February 4th, 2010

Tim Yeo’s Green Networking in Parliament Pays Off

A whole new can of worms has been opened by the publication of the banqueting and room hirings sponsored by parliamentarians.  For example  Tim Yeo MP is the current Chairman of the Environmental Audit Select Committee, not a surprising position for a former Environment Minister.  In July last year he sponsored an evening event for 150 members of the Environmental Investment Network.  Held in the impressively plush Members’ Dining Room overlooking the Thames, it certainly is a pleasant environment in which to woo and lubricate potential green investors.  Coincidentally Tim is also chairman of a small investment-hungry AIM listed company called AFC Energy plc, who are developing “environmentally friendly fuel cells”.

At the time AFC Energy plc were raising £2 million from  environmental investors, and for each of the following five months AFC Energy paid Tim Yeo £3,750 a month (up to a total of £18,750) until in December when they succeeded in raising the £2m they were seeking from environmental investors in a share placing.  Tim also got a bonus when the shares were placed with investors of 150,000 shares for his work.  All in all he made a total of some £80,000 out of the AFC deal from July when he hosted the Environmental Investment Network event until December when they sold the shares to investors.

Guido is on Newsnight tonight with Tim Yeo and hopefully we’ll get a chance to discuss the propriety of using Parliament’s heavily subsidised public banqueting facilities to entertain people you might in the future have business dealings with.  Private business and public service should not mix easily…


  1. 1
    Steve Expat says:

    Well done Guido – another dodgy MP in trouble!!

    Beers all round tonight!!

  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Dack Blog says:

    Oh do just punch him in the chops, ffs. That would make the headlines.

  5. 5
    Mr Ned says:

    Sickem Guido. Go for the jugular!!!

    Fuckin NICE!

  6. 6
    Steve Expat says:

    Seconds out – round one!!

    Go get him Guido!!

  7. 7
    The Aeneid says:

    Timyeo Danaos dona ferentes………

  8. 8
    Tupp Rogers says:

    Crimewatch is now on BBC1.

  9. 9
    gone fuckin mental says:

    what a twat

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Fucking hell Guido is mixing it up with Tim Yeo right now !!!!!!!

    He is very cross indeed !!!!!

  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Bunker busting Shock and Awe from Guido !! Yay !!!

  12. 12
    Dack Blog says:

    The point is, Tim, if it looks bad, it doesn’t look good.

  13. 13
    Steve Expat says:

    “Outrageous Allegation” says Mr Yeo – so it’s probably true then.

    Guido would not put himself on TV with an unsubstantiated rumour, he’s not that stupid.

  14. 14
    DecoyDuck says:

    Fabulous body language from Mr Yeo. He’s not very happy is he? No more Christmas cards from him.

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Tim Yeo now just looks like a complete twat having been punked by GF..

  16. 16
    Smell the Pork says:

    The oh, so green Ed Miliband sponsored a dinner for the Oil and Gas Industry Dinner in the Astor Room”

    Find a massive Corporate Interest and sufficient funds and you’ll find a Piggy MP squealing happily suckling at it’s corrupt teat.

  17. 17
    Steve Expat says:

    Yeo’s really grovelling now…

  18. 18
    Captain Speaking says:

    Well done Guido. I think we can all see from his reaction that you got it spot on.

  19. 19
    mong fucking mental says:

    you are indeed

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    There is going to be a punch up !!!!

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Yeo should hang his head in shame! His performance on Newsnight leaves him in a bad light.

  22. 22
    Izzy says:

    But what does Guido look like? A ‘Flock of Seagulls fan meets an NVQ level 1 hairdresser trainee’ twat first off….

  23. 23
    Anonymous says:

    Ouch !! That didn’t just hit the target, it was on the fucking bullseye !!

  24. 24
    Technomist says:

    Class act, Guido. Well done.

  25. 25
    Jane says:

    Just saw you GF on Newsnight.

    Buy was that Tim hot and bothered!

    Think you pressed his buttons!!

  26. 26
    Technomist says:

    I thought he was going to have a stroke.

  27. 27
    Hospitality and bon-homie..where's the dosh says:

    Sounds like wining and dining potential clients to me…hope he didn’t forget to claim his allowances for expenses necessarily incurred while on his parliamentary duties. I’m sure he can’t have done. After all being an MP is a 24 hour occupation..meeting the public and ‘helping’ them is all in a day’s work for a former environment minister with a good locale to hawk.

  28. 28
    Tupp Rogers says:

    Timmy boy boohoos

  29. 29
    Dack Blog says:

    And Rosie wants her tuck box back.

  30. 30
    DecoyDuck says:

    That was was a brilliant piece of television. Well done Guido, what a star!

  31. 31
    His Holiness, Mnsgr. ‘Miranda’ Phoney Bliar, ********, ******, and ***, emoting, + stupid grin, says:

    I am very, very, very rich! And I ain’t giving nothing back!!

    Rooms….? What rooms…..?

    Meetings….? What meetings….?

    And as my wife has ruled, because I’m religious, I’m guilty of nothing.

    Hi! – Trust me!! I’m a straight kinda guy!

    That’s what happens when YOU vote Noo_Lie_Bore!

  32. 32
    Steve Expat says:


    Well done Guido, you’ll not be buying any drinks for a long time with that performance!!!

  33. 33
    Khan Blivitsnat Bhutta says:

    Bang on Guido. It’s great to see the corrupt lying fuckers squirm.

  34. 34
    Just in from the pub says:

    Fuck! Missed it. Come on someone, stick it up.

  35. 35
    Dack Blog says:

    He also had a go at Gav for ‘allowing’ this ambush to go live on air. I reckon the Beeb lawyers are sweating. If Yeo has nothing to hide would he sue?

  36. 36
    Jcbarrie says:

    Hmm, not sure you won that one.

    What sort of muppet investor would hand over his cash just because he had lunch in parliament?

    Would you?

  37. 37
    Colonel Madd says:

    S.S Yeo… position 51.32 N 0.5 W….I have been hit by a torpedo in the engine room and am sinking by the stern CQD CQD

  38. 38
    Control Tower says:

    Flock of Pigs, you’re clear to land on runway 2.

