January 31st, 2010

Labour Will Have a Khrushchev Moment of Truth in the End

Rawnsley’s new revelations in The End of the Party, like Peter Watt’s in Inside Out, come as no great surprise.  Guido has been pretty remorseless over the years in his characterisation of Gordon Brown as the “Prime Mentalist”.  As we come closer to the dénouement of this government more and more will come out confirming the truth of this characterisation.  The increasingly manifest weirdness of the man means that his acolytes are now reduced to excusing him as a “poor communicator”.  Poor communication skills do not explain the widely reported acts of violent rage, poor communication skills do not explain the bizarre behaviour, the appalling mistreatment of junior staff or the violent Nokia chucking abuse towards aides.

The demented dithering of Downing Street’s dysfunctional operation is now well known throughout Westminster and openly recognised in Whitehall.  The decision making processes that determine the strategic direction of the country have almost broken down.  This stems in large part from the personality of Gordon Brown.

When Brown has gone after the election it seems inevitable that we will eventually have a Khrushchev moment, where a senior Labour figure articulates what everyone knows.  It will be devastating.  Gordon Brown is a malevolent, deeply damaged and unpleasant human being.  He is at the centre of a culture of political bullying that has been unhealthy for the Labour Party and the government.  The loyalist cabal around him are unpleasant people who have no place in a healthy political culture, they are as secretive and malicious as they are vindictive and vicious.

Damian McBride was his anonymous assassin, destroying the careers of Brown’s enemies.  Nick Brown, Gordon’s tough enforcer is now the party’s chief whip.  The charmless Ed Balls plotting on his master’s behalf owes his position entirely to his loyalty to Brown. Charlie Whelan is another Brown bully with a bit more charm and humour.  Nick Cohen recalls Charlie Whelan lambasting Martin Bright’s wife, telling the mother of his children that the then political editor of the Staggers should be sacked for disloyalty to Brown.  Whelan is now suing the editor of the Speccie for calling him a bully, probably because he couldn’t bully anyone into sacking him.  Those around Brown are unpleasant people of necessity, because leaders like him who can’t inspire only hold on to power through fear.

Many people in the Labour Party who know all this stay silent, they despair or they have given up.  It would have been better for them all to have had a coup before the election rather than a Khrushchev moment after.  Look at the evasiveness and the body language of the people who deny the truth of the allegations about the Prime Mentalist.  Truth will out in the end.


  1. 1
    fitaloon says:

    Exactly correct Mr Fawkes and it this that will destroy Labour for many years to come


    • 12
      W.W. says:

      Whilst hoping you are correct, looking like a hung Parliment may be likely.

      Which says two things, how many imbeciles are there in this Country that even now will still vote Labour.

      It also says a lot about Camerons lot that they aren’t hitting 70% in the polls, when the alternative is a lunatic.



      • 21
        أنا جائع says:

        The Labour spin/PR machine seems to be surprisingly efficient despite Brown’s incompetence.

        I fear that the Tories do not have the ruthless bullying/lying ability needed to completely wipe out Gordon…

        (And, of course, most of Labour’s supporters are public sector workers/on benefits – turkeys do not vote for Christmas)


        • 34
          W.W. says:

          Personally I’m hoping they are keeping their powder dry until the election.

          Though it must be very dry by now.



          • Just saying says:

            If they are too dry at the erection, no new growth, but no labour 9 months after


          • Thatch says:

            Talk about a couple of fucking wets. You actually do believe the media led hung parliament narrative. How very sad.


          • Everyone has forgotten about the huge overseas vote. British Forces and Civilian workers and supporters.
            All the older folk enjoying the Sun in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, USA, NZ, SA, Australia. Ex pat workers in Dubai, Singapore. Hong Kong etc.
            The are hundreds and thousands of Brits out of the Country and still eligible to vote. They are not exactly poor, or unmotivated.
            They are never included in these less than scientific and unweighted Polls.
            Labour Scum will get washed away. Brown is totally unelectable, and his Cabal of nasty vicious hangers-on will be responsible for the imminent demise of the Labour Party. In its current form, they are not NuLabour but Old Communists.


          • Steve Expat says:

            Correct GFBP about the expat voters.

            I’m registered in a Lab-Con marginal and will defintiely be making sure my vote counts from 3500 miles away in the sun – and it wont be for the party led by the bully who assaults his own staff and throws Nokias around the room!


          • Andy Coulson's Mouthpiece says:

            Top Electioneering Guido

            Keep doing as you are told Mr Fawkes and we might even give you a few scraps from CCO on the ‘deadwood’ old guard Conservative MPs we intend to marginalise to keep from causing trouble

            I know it’s hard to keep printing this bollocks and pretending it’s news but you might even get to meet DC one day


            You know your place


          • Suck it up boys. It’s decimation City ever so soon. I can smell the fear in the Bunker from here. Bastards. They are all evil bastards.

            They bring in 10% Tax on a ‘costed basis’, only to take it back at the first opportunity. So don’t get clever you Communist Fuck.


          • PoliBollocks says:

            Was it intentional ‘Just Saying’ to type erection not election or… maybe you are from the far east? Very far thinking me thinks!


          • W.W. says:


            I wouldn’t describe myself as a wet, and I certainly don’t take the media’s word on anything.

            But with the % of people who rely on the state for their income in one way or another, added to whatever vote rigging they can get away with.

            Add that to thr gerrymandering that Labour have done, add to that the number of total fuckwitts in the country.

            Though a hung Parliment will in fact see the end of The labour Prty as it is now, as a new election would probably follow within the next year or so, leading to the financial ruin of the Labour Party, shortly before/after the financial ruin of the entire UK.

            Though personally I want meltdown on election night just to see Jonahs face.



          • Pond Life says:

            The look on his face will probaly be one of relief. His whole body language is one of a man under extreme pressure. Take a look at Broon 3 years ago and look at him now, we all age but not that f*cking fast.


          • One party state says:

            There is no Labour party and no conservative party.

            what you have is selected and compromised Bilderberg stooges at the top desparately trying to destroy Britain for their gain with the useful idiots at the bottom, propping up the farce that is said to be the party.

            If you think those at the Top of the party give a shit about the activists or political ideology you must be mad.


          • You well may be right about the whole one party thing. Unfortunately I don’t know how to change any of that. All I have is a small voice and a right to vote soon.

            Doubt if Bilderburgers are on the ballot papers.

            So why don’t you take a chill pill, and just fuck right off with your conspiracy bollox.


          • One party state says:

            “So why don’t you take a chill pill, and just fuck right off with your conspiracy bollox”

            First you are wrong Bildebergers do appear on the ballot papers, second it is a fact not bollox, forth you won’t have any democracy at all in a few short years when the EU decides EVERYTHING.

            Lastly you do have a choice their are other parties and independants to vote for.

            Perhaps you should take your own advice as you have nothing constructive or informative to say, now back to xfactor with ya.


        • 62
          NotaSheep says:

          Never underestimate the vile brainwashing carried out every day by the BBC on behalf of the Labour government. This influence may be worth as much as 10% of the electorate.


          • Just saying says:

            Nearer 25% by the latest figures


          • Liebour have destroyed GB says:

            Andy Coulson’s Mouthpiece says: sounds like you need a Nokia round the head mate


          • Tory Troll Control says:

            sounds like you are a little Toryboy weed who would shit yourself if anyone said BOO! to you too loudly


          • brown is insane says:

            Fuck off you beeboid robot.


          • One party state says:

            Alsmost correct but not quite, yes 99% of what appears on the BBC, 90% of what appears on sky and 85% of what appears in the papers is NWO propaganda, It’s not on behalf of the Labour goverment, it is on behalf of the state, the same propaganda will continue under a Conservative `goverment`.

            The same illegal wars will role on, the EU will contine to dictate to us without mandate and we will still be usery slaves to the global banking cartel.

            The goverment are but puppets.


        • 103
          Mr Ned says:

          It’s not down to the labour PR machine so much as the utter failure of the tories to offer a radical alternative. The tories gift wrapped and hand delivered a good 5 – 7% of their core to UKIP. a further 5% just cannot stand labour and are very turned off by Cameron pretending to be a slightly less offensive version of the labour party.

          Cameron should have the tories 20 – 30 percentage points ahead by now, but he will not persuade the floating voters by pretending to be labour-lite.

