January 14th, 2010

Exclusive : Labour Faked Cameron “Airbrushing”

In response to the last story Guido got a tip-off from Liam Murray to compare the original Tory poster with the Labour attack poster. The before and after comparison is clear: before on the original poster Dave is wearing heavy make-up but you can still see stubble, lines and skin pores, after Labour have manipulated the picture it looks as if he has been very clumsily airbushed.  Deliberate manipulation to make the slogan work…


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    Uncle Si says:

    Corel Draw version 1.o


    • 5

      I would suggest they cut a few corners and just post a picture of a new potato, with a sprig of mint, covered in butter. Fucking amateurs


      • 23

        The biggest hope for a third party breakthrough in three generations and what do you do?

        Well. You just sit there. Everyone’s voting for Cameron aren’t they?

        What is the point. You still have –

        EUropean Union
        Welfare State
        Undead Economics
        Nuclear Bombs
        Wars, Wars, and Unwars
        An expensive patchwork NHS
        Schools exlusive and inexcellent
        A looming and unprepared for energy Crisis
        An unstoppable and dystopian food crisis
        And the continue crisis of land as asset alone
        Not asset and responsibiity and tax on production
        Not excessive consumption and outright waste
        You pay the losses
        They take the gains
        The shit just rises
        Again and again
        We pay farmers to be idle as
        We pay workers to be idle as
        We pay intelligence to be idle
        Society increasingly resembles
        A furtive patchwork of stoats
        And weasels those of the state
        Against thosed ruled by the state
        Antipathetic against hope in the state
        The state is always a state
        Be it rule of king, dictator
        Or popular president. Yet
        At least to the anarchist
        The target identifies itself
        In the modern age of internationalism
        The state is humanity itself the light
        Of potential in the commoners eyes still
        Still not entirely asphixiated from him..
        He looks up at a poster of David Cameron
        He’s seeming to say something has to change.
        He see’s a con man telling him he will profit.
        Just do this one, one, one little thing…
        Vote for me.

        We can’t go on like this.
        It’s not just wrong.
        It’s fucking sick.


        • 35
          Sir William Waad says:

          Fancy a drink old chap?


        • 54
          Anonymous says:

          What, vote UKIP and let the gurner back in? Thats the plan isnt it?


          • By the time Cameron’s finished raping your family come 2015 you will be crying out for a do-over with Gordon.

            Keep falling for it Prolescum. You make the powers that really rule giggle. That is your place in this world. Know it, Live it, Love it.


          • Osama the Nazarene says:

            The UKIP messiah has arrived. S/he knows what will happen in 2015!!!

            In the meantime if ditherer brown and Beria brown and Gaulieter balls get in again this country will be well and truly down the pan a lot earlier then 2015.


          • Banzai says:

            Labour trolls posing as UKIP/rogue loon Tories.

            Obvious and crap tactic but they seem to find it kinky.


          • Shut up you fucking mong.

            Enjoy your cast iron guaruntees faggot.

            You and Morons like you have fucked this country.

            You are just enablers for this twoparty SHITE.


            A fuckingpox on thelot of yers.


          • New Labour - New National Socialism says:

            More Libore trolls than UKIP members !!!


          • It’ll be fun in Buckingham, don’t you think?


          • UKRAP says:

            UKIP are either sad angry oldish men with dicky tickers and thin skins, or rubbish Labour trolls pretending to be UKIP.

            Take your pick


      • 70
        albacore says:

        Big Deal.
        The bonus-enhanced Ministry of Defence desk-jockeys kept all those sorely-needed new Chinooks hanging around in a hangar for eight years, waiting for some out-sourced nerd to write the software to make them airworthy.
        How much longer will it take the Tory Spectrum-freaks to get Dave’s programming right?


        • 149

          It’s worse than that – they couldn’t rewrite the software (some silly twat forgot to include the source code in the deal with Boeing), so they have had to gut the whole control system and change the MKIII Chinooks back to MKII versions, which have the software properly audited and signed off.

          This isn’t a party political issue (although 8 years is a long time to wait with £400 million worth of equipment idle, all of which was under the current shower) – it’s an MOD procurement issue. I’m willing to bet that the seat polishers responsible for the refit will be in line for a nice bonus this year, and that those responsible for the original clusterfuck are now either retired on an enhanced pension, employed as consultants by Boeing, or just happily carrying on in their overmanned and underbrained posts.

          And is it just me, or does Bob Jobsworth look more like an overfed Blakey every time he appears on telly?


          • Gordon's favourite Butt Plug says:

            Just think if we had reacted to these shortages in any other war.

            So Boeing and the US Government were prepared to sit back and not help out whilst their Allies took high attrition rates in a parallel campaign.

            Makes you wonder what the point is in a relationship that is so skewed.


          • Anonymous says:

            A similar cockup occurred with the Polaris subs’ Ship Board Inertial Guidance gyros, way back in the 1960s. We bought it from Honeywell in the US and then tried to modify it ourselves. Of course, it didn’t work. For years, every Polaris sub couldn’t navigate themselves out of dock. Wonder if the Russians knew.


          • Foxy Fuchsochs says:

            Is this a matter of not wanting to admit that some of the systems by which our realm is defended are 100% bought-in from overseas?

            Yeah, okay, the airframe, the radar and the engines are American – but the paintwork is 100% British (subject to us winning the compulsory EU tender process for the work).



      • 134
        Thats News says:

        Gordon could be represented by a particularly elderly haggis.


        • 231
          pisspot polotics says:

          Labour may be using the airbrush on Cameron but they are yet again using the whitewash brush on the Chilcot enquiry


      • 155
        Anonymous says:

        There’s a simple answer to this for the Tories – simply put up a poster of a gurning Gordon, in dishevelled garb, sporting his trademark kiddy fiddler grin and the tag line – ” What you see is what you get!” .


    • 7
      Anonymous says:

      It’s just a lower resolution. Not Airbrushed like the original is on Dave’s poster.


    • 15
      from Cast iron Dave to Make-up Dave says:

      Dave wears make-up?

      I ain’t voting for any man who puts slap on.


    • 67
      So who is the real Dave? says:

      When you check out the link


      Some Daves are the original airbrushed Daves and other Daves are an airbrush of the airbrushed Dave.

      Got to question the person who decided to go nuclear with a Dave campaign though


    • 95
      MisterE says:

      Seeing as they like photoshop so much…


    • 209
      Airbrush history says:

      David Cameron admits he was airbrushed, but not in the way New Labour wanted the admission because so were Andrew Marr’s guests!


    • 233
      Jac says:

      Does ‘why are we surprised’ sound too obvious here? It’s a complete and utter joke. The only fakes are NuLabour and their lies, spin and desperation to win under any circumstances… see Iraq war for that proof… oh and so many other things.
      Boom and bust anyone?


      As to the Liberal Democrat vote – sorry, whilst some of their ideas and policies look good, u-turn central appears to be the motto.


    • 238
      Ginger and small says:

      Has Gordon been arsebrushed?


    • 256
      Gordon "Fucking mentalist" Brown says:


      We regret being instrumental in the deaths of over a hundred thousand Iraqui deaths.

      I’m just being straightforward.

      And I’m just getting on with the job.

      It’s the right thing to do.

      It is unfortunate that we bankrupted Britain.

      It is unfortunate that we destroyed Britain’s pensions, the best, in 1996, in Europe.

      It is unfortunate that we supported American torturing.

      But, nurses are nice, and so are social workers.

      Just bear that in mind.

      And forget that your children will be slaves for two hundred years.


  2. 2
    Dave Cameron says:

    I’m rather good looking don’t you think


    • 25
      UKIP says:

      Yes you are. But you would still be fucking useless at running the country. Bring back Maggie


      • 37
        Al says:

        Day release at UKIP funny farm for past it dinosaur right wingers who wank over pictures of Tebbit.


        • 45
          Al Coholic says:

          said the poddle-shagging tory-rimming troll


        • 50
          Al Coholic says:

          said the poodle-shagging tory-rimming troll


        • 101
          Peter Grimes says:

          Not a UKIP member, they can’t string a sentence together. Nah, it’s the usual Dollybot trolls seeking to secure their best result, a hung Parliament in which Mad Jock McMental and his Jockommunists can continue to bugger the whole country!


          • Mr Ned says:

            It really makes no difference whether it is Cameron or Brown in power, as they both have the same policies.

            Thanks to Cameron’s utter cowardice, their policies will be whatever the EU allow them to do.

            I posted a list of my values and beliefs in a thread a few days ago asking which party I should vote for. They are all traditional conservative beliefs, values and aspirations. Not one person suggested I should vote conservative. Why? Because the conservatives no longer hold true to any of those values, beliefs of aspirations.

            They no longer support inclusive multiculturalism, a multiculturalism that recognises, respects and embraces traditional white British culture alongside foreign cultures. They are following the labour and liberal parties in denying that there is even any such thing as a traditional white British Culture. I can tell you that there is because I grew up in it!!! It is gross racism on a par with holocaust denial to deny that I do not even have a culture.

            They no longer support sound, observation of empirical evidence based science in climate study, allowing reality to govern policy, instead of fashionable trends and outright fear based alarmism.

            They no longer support British Sovereignty. Instead allowing the rules of the EU post Lisbon dictate our fate, as we are legally powerless to resist those rules.

            They no longer support small, servile government, unleashing the talent and initiative of an entrepreneurial population unburdened by red-tape and high taxes. They instead follow just behind labour in wanting to keep taxes high, but just slightly lower than labour.

            They no longer support meritocracy, instead having sexist and racist candidate lists. What was it Cameron said about ending political correctness??? He has embraced it!

            There is a whole host of traditional, valuable conservative values that they have simply abandoned, just as the country is becoming more conservative.

            Then there are a whole host of conservative remedies required that they will still support, but not be allowed to implement, because we are in the EU. Harsh punishment for convicted prisoners and convicted terrorists, prevented by the abuse of human rights law. The tough measures required to reduce immigration and prevent a flood of immigrants from the EU. Measures to prevent our economy and way of life being destroyed to “tackle climate change” that will be forced on us by the EU, ID cards and other totalitarian measures are to be forced on us by the EU.

