January 7th, 2010

Here’s To You Mr Robinson

The only person to have a worse day than Gordon yesterday was the BBC’s Nick Robinson. First he humiliated himself on the Daily Politics making an ill-judged attacked on the madness of nameless bloggers and tweeters for reporting rumours of another push against Gordon.  It was the political equivalent of Michael Fish’s “no hurricanes” broadcast.

Within half an hour he had to eat his words, Guido texted him for an apology, he was less gracious off air (see picture) than he was on air  where he invited mockery.

This morning he was lambasted by Jack Straw for his shoddy reporting; “a very substandard piece of journalism”, “I was named by Mr Nick Robinson of the BBC – he sent me an apology” – which is more than Guido got.  Guido (and more neutral academic observers) thought he deserved an apology too.

So Guido took him up on his invitation and the Guy News video of Robinson’s on-screen reversal has gone viral around BBC TV Centre…


  1. 1
    derek says:

    What a plonker

  2. 2
    Tom FD says:

    At least he has the decency to admit his mistake. You don’t see that from the likes of Michael White do you?

  3. 3
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    This is very small beer indeed – shall we move on?

  4. 4
    Hugo Reyes says:

    d’underhead of the Beeb?

  5. 5
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    Thats Sir Michael to you.

  6. 6
    gildedtumbril says:

    The Robinson creature and Jack Spliff are both badly in need of the sack. I eagerly await news of their demise.

  7. 7
    Mitch says:

    To be fair, Straw is almost certainly lying about his involvement in the coup attempt. So nothing for Robinson to apologise for.

  8. 8
    Chris Veck says:

    Haha that’s brilliant!

    Although, I must say I think Mr Robinson is far better than the shod on ITV or Sky news

  9. 9
    chomping on the bit says:

    Justice Minister lying, surely not?

  10. 10
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    Old Baldy Head has been promoted by the Beeb to a level of incompetence

  11. 11
    Odds Bodkins says:

    What the hell else would you expect from a complete and utter Hoon?

  12. 12
    Mitch says:

    he regularly lies to his wife

  13. 13
    Piers F-D says:

    Guido, you appear to have missed the fact that your original post suggested that there would be a cabinet plot / resignation. There hasn’t been. So you were wrong too.

  14. 14
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Nick Robinson is an annogram of COCK JOCKEY

  15. 15
    John W (agedparent) says:

    Telling lies? Do Ministers really do that sort of thing? (yawn)

  16. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Possible candidate for quote of the day (Ed West of Telegraph on D Lammy’s second home expenses)
    “I hear many people weekend in Tottenham these days – the shooting is great this time of year”

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Sharing discreet emails indiscreetly is a bit of twattish wanker thing to do.

    Keep it up…

  18. 18
    cold coup says:

    Where does all this ‘the labour party doesn’t get rid of its leaders’ nonsense Robinson and his ilk repeat in mantra come from? The Curry coup /Blair’s removal by Brown seems to have passed these great minds by.

  19. 19
    Dr Feeley-Goode (the real one) says:

    Used to quite like him when he was on ITV. Since transferring to the Beeb he’s become insufferable. I particularly detest his monologues on Radio 4 where he talks utter bollocks at length while sounding very pleased with himself.

  20. 20
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    It is difficult to predict the future actions of terminal cowards.

  21. 21
    Mitch says:

    Ah, Tom Watson. Has that fat fcuk exploded yet?

  22. 22

    Don’t think that has been missed at all. The video says so, the reporting here confirms the rumour was mis-directed. Do you have reading difficulties?

  23. 23
    Anonymous says:

    suspect there is more to come yet (despite what the Beeb say).

    Yesterday everyone was trying to flush out everyone else. The anger and resentment hasn’t gone away.

    Desperation and naked ambition will keep us in fun for months.

  24. 24
    Thats News says:

    Oh, dear. Poor Mr Robinson. Again.

  25. 25
    gildedtumbril says:

    It is my considered opinion that Hewitt and Hoon have fulfilled their brief to consolidate our glorious cretin and both may be made baronesses after the GE.Either as a leaving ‘gift’ from Eva Braun, the wee scots jessie of the Downing Street Bunker or a joining celebration by Camoron (another hoon)

  26. 26
    Mr Nice says:

    Robbo is getting desperate to outblog the bloggers-I the of cosy relationships between politicians and lobby journalists may becoming as strained as Gordon’s twitching anal sphincter…….

  27. 27
    John H says:

    .. Should have gone to SpecSavers …

  28. 28
    chomping on the bit says:

    Perhaps next time some Government minister wants to leak something to one of the press they will have to make it more official. Don’t want to hear the press have lied again.

  29. 29
    Regards, Tom says:

    DMO got away a good Gilt auction yesterday. Financial markets believe in Gordon Brown.

  30. 30
    Dustin Hoonman says:

    Koo koo k’choo, Mr Robinson…

  31. 31
    rocknrolla says:

    Get with the times, Guido ;) – the BBC are not there to report the news but rather to aid the re-election of the Labour party, or at the very least guarantee that any Conservative party elected would govern in the same way as Labour. As far as Lord Mandelson is concerned I expect that Robinson is considered an outstanding talent.

  32. 32
    oldrightie says:

    It rather seems Toenails has been refused other appendage privileges.

  33. 33
    Sir William Waad says:

    Watch out, Nick – the BBC’s redundancy programme has reached the Rs today!

  34. 34
    Thats News says:

    Has Le Monde ever done an indepth feature on Nick Robinson? Or Michael White? I don’t know. But I doubt it.

  35. 35
    Bardirect says:

    Charlie (formerly Charly) Beckett neutral?

    I remember his university “journalism”

    A Leftie in my book a la Jon Snow.

    And done get me started on “academic” . . . . . . . .

  36. 36
  37. 37
    Sir William Waad says:

    Does that make him an ingrowing Toenails?

  38. 38
    Craig says:

    NRobinson= tw@.

    That is all.

  39. 39
    Sarah Brown - Twitter while you freeze,being his wife is like a disease says:

    Took a walk in the cool air – Downing St way too hot with Gordon smashing his single bedroom to bits in a rage,keeps muttering “damn Hoon” under his breath.

    Peter gave him a mouthful last night,Gordon uses it for mouthwash,tight jock that he is.

    Had my hair done on your expenses,scum British.

    Ho hum – sitting down to make another call to Canterbury while Gordon keeps saying he’s getting on with the job – not with me he isn’t.

  40. 40
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    Did he ever get his Mont Blanc back, or is it still stuck up Davina Milipede’s arse?

  41. 41
    The Dirty Rat says:

    His wife shagged me when I was 16.

    Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson ….

  42. 42
    concrete pump says:


    I get it.

  43. 43

    Poor Nicky Boy, he stopped singing ‘Hello, Mrs. Robinson’ a long time ago.

