January 6th, 2010

Robinson Late to the Party, Calls Rumours “Blog Madness”

Guido was reporting rumours that a cabinet minister was going to call for Brown to go last night.  Bad day for Nick Robinson, at midday he dismissed the rumours as “the madness we might get into with blogging and tweeting” on the Daily Politics.

With all his authority he definitively told viewers that there was no plot and nothing going on. The Guardian‘s Andrew Sparrow had the first squeak of the story at quarter past, Guido had the letter just after half past and yet it takes another half an hour for the BBC‘s Political Editor to break the fact that MPs might be texting each other:

The BBC’s News & Current Affairs operation costs taxpayers billions…


  1. 1
    Les Dennis says:

    Bit difficult to blog when you are live on the Daily Politics?


    • 27
      Nick's mate says:

      Quite. nick was talking about the letter on the daily politics show straight after PMQs

      I wonder what dirt the Browites will feed to the press on hoon and Hewitt. gordon likes to get his revenge.


      • 34
        Hang The Bastards says:

        Robinson is a lazy journaist, who can only regurgitate what is fed to him. His political antenna has become useless after years of feeding from the Lazy Labour propoganda trough !

        Hopefully Toenails will go !


      • 54
        Number 7 says:

        Perhaps he needed to get the “official line” from Lord Peter?


      • 57
        TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

        There will be tears before bedtime. Nokia’s, Heavy duty Laser Printers, Industrial strength shredders, and most office furniture in No10 are about to suffer a huge displacement and destruction testing programme.


      • 158
        Anonymous says:

        And you can also just make out on that screengrab above the top line which says “as I have just been explaining to BBC news” if you allow time for the checking of sources, some preparation before going on air and the time it takes to write and check the piece, your criticism seems a little harsh guido


    • 37
      Mitch says:

      fair point, but Nick doesn’t usually write his own blog anyway

      suspect some flunky had a post ready and had to wait for him to be free to actually post it


    • 49
      Epping rainforest says:

      Hang on a mo Guido you Blogged that a Cabinet minister would resign in protest at Gordon’s leadership.

      No cabinet minister has resigned or called for Gordon to go.


      • 64
        TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

        Why let facts get in the way of a clusterfuck in the PLP?


      • 90
        Sally's Tits says:



      • 152
        Osama the Nazarene says:

        Precisely so Mr Rainforest. Robbo was talking about yesterday’s rumours concerning Jowell’s failed resignation. He claimed the blogorati were chasing their own tails and false stories. Brillo had to inform him about the Hoon / Hewitt letter.


    • 91
      Down with Brown! says:

      The BBC Political team need to report Political events not just reading out briefing papers from the bunker.


  2. 2
    gone fuckin metal says:

    What a chump


  3. 3
    Brixjack says:

    But then again as he says in the post he was on News 24. How is he suppose to speak on BBC news 24 whilst blogging at the same time? Come on Guido!

    It’s a shame really becasue you have really good story breaking the letter and then you go and spoil it all by putting out a non-story.


    • 9
      Charles Flaccidwidger says:

      It’s not the fact that he was on the TV when the story broke, it’s the fact that he dismissed it as a non-story.


      • 15
        TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

        Robinson appears to be a very pro Labour Surname. Tony, Nick, Twat, Twit, Tosser.


      • 17
        Brixjack says:

        And yet the picture is making the point that Robinson got there late (in terms of half an hour late). If this ain’t the point that Guido is trying to make then maybe he needs to sharpen up how he writes his posts!


        • 66
          Operation Market Garden says:

          Liberal, fuck off.


        • 95
          oldfella says:


          you really don’t understand do you??? Robinson has claimed that bloggers are not worth taking notice of, look to his sort for ‘real’ journalism 1.55pm BBC2

          is this because of you poor education whilst at some favourite labour school or summat???


    • 21
      The End says:

      It’s over,Brixjerk.


    • 22
      13eastie (120 days: Goodbye, ☭ordon) says:

      Maybe if Toenails had spent the last 24 hours getting some facts instead of trying to shore up Brown, investigating Jowell’s ‘bad leg’ and thinking up ways to moan about blogs, Guido might not have had a story…

      Robinson/BBC: “The Labour Party’s Political Wing” FAIL


    • 73
      Operation Market Garden says:

      The words “liberal” “fuck” & “off” immediately spring to mind.


  4. 4
    Nick Robisonofabitch says:

    Evey time I open my mouth I fuck-up. What more can you expect of a Labour support twat?


  5. 5
    N. Robinson says:

    But but but THAT is what Lord Mandelson told me to say!


  6. 6
    Fordfairlane says:

    In the real world, who gives a toss about a few minutes?


  7. 7
    Gordon Brown says:

    He is one of my pets, I let him straddle my rocking horse and play with my menagerie of tiny china farm animals.