  39. 39
    Technomist says:

    What good would it do him? If he looks as shifty in front of a jury, I can’t see how he’d win.

  40. 40
    Technomist says:

    Not the point. It’s supposed to be our Parliament, not a whorehouse for softening up prospects.

  41. 41
    Dack Blog says:

    Meanwhile over on QT, Lemony Snicket’s standing in for Melanie Phillips.

  42. 42
    Anonymous says:

    “this is outrageous !”

    “outrageous allegations..”

    Bang to fucking rights..

  43. 43
    Steve Expat says:

    I’m assuming Guido is well sourced and can back up his story, have a look back on today’s blog and about 1,800 comments to see that lots of people have been going through what was released this morning.

    As soon as Guido knew who his opponent would be tonight, he can easily go through the various sources of available information (in this case the Register of Interests) and produce a narrative for the interview.

    Superbly well executed though, Guido won’t be buying many drinks for the next few days!!!

  44. 44
    Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to repeat viewings of this when it is on YouTube.

  45. 45
  46. 46
    Moley says:

    This Parliament, this Government and the corruption of those within it is beginning to have a distinct air of “Fin de siecle”

    Things are changing fast; there will be no more easy money.


  47. 47
    Weygand says:

    So no Cabinet post for the not so Tiny Tim in the next government.

    Such hubris – it was magnificent.

  48. 48
    Dack Blog says:

    I’m assuming – call me cynical – that he does have something to hide.

  49. 49
    Willi Windbeutel says:

    As Iris Robinson often says …

  50. 50
  51. 51
    Melanie FlipFlop says:

    The mad cow Philips is on crimewatch banging on about Tony and his Risk assessment. He did consider the risk involved in invading Iraq hence 7/7.

  52. 52
    Willi Windbeutel says:

    Remind me again, who was Yeo’s ho?

    Julia Stent. Thank you, that man at the back.

  53. 53
    Dack Blog says:

    I’ll be checking the next Guy News to see if GF’s sporting a shiner.

  54. 54
    He's not the Messiah (he's a very naughty boy) says:

    Corrupt Tory Twats!

  55. 55
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Yeo mo furr! Saw Newsnight. Well done GF. A bit of decent journalism for a change. That’s the sort of item the limp dicks at the Beeb should be doing themselves. Good work.

  56. 56
    Educashion Educashion Educashion says:

    Missed it too, wasted time waiting for a Galloway Phillips bust up which never happened.

    Youtube if you want to….

  57. 57
    Just Saying says:

    Excellent! DB

  58. 58
    Steve Expat says:

    PMSL – “clarification” at the end of Newsnight on behalf of Mr Yeo – denying the allegations of a conflict of interest put to him by Guido!

  59. 59
    Anonymous says:


    Shit ! Didn’t see that one on the radar !

    You snooze, you lose Mr Tim ‘nice but dim’ Yeo..

  60. 60
    Tupp Rogers says:

    Conflict of interest? No Guido dear chap you are so wrong, when it comes to Yeo and the likes it can be nothing other than self interest. Good interview Guido. I thought we would have a you tubery moment with Yeo throwing a glass of water over Guido. Hahaha.

  61. 61
    Timmyl says:

    That was an outrageous statement. I have done nothing wrong. Look–my expenses are clean. I promise I won’t do it again.

  62. 62
    thraper says:

    Why did that twat cut them short, it was great political tv.

  63. 63
    Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

    There are over 600 of the fucking oinkers in the House of Fuckers. None of them are seen by the public in a good light. They should all hang their head in shame, but since they still refer to one another as ‘honourable’ as witnessed on Question Time tonight, Blair converting to Islam is more likely.

  64. 64

    Yeo is chairman of Univent plc and non-executive chairman of Eco City Vehicles plc and AFC Energy plc.

    Good thing this wiki.

  65. 65
    Anonymous says:

    gonna crawl up your ass with a microscope..

  66. 66
    Dack Blog says:

    Theresa May’s wearing something better suited to the bridge of the USS Enterprise.

  67. 67
    Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

    Excellent Mr Fawkes. That presenter’s earpiece must have been on the verge of melting!

    Now wait for the reaction and take your seats for round two.

    AH (C)

  68. 68
    Great Grandad says:

    I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. They’re all fuckin’ crooks. All of ‘em. Always have been and always will be. Only a fuckin’ idiot votes for ‘em, and we have a lot of fuckin’ idiots walking the streets of England.
    Where’s me Brown Ale?

  69. 69
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Good performance on Newsnight Guido – though the twerp chairing it made sure the last we heard was Yeo bleating, ‘This is outrageous…’ In our house the vote was Guido 10, Yeo Nil. First class.

  70. 70
    Anonymous says:

    What was great was that they Max Moseley and the ‘night lawyer’ from the Times.. could have gotten outta hand in a ‘Big Brother Ruckus’ style..

  71. 71
    Steve Expat says:

    Not the first time either!!!

    Guido made reference to a previous allegation: Mr Yeo voted for increases in car tax rates – whilst Chairman of a company selling Hybrid cars:


    Not fit to be an MP. Simple.

  72. 72
    Izzy says:

    By God Tim Yeo is really ugly. But Guido beats him hands down with his Ann Widdecombe circa 1990 bad dye job and the Lamont lookey-likey blonde streak. Fat faced too…..

  73. 73
    echo34 says:

    Had to get this off my chest, Guido

    Posted onto the CH economists R S. Some of them must really get a life.

    you lot do make me chuckle.

    Someone tell me where the tories get their forecast figures from?

    Couldn’t be the labour led treasury could it?

    How you can set out a budgetary manifesto on the featherbed of lies produced?

    Get away from the figures and start thinking about your lives in the uk right now.


    Stop focusing on what the labour party is dripfeeding you and think about how you want things like schools, the health service and military run.

    It’s like they’ve bunged you a maths project for gods sake!

    If brown can lie everyweek on tv, what makes you think that anyone knows how much shit we’re in!

