January 27th, 2010

Dead Cat Bouncing into Double Dip?


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    Captain Black says:


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    Labour says:


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    Gordon's favourite Butt Plug says:

    Best placed………………..

    Er, Darling was under a lot of pressure with Paxo.

    Paxo didn’t look very impressed before the interview, during the interview, or after the interview.

    Darling was floundering completely. If what the Government have done is so good for the economy, why don’t they re-double the effort and borrow twice as much? We might get 0.2% growth next Quarter. AAA rating is immutable according to Darling.
    He of Black Adder fame.

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    Gordon's favourite Butt Plug says:


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    Gordon Brown says:

    And David Cameron and George Osborne just don’t get it………and they never will.

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    Gordon's favourite Butt Plug says:

    Last when you posted it! Labour have no-where to go. Meanwhile Gordon Brown is negotiating with the Irish types. Best if he just throws more money at it. That is all those Bastards want.

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    Gordon Brown says:

    Come on now ,don’t be modest.
    At the General Election we will be first

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    Mr Ned says:

    Brown staying in NI to avoid MPQs. Not a surprise. he doesn’t want to be called on the recovery that didn’t appear.

    BBC still full of “recovery” and “out of recession”. We are NOT out of recession, not even close.

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    Gordon's favourite Butt Plug says:

    Yep, those do nothing Tories haven’t implemented any useful legislation at all recently. They are a rubbish Government. Meanwhile labour have borrowed more money to fund their failed social experiment. More money than all Governments combined since the start of the 18th Century. What a talent.

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    Gordon's favourite Butt Plug says:

    Two Quarters to get into a recession, but only one Quarter of Zero Growth to get out. ONS cannot actually validate the numbers for a month or so. Best Guess, and how the BBC have lapped it up. Sickening.

  11. 11
    Brown Bottom says:

    Brown is causing national economic and psychological depression.Simply eliminating Brown is the cure.

  12. 12
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    We need more Tory ideas: we’ve go no bright ideas in the Labour Party.

    We ran out of those shortly after I sold 400 metric tonnes of the Nation’s Gold Bullion Reserves and then abolished Boom and Bust. My next brilliant idea was to plunder people’s Pension Funds; after that it was basically all downhill. Would Mr Cameron and Me Osborne PLEASE give me some help ???

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    Casual conspiritor says:

    BBC online leading with Rich/Poor divide and “class” holding people back.

    The twats!

  14. 14

    Fucking hell!

    I can’t believe there are still muppets who haven’t twigged that

    Did you see Mandy and Ken yesterday ?
    Did they look like a pair of twats trying to squirm around the fact that they couldn’t rule out tax rises because THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO.

    You certainly don’t need to like it but lets not pretend it’s not going to happen or that cuts alone will be enough to pay the defecit.

    It’s going to be very funny when these tax rises come in and some idiots actually act surprised.

  15. 15
    James says:

    If 0.1% is so great, maybe the BBC can be offered that as a pay rise this year. IMHO, even that is overly generous.

  16. 16
    Tweety boid says:

    i thought I saw a puddy tat. i did, I did!

  17. 17
    Not one of Thatchers Children says:

    I don’t pay tax as I don’t (want to) work.

    Your consciences mean you give me money for not working.

    If you decide not to give me money, I will come round your house and steal it anyway.

    £20k a year net on benefits.

    I love Brown :o)

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    genghiz the kahn says:

    12.01 where is that fat bastard brown?

    not in the commons. belfast pre-school sure start launh. mixing with republican rapists/paedos, unionist cradle snatchers…..


    taning economy. implicated/fingered by clegg, out flanked by call me dave…

    so no attempt to be at pmqs.

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    next slide please, d-day says:

    Being bone idle holds you back. Not being prepared to travel outside of your locality for work/education holds you back. Labour hold you back. Labour are the only party with a vested interest in keeping people down. By making you reliant on the state, placing you in the benefits trap, ensuring the low skilled economy is taken by immigrants instead of unskilled Brits keep sLabour in power – until now!

  20. 20
    Brown Plop Plop Bum!(Toryboys are hilarious) says:

    bum shit brown bum shit brown pooo Pooo Pooo plop plop brown shit bum shit bum pooo plop brown plop brown

    Vote Conservative

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    Ikely More says:

    That wasn’t on the BBC. Paxo can’t exist in this dimension. I was just imagining his surly tone and air of disbelief in the advert that popped up just before loads of northern women with bags on their heads turned up. DRIVING they were. driving CARS.

  22. 22
    MI5 says:

    OK Guido

    So please tell us how tax cutting with the abyssal definit already can add up ?

    Reagan or Thatcher tax cuts started from a completely different level of deficit…

    I agree tax cutting would encourage growth but doubt if the market or IMF would accept increasing the public deficits even temporarily…without “freezing”…

    Are there any projections out there of how the deficit would move with the tax cuts…?

  23. 23
    MI5 says:

    NO !

    A 10% pay cut across the whole of the public sector to start with including Beeboids…!

  24. 24
    next slide please, d-day says:

    Personally I would have the long term unemployed cracking large blocks of granite into gravel for road repairs using a small hammer. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for dole (in food and energy vouchers) and a small house with outside facilities.

  25. 25
    It's the Right Thing to do. says:

    It’s the right thing to do.

    All the measures we have taken have brought the country out of the deepest recession we have ever faced, all due to those Americans.

  26. 26
    ian e says:

    Speaking of dead cats, what do you call the useless piece of skin at the end of the prime minister’s knob?


    Gordon Brown.

  27. 27

    In Germany – always innovative – they invented and installed a “growth-acceleration-law”. Not that it changes anything but it helps distracting from and diluting the fact that they ran out of means last century already but still chase and serve the same gods.

  28. 28
    The past indicates the future says:

    As with everything he is ever involved with, Gordon Brown can only muster 0.1% growth (and THAT could be any variation of a number below it) – billions thrown out of a moving car,millions thrown at all sorts of scams to try and get the number as high as possible.

    As a student of history,the last 6 months and the next 4 months of this government will mirror Hitler’s last days – blind to reality,throwing everything at the problem (including our children’s future),raging and screaming,lying and bribing,allowing his (adopted) country to be ruined, never accepting the truth until finally…….the back garden of the Chancellery bunker and a can of petrol to burn away the evidence.

    Well Mr Brown,I have the can of petrol – looking forward to seeing you in the garden of 10,Downing Street – and it won’t be to make snowmen.

  29. 29
    Osborne's Anal Beads says:

    So Guido Fawkes is an ‘irish type’ now is he ?

    Your kneejerk twatty bigotry is most amusing and I’m sure Guido will be laughing too.

  30. 30
    Mr Plum says:

    If you import millions of poor people through unrestricted immigration it is no surprise when the gap between rich and poor keeps growing

  31. 31
    Gordon Brown says:

    As a busy internation statesman of world stature, I really can’t have minor distraction like PMQs diverting me from applying my Andrex Touch to the Northern Ireland peace process

  32. 32
    Ikely More says:

    EEEEh. Luxury

  33. 33
    Osborne's Anal Beads says:

    HERE’S some help.

    Stop answering all your own posts and you won’t look such a complete twat.

  34. 34
    Red Baron says:

    BBC – “Apparent discrimination against people from ethnic minorities was revealed”

    I am only guessing, but are “ethnic minorities” generally “performing” better whilst living in Britain compared to a person of a similar age, gender, racial profile living in the country of ethnic origin.