  44. 44
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    Sadly not, but if he has just one more wafer thin mint…

  45. 45
    Another ignored media hack says:

    It was oversubscribed for all the wrong reasons, what happens when the next one fails?

    Shit the pants time for you lot.

  46. 46
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    Apparently an electric tootbrush can come in handy.

  47. 47
    Uncle Si says:

    All this lying is just going to produce more apathy at the ballot box, I for one would think more of a fellow human being if that person stood up and admitted their shortcoming and told the truth.

  48. 48
    Vote Vote Vote for Jacqui. says:

    I would just like to say how stunnigly attractive Margaret BECKETT looked yesterday while being interviewd.

  49. 49
    Another ignored media hack says:

    Nick is out of depth and too lazy to compete in the cut throat real world especially for someone who constantly likes to brag about ‘being in the know’ hence the cushy job in the subsidised suspension of reality and time warped BBC.

    You couldn’t hack the pace at ITV ffs Nick you lazy brigand.

  50. 50
    Anon says:

    Too shallow?

  51. 51
    Sarah Brown - Twitter while you freeze,being his wife is like a disease says:

    my hero has seen to all of those, I’m afraid

  52. 52
    Jonathan Woss says:

    Has it????

  53. 53
    backwoodsman says:

    Keep the pressure on the fuckers, support biased-bbc website and bin their requests for a licence fee – you know it makes sense.

  54. 54
    Anon says:

    Yes, I agree, absolutely yummy. How I would like to …..

  55. 55
    Nike says:

    We all need some truth on the table right now. Suggestion that unless 50% of registered voters actually vote, the result is voided was a very good one. Australia has weekend voting and everyone eligible has to particpate. Make some sense. The current crop of Parliamentarians need to have a proper mandate otherwise representative politics is unworkable through time.

  56. 56
  57. 57
    Between jobs says:

    That Tony Robinson is just as big a hoon.

    He’s a vile little shit.

  58. 58
    Chris Veck says:

    I’d ride in her caravan anyday

  59. 59
    A Boss says:

    I’m going to tell it straight;

    What i want to know is when the legislation that will stop these bastards ‘twatting’ or ‘tweeting’ whatever bollox on my time will come into place.

    Look DRONES you come to work to work not tweet or gossip, you pack of lazy Hunts. If you don’t like it then study harder at school and become a boss like me or a self made businessman/woman and then you can do what you like.

    I might just relocate the whole place to China and then you’ll be up shit creek won’t you.

    The Chinese may nick some of the stock to sell on Ebay but when you have them over producing in the first place, it’s small beer compared to constant time wasting and under production like the British workforce.

    If it’s not bluddy snow, it’s swine flu or some other bollox you’ve picked up, it’s bluddy facebook and twitter etc. etc.

    Useless packs of whingers, give me a fifty chinese farmers and students over 100 spoilt British louts anyday.

  60. 60
    THANKS says:

    Guido, please expose more insider journalist stories.

    We need to eliminate the lobby. They are a cancer on the body politic.

  61. 61
    Christian Hypocrite says:

    No, thats Iris Robinson you are thinking about…

  62. 62

    ” Financial markets believe in Gordon Brown.”

    Are you writing this from your crack house?

  63. 63

    “scum British.”

    Sarah would never say that – “scum English” would be the words used.

  64. 64
    The Dirty Rat says:

    Quentin Letts said:

    ‘I would urge him very robustly to tell them where to go,’ said Mother Beckett, lips parting to form a terrifying smile which called to mind a flatulent goat.

  65. 65
    Regards, Tom says:

    Argue all you want, but foreign banks and sovereign wealth funds have put money on it.

    Are you a net seller of Gilts then Einstein?

  66. 66
    concrete pump says:

    ” study harder at school and become a boss like me ”

    Oooh, get you.

    You must be amazing, i wish i was like you.

  67. 67
    Regards, Tom says:

    What’s the matter? Truth too inconvenient for this Blog and its myopic readers?

  68. 68
    It's a tough job here at the BBC says:

    Yep – totally right – he really is a lazy shit isn’t he?

    It really comes across on TV – very poor performance,but then so any in the BBC are crap – vastly overpaid.

    I would love to get £92,000 to sit all day and repeat endlessly;

    “Snow gives way to ice”

    “Gordon Brown is very very nice”

  69. 69
  70. 70
    concrete pump says:

    Tony ?

    Have i missed the joke ?

  71. 71
    Gonk says:

    Embedded establishment old school sit in the
    front row 1961 polytechnic lecturer lookalikes
    can’t keep up, they can’t swear on air and they can’t expose
    bollocks when they(we) see it.

  72. 72
    The Old Dear says:

    Love the name!

  73. 73
    HandsomeDavid says:

    Anyone know who this giant of a man leaving 10 Downing Street is?

  74. 74
    BBC - following Labour down the pan says:


    Radio 4 Pm at 5pm leads with J Ross buggering off!

    It’s come to this – a low grade nothing fucks off and there’s nothing more important to hear.

    BBC – dying like Labour.

  75. 75
    Max the Impaler says:

    You’ve only ever been the boss in your dreams pal.Either that or your a fuckwit troll whose definition of a boss is learnt from the kindergarten version of Das Capital.

  76. 76
    statechaos says:

    I watched The Daily Politics yesterday and when it began , noticed that Labour’s Chris Bryant did not look at all happy. Meanwhile Nick told us that it was complete nonsense that their would be any attempt to unseat Brown. After PMQ’s when the story broke Nick of course looked like a complete plonker and Bryant denied any knowledge of the plot. Is this another example of a Minister not coming clean as it would explain his discomfort at the start of the programme?

  77. 77
    The Dirty Rat says:

    Margaret lay there on the bed, legs slightly parted, showing a glimpse of the pleasure yet to come. My hand gently moved down and beneath the front of her black thong – her body shuddered and she let out a deep groan. I kissed the name of her neck and moved my face beyond her chin towards her parted lips. I saw her teeth – OH MY GOD, a flatulent goat.

  78. 78
    Jumbo says:

    Thank you. Now can some of the tax I pay the wretched biased broadcaster be freed up for other projects than paying such idiots a wage

  79. 79
    Peter Grimes says:

    Not a plonker, just a tired old overpaid hack who has discovered that he is as out-of-touch in relation to the happenings in today’s political news market place (because it no longer relies upon No10’s spin machine, read McPoison) as the traders who used to place tom-next! As a result he only has recourse to denial and evasion.

    Let’s hope that when Dave cuts Al-JaBeeBa’s golden chain of undue enrichment the BBC nobs decide to cut loose this useless piece of shit masqerading as a political journalist and save themselves a fortune.

    His denial echoes that of his master McMental!