    Stop putting the pressure on the tories over the deficit when they’re as much in the dark as the rest of us.

  74. 74
    pigs in space says:

    A series of unfortunate events, sums up life up nuLab pretty succinctly

  75. 75
    Wonka (jnr) says:

    Yeah! Still who the fuck are any of them & do they have anything to comment on the decline of the UK?

  76. 76
    Red Rag says:

    No No…all Tories are as moral as the leader they follow.

    Just look at Cam the Sham,he stood hard against the troughing MP’s and as he promised he sacked all Conservative MP’s who had bent the rules.

    Wash yer mouth out!

    Tories are as white as driven snow!

  77. 77
    Anonymous says:

    I didn’t see Guido’s Twitter update beforehand ‘could get sparky’…


    A bit of understatement – Yeo appears to be threatening a certain famous legal firm – go on, you can guess..

  78. 78
    Anonymous says:

    You guys really need to see the big picture, or are you all bitter, pasty fools like GF?

    Tim Yeo is chairman of a company (AFC Energy) that is pursuing a ground breaking technology that could put an end to dirty coal burning.

    There are many many companies out there chasing investments for morally questionable projects, why not go after them?

    Maybe Mr Yeo has the interests of the environment at heart, do you consider this?

  79. 79
    Hilton Holloway says:

    Excellent. Proper job. Well briefed and well focused.

  80. 80
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Tim Yeo will reach for the Trusty Sword Of Truth and the British Shield of Fair Play ??

    Let’s get ready to RUMBLE !!

  81. 81
    christina Speight says:

    You tried this on Newsnight and you were flattened. Yeo has dOne nothing wrong at all and all you were doing was smearing with innuendo – NO FACTS THAT STOOD UP!

  82. 82
    Smash Labour says:

    Well done Guido you delivered this Hunt a good old Nelson broadside.

  83. 83
    Red Rag says:

    Is Yeo not just a typical Tory?

  84. 84
    Smash Labour says:

    Fuck off loser, Yeo is a politician he only has his own self interest at heart.

  85. 85
    Blue Heaven says:

    CCO Rebuttal unit in full panic mode.

  86. 86
    Red Rag says:

    No No…all Tories are as moral as the leader they follow.

    Just look at Cam the Sham,he stood hard against the troughing MP’s and as he promised he sacked all Conservative MP’s who had bent the rules.

    Wash yer mouth out!

    Tories are as white as driven snow!

  87. 87
    Anonymous says:

    But as I remember from an old ‘Nationwide’ film quote..

    “The mud sticks and the smear stays…”

    Never let the facts get in the way of a good story..

  88. 88
    Tim Yo Yo says:

    No. Just a typical MP.

  89. 89
    Steve Expat says:

    If he was so altruistic then why is he taking money from them??

    Yet another example of the “Green Industry” trying to profit at our expense.

    If one is an MP, one must be seen to be impartial and not self-interested – Mr Yeo has not only failed that test, but has failed it miserably.

  90. 90
    AC1 says:

    piss off.

    They’re all* crooks and we need to get rid of them all*.

    *Bar a handful.

  91. 91

    Ooh, sticks and stones.

  92. 92
    Warcriminal non sequitur says:

    so that’s why Tim Yeo is such a cun’t

    obvious innit?

  93. 93
    Anonymous says:

    Very bright reply,

    They are producing a fuel cell that may increase energy efficiency by 100% compared to combustion of fossil fuel.

  94. 94

    […] revealed this evening that in July last year Yeo sponsored an event for the Environmental Investment Network, which tool […]

  95. 95
    shiny happy peephole says:

    it’s politics not the X Factor
    although saying that they all looked like slapped arses there too

  96. 96
    Hotfoot from the pub says:

    Well done that man. We owe you a pint.

  97. 97
    Anonymous says:

    Look I’m sure he wants to make money, everyone in business does. The point is he is Chair of a very eco-friendly company that could genuinely have an impact on the world stage.

    Give the guy a break.

  98. 98
    Anonymous says:

    Did Clare Short just talk about Paracetamol in relation to suicide?

    Please please could some one tell her never to talk that way again. Firstly it is hard to die from Paracetamol. Yes you will die but it is agony. You will wake. Your liver is destroyed and you take days to die. They can not cure it. Add some alcohol to really have a bad ending.

    As for suicide these aged politicians do not have a clue what they are doing to the children. At 13, life for some becomes pointless. There is no value to it, or ability to see a future. Why live? The media doom, and peer pressure is too much for some. All they see are supposedly intelligent people saying the solution is suicide! What is missing in this society is the “secrets of life”.

    Instead, all we get is the media feeding the absolute extreme of deprivation for the kids to follow. There is no balance.

    Self centred suicide is not a life choice for the aged, it an example to the young of the value of life.

  99. 99
    Overseas Aid says:

    If Clare needs some paracetamol, i know an all night chemist if it’s any help.

  100. 100
    Izzy says:

    Simply joining in with the spirit of the blog! You;re not bonny lad, and I felt I could say what I thought!

  101. 101
    W.C.F. says:

    Never give a sucker on the teat an even break.

  102. 102
    Yeee Oooo says:

    Look Tim. You’ve been rumbled. Give it up Son.

  103. 103
    RogerBacon says:

    Utter rubbish. Do you know what a fuel cell is? Replace coal-burning what- power stations? Fuel cells are in the kW not the GW needed by such…

  104. 104
    That's not the point says:

    So what….the Germans, Chinese and others are streets ahead on fuel cells and ‘eco-friendly’ kit. Perhaps they could hire the Westminster venue to pull some investment…..surely an inflential environment committee chairman would oblige…for a consideration based on successfully bringing investors on board.

    Public office must not be conflated with private advantage however worthy. All salesmen talk up their product.

  105. 105
    RogerBacon says:

    Claptrap! Where does the hydrogen come from to power the cell? Are there no “carbon emissions” generated in producing hydrogen?

    100% of what?

  106. 106
    HandsomeDavid says:

    LOL – do not have television, what was it? Spats for epaulettes or a double breasted “I am a pilot and you can get f.ucked jacket”?