    Did I just write this….oh dear.


    • 82
      TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

      I collect those as well. Only coz Tatty likes them so much!


    • 114
      Sarah says:

      Gordon. Have you seen the turkey baster? Might improve your poll rating, dear. I’ve been chatting with my pal in Canterbury for 3 hours and she says you look a bit puffy.


  8. 8
    resurgemus says:

    Imagine ! Christmas – on the 6th of January !

    Where’s MB when you need him ?


  9. 12
    James says:

    he admitted he effed up on the daily politics

    the thought he could bad mouth blogs and the internet over the story and he well and truly effed up

    he looked like an NFI

    i think he might be looking at a new career quite soon


    • 35
      TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

      There is an election coming up soon. perhaps he should follow his heart and re-join the Labour Party. They will need all the help that they can get.


    • 55
      resurgemus says:

      Information Minister for Iraq

      they need a new comical Ali.


  10. 13
    PengePanther says:

    To be honest, he’s a pretty busy guy. But yes, he should be more connected than you Guido…


  11. 14
    rocknrolla says:

    Just had a thought, if Brown clings on another month or so say then quits to get a pretend job at the IMF or Glasgow polytechnic college of politics will that then mean Labour have to go into the general election being led by Harperson?

    Can you imagine the destruction labour would face? I say they get under 100 seats.


    • 92
      TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:


      However the point of the secret ballot would appear to be twofold.

      One is to punt the Maximum Imbecile, and the second is to determine the most acceptable candidates for actual election.


      • 155
        My Other Cars Not A Prius Either! says:

        The most acceptable candidate to who?
        These wankers will pick another loser!
        Charles Clarke is only a big politician cos he is obese,a brain the size of a calorie judging by his home office sojournment
        Harriet Warman is someone who thinks progressive=anti-commonsense=barking mad and goes even further,grow up ya student twit.
        Maybe it will be the banana juggler,maybe one of the gay boys,maybe “tarzan” kelly(MISS),maybe alastair eyebrows or jack eyebrows,
        who cares?


    • 154
      Caligula says:

      Now that is a thought…

      The Harperson would liven up the Labour Partie and give it the death kiss…

      This would be marvelous…She hates Mandelbum who is the only “man” left in the Labour Partie…(rofl)…

      So she and Dawn Abbott and Ms Butler and some othe worhty Zanu Women will go to war as amazons spreading the good work of dyke equality and other advanced ideas…and class warfare…

      The Great British Public will then see that the old Roman expression still applies :

      “Before they killed them, the Gods drove them mad….”

      We are in for some great free sport now…


  12. 18
    Earth Mothership says:

    You might also look at the Northern Ireland section of the BBC. Comments by Gerry Adams that Sean Woodward comments were “banal” have been exorcised.


    So its remove any negative comments about ministers – or do they know something about a minister crossing the floor – again


  13. 19
    Scan says:

    Interesting that the BBC Website have just announced they have a “Technical Issue” What strings are being pulled behind the scenes?


  14. 24
    James says:

    stunning really that the only person who did not know was the Chief Political Correspondent for the BBC

    wonder how his pay rise talks go….


  15. 25
    Bernard says:

    Love how you feel the need to constantly bash the BBC for trivial shit like this yet you’ll happily defend a wank stain like Glenn Beck. Yes, the BBC isn’t perfect but it’s significantly better than the Fox News “infotainment” that you seem to rate so highly.


    • 32
      Al says:

      The BBC is in someways worse the Fox. It’s bias is more subtle (to the average man in the street).

      It can be manipulated by a government that has been squatting like a festering toad on this nation for the last twelve years.


      • 58
        Bernard says:

        And New Corp will prostitute itself to whoever is prepared to play the game. There isn’t a media outlet in the world without some form of bias but to suggest the BBC has been Labours pawn is inaccurate – the BBC has pissed them off on numerous occasions since 1997


        • 78
          resurgemus says:

          Labour seemed very happy with arrangements 1997 -2009. I didn’t hear your protests then.


          • stilyagi_air_corps says:

            And Glen Beck hardly gets mentioned on this blog – except by whining liberals like yourself. Why not try an incisive comment about Sarah Palin? People might think you’re metropolitan and witty, then…

            In America.


          • Sceptical Steve says:

            If you can still get it on the BBC iPlayer, I suggest you listen again to the interview of Ed Balls by Peter Allen on the afternoon of the December Pre Budget Report. When PA suggested that the PBR hadn’t addressed the true seriousness of the UK’s economic plight, Ed Balls gave him a very strong reminder of the responsibility of “Britain’s state broadcaster” not to talk the country’s economy (government?) down.
            Balls seemed to view even the mildest criticism of Government policy as treason.