  80. 80
    the bear cheek facts says:

    Little Nicki in his burrowing gear.

  81. 81
    mondeoman says:

    What is that police man hiding in his pants?

  82. 82
    Uncle Si says:

    Nike if it works for X factor!
    actually on my travels today I heard someone interviewed from Hoon’s local council on the radio suggesting Bro wn was the very popular with core lab voter were as Cam was just a X factor contestant, strange but true!

  83. 83
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:

    After Guido’s hatchet job he may, just may, do a Jonathan Woss and resign his post as BBC’s Bottom Blocker-in-Chief to Gormless gordon.

  84. 84
    Brixjack says:

    We do when we have to wade through some of the crap on here. Where’s the investigatiove scoops, gossip? Gone i say, gone. It’s all just navel-gazing and anti-labour crap here now. Which i can find (and enjoy) in dozens of other places

  85. 85
    bumphrey says:

    Probably had an ill fitting butt plug causing a leakage.

  86. 86
    Rip Van Winkle says:

    £92,000 f’ing grand??? Are you joking??? The bird on News 24 gets £92,000 for reading an autocue for four hours every other day and all expenses paid trips to China to practice her Mandarin.

    Toenails – £92,000?? He wouldn’t get out of the bed for it.

  87. 87
    Cyco Billy says:

    Brown’s Bullshitting Cokeheads …guarantee that any Conservative party elected would govern in the same way as Labour.

    Please explain. I prefer the incompetence theory of the BBC to the conspiracy theory. They are self-evidently a self-congratulating bunch of grotesquely overpaid group-thinking narcissists, who have never cared for working in the real world, who have taken the historically patrician overtones of their institutional culture and morphed it into a postmodern self-justification for broadcasting an infantilized projection of their own deluded bleeding-stump social awareness and half-baked personal political views – yet ever mindful like a playground gamg that the hand of authority that feeds could at any moment become the hand that slaps them down. In a word, cretins.

    That a Conservative government would prefer a cretinous BBC is probably unarguable. But that is not the same as accepting the current cretinous crew.

  88. 88
    Peter Grimes says:

    Do I see the beginnings of a combover a la Cameron in your Le Monde photo, Guido?

  89. 89
    Sir William Waad says:

    I suppose nobody told Nick Robinson about the Hoon and Hewitt’s little fantasy as they knew he’s be straight on the phone to Number 10.

  90. 90
    TV bullshit detector says:

    You pay the Beeb for that shite? No. Come on. Your pissing with us. Nobody i know pays their protection racket. Just tell the numpty who knocks on the door to fuck off.

  91. 91
    It's a tough job here at the BBC says:

    I DO mean the news readers.

    Robinson probably gets circa £200K – like the GMTV dick who evidently is a “MASSIVE face” whatever that is – some kind of porn prop for the money shot?

  92. 92
    Mark Oaten says:

    I would have lapped it up willingly!

  93. 93
    Been there pal says:

    Don’t waste your time here complaining. You know where you find sympathy in the dictionary mate, somewhere between sh1t and syphilis. And this bloggs is the worst.

    If the lazy bar stewards won’t work sack ‘em. Of course you you have to say it was for racial harrasment – or what ever works for you.

    And chill out, death or retirement (slow death) is just arround the corner.

  94. 94
    allan akhbar says:

    wossy on his way out.

    wobinson must be vewy wowwied……….

    just how much does nick extort from the license payers?

    useless- biased- repulsive………..

    >will probably be joining the cabinet shortly.

  95. 95
    oldfella says:

    I hope so

  96. 96
    Labour's Big Brother says:


  97. 97
    concrete pump says:

    Oh, and i forgot to add.

    Fuck off to China and stay there.

  98. 98
    Peter Grimes says:

    ‘Truth’ and ‘inconvenient’, just two of the glib words used by ZaNuLieBor’s trolls on here. Do please fuck off, not that you are disturbing anyone but you are immensely repetitive and boring!

    You will, like Toenails, fail to acknowledge your lies when the Gilts market collapses.

  99. 99
    nell says:

    Anybody remember the days when bliar won his first election backed by that annoying tune ‘it can only get better’ and the BBC corridors were littered with empty champagne bottles?

    Well look at it now – labour dying a slow death and the BBC with the antics of ross and robinson finally being exposed as a failing broadcasting corporation that needs breaking up and selling off.

  100. 100
    Regards, Tom says:

    So the “Gilt markets” will collapse?

    Yields or price or both. Which Gilts and when?

    Out of your depth sonny.

    Wall Street. Not Sesame Street.

  101. 101
    BOSTIN BOSS says:

    BOSS dream on, the only thing you’ll direct is traffic!

  102. 102
    A blogger says:

    A Downing Street spokesman, Nick the Prick Robinson, said today that there was no truth in the rumour that there was a plot against him at the 24 hour Bollocks Broadcasting Co.

    However, he also said that it would be nice to spend more time with his cat.

  103. 103
    albacore says:

    @Nike @ 4.44.
    Nice idea, but how long do you think it would take the blithering buffoons in the hallowed offices of the Electoral Registration Officers actually to collate all those data; and what margin of error would you consider reasonable in Brown’s banana state?
    Just between you and me, it wasn’t the Great British Public which defeated the Community Charges (the dreaded Poll Tax, which was the greatest advance in local democracy that never survived); it was the inability/unwillingness/screaming abdabs of local authorities in effecting the administration of the change from General Rates, even given years of preparation and three more of piss-poor practice.

  104. 104
    barefootcontessa says:

    Unlike the Woss, he has nowhere to go.

  105. 105
    All Tories are twats says:

    Oh do please fuck off.

  106. 106
    barefootcontessa says:

    IMO it was the gorgon who plotted the whole thing. After all, he now has a vote of confidence, of sorts.

  107. 107
    Mr Ned says:


    The only reason that they do not have compulsory voting here, is because there are now enough people who, if forced to vote, would happily vote B&P, UKIP, Green or any other way they could to eradicate the lib-lab-con triplets altogether.

    The politicians know it, the media knows it, it is just the population itself that is left in baneful ignorance by media conditioning that “the only people to vote for are labour or tory, or lib-dems at a push if they you a bit weird.”

    Therefore the media and politicians are more than happy for the turnout to diminish to less than 50%, so long as they keep voting for the same pro elitist politically correct global government agenda.

  108. 108
    barefootcontessa says:

    Oh, Lammy? that’s the highly educated member of newlabour isn’t it?

  109. 109
    Belfast Boy says:

    Mrs Robinsons pussy has already been getting some fondling. The last thing it needs is a seeing to from Bilko’s mini me.

  110. 110
    Thatcher's snatch says:

    Any more patronising drivel you would like to spew out for the boys?

  111. 111
    Uncle Si says:

    ‘Al-Jabeeba’s golden chain of undue enrichment’ … priceless line that!