  107. 107
    Mr 10% says:

    And that is exactly what Timeshare Tim is. A fucking salesman on commission.

  108. 108
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    God, you are naive!

  109. 109
    Anonymous says:

    As the residents of 151 Grosvenor Rd will all attest, Yeo is a grasping Hunt who you wouldn’t trust as far as you can spit. Do us a favour and piss off Tim. RM

  110. 110
    Baker Street Irregulars says:

    A cross check between the 150 guests at the event and the investors in his company. Anyone?

  111. 111
    Johnny says says:

    There are trillions of dollars in the investment industry just itching to get at a “fixed” market for eco-waffle.

    The United Nations Environment Programme, Finance Initiative recently released a joint statement with a number of other finance associations calling for Governments to rapidly “fix” energy and investment markets so they could get on with making shedloads of dosh.

    One of those associates is the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change whose members include the pension funds for the BBC, the Environment Agency and many others.

    One of the organisers of a “webinar” this January was a certain Nick Robins. Climate Crap Huckster at HSBC and also the partner of Ritu Kumar. Ritu Kumar heads the European arm of the UNIPCC chair’s NGO – The Energy and Resources Insititute (Europe). Things are very cosy between the world of finance and eco-activism.

    They want investment opportunities disguised as saving the planet. Tim Yeo is just another corporatist statist.

  112. 112
    David Cameron says:

    What a tosser. Just what you’d expect from a Charterhouse man.

  113. 113
    Johnny says says:

    Doesn’t really matter if he doesn’t have something actual to hide – the rules are that they must avoide the perception of impropriety just as much as they must avoid impropriety.

    Their behaviour, expenses and all that have to look right and smell right. The Great Stink must have dulled their senses.

  114. 114
    Anonymous says:

    Mrs Dale will not be pleased, Guido upsetting a friend of his so close to an election!

  115. 115
    iain says:

    the slimy get

  116. 116
    Steve Hilton says:

    Now guys, keep on message, we are at stage 3, the difficult one, but stage 4 will be the week after next and that’s when it gets easier. So remember, keep your nerve next week: don’t let anything go wrong.

  117. 117
    Populus says:

    He’s been dodgy since he first entered parliament. Hopefully he won’t be in the next.

  118. 118
    Populus says:

    Anyone know what Iain Dale was doing tonight? I bet he wasn’t screwing up an MP like Guido did!

  119. 119
    Steve Expat says:

    Here we go!!

  120. 120
    George Smiley says:

    Lets get Yeo

    wikipedia – Tim Yeo – From 1980-3, he was Chief Executive of the Spastics Society

  121. 121
    Mrs Yeo Twitters says:

    Tim arrived home 30 mins ago, kicked the dog and threw his dinner at the wall. A phone call from Dave didn’t improve his mood and he’s now busy at the shredder stuffing guest lists in and cursing Paxman.
    I’m off to bed.

  122. 122
    Steve Expat says:

    Forgot the Hat-Tip – to the somewhat under fire ToryPolitico

  123. 123

    ITV News at least two MP’s Will be prosecuted !

  124. 124
    Hydrogen is not CO2 neutral unless produced in nuclear stations says:

    Hydrogen is not economically feasible to use for transportation, nor will its use reduce global warming, because of the cost and greenhouse gases generated during production, the low energy content per volume and weight of the container, the cost of the fuel cells, and the cost of the infrastructure.

    Fuel cells sound ‘sexy’ but are, in reality, a bit of a gimmick except in very specialised applications.

    They offer nothing to reduce the so-called culprit gas, CO2.

    Where does that leave those who are marketing its ‘greenery’?

  125. 125
    Anonymous says:

    Two down. 644 to go.

  126. 126
    Gissa seat says:

    Iain was bending over backwards to present his.. Or was that bending over forwards? Anyway,he was bending to the winds of change.

  127. 127
    Laney says:

    You should have struck him. Roughly!

  128. 128

    The tax man should have carried out the investigation it would have been to the penny and the “flippers” would have been nailed !
    These inquiries are set up by MP’s under people they know and are rigged in favour of the scum !

  129. 129
    Carbon Deposit says:

    “Where does that leave those who are marketing its ‘greenery’?”

    Laughing all the way to the bank.

  130. 130
    caesars wife says:

    enjoyed TW Quentin Letts and a look back at Tory HQ with David Mellor . The possibility of us going greek so to speak , is what I have been pondering for some time and it makes the ruins election exit all the more bitter in that if he had cut 30 months ago we would not be facing it , weak growth figures/double dip didnt bother me so much its the possibility of the debt /inflation making the debt draw all the effort in a sort of black hole ie the debt will increase its effect on the economy . Sorry guido missed NN but being following posters here and on OH . I note OH had an MP commenting .

    Given the scandel on expenses and IPPC and green tax scam feelings I think it is worth making a point , that there is nothing wrong with mps meeting lobbyists or lunching with groups that interact with government . So long as its recorded and it is to do with serving democracy/people , I cannot see how else parliament would work . The EU parliament has got far more powerfull groups much of which has not been recorded . Where the system is clearly wrong is when groups like Guido found such as Morgan Allen Moor , sith institute and these back payment groups that are akin to slush funds.Should an mp get a free balckberry or golf clubs or holiday for seeing someone that they already receive a salary for , well that is what upsetts people as its privilidge and send s the signal if your skint were not going to talk to you in the same way . All very arabia in some ways .

    Mps getting flights and accomodation paid for conferences or for that matter being non exec directors , depends alot on wether its clear and if they are looking after there own country/constituancy . I know there has been dysfunctional parliament and troughing but MPs not meeting groups I dont think would work , how do you juxtaspose it with freedom of association ??

    Same with this AV/PR idea imagine how dodgey lobbying would become with that , you might never get rid of corrupts !

  131. 131
    City of Vice says:

    Fuck off.

  132. 132
    caesars wife says:

    mmm seen it now Guido , I would have prefered Tom Watson , but raises some questions , although i dont know if Tim yeo is that bad at his job , but then again I take an interest in some of his committes reports to see how the science gets discussed and hes defended some important green issues .

    But I do see what your getting at/questioning .

  133. 133
    Climb up on the cart says:

    You fucking lunatic. Don’t you see what is happening? MP’s provide political influence for financial rewards. How fucking dense can one person be? Do you need it spelling out on a blackboard? Did Tiny Tim arrange this off the cuff party for his constituents? Or did he promote this bash for his own commercial interests, curtesy of the taxpayer.
    Wouldn’t have to slip you a ryhipnol babe, you’re open, ready and willing to get screwed.

  134. 134
    City of Vice says:

    Excellent. Another puffed up trougher exposed! Red or Blue who cares – if their snout is in the trough terminate with extreme prejudice. Good job Guido!

  135. 135
    Plenty of venues other than the focus of our democracy says:

    The sort of stuff potential investors in the Enviromental Network get to read…nothing wrong in it per se BUT not in the HOC as environmental audit chairman using tax payer subsidised facilities.

    ‘As the initiative aims to make Masdar City a global hub of sustainability innovation, investment opportunities are likely to abound as a result of a favourable environment for start-ups. Early stage businesses will not only benefit from access to a global sustainability hub but also from the following attractive incentives:

    0% tax
    0% import tariffs
    100% foreign ownership
    Simple registration and setup’

  136. 136
    Tim nice but dim says:

    Just out of interest, was that unpaid work of a voluntary nature?

  137. 137
    It's getting closer says:

    Zapatero told a closed-door gathering at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington today that Spain’s deficit was a consequence of stimulus spending that has peaked, and will be brought down through an aggressive austerity plan, according to an aide to the Spanish leader who briefed reporters and asked not to be identified.

    Zapatero told the U.S. executives that his government will reduce spending by 50 billion euros ($68.7 billion) by 2013, the aide said. Spain, with a budget shortfall equivalent to 11.5 percent of gross domestic product, must bring its deficit down to 3 percent of GDP by 2013 to conform to European Union rules, the prime minister noted.

  138. 138
    alex says:

    Well done Guido, fucked up that slimey twat yeo.

  139. 139
    Busted Nokia says:

    My goodness Guido – you just killed Tim Yeo !
    Caught it on iplayer.
    Wonderful viewing :-)

  140. 140
  141. 141
    caesars wife says:

    yeah but after the dustcart has been through , how should it look ??

    Is this any differnet to say parliament in the 50s/6os , or have its just been troughed beyond worthwhile use ?

  142. 142
    caesars wife says:

    I dont like the look of it , well done EU ! No audited accounts for 14 years and 4 countries in Ruro looking like they will bring the ECB down . way to go.

  143. 143
    Paxo says:

    Fuck all to do with me!

  144. 144
    Blackthorne says:

    Every night on TV there is some twat whining about smoking, so unsurprisingly;

    “Imperial Tobacco reports first rise in British cigarette market in four decades”

    The tobacco companies don’t need to advertise, with this bunch of hoons in power.

  145. 145
    Anonymous says:

    In case anyone is interested , I have put the events data in a spreadsheet on google


    just makes it easier to check out than a pdf file

  146. 146
    Dack Blog says:

    It was a ‘I look like a dork’ jacket.

  147. 147
    Dack Blog says:

    Exactly – see 12.

  148. 148
    Finnpog says:

    Deny. Deny. Deny.

    The first and only rule of the modern day MP.

  149. 149

    Thy cam’t land due to the mass of sacred cows on the tarmac!

  150. 150
    nell says:

    Let’s face it bliar would convert to Islam if there was money to be made from doing it!!

  151. 151
    Charles Manson says:

    Members of Parliament in the 1950s and 160s took the “Honourable” part of their title seriously. Today, we have too many self serving placemen, people who were groomed for politics from university, instead of entering politics later to serve their country.

    We should have a minimum age to become an elected official of any kind – at least 35 years old – that way, at least people would have a real life before entering the politics ivory tower.

  152. 152
    Archer Karcher says:

    Tory high command are shitting themselves I see. Has ecoDave any shares or buisness contacts in the “green” industry worth looking at? We all know he is up Rothschilds and Goldsmiths arse`s, any others we should know about chaps?

  153. 153
    nell says:

    Well I see I missed all the fun last night.

    Does anyone have a link to Guido’s performance in exposing yeo’s money troughing ventures?

    Morning Folks.

  154. 154
    Archer Karcher says:

    Yeo is not a tory at all, ever heard the cretins views on anything? He is a typical Bliarite and would fit in perfectly in ZaNuLabia, just like Bercow and a couple of dozen others in the tory party. Jeez, you tribalist imbeciles understand fuck all, Yeo and his ilk are in every party, the issue is, while genuine tories dont want them in their party, the Lib Dims and ZaNu love this sort of self serving dolt.

  155. 155
    Anonymous says:

    Guido claims the banqueting facilities are “heavily subsidised”. No they aren’t – unlike the domestic catering, the banqueting charges commercial rates, so no taxpayer subsidy.

  156. 156
    Archer Karcher says:

    “Tim Yeo is just another corporatist statist.”

    Bang on the money, Yeo and his kind could not care less how many lives they ruined, how many were distressed by their actions or even how many die in their quest for riches and control. They are evil and the sooner people wake and realise green fascists lead the carbon racket and could not care less about the real environment, the better this world will be.

  157. 157
    Anonymous says:


    Guido appears around 6 to 7mins in to programme with Yeo.Enjoy

  158. 158

    See above Nell, but here it is again anyway:

  159. 159

    Well done: Tim’s was not the reaction of a clear conscience, to say the least.

  160. 160

    Especially galling for the wee fellow as he probably thought he was home free after not getting caught in the expenses business.

  161. 161

    Morning Tim, had a good night?

    Commercial rates are the last refuge weasel words of a scoundrel. Commercial compared to what – the Little Chef next to the Hangar Lane gyratory? Not good enough.

  162. 162
    V for Vendetta says:

    Oh dear -reduced to replying to your own post.

  163. 163
    George Osborne says:


    Please don’t add DUPLICATE, or similar, to the bottom of jokes or in the body of a joke. If you do spot a duplicate, please just locate the original, copy it into the new joke and then merge/delete as appropriate.

    To which I responded

    What do I look like? Your fucking secretary?

  164. 164
    V for Vendetta says:

    They are not. They have been seeking investment to do so. It’s an idea which ‘may’ work and it is a long way from delibering anything. Yes things happen like this in business but because the word ‘green’ is in there somewhere it’s ok to misuse public property on numerous occasions to promote your own interests whilst being paid by the taxpayer to do something else is it?

    Are you using Gordon’s moral compass?

  165. 165
    MI5 says:

    Don’t forget the various hedge fund people backing the Tories as well….and their lawyers….and their investment banks…

    That makes a hell of a lot of people who can “influence” the Tory Party…could fill a book already…

  166. 166
    English Liberation Front says:

    Sounds old fashioned doesn’t it “serve ones country”, which is a sad indictment of where we have got to. I blame the liberal elite for their post-empire guilt and distain for the simple, honourable emotion of patriotism. And I blame the venal right for putting self interest before country. Between the two of them, we are where we are.

    Lord Nelson put country first. The Duke of Wellington put country first. Churchill put country first. Where are their like today?

    Life is simple, but we make it complicated. Our centres of interest are family, community, country! That really is it and it is time we rediscovered that simple fact!

  167. 167
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    Missed it – link anyone?

  168. 168
    R.McGeddon says:

    Probity – a word that is NEVER uttered in the Palace of Westminster.

    Property portfolio ?? Oh yes !
    Probity in politics ?? OH NO !!!

  169. 169
    Koba says:

    Keep up with the good work Guido. Opening up a new front just as the last is about to close, the poor bastards won’t know where to hide.

  170. 170
    alex taylor says:

    “Look I’m sure he wants to make money, everyone in business does. The point is he is Chair of a very eco-friendly company that could genuinely have an impact on the world stage.

    Give the guy a break.”

    yeah! a fcuking break in the neck the effing trougher

  171. 171
    Gordon Brown says:

    Oh bumbo klaat, oh ras klaat
    Oh bumbo klaat, oh ras klaat

  172. 172
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    I pit my country first as well – Scotland, that is.

  173. 173
    Jonah hotfoots it to N Ireland says:

    Isn’t there some spare Semtex in N Ireland for Brown to stick up his arse?

  174. 174

    Parliament’s catering service loses millions every year courtesy of the taxpayer subsidy. Compare the cost of hiring the less prestigous River Room a little up the Thames to the cost of hiring the equivalent room with a view in the House. Guido would question the commercial savvy of the parliamentary authorities.

  175. 175
    TimYeo Danaos et dona ferentes says:

    Methinks the laddy doth protest too much

  176. 176
    Smash Labour says:

    What a shock I’ve just seem the one eyed gurning jock halfwit in Northern Ireland. No doubt he’s going to try to take the credit for the deal. Funny that when it looked like it was all falling apart he was no where to be seen.

  177. 177
    S for Shite Spelling says:

    ‘Delibering’ – are you pissed this early

  178. 178
    David Cameron says:

    My ex girlfriend was a artist

    A piss artist
    who in the morning drew the dole
    And at night painted the town red

  179. 179
    alex taylor says:

    good one GF , but watch out just now no mp will want to go onto these programs for fear of being exposed as the greedy little sh1tbag troughers they are

  180. 180
    City of Vice says:

    Yeo’s clearly a front bottom and guilty as sin. Yeo’s spluttered ‘defence’ is that he did NOT discuss raising money for his company at a company fund raising event he himself organised? Deluded twat. These MPs have us all marked down as fools.

  181. 181
    Harriet's Gnarled Clit says:

    Don’t bring party politics into it tampon boy. The selfish fuckers are all of a kind.

  182. 182
    albacore says:

    Very well done, Mr Fawkes.
    Sprats and mackerels.
    Over to you, Mr greenly-unchallenged Cameron – if you can spare the time from agonising over the plight of gay African asylum-seekers.

  183. 183
    nell says:

    Thanks TT.

  184. 184
    City of Vice says:

    Bullshit. The premises, security and other facilities of Parliament are all funded by the pubic purse. Moreover, the prestige and dignity of public office are inestimable, and should certainly not to be whored out by corrupt MPs seeking a bit of personal profit on the side.

  185. 185
    Lord Mandybum says:

    Ooh.. I’ll do that

  186. 186
    nell says:

    Well I’ve watched it now and that has made my day!!

    More Guido??! And Congrats by the way – really Well Done.

  187. 187
    Chief Rabbi says:

    Guido is right…

  188. 188
    nell says:

    Now what about baronessu – or has she run away to her marble palace built with taxpayers money?

  189. 189
    Desperate Dan says:

    You acted like a total prat – just like you always do when you get anywhere near a tv camera.

  190. 190
    genghiz the kahn says:

    remind me where Broon was on the list of ministerial troughers, near the top.

    James Gordon Brown, PhD., Robert Maxwell Chair of Creative Accounting and Sleeze, University of Enron.

  191. 191
    MI5 says:

    Northern Ireland is becoming another mega cluster train crash fuckup…thanks to Nasty Tricks Brown…

    He stinks of ….even entering the room…

  192. 192
    Guess the person says:

    “he is psychologically and emotionally incapable of leadership of any kind”.

    Now can anyone guess who this describes?

  193. 193
    Anonymous says:

    Superlative performance on Newsnight.

  194. 194
    For TAT get Spat says:

    That’s TAT’s favourite charity,surely?

  195. 195
    City of Vice says:

    Yeah, Tim I get it. Barclays only sponsor the Premiership cos they love football, nothing to do with advertising or raising the profile of their business. And trade fairs and conferences are only held to raise awareness, nothing about pushing the product.

    While we are on the subject of fantasy, Tim, did I mention that I have a 15″ knob… really, honest guv…

  196. 196
    nell says:

    I’ve been thinking Guido – if you keep enhancing your celebrity status with class acts like this last one they’ll be offering you a place on that Big Brother house thingy!!

