January 14th, 2010

+ + + Damian McBride : Labour Won’t Win + + +


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    Mr Nice says:

    Damian=The Devil’s spawn


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        Mr Ned says:

        It is now the white majority (just) who are disadvantaged.


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        John Bull says:

        OU history courses now opine that what is important is not our past but our shared cultures going forward – or words to that effect, frightening commonpurpose revisionism that destroys identity – doncha just love it!


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          SarumSea says:

          ..Hmmmm, I gave up on OU years ago.
          I’m happy to admit it was Harold Wilson’s great success, but it has ben overtaken by the great wishy washy. it is now nigh on worthless.


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        Mr Nice says:

        Yes, every man and his dog is doing better except the white working class who long ago were abandoned by Blair Brown and co.

        Why any indiginous white person would want to vote in this heap of cheap, self-indulgent, treacherous reprobates is beyond me.


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          Mr Ned says:

          I know you are using the phrase indigenous white person, but to change it a bit, I have never liked the term “indigenous white Brit” As the white race is not indigenously British. Just as black are not indigenously Caribbean.

          I prefer to think of the term ‘culture’, as in meaning my upbringing in an almost exclusively white town and my ancestry and the cultural identity I draw from that. It is a culture that is being eliminated by design and the liberal elite choose to use vile myths to propagate this cultural genocide in MY HOMELAND!!!

          I find it utterly repellent and grossly offensive that the liberal elite try to suggest that I do not even HAVE a culture. They are saying MY history and MY ancestry is a myth. It is racist extremism on a par with holocaust denial.

          I am in favour of multiculturalism. So long as that INCLUDES MY CULTURE, a traditional white British culture. All cultures should be recognised and respected based on shared decent values. Extremists should not be welcome, but decent law abiding people from any race or culture should be welcome (unless we are full and 70 million people is TOO MANY)

          Under labour, cultural genocide is politically correct.


          • English Liberation Front says:

            Agree with you completely, except on one point – it is not British culture which is being destroyed, but English culture. It is fine to be Welsh, Irish or a Scot in NuLabour’s Britain, but England has been airbrushed from the map (except for our football and cricket).

            There is no recognition of England as an entity in the UK – devolution has deliberately marginalised England and if you recall, FWIT Prescott wanted to break England up into “Regions”.

            The English should rise up and assert themselves!


          • Mr Nice says:

            Yes Mr Ned I suppose thats more eloquently put.ELF has a point too (and I’m not English), but the way the “English” have been walked over the top of and their noses rubbed in the shit by this lot is unbelievable.
            What will it take to change things now?


          • Anonymous says:

            No Mr.Ned, multicultural does not work. You are confusing it with multiracial.That works.


          • John L says:

            English Liberation Front:
            “Agree with you completely, except on one point – it is not British culture which is being destroyed, but English culture. It is fine to be Welsh, Irish or a Scot in NuLabour’s Britain, but England has been airbrushed from the map (except for our football and cricket).”

            Was ever thus. Flanders & Swann said it best:


          • jgm2 says:

            Labour don’t want white folk to do any better. If their captive voters started doing better then they’d begin to question why it is that it took one hundred years of voting Labour for them to shake off the poverty that immigrants shake off within a generation.

            What are peniless immigrants doing for their kids to better their life chances that the native muppetariate cannot manage to do with all the money in the world thrown at them?

            Oh, I remember – getting off their arses, getting a ’shit’ job, providing a role model for their kids and encouraging their kids to ‘do better’ by paying attention at school.

            That’s what.

            Meanwhile generations of bed-wetting do-gooders are tip-toeing around telling Labour voters the facts becasue it would be too preachy. Not shy about preaching how much food, b**ze and cigarettes they could consume though. Fuck no. Another bunch of busibodies to tell us all how to eat and dr*nk. But telling muppet Labour voters that their kids do shit at school because they’re sending unmotivated, ill-disciplined muppets into classrooms (and that’s just the teachers)? Naaaaaah.

            Can’t tell ‘em that. Let the Tories tell ‘em that and then screech ‘class war’.



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          jgm2 says:

          Labour don’t want white folk to do any better. If their captive voters started doing better then they’d begin to question why it is that it took one hundred years of voting Labour for them to shake off the poverty that immigrants shake off within a generation.

          What are peniless immigrants doing for their kids to better their life chances that the native muppetariate cannot manage to do with all the money in the world thrown at them?

          Oh, I remember – getting off their arses, getting a ‘shit’ job, providing a role model for their kids and encouraging their kids to ‘do better’ by paying attention at school.

          That’s what.

          Meanwhile generations of bed-wetting do-gooders are tip-toeing around telling Labour voters the facts becasue it would be too preachy. Not shy about preaching how much food, booze and cigarettes they could consume though. Fuck no. Another bunch of busibodies to tell us all how to eat and drink. But telling muppet Labour voters that their kids do shit at school because they’re sending unmotivated, ill-disciplined muppets into classrooms (and that’s just the teachers)? Naaaaaah.

          Can’t tell ‘em that. Let the Tories tell ‘em that and then screech ‘class war’.



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          Susie says:

          It’s the same when any country is invaded.

          The minority invader has to rationalize what is basically theft, by spinning an artificial ‘natural order of things’… “yes we are entitled to better things than the native population, because we work hard and are intellectually superior.”

          The Normans did it with the Saxons — always portrayed as woad-painted savages, whom the Normans ‘civilized’. The truth was that the Normans were little better than warlords appropriating Anglo-Saxon stuff… nothing changes. At least we put up a good fight at the Battle of Hastings.


          • John Bull says:

            We should rather remember the more culturally significant event that brought the various tribes of Saxondom together to fight off the Vikings. It was the battle of Brunanburgh in 937 AD, and signified the English as a combined fighting force. The Northern invaders were driven out by the edges of the swords slashing through the linden shields of our foes, leaving the corpses of five Kings for the Ravens – horny beaked to enjoy.