  112. 112
    tat says:

    so how about you and me go for a little drink? maybe a nice kebab after and head back to my bedsit? still no electric so it’s a bit cold but we can always get under the covers and warm up that way. what do you say?

  113. 113
    Not long until Labour gone says:

    Whilst Nick is still biased with his reporting, it has got slightly less so lately. Far from perfect, but its a good start.

    The overall BBC bias towards the Labour is still sickening though.

  114. 114
    ukippers for tea yummy! says:

    You first dick!

  115. 115
    barefootcontessa says:

    Always running around, breathless, looking for antique hidden things, under the ground.

  116. 116
    Mr Ned says:

    The way I see it, Gordon now has a parliamentary labour party full of people who secretly hate him, plot against him, but are not competent enough and are far too cowardly to actually do anything about him.

    That is nowhere near a vote of confidence. It is a huge spotlight on the disintegration, disloyalty, incompetence and rank cowardice of the average Labour MP though.

  117. 117
    Timeless Wisdom says:

    Is it time to upgrade that BB 9000? Help with job-creation in Hungary? You know it makes sense.

    There is only one significance to this story, that you and other wine-sipping journos are a bit short on solid material.

  118. 118
    pedant says:

    I think you mean anogram

  119. 119
    barefootcontessa says:

    The thread today is Guido’s way of getting back at Robinson. Toenails will be reading it, and his tiny evil eyes will be jumping out of his tiny little skull.

  120. 120
    shelling-out says:

    He could always join the government. They’re quite happy to keep spending our hard-earned on public sector jobs, and I’m sure someone would take pity on him and give him a job as a SpAD.

  121. 121
    bosch says:

    Little Nicki interviews Christine Hamilton.

  122. 122
    13eastie (119 days: Goodbye, ☭ordon) says:

    Or possibly even ANAGRAM?

  123. 123
    A blogger says:

    Look into his eyes. Not around the eyes. He is finished and he knows it.

    He is getting stick from every side now and he is not a zombie like Brown, who is dead but won’t lie down.

    If he is still there at the election I will eat Guido’s hat.

  124. 124
    The PM shouldn't be disturbed but this cunt is says:

    Even his Labour masters have turned on him, what an utter wankstain Robinson is.
    At least that odious gobshyte Marr likes to demonstrate he isn’t a complete NeoLabour robot by asking a few tricky questions occasionally.

    That said me colleagues there is nothing amiss at the BBC that a 4 tonne truck bomb would not solve.

  125. 125
    Benaut says:

    I’m not interested in a spat between political pundits! Guido has taken his eye off the ball!

  126. 126
    Windy says:

    Like it or not, Guido, the winds we had weren’t a hurricane. Fish was right.

  127. 127
    Bruce Castle says:

    there’s a wonderful sea view from seven sisters

  128. 128
    Rick Nobinson says:

    SpAd?? I’m already a spam-head. Would that count ?

  129. 129
    Engineer says:

    Of passing interest is that Jonathon Woss is leaving the BBC later this year after 13 years, having cost the license fee payer far more than he’s worth. Labour will be leaving office later this year after 13 years, having cost the taxpayer far more than they’ve been worth.

    The parallels are just coincidence, of course…..

  130. 130
    Mr Plum says:

    Why does everyone pick on bbc when all the others are just as bad.

  131. 131

    It’s funny you know, every comment I leave on Nobinson’s blog is being deleted. Half for being “off-topic” – Nick, why are you so shit?” – half for being illegal – “If labour win I will personally hurl petrol bombs at Downing St” – and the other half for mild bad language – “BBC cocksuckers!”

    I really do like what Brown has done though. Without his corrupt, despised regime, we might not have seen the full horror of the BBC exposed. Shit, inept, biased, arrogant, decietful, and just shit. Did I say shit already?


    He’s from Macclesfield y’know. Beautiful italian and japanese girls regularly glide up my back passage to see where Ian Curtis topped himself – no one ever asks after Nobinson. That’s proof of how shit he is that is.

  132. 132
    Carter Ruck says:

    We have taken instructions from Mr Robinson and invite you to ………..


  133. 133
    asdab says:

    He did say please. Must be a Libdumb.

  134. 134
    A blogger says:

    Disagree, this is vitally important. Who do you think I throw bricks at every night on the TV for his sycophantic dribbling. Yes it’s that bald twerp Robinson.

    His demise is critical it’s the start of the end for another failed socialist experiment.

  135. 135
    The IMF is coming says:

    All of a sudden you’re an expert Regards, Tom eh? Few words picked out from google?

    Worst PM ever. Even his cabinet hate him.

  136. 136
    Laney says:

    But not Angiogram!

  137. 137
    Ready Steady Cook Robinson says:

    New Labour Chicken Chasseur 2010

    4 Miliband Boys Legs
    2 tbsp Margaret Beckett
    2 white Jack Straws
    250g Alan Johnson
    1 rounded Harriet Harman
    300ml Alistair Darling
    400 can Ed Balls
    3-4 quartered Yvette Cooper
    sprinkling of Bob Ainsworth
    Mandelson puree

    Season the Milibands with salt and pepper. Heat Margaret Beckett in a saute pan or shallow casserole. Fry the Milibands until golden (not long). remove from pan and keep to one side. Add the remaining ingredients to the pan, stir occasionally until they have some colour and are beginning to soften. Stir in a little Mandelson and Alistair Darling then pour in the Ed Balls. Return the Milibands to the pan and simmer until all is tender. Remove the lid, soften then scatter over the Bob Ainsworth and serve.

    This dish can be served with anything in the firm knowledge that it will be very hard to stomach.


  138. 138
    The Admiral says:

    Don’t worry Nell, it takes one to…. etc…

  139. 139
    Not long until Labour gone says:

    Apart from the fact we are forced to pay a TV licence for their impartial news and that this thread is about Nick Robinson who is a BBC reporter?

  140. 140

    O/T Johnofffon Woss! To leave the BBC after 13 years so every one should expect a £5 rebate on their licence fee ….. NOT !

  141. 141
    Engineer says:

    And the W’s…..

  142. 142

    Check his council tax for 2009.
    He has form on ‘making errors’

  143. 143
    Between jobs says:

    The name of her neck?

    Wattle maybe?

  144. 144
    Mr Plum says:


  145. 145

    You are Tony Blair’s bank balance and I claim my £5,000 for a photo.

  146. 146
    Shanghai Ladyboy says:

    You insult the great PRC you very bad man. You come to Shanghai I give you very nice blow job on your tiny little English dick.

  147. 147

    BBC reporting that Brown has the full support of his cabinet.

    They don’t mention whether its the Furniture Village or the Ikea one.

  148. 148
    Polly Toynbee says:

    I love the BBC. Who else would give a platform to a shovel faced plastic socialist like me to sound off on the important issues of the day. I can’t manage on the minimum wage i get from the Guardian, and it’s only by taking on a second job with the leading purveyors of independant news that i manage to keep a roof over my head in the workers paradise that is Tuscany. Under a Conservative government (spit, spit) i face a future of uncertainty and financial hardship that could lead to the sight of an old piss stained bag lady begging for alms outside Broadcasting House.
    Is that what you really want?

  149. 149
    Peter Grimes says:

    You talk of ‘DMO’ and ‘auction’ and when bearded come back with ‘yields or prices’, let alone using Wall Street for a £ market. WTF do you think the DMO Gilts auction is if not a ‘market’? What happens to a market when there are no buyers?

    Typical banker-baiting, masturbating ZaNulieBor troll! Go back to your Yahoo! Finance pages and learn some more terminology which you will never understand.

  150. 150
    Between jobs says:

    A spacehopper.

  151. 151
    A Boss says:

    Have you finally lost the plot Watson? Buying goverment gilts with banks the government owns and then marvelling at how wondrous it is that the gilts are being bought (by us) will not clear us out of the mess we are in you thick twat.

  152. 152
    barefootcontessa says:

    And he’s definitely not doing it for the money.

  153. 153
    barefootcontessa says:

    I’ll give him ‘storm in a tea cup’!

  154. 154
    Reg511 says:

    I agree bfc, but doubt gordon could think this through on his own. AljaBeeBa can now report to their audience, bigger than blogosphere, that Brown has backing of his Parteh.

    Bonus if Ingrowing Toenails (HT) loses more credibility

  155. 155

    The government has taken control of salt deliveries ! (Sky News)
    Thats it then we are fucked ! most of it will end up on stately home drive ways and paths round moats
    All roads in jockland will be cleared while we will be left to skate !

  156. 156

    2 oz white breadcrumbs {all that’s left on the shelves at present}
    2 oz self raising flour {Thoroughly spun }
    4 oz shredded suet
    8 oz currants
    1/8 teaspoon salt {supplies limited at present}
    1/2 grated nutmeg
    1/2 teaspoon ground ginger { Oh er}
    1/8 teaspoon mace {Speaker’s Mace is best}
    1 oz whole candied peel, finely chopped {
    Grated zest of one orange {Hain preferred}
    3 eggs
    3 tablespoons brandy {Or 6 measures if you are chancellor}

    Mix tall these ingredients thoroughly in a bowl.
    Steam for four hours, making sure that the saucepan doesn’t boil dry. Serve with hot custard,

    A desert for a PM – Spotted Dick

  157. 157
    barefootcontessa says:


  158. 158

    I wouldn’t pay him in washer’s he’s a c*nt !

  159. 159
    Faust says:

    I made a deal once with a certain man/being.

  160. 160
    barefootcontessa says:

    You should be on the telly.

  161. 161
    Lord ringpiece says:

    Did someone mention arse ?

  162. 162
    barefootcontessa says:

    Unfortunately the government havn’t gone yet.

  163. 163
    Ian Curtis's Ghost says:




  164. 164
    Henry Rollins says:


  165. 165

    BBC 1 8pm Time Time

    “an amazing find.. a coffin of a great leader buried deep in the earth.
    Here, as we lift it out of the swampy ground we can just make out the inscription… C.R.Atlee I think..Yes, yes it is!
    And if you listen very, very carefully you can make out the faint sound of him spinning in his grave..”

  166. 166
  167. 167
    Reg511 says:

    They haven’t got enough staff, it is used retrospectively, just like CCTV.

    Something CMD will leave in place no doubt

  168. 168
    He Man says:


  169. 169
    Uranus, The Magician says:

    Fuck me – YES!

  170. 170
  171. 171

    Its that whole Brown/Cameron thing.
    Graham Norton is Johnathan’s replacement.
    So, no real improvement in quality or content, but only costs half as much.

  172. 172
    barefootcontessa says:

    She’s a rover, a free spirit, a vagrant, a wanderer, she has the gypsy in her soul.

  173. 173
    Wolf in Grandma's bed says:

    Baring his big white teeth

  174. 174

    New Lie-Bore Party

    10 ton’s BULL SHIT
    5 ton’s horse shit
    4 ton’s chicken shit
    7.5 ton’s dog shit
    3 ton’s cat shit
    2lb rat shit
    400 gallons of fermented piss

    mix all ingredients together ln a very large bowl
    Then pour even ammounts into 349 suits and place on benches to fester !

  175. 175
    bofl says:

    ‘in this colony’……….

  176. 176
    God says:

    Mortals should remember that Nick Robinson works for the BBC (Back Brown Campaign) and thus had an interest in denying the possibility of any plot against their man. As an overpaid and somewhat self opinionated hack, Robinson’s reports should always be treated with a degree of skepticism. You have been warned!

  177. 177
    barefootcontessa says:

    Nutt’s going solo. That’s going to annoy Johnson. Good.

  178. 178
    God says:

    Sounds good to me!

  179. 179
    Sir William Waad says:

    They were hurricane force….Mr Fish should have said “There won’t be a hurricane, but there will be a severe European windstorm, so get the cat indoors now.”

  180. 180

    Dont you think Robinson looks like SGT Bilko ?

  181. 181
    John Prescott says:

    Hey Poll, If you get hard up, I’ll get up you hard and give you a few bob for a quick time. I’ve ‘ad worse in mi time!

  182. 182
    God says:

    More like a boiled egg with a face painted on it!

  183. 183
    No10_Bunker says:

    Message from your Prime Minister re National Salt Emergency:

    Would anybody with unused packs of salt please donate them immediately to your local Council Depots. Let us show the World that as a nation we possess True Grit.

    Please refrain from buying up cat litter as a salt substitute since we have had a spate of pets drowning in toilets.

  184. 184
    A Boss says:

    I’m a fucking team leader in a global leading high street brand food outlet with a five figure salary! My badge has FOUR fucking stars on it! Meaning I AM a boss! How many stars have YOU fuckers got?? None I’d fucking say! Ha ha, and I just need ONE more star and I’m fucking set! You fucking gypsies!

  185. 185
    Jethro says:

    Try sitting on the washing-machine: bought the missus a new one for Christmas (as well as an ironing-board!), with a spin-speed of 1800: she says it’s wonderful. Only thing is, why she insists it mustn’t go under the work-top.

  186. 186

    MR potato head ?

  187. 187
    BillyBob ... reduce crime, national debt and carbon footprint, stop immigration? Every little helps! says:

    He (Nick) is a very naughty boy and deserves a smacked bottom and sent to bed early without his glasses………… simples !!

  188. 188
    Jethro says:

    …her make-up is, of course, ‘daub’.
    “Wattle, and -” Oh, suit yourselves!