            So honestly, tell me why I should accept being ruled by Brown or Camerons parties when the policies will be mostly the same, WHEN My own beliefs and values are actually in line with a party who supports

            1. A low, flat rate of tax,
            2. Withdrawal from the EU.
            3. Respect for MY culture alongside other cultures base on mutual respect. Extremists will be kicked out. Moderates welcomed with open arms.
            4. Reality based climate policies headed by Lord Monckton
            5. Dismantle the totalitarian state, NO ID cards, NO intrusive databases and an end to political correctness for once and for all
            6. Common sense dictating health and safety, not the other way round
            7. Education instead of politically correct indoctrination in our schools
            8. Children treated like Children and Adults treated like Adults.
            9. Enhanced democracy with Swiss style local and national democracy with referendums on important issues. a Government that listens and is legally obligated to act upon its citizen’s wishes, instead of the dictates of a foreign elite
            10. Strong Military DEFENCE of our nation, not fighting other people’s illegal wars for them

            The above are all ideas that I can really support enthusiastically. NONE of them are tory ideas anymore.


          • Mr Ned says:

            Peter Grimes, as you can see, I have put together not just a sentence, but a whole cohesive article consisting sentences, paragraphs and bullet points.

            I have YET to see any conservative put one cohesive argument in favour of voting for David Cameron’s conservatives.

            They all say vote UKIP get Brown, Their whole campaign appears to be SOD the tories in this country, we just want rid of Brown!

            WHY should I vote FOR the Conservatives? What will really change?

            I know exactly why I should not vote labour as I have expressed in very colourful and imaginative language on many occasions.

            Now come one Conservatives, get your collective heads out of your asses and convince me why I should vote tory!!!

            Fuck the benal and childish Vote UKIP get Brown Bollocks. To that I answer

            Vote Tory, labour or Liberal and you get more EU instead of change.

            The only semi-cohesive argument I have seen from conservatives is, Get us into power and THEN we can get rid of Cameron and do what you would like.

            SO I should vote Conservative because they are lying and disloyal????



          • Peter Grimes says:

            Bravo, Mr Ned! You are obviously THE UKIP member who can string together a reasonable argument.

            The persuasive selling point, though, is that UKIP have fuckall’s chance of seizing power in the upcoming GE and there is a great need to rid ourselves of this oppressive ‘government’. In the southern marginals every vote against McMental will count to achieve this. Dave will have a chance to change things after this GE. If he doesn’t, he will be out pdq, but if McMental still holds sway, the UK is donaldducked completely.


      • 143
        Anonymous says:

        You have got to ask yourself if Maggie would have let the country get into this mess in the first place, she made a few bloomers in her time Delorian, selling a battleship to the Argentinians, country in depression and buying Trident, costing a few hundreds of millions of pounds or a few billions of pounds but not hundreds of billions as per Broon of McDoom once stung she did not do it again.


  3. 3

    Evil bastards, I would never airbrush a Labour poster.


  4. 4
    Cleethorpes Rock says:

    It looks like it was done on MS paint on one of Ed Balls’ shonky new “free” laptops.


  5. 6
    Steve Hilton says:

    Is this a caption competiton Guido ??


  6. 8
    Mr X says:

    There’s a plug-in Photoshop filter for this very purpose: Digital Anarchy’s Beauty Box


  7. 9
    Anonymous says:

    They could not run a bath


  8. 10
    gone fuckin mental says:

    How low can they go fuckin hoons


  9. 11
    NuAttack Dog says:

    God whatever next? Illegal wars? Assassinations? A trip to Iceland?


  10. 12

    So just how much botox has Go Bro had recently? The newly found smile seems to manifest itself totally out of sync with his verbal delivery. As for our Dave he’ll easrn his wrinkles within a few months of taking office, judging by the shite labour is leaving behind…


  11. 18
    Sheik Itup says:

    Labour are dirty liars, that is why the voters hate them


  12. 19
    Peter Grimes says:

    Would you expect anything else from this bunch of Jockommunists and their Pravda-style propaganda?

    The sad part is that their faithful will either not see the truth or will discount it and believe their masters even if they do!


  13. 21
    nell says:

    I still think the tories should have used this picture of gordon with the caption ‘Do you really want five more years of this?’

    Having said that it’s interesting that even labour are using pictures of cameron for their campaigning!!!

    They clearly dare not use a picture of gordon – as cameron pointed out at PMQ’s yesterday – the labour party have completely airbrushed him out of their election campaign because he is such a huge liability to them.


    • 52
      He's Spartacus says:

      Or this one?




      • 98
        Moley says:

        That is truly revolting.


      • 130
        smig says:

        Dear Gorgon

        Get a manicure you tramp!

        Get a shave you tramp!

        Lose some weight you tramp!

        Stop taking the Mogadon you tramp!

        Stop fucking over the country you tramp!


      • 140
        HASH GORDON (saviour of the universe) says:

        That is Fucking Disgusting ! It’s worse than his Drug Addled face !


      • 184
        Dr Hannibal Lecter says:

        Nail biting is mostly linked to periods of nervousness, stress, hunger or boredom. All of these circumstances have in common that they produce anxiety. You may notice that you not only start biting your nails but develop other ticks as well that reinforce your anxiety levels like nose-picking, hair-twisting, or thumb-sucking.
        On the other hand, nail biting is also a sign of other mental or emotional disorders, like obsessive compulsion. In this state people are not even aware that they are biting their nails – not even when they have reached the flesh! Of course these are the most severe cases of nail biting. Other people bite their nails while sleeping as an unconscious habit.



      • 222
        SarumSea says:

        The politicians and commentators are fond of maritime Illusions eg “during his watch”, “in the engine room”, ” on the bridge” etc etc.
        I can tell you all absolutely categorically that no individual with finger nails like those would ever be promoted to command a seagoing ship.
        You have been warned. Captain? Ha ha ha. Only in his dreams!


      • 242

        Oh. I feel sick, now.


    • 74

      I don’t even want five more minutes of Gordon.


      • 200
        Gordon Brown says:

        73 – Tough.I can, I must ,I will win the election.However in the event I lose I will not relinquish residency of No 10 .Got that. Dave can fuckoff and live in another grace and favour property.No 10 is my birthright.Anyway whats the point of moving out.Even if Dave wins this election he’ll lose the next.As I have such bequeathed Dave with a poisioned chalice.Dave will be despised and I will win the 2015 election.Simples.


  14. 24
    Malcolm Tucker says:

    I believe it Frankie Boyle who helpfully pointed out that Brown’s face looks like someone has drawn a sad face on a scrotum?!


  15. 26
    English Liberation Front says:

    What I would like to know is why anybody, Tory, Labour or Monster Fucking Raving Loony, allows evil troll Brown to remain in office for one more second.

    Listen up everyone – Brown as Chancellor and PM has destroyed this country – it will take a generation to fix the mess he has made. All our futures have been destroyed by this man – in his own way, this Scottish Troll we have as a self selected PM is as bad for this country as Hitler was for his!

    Brown is a wrecker! He has wrecked the public finances, he has squandered our assets and left us and our children a dismal future of debt repayment!


  16. 27
    George Kaplan says:

    Could you imagine how much work would be needed to airbrush Sarah’s hero?

    Do you think that this Labour airbrush scam will be covered by the MSM…no, neither do I.

    New Labour, old propaganda.


  17. 28

    You should do a quick check on their post.

    It wasn’t Labour who airbrushed the pic, they used the mydavidcameron.com template and credit them on their site.


  18. 29
    Alan Jones says:

    This attack poster will work against Labour by making Cameron’s face more familiar and ubiquitous.


    • 34
      nell says:

      I wish someone would do a mock-up poster with that picture of cameron side by side with one of those weird shots of gordon and the caption ‘ which one gets your vote?’ and then we could spread it all over the internet.


      • 39
        Miss World says:

        When do they do the bikini shots around the pool?


      • 56
        Smashey and Nicey says:

        Download Jilted John by Jilted John. 69p. Lets get it to No 1


      • 77

        Why don’t you just walk up to Woolsey manor and suck off some Rothschild cock directly and in person Nell?

        The only thing you have and ever will spread on the internet is fail – and boring fail at that. You are a two party whore.

        Grow a sack and vote for a real party that isn’t fed to you by the BBC.


        • 110
          nell says:

          Well there are a lot of parties to choose from. Are you afraid to say which one it is you support?

          Whichever it is, with your linguistic abilities, you will be a great asset in the forthcoming election, though probably not to your party of choice.


      • 163
        Anonymous says:

        Dave airbrushed
        gordon ‘airbrained


      • 188

        Here you go, Nell – it’s a quick and dirty throw together, but then again if I was a graphic artist I wouldn’t be me :-)

        Take care, and ignore the little trolls who live under Gordon’s desk!


    • 41
      Anonymous says:

      God help us!


  19. 30
    He's Spartacus says:

    The first image is heavily photoshopped by Central Office.

    The second one has simply gone further.




    • 55
      Al says:

      but we are partisan twats who don’t care about the truth
      we just want to pretend Dave isn’t an embarrassment


      • 58
        Mike Naylor says:

        I’m not normally……………..Bollocks. Even Mike Naylor is giving up on Gordon


      • 76
        He's Spartacus says:

        Anyone would look good when they’re compared to Brown.

        Let’s remember that. Dave is lesser of two weevils.

        If only Libertas got their act together.




      • 138
        backwoodsman says:

        Partisan to the extent that we believe a normal guy, who is clearly capable of heading up a united party of sensible people, would be greatly preferable to a bunch of rabid socialists in the process of self destructing. Thats the sort of embarrassment I can live with.


        • 162
          HEIR'BRUSH' TO BLAIR says:

          Like he said, you’re a stranger to the truth


        • 183

          Its simple.
          I will do anything in my power to remove Brown from office. I will donate funds, campaign in the streets , deliver leaflets for the Tories or even the Lib dems if they are in second place. I have, for the first time of ever joining any party signed up to assist the Tories. I have signed up for a postal vote too just in case I need it.
          I will campaign,canvas,poster,leaflet,march,speak for, write about, attend meetings and support Dave in every possible way I possibly can.

