February 23rd, 2010

Exclusive: Cabinet Office Restricting Bullying Discussion

The Cabinet Office internal computer system has a message board where staff can chat. As in most organisations it’s mostly people moaning about the IT system, but occasionally an interesting conversation can develop. Guido understands that since Monday morning someone in the Cabinet Office has been trying to start a thread discussing the problem of workplace bullying, a legitimate concern given the recent staff survey found seven per cent of Cabinet Office employees (that includes the bunker bods) had been bullied and more than half were afraid to express concerns to senior staff.

Yet for some reason the internal communications team are refusing to allow the thread to be published. Intriguing…


  1. 1
    Gus O'Donnell says:

    Hey, I helped cover up Tony Blair’s war crimes, covering up Gordon Brown’s bullying is a piece of fucking piss.

    • 7

      We’re all trying to excuse the Prime Mentalist’s tangerine-hurling laminating-machine-ruining tendencies together.

      • 71
        Lord G says:

        Screw that – have you heard that Cheryl Cole has left Ashley – finally!

        • 178
          Wing Commander says:

          Well she does say in her advert that he was ‘Limp, Lank and Lifeless’ but not according to that yank bird who he bonked for 4 hours last summer but that’s rohypnol for you!

        • 209
          Gooey Blob says:

          Anyone who follows politics on the web will wonder what all the fuss is all about. These stories have been going around for many years, and new ones emerge regularly. Very often, it has been Brown’s own cabinet colleagues who have been telling journalists about Gordon’s anger management issues. The flying Nokias, tables kicked over, juniors reduced to tears – all stories told to journalists in the bars of Westminster – in the strictest of confidence, of course. Naturally, journalists haven’t repeated these off-the-record briefings to the public, but the stories frequently pop up on blogs like Guido’s, so it was only a matter of time before some of them were revealed to the wider public.

          In the midst of what has been one of the most remarkable spin and damage limitation exercises we have seen for a long time, what has been really striking is the number of these aforementioned colleagues who have now been wheeled out to defend Brown, denying claims they themselves have previously made, and to the same journalists. That Mandelson of all people has been Brown’s staunchest defender in this time is particularly brazen. I cannot be the only one to find that highly amusing.

          It is pushing their luck a little to tell journalists to ignore what they have previously said off-the-record, but then what they say to journalists in private and what they expect to be repeated to the public at large are two different things. However, they are testing credibility to the limit with those who report what they say, and I wonder how much of the media will be taking Mandelson’s words seriously come the campaign proper. By and large, the public are open-minded and may give Brown the benefit of the doubt for now, but I should think reporters will not be such an easy touch from here on in.

          • The Archbishop of Canterbury says:

            Every time I see Mandelson defending Brown I can’t help laughing my fucking arse off. Delicious.

          • Jethro says:

            Of course, Lord Handlesnone excites many people to envy, and arouses malice in some – as do many of the less rough-haired. I have known His Eminence for several, yes, several, now, and I can categoretically state that – and categorically – he is a very nice man: much nicer than you would think!
            Mind you, there are areas within which Lord Handlenonce and I share disagreements – deep disagreements – ‘Should eyebrows be shaved or plucked? Should a Barber tend one? What about the chin, the jaw, the upper-lip? All these apparent conflicts, denials, negations, and so on, will be resolved:Thesis, Antithesis, SYNTHESIS!

          • The Ghost of Christmas Past says:

            That lot in Drowning Street must be as limp as mandys cock.

            Why oh why hasnt one of thenm bounced the fat fuck all over the cabinet office?

            Fuck me, ill do it for free…well a free one anyway…

          • Just saying.... says:

            Mandelson may be a c’unt, but he treats his staff very well. no hissy fits, no tantrums. Always charming. Perhaps a counterbalance to madman Brown?

        • 226
          Mr Ned says:

          Has she? fuck! I will have to get a restraining order out on her, or she will be all over me like a rash.

      • 116
        Gideon Osburg says:

        We’re all having relationships with crack-addicted escorts together.

      • 200
        talamunji says:

        Haven’t recovered from the news that Tutankhamun succumbed to malaria.

    • 12
      Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:

      If you can’t stand the ,you get out of the kitchen.

      Cabinet staff employees are free to move on to more interesting jobs such as burger flippers.

      We have a waiting list of people waiting to join and my message to those disgruntled staff is simple

      PUT UP OR SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 23

        • 278
          thick as thieves says:

          it’s TRUE!
          that’s dynamite.
          you should post that to The Sun and The Mail and they will run it on the front page as the final nail in Brown’s coffin.
          I hear there is proof of ten foot blue aliens in even more convincing 3D doing the rounds out there in Cinemas.

      • 28
        Anonymous says:

        If you can’t stand the , you get out of the kitchen. What’s your problem with punctuation. Are you some sort of punctuation Nazi?
        My god what have the commas ever done to hurt you, leave the commas alone you bullying bastard.

      • 56
        Anonymous says:

        PS. Just remember, there is NO bullying here. Got it!?

      • 150
        Anonymous says:

        The bullying started in America

      • 194
        Batty Hattie Harmanescu says:

        Put up or shut up?
        Yep sounds good to me, if Andrew Rawsley has libeled Gordon Brown, then Gordon Brown should sue him for libel.

        If he does no seek legal remedy then it is fair to assume accusations of bullying are true.

        Further, that those denying the claims, such as Mandeslon, have been lying(who would’ve thought such a thing?).

        Too right, put up or shut up.

    • 16
      Rawnsley holds his own,so to speak says:

      Just watched Andrew Rawnsley on Newsnight – really gave Prescott a makeover (he is getting fatter and fatter,I thought he vomited everything up but I suppose the sewers of the Tudor Beamer are now overflowing?).

      Paxman gave Fink a lot of air time to make some good points and as for Hattersley’s rubbish about Abraham Lincoln being bad tempered too,simply delicious moment of insanity.

      And David Steel confirmed why he is still a nothing.

      So much energy wasted on Brown when he should never have got to the position he occupied – get rid of him.

      It’s not as if he has any redeeming qualities to make up for the truly ghastly features.

      • 39
        I got a Tudor mansion with toilet seats, me says:

        I agree. Bully Johny P has certainly put on jowly weight, presumably because he doesn’t have access to the Temple, or the croquet lawns.

      • 63
        barefootcontessa says:

        Watched Newsnight too, and found it a riot! Rawnsley stuck up for himself gallantly against the massive chinned bully boy John Prescott, ably supported by Finkelstein. Then the two never ‘wases’, never ‘will bes’ – Steele (reputed to have been spouting from an orange box at 10 years old when at school in Edinburgh) and Hattersley waffling nonsense in defence of the gorgon put their oars in.Paxman must have been feeling like a spare p…. at a wedding.

      • 66
        Gordon Brown says:

        Look, I’ve got a job to do and I’m getting on with it.Lets talk about policies, not personalties.The Tories have no policies to speak of-only labout can offer Fairness and opportunites for all.
        It is the right thing to do.

      • 147
        Barnabas Scudamore says:

        I hope for one that an election is not called.

        I hope that Brown and team, give us a reason to end their shit, using one of the scenarios that we’ve been practising for some months now.

        What am I talking about ?

        Her Majesty’s men,waiting for that phone call to come.

        Craving for the phone to ring, almost telepathically willing it to ring.

        Trying to remain calm and relaxed,but always aware that the phone could ring at any moment.

        Then there’s the stress of wether the phone will ring whilst your sleeping, as you don’t want the responsibility passed to the other man.

        All in good time I suppose. All in good time.

        • 256

          Been giving this possible General Election, which is looming a bit more thought.

          If I was in the Conservative strategy team, I would be asking for access to the Government books as soon as Brown does actually name the date.

          Given the black holes found by the National Government undisclosed in the PREFU given by the ruling Labour Party. $2bn hole in Social Welfare funding.

          This will be very small beer compared to what this current administration are covering up. I would pay for a big team of the very best Forensic Accountants to go in and spend 3-4 weeks gathering the information, and smaller teams cross referencing in the provinces.

          Undoubtedly the situation will be many more times worse than they are admitting to.

          In which case, I would be advising that the Conservatives actually ‘PASS’ on the election and offer no candidates except in the safe seats.

          No money to be spent on electioneering, no road shows, no big PR campaign.
          No advertising, and only local interviews.

          The reasoning and rational?

          The Economy is ‘Proper Fucked’ and the Incumbents can be responsible for managing the huge cuts in benefits and Government headcount.

          Then just sit back and watch the fun begin.

          Popcorn anybody?

          • The IMF are coming, oh! they came says:

            “If I was in the Conservative strategy team, I would be asking for access to the Government books as soon as Brown does actually name the date.”

            Cameron could ask for a pony while he is at it because it will make zero difference.

            The Shadow Cabinet will get courtesy tours of various government departments but that’s it.

            You have to win before you get the keys to the vault and find out if there’s anything left inside.

            Vince Cable would no doubt like a look too but he’s not going to either.

          • In which case, they should just take the bat and ball home, as they will just get the blame for the inevitable melt-down.

            It is the off balance sheet stuff that is the most frightening with badly organised and exorbitant PFis.

            Then the big crunch is the contingent liability of the almost totally unfunded pensions for Central and Local Gummint. Not to mention Quango’s, SpAds, Ex Officio’s, and all the generous Overseas aid, including continued benefits to all the Eastern Europeans who have returned home.

            Then there are two big fuck off aircraft carriers and some Nuclear Subs, oh and 15 Choppers! ETc.

          • The IMF are coming, oh! they came says:

            “It is the off balance sheet stuff that is the most frightening with badly organised and exorbitant PFis.”

            100% Correct. The scale of the failed PFI and PPP fuckups is colossal.

            Bit odd that Cameron is still happy to keep them going then and may even have plans for a few more.

          • Knock, knock it's the bailiffs says:

            With the funking of a real plan to cut the defecit by the Tories, none of the three major parties has a serious plan for the Economy. If the talk of a hung parliament goes on then expect a Gilt strike, and currency crisis. Guido is right on this.

            The IMF would not be a disaster, it is precicely whatis needed, now that all our parties have decided to ignore the defecit. It is painful and depressing that we are unwilling to take the nessecary medicine, but it will be administered one way or another.

    • 17
      David Cameron says:

      Oh for fucks sake, what a bunch of wimps

      They should have gone to Eton where “fagging” is part of life.

      Tally Ho

      • 411
        wolfie smith says:

        Fuk me it’s another class warrior from the 1970′s

        How’s your austin allegro me old china?

        Power to the people!

    • 40
      Boom-boom (bust) says:

      Maybe brown-nosing, maybe cheeky, but not sure of it being bullying.

      • 219
        Wing Commander says:

        Isn’t ‘BULLYING’ something to do with playing marbles? I like it when a WAF plays with marbles, they love it and I have a large marble sack the WAF wenches love to get their hands on but I wont let that tail end charlie get his mitts on them, the thought gives me the willy’s.

    • 229
      Monster PM says:

      Quite disgraceful as Gordon said he would follow due process for any of his staff who believed he had bullied them

      • 460
        Anonymous says:

        In America workers often go POSTAL (from the regular occurance of shootings inthe mail sorting areas ) after being bullied
        Bullying is like the weather every on talks about it and nothing happens
        If you have a big brother or sister at school with you your chances of being bullied deminish to almost zero
        we have the same problem in Australia ( im from Glasgow) with our prime minister and govenor general
        they have a regular turnover with their staff due to EXTRA PRESSUREOF THEIR WORKLOADS
        The whole political process involves bullying
        Look at parlimentary debate they intimidate threaten belittle berate harass cojole steal lie cheat and cover up for each other (the only time they agree is with their pay rises retirement funds or allowances )
        And they call each other THE HONORABLE MEMBER
        Yet every one is shocked when they bully an innocent bystander (as in not a political player)

        As for Eaton mayby everyone there is part of the process that leads to how the leaders of countries and industry act

        Perhaps Gordon Brown didnt bully at school or he would understand A GLASGOW KISS

      • 468
        Jimmy says:

        In America workers often go POSTAL (from the regular occurance of shootings inthe mail sorting areas ) after being bullied
        Bullying is like the weather every on talks about it and nothing happens
        If you have a big brother or sister at school with you your chances of being bullied deminish to almost zero
        we have the same problem in Australia ( im from Glasgow) with our prime minister and govenor general
        they have a regular turnover with their staff due to EXTRA PRESSUREOF THEIR WORKLOADS
        The whole political process involves bullying
        Look at parlimentary debate they intimidate threaten belittle berate harass cojole steal lie cheat and cover up for each other (the only time they agree is with their pay rises retirement funds or allowances )
        And they call each other THE HONORABLE MEMBER
        Yet every one is shocked when they bully an innocent bystander (as in not a political player)

        As for Eaton mayby everyone there is part of the process that leads to how the leaders of countries and industry act

        Perhaps Gordon Brown didnt bully at school or he would understand A GLASGOW KISS

  2. 2


    Jury Team is looking for candidates

    new Manifesto includes

    · Holding a referendum on the status of the UK within the EU

    · Setting up an English Parliament on English matters

    · Reducing the number of MPs by a third (from 650 to 433)

    · Changing Commons elections to proportional representation

    · Requiring referendums on petition by 5% of the electorate

    · Limiting government borrowing to 10% of expenditure

    · Protecting bank customer deposits from casino banking

    · Limiting benefits to 80% of the after tax minimum wage

    · Sentencing violent criminals to ‘army style’ punishment

    · Limiting UK troops in Afghanistan to the NATO average

    · Requiring private medical insurance for non-EU citizens

    · Establishing a 10 year residence requirement for UK Citizenship

    · Allowing state schools to opt out from local authority control

    · Requiring stores to let customers leave excess packaging



    • 15
      gord says:

      and then awake to beautiful dawn-then see the pigs fly by the window-also can we have free ice cream on wednesdays

    • 60

      Actually Brilliant.

      Would stop the Daily Mail from having any stories though!

      Just thought the packaging issue needs pre-handling further up-stream.

    • 84

      I thought about that Jury Team last time OH, but you have to sign up to a whole host of equality shit – or at least you did. I dont’ most of it, but I’m not about to sign something that says I will never discriminate on the grounds of religion etc. Why not? Fuck that.

      As with everything, check the small print.

      • 130
        Willi Windbeutel says:

        There’s a difference between prejudice and discrimination. If people wearing Glenurquhart check pantaloons keep bashing me over the head with a vegetable marrow, I am entitled to discriminate between those people wearing Glenurquhart check pantaloons and those who aren’t wearing Glenurquhart check pantaloons.

        That does not mean I am prejudiced against people wearing Glenurquhart check pantaloons. In fact, I have several pairs myself and wear them at every available social event, where they attract much admiration, especially from the fair sex.

    • 221
      ShoutsAtTheTV says:

      I don’t see anything wrong with that lot – surely you must have left something out? (Normally there has to be at least 2 highly objectionable pledges in a manifesto?)

  3. 3
    The IMF is coming says:

    Direct them over here.

    • 42
      Engineer says:

      I’ll bet that a few take a sneaky peek when the gaffers are not looking.

      Hello, Number 10 staff. Hang on for a few weeks, and the atmosphere will change. In the meantime – you have the sympathy of most posters on here!

  4. 4
    yet another of Gordon's ex girlfriends says:

    Gordon was a lovely, kind, gentle man, full of humour and the love of his fellow man when we were together. He was my hero and knight in shining armour – a real gentleman. These bullying stories are simply not true.

    Is that OK?

  5. 5
    SpoofReader says:

    Bullying is an external process, internal bullying would just be beating yourself up. So internal comms have it right.

  6. 6
    Fatty bully is gonna get ya says:

    Ah the plot thickens.

    • 45
      Hoonwits - The Lost Plotters says:

      Thick ? Plot ? Did you call ?

    • 47
      The Avenger says:

      It’s now so thick that thick Wool Ass has put his oar in (on his masters orders, or else).
      Where’s Joanna?

      • 127
        Tennerpants says:

        What a fucking odious piece of shit Wool Ass is, I hope Gordon and Peter take him down into the bunker for some ‘correction’ and diversity training.

        • 137
          Willi Windbeutel says:

          Can’t we get someone on here to criticise Woolas? All we get is this fawning praise. It’s enuf ter make yer puke yer gallbladder up.

    • 67
      barefootcontessa says:

      You mean sickens.

  7. 8

    Do you think the staff at No.10 could stand another 12 months of bullying? It would be for their own good – To destroy Labour – The Tories must loose the General Election

    • 54
      Anonymous says:

      And if liebour get in again they they will complete the destruction of the U.K.

      • 81
        Anonymous says:

        Then hand over the ruins for the “protection” of the EU.

      • 149
        udderly 'orrible says:

        No it would be the total and deserved annihilation of Liebour.

        It would only be a matter of weeks before the next McBullyboy government was on its knees to the IMF faced with a gilt buyers strike and a currency meltdown. As the pound dropped to below an equivalent of ten million Mugabe dollars, the backlash would be wondrous to behold.

        Goodbye Marxist scum for ever.
        Hurrah let it happen.