          Labour supporters will not vote tory for fear that Cameron is pretending to be labour lite and will actually be to the far right of Tebbit, whereas floating tories are scared that Cameron really is labour light and will not support that.


          • One party state says:

            They are both the same, we have one party politics driven by the bilderbergs and a media consensus – even when it lies – climate tax and control fraud.


          • One party state says:



          • Glaswegian says:

            Mr Ned,104, I agree with you. Perhaps it is the way the media report it, but I find the impression created by the various Conservative statements to be profoundly unconvincing.
            I think Guido’s analysis is spot on regarding Brown’s total unsuitability for high office, but I feel that the whole Conservative campaign is complacent and vacillating.
            The time for nuancing is past, its time to go for the jugular.


          • Watch the Skies! says:

            Talk of a 20-30% lead in the polls would result in a likely shock defeat at a General Election, simply because of the complacency which this would likely engender in Conservatives; and the last-ditch desperation which would fill Labour’s hearts.

            Let them spin their ‘hung parliament’ fantasies for all they are worth, let them plot and scheme in the bars and clubs of the Westminster village.

            It will all end up on a final expenses claim and then we will be shot of their self-interested cabal.


          • Thrusterbuster says:

            I don’t recall seeing any party having a 30% lead in the opinion polls and I struggle to see this element of labour -lite you mention. As for UkIP they are a busted flush and won’t have any serious impact on the result of the GE. Cameron may not be a thatcher but as a practical alternative to the present shower he is the man of the moment.


          • One party state says:

            “Thrusterbuster says:
            February 1, 2010 at 4:56 am
            I don’t recall seeing any party having a 30% lead in the opinion polls and I struggle to see this element of labour -lite you mention. As for UkIP they are a busted flush and won’t have any serious impact on the result of the GE. Cameron may not be a thatcher but as a practical alternative to the present shower he is the man of the moment.”

            Thanks for that load of shite `Dave` but perhaps rather than propagandising the Tories and doing it very badly, perhaps you should ask yourself why other parties never get a look in even when their policies are popular and the mainstreme policies are war criminal and theft?

            the media is NWO owned, the parties are NWO owned and the people like you far too stupid to realise, still keep cheering the warcrimes, treason and bankers stooges parties, while the UKIP gets turned into the third world – MUG.


        • 223
          BBC says:

          If the electoral system favoured the tories in the way it currently favours labour then we would make it a huge issue.


        • 320
          Paddy says:

          Guido is spot on with this, though I believe the reckoning has already begun.

          Gordon Brown’s loyalist cabal are unpleasant people who have no place in politics.

          Do you really believe that Sion Simon has freely given up the type of Labour safe seat that many Labour MPs would give their right arms for? He is going to run for Mayor of Birmingham when the job does not even exist? The Labour spin machine must have worked overtime on that one! None of the flunkies in the media even questioned it!

          I would place my bets that some of the Labour Party are waking up to the disaster that Gordon Brown and is motley crew are leading them to.


      • 26
        udderly 'orrible says:

        That last sentence is the clincher very concerning. However it is partially at least, explained in the Times piece today showing how Liebour has virtually only created state sector jobs over the past decade, and devastating figures they are too.

        Well said indeed Mr Fawkes, McSnoteater’s public nostril-mining finally coming home to roost, as it were. Little of worth ever came out of Fife.


      • 188
        Labourwipeout says:

        W.W With all due respect you are talking utter utter shite. No party has ever polled 70% for one good reason. People are tribal and you will always have folks staying loyal to a particular Party. Such figures are therefore impossible. To get a landslide you DO NOT NEED TO GET SUCH FIGURES. Fuck me man, I suspect you are a Labour droid sent in to cover up the embarassing gulf that opened up between Labour and The Tories who despite your stupid comments are heading for a victory over this inept Government. I predict a wipeout for Gordons Goons and nothing, nothing is going to prevent this, Gordon you are finished you are a fraud, a fake, a charlatan whom we have never ever warmed to.


        • 243
          Francis Futurama says:

          There’s more warmth to be had from a piece of cold toast.


        • 257
          Anonymous says:

          Dead right about the tribal bit. Was chatting to a mate who has a severely handicapped child, local MP worked miracles to get him into a school that was right for him. Same local MP well known for hard constituency graft and refusing hospitality. When I said so you’ll be voting for him she said – NO WAY, he’s a Tory.

          A total disconnect between the actual MP and what he does and the group he belongs to.

          You could put a Nokia wielding madman at head of the Labour party and she’d still vote for them…


          • next slide please, d-day says:

            Trouble is that the MP is idealogically opposed to your mate. For example, my local MP is a Labour MP, renowed for excessive cleaning bills. He supports all the right local things, turns out for the local schools etc and is generally OK in his constituency. However, once back in London he votes for the Government and his voting record is absolutely abbhorant to a right of centre chap like me. So although he may be a reasonable constituency MP, his support for the Government and his voting record in Parliament mean I cannot ever support him. Hopefully we will have him out this next election. He has a smallish majority and the constituency is split across a few large towns which vote Labour and a large semi rural and rural area which should vote Tory.


          • Anonymous says:

            People need something to vote FOR. The only reason the Tories are doing as well as they are is because Brown is a lunatic. If it was a straight fight (between two sane leaders) it would be even more neck and neck. I mean, what is Cameron for? Pro-EU, swallowed the AGW myth hook, line and sinker, already announced more Big State nannying healthist measures…..

            Literally the only difference between the two is the sanity of the leaders. Now admittedly that should be enough to vote Tory, but it isn’t exactly inspiring, is it?


    • 56
      Jedi says:

      I’m kind of hoping labour win…
      Then there will be a revolution and it will give GB the chance to start from scratch with a clean slate.
      IE throw most of the stuffy, self-serving, unimaginative establishment and party cretins, draw up a proper written and intelligible constitution for the people and repeal a whole bunch of misusable/ineffective/idiotic laws.
      Wouldn’t leave the EU though, but adopt the ready-made laws that are in GB’s and mutual interest and ignore the rest, like much of the EU already does.


    • 66
      john in cheshire says:

      Sorry if i’ve said this before but it needs to be said so many times that people start to hear it :
      communists and socialists lie. That’s what they do.
      And it is puzzling for me that the parties other than labour have not explained to the electorate that they are voting for communists.
      It’s the affiliation they have with muslims, of course.
      After 13 years of socialist/communist/muslim lies, I don’t know who to believe any more.
      Margaret was someone who was inherently truthful. General Pinochet was inherently truthful.
      this shower of shit wouldn’t know the truth…that’s it really. they wouldn’t know the truth because it’s something alien to them. 13 years ago, i didn’t have a hatred of anyone; muslims, socialists, anyone. 13 years of socialists in power and now, they have forced me to hate. And it’s them who I hate. I would do them physical harm and have no compunction about doing so. And I hate them for making me feel like this.


      • 110
        Willi Windbeutel says:

        >General Pinochet was inherently truthful.

        What a delight, to find unreformed naivety on dis heah board!

        JiC, politicians are ALL liars. If not when they set out on the starry-eyed road to glory, then as soon as compromise sets in (usually within about 3 days of taking office, whatever it may be). FFS even our parish council in this tiny village is completely bent, and they’re banjo-playing yokels.


      • 190
        TONY BENN'S WILL says:

        exactly what I’ve felt you are not alone, they,ve called us all racists when it suited and we’re not,but if we don’t stand up to them we deserve to be walked all over


      • 281
        udderly 'orrible says:

        Funny that (lying I mean).

        So do M*slims because their prophet told them it was absolutely acceptable to do so to the infidel (that’s us, the more civilised part of the world).

        Now would there any correlation then between lying liebour’s mental leader and the M*hammedans?


      • 296
        Cheese Lover says:

        You know, you’re right! I didn’t ‘hate’ anyone thirteen years ago too. But now, as I watch the UK being destroyed, there are large swathes of people that I do seriously hate.


        • 318
          Cisco Kid says:

          Hate breeds hate – result of fear being instilled by state propoganda. It is a vicious circle that must be broken for things to improve.

          It has certainly increased this past 10+ years, along with intolerance for the same reason.


      • 316
        Ronald Reagan R.I.P says:

        Such eloquence. At last someone stating exactly, mine & many other’s sentiments. well done.


