement some whiles ago?

      Doesn’t matter .. there’s a long history – even under cons. of useless twats being promoted way beyond their meagre caps. then fucking up. wasting mills – and being promoted sideways or into another ‘Region’.

      THERE SHOULD BE A NON STOP WAR ON NHS WASTE!!!!! MOstly pointless people doing pointless jobs earning HUGE AMOUNTS of pensionable dosh!

      SO THERE!

      • 335
        Gresham's Law says:

        The NHS is Labour’s fiefdom from which the party can dispense its bounty to a grateful populace. It works (for Labour) and therefore its glaring faults and inefficiencies are tolerated.

        For what it does it is fantastically expensive and gloriously inefficient in its outcomes.

        It has evolved into a mega job creation scheme built on the real need of people who deserve better.

  30. 77
    Anonymous says:

    Allowing these Labour hoons to run the NHS is on a par with letting Gary Glitter to open a creche.

  31. 83
    The Prime Mongolist says:

    Don’t bother, the BBC I hear are already preparing the line. Toenails will be pointing out all the Labour investment (I call it waste) in the NHS.

    Expect the BBC on Questiontime tonight to attack the Tories on the NHS to deflect the wohle problem away. Last week the BBC managed to totally avoid answering why Corus was being closed, it’s to do with Carbon credits and the head of the IPCC and fuck all to do with no orders, but the thicko plebs called the Great British public really do follow the lies of the BBC.

    • 118
      BBC man says:

      It’s all Thatcher’s fault.

    • 135
      Groucho says:

      Corus is owned by Tata now, who can make steel much cheaper back home in India. The fate of Middlesbrough steelworks was sealed some time ago.
      Its got nothing to do with carbon credits etc – just simple market economics.

      • 153

        so the tens of millions in carbon credits aren’t a sweetner? Pull the other one.

        carbon trading is a mammoth global redistribution scheme from the wealthy (ha!) West to the grasping South.

        • 212
          Groucho says:

          Average annual salary for a steelworker in India is around £200. In the UK its more like £25 – 30,000.
          Carbon trading is a scam, but its not the reason Tata closed this plant.

          • The Prime Mongolist says:

            The Carbon trading scam gave them a huge incentive to close it. Save money (as you say) AND get a financial reward as well. Double bubble I call it.

          • Gresham's Law says:

            It’s a surreal world…are we to believe that a Somali woman with four kids at 25k benefits is as productive as 125 Indian steelmen.

            That sends are very powerful signal that British Labour is massively overpriced in global terms and the proximate reason for the deflation that is been desperately held off by QE.

            The reality is that the Carbon credits were just a nice fat bonus.

            We are f*cked and mad.

  32. 85
    Labour Labour Labour - Out Out Out! says:

    Labour are utter monsters – the things they do to this country are so bad I just dont know how the media dare assist Labour in peddling false propoganda. They do not admit their mistakes and always try blaming other folk. Who would vote for the useless Labour government other than the folk who have got something out of Labour?

    Another case of this is Labours change in Immigration policy.
    Labour also wanted to bring down the time period for eligability for British Citizenship down by Two years (This will allow them to vote in British GE’s) if they do community work or help political parties this is a one way ticket to voting two years early as they get British citizenship.

    I think it is a shocking abuse of Power by Labour and cannot understand why more attention has not been focused on it. Blatent manipulation by Labour of Immigration policy to benefit them electorally. Wrong and Extreame.

    On a serious note is Peter Mandelson behind much of the Immigration rouse? Mandelson lets remember had a Brazilian boyfriend. Brazil was a country a few hundred years ago that was part of an experiment where white spanish and portuguese interbred with with the south americans and delibratly intruduced black slaves into a melting pot of genetics to make an insugency less likely.

    Lord Mandelson is thought to have been key in terms of bringing in postal voting.

    • 99
      JW says:

      The open doors immigration policy which Labour have used to flood the UK with third-world immigrants was the brainchild of former Labour minister Barbara Roche. Other leading campaigners for unlimited immigration were Jack Straw and Margaret Hodge.

      • 133
        new world order says:

        Isn’t it anti-semitic to say that?

      • 134
        Hugh Janus says:

        And they also passed a law to allow illegals here after a number of years to stay.

        More proof of NuLiebour’s evil intent to change this country for ever.

        • 194
          Jon says:

          Objecting to it makes you a racist. You’re supposed to just bend over and take your medicine like a man like Mandelson does with Brown.

          • Hugh Janus says:

            Humble apologies – I was momentarily going back to the good old days when free speech prevailed, following the sacrifices of two world wars and more.

            It won’t happen again. No smear-storm please, I’m institutitutionally unsuited to that kind of thing.

          • Hugh Janus says:

            Or even institutionally….

