February 19th, 2010

+ + + Sky: Purnell Standing Down at GE + + +


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    Gorfoons Blownit says:

    Shame – at least he did the right thing and stood down – shame the others didn’t follow him.


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      fitaloon says:

      Do they have any MP’s left to resign?


    • 18
      Up sh1t creek says:

      Once less New Labour piggy. Now how about people like Jacqui Smith standing down, now she has all the taxpayers money?


    • 30
      David Cameron says:

      That’s great news

      I’m going to get well fucked by stella tonight, just bought 2 cases of it.


      • 173
        Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

        I’m sure he has something cushty lined up in the city or on the continent. We desperately need a decontamination law to be applied to all central and local government troughers to prevent them from taking their address book to the private sector where they can make a few million. Ten years should do it.

        The only way we will ever get politicians we need is to make the job so difficult and thankless for the holder, that it is only taken up by those with a genuine urge to serve the country.


        • 219
          REAL DEMOCRATIC REFORM- NOW!!!! says:

          Or parliamentary seats are assigned via a lottery.

          I have more and more sympathy with those who think the last people we should allow to be politicans are those willing to be elected.

          Then we may purge our political system of the current crop of war-mongering psychopaths.


    • 33

      He’s just seen the books and Miliband and Balls flexing their funny muscles


    • 43
      Dirty Tricks Department. says:

      “trying to find out what going on! i was with him last night, he was talking about the rest of campaign.. odd“

      Downing Street have released dirt on him to the Sundays perhaps? They have a lot of previous in this area.


    • 54
      EU = Willkommen zum Vierten Reich! says:

      Fraser Nelson over at The Speccie will be heartbroken…


    • 61
      Catosays says:

      No great loss to anyone.


    • 231
      DNTT says:

      Re: the link to his “own constituency office”.

      Bio: Derranged Socialist

      One and the same surely.


    • 245
      Madness says:

      This guy is a talent. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him switch sides.


  2. 4
    JB says:

    Good riddance, along with the rest of them.


  3. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Well at least he will have plenty of time to clean his flat.


  4. 6
    Anonymongrel says:

    And escapes a Portillo moment.


  5. 7
    Another Engineer says:

    Ed Balls will be pleased. Unless of course, he has his own Portillo moment…


  6. 8
    Anon and on says:

    At least he will have time to clean his flat now.


  7. 9
    your mum says:

    All the blairites are standing down that just leaves the brown nosers.


    • 140
      Mr Ned says:


      Shame that those who share the Blairite philosophy are all moving into and taking over the tory party from within now.

      This will not make the labour party any more electable, but if they excrete the Blairite, “new-labour” poison from their party, they may become a party that is honest and can stand for a principled position on something. Unfortunately for them and their supporters that thing will be socialism, a regularly tried and failed philosophy.

      But at least they could openly and honestly argue a case for something they actually mean for once.


  8. 10
    Anon and on says:

    System slow today Guido. You sure Mossad aren’t tampering with your site?


  9. 11
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    ah yes. Mr. “hovel in Hyde”.


  10. 12
    Richard Manns says:

    The Blairites jump, so that Labour in opposition have no-one even half-sane to lead them? Oh happy days… now if Cameron could stop trying to impersonate Heath, I’d be a happy boy!


  11. 13
    Sunonmars says:

    Purnell dropped his resignation the day before Labour’s election launch and after Browns big speech today. The Boy has immaculate timing.


  12. 14
    Doris says:

    A coward, jumping ship before he is pushed by the electorate. Shameless!


    • 187
      Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

      Depends, he might be stepping down because he has a big story to tell that will destroy Brown forever.


  13. 16
    Minekiller says:

    He probably just to get on the job market ahead of the rush.


  14. 17
    Minekiller says:

    He probably just wants to get on the job market ahead of the rush. Not totally stupid then.


  15. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Perfect timing, I just hope that he has the decency to stab Brown in the front.


  16. 21
    Sunonmars says:

    This is weird, 2 supposedly Labour safe seats with majorities of 7910 for Walsall Sth and Purnells majority of 8500 both quit 2 days in succession, what are we missing here? Is Labour internal polling so bad that these guys are running away.

    Seems weird 1 day before an election launch, you have 2 labour mps running off for no reason in moderatley winnable or non target seats.