          • Polly Bollocks says:

            Balls is the biggest arsehole ever in government. He is more dangerous than Napoleon and Stalin put together. Put him in charge of the coutry and we will be fucked


      • 61
        ian e says:

        On which topic :- 15 guys were recently able to corner and beat up the head festering toad. A policeman who happened to be passing Downing St was asked if he was going to offer assistance. ‘Nah’, he replied, ‘fifteen should be enough’.


      • 127
        Ihate Rupert says:

        If you’re a eye-swivelling foam-flecked far right extremist like you lot then of course the BBC will seem left wing biased. If you think that Murdoch’s rags, the Torygraph and the Mail are all sensible middle of the road sort of publications then you’re obviously stupid.


      • 161
        Samantha says:

        Fox is what it is, and everyone knows where its bias lies. Nevertheless it can come out with some good stuff not being covered elsewhere (eg giving the other side of the argument on Climategate and AGW an airing)

        The BBC is a state-funded organisation which has been completely taken over by activists of a single mindset. This was already very apparent during the Tories’ long incumbency but got considerably worse under NuLab and theior one-time cheerleader Greg Dyke. The BBC systematically censor and cherry-pick in the political area, and most of its senior commentators are eityher Labour Party members or married to same (eg Kirsty Wark and Andrew Marr).

        It’s quite unacceptable, yet WE are TAXED to pay for it!

        There are two or three huge problems facing this country beside the obvious financial one (to which they are in any case related), namely: our relationship with the EU, unfettered immigration esp of non-Christians, and the determination of all political leaders to go along with the AGW / Carbon cap and trade nonsense. You will not get any balanced discussion of these from the BBC.

        And yet some benighted folk (esp abroad) still insist on seeing the BBc as some kind of beacon of imaprtiality and responsible journalism. It’s not – it’s a pernicious propaganda tool for a certain anti-democratic faction, which does not adhere to this country’e traditonal values


    • 33
      Brixjack says:

      Indeed the BBC ain’t perfect but Glenn Beck & FOX – now that’s proper bias, crap journalism. Choose your targets better Guido!


      • 47
        The Dirty Rat says:

        Yes but which one are we forced to subscribe to?


      • 58
        Operation Market Garden says:

        Fuck off liberal


      • 76
        Archer Karcher says:

        Glenn Beck does not pretend to be a journalist, his show is a commentary show based on his, like them or not, opinions.
        Robinson is supposed to be a journo, though precious little evidence of that exists, as most of his “insights” are spin briefings from number 10 and nothing else.
        Try and compare like with like, if you are capable.


      • 77
        Climategate. says:

        ‘Russia today’ is better than the BBC News for fucks sake.
        True or not ‘Climategate’ was and still is a big story.
        This has exposed the bias BBC more than any other Item.
        And there were plenty of those already.


        • 94
          Brixjack says:

          Well it’s not really true. It’s only jumped up idiots on internet forums that have called it climategate. Get over it man! It’s a bollocks story.


          • TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

            Touchy are we? Unhappy about the snow are we? PLP about to implode and the Lob Dims have no chance in the next millenia.


          • Scout says:

            Anyone who believes Climategate is a non-story hasn’t done their research.

            The clearest analysis of the sequence of emails and their importance (and that of the Harry_read_me code) is here in this long anyalysis by a statistician with a PhD in Physics. It will take a while to read all of it but it’s worth the effort

            It also underlines not only that the “scientific consensus” on global warming is completely unreliable – nothing but a political construct – but it clearly displays the unceasing efforts of the CRU/IPCC people to shut down all debate by any means possible, esp by corruption of the peer review system, and academic/professional intimidation.

            So it’s a very big story indeed, and those who understand it will make sure it won’t go away


            What is behind it all is unravelling along with the “science” with any luck


    • 44
      resurgemus says:

      Fox don’t force me to pay £ 143 for the privilege of their news service

      The BBC do


    • 51
      Bazza says:

      I’d say it’s far far worse. Fox News doesn’t make the pretense of impartiality, whereas BBC frames debate in such a way as to make lunatic socialists seem moderate.


      • 69
        Bernard says:

        “Fair and balanced”. Ring any bells?


        • 86
          Archer Karcher says:

          The BBC abandoned fair and balanced decades ago.

          It is now just a house publicity / propaganda unit, for this repulsive fascist, freedom hating, warmongering, government.


          • Brixjack says:

            It’s really not. I have always found the BBC annoyingly balanced and fair. But then again i’m not a paranoid conspiracy nut…


          • TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

            Just a drone my friend, just a drone. Just repeat the party line, and your call centre manager will let you out early to play in the snow caused by Global Warming.


          • Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

            Brixjack, if you find the BBC balanced, you have poor judgement.