    I would be surprised if a person who only has one or two generations of British history could “perform” as well as people with multiple generations and support structures in place.

  35. 35
    next slide please, d-day says:

    It’s probably best to cut tax and cut the public sector. Scrap all public sector jobs that include the words diversity, co-ordinator, cessation or outreach. These people are not required to enable a country to run. Cutting tax I suppose would free up funds in order to try and make people spend however in the current climate I imagine people would just pay off their debts so it would still be a good move though perhaps not having the intended effect.

  36. 36
    Hooray for the Bankers says:

    the Bankers wouldn’t piss on you for a piffling £20k

    they would however fuck the Economy along with Brown for a few Billion in bonuses and then expect taxpayer handouts for doing so

  37. 37
    Rexel 56 says:

    OK, here’s a great party game: pin-the-planned-election-date-on-the-growth-chart!

    Take a picture of a donkey’s knob and pin it on the chart where you think the most venal Chancellor in history planned to have a general ellection once he had ousted his electorally succesful PM from office.

    Oh, and by the way, if during the game you refer to the upward slope on the left hand side of the chart as a “boom” then you are out the game, because “booms” have been abolished, (ditto the “bust” on the right”).


  38. 38
    The Blocker that is Brown says:

    I agree – this man is the epitome of evil,a magnet for disaster,strife and destitution.

    He is The Omen reborn.

    Everything he touches turns to ashes,ruined forever.

    Remove Brown and it will be like pulling back the heavy curtains in a house that has not seen daylight for years.

    The country’s confidence will uplift,we can start the long and steep road to recovery and we can look other countries in the eye and begin to put “Great” in front of the word “Britain”.

  39. 39
    next slide please, d-day says:

    Exactly. Labour shifted uneducated and unskilled British workers onto incapacity benefit and imported immigrants to do the work instead.

  40. 40
    Mr Ned says:

    Ken and Mandy? The Bilderberg twins? yeah they will be blaming global warming for the massive tax rises in the pipeline.

    Speaking of global warming. a fantastic analysis of the global surface station temperature stations complete fuck-up job of measuring the temperature is available here:


    It lays out the who, the what, where, when and how the agencies responsible for compiling the surface temperature records have fraudulently systematically distorted the record to show a significant warming bias.

    It is a MUST READ document!

  41. 41
    The PM shouldn't be disturbed but this cunt is says:

    £230 billion of borrowed cash plus xmas spending achieved a 0.1% growth, yet those vermin at the BBC, especially the second-rate shyte at Five Live acted like it was boom-time.
    Not even the contemptible, maladroit, fuckwit, lying, bullying, inadequate, spendaholic, Brown wants to claim credit, which is why he’s staying huddled like a ‘statesman’ with the bog-trotters today.

    The question is are NaziLabour desperate enough to take another U Turn and agree on a package of urgent spending cuts?
    Little Lord Sodomite is the only one of the gang who wants one, the rest are too wedded to the ‘nasty Tories will kill off the glorious recovery’ line now to have an ounce of credibility with the markets, let alone the press.

    Hold your nerve Tories, remember the polls are close because Brown’s one achievement in politics is to have brought a massive swathe of the population under NaziLabour’s control with tax credits, disability fraud schemes, state paper shuffling non-job creation schemes, and state benefits as a lifestyle schemes.
    Although if the Cameroons could just stop being pussies, throw off the shackles and be bolder, that would help enormously.

    Wages in the private sector are static, the structural debt burden grows relentlessly, and now inflation is rising in the midst of a downturn.

    By May the decent people, the workers, the grafters, the play by the rules forgotten people, the productive amongst us, will see NaziLabour’s recovery for what is was, a mirage.
    Britain has once again been taken in by wealthy, worthless, Socialist scum who expect the proles to know their place (benefits), bow down before the state (tax credits), and be grateful, (public non jobs).

    Tax cuts get economies moving, not Social engineering by wealthy priviledged people, so the Tories must ask relentlessly about what is moral and progressive about our gigantic debt repayments, or the collapse in social mobility since ’97.

    And I am unanimous in that

  42. 42
    Dave Cameron says:



    Being British is about driving a german car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then on the way home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab, to sit on a Swedish sofa and watch USA shows on a Japanese TV. And most of all being suspicious of anything Foreign.

    Oh and.. Only in Britain .. Can you get a pizza to your home faster than an ambulance.

    Only in Britain do banks leave both doors open and chain pens to the counter.

    Supermarkets make sick people walk to the back of the shop for prescriptions whilst healthy people get their fags at the front.

    We might be british but fuck we’re funny!!

  43. 43
    jgm2 says:

    Now if only we could persuade the uneducated and unskilled British ‘workers’ to fuck off to Poland we’d be getting somewhere.

  44. 44
    Eileen Critchley says:

    The feedback I’m getting is that most people don’t know who to vote for.

    How can that be after all this?

  45. 45
    Mr Ned says:

    Social mobility has decreased under labour. The opportunities to get out of poverty have decreased. The rich-poor divide gets wider and all by design.

    labour NEED their poor and downtrodden to keep voting labour. And the most stupid of them do. There was a woman in Liverpool on the politics show complaining that there are no facilities where she lives so she will vote labour. She said the tories have done nothing for her. Who has been in power the last 12 years? Who was running Liverpool council for so many years? She was typical of the “I am poor so I must vote labour” mindset. They are voting to enslave themselves to a life of poverty.

    Labour are not and never have been the party to help the poor. Labour only do two things for the poor.

    1. increase their numbers
    2. increase their dependency on the state.

  46. 46
    Brown Bottom says:

    Bloody brown bottomed bonkers bastard Brown buggered bust broken Britain badly.

  47. 47
    PMQ's - funny half hour. says:

    So we now have the hilarity of the most useless female politician of all time.

    Harriet Harman can hardly string a sentence together – an embarrassment that goes beyond a joke.

    I have seen secondary school pupils make speeches with greater authority than this witch performs.

    Another insult to our country that will soon be flushed away with the shit that is Brown.

  48. 48
    Four Eyes says:

    Harperson was on the radio about this they ‘had levelled the playing fields’.

    They’ve certainly done that.

    There’s hardly anywhere left for the kids to play.

  49. 49
    REEVO says:

    Good post!

    They have eaten the seed corn and slaughtered the herd.

    Their hardest lesson yet to learn……..

  50. 50
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Recovery, who said anything about a recovery?

  51. 51
    You Nanny Mouse says:


  52. 52
    Mr Ned says:

    Cut the size of the public sector by a minimum of 30%, transfer half the savings into tax relief for exporters and grants to start-up companies who export, the other half goes to debt repayment.

    Not rocket science is it!

  53. 53
    Four Eyes says:

    Peter Mandelson?

  54. 54
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    or an independent scotland?

  55. 55
  56. 56
    Not one of Thatchers Children says:

    Perhaps not.

    But when the wheels fall off this country, which they inevitably will, their Aston Martins and Country Homes will be the first thing I will be after when I lose my benefits.

    If I were you I would get tooled up!

  57. 57
    x marks the spot says:

    Because 5 million of them (plus their unelected odd job Prime Minister) cannot even write,read or spell.

  58. 58
    Blue Rosette says:

    Oh yes, your tax bill is going to rise. And big rises are here for quite awhile.

    Meanwhile at CCHQ they ought to be working on measures to prevent their wonderful (hahaha) Tory shire councils from raising the council tax. That little baby is going to be the igniter.