    • 23
      Anonymongrel says:

      In Purnell’s case the clue is in the election launch. Bruce George has stood down to precipitate an AWS to prevent a local Asian man from being slected.


    • 27
      And on and on he lies says:

      I say again and again – Labour know from their private polling that they are facing complete,utter,total and unbelievable meltdown at the ballot box.

      Every time they try and put their flag in the ground,slong comes another statistic to knock them for 6;

      0.1% growth
      21,000 new benefits claimants
      Economy worse than Greece
      Retail sales down 1.8% – largest ever dip
      January borrowing worst on record in a month when they have never had to previously borrow.

      The cancer that is coursing through the country is now making the body smell and bleed.

      Brown cannot control it and he can only make more ridiculous statements.

      Expect him to get worse as the evidence of the reality of the mess keeps piling up.


      • 38
        Lanchester Daily News says:

        I suspect that the private polling of marginals particularly in the West Midlands is pretty dire for Brown & Labour.

        That’s why he’s launching his campaign from Coventry on Saturday(?). Labour have taken some pretty big hits locally on unemployment increases and over the “botched” Cadbury’s jobs guarantee by Mandelson which has been proved to be even less enduring than a Cadbury’s Flake in a heat wave.That’s ignoring the subsequent closures/job losses/increases in youth unemployment/jobseeker claimants in the region which are a daily feature of local news bulletins


        • 77
          Grammar School Boy says:

          Well he certainly won’t be launching it from Teesside.

          Another 1,600 direct steel jobs going today and the supply chain will add another >4,000. How many mortgages andrepossessions will that mean?

          British dole for British workers!!


          • Sunonmars says:

            SkyNewsBreak Steel workers are to be balloted for strikes in
            protest at the mothballing of the Corus plant on Teesside

            the curse lives on, Brown was up there yesterday.


          • Grammar School Boy says:

            A smelter of discontent…

            How bad will it get? Brown is worse than his mentor Sunny Jim.

            Socialism, lest we forget.


          • Seymour says:

            How much will Corus get in CO2 reduction credits for this?

            Carbon trading, you know it’s a con.


          • Enron says:

            We designed the Carbon Trading Scheme with our good friend Al Gore and we deeply resemble that remark.


          • Archer Karcher says:

            “How much will Corus get in CO2 reduction credits for this?”

            I believe the figure is in the region of £200 mil.

            Oh yes and to maintain production levels, they are building a replacement plant in India with loans from British Banks and grants from the EU and Indian governments.

            Stangely I can see no mention of any of this in the MSM or the BBC. All I have heard today, is some cockwaffle about falling demand worldwide and a drop in steel production, due to the recession.

            Jobs created abroad and paid for by the EU and British Government via the AGW de-industrialisation program, while British workers are thrown onto the scapheap these bastards continue to lie about the dangers of CO2.

            To paraphrase another rotten regime from another elitist age, “let them eat carbon credits”.


          • Say ‘Tata’ to all those jobs – yet more manufacturing lost because Labour have cosied up to their corrupt subcontinental friends.

            I wonder how many steelworkers will relish being retrained as LGBT outreach facilitation coordinators?

            And you can’t mothball a blast furnace – once it’s cooled down, the lining is fucked and you have to rebuild it.


          • Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

            It was a fucking disgrace that on Questime Time last night, not one of the panel had the inclination to mention the carbon trading aspect to all this. Factories all over the developed world will soon be shut down in exchange for carbon cash, only to be shipped overseas to operate under weak environmental laws. All part of the plan, mind you.


        • 126
          AC1 says:

          I wonder how the Jonah Effect (R) will harm Coventry?


        • 240
          Englishman says:

          Coventry would sooner be bombed by hitler again that see that one eyed twat get re-elected


          • COVLAD says:

            We are going to pay £250 million to have our street light-switches changed. It will take over 100, yes one hundred years, to get a return from this stupidity. However the magic ligths we will get are not going to need replacing for……… Oh 20/30 years. Brill.

            However the boys and girls in the council are going to get jobs on the board of the company set up to run this Public Private Initative.

            Some would call that corruption. I how ever, couldn’t possibly comment.


      • 110
        Lord G says:

        All good reasons to shoe horn the election in on March 25th ahead of a budget…..


      • 137
        Trimbush says:

        The Labour Cabinet collectively went to Exeter recently to support Ben Bradshaw’s re-election – and he’s got a majority of over 6,000 or so

        Labour is on the run – it’s downhill all the way!