    • 84
      Daniel Deronda says:

      But they’ve first got to get rid of those nasty little Scottish arseholes – of whatever stripe – out of the English parliament!


      • 192
        English fuckwittery is so tiresome says:

        The English haven’t got a Parliament you stupid little tosser, except in your own fuckwited Head. Its the UK Government at Westminster, you got that Prick !!!!!


        • 236
          Daniel Deronda says:

          Hey fuckwit, I know it’s hard in that shit addled brain of yours to appreciate the subtleties of the ENGLISH language but please understand, you’re not wanted here. Got THAT?


          • Gobshite says:

            Apparently, England gets 4 extra seats for the 2010 election, leading to a new total of 650.

            At the moment:

            England: 529
            Scotland 59
            Wales 40
            NI 18

            If this was laid out according to population, Scotland would have 53 seats, Wales 20 seats, and NI 10 seats. Roughly.


          • Not a Scottish arsehole says:

            Dear Daniel Deranged – keep taking the tablets as your counsellor tellt ye or the men in white will be assisting you

            See there is no need for the hostility – keep the heid an’ ‘at


    • 149
      Snarl says:

      Vote Camoron get Blue Labour


    • 172

      Hopefully for a generation or more. Please.


    • 178
      Up sh1t creek says:

      You have to watch out, Peter Mandelson has had the Brown madness rub off on to him, he’s talking a load of balls too now.

      We [New Labour] have saved the UK….. by hiring one million non-jobber public sector, whilst squeezing the private sector that pays for it all.

      The jobless figures are much lower in this recession…… thanks to the amazing statistical fiddles that the ONS have done for us, and kicking people off of unemployment onto any other benefits so they don’t show up as unemployed. We also bribe school children to stay at school, and they use the money to buy cheap booze so we have more antisocial crime (keeps us New Labour lawyers in business anyway).

      And don’t forget, it’s the Tories that are terribly unpatriotic for telling the markets like it is with the public sector deficit. Whereas I, the great Mandelson am very patriotic to the UK. I have rich and powerful Oligarch friends, and whining Hollywood media moguls. I also helped steer the UK into becoming powerless in the EU Communist super project to rival the USSR. That’s me, patriotic Mandy!


      • 193
        Anonymous says:

        Mandlesons Hubris will be worth paying for on Sky Box Office and its coming soon !


      • 194
        Liebour have destroyed GB says:

        Nice 1 well put buy you a pint one day mate


      • 258
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        I see the old queen has compared Cameron to Des O’Connor. Well that must make him the Larry Grayson of NuLabour and Brown the Rab C Nesbitt.


      • 297
        Ernie Bevin says:

        Good God, has this man no shame?
        Every bloody sentence uttered by Manglebum screams Liar… I will give him his due though, he can keep a straight face.


    • 276
      purpleline says:

      Listened to Clare Short’s interview, basically the country was going to War and Brown was more concerned about his Position as chancellor. The fucking imbecile a sure sign he has a mental disorder.

      What came across loud and clear was these Nu Labour cabinet ministers never understood leadership at all. Yes Blair may have had a sofa cabinet with selected people involved, but these bozo’s in cabinet were still responsible for the actions of the sofa government, all more interested in careers than standing up for what they believed in.

      Looks like it was completely presidential and therefore the cabinet should have said NO not in my name.

      I reckon Blair looked at the Labour MP’s and thought none of these are any good.


      • 284
        udderly 'orrible says:

        “I reckon Blair looked at the Labour MP’s and thought none of these are any good”

        And boy was he 110% right. Not that that makes Bliar anything but the best of an appalling, thieving, equality-and-rights-mad, marxist fifth column .


    • 314
      Greychatter says:


      “will destroy Labour for many years to come”

      The “Labour party” went out of existance when labour members allowed Tony B’liar and Gorgon Brown to highjacked their party.


  2. 2

    Dave was being sized up at Davos the other day in his off the record chat with various people to take over from Gordy shortly. Mr. Cameron is Mandy’s ultimate wet dream PM.


  3. 3
    • 4

      1. Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
      2. Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
      3. Authoritarian
      4. Secretive
      5. Paranoid
      6. Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
      7. Conventional appearance
      8. Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
      9. Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
      10. Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
      11. Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
      12. Incapable of real human attachment to another
      13. Unable to feel remorse or guilt
      14. Extreme narcissism and grandiose
      15. May state readily that their goal is to rule the world


    • 117
      ShoutsAtTVwhenGordo'sOn says:

      Heheh.. Well, if it’s on the Internet, it must be true.

      Frankly, I’d like Gordon to become more a “garden path” (i.e. buried under my patio).


  4. 5
    Observer says:

    Guido one of your best posts ever. Sober on Sunday.


    • 16
      Willi Windbeutel says:

      x2. If you’re right, and I have no reason to believe you aren’t, this explains a lot about the mess we’re in.

      Senior people in the Labour Party had the power to stop this happening. They too must be held to account when the time comes.


    • 33
      Steve Expat says:

      Agreed, great article Guido.

      Do you think that there may be others waiting to spill the beans about Gordon’s bunker in the next couple of months? Stories like this running every Sunday from now until the election will be devastating, as will repeated questions about it from the media who up until now have been supportive.

      What odds on a Tory MP mentioning the MoS story at PMQs on Wednesday?


      • 96

        As much as it would lead to a great Guido’s PMQs, I think Dave will simply keep the vitriol on the back burner for fear of upsetting the rocking horse.

        Come the official election date announcement, I hope the gloves come off and it will be a dirty fight. Naturally dirty from the Socialist corner but hopefully the Tories will be going in guns blazing….otherwise Wednesday lunchtimes are going to be a tad disappointing.


        • 135
          Steve Expat says:

          I was thinking more of a Tory backbencher than Dave for the questioning, as happened a few months back.

          I wouold like to think that the biggest dividing line of the campaign will be that the Tories will campaign mainly positively, whereas Labour know nothing except negativity, spin and smears.

          Dave and the team will want to talk about their policies, which is why they are inviting discussions now and refining them for the manifesto. Labour seem to have very little policy that can stand up to any scrutiny and isn’t blatant lies.

          Expect the odd “Five more years..?” poster next to Broon’s gurning face though, there’s a number of potential votes that would be woken up to the idea of voting for anyone but Brown to be next PM.


          • Liebour have destroyed GB says:

            true watched the Dark Lord today no policy talk at all just slagged of Cameron this is all Liebour have left and they are the masters especially Mandy and Bad Al Campbell more to come i`m sure


          • TONY BENN'S WILL says:

            just think of the morning after the election,no more labour


          • Actual fact Steve Expat – that’s a good observation re: backbenchers.

            I think Labour will be going for the core vote with the usual anti-Tory rhetoric, but will the Tories garner enough support for their soon to be announced policies to appease the marginals to swing enough votes?

            I hope so, because another 5 years of this cabal of incompentents would be a living hell.


  5. 6
    Anonymous says:

    The Mail article has had all the comments removed – the media monitoring unit on the job, no doubt.


    • 275
      Watch the Skies! says:

      Mike Naylor was away on a weekend Retraining Course; the responses defined the difference between ‘overwhelming’ and ‘unanimous’. It seemed there was not a person left prepared to say a good word about him.

      Given the mood of the posters, the Mail could have pulled the comments because they risked provoking sympathy for an underdog.


  6. 7

    Labour don’t have the balls for anything other than a Krushchev moment, Guido – if they did, Brown would have been gone a year or two ago – in fact, he would never have got the job in the first place! ;-)


  7. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Why Gordon?


  8. 10
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    I don’t care what the Tories do or don’t do.

    Isn’t it about time we got rid of Moron and his bunch of pathetic cronies and started to get our country back to normal.


  9. 11
    G Glitter says:

    I find this characterisation difficult to believe

    I watched a news item recently where Mr Brown sidled up to a schoolgirl asking her about her laptop habits. It didn’t seem creepy to me at all


    • 35
      Just saying says:

      Smoking Ban
      and then you, I saw it on TV over christmas

      Landslide CMD with that strategy


  10. 14
    Gordon Mr 10% Brown says:

    I did not get annoyed because President Omaha snubbed me,
    the bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. 15

    […] has an article on the Andrew Rawnsley book, “The End of the Party” due out on 1st of March and has some words for Labour and […]


  12. 17

    If this is all true, and I suspect it is this country is in a parlous state – how can we function as a society if it has come to this?