        • 372

          Cameron is best to completely bodyswerve this forthcoming election on the basis that the culprits for the problem, need to sort the problem.

          It is the right thing to do!

        • 381
          Gordoom cooks the books says:

          We would lose our AAA credit rating so our £40 billion interest payments pa would double no one would buy the Bonds (not doing now anyway) Gordoom would then print more cash to buy em inflation would hit the roof massive cuts in spending and I mean Massive fuck 10% all while Liebour try & try to get rid of Gordoom as he hides in the bunker as he has no one else to blame, IMF would have to be called in end of, bring it on I say

          • Vote Labour to Destroy Labour says:

            We’d have another GE by autumn 2011, at the latest, and ZaNuLabia would be screwed for a generation – which, sadly, is probably about how long it will take to clear up the mess these c/unts have left us

  8. 9
    Stasi says:

    Bully Boys

    Crushed Mrs Pratt
    Crushed the BBC
    can they crush the Hollie Greig story?


    • 14
      SpoofReader says:

      Ok, I’m discuss-ted. As are we all. Nothing will be done while the labour thugs are still in control. This is normal behaviour to them. Do whatever you want to the proles, especially the disabled ones.

    • 90
      The big D says:

      Strange how this:


      has not made an appearance anywhere else. “D notice” anyone?

      • 186
        A. Voter says:

        Jesus. If only a tenth of that is true, fucking hell.

      • 225
        Nick2 says:

        The story surfaced on another site first, although the specific names of the two Scottish Labour politicians did not appear (another well-known Scot did though). Think Lord Old Holborn has a link.

        • 235
          John Paige says:

          Its sickening this event. Why has there been no coverageon this story? Guido get your moral compass on and bring this story to light or are you just another spinless hack?

      • 227
        Moley says:

        Well, that casts a new light on events doesn’t it?

        A lot of it adds up.

      • 242
        Mr Ned says:

        old news. how the hell do you think the NWO control leading members of opposing parties and get them all to follow the same agenda against the interests of their supporters in the country?

        They have video of these vile people at parties at certain stately homes, or on Yachts or on aircraft, or at a certain military base, doing unspeakable things to children.

        Harriet Harman supported a charity that supported legalising sex with young children. There are people high up in leading positions of all the main Parliamentary parties that are implicated in this stuff.

        • 261
          Moley says:

          The common factor is a desire for power and control.

          The desire sometimes gets out of hand.

        • 656

          My partner was drugged and gang raped by a work colleague, her husband and a few of his relatives and friends, and as soon as the cops found out who the perps were, like their friends, the case went nowhere, the CPS went nowhere, IPCC went nowhere.

          Victim Support! LOL Now there’s a useless paper tiger organisation, had nothing in their paper bag.

          Now my partner has mental heath and physical problems, has lost her career and I lost my career because she needs so much support.

          Broken Britain is a plan, not an accident.

      • 260
        jgm2 says:

        He’s a fucking genius wordsmith that Stan.

        Loved this on Brown and his missus…:

        ‘McCannesquely Dead-Babying their way through prime time with Piers.’


  9. 10
    Gordon Brown's brick in a bag trick says:

  10. 11
    Tony raving hetero Blair says:

    Gordon is a psychotic Hunt. Takes one to know one.

  11. 13

    What could they possibly be trying to hide?

  12. 18
    The PM shouldn't be disturbed but this cunt is says:

    Larfin at Sarah thighs Broon and blue blood Hattie, ignoring the bullying of typists… yeah you go girls.

    I urge employees of the fetid bunker, do not speak out for you will be threatened with the loss of your job, pension, reputation, and barred from public sector employment.

    Eventually you will decide there is no alternative but to take a walk in England’s green and pleasant countryside, and liquidate yourself.

    We live in a looking glass world where the Government can bully a bullying charity, but no-one cares as long as that nice Mr Brown is paying for the plasma telly, vodka T’s, and brown ales.

  13. 21
    Mrs Pratt says:

    Anyone out there looking for a spot of bother then ????

  14. 22
    Damian McBride says:

    I will own up to bullying in No 10,

    if, you will give me a job. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 109
      statechaos says:

      Strange how everyone in No. 10 has never seen Gordon get angry with anyone but himself or a newspaper assuming of course that they could be everywhere all of the time, and yet no-one there knew anything about Damian McBride’s nasty e-mails

  15. 24
    gestapo gord says:

    i will crush you all and see my communist dream through to the end,or i will smash everything!

  16. 25
    Black-eyed susan says:

    You can’t help wondering who the hell would reply to such a thread? Maybe a couple of ex-cabinet ministers who have announced their intention to step down

  17. 26
    Stasi says:

    point taken, Spoof reader

    In a caring society we look after those less fortunate

    enquiring minds might like to know?
    try this


    • 58
      Shiver and then a knock at the door says:

      Saw the German priests now apologising for their actions too.

      This really is a Stasi state now.

      By god I bet they wish they could stop the internet and blogs like this – they must hate it,unable to control and subvert justice.

  18. 27
    Spin Frenzy Fuss says:

    Mandelson, Prescott et al reacted with such inordinate and incommensurate delirium yesterday that there is something more to all this that hasn’t yet seen the light.

    • 30
      bunker bully boys says:

      Yes, this all has a ‘political odour’ to borrow Mandy’s phrase. WHAT are they so afraid of and what are they so desperate to hide?

      • 44
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        A simple answer would be: that a large proportion of the general public in believe the kind of things that one often reads on this blog.

        • 400
          Gordoom cooks the books says:

          Me thinks someone somewhere is ready to turn from the Dark Side nokia imprint in their head still fresh so let the whole lot of em dig a big hole 1st say no way they can Bullshit their way out mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice

      • 50
        Maladroit Labour Chump says:

        It’s Labour’s Rabid Rebuttal Unit operating in full-on Stasi style

      • 51
        Handy Mandy says:

        Did you notice that when Mandy was talking about this he was looking at notes?
        His delivery was punctured with er ers, and his demeanour was what one might expect from a 4th rate Del Boy.
        Oh, he always looks like that.

        • 242
          BUZZBEE says:

          and he was sweating like a pig

        • 406
          Gordoom cooks the books says:

          No you are correct you get the feeling they are not comfortable with the lie`s on this one as I said perhaps they fear a victim coming forward hence the completely OTT onslaught of Chritine Pratt so to say LOOOOK WHAT WILLLL HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU TELLLL HISSSSSSS it`s a thought nice one too

          • Gordoom cooks the books says:

            Sorry it`s Christine been a long day had the Bailiffs round thanks for the support to my business Gordo

    • 48
      .243 Win says:

      I can’t remember which talking head on Pravda’s DP said it yesterday but he listened to what Mandlescum had to say with an open gob and exclaimed “Peter’s just done Gordon in”.

      Wheels within wheels within wheels here, methinks and further evidence (if any was needed) that “the project” is imploding.

      In a oddly appropriate way, it mirrors the break-up of the old Soviet Union : All those Balkanised factions – old, Nu and downright communist Labour – flying apart in a lamentable parade of self interest, gerrymandering and suppression.

      To carry the parallel further, it doesn’t take a microscope to view the birth of the new oligarchs as the troughers in the HoC and HoL corporatocracy prove time and again that the laws they make were never intended to be applied to them, just the masses.

      There’s no concern for the state of the country that they are responsible for (not a fashionable word with them; “responsible” or it’s close companion “accountable”)
      There’s nothing but contempt for the people who they are supposed to serve.
      They’re sorted, and they don’t give a shit about those who get left behind, having taken a cue from St. Tony of the many mansions (don’t see him in the UK too often now, do we ?).

      In true socialist style, they’ve acted out their self-loathing on the one thing they blame for their permanent state of victimhood – this Nation. Having damn nearly destroyed it, all they’re interested in is one last chance to wring out anything they previously missed – and in pursuit of that particular goal, there’s no depth too great to plumb, no act too immoral and no falsehood they won’t utter.

      Then they’re off. There’s nothing here for them – they know what they’re created.

      And we who remain will have to find something in the wreckage to rebuild. A daunting prospect, but there is at least the prospect that there will be an end to this most maladroit Government.

      • 79
        Anonymous says:

        To be replaced by another load of maladroit troughers. That is the future until we have an HoC that has clearly seen the result of every expense fiddling mp facing the same court procedures as are applied to the rest of the population.

      • 86
        barefootcontessa says:

        Mandelscum – sorry I mean His Lordship, must have a lot on Gorgon, and it’s for sure that Gorgon’s got a lot on him!

  19. 29
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    Come on chaps & chapesses at no 10, you know the games up in a few weeks anyway. Start polishing your CV’s and get your own back on the bastards who have been making your life hell for so long by spilling some beans. The incoming lot will look much more favourably on you if you act now…

    • 106
      MI5 says:

      Otherwise the Tories should “transfer” the whole executive staff of no 10 to “other duties”

      The new government will have to de-toxify the corridors of powers…

      PS If the Tories had any balls they would inform the staff of this – by back channels…

      • 165
        udderly 'orrible says:

        “Other duties” to include cleaning and polishing the massive sewer now flowing through Whitehall wrapping the live bodies in embalming fluid and dropping them back into the excrement flowing out to sea.

      • 417
        Gordoom cooks the books says:

        Must remember though A Nokia to the head is worth ,pick your job with a 6 figure salary,retirement at 50 with a Fred Goodwin style pension

  20. 31
    Billy Blofeld says:

    Ha! Ha! – That message board will be FOI’d to death now.

    • 121
      caesars wife says:

      I wonder if there is a dungeon at no10 , there could be loads of advsiors secreted away , hung in chains on the wall in ragged clothes untill they think Labour policies are right .

  21. 35
    Postal Vote says:

    Not to mention that Woolas is an ….

    But the big story of the day is about, you guessed it, postal votes …..


    Cameron can not say he wasn’t warned!

  22. 36
    George Osborne says:

    Oh Brother !!!

    GMC finds Osborne’s brother guilty

    The doctor brother of shadow chancellor George Osborne who prescribed drugs to a cocaine-addicted escort girl with whom he was in a relationship has been found guilty of serious misconduct at a disciplinary hearing.

    A General Medical Council (GMC) panel came to its conclusion after ruling yesterday that Dr Adam Osborne acted in a “misleading” and “dishonest” manner when he falsified the name of a cocaine-addicted friend on a prescription.

    The 33-year-old admitted “inappropriate” behaviour in relation to obtaining the contraceptive pill for his then-girlfriend and anti-smoking drug Zyban for a family member.

    The failings constitute misconduct that impairs his fitness to practise, the panel ruled.

    The psychiatrist could now be struck off the medical register when sanctions are announced later this week.

    Reading out the verdict, chair of the panel Alyson Leslie said Dr Osborne told them that he wrote the prescriptions while he was under “considerable pressure in his professional and public life”.

    It was also revealed in public for the first time that the woman to whom he prescribed anti-psychotic drugs was an “escort girl”.

    Mrs Leslie said that he engaged in a relationship with “Miss B, who you described as an escort girl” during a time when his long-term partner was working away from home for long periods.

    This made him feel “isolated”, it was said.

    • 41
      David Cameron says:

      I will find a safe Conservative seat for that man,

      We need more of his type in Parliament

    • 62
      Simon Wentworth says:


    • 230

      Are you your brother’s keeper, then?

      Thought not – what relevance does Osborne’s non-political brother have to this discussion?

      Perhaps McMental could use a good supplier of antipsychotics, though…

    • 239
      Moley says:

      What a complete pillock you are.

      I am not responsible for the actions of my relatives.

      You are not responsible for the actions of your relatives.

      George Osborne is not responsible for the actions of his relatives.

      People who spend all their time smearing end up being buried in their own slime.

      The Damian Mc Bride success story; and you want to follow in his footsteps?

  23. 37
    Bully Off says:

    Bullying is not good sport.

  24. 38
    Catflap says:

    I sent Mrs Pratt an email of support and got a kind reply from her.
    I don’t agree with the touchy feely shit of today, but that is what New Labour wanted and that is what WE have got to put up with.
    Let Labour choke on their own PC vomit.
    If a private company had the same allegations made against it by lowly employees would fat wanker Prescott say ‘It’s the cut and thrust of private industry’?
    Would he fuck.
    Also, how can a proven liar (Lied and deceived his wife)be allowed on telly to protect Liars and be taken seriously.

    • 46
      Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:

      But Mrs Pratt breached the strict confidentiality rules and needs to be punished and not supported

      Your actions are pitiful and really should be meant for the victims of bullying

      • 68
        Anonymous says:

        Yes your government has always been concerned about the citizen’s right to privacy. Hasn’t it?

        • 264
          Mr Ned says:

          Yeah, that is why they spent all day yesterday bullying her to try to find out who had complained.

          Only labour could try to disprove bullying by bullying the head of an anti-bullying charity.

      • 73
        little Brown's piggies says:

        Bull s^*( she did if you have proof of a complaint from one person! who’s confidentiality was compromised, put it up if not shove it you puppet!

      • 78
        Catflap says:

        How was the alleged ‘culture of bullying’ in the armed forces made public without a breach of someones trust?
        Was that seen as a negative by Labour when it did go public?
        Did Labour shoot the messengers?
        Many of Labours MPs including twat Prescott probably, would have reveled in the Army’s misery.
        The socialist scum can choke on it.

        • 85
          Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:

          Right that’s it then you turd.

          I shall request a D Notice

        • 87
          jgm2 says:

          Quite so. Labour upset because their conspiracy of silence has been blown apart yet again.

          Dominic Grieve QC MP was another one they went after for busting their embargo on the truth. They managed to courageously fire the whistle-blower though.

          Labour. Politically-motivated-arrests-R-Us.

          And I know not many folk here have any time for the B&P but they’ve been subject to politically motivated arrests and trails. And retrials too. PLUS using thought-crime legislation to tie up their time and funds in court.

          First they came for the B&P and I did nothing…

          • Flat Earther says:

            Not forgetting Damian Green.

          • jgm2 says:

            Fuck. Damian Green MP it is.

            Otherwise rant stands.

          • Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

            Then they came for the anti-bullying charities, and I did not speak out, because I did not run an anti-bullying charity.

            Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.

            (actually, they’ve already been for me, and they took my pension, and through immigration they took my IT job, and no-one did anything about that.. so, everyone, enjoy the ride..)

    • 64
      Wide angle says:

      And such is his girth nowadays that whenever he goes on TV,my screen reverts to the extra widescreen to try and fit him in the picture.

      The similarities between these Labour thugs and the N’zi Party’s dying days is so similar it is astonishing.

      As the stakes get higher,the poison they throw and the vehemence whith which they launch it becomes ever greater.

      I think Cameron should try to avoid being elected so Labour face their natural conclusion in about 12 months time – IMF and implosion.

      • 75
        barefootcontessa says:

        That totally nauseating creep Phoolass called Christine Pratt a Pratt. Pot calling the kettle? What a disreputable example of humanity he is! J Lumley should be ashamed of herself for stooping so low as to have him in for ‘supper’ and do a deal with him.

        • 429
          Gordoom cooks the books says:

          Lay off Phil the other week on the DP show he said Kraft had chose to invest in GB it was before they decided to close a Cadbury factory so in my books he`s a good guy for getting that one spot on

      • 77
        jgm2 says:

        Cameron might not get the luxury of avoiding being elected.

        This crowd are now so desperate that the full story of their 13 years of incompetence, waste, cronyism, fraud, war-mongering and such-like will be revealed to the public that they might decide that elections are a luxury we cannot afford.

        Jesus. Seriously – when you look at their record on oppressing their own citizens – 42 day detention without charge, abolition of ‘double jeopardy’, moves to abolish jury trials, politically motivated arrests (and trials)(and re-trials), ID cards, abolition of the right to presumption of innocence – what kind of a path are these fuckers on.

        Election? Don’t count on it.

        • 182
          udderly 'orrible says:

          Why do you think the Falklands is suddenly an issue?
          State of emergency to see off the Argies sorry abaht the elecshuns.

        • 241
          Moley says:

          This might actually be our last chance to be rid of them.

          Their re-election could turn out to be permanent.

        • 350
          Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

          Brown might think of blocking an election, but I think the SAS would cut Gordon’s Met Protection Squad to pieces in the blink of an eye. And then Gordon himself would disappear in a thunderous fountain of claret, fat and gristle..

          • jgm2 says:

            They’d better make sure they strap those natty video cameras to their heads. I’d want to see that from a variety of angles repeatedly.

  25. 43
    mondeoman says:

    The country is becoming a more totalitarian state by the day, what happened to freedom of speech, lost in the sea of signing the offical secrets act no doubt. This whole thing stinks of white wash.

  26. 49
    Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:

    ‘More CCHQ staff resigning amid job fears’

    Says it all really

    • 59
      10 Drowning Street says:

      ‘More bunker staff being bullied into submission and silence’

      No change there then.

  27. 53
    Anonymous says:

    If it saves one child…………………….

  28. 57
    Liam Byrne says:

    Don’t look at me

  29. 65
    Anonymous says:

    Max Clifford now acting for Christine Pratt so obviously he’s the man to contact – although he did finish his BBC interview by saying he’s a fan of Gordon Brown’s

    • 74
      Miranda Bliar says:

      Max also acted for baroness scotlands cleaner.seem to go pretty quiet after that.Arise sir max

      • 98
        Archer Karcher says:

        Max will negotiate a lucrative settlement, with a non disclosure clause of course. No sense in not making some commission along the way, eh Max?

    • 87
      Ice Cube says:

      I wonder if he’ll be feeding what she knows/tells him straight back to the bunker?

  30. 70
    Gordons battered bell end says:

    I just hope the gutter press dont offer large amounts to my drones to tell all.

    • 93
      TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

      Would these be the staff who will be looking for work come May 7th? By then the chance to make big money will have passed, they need to act NOW.

    • 599
      Sir Stuart Bell-End MP says:

      Hello. We must be related!


  31. 72
    Sir William Waad says:

    As any swineherd knows, if you put a lot of pigs together in a confined space and subject them to stress, they will fight. You’re bound to get bullying in that sort of poisonous atmosphere.

    As Disreali said, “Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke.”

    • 313
      Moley says:

      To take the metaphor a little bit further Sir William, as you know, if you put a lot of pigs together in a confined space they end up fucking the living daylights out of each other, regardless of gender.

      The metaphor is perfect. Fighting, fucking and feeding like pigs. (Prescotts quivering jowls come to mind).

  32. 80
    A future fairground for all says:

    A Somali mother-of-four is entitled to claim about £2,500 in benefits because two of her children are attending UK schools, EU judges ruled today.
    Nimco Hassan Ibrahim was denied housing assistance because she and her estranged husband – a Danish national – failed to qualify for residency rights.
    She appealed the decision by Harrow Council in north-west London, claiming that as her children’s ‘primary carer’ she should be allowed to stay on in Britain and qualify for state handouts.
    Today the European Court of Justice directed the Britain’s Appeal Court to find in her favour.

    • 92
      Anonymous says:

      Vote UKIP. The only party even attempting to get us out of the EU. None of the others will even try.

      • 117
        Archer Karcher says:

        Indeed, Cameron has already sent Ken Clarke to Brussels, to reassure Barroso and Rumpoy, that in the event of a Tory win, it will be business as usual and any complaints or “disputes”about the EU will be for UK public consumption only. Under no circumstances whatsoever, will either Labour, Lib Dim or the Tory party, leave the EU, or fight for our national interests or freedom.

      • 170
        Ukippers are having a larf says:

        fuck off you establishment puppets! How much did Farage pocket from the EU? millionaire now aint he? the B*N*P are the only party who will get us out of the EU.

        • 244
          Moley says:

          That was Farage’s expenses, not his salary.

          Running an office; employing people; postage; telephone charges; office equipment—.

          Please make your smears more credible.

        • 249
          Nick2 says:

          Farage was a successful currency trader until he went into politics. He said that he earned more at the age of 21 than he’ll receive as an MP if he displaces the Squeaker.

          Maybe I’m too privileged but I’d prefer to vote for Farage than some of the B*N*P spokesmen that I’ve seen. He at least seems stable, not to mention a very good public speaker. And I’m unaware of any UKIP supporters who are crypto-fascists. (Not that I’m saying that you are!)

          • Sting's Beard says:

            UKIP is the true hier to the conservative nature of the British. There is no bigger service a patriotic conservative person could do than vote UKIP. Cameron is a minor royal from the wrong side of the blanket and a bit of a Twerp to boot. As for Brown, well I could hold forth on that unfortunate creature for days without drawing breath. I am unfortunate in that I reside in a rock solid Tory constituency and therefore my UKIP vote will only be a spoiler. However I would still vote for them as the “conservative” party in the most marginal of seats!

    • 100
      .243 Win says:

      FFS : “‘Harrow Council is studying the full implications of the ruling but it could well prove to be a floodgates judgment in that people who have not yet contributed to this country or who do not have the means to sustain themselves can now seek immediate help from state welfare services”.

      This continues, we’re well and truly sunk.

      • 119
        Archer Karcher says:

        “The Human Rights Act is my proudest achievement” T. Blair.

      • 129
        Cynic says:

        All you need is a child and a compliant primary head in the right diverse area …..just like the kossovo ‘Roma’ on the trains in London some years ago….begging with children sent over to soften up with the ‘word’ refugi’ written on the back of a scrap of card, but taken up-market by a factor of 100x.

        Us taxpayers are the breadwinners and we didn’t even have a ringside at the conception.

    • 141
      Call me Infidel says:

      This however isn’t really new. I recall a case several years ago where a “Dutch” couple originally from Somalia where living in Kensington. Both were unemployed. The council tried to cut of their housing benefit and the High court ruled that even though they were “economically inactive” they were still entitled to sponge off the state. One of the reasons I decided to emigrate. I don’t see the Tories doing anything about this lunacy and the entire state apparatus/BBC is geared up to rubbishing UKIP and the unmentionable party. This insanity will ultimately bring Britain to its knees and the resulting mess will not be pretty.

    • 336
      Technomist says:

      Can’t we send the bill to Denmark?

    • 416
      nick griffin says:

      Thankyou, you wonderful European Court of Justice people.

      I would kiss you ( if you weren’t foreign )

  33. 83
    streamfisher says:

    You can speak out now?

  34. 91
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:


    tr.v. brow·beat, brow·beat·en (-btn), brow·beat·ing, brow·beats
    To intimidate or subjugate by an overbearing manner or domineering speech; bully.

    tr.v.Brown beat, Brown beaten,Brown-beating,Brown beats
    To intimidate or subjugate by an overbearing manner or domineering speech; bully.

    • 136
      streamfisher says:

      Rodger Thesaurus update:
      Brownbeaten… also nokia moment, typergate tantrum, swivel chair swing em out, f-word free fall and extremely annoying tapping with fist in threatening manner to reinforce spoken drivel.

  35. 95
    Shimon Cowell the sheeple shagger with guest Tupp Rogers says:

    It looks like our Cheryl has gone off black pudding. She did not fight for this love. I thought I’d break the news to you all. I know how much you all care about Ashley. Please don’t get too upset as I am sure it won’t affect his game. Now please no tears.

    • 128
      Camels Arse says:

      Lets see,Cheryl at the start of her career gets charged with racially aggravated assault on a toilet attendant.
      She was found guilty of assault but not the racial part.
      Had the racial aspect of her crime stood, she would have not been in Girls Aloud,on Xfactor or married a premiership footballer.
      Cheryl Cole represents to me the warped society we live in.

      • 240
        Sarah Twatter says:

        She supports my hero.

      • 291
        A Very High, Court Judge says:

        Who is Cheryl Cole?

        • 380
          cant hunter says:

          She’s the pretty little thing, with a talent you fit on the head of an old sixpence (and still leave space) who holds her microphone right up to her mouth when she’s supposed to be singing, so that you can’t positively assert that she’s miming.

        • 398
          Unsworth says:

          What is cheral coal?

      • 558

        The existence of ‘racially aggravated’ offences highlights to me the warped state of the country I was born in – either something is a crime or it is not, and to enshrine in law that ‘racial aggravation’ should be counted as an added factor is just stupidity and an attempt to cow the native population in the face of unrestrained immigration.

        There have been cases where the ‘racially aggravated’ charges have been brought for calling Germans ‘Krauts’, and Canadians ‘Yanks’ – and remember the case a few weeks ago where a director of a company was arrested for a racially aggravated public order offence for using ‘do what you likey’ in an email because ‘likey’ rhymes with a common sobriquet for travellers! It transpired that he didn’t write the email, by the way.

        But the chances of the Tories or anyone else putting the law back on a rational basis are essentially nil, so we’re stuck with it.

        That Cheryl Cole’s a Geordie munter, by the way.

  36. 96
    Labour Party conference disco says:

    I don’t want to drink my whisky like you do

    I don’t need to spend my money but still do
    Don’t stop now a c-’mon
    Another drop now c-’mon
    I wanna lot now so c-’mon
    That’s right
    that’s right
    I said Mama but we’re all crazy now
    I said Mama but we’re all crazy now
    I said Mama but we’re all crazy now.

  37. 97
    Peter says:


    I thought you and the co-conspirators would like to know that it all over the French TV news that the Brown Mentalist is described as “having baches up his staff, used foul language etc

    You were the first to say that this man was and is mentally ill…

    Well done..

    He clearly is and the contuining bullying is proof of this

    He will go down as the greatest human calamity in British history along with the Labour Party and Blair, responsible for his being there…

    The genie is out of the bottle now

    He can do little apart from resigning…

    • 102
      South of the M4 says:

      Unfortunately that is likely to be the last thing on his mind. Survival, by whatever means, will be his priority.

    • 103
      Thats News says:

      Well done, Guido. A very helpful scoop.

      Why would someone ban staff from debating bullying, if there wasn’t any bullying?

      • 174
        Gordon,Peter and Alistair says:

        Because there isn’t any bullying, if anybody says there is we have ways and means of dealing with them.

  38. 99

    OT but the BBC reports:

    “Head coach Fabio Capello has confirmed the England team will be based at Phokeng near Rustenberg during this summer’s World Cup in South Africa.”

    “After an entirely predictable early game lost against a minor side they will be bussed back to their sumptuous hotel at Phokeng Ell. A positive spurt of results will see the team relax mid-competition at the local resort of Phokeng Arund and after the usual disappointing end to their tournament they will fly back to England via the new airport at Phokeng Orff”

    Can’t wait to see The Sun’s headlines later this year. Oh, I just have.

  39. 104
    Gorgon cooks the books says:

    Is there a Liebour MP that`s not BENT ………………………………………………………”shut it Mandy you know what I mean”

  40. 105
    George Osborne says:

    I caught my wife cheating.

    That’s the last time I play Scrabble with her.

  41. 106
    Anonymous says:

    I live in the outskirts of essex, greater london. I’m astonished about the recent polls? Friends, neighbours, relatives and any one I meet doesn’t have a decent word to say about Liebour. Over on political betting he has done some digging and he reckons the lead should be nine points, deduced from the same poll but with no poll company tinckering.

    Am I missing something here? I’m finding it difficult to assess what is currently going on? Intelligent comments welcome. or funny ones, I don’t mind! Insult me too if you want!

    • 112
      Youpoll says:


    • 124

      We all keep telling the pollsters McDoom is who we support in the hope that he will call a snap election in March. This is on account of a rather large wad we have over at Ladbrokes. Sadly the huge great cnut still is not brave enough to call the fookin’ election.

    • 145
      Double double bluff says:

      Ignore the polls they’re “shite” ….have you not realised that from when people vote on X Factor for the “Big Fat Bird” just to piss off the judges or keep voting decent dancers off “Strictly”. It’s the same with political polls. A lot of people are telling the pollsters complete rubbish.

      I will vote Conservative.I detest Brown. But on all the polling sites I’m registered as a “floating voter tending towards Labour” On YouGov and any other pollster if asked I say that I will vote Labour and that Brown is doing a great job so if I’m doing it you can bet others are.The polls are completely screwed that’s why they’re all over the shop. As an election date nears more and more people are doing this probably so it looks like Labour’s pulling back the lead and Brown will be encouraged to call the election. However I hope he’ll find the result on the actual day somewhat different to that predicted by his mate Kellner & Co.

    • 156
      The IMF is coming says:

      It’s the marginals.
      South = Tory. Northern conurbations = Labour. Country = Tory. SW = Lib Dems.
      The bits inbetween are the ones that matter

      • 169
        John Bull Printing Oufit says:

        Very true There’s a big chunk of marginals spread through the West Midlands (around Birmingham) who are one of the worst hit regions for unemployment.Why do you think Brown chose Coventry to “launch” his election slogans ?? Many of the councils were once Labour and are now Tory….so more boots on the ground etc


        • 304
          Anonymous - ANOTHER ONE! says:

          I thought that he chose the Uni of Warwick as it’s full of pretty modern, surprisingly well maintained buildings. I went there last autumn. It’s unlike any other unis I’ve visited recently…

          • My Other Cars Not A Prius Either! says:

            The snot harvester chose warwick as it is and always has been totally politicised,have a closer look at who their bigger sheds are named after.Mostly freemason socialists such as lord scarman et al.I worked there for two years ,a weird place all in all.

          • Susie says:

            Quite a few of the ‘economists’ who signed the letter saying the economy was fine, we could borrow forever and Gorgons doing a great job were from Warwick Uni.

            Always was known as the ultra commie Trot/Maoist university in the 60s and it hasn’t changed.

        • 388
          cant hunter says:

          Last time I was in Birmingham I thought I was in an outpost of the Indian sub-continent there were that many Asians, mostly Muslims I dare say. The majority were very young, that is in a few years they will start to reproduce..at a greater rate than their white counterparts. No Tory MP’s then, or ever again.

          • Lord Carrington's binoculars says:

            I was in Birmingham between 89-91. Knew a chap who a specialist sports shop near the University. He called me the other day. Hadn’t seen him for 19 years.

            At the end of the conversation he just mentioned – with no malice, just sorrow – that al the white people had moved out it was easily majority ‘asian’.

            I think it’s a a real shame was what he said.

            Thing is, we’re not talking middle class Indians, we’re talking mostly rural poor from Pakistan. Can’t say that’s a great deal of help for economy. Ultimately, importing poor people is a burden on the tax payer.

          • Susie says:

            They’ll all fuck off back to Asia once they realise this particular banana boat’s sinking… I would.

  42. 111
    David Cameron says:

    I’ve been arrested for rape and barred for life from my local Poundland.

    It’s not my fault really; they should have some kind of sign advising shoppers that the young ladies working there are not subject to the store pricing structure.

    • 120
      Vote Vote Vote for Jacqui. says:

      Does your cock weigh a pound then?

      • 132
        Maladroit Labour Chump says:

        112 is humourless, friendless and cockless.

        It’s probably Gordon Brown posting really.

        • 322
          Nick2 says:

          I seriously can’t understand why they bother. Not funny, doesn’t reflect on Cameron/Osborne. And a continuing reminder of what Damian McBride got up to.

          • Moley says:

            It’s an Alastair Campbell idea; that’s why they keep on at it.

            Campbell told them that if they stop, he will get Brown to “have a word with them”.

        • 526
          Wing Commander says:

          or Simon Sion? its his style, cheap and weak.

    • 151
      BIFFA BROWN and the Bullyingdon club says:

      I reckon your cock weigh’s about 5 grammes because your a real light weight !

  43. 113
    caesars wife says:

    I rather like con homes take on this , that it shows how defensive Labour HQ are about any attack on there machine and its unseen hand mending the hole by whatever means .

    Dont really think Phill Woolas should have commented , in the manner he did , can anyone confirm what the time frames are for calling a general election ?? or will we know more on house business on thursday.?

  44. 115
    Gorgon cooks the books says:

    I`m a stand up sort of guy once said “Gordon has a clumping fist” Mandy said “I knew he liked you more than me, I`m off swimming with Barrymore, ta ta”

  45. 123
    Cheryl wotsherface Cole. says:

    Aye man I really miss Ashley. He was like a little brother to me. Aye I ave taking to comfort eating. I cannae get enough of those chocolate eclairs like.

  46. 131
    Vote Vote Vote for Jacqui. says:

    Jackbootz Jaqui got loud cheers today from her fellow Weight Watchers.
    She has shrunk down to sixteen stone because she couldn’t bear to be called SEVEN Bellies.
    In interview after the achievment she stated she is very happy to be back
    at her normal weight and takes great offense at being called SIX Bellies.
    She continues please feel free to call me my favourite pet name as
    SixBelliesJackbootJaqui.Ex-TwoHome Secretary.

    • 139
      caesars wife says:

      I hear it was because she didnt carry as much spare cash around since second home allowance was curtailed !

    • 282
      Jimmy Five Bellies says:

      That name is copyright you twats. There’s only one obese parasite worthy of the name and it’s not that fat corrupt bitch from Redditch.
      Get the beers in Gazza.

  47. 138
    Anonymous says:

    Whitehall Madarins were quoted today

    “If the laminator hadn’t started it, everything would have been fine.”

  48. 143
    George Osborne says:

    My wife and I went to the rodeo and one of the first exhibits we stopped at was the breeding bulls.

    We went up to the first pen and there was a sign attached that said, ‘THIS BULL MATED 50 TIMES LAST YEAR’

    My wife playfully nudged me in the ribs …Smiled and said, ‘He mated 50 times last year.’

    We walked to the second pen which had a sign attached that said, ”THIS BULL MATED 150 TIMES LAST YEAR’

    My wife gave me a healthy jab and said, ‘WOW~~That’s more than twice a week! ……….You could learn a lot from him.’

    We walked to the third pen and it had a sign attached that said, in capital letters, ‘THIS BULL MATED 365 TIMES LAST YEAR’

    My wife was so excited that her elbow nearly broke my ribs, and said, ‘That’s once a day… You could REALLY learn something from this one.’

    I looked at her and said, ‘Go over and ask him if it was with the same old cow.’

    My condition has been upgraded from critical to stable, and I should eventually make a full recovery.