        REJOICE !!!


      • 155
        udderly 'orrible says:

        McShiteGob doesn’t do reality, hasn’t done so since he was rector of some totally useless Uni in McLand where he spent his time bouncing rent cheques.


      • 249
        talamunji says:



    • 98
      Wikipedia says:

      Bruce George (who?) in Walsall South will be 68 in June.
      Presumably he wants to take his payoff and retire in the style he’s been used to.


    • 184
      bergen says:

      On the basis that power changes hands every so often,it’s bad news in the long run(and not only for the future opposition )to lose one of the few left in Nulab with any sense at all.


      • 204
        Peter Grimes says:

        Don’t forget that Purnell was the lying c.unt who appeared on tv the weekend after the Scottish Abrahams fake donations scandal to say that they HAD been repaid. Anyone who can lie so blatantly for ZaNuLieBor can never be said to have any sense.

        A lying hoon is what he is.


  17. 22
    Alastair Campbell is a rentboy says:

    I is missing him already


  18. 24
    The Orator says:


    “The former cabinet minister, James Purnell, is on the romantic wing too. Purnell has become one of the country’s most stimulating politicians because he dares to surprise sometimes in a stifling, cautious political world where the unexpected does not happen very often.”


    Unexpected now, Steve?


    • 31
      genghiz the kahn says:

      so much for Purnell’s trust in Richards, feed him some crumbs but saves the big treat for afters.

      ho, ho, ho, ho.

      I wonder if there be some more resignations later today.


    • 36
      Jame Purnell's Landlord - Never Again! says:

      The only surprising thing about Purnell is the filthy state he left my flat in.
      The deposit came nowhere near the cost I incurred cleaning it up after the dirty bugger left.
      It was like a bloody pig sty. He even shat in the sink for Christ sake!


      • 117
        Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

        It’s the right thing to poo.


      • 145
        J Purnell Esq. says:

        It wasn’t me – I had that Mark Oaten round my place.

        Knew it was a mistake. Now Fatso McDoom is going to splash it all over the newspapers, which is what I asked Mark to do in the first place.

        That Exlax – so unreliable>


      • 246
        Bollockchops says:

        what sort of deposit are wetalking about here?


  19. 29
    skingers says:

    Majority of 8,348, it would take 12% swing to remove him; so maybe he figures best to jump ship & get a real job but who knows… if he doesn’t feel safe with that majority then the inside polling/story must be grim or maybe he has no stomach for the inevitable bloodletting that will follow…:)

    Look back in anger:) James Purnell MP, Stalybridge & Hyde (TheyWorkForYou.com) http://bit.ly/bITQG6


  20. 34
    Anonymous says:

    Another one bites the dust!


  21. 35
    Brown and very soon out says:

    Purnell is going to make an attack on Brown over the weekend – the presses are being prepared.

    Brown to go by the end of next week.


  22. 37
    caesars wife says:

    Got up this morning and found comment on economy delted , whats goin on fawkes ?


  23. 39
    David Cameron says:

    I’ll be next one to go.

    Politics is hacking me right off

    My wife wanted one of them new bum bags, I had to shop around but i found a blue ikea bag that covered one cheek .


  24. 41
    Steve says:

    Joining the Tories?


  25. 45
    The Dirty Rat. says:

    Didn’t Brown say he was going to Brum?

    Curry houses blighted by exploding tandoors
    Health and Safety officers have issued a warning to the curry houses of Birmingham after a spate of injuries caused by exploding tandoori ovens.



  26. 46
    genghiz the kahn says:

    If Purnell is followed by a couple more MPs, it would really stiich Brown up.

    How could he claim to have a united party? The headlines for Brown would be even more grim.

    Go on, go on, you know you want to. Stitch the Hunt up.


  27. 48

    Epic Beard Man delivers righteous justice.


  28. 58
    The IMF is coming says:

    Mothball production will increase under Labour! They have a new plant in Teeside.


    • 60
      Steve Expat says:

      PMSL, comment of the day (so far!)


    • 76
      Engineer says:

      They’d better put the fire out in the blast furnace first, or the smell of burning mothballs will anaesthetise any remaining Labour voters around Teesside.


      • 111
        Grammar School Boy says:

        I love the small of napalm in the morning – it reminds me of Middlebrough!