  13. 18
    And in the end says:

    All of the thugs mentioned above have feasted at the table of dog excrement that is the monster Gordon Brown.

    They will NEVER be able to wash the smell asay from them for as long as they live their sordid,grotty lives.

    As for Gordon Brown – the most hated man in Britain – this utterly evil man will never even have statues of himself torn down by the public,as happened to Stalin or Saddam, because he has always been the impostor,the shadow of evil that has tainted this once great country with his awful stench.

    I hope he meets a very very painful end,it is what he deserves after the ruin he has brought upon us all.

    Utter scum.


  14. 19
    ste says:

    Do not underestimate the utter stupidy of swathes of the McBritish electorate and their death wish in voting McLabour in for a 4th term or a hung Parliament, helping Broon and McLabour deliver the final death blow to England as we know it.

    And also dont forget McLabour will try to rig the election aswell.

    Face it, we deserve all we get.


  15. 20
    Brown Hater says:

    Now you understand why I hate him so readily, deeply and unswervingly!

    He once likened himself to Heathcliffe, perhaps Harry Flashman would have been more approriate?


    • 315
      Mulciber says:

      Doesn’t Heathcliffe enjoy torturing animals (untill cathy tell’s him off), and spend the whole book plotting to destroy both of the main families homes and holdings, causing as much misery and mayhem in the process, only to die of fatigue/exhaustion/despair/self-loathing before making good on his scheme?

      Sounds like Brown was very honest on that occasion.


  16. 28
    Chutney Howitzer says:



  17. 31
    Moley says:

    The electorate and the media in this country have a carefully nurtured dislike of bald men. I have seen comments on here time after time, saying so and so is a slaphead; Cameron is going bald; a bald man can never be a Prime Minister and quoting Churchill as the only exception.

    Baldness is brought about by the interaction between a baldness gene (which is very common in the population) and testosterone, the male hormone.

    By selecting politicians with a full head of hair, we have selected a Parliament of eunuchs, and by God, it shows.

    Churchill was a man, in the full sense of the word, and that is why he proved such an able leader at a very difficult time. We need more of the same; not less.


  18. 32
    shergar says:

    I, for one, welcome our new muslim overlords.


  19. 36
    Labourwipeout says:

    There is an article in the Times( see link) in which Clare Short is attempting to distance Gordon Brown from the Decision to go to war with Iraq.

    I can recall an interview Brown and Blair gave to Adam Bolton during the election hustings of 2005 in which Brown was explicitly asked the question
    ” If you had been Prime Minister at the time, would you have made the same decision? “. To which he replied “Yes “.

    The coward is now attempting to wriggle out of this using his usual modus operandi ie hiding behind the skirts of women !!!!!



    • 53
      Anonymous says:

      What satisfaction can there be in using these and similar methods to desperately cling on to power? How could even someone like this character not see the need to go with a modicum of dignity?


    • 60
      nell says:

      Distance gordon from going to War?!

      He was the Chancellor – the holder of the Purse Strings!

      He was the one that refused to properly fund the Armed Forces and sent them into Iraq in Snatch Landrovers and lacking bod army , so that they died for lack of proper kit!!!

      Chilcott better ask some proper q


      • 122
        Mr Nobody says:

        Chilcott’s questioning has been strikingly ineffective to date, and this enquiry is showing all the signs of being every bit the whitewash that Hutton was. Watching Campbell and Blair getting the easy ride they did has been very disappointing.

        A lot of people died needlessly because Blair sent us to war and Brown would not buy the proper kit.

        Labour have to go.


        • 157
          Hades Fred says:

          Send the fuckers to Afghanistan to replace our boys out there. They’ll last a few days and make a couple of headlines and then be history.


          • Epos 35 says:

            Its just a thought but we could hand Broon and Blur over to Binny Lad, to do what ever he likes with them, in exchange for world peace.Two blokes in exchange for an end to all this bloodshed is a small price to pay.


      • 199
        TONY BENN'S WILL says:

        he had a vested interest in blair doing badly in iraq so witholding funds seems pretty obvious,why aren’t there any journalist with backbone anymore


  20. 37
    Scootaboy says:

    does anyone believe that the dark lord called the Sun bosses chumps when they switched to the Tories?


  21. 38
    Richard Wilson says:

    I don’t believe it!


  22. 41
    Labourwipeout says:

    What next, Flying Nokias ?


  23. 42
    nell says:

    Exactly Guido!

    Mr YouGov/Kellner – the labourite husband of the upholland/beckett eu minister person is trying to suggest that we shall have a hung parliament.

    And of course, he and he his useless wife hope that is so – because they want to keep troughing – don’t they??!!Very much like the kinnocks!

    What absolute polly twaddle codswallop!

    The ‘saintly’ bliar- the self-satisfied/self-serving mandy, the manipulating/lying alastair and the self-destructing/violent gordon together with his brutal/mindless henchman damian , have made absolutely certain that labour will not be re-elected for a generation and hopefully never ever again!!!!


  24. 43
    Odds Bodkins says:

    Great post Guido. As they say a fish rots from the head down.


  25. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Careful with that metaphor.

    Kruschev was Stalin’s ultra loyal personal bolshevik assassin
    who pretended otherwise after Stalin died.


  26. 51
    caesars wife says:

    Good post Guido , I think after 3 coups and numerous relaunches, it tells you alot about how they came , they spun, they ruined and will hopefully dissapear . After 13 years there will be much said about how the Blair style of goverment was a democratic one way trip , dont forget it was only 1 year ago that roll out of Id cards was on , concreteing in the dysfunctionality into the population while spinning away .

    It will have the historians busy for years , I am sure that the toxic legacy will be felt when they have left and we get to see all the scams .In my view Blair/ruin have sent this country into an unstable era , through literally being so undemocratic on so many issues , and making everyone think socialism works , when all it does it make an ignorant elite .


  27. 52
    Anonymous says:

    Labour MPs and supporters don’t have the courage to admit the truth.

    Brown’ll get trounced in the election, and it’ll be the right-wing media (not the labour party) that’ll end up ousting him as labour leader.

    Once Brown loses the election (and hence loses all the power he has over the media), Murdoch’ll go after him like a rabid dog and Brown won’t know what hit him. Brown’ll only quit because Murdoch will make his life such a living hell that he just wouldn’t be able to cope anymore.

    Once he’s forced to quit by the media, his negligence/insanity will be swept under the carpet by what’s left of labour. They’ll pretend that the last 13 years never happened, and they’ll treat Brown as the mad inbred freak in the attic; they simply won’t mention him anymore.

    They won’t have the guts to boot him out themselves, they’ll just let the media do it for them, and then forget he ever existed.

    That’s what the left-wing do; they are, at heart, nothing but self-serving evil cowards.

    My guess is that Murdoch hates Brown just as much as everyone on this blog does. Once Brown’s out of power and doesn’t have any sway over the media, I’m assuming that Murdoch will publish all the evil shit that Brown did/does, and Brown will be portrayed as a Pol Pot figure who deliberately ruined the country and fucked up as many people as he could simply because he’s a mad, evil bastard who gets a kick out of making life hell for anyone who doesn’t agree with 100% of his mad views.

    I hope/expect that Murdoch won’t let it go, and he’ll adopt a “we need to learn by history” approach. ie he’ll continually tell the public:

    “Don’t let a mad evil unelected dictator run your country again, you stupid cowardly fucks. You should have rioted. You should have physically thrown the bastard out of the number 10 window as a baying mob. He was never elected and he fucked you all up for generations. Look at what he did….”

    and he’d be right.


    • 73
      Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

      After the Tories win the next election, there should be a public enquiry to establish why the PLP and the civil service allowed a man who is clearly insane to retain the levers of power. With the damage Brown has wrecked on Britain and our reputation, treason isn’t too strong a charge to level against the flunkies who have propped him up.


      • 322
        Cisco Kid says:

        Think Bliar had been released from the asylum also – if you ask any right thinking person. Only thing is he fooled people into thinking he was always taking the pills – silly grin on face probably did the trick.


    • 114
      The PM shouldn't be disturbed but this cunt is says:

      Why are you people so delusional?

      Brown will get trounced will he?

      You remember a previous pre-election phase when a so called incompetent government mired in recession has only been 7 points behind the opposition?

      Where is the evidence NaziLabour will be swept from power, when they are currently in hung Parliament territory?
      Yes people don’t like Brown but they consider themselves dependent upon state hand-outs, so they will overlook his bullying, lying, hate filled antics.

      I am using my yearly quota of question marks to underline the sheer silliness of you deluded fools who think the vast swathe of Britain’s unproductive, parasitic, good for nothing scroungers and work-shy will permit any other government than the current gang.


      • 125
        Mr Nobody says:

        If anyody re-elects Brown, it will be the useful idiots who waste their votes on UKIP.

        We need to focus our attention on removing Labour MPs, by voting for whoever is in with the best chance of beating them in each and every constituency.


        • 139
          ShoutsAtTVwhenGordo'sOn says:

          May the 6th will not be a ‘Euro Election’ and so, for that, I agree with you.

          But how else – besides setting draping one’s self in a European flag and setting one’s self on fire outside the houses of Parliament – is one to bring to the attention of the oafs inside Westminster that one pretty fking much hates the EU?

          Vote Liberal? Vote Labour? Vote Conservative? Vote BNP? Vote Green? Vote SNP? Vote any-fking-thing-else-but-UKIP?

          No, I don’t think so.


        • 141
          Ted Bundy says:

          6 months after Cameron’s marginal electoral victory this blog and the right wing press will have turned on him with the same savagery and hatred they now mete out to Brown. This will be after the terrible realisation that Cameron is just another version of Tony Blair. New Labour will live on under Conservative branding. I would not be surprised if Peter Mandleson joins the Cameron Government of all the talents as his new Europe Minister. In the election of May 2010 the voters can chose between two versions of the same thing. The contents are the same only the branding and packaging are different.


          • Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

            If Cameron turns out to be another TB, he won’t last long. Blair was a man of his time and there will be no take two. Public perception of politicians has changed profoundly in the last year or so – I think we’re now in new territory.


          • ShoutsAtTVwhenGordo'sOn says:

            I am hoping for an F1-style, gear change – a “seamless shift”


          • Chunderbucket says:

            theres no chance of the conservatives asking mandelson doing anything for them …the last thing they or the public want is this creep


        • 256

          So vote for none of the LIB LAB OR CON and chuck them ALL out!

          I thought you people here were smarter than following the two party bullshit…


  28. 54
    Brown and out says:

    Watch the guy in another one of those films further along, running amok in an Eastern European office – bloody hell – must be related to Brown!


  29. 57
    Pole Star says:

    A most truly excellent post Guido – perhaps your best!

    Get the B*stard


  30. 58
    rparker says:

    the labour party should have seen to this malevolent self obessesed nit wit years ago i drather have anyone run the country but him he never has and never will be fit cam by comparison faults and all looks like normal person who wants vote for the aprehension party


  31. 59
    Barry says:

    Hey Guido, is this the point in the movie where the hero says, “Forget protocol, this is personal.” I do hope so.


  32. 61
    fit girl says:

    Brown Bullying bullshitting bollocks is an arse bandit


  33. 64
    jimmy tarbuck says:

    “Mandelson: David Cameron is like Des O’Connor.”

    If DC is like Des, Mandy is like Cruella Deville.


  34. 65
    grobdj says:

    All agreed Guido, you just forgot to mention ten years as chancellor giving with one hand whilst taking with the other

    Yet still no financial commentators draw the link between Brown’s jealous and mendacious nature, and the lack of balance in the UK economy when the shit hit the fan

    Maybe they too will have their Kruschev moment


    • 123
      Tory Troll says:

      It’s only 18 months ago that the Mail was still saying Brown was the greatest Chancellor of all time.

      How quickly we forget.

      What gets me is that it was obvious that Bliar and McBully were incompetent bullshitters from the time they first emerged into the light,

      but they were given great credence by the BBC and folk like Gavin Davies (financial expert, later ! DG of AlJabeeba) who came on the box every morning to say how clever Blair and Brown were, and how useless and evil were the nasty baby eating Tories.

      The BBC must be completely dismantled.


    • 333
      Bullion buyer says:

      I don’t know. I did good out of the stupid mad twat.


  35. 70
    Catosays says:

    Excellent post Guido….bang on the money!


  36. 79
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    In spite of what we know about Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the rest of this New Labour shower they are still regulary pulling 30% in the Opinion Polls. The fucking c’unts should be on 0% for what they’ve done to this country.


    • 90
      MAOIst plot says:

      That’ll be the 30% of the country that survive on New Labour’s largesse that the rest of us are paying for.


    • 127
      grobdj says:

      If it’s any consolation, recent history (last 20 years) shows a consistent drop of 5-10% in Labour voting intention in the week before a General election, probably as reality sets in


      • 144
        Moley says:

        Most of the time, the only people who can be bothered with telephone surveys are unemployed and indolent.

        It is only in the weeks immediately before an election that people see a voting decision as a relevant problem which they are willing to talk about.

        Telephone polls always favour the Labour voter; everyone else is too busy to answer the questions.


  37. 83
    Moley says:

    Guido’s Quote of the day from DC.

    “The moment a burglar steps over your threshold, and invades your property, with all the threat that gives to you, your family and your livelihood, I think they leave their human rights outside.”

    Spot on.

    The law is a contract between the citizen and society which curtails some freedoms in exchange for the protection of the law.

    Those who step outside the law have knowingly broken that contract and no longer have the right to claim the protection of the law.

    Having your house violated and your family attacked is enough to cause a temprorary loss of reason which the Courts must take into account.


  38. 85
    Jabba the Cat says:

    A good posting Guido that reminds me of the novels of HH Kirst chronicling the inner part machinations of the Third Reich, but then they are both socialist parties hence the eerie similarities…


  39. 86
    MAOIst plot says:

    All those in Labour and Whitehall who have covered up Gordon’s various ailments will wish they hadn’t a year from now.


  40. 87
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, why are you worried about Gordon Brown? Mandelson is running the country, now.


  41. 89
    + + + NEWSFLASH + + + says:

    A Spokesperson for No 10 Drowning (in Debt) Street has issued the following:

    Because of anxieties about how the relationship between The Glorious and Beloved Leader and his Noo Paid-for Friends, the TellyTubbyTallyBams will develop, together with the insatiable love of the Sheeple for Our Glorious Leader, all lamp-posts and high cranes within one mile of the FuhrerBunker will be removed forthwith.

    That is all.

    Get on with your work – if you have any!


  42. 95
    The PM shouldn't be disturbed but this cunt is says:

    Guido why are you so certain Labour will lose power in May?

    Are you as confident in this event as you were about Sleazy Levy getting banged up, or less so?


  43. 97
    wrinkled weasel says:

    An eloquent denunciation. If, as you say, Brown is “Malevolent” we really are in Borgia territory here. the catalogue of ratferking and merciless assasinations holds testimony. Some have mentioned that socialism is synonymous with deceit, and historically this is true. But it does not stop at deceit, it is underpinned by what has been a breathtaking, stealth operation to load every single government department and quango with Labour supporters. Furthermore, money and resources have been targeted at Labour marginals. If that was not enough, the legal system, from Keir Starmer down, has been nobbled by Labour appointees, including those responsible for passing judgement on Labour ministers and peers who break the law.

    The mindset has no higher value than that held by fascists and communists throughout history: that is, any action is justifiable for the cause.


  44. 102


    U-Turn if you want to the Dave is all for turning


  45. 104
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    At least H*tler had good dress sense (apart from the lederhosen) and knew how to have a good rant with his pants on
    No fucking wonder Mr Obama tried to run away whilst being pursued by a semi naked one eyed Jock


    • 162
      Hugh Trevor-Roper says:

      An excellent and scholarly analysis, forensic in its rigour and inescapable in its terrifying conclusion. Rarely have I seen such a good summation of the popular appeal of Herr Hatler.


  46. 105
    Technomist says:

    Excellent post. Sadly, we find these bullying types and their methods of ruling through fear in local government as well, and in many of the quangos and ‘charities’ which the labour party has been bending to its will for so long.


  47. 109
    Cast-Iron Dave says:

    What do you think about my u-turn on cutting expenditure once we win the election? Ok, a bit different from my previous position, but hopefully no-one wil lnotice. Stick with me – I’ll say anything to gather a few votes.