    • 152
      Peter Madlesson says:

      Still reading through your Christmas cracker ‘jokes’ from the 99p shop ??

    • 157
      Sir William Waad says:

      A couple go on holiday in Morocco. (Stop me if you’ve heard it). They take a walk through the Souq where they find a sandal stall. The sandal seller whispers to the man that he has something special for him….a pair of magic sandals that will greatly enhance his sexual ardour. The man scoffs but the woman tells him to try them on.

      So he removes his trainers and socks and tries the ‘magic sandals’ on. Immediately the veins on his temples bulge, his muscles flex and he gives a passable impression of a rampant bull, pawing the ground with sexual menace. He leaps on the sandal seller…

      “No, no, sir! You’ve got them on the wrong feet!”

    • 162
      Gordons battered bell end says:

      Igot angry with mandy when he wiped his one eyed picollo on sarahs new curtains

  49. 153
    Mail Order Wife says:

    Leave my Gordon alone, you nasty ungrateful people.

    • 251
      Gordoom cooks the books says:

      I read Gordooms book on courage over christmas I AINT SLEPT SINCE AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH THE NIGHTMARES any suggestions I would be greatfull fuck me I`m tired

  50. 154
    I want to leave school now mum says:

    Liam Byrne, Cabinet Office Minister was also co-editor of Reinventing Government Again (2004). He’s the ‘brains’ behind all of Brown’s relaunches then??

  51. 160
    Catflap says:

    In the old days any hint of scandal or corruption,incompetence even, would require the person involved to resign.
    John Prescott lied and deceived a person he made vows to. It’s not a leap of imagination to conclude that the prick would lie to, and deceive people he hasn’t made vows to.
    By forgiving proven liars like Prescott ,Campbell, proven dodgy bastards like Mandelson and the army of other proven corrupt wankers and restoring them to positions of power, honest people are at a disadvantage.
    If I had been on Newsnight I would have told Paxo I’m not prepared to enter a debate with a proven liar.
    If honest folk all did the same then the Prescotts and Campbells of this world would indeed be finished.

    • 172
      .243 Win says:

      It serious scrape-the-barrel-time if the best that can be wheeled out in defence of the Maximum Imbecile is Two Jags and Wollyarse. I mean, Prescott FFS. Why ?

      The rest of the Gummint of No Talent isn’t exactly queueing up to aid the rebuttal process, is it ?

      So, complete open goal for PMQs tomorrow. Will CMD actually go for a killer shot and goad McTwat to some public exhibition of lunacy or will we all be typing frustrated “finish the bastard” comments again ?

      • 259
        Gordoom cooks the books says:

        How`s this sound CMD gets up and cowers everytime Gordoom moves shouting “shit I thought you was gona ave me then” then his last question could be “mr speaker can you keep Brown behind as I`m scared he will be waiting for me with his mates at the gates” would it work ?

      • 284
        Anonymous says:

        Finish the Bastard

        (See – got it in first)

      • 485
        Nick2 says:

        I’m disgusted with the current abysmal state of political morality. IMO the only two relatively recent ministers who have acquitted themselves well through adversity were Lord Carrington & Estelle Morris.

        NO-ONE else has taken responsibility for their failures. The spin machine just destroys the messenger – again and again. Kelly? Pratt? Everybody in-between? BOMB THE LOT OF THE CURRENT INTAKE.

  52. 164
    same old tat says:

    spastics, cripples, Hunts, bash your skulls in, nanziboys, gay nick griffin, consverafoam, nazi labour, joo’s, Squarkkkkkkkkk, boring, fans, fanclub, woof woof, hung parliament, independent mps, look at me i’m great, war criminals, benefit fraudsters.

    You get the picture…..

    • 168
      jgm2 says:

      You forgot ‘crack-pipes’.

      • 204
        Engineer says:

        And ‘innit’.

        • 213
          Dack Blog says:

          And ‘spanking… Esther… ffs.’

          • hit me with your rythm stick says:

            Yeah, I bet you love a good spanking Dacky.

          • Was TaT the Best Blogger ever on Order-Order? Probably says:

            You forgot top boy, who’s number one, crackhead whores and slags.
            Get your fucking facts straight titbox.

          • Was TaT the Best Blogger ever on Order-Order? Probably says:

            You also forgot:
            spastic/cretin/retard/cripple of the week awards (awarded weekly, monthly and annually); please post the name of the ward you are being detained on; note to self and memo to self; you have been banned; your license will be revoked; you will be modded like a motherfucker; keep dancing bitches; please refer to my previous post; are your subscription fees up to date? (Guido’s inspiration for subscribed emails); here endeth the lesson; tory scum (much in vogue at the moment); torydaleks; ditherer Brown (much copied by David Cameron); get back under your bridge troll; said the etc….; no rimming in the corridor; anonospaz; troll bashing; skull cleaving; only wankers double space; calm down ladies; you cheeky fucking slag; the story of steve the homeless crackhead tramp(that was very funny); top boy never gets modded and never gets deleted; invest in a spellchecker dullard;the unredacted version of thick as thieves; oh, and ofcourse one of the most effective slogans of all: thick as thieves, probably the most intelligent political blogging names ever invented.
            The list of catch-phrases TaT created is literally endless and for the more discerning reader the epic journey our hero undertook can be enjoyed in its entirety and at their leisure by typing top boy/thick as thieves or TaT into Guido’s search engine.
            His contributions to this place will be studied and appreciated for decades.
            Yours won’t.
            You may go now, that will be all.

          • Dack Blog says:

            I did offer but his heart belonged to Nell.

          • I am scared to post under thick as thieves but everyone knows it's me says:

            I forgot to post my most famous catchphrase…

            I am just about to get banned by the arch tory Guido Fawkes.
            Fawkes never gave a damn about the expenses scandal, he only used it as cover to act as a propagandist for the tories.
            now the general election is so close Guido is sweating like a rapist and the reader should expect no impariality from this place from here-on-in.
            Fawkes is a tory fifth columnist.
            end of story.
            still going to be a hung parliament Guido and when that happens I will return to gloat.
            you lose, I win.

            a little long yes but quite catchy

          • Nick2 says:

            I only encountered the tail end of TAT- but he was very entertaining (if bonkers)…

          • tat's faithful followers says:

            Manna from heaven. Two posts.
            Reminds me of the parable of the loaves and fishes.
            How the multitude were fed from a little basket.

          • tat the fartsniffing cabbagepumper says:

            How the multitude were fed from a little basket case.

    • 199
      concrete pump says:

      I don’t believe the parrot was Mr T a Thieves.

    • 208
      Glue sniffer says:

      When the time is right, the right man will emerge.

      You haven’t heard the last of the great thick as thieves.

    • 279
      Does Israel Posess 200 Undeclared Missiles, Is this the real TaT, who knows? - A policy of ambiguity says:

      Ah, another fan to add to the long list.
      Keep up the good work, you are ensuring TaT becomes a blogging legend thanks to your your rambling and clearly envious contribution.
      Good work cripple.

  53. 166
    Parteh Time says:

    For the benefit of Mr Brown
    A Lord will pull his trousers down and self-fellate
    The Cooper-Balls will watch in awe
    A mentalist twitching on the floor – where’s his pills?
    Seen by thieves and deviants, cowards and sycophants
    Even Sir, a rocking horse fissured rectally!
    In this way Mr B will save the world!

  54. 171
    Anonymous says:

    The Pratt lady has gone to Max Clifford – if she can back up her claims this could be explosive. Nulab have put so many big names on the line in an attempt to discredit her and support Brown – many of these including potentially Gus O’Donnel could be shown to be economical with the truth. That’s polite for lying bastards – I can’t wait

    • 179
      Probably proves nothing at the end of the day says:

      Are E Mails proof though ? How can you prove private e mails from places like googlemail/hotmail are who they purport to be from ? Surely she can’t release the names without the senders permission since to do so would further dig yourself deeper in the “do-do” and cause her organisation to implode completely.What if they refuse. Would you want to be hounded/bullied by the Labour Machine and their media hacks ? I think also anyone can set up an e mail account/false identity etc.You only have to trawl through these pages to realise that. Ms Pratt may firstly not be able to find them or secondly she may be simply an innocent dupe in a greater game here????

    • 183
      Boys From County Hell says:

      Back up her claims? By doing what? Naming names of callers? Never going to happen, she has gone to Clifford as she is no doubt shitting herself at the Labour stooges demolition of her, I don’t know why she spoke up knowing how fragile her charity actually was but lets face it this story has been effectively squashed, and would in fact have had more legs if she had kept her gob shut. The only thing that will make it run any further and be ‘explosive’ is if a no.10 worker approaches the NOTW etc, could happen, but if not its dead, and everyone already knew Brown was a mentalist anyway.

      • 215
        Anonymous says:

        I understand your line BFCH but what if she feels so hounded and so up against the wall that she thinks “fuck it” and comes out fighting? I mean they have gone for her big time. If she really does have the dirt – big time (and I agree it is a big if) then it will be a brave prosecutor who takes her to court in the present climate.

    • 252
      siralannowlord says:

      Sir Max is dealing with it. Know what I mean. No need to panic.

      • 307
        Mark Mywords says:

        Although Max C is dealing with it and perusing the emails – he – a big supporter of Labour – might be compromised

        The facts are there and there is more – believe me – this could be as big as ‘EXPENSES’ if it’s managed well – Max C has a big responsibility

        This is a big opportunity for the news media

        If Max C doesn’t run with it – his reputation will suffer considerably

        Someone else is lined up if MaX C attempts to ‘whitewash’

        • 325
          Mark Mywords says:

          Brown & his cohorts are sh1tting themselves – have you ever seen so much retaliation

          Keep up the pressure – the dam will burst !

          • Moley says:

            Maybe No 10 is sitting on an injury and assault complaint.

            (Those damn security cameras).

            I would just love for Brown to be caught out assaulting someone on cctv, that would be divine.

          • Vote Labour to Destroy Labour says:

            fuckin’ delicious!

  55. 175
    Machine Aided Translation...it's the future says:

    The case erupted after the publication on Sunday in The Observer newspaper, good sheets of the last book by one of its political commentators stars, Andrew Rawnsley.

    Le journaliste said that the prime minister may have beaten blood violent when upset: fist or pen against the seat of an official car, a contributor before the cervix, Secretary dislodged from his seat because manu militari she typed fast enough for his taste, swear …

  56. 176
    dr. sipp says:

    mrs pratt

    has contacted MAX CLIFFORD

    happy days

    • 187
      Boys From County Hell says:

      So what? Clifford is another Labour stooge, all he will do is mediate with the attack dogs to stop ripping her limbs offs, don’t expect any more from Mrs Pratt.

      • 198
        Ratsniffer says:

        Also she could be in big shite if she starts revealing names…data protection act etc…my guess is that she’s after a quick buck, and that Clifford will broker a deal with The Mail. It’ll be along the lines of “how they tried to smear me for speaking the truth”

        Actually, though I can’t stand Broon, I’ve seen little evidence that he is guilty of anything other than hissy fits and childish, foot stamping petulance. I think there are probably nastier bullies prowling the corridors of no 10, but I am not sure they will ever be outed.

        • 212
          James Gordon Brown says:

          I’m the one who is responsible, and those found responsible will be sacked.

          • streamfisher says:

            Its Browns take on the Health and Safety at Work Act, Gordon’s health and safety, whatever happens “the responsible person” will not be him, his PPE, Personal Protective Equipment is not hard hats, goggles or ear defenders but Mandelson, Campbell and increasingly Sarah!. Risk Assessment: this Country is now an accident that has already happened.

  57. 180
    Wumins Aid says:

    Sarah, please stop phoning our helpline. If you say you fell down the stairs then you fell down the stairs.
    Cheryl, I think it is Anne Summers you are after. We only have flasks that fit that description.

  58. 188

    Has anyone asked Princess Marguerite of Romania as to whether she ever took a beating from her ex “boyfriend”?

  59. 189
    Prescott is a fat wife cheating shit. says:

    Can you post that you once saw Manglemon and McGay with their trousers round their ankles in an office?

    • 206
      Ratsniffer says:

      I was just about to tuck into my desert – chocolate log with cream – when I read that. You’ve put me right off.

    • 454

      I just don’t recognise what is being described here! We all know that in the rough and tumble of politics these sorts of things do happen but it’s not the issue. The issue is that these images are being put in people’s heads by the tories. I’ve experienced bad days like this when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the office mirror and it might be pants or it might be knickers round your ankles and others of course but I have to say to you that this is not the issue. The issue is the tories who crow about these things when it’s just not the issue. We’ve all got books to sell but it’s not the issue; the issue here is that it’s the tories who are putting these things about. The PM is passionate about things, as we all are and sometimes that does mean pants round the ankles but that is not the issue. It’s the tories. Are we done? Send the exes round to the usual if that’s ok. We’re off air?

  60. 190
    gordons talking bollocks says:

    Look, there is no bullying in No.10!

    And God help the first **** who says so!

  61. 192
    brown lying again says:

    you dont need any more evidence of his lying and his bullying

    • 457
      Barnabas Scudamore says:

      I agree.

      The reaction and his body language is beautiful when fraser nelson introduces himself.

      Look at the way he stands back folds his arms like a young school boy who just been told off,he then trys to cover this up with a wooden smile.

      At the end he goes into full attack mode. He has not got control over his emotions.

      He needs a psychiatrist and a long rest.

      He’s a dead man walking is Mr Brown !

  62. 195
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon and his bullies, seem to have caught the imagination what do you think oily pete?

  63. 197
    brown lying again says:

    and yet again, no more proof is needed



    • 466
      Barnabas Scudamore says:

      The part of this video that you need to pay VERY careful attention too, is the part when he says ” …and this is who I am ! ”

      At the end of the statement, he pulls his top lip tight.

      Ask most experts, and this is such a clear lie, he doesn’t even believe the lie himself.

      The “lip action” is part of the nerves and tension he’s feeling whilst blatantly telling a lie.

      My only hope is that other leaders, of other parties (not especially the tories), take note of this.

      During TV debates, the way to FUCK brown good and proper, is to play a psychological game, to really pick up on these little things.

      Even a small comment such as “you’re doing that thing with your lip again PM….” would rattle this low life piece of communist shit.

      Dead man walking Mr Brown, you’re a dead man walking ! (well you are if you don’t call an election!).

  64. 203
    the real gordon- the one sarah loves says:

    this is the real gordon

    gordon is a moron

    • 236
      ShoutsAtTheTV says:

      “I meet large numbers of people, all of whom want to work in the public sector – so VOTE LABOUR!”

      What a twunt

  65. 210
    Anonymous says:

    Mandelson was born in London in 1953, where his father was the advertising manager at The Jewish Chronicle. On his mother’s side, he is the grandson of Herbert Morrison, the London County Council leader and Labour cabinet minister.

    He was educated at Hendon County Grammar School. He read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at St Catherine’s College, Oxford (1973-1976) and, in the late 1970s became director of the British Youth Council. As BYC director, he was a delegate in 1978 to the Soviet-organised World Festival of Youth and Students in Havana, Cuba, with Arthur Scargill and several future Labour cabinet colleagues.[3][4] He was elected to Lambeth Borough Council in September 1979, but retired in 1982, disillusioned with the state of Labour politics.[5]

  66. 211
    Bullys paradise says:

    Brown? – nasty bit of work.

  67. 214
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    It reminds me of a tip someone gave me a few years back when Dilbert cartoons were all the rage. That tip was that if you go into an office and no-one has any Dilbert cartoons displayed anywhere, it’s almost certainly a sign of bullying managers as they’ve banned them. So don’t even think about working there.

    I guess it says something similar if any talk of bullying is banned.

  68. 216
    no more Boom n Bust eh? says:

  69. 217
    Gordon Brown PM says:

    Stop bullying me…..

  70. 223
    Martin Day says:

    I’m trying to give hints to my mom, that I’m gay,
    so I thought, if I invite my boyfriend round, then go to bed with him
    she might be ok with it.

    Well, She beat me to it.

  71. 224
    Sarah Beard says:

    Gordon is very upset about these bullying allegations, so upset in fact that he slapped me one.

  72. 228
    George Osborne says:

    David Cameron to Samantha, “My Winter Olympic condoms have arrived. I think I’ll wear Gold tonight!
    Samantha says “Why not wear Silver and know what its like to come second for a change.

    Oh how we laughed !!!!!!!!!

  73. 231
    flashman says:

    This geek looks like a right tosser. I’d love to kick his fucking head in.


  74. 232
    Doc Trough says:

    You are all being far too familiar with the Cabinet Secretary.

    It’s Sir Gusset, if you don’t mind.

  75. 233
    Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:

    Conservatism Is a Scam

  76. 237
    Blackadder2 says:

    Compare Gordon with Adolf here

    • 316
      Wing Commander says:

      On 23rd February 1945 the fortress at Poznan in West Prussia fell to the advancing Red Army, after ordering the execution of any German trying to surrender, Major General Ernest Gomell laid down a swas tika flag on the ground and then sh* t himself, please mr brooon take a hint.

      • 327
        Blackadder2 says:

        I don’t think Broon defaecating in his trousers will help anyone in Downing Street one way or the other, but it would cheer the nation massively, so I’m all for it.

        • 358
          Wing Commander says:

          He could do it on Britain’s Got Talent or YouTube, it would be a huge success just imagine what Ant & Deck would say!

          • Max says:

            They’d say “aaahh” and after a couple of days of Brown Broadcasting and Twatter the nation would warm further to him and add a couple of points to Liebore in the polls. He is our hero, remember, even though he’s messy, loud and noisy. As I hope will be his (political and otherwise) death.

  77. 238
    Mr Whippy says:

    I see nothing wrong with a spot of bullying if it keeps the backbenchers in line

    • 246
      How can Brown be part of a solution when he is the problem? says:

      Sometimes you need to bully – its the right thing to do – particularly when you are telling people to lie, or do things that are wrong or ill considered – bullying them gets the job done. It has to be the right thing to do.

      We whip our MP’s into doing the wrong thing – so why not put a bit of stick about to make the staff more compliant? It HAS to be the right thing to do!

  78. 247
    Ch4rl3s H4rdwidg3 the bitch says:

    Oh the irony! Wooly arse calling someone a prat, that c-unt described Manchester as the greatest city in the universe, poor deluded arsewipe.

    • 250
      TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

      Makes a change to see him try to come up with some initiative of his own. Last time I saw him he was nodding along government policy as dictated to him by a celeb live on TV.

      • 280
        nell says:

        Ah phil woolas the prat who bought nail polish, ladies shoes,ladies clothes, comics and hair dye on his taxpayer funded expenses.

        Now I’m an open-minded sort of person so I’m not shocked that this seems to show that he is cross-dressing but I am disgusted that he is now refusing Sir Thomas Legge’s demands to pay it back. I just don’t see how buying ladies underclothes on his expenses assists him in his work as an mp.

        • 311
          Phil Space says:

          Don’t forget the mouse in a telescope.
          But where he put it is a mystery.

        • 385
          ANDREUS WANK German Ski jumper says:

          It will help him win favour with Mangledbum !

        • 435
          Christy says:

          Nell,I see that Woolyarse got a BA in Philosophy dont know what branch but probably sociology or politics.
          Philosophy is from the Greek Philosophia and literally means,The love of wisdom,I must say it didn’t rub off on this blaggard when you look at a lot of the wise things he has done,but as they say if you promote dross that is exactly what you will get.
          Ms Lumley must have thought her boat had come in when faced with this towering intellect.
          As for his expenses nuff said but rather strange items to say the least.

    • 306
      thick as thieves says:

      you’re still a disguting cun’t softwidge
      still trying to post about deceased children you despicable vermin?

      • 369
        Message for The Above Retard says:

        Still stealing other people’s names I see.
        Sad bastard.

        • 600
          Ch4rl3s H4rdwidg3 the bitch says:

          Cant you even imagine what the real charley thinks, how much this pisses him off, how he’s prevented from talking utter shite incessantlyunder this name and his other equaly deluded ego of ‘ the change we choose”
          you are the sad bastard

      • 436
        nell says:

        If you are the real Tat – it’s time you started supporting the independents that are now beginning to fight for seats in the forthcoming election.

        C’mon you were their champion awhile back!!!

        If you’re the real Tat How about starting with some support for Farage against bercow in Buckingham hmm?!

  79. 254
    Anonymous says:

    On sky news Now Jeff Randall grilling Alistair Darling its good !

  80. 255
    Anonymous says:


  81. 257
    Anonymous says:

    On sky news Now Jeff Randall grilling Alistair Darling its good !


  82. 258
    Dack Blog says:

    Oops. Darling suffering death by deficit powerpoint on Randall.

  83. 262
    Dr Sorders says:

    Looks like it’s Dogma eat Dogma in NewLiebour’s West of Scotland papist heartland.


    • 328
      Bunker Fever says:

      Murphy looks like Heidrich’s evil brother.

    • 341
      Contact says:

      Ahh – the clergy – these are the scum that abuse children eh?

      Baseball bat – head.

      Job done


      • 596
        Anonymous says:

        As the catholic church preaches:
        Give me a child until he is seven …… and you have, well, an obedient seven year old child..

  84. 265
    Mark Mywords says:


    • 272
      Mark Mywords says:


    • 300
      The IMF are coming, oh! they came says:

      But nowhere near as big as the earthshattering Ashley Cole split up story that the tabloids and even the news channels are coving the shit out of
      the red-tops will go ballistic tomorrow

  85. 268

    Randall :are you going to produce the figures on economic growth ? or are you going to hide them like Gordon Brown wants ?

  86. 269
    David Cameron says:

    Masturbating is for wankers.

  87. 270
    g1lgam3sh says:

    Interesting, although hardly surprising behaviour from the odious little shit.


    • 335
      nell says:

      Interesting challenge developing in bercow’s constituency of Buckingham and I’m really hoping that UKIP’s farage might win.

      Not because I much like UKIP or farage but because bercow is an imposter – he masqeurades as a tory but he’s really a labourite. If labour had continued to grow in power he would have crossed the floor of the House in the hope of getting a ministerial position.

      As it was , labour declined so he hung on to his tory identity and then set his sights on the Speakers chair which he only got courtesy of labour mp votes. The tories loathe him – and that goes for the tories in his constituency as well.

      bercow has a fight on his hands to hold onto his Buckingham constituency and its one he might lose. I do hope so!!

    • 379
      Moley says:

      Scoop of the week.

      Quote from the link;

      “What right has the Tory hierarchy to threaten its own councillors in an election where there are no Tory candidates?”

      The Tories have taken a leaf out of Brown’s book of political etiquette and are bullying and threatening everyone into supporting Bercow and no one else.

      We are clearly a one party state.

      • 428
        nell says:

        No Moley I don’t think we are. Brits are by nature independent and irrascible .

        If the Tory Party tries to impose a ‘support bercow’ policy on Buckingham it is going to come unstuck.

        I for one hope and rather believe that farage will win. I’m not a supporter of UKIP but I do think he would be better than bercow.

        Let’s not forget that bercow pretends to be a tory NOW but he was planning to cross the floor of the House and become labour in the hope of a ministerial post – before labour went into decline.

        Let’s also not forget that he got the squeakers job with labour’s votes because they knew the tories despised him and labour wanted to put two fingers up to the opposition!

        • 451
          Christy says:

          Quite right Nell,I for one cannot stand turncoats,and as regards the tories threatening their councillors isn’t this a form of bullying which is rather in the news right now.

  88. 273

    Brown As Chancellor: Ran up 163 BILLION Pounds Debt in the five boom years

  89. 276

    Well done Randall You tell it like it is !
    Not like the Shithouses on the BBC

    • 283
      Labour Labour Labour - Out Out Out! says:

      Alistair Darling said something on the bullying/shouting/Nasty amosphere in Downing st.

      In reference to losing it at times:

      “Sometimes we are all Guilty of this”

      An admission that Gordon Brown does lose it, is a bully and shouts, swears, belittles and humilates staff?

      • 295
        CALL ME DARLING says:

        It was put to him that Gordon Set The Labour party “Attack Dogs ” McBride and Wheelan on him for predicting the worst recession in 60 years
        although he agreed that they did, he chose to say that it was the tories and lib-dems that also attacked him !

        • 303
          Gordoom cooks the books says:

          After catching the last 10 minutes which I`m glad I did as I never new the recession was GLOBAL or every other country in the world has done what Liebour have or that the Tories will wreck the economy or if the Tories had their way there would be more unemployed or we have less debt than Japan & America have I missed anything? anyway I would like to thank NERVY BLINKY FIDGITY ALISTAIR for informing me GOT MY VOTE wish someone from Liebour had said sooner then I wouldn`t have not waisted the last year HATING THE TWATS!

          • ANDREUS WANK German Ski jumper says:

            His reason for chancellor Brown running up 163 Billion in debt in the first 5 years despite it being the boom years “well it was the Tories fault” for under investing in public services !
            What a twat !

          • Labour Labour Labour - Out Out Out! says:

            Hold on a minute – Labour did not change spending for the first two years: If they were that underinvested in, why did they not turn the taps on sooner? They cannot have it both ways as they plainly don’t give a toss about the size of Deficiet or accumulated debt.

            The real reason for the spending was Gordon Browns lust for power – He did not want to be stopped from getting to number 10 so he delibratly let spending go, the debts to build up and the deficeit to become cyclical.

          • AC1 says:

            Buying a client state by bribing voters with other peoples money is expensive, we are also learning that it’s unsustainable.

  90. 286
    Gordon Brown Is A Liar and a Thug says:

    At a party, held soon after Piers Morgan had been sacked as the editor of the Mirror, Gordon Brown said to Morgan “I tried to call you a couple of times on your mobile, but I guess the company took it back, did they?”
    Piers Morgan replied “Er, no, Gordon, they didn’t actually. I still have the same phone and telephone number and my phone has been switched on all the time.”
    Which means Gordon Brown is a liar as well as a bully.

    • 383
      Moley says:

      Alternatively Morgan knew who it was and didn’t wish to speak to him.

      • 491
        North, but not Scotland says:

        One of them must have been lying……….., hang on a minute, they were both lying. Brown never called, and Morgans phone was switched off.

  91. 290
    Bankrupt Britain says:

    O/T but I’m laughing my arse off at this. The comments below are the definition of delusional. There are still about 20 believers obviously.

  92. 299
    Cheryl wotsherface Cole. says:

    Aye man, don’t worry aboot me. Me mate Simon is here to comfort me. He is like a little brother to me like.Don’t know what that fooker Morgan is hanging aboot for. Wants me tae sign a contract for an interview. Aye man give it ere. He is like a little brother to me. Don’t worry aboot me my pets I’ll tell you all aboot it in my exclusive interview with shallow magazine and my new book called Golly gosh, I’m no fighting for this love. Bye pets.

  93. 301
    ANDREUS WANK German Ski jumper says:

    That Ashley Cole He is very sad boy
    he already missing that Cheryls C’ole

    • 317
      Labour Labour Labour - Out Out Out! says:

      Gordon Brown obviously supports you because he is a wanker!!!

      • 330
        ANDREUS WANK German Ski jumper says:

        Vell dis is very true you see you used to have that Eddie The Eagle fellow Who could fly like a brick
        Now you have Gordon the Dodo who will soon be Extinct
        we very funny us Germans

  94. 310
    GJ says:

    This excellent article on Bullyboy Brown by Nick Cohen is worth reading again:


    • 326
      Ken says:

      Good stuff. Praise for Guido too!

    • 353
      I liked this bit ............. says:

      “Take this confrontation between Brown and the Labour MP and former social security minister, Frank Field. From the autumn of 2007 through to the spring of 2008, Field argued against Brown’s plans to abolish the 10p income tax rate for about five million low earners. The Government was proposing to hurt the very people it wanted to encourage: hard-working men and women who were dragging themselves away from dependence on welfare. Brown wanted to increase their taxes so that he could give the middle class a tax cut that was so negligible most of the beneficiaries would not notice it.

      “Field put down Parliamentary questions asking how many householders would lose out. Brown refused to answer them. Field asked for a Commons debate. Brown refused to give him one. Finally, Brown called Field to his office. “No one will lose out,” he cried.

      “Why don’t you go on the record and say that?” Field asked.

      “Instead of answering a legitimate question, Brown pushed his face into Field’s and with features contorted with anger, screamed, “You’ve always hated me, haven’t you? You’re always trying to do me down.”

    • 356
      U.F.O says:


    • 360
      nell says:

      ‘since Guido detonated his gunpowder under Westminster it has been a joy to watch to lobby correspondents scurrying from the wreckage’

      It’s notable isn’t it that even pollytwaddle has backed away from bullybrown in recent months?!

    • 367
      jgm2 says:

      Brilliant stuff.

      Thatis the c*nt to a ‘C’

      I once met a chap who worked for Shell in The Hague. He had a ‘disability’ of sorts – a fucking awful stutter. Really bad. People naturally (and I include myself) feel sympathetic and generally go out of their way to cut people slack if they’re exhibiting some kind of disability. It’s a bit like not thumping girls or people wearing glasses.

      You just don’t.

      But this Shell c*nt was the rudest bastard I ever met. In fact he only stopped stuttering to be rude.

      Brown is the same. He just takes advantage of folks natural disinclination to get stuck into people who are ‘less abled’.

      You just cannot believe your goodwill, sympathy and forebearance is met with such abuse and bile. It’s like getting kicked in the bollocks by Steven Hawkings. WTF?

      And boy are we all suffering for that.

    • 405
      Moley says:

      A good article. I didn’t know that Whelan went to public school.

      There is an interesting link between the obscene nature of McBride’s smears, prnographic writing and (by inference) Alastair-scum-Campbell.

    • 650
      Rick the Roman says:

      This article is outstanding

  95. 312
    Ironik says:

    Tell us why you’re Labour…;

    Thousands of people from different backgrounds are joining our campaign.
    Read their reasons and then tell us why you’re Labour…


    ‘Well, I love having an empty wallet and getting fucked up the arse every which way possible everytime Labour passes a new law’

    • 323
      labour voting benefit claiming arsehole from Somalia says:

      We just love being lead by a one-eyed scotch, narcissistic sociopath who is running the UK into the ground while using his gang of thugs and BBC/Sky stooges to destroy anyone who tries to stand up to him.

      • 333
        jgm2 says:

        Because bankrup*ing the entire country and beggering the nation is the best way to get revenge on Margaret Thatcher.

        That’ll teach her.

        Thatcher, Thatcher milk snatcher!!!


        Fucking morons.

      • 342
        ABGB.co.uk says:

        Come & join the forces of good standing up to Brown & his bullies – we’re at ABGB.co.uk

      • 346
        How can Brown be part of a solution when he is the problem? says:


        OMG I am so excited!!!! if you visit this site you can sign up to – wait for it!

        sign up TO BECOME A LABOUR FAN.

        Just think how wonderful that would be – to be a member of the Labour FAN club maybe you could get stickers and stuff and free crayons to draw pictures of the great leader.

        I wonder what sort of bovine dullards would sign up for this?

        I suppose if you work for national or local government or on benefits you have been completely untouched by the recession – apart from the fact that your mortgage repayments have probably more than halved.

        Yep you are just the sort that the Labour Fan Club is looking for.

        • 362
          Bunker Fever says:

          I suggest Gramscian infiltration.

        • 466
          Christy says:

          To 343,Iv’e just joined them,but when I asked do they do Tee shirts with A future fairground is coming to your area,and Bottler Brown is all for you,I got a rather garbled reply couldn’t make it out really but it looked like f— off.

          • I have joined with the following reason as to why I am Liebore:

            “I do so like a party I can get into where I need possess only the intellectual equivalent of a carrier bag containing empty beer cans and a couple of bricks.”

            They thanked me for it and suggested I get involved more.

          • Max says:

            I thought of saying I liked the idea of a future fair for all and could someone show me where I could get taken for a ride.

            But they wanted too many boxes completing for my liking…

        • 646
          BBC says:

          We’ve joined.

    • 392
      simon r says:

      ” I love the fact that I get to re-visit the 70′s again, I was only about 6 at the time so I didn’t really appreciate the strikes and blackouts but this time round I get to pay really high taxes as well and watch the economy go down the toilet ( advocado suite of course ), just like my dad “

      • 401
        simon r says:

        I’ve just posted that on their site, that was fun.

        Used the name Mr Rock Enhorse.

        Off to do another under the name Sarah Beard.

        • 507
          Susie says:

          Mine was from Miranda Warcriminal

          I just can’t wait to stand in the bread lines swapping hints on how to feed a family of 4 on a turnip and a potato twice a week. It’ll be something to do when the power’s down and my old man’s down the Mosque with the bruvvas.

      • 402
        Engineer says:

        Ahh…the three-day week, power cuts, constant shortages of basic materials like steel, the dead unburied….nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

        It was shit. We don’t want to go there again.

        • 427
          jgm2 says:

          Nailed on I’m afraid Engineer.

          No way out of this one. Even fucking Luftwaffe is on strike. The Frog gardiens de ciel are on on strike and fucking BA – oh, guess what, they’re on strike too.

          It’s like the worlds airlines had ganged up to keep us in Brown’s fucking Gulag of Idiocy.

          • Christy says:

            Naw bugger the airlines they can sink or swim,they have made absolute killings in the past.
            As Engineer observes power cuts,I remember it well,starting up the genny and pleading with the oil lot for supplies.
            Won’t happen this time though we have these wonderful windmills to keep us going.
            A bit of info on this clean green machine called a wind turbine:-
            Germany built a windfarm rated at 9500MW,actual electricity produced over 1 yr was 969MW load factor 16% these figures are from E ON Germany.
            Electricity generated by wind.
            Demand+no wind = no power
            No Demand+wind = no power
            Demand+ wind = useable power
            Wind Speed>45mph = 20% reduced power
            Wind Speed>56mph = turn off turbine.
            European experience over nearly 20yrs is wind generated power is VARIABLE,UNPREDICTABLE AND UNCONTROLLABLE.
            Annual production – routinely disappointing,it makes me think as an engineer just when will these green tree hugging nutters be told to bugger off and light a campfire on preferably some remote Island.