          And I don’t give a toss about Cameron. As far as I’m concerned once he’s elected he’s on his own.

          This is the level of anger against him that Brown has generated in the country. I would vote in the Greens and live in vegetarian hell if it meant getting rid of this incompetent liar.


          • Mr Ned says:

            Fair enough, at least you are not trying to suggest that Cameron is any good. I can wholeheartedly respect your decision. I agree that Brown is a fucking disaster who should go and take his entire party of fuckwiterates with him.

            I am still voting by my conscience. It is UKIP for me.


          • mingemunchersrus says:

            respect your rationale mr ned but what a waste of your vote they’re pricks going nowhere


          • Hurrah! Well said, Sir!

            Damn. Might be tempted to take some sort of action myself.


  20. 31
    Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili says:

    can’t someone airbrush Brown out of history?


  21. 33
    strapworld says:

    Guido, I have long been of the opinion that Brown is using makeup at PMQ’s could you use your extensive contacts to confirm if he is following Bliar’s example?


    • 165
      Unsworth says:

      Whereas Harman clearly is not? Surely she can’t be that bleeding ugly with the full slap on, can she?


  22. 36
    Postal Vote says:

    185 billion pounds more debt a year


    3.5 billion extra debt every week


    500 million more debt by the end of today

    Now airbrush that!

    Still 9,000 pounds more debt per full-time job in the private sector per year


    • 68
      English Liberation Front says:

      That is the real news – wrecker troll Brown has shipwrecked our country!
      He should hung, drawn and quartered and have his ugly, troll head stuck on Traitor’s Gate as a warning to all future leaders.


  23. 40
    Gordon is a Moron says:

    Lying bastards. If they are to pick faults with something they should at least do it without fiddling the thing. Have a dig at the original by all means but don’t photoshop it and then come out with a load of brownshit.

    There again, we all know they have a history of sexing up documents and altering ‘facts’.


  24. 43
    Anonymous says:

    How do you explain this one then? http://mydavidcameron.com/images/go4th.jpg


    • 124
      Sharon says:

      You know he realy is very good looking and will absolutely get my vote.
      Was there some text on that poster, I didn’t notice.


    • 210
      mingemunchersrus says:

      if fairness was ever an issue they should abolish inheritance tax all together…why pay a tax because someone has managed to accumulate wealth for their heirs. What justifies it ? fuck all


    • 225
      SarumSea says:

      It must be more than 3000. The National Lottery website reckons it alone has created more than 1900 new millios in the last dickaid. I think there will be many folk out there glad of Dave’s Death Tax relief.


  25. 44
    Odds Bodkins says:

    This comes as no surprise as Labour are now completely devoid of ideas.

    They only know how to smear, or in this case, airbrush.


  26. 45
    Sir William Waad says:

    I wonder whether the Ministry of Truth has considered where this might lead. People might ask themselves why Labour aren’t putting up posters of GB. The answers, of course, are that (a) they can’t afford it because nobody likes them enough to give them any money and (b) the resulting spike in the suicide rate could be a vote-loser.


  27. 47

    SO WHAT?


  28. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Have they got McBride and Draper working for them again? Or does this count as McBride lite?


  29. 62
    Wipeout for Labour - coming soon says:

    When a person,group of people or organisation start to use their opponent’s image as the centre of their campaign,they are bust,they know they are bust and the voters know they are bust.

    Labour will be wiped out at the election that the git fears so much to call.

    The country-wide hatred for Brown and his thugs is simply too colossal to mean anything other than total wipeout on election day.

    There will no hung Parliament (at least not the type that we all want) – the defeat will set back the Labour Party for at least five years,Brown will be gone the following Monday of their defeat and the subsequent infighting will make one of those You Tube clips of a 3rd world parliament chamber fight look like a couple of ladies out collecting for the Red Cross.


    • 83
      English Liberation Front says:

      “When a person,group of people or organisation start to use their opponent’s image as the centre of their campaign,they are bust,they know they are bust and the voters know they are bust.”

      You have a point – do you recall the Demon Eyes poster put out by the Tories in 1997? It didn’t work, even though it was cannily prescient. As many here have put it – it is Gordon Brown who is being airbrushed from Labour’s own campaign, because he is such a disaster in so many ways.


    • 87
      I Like It says:



    • 106
      Hung Parliment says:

      Thank you very much Conservative Central Office. Meanwhile in the real world Dave Cameron continues to struggle to maintain even a modest lead despite the worst ever Government in British history. Did the Tories make a big mistake in choosing the vacuous Cameron instead of David Davies? It would appear so. The public undoubtedly hate Labour but clearly they are not terrible impressed with Cameron.
      Too many silly gimmicks and fashionable bandwagons jumped upon.


      • 144
        Mike Naylor says:

        All these mixed message are confusing me…


      • 186
        Hung Parliment says:

        I am a 17 year old compulsive bishop basher. Also I can’t spell parliment.

        Labour education product alas.


        • 224
          Cyco Billy says:

          And abect failure, if you’re still bishop bashing. Weren’t you properly encouraged from an early age at school to rubber up and shove it up a girl or boy to stop you going blind and being a burden on the NHS and your community? I think you need a lawyer and to rent yourself a nice little compensation case against ofsted and/or ‘Steady Ed’ balls.


  30. 64
    Not long until Labour gone says:

    How pathetic to have to retort to attacking an airbrushed picture.

    As said before, Browns not interested in helping the country, just making the opposition look bad in the hope that gets him elected (not re-elected as this twat was never elected in the first place).


  31. 69
    Andrew Efiong says:



  32. 71
    roo says:

    Fools! The second image shown here wasn’t hacked together by the labour party, but by a satirical artist who has used the poster to base some alternative-politico art, and provide the tools for others to do the same.
    Typical Tory kneejerks huh?
    Go check out http://mydavidcameron.com for the ‘originals’


    • 97

      Calm down dear. Its only a commercial.


    • 104
      Andy Coulson's little mongions says:

      Since when did we give a fuck about the truth?
      We are partisan Tory fartmunchers desperately trying to make Dave look good.


    • 112
      jgm2 says:

      Fool! It is Labour who have borrowed and run with the ‘satirical artists’ work as if it were real.

      Now you’re ‘doing a Blair’.

      I believed the intelligence briefing that Saddam had WMD which he could deploy in 45 minutes.

      Eeeeerrrr. But you had them put that bit into the briefing Mr Blair…

      Same with this. Labour are just using something they know to be fake and then if it goes tits up they’ll blame the guy who supplied them the duff pictures/information.


    • 246

      Satirical artist? Ho, yus. How satirical.

      A man who just happens to support the Labour Party, perhaps? You’ll tell us all it was just a coincidence.


  33. 72
    Anonymous says:

    Lets have Brown, the gurning Labour fool on TV. His Youtube comic act was wonderful.


  34. 80
    Tell Tale says:

    Did you know that all Tories and Labour members have been graded A, B, C, D, with D being hostile?

    Did you know that Labour and Tories are using a secret system of ‘Common Purpose’ (google it) and are now busy bypassing Democracy and imposing candidates into this years elections?

    Did you know that Labour MPs who step down suddenly will have their vacancy filled by the NEC without local input?


    • 94

      UKIP knows

      BUT apparently voting for anyone other than Cameron means you want to suck Gordon’s floppy scottish cock so

      Yay for Cast Iron Dave!

      Why do they call him Cast Iron? Cause that’ll be the new currency after the Euro he was built to bring in for his global banking bumchums will be.


    • 120
      jgm2 says:

      I believe the Tories have the same exciting policy in place.


  35. 81
    Tom says:

    Labour make me laugh.

    Brown tries to imply that the Tories don’t have any policies when Labour are confused about what theirs are – with the running argument between Brown and Darling over cuts. Making the campaign downright dirty with personal attacks has Brown’s grubby clunking fingers all over it. It’s the natural progression of attacks on the Tories when they realise that attacking Tory policies (that they probably want to steal anyway) isn’t working. If Brown thinks he can fight this election on personalities he’s more bonkers than we realise…. So I think we can expect more of this.

    It should be fun watching Brown lose this election all by himself.


    • 126
      Moley says:

      Labour are a bunch of ugly and repulsive perverts.

      Picking on appearance as a battleground has all the hallmarks of terminal lunacy.


      • 154
        Scumbag Labour controls Dave's every move says:

        the Labour cun’ts forced dave to airbrush his face and plaster it all over the country on massive posters
        that’s just dirty campaign tactics
        these Labour scum also forced Dave to wimp out on Lisbon
        is there no depths to which Labour won’t sink to in making Dave look bad ?


        • 166
          Tom says:

          I note your attempts at sarcasm


        • 248
          Mamba Whips Sooty (anagram) says:

          154. Truly a product of Labour’s education system. You have a weak understanding of capitalisation and no idea about grammar.

          Labour’s best and brightest. What an embarrassment you all are.


  36. 86

    Who is actually going to vote for this prick?

    Come on show yourselves.

    The lesser of two evils is still evil.

    You are the reason we are in this mess.

    Yeah. YOU!


  37. 89
    angelnstar says:

    David Cameron has a naturally healthy, glowing complexion, Labour have some nerve deriding his looks. It is not important what politicians look like, but for Labour to target this when Gordon looks like an Egyptian mummy, Balls has a huge fat hairy tummy and mad pop eyes, Miliband looks like the goofy geek he is, is absolutely ridiculous.


    • 168
      udderly 'orrible says:

      A Liebour Photo Parade of Luvvies wouldn’t get a single vote on Blackpool Pier in midwinter.
      Someone post them all up in an online photo album so we can have a bitter larf.


  38. 91
    Yarnefromhorsham says:

    Given Dave’s performance yesterday at PMQs I rather think that the air brushed version could be close to the truth. Unless DC puts some thought into actually asking questions again and again and again Brown will be seen as getting away with the economic destruction of this country.


    • 122
      Gordon's favourite Butt Plug says:

      Why didn’t he ask how Brown viewed the Dutch Supreme Court opinion on the illegality of the Iraq War? And what was stopping him wanting to front the Enquiry as soon as possible in order to exonerate himself as fast as possible.


      • 137
        Moley says:

        Because it would be a waste of time.