    Working people will be further subjected to increases in income tax, NI, benefits in kind, VAT, additional stealth taxes on any service they use or purchase especially motoring.

    If it gets really bad wait for the Land Tax.

    Therefore all my luvlies, don’t invest in property (illiquid, taxable) or any other illiquid class.

    Ask the clever Indian community how they avoid all these taxes. Follow their example.

  59. 59
    Brown's Buggered Britain says:

    I think everyone know who NOT to vote for – but Cameron has not so far failed to make his case.

  60. 60
    Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

    Genius !!

  61. 61
    Omaha will remember says:

    I reckon Omaha must be furious about Brown’s continued “it happened in America” stance.

    I look forward to reading his memoirs in about 2016 and referring to the idiot Scottish fucker who chased him through the hotel kitchen.

  62. 62
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Alistair Darling is lying, his eye blink rate is phenomenal when asked a real tricky question.

  63. 63
    labour stole my pension says:

    all i ever wanted to do was work .earn my wage not be taxed into oblivion
    and be able to spend my money on what i want.
    thats why i have never voted labour.

    So labour fuck off Ive had enough, watching you destroy my country.

  64. 64
    Blue Rosette says:

    That has made most of my immediate work colleagues burst out laughing except for the one socialist plonker who started life as a comedian for a local authority and whose remains a social worker.

    Thank you!!!! :)

  65. 65
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Peter Mandelson vs Ken Clarke, and Mandelson loses.

  66. 66
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Peter Mandelson vs Ken Clarke, and Mandelson loses.

  67. 67
    jgm2 says:

    Obama managed it in the US. Tens of millions of black folk kicking about the place for hundreds of years bitching about racism and the best they can come up with are buffoons like Al Sharpton.

    Then this kid rocks in from Kenya and shows ‘em how its done. Same with Colin Powell. His parents rock in from Jamaica and wallop – Joint Chiefs of Staff. Meanwhile the locals are all sitting around giving it ‘I can’t get nowhere ‘cos of discrimination’.

    Same in the UK. Millions of umpteenth generation (white) parents and their kids sitting around in their battered-housewife constituencies loyally voting Labour ‘cos they’re looking out for us’ moaning about how nobody gives ‘em a chance. How ‘the system’ is stacked against ‘em. How the upper classes are keeping ‘em down. Meanwhile the medical school, dental schools and law schools are packed to the rafters with first generation Indian immigrants.

    And the only party that could tell them the truth without being screeched at for ‘elitism’ or ‘patronisation’ or some other distraction technique is fucking delighted to come up with any excuse rather than the obvious. You fuckers lack of ambition is your own worst enemy. And why does Labour not want these folks to better their lives? Because they are Labour voters. If they aspired to better themselves they wouldn’t be Labour voters. They’d be Tory voters.

    The biggest enemy of the working class is Labour. It’s the party that wants to keep people just where they are. Voting Labour. So that their kids can vote Labour too.

  68. 68
    Sweaty Balls says:

    Which end ?

  69. 69
    Harridan Harpoison says:

    My mummy and daddy paid for me to go to a very expensive private school so ner,ner,ner,ner,ner !

  70. 70
    B. Hilter says:

    a purge or a final solution Mr Griffin ?

  71. 71
    next slide please, d-day says:

    When Polish benefits are worth more than British ones there will be an exodus. Ryanair will never have been so busy. Of course, Labour would never allow this to happen as they would lose their core vote however could the Toires be on a winner with this policy? Export your useless and idle sods, like other countries do to us?

  72. 72
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Perhaps the “plonker” had already seen this


  73. 73
    Harridan Harpoison says:

    It’s ALL Thatcher’s fault !!!

    (Thinks: she left office 20 years ago….Duh !!! )

  74. 74
    P. Diddy Dacre and his Mailgoloid Army says:

    make the poor poorer
    it’s the only language they understand
    if they were smart they’d be bankers and get far bigger taxpayer handouts

  75. 75
    Steve Expat says:

    IS she the most nausiating woman in the country?

    Hattie (St. Pauls) Harperson going on about class and equality, when her government scrapped the Assisted Places scheme, closed many Grammar schools, presided over a decrease in social mobility and an increase in the wealth gap.

    Fucking hypocrite.

  76. 76
    Postal Vote says:

    How can you have a double dip when there has not been a proper bounce?

    No boom, just bust!

    PS Following yesterday’s news, labour have boosted their efforts to get the postal votes in!

  77. 77
    next slide please, d-day says:

    Spot on. My belief entirely. Labour keep people down. They want lower standards, lower wages and more people reliant on the state so they manipulate them into voting for them. I posted a similar comment on another blog the other day. Are the pooer areas of the UK who vote Labour any better that 12 years ago? Are there more jobs, more industry, less people on the dole? No.

  78. 78
    Up sh1t creek says:

    If a person racks up lots of debts, that’s their problem. If the government racks up lots of debts, that’s the entire country’s problem. Please tell this “expert” that consumer debt is NOT a problem, because the other half of the country is not living on credit.

    The problem is, New Labour have racked up a huge deficit on the nations credit card, and THAT is the whole UK’s problem.

  79. 79
    Pontius The Pilot says:

    Right on the money Ned. If they dont swell the size of the underclass, what is their raison d’etre? They dont have one.

  80. 80
    Hooray for the Bankers says:

    Aston Martins?? Country Homes ???
    that’s for the shitkicker povs who only think they have money
    Bankers have yachts private jets and Mansions in Lichtenstien

  81. 81
    Mr Ned says:

    Guido, could you name today’s PMQs, the chickenshit edition? As Brown is hiding in Northern Ireland again.

  82. 82
    Kings Heath Lad says:

    It comes down to pride, I was a working class kid educated by the 70’s lab gov. Careers advice when I left school was eeeeerrrrrrr none and all I had was hand full of CSE’s. So got off my arse, trained myself and set up my own business. I’ve never had a handout , never signed on , set my business up with blood sweat and tears and I have a full order book and employ 16 staff. Not a bad for a working class kid from Kings Heath Birmingham!!!!!! Billions of pounds of debt for .1% growth, f*cking incompetent Muppet’s, I worked my way out of the recession by getting stuck in and my hands dirty! Pissed off with this lot and their bulls*it and the whinging glass backs getting banged up at 15 for a free council house and benifit handouts. How can a party that takes the piss out of Tory Toffs can sit there and then pamper bankers with lottery win sized bonuses with the taxes I worked 60 hours a week to pay for?

  83. 83
    English Liberation Front says:

    I see the MSM is picking up on McDoom’s failures now – The Times has an article pointing out that Mc Doom believed his own stupid rhetoric about “an end to boom and bust” and bust us as a consequence:


    But I don’t recall much comment in the MSM when Brown was increasing Government borrowing and spending to absurd levels in the years 2002 through 2007. I can recall Times Leaders extolling Brown’s virtues as Chancellor, when it was clear to some of us that he was bankrupting the nation’s future.

    The Times and the rest of the MSM should have been taking McDoom to task years ago – it is all very well them being wise after the event!

  84. 84
    Dacre is our God says:

    everyone knows that there is no such thing as unemployment or recession and these bone idle shirkers are just pretending to live a life of opulent luxury
    send them all back to povertyland where they came from along with the reast of the funny named ethnics

  85. 85
    Pontius The Pilot says:


    They’ve fucking made every c’unt poor.

  86. 86
    concrete pump says:

    WTF is wrong with ‘Irish type’?

    Taking offence on someone else’s behalf, eh!

    You sound like a fucking social worker, or an equalities officer.

    Fuck off!

  87. 87
    Brown Bottom says:

    When Oxford and Cambridge rejected Harriet she got angry.That anger is still being vented and makes Harman unfit for responsibility.

  88. 88
    Moley says:

    A double dip recession with the second leg more severe than the first is a racing certainty.

    QE has to stop; otherwise inflation and downgrades are inevitable. Spending has to fall to eliminate the deficit. Labour have to consider the proposition that continuing high spending and maintaining a huge deficit will do far more damage to our economic prospects than cutting earlier.

    Public spending accounts for around 50% of GDP. 20% spending cuts will hit GDP by 10% + which is a deeper recession than we have experienced so far.

    The knock on effects of falling confidence, reduced private consumption due to tax rises, the effect on public finances of increasing unemployment and financing public sector redundancies, will make things far worse.

    Can Labour hide the disaster from the electorate?

    This country needs as never before a public sector broadcaster that properly discharges its duty of impartiality.

  89. 89
    Everyone Loves A Club says:

    I don’t think these people have moaned about ‘not getting a chance’ for generations, to be fair they used to be quite happy with the industrial/manufacturing work that this country was able to provide once upon a time.

    of course the ‘recovery’ will be driven by production of cauliflower powered wind ma\chines, and ant turbines etc as Mandy tells us.

  90. 90
    Mr Ned says:

    That is a vicious lie. There are loads of places for kids to play. But the way kids play has changed. These days it involves knives and stabbing and blood and decent home-owners dying in a vain attempt at defending their own property, because the fucking police are too busy ticking boxes and attending crucial diversity awareness training sessions to get off their arses to come out and defend your property.

    Well that is unless you happen to be a senior member of the police authority, in which case 15 police officers and 2 armed response units and a helicopter will be dispatched immediately.

    I think that the grossly disproportionate defence in law should be brought in as soon as possible. In my very humble and understated opinion, killing a burglar slowly, over a number of days with a combination of both ‘tried and tested’ and experimental means of torture is not, I repeat: NOT, grossly disproportionate.

    Seeking out the burglar’s entire family and killing them too? Now that could be argued as being disproportionate.

  91. 91
    jgm2 says:

    It was the right thing to do.

    I have to say it was this forum that alerted me to Harman and her faux ‘equality’ agenda. She has obviously at some point in her life made a conscious decision to be ‘Miss Equality’. Unfortunately there is absolutely no evidence that she believes a word of it herself. It is just pure cynical posturing to appeal to the feminists and ethnic loons.

    I saw her being absolutely shite on Newsnight last year. Utterly crap for the entire show and then some question came in from the audience and the rest of the panel looked at her in a kind of ‘that’ll be one for you Harriet’ kind of way and you could see the wheels turning while the dozy arse realised that ‘oh – that’s my hobby-horse – I’ve got lots of shit to spout on that..’ And she was off. But it was just mind-numbing verbal garbage. She no more believed it that Father Ted believed in God. You could see in the dull eyes and the dull delivery.

    Just cranking the handle on the contemptible bullshit that gets her idiot block-vote demographic feeling all fuzzy inside.

    I’d have more respect for these Labour politicians if, no matter how misguided, they actually believed the shit that pours forth. But you can see it is pure cynical lies designed to appeal to folk who want to hear this shit rather than be challenged about what a load of shit it is. Polly is the same. She cannot possibly be so fucking stupid as to believe the shit she comes out with. Because if she was so stupid she’d forget to breath. She’d be a fucking adult cot-death.

    She’s not dead therefore she’s not that stupid. Therefore she’s cynically spouting this bullshit to appeal to folk who are that stupid.

    That’s what pisses me off most about this Labour government.

    They are all, as Kipling put it ‘twisting your words to make a trap for fools’.

    And they’ve got away with it three elections on the trot.

  92. 92
    Sinking feeling says:

    Christ – it just gets worse.

    This man is literally making it up as he goes along.

    Any business of repute runs “what if” scenarios;

    Food scare
    Factory fire
    HO blows up

    and prepares themselves.

    I remember the moron Brown at the 2007 Mansion House speech,extolling the virtues of the UK bankers and yet now “it’s the bankers wot did it”.

    The UK is now a rudderless ship,holed below the waterline,overfilled with passengers,a mentally deranged freak at the wheel,the engine has a full set of spanners in the works,the crew are all readying their own private lifeboat,all the while a Force 10 is raging outside and the lifeboatmen have given up hope and gone home.

  93. 93
    tax relief for the bankers too please says:

    and we’ll just pretend that 30% isn’t unemployed, that the taxpayer won’t mind about slashed public services or it has a snowballs chance in hell of happening

    it’s magic!

  94. 94
    Archer Karcher says:

    LOL, pure fantasy, you have neither the balls or the intelligence to get close to the robbing elite. They are a very protected species indeed and if by some chance they were made to feel the heat of anger here, they would simply sell up and move abroad to one of their other homes. Stick to robbing off licences and old granny, it is the only thing feral wasters are capable of, well that and claiming welfare.

  95. 95
    jgm2 says:

    I think 40% of the St Paul girls get to Oxford or Cambridge. Harriet must be really thick. Or perhaps she doesn’t have a ‘sport’. A bit like Brown. Which is why he had to make do with Edinburgh.

  96. 96
    Old Nick Heavenly(real dimwit) says:

    Sums it up really!

    I watch what is happening in Haiti and see the United Condom of the future!

    One more Brownquake and it is all over!

  97. 97
    mondeoman says:

    Agreed, this has to be the end game, with the election sooner rather than later tp get the action required to turn this one around, period.

  98. 98
    Old Nick Heavenly(really happy in the Ardennes) says:

    You could also move to Luxembourg!

    Live in one of the surrounding countries.

    People will tell you not to go to Belgium!

    People are not very smart though, are they?

  99. 99
    mongbleat chump says:

    true, it isn’t as bad as ‘bog-trotter’ used by a prize fuckwit below, but you’d have to be a real moron to think that’s anything but a snide weasely dig
    luckily you ARE that moron

    I look forward to Guido referring to everyone here as English types
    you fucking twat

    You sound like an stupid prick used to defending his pig ignorance

    Fuck off yourself you feeble little cun’t

  100. 100
    goober says:

    “Rich-poor gap ‘wider than 1970s'”

    Thanks New Labour, you can’t even implement your own ideologies you useless wankers.

  101. 101
    X marks the spot says:

    Because people voted for them.

  102. 102


    I prefer pig eyed mick or Didicoy

  103. 103
    Allan@Aberdeen says:

    What’s King’s Heath like now, KHL?

  104. 104
    BottomBrown says:

    then you’d just be a Belgian fuckwit mouthing off about a country you don’t even live in chasing Belgian Goober tramps to fellate for cider money

  105. 105
    Mr Ned says:

    I wonder if in 20 years time if people will be saying “it’s all Blair’s fault!” or will sanity prevail and they will be saying ” Has Blair died in his prison cell yet? and thank fuck we put things right again”

  106. 106
    Brainwashed says:

    Agreed – I can picture the likes of Yvette Boy Cooper Balls in her constituency,putting on her fake northern accent (she went to Alton College in Hampshire),with that grimace she pulls as if she has just remembered she left the vibrator on the mantelpiece before leaving the house, and telling her poor downtrodden constituents;

    “yes dear,but we will help you as we always have done,not like those nasty Tories”.