          • Max says:

            And don’t these wonderful things also generate, er, heat so that the land underneath rises in temperature by around 0.7 degrees? That’ll be useful in the fight against global warming. Won’t it?

            Forgetting of course the noise generated, the impact on wildlife and the unknown effect on the, er, climate.

            Joined up (fooked up) thinking. Liebore; it’s what we do.

  96. 329
    Gordons battered bell end says:

    Perfect stuff my fellow brownites.Talk about cole and keep my bullying off the screen like my Brown Broadcasting Creeps do.

  97. 337
    Nazi Labour Party says:

    Brown Hitler. Interesting, maybe we can persuade Mums net to bake biscuits in the shape of swastikas. Photo of Ed goeBalls and little Hans.
    Maybe all is not lost, we can manipulate the sheeple with eugenics and isolate the labour voting stupidity gene and we can breed our very own voters forever and ever. World domination will be ours.

    • 361
      Pole Star says:

      New Nazi = NuLibore

    • 566
      Max says:

      I think that you will find that the Liebore policy of paying feeble people on sink estates to have kids without actually keeping track of who the fathers are will have had the effect you describe starting round about now.

      Vote Liebore. You know it makes sense to your Uncle’s cousin’s nephew married to your grandma we used to call “dad” (on that form, where is it now?)

  98. 343
    spike says:

    Had call tonight from poll researcher.Told her i was happy with brown and would be voting Labour.I was being economical with the truth but the polls never lie.

    • 348
      How can Brown be part of a solution when he is the problem? says:

      Spike you sir are on to it!!!!!

      How perfect – imagine a world where we get everyone to say they are going to vote Labour

      how wonderful to completely F**k up their little game – tee hee

    • 365

      “Told her i was happy with brown ”

      Poor bemused girl must have thought she’d been given the number of the local lunatic asylum!

    • 370
      The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse says:

      WE WILL ALL BE VOTING LABOUR, luvvly jubbly.

  99. 344
    Anonymous says:

    on expenses BBC4 NOW

  100. 347
    Flatcap Army says:

    telegraph leading with a S

  101. 351
    Flatcap Army says:

    Telegraph leading with a Sky interview with Darling accusing Brown of “unleashing the forces of Hell” against him.

  102. 352
    Brian Walden says:

    Prime minister. Do you in anyway accept that our current desperate fiscal position is the result of your actions?
    Prime minister. Knowing what you know now, would you still consider the decision to sell the nation’s gold reserves at rock bottom prices a good deal?
    Prime minister. Can you with all honesty still insist that Damian McBride, one of your closest aides, kept you in the dark over his disgusting activities?
    Prime minister. Do you now regret not calling an election in 2008?
    Prime minister. Are you proud of the fact that your term in office will always be remembered as the Parliament of Crooks?

  103. 355
    spike says:

    Someone gave Darling a grilling tonight .Shame it wasnt a roasting.

  104. 363
    TG says:

    “Alistair Darling: Gordon Brown ‘unleashed forces of hell on me’

    Alistair Darling has accused Gordon Brown’s aides of “unleashing the forces of hell” against him for accurately predicting the recession. ”


    • 373
      jgm2 says:

      Well that will finally quell the runours of the PM bullying people. Now you know why Mandy and Prescott were wheeled out to deny on behalf of the Maximum Imbecile. Because no other c*nt would. I was wondering (not) why there wasn’t the usual cabinet parade of liars and whores to deny the latest idiocies.

      There’s a whole cabinet full of dogs who didn’t bark on this one. Milliband? Where’s he with the bullying denial?

      Where’s the rest of the c*nts?

      Time to phone ‘em up lads.

      • 396
        Mail on Sunday Review says:

        Quote from Mrs Prescott’s new book.
        When told that her son who she gave up for adoption was now a Lt Colonel in the army John said,
        “I bet he’s a bloody Tory”.
        On finding his mother who gave him up for adoption had married a Labour Minister her son said,
        “I bet he’s a lying adulterous nosetroughing Cu*nT”.

        • 420
          ANDREUS WANK German Ski jumper says:

          Prescott would have said : Ye can fuck right off if you think i’m payin for someone elses sprog flower, One barsteward in’th house is more than enough !Now get down the fuckin social and get some cash an fer fuck’s sake dont tell e’m i’m shackin up wiv yer

          Now thats what i call love
          To give up your own son for a fat useless pie eating fuckwitt

      • 403
        streamfisher says:

        Reprise.. Lord Sandwich: You Sir will die at the gibbet or of the pox, Wilkes: That Sir would depend on whether I embraced your politics or your Mistress.

    • 390
      nell says:

      On being appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer – Darling joked that his job was now to ‘find out where gordon has hidden the money’

      The joke quickly turned sour when he discovered that gordon hadn’t hidden the money he had frittered hundreds of billions away on worthless projects!!

      • 395
        Engineer says:

        Perhaps he should have said, “To find out where Gordoom has hidden the overdraft”.

        • 399
          jgm2 says:

          Bollocks. Snap. Brown is the Nick Leeson of the UK economy. The overdraft will be in an account numbered 88888. Unfortunately the balance will be -888,888,888,888.88.

          We’re so fucked.

          • Engineer says:

            We are indeed.

            Solving the problem won’t be easy either, but a damn good first step would be to stop digging the hole deeper. Like now. Not in four years time.

            To give Darling some credit, I think he wants to make a start now. It’s the Maximum Imbecile and his Testicular sidekick that are the dangerous problems.

          • jgm2 says:

            The MI and Balls don’t have a four year time-frame in mind. They’re thinking until 3rd June. After that it is, as Douglas Adams said, an S.E.P.

            He’s juggled the lies for thirteen years. He should manage another 13 weeks.

            Or perhaps not. Darling just holed the MI below the waterline by revealing his own PM set the dogs on him for telling the truth.

          • Brown's Ballsup says:

            As long as it stays unseen below the waterline, we don’t give a shit.

          • jgm2 says:

            You will when the boat heels over and water starts running in the funnel.

            Oh, it already has.

        • 442
          Ironik says:

          Or the cheque book for starters

      • 397
        jgm2 says:

        It would have been more accurate to say he was going to try and figure out where Gordon had hidden the lack of money.

      • 413
        streamfisher says:

        Just after simpleton Darling got the job as chancellor of the exchequer he stumbled one night into the attic at No.11 and saw the picture of Dorian Grey left by Brown (Its the economy stupid).

  105. 382
    Cecil B De Mille says:

    On expenses.
    Ham acting, piss poor cliche ridden script, dumbed down characterisations.
    Pity, it’s a great story.

    • 387
      jgm2 says:

      Plus – you forgot – cast of thousands. It’s just so you Cecil.

    • 422
      Cecil B De Mille says:

      A documentary on Ms Brooke and her campaign would have been much more interesting, but in dumbed down Britain we have an episode straight from the script of Westenders.

  106. 389
    nathan says:

    I’ve just received this email from someone called Robert, so as soon as I’ve got this sorted, I’m outta this shithole for good.

    Adios suckers.

    “Subject: Attn: Beneficiary, It has come to notice of Federal Bureau of Investigation that your long awaiting funds worth US$10,500,000.00 only has been transferred to Bank of America to credit to your account.However, we decided to inform you about this good news so that you will be ready to receive the huge sum of money with any bank account of your choice. Moreover, we have instructed Bank Of America to hold on until we receive what is called “Diplomatic Immunity Seal Of Transfer (DIST)” from you to prove the letigimacy of the funds approval from Nigerian government.Furthermore, more details and the contact information of above stated certificate responsible issuing officer shall be given to you in my next e-mail.Note that we shall conduct immediate payment cancellation and then charge you for money laundering.for review. The FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division processes these requests to check illegal ctivities in U.S.A. Regards,Robert Mueller, III FBI Director”

    • 410
      Croydon facelift says:

      Don’t give them your bank details.I did some research and the E-mail’s emanate from 10 Downing St.

      • 421
        Engineer says:

        Sure it’s not HMRC? I gather they’re under pressure to rake in every penny they can at the moment.

    • 425
      streamfisher says:

      If it was a cheque made out for $10,500,000 to one Tony Blair it would definitely be genuine.

    • 432
      Moley says:

      The bad grammar and punctuation is a giveaway.

      They must have been educated in the UK under Labour.

  107. 408
    nell says:

    poor old bunkerbrown!! – Darling supports Rawnsley’s interpretation of bullybrown’s character and says that gordon ‘unleashed the forces of hell against him when he tried to tell the truth about the economy’

    Whoops! Quick! Duck! – nokia sailing by !!!

    Weekend coming up and Rawnsley’s 2nd instalment due – WOW what fun.

    Then on Friday 5th March – the prime mentalist is due to appear before Chilcott to answer other ministers and generals accusations that he cut military budgets just after we went to war and men died because they were ill equipped. Chilcott has already said that most of the seats in the gallery will be allocated to bereaved service families and rightly so!

    What’s that? Reports of vandalism from inside no.10 and of mirrors being smashed and bliar’s and thatcher’s portraits, on the stairway, being slashed!

    And then sometime during the next 6/7 weeks bottlerbrown has to face that threeway televised debate with clegg and cameron.

    Oh Dear! Oh Dear!

    • 414
      Dick Cheney says:

      There will be no debate.

      Brown will make repeatedly insane demands – Questions in advance – Everybodies responses in advance – audience to be packed with bug-eyed Ed Balls clones to the point where nobody will show up.

      PLUS sense will prevail for Cameron. He can only lose this election – so why give Brown an opportunity to come up with a sucker punch. He’ll cry off – flu, family bereavement, arranging my tinned soups alphabetically.

    • 506
      Gordoom cooks the books says:

      Mandy will make sure he`s dosed up to the eyeballs sorry eyeball

  108. 418
    Moley says:

    Labour is going to fall apart hideously fast.

    The bully has been exposed and neutralised and all the hatred, fear and feuding will come out faster and faster.

    Soemone will have to call the election for Brown; he is mentally incapable of doing it.

    • 431
      Engineer says:

      We will have to hope that the Argies don’t take advantage. Other than that, one has the feeling that Spring might be just round the corner; literally and metaphorically. Things won’t suddenly magically improve after a GE, but at least they might stop getting worse.

      • 511
        Gordoom cooks the books says:

        If the Argies invade will Gordoom slash the Defence budget like the last time?

      • 518
        North, but not Scotland says:

        If the Argies do have a pop, the Yanks will help us out. They owe us a favour for helping them out in Iraq, and they won’t let the idea of pissing-off the rest of Central and South America stop them doing the right thing, not now that Obama is the President. Milliband (D) will put a call in to Hillary, and all will be well.

  109. 424
    Cecil B De Mille says:

    Gordon sitting in the swivel chair at No 10 stroking a white pussycat. That should show him in a good light.

  110. 430
    Ian Botham says:

    BBC ignoring the Darling story?

  111. 440
    Moley says:

    Gordon Brown named in bullying email.


    Is there anyone in Government who doesn’t lie?

  112. 441
    The drugged up BBC says:

    We won’t be reporting anything that Randall said about Darling, we’re only interested in Tories getting attacked. We’re the fucking BBC, just pay us our drugs money you right wing cocks.

  113. 444
    caesars wife says:

    Enjoyed Jeff Randels interview , thought darling had a bit of a lite ride “I will justify to anyone the actions I have taken” , didnt/couldnt tell us anything about reducing deficet via cuts , as spending commitments kept until 2011 . However got going a little better with , was defieict from good years justified .
    No spending review was a bit , blasie about debt effects , however it seems to hinge on the theory that the debt is justifyable as the growth will return , except the forces of debt and growth are engaged in a battle of long term attrition , which Darling did not go anyhwere near explaining nor it seems does his budget .
    The interesting figure was £40bn debt servicing , so halving the budget defecit in 4 years would give £20bn (assuming current 0.5% int rates) , so lets assume
    2009 £40bn interest
    2010 £35bn
    2011 £30bn
    2012 £20bn

    Thats being kind of course but thats £225bn cost of the debt interest alone or 25% of GDP spread over 4 years , so growth needs to be at least 6% just to offset the debts effects . If interest rates hit 2% then 24% growth will be required .

    The more likely growth figure of 2% means the missing 4% either is increased debt or cuts , so somthing like 17% cut in goverment spending is required over the next 4 years .

    So the ruins/Darlings argument is more growth is protected or enabled by the debt ?? With sterling devaluing , imports will increase particulary oil , so the protected economy will endure decreasing real wealth , as there costs need to be fixed , the private sector starved of cheap fiance and goverment spending will struggle to grow , add in mortage increase and you start to realise that the £40bn interest payments , would be a life saver in creating more employement at the bottom of the recession comming out and nursing the feeble patient, rather than spending it all going in and sitting back and keeping fingers crossed that inflation fever or interest payment low oxygen doesnt make patient more ill.

    We are already highly taxed , so more taxes shrink wealth and if you follow the logic of taking people out of certain tax bands , means certain incomes will pay even more tax .

    You kind of conclude that all the “things can only get better” cornucopia of no more boom and bust (still awaiting that appology) , was little more than profligateand excessive spending glossed over by structural changes in the UK economy as the e commerce delivered effiecencies in terms of employment.

    All the ruin has done is achieve an efficient debt producing economy , for globalisation . If BA thinks striking will help , unite need a calcualtor and not the abbacus slanted at 45 degrees they currently use , Derek Simpson should explain to his members that if people are skint why would they want to fly on an expensive airline , if they can afford holidays at all by 2011 .

    • 448
      Labour Labour Labour - Out Out Out! says:

      Hold on a minute – Labour did not change spending for the first two years: If they were that underinvested in, why did they not turn the taps on sooner? They cannot have it both ways as they plainly don’t give a toss about the size of Deficiet or accumulated debt.

      The real reason for the spending was Gordon Browns lust for power – He did not want to be stopped from getting to number 10 so he delibratly let spending go, the debts to build up and the deficeit to become cyclical

    • 449
      jgm2 says:

      You lost it right at the start CW. Halving the deficit is not the same as halving the debt. The ‘deficit’ is the annual overspend.

      The total debt (the figure on which the debt repayments are to be made) is the total debt to date. The sum total of all debt since 1066. A figure that the Brown idiocy had already doubled by 2007 before the bust.

      Halving the ‘deficit’ just means that the total debt goes up slightly less hyperbolically. Debt repayment costs are going to go up unless we get the deficit under control by return of post after the election.

      Otherwise we are completely fucked. Invest in a shovel and vegetable seeds.

      • 459
        slim pickings says:

        That’s if the seeds haven’t been eaten straight from the packet before then.

      • 469
        Engineer says:

        Those debt servicing figures assume that we don’t lose our AAA credit rating. The markets have already pushed Gilt rates up from about 3.5% to about 3.75% during the last six months or so. If they go the way of Greece’s, we could be looking at 5% or more by the end of the year – that would mean even faster and more savage cuts to public spending.

        Things are rather precariously balanced at the moment.

        • 551
          Steve Expat says:

          It is already said that the markets have priced in a change of government in the next few months.

          The recent hung Parliament narrative may well have the undesired (for the current lot) effect of increasing Gilt prices, a Gilt Strike or even the loss of the AAA and/or the IMF coming in – would be interesting if any of those happened in the middle of an election campaign!!

      • 470
        caesars wife says:

        yes but isnt debt just accumlating , isnt the economy now working that way ? I had thought there is a debt accumulating in terms of bonds ??

        • 497
          jgm2 says:

          Oh FFS CW.

          From your original…

          The interesting figure was £40bn debt servicing , so halving the budget defecit in 4 years would give £20bn (assuming current 0.5% int rates) , so lets assume

          The total debt to date is 800bn (ish). The annual deficit is 200bn. Halving the annual deficit in four years time will mean the annual deficit is 100bn. The average of the deficit over the next four years on that fucking lunatic spending plan is 150bn quid per year for four years making another 600bn quid on top of the 800bn quid we’ve got already.

          So if we’re paying 40bn quid annual interest on 800bn we’ll be paying 70bn quid annual interest on 1400bn (800bn+600bn).

          This is why I weep.

          No fucker can understand even the most basic fucking maths. No wonder half the country thinks the only problem is the banks won’t lend some other idiot more fucking money to underpin their insane house price. While simultaneously blaming the banks for lending to much money to stupid c*nts in the first place.

          Aaaaaargh. I am surrounded by fucking imbeciles.

          • AC1 says:

            I wouldn’t blame people, AlJaBeebya carefully regurgitate “deficit” to mislead the public.

            Most people are wholly unaware of the depths of lies they are being fed by the MSM.

          • Egg and Cheese says:

            Careful Sonny. That’s Heavy Breathing’s bird you’re talking to.

          • jgm2 says:


            Yes. The BBC do use deficit in lieu of annual deficit. But CW has surely been round here long enough to absorb the subtle difference between total debt and annual increase in debt (deficit).

            And yet clearly not.

            Yet again the BBC fails in its mission to inform.

            The population should be shitting bricks and reining in spending in light of this insane collapse in economic outlook. Oh look. It has. Hence 200bn quid deficits.

            Jolly good.

            Now the next stage is to cut the deficit so that adults can look at the UK economy and go ‘Yeah, that’ll work – that’s safe – I’ll go out on a limb and buy a new car’. But that will not happen while the stated aim is to only reduce the astronomical annual deficit by half over the next four years. In four years time the annual deficit is aiming for 100bn quid while the interest rates alone – assuming no down-grading – will be 70bn quid. Most of our overspend will be going purely on servicing Brown’s insane debt.

            We. Are. Fucked.

          • caesars wife says:

            So what you are saying is the £40bn interest is on the total £800bn debt (which is 5% interest although depends how you calcualte the interest)

            of the £800bn ,£178bn (this years borrowings being finaced at 0.5% interest ie £8.9 bn interest , so the remainder £622bn is at other interest rates ??? and the £31bn to make up the £40bn .

            So theres budget reductions as well as budget reduction overspends (borowing) , mmmm thats not good at all .

          • Steve Expat says:

            jgm, you are of course correct in your assertions – for some unknown reason the mainstream media are ignoring the elephant in the room that is the national debt.

            Your figure of £70bn interest is of course dependent on the interest rate not going up, in other words that we keep the AAA, have no intervention from the IMF and that Gilt prices stay as they are now (they are 50 basis points – 0.5% – up over the past few months alone).

            BTW, the significance of £1,400,000,000,000 (looks much better in full) is that this is the current GDP, so by the government’s own figures the debt will exceed GDP in 5 years’ time – we’re up there with Japan now!!


          • caesars wife says:

            succient Steve !

          • Anonymous says:

            Give him a blow job, why don’t you?

          • AC1 says:

            Changes in gilt rates effects the shorter dated bonds faster. So the overall rate of interest servicing tends to depend on the mix.

            I’d expect the yield to go up on longer dated bonds, more than short ones if “people” expect interest rates to rise.

          • Christ on a bike jgm2 – I’ve just done a quick spreadsheet and even assuming a 16% cut in public sector expenditure over 4 years, we would still need over 4% growth to cut the annual defecit in half, and you’re right – interest payments would be running at over £70 billion per year.

            Fucked doesn’t even begin to cover it – I’ve left out PPP and PFI in my sums, mainly because I don’t know how badly the off-balance debt is structured.

            I’m stocking up on tinned food and looking for a place away from the towns…

          • OwlHoot says:

            There is a silver lining to this monstrous great cloud though. As there’s obviously a limit to tax revenues, the need to service this debt will choke off any Government’s ability to implement more oppressive initiatives like ID cards and NHS databases.

            In other words, debt servicing will keep the Government (and the EU) occupied and shield us from ever more of their idealist totalitarian fantasy projects.

            In a possibly ridiculous analogy, a bare electron would be a very savage brute and cause havoc. But luckily we are shielded by a cloud of virtual particles and the 10^19 photons it emits and absorbs each second.

    • 456
      nell says:

      Ah! Derek Simpson the Unite Leader who says he wants to retire and go and live in Caribbean!!!!

    • 520
      grobdj says:

      If life is a minestrone, then our economy is a cappuccino.

      Real wealth production at the bottom of the economic spiral is weak and tepid, eclipsed by a mass of vacuous froth on the top

      No matter how much money is thrown into the froth, the flavour remains the same

      • 535
        jgm2 says:

        If life is a minestrone then our economy is puke.

        Superficially the same – both with chunks of sweetcorn and carrot – but chalk and cheese to the connoisseur.

  114. 455
    Ian Botham says:


    • 478

      Wonder if Darling’s wife will be giving out a statement that her husband is well hard, and would never be bullied. That is when he realises that he has been living with a ZNL Cyborg all these years!

      This is getting funnier and funnier.

      As for the the Folk serving their time in the corridors of power.

      It’s not like their pensions are worth worrying about losing?

  115. 458
    Brown Nappy Man says:

    something stinks to high heaven

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P8W97Yucpk&feature=related – Cached

    • 461
      revolting native says:

      Just put up the pictures of the perpetrators, and we’ll do the rest with our pitchforks.

    • 626
      Atlas Shrugged says:

      I watched, and wish I could say I don’t believe it, but I know it is all true, and far more well spread then you could all possibly imagine, or want to.

      A test of Guido’s credibility, which I strongly suspect he will be forced to dismally

      BTW if any of you were still at all in any doubt whatsoever as to what extent the BBC and the broadcast media can be trusted to tell us anything at all that is important to our lives and indeed deaths, that video completely seals the deal 100%.

      Please understand if any one presents you with a bar of strange smelling soap, and directs you or your children to a nice warm, state funded shower any time ever, DIE, but DIE HARD.

      • 636
        I like Icke says:

        “Please understand if any one presents you with a bar of strange smelling soap, and directs you or your children to a nice warm, state funded shower any time ever, DIE, but DIE HARD.”

        Happens to you a lot does it?


  116. 473
    Moley says:

    Farage was due to appear on Question Time from Middlesborough, and intended to speak out about the Redcar Steelworks and how our politicians killed it with their climate change stupidity.

    His invitation was pulled.


    • 480

      The BBC don’t want to upset the good folk of Middlesborough.

    • 481
      nell says:

      Hopefully Moley he’s going to win the Buckingham seat and oust bercow.

      Then he’ll have an Independent’s voice in the House.

      Notable isn’t it that Question Time has recently given airtime to the beenpee’s griffen and yet farage was pulled. How does QT justify that?

      • 486
        nell's Auntie says:

        Probably because they like a balanced panel of three lefties,one celeb and the token tory.

      • 502
        Licence fee is value for money (?) says:

        Griffin was there for a stitch-up in the full expectation he would hang himself in front of the nation.

        Farage was ‘cancelled’ for the opposite reason…..his message would cut too close to the bone.

        All theory, off course, but the BBC cannot maintain that it is impartial as it was in the cosy, conscentual 50′s and 60′s.

        The BBC in the communication age is a player whether it admits it or not. Any statement to the contrary is humbug.

        • 517
          £142:50? Fuck off before i set the dog on you says:

          You get what you pay for.

        • 519
          Licence fee is value for money (?) says:

          PS I think Griffin is only possible because of the utter intellectual bankruptcy of the Left who have holed the state below the waterline. The only reason for Griffin could force himself onto the national stage is because of the rotteness of what passes for the Left in all its incompetent glory. Griffin did smash his way in, the door was rotten and unlocked. Thanks Labour, you idiots.

  117. 474
  118. 489
    threequarks says:

    it is absolutely disgraceful that the Labour Party has forced on us a PM who is so obviously disfunctional , if not downright mentally fucked up

    thanks Labour. we’ll remember that one – at the ballot box.

    and those of you who are even thinking of voting Labour ? you might as well vote for Pol Pot. For Gods sake – have some intregity.

    • 498
      Anonymous says:

      So the bigger scandal of how a democracy can saddle the people of this country with an unopposed Prime Minister who is held in office by the fact that no other MP has the unblemished record of public service so as to be able to state the obvious.

  119. 492
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    I’m hoping that these scurrilous news reporsts about me being an absolute sociopathic lunatic will cease now.

    We can revert to normal news bullytins as soon as possible.

  120. 493
  121. 516
    Alistair D says:


  122. 529
    Ronnie McDonnie says:

    I’ve noticed New Labour trolls have invaded the website over the last few days. They must be panicking now that their demented boss has been exposed as an unhinged bully. They’ve probably been ordered by Millbank to go on the internet to try and save their leader’s ever-deteriorating position by smearing other people, which is what New Labour is best at. When under scrutiny, spread poison about your enemies. It won’t work anymore, New Labour trolls. The public know what a bunch of corrupt c/unts you are, and they all know your boss is a bullying psychopath.

    • 537
      Rooney McSpudface says:

      I’ve notices that Tory trolls have become demented on Guido’s INDEPENDENT website over the last few days. They must be panicking now that they have seen the polls. They’ve probably been ordered by Coulson to go on the internet to try and save their leader’s ever-deteriorating position by smearing other people as Liebore, which is what CCHQ is best at. When under scrutiny, spread poison about your enemies. It won’t work anymore, Tory trolls. The public know what a bunch of corrupt c/unts you all are after expensesgate, and they all know your boss is the heir to Blair.

      • 550
        Strictly Amateur Troll says:

        We troll for no one man.
        We troll for everyman.

      • 552
        Ronnie McDonnie says:

        New Labour:

        Damien McBride
        Porno films on expenses
        Illegal war
        Dodgy dossier
        Tony B Liar’s expenses mysteriously shredded
        Standing by silently during Israel’s war crimes in Lebanon
        Throwing out a Holocaust survivor for heckling
        Tuition fees
        5p extra a week for pensioners
        Margaret Beckett’s hanging baskets
        Dr David Kelly
        Bullying underlings

        So much to be proud of. Onwards, New Labour automaton! There is much work to do, as Herr Campbell will tell you.

        • 567
          Strictly Amateur Troll says:

          Alan Duncan
          Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton.
          Michael Gove.
          Derek Conway.
          Sir Anthony Steen.
          Sir Peter Viggers.
          Eric Pickles.
          Francis Maude.
          Douglas Hogg.
          Nadine Dorries.
          Julie Kirkbride.
          Andrew with the ill fitting syrup.
          Wisteria Dave.
          Gideon “I know fuck all about counting up” Osborne.

          Plus a cast of hundreds

          • Ronnie McDonnie says:

            That’s funny. I don’t think the hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq, and the thousands dead in Lebanon, and the millions fucked by Brown’s recession, are much bothered with any of the people you mentioned. It must be nice to be deluded. Don’t worry, dear. You’ll be put out of your misery in 10 weeks time. Then you can spend the next 15 years blaming each other and electing Harriet Harman as leader.

          • Strictly Amateur Troll says:

            And who voted in support of that military adventure?

          • Strictly Come Trolling says:

            Labour will take 6 months to decide on their new leader.

            Which is approximately the same amount of time Cameron will have before getting blamed by the public for everything as Obama found out.

            Harperson won’t get in. Probably some youngster as Labour try to get rid of the Brown and Blair relics.

            Whoever it is you can guarantee it will be another middle ground robot with little to no real difference from the other Parties robots and policies.

    • 539
      CILLIT BANG says:


      • 553
        Labour Troll Ops says:

        These Liebour trolls leave such a nasty odour behind.

        They whinge about the Bullingdon Club but are all fully paid-up members of the

        Bullyingthem Club.

      • 554
        Strictly Amateur Troll says:

        Looks like you’ve creamed.

        • 568
          Ronnie McDonnie says:

          New Labour. We believe in socialism. Until we get power. We believe in the first past the post electoral system. Until it looks like we’re gonna get fucked at the election.

          New Labour. A moral compass you can put your trust in. Just don’t get our leader angry. He’s likely to scream at you, grab you by the lapel and throw you of your chair. Especially if you’re a woman. He has issues with females. Just ask his beard. Sorry, I meant wife.

          • I am the Heir to Blair Tony Cameron (hear my soundbites roar!) says:

            New Labour believe in nothing but achieving power.

            Vote Cameron!

  123. 534
    Too soon to cut public spending, IMF warns says:

    The International Monetary Fund today gave strong backing to the government’s “wait-and-see” approach to cutting Britain’s record peacetime budget deficit, warning that the weakness of growth required tax increases and spending cuts to be delayed until next year.

    In a rebuff to David Cameron’s avowed intention to start repairing the public finances as soon as this spring’s election is over, the Washington-based IMF said the fragility of the global economy meant stimulus packages should be left in place well into 2010.

    The detailed study – Exiting from Crisis Intervention Policies – was published as data from the British Bankers’ Association for January showed a dip in mortgage borrowing, a sharp drop in lending to businesses and a repayment of credit card debt for the 10th successive month.

    • 541
      I love you Gordeeeeen Brooooown says:

      They are going to give Brown a job aster the election should don’t take them too seriously

      • 547
        jgm2 says:

        Yeah. Right. And Blair is going to be president of the EU.

        Brown won’t be able to get a job shining shoes outside of the Labour Party.

    • 542
      jgm2 says:

      If only the c*nt had ‘waited-and-see-d’ back in 2001 before hiring one million boxtickers, bedwetters and bastards overnight.

      Right now we’d be like Australia. Recession? What recession? Our banks would be in rude health ‘cos that one million newly-enriched numpty jackasses wouldn’t have bid up the price of the scarce available housing. House prices wouldn’t have gone through the stratosphere. Our budget would have balnced. Our banks wouldn’t have over-lent to one million plankton and we’d be swanning around America buying up shit at 10c on the dollar.


      Bit fucking late for that.

      • 560
        Hooray for the Bankers! says:

        You’re not still peddling this shit that the Bankers had nothing to do with fucking the Economy are you?

        They are every bit as culpable as Brown clearly is.

        Even Cameron is lining up policies to hammer the banks for their greed and incompetence and he’s got the Shadow Treasury team with Ken and George under complete lockdown lest Labour try and steal his tough new policies before the Campaign Launch.

        • 620
          AC1 says:

          The volume of credit in the economy is decided by the regulator. Not the banks.

          • Hooray for the Bankers! says:

            You’re saying that NOT requiring the Banks to have a reserve, thus NOT regulating them in any way with a reserve requirement, is OVER regulation ?


            Besides, Banks have always found ways of circumventing reserve requirements. Banks in the US commonly sweep money overnight from accounts that are subject to a reserve requirement to accounts that are not. This is the sort of thing that is called “financial innovation”.

            Banks maintain a certain level of reserves for transactions anyway.

      • 563
        Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

        I call it my Dithering Doctrine:

        If in doubt, do nowt; if it all goes tits, throw hissy fits.

    • 572
      caesars wife says:

      Ah so thats where you go when you leave the mpc ?

  124. 536
  125. 540
    david says:

    Remember this News of the World article?

    Leaked emails reveal Mandy’s poisonous verdict on Prime Minister

    By Ian Kirby, 07/06/2009 News of the World
    GOVERNMENT fixer Peter Mandelson delivered a damning indictment of Gordon Brown, telling one of his closest former aides that the PM needs to change because he is a “self-conscious person, physically and emotionally”.

    The new First Secretary of State-now Brown’s No2-made the devastating judgement in a leaked email to disgraced ex-Labour spin doctor Derek Draper, the man behind the “McBridegate” smear scandal.

    And Lord Mandelson-who pledged his total loyalty to Brown on Friday-twisted the knife by SLAMMING his leadership style and BRANDING him so INSECURE he resorts to celebrity gimmicks, such as pretending to love the X-FACTOR.

    In one devastating comment Mandy said: “A new public persona cannot be glued onto him.”

    The poisonous message will drop a bombshell among Labour MPs reeling from beleaguered Brown’s decision to make Mandelson his second in command.

    It was written in January 2008, when Mandy was a European Commissioner-just eight months before he returned to government as Brown’s new Business Secretary.

    In the message to Draper, Mandelson attacks the Premier’s leadership methods claiming he is “complex” and unable to hide his insecurities. He also says he has no strategic direction.

    He tells Draper voters are put off because they think Brown is “angry” and lashes him for failing to get a grip during the disasters at the start of his Premiership -floods, the Glasgow terror attack and an outbreak of foot and mouth disease.

    In the email he also says Brown is too obsessed with celebrity gimmicks instead of telling voters what he actually stands for. Mandelson says “strategic policy formulation” is more important than “telling people you watch the X-Factor.” Last week Mr Brown phoned X Factor boss Simon Cowell to check up on the welfare of Scots singer Susan Boyle.

    And in another TV-related twist the PM announced he was giving Apprentice star Sir Alan Sugar a peerage and a key post as business czar.

    Mandelson even hints in his messages that what Brown really needs to survive is his own return, saying the PM is short of the sort of heavyweight politicians Tony Blair surrounded himself with.

    Tomorrow, the Prime Minister goes face to face at a Parliamentary Labour Party meeting with the ex-Cabinet Ministers and MPs plotting his exit.

    Yesterday he looked a broken man as he marked the 65th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy. The PM joined world leaders including Barack Obama to celebrate the key military victory as he battled for his political life behind the scenes.

    Pale and uncomfortable, he kept nervously flattening his hair and clasping his hands between his knees. He was even BOOED by veterans who blame him for the fact that the Queen wasn’t there.

    And he made an embarrassing slip when he called Omaha Beach “Obama Beach”.

    The PM seemed relieved to have not already lost his job, and said: “It’s an honour for me to speak for the British people.” But tonight he is expected to take another pounding as the results of the European Election are released. They will follow the devastating results in the local elections, when Labour lost its final four county councils to the Tories.

    Through his worst week in politics, Brown was totally dependent on Mandelson who stopped the coup against him.

    When the emails were written, Brown and Mandy were at the end of a 13-year feud. But they healed their rift and Mandelson was given a seat in the House of Lords and the job of Business Secretary. Since then he has been Brown’s right hand man. On Friday, he was given the post of First Secretary of State and helped organise the reshuffle. He played a key role in halting a concerted bid to unseat Brown.