        • 224
          I'm Lucky- I Left Boro!!! says:

          Middlesbrough is the classic example of what Labour gives you.

          A crap Labour council and a crap Labour MP who take their electorate for granted.

          If you are ever unlucky enough to experience the place, bear this in mind.


      • 153
        Mr Ned says:

        Labour supporters sound like they are anaesthetised already. Every time they talk politics I cannot help but think that they are in a dreamworld.


  29. 63
    bonesontour says:

    I wonder what NICE LITTLE EARNER he has lined up?? No dole queue for him methinks!


    • 133
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      He’s in the constituency nextdoor to mine. Local ASDA in Hyde are always looking for new shelf stackers :)


  30. 68
    Engineer says:

    Purnell standing down? Symptom of more rifts in the Liebore party, methinks – especially given the timing.

    On an unrelated topic, more common sense from Jeff Randall in the Telegraph, quoting even more sense from Churchill.



  31. 69
    Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:

    The Conservatives have been fucked yet again at local council elections and they will be at the General Election

    Labour gained two seats from the Liberal Democrats in the latest council by-elections with just 15 weeks at most before Gordon Brown’s date with destiny.

    However there was also good news for the Lib Dems after victory in a west country Tory stronghold


  32. 70
    Jon Tomes says:

    Another good man gone. Time to go after Brown in every way possible. I’m doing my own bit with myLabourposters Unleashed at http://jontomes.typepad.com/blog/


  33. 72
    History is whatever you remember says:

    Breaking on Dales Diary

    McBust called to face Chilcot 4/5 March so March 25th date is on(?) as if he calls for dissolution 1 March he will be regrettably unable to attend due to prejuding election


  34. 78
    Odds Bodkins says:

    He’ll be back you mark my words.


  35. 79
    • 87
      jgm2 says:

      That’s 1/4 who are leaving voluntarily and another 50% who will be leaving at the behest of the voters. There’s going to be fuck all of the imbeciles left at this rate.

      But while there is a single Labour MP re-elected who served in this government of all the imbeciles then it is one imbecile too many.


  36. 80
    Yardarm says:

    Made my fucking day. This careerist creep, emblematic of the good for fuck all political class has never known a day`s honest in his life, merely sliming his way up the greasy pole.

    It was brilliant to see the twat resign last year in anticipation that he`d precipitate a coup against McBirdbrain only for the rest of them to bottle it and instead of him ending up as Home Secretary under Miliband he was on the back benches.

    Am entertaining the delicious thought Purnell will end up in the Jobcentres of which he was once overlord but no; his networking skills have no doubt landed him a lucrative chair polishing position in quango land, very likely as Mr Expat suggests working for the Tories. He won`t be the last one on the U boat to Argentina: Mandelson`s probably already positioning himself.


    • 114
      Anonymong says:



    • 135
      Epicurean says:

      He’s resigned to spend more time with his sideburns and his airbrushing kit.


    • 166
      Televisual Arts(and Crafts) says:

      Coming to Sky3 soon – “James Purnell Waltzing with Mathilda “- Ex Cabinet Minister James Purnell goes on a terribly long railway journey through Australia in a sort of amusing kind of blokey manner- meeeting all sorts of funny characters with heart warming stories on the way!” To be followed by a stint as Chairman on the new series HIGNFY(James takes an irreverent look at his former colleagues in Westminster)


  37. 81
    mossad man with fake moustache and wig says:

    Can you put up a pic of Stinkies kitchen Guido ?
    It always cheers me up and makes me feel less guilty about not doing the washing up.


  38. 82
    Ex BBC rent boy with a sore arse says:

    None of this is being reported on Radio 5 mind, instead all they can do is get the fat queen Nolan (is he really one of the Nolan sisters by the way?) to spout on about how the Tories are boycotting Liebour’s plan to save the elderly (by taxing them even more)


    • 88

      Radio 5 presenters will be able to afford clever accountants who will get them out of paying the new Death Duty for the Rest of Us. So why would they care?


    • 210
      Mr Ned says:

      Actually they are boycotting labour’s plans to take the houses off the hard-working families who look after frail relatives.

      I know that I have worked hard to pay for my home. I would like to leave that home to my only child when I die. I do not want the fucking thieving bastard government to get one penny of it!