    And the reply;

    “ee by gum,Yvette,you have a heart of gold for even bothering to come out to see me,what with your £149,000 salary and all – you are an angel,luv”.

    And Cooper Balls walking off thinking – “another sucker – one born every minute”.

  107. 107
    Monkey Chops says:

    From the Times job section today. Can anyone explain what our taxes are being wasted on here:

    Head of Democratic and Partnership Services


    Calderdale has achieved a tremendous amount over the last few years. We have clear priorities and an ambitious change agenda, ‘Vision to Reality’, which aims to make Calderdale a place where we recognise that ‘everyone is different’ and where ‘everyone matters’.

    This is a fantastic time to join Calderdale as we strike out in an ambitious, modern direction. Major change programmes are already rolling-out across the Council and our partner organisations and we are expecting all of our senior officers to play a key role in the delivery of our ambitious plans. We are confident that with the right team in place we will achieve our vision, delivering on what matters to local people.

    As a member of the Council’s Extended Management Team, our new Head of Democratic and Partnership Services will be at the centre of this change, ensuring that the Council and its partners meet the requirements of the new Comprehensive Area Assessment regime. Specific challenges will include leading on the development of the external strategic partnerships of the Local Strategic Partnership, influencing cross-council partnership working and overseeing the development and support to Members through the modernisation of Member Support, Democratic Services and Scrutiny. As well as managing Democratic and Partnership services, the post-holder will also be the Council’s statutory Monitoring Officer.


  108. 108

    nah! we all know you prefer investigating the Joooos Old Holbonkers

  109. 109
    Brown Bottom says:

    More disease,more work for doctors.More poverty,more labour voters.Do you really think that Labour is anti-poverty?They are poverty pimps.

  110. 110
    Mr Ned says:

    Correct. But you understated how much state intervention was required to buy that 0.1%. You ommitted the QE and the car scrapage scheme.

  111. 111
    El Kevo says:

    The cat didn’t barely bounced. It kinda hit the pavement making the sound of a rotten peach.

  112. 112

    Yes, thoroughly disappointing the “courageous” Prime Mincer is hiding in some NI hideyhole to avoid his money-printing, inflation busting, short term political gaining economic stabiliser just to prove he “saved the UK and the world”.

    It’s so obvious once the printing presses have finished, it’s Armageddon time. Socialist, self-cetered, delusional muppets. It’s time a memorial be erected in Trafalger Square depicting heads (the real preserved ones) of this Labour cabinet and a two word reminder for future generations:

    “Never again”

    Still, not as stupid as Plod. What were these muppets thinking of?!?!?!?! Unbelievable…

  113. 113
    concrete pump says:

    @ mongbleat c*nt.

    Or fucking what? You dick!

    What’s the matter? Did your relatives forget where they planted their potatoes all those years ago?

    Btw, i’m Irish…..with a sense of humour, something you aint got.

    You knob!

  114. 114
    DelBoy says:

    I listened intently to the Clark vs Mandlebum row (twice). I ‘ve always liked Clark and never taken to Lord Voldemort. The latter won on points though.

    Can any tell me why the bankers et al. don’t have to pay back the £60 billion bale out – and can pay themselve massive bonuses too? Please?

  115. 115
    the late mrs slocombe says:

    My pussy needs the kiss of life.

  116. 116
    Old Nick Heavenly(really happy in the Ardennes) says:

    When Poland etc were let into the EU all polskis etc had the right to travel all over Europe.

    ONLY UNITED CONDOM AND DENEMARK gave them(GAVE) the right to take a job!

    Nobody(NOBODY) else did!

    I mean NOBODY!

  117. 117
    Dick Sniffin(real gay fuckwit) says:

    Brownquake is what I use to laugh at them because they are all brown coloured ethnics

  118. 118
    DelBoy says:

    With no effective opposition, I fear you may be right.

  119. 119
    Archer Karcher says:

    The corporate elite, the banking elite and the political elite ( from all major parties ) walk hand in hand.

    It used to be called fascism years ago, now it is described as the third way, or public, private partnerships. All wealth is seen increasingly as theirs and all debt is offloaded onto the rest of the population.

    The bank bailouts were a classic example of this in action. The banks fuck up, the government bails them out with taxpayers money and the saps ( taxpayers ) then have to pay back the government largesse, with higher taxation.

    But I hear you say, I never agreed to any of that, so what, did you agree to mass uncontrolled immigration? The EU? The endless wars of ZaNuLabour? The government destroying the economy? The Surveillance state? The removal of your legal rights and protections? The criminalisation of millions of previously innocent citizens? Constantly and rising taxation and regulation?

    The fact is, once elected government has absolute power and ZaNuLabour have shown just what petty dictators and freedom loathing tyrants can do, when they have absolute power.

    Just imagine what they could do, in another five years.

  120. 120
    jgn2 says:

    the poor are the least likely to ever vote, stupid

  121. 121
    Mr Plum says:

    Not so much of a bounce more like dragging along at the bottom like a dog cleaning its arse

  122. 122
    Gordon's favourite Butt Plug says:

    I just love the fact that your NDP is a poor imitation of the original. Proves to me that the moniker actually hits Home. You are quite right to point out my dreadful slight at all Irishfolk. For which I apologise. It was directed at the Politicians currently ‘negotiating’ the continuance of the peace process. Really hope that they continue to work hard at maintaining a lasting peace. However it will come at a Financial cost to the rest of the Country.

  123. 123
    Commonly good sense says:

    Good to hear common sense being spoken.

    Why is it that politicians simply cannot talk common sense – it’s just not in their DNA.

    Is there a “Common Sense Removal Device” at the gates of Westminster that each of them hook up to?

  124. 124
    Mr Ned says:

    On the contrary. He has made a very loud and clear case, one that is dazzlingly simple and direct.

    His rabid anti-British extremism demonstrated by his supine compliance to the EU over Lisbon shows that he has made his case loud and clear. From his continuing support for “green taxes to tackle climate change” bollocks through to sexist, discriminatory gender and race specific shortlists, to molly-coddling the underprivileged and his acceptance of higher taxes for the wealth creators, he has made a very strong and compelling case for NOT voting conservative.

    As Brown has claimed repeatedly, Cameron has been wrong on the most serious and crucial issues of the last 4 years. That is precisely because Cameron has agreed with labour, to one degree or another, on almost all of them.

    Labour/Tory spot the difference? I can’t!

    Case closed. Vote UKIP.

  125. 125
    DelBoy says:

    Darling is under pressure without Paxo. His next door neighbour is a self opinionated thieving prick – sadly head and shoulders better than any alternative conservitude prick.
    Paxo’s rehearsed ad lib was pretty tame. “Is there no one in this massive building (Treasury) who hasn’t worked out if 0.1% growth is down to your policies…” FFS – lame.

  126. 126
    Boots Alert says:

    His drug supply has run dangerously low and so he cannot be seen in the Commons as his head would explode within a few minutes.

    Supplies being restored by the weekend.

  127. 127
    udderly 'orrible says:

    Regrettably Hattie Harmpersons would consider your success story to be part of the problem she’s on al beebo demanding everyone be equalled ….. down.

  128. 128
    Northern_Voice says:


  129. 129
    Anonymous says:

    Well chaps you have heard of a whiteout which can cause snow blindness, we are in a total brownout so what are the medical consequences, I think we should be told.

  130. 130
    Gordon's favourite Butt Plug says:

    Ouch! They wouldn’t think that it was very significant at all. They would deem it an insult. We assume of course that the final figures to be confirmed actually support the basic assumption of Growth. My guess is that the ONS have been heavily leant on for good and bad reasons. Good to try and bolster confidence in the Economy and Financial Markets. Bad, because it is a lie.

  131. 131
    mongbleat chump says:

    yeah, you sound like you’ve got a sense of humour by getting your panties in a bunch when someone tells you to Fuck off back
    ‘Or fucking what’
    right, you thick cun’t

    Keep working on your internet hard man act as you might crack it with a few decades practice
    You fuckwit

  132. 132
    PACE says:

    said the twat who replies to all his own posts

  133. 133
    Concerned Voter says:

    We all know that taxation is what stops enterprise but dud you hear Harman this morning!!!! Social engineering is what is on her deluded mind, narrowing the gap between rich and poor by doing her impersonation of Robin Hood. The answer is to make poorer people wealthier not by redistribution but by letting them keep more of thier own money ( the Lib Dems raising to £10k of threshold is a start, along with the Cons inheritance tax reform). In order to cut expenditure we need to getbout of Iraq and Afghanistan, and reduce the govt spending by 20%. problem is no one is being honest with the patient about what therapy is needed to get better.

  134. 134
    udderly 'orrible says:

    “adult cot-death”


  135. 135
    Archer Karcher says:

    A thirty percent cut does not have to relate to thirty percent cut in actual staff, though in many cases it should. Also you may be able ( though I doubt it ) to understand the concept of phasing. Cuts will come whoever is in government and for some years ahead, it will not be pleasant at all.

    We have had the credit party, now comes the payback hangover, it used to be called boom and bust, but as McMental abolished it, you can call it what you want now.

  136. 136
    Steve Expat says:

    They won’t be geting away with it for a 4th time.

    Election tomorrow please, so we can kick these fuckers out of office for at least another generation

  137. 137
    Mr Ned says:

    It all makes perfect sense when you take into consideration who OWNS the mainstream media outlets and who those individuals invest in and what agenda these people want to follow.

    The mainstream media and the mainstream political parties are all puppets whose strings are pulled by in international elite who are not loyal to any nation.

    So long as the Government (of whatever party) is following and is likely to be able to continue to implement the agenda of the puppetmasters, then the media is kind to the Government, once it becomes clear that the Government can no longer count on the support of the people in implementing the agenda, regardless of the positive media spin, then the media puppets will turn on the government puppet and start being kind to the opposition puppet, so that the people will support the opposition’s implementation of the exact same agenda, that they would not accept from the Government.

    Thus the media ensure that, over time, we are zig-zagged to the same destination by both parties.

  138. 138
    Red Baron says:

    +0.1% growth has no significance once any accuracy tolerance was taken into account, it could easily be -0.1%

    shit whichever way you look at it in the context of previous months decline

    if Labour are interested in what is best for the country, call an election, even if Labour get back in at least we will know where we are (bolloxed)

    I expect after building snowmen, Brown is now holding pillow fights in his Irish hotel room

  139. 139
    Mr Ned says:

    Actually, that IS their ideology. They need their client state, they need poor people to vote for them in ever increasing numbers.

  140. 140
    jgm2 says:

    Very droll. Thing is though we’ve had two or three million Poles and Latvians and Lithuanians who managed to find a sjob in the last 10 years and yet our ‘inactive’ list is at record proportions.

    The Poles managed to find a job. Even with limited language skills. But not the millions of ‘incapacitated’ and ‘unemployed’ natives.

    Does it not bother you? Or is carrying 5 million folk who simply will not work a ‘price worth paying’? And if it is a ‘price worth paying’. Could we get them to ‘not work’ at (say) half the presnt rate of ‘pay’. To start with.

  141. 141
    Yardarm says:

    Somewhere deep inside Darling knows we`re fucked and he and his twat of a boss are culpable.

    In the next few years we shall see a publishing phenomenon: a spate of ‘ Not me, guv ‘ memoirs by major characters in this clusterfuck all sloping shoulders and blaming someone else.

    In ‘ The Long Walk from the Manse ‘ former Prime Minister Gordon Brown says ‘ it all started in America ‘ and moans that his trashed reputation means he isn`t able to line his pocket as well as Blair.

    Mandelson in ‘ The Long Walk to Many Corporate Boardrooms and Chairmanship of the BBC Trust – thanks Dave ‘ says he was too late to stop the rot but could have if Gordo had recalled him earlier.

    In ‘ The Long Walk to an Index Linked Pension ‘ Mervyn King neatly flicks blame from his shoulders like a spec of dandruff.

  142. 142
    jgm2 says:

    Poor? They’re not poor. The folk of Haiti. They’re poor.

    Poor my arse.

  143. 143
    The Yorkshire Ripper says:

    Yes, let’s completely ignore Kelly’s medical reports being buried for 70 years so the BBC Trust doesn’t get the $hit kicked out of it at the hands of LieBore cretins and report on more maningless bilge that supports the ZaNu state policy of lies. What a bunch of fücking tw@ts.

  144. 144
    next slide please, d-day says:

    One has to ask that if Labour have created 2 million jobs as they claim to have had over the past 12 years why then have we had 1.5 million unemployed for that period? Perhaps they though themselves too good to work for the minimum wage and that it is better to be a dolite scrounger parasitically living off hard working people or perhaps they didn;t have the skills to wait on, wash up or carry out the other tasks that minimum wage jobs carry? Whilst I have every sympathy for those people who have fallen on hard times recently and those who are being treated badly because of their age, I have absolutely fuck all sympathy for the bone idle Labour supporting pricks who for the past 20 years have sat on their arses doing fuck all and blaming everyone from Thatcher to Obama for them not being able to get a £50K job 12 yards from their front door whilst having no qualifications or experience other that shovelling shit.

  145. 145
    jgm2 says:

    Not at all. You wouldn’t have to kill too many burglars to eradicate the problem of burglary almost entirely.

    With the prison places we freed up we could bank up MP fraudsters for a good stretch.

  146. 146
    next slide please, d-day says:

    The public sector recession is still to come!

  147. 147
    Foxy says:

    Boom! Boom!

  148. 148
    Unsworth says:

    Jesus! What a complete prat. Not a single hard fact, not the slightest idea. If this clown remains in charge we will remain in the deepest shit.

  149. 149
    Roger Daley says:

    Thanks for that link. I have just had a kleenex moment !

  150. 150
    DT Suzuki says:

    I understand traditional Japanese pillows are made from WOOD

  151. 151
    Foxy says:

    Boom! Boom!

  152. 152
    jgm2 says:

    I fear you are exagerrating wildly. Most of the fuckers wouldn’t know which end of a shovel was the handle. And they’ve certainly never had any kind of a job. Shit shovelling or otherwise.

  153. 153
    Mr Humphreys says:

    I’m not free.

  154. 154
    DelBoy says:

    We get the politicians (and political partie) we deserve.

    We must have done something really bad.

