February 16th, 2010


From the Frequently Asked Questions section of Twitter’s very own help website:

Can I edit a tweet once I post it?
Nope. Once it’s out there, you can’t edit it. You can delete an update by clicking the trash icon on the right end of the update, but you can’t make changes.

This puts Labour whip David Wright’s claim that his tweet about the Conservatives being “scum sucking pigs” was “tinkered with” beyond any doubt.  If he had just admitted that it was too far and said sorry last night this whole thing would have been over within minutes, but, as ever, it is the lying that will nail him. CCHQ are pushing this one aggressively and Pickles has just written to Wright accusing him of breaking the Ministerial Code.

A Minister of the Crown could well be set to be Twitter’s first major political scalp.


  1. 1
    Dirty Old Man says:

    Stupid wanker.

  2. 2
    Mr Ned says:

    Serves him right for lying!

  3. 3
    Praguetory says:

    Tamper tamper.

  4. 4
    Dack Blog says:

    Thanks fuck we don’t elevate people to the corridors of power who are thick enough to tell a desperate and obvious lie. Heaven help us if folk of that ilk had some say in our destiny. We’d be totally in the shit.

  5. 5
    Don Tully says:

    God this lot make me sick!!!
    If it isn’t the bastard Prime Minister crying on TV, as directed to by his PR, media-whore wife (who’s young enough to be his daughter), shaming the nation and trying to get someone to like him, it’s ministers spending all their time Tweeting and Blogging rather than running the country. That freak Kerry McCarthy is THE prime example: she does nothing for Bristol East at all, simply justifying her inaction and smearing others.

    I repeat my worry that Cameron may not be able to take out Labour; if not we need to get ready for a coup d’etat with help of MI5 individualists and sensible military men.

  6. 6
    Red Bacon says:

    He’s fuggin ugly. Can I have my £64,00 severence now please?

  7. 7
    Rickytshirt says:

    Twatted by his own tweet.

  8. 8
    Odds Bodkins says:

    Completely O/T but funny


    One thing about blokes from Oz is that their hearts and
    humor are always in the right place!

    T. B. Bechtel, a City Councilor from Newcastle, Australia,
    was asked on a local live radio talk show, just what he
    thought about the allegations of torture of suspected
    terrorists. His reply prompted his ejection from the studio,
    but to thunderous applause from the audience.


    “If hooking up one raghead terrorist prisoner’s testicles
    to a car battery to get the truth out of the lying
    little camel shagger will save just one Australian life,
    then I have only three things to say,’ ‘Red is positive,
    black is negative, and make sure his nuts are wet.”

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    He really does have a face you want to slap.

  10. 10
    fitaloon says:

    I see he was also a bit of a snouter round the old trough as well. Maxing out last year on the old away from home lark. Also seems very quiet fro an MP who Tweets so loud
    # Has spoken in 3 debates in the last year — well below average amongst MPs.
    # Has received answers to 1 written question in the last year — below average amongst MPs.
    # Is a member of 0 select committees (0 as chair).

  11. 11
    Wayne Trombone says:

    The funny thing is, he actually does look like a stupid Hunt aswell.

    David Wright – how about fuck off.

  12. 12
    Sunday Morning says:

    His Twitter account is like Ashley Cole’s mobile!

  13. 13
    Anonymous says:

    Wot a fucking dork.

    oops, who tinkered with my first sentence, I think my keyboard was hacked.

    What I meant to say was that this fine minster of the Crown sets and exemplary example to us all


    there it goes again – my keyboard must have been hacked!

  14. 14
    Anonymous says:

    12 volts won’t fry many nuts.

  15. 15
    Anonymongrel says:

    There’s only thing this snot-gobbling thieving cnut is fiddling with.

  16. 16
    Anonymongrel says:

    Somebody has hacked my account.

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Wright is a fuck*ng cun*ing skidmark.

    Blimey, my keyboard’s malfunctioning too….

  18. 18
    .243 Win says:


    As if we needed any more proof that the combination of this lamentable bunch of troughers and technology was anything other than a slow-motion pile-up.

  19. 19
    Leave it out says:

    the fact he calls it a ‘commotion’ says all you need to know – not angry his account has been hacked, not dismayed at what was said, not distancing himself whilst apologising – well Mr Wright you are v v wrong – I am a Tory – am I Scum?

    I wish these sad old Labour MP’s would stop twittering their bile – surely they should be knocking on doors or completing job apps for McDonald’s – Ronald McDonald will have a run for his money.

    PS – Sally Bercow ought to knock the childish tory bashing tweets too – has she no respect for her husband?

  20. 20
    Anonymongrel says:

    Judging by his face, his surgeries are infrequent, too.

  21. 21
    MisterE says:

    It seems to be a prerequisite these days, to be a member of the Labour party and achieve some sort of superiority within their ranks, you need to be a nasty spiteful lying bastard…

    I really do despair that there’s even the slimmest of chances that this bunch of shysters might somehow make it back into office.

  22. 22
    Odds Bodkins says:

    Few people would have a problem with him calling Tories “sucking pigs” – but many will have a problem with him lying when suspected.

  23. 23

    […] comment on Guido’s Scum Gate post amused me. Of course it is totally non-PC and if a Labour or Tory MP said this I would hotly […]

  24. 24
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    No, but 88 amps will. Experiment. Connect jump leads to a car battery. Take off shoes and socks, stand in a puddle of water to ensure a good earth. Connect jump leads to testicles. Observe the results. Why do you think you smell burning flesh?

  25. 25
    Stepney says:

    He’s a snot-gobbling idiot of the first degree; fucking berate the inhuman git.

  26. 26

    Can I edit a tweet once I post it?
    Nope. Once it’s out there, you can’t edit it. You can delete an update by clicking the trash icon on the right end of the update, but you can’t make changes.

    With great respect you copy the original tweet, paste it in the send box make changes/edits in the send box, Delete the original tweet, then publish the amended edited version..BUT it has to be the orginal account holder unless the RT version is edited as described above .

  27. 27
    John (the Zanulabour Destroyer) says:

    I agree,,we need our troops back here not in Afganistan or anywhere else because this countries biggest enemies is not Al Qaeda or the Taliban,,but Brown, Blair, the MSM, BBC and the rest of the left wing, Westminister village crowd.
    Mrs Thatcher was correct, the left wing are the enemy within and I look forward with great relish to helping the military with the coup.
    I would particularly enjoy seeing Brown and Blairs tears,,, on the Gallows as the noose is tightened around their traitorous necks.

  28. 28
    Anonymongrel says:

    It appears that the hacker has taken a break from tweeting from Mr Wright’s twitter account. Funny that.

  29. 29
    Stepney says:

    I appear to have been hacked. I actually wrote:

    He’s a first rate man.

  30. 30
    MisterE says:

    According to this: http://www.telfordcouncilwatch.org.uk/ if you turn up at one of his surgeries without an appointment, he calls the police on you…

  31. 31
    cogitodexter says:

    I think we’re in for one of the dirtiest campaigns in history, especially now that services like Twitter allow objectionable idiots to type before they bother to engage brain… Still, at least we see their true colours and can vote accordingly.


  32. 32
    NBeale says:

    It is completely outrageous that he repeatedly refers to #toryscum. This kind of hate campaign should have no place in politics and certainly not from a Minister.

  33. 33
    unseen says:

    It’s not just lying, it’s lying about being the victim of a serious criminal offence – computer hacking – and one that, if it were true, would be a national-security issue.

    Imagine if a Government minister really had been hacked, especially in the way that Wright describes (on-the-fly hacking of his datastream). He’d be speaking to the police, the Cabinet Office and MI5. And probably trying to keep it quiet.

    I don’t think people are appreciating just how serious a claim Wright is making.

  34. 34
    Leave it out says:

    Sally Bercow tweets:

    i’ve never voted tory before but they are aligned with extremists in Europe. Anti-Semitic, homophobic & racist links are OK. Right?

    Is that right?

  35. 35
    Down with Brown! says:

    Labour’s addiction to twitter is doing them more harm than good.

  36. 36
    Anonymous says:

    the only thing wrong with his tweet was that he missed off… ‘and so are labour’

  37. 37
    Down with Brown! says:

    Wasn’t the last person is Labour party who claimed their e-mail account had been hacked Damien McBride? It isn’t an original or convincing excuse. It’s up there with the dog ate my homework.

  38. 38
    Que? says:

    He claims he said “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig” but he really said “you can put lipstick on a scum sucking pig, but it is still a scum sucking pig”

    Can’t see what the fuss is about. What’s the difference between a scum sucking pig and a pig?

    I see Iain Dale is making a fuss about this, and anything that upsets Dale must be a good thing.


  39. 39
    Down with Brown! says:

    - Shock news —

    The minister is so stupid that he can’t remember his own tweets.

  40. 40
    Catflap says:

    These left wing wankers just don’t get technology.
    They think they are so fucking super intelligent.
    A former deputy head left wing propagandist now stacks shelves in B&Q because he was so fucking smart.
    Britain has been run by a bunch of 6th formers for the last 13 years judging by their behavior.

  41. 41
    I B Seldom-Lucid says:

    I doubt very much that the military would get involved in any such action.

    I also doubt whether they would be able or willing to prevent anybody else overthrowing this wicked and inept government.

    What a loathsome example of the ethics of Brown’s regime is the idiot Wright. How on earth could anybody describe him as honourable? Right despicable, more likely.

  42. 42
    backwoodsman says:

    Probably a founder member of ‘Nonentities R Us’, before getting the labour nomination.
    I think the current term for people with techie abilities, is ‘differently able’.

  43. 43
    12 volt car battery says:

    I just want to ensure that he cannot reproduce.

  44. 44
    Down with Brown! says:

    First poll on the Brown-Moran interview:


    More sympathy, but even less respect. Brown has our sympathy in the way that Portsmouth football club have our sympathy.

  45. 45
    ShoutsAtTheTV says:

    What? A Liebore person having to resign from their Post?..

    No, that would be like an admission of guilt; an admission of having made a mistake..

  46. 46
    Any Colour but Brown says:

    You don’t know much about electricity, do you?

  47. 47
    Down with Brown! says:

    Guido’s account has been hacked for six years. He’s really a Labour-supporting authoritarian who hates Guinness.

  48. 48
    ShoutsAtTheTV says:


  49. 49
    Any Colour but Brown says:

    Ask Sally Bercow about the past of some of those that Labour are aligned with.

  50. 50
    Clarence says:

    He should have used a hyphen between ‘scum’ and ‘sucking’.