  48. 113
    Odds Bodkins says:

    All this reminds of the time when Robert Maxwell took a dive. It was only after he died the truth really came out and everybody could see what a complete bastard he was. Until then I thought he came across as a cracking fella, and with his rumbling voice I was easily able to forgive his run-in with the DTI. Remember the footage of a likeable fat bloke running across the football pitch? Or the Mirror ‘saving’ the Commonwealth Games? Just shows how easy manipulated and brainwashed by the media I was in those days.

    Things are utterly different now though. I’ve known for a long what a complete asshole Gordon Brown is and a lot of the stuff that will get leaked out when he goes will not be a big surprise. Maxwell and Brown certainly share many psychopathic tendencies. Most in the Labour party have been too gutless to make a sincere effort to get rid of him.


    • 120
      Keith Chegwin says:

      they both stole pension funds as well


    • 126
      Tory Troll says:

      The Labour Party have been too gutless to get rid of them,

      Because Brown and Blair ARE the Labour Party, and the Labour Party is them !


      • 137
        T. B£iar- the people's Messiah says:

        I’d do it all over again.


        • 152

          You are just a naughty boy!

          When you lie, you really do lie. Oh Boy do you lie.

          Lying like a flatfish.

          All Scotch lying champion.

          So tell me again how you helped the most vulnerable in Society by withdrwing the 10% rate tax band, and by fiscally dragging the tax free element for 13 years.


          • Heir-to-Blair Cameron says:

            I just wish I was as good at lying as my hero Tony.
            But everyone seees through me in record time.
            We will slash spending!
            or not.
            watch me Spin Tony


          • T. B£iar- the people's Messiah says:

            Call that spinning ??? Amateur !!


    • 210
      Dr Sorders says:

      All I said was:
      “Look Robert, you’ve been working far too hard lately, why don’t you take a couple of weeks off, go on holiday, a trip abroad, a cruise on your yacht perhaps …. just don’t go overboard”


    • 335
      Burp says:

      What fucking culture were you in? I was bombed on weed, pissed as fuck,tripping on mushy’s and I still knew he was a robbing bastard. And I was 20


  49. 128
    john in cheshire says:

    I’m tempted to say I wish that labour win the next election.But that’s because I think we need a bloody revolution and only something as horrendous as a labour win would precipitate such a cathartic event. We could roam the country culling all the socialists and the muslims who have brought us to this parlous state. It would be a template for the rest of the western world. We could be world leaders again; in regaining power over ourselves. And a few beheadings are always good entertainment.


  50. 138
    albacore says:

    “The decision making processes that determine the strategic direction of the country have almost broken down. This stems in large part from the personality of Gordon Brown.”
    It won’t wash, Fawkes.
    What is “a large part”? 0.01%?
    With one universal cry of “Eureka”, every formerly blind and totally innocent body and his dog recognise Brown as the unmasked Great Satan, the sole author of the country’s downfall? Get rid of him and we’ll all awake from the nightmare to a restored Garden of Eden, courtesy of the overwhelming majority of good guys and gals in the Lib/Lab/Con angelic host?
    Tell us another one, do.


    • 184
      NeoCon Fawkes says:

      Now, now. Mr “impartial blogger” has an election to win for the Conservatives and no prospect of anything resembling a scoop or interesting original story on the horizon. Nor has he for weeks.


    • 186
      Rainy Day says:

      30 million savers at -2.7% real return on their prudence are not to be discounted, Mr Labour Man


  51. 140
    Busted Nokia says:

    would be great if voters pursue Brown during the election campaign to sign a copy of this book cover..


  52. 146
    john miller says:

    Guido, meet Sarah, Sarah, meet Guido…

    I wonder if they’ll wheel her out again at election time.

    It’s worked so far, because at the sight of her people think that the psycho Brown must have a human side after all.

    But this time round, it’s gone so far that an increasing number of people may look at her and go “ummm”, wonderng just how many babies are in the queue at nappy-chamging time…


    • 169
      Liebour have destroyed GB says:

      How does cod eye keep a straight face when he says he had no idea what she was going to say at the Liebour conferance BULLSHIT it had A C & Mandelbum written all over it, oh he does get up early oh he does love his country oh he is very hard working yada yada yada it drives me crazy when the twat talkes about honesty when he is clearly a proven liar
      did you plan and cancel an election in 07 NO NO NO
      did you know about the Bernie Eccelstone bung NO NO NO
      were you going to sack panda head but dare not as he would resign NO NO NO
      did you know about Mcnasty & his dirty tricks NO NO NO
      did you try to get a meeting with Obama 5 times and got turned down NO NO NO
      the list goes on & on


    • 217
      Dr Sorders says:

      I just think – “look an ugly odious cow with fat ankles”
      (Or in media spin-speak, the attractive and charming Sarah Brown)


  53. 150
    JP says:

    Its frustrating that such ineffective government is able to cause such harm to a country. The obvious example is the economic one. Why is there no mechanism for such mismanagement to be stopped in its tracks? Elections are all well and good but the damage can be done in as little as 18 months, and no one is ever going to vote down their own parties budget in the mean time.

    The legacy of this prime minister will last a generation and I hope history looks back on it with sufficient contempt.


    • 202
      Rip Van Winkle says:

      ‘..such ineffective government…’

      Au contraire, JP, au contraire.

      You really think this bunch have shits have been ineffective? Sorry, it’all gone very much to plan. Let the muppets called the electorate think they’re rich by providing unlimited credit to push up the ‘value’ of their houses. Let them use this increased ‘wealth’ as an ATM machine. That gets you at least a decade in power during which time you keep the armed services occupied in far away wars fighting for jack shit and ensure that EVERY branch of Government, justice and media is infiltrated by sympathisers.

      When the shit hits the fan, it’s lock down. Your rights removed, your future dependant upon the status quo. The hierarchy of New Labour are not idiots. Many have very decent educations. None of this is by mistake, none of it is ‘ineffective Government’.

      It’s all gone to plan. So far.


      • 272
        Moley says:

        Do you remember the “ratchet effect”.

        It’s what happens when the Conservatives fail to undo the Socialist measures imposed by Labour Governments, and in large part, it is responsible for getting us where we are.

        We are, in all but name, as near socially and politically to the former Communist States as it is possible to get.

        One more Labour Government will finish the job.


  54. 160
    John says:

    It’s interesting that Peter watts rushed his book out before the election, because he knew that there would be a glut of similar revelations from senior Labour figures.
    Will Sarah Brown be among them? I can see her going to Max Clifford with her “I was Gordon’s Beard” revelations.


    • 180
      Osborne's Anal Beads says:

      And what will Mandy do when he has no prospect of power?
      A good thing that bitchy old queen doesn’t hold grudges or little Georgie Osborne might have slightly more to worry about than just his beard as Mandy leaves him with a parting ‘gift’ to the tabloids for all that unpleasantness on the yacht.


  55. 165
    Anonymous says:

    this is all well and good and has been known for a long time now, ever since you outed mcbride, this isn’t the issue.

    in fact there are 2 issues

    1 cameron

    2 how do you pursuade the millions of immigrants and the millions of people who live off the state to vote tory, after all, turkeys don’t vote for christmas do they?


    • 198



  56. 179
    Cynic says:

    Gordon has just announced that we will spend billions on new aircraft carriers as part of his commitment to defence. Why? Well they are being built on the Clyde.
    Fancy that


    • 189
      Liebour have destroyed GB says:

      only to be scrapped after the election


    • 207
      Maladroit Labour Chump says:

      Labour – spending OUR kids’ money on genuine Weapons of Mass Destruction:

      It’s the right thing to do.


    • 232
      caesars wife says:

      That could be his new job , moivng target on salisbury plain , excellent tax payer value .


    • 233
      Groucho says:

      Gordon is a liar.

      Before the last election, he (in an attempt to upstage the Tories and Libdems) said that he would be sacking over 100,000 civil servants.
      This did not happen. He recruited hundreds of thousands of new public sector employees.

      At the last election, the Labour manifesto promised a referendum on the Lisbon treaty. But Gordon ducked out of it.

      Labour voters – what is it going to take for you to wake up and see this awful man for the pathetic, spiteful, dishonest, bad tempered, cowardly creature that he is?


  57. 181
    أنا جائع says:

    I’m so pleased the rubber knecked jock twat got stuffed, anyone but a fucking jock.