          • Anonymous says:

            “fair and balanced” is Fox’s catch phrase – Bazza tried to claim “Fox News doesn’t make the pretense of impartiality”


          • Bazza says:

            Point conceded re: “fair and balanced” strap for FN. But the reality is that even people on the right take this little joke with a hill of salt, whereas those on the left actually seem to take the Beeb’s cant on AGW, SHS, GM foods, QE etc. etc. as neutral and objective.


          • Scout says:

            Time all moderates, democrats, and right-thinking people refused to pay the BBC Propaganda Tax

            They are harrassing me right now, with their usual threats


    • 103
      oldfella says:

      oh Bernard

      you’ve just provided me with a platform to do you some serious injury


      Now, hows about a knee in the bollocks for you as well?


    • 105
      Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

      Glenn Beck hosts a comedy show, much like Jon Stewart. Neither claim to be impartial.

      The BBC pretends to be impartial and that is why the fuckers need to get the chop when the Tories are elected. A better comparison would be between the Beeb and Voice of America. Both propaganda outfits. Anyway, I want my 140 quid back.


    • 108
      Rip Van Winkle says:

      Bernard, tell me what Beck has got wrong? What lies has he told?

      Thought not. Just shoot the messenger. You said it – wank stain.


      • 168
        Bernard says:

        While he was at CNN he had an operation, during his time in hospital he couldn’t have been more critical of the standard of US healthcare. Now he’s at Fox he’s done a 180 and now apparently believes that the US has the best healthcare in the world. He has also made remarks suggesting any form of public option is likely to lead to a Nazi Germany scenario. That’s just healthcare, I could go on and on. The man is a liar and a fear monger

        BTW those saying BBC and Beck are not like for like should refer to my original comment, my point was Guido has defended Beck on more than one occasion yet will happily bollock the BBC for this non-story


    • 141
      Unsworth says:

      So you’re saying it’s shit, but it’s a better class of shit?

      Then it’s still shit.


  16. 28
    The Dirty Rat says:

    A happy Epiphany to one and all. There is a god/Allah.


  17. 29

    He may have dismissed it, but it must have made him angry because Nick on the DP also said that if Labour loses the next election then they may cease to exist as a governable party, to which the Labour stooge didn’t gainsay


    • 53
      Mitch says:

      he said some in the party believe that. And they’re right.


    • 156
      Caligula says:

      What does the Zanu Labour Party represent ?

      1) Massive corruption, fraud and fiddling…the prostitution of government, the Commons and Lords…the destruction of the major UK institutions….

      2) Financial disaster through “light regulation” and close relationships with fraudulent City bankers…

      3) Thuggery skullduggery and congentital lying and smearing…never seen in British politics before…disgusting people like McBride, Doll, Mandelchild, Alexander and the other slobs in Brown’s soordid Bunker…

      May they be flushed out of power and any positions of responsibility throughout the UK…….

      They are deviants unelected frauds living on Blair’s coattails who should never have held any power…

      Let justice be done…


  18. 36

    I did tweet yesterday that a new leadership challenge by 2 ministers would be launched within the next couple of weeks. So prediction mainly correct but the real question is the date. March 25th now looking very HOT indeed if only to wrongfoot any new leader…think of Frank Field for the role…

    Happy New Year all and didn’t it just liven up PMQ’s earlier today – More like this Guido…


  19. 42
  20. 43
    fr says:

    He contemptuously dismissed the over night stories of a revolt as an invention of the bloggers, a non-story. He could have said that he had heard nothing, but he took the opportunity to draw dividing lines between responsible journalists like him and bloggers like guido.


  21. 46
    Camels toe says:

    Michael Shite on News 24 holding the line for Brown.
    His “Ok, then what?” question to watching Labour MPs will probably be enough to convince them to stick their thumbs back up their arse.


    • 62
      James says:

      can someone post the link for lady michael in the top ten of 2009 from the daily politics where brillo asks what his opinion is this hour – cannot find it anywhere


    • 71
      Rome Is Burning says:

      Labour didn’t have a plan for post-war Iraq. Do the plotters have a plan for post-war Labour, or can we expect similar chaos?


    • 75
      Charles Flaccidwidger says:

      Assuming they ever had the nerve to remove their thumbs in the first place without Mandelson telling them they could.


  22. 52
    nobody expects the spanish inquisition says:

    robinson-great face for radio!

    useless and biased………

    any guesses on his salary/expenses?


  23. 56
    Operation Market Garden says:

    Robinson is a stooge of the New Labour stasi.

    All the stuff he gets to know about that he – by his own admission in the past – does not report. He fails to do his job to keep his public sector colleagues happy.

    Robinson should be the first casualty of the BBC reform – of course cast irn Dave will do FA about the BBC or the Guardians poncing off the taxpayer.

    Robinson & all the other BBC propagandists, traