February 2nd, 2010

Millionaire Maguire in Glass House Shocker

Guido has just got off the phone with our Kev after reading his column in Public Affairs News about hacks failing to declare other work in the register of journalists’ interests. The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner recently ruled Martin Bright, Melissa Kite, Andrew Neil and Fraser Nelson should have declared their outside interests while in possession of Lobby passes.  Maguire was quick to have a go at them in his column, and Guido thought he better check Kev’s own glass house was in order.

Despite being the Daily Mirror’s political editor Magure isn’t afraid to take the Murdoch shilling – appearing on Sky News almost every day and regularly reviewing the papers at £150 a pop with a limo back to his Richmond mansion thrown in. These have all been properly noted, but before he went on the attack you would have thought he would have registered his very obvious outside interest – his column in Public Affairs News that he admitted, with a raucous cackle, having had for two years.

In true Labour style Kev says he is going to report himself after being caught out.  He better be quick to beat Guido’s complaint faxed over…


  1. 1
    Brown and out says:

    Go on Brown – blow your brains out live on TV – do it for us all!

  2. 2
    Devil's scent says:

    Maguire – he puts the smell on the word shit

  3. 3
    BillyBob ... reduce crime, prison numbers and the benefits black hole? Stop immigration !! says:

    he is a Mackem twat of the first order !!!!

  4. 4
    Geordie upon Thames says:

    Ask not for whom the toilet flushes.

  5. 5
    Old Nick Heavenly(real dimwit) says:

    Just do not try to buy a bit of quiche without an ID! (Mail)

    I blame it all on those eurofederalistbrussellschwienchen!

    Great Britney, laughing stock of the universe!

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Maguire is way cooler than any of you bitter lot

  7. 7
    Fly on the Wall throws himself into the flytrap with boredom says:

    I’ve been watching Brown on and off live on both BBC and Sky for the past 2 hours and have already lost the will to live although I thought I heard him arguing with the commitee that the public spending cuts outlined in black and white in the governments PBR and which each member of the commitee had in front of them was actually “not correct” and neither was the Chancellor when he said cuts were happening although I may have misheard his answer being drowned out by some of the “hacks” in the room snoring

    Likewise when they got on to electoral reform and lowering the voting age to 16 – Brown seemed to base the argument for doing this on the fact that a lot of vulnerable young people leave social care at that age and need protecting from unspecified dark forces or it may have been voices

  8. 8
    PM says:

    Kevin Maguire = Dog Shit

  9. 9
    Alistair Darling says:

    A storm in a teacup

    In a bid to stave off the UK’s economic decline, the government are unveiling a new tax law on mints. It’s called tic-tax.

  10. 10

    He is actually Paid for those comments? With real money? Not magic beans or something.. actual money?
    I could it for £50 on a video link up.

    Labour – good
    Tories – bad
    spending – good
    Cuts – bad.
    War – erm, not sure. Best not mention it. Mumble mumble – bad man – held to ransom – nurses – erm – Falklands was bad – erm – lets talk about summint else ok?
    The smoking ban in your own home!! Not to my 40 a day readers. Lets talk about Iraq ,,, what was I mumblin’.. oh yeah .. Brown great – Dave a thick toff Bradshaw – genius – May – flower pot. Ainsworth – colossus – Hague – Oooover -ray -ted.
    {repeat daily.. swap the names around if you want. Send the cheques to my accountant}

  11. 11
    .243 Win says:

    Wonder if he gets any spin-offs from his frequent appearances on the Pravda sofas ?

  12. 12
    Rick Nobinson says:

    He also put the CLINT in sCLINThorpe

  13. 13
    Damian McBride says:

    I’ll have that Gig.

    Give me a job, Sky Bastards.

  14. 14

    A tic-tax is the best form of breath defence.

  15. 15
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    We’d better put a tax on small metal nails – we’ll call it tin tax.

  16. 16
    bergen says:

    Does he still appear as a Julian Clarey tribute act these days?