      If I was in power, I would change the law so that if you own a property that you use as a family home, and it is your ONLY property and you own it outright, you could voluntarily apply to have that property de-listed as an asset, or listed as a valueless home. This would then be the case until you die, or you apply to have it re-listed as an asset.

      In other words, You would volunteer to have the property listed as a valueless, unsaleable item. You would not be able to rent it out, sell it, and you could not be taxed on it, or have it included as an asset in any kind of benefit claim. You would not be able to take out loans against it, nor use it for any sort of revenue generation at all. It would be a home and nothing more than that.

      After making such a declaration, there would be a five year limit before being able to re-list it as an asset. Any re-listing as an asset would take place no sooner than 10 years after the application to re-list it, to prevent people abusing the system for instant personal gain.

      This way your home could be passed to your children, as a home, but not an asset. If they wanted it to become an asset, then they would have to apply for it to be re-listed as an asset too and then realise the asset value of it after 10 years.

      I think that there should be a legal definition of a ‘home’ that is distinct from property, and that a person could own their own home, giving them peace of mind and security, without having any of the financial benefits or traps of property.


      • 237
        NotaSheep says:

        A fantastic idea, would you mind if I quoted it?


        • 238
          Mr Ned says:

          Not at all, feel free!

          O/T but I just saw a quote on Norman Tebbit’s site:

          “I did go to one Bilderberg meeting (on the advice of my officials that I should know what it was all about). I was never invited to another – which tells you something about both the Bilderbergers and me.”

          Respect to Tebbit ;)


  39. 85
    Tim Stamper says:

    He knows something we don’t


  40. 86
    Francis Urqhart says:

    i’ll bring the lot of them down if i have to


  41. 88
    David Owen says:

    SDP Mark 2?


  42. 90
    ABGB.co.uk says:

    I wonder how many of the Labour MPs about to leave Parliament would come back if Gordon were to do the decent thing & stand down as Leader after the disastrous election defeat…. just shows that the cowards should have fought him together but they didn’t dare. Go Gordon go. ABGB.co.uk


  43. 91
    Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:

    We are unable to confirm or deny rumours that George Osborne will resign this week-end !!!

    We are able to confirm that he is a economic clown

    More than 60 leading economists backed Chancellor Alistair Darling today over his decision to delay spending cuts until next year.

    In two letters to the Financial Times, they said it could be “positively dangerous” to begin cuts – as the Tories are planning – and would risk tipping the economy back into recession.

    The letters are a direct riposte to a letter sent to The Sunday Times by a group of 20 leading economists urging more rapid action to tackle Britain’s £178 billion deficit.


    • 96
      The IMF is coming says:



    • 99
      Minekiller says:

      On the other hand there are about 2,000,000 micro-economists who have to manage small budgets on a monthly basis who endorse the fact that Gordon Brown’s Chancellorship and unelected premiership has truly screwed the country and that neither he or his sink rat Darling have the slightest clue how to fix it.


      • 104
        jgm2 says:

        They’re not trying to fix it. They’re still trying to cover up their incompetence that got us into this fix. It is their failure to admit they fucked up and the massive 500bn quid cost of the cover-up that is going to fuck us over far more than putting their hands up back in 2007 and changing tack.

        We have just marched three years down totally the wrong path just because Brown and his imbecile government cannot admit they fucked up and that we need to change the plan.

        Arseholes. Incompetent, mendacious, scum-sucking fuckwitted arseholes.


    • 100
      jgm2 says:

      60 leading economists?

      Can any one of these useless c*nts point to the letter they all wrote and signed back in 2001 warning Brown not to employ one million non-jobbers on insane salaries and advising him that house prices were going up by 15 – 20% a ear and he’d better put up interest rates or the economy would go down the shitter?

      60 leading economists?

      I have shit better economists.


      • 121
        Pensioner, UK says:

        The only economist I’m interested in is one who will give me a decent return on the few bob I have in the building society. I’m talking a minimum of 5% here, preferably more.


      • 181
        Sir Everard Digby. says:

        Indeed, predicting a tax take of c 1 billion in January -we borrowed 4 billion plus instead.

        Missed the recession completely

        My favourite is the dimwit (yes he signed the letter) who thinks having a balance of payments surplus and exporting more than you import are not signs of a strong economy.

        Q:Why did God create economists ?
        A:In order to make weather forecasters look good.