            937 AD !


          • Jon Bull says:

            Guido why on earth was my comment on the battle of Brunanburh modded out


          • Engineer says:

            It’s interesting that ultimately, the Normans became subsumed into the Anglo-Saxon culture – though I accept that they did modify it considerably, especially in legal, constitutional and religious matters. We didn’t adopt their language, we didn’t adopt many of their customs, and day-to-day life continued much as it had before the invasion, except in the North where the Normans where brutal.

            In my more optimistic moments, I think we’ll shake off the aberrations of the last 13 years; we’ve rolled with the punches, protested at times, but ultimately done what the British are good at – hunkered down to wait for better times. We’ll come out of this stronger, perhaps because we’ve realised what’s really important to us, and see our culture, our heritage and ournational character clearer following the assaults on it. We do need to rid ourselves of the stifling effects of the EUSSR, but other than that, we’ll carry on stronger. When the better times arrive, we’ve got to make the most of them.


          • tomorrow we march on Poland! to claim our EU expenses says:

            Dick Sniffins gayboys seem excitable today
            has Dick promised them some new uniforms to prance about in?


          • Britain for the Angles! Fuck the Saxons says:

            Fucking Saxon scum coming over here with their woad


          • Engineer says:

            The Nulab trolls are active. Getting desperate, are we chaps?


          • Engineer at 1.51pm http://order-order.com/2010/01/14/damian-mcbride-labour-wont-win/#comment-408379

            I hope so. I hope the next 13 years are not as sneaky and snidy as the past have been.

            I feel less free, and more legislated against than ever before. Yet, they haven’t found a way to stop me walking, talking, breathing and thinking.

            Optimism gets people through the bad times, sometimes it is necessary to take a stand and resort to violence to over-throw an vile and repugnant regime.


          • normal person says:

            a little bit of immigration never did the palestinians any harm,discuss


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        The Hon. Loretto Fettes says:

        Bastard Old Holborn

        The embedded Core Voter video is naughty. You made me cry with laughter.

        You’re a very very naughty boy.


    • 85
      The Devil says:

      Damian McBride is no spawn of mine, thank you.
      Insult me like that again & you might find that I’ve come round to collect YOUR soul.


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        Mr Nice and Stupid says:

        Dick Sniffins gayboys are too busy wandering why their fat ugly wives have left them for black fellas.

        They do seem to have a bee in their bonnets today.

        Bless them.


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          E.Bloodaxe says:

          Mr Nice+Stupid, yes you are certainly the latter and I’d wager you like a bit of Black cock up the old brownbox yerself eh?


          • Nanziboy Nicky's Gay Lover Martin Webster talks of Bullyramming Nick till he was bong-eyed says:

            you mean a bit of the old Martin Webster?
            Dick Sniffin sure did like to be bullyrammed by his old National Front chum of many years don’t he?


          • Oooooh butch Dick Sniffin, hark at her! says:

            Mr Nice and his thick necked chums do seem to love talking about all the things his extreme and nasty political views loathe.

            Gay sex acts (all types)
            Sex with dogs
            Rent boys.

            Ooooh you do go on. You know what they say about butch boys like you who go on and on about such things?

            Love and hugs,

            The gay community.


          • Anonymous says:

            is tat back ?


          • tat says:

            FFS you c’unt you wrote that last post and now you are accusing me of writing it.
            have you got alzheimer’s you fucking wanker?


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          operation_overlord says:

          You keep posting the same thing. Please get to the point or fuck off back to your UAF meeting.


          • Mr Nice says:

            Yes, he thinks a change of name will camouflage his barely disguised pederasty.
            Whats up Mr Nice+Stupid er sorry Nanziboy, has the boyfriend gone and left you?
            Never mind, there are plenty of other rent boys out there.


          • Silly Boys says:

            Dick Sniffin and his butch chums just love talking about dog sex and man on man action.

            You know what they say….


          • Mr Nice says:

            I don’t even bother to disguise my pederasty.
            And you know how I know there are plenty of rent boys out there, don’t you?
            I have them all on speed-dial.
            They have such delightful ‘period costumes’ with all the leather and swastikas for me to drool over.


          • Al says:

            I love fantasising about Martin Webster and fat Dick Sniffin gettting bullyrammed.


          • Jess says:

            I know the real Al, actually he finds bloated hate mongers like Dick Sniffin repulsive in every way!


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    Genius says:

    He’s as sharp as ever then


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    Old Street says:

    its not like one of those hoons to go “off message”


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    Operation_Overlord says:

    Damian Omen: “Labour wont win”

    The whole fucking planet: “No shit Sherlock”.


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      He's Spartacus says:

      Are you sure?

      They have 1/3 of working population on benefits. A valuable Labour Franchise

      They have 1/3 of working population in public sector employment. A valuable Labour Franchise.

      They would be certifiable to vote Tory.


      • 12
        operation_overlord says:

        If Labour “win” on the basis of postal vote fraud, the public sector worker’s vote & other economically inactive Labourites someone will get hurt.


        • 31
          He's Spartacus says:

          There is no win here.

          It’s Hobson’s choice with GB/DC. We need a revolutionary. I would like to think Cameron is painting himself in NHS colours to deceive Labour voters – and when he gets in power, he’ll get government off our backs.

          But I doubt it.

          There is little to separate Cameron from Brown.

          We need a gulf in terms of policy.


          • We need a benign dictator to tell the EUSSR, the quangoes, the workshy, the feckless, the lazy and the corrupt to get out of Britain, and leave the 20 million of us that want to work and to improve our lot in life to do so.


          • Brown's a Tosser says:

            Sorry to me it is a clear choice 5 more years the same as the last twelve or some new blood. We all know about the economic issues and they are well defined here all the time. There are issues regarding civil liberties and the use of crazy unecessary laws together with corrupt governance that provide a stark choice. There are also many others but this is NOT “Hobson’s Choice” by a long chalk.