      • 200
        Labour Labour Labour - Out Out Out! says:

        Lets remember that Mandelsons first role was cabinet office minister which is usually a co-ordinating role and allows him to put his fingers in pany pies. Mandelson was a key driver in postal voting changes and it would not surprise me that it would occur to Mandelson how useful it would be to put his lover on the electoral role andf folk like him. Mandelsons relationship with the boy from rio only became apparant in about 1998 several years into the relationship. Mandelson is fairly intellectual, know doubt when he first went out to Brazil, started his relationship he develed into Brazils history. Like all effective politicians he will have wondered how to transpose what he saw for Labours benefit.

        Mandelson could well have lent on the ministers you mention into changing immigration policies as lets remember the Labour party since 1994 ditched prinicple and persude power (Therefore ways to harvest votes). In this coming election Peter Mandelson is not a candidate but Margaret Hodge is in her Barking constituency.

      • 208
        Labour Labour Labour - Out Out Out! says:

        Lets remember that Mandelsons first role was cabinet office minister which is usually a co-ordinating role and allows him to put his fingers in pany pies. Mandelson was a key driver in postal voting changes and it would not surprise me that it would occur to Mandelson how useful it would be to put his lover on the electoral role andf folk like him. Mandelsons relationship with the lover from rio only became apparant in about 1998 several years into the relationship. Mandelson is fairly intellectual, know doubt when he first went out to Brazil, started his relationship he develed into Brazils history. Like all effective politicians he will have wondered how to transpose what he saw for Labours benefit.

        Mandelson could well have lent on the ministers you mention into changing immigration policies as lets remember the Labour party since 1994 ditched prinicple and persude power (Therefore ways to harvest votes). In this coming election Peter Mandelson is not a candidate but Margaret Hodge is in her Barking constituency.

      • 228
        Anonymous says:

        All while our army is deliberately wasted away on a fool’s errand trying to bring democracy to a place that will never accept it.

        Our army needs to be in this country ensuring that democracy is preserved here.

    • 197
      Anonymous says:

      The BBC are assisting because they’d rather have Pol Pot in power than the tories, they’re just that way inclined because they’re all lefty uni journo students who never grew up and who’ve never worked outside the public sector.

      The others, like Sky, are assisting (or at least not hindering as much as they should) because, well, just ask Dr Kelly’s wife.

      When labour get kicked out, and people like Brown and his henchmen no longer have access to MI5 files on journalists and can no longer make them “disappear” by using government agencies/money/power, then, and only then, will you find out how truly evil labour have been.

      When the tactics that are being carried out behind the scenes now by labour become common knowledge, then labour will be absolutely crucified in the murdoch press, but that won’t happen until labour lose the ability to make people disappear or to stop their careers dead in its tracks.

      If you think that labour bullying the head of an anti-bullying charity, or driving a weapons expert to his death is bad, you just wait. What you’ll hear after they lose power will scare you fucking shitless.

      • 237
        DSM-IV says:

        The upper ecehelons of the Labour Party is stuffed with personality disorders.
        Bliar was a narcissistic personality disorder. Brown is a schizoid personality disorder with narcissistic and anti-social traits. He could also be described as a sociopath and a malignant narcissist.

        The rest of his henchmen like McBride, Draper, Balls, Campbell, Byrne etc are all personality disorders of various types. Mainly anti-social ie sociopathic.

        • 274
          Anonymous says:

          A prerequisite for high office then?

          • Anonymous says:

            I would say a prerequisite for high office in this country is his or hers ability to be blackmailed – either by other members of the British establishment, or by outside interests/powers.

    • 338
      Mandlebum says:

      I still have my brazilian, I did encourage postal voting and I am still the best thing that happened to New Labour…sorry must get on with current lis tof lies to come out next week

  33. 89
    Colum says:

    What a disgusting specimen Andy Burnham is. It’s astounding to think that, not so long ago, this creature was being tipped as a possible leader of the Labour Party.

    • 129
      Nice Gordon says:

      Don’t worry Ed. I’m keeping the seat warm for you, you little minx.

      • 142
        Hugh Janus says:

        ‘Disgusting specimen’ and ‘leader’…

        Hmmm, could it really happen again, and this bad?

    • 146
      Groucho says:

      Not really. Being a disgusting specimen is a minimum requirement for PM these days.
      Moral, honest, decent people need not apply.

    • 170
      udderly 'orrible says:

      Others in that scary lineup include Millibanana Twat, Bedbugs Purnell, Harpic Hatemen, etc … great statespersons all.

  34. 90
    Look-a-likey says:

    Burnham = Norman Wisdom

    • 162
      Mr Grimsdale! says:

      One was very funny and dead,the other is not funny and should be dead

    • 179
      Norman Wisdom says:

      Fuck you.

    • 253
      whitehall farce says:

      actually you could be onto something here….most of the great Norm’s films involve him being overpromoted due to some kind of mix-up and only being found out after total chaos has ensued……so when can we expect the great unmasking when it turns out little andy only went to labour hq to deliver a pizza……?

  35. 93
    caesars wife says:

    A baby dies due to violence , abuse, neglect and mistakes , public enquiry called .