    Who is doing the sucking here? The scum or the Tory pigs? His Tweet is ambiguous.

    The man is clearly a halfwit. He cannot even insult someone without fucking it up.

  51. 51
    Eskimo Nell says:

    Brown utilising the death of his child as a political tool is absolutely appalling. He is to politics what Shipman was to medicine and Hindley and Brady to Childcare

  52. 52
    Counting Down Gordons Days Left says:

    I think this prick should speak to the NuLabor font of all knowledge on technology, Tom “I’m sorry I know fuck all” Watson. That should help him dig an even deeper hole.

    Lets see if GB gets someone to put something on Twitter

  53. 53

    What is “scum sucking” anyway? Can you get specialist art films on the topic?

    Really quite pathetic excuse – the digital age equivalent of “a big boy did it and ran away”.

    Very Labour though: thick, unpleasant, dishonest and thick.

  54. 54
    BBC says:

    Have the Tories changed? Are they still perceived to be the nasty party?

  55. 55
    Jo says:

    Yes, he is a half wit, but twice as clever as Brown

  56. 56
    Jimmy says:

    Quite right. What sort of moron tries to deny something he tweeted?

    Thank heaven at least one blogger is making a stand for civility in political discourse.

  57. 57
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    This right honourable gentleman illustrates perfectly well that only twats twitter.

  58. 58
    I B Seldom-Lucid says:

    Interesting. There is another T B Bechtel in Midland, Texas. Must be coincidence.

    Oh, and another in Pensacola, Florida.

  59. 59
    The ghost of Winston Smith says:

    They do. It’s just that nobody believes him.

    Come to think of it I don’t suppose he expected anybody to believe him. He’s just taken his cue from his masters. Look at, for instance, Balls lying about his relationship with MacBride last year. The NuLab attitude seems to be “Ok, so I’m lying, you know I’m lying, and I know you know I’m lying, but as long as you can’t prove it, it doesn’t count!”

    Hopefully it won’t work in this case as it is so obviously, demonstrably a lie, but in the kind of Orwellian nightmare we’re living in now where the truth is whatever a government minister last said it was, I wouldn’t bet on it.

  60. 60
    Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

    Oh, I want them to win. I pray to God they win. For once in his miserable pointless lamentable existence, there will be a genuine smile on Gordon’s big fat stupid face, to be replaced within seconds by the most contorted grimace he’s ever pulled, as he realises he has to sort out the debt catastrophe he created. There’ll be no idling around in retirement, blaming it all on the “Tory government”, which is what he and his worthless cronies hope for at the moment.

    His torpid little mind will snap as he drags Labour to its grave.

  61. 61
    Mr Ned says:

    Yes they are. But labour are perceived as the really fucking malevolently, evil bastard party of complete shits!

  62. 62

    I’ll tell you a good trick – get some wire wool, a double handful of it, and drop it on both poles of a car battery.

    Umm, stand well back.

    I should have said that first.

    Stand well back, *then* drop a double handful off wirewool on a car battery…

    sorry for any injuries…

  63. 63
    genghiz the kahn says:


    shows he has locked down.


    “Twitterstorm latest. Seems @DavidWright also takes full “responsibility” for all Tweets in his name.”

    looks as if wright is in a piclkle, as he has forgotten the 11th commandment.

  64. 64
    I B Seldom-Lucid says:

    That’s why he or she is anonymous. Physics is in about the same dire straits as maths in UK schools.

  65. 65
    Down with Brown! says:

    Labour = the really nasty party.

  66. 66
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    ‘Scum sucking pigs’? Don’t most people think this is an insult to the pigs rather than the Tories who are, as we’ve known since we took in our mother’s milk, are lower than vermin.

  67. 67

    If only he’d asked His Master’s Beard first.

  68. 68
    A current says:

    I refer the honourable gentleman to my previous reply.

  69. 69
    Albert Pierrepoint says:

    You can most certainly add the tories to your execution list as well. Are you forgetting Heath who sold this country down the river to the EU or all the tory governments who have imported hundreds of thousands of immigrants right the way back to Macmillan and Eden. I`m with you in thinking that a military coup might just be the only way the whole verminous lot of them can be sorted out.

  70. 70

    It is also a nasty divisive and racist comment, excluding as it does Muslim Tories.

  71. 71
    Robin Hood says:

    “I would particularly enjoy seeing Brown and Blairs tears,,, on the Gallows as the noose is tightened around their traitorous necks”
    Piano wire nice and slow please only the best for these traitors.

  72. 72

    I think you’ll find he meant to write “chump sucking” but mis-typed.

  73. 73
    I B Seldom-Lucid says:

    That’s a bit harsh on six formers.

    Most I encounter have grown out of gang bullying, theft, lying, taking drugs (well not quite so many) and childish name calling.

    And many have not yet taken up perverted sexual predation or organised embezzlement.

  74. 74
    Down with Brown! says:

    He should be forced to write his resignation letter in 140 characters or less.

  75. 75
    Zanu says:

    Thanks for that.we shall see to it that becomes the case.

  76. 76
    Twitter Twister says:


  77. 77
    Peter Grimes says:

    It was interesting that Stephen Pound’s name came up recently as a suggested stooge in writing requests for information about Lord Ashcroft. It was Pound who was brought out to denigrate the former ZaNulieBor chairman’s account of the dodgy donations in his recent book. I still can see Pound’s sneering face as he spoke on tv!

    Pound’s cover having been blown, let’s hope that the arsehole isn’t used again to front ZaNuLieBor’s spiteful campaigns, or that one wobbly-spined journalist has the nerve to actually beard him about his stooge activities.

    Seems this c.unt is another, and also a loose cannon.

  78. 78
    Tattooed_Arry says:

    The average six-formers are a little more tech aware than the bunch talking twaddle on twitter.

  79. 79

    Considering the amount of pleasant and complimentary language on view constantly on the comments section of this blog – it is slightly poor taste to start moralizing about the comment now eh?

    I don’t think he went far enough, and I wish all MPs would say what they really mean more often, but because of the over-sensitive Tories, we now have apologies, backtracks and basic bullshit. Boring. Say what you think, whatever the language.

    People do swear in real life, so surely MPs should?

  80. 80
    Legally Retarded says:

    Inserted into his anus, set to vibrate…?

  81. 81
    Kings Heath Lad says:

    Just about sums it up in a nutshell!

  82. 82
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    In other words, his loss would literally go unnoticed apart from the public purse being looted less.

  83. 83
    BillyBob ... reduce crime, prison numbers and the benefits black hole? Stop immigration !! says:

    And Labour wonder why they are so hated !! Arrogant tosser…………….

  84. 84
    Mr Ned says:

    All these Labour MP’s in safe, tiny Northern Shit-hole constituencies are salivating at the thought of laying into the tories and blaming them for everything Brown has done, from day ONE of the next tory Government!

    They cannot wait to get stuck in and blame them for the national debt and the cuts which that debt guarantees.


  85. 85
    Down with Brown! says:

    BBC Radio 5 doesn’t report scum gate or inflation. Instead we have 20 minutes ofsome stupid socialist and self-righteous Vince Cable criticising Barclays for making impressively large profits and saying profitable banks should be broken up. Yee Gods! It’s the expensive, wasteful producers of left-wing propaganda who should be broken up.

  86. 86
    Lying animals says:

    Typical Nu Liebore lying corrupt filth.

    He’s some jumped up trash with a media studies ‘degree’ from a fucking dead-beat poly. He managed to worm his way into a ‘regeneration’ project in Sandwell (dealing with property developers and contractors wearing sheepskin coats with fat brown envelopes in to hand out).

    Sandwell is a Nu Labour flag ship of low life expectancy, illiteracy, drug abuse, smoking, teen pregnancy, crime and wretched soul-destroying deprivation.

    A number of the filth in a the criminal gang, that is the Sandwell Nu Liebore party, have been jailed for theft and corruption (check it out).

    As you might expect, while the residents on Sandwell (under the boot of Nu Liebore) are falling down dead at 50 (resulting from a life of zero opportunities and Nu Liebore sponsored urban terrorism), Nu Liebore filth in the Sandwell Council, on the fucking ‘Diversity Panel’, are deliberately wasting money on shite, such as, £65,000 for ‘gipsy awareness’ month in schools.

    The Labour party has always been shit and will always be shit. It is a party of liars, thieves and malignant corrupt scum from the lowest sewers in Britain.

  87. 87
    Ronnie McDonnie says:

    New Labour know they’re finished, so they’re dropping all pretence at civility and showing thier true colours. Funny how 13 years of this lot have made the Tories seem like the nice ones. And for the record, Mr Wright is a fucking c/unt. And no one tinkered with that.

  88. 88
    Hamish Macbeth says:

    It is very unprofessional – and not the sort of language and behaviour befitting a local dignitary

  89. 89
    Prince Akmi 4X4 says:

    a roasted one wearing lipstick is a double insult stupid infidel

  90. 90
    NotaSheep says:

    The BBC are still reporting – http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8517278.stm – that “The Telford MP apologised for the comment but said it had been “tinkered with” to make it “more offensive”…. he insisted he never used the phrase “scum-sucking”, saying his account had been hacked into and the phrase added by someone after the message was published.

    “What I think has happened is someone has tinkered with that and made it more offensive.

    “I try to use Twitter to engage with people. Someone has messed with my account. I find that very frustrating.”

    Mr Wright said his original message had been removed from the site and he was now conducting an investigation and had contacted Twitter to find out what had happened. ”

    I wonder when the BBC will have to change their version of the story

  91. 91
    I will not use me dead children as props I tell you!!!!...sob......blubber......quiver......emote says:

    As a member of NaziLabour his first instinct is of course to lie.

    The second will be to smear.

  92. 92
    Peter Grimes says:

    Worse than that, the Fenian get is really completely teetotal!

  93. 93
    I B Seldom-Lucid says:

    Take that off Guido.

  94. 94
    Old Nick Heavenly(real dimwit) says:

    Please refer to comments,82, 85, 94, 118 and 138 on the scum sucking pig in a co-op poke below this thread.

    If you are behind ONH you get the bum blowing fragrance of Baroness Ashton doing a Brussels jig.

    The sun is shining in the Ardennes. I was beginning to fear that it had been bought by Gollman Sex and shipped of to the highest bidder.

  95. 95
    PC says:

    I hacked it. I’m a PC and I’m 5 years old

  96. 96
    Andy Powell says:

    When my Labour MP pops round I’m gonna run the Hunt over my golf-buggy.

  97. 97
    Peter Grimes says:

    Just shows to what depths ZaNuLieBor have brought ‘local dignitaries’. Paid placemen all of them! And thoroughly nasty to boot!