  58. 185
    A Pensioner says:

    Someone must have decked McSnot by now.


  59. 195
    Heir-to-Blair Cameron's Cast Iron Pledges says:

    The intelligence on my spending cuts this year was serious and reliable.
    I resent any implication it was patchy and sporadic like all my election promises.
    Marriage and inheritance tax cuts will happen 45 minutes after my election.
    My manifesto will in no way resemble a dodgy dossier.


  60. 197
    Just in case you thought your licence fee ONLy paid for cocaine says:

    “The BBC insider said: ‘He wasn’t any more of a lady’s man than any mid-30s man in a newsroom environment.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1247540/BBC-producer-secretly-filmed-bed-TV-radio-presenters-hiding-camera-smoke-alarm.html#ixzz0eEkvHqQ9


  61. 205
    formerly Tory Troll at Labout list says:

    OK Brown is cr*p and Blair was cr*p before him

    But… when has Cameron ever substantially disagreed with them?

    Vote UKIP – put parliament back in charge of the country, only THEN will it attract substantial numbers of people worthy of such positions — and we shall all be saved.


    • 325
      Cisco Kid says:

      Trouble is – should the country (electorate) not be in charge of parliament?
      Tail should not wag the dog – we do not want this attitude and style of government to continue do we?


  62. 206

    Guido Fawkes – ‘Truth will out in the end.’



    • 212
      Damien says:



      • 214
        Tory Troll Control says:

        Go fuck yourself you weedy litle Toryboy wanker


        • 239
          brown is insane says:

          “Gordon Brown is a malevolent, deeply damaged and unpleasant human being. He is at the centre of a culture of political bullying that has been unhealthy for the Labour Party and the government. The loyalist cabal around him are unpleasant people who have no place in a healthy political culture, they are as secretive and malicious as they are vindictive and vicious.”

          Luverley jubbley. Let’s have more of this Mr Fawkes, it’s got the hive buzzing round like flies on Browns skidmarks.


      • 216
        Dolly Drapes says:

        Yeah, shaddup.


        • 220
          'Swingeing' cuts ruled out by Cameron says:

          David Cameron has softened his party’s determination to slash public spending amid fears that his plan to make major cuts this year would plunge Britain back into recession.

          The Conservatives had made their willingness to deliver cuts during their first year in office one of their headline policies and a key dividing line with Labour. But yesterday, the Tory leader appeared to signal a retreat on the pledge, claming that while he would “make a start” on lowering this year’s predicted £178bn deficit, he would not make “swingeing cuts” to existing spending programmes.

          SUCK IT UP TWATS

          Call me Dave is a fucking Jellyfish



          • Groucho says:

            Brown has done such a complete demolition job on the nation’s economy, I doubt we will be able to pay your state benefits 6 months from now. So laugh it up while you can.


  63. 211
    John Richards says:

    A man with a bit of passion, thank goodness for that.

    3 polls from this weekend say a hung parliament.


  64. 218
    Boz says:


    Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson says

    When a particular person is Scottish, has only one working eye, and is most definitely perceived as a complete idiot by tens of thousands of people, possibly even millions, because he has caused immense damage to the whole of the British nation with his stupidity, is it gratuitously offensive to describe him as a one eyed Scottish idiot ?

    Gordon Brown is an idiot, he is Scottish, and he is one eyed. But that narrow minded group of people – the politically correct – would not like their hero described quite truthfully by BBC Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson as a one eyed Scottish idiot because, as always, they would like to censor free speech.
    It’s part of their Orwellian dream of controlling ‘thoughtcrime’. It is another example of how creeping erosion of all our freedoms starts by all dictatorships preventing freedom of thought and expression, punishing people for saying things the Government doesn’t like to hear. It tends to make the masses restless and rebellious against their power crazed political masters.

    We had Carol Thatcher being sacked with huge public fanfare by the politically correct and pompously narrow minded BBC for using the word Gollywog to describe the visual appearance of someone who does actually look just like the cartoon character dreamt up over half a century ago and turned into a popular and much loved soft toy for a whole generation of children.

    In a parody of a police state where every small minded, ignorant person is encouraged to be a willing and enthusiastic informant, that ghastly BBC nitwit Adrian Chiles and equally ghastly Jo Brand, specialists in snide comments and lavatorial ‘humour, overheard Carol Thatcher make the ordinary and unremarkable throw away comment about a ‘Gollywog’ look- a -like.

    With breathless self importance they ’snitched’ and reported the awful ‘thoughtcrime’ to their ‘bosses’. A shrill harpy of a senior BBC executive was then wheeled onto the ‘Today’ programme to explain how important it was that Adrian Chiles and Jo Brand should be protected from being offended by Carol Thatcher or anyone else mentioning the popular soft toy, fondly remembered as part of every child’s life when Carol was growing up a generation ago.

    I suppose we should be grateful that Carol Thatcher only lost her job, instead of being thrown in jail, tortured and murdered by our oppressive socialist regime. But no doubt that will happen eventually as Britain is remorselessly turned into a third world totalitarian dictatorship by socialist misfits like Gordon Brown – the one eyed Scottish idiot, and his equally intellectually challenged cronies.




  65. 222

    Good Morning.


    Welcome to a palindrome of 01022010


    • 286
      REDRUM says:

      This base-10 arithmetic coincidence business is a bit odd. Numerology shares a flat with Astrology, ever since it was forced to move out of its parents’ basement.

      So what: ‘dog’ is ‘god’ spelt backwards.


  66. 225
    Geoffrey says:

    It’s a bit sad how much Tony Blair was hobbled by the jealous Brown (unreconstructed socialist that he is) devoting a decade in power to doing little else other than back stab his leader


    • 279
      Moley says:

      Here is a question for everyone.

      Why didn’t Blair sack Brown? It was in his power as Prime Minister.

      What hold does Brown have over Blair; what does he know?


  67. 228
    allan akhbar says:

    Khrushchev moment ?

    i would prefer to see a ceaucescu moment!


  68. 231
    caesars wife says:

    If all mandelson can come up with is des oconnor , things must be bad .Emjoyed yvettes nice moment helping the kids , interviewer “yes but your cutting £23mn from the budget wont that affect what you do?” .

    CW a while ago was whittling about loss of amazon rain forest based on climate change theories of lower rainfall (not good if we lose amazon forest) turns out it was based on another spurious magazine article on the Brazzillian (not whole amazon) rain forest , taken by the IPCC . I suspect Ed Millbands doncaster seat will be introuble , can see the beer bottles flying through the air at his hustings .

    CW was all for major cuts but can see the problem of selling it to people , hains article that conservative vote will drain away as people come to fear the tories , was laughable in that it was a tit bit probebly handed down from the vindaloo coup . It mus be pantomime season for peter “were not the bad guys” , audience “oh yes you are ” . Are we now to have weeks of of non answer , spurious question from labour ? . Oh well just means more time to get stuck into labour core vote areas , he really should have called that general election last year .


    • 271
      Anon says:

      Gave up reading this crap CW. Try some punctuation and captialization if you want to get your message across, you lazy bastard.


      • 282
        Another Anon says:

        captialization !
        Try checking your own spelling before posting, especially when criticising others.

        A little tip to prevent you looking extremely silly.


  69. 240

    Well said, Guido.


  70. 246
    Francis Futurama says:

    Well put, GF: a summary as succinct as it is timely, and as timely as Rawnsley’s publication.

    History will judge Brown very harshly – well, that little bit of history not written by Marxists will.

    History should judge us all badly – for using decorum as an excuse for not banging pots and pans together in the street until an insane party has been forced to sack it’s insane leader.


  71. 247
    Mitch says:

    Wonder how many rent boys will emerge with tales of browns sexual deviancy or how many male MPs sucked their way up the greasy pole.
    Lab has been led by a gay triumvirate, presscot looks like the only normalish man in the closet.


  72. 250
    Anonymous says:

    “Gordon Brown is a malevolent, deeply damaged and unpleasant human being. He is at the centre of a culture of political bullying that has been unhealthy for the Labour Party and the government. The loyalist cabal around him are unpleasant people who have no place in a healthy political culture, they are as secretive and malicious as they are vindictive and vicious.”

    Excellent you can tell a man by the company he keeps and your statement about the Prime Mentalist sums it up nicely.
    It further highlight the self serving approach of the members of the PLP self before nation.


  73. 251
    Chunderbucket says:

    In watching mandelson’s recent interview it is difficult to think of a more obsequious slimey double talking patronising self serving two faced faker in
    british politics. How on earth this creep managed to smooze his way back onto the public stage is unbelieveable.


    • 259
      Ian in Korat says:

      You are talking down Britain!


      • 261
        Brown re-invents the 1970's "Brain-Drain" and not very much else says:

        As if the rest of the World don’t already know that the UKi s up shit creek without a paddle whilst the “tour guide” is telling us not to start baliming the lunatic who steered us there !


      • 263
        Chunderbucket says:

        Sorry Ian should have added….Great country racked by a terrible Prime Minister and slimey Prime Mincer.


  74. 253
    Where is England's Glenn Beck? says:

    On top of all his personal flaws he is, unfortunately, crap at his job too.


  75. 254
    KGBski says:

    Не оскорбляйте русских, предлагая, что ваш премьер-министр является чем – нибудь как любой из наших больших лидеров. Он – Дик неопытный мерзавец шотландцев


    • 255
      Dan Falchikov says:

      Do not offend us Russian, offering that your prime minister is something as good as any of our greater leaders. It – Дик not skilled bastard of Scots.

      Best I could do!


      • 260
        translate anything says:

        tanslation of earlier Russian post;

        Do not insult Russians by suggesting that your prime minister is anything like any of our great leaders. He is a dick sucking scots git


    • 265
      streamfisher says:

      Gordon’s handwriting looks eerily similar though and its just as difficult to translate.


  76. 264
    Sir Everard Digby says:

    Let’s not fool ourselves. All of the political classes can be analysed very simply:

    The only care about themselves and their cronies. Thye do not give a shit about anyone else until they want their approval to carry on.

    They are addicted to spending our money. Usually for personal benefit now or in the future. That’s why it’s called ‘investment’

    The are sanctimonious fuckers who love to lecture us 24/7 whilst performing the very actions they want us to cease doing.

    They lie -because it’s politics they call it spin and apparently that’s ok – total bollocks.

    If caught red handed,they seem to avoid any legal redress. In a worst case scenario they will hold a long winded and expensive public enquiry,which benefits their cronies and will find they acted in good faith -which is apparently ok -yet more bollocks.

    That’s what you get now. That’s what you will get in the future.The only reason UKIP & co will get votes is that they have not had the chance to play the game yet.


  77. 266

    […] Guido Fawkes’ latest piece is worth a read: Labour Will Have a Khrushchev Moment of Truth in the End […]


  78. 269
    streamfisher says:

    What happened to the term stakeholder it was one on Nulabs favourites because it implied inclusion and wealth sharing (although meaningless practically speaking), guess even they think that one would be hard to stomach now as my ‘stake holding’ means I am technically bankrupt to the tune of £30,000 as my share of the debt ran up by this Government, thanks a bunch!.


  79. 270
    Hugh Janus says:

    McBust is indeed completely barking. Having starved the armed forces of cash throughout his wretched time as Chancellor and PM, this loathesome bully-boy is now trying to grab the headlines with a promise of additional spending, notwithstanding the fact that he has criminally under-funded two wars, and that both parties are committed to a review after the GE anyway. What a pathetic and totally empty gesture:


    I give this one just 24 hours.


    • 273
      streamfisher says:

      Its nothing to do with the military which Brown hates its the same old thinly disguised pre-election buying of votes with money we don’t have, handy these ‘pledged’ defence contracts just happen to benefit workers in Labour marginal constituencies, noticeable also that this spending would be on equipment that has little practical use in the theatres of the wars we are now in.


  80. 278
    REEVO says:

    An excellent post Guido!

    Their epitaph (indeed most at Westminster)……serving themselves first, second and last!


  81. 280
    50 Calibre says:

    The biggest danger to McTwat’s denouement must be the drones with “Vote Labour” stamped on their birth certificates, read The Star (if they can read), don’t listen to or watch the news, have no real opinion about anything, but can be relied on to vote labour because they always have.

    Dave & Co must come across as a single unified political force whose capability and competence to manage the UK, given the inherited unprecedented national debt level, is not even up for discussion.

    I’m not sure that the Tories have got to that point yet. I sincerely hope that they do soon as the possibility of McTwat & Co having the slightest influence on anything to do with the management of the UK must rank amongst the most frightening of all possible prospects.

    What a pity the Khrushchev Moment of Truth can’t start before the election…


    • 344
      Chris says:

      Coming from a man who comments on “Guido Fawkes”

      Come on, you need an IQ of 55 to not realise the following things:

      1: He’s a tory party blogger
      2: His job is to just make things up to rally support for his employers


    • 345
      Chris says:

      I think even Star readers realise Guido is a tory party blogger


  82. 287
    Peter Gompertz says:

    It appears to me that the prime mentalist is exhibiting all the behavorial traits of a closet homosexual in denial. Yes I know he has a wife and children but that is mandelsonian spin.


  83. 288
    Julian the Wonderhorse says:

    Can we not have an MP ask him at PMQs “it has been alleged the PM grabbed a secretary and pulled her out of her chair. If this is true this is an assault – a crime, did the PM do this?” He surely will have to deny this not to look guilty. Get Nadine onto the case


  84. 291
    Section D Notice says:

    If I wasn’t so angry I’d be looking forward to the coming sport.


  85. 293
    Helen Wright says:

    I can’t believe I am saying this, but – I want Brown to win, because I want a Scottish MP in charge, to reap the “Brown stuff” that Gordon has been heaping on us and which is due to avalanche this year.

    I want the Scots, as well as Labour, to reap what they have sown. Only then will we in England be free from these parasites.


  86. 299
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Wow, a piece worthy of a Thunderer editorial! Keep it up Mr F.


  87. 300
    Brown's Pauper says:

    Brown is the bastard who has overseen a reduction in the interest I get on my savings from 7.2% to 0.5%. Says it all, really. How many elderly people who depend on the interest on their savings are coping is a mystery.


  88. 302
    I Hate new Labour says:

    I hope all this leaves the Labour scum in opposition for 100 years.


  89. 305
    Poetic Justice says:

    Perhaps a Mussolini moment? Hanging from a lamp-post at the corner of the street? But for a real Khrushchev moment – when Khrushchev was ousted he was granted a pension of 500 roubles per month, subsequently reduced to 400 roubles per month. At the current exchange rate that’s £10.35 and £8.28 per month.


  90. 307
    TONY BENN'S WILL says:

    we can’t get on with rebuilding this country until labour are out of the way,the sooner the better,and it will be the people who work and invest that will do the rebuilding .We just have to make sure this cancer doesn,t reappear .When the parasite starts telling the host what to do you know,you know you have to draw the line.We are not fucked we are just ruled by fuckers


  91. 310
    Down with Brown! says:

    Brown is a pathetic bully who no longer scares anyone.


  92. 311
    Sam Sung says:

    His staff must be thankful to the electronics industry for making mobile phones smaller.


  93. 340
    IainM says:

    I cant wait to see the end of him and the Labour Party! I cant wait to see the nasty salacious press that comes out after the election as the Liebore Party tears itself apart. Watching the Carrion fight over the dacaying corpse will be most edifying!


  94. 341
    Chris says:


    I’d suggest much of this is “8 point poll lead syndrome”.

    Tories tend to get down in the mud when it gets to desperation stakes. And you being on the tory party payroll, and e-mail server, I am in no way surprised that you are one of the prime people trying to promote rubbish like this.

    Have you actually read the extracts:

    ”G13 world leader gets angry in his office now and again, and lobs the odd paper cup”.

    Wow. Explosive stuff. I only manage 80 people, and I do that every single night.

    As I said. When the “exposes” start coming out, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s just a very worried opposition.

    Sadly for them, this isn’t even an expose. It’s just innuendo, a few nice buzz words, and no source material whatsoever .

    “A source told me Gordon once got so angry, that he said the word “damn”.



  95. 343
    Chris says:

    “I hope all this leaves the Labour scum in opposition for 100 years”

    Maybe read a book on “politics for dummies”.

    If a fool like Cameron goes into parliament with anything less than a 50 seat lead, he’ll be ripped apart in a matter of years by his own back stabbing party.


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