  197. 197
    Sir William Waad says:

    Yeo. dude, where’s the beans?

  198. 198
    Max the Impaler says:

    I’ve just seen the burka in a whole new light.

  199. 199
    Morley & Chaytor says:

    It’s Morley & Chaytor for the chop – leaking out across Westminster now.

  200. 200
    nell says:


    And just look what news they tried to slip out under the radar yesterday.

    The cost of quangoes has risen by £10billion in the last two years under gordon’s ‘management’.

  201. 201
    CCHQ says:

    Now you mention it, from certain angles- yes.

  202. 202
    Anonymous says:

    possibly of interest , a couple of top 20’s from the events list

    Trougher/Number of Events

    Harris, Evan 89
    Sheerman, Barry 88
    Grogan, John 75
    Jack, Rt Hon Michael 73
    Gibson, Ian 71
    Wyatt, Derek 67
    Mitchell, Austin 64
    Love, Andrew 62
    Mitchell, Andrew 57
    Stoate, Howard 56
    Bottomley, Peter J 55
    Haselhurst, Sir Alan 55
    Greenway, John 54
    Naysmith, Douglas 54
    Tipping, Paddy 53
    Cormack, Sir Patrick 51
    Spring, Richard 50
    Hall, Patrick 48
    Vaz, Keith 48

    Event/Number of Events

    Association 213
    Nicks Diner 60
    One Nation 59
    Eur. Research Gr. 45
    TBC 39
    PUG 29
    P & S Committee 28
    Third Term 27
    Small Business Bur. 26
    Westminster Circle 25
    All Member Group 23
    BT 21
    Networking for Industry 21
    Big Lottery Fund 19
    Uk Defence Forum 19
    Supper Club 18
    BBC 16
    Robert Jackson MP 15
    Strangers Gallery 15
    Adam Smith Inst. 14

    not 100% correct as the spelling of the “events” varies. There are 60 here for Nicks Diner but there are two more for Nick’s Diner.

    TBC seeems popular as well , presumably “to be confirmed” but Association could hide any number of things.

    The BBC figure prominently as you may well imagine. They have 53 events but under the following names

    Bbc – Winston Churchill Statue
    BBC Audio and Music
    BBC Birmingham for West Midlands MP’s
    BBC Breakfast
    BBC Breakfast Briefing
    BBC Dinner
    BBC East
    BBC East Breakfast Briefing
    BBC Group
    BBC Leeds
    BBC London
    BBC Lunch
    Bbc Media Centre
    BBC Northen Ireland
    BBC Northern Ireland
    BBC Private Lunch
    BBC Scotland
    BBC Scotland Breakfast
    BBC South
    BBC South East
    BBC South East MP’s Breakfast
    BBC Trust Breakfast
    BBC Wales
    BBC West Midlands MPs Breakfast
    BBC Worldwide
    BBC Yorkshire
    BBC Yorkshire Breakfast Meeting

    surely no skulduggery there. Might check out who the MPs are , can’t imagine they are all from one particular party

  203. 203
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Oy, leave Hanger Lane alone its a perfectly respectable area!

  204. 204

    Perfectly respectable place to get a sniff of petrol to the sound of a squealing tyre, Osama.

  205. 205
  206. 206
    Dull Chemist says:

    Hydro electric too. If there were hydrogen factories they’d be in the kind of place that currently has aluminium smelters (eg. Norway, Iceland, Canada). Wasn’t “Heroes of Telemark” all about a hydro-electric hydrogen plant?

    100% more efficient? I’d hope for better than that!
    If your starting point is a poor petrol engine, then a rather good diesel engine is already close to being twice as efficient.

    I don’t know much about fuel cells, but lithium polymer cells – which were something approaching science fiction some years ago – are impressive (but better for phones than cars).

  207. 207
    hexkid says:

    You can see it on YouTube.

  208. 208
    Jethro says:

    Yes, and he’s really ‘B for Bendetta’

  209. 209
    jgm2 says:



    Oh great. You know you’re in trouble when the state decides that the army is better employed countering a threat from within rather than rampaging around some foreign field countering a threat from without.

    We’re fucked.

  210. 210

    hello Tim Yeo

    You’ll be reading this of course.

    Just to let you know you looked a proper fucking crook last night. Hope you get testicular cancer today.

    Love and kisses

    The Electorate

  211. 211
    Gordon Brown says:

    You’ll have to throw her on the floor – I wouldn’t recognise her sitting down.

  212. 212
    jgm2 says:

    Had to get that Tory in there somehow. Is Chaytor bang to rights or is his case the most likely of the Labour ones to collapse under scrutiny?

  213. 213
    English Radical says:

    Yeo – this is corruption in office.

    You are a corrupt pig & deserve the noose.

  214. 214
    CCHQ says:

    More of an Alan Clark angle.

  215. 215
    jgm2 says:

    Nick Robinson on BBC News last night found time to mention that the expenses system was brought in by Margaret Thatcher 30 years ago. Which I’m sure Labour HQ thought was jolly helpful of him.

    They also pointed out that the biggest crook who was asked to pay back was a ‘government minister’ but then, for balance, thought they’d it best that they name three opposition PMs for their crookery. Although for some reason they didn’t say ‘opposition’. Fuck no. They said ‘Tory’.

    So it’s ‘government’ minister but ‘Tory’ (not ‘opposition’) MPs. See how that works.

    I see what you did there BBC.

  216. 216
    Busted says:

    getit up you you lying bastard’ I was not there, it was not me…’ get to fuck you chiselling c’unt

  217. 217
    Green_Bankers_Harm_Your_Health says:

    Guido 1: Tim (The History Man II) Zero

    When I watched Newsnight the first time last night I was not so aware of the body language by Timothy Yeoowe as on the replay.

    He took the Guido’s question “How many people of the 150 present (at the dinner) went on to invest in AFC Energy” and turned it in an inflammatory “slur” on his persona rather than simply answering “none”. Politicians need to learn that a straight answer is the best defence – provided it can be substantiated.

    To pretend to be hurt and not to answer the question was a very “Brownian” response for an MP, who coincidentally has an MA in History.