  155. 155
    The PM shouldn't be disturbed but this cunt is says:

    230 billion is QE and the car scrappage scheme innit

  156. 156
    P. Diddy Dacre and his Mailgoloid Army says:

    course not son
    there are no poor people in Britain and we must make these not poor people poorer for their own good

    It’s like Brown says this is a country of prosperity and sunlit uplands
    there also wasn’t a recession, people don’t get sick, nobody ever loses their job and old people weren’t freezing and living in poverty either
    course Brown is a massively stupid cu’nt to try and peddle that kind of polyanna horseshit to idiots but you sound like you’ve slurped it down

    not that you’d help the poor in Haiti either
    because it’s their fault for being ‘foreigner’ shirkers

    maybe you should stop talking out of your arse for a change
    or stop reading from the Daily Mail stereotypes book of stupid

  157. 157
    Mr Ned says:

    jgm2, when you are in the position of having to choose between eating and having something to wipe your arse on, then you are poor.

  158. 158
    P. Diddy Dacre and his Mailgoloid Army says:

    no, no, no, no, no
    there are no poor people in Britain
    Brown and some other tit says so

  159. 159
    from the messageboards says:

    You’re new here aren’t you?
    That counts for roaringly sensible commentary here.

  160. 160
    Mr Ned says:

    Labour, liberals and tories all support the same fascism.

    do NOT vote for these parties. Vote for anyone but them.

    I shall be voting UKIP.

  161. 161
    tangerine says:

    I’ll call it tax rises and cuts
    and anyone who believes different doesn’t know shit about politics and politicians

  162. 162
    jgm2 says:

    And you, pa,l should stop parrotting arsewipe from the Labour book of stupid. Like the expression though. ‘book of stupid’. Good that.

  163. 163
    Mr Ned says:

    they needn’t be unemployed for long. They could apply for a grant to start a business that exports, thus generating REAL EARNED wealth for the economy. or apply for a job in such a company.

    Far better than them sat at a desk actively destroying wealth.

    For fuck’s sake, it would be better for the economy as a whole if they were unemployed.

    It could help to bring down council tax. If my council tax dropped 30%, I could then afford to eat out once a month, thus helping the local private economy directly, especially considering the restaurant of choice would be one that supports local producers.

  164. 164
    Pollpot says:

    Poll Pot?

  165. 165

    Any public official who uses the phrase ‘rolling-out’ should be shot in the back of the head.

  166. 166
    Old Nick Heavenly(real dimwit) says:

    you are a bad dog, mb, but because you came when i whistled then i will give you another dry and empty bone tp gnaw upon

    if you do not stop scratching at the scabs your face will be permenently scarred

  167. 167
    P. Diddy Dacre and his Mailgoloid Army says:

    ‘course Brown is a massively stupid cu’nt’

    and that’s fom the ‘Labour book of stupid’ is it?
    course it is son

    amazing how quick the fuckwits revert to that smear when they are desperate

  168. 168
    Anonymous says:


    Just to say that I much appreciate your eloquent and well-expressed contributions to this site. Keep going!

  169. 169
    Pole Star says:

    Precisely !! Absolutely !! Yes !!
    Precisely !! Absolutely !! Yes !!
    Precisely !! Absolutely !! Yes !!
    Precisely !! Absolutely !! Yes !!

  170. 170
    Susie says:

    What a hopeless waste of space Jon Snow is… I was far more interested in hearing what Ken Clark had to say (a proven successful Chancellor), but no, he let Slime interrupt and waffle the whole interview.

    Just crawl away Mandleson — or ‘James Bond’ as he’s now styling himself — leave the mess to the real men to sort out.

  171. 171
    Cyco Billy says:

    Darling strikes me as a man moments away from choking to death on his own panic. I wish he’d just do it.

  172. 172
    Optiocculister says:

    That’s one in the eye for Brown!

  173. 173
    troglodyte says:

    Postal Vote. We can scream all we like at this government but if they rig the voting as they will we are screwed. All it takes is the marginal seats . UN observers now !

  174. 174
    Susie says:

    NI public sector economy was booming during the troubles — the rest of Britain was subsidizing the place to the tune of £10 million a day.

  175. 175
    next slide please, d-day says:

    Hence postal votes, handily collected at your door by your friendly Labour foot soldier.

  176. 176
    Lickspittle Mong says says:

    BeJaysus is it safe to come out from behind the sofa yet?

  177. 177
    Australian says:

    So, Vision to Assassinate.

    What you are actually saying is that you would like to roll out an integral change management programme to instigate a regime change to incorporate (in a modernising, cutting edge manner) capital punishment for any non-achievement of the non-use of the words “rolling out” strategy?

  178. 178
    Susie says:

    So that’s why all the plastic bags are being withdrawn from Tesco’s — they’re needed for Year 0 when we’re re-educated.

  179. 179
    Mr Ned says:

    jgm, I clearly remember that February morning in the year 2000 when I was staring at an empty cupboard and I had no toilet roll and no food, no money in the bank, no credit card, no money available to me at all in fact, and just enough change left in my spare change bottle to buy a roll of toilet paper, or a pot-noodle.

    Why was I in this situation? Well because I was trying to get whatever work I could get. having at the time to resort to temp jobs lasting between 1 week and 6 weeks typically. In between these rare contracts I would have to claim benefits, but it took that long to sort out the claims, that I would inevitably have started the next contract before the claim was accepted and payment made. This meant that sometimes I would have to make one weeks work pay me for up to six weeks. I would have been better off just staying unemployed, but I need to work and provide for myself and my family. Also these temporary contracts gave me experience that I could add to my CV. So, because I got off my arse to take action to improve my situation, I found myself having to choose between eating and wiping my arse with paper, or my hand…

    Some people are seriously dirt poor.

    I am happy to be able to say that the sacrifices I made back then did pay off. The experience I gained and the skills I had to teach myself have resulted in me being in full-time, permanent employment now. The company I am working for is an exporter. I am delighted to say that we create wealth and bring money into the economy. I am not a drain on the taxpayer and do not claim one single pence of money from the Government for anything.

  180. 180
    Ian Academic says:

    What annoys me is the way losses are taken by the taxpayer and the profits remain private. If investment or merchant banks want to take risks that lead them to bankruptcy let them go.

  181. 181
    Cyco Billy says:

    By producing opium, as Tata did for the East India Company?

  182. 182
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    Taxes and borrowing are going to go up – we all know that.

    The real issue for me is whether we throw the borrowed money into the pit called “Government Spending” or use it to allow tax reductions in the private sector (reduce business rates, NI contributions etc).

  183. 183
    Vicki V says:

    Eh? Id jus shows shez down wid de kids despide her posh bakgrownd

  184. 184
    A Quant says:

    PV: simples – you take the first derivative. The you watch the signs.

  185. 185
    Under a flower pot at the bottom of the garden until that c'nt brown calls the General Election says:

    Were these real plod or plastic plod? In my experience the plastic ones are the most stupid and officous.

  186. 186
    jgm2 says:

    Brown is not (just) a stupid c*nt and if I ever said that then it was very slapdash of me. Brown is a lying, bullying, mendacious, self-serving, incompetent, economy-wrecking, nation-wrecking c*nt.

    Glad to clear that up for you.

  187. 187
    Brian Cowen says:

    Will Darling take Brown’s title as the worst chancellor ever?
    With £622 billion in spending he is looking to cut £3 billion.

  188. 188
    jgm2 says:

    I’d have gone for the Pot Noodle. I’d cross the bridge of wiping my arse when I came to it. But I take your point Ned. The way the benefit system is set up is a trap. It’s not called the ‘benefit trap’ for nothing.