        • 215
          The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

          A Physicist, an Engineer and an Economist are shipwrecked on a desert island. There is no food but one day a packing case filled with tins of baked beans is washed up. They open the case and puzzle on how to get the beans out of the tins.

          The Physicist says “Easy! Put the tins on a fire and the heat will not only cook the beans but when it gets hot the lid will burst open!”

          The Engineer says, ” Easy, put a sharp stone under the rim of the lid and knock the lid off”

          The Economist says, “Easy, assume we have a tin opener!”


    • 106
      Brilliant Economist says:

      The best way to tackle a debt cris is to rack up more debt. Then get elected out and leave the mess for somebody else.


    • 136
      grobdj says:

      Economists are not leaders, they are followers


    • 150
      Common denominator says:

      Keynesians and socialists to a man (and woman).


    • 188
      Hugh Janus says:

      60 beats 20, so they must be right! (Finding out they are wrong will be too late of course.)


    • 194
      cant hunter says:

      Yes but one of those economists is one D. Blanchflower, of the parish of BBC and Channel 4; if I were Chancellor my instincts would be to do the exact opposite of what this individual advocates.


      • 223
        William says:

        He used to be captain of Spurs (in the days when they could play a bit,).

        He should have stuck to football.


      • 228
        Grandma says:

        Blanchflower, speaking from the USA, seemed a bit bonkers on Channel 4 last night. They turned the volume off on him to allow the other economist to speak.
        Perhaps it was jet lag.


      • 248
        Mr Nobody says:

        Indeed, if arch-dove Blanchflower had managed to get his way, he would have made the debt problems which led to this crisis far, far worse.

        The single most stupid decision, however, was Brown’s decision to remove house prices from the official inflation figures. House prices are central to the British economy, unlike other nations.


    • 225
      English Liberation Front says:

      So some clueless leftie economists write a stupid letter in the Pinko FT?
      So what?
      The truth is that FWIT Brown has bankrupted the nation!


  44. 94
    Gordon Brown's Press Officer says:

    More problems for the Chief Hoon, Boris Johnson

    The Fire Brigades Union is calling on London Mayor Boris Johnson to fire the vice chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, Councillor Bertha Joseph.

    Ms Joseph was suspended as a Brent councillor, and her appeal against suspension was rejected last week.

    Her six month suspension – the longest the Standards Committee can impose – came after she allegedly used charitable donations to buy herself ball gowns. She was also ordered to repay £200.

    She will not be able to perform council duties until the end of the suspension period, including constituency work and any formal business of the

    FBU executive member for London Ian Leahair is writing today to Mayor Johnson, who alone has the power to remove her.

    Mr Leahair said today: “This councillor, mired in sleaze, is considered unfit to sit on Brent Council.

    “Yet Mayor Johnson apparently thinks she is perfectly fit to have a key role in running London’s fire service. The Mayor must have a very low opinion of firefighters and the fire service.


    • 112
      jgm2 says:

      Nobody gives a shit about this no-mark from the FBU any more than that troughing tart from Brent.

      A ‘key-role’ in running the Fire service? What’s to know? Plug in the post code on your SAT-NAV. Drive to the fire. Put the fucking thing out.


    • 113
      Mossy O'Sad says:

      Another chosen one on the take, ffs.


    • 128
      jgm2 says:

      Nobody gives a shit about this no-mark from the FBU any more than that troughing tart from Brent.

      A ‘key-role’ in running the Fire service? What’s to know? Plug in the post code on your SAT-NAV. Dr*ve to the fire. Put the fucking thing out.


    • 239
      Council Watch says:

      What is it about these w*nkers in the public sector politics, do they feel that a ‘trough’ is their birthright!!


  45. 95
    J Enoch Powell says:

    Resigning never works old chap, just look what happened to me!


  46. 105
    Seymour says:

    Let me tell you how it’s going to be.
    There’s one for you, nineteen for me
    Cos I’m the broonman, yeah,
    I’m the broonman
    Should five per cent for you appear too small
    Be thankful I don’t take it all

    Cos I’m the broonman, yeah,
    I’m the broonman

    If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street
    If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat
    If you get too cold, I’ll tax the heat
    If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet
    If you have a shit, I’ll have your arse

    Cos I’m the broonman, yeah,
    I’m the broonman…


  47. 109
    George Osborne says:

    The wife asked how I liked her new dress
    ” looked better with the potatoes in ” wasn’t what she wanted to hear.