    Towards the beginning of the exchange Tim’s hand gestures were those of a man trying to distance himself from his acts, whereas the “pointing” near the end, in response to Guido’s pointing were merely reflexive fighting from the corner where he had already been “crowned”.

    Environmental Investors Network?

    Is this some sort of green Dragon’s Den, where each greedy member wants a cut from the green tax leeches that will suck the blood of every white nation consumer for the next ninety years? This sounds the creepiest thing to me.

    Was this Green taxation ever put to the voters to chew over for them to decide if they will get anything at all from the deal whilst non-regulated countries continue to belch out the black stuff?

  218. 218
    Busted says:

    its the Mallen streak

  219. 219
    Airey Belvoir says:

    That’ll be Carter Fuck or ‘We’ll take all your’ Schillings

  220. 220
    Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

    As long as he gets the hair dye right though…

  221. 221
    Arthur Haynes (Comedian) says:

    Top Cat?

  222. 222
    50 Calibre says:

    I though Yeo protested rather too much and too many times.

    You’d have thought that MPs would be used to being caught with their trousers down/fingers in the till/screwing their expenses/getting cash for questions/selling introductions/etc./etc. by now and would be able to put on a much more polished performance.

    Watching this space with much interest…

  223. 223
    udderly 'orrible says:

    Please remember that MThatcher was also responsible for Crimea and Agincourt.

  224. 224
    On Harman Pride's Dossier says:

    My missus was admitted to a liver ward a while back. About half the beds were teenagers who’d tried to kill themselves with paracetamol – they’d succeeded, but it was just taking a few weeks.

    Lying in a bed turning yellow with your family in tears around you is not a nice way to go.

  225. 225
    Gordon Brown (PhD history) says:

    In a funny roundabout kind of way she was…

  226. 226
    Anonymous says:

    Yeo has a very interesting wiki entry. Former chairman of the spastics society and a daughter out of wedlock that he put up for adoption.

  227. 227
    Anonymous says:

    Brian Amos from Centrica plc added:

    “We have looked at a number of technologies that have the potential to generate
    low-cost electricity with zero carbon dioxide emissions and the fuel cell system
    from AFC Energy has the potential to meet our requirements for a specific
    project. We look forward to working with AFC Energy to deliver this solution.”

  228. 228
    Anonymous says:

    The operational system will permit the optimal usage of coal with minimal
    environmental damage. The project capital expenditure for power stations using
    AFC Energy’s low cost fuel cell system is forecast to be less than that of
    conventional coal/IGCC power stations.

    The implementation of this programme
    can create a ‘Holy Grail’ for future coal utilisation with low-cost, highly
    efficient conversion of coal into power and through the process of CCS it can
    turn the dirtiest fossil fuel into the cleanest.

  229. 229

    Keep plugging away at them Guido.

    Watching Yeo squirm and make a pathetic demand to withdraw your allegations was wonderful to watch.

    You might need a new shredder for those solicitors letters :)

    Good work fella!

  230. 230
    Dick the Prick says:

    I loved his spurned petulence – ‘well, I guess i’ll never hold another event then’. – Good, now fuck off and die.

  231. 231


    Trying to attack the messenger while deliberately avoiding the message makes one look very very stupid.

    Very Mandelsson-esque.

  232. 232
    Anonymous says:

    So you’d charge even higher rates and make the facilities available to only the really stinking rich?

  233. 233
  234. 234
    Unsworth says:

    What was the tosser going to stroke?

  235. 235
    Unsworth says:

    Just the fact that he’s an MP would condemn him in the eyes of any jury – and rightly.

  236. 236
    Unsworth says:

    Never mind that. It’s about time Yeo’s collar was felt.

  237. 237
    Unsworth says:

    Quite a number of them, actually. It’s all bollocks, of course, but there’s none so gullible as the rich.

  238. 238
    Unsworth says:

    Isn’t that how it is already?

  239. 239

    This is a straightforward post and I am amazed with it. , I know you won’t be spending that much time as you used too with blogging but I would just like to say good luck to all your online ventures..

  240. 240
    Unsworth says:

    ‘Outrageous slur’?

    Issue your writ, you prat.

  241. 241
    swino says:

    You know what they say: politics is show business for ugly people

  242. 242
    Billy says:

    Guido, you are a complete twat. In fact, an absolute C*NT.

  243. 243
    Ed Balls Is A Proffit says:

    notice a pattern with these thieving twats the more they deny means the more guilty the are dont ya know

  244. 244
    my name is Gordon my daddy told me never to tell a lie (he was a twat) says:

    Just seen cod eye on news saying they should be punished hold on did you have to pay any cash back cod eye mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    on another note I reliable source has told me that Lord Mandelbum has scripted the interview with plonker Morgan NEVER I don`t believe it i`m free

  245. 245

    […] MPs with a clear material interest in the organisation they are playing host to include Ian Taylor MP, who held a reception on 25 Sept 2008 for Avanti Communications Group of which he is a paid director. The reception was held three days after Taylor enjoyed “a night’s accommodation and a day’s shooting” from Avanti Communications. Tim Yeo’s sponsoring of an event for the Environmental Investment Network has also raised eyebrows. […]

  246. 246
    lenko says:

    Nobody will ever read this comment so far down the list, but I’m amazed that in the papers I’ve read and the TV I’ve seen about the “events” our betters have hosted, not a word have I seen about the (at least) three events hosted for various freemasonry outlets.

    Cameron, Bercow and Tony Baldry have all put on a feast for the ladies and gentlemen of the funny handshake. Surely this MUST mean they themselves are masons?

    Have I stumbled across a verboten subject?

  247. 247
    lola says:

    I’ve watched Yeo in action at a local event. Jeez he’s a smarmy git. I don’t rate him at all as my MP and he seems to have been in the seat forever. Time for a change methinks.

  248. 248
    Guidos Cheer Leader says:

    Watched it me thinks he doth protest to much His continual attempts to shout Guido down are a bit of a give away methinks

    He should resign forthwith & before there are more ‘revelations’

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