    But who does it benefit (no pun intended) most? Does it benefit the poor bastards caught in the trap? Does it benefit society to have entire constituencies caught in the benefit trap? Nope.

    Cui bono?

    Well a hell of a lot of people do ‘bono’. A whole army of busybodies gets a 30K salary, a nice heated office and a clip-board administering all the tiny little aspects of these people’s lives. Operating the ‘drop-in’ centre. Providing ‘training courses’ through ‘approved’ suppliers [in no way related to the Labour council leader – fuck no], third-party maintenance contracts [in no way related to the Labour council leader – fuck no].

    Whole fucking armies of people making sure the ‘incapacitated’ have a ‘mobility’ vehicle and a handrail in the bath for their ‘bad back’.

    And on top of it all an entire political party that all these busybodies are entirely beholden to for their job. Because, you know, they’re so fucking caring. 9 – 5PM. Four and a half days a week. Plus 30 days holiday.

    There is an entire strata of society that is totally dependent on the poor and unemployed for their very existence. If we didn’t have ‘em they’d have to invent them. That’s why Labour is the enemy of the poor. They fucking need them to be poor so that their bed-wetting liberal arts, touchy-feely, professionally concerned consciences have a ‘job’.

  189. 189
    Under a flower pot at the bottom of the garden until that c'nt brown calls the General Election says:

    Number 2 Ark for them.

  190. 190
    revolting peasant says:

    I agree. Jon Snow was very disappointing.

  191. 191
    Susie says:

    This is the puzzle. If we could only manage 0.1% of growth over the quarter with the highest consumer spend in any year (run up to Christmas/Sales) surely we must be back in recession now — people aren’t going to go on buying presents, a new tv etc for family and friends in January/February/March.

  192. 192
    Cyco Billy says:

    Not worst, but most cowardly. Darling knows, as does the Dame of Fey Boy etc, that what needs to be done to make it game on for the banksters: an immediate – and ongoing – reduction of the annual deficit to £80-100bn. Anything else and the belaboured camel’s back breaks under the weight of usury in a chronic regime of economic inactivity. Darling hasn’t the guts to stand up to McRuin with this, because he shat them all out more than a year ago.

    Good news that Big Pharma’s swine flu fraud is going to get an airing. It may save the unnecessary expense of a billion here, a billion there, in future:


  193. 193
    Not one of Thatchers Children says:

    People should be made to share their wealth.

    How else am I going to get it?

  194. 194
  195. 195
    Odds Bodkins says:

    It’s bollocks isn’t it? Yet the BBC are spinning this as though everything with the economy is sweetness and light once again.

    Only 0.1% in spite of a £200 billion bailout? They also fail to mention the tsunami of very high inflation we’re about to get clobbered with.

  196. 196
    Susie says:

    And PLEASE stop calling these public sector fucks ‘Officers’.

    The only real officers did a year or two at Sandhurst and are now slogging it out underfed, under-paid and under-equipped with their men in Afghanistan.

  197. 197
    Sir Everard Digby says:

    How can this be -we have a world class education system and a thriving knowledge economy.The Great Leader says so.l

  198. 198
    Susie says:


    jgm2’s wasted on here — ever thought of a job as Political Correspondent at the BBC?

  199. 199
    Sir Everard Digby says:

    Our economic perforamce remains strong when compared with Burundi and Equatorial Guinea. I am convinced we will maintain our competetive edge over them.

  200. 200
    Quite scared says:

    If we can. Still no clues given as to where they will be fielding candidates. They have some good ideas, UKIP, but they need to improve their organisation and that crappy website.

  201. 201
    Postal Vote says:

    @ A Quant, are we talking local or global max here?


  202. 202
    English Liberation Front says:

    It is all over anyway. Let’s face it – as a nation we are stuffed. We owe trillions to foreign wealth funds owned by Arabs and Chinese. All our best companies have been sold to foreign operators – Cadbury’s just being the latest example. Our so call Government has created a massive debt burden for us, our children, our children’s children and beyond. Our armed forces have been starved of equipment, whilst being expected to fight Bliar’s wars. Brown has bloated the state to an unsustainable level – savage cuts are required to rebalance the economy, but is the UK voting public wise enough to realise that?

    We are totally stuffed – just wait until all the asylum seekers and illegal immigrants set up camp outside Folkstone and begin clambering under lorries to get out of here – then you will truly understand just how stuffed we are!

  203. 203
    NewLabourAreScum says:

    One word – Nitroglycerine!!

  204. 204
    I hate bent robbing Labour scum says:

    more like 50% – could save zillions

    cut taxes a bit to encourage spending even if it means people choose to spend it paying off their debts

    deport any and all immigrants who haven’t worked since coming here

    deport anyone, immigrant or otherwise, who espouses turning the UK into an Islamic state – say to Iran, where I’m sure they’ll be much happier

    leave the EU

    send the entire labour party to prison as they are ALL crooks, except those at the top that led us to war with Iraq – they can go to the Hague

    force banks to repay all bailouts and any bonus paid during the recession

    country saved, just in time for us to win the World Cup

    “wake up, time for work..”

    shite.. what a lovely dream..

  205. 205
    I hate bent robbing Labour scum says:

    don’t bet your house on it

  206. 206
    ian e says:

    Which end ?

    Ah, I see that you got the point!

  207. 207
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    Taxi for Brown!

  208. 208
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    Watch for the Dead Brown Bounce!!!

  209. 209
    Right Honourable Gordon Brown says:

    I told you when I was chancellor I would put an end to boom and bust. Well this is it – no more boom just bust!

  210. 210
    Right Honourable Alistair Darling says:

    You really are an ungrateful lot! I’ve printed billions of extra pounds and still you’re not satisfied.

  211. 211
    ShoutsAtTheTVwhenGordo'sOn says:

    Simple way to kill the Labour Vote in such places… Mandatory test which excludes those with a 2-digit IQ. (May harm BNP’s take, too, but I can live with that.)

  212. 212
    ShoutsAtTheTVwhenGordo'sOn says:

    I call it “Investing in Failure”

    Think I preferred it in the olden days, when its former name was “Tax and sepnd”

  213. 213
    ShoutsAtTheTVwhenGordo'sOn says:

    “Tax and spend” even…

    Ooh dear! Typing equivalent of Gordon’s handwriting, was that

  214. 214
    Alex says:

    Adjust the data for inflation and we are still in recession. Take out government spending increases and the curve is still down, strongly down.

  215. 215
    just dropping by says:

    i heard they are fielding 500 all over the country

  216. 216
    fortuneteller says:

    The Tories need to include a “like for like”benefit policy in their manifesto. Pay Romanians, Poles, and all other EU citizens the same amount that a UK citizen would receive in their countries. Simple and fair. Apply this to all means tested entitlements and tax credits. Highly qualified EU immigrants meeting skill shortages here would not be affected or deterred. The low skilled workers and
    scroungers would have little incentive to come here or to stay.

  217. 217

    “Please tell this “expert” that consumer debt is NOT a problem, because the other half of the country is not living on credit.”

    You are right, dear boy, but this line about consumer debt is the one being spun by Gideon Osborne at the moment, which makes me wonder if the next Cameron government will force austerity on all of us by applying credit controls on individuals.

  218. 218
    Admiral Ackbar says:

    Well he’s mates with Gordon isn’t he

  219. 219
    Kings Heath Lad says:

    Sorry been out all day Allan , Kings Heath is BOSTIN OUR KID!

  220. 220
    Scootaboy says:


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