        • 224
          SarumSea says:

          Gerrymandering is the word for it. Tell me what we can do. Our eyes are already wide open.


      • 42
        Sick of the Greed says:

        Don’t forget by opening the doors to the new members of the EU they increased their voting public as well.
        Unless CMD does something radical, it’s not cut and dried.


    • 47
      Postal voters says:

      Oh, yes they will!


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    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    Did Damian go to the BBC to tell Broadcasting House to cancel the Champagne?

    Garvey will be disapointed – Champagne apparently tastes better if the taxpayers buy it for you.


  7. 11
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    More champers Mrs. Chiles?


    • 77
      GDS says:

      I was actually driving on the A36 when Ms Garvey made that comment, I very nearly crashed the car in genuine horror at her overt delight and bias. It was the very moment I changed my view of the BBC forever.

      I must take some of you to task in believing that public servants are naturally “clients” of NuLabia. I think this is far from the case. Us 200,000 odd military aren’t for sure (!) and many MoD civil servants are in despair. I think that translates to other departments too where dysfunctionality is now reaching Keyston Cops levels. Labour cannot, as some suggest, rely on blanket loyalty from public servants.


      • 227
        SarumSea says:

        You are right. All former MOD the civil servants and Military with their pensions stashed have nothing to lose bar seeing these useless folk consigned to history’s gash bin.


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    It's all Balls says:

    Labour really are useless.

    All they have to do is to persuade Brown to send Cameron a “good luck with the election campaign” message and, ipso facto, Labour will be certain winners.

    I thought McBride was a sharp shit – not just a shit.


  9. 14
    oldrightie says:

    Labour are like watching a dying soul’s death rattle. Lots of noise with known consequences.


  10. 15
    Gordons Blownit says:

    Is this really News?


  11. 16
    jgm2 says:

    Labour won’t win….

    …unless they lie their full heads off. And that’s where you at the BBC come in.

    …so we might as well completely destroy the economy and then blame it all on the Tories like we did last time. And that’s where you at the BBC come in.


    • 89
      AC1 says:

      I worked out that GordoNomics has cost us 9 billion a year forever, to fund a 1 billion “growth” this quarter.

      There isn’t any earth left to scorch.


      • 129
        Hooray for the Bankers! says:

        Just keep the Bankers out of it chummy.

        We had nothing to do with it.

        The Billions we made on Bonuses for casino CDS/CLO’s overleveraged worthless bets that destroyed our companies and the economy because Brown let us do what we wanted and wouldn’t know sound financial regulation if it farted in his face, just didn’t happen. It was all a dream.

        Keep shtum and no-one might notice.

        Or not.


        • 162
          jgm2 says:

          You strayed slightly there into blaming Brown for being incompetent. To keep ‘on-message’ you have to keep blaming thewhole thing on the banks. Certainly not the government for turning a blind eye to the banks or themassive housing boom.

          And when I say ‘blind eye’ I mean egging the fuckers on night and day.


          • Hooray for the Bankers! says:

            You normally this thick or is it just when it comes to the Bankers?

            you nearly strayed into a non-partisan assessment of what happened but couldn’t do it or bear to put any blame on the banks and just shat on Brown and left the Bankers alone like a good little on message drone.

            IT WAS BOTH OF THEM.

            Too fucking hard to understand is it?

            “wouldn’t know sound financial regulation if it farted in his face”

            That too apparently.
            That must be me not blaming Brown.
            Don’t be a fuckwit.

            I posted for balance as any idiot knows the Banks were as up to their necks in causing the crisis and recession as Brown was.
            What kind of moron would try and gloss over the Banks culpability for purely partisan reasons or vice versa ?

            I’m accepting the reality. Neither could have done it without the other.

            You just seem to want to blame everything on Brown no matter what the truth is and in doing so damage your credibility.
            Think the public don’t blame the Banks or have forgotten ? Think again.


          • jgm2 says:

            Both of them you say?

            But only one of them could force the others to stop.

            Only one of ‘em was elected to act prudently in the national interest and put an end to boom and bust.

            And yet he did quite the opposite.

            My beef is that while you are prepared for the banks to share the blame with Brown we hear nothing from the mainstream media about Brown’s obvious culpability. The Sun, The Telegraph – the right wing papers quite content to stick the boot in exclusively on the banks and let Brown off the hook.

            The BBC – full-on ‘it was the bankers wot done it’.

            Fine. Blame the banks. I don’t give a shit if Brown blamed the banks as long as the fuckers then didn’t decide that the ‘cure’ for a decade of reckless borrowing was…. more reckless borrowing… lots more reckless borrowing.

            It’s like trying to put out a bonfire by chucking petrol on the embers.


          • Hooray for the Bankers! says:

            What ? The Banks couldn’t have fucking stopped themselves driving over a cliff ?? Just too much money to be made to make a rational decision ??? Nah! Both means Both.

            Brown is the Prime Minister in the worst recession since the 30’s.
            It’s been reported. People HAVE noticed.

            It is the economy that decides this election and it is in the shitter.
            It would be an easier simpler narrative for the Conservatives if the Banks weren’t involved but they are. That’s just how it is.

            Whether Brown gets all the blame half the blame or none of the blame is down to the voters but I blame them both and with good reason.


          • jgm2 says:

            Fair enough. Blame ‘em both. I’m not going to disagree with that.

            I’d just like to see Brown more explicitly nailed for his culpability in the wider press instead of ‘started in America’, ‘It was the banks’ followed by the ludicrous ‘saved the world’ narrative that the BBC is peddling like mad.


          • Cyco Billy says:

            Curious how McFuckwit gets so touchy about having his ‘light touch’ regulation confused with ‘easy touch’ – as if any taxpayer currently paying £30b pa to the banksters in interest alone, and forecast to double in four years, really gives a shit about such semantic niceties. But then ‘light touch’ means control applied lightly, whereas ‘easy touch’ means that this McFuckwit as a socialist is too cowardly to take on the banksters. Jock McCoward all right.


  12. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Labour won’t win what?


  13. 19
    +++SKYBREAKINGNEWS+++ says:



  14. 22
    operation_overlord says:

    BBC = U2 = Labour


    St Bono of Nondom will be pleased.


    • 37
      Susie says:

      Must apologize you were 5 posts ahead… but imagine how the BBC felt when St Bono fronted the Tory conference… tee hee.


      • 122
        operation_overlord says:

        No problem Susie – the more people there are who post links exposing a truism the better


    • 48
      BBC STINKS ............ says:

      I looked at the BBC link to Dr Who / Tennant page describing Tennant’s fear of Cameron and admiration of Brown – totally political !!

      Furthermore on the same page was a link to the Independent as follows:-
      “The Independent DVD: The Taking of Pelham 123, For retail & rental (Sony) – 3 hrs ago”
      This was an advert! Disgraceful and no doubt illegal !!


  15. 23
    Gordons Blownit says:

    who says there will be an election?


    • 50
      Death Row ........... says:

      A FMD (Foot & Mouth Disease) outbreak will be released by Pirbright Laboratory prior to the General Election in order to give the ‘recession’ time to ‘improve’

      The Audit Trail will indicate that cattle movements are to blame


      • 108

        Cattle bowel movements shurely.

        Bullshit coming from our glorious leaders as ever.


        • 150
          Susie says:

          No Meat Monday.

          We’ll kill off another tranch of world-class British products… the beef and dairy industry (and handily, those unruly Tory-voting farmers at the same time)…

          Didn’t you know? Cattle farts contribute a third of the carbon in the atmosphere — more than another runway at Heathrow and Stansted.


          • If they bottled the farts they could use the methane to cook the beef when it’s been slaughtered.

            When I take a dump after eating the beef, it will fertilise the pastures for new cattle to eat.

            Carbon in the atmosphere. So what? Ecofascists need facekerbing.


  16. 24

    “I do remember… the corridors of Broadcasting House were strewn with empty champagne bottles. I’ll always remember that”
    Jane Garvey

    BBC Five Live, May 10th, 2007, recalling May 2nd, 1997.


    • 39
      Mr Ned says:

      Well they have every right to celebrate. The BBC worked very hard to ensure a labour victory and have been working very very hard ever since to prop them up.

      I hope that IF Cameron forms a conservative government, that he will disband the BBC.

      However, Cameron is just as much of an establishment puppet as Blair was, so he will continue to praise the BBC to high heaven, whilst they keep kicking the tories in the bollocks.


    • 88
      Hey ............ says:

      - Peter Allen used to work for the Independent.So did Naughtie.Jackie Ashley (Mrs Andrew Marr) is ex BBC now working for the Guardian;ditto Polly Toynbee and on and on…

      – Has somebody compiled a list to chart the relationship between left-leaning newspaper journalists, etc and the BBC’s organogram?


    • 247
      cant hunter says:

      Another thing to remember. Shortly after the Thatcher 1979 victory the BBC ,knowing that here was a radical and principled conservative who clearly meant business, introduced both Question Time and Newsnight. Both programmes were to hold the Tories to account, to give airtime to the Labour party and to generally be a persistent thorn in the new administration. In 1997 what did we get, only, from what I remember a high up politico in the BBC issuing a memo to alll political staff that it wasn’t the job of the BBC to question the motives of the new government, or to hold it to account, but merely to record it. Some difference . What a shoddy shower of shits.


  17. 25
    John Bull says:

    ot but Brillo has just give Choudray a right chewing over his taking 25k in benefits to allow to attack the country he lives in and wants to destroy.

    Get it up yer you bastard.


    • 75
      rocknrolla says:

      Just unreal, I work all year and pay huge levels of tax and the give thousands to people who want to destroy us. The welfare state is such a con.


  18. 30
    Stepney says:

    Oh Damian,

    Had you not been found out Gordon would have been overjoyed to let you spread your vile filth to slime his way to a victory.

    As it is…


    • 36
      John Bull says:

      is that a man love euphamism


      • 138
        Nanziboy Nicky and his Comedy Fascists says:

        No, you’re thinking of the euphamism ‘taking a Martin Webster up the chuff’ which is a euphamism for when a fat bong-eyed Nanziboy has a 3 year gay affair with a National Front friend who’s known him since he was knee high to a blackshirt


        • 235
          SarumSea says:

          Sounds fine to me. Just what Harriet is urging us to be oh so equal about. Only fair isn’t it?.


  19. 38
    Anonymous says:

    First Charlie Brooker.

    Now Damian McBride..

    Bad news comes in threes…

    Who will be next ? Ed Balls ?


  20. 40
    A Zimbo says:

    Tell us something we don’t know.


  21. 41

    Maybe we only got part of the comment? “Labour won’t win…. unless the BBC follows orders and propagandises 24/7! You vill obey, you vill bring about zer zousand year labour reign. We vill crush ze enemies of equality and diversity viz our bootheels! Ein volk! Ein Reich! Ein Gordon!”


    • 46
      jgm2 says:

      I think that will be the thrust of anything that he had to say.

      ‘We cannot win – without your continued help.’


  22. 49
  23. 51
    Anonymous says:

    Labours pledge card has been updated for 2010
    Hat tip to Flashback @ PB.com


  24. 52
    coldscone says:

    Political betting has a focus on the Labour Pledge card for 1997

    Seems to me, this would make an excellent Conservative billboard poster.


  25. 53
    Pass the prozac says:

    Hopefully the impartial BBC to whom I pay a king’s ransom in licence fee but watch bugger all programmes of, will think that in the interests of fairness they should get you on too. Damian McBride kicked out of Downing St and then working at a School hardly seems like an expert opinion. Up next offering expert opinion on the Haiti earthquake is Dave from DHL.

    Anyone who thought it appropriate to smear bereaved parents is a first class hoon in my book.


  26. 57
    bandersnatch says:

    Come on Guido… Cough up! This is a real tease…


  27. 60
    nell says:


    Well so much for that world conference on Afghanistan that gordon said he was going to host this year. He hoped it would give him a chance to grandstand with omaha again just before the next election.

    Unfortunately no world leader wanted to attend and omaha has declined. The best anyone is prepared to do is to send their foreign ministers to have a little chat about it with militwit.

    gordon just does not realise how despised he is around the world as well as here.


    • 68
      English Liberation Front says:

      Nice one Nell. Perhaps if Gordon is quick on his feet, he will be able to collar Omaha in the kitchens at the UN. Oh – he has already tried that.


    • 70
      Raving Loon says:

      The worlds leaders: how long have you been in the Stan? How long have you got left in office. Oh right…


    • 94
      streamfisher says:

      Abigail’s party, its so embarrassing, Gordon keeps sending the invitations out but everybody then desperately tries to think of an excuse not to attend, the Cats got flu, I’ve got a dental appointment etc. Who wants another bag of bricks dumped in their lap?. Brown and Milliband will be stood in the kitchen on their own again fantasising about what great world players they are, glass of tap water anybody.


    • 98
      Well ............ says:

      I suspect Brown will hold the meeting anyway

      Big room – round table – Gordon seated above all else – Balls on his right hand (!)

      with phantom attendees airbrushed-in for photo shots

      notes on the meeting and headlines in the newspapers are currently available on the No10 website


  28. 61
    Damian McBride says:

    I never said that , you fascist twat.

    Give me a job.


    • 208
      Loser, Loser says:

      You already have a job in Finchley cleaning out the 6th Form toilets and picking up cigerette butts from behind the bike shed.


  29. 63
    The Hon. Loretto Fettes says:

    Damian you are quite an expert on losing. Guido destroyed your career. That amuses me greatly.


  30. 64
    Sophie Raworth says:

    Brrrrrrr….it’s SO cold


  31. 66

    + + + Damian McBride : Labour Won’t Win + + +

    Does that mean: “Labour won’t win…because I’m not involved”?

    What an ego


    • 76
      Anonymous says:



    • 248
      Cyco Billy says:

      It could mean any of the following.

      Labour won’t win at Happy Families against an average 5 yr old.
      Labour won’t win a prize at the Annual Fete lucky dip.
      Labout won’t win the Grand National unless they enter their winning filly Lady Upthenetherlands with a 6 stone reverse handicap.
      Labour won’t win a penny at shove ha’penny. [Obscure pun for the crossword lovers]
      Labour won’t win by stealing votes. [Even more obscure oxymoron]

      You don’t suppose McPoison is in at Brown’s Berks and Chumps to spill some beans to Toenails, who might thereby pass it on and gain a smidgeon of credence for his partisan waffle? Or that McPoison is going to kiss and tell and bring McCoward down at last?


  32. 72
    Jimbo1066 says:

    I came up with this idea for a new Labour poster – http://i840.photobucket.com/albums/zz322/jimbo1066/five-more-years.jpg


  33. 73
    Sir William Waad says:

    ‘Labour won’t win’ eh?

    I predict that tomorrow:

    The Sun will rise in the East;
    Pigs won’t fly;
    Gordon and Alistair will hose another £500,000,000 down the sough; and
    Bears will continue to defecate in a sylvan setting.


  34. 74
    Sir George of Formby says:

    Turned out nice again!


  35. 79
    nell says:

    Hmmm. I thought damian was employed to work in a school? Aren’t school employees required to be present at their jobs 9am to 5pm on every school day?

    Oops! Sorry damian we had no idea that you had called in sick this morning just so you could go slumming with your old labour pals in the BBC for the day.

    Let’s hope no-one at your school reads this blog. Anybody know the headmaster’s email address?


    • 212
      Loser, Loser says:

      Dont worry Nell his job in a Finchley school involves cleaning out the 6th Form toilets and picking up cigerette butts from behind the bike shed. They can manage without him for a day. They only gave him the job to try and gain favour with the Government and Ofsted. Must have been worth a grade or two.


  36. 83

    Do you recognise this?

    Labour’s economic record is unprecedented – the highest
    employment ever, longest period of uninterrupted growth in
    modern history, lowest sustained interest and inflation rates
    for a generation. Our economic policies will build on the platform
    of stability and growth in three ways: entrenching a low debt/
    high-employment economy which generates investment
    in public services; supporting enterprise and wealth creation
    by making Britain the best place to do business; and helping
    every part of Britain and every person in Britain to contribute
    to and gain from the strength of our economy. And
    as we work globally to tackle climate change we recognise
    the challenge and the opportunity of achieving sustainable
    development at home.

    The new Labour case
    Our economic record has finally laid to rest the view that Labour could
    not be trusted with the economy.We are winning the argument that
    economic dynamism and social justice must go hand in hand. In the
    future the countries that do best will be those with a shared purpose
    about the long-term changes and investments they need to make – and
    have the determination to equip their people for that future. So, we
    approach new challenges with a progressive strategy for growth. In our
    third term we will build new ladders of social mobility and advancement
    on the firmfoundations of stability, investment and growth.

    Low debt and high employment
    In the last eight years we have pioneered a British way to economic stability.
    Our economy has grown in every quarter with this Government.
    Interest rates have averaged 5.3 per cent since 1997, saving mortgage
    payers on average nearly £4,000 per year compared to the Tory years.
    Only with Labour, which constructed this framework, will this
    continue.We will maintain our inflation target at two per cent.We will
    continue to meet our fiscal rules: over the economic cycle,we will borrow
    only to invest, and keep net debt at a stable and prudent level.