  189. 189
    genghiz the kahn says:

    So will the BBC corridors be laced with empty containers of hemlock or cyanide when Brown and NuLabour finally go?

  190. 190
    Sir William Waad says:

    Philip Larkin?

    …although Larkin was good with words.

  191. 191
    Jonah Watch says:

    fnah fnah toenails, liebour come round to conservative policy on economic growth and the deficit

    “It is also worth mentioning a striking line from Mandelson’s speech yesterday – which of course went unreported because of the Snow Slush Plot:

    “The recovery cannot be driven by consumer debt or public spending. It will be driven by private sector investment and private enterprise.”

    “First and foremost we need to foster a new climate for enterprise in Britain. There is no substitute for this – no substitute for the drive and ambition that it brings. It can sometimes be a touch ruthless and raw. But it is the single most important engine of economic progress.”

    This echoed Alistair Darling’s words from Monday: “The key to getting growth in the long term is firstly to get the deficit down, which I am determined to do but also to make sure that we can get private sector investment and that private sector investment returning, that is very, very important”.”

    from Paul Waug blog


    (BTW Jonah backed Avram Grant at Portsmouth FC in an interview with BBC R Solent today!!)

  192. 192
    thick as thieves says:

    don’t speak to my woman like that. i’ll crush your skull.

  193. 193
    barefootcontessa says:

    Yes!…..dates from the 14th century, and this bronze cup half hidden by the retaining wall of a neolithic cavern, WELL PRESERVED,…….a small bone, rabbit? badger? dating from the tertiary age, used by a high born woman as a tooth pick? a comb? a decorative belt buckle? for scraping horses hooves?
    Hurry up, hurry folks, rain starting, only one more day to unearth this Elizabethan mansion…….

  194. 194
    Vote Vote Vote for Jacqui. says:

    Guido,this is a fucking scoop.

    You heard it from me first so I want proper recognition.
    Well anyway, Sarah,the old Bearded one was right fed up
    with The SnotGobblers Halitosis.So one day,today in fact she demanded that he go to the dentist to have the seriously bad breath looked at.
    Anyway,the SnotGobbler went to the Harley Street Dentist,he jogged there in fact,only two miles and came home and reported to Sarah.
    Sarah said”How did you get on SnotGobbler?”
    SnottGobbler said”Well Bearded one I am a little confused actually darling”
    Sarah said”Why SnotGobbler”
    SnotGobbler said”Well darling the Dentist has given me a bottle of liquid Diahorrea”
    The Bearded one said”Well SnotGobbler ,how is that going to affect your foul smelling breath?”
    The SnotGobbler said”Well the Dentist has saidthat the liquid Diarrohea won’t actually cure my Halitosis but it may help to tone it down a little”

  195. 195
    Brown's a Tosser says:


  196. 196
    Timeless Wisdom says:

    Robinson’s demise is critical? Or Brown’s?

    Look, as Tony would say, the rumblings and grumblings in the Westminster parties are just routine. The professional gossips, of which Guido is one, may find it all fascinating, but none of it has anything to do with the fate of the country.

    The political class, Brown, Cameron, Clegg, Guido, all subscribe to the same set of core beliefs, those very misapprehensions that have led the country to its present pitiful condition. Changing the name on the medicine bottle will not make it more effacacious, be that name Brown, Milliband, Cameron or Clegg. If I am right on that, and I always am, it follows that close examination of the establishment body politic is pointless.

    Change requires a vastly more significant event than a general election that will be decided by a tiny minority of the electorate. The Phoenix needs the fire.

  197. 197
    Mr Plum says:

    It’s got to be Balls for next leader on that account- Back Balls campaign.
    We are beginning to see a new a new class of overpaid people in public life and it’s not for their ability but more for their loyalty to Labour or to promoting propaganda for causes such as climate change.

  198. 198
    steamfisher says:

    BBC = Nick Robinson, RobErt PesTon, Jonathon Woss and Nigel.

  199. 199
    BOSTIN BOSS says:

    So a High Street toilet that just happens to sell Burgers then! are you payed in used bus tickets?

  200. 200
    genghiz the kahn says:

    But with only half the talent.

  201. 201
    TV licence payer says:

    Nick Robinson is such a prat. He always seems more preoccupied in giving his presentation in a theatrical way and trying to show that he’s “in the know” than giving out the facts and true news. The BBC should find a replacement for this hammy thespian – he’s certainly no journalist.

  202. 202
    BOSTIN BOSS says:

    Flucky , Flucky Sloldier Bloy!!!!

  203. 203
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Toenails as usual got it wrong but you have to believe he received this info from a trusted source. In a few weeks it will all come out when the westminster 6 will need to watch their backs. A Nokia in the back of the head thrown by Hoon at 30 mph will hurt. At least lets hope it does.

  204. 204
    barefootcontessa says:

    Tiny evil eyes.

  205. 205

    Yes, there was a great deal of back-peddling from Mr R. Quite an exciting day yesterday, and of course, big failed bullemic pie muncher had to stick his trotter in and say something unintelligible

  206. 206
    Citizen Smith says:

    Now if only that was for Mandy- he’s LOVE it!

  207. 207

    Stand by for “Nick Robinsons Newsround” at 4pm on CBBC

  208. 208
    barefootcontessa says:

    Has Robert Peston dropped off the planet?

  209. 209
    A Boss says:

    It’s ‘paid’ you fucking jobless bastard. Ha ha, you don’t even have a job and I’m a fucking BOSS! I can tell both of MY team when they can even have lunch! What the fuck can you do jobless?? Ha ha, fuck you tramp.

  210. 210
    BOSTIN BOSS says:

    Looks like a cross between Alan Carr and Harry Potter

  211. 211
    Number 7 says:

    …As long as it doesn’t involve anything to do with farming and the real countryside.

  212. 212

    Even my blog gets more readers than his.

    The boggle eyed, chrome domed cocktrumpet

  213. 213
    Toenail Clipper says:

    “Will there be anything else Sir, know what I mean, nudge,nudge,wink, wink, say no more……..SAY NO MORE”

  214. 214
    Jethro says:

    …hitch her wagon to a star?

  215. 215
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Robinson, Paxman, etc. To call them journalists is a joke. With the exception of Andrew Neal who at least works at being impartial the rest are not worth watching.

  216. 216
    barefootcontessa says:

    Darling would prefer to tell the truth.

    Jack the Straw and Harman have been promised peerages, but where’s Mandelson going to slither?

  217. 217
    BillyBob ... reduce crime, national debt and carbon footprint, stop immigration? Every little helps! says:

    Mandy? he would request a bare bottom smack!!

  218. 218
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    I thought Toenails had a bad 2009 “Small Beer” – expenses fiasco and it now looks like 2010 is carrying on where 2009 left off. Would be best he just shut up and did a Jonathong Woss.

  219. 219

    What we saw was JUST the warm up act for a long hot winter of discontent and indecision, and here’s the point: If, and this is a big if… IF Gordon Brown, WITH the support of Peter Mandelson AND David Miliband and the rest of the PPL can get through the month ahead and, IF, come February, the party is still saying to Gordon, yes we still love you even though you really are quite a crappy Prime Minister, then there is just a chance – and I have to stress JUST a chance – that come the spring and come the new ‘winds of change’, if you like, Andrew, then come those winds, Gordon Brown might feasibly decide that he has just about…
    ANDREW: Would you please SHUT THE FUCK UP?

  220. 220

    When the met office issues warnings not to travel unless it is absolutly necessary that means jurno’s as well
    “oh it took us 5 hours to get from liverpool to here in mancheste
    r”To show you this road with snow on it
    It’s the same fucking snow they had in liverpool you dumb bint !
    “oh we tried to reach p
    Princetown in the middle of dartmoor which has been cut off all week!
    ” We got stuck and one of the villagers had to tow us up the hill to the village and now we’re stuck here
    What the fuck do you expect /
    Which Bit Of Dont Travel Didn’t You Understand THICKO ?

  221. 221
    Mr Man says:

    I fell your pain brother soon enough the tide will turn and if not, then stop paying the license fee as it only encourages them.

  222. 222
    thick as thieves says:

    You should be on DVD.

  223. 223
    Common Sense says:

    We’re having a new gas line in our road so there’s a bloke spray painting marks on the pavement so that the workers know were to dig the holes….. Great but the jobs worth who painted them yesterday did so on the snow!!!! so surprise, surprise, the snow has melted along with the markings!

  224. 224
    jgm2 says:

    Robinson’s self justification is that he is a ‘reporter’. He ‘reports’. This is jolly handy for the Labour Party of All the Imbeciles because anytime they need to divert the headlines from (for example) ‘UK still in longest recession’ in history or ‘UK deficit largest in history’ they simply reannounce some intitiative and Robinson duly ‘reports’ it.

    In a lot of voters minds it then becomes fact. There is an easy counter-strategy to this from the Tories. They simply hand reams of stuff to Robinson and have him ‘report’ that instead. So Cameron should be bombarding Robinson, Peston et al with briefings to the effect that ‘UK deficit still world record’, ‘Labour government driving UK to bankr*pcy’, ‘Labour government now officially run up three times more debt in 12 years than every government in UK history combined – CHurchill, Gladstone, Cromwell – even Callaghan’.

    That sort of stuff.

  225. 225
    Alexander Meerkat says:

    Hah ! hah ! hah This is almost as funny as Liebour teaching school children Fiscal Responsibility.

  226. 226
    Alexander Meerkat says:

    Don’t they simples put you in prison when you don’t pay ?

  227. 227
    stilyagi_air_corps says:

    This is the way, Gordon… step inside.

    Ian Curtis was a Conservative voter, BTW.

  228. 228
    Alexander Meerkat says:

    You mean a special vishes I think. We can oblige, simples !

  229. 229
    Mr Slater's Parrot says:


  230. 230
    Bostin Boss says:

    Sell Big Issue and a bit of rent boying, now f*ck off and finish your homework its a school night ‘Boss’ or weren’t you ‘Anti Frank’ last night?

  231. 231
    Doc Trough says:

    Mrs Trough sees him as being more of a suppository than a journalist.

  232. 232
    jgm2 says:

    This is just more divisive misinformation. Just as the Maximum Imbecile is quite happy to conduct his class war but other members of the cabinet down-play it with the result that people can choose to believe what they want to believe. Muppet voters in Hull will be punching the air about ‘playing fields of Eton’ while Chardonnay swilling socialist cock trumpets in Islington will be mollified that their little Fabian’s place at Wellington will not de-bar him from a career in politics.

    Same with this bullshit. Brown, in word and deed and blank cheque, guaranteeing that this recession (which started in America and has fuck all to do with me, Gordon Brown) will not harm a single hair on the head of any public sector parasite while Mandelson and Darling are sending out an entirely different message to the adult voters.

    It’s a safe bet that Brown, were he to win the election, would prevail. His idiocy knows no bounds. Although his maths obviously never got beyond the sort of 5 year-old fantasy of ‘wouldn’t it be great if everybody was a millionnaire’. He still thinks Mugabe had the right idea. He’s still trying to print the Goldilocks amount of money to avoid hyper-inflation and hope that something turns up. A solid gold mountain in Cumbria perhaps.

    The man is a fucking lunatic. A nailed-on nutcase. A jackass of infinite idiocy.

  233. 233
    God says:

    I have decided to reverse climate change; no more “Global Warming” – for 2010 it’s now “Global Cooling” as I am sure that you may have noticed recently! Now you just have a short wait until Brown decides to tax wind turbines and all the other “green initiativess” which he was encouraging when he thought that everyone had bought into the “Global Warming” scam! Everyone should be encouraged to maximise their “carbon footprint” to produce enough CO2 to keep the planet warm enough to sustain life. Hahahahaha……………. what fools mortals are!

  234. 234
    Morgan Everett says:

    More like Penfold from Dangermouse

  235. 235
    Uncle Si says:

    Name don’t you mean her MANE

  236. 236
    The IMF is coming says:

    Woss has 6 months left on his contwact………………..

  237. 237
    jgm2 says:

    Here’s another one….

    Despite a 2000 pound bribe car sales are at their lowest since 1995.


    ‘UK voters don’t believe recession is over’. Well they don’t do they? Otherwise they’d be a little more optimistic about buying a new car. Ten million or whatever more people in the country since 1997 and car sales still not at the level of 1995?

    We’re fucked. Fucked by this incompetent Brown and this Labour administration of jackasses.

  238. 238
    christy says:

    To Contessa.
    Maybe Pestle hasn’t been forgiven yet for his loose mouth over the banking debacle.

  239. 239
    Engineer says:

    When did the BBC really start to lose the plot with their coverage of politics? Robinson is a symptom, but there are many others with an obvious, and sometimes barely-concealed, bias – Paxman, Naughtie, Marr. There are few genuinely unbiased senior presenters (Ed Stourton and Eddie Mair, perhaps) and those who might be said to have a bias to the right are non-existent, with the possible exception of Andrew Neil – hardly a mainstream news presenter.

    It’s rumoured that Paxman gets £1 million a year, Humphreys £250k – most Fleet Street senior columnists get £100k to £150k per annum, which would seem to be a good benchmark. Why do Beeboids deserve so much more? Do they work longer hours? Or is it easier to fleece the license-fee payer than negotiate competitive rates?