    Back on the sofa tonight


  48. 122
    Filth and Scum says:

    Is this why Brown and the p aedo cabal want children to have laptops at home:



  49. 124
    David Cameron says:

    I just went for a slash and missed.


  50. 125

    Update from James’ constituency office via Twitter:

    “mate, words cant describe how pissed off i am.”


  51. 132
    Jan says:

    O/T….Can you imagine the outcry if Laura Bush had visited a school somewhere in Africa where whites made up say 10% of the total population,and Laura had swooped down hugging all the white kids in the school audience ignoring the blacks?Can you imagine what would have been said if she then invited 10 white kids from that school in an African country back to the White House.There would have been an absolute outcry.So why is is alright for Michelle Obama to invite black kids from Islington to visit her in Washington. Laura Bush would have been called a raciist but good ol’ Michelle can do no wrong. This is absolute outright racism.Apparently they had a competition for the best essays and these kids supposedly won the competition,the prize was a trip to Washington to meet Mrs Obama.Well,if you are black in London you get extra help from the EMAG (Ethic Minority Achievement Grant) YOU are all paying for it but only blacks need apply.There is extra tuition etc etc…….. I know that poor white kids in areas of London have a really bad time at school. My mother who is not known for her incisive political analysis (well she is rather ancient) also noticed that Mrs Obama was favouring black kids. It’s bloody outrageous.How can she bring herself to sleep with a half white man? It must be very very difficult.


  52. 134
    The IMF is coming says:

    BBC still leading with 60 v 20 nah, nah,ner nah. Also ‘Scary’ tories.


    • 138
      BillyBob ... reduce crime, prison numbers and reform the benefits system!! Stop immigration !! says:

      and that crap Radio 5 this morning was saying “60 world leading economists”… whoever is the producer there I would sack the biased b*stard !!


    • 157
      Look we're trying to win an election so promise the punters anything you think the mugs will believe says:

      MY economist is BIGGER than your economist ——- so there !!!!


    • 159
      AC1 says:

      How many of those 60 warned of the obvious credit bubble?


      • 171
        Inflation is good says:

        At least ONE of them in a position to have his voice heard in the MPC was pushing for even lower interest rates in the years the asset bubble was inflating…had that happened the collapse would, I venture to say, been even worse for the UK (as if it isn’t bad enough)


    • 172
      Sir William Waad says:

      Plumbers know about plumbing, bookies know about gambling, violinists know the violin and farmers know about farming yet, strangely, economists seem to know nothing at all about money.


    • 230
      Less is more says:

      Ho Hum…..
      Only 13 economists in the whole world predicted the GFC – global financial collapse.


  53. 138
    Blue and Blue says:

    Damm and blast it . Back stabbing Burnham doing a runner
    We were hoping to give this two timing filcher a hearty welcome to
    Goodison Park next time he shows his many sided face.
    Not stupid,this devious prat,he has a safe seat in the Land that time forgot,
    Liegh,Gtr Manchester.The yonners round there would vote for a stray cat
    as long as it could miaeow the Red Flag


  54. 143
    Anonymous says:

    What does Cameron do all day? Why is he so nice and timid?

    It seems people prefer liars and bullies!

    Just an observation.


  55. 144
    I will not use me dead children as props I tell you!!!!...sob......blubber......quiver......emote says:

    This is excellent news, the more anti modernisation, anti Anglo Saxon, anti aspiration, anti prudence, high tax leftists in Government and the PLP, the better I say.

    But I am a bit mental


  56. 148
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:


    Faked photograph
    In September 2007, a photograph of James Purnell was faked and released by the press office at Tameside General Hospital as part of a press release for the Tameside Hospital Private Finance Initiative (PFI) rebuilding deal.[3] The Tameside Trust claimed that Purnell agreed to the amalgamation of the two photographs,[4] as he was late for the original photo call, but Purnell denied this. Another Labour MP, Tom Levitt, present for the photoshoot stated that he and other Labour MPs deliberately left a gap for Purnell when the original photograph was taken, knowing that Purnell’s image would be superimposed onto their photograph. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Purnell


    • 196
      Hugh Janus says:

      That’s the one. The really worrying thing is – they think this is perfectly normal conduct.


    • 214
      Ken Woodchef says:

      Healthcare regulator Monitor is to carry out an independent review of the way Tameside General Hospital is run following public outcry into a catalogue of failings. The Care Quality Commission will also be examining patient care at the hospital.

      Only 12 weeks to “Save the NHS” again…


  57. 149
    Blue Rosette says:

    Forgive me. Who is this Purnell chap?

    What has Purnell ever achieved?

    Replies welcome.


  58. 152
    Anonymous says:

    Oh yes…..


  59. 158
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    No doubt he is about to be exposed for fraud and financial shennigans
    Never trust any man with bushy sideburns who isnt in a 1970s sitcom


  60. 164
    Mongwatch UK says:

    Times says he can see which way the election is going and wants out.


  61. 178
    Sir William Waad says:

    Perhaps his boyfriend is pregnant? Or maybe he just wants to spend more time with his fridge magnets?


  62. 182
    Brown's Buggered Britain says:

    Not much point in anyone with political ambitions standing for a party headed by Gordon is there?


  63. 183
    Trimbush says:

    BBC RADIO 2 running with Winterton story – “different class”


  64. 191
    Sunday Morning says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if MP’s only got their money for leaving Parliament if it was involuntary….ie they got voted out as opposed to simply standing down or not getting selected?

    Or maybe it would be better the other way? I wonder how many Labour MP’s would show their confidence in Gordon Brown by not following Purnell if that were the case!


  65. 198
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Purnell won’t have any trouble in being in politics and out of politics – the man who can be in two places at once.


  66. 201
    Cynic says:

    One of his local Bruvvers has just commented ‘Good Riddance’. Yes…lets not have any poncy intellectuals around here getting in the way of the socialist workers dream. Throw another billion on the fire Gordon … its a bit cold today.


  67. 211
    Pennine Hermit says:

    I know idiots who drink with the Prat Purnell in his Stalybridge Labour Club
    Control Module. You’de have more fun in an horse drawn barge on the Styx.Occasionally frequented by hobbits,gender benders ,CAMRA froth
    blowers and budgie breeders ,not forgetting the local Shawl and Clog
    Ensemble reminding the locals about Satanic Mills and Rickets


  68. 212
    lol says:

    this is good news

    over at Guardian the numbers of accountants in favour of governments economic strategy (sic) has risen from 60 to 67 – curious?



  69. 213
    johnny come lately says:

    Expect to see Baron Purnell on the Tory benches after the general election and if Cameron is Prime Minister! He will also have a position in government.


  70. 216
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Left foot Straw and Hopi Sen found it hard to cover this breaking news story, funny how they both found other stories to blog about today,


  71. 218
    Sunday Morning says:

    I suspect he will end up trying and resume his career with the BBC after the election where he was head of corporate planning. This would fit in with his stated desire to continue to be of service to the Labour Party. Doubtless after the election many of the Labour government will be looking for jobs in the BBC as it’s where they are made so welcome while in opposition.


  72. 220
    Ken Woodchef says:

    Remember “No10’s gay smear attack on James Purnell after bust-up with the Prime Minister Hissy Fit Shock Horror Probe”



  73. 222
    Barnabas Scudamore says:

    Have just read an interview.

    My conclusion – mid life crisis/breakdown.

    One thing in his favour and the thing that should be noted is he at least has the balls to stand down.

    This takes more fortitude than staying where you are.

    I think this bloke should be congratulated on at least having some morals.

    [my previous post was made in ignorance before I read his interview]


  74. 243
    Anonymous says:

    Is he waiting to sign on? Someone should tell him he’s not entitled to JSA becuase he left his job voluntarily.


  75. 244
    disco biscuit says:

    Is it to do with those bisexual rumours?


  76. 247
    Mr Nobody says:

    Very sad to see Purnell go, I felt he was the one potential Labour leader who could turn the troubled party around. I may well have voted for him, whereas I can’t say the same for the Milibands, Johnson, Harm-men or Balls.

    Where do Labour go from here? It looks pretty bleak for them now.


  77. 251
    Big Bazongas says:

    It’s pretty bleak for the Tories if the latest poll in The Times is correct. Cameron has to remove Osborne and substitute Ken Clarke NOW. It’s the only way for the Tories to pull it off. He has to do it this weekend – no ifs, no buts. NOW.


    • 254
      Thatcher's Ghost says:


      And then Ken Clarke can replace Cameron with Lord Heseltine and it will be just like the old days.


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