  98. 98
    Legally Retarded says:

    Cock off, big nose…

  99. 99
    Down with Brown! says:

    None of us are bound by the Ministerial Code. None of us are elected representatives of the people. None of us have our computers paid for by the taxes of our constituents.

    If in his privite life David Wright wants to call Tory-voters scum that is his business. The moment he does so on a webpage that identifies him as a MP and from a communication device paid for by the over-burdened tax-payers of Telford then he must resign.

  100. 100
    Peter Grimes says:

    I guess that you will get just as far (ie not very) as your boy Dolly got last year when accusing Guido, the tooth fairy and Uncle Tom Cobbley of having hacked his emails. I wonder how Guido did get hold of them?

    Lying c.unts are ZaNuLieBor!

  101. 101
    concrete pump says:

    Just wait a bit longer, then you’ll see just how nasty these fuckers can get.

  102. 102
    Bunter says:

    Their collective opinion,not their individual opinion.

  103. 103
    Martin Day says:

    I’ve always dreamed of performing stand-up comedy but my wheelchair has always held me back.

  104. 104
    Down with Brown! says:

    The BBC are reporting the massive rise in inflation as good news for those in debt. There must be an immediate clear out of Laboids from the BBC followed by their privatisation.

  105. 105

    Are you suggesting that if something happens in “real life” it is therefore acceptable behaviour for MPs? If so I await the drive-by shooting of the PM by a member of his cabinet any time now.

  106. 106
    Bunter says:

    the hag he’s married to for one

  107. 107
    Peter Grimes says:

    Mastur Bator do fuck off again, please!

  108. 108
    A Horse says:

    nay nay.it’s the cheese behind Gorgons foreskin

  109. 109
    Down with Brown! says:

    Ed Balls is a twat.

  110. 110
    Old Nick Heavenly(real dimwit) says:

    and never been known to indulge in ‘substances.’

  111. 111
    Peter Grimes says:

    Yeah but money well-spent to garner the travelling vote!

  112. 112
    Coke is the real thing says:

    What disgraceful language. Hes a scum sucking, pig fucking dog for using such language.

  113. 113
    A Horse says:

    Tweet from Number 10
    your sacked

  114. 114
    The IMF is coming says:

    Surely according to Gordon the reference should be “Scum sucking Sheep”

  115. 115
    David Wright is a cunt says:

    -And when he’s in hospital send Ray Gosling round to fluff his pillow.

  116. 116
    Anonymous says:

    You wouldn’t expect him to be honest would you? FFS.

  117. 117
    human, all too human says:

    Has anybody seen McMentals human side today?

  118. 118
    Old Nick Heavenly(real dimwit) says:

    Which, the G o W Smith is a totally chav tactic, as employed throughout all ages!

  119. 119
    stilyagi_air_corps says:

    A Hunter S. Thompsonism, I believe.

  120. 120
    Harry the Camel says:


    What’s happened about Pickle’s letter to the Prime Mentalist re the £50k a year private fund ?

  121. 121
    twitter ye not says:

    A little bird did it.

  122. 122
    T Armac says:

    My marble chipped drivway is full of broken polo mints I’m fucking aware of the Pikey twats

  123. 123
    albacore says:

    88 amps @ 12 volts requires a load of not more than about one seventh of an ohm.
    Normal skin’s resistance is up in the thousands of ohms, even with the probes barely separated from each other.
    Still, if you take into account the sweaty, oleaginous nature of the pelt of your average Lib/Lab/Con skunk, waa-hey, it’s frying tonight!

  124. 124
    BillyBob ... reduce crime, prison numbers and the benefits black hole? Stop immigration !! says:

    Moralizing? If Labour had been honest with the electorate in what they have said to us since 1997, then you would be right, however, we scum sucking pigs also have freedom of speech.

    Honesty is not been this Government’s policy.

    Actually freedom of speech and thought have been seriously eroded under Labour, so I can understand why the Tories hate this Government, but for a senior Labour politician to suggest Tories are scum sucking pigs?? I do not get it !!

  125. 125
    snore says:

    Beats me why these idiots use twitter at all. Its a minefield for politicians but they just can’t see that.

    The electronic record is by far the hardest/most indelible record of all and once the button is pressed its done and cannot be deleted. Whats more, the attemp(s) to delete leave their own trail too.

    He lied. Its not the seedy, abusive little error he made, its the lying that followed to try and cover up.

  126. 126
    Twitter.com says:

    We have had our Tech guys check the logs and find no evidence of any tampering with this account.

  127. 127
    Drot Driver says:

    You can use mine

  128. 128
    Animal says:

    It gets better. He stated consitituents could turn up without an appointment, then kept a person waiting for the day and then, after refusing to see the person, attempted to turf him out by calling the Police.

    Sadly, as the officers called found the constituent had a perfectly legitimate reason to be there, the MP had no choice but to meet him. I wonder if the constituent got a cup of tea for his troubles……

    This also from the Torygraph:
    “David Wright accepted a £16,787 payment from the owners of his flat in return for giving up the right to cheap rent, then moved out. Claimed £599 for a TV but a £64.99 claim for a razor was turned down”

    He did also have a claim for move in monies accepted for £1975.87.

    So to only did he make a tidy sum from his landlord, but the taxpayer paid for him to move after he pocketed the cash. What a nice chap.

    He’s a very generous tenant though. On the 13th June 2008 Mr Wright claimed for a new carpet in the property owned by his landlord to the value of £1175.00. Now, I always laboured under the impression that items like carpets in a property were the responsibility of the landlord, but of course I would also be assuming that, should Mr Wright decided to move to another property – perhaps after another financial inducement by his landlord like last time? – then he will of course take his 80% wool pile with him. Along with the lino also claimed for in the kitchen & bathroom.

    Will he also be taking the £25.00 toilet seat, claimed in November? Who knows……

    But as the MP squeals on his taxpayer-funded website:
    “I know that a lot of people are angry about MPs’ allowances and there is a belief that all of us are abusing the system. The truth is that the majority of the 646 MPs in parliament of all parties are hard working and honourable people.”

    All this from an MP who voted against full disclosure of MPs expenses last year. Well, the people of Telford have a choice in a few weeks time.

  129. 129
    Martin Day says:

    What goes down, up and down again?

    An Alzheimers patient on a stairlift.

  130. 130
    Throbber says:

    There is no stage 2.
    The lie itself is the smear.
    The implication is that the Tories did it.

    I think we all know who the scum sucking pig is here.

  131. 131
    Ronnie McDonnie says:

    I just emailed Wright asking why he lied. I doubt he’ll reply.

  132. 132
    giant bee says:

    Steady on. I’m genuinely sympathetic towards Pompey and their fans, and I’m a Villan. Gordo’s just bloody pathetic, end of.

  133. 133
    Drot Driver says:

    Drot Driver says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    February 16, 2010 at 1:31 pm
    You can use mine

    What the fuck Guido?A drot is a bulldozer,what have you got against them

  134. 134
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:

    Stephen – the Labour Pound worth about two bob.

  135. 135
    BillyBob ... reduce crime, prison numbers and the benefits black hole? Stop immigration !! says:

    The BBC still push the Global Warming doomsday is approaching science!! So not change on their accuracy of reporting!!

    Richard Bacon is one of their highly paid serious intellectual journalists….. nuff said.

  136. 136
    D rot Driver says:

    This is getting stupid now.I will edit it to d rot
    D rot Driver says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    February 16, 2010 at 1:33 pm
    D rot Driver says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    February 16, 2010 at 1:31 pm
    You can use mine

    What the fuck Guido?A d rot is a bulldozer,what have you got against them


  137. 137
    Down with Brown! says:

    Will Straw tells Labour MPs to keep on tweeting.


    I agree, there’s not enough laughter in the world.

  138. 138
    mikew says:

    Fatty Pickles is quick to jump on any passing bandwagon , surprisingly nimble for one so gross……..now he`s written to this idiot Wright . Mrs Dale has the text.

  139. 139
    Granny smith says:

    Wonder if those mossad agents have a spare couple of hours.

  140. 140
    twitter ye not says:

    If ever there was a scum sucking pig, it’s Bacon.

  141. 141
    Down with Brown! says:

    Gordon Brown will give Pickles a response on May 9th.

    The British people will give Gordon Borwn their response on May 6th.

  142. 142
    A BBC spokesperson of indeterminate gender says:

    Look Fawkes the MP said he didn’t tweet it and we at the BBC believe him. We think his comments about Tory scum are valid and true and we believe his explanation, just like we believe that Jacqui Smith’s main home was her sisters loft.

    Socialists never lie only you right wing liars. We are the BBC, so shut up and pay us our 3.6 billion a year.

  143. 143
    giant bee says:

    Dear all, I’m an ugly lying hoon and I hearby resign before the mob gets to me. Tweety tweet. Note – twitter is for morons. 99% of it is people saying what they just ate or teenage girls crapping on about who-cares-what. Like I care. Hoons.

  144. 144
    Sally Bigcow says:

    I’ve never even slept with a Tory

  145. 145
    ISUCKSCUM says:

    Yes, a typical NuLab sleezoid.

  146. 146
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    Well, admitting he’d written it and saying sorry would be better than lying about it, it’s true.

    But surely even better still would be if he’d had the balls to say “You know what? I really do think the Tories are a bunch of scum-sucking pigs?”

    But I guess lying is the response that comes naturally to any scum-sucking pig from the Labour government.

  147. 147
    benji says:

    You should know, fuckwit.

  148. 148
    .243 Win says:

    Watch Pravda piss more of your money away on the Winter Olympics.

    74 BBC staff to cover 52 UK athletes, all at a bargin £ 250,000.

  149. 149

    Modded – now what?

  150. 150
    BillyBob ... reduce crime, prison numbers and the benefits black hole? Stop immigration !! says:

    hahahahaha…. excellent !!

  151. 151
    I hate Gordon Brown's Dad says:

    Somebody asked me today what the Brown/Morgan Interview was like. I said, excruciatingly embarrassing, like walking into your Mum’s bedroom without knocking and catching her using a vibrator.

  152. 152
    Alzheimers Protestor says:

    What do we want?
    Why am I here?
    Who are these people?
    Where am I?

  153. 153
    Lord paul says:

    Can i be of any assistance Mr Wright?

  154. 154
    Piss Organ says:

    They’ll even put their ‘prime’ minister up on my TV programme, expecting him to be a vote winner if he turns the waterworks on.

  155. 155
    .243 Win says:


    Piers hasn’t asked him to “get it out” today.