        Because what Brown is going to say does not have the remotest connection with the question asked.

        Brown is like a windup toy at PMQs. Automatic, unthinking and entirely predictable.

        A couple of personal insults and the usual tractor statistics every time.


    • 250
      Mamba Whips Sooty (anagram) says:

      91, you lied, then. You said: “I rather think…”

      Your rent-a-troll post showed no evidence of any thinking. Of any kind.


  39. 92
    Modern Girl says:

    Is an airbush what I have left after I have my Brazilian?


  40. 93
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Why am I not surprised. Nuliebor straight out of the school of propaganda Meister Goebbels.


  41. 100
    Mine's a pint of Courage says:

    Gordon Brown is so obsessed with people who have courage – he should take a look at this – Brown can’t even summon the courage to call an election.


    Gordon Brown – a man who so lacks courage,he can only write about it.


  42. 107
    Sheik Itup says:

    Brown looks like he lives on a diet of sulphurus eggs and free flow mince jet washed from roadkill

    I bet his breakfast breath could burn the tiles off a space shuttle


  43. 108
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    That photo of McMental with his trouser leg tucked into his sock should make a good Conservative poster.
    That or a photo of him with the Millabands

    “Mince and two veg”


  44. 110

    HERE IT IS!!!!
    The latest airbrushed pic of MCTWAT.

    Free copyrights to anyone that wants to re-print, anywhere.



  45. 114
    Gordon's favourite Butt Plug says:

    From the Labourgraph to-day.

    Rafael Benitez vows to ‘carry on working hard’

    Just seems so familiar. All my Liverpool supporting Mates appear to have broken or disconnected mobiles right now.


  46. 115

    O/T, but be prepared


    Basically, it’s a £50 stab vest with a flag on the front – the perfect gift for the fan who wants to whip up a climate of frenzied fear while supporting their country.


  47. 117
    Brown's Buggered Britain says:

    The Cameron poster seems like a really bad idea to me – The fact that Cameron is better looking that that fat Scottish git is not really the point.

    Why are they unable to focus on the man who ‘ended boom and bust’ – the man created our financial regulation systems – the man who has already burdened us with trillions of pounds of debt and is quite happy to keep on borrowing?

    It’s the economy STUPID!


    • 181
      English Liberation Front says:

      True! The Conservatives are missing their punches, but I think it is because they want the punch-bag to remain in what passes for office until the election.


      • 190
        any excuse says:

        no, it’s because they are shit
        unless they prefer not to have a huge lead in the polls and are deliberately trying to get a hung Parliament
        that must be it
        so obvious


  48. 123
    righty right wing (mrs) says:


    With the tsunami of shite that has hit our country we have the two main political partys arguing over the airbrushing of pictures?

    There will soon come a time when the English are sick to death of Labour & Tories.


    • 146
      Vote for sale,easy terms arranged says:

      Half of them have been for years which is why they don’t bother to involve themselves in elections. Until the proverbial hits the fan and they are forced to take action,most will continue to shun “democracy”.


  49. 125
    Dave"Ive Got A Red Face" Cameron says:

    There’s no such thing as premature ejaculation.

    If women can’t keep up that’s their problem


  50. 129
    Greychatter says:

    Airbrushing is nothing – this government is airbrushing history.
    Everything about Labour/New Labour is fake. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are con men of the first order.
    Everyone who voted Labour has been conned – I wrote to Tony Blair early in their first term told him that if he ran a business he would be in jail. (Didn’t get a reply)
    They had no original ideas, only stealing Tory ones, remember their first four years where based on Ken Clarks figures, since then the whole Labour Government has been a disaster. One hundred and fifty odd stealth taxes in the first few years. British manufacturing industry, always the backbone of the economy has all but gone to the far east – pushed out by stupid laws.
    Wake up you younger generations, you are in for years of the same if Gordon or any of his ilk get anywhere near the Commons next time round.
    The Torys have sorted out Labour mess twice before in my working life time, don’t let the Left fanatics do the same for you.when you have a chance to do something about it.
    Labour may try to paint David Cameron as a toff and rich, don’t forget there are a lot of Labour MP’s and ministers who are a lot richer now off your Taxes.


    • 151
      Moley says:

      There are also a fair number of Labour MPs who are rich “Toffs” who pretend otherwise.

      Then there is the Socialist Millionaire list.


      I’m sure I have missed out twenty or thirty more.

      The gap between rich and poor has been growing because socialist politicians have been stealing off the poor. That’s what taxing people at poverty level is: Theft.

      A few Tory posters showing Socialist millionaires wouldn’t be amiss.


      • 187
        Moley says:

        Big Poster.

        “Under Labour the poor have become poorer and some have become very rich.
        With photographs of

        Blair, Prescott, Mandelson, Darling, Balls etc, all drinking champagne.


      • 191
        Anonymous says:



      • 193
        next slide please, d-day says:

        Don’t forgt the neice of Lord Longford, Harperson..


      • 227
        SarumSea says:

        And their heirs will all benefit from Dave’s Death Tax relief after the inevitable unpleasant episodes with the piano wire etc.


  51. 157
    Anonymous says:

    How come Dave has a sun tan in the middle of winter?


