January 11th, 2010

Totty Watch : Hot Under the CCHQ Collar

Guess why Lord Strathride turned up to the CCHQ phone banking launch party last week:

Seems Pickles is rather fond of the CCHQ receptionist too…


  1. 1
    Mitch says:

    “like being under a wardrobe with the key in…….”

  2. 2
  3. 3

    Waste of a pic Guido; that would have been perfect for the Friday Caption: Pickled Edition.

  4. 6
    Jean Jenkins says:

    Huntley & Palmers

  5. 8
    jgm2 says:

    Ding dong!

  6. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron says he is going to stop the sexualisation of children. Will he also do something about elderly nonces like the ones in Guido’s photos?

  7. 12
    Anonymous says:

    that bird must fancy Pickles: she’s got a model of him on her chest

  8. 14
    Don Tully says:

    Enough of these bitches, let’s talk about the parliamentary totty!!! I personally favour Jo Swinson (Scotlan somewhere)-I’d ride her all day and night, breaking her in before her LibDem boyfriend could stop me, so I claimed her for the Right. Nice and succulent!!!
    I’d also like to shit down Julie Kirkbride’s throat as she used to be fit but is now a big (expenses claiming) muther

    • 28
      sweat in Gordon's crack says:

      Good to see Harperson believes in equality by having Barbara Keeley as her deputy – helping the minorites of the distressingly fugly.

    • 65
      Porky Pies MP says:

      Hmm, Jo Swinson. You’re obviously a breast man rather a face and arse.

  9. 15
    Sir William Waad says:

    All the blokes seem to be looking at the women’s faces, at least.

  10. 17
    Capt Con O'Sullivan says:

    Perhaps we’d better arrange an airlift. Most of those poor souls at CCHQ look half-starved and exhausted from overwork, poor lambs.

  11. 18
    Strathride's Conquests says:

    Strathride is well known for his “appetites” as anyone who’s got a sharp eye and attended conferences these past few years will attest to.

  12. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Was Tory Bear there to shake Strathies hand?

    • 54
      Anonymous says:

      …but it was the blue bear who followed in Strathies ‘footsteps’, so surely he should be congratulating the bear?

  13. 20

    I never thought i’d say it but Peter Mandelson’s got more chance of shagging a woman
    than Eric Pickles !

  14. 23
    HobNob says:

    The receptionist looks scared, maybe she is worried Pickles is going to eat her.

    • 92
      Norty Little Girlie says:

      I love it when my boyfriend eats me….except when he hasn’t shaved for 2 days…OUCH!!

  15. 26
    Eric Von Pickleshaub says:

    Olivery Hardy Xmas impressions,
    on my DVD £9.99 via CCHQ

  16. 27
    John Cipher says:

    Thats it, I’m applying to be a Conservative MP – thats why they employ them in my view, to attract proper blokes who like nothing better than to be parachuted into blond Heaven. Tally Ho Skip!

  17. 30
    Godowski says:

    Both those fat bastards have enormous flabby double chins. Nobody with a BMI of over 25(*) should be allowed anywhere near the Houses of Parliament.

    (*) and anyone thinking of mentioning rugby players having a BMI of over 25 can fuck right off (unless a professional rugby player)

    • 44
      Chutney Charlie says:

      are you one of dickheads who were shit at sport when you were at school and think you can make up for the fact later in life?

      • 81
        Brown Hater says:

        Like Gordon and his Rugby exploits, perhaps?

        Speaking of which, where are those team photos and team-mates’ stories?

        What a blind side flanker…

  18. 31
    SO17 says:

    A career in Politics is an ugly cu*nts way of getting sex.
    I was a young,tall, slim,with a good SOH and not bad looking security bod in the 90s.
    With the poxy shiftwork my seven years at Parliament was the most barren period for nooky in my fucking life.
    Can you imagine my disgust to find even that ginger dwarf Robin Fucking Cook was shagging his good looking secretary.
    Indeed there was a whole lot of fucking going on in Parliament but I weren’t getting any.

  19. 32
    The Pict says:

    who is the guy who looks like the guy from Coronation street?

  20. 33
    Gordon's Beard says:

    Wait till the Tory Boys see my thighs and arse!!

  21. 34

    Why don’t the pics show anything below waist level?

  22. 36
    Porky Pies MP says:

    When will all these fat, ugly, disgusting old men realise what young attractive girls really think of them! And it’s not come to bed with me! Apart from Prescott and Mandelson, is there anybody more repulsive than the obscene bloated Pickles

  23. 37
    John Bellingham II says:

    O/T but of interest to conspirators:
    Below are extracts from today’s Coventry Telegraph.
    A defence of Bob Ainsworths role in the Snow Plot,
    His apologist is a Labour Councillor.
    The interesting bit is that councillor is also Political advisor and speech writer to one Harriet Harman!!!

    “COVENTRY MP Bob Ainsworth is “angry and frustrated” by rumours that he is set to quit as Defence Secretary.
    Sources close to the Coventry North-east Labour MP say he was “utterly irritated” by national newspaper reports yesterday, attributed to Cabinet sources, of tension between Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Mr Ainsworth which could result in his resignation.
    It was alleged Cabinet sources believe he is “very unhappy and disillusioned” and that Mr Brown called him to a private meeting about their relations, denied by sources close to Mr Ainsworth.

    But his close ally, Labour city councillor Phil Townshend, said yesterday: “Stories in several national Sunday newspapers that he may resign as Defence Secretary are without foundation.
    “I talk to him on a regular basis and I can tell you his entire energies are directed to doing the best job possible as Defence Secretary, particularly on behalf of our troops serving in Afghanistan.”

  24. 42
    Cart him off now says:

    This crap about Brown now more determined than ever to “go on and on”.

    If this was France or any other European country,this grotty piece of crap would have been politically executed ages ago.

    What is it about the British that allows this nonentity to stay here – what exactly is everyone afraid of?

    Just get him out – stage a coup,take him away never to be heard of and get on with the General Election.

    • 45
      The Cunt of Monte Cristo says:

      Yes, but David Scotch Tennant thinks he’s fantastic, so he cant be all that bad

      • 57
        Porky Pies MP says:

        How can you get away with a title like that without it being changed to The Hoon of Monte Christo ?????? I was going to change my name to Huntry Pies MP but it was changed by the auto mod.

        In regards to Brown saying he will serve a full term if elected, that alone must be worth hundreds of thousands of votes for the Tories.

        • 58
          Cuntry Pies MP says:

          See, they changed the script. I’ll see if it works in my title.

          • Cuntry Pies MP says:

            It does work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s amazing you can get away with being a C*nt by listing it as a title.

      • 82
        Brown Hater says:

        David Tennant(s)? Who?

  25. 43
    The Cunt of Monte Cristo says:

    Assuming both Gentleman were not wearing trousers or undergarments, I would vote for them and all they stand for

  26. 48
    islingtonmike says:

    Politics – show business for ugly people … errhh, improbably obese, and just plain thick masquerading as sensible, in Pickles’ case

  27. 53
    Anonymous says:

    A bit unfair on Pickles – It is Lord Strathclyde who is the only lecherous old perv in those photos…

    • 60
      Porky Pies MP says:

      How can anybody be unfair to Pickles? He is the epitome of obscene greed. His face resembles a beer belly with features.

  28. 62
    Kezza the Hat says:

    Feck me, the CCHQ receptionist is Alison Angel!

  29. 66
    Curbishly says:

    If John Prescott can get his leg over with the office staff….

  30. 73
    Geordie Scoot says:

    Is that Rudolph taking the receptionist from behind, the dirty rutter!

  31. 75
    angelnstar says:


    On the subject of the surtax on bankers’ bonuses, Boris levels with George. Straight from the shoulder, no shilly shallying, That’s our boy!

  32. 77
    Jim Beam says:

    I’m no fan of Cameron(the blue labour version of a NEW MAN NONCE) but if Tory H.Q. is so full of top totty , my subscription is in the post.

  33. 78
    Jimmy says:

    Bear in mind these are tory party photos. Imagine what Strathclyde and Pickles look like without airbrushing.

  34. 86
    btp says:

    Is Pickles the only one with matching collar and cuffs?

  35. 93
    ????? says:

    Have been to a few parties with Tom Strathclyde, and funny there is always some nice bits about, when you think about it.
    Accommodating too.

  36. 94
    Anonymous says:

    As someone who was there I can confirm he was moving in on the ladies, Ed Hallam was the wing-man

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