    After James Purnell resigned on Thursday night, it was Mandelson who steadied the ship. Downing Street feared Miliband was poised to resign as well if moved from the Foreign Office. But a call from Mandelson stopped the rot. On reaching David Miliband, he did a deal straight away, saying: “You’ll stay on as Foreign Secretary.”

    An eye-witness says he added: “I know Brown has behaved like a b****** and has got to change. But we’re the only people who can keep Tony Blair’s flame alive and keep his mission going from the inside.

    “If you stand down there will be a civil war in the Labour Party and we’ll lose a General Election.” Miliband blinked first and issued a statement pledging his support. But Mandelson’s deal had smashed Gordon Brown’s plans for a wide-ranging reshuffle. Yesterday Mandy claimed: “I have become a loyalist not because I’m a sycophant-I’ve never been a sycophant towards Gordon. It’s because of his personal qualities, his understanding of the big picture, that I support him now. I am sorry that he sometimes appears a bit rough or idiosyncratic but I would rather have someone with brains than someone who is showy but has no substance.”

  126. 544
  127. 555
    jgm2 says:

    Breaking news…

    BBC website (almost) leads with Darling speaking out about being trashed by Number 10.

    I’d say second story.


    Mind you it is late at night and no doubt the agenda will have moved on by ‘Good Morning’.

    • 571
      Jart says:

      Hardly breaking. I saw it on the Beeb and C4 News earlier.

      • 590
        Steve Expat says:

        It’s not the story that’s the breaking news, it’s the fact that the BBC are covering it with such prominence.

        Nick Robinson knows what Rawnsley knows, the tide is finally turning against the Prime Monster.

        • 628
          Atlas Shrugged says:

          It’s not the story that’s the breaking news, it’s the fact that the BBC are covering it with such prominence.

          Glad you spotted that. The BBC appearing to do or not do something is more of an issue then the issue itself, and not at all because of anything the BBC’s major employees may personally believe or want to achieve.

          The question that NEVER gets asked is WHO or WHAT is REALLY controlling the BBC?

          Here are some clues.

          It is not the governors.

          It is not the Director General.

          It is not the Chairperson.

          We can all plainly see it is not the TV tax payers.

          It is not any of the editors, sub-editors, commissioners, or correspondents.

          It is not any of the above, so who or what ultimately controls the BBC???????

          George Orwell knew only too well who and what has ALWAYS controlled the BBC, he wrote several best selling books on the subject of what he learnt while working for the corporatist beast. I suggest you people should try reading them all again with a fresh, and more personally experienced outlook. 1984 and Animal farm being good places to start.

          • Atlas Shrugged says:

            Oh I forgot two other not at all important things that do not ultimately control the BBC.

            It is not and never has been any particular political party, or democratically elected government.

          • I like Icke says:


    • 617
      AC1 says:

      It’s been in the comments on this blog for HOURS. How much does the AlJabeebya webshite cost??

  128. 557
    Christy says:

    Gordoom unleashed the forces of hell against him FOR TELLING THE FUCKING TRUTH,just what kind of madman is this MORAL COMPASS ARSEHOLE all about,tell you what folks we really are a bunch of spineless wimps if we go down this track of even listening to this LIARBOUR crap.
    Anyone who even thinks about voting LIEBOUR at this next GE is in need of a lobotomy,how the hell anyone can vote for this bunch of treasonable bastards is beyond my ken.
    Gordoom Brown a Scottish T–t having anything to do with the English is an absolute abomination,remember guys he is the man who said that scottishland was his first priority and as surely as hell as he stuck to that,he hates the english and it shows,the man is an absolute tosser of the first degree and why the hell the people of england are falling for this apology of a politician is beyond me,frankly this man is the pits.

    • 589
      missing the obvious says:

      Can I interest you in a bag of shite sir ?

      We have two to choose from.

      This shite is in an old rough torn battered cloth bag with shit splattered all over it in places.

      And this shite is in a new shiny plastic bag that does sadly appear to be wafer thin and springing a few leaks.

      Both Bags do admittedly stink to high heaven as they have both also been sprayed in a chemical slurry from this bottle marked ‘expenses’.

      And they will both cost you a fortune.

      But at least you get to choose which bag of shite you get sir!

      You can decide now or on the 6th May when you pick which one of the bags to own for the next 5 years.

    • 592
      jgm2 says:

      I would at this point just like to say that being Scottish is no bar to being an honourable human being. I was there for six years and I met a few (honourable Scots).

      And I understand that there is no place like home. Despite it being a cold, damp, inhospitable hellhole populated mainly by muppets with no ambition to leave. There were still a few making the best of their lot in life in the same way that many people misfortunate enough to be born in Newcastle or Wales or Northern Ireland stick around despite colour television informing them that most of the rest of the world is a better place to live.

      But we make a mistake by disparaging Brown purely for being Scottish. Or one-eyed. Or ugly. Because nobody would give a shit if he was a French fucking Quasimodo if he’d not completely fucked up the UK economy on account of being an incompetent jackass.

      Less of the ‘gay’ – that’s not the reason we’re bank*rupt. Less of the ‘one-eyed’ – that’s notthe reason we’re bust. Less of the ‘Scottish’ – he can’t help that. The c*nt is an incompetent jackass. A bullying, incompetent jackass. He has fucked us all for a decade at least and possible an entire generation. That is more than enough ammunition.

      And do you know what. Even though he’s an incompetent jackass – that’s not his fault either. The people who are to blame here are the 350 – 400 Labour MPs who are surely not to a man utterly incompetent. Surely out of 350 Labour MPs there is one amongst them with the good of the UK population in their heart to stand up and say ‘enough’!

      Oh, clearly not.

      It’s not (all) Gordon’s fault. It is the entire Labour party at fault for foisting such an incompetent jackass on us and then, when the error was plain to see lacking the coordination to fire his sorry, incompetent (jack)ass.

  129. 574
    Cortex says:

    I dislike most politicians. I like Guido. I like this site and visit it daily. But most of the readers who post here are the biggest bunch of mentalist cranks, racists and self-important and self-deluded know-it-alls on the internet. Some of you have very serious mental issues which require immediate attention before the shooting spree happens, a few are more delusional than a man dressed as Napoleon walking through Broadmoor, the rest are just full of shit.

    If I were Guido, I’d disable comments before people start judging me by my followers.

    • 581
      caesars wife says:

      you have my blessings , you can have a full no quibble re fund

    • 582
      Money,money,money says:

      But that would affect his ad revenues.
      It’s Guido’s economy, stupid.

    • 588
      Steve Expat says:

      Guido doesn’t give a fuck, in fact the more hits he gets the more reputable he becomes and the more ad revenue comes in!!

      • 595
        Stat porn says:

        There in a nutshell is his moral compass. Pointing towards his bank balance. No problem with that, but as long as you understand his motivation isn’t necessarily altruistic.

        • 602
          Steve Expat says:

          I’m sure Guido is earning less from running this blog than he was from his previousl life as a City trader – he’s doing this becuase he hates politicians with a passion, not because it’s making him millions!

          • Krup T banker says:

            ‘his previousl life as a City trader’
            We don’t go there bud.
            A discrete veil shall be drawn.
            Don’t bring it up again.

          • caesars wife says:

            so did he take the job at chase morgan , after letting the cleaners dressed in balaclavas in at the watergate hotel ? some CV

  130. 580
    Strictly Amateur Troll says:

    Alistair Darling is the new Geoffrey Howe.

  131. 586
    Steve Expat says:

    The story that won’t go away…

    Darling’s comments on Brown the Bully second story on 5 live midnight news, after the vote about sex education in the Commons tonight.

    Stupid tabloid crap was story 5 or 6 – thank fuck for that!

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article7038587.ece is the best analysis seen of Darling’s interview with Sky’s Jeff Randall this evening

    • 607
      ANDREUS WANK German Ski jumper says:

      even though i can’t stand “flipper tax evading” Darling
      you have to admit that when Brown threw a dickie over him
      and every paper and even Darling himself thought he was toast
      he basically told Brown to “Fuck off I’m not going anywhere”
      and Brown being so weak was not in a position to sack him
      which must be the root cause of many a good tantrum in NO10 ha ha ha !

      • 611
        jgm2 says:

        Don’t you mean ‘Insider Dealing Darling’.

        When house prices were going up 15 – 20% a year back in 2002 any rational adult would have expected a prudent chancellor to whack up interest rates to cool down the economy. Instead we had the chancellor change the inflation proxy to ignore house prices completely.

        Our house prices were ‘going up’ by 20,000 quid a year but our memory chips were going down by five quid so our reckless chancellor chose to concentrate on our discretionary purchase of cheap Chinese-made goods and ignore our insane house borrowing.

        And the rest is history.

        • 614
          AC1 says:

          Or raised regulatory reserve requirements…

          • Hooray for the Bankers! says:

            You’ll be delighted when you see what Dave has planned for the Banks and City in the manifesto then.

            Raising the regulatory requirement for Bank Reserves being just one of the many new powers he’s going to implement to strengthen the regulators and BoE since even he isn’t stupid enough to want this to happen again on his watch.

  132. 598
    anon, anon, anon..... says:

    Mummy Darling must have told him
    (a) Don’t get mad get even
    (b) Revenge is best served cold
    He listened

  133. 601
    MPs' verdict on News of the World phone-hacking scandal: Amnesia, obfuscation and hush money says:

    • News of the World hacked phones ‘on industrial scale’
    • Scotland Yard and press body failed properly to investigate
    • Report rejects executives’ lone ‘rogue reporter’ defence

    Rupert Murdoch’s media giant News International could face a judicial inquiry after a highly critical parliamentary report today accuses senior executives at its top-selling newspaper of concealing the truth about the extent of illegal phone hacking by its journalists.

    The 167-page report by a cross-party select committee is withering about the conduct of the News of the World, with one MP saying its crimes “went to the heart of the British establishment, in which police, military royals and government ministers were hacked on a near industrial scale”.

    MPs condemned the “collective amnesia” and “deliberate obfuscation” by NoW executives who gave evidence to them, and said it was inconceivable that only a few people at the paper knew about the practice.

    The culture, media and sport select committee was also damning of the police, saying Scotland Yard should have broadened its original investigation in 2006, and not just focused on Clive Goodman, the NoW’s royal reporter

    oday’s report makes sweeping criticisms of press self-regulation, describing the Press Complaints Commission as “toothless”; decries the reporting of the Madeleine McCann story, saying there was an inexcusable lowering of standards; and recommends changes to libel law and limits on the use of superinjunctions

    In a unanimous finding, the cross-party committee said: “We strongly condemn this behaviour which reinforces the widely held impression that the press generally regard themselves as unaccountable and that News International in particular has sought to conceal the truth about what really occurred.”


    • 606
      jgm2 says:

      Breaking News – the NOW is a tabloid newspaper, its methods are not even borderline legal, its employees are lying, bullying crooks..

      And now – over to Alistair Campbell for his opinion on the story…

    • 618
      caesars wife says:

      No doubt will be wed plant question at PMQs

      Also not happy with Ed Balls sex education in schools , I would hope parents and governers see through what hes trying to pull off ! and the fact that he has encouraged third way sexualistion and violence of children in other media forms/gadgets , wont anyone with his own party tell him that both he and Dr Tanya are a bit warped and hypocritical.

      • 627
        Satire! says:

        “encouraged third way sexualistion and violence of children in other media forms/gadgets , wont anyone with his own party tell him that both he and Dr Tanya are a bit warped and hypocritical.”

    • 621
      Prescott is a fat wife cheating shit. says:

      Er and what about the one eyed Scottish homosexual using terrorism legislation on individuals for non terrorism issues or Icelandic banks?

      How about the death of David Kelly? I public inquiry is required

      How about the illegal wars, a PROPER public inquiry is also required.

      How about Councils using terrorism legislation to spy on the public?

      I could go on, but what we really need is to boot out the barking mad gay boy in Downing Street and his ugly hag wife.

  134. 605

    [...] Exclusive: Cabinet Office Restricting Bullying Discussion The Cabinet Office internal computer system has a message board where staff can chat. As in most organisations [...] [...]

  135. 629
    Dick Cheney survivies 5th Heart Attack, God admits to being 'perplexed' says:

    A spokesman for Jehova today admitted that God had gone on record that Dick Cheney’s continuing survival was causing him some concern. Asked whether the Lord Almighty had also made the comment “they aren’t usually this hard to kill” the spokesman declined to confirm this but pointed out that ‘time is still on our side’.

    No statement was forthcoming from Cheney despite very loud cackling being overheard by several hospital orderlies.
    Cheney’s personal attorney Stan Lucifer was seen leaving the hospital clutching a well worn contract of some kind that appeared to be dripping blood.
    When approached by reporters Mr Lucifer asked that his client be allowed time to recuperate and that his business arrangements between Mr Cheney were “strictly confidential” but, he added with a smile “extremely lucrative”.

  136. 632
    Sarah Beard, nee Macauley says:

    I get paid quite well to be Gordon’s “wife.” A lot of women failed the auditions and interview. They weren’t willing to kiss him in public. I am, provided he’s drunk a litre of Listerine beforehand.

  137. 633
    Gordon Brown is a total mentalist says:

    New Labour’s record in office:

    Restoring honour and integrity to politics: Damien McBride
    Transparency and probity: Porno films on expenses
    Ethical foreign policy: Illegal war
    Being honest with the public: Dodgy dossier
    Setting an example at the very top: Tony B Liar’s expenses mysteriously shredded
    Ethical foreign policy part 2: Standing by silently during Israel’s war crimes in Lebanon
    Freedom of speech: Throwing out a Holocaust survivor for heckling
    Keeping election promises: Introducing tuition fees
    Social justice: 25p extra a week for pensioners
    Real socialists at the heart of government: Margaret Beckett’s hanging baskets
    Freedom of speech part 2: Dr David Kelly
    Setting an example at the very top: Gordon Brown bullying subordinates

    New Labour. A brand/party you can trust..
    …to fuck you over.

  138. 634
    Sarah Beard says:

    Would someone PLEASE, for the love of donuts, buy Gordon some mouthwash?! Thank you!!!

  139. 635
    Tony & Cherie B Liar says:

    We’d like to thank the British voters, the Labour party, and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan for helping to make us so very, very rich. We appreciate it, especially Cherie who’s just bought her latest pair of shoes.

  140. 637
    Labour are honest and above reproach says:

    Directive sent to all Labour Party Members:

    DIRECTIVE 428:

    URGENT: To all party members, you are hereby ordered by Hauptsturmführer Campbell to implement DLS7 (Damage Limitation Strategy 7): Effective immediately, you are to slander and smear any and all critics of the PM and government, including any aged under 16 and over 65, and extending the strategy to “deniable libel” that can be mitigated at a later stage.

    Volunteers are also requested to pose as victims of bullying by various critics of the PM, for which you will be financially compensated in due course.

    Hauptsturmführer Campbell has hired back DM as strategic advisor. DM has suggested leaking names of No10 staff who called bullying chatline, and briefing press about their personal “problems”. DM’s contact, DD, has made some good suggestions on what to brief press – eg. Suggestions of those staff having been victims of childhood sex abuse, rape, or having money problems etc. The PM has signed off on this and said to go “as far as necessary.” DM has got tech advisor to plant incriminating photos on computers of staff members who’ve complained.


  141. 638
    Margaret Hanging Baskets says:

    Don’t vote me out. This job is all I have.

  142. 645
    Down with Brown! says:

    The forces of hell = Ed Balls, Damian McBride, Charlie Whelan, Nick Brown.

  143. 652
    Flatcap Army says:

    amazingly the Beeb’s website headline on this earlier was along the lines of “Forces of Hell unleashed by Number 10 AND THE TORIES” (my emphasis). Even now we see the Beeb trying to shift the blame from Polyphemus and onto the evilTories

  144. 654
    why so sirius? says:

    cue Christian Bale style audio hissy fit leak to major (smile now, no not like that! stop it stop it!) tubesite

  145. 658
    Cabinet Officer says:

    All hail the power of Guido! The “workplace bullying” thread suddenly appeared on the Cabinet Office intranet this morning.

    Amazing what a little publicity can do.

    • 660
      Cabinet Officer says:

      And it’s already full of people saying they’re getting bullied but are too afraid to report it.

  146. 661
    john wayne says:

    What all this reveals, and was highlighted in last nights little drama No Expenses, is that the culture, the boys club mentality that has prevailed for centuries at Westminster is still in place. It’s taken a battering but there is a rearguard action under way to save the old style luxury that all MPs and Peers have enjoyed throughout history. It’s confirmation also that they do see themselves as above the rest of us – a misguided elite, privy to all sorts of deceits and all of our money. Nobody can question them for they truly believe they are our betters. It’s insane, it’s corrupt but they won’t give it up without a fight – even it includes blatant lies, bullying and mischief

  147. 662
    nicky nokia says:

    Is it a coincidence that this article on cabinet office bullying has an advert for a mobile phone on it, extolling the virtues of managing messages?

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