    The choice for 2010
    The Conservatives are the party of high interest rates, high inflation,
    mass unemployment and house repossessions.Their taxand-
    spend promises do not add up; and they would cut £35
    billion from public investment.With new Labour, Britain can
    seize the opportunities of globalisation, creating jobs and prosperity
    for people up and down the country.We can only do so if
    we build a clear sense of shared national economic purpose, not
    just around economic stability but also investment in infrastructure,
    skills, science and enterprise.The choice is to go forward to
    economic stability, rising prosperity and wider opportunities
    with new Labour. Or go back to the bad old days of Tory cuts, insecurity and instability.

    Sorry there are no prizes, it’s too easy!


    • 158
      Peter Grimes says:

      Fuckme rigid – those Dolly trolls have these propaganda sheets ready prepared to cut and paste!

      What a surprise!!


    • 200

      Oi! Fuckchops!

      they would cut £35
      billion from public investment

      You dopey twat! You bunch of gobshites have had to BORROW £200 BILLION this year above and beyond the already massive national debt.

      What have you spent it on? Fucking tossers that sit at home, watching Sky TV on massive screens while I graft to keep yours, mine and their heads from sinking in a lake of shit.

      Do the right thing and string yourself up before me and my mates turn up with an armoured division and air support to blow your useless fucking arses off the face of this planet!


  37. 87

    What about this little gem? Who said this?

    ‘We prize the liberty of
    the individual; but that
    means protecting the
    law-abiding majority
    from the minority who
    abuse the system.’


  38. 91
    Gordon Brown says:

    I wish David Cameron and the Conservatives the very best of luck in this years General Election.


    • 116
      Genie of the lamp. says:

      Sorry Gordon, the curse of Jonah will only ensure your TRUE wishes will never come to pass.


    • 135
      Brown's reflection in the mirror on the bog room wall says:

      You mong, you are supposed to speak to him directly.

      You have just cursed yourself.


  39. 92

    or this?

    The choice for 2010
    Labour’s goals for 2010 are clear.Overall crime down, the number
    of offenders brought to justice up, with a neighbourhood
    policing team in every community to crack down on crime and
    disorder and a modern criminal justice system fit for the 21st
    century. And to reduce threats from overseas: secure borders
    backed up by ID cards and a crackdown on abuse of our immigration
    system.The Conservative threat is equally clear. Savage
    cuts to our border controls, ‘fantasy island’ asylum policies and
    a return to the days of broken promises on police numbers and crime investment.


  40. 97

    and I saved the best till last!

    Making Europe work better for Britain

    We are proud of Britain’s EU membership and of the strong position
    Britain has achieved within Europe. British membership of the EU
    brings jobs, trade and prosperity; it boosts environmental standards,
    social protection and international clout. Since 1997 we have gone
    from marginal players, often ignored, to leaders in the European
    Union.Working hard with Labour MEPs, we are determined to
    remain leaders. Outside the EU, or on its margins, we would unquestionably
    be weaker and more vulnerable.

    The EU now has 25 members and will continue to expand.The new
    Constitutional Treaty ensures the new Europe can work effectively,
    and that Britain keeps control of key national interests like foreign policy,
    taxation, social security and defence.The Treaty sets out what the
    EU can do and what it cannot. It strengthens the voice of national parliaments
    and governments in EU affairs. It is a good treaty for Britain
    and for the new Europe.We will put it to the British people in a referendum
    and campaign whole-heartedly for a ‘Yes’ vote to keep Britain
    a leading nation in Europe.

    We will also work to reform Europe. During Britain’s EU presidency
    this year, we will work to promote economic reform, bear down on
    regulation; make progress in the Doha development trade round; bring
    closer EU membership for Turkey, the Balkans and Eastern Europe;
    and improve the focus and quality of EU aid so it better helps the poorest

    We will continue to lead European defence cooperation.We will build
    stronger EU defence capabilities, in harmony with NATO – the cornerstone
    of our defence policy – without compromising our national
    ability to act independently.We will ensure the new EU battle groups
    are equipped and organised to act quickly to save lives in humanitarian

    On the euro,we maintain our common-sense policy.The determining
    factor underpinning any government decision is the national economic
    interest and whether the case for joining is clear and unambiguous.
    The five economic tests must be met before any decision to join can be
    made. If the Government were to recommend joining, it would be put
    to a vote in Parliament and a referendum of the British people.
    n Protecting British interests and British citizens abroad


  41. 101
    Bill Bailey says:

    I saw a really funny Haitian comic last night.

    Brought the house down.


  42. 102
    RestandBthankful says:

    O/T Government planning to donate 10 million dollars to the Haiti disaster. Now why would they tell us the amount in dollars – is it to make it sound as though we are donating more than we are? Why not £10M?


  43. 103
    nell says:


    Dan Hannan is telling cameron that the BBC needs to be scrapped. Hear! Hear!

    The mirror – bless! – calls the BBC a ‘successful British institution’ !!


    • 124

      which it is in Mirrir terms. eg get money from the public employ leftie champagnwe socialists that undermine the true fabric of our society with their fake bleeding heart , PC elf and safety twatishness. while glugging champagne and eating canapes at our expense


    • 163
      A1 says:

      Come on nell, put 2 and 2 together for gods sake

      Why is it in the Mirror ?
      Why are they featuring Hannan who Dave had cast into the wilderness ?

      I know in your dreamworld Dave will scrap the BBC but in the real world it’s popular and the Mirror is running that story because it will lose Cameron votes.

      Dave – bless! – called the BBC a ’national treasure’ !!

      Is there ANY Policy of Dave’s you actually agree with ?
      Afghanistan ? climate change ? Europe ? the BBC ?
      You know Osborne is putting taxes up right ?
      Doubt that’s going to please you either


      • 185
        jgm2 says:

        Osborne putting up taxes?

        He’ll be doing that just for a laugh. Just for pure comedy value. Why on earth would anybody need to put up taxes when Brown has demonstrated that all you need do instead is borrow 200bn quid every year.

        This year. Next year. Indefinitely. It’s foolproof. Only an economic genius could cut through hundreds of years of accepted economic dogma to discover this secret.

        This 200bn quid a year figure replaces the pre-2007 figure of 35bn quid a year.


        • 222
          Anonymous says:

          If he doesn’t then the markets and credit ratings agencies will make his decision for him


          • jgm2 says:

            Presumably then he has squared away borrowing 200bn quid and printing 200bn quid until the election before he did it. Presumably too this is the absolute maximum they would let him borrow and print so as to leave absolutely no room for manouver to the Tories.



  44. 111

    whats happend to the formatting on this site?

    I wonder if someone could do me a favour. When I access my web site


    its opens then closes the browser completely. I am wondering if its been hacked to censor it in some way. can you let me know if you can see it or it it opens then closes.


    • 119

      thanks. in that case its probably the IT geeks where I work. lib/lab lefty tossers. I will go and front em up


    • 127
      Sir William Waad says:

      No, you’re not going to trick me into looking at your website.


    • 137
      Thats News says:

      The implication is that they’ll lose, but only because HE is no longer in charge of dirty deeds.


    • 144
      Mr Ned says:

      >> “Yet Mr Hannan could face legal action after declaring he watches shows over the internet instead.

      He declared: “I’ve now stopped paying my licence fee because I’ve discarded my television and I watch television on the internet.”

      The Euro MP, ironically given a platform on BBC Radio 4 show Any Questions?, blustered on: “Since I stopped, since I discarded my television, I’ve had all sorts of rude letters from something called the TV Licensing Authority threatening me of all manner of terrible atrocities.”

      So long as Dan Hannan does not watch LIVE broadcast television online, he is in the clear. The licensing people will try to throw the book if you watch live broadcast television on-line, but they cannot nick you for watching youtube and the same law applies to things like iPlayer and the channel 4 online repeats.

      The TV licence is unlawful anyway as the BBC is in breach of its charter.


      • 169
        splitter says:

        Hannanas back to his publicity seeking boggle-eyed ways I see.
        Don’t think Cameron will be too pleased with yet more of his eccentric antics.
        I sense a curt phone call from Coulson is imminent.


      • 182
        Groucho says:

        As far as I know, the licence covers the use of TV receiving equipment (VCRs etc, not just televisions).
        I doubt you could define a computer with an Internet connection as TV receiving equipment, so I can’t see why a licence would be required.


        • 192
          jgm2 says:

          I like this idea of telling the BBC to stop broadcasting their signal into your house.

          It’s entrapment. Putting temptation in people’s way and then prosecuting them.


          • A leprous hedgehog says:

            Tell them to get stuffed. Save £142 a year. It’s easy. They’re powerless if you withdraw their implied right of access … Google that phrase to learn more.

            I haven’t given them anything since 2004. Saved meself about £600 so far, which I have spent on faith healers, but my third leg fell off last week anyway. Ho hum.


        • 207
          grobdj says:

          I want a rebate for time wasted by the 15 second BBC advertisement delay (Bon Jovi/Tracey Beaker etc) inserted between the new Ceefax pages (when viewed from a Sky dish – haven’t tried a Digibox yet) – the service is slow enough as it is


    • 161
      Art Critic says:

      Can see it OK.
      Some kid has posted their drawings there.


  45. 118
    islingtonmike says:

    Great scoop.

    Why haven’t any of the dead-tree deadbeats, including Hubris, reported his attendance?


  46. 120
    Dave (I'm shit on purpose) says:

    We have a policy on the BBC but it changes so often I can’t remember what it is?

    I’m sure it’s another “cast iron guarantee”.

    Yes I know I’m shit but it’s all part of my cunning plan.


    • 128
      Bananaheid says:

      I take it you fell out of the troll tree.


    • 134
      City Lad says:

      The problem is CMD has no Policy on the BBC

      If he did, we would watch the cast iron shatter again.

      We all know the BBC needs to be neutered. Hardly impartial and the continual neutrality erosion since the late sisties is blindingly obvious. Non believers – watch no TV news coverage at all anywhere for 3 days, then switch on, watch BBC versus any other channel and draw your own conclusions.

      For those with any level of depression watch no BBC news coverage and you will feel better rapidly


      • 145
        JMT says:

        Dave cannot openly say that he will scarp the BBC.

        If you think that they are bad now, wait until he announces that little number.

        What he should say of course that in an effort to reduce the tax burden on hardworking families (nick a Brown statement), save the environment (nick a BBC soundbite) through abolishing a major power user/polluter, and reduce Brown’s debt he will shut down the BBC and flog off what is left.


        • 154
          operation_overlord says:


          Please get a grip.

          DC has had his cosy chat with the BBC & the Guardian. The deal is sealed.

          The BBC keeps an exponentially rising TV Tax & the Guardian keeps the £700 million in public sector advertising it steals from the taxpayer.

          DC is a useless clown – with the target rich environment ZanuLabour have given him he has hardly landed a punch on McMental.


          • the fettes/eton axis says:

            This is all irrelevant anyway – we are on the way to a hung parliament.


          • jgm2 says:

            700 million in Guardian advertising? I think you must have a zero too many there. At least.

            If it really is 700m a year then Dave will have no trouble cutting their throats.


    • 166
      That Gordon Brown says:

      I’m a PM and my attempt at forcing everyone to use IBM-DOS 1 forever (because trying to better yourself is evil) failed.