    400-1200 people die in poorly run county hospital , you get Boy Band Burnham
    whining on phone , that thers no need for one and cant even be bothered to meet with relatives campaign, Alan Johnsons disease must be noted as it was on his watch . I mean its both incompetence at ministerial level and gutless for politcal purpoase . I mean the ruin is even bullying the truth to cover up labour incomtence .

    • 349
      Anonymous says:

      The average time in a Cabinet post is about 2 years; it’s bad luck for the person still in the job when the chickens come home to roost. Musical chairs.

  36. 97
    James ibbo says:


    Killing voters.

    imagine if a conservative goverment had implemented policies and ‘cost cotting’ that lead to the deaths of 1200 people.

    the NHS is a scary place.

  37. 100
    The Prime Mongolist says:

    Toenails just seen coming out of the urinals on Hampstead Heath, Andy Burnham followed shortly afterwards. Problem solved.

  38. 105
    Mohammed Khan says:

    I am no Labour supporter but having seen the efficient and caring way that the marvellous Andy Burnham has dealt with this Staffordshire hospital issue I will definitely be voting Labour at the next election.

    • 122
      block vote says:

      Postal vote I presume?

      • 181
        Anonymous says:

        Funny you should say that. If any of you guys are thinking of not voting please please go and vote (for anyone) because if you don’t someone will use your name and address on a postal vote and you will be none the wiser.
        Think I am joking?

    • 139
      The Grim Reaper says:

      I have never voted Labour before but Andy Burnham’s management of the NHS is keeping my order books full.

    • 293
      backwoodsman says:

      read that as, I will be voting labour for all my extended family.

  39. 106
    Sir William Waad says:

    With the Death Tax, Labour would have a financial interest in neglecting the elderly.

    Fair’s fair. Some of the zillions splurged on the NHS has improved it a great deal. The buildings are better, juniior doctors no longer work dangerously long hours and waiting lists have shortened. The NHS admin has interecpted too much of the cash but a good deal has still leaked through to services.

    Unofrtunately everything else has got worse, expecially state secondary education which has been in freefall.

    • 159
      Anonymous says:

      the deat tax will make millions for van hool…. follow the money

    • 164
      Anonymous says:

      the death tax will make millions for van hool…. follow the money

    • 239
      Hugh Janus says:

      “The NHS admin has interecepted too much of the cash …”

      About 80% at the last count. Obviously money well spent then.

      • 317
        AC1 says:

        and there’s now a waiting list to get on the real waiting list.

        Those waiting list figures are as reliable as the ONS inflation stats.

  40. 108
    Gorgon Brown The Prime Mentalist says:

    I did not lie! I did not unleash the forces of hell on the Chancellor! I did not instruct anyone to brief against the Chancellor! I did not bully my staff! I did not give a shit about a dead child that wasn’t mine to begin with! Oops, scratch that last one.

  41. 109
    Move along says:

    ::Sigh:: a non-story, but I hope the hapless Lansley makes a fuss about it because it will make him look a tit by arguing against his own plans for the NHS.

    The fact is, the Government does not determine whether a hospital gets FT status, nor does it authorize them. Read the 2003 Health Bill for the details. It is the independent organisation, Monitor, who make the decisions (and call-me-Dave supports this). If ministers reject Monitor’s decisions then they will be accused of political interfering (remember, Dave is against that).

    You should be looking at Monitor and how they make their decisions, not at Burnham for rubber stamping Monitor’s decision (as the bill says he should).

  42. 114
    Labour's Final Days says:

    10 weeks today will mark the final day of this wretched, corrupt, deceitful, crooked and despicable government.

    • 119
      Colonel Kurtz says:

      What makes you think we’re having an election?

      Gordon hasn’t decided whether he wants one yet.

      • 138
        Brown and out says:

        And isn’t that the sickest part of this whole tragedy?

        The man who gets to decide when a General Election happens,is the very man who has taken this country down the road to ruin.

        This rule has got to change – it is so deeply ironic and deeply stupid.

      • 144
        Labour's Final Days says:

        Overheard at No10

        “But Prime Minister, we can’t cancel the election. That would be illegal…Yes, I know we do illegal things all the time, like your private slush fund, but cancelling a general election would be hard to hide from the public when they know we have to call one by June…What national emergency?…You want us to create a national emergency in order to postpone the election?…Prime Minister, I cannot go along with such an idea. It’s obscene and fascist…Prime Minister, please don’t throw the secretary out of her chair. I know you hate women but that’s really not the answer.”

        • 186
          udderly 'orrible says:

          …Ah that national emergency. Why didn’t you tell me.
          “Hello Rear Admiral, prepare the Fleet the Argies have done it again.”

        • 303
          Steve Expat says:

          Another expedition to Las Malvinas on the cards, would be the perfect excuse for Broon.

          Remember that Thatcher would have been thrashed in 1983, rather than Foot, were it not for the Argies intervening – although one cannot see Broon reacting as swiftly and decisively as the Iron Lady did 27 years ago…

      • 201

        There will be one after the Falklands War.

    • 145
      Post Office Logistics Centre says:

      Thank God for that – those sacks of postal votes we’ve had here for the last two years are taking up most of the warehouse.

    • 182
      Postal vote landslide says:

      That’s what you think!

      • 190
        John Prescott is articulate says:

        The problem being that is with this right-wing publications by the conservative supports press and in doing that is that man of honour Brown has integrity will fight honest an election at time is right of his choosing but not pressure coming by Mr Cameron and then that is the Tory press supporting Murdoch is owned and that is.

  43. 117
    Jac says:

    You could not write better fiction could you? Burnham covers own arse? What a shocker that is – screw the people we are elected to protect, screw taking responsibility, let’s all feather our own nests and try to look good whilst royally shagging the public!

    Get out all of you… and let the last one out turn off the lights on a disgrace of a profession!

  44. 124
    Steve Expat says:

    Talking of Bullying – Times cartoon today linking allegations about the Prime Mentalist to the religious persuasion of the Pontiff and ursine defecatory habits…


    HatTip: ‘Plato Says’ blog, link on the right.

  45. 126
    One rule for one.... says:

    So,the bloke who defended himself against a career criminal who entered his house and attacked his family,gets put in prison.

    The Chief Executive of Stafford Trust gets to go home,gets paid leave and a bonus AND does not have to appear at the secret enquiry in to the mass murder that took place at Stafford that he was paid £160,000 to oversee.

    Cos if that is right I am leaving this dreadful country for good.

  46. 128
    Harriet Hardperson says:

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself personally as I will be standing for Labour Party leader in May after Gordon takes us down to our worst electoral defeat in a century. I’m standing on a platform of equality for all…Labour MPs and their expense accounts. And it’s not true I’m a hypocrite who’s abandoned her gender equality principles to help carpetbag a seat for my husband.

    Vote Insanity! Vote Harriet!

    • 189
      Groucho says:

      Anything you can do to consign your party to the wilderness forever is fine by me.
      Best of luck with your campaign.

    • 304
      Nick2 says:

      Andrew Rawnsley’s last book: -

      “Harman said she couldn’t work with somebody who accused her of being a liar. (Frank) Field replied that he “couldn’t work with somebody who is a fucking liar.””

      • 347
        The Ape Man Commeth says:

        Isn’t it deliciously ironic that H. Harman has both the words ‘harm’ and ‘man’ in her surname?

  47. 130
    Ronnie McDonnie says:

    Andy won’t be dodging any Nokias. Gordon likes to only bully female staff. We all know how much he likes women. Just ask his beard. Sorry, wife.

    • 141
      JP says:

      Like Michael Crick said on Newsnight last week: “Gordon Brown looks round the room to find the weakest woman to bully”

      • 157
        Ronnie McDonnie says:

        Doesn’t it just warm the cockles of your heart to know we not only have a demented, lying, corrupt c/unt as prime minister but a demtned, lying corrupt c/unt who’s also a misogynist and a bully.

        • 256
          TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

          I can’t work out why this bullying women angle isn’t being pushed by the opposition. It’s all anyone needs to finish him off. Throwing secretaries about, swearing, shouting, making them cry – all excellent vote losers for HALF THEIR FUCKING SUPPORTERS!

        • 357

          If your main experience of women was of the type of fucking harridan that socialism attracts, then misogynism is a likely outcome.

      • 255
        the thin blue line says:

        Then Ballsdrick and Burnham are in troublr.

    • 150
      Lets pretend says:

      Sarah Twitter – possibly the fattest thighs ever to enter Downing St.

      Definitely a sham marriage – I suppose they deserve each other,because none of us deserve them.

      • 184
        Sarah Twatter says:

        Gordon likes me to shatter melons between my thighs. Proper turns him on it does.

      • 185
        GK says:

        If and when Brown is kicked out of office Sarah can go back to her special friend in Canterbury and Gordon can go back to holidaying every year with the boys in Cape Cod.

        Just like the old days before Tony persuaded him to get married.

      • 191
        Sidney says:

        There’s something suspicious about Sarah Brown. Is this marriage genuine or was it just done out of convenience to help Brown become PM? The timing was very convenient for him.

      • 258
        the thin blue line says:

        A little unfair – Prezza has been known to enter Downing Street.

  48. 140
    Anonymous says:

    Ah well, at least Mrs Burnham will be earning a packet from that nice Anchor Trust. If I can just get this social care thingy through parliament before I go………………

  49. 143
    The Sleeper says:

    Well,that’s the World Cup fucked for England…..


    PLUS….Brown thinks Capello would sympathise with him…and he would love to be a football manager.

    I suspect Portsmouth fans are now shitting themselves even more!!!!!

    • 168
      Mr Plum says:

      Wondered if Brown has bought one of these yet if he could get one to fit.


    • 174
      Al says:

      Gordon Brown’s ‘charm offensive’ is going down like a turd in the punchbowl.

    • 351
      Delusional says:

      Brown thinks that Fabio (I scored the goal against England in 1973 and that is my proudest moment) Capello would sympathise with an old Socialist like McDoom.

      I counsel him to think again

      ‘Capello has recently expressed his support for those such as Pope Benedict XVI and Silvio Berlusconi. He has praised the organisational “skills” of General Franco.’

  50. 156
    Gordons battered bell end says:

    keep[ up the good work andy.Im out of the frame.Arise sir andy of A&E

  51. 162
    Reich Interior Minister, Heinrich Himmler says:

    I am most impressed with ze efficiency of ze Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust in bumping ze old und ill peoples off.

    • 209
      Naturally Socialist Liebor NH SS says:

      Und, ha, ha, ze hav ze gut namen, ve say, going to the showers, aber zay cum up trumpen mit sehr sehr gut namen ‘intensive care’ ze zame ending ya!

  52. 165
    Margaret Beckett misses being in government says:

    Giza job, guv.

  53. 175
    Ali Dizaei says:

    Someone just threw another bucket of shit on me. Oh, how I wish I hadn’t been such a corrupt, slimy Hunt when I was a copper.

  54. 183
    Gorgon Brown The Prime Mentalist says:

    Anyone got a dead baby to lend me? My last one hasn’t helped my poll ratings.

    • 196
      Sarah Twatter says:

      I’ve just suggested to Gordon that he walks onto the GMTV set tomorrow morning carrying a cripple. Should be worth a few votes. He can dump it when they do the Keith Chegwin outside broadcast from Whitley Bay.

      • 206
        Ronnie McDonnie says:

        I like Keith Chegwin. He smiles naturally. Unlike Gorgon.

      • 227
        Bad Al says:

        Whilst Gordon’s holding the fucking cripple get him to pretend that he going to devote the rest of his life to caring for the motionless little fucker.

      • 242
        Two Shits Prezza says:

        I’d like to be on the GMTV sofa too with Gordon. Maybe I could be interviewed holding one of those coloured kiddies from Haiti.

  55. 188
    Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

    Oh I just love high flying don’t care how I do it twats like Burnham. They make life worth living.

    Arthur Haynes (Comedian)

    at the TV right now awaiting the report

  56. 193
    Morgan Everett says:

    So where are all the hysterical “the NHS saved my life!” people who were going ballistic at Daniel Hannan a few months back?

    Is that #welovethenhs twitter thing still running? Maybe we should flood it with real news stories of Stafford Deathcamp Hospital.

    • 215
      Harriet says:

      Stop moaning. Stafford Hospital is just part of Labour’s ethnic cleansing programme.

      Staffing a hospital full of foreign kapos who happily neglect indigenous white patients until half of them are dead should be celebrated as part of multi-culturalism and diversity.

      • 252
        Anonymous says:

        Maybe some truth in what you say. Let’s face it, old, white, pre-Windrush Britons aren’t exactly Labours favourite people are they?

        They afterall represent the last link to a Britain Marxists like Jack Straw bitterly despised, and have spent a life time in politics trying to eradicate.

        • 284
          Morgan Everett says:

          There was a story way back in 2000 where Clive Soley, then a Labour MP, now a peer, complained that OAPs were ‘predominantly conservative’ and ‘often racist’.

          So it wouldn’t surprise me if the general feeling from New Labour was that the old are expendable and no longer needed in our “vibrant” “multi-cultural” utopia.

          • Peter Carter-Fuck says:

            And they don’t like being fucked up the arse by Brazilian rentboys, the racist homophobic bastards.

          • Anon. for obvious reasons says:

            I grew up in the 60′s and found that generation who Soley accused to be guilty of ‘racism’ and consevatism to be immensely inspiring. They were as poor as church mice, their family lives had been fearsomely disrupted by the 30′s and the War when husbands, sons and brothers were conscripted to the four cprners of the world for years before they were reunited. Were their were no letters for months on end during operations, when the postman was dreaded in case he brought ‘that’ telegram.

            They were, as a German historian described them, poor but proud and had a wisdom and humour that derives from having a perspective.

            My mother came from Germany in 1951 as a war bride, she was pregnant and my father was posted to Egypt and she was alone and the support from the British neighbours was fantastic. They had been bombed by the Luftwaffe (SE London on the route to the docks) and had every reason to resent,but they didn’t.

            Soley is not describing a Britain I had described to me.

            Socialists rewrite social history to suit their ideological prejudices.

            These people were still free.

            Perhaps that’s what irks Socialists.

    • 220

      I live in the North and we have hospitals just like Staffordshire
      they kill people end of
      the compassion has gone
      the care non existant
      it’s a case of get e’m in get e’m treated and get e’m out ASAP if you cant treat e’m send e’m home to die
      but at least our targets have been met
      it’s a fucking disgrace and the whole cash guzzeling NHS needs to be shut down or privatised

    • 306
      AC1 says:

      Why not follow
      and find all the others killed by Bureaucrat Rationed Treatment

  57. 211
    Harold Shipman says:

    Gay Fawker, it’s a terrible shame all these little people being bumped off by overpaid, sociopathic quacks – aren’t they all – but have you no comment on British Gas’s and the other five energy cartel companies’ looting of people in Britain with their usurious pricing? Have you any comment on your fellow pizza boys at RBS and other bankster scum looting the people of £1.3bn bonuses having had their jobs saved by taxpayer money?

    • 220
      Ariel Sharon and Tracy says:

      I sincerely hope your term “pizza boys” isn’t code for a certain semitic race made up of Ashkenazis, Sephardics, and Mizrahis?

      I’ll be very annoyed if it is and so will Melanie Phillips.

    • 319
      Nick2 says:

      I heard yesterday that gas prices in Europe were 15% higher than in the UK

      • 359
        Gresham's Law says:

        Sterling devalued by 28% in two years explains it all.

        Banks are profiting fom QE and cheap BoE money.

        Labour thinks it is a price worth paying to pump 0.1% (and falling) growth to put off the evil cuts to a bloated public sector that will be ‘stringently inevitable’ whoever ‘wins’.

  58. 216
    Steve Expat says:


    Farage getting an official reprimand from the EU Parliment : BBC

    • 231

      Yes the truth really hurts the EU

    • 247
      Morgan Everett says:

      I don’t think he will lose any sleep over it. Tis a small price to pay for the publicity he has received for his Farage Barrage on Rumpy Pumpy.

    • 265
      the thin blue line says:

      I would be a bit careful if I was Farrago; the last few investigations of UKIP MEPs have turned up more crookery than a love in between Golem and CMD.

    • 273
      streamfisher says:

      People like Farage are not supposed to be elected as mep’s, you always get one Ni**** in the wood pile, I expect they will come up with a secret ballot in future might as well, nobody votes for these fuckers anyway.

    • 325
      Nick2 says:

      BBC R4 were spinning it this morning that Farage wanted to be expelled from the European Parliament to increase his UK profile.

  59. 222
    Peter says:

    Shame, I always liked him.
    He reminded me of one of those rabbits on Watership Down with those lovely eyes.
    But all the time he was a cold blooded killer!
    Oh well the car will probably squash him!!!

  60. 230
    You couldn't make it up.. says:

    As reported on BBC website news – “Euro MPs have approved an extra 1,500 euros (£1,300) a month in allowances to cover staff costs and backed the hiring of 150 new administrative personnel.

    The budget increase was justified, MEPs argued, because of the increased workload under the Lisbon Treaty.

    The extra money for assistants comes on top of the existing 17,540 euros (£15,447) a month MEPs get to pay them”.

    Where have they been for the last year or so….??????????

    • 249
      Steve Expat says:

      So basically they can now afford to employ a child as well as the wife?

      More hypocracy from the EU, but hardly unexpected. Farage was right.

      • 270
        the thin blue line says:

        And on past form the UKIP MEPs will be the first to claim any new allowance.

        • 282
          Anonymous says:

          Well at least Farage got a reprimand. Davie boy will get a nice little pat on the head for doing as he’s told.

      • 360
        Gresham's Law says:

        Only good thing is that MEP can’t employ families. Socialist MEP challenged this (I wonder why?) but failed.

        Employing family as an elected representative is regarded by Europeans as an invitation to corruption.

        Funny old world.

    • 259
      RBS investment banker says:

      Fucking thieving scum!

  61. 240
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    OT: Its beginning – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8537408.stm
    On the other hand, I’m tempted to ask who will notice?

    • 246
      Steve Expat says:

      270,000 civil servants to strike next month

      Workers at Jobcentres are among those set to take industrial action

      Up to 270,000 civil servants are to stage a 48-hour strike on 8 and 9 March in a dispute over cuts to public sector redundancy terms.

      The walkout will involve Jobcentre staff, tax workers, coastguards, border agency officials, courts staff and driving test examiners.

      The PCS union said there could be further industrial action throughout March if the dispute is not resolved

      • 264
        Stepney says:

        apart from the coastguard will we notice?

      • 280
        udderly 'orrible says:

        5 days strike x 270,000 x 135 quid a day per striker not paid, that’s a lot of money saved .
        How about they stay off, just lock the doors and lose the keys.

        • 361
          The Deficit says:

          If they strike for four days a month that should just about represent the savings we need. 14% reduction in payroll (and pension obligations). Keep it up, brothers, for three years at least.

          Up the Workers.

    • 257
      Tears for Piers says:

      “Border Agency officials” to go on strike? You mean they aren’t on strike already?

      • 287
        streamfisher says:

        “Border agency officials to go on strike”…headline news in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

      • 297
        The Enemy Within - UK Border Agency says:

        Should repatriate the lot, UK Border Agency, I mean

        Have you seen ‘em! a right bunch of surley looking illegals.

  62. 260
    Cluedo says:

    It was Reverend Brown that did it

  63. 262
    Barnabas Scudamore says:

    Andy Burnham – communist.