  156. 156
    Gordon Brown says:

    Allright David Cameron you free today?
    it’s just that it’s pancake day and i thought you would make the ideal tosser.

  157. 157
    giant bee says:

    The BBC must be utterly destroyed. Keep the equipment, the premises, the back catalogue of comedy and the like, and sack every single one of them. Sell the rights to use it to the highest tender, excluding Murdoch. Axe the telly tax, it’s a bloody disgrace.

    We pay them to poison the airwaves and our living rooms. A miniature version of the current government. Hang them all.

  158. 158
    Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

    Exactly. Election Defeat = ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card for Gordon.

    Election victory will paradoxically bury Labour forever. No possibility of a resurrection.

    If you really, really hate Labour, vote for them.

  159. 159
    Mark Oaten says:

    whats wrong with sucking scum?

  160. 160
    Down with Brown! says:

    The most bizarie bit of the tweet is the claim that the Tories would ruin Britain.


    Hundreds of stealth taxes.
    Given us 5000 new laws.
    Created an authoritarian state that make law-abiding citizens live in fear.
    Marginalised Parliament.
    Rising unemployment.
    The highest youth unemployment in our history.
    Our liberties destroyed.
    Abolished the right to trial by jury.
    Fattened the benefit system.
    Taxed the productive parts of the economy to death.
    Brought us to the brink of bankruptcy.
    Wasted millions on propaganda.
    Sold off our gold reserves at the bottom of the market.
    Raided our pensions.
    Dumbed down our education system.
    Turned honest countryfolk into criminals
    Increased inequality.
    Sold us out to the EUSSR..
    Taken us to war on a lie.

    Labour have spent 18 years trying to ruin Britain.

  161. 161
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Oh, I think we hate Labour for something a lot more serious than this, you know.

  162. 162
    Dave says:

    Dave on the first day in gov says
    The UK is bankrupt. job done.blame labour

  163. 163
    Tony B Liar says:

    What is important is, is what is important is, is what is important is, is what is important is, is what is important is.

    Sorry. I’ve said that so much the last 16 years, I don’t know what else to say. But what is important is, oh fuck! Cherie, let’s buy a new house. I need to rest for a bit.

  164. 164
    REEVO says:

    Another dimwit MP, the idiots that actually elect these cretins amaze me.

  165. 165
    Jonah Watch says:

    Nelson in NOTW, labour are not wholly despised, thy have very successfully blamed the recession the deficit and all manner of evils on the banks, that is the nedia narrative.

    “Brown proposal may yet woo voters
    Saturday, February 13
    I HOPE Sarah Brown never grew up dreaming about the moment some romantic
    young man would pop the question.
    Her husband tells us the words he used were: “I want to get married soon, and we should get
    married soon. Please”.
    Perhaps the worst line in the history of romance. But it worked: she took his hand. And, weirdly, so
    might millions of voters.
    Gordon Brown’s chat-up line in the next general election is just as bad. “Stability, not risk. Investment, not cuts. Many, not
    Complete nonsense: he’s hardly brought us stability, and plans cuts of least 10 per cent. But his argument is, at least, clear.
    And his message is getting across. People seriously think he somehow ‘saved the banks’ or staved off a depression.
    How do I know? Because I’ve been speaking to Tory candidates, who are knocking on doors and being told this by voters.
    They are horrified at how many voters think that Brown somehow did a good job on the economy.
    He certainly bailed out banks. But how? By promising them cash from taxpayers averaging an extortionate £20,000 per
    Do you think your hard-earned should go to protect bankers bonuses? I doubt it. But the mute Tories don’t make this

  166. 166
    The IMF is coming says:

    There must be a fair number of MP’s who don’t give a toss if they are in Goverment or not. Too idle/imcompetent to be more than an MP, rarely speak, not on committees , just happy to draw a salary, expenses and a juicy pension. Not in their wildest dreams would they get all that in normal life

  167. 167
    bounty says:

    Do not pass Go, do not collect £200.

  168. 168
    Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

    They weren’t spies, they were tourists on perfectly legit passports. Unfortunately one of their fellow guests at the hotel accidently slipped into a pillow and suffocated. Happens all the time. Next.

  169. 169
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    I’ve been busy writing questions for my friend Piss Organ to ask me.

  170. 170
    David Cameron says:

    Why don’t I just batter you, you fucking moron?

  171. 171
    Ronnie McDonnie says:

    I love how even Alan Johnson can’t hide the fact he found Cameron’s joke funny.

  172. 172
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Agreed. Should be deleted. He’s not a Labour politician, after all.

  173. 173
    REEVO says:

    You obviously used a naughty word Tel, its Guido’s Auntie she is very hard on things like that!

  174. 174
    Down with Brown! says:

    All of the Vancouver sporting venues were built on time and on budget. This is very unlikely to be true of those for the London Games.

  175. 175
    Sweaty Balls says:

    So what ?

  176. 176
    Dorian Smith says:

    Seems the message put out to NuLab acolytes (perhaps by twitter!) is to say, here, on Iain Dale’s blog and elsewhere is, “yes but there are more important things to talk about”. Nice to see the lines of communication working effectively, even if your government isn’t.

  177. 177
    Ali G says:

    I like Burger King. So does David Wright. That’s why he told a big whopper. Ba-dum tssssh! I’m here all week.

  178. 178
    David Cameron says:

    What will you be giving up for lent?

    I’m giving up politics

  179. 179

    Scum floats to the top, Mark: I was under the impression your own interests lie more in the direction of the bottom.

  180. 180
    Ronnie McDonnie says:

    Ed, Yvette’s quite cute. Is she a real goer?

  181. 181
    HO Lim-peng says:

    Note how, in the BBC News website’s coverage of this story, they insert at the end an account of how once a false twitter account was set up in David Milliband’s name. They are trying to help the government out by planting in the readers’ minds, without a shred of evidence, the idea this might be the explanation for the Wright story. Utterly disgraceful.

  182. 182
    Ronnie McDonnie says:

    Hi Labour troll. Shouldn’t you be reading Herr Campbell’s memoirs, as per Directive 438 from Millbank to all New Labour automatons? Hurry or they’ll send you to New Labour Re-Education-Education-Education Camp, where they’re still working on that elderly Holocaust survivor who was thrown out for heckling.

  183. 183
    David Wrong says:

    Its Edgy

  184. 184
    Down with Brown! says:

    The BBC = the Labour propaganda department fuding to the tune of £3 billion by the tax-payer.

    They have Alaister Campbell and John Prescott telling them what to write.

  185. 185
    Gordon Brown says:

    Yes please.

    With lashings and lashings of ginger beer

  186. 186
    Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

    Twitter servers can be hacked?! Well that’s the story of the year and a national security issue – don’t No. 10 & the Whitehouse tweet? Now we find out OBL can hack into their twitter accounts and edit their tweets of wisdom? NSA and GCHQ should be all over this, lol!

    Another fucking talentless Labour MP – even a child wouldn’t claim the dog ate their homework if it was saved on a hard drive of a laptop!

  187. 187
    Down with Brown! says:

    Clearly, 168, you are giving up making other people laugh too.

  188. 188
    Me favver always voted Labour, and is Favver afore im says:

    Just tribalism, innit.
    Replaces thinking about policies.
    Just slide into warm tribalism (in this case of the red variety) and don’t face up to the fact that your team has ****** over the country so bad that we need a £30,000 death tax to pay for our old age.

  189. 189
    Mr Ned says:

    Like David Wright MP? Sat round doing fuck all except claiming expenses and slagging people off twitter and then lying about it!

  190. 190
    Eric Pickles says:

    “You have used similar language in the past on Twitter, including describing David Cameron as a ‘horrible opportunistic scumbag.’ “


    Can’t find much wrong in that comment.

  191. 191
    Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

    Jeeze. He won’t do that again.

  192. 192
    BBC telly tax enforcement operative says:

    And be damn quick about it

  193. 193
    Silvyo Tanner says:



    KNOT A Minister of the Crown




  194. 194
    Gobshite says:

    Now saying he was ‘hacked’.

    Pickles told him to STFU.

  195. 195
    History is whatever you remember says:

    Just heard him on local BBC Midlands Today categorically stating that he did not post this and that his account had been hacked into

  196. 196
    Mr Ned says:

    FUCK OFF!!! I would NOT want my burger assembled by one of these vile disgusting tossers! I would get food poisoning!

  197. 197
    English Liberation Front says:

    David Wright is a grinning little Labour upstart and he is also a liar. Well, of course he lies, he is a Labour upstart in NuLieBore – lying used to be the one thing LieBore was good at, but this episode shows that they are even incompetent at lying these days!

    Any mention of Gordon Brown’s roast piggy wiggy from the Middle East in the MSM? Thought not! Why not? It was so obviously a made up fantasy of some sort.

  198. 198
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:


    Just needs someone at the beeb to grow a pair and report this so MSM coverage will see him toast by the morning. Bet the bunker are just waiting to see how much legs it has.

    Come in Jonah, give him your full support!

  199. 199
    Mr Ned says:

    A much better job for them would be to make them crawl over council rubbish tips on their hands and knees sorting through the refuse to find recyclable rubbish. Like labour manifestos!

  200. 200

    Might have know Twitters first twat would be Labour – http://whogoeshome.co.uk/?p=410

  201. 201
    Mr Ned says:

    What a fucking rancid twatmungoulsy fuckbastarding lying sack of shit that c’unt really is.

    Oh look, my keyboard is working perfectly!!

  202. 202
    North from London ,Straight up the A5/M54 you can't miss it says:

    Telford is actually in Shropshire and classed as being in the Midlands and far from being a “safe” Labour seat it could very well be lost to the Tories at the election

  203. 203
    Just passing says:

    That is assuming he is a terrorist and not an innocent man.

    Its funny how you Aussie cons are holier than thou.

  204. 204
    Imaginary Bacon Roll says:

    This type of Debate is a measurement of how desperate the Labrats are. Their lying, murderous, thieving ways are catching up with them. When a LabRat is cornered it will attack. Laws of nature.

  205. 205
    Sensible Military Man says:

    Well, you could count me in. Quite sure I could rustle up a few others. When you have been under-funded when lives are at risk, lied to, sold down the river, treated with contempt (shameful, shameful!) you will find there are not many in the military that care a jot for this Govt.

  206. 206
    Animal says:

    Oh dear, the blogdrone is out again. Your latest comment once again illustrates your complete ignorance of the responsibility in being elected to office along with your desire to somehow try and make a completely inappropriate comment seem somehow laudable.

    Allwell, you’re nothing more than a denier.

  207. 207
    Down with Brown! says:

    The BBC criticise the Tories for not all loving Eastenders:


    How dare anyone, anywhere ever criticise the BBC?

  208. 208
    Jac says:

    Oh that’s divine! You should be writing those for the newspapers :)

    Frankly for a labour ‘oinker’ to complain about the Tories in such a manner is… well ridiculous… how many labour MPs are going to be putting in a special appearance at a court near someone soon?
    A Tory peer booted out of the party within minutes of his charges coming to light and ole’ dither me here, dither me there, Blunder Brown takes a few days and some ribbing from ‘call me Dave’. Sad state of affairs.

  209. 209
    David Cameron says:

    I do apologise ,176

    A sneak preview of a gag for the next PMQ’s

    What’s the difference between Gordon Brown’s government and the Mafia?

    One of them is organized.

  210. 210
    genghiz the kahn says:

    what links david wright, stephen pound and uea’s ccu?

    they have all made claims that emails have been ‘hacked’ in an attempt to mask their own side’s misdeeds.

    al beeb have droppoed the bananaman was impersonated bit.


  211. 211
    Mr Ned says:

    Agreed, I could not give a fuck that he called them scum-sucking pigs. It is an apt description of most tory, labour and liberal MPs.

    What sticks in the craw is the way he lied about it, showing not only an instinct to lie, but a massive streak of cowardice too. If he had fessed up, and said that most people who vote labour would agree with him, then there would not have been a problem. But it is his cravenly cowardly and dishonest backtracking that show him to be a typical labour fuckwit coward lying sack of shit!

  212. 212
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    Ah, this twats truly terribly tinkered tweet is there now


  213. 213
    Mr Ned says:

    I hate twitter, I cannot fit all my swearing into only 140 characters!

  214. 214
    Down with Brown! says:

  215. 215
    Lord Mandy says:

    I am giving up on the Labour Party, that’s why I have been so conspicuous by my absence.

    But Hey, after a few years expenses, a spell in Brussells and a wee inheritance, I am alright. So you plebs can fuck off and leave us filthy rich alone.

    I have never voted conservaitive, but there is no way the bloody Labour Party are getting their greasy socialist mitts on my wonga!

    Any chance of a job Dave?

  216. 216

    One less of the feckers to come over here and get the five star treatment.

  217. 217
    Down with Brown! says:

    Banana Boy has been impersonating a credible politician for some time now.

  218. 218
    Labour Labour Labour - Out Out Out! says:

    Fucking Labour!

    Fuck them, they are are just but a Birthpang away from a new begining on the dole…..

  219. 219
    Mr Ned says:

    Bollocks, it is about time we had some honest language from an MP. Most tory MP’s are scum. Almost ALL labour MPs are lower than scum. Liberal MP’s are delusional scum.

    I have no problem with that. It is the chicken-shit cowardly lying about it that pisses me off!

  220. 220
    concrete pump says:

    A bit old now, try this one;


  221. 221
    Down with Brown! says:

    And the BBC at first beleived Tony Blair when eh said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that he knew nothing about the death of Dr Kelly.

  222. 222
    John Bellingham says:

    watching the 646 behave in such a juvenile pathetic way really demeans the people of the uk………..

    if we sacked them all not one would be missed.

  223. 223
    Mr Ned says:

    If he was serious in making that claim, it would be serious indeed.

    But he is NOT serious. He is LYING, We all KNOW he is lying. He is lying to backtrack from his own words because he is scared. He is a coward who will not dare stand up for himself.

  224. 224
    The IMF is coming says:

    Low-income families could sell free laptops, says MP


    Doh! Hadn’t they considered this most likely scenario?

  225. 225
    Mr Ned says:

    With his wife encouraging him every step of the way, Mr and Mrs Brown are the Fred and Rosemary West of politics!

  226. 226
    Gawduns #1 fan says:

    How can ANYONE have less respect for the blubbering snotgobbler? Is it another case of zero growth? Perhaps his beard will twitter her thoughts soon.

  227. 227
    Jimmy says:

    That’s it. I’m going to report you to Eric Pickles. You’ll be sorry.

  228. 228
    The Dirty Rat. says:

    Put em up!

  229. 229
    Pussy Galore says:

    and cats litter.

  230. 230
    Lil Olmey says:

    ‘Before their children can take part, parents have to fill in forms saying they will use the laptops for the correct purpose.’
    And what would that be, I wonder ?

  231. 231
    Labour Labour Labour - Out Out Out! says:

    Lib Dem Jew bashing Peer (Baroness Tongue) remains taking the Lib Dem whip. Clegg says he is master but Tongue is still his Servant!!! This is not right, she she not be shining the Red pews in the Lords for the Lib Dems! Nick Clegg should Polish her off before she further soils the Lib Dem leaders cloth.

  232. 232
    Labour Labour Labour - Out Out Out! says:

    Nick Cleggs lib Dems hate Jews! That is a fact!

  233. 233
    Anonymous says:

    Just read a comment on one of the Telegraph blogs that Willets has put his foot in it again. Anyone know what this multibrained eejit has said or done today?

  234. 234
    We Paulinas must stick together says:

    “Many expect a VAT rise to be on the agenda after the election – especially if the Conservatives win”……. Stephanomics.

    BBC can’t resist it, can they?

    Balance, what balance.

    Genteel way of ‘nudging’ the agenda.

    This is what the Times says:

    Though Labour and the Tories have denied having any current plans to increase VAT, neither will rule it out and The Times understands a rise in the tax is being considered by both parties.

  235. 235
    A BBC drug Addict says:

    Correct. Leave us alone and mind your own business. We have left wing kids TV shows to make, rent boys to bugger and Cocaine to snort. Oh and a Labour victory to fiddle. Now piss off Tory boys.

  236. 236
    Sir William Waad says:

    Things will be a lot better by 2015. The economy will largely have recovered and Labour will still be divided on factional lines between the old Left/Brownites and the smoke-and-mirrors/Blairites. The main threat to the Tories will come from the big vested interests such as Unite, the teaching unions and the Police establishment, who will resist reform.

  237. 237

    3:::> ( )x( ) says mandy

  238. 238
    Anonymous says:

    He’s been flagging his comments with “ToryScum” for ages, he’s simply lying about being “hacked”, see also the “#Toryscum” tag that he used in something else he tweeted a few days before:


    Dc is simply a hypocritical vicious leader of the nasty party. Jeopardising justice while taking millions from Ashcroft #Toryscum

  239. 239
    Help Hollie says:

    Hollie Grieg – Can you post on this?


  240. 240
    English Liberation Front says:

    Purpose? Why, for selling in the local so they can enjoy beer and chips in Benidorm – thanks for the free holiday Gordo.

    I would like to know where Brown borrowed the 3 million to fund this voter bribe however.

  241. 241
    Down with Brown! says:

    Richard Branson has backed the Tories’ tough line on the deficit:


    Sir Richard said today: “I believe the UK’s record budget deficit does pose a serious risk to our recovery. It would be damaging if we lost the confidence of the markets through delayed action and saw interest rates have to go up steeply.”

    The only people left supporting the Labour party are idiots and non-entities.

  242. 242
    English Liberation Front says:

    Sorry – 300 million bribe, that we the taxpayers will have to pay off, including interest!

  243. 243
    Mr Ned says:

    Guido should do a BIG article about this Holly Greig case.

    He has mod’ed three of my posts on it!

    This info MUST be spread everywhere, do not let the bastards hide.

    If you think expenses are bad, the Holly Grieg case is far far far worse!

  244. 244
    Dickie Jeeps says:

    I think you’ll find that the phrase he uses is an error. The correct phrase is “sewer pipe sucker” (trad. arr, Bush, George Senior, Cheney, Richard)

  245. 245
    Sir William Waad says:

    “Telford twat Tories tweet ‘tinkered’ taradiddle”

  246. 246
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    I love the way he laughs in all the wrong places

  247. 247
    Sir William Waad says:

    I’m a PC and nicking you for selling your free laptop was my idea…..

  248. 248
    History is whatever you remember says:

    I merely posted that to make it clear that he has “gone on record” with local media to the effect that he did not post the comment. If it’s found that he’s lied then his already far from rosy chances of being re-elected as Telford MP are likely to take a further knock also I didn’t say they or I believed him – they just reported it deadpan without any comment.Local news doesn’t always follow the agenda set down by London

    As the saying goes “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then the likelihood is that it’s a duck !”

  249. 249
    BeenTheredunit says:

    Another piece of Labour SHIT. Trace back this Tossers roots, and all will be revealed.

  250. 250
    Cold Hearted Bar Steward says:

    I can see how NuLabour can spin this;

    More sympathy – 30%
    Less sympathy -17%
    No change – 52%

    82% are sympathetic to Gordon.

    More respect – 21%
    Less respect – 24%
    No change – 54%

    75% respect Gordon.

    It is a shame they could not qualify the stating points.

  251. 251
    Martin Day says:

    How dare you make such a comment !!

    Withdraw that last statement you Scrote

  252. 252
    simon r says:

    come on boys and girls let us send mr wright a supportive message.


    hopefully messages won’t get intercepted on the way with the words ‘f** off hoon’ or similar incerted.

  253. 253
    Cold Hearted Bar Steward says:

    My last sentence was hacked.

    It is a shame they could not quantify the starting points.

  254. 254
    Throbber says:

    Laptop – Internet… what other use is there than 24/7 porn?

  255. 255
    Gordon Gordon Gordon Out Out Out says:

    Gordon has gone out of his way to choose liars, swindlers, fraudsters and warmongers to fill his front bench. He won’t see one more as making any difference.

  256. 256
    The ghost of Winston Smith says:

    Add to that public sector workers, quangocrats and scroungers… which these days amounts to quite a lot of people, unfortunately.

  257. 257
    Severin says:

    If this is a liebore whip, they might as well reinstate Five Bellies.

  258. 258
    Health and Safety says:

    Dear Anon. 14, A safety message.( PS Did you study and test the electicity formulae at school or was it just media studies)

    Car batteries have tremendous current capabilities, and a short circuit can produce a huge, white-hot electric arc. It’s hot enough to melt steel and inflict severe burns, and to set the car on fire. Always use caution when working with metal tools around the battery. If you must work on it, disconnect the negative (ground) cable first, so that the positive terminal no longer has potential to the vehicle ground. It is not dangerous to touch the positive terminal with your bare skin, because 12V is not a hazardous voltage. But it is made of lead, which is not good to touch if you can avoid it.

  259. 259
    Anonymous says:

    “I would like to know where Brown borrowed the 3[00] million to fund this voter bribe however.”

    he got it from me; me and the millions of others like me who work their bollocks off for fuck all money yet still somehow have to pay shit loads of tax and not get any credits/benefits.

    They just don’t give a fuck anymore. What’s 300million when you already owe a trillion?

    Brown’s attitude is to just burn/spend as much as they can to try and avoid too much annihilation at the polls. If 300million buys them 5 votes then they’ll do it.

    If Brown’s willing to use his dead baby daughter as a way to get a handful of sympathy votes, then using 300million of money that isn’t even his is not going to be a problem for him.

  260. 260
    lol says:

    now, come on Mr Ned, you can’t call them that, it’s rude, how about just plain old hoons, fucking, lying, cheating, corrupt, fascist shits.

    that’s better

  261. 261

    Heath only took us into the Common Market for tading ease, he didn’t sign us up to the Lisbon Treaty or give away our refund!

  262. 262
    lol says:

    do they stop crying once their neck is broken or their head comes off?

  263. 263
  264. 264











  265. 265
    Mr Ned says:

    Update: Robert is travelling home today. The police have witheld his mobile phone, so we have no contact at the moment. We will speak to him when he gets home, and try to find out the full terms of his bail.

    What we know so far:

    His house was raided by a Grampian police officer, witnessed by Shropshire police. His computer, files and some personal effects, for example CDs were taken (why?).

    His bail includes a gagging order, so we don’t know how much he will be able to say about what has happened to him.

    His bail requires him to report to his local police station three times a week.

    More later …

  266. 266
  267. 267
    Call me Dave Cast-Iron Cameron says:

    I support the BBC and will increase funding because I am a new sort of Conservative; anti-racist, anti-Tory, pro-EU.

  268. 268
    sinosimon says:

    i’ve forgotten why that’s supposed to be funny……

  269. 269
    John (the Zanulabour Destroyer) says:

    No, I,m not forgetting Heath etal,,nor the Tory Wets in Maggies cabinet,,nor the troughing Tory MP,s that chose the easy life these past 13 years troughing along with labour MPs and the rest,, nor the likes of Hesletine, Clarke, Gummer etc who have colluded with zanulabour in selling out the UK to Europe.
    Talking of immigration,, in Britain the authorities always take the side of the immigrant against the Brit,,,,,,,,,,,,I,ve travelled to many countries and usually its the opposite.
    I now live in Thailand,,,in Thailand the police support a Thai against an immigrant,,even if the Thai is in the wrong.
    Basically in Britian we have a ruling class and media that hates the Britisih,,time to fight back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  270. 270
    Lord Gordon Brown says:

    It wasnae me

  271. 271







  272. 272
    Epicurean says:

    Hardly a major scalp. A corrupt talentless lying nonentity whose sole purpose is to keep his snout in the trough as long as possible. Time for the voters of Telford to put the useless fucker out of his misery.

  273. 273
  274. 274
    Bunter says:

    what gives

  275. 275
    A Voter says:

    I’ve never voted Tory before but ………..having read David Wrights denial of using the words “Scum” in relation to those thinking of voting Tory for the first time and having researched articles/tweets etc in regard to this gentleman which I wouldn’t have before this matter was brought to my attention …..I think that …. I WILL

  276. 276
    Bunter says:

    I have been modded for some things that deserved it but never for using a four letter word that means bulldozer.

  277. 277
  278. 278
    Sir William Waad says:

    David made a goof on Twitter
    Watch his job go down the shitter!
    Hear him wriggle, spin and lie
    Hoot with laughter till you cry
    Hope that one offensive tweet
    Makes the scumbag lose his seat!

  279. 279
    Sally Down The Alley says:

    but I’ve slept with everyone else!

  280. 280
    Martin Day says:

    My friend, a smoker since age 14, told me that smoking is the hardest thing to stop.
    He’s obviously never driven a Toyota.

  281. 281
    Porky the Pig says:

    This is an outrage. I’ve never been so insulted in my life. I demand an apology.

  282. 282
    A current says:

    I put it on but I cannot edit it.take it off Guido.

  283. 283
    A current says:

    Incidently the comments by the cameraman are to the effect “Watch.he’s going to touch the live cable.It will fry him”.so they are showing their true colours.

  284. 284
    Jonah Watch says:

    Good work Beeb Watch

  285. 285
    Tweeting makes a labour Twat says:

    Can I suggest some people from here visit Left Foot Forward and ask Will Straw if Lord Paul has signed their facebook campaign

    “Facebook group on Lord Ashcroft’s tax status piles on the pressure”

    What a bunch of hypocrits the looney left are!!!

  286. 286
    Anonymous says:

    It seems Wright may have changed his story of how the hacking took place, if his comments to the guardian today. See here for more details http://tinyurl.com/yf3tjp9

  287. 287
    Whistleblower says:

    The blonde tells how she had sex with Gordon Brown in a hotel room next door to David Cameron.

    Gordon gets my vote !!!!!!!!

  288. 288
    Sherriff, police, etc says:

    OT but seems to involve scum

    Google: Hollie Greig Scandal ……. Robert Green

  289. 289
    Number 7 says:

    Lord OH – Don’t let him out with the cheque book.

  290. 290
    Jonah Watch says:

    he is right tw*t that richard baccon, smug, celebrity & self obsessed, cnut, tries to position himself as a “minor celeb” at any op. heaven help us

  291. 291
    Sir Everard Digby says:

    Let me think -who cries ‘racist’ the moment any question is raised about immigration? Who has been doing so for 13 years?

    Labour have made a profession out of obscuring the facts -just ask that famous double act boom and bust and of course the ‘not a shot will be fired in anger’ soundbite. How many dead in Helmand? remind me?

    As you don’t think he went far enough please enlighten us on what he should have said?

    As others have said,we right wing UKIP/Tory/BNP trolls don’t have to abide by the same rules as Ministers. People swear because they don’t have enough mastery of vocabulary – if Ministers are that ill educated god help us.

  292. 292
    ian e says:

    Anyone want to sign the new No 10 petition against Brown’s insulting – and ill-informed language used to describe AGW-sceptics? See


    (Numbers growing fast!!

  293. 293
    Penfold says:

    Good Oh!!

  294. 294
    Down with Brown! says:

    Tom Biggins is the Tory candidate up against David Wright in Telford.


  295. 295
    Vanity ! Vanity ! All is Vanity ! says:

    Either way David Wright has mishandled this matter and secured a massive hit against himself and Labour

    1. If he did write such things it was better to have apologised – “heat of the moment” etc “between mates etc” “I’ve been called far worse” etc “Apologise etc. ” Shouldn’t have written those words etc” Matter would have been closed

    2. By denying it and claiming that his twitter account has been hacked just raises the profile of the matter and makes it far worse if it turns out that has not told the truth

    3. It makes people start to research other matters and comments he’s made revealing he has “form” using such phrases plus thing’s he’s done or not done within his constituency and local dis-agreements in his surgery etc he’s been involved in. Again causing damage to him, his re-election chances and to the Labour Party and forcing him to resign if it is shown that he’s lied over this.

    This is not really the judgement one expects from a Minister of the Crown in any government or party.

  296. 296
    Rog says:

    Where’s everybody’s fave Twitter Tzar hiding then?

    Step forward Kerry McCarthy and remind us of how adept NuLab is with the new meeja.

  297. 297
    Flat Earther says:

    59 -Another 5 years of mini twits,Harman,Aintworthashit,Straw,Postman Pat,Hain,Brown etc? no chance.
    If they get in again I agree Labour will cease to exist but so will the country which is too painful a threat to even countenance.

  298. 298

    Look – no amount of propaganda will entice me to vote LibDem, so you may as well stop trying.

  299. 299
    Number 7 says:

    Looking at the “You’ve been Cromwelled” league table, He’s only been “Cromwelled” 15 times.

    Can’t we do any better than that?


  300. 300
    Labour Twatter Twit-Twat says:

    Can I suggest a mob from here visit Willie Strawman and asks if Lord Paul-Pot has joined their Ashcroft campaign!

    “Facebook group on Lord Ashcroft’s tax status piles on the pressure”

    Left Fart Forward

  301. 301
    Ronnie McDonnie says:

    Labour election slogan:


  302. 302
    Scum sucking Pig says:

    That Labour party cheerling slag Kay Burley is attacking Eric Pickles over this on Sky news now, claiming Twitter can be hacked and that the Hunt says he didnt do it so we should believe him….. For fucks sake HE AND HIS PARTY HAVE FORM HERE. THEY ARE FILTH.

  303. 303
    Harriet Harman says:

    Once my husband has been elected to the safe seat of Birmingham Erdington, we will together strive to ensure that nepotism – and all its forms – is ruthlessly stamped out.

  304. 304
    Anonymous says:

    Metal is indeed a good conductor of electricity, skin is not when the voltage is only 12 (or actually around 12.7 for a charged car battery) which, as you correctly point out, is not a hazardous voltage.

    You haven’t really thought this one through, have you?

  305. 305
    Sir William Waad says:

    He does like the kind of chap who actually has applied lipstick to a pig. You find a few of those johnnies round our way too.

  306. 306
    EXSO says:

    You can count on us ex services to aid you when needed as well.

  307. 307
    Stu says:

    This guy resign don’t be silly, it was only a technical breach of the truth.

  308. 308
    Moley says:

    Why on earth would anybody bother to hack into the Twitter account of a complete nobody?

    Implausible isn’t in it.

  309. 309
    Mega Lolz says:

    LEGEND keep it on please.

  310. 310
    anon says:

    Boycott the election!

  311. 311
    Vanity ! Vanity ! All is Vanity ! says:

    Well if twitter is so insecure it would be better for a Minister not to “tweet” at all then particularly as anybody with access to the internet can read what’s written.

    The matter can be clarified as soon as Mr Wright is contacted by twitter with the IP Address of the alleged hacker unless of course he/she is using software to mask or clone identity to appear to be posted by Mr Wright himself from his Blackberry

  312. 312
    EC1 PhD says:

    It’s not dangerous to touch the red terminal of a car battery but if you must, I wouldn’t advise touching the black one at the same time.

  313. 313
    Moley says:

    I disagree.

    It is exactly the judgement one expects from a Minister of the Crown in the Labour Party.

  314. 314
    backwoodsman says:


  315. 315
    Lanchester Daily News says:

    Yeh but sorry Harriet getting selected and getting elected is not the same. I wouldn’t rate Jack’s chances too highly given the way the area has been decimated by the recession and the Cadbury’s debacle and the way the polls are running locally.
    If I was you I’d do a bit of canvassing in the area for him.That’s bound to clinch the result. Tory gain !!

  316. 316
    AC1 says:

    I wonder if he knows about IP addresses and site-logging?

    Go on David Wright, ask Twitter to reveal the IP address of the post and if it comes from an unusual IP address.

    Otherwise if you don’t I’ll assume you’re a liar.

  317. 317
    Sheriff Graeme Buchanan says:

    Scottish Establishment child sex abuse cover up?


  318. 318
    Mega Lolz says:

    Nae Jimmy I don’t wanna be eaten by the big fat man.

  319. 319
    Vitaï Lampada says:

    Pro Labour Post on Iain Dale has come up with a great alibi/excuse. Apparently it could have been a genuine error with the “Cut and Paste” button ?? But if so that still doesn’t explain why David Wright didn’t admit to it and maintains his Twitter accounts been “fiddled with”!

  320. 320
    English Liberation Front says:

    I find it hard to believe these MPs can be so childish. On the other hand…..

  321. 321
    Mega Lolz says:

    I love how the dickhead has been run off Twitter now he’s been caught out, he can dish it out, but can’t take it back like all of the left wing minority once they start pissing people off.

  322. 322
    Hugh Jardon says:

    have I ever mentioned the time that i may have ‘modded’ the fullsome, scammell wheel nut nippled breasted Katie D…over the bonnet of my spitty?

  323. 323
    gangstas says:

    popin caps in arses has never been so shit so you can count us in to.

  324. 324
    Thrush says:

    tweet justice

  325. 325
    5 guts says:

    I would not come back for a continent of pies

  326. 326
    What a send off says:

    About plans to enforce that “death tax”,


  327. 327
    Smash the unions says:

    Fucking Unite scum are HATED by ordinary workers up and down this country now, Unite are good for lining their own pockets with workers money and cutting deals for themselves with big companies and what does the average worker get from them?

    Sweet F A. and a P45

    Another good one about Unite is how they make the workers re-vote until Unite get the answer they want, like the two re-votes and then suddenly they got what they wanted when it was moved to postal votes for those poor bastards recently.

    Fucking union scum are out for themselves and would strip the working mans shirt of his back if it was worth anything.


  328. 328
    Surely says:

    ( )x( )


  329. 329
    Time Lord says:

    Please do not use language which is detrimental to slags. They deserve our sympathy. Agree with the way she spoke to Chubby Eric which attempted to patronise him. She really is a nasty piece of work.

  330. 330
    Saddle of Roast Mutton says:

    Look I’ve not complained about being alluded to as a pig by the PM so why should you ?

  331. 331
    prole says:

    make it a co op?

  332. 332
    Porky the Pig says:

    How would you like it if someone called you a tory? Believe me if you had to deal constantly with people telling you you looked like Eric Pickles you’d get pissed off too.

  333. 333
    Hung By His Own Petard says:

    @TrippyPip Tory twitterers are fair game I think you’ll find
    about 23 hours ago from web in reply to TrippyPip

  334. 334

    She’s currently having somali rammed down her throat

  335. 335
    wrighty right says:

    No I don’t but my mate eddy from down the pub knows del c: /u

  336. 336
    Desperate Dan says:

    Whatever happened to Curleys Corner Shop and the Sheep Farmer? I suspect blogicide.

  337. 337
    Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

    Flat Earther – I see where you’re coming from, but it won’t be 5 years, more like 5 months; just long enough for the economy to completely collapse, which I think it’ll do whoever wins the election. It has to happen on Brown’s watch, or it’ll “all be the fault of the Tories” and Labour will be back in 2015.

  338. 338
    Bob Ainsworth says:

    How the fuck I got the gig, is anyones guess.

    I thought I was going to be offered the street cleaning depot`s storeman post, at the interview.
    I wonder if those broomhandles have arrived yet?

  339. 339
    wrightywrong says:

    twits on twitter think he’s a fucking liar.


  340. 340
    The Dirty Rat. says:

    Yes but southbound on the M1 is a bit hard to take in.

  341. 341
    Sir William Waad says:

    Epicureans usually think life’s all just random and meaningless and you might as well enjoy the finer things of life rather than worrying about the asses whom the great lottery happens to have put into power.

  342. 342
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    MP’s are getting medals just for visiting Afghan/Iraq?
    That’s just sick.


  343. 343
    John Terry I am snide and treacherous says:

    Hear, hear! I long ago left Unite because of their politically correct attitudes (except for the bosses) and their increasing interference in foreign politics – what the fook has that got to do with trade unions!

    All unions are led by money suckers from the pockets of the ordinary workers. These leaders have excellent salaries (much more than MPs), cars, family benefits of all kinds etc. The sooner the proles see through these greedy bastards the sooner this country will begin to get back on track. But no, they’ll go on paying their regular dues and strike when they’re told to do so. Just what scheming union leaders like – thick workers who can’t think for themselves.

  344. 344
    Anonymous says:

    Cmon you journos – dish the dirt on Operation Ore. Bring the whole fucking lot of them down!

  345. 345
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    You don’t really understand what’s going on do you DownwithBrown?

  346. 346
    Labour Are Finished says:

    Gordon at his best:

  347. 347
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Single parent your Mum was she?

  348. 348
    jgm2 says:

    When you have c*nts like the this David Wright calling Tories ‘scumsuckers’ it rather gives the lie to this notion that lying c*nts like Mandelson are trying to peddle about the Tories sabotaging a crossparty consensus on how to pay for old age care.

    Doesn’t it though.

    If Labour was inviting cross-party participation in talks on how to pay for old-age care it would only be with a view to fucking the Tories over when the tricky question of how this was to be paid for was posed. Labour would claim credit for the initiative but look to saddle the blame for how it was going to be funded on the Tories. This is exactly the same tactic they used with IDS over the Iraq war. Get him in, put an arm around his shoulder give it the ‘national interest – time to put our differences aside’ line and then let them take the blame when it turns out you (Labour) had bare-faced lied.

    This David Wright shows what thoroughly evil, nasty, narrow-minded, mendacious c*nts the entire Labour party is composed of.

    His leering, arrogant face and the fact that he’s probably enjoyed nine years pigging his fucking nasty, mean, spiteful face at the trough while dismissing all dissenters as ‘scumsuckers’ makes me puke.

    Alas, in my time online I have come to realise that his attitude is typical amongst Labour apologists. Any dissent at all and that’s it. Posts pulled. Accusations made. False umbrage taken and then if all else fails outright abuse.

    And I could accept that if their policies were based on fairness or sanity or were coherent. But when you scratch the surface of anything they do or propose you see that it is motivated not by the common good but is yet another mean, nasty, devisive, nutcase policy designed to further cement their position in power and fuck-all good for anything else.

  349. 349
    Labour Are Finished says:

    Ed Balls asked me this last night. I’m afraid the answer, Ed, is…Yes I did. Yvette is tasty.

  350. 350
    Mr Ned says:

    “Telford is actually in Shropshire and classed as being in the Midlands and far from being a “safe” Labour seat it could very well be lost to the Tories at the election”

    My post about shit-hole constituencies is about the LOADS of tiny Northern constituencies which are safe. It is about the MP’s that sit there, completely insulated from the real world and who WILL survive the next election and who are straining at the bit to blame the tories for ALL of this current mess the country is in!

    It is NOT therefore about David Wright’s constituency. Thankfully David Wright’s cowardice and lies have now shown what a twat he is and will be a big help in getting rid of him at the next election!

  351. 351
    concrete pump says:

    ( ‘ )
    / /
    / /
    / /
    ( ) ( )

  352. 352
    Gordon's Put Us In The Brown says:

    Labour are finished. They’re washed up. They’re through.

    They had the chance to do good and they blew it.

  353. 353
    Mr Ned says:

    Not sure, but I heard a small part of a radio2 show this lunch time in which a middle-aged tory woman was laying into him, saying that she could not believe that the same party, that gave her business a start with the small enterprise initiative under Thatcher in the 1980’s, could be proposing taking the very hard earned, but modest amount of money that her business has earned over the past 25 years from her in her later years.

    I guess it must be something to do with taxing us to pay for social care.

  354. 354
    udderly 'orrible says:

    May I just twitter that the aforementioned Minister of the Crown resembles a scum sucking pig (allegedly)?

  355. 355

    How can we respect them when they have no respect for us, or the institutions they serve?

  356. 356
    jgm2 says:



    You do know what would stop this kind of identity theft don’t you?

    ID cards issued with your passport.

    That’ll stop it.

  357. 357
    concrete pump says:

    Bulldozers are shitty troublesome plant, but that’s probably not why you were modded.

    Sometimes it takes a while for posts to be organised.

  358. 358
    Ivor Longtodger says:

    But… they’re all scum sucking pigs (including him). So the statement is factually correct.

  359. 359
    Kwik-Fitter says:

    You can’t get thicker than a Labour fuckin twitter

  360. 360

    […] David Wright argued that someone had edited his tweets. As political blogger Guido Fawkes was quick to point out, you can’t edit a tweet once it’s been posted. David Wright was quickly caught out and […]

  361. 361
    Archer Karcher says:

    He has to keep looking down at the autoque read and make the appropriate facial gestures to match the feeble script. Yep he can`t even manage that. Utter dogshite.

  362. 362
    David Wright says:

    what a load of wankers – just wait till Gordon leads us to election victory – he’ll put you lot out of business and into gaol -where all you criminals belong – oops, did I just post that – oh shit …………….

  363. 363
    Archer Karcher says:

    He is a socialist, it is not his money he is wasting like a drunken madman, it is yours. Bribery is all part of the socialist “democratic” client state lexicon.

  364. 364
    EC1 PhD says:

    Comical Mandy = ((((3:::>))))er

  365. 365
    Average Chav says:

    Prove it, I didn`t sell it, it was nicked.

  366. 366
    Billy Sarsted says:

    Now Bob, you weren’t really qualified for the storekeepers job, you are after all a complete and utter fuckwit, you have the intelligence of a demented amoeba and are as much use as a chocolate fireguard, so you were absolutely perfectly suited to be a labour mp.

  367. 367
    alex says:

    She is one ugly bird.

  368. 368
    Animal says:

    Ha, the last person to stand up to the halfwit coppers on Operation Ore was smeared. Besides, 99% of journos have huge yellow streaks up their backs. No chance would they even touch a story like this, it’s far too dangerous.

  369. 369
    wrightywrong says:

    yes or no.seems its yes Guido
    From the Frequently Asked Questions section of Twitter’s very own help website:

    Can I edit a tweet once I post it?
    Nope. Once it’s out there, you can’t edit it. You can delete an update by clicking the trash icon on the right end of the update, but you can’t make changes.
    That message, reported by the Guardian and other news outlets, has since been deleted from Twitter after it caused upset among the Tory faithful.

  370. 370
    Moley says:

    The origin of the “scum” epithet.


    A. Campbell Esq.

    Credit to David Hughes; D.T.

  371. 371
    Pat says:

    He’s just a freak of nature who clearly dislikes himself.

  372. 372
    Archer Karcher says:

    I know someone who works for Unite, very well paid, cushy, and three good holidays a year. Last three holidays, Caribean cruise, Spain and Mexico. Nothing is too good for the parasite class.

  373. 373
  374. 374
    Dickie Jeeps says:

    Didn’t he play Lukewarm in Porridge?

  375. 375
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Who ordered the tandoori?

  376. 376
    wrightywrong says:

    the fucker has Cambell as a friend on shitbook


  377. 377
    udderly 'orrible says:

    May just be a coincidence but would they be more members of McSnot’s tribe?
    We do seem to be cursed.

  378. 378
    dick says:

    Mutly got medals.

  379. 379
    udderly 'orrible says:

    Go to his twitter page and hit the “report for scam” button. Takes a while for him to get unblocked.

  380. 380
    stand by your man says:

    what makes you think that being married stops a woman needing a vibrator?

  381. 381











  382. 382
    secrreary of state for cushions and soft furnishing says:

    so what?

  383. 383
    richard bacon says:

    I do top gear

  384. 384
    Down with Brown! says:

    Who do BBC Radio 5 get in to comment on the offending Twitter incident?

    Kerry McCarthy…….but lucky for the twitter Tsar Kerry the line is down.

  385. 385
    Down with Brown! says:

    Kerry believes Peter, he is a mild mannered guy and a friend. Well, I convinced.

    He had his laptop stolen. So someone could log in as him.

    Someone’s stolen a government ministers laptop and stolen his passwords!!!!!!!! What other information has been compromised.

  386. 386
    Harry the Camel says:

    A Government spokesman said that Sir Richard’s account with thisislondon.co.uk has been tinkered with.

    What he actually said was ” I believe that the UK’s record budget success does not pose a risk to our recovery. It would be damaging if we lost the confidence of the markets if the Tories were in power and delayed any action. Then interest rates would have to go up quickly.”

  387. 387
    Susie says:

    (:>o))3 )))>-

    there you go…

  388. 388
    Scum sucking Pig says:

    100% on the money.

  389. 389
    Kerry McCarthy says:

    Please send your support to David Wright here:


    He’s doing a great job and he fucking hates Tories.

  390. 390
    Susie says:

    And they reckon Dr. Who ‘took on’ Mrs Thatcher


    Don’t bother with the report, it’s crap and worth a complaint.

  391. 391
    Anonymous says:

    Surely a worthy contender for a Darwin award?

  392. 392
    Eric Von Pickles says:

    Did someone call me a pig?

  393. 393
    7*% says:























  394. 394
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Which police force has been looking for it, BTP, Met or West Mercia?

    Just imagine the fun if the police haven’t been told.

  395. 395
    Stan Butler says:

    This is an area the Iranians have a wide experience at. From my reading, I would assume that a 40 ton crane would have sufficient reach to enable a very slow and painful strangulation followed with enough available jib height to lift the individual concerned to a good public viewing level.

  396. 396
    Scumgate says:

    […] several others) certainly think I’ve seen this defence before, somewhere. Moreover, Guido has helpfully pointed out that the fact tweets cannot be edited blows an awfully wide hole in his […]

  397. 397
    Frankie Howerd's Ghost says:

    Twitter ye not. Oh no missus.

  398. 398
    Silvyo Tanner says:





  399. 399
    Disco Biscuit says:

    He looks like the sort of person who would wear a three-button jacket.

  400. 400
    Barnabas Scudamore says:

    A minister of the crown ? what’s that then ?

    This bloke, in his cheap suit and cheap tie probably believes that he is above the Queen.

    That the crown means nothing.

    That Royalty are “old news” and should be abolished.

    That the money spent on the royal family is a disgrace.

    That “ordinary” people are just as “good” as royalty.

    Am I jumping to wild conclusions?

    I think not. The way he behaves IN THE QUEENS NAME, after all he is (however much it sickens him to the point of wanting to scratch his own eyes out) a “minister of the crown”.

    He is also (again however much he tries to ignore it) a member of HER MAJESTY’S parliment.

    Once again, as I have said before : There are those of us who will defend the crown to the VERY last, against any threat.

  401. 401
  402. 402
    Barnabas Scudamore says:

    My comment was made before I read your’s – you too picked up on his cheap suit !

    I bet he wears those vile and offensive brogue shoes from Asda, that cost £3 !


  403. 403
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    “Volts jolts, current kills” as my old Physics teacher used to say.

  404. 404
    Barnabas Scudamore says:

    £147,000 in expenses…….

    A real man of the people.

    A real ordinary, honest, hard working man !

    Yep, those horride Tories with all their money…..

  405. 405
    Mrs Kelly says:

    mmmm mmm mm mmmm mm mmmmm mmmmm mmmm

  406. 406
    Kings Heath Lad says:


  407. 407
    Wd H O Wills says:

    ______________________ )

    Missing the smoking funds now eh?

  408. 408
    Ratsniffer says:

    Guido, thanks. Once again you said exactly what I wanted to know when I read this story in the MSM – a question none of them seemed to ask: Can a tweet be tweaked? It seems that, as you say, once written it is set in stone. Will this creepy NuLabour individual now do the decent thing and resign? Don’t hold your breath.

  409. 409
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Let’s hope her and Mr. Ed are gonners on May 6th.

  410. 410
    Anonymous says:

    /( )\
    / \

  411. 411
    Lord Darby says:

    Hear hear

  412. 412
    Lord Darby says:

    it’s gone completely

  413. 413
    Ratsniffer says:

    Tweets can be removed – but they cannot be altered.

  414. 414
    Tapestry says:


    Otis Ferry, invader of The Commons in 2004, hunts a few miles from Telford. The Hunting issue is still potent in rural areas, and not to the advantage of Labour MPs.

  415. 415
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

  416. 416
    Gordoom cooks the books says:

    don`t forget to be a hypocrite

  417. 417
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    I’m not going to kick David Wright whilst he’s down. I’ll wait till he’s dead.

  418. 418
    Usually quite pleasant says:

    a bunch of internet connected laptops gifted to citizens with little to do…

    lookout offshore keying agencies! There’s a new “low cost labour force” emerging

    (At first, I thought that might actually be an idea with legs. But on reflection, it wouldn’t stand a chance with Labour running the show)

  419. 419
    Anonymous says:

    yep; the issue here was that people read/reported it before he deleted it.

    So, if you look on his twitter account you won’t see it anymore, but if you search on twitter then you’ll find lots of references to it.

    He’s probably busy deleting his other messages which also have “toryscum” as a hashtag, and then blaming that on other people too.

    He’s also posted one with the scum hashtag on this message:

    Remember John Smith’s Social Justice commission – Tories had nothing to say then either #Toryscum 8:52 PM Feb 13th from mobile web

    He’s probably posted loads of other messages along the same lines

    He’s also retweeted:

    “Stop Press: Arseholes without an ounce of humanity accuse Gordon Brown of using his dead daughter as a poll-bounce strategy.”

    He’s a lying childish fuckwit, using that kind of language with his MP hat on goes to show how infantile they are in the labour party.

  420. 420

    David Wright is claiming the password for his Twitter account were on his laptop which was stolen in London in December. And he did not think to change the passwords on his accounts for getting on for three months?

    Apparently Wright had an interesting reputation at school, the Wrockwardine Wood Comprehensive school, a bastion of trendy lefty twaddle when Wright was a pupil, there.


    “I do know a person who went to school with him but i can’t tell you what they said about him John would have to close the site down, but i will send John a email.”

    There’s legs on this story! Will it result in Wright having to resign?

  421. 421
    Jimmy says:

    So in the end the “PM resign” petition only got 72k?

    It is encouraging that almost 99.9% of the population did not support it.

  422. 422
    Anonymous says:

    I have a “feeling” that MI 5 are working quite hard in this area.

  423. 423
    Barnabas Scudamore says:

    Hey, I was just about to type that !

    I too have a feeling MI 5 are working hard on special projects.

  424. 424
    Barnabas Scudamore says:

    He’s bloody mad !

  425. 425
    Barnabas Scudamore says:

    This chap has no idea what he has done.

    He has very little understanding of computers and of the internet.

    I just listened to his radio performance, my goodness, you could hear the guilt in his voice ! very poor.

    Yep, this gentleman from sophisticated Telford,with his regal upbringing and lavish education at Wrockwardine Wood Comprehensive school followed by that establishment favourite, Wolverhampton Polytechnic, has no idea what he has done !

    There is a record of your ISP number along with times, dates,server information etc etc etc.

    The internet has changed a lot in the last 5 years or so, the old excuse of “oooh, I’ve been hacked” no longer washes, not because people don’t believe you, its just
    the amount of information collected and stored has increased.

    Go on Mr Pickles, get this nasty piece of shit the sack.

  426. 426
    Malcom Tucker says:

    He is not lying. He mis-spoke. I know what you thought you heard but he did NOT sat that at all. What he was saying was…

  427. 427
    UK Fred says:

    Let RT Bechtel provide the current for the government, and remeber his advice. Make sure their nuts are wet.

  428. 428
    Peter Grimes says:

    It seems that his mate Kev ‘Toilets’ Maguire is floating the idea in his column today that the wanker’s laptop was stolen, complete with passwords.

    Lying, conniving bastards!

  429. 429

    […] Mirror reports an extraordinary change of tune from Labour who are now in full furious and deluded spin mode: Was the hacking of Telford MP David Wright’s Twitter site linked to the theft of his laptop […]

  430. 430

    […] 13.02pm: Guido notes that, according Twitter.com’s FAQs, “you can’t edit” a tweet once it is posted. More […]

  431. 431
    Peter Grimes says:

    All under!

  432. 432
    confused says:

    who is this non entity .

  433. 433
    Cassandrina says:

    Problem is that he is the ultimate coward, and like all cowards will take many innocent people with him.
    This serial lunacy he has could seriously sink HMS UK and we may never properly recover.
    To be honest he doesl not care – all he cares about is power as did Hitler.
    His legacy ultimate legacy will be to have some disasterous act named after him, but again he has such a common name even this will not deter him.

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