      • 174
        the fettes/eton axis says:

        Not entirely true. I belive my company’s IT dept (better known as ‘care in the community’) retains its loyalty.


        • 223
          That Gordon Brown says:

          It is good to see some of my followers have remained loyal to the true faith.

          Inefficiency and idiocy for all! That’s the spirit.

          In the next few weeks I’ll be rolling out Democratic Government 0.01a :

          In this new software you’ll be trapped in a vast nexus comprised of what we in Whitehall like to call ‘Fucking Bullshit’.
          Now, you may have heard of that concept before. However, this is our new improved version that will make you as mad as a bag of cats. You’ll eventually resort to smashing your face against the wall while screaming “I hate it, I hate it, please make it stop!”
          In the manual PDF we’ve included handy tips on how you can achieve the best results from your psychotic kamikaze facial self-mutilation.

          I hope to here from you at the end of the trial period when you will get the opportunity to buy the release version of the software for £1 Trillion.


  47. 126
    City Lad says:

    my server says the Guido site is corrupted and the window for blogs closes almost immediately.

    began yesterday


    • 141
      EC1 PhD says:

      It’s your boss’s way of saying lunch is over, get back to work.


    • 173
      the fettes/eton axis says:

      You should ask the wife where she gets the info.


    • 175
      Beautiful Day says:

      Started happening to me yesterday every time I tried to click a link from here, said there was malicious code trying to access memory reserved for Windows and shut down Explorer. I used the usual IT experts trick of switching off and on and everything’s fine now.

      On my iPlayer now – Seasick Steve, Happy (To Have a Job), remind you of anyone.


    • 188
      Greychatter says:

      Try Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer


      • 219
        streamfisher says:

        Definitely…use Firefox, nobody uses I.E ( but the computer illitarati) its an open invitation to malware.


        • 236
          A leprous hedgehog says:

          Correction — no one but a chump uses Windows, it’s an open invitation to malware, including the stuff installed by Microsoft which sends info about you and your activities back to Redmond.

          Unix (Mac or Linux) comes with a prickly recommendation and does not decay over the winter at the bottom of the compost heap.


  48. 139
    next on the list says:

    So which Conservative Strategist or Spad are they inviting over ?


    • 170
      the fettes/eton axis says:

      Obviously they should go for the best. Who but Mandelson and Osborne could have the strategic brilliance to set up barter deals between Brazil and Colombia involving their main exports – boys and white powder.


  49. 140
    Doris says:

    There was a time when if you were a lying low life cheat and were sacked for dishonesty and nasty smearing, it would NOT look good on one’s CV. How times have changed!! Now all the lying crooks like McBride seem to get job after job. These people are just utter fools. They do not see the err of their ways. That lying twaat Campbell is another example of this new ‘dumbed down’ labour culture where dishonesty and nastiness pay big time. I hope the likes of ‘fatty’ McBride and ‘psychotic’ Campbell rot in hell.


    • 168
      the fettes/eton axis says:

      Where they will be joined, no doubt, by various members of the Bullingdon Club and the refugees from the Glasgow Ice Cream Wars that run Labour.


    • 180
      Engineer says:

      I wonder if the BBC would have spoken to a Conservative spin doctor found to have acted so dishonourably?


      • 199
        jgm2 says:

        Only so they could refer to him as ‘Disgraced former Tory spin Doctor, Mike Spad is in the studio today… we also have Derek Draper, McBride and Peter Mandelson.’


    • 217
      Loser, Loser says:

      Talking of twats hows are old friend Ali Dizaei doing at Southwark Crown Court?
      Another fine NuLabour product.


  50. 152
    anon, anon, anon....... says:

    BBC must be reaching a ‘critical point’ with CCO, McBride could just be the last straw. They can then fill their empties with blood.


  51. 159
    Gordon Brown chooses the same poem! says:

    Recently,the unelected pile of manure called Gordon Brown cited the poem “Invictus” as his type of poem.

    Reading Matthew Parris in The Times;

    “Invictus was chosen by Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, as his only statement before his judicial execution in 2001. The mass-murderer had killed 168 innocent people by collapsing an office block on to them. At his execution McVeigh passed a handwritten copy of Invictus to his warden, then went to his death in silence”.

    That Gordon Brown can choose the same poem is another indication of the person in Downing St – our very own devil incarnate – the curse of England,Gordon Brown.


    • 172
      hysterical says:

      He had a Bible too
      Which proves?


    • 202
      Sir William Waad says:

      For all we know, Timothy McVeigh may have liked lemon meringue pie. It doesn’t indicate that anyone who likes lemon meringue pie is a potential mass murderer.


      • 241
        A leprous hedgehog says:

        Au contraire. Lemon meringue pie has been the favoured dessert of mass-murderers since the days of Caligula at least. Stalin was extremely partial to it, according to his official biography, and Pol Pot wasn’t called “The Lemon Meringue Kid” for nothing.

        You need to brush up on your history, Sir William.


  52. 189
    Barry Ecclestone says:

    when I am not sure what to do, I stop and ask myself, what would Lady GaGa do in this situation?


  53. 195
    Don't hold your breath says:

    More follows…

    And over three hours later?


  54. 216
    English Liberation Front says:

    We have been holding our breath Guido, but when will the “more follows” follow?


  55. 238
    the fettes/eton axis says:

    Lots of Tory twats and Labour trolls holding their breath for 3 hours – this is indeed a day to celebrate!


  56. 249
    McBride_Small_Print says:

    Labour won’t win what precisely?

    1) More votes than the Cons (we’re not at all bothered)

    2) More seats than the Cons (manageable)

    3) Losing overall parliamentary majority (we’re working on that one)


  57. 250
    Shimon Cowell the Sheeple Shagger says:

    Brown ish tosh! Bring on the nexsht conteshtant.


  58. 252
    Down with Brown! says:

    McBride must have cost Labour a lot of votes in the last 9 months.


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