    What about the editorial staff – we hear nothing of them, being off-microphone, but they shape the news output. Are they politically screened to ensure a balance of views? This seems unlikely – balance often seems rather skewed to the left, and favourable to the current government. It has been suggested that most BBC editorial and production staff are recruited through advertisements in the Guardian, noted for it’s left-leaning views. Perhaps it might be wiser to place those advertisements across a broader spectrum of quality journals?

    As for Robinson, one sometimes wonders if he is a mouthpiece for the Labour spin department; his comment often seems to delight in Conservative misfortune, but to downplay Labour troubles and blunders. I don’t take his commentary at face value now, but seek other opinion before forming a view. I’d say the same about most BBC output.

    BBC balance is now an oxymoron. Al-Jabeeba sounds about right, sadly.

  240. 240
    asdab says:

    Did your pussy get the wind up mr waaaad?

  241. 241
    christy says:

    OT but read today that Peter Robinson DUP has had a word in gods ear and has forgiven his wife for straying.
    The half a million or so of pay/expenses/other pay they pick up between them I suppose will soften the blow.

  242. 242
    Sailor says:

    She still looks like a horse though.

  243. 243
    cant hunter says:

    Did anyone else hear Sir Nick on the Today programme a year or so ago when the cash for honours story was the then Labour scandal. I cant remember the details–it partly involved someone in the north east ;perhaps someone else knows the story–but I do recall it involved two women with the same christian name and that Sir Nick got into a hopeless tangle when reporting on the story , when it was quickly obvious that he’d confused the two women. The Today person, either guffawing Montague or somnolent Stourton, had to point out tactfully that he wasn’t ontop of the story.

  244. 244
    1970's Playground 'shit' jokes says:

    ”Smells like shit, tastes like shit , thank fuck I didn’t tread in it”

  245. 245
    cant hunter says:

    He nearly did as badly on Celebrity Mastermind as Michael Howard has just done.

  246. 246
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either! says:


  247. 247
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either! says:

    You will no doubt surmise the hoon will be paid for that and a repeat performance you are correct
    I am in the industry
    The regulations under this Government(i use the term lightly) have increased the cost of utility work 300% and cut production 550%,I think they need daily staples such as gas/water/electric/sewage to hit 15% inflation per annum to pay for their spending spree,all socialist governments devalue their debts/our savings by inflation/public sec pay rises/quantitative easing.
    Working under these regulations makes you feel the unions are back in town,believe me!

  248. 248
    Jonah Watch says:

    spot on

  249. 249
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either! says:

    What a concise summary of todays realpolitik,well done sir,what would the working class lady harman longford have to say if a plc only advertised its sits vac in the mail or express

  250. 250
    Jonah Watch says:

    old badger will soon be receiving a letter from the gov’ner explaining why cpi is over 3% in February

    under that scenario it would be hard to continue with the creaking printing presses…and then what?

  251. 251
    How many fucking mongs are there in the Labour party says:

    Perhaps Toenails was too busy drooling over his favourite picture of Chris Bryant to get the facts right?

  252. 252
    How many fucking mongs are there in the Labour party says:

    The BBC lies about being balanced. If you put a complaint in, one of the drug addled twats will write backing stating something along the lines of “.. we ensure that political balance is monitored across the BBC’s output…” or words to that effect.

    So if you complain that Radio 5 is full of wet lefties giving Labour politicians an easy ride, or that they have endless Guardian journalists on spouting left wing drivel in theory the BBC should balance it out with some right wingers else where (don’t laugh at the back)

    Thing is ASK THE BBC TO PROVE IT WITH ACTUAL MONITORING DATA, I’ve written to the BBC Trust several times asking for hard copies of how the BBC actually physically monitors political balance…… no reply I’m still waiting.

    The fact is the BBC are liars, they can’t monitor output across their network for political balance if they don’t keep physical data (like numbers of left or right wing journalists, airtime, guests etc.) available.

    The BBC is just full of shit and Cocaine.

  253. 253
    The Graduate (aged 19) says:

    Listen to me. What happened between Mrs. Robinson and me was nothing. It didn’t mean anything. We might just as well have been shaking hands.
    Mr. Robinson: Shaking hands? Well, that’s not saying much for my wife, is it?

  254. 254
    Susie says:

    … and the rightful King of England is actually a fat suburban alcoholic Aussie living in NS Wales. I knew all along the last 600 years of royal lineage were a sham and even if it wasn’t, I’d do a programme to say it was, see? Because I’m the commie ex-shop steward of luvvie Union supreme, Equity.

  255. 255
    Susie says:

    Tom Watson Tom Watson lend me your grey mare
    All along, down along, out along lee…
    For I’m a goin’ down on Anne Widdecombe fair
    With Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham, Harriet Harmen, Peter Mandy… (etc)

    And Alistair Darling and All
    And Alistair Darling and All

  256. 256
    Tron says:

    “Jesus Christ, Mrs Robinson !!!”

  257. 257
    Susie says:

    Hopefully the BBC corridors wil be strewn with corpses, like in one of their socially relevant and ethnically representative disaster dramas like Survivors (you know — the black bloke’s always the salt of the earth and the Asian’s the intelligent one).

    The Downing Street mothership will have been silenced for a few hours on election night and they’ll have resorted to cannibalism.

  258. 258
    Susie says:

    Yes I remember that… the NME and Rock Against Racism used to hate his guts.

    You see, it’s just not good enough to be one of the greatest frontmen/songwriters we’ve ever had, you have to be a good little socialist droid as well to get on.

  259. 259
    Susie says:

    They’re still employing a guy to chase the sabre-toothed tigers away at our County Hall [allegedly] — he doesn’t get on with the woolly mammoth department at all well at present, it was in the local paper.

  260. 260

    […] has also been mocked for his ‘Michael Fish moment’ after he dismissed rumours of the attempted coup just half-an-hour before former Cainet ministers […]

  261. 261
    Susie says:

    Never mind. Anneka Rice and Chris Beardshaw will be along in their BBC choppers to pick you up, before the restive natives turn to juicy Beeboid journo cannibalism.

  262. 262
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    To be fair to Toenails, he didn’t get it too badly wrong. No cabinet ministers were involved (or at least can be proven to be involved) in the plot, and the plot, such as it was, was a completely half-arsed excuse for a plot that never really had any realistic chance of going anywhere.

    He could have been a bit more accurate than he was, for sure, but it was hardly a Michael Fish hurricane moment.

  263. 263
    Visiting Spaceman says:

    Sad, but it seems to be true.

  264. 264
  265. 265
  266. 266
    oinks in cron b says:

    Bricks in noon?

  267. 267
    heckmonwyke says:

    Pedant,surely that should be Pendant

  268. 268
    heckmonwyke says:

    Jesus loaths you more than you would know,hoh,hoh,hoh

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