  17. 17

    Mighty strange chaps, these liberals, I find. Put a comment earlier on bbc blogs – Stephanie (flat as) Flanders one to be precise.
    You see, she compared Dave Cameron to Dicky Nixon and talked about his being in denial.
    I wrote in the comments section, “You ever been in denial, Steph? Eh Steph?”
    Well, blow me down. Beeb put the comment up for a short while. Then clearly one of these ‘liberals’ decided that it should be removed.
    Point is, can’t quite see why these fellows are called liberals any more.
    In my day, liberals had an air of earnest grottiness about them, but they did let other people get a word in… occasionally.
    But the current lot, you know, Labour, BBC, Grauniad etc tend to worship at the shrine of Pol Pot, rather than smoke pot.
    Anyway, clearly Steph the Eff can dish it out, but when it comes to ‘being in denial’, there’s one filly who is clearly in denial.
    Eh, Steph?

  18. 18
    backwoodsman says:

    Well, we’ll strugle on, uncool it is then.

  19. 19
    Benchmarks for Britain = Skidmarks to shit in says:


    He was never a journalist and was the goto guy for Labour spin
    Nothing but Mandy’s appointed gobshite on earth these days

    Though one wonders if the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner had been told to give those other uppity journo’s a bit of a kicking from expenses weary MP’s feeling downtrodden, unloved and more than a touch spitefull

  20. 20
    giver akin emu says:

    I unmake giver

  21. 21
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:

    Who is Maguire’s hagiographer ??


    They’ve certainly focused on his good points, sorry I mean good point. Looks like it needs updating to me.

  22. 22
    concrete pump says:

    It’s well known amongst c*nt circles that Kevin Mcguire does not have a gag reflex.

    This helps him, not only to suck the blistered, scab ridden, pox covered cocks of other socialists, but also enables him to fit their balls in his mouth as well.

    The c*nt.

  23. 23
    If he spelt his name correctly says:

    Given muckier
    veg in muckier
    ever I mucking

  24. 24
    Porkbusting says:

    just get Oaten off our fucking TV screens for god’s sake

    exactly what is it Oaten has on the BBC and SKY and C4 that forces them to keep putting his odious mug onto the TV at every bloody opportunity ???

  25. 25
    jgm2 says:

    How about VAT on Fuel tax. We can call it Tax Tax.

  26. 26
    rparker says:

    maguire wrote that he’s cool, no body else could think that of this uriah heep among journalists hes not even a maccam and though he can dish it out he cant take it back on twitter -politcal scum of the worst order

  27. 27
    Rick Nobinson says:

    I note from your earlier posting you’ve spotted that she’s jockeying for my pole position up Gordon’s gusset. There’s no room up here behind me, Sweaty Balls and Muguire.

  28. 28
    rparker says:

    this man slithers his way across out tv screens hes disgrace to tyneside they should take away his passport as we alknow what happens in the movies the snivelling two timer he ends up against the wall and don’t read his wifes no vel unless you find story teling a gripping as laundry list worth your time ,guys hit him on twitter he dont like it

  29. 29
    concrete pump says:

    Socialism = mental illness.

  30. 30
    rparker says:

    if you try to add anything to his whickepedia its removed and they say free speech exists not with this lot it dont

  31. 31
    genghiz the kahn says:

    radio 5kive seem to allow him plent of air head time. how often is he hired to offer his pearls of wisdom?

    why is this Hunt given so much extra income? nice work for a cosy bunch of self congratulating lefty shits.

    does he also claim taxis home?

  32. 32
    Mr Ned says:

    HA HA HA HA HA Guido…. KICK ASS!

  33. 33
    concrete 'pedant' pump says:

    Shouldn’t that be ‘Wearside’, i would check but i have too many tabs open and my shit work computer will probably crash.

  34. 34
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Steph probably thinks that JFK was cleaner than clean, and overlooked the inconvenient truths about the Kennedy clan, insider dealing, womanising, buying of votes….

  35. 35
    Sir William Waad says:

    I’m not sure how this matters. You’re trying to make journalists honest?

  36. 36
    Hadaway and Shite, Slocitors, Newcastle upon Tyne says:

    We understand he is more correctly described as a Sand Dancer twat. They look up to Geordies but look down on Mackems.

  37. 37
    Hadaway and Shite, Slocitors, Newcastle upon Tyne says:

    ..or even Solicitors. Pissed again!!