  52. 159
    Penfold says:

    Won’t be long before LieBour will have to use the airbrush to expunge Gordo and many others from the history records. But, as we know there are precedents, Stalin was a serial user of the airbrush.
    Perhaps we can get Liebour to airbrush them selves into the re-cycle bin.


  53. 161
    P.Handlesman's Broad Church says:



    Our Pariah, which art in Downing Street,

    Hated be thy name.

    Thy government come,

    Our Nation’s wealth go, in 2010 as in the 1970’s.

    Give us this day our daily soundbites

    And forgive us our tirading against those who tyrannise against us

    And lead us not into another term of office,

    But deliver us from evil

    For thine is the catastrophe, the penury and the gloom,

    For ever and ever. Amen.


  54. 170
    Sheik Itup says:

    Brown’s boys can’t appear to get a low level smear correct

    It appears it is LABOUR who are doing the airbrushing


  55. 175
    Anonymous says:

    I fucking hate Labour.


  56. 182
    Brown likes to smear copiously-FACT says:

    Lying is part of the Labour Parteh’s DNA-FACT

    They have nothing to say, no vision, no idealogy, no core belief, therefore they rely upon personal attacks and distortions-FACT

    They are all ghastly little peasants-FACT

    I deals only in facts-FACT


  57. 196
    Dave's shit on purpose says:

    Latest Tory Strategy.

    Dave to fuck up every week at PMQs

    Dave to fuck up policy statements at will.

    Dave to get more “orange”

    Dave to look like a slipperry twat at every available opportunity.

    Dave to give “cast iron guarantees” and then recant.

    Dave to surround himself with fuckwits.

    That’s sorted then.


    • 236
      Greychatter says:

      Another “One” with a typical NuLabor airbrushed education.
      No sense of expression or spelling.
      They are all coming out of the woodwork, good to see so many getting rattled or maybe rat-legged!!


  58. 204
    eleven says:

    Typo alert

    Whilst being ‘clumsily airbushed’ sounds fun I’m sure that’s not what you meant


  59. 206
    christy says:

    Firstly to all the Liebour trolls who are posting on here and there are many,two words F–k Off.
    Secondly why the hell are we going on about airbrushing,this is playground stuff,I really thought we could do better than this,let the Liebour attack dogs play their schoolyard games it’s just about their level,shite begats shite.


  60. 211
    Dame Davina Pancake says:

    FFS – can this lot get ANY worse? Formal complaint now into the Electoral Commission.


  61. 214
    The Labour Party says:

    Fuck you Guido. Fuck all of you. We create reality! We are the Guardians. We have empathy because we read Marx and Trotsky at University. Nobody else has empathy, fuck you.
    Look, you scum pigs, 22% of the Electorate voted for us! That gives us a mandate to shut down your pathetic democracy and rule by Ministerial Decree. As we say above (in case you weren’t paying attention): Fuck You!
    We are perfectly entitled to live elite lifestyles while shutting down the economy. You thought the last 10 years saw poor economic growth? Wait until we get in again! We’re going to totally enslave you and make you infantile, demoralized, voiceless drones totally dependent on ourselves and the big corporations that have huge bureaucracies in the way that we love.

    Your only Human Right is to submit utterly to the whims of Elite Level Labour Guardians: Fuck all of you, whatever party you support. Fuck you.


  62. 215
    Hypocrites United says:

    Are there massed ranks of protestors outside the BBC as we speak given the racist Hunt from Islam4UK is live on BBC TV with Andrew Neill….or do the outraged only turn up when its a whitey like Griffin on?

    Whats Peter Hain’s opinion?


  63. 217
    Civil Servant says:

    It wasn’t “Labour” who created the airbrushed image, as you well know. The credit on the website reads “(With thanks to http://www.mydavidcameron.com for the template)”. They just took the image and created their own poster.


  64. 230
    Positivematt says:

    A new low: faking what they said was a fake but which wasn’t, so as to make it look fake.


  65. 234
    Gooey Blob says:

    I see they forgot to photoshop Purnell into the picture.


  66. 240
    Michael Dorn says:

    Picture #2 is definetly the more Brent Spiner lookalike.


  67. 241

    […] The day started well enough with Guido Fawkes rallying the troops with his Scoop du Jour: Labour Faked Cameron “Airbrushing” only for @BeauBodOr (who has an excellent website btw) to come along and spoil the fun with this […]


  68. 247
    Anonymous says:

    He’s still gorgeous and we’d all step over Gorgon to get to him any day


  69. 257
    MB. says:

    Has no one found any official pictures of Broon that have been heavily airbrushed?

    I seem to remember a time when he appeared to have had a makeover and appeared with carefully groomed hair and loads of make-up on so would have expected some pictures to have had the air-brush treatment.


  70. 258
  71. 259

    […] who is even more touched-up than in the original Conservative poster. He calls his story an “exclusive“. We thought it was obvious. Guido’s next exclusive: we altered this image too. […]


  72. 260

    […] think the image was deliberately airbrushed, though the one used by Labour for their mock ups was. Guido compares the images. Instead I expect that the original image became “pixelated” when enlarged to billboard […]


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