    I wish he’d stop putting mascara on, it really is inappropriate…..oh, as is sighning off a hospital of this standard with it’s reported 1,200 needless deaths.

    This is another of the Labour party communists that is going to meet some very pissed of people when he passes from this world to the next.

    The blood of 1,200 people are on your hands Burnham.

    Sleep easy sweetheart, you don’t have a thing to worry about at the moment.

    When you pass from this world, you are going to get ganged raped everyday by demons and devils.

    Like I say, no moral guidance communists. No moral guidance.

    I don’t think the excuse of “i was doing my job” will wash with lucifer and his world!

    wooooooo, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

  64. 263
    Stepney says:

    Surely this is the funniest piece ever published?


    Two classic Brown quotes: “There has been consistency on cuts” and “I’ve got no personal animosity towards anybody in politics.”

    He is totally fucking bonkers. When will one single journalist actually confront the lying bastard? He lies as he breathes.

  65. 267
    Andy Burnham says:

  66. 271
    Stepney says:

    And whilst we’re on the subject of lying fuckers who waste our money:

    The BBC has been criticised for facing “serious difficulties” over its programme of major new building works. The extension of Broadcasting House has cost £100m more than planned and was due for completion in 2008, a National Audit Office report found.

    £100m over budget? It would only ever happen when you’re spending other people’s fucking money. OUR money.

    • 307
      Steve Expat says:

      Can someone please ask DC to tell the BBC that any overspend will come out of the senior management bonus pot? If that doesn’t cover it, then 10% reductions in pay next year starting with the £800,000 DG Thompson, until the overspend is covered.

      In the private sector lots of heads would be rolling for that much of a fuck-up.

      • 332
        Stepney says:

        Sounds like a reasonable solution.

        In the private sector they would ALL have been sacked.

        And fucking right too.

    • 362
      On time and under budget...impossible says:

      I once worked on a public sector building contract (about 3 million quid). Our bid was accepted on the basis of knocking off top and tail. We really pressed the QS and came in 200k under budget and billed accordingly.

      We got a letter saying that there was some mistake.

      No, we said.

      Impossible they said. We haven’t spent the contingency.

      Public sector. I ask you.

      Over budget is the norm usually because they constantly change the specifications as some other oik puts his departmental oar in.

    • 364
      Barnabas Scudamore says:

      Dave cameron would do well to just leave what has already been built and not give ANY money to help finish the project.

      It would be a reminder to the BBC WHERE IT’S MONEY COMES FROM.

      Also, a half finished building would stand as a monument to how crap the BBC is.

      All those staff walking into work every morning in the Bitish rain, having to walk past a half finished abandoned building…..yeahr, I like the idea.


  67. 277
    Gorgon Brown The Prime Mentalist says:

    Day after the election:

    “Giza job, David. Please. Politics is all I have…Sarah? She was just bearded window dressing. And now I’m no longer PM, she’s going to get a quickie divorce.”

  68. 278
    Neighbour with eyebrows says:

    Poor little Gordon he’s deaf and he’s dumb
    Poor little Gordon’s insane
    His eyes are goggled and gloomy and glum
    What a shame, what a shame, what a shame

  69. 281
    NuLabour make me sick says:

    The fact that these complete and utter muppets are and continue to be in their undeserved (and some unelected) positions of power says more about us than them. Where else in the world would people really put up with this level of sheer incompetance and spiralling debt. Brown gurning on TV with Drapers wife etc… It is pathetic and we are all the more pathetic for allowing it to happen.

    Brown, unelected, Madleson unelected, G Kinnock unelected (is she still doing two jobs – will she get 2 pensions?)

    This lot have taken Parliament to its knees – the missing 50k – the expenses scandal, the speakers wife twittering bile about tories, the untruths, the failure to answer questions, the making of laws for us and not them – it is an utter disgrace – smacks in the face of democracy – I think we should be able to decide how much pension they get on the basis of how hard they have worked.

  70. 283
    Moley says:

    Labour Ministers take their cue from their dear leader.

    Utter incompetence is de rigeur, it is only the degree of malevolence which accompanies it which varies.

    My daughter is in the process of deciding which subjects to do at secondary school.

    To help the children make up their minds they had a special “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender assembly today, to assure the children that alternative sexuality is “alright”, (provided you don’t practice all the different variations on the same day). But do you see what’s missing?

    Normal Heterosexuality.

    The decision making process is an absolute shambles with a mixture of GCSE, Diplomas, B Techs, ASDANs, ASBOS, and God knows what else, all presented in a hopeless muddle.

    The School curriculum decisions and course options need to be dominated by the customer (employers) not the politically correct box tickers in Government.

    • 291
      NuLabour make me sick says:

      excellent idea – if the employers are saying they are crap then what chance have the kids got ? Awful. 13 years of Labour and still nothing better.

      13. unlucky for some. (if you work, want to have a family, have a family, have aspirations, want to leave somethig for your children, don’t want to sell out to europe,etc…)

    • 300

      Normal Heterosexuality.