  38. 38

    These politicians usually ARE clean after Steph has finished with them.
    Remember the old whitewash adage:
    “Only a pro will know where to go.”

  39. 39

    Brilliant. That is a wonderful impression of Maguire, IN FACT IT COULD HAVE BEEN ANY NUMBER OF PLANKTON, PAID TO TELL US WHAT TO THINK.

  40. 40
    ShoutsAtTheTVwhenGordo'sOn says:


    I hope zis is a SteveMcQueen/GreatEscape reference, and Anon is suggesting he should be sent to play Baseball-for-1 in solitary confinement?

    Otherwise… “Cool”?!… I mean, let’s talk facts:
    He’s grey
    He’s ugly
    He’s got an accent like fingernails being dragged across the chalkboard
    He has nothing of interest to say
    He is predictable, dull, misinformed and offensive
    And he has no taste (proof, QED, is that he LOVES HIMSELF)

    Other than that, yeah, bangin’…

    You knob! You utter knob!

  41. 41
    the co-op is labour's secret manifesto machine says:

    the co-op’s debit card machines ask you questions.

    they started by saying “was our store clutter free” and “would you buy a £5 top – up”

    they are now asking “do you think 16 year olds should get the vote?”

    … i have changed my shop (it is massively overpriced anyway)

  42. 42
    Tapestry says:

    They are really gunning for Fraser Nelson. Lobby Pass removed, and a libel case from Charlie Whelan filed against him, who really is not a fucking great bully at all. http://tinyurl.com/ylpc9nm

  43. 43
    Doctor Mick says:

    He’s norra mackem, he’s a Sandancer. Look at his conk man.

  44. 44
    The Hon. Loretto Fettes says:

    Full marks Guido. No story is too good for the bloggers.

  45. 45
    Labour/BBC are vermin says:

    Kevin Maguire is a journalist of integrity.
    I know that because the BBC keep saying it.

  46. 46
    Anonymous says:

    As usual a non story…. he registered his interest 2 weeks ago. What about the Tory gap in the opinion polls slipping to only 7%…. now thats news shame its not mentioned here! GAMEON.

  47. 47
    No Offence Intended But.... says:

    Only retards believe polls so that means you are retarded.
    Doesn’t it.

  48. 48
    Brown Hater says:

    I would think that even Smoggies look down on Mackems?

  49. 49
    Brown Hater says:

    Drinks halfs!

  50. 50
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    Remember folks, no matter where he lives, no matter who he sucks up to and no matter what he writes he’ll never be able to shake off his “toilets” nickname, because story behind it is true.

  51. 51
    Kev and the Socialists says:

    Do as I say
    Not as I do

    Rock on!

  52. 52






  53. 53
    Anonymous says:

    This made my day. Thank you, Guido.

  54. 54
    Kevster says:

    Thought I was in a bad mood, but that made me howl!

  55. 55

    Maguire should be rightly pissed of by now. Years of arse licking and still no gong.

    Sky and the Mirror should do theirselves and us a favour and stop funding the nauseating pseudo trot twat. All he does is allienate the reader and viewer.

    Garry Glitter writing a childrens article or Jade goody at an indian wedding has more appeal.

  56. 56

    Kevin Maguire = ArseLickingSpunkBubble

  57. 57

    It has been updated. There’s a link to this post by Guido, now.

  58. 58
    The Ordure Never Stops says:

    24 hour rolling poos.

  59. 59

    […] The critical analysis of the political paralysis surrounding the fiscal situation? The report back from the Shadow Chancellor’s benchmark launch? The highlighting of the hypocrisy of a senior political journalist? […]

  60. 60
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Maguire – Without doubt the slimiest useless tosser on the tv. This man is further up Browns arsehole than toenails.

    It amazes me how this tosser gets the platform he does

  61. 61
    The Lib says:

    Talking about Martin Bright and outside interests. In January he wrote a story on his Spectator blog calling for a sequal series to be made of the BBC political series, Party Animals.

    Nowhere in his blogpost does he mention that he was the primary consultant on the first series. My comments on this particular blogpost were unceremoniously deleted. Thin skins comes to mind.


  62. 62
    rparker says:

    no he comes from south sheilds though he does seem more like a maccam

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