      Using the word ‘normal’ in association with the word ‘heterosexuality’ is a Hate Crime. Please report to your nearest re-education camp for execution. I mean, education.

  71. 285
    Anonymous says:

    The only reason he signed the hospital off was to make the stats look good, then Labour could crow about it and let everyone know how much they have done for the health service – and did they crow!

    Oh dear.

    • 292
      Moley says:

      The NHS has targets for discharging “Cured” patients.

      I have experienced being discharged as “well” when I was actually bloody ill, and it is not an experience which I would recommend.

      I didn’t realise until recently what was going on.

      • 309
        Anonymous says:

        I’d rather shoot myself than die in an NHS hospital. I saw my father and my father-in-law die that way. No dignity at all. Shocking.

  72. 288
    Britain's Government of mentally unstable, bullying, liars says:

    It was the right thing to do

  73. 289
    James Gordon Brown says:

    I fancy a good news, bad news, good news sandwich.

  74. 290
    piss takers says:

    labour are always on about ‘protecting front line services’………

    also ‘investment’……….

    so now you all know that it is about protecting themselves and bribing people to continue the extortion…..

  75. 294
    Ronnie McDonnie says:

    Labour election slogan:


  76. 295
    Sir William Waad says:

    The young Andy Burnham, under his stage name:


  77. 299
    Animal says:

    So the BBC downgrades the story to regional level below a headline report about the cost of terror raids.

    When the BBC goes to such lengths to bury a story about deaths in the NHS you can bet the farm this Government is shitting itself.

    • 311
      Brown's Braoadcasting Corporation says:

      Yeah well, they only murdered 1200 people after all, so hardly worth the bother.

    • 314
      no bias here says:

      Wait until the Tories are back in. The BBC will be full of stories about failing hospitals and schools with Panorama doing regular exposes of the wicked Tories and Spitting Image and Ben Elton returning to the TV to take the piss out of Cameron and Osborne.

    • 374
      Terrible But True says:

      Looked across the blogs – Newsnight, Robinson, etc – and… nada.

      A national entity under national oversight, after years of vast ‘investment’, and its performance in basically torturing and killing patients is dismissed by a minister as a bit of local difficulty.

      Meanwhile, on Newsnight, the big story is porn mags.

      Move along, nothing to see here, but LOTS to see over there.

  78. 308
    MadArthur says:

    Anarchy rules at the hq of British Government as one after another the MPs and Peers make idiots of themselves and kill people. When, oh WHEN are the Brits going to just wait for the next PMQs and burn the bloody place down???

  79. 311
    Gordon Brown says:

    When I get voted out will I be able to go cruising down Canal Street or will I have to do it on the sly in Cape Cod?

    • 316
      Lord Goldshite says:

      You don’t have to get voted out if you order a state of emegency and suspend elections.

  80. 313

    Burnham signed off the trust status? Of course he did. Why do you think this bunch of shits are trying to keep it all under wraps.

    Interesting how Stafford was bedevilled by a “culture of bullying and fear”. Now where have were heard that before?

    State sanctioned killing of hospital patients. A bloody disgrace.


    • 321
      BN says:

      I was in there last year. Bloody awful! Many of the nurses and some of the doctors are African and couldn’t give a fuck. The Asian staff are generally indifferent too , unless you are one of their tribe.
      Thank God for the Philipinos. They are angels and end up doing all the work.

      • 363
        It's no accident says:

        Filipinas are all good Catholic girls and that counts.

        Sorry to tread on secularist toes, here. They believe that individuals count and know how to smile unlike the sour-faced Sub-continentals.

  81. 329
    TrueBlue says:

    Burnham prides himself on supporting Everton FC. Well, here’s a message to Moyes and Co – don’t let him in anymore. Tell him he’s not wanted and should go and get a real job, like roadsweeper cos that’s about as far as his talent goes

  82. 353
    The Prime Mongolist says:

    Wow, the BBC were all over this story tonight. NOT!

  83. 355
    streamfisher says:

    Does smack somewhat of the final solution (staffs hosp etc), increasing number of old people post 1940/1950 baby boom, does this all tie up with their proposed death tax?, get the euthanasia bill through as well and surprisingly it would be the only New Labour policy ever to make financial sense.

  84. 366
    BBC spending spree says:

    Crimewatch is flying presenters around in helicopters.Great to see the taxes spent wisely.

  85. 369
    Blackadder2 says:

    The Indy says the Tories say 50,000 die of malnutrition on our hospitals:


    Todt durch Hunger! At least death is free on the NHS!

  86. 370

    Burnham at the stake, the useless Hunt

  87. 373
    Gordon 'Soma' Brown says:

    It looks like E.T never went home he just became Andy Burnham.

  88. 375
    NelsonsGoodeye says:

    Imagine if the RAF dropped a bomb on some Afghan camp and killed 1200 civilians? What would Pravdas response be, I wonder?

  89. 377
    Anonymous says:

    So a Labour minister signed off on Stafford hospitals management position. The view from Labour was probably its all white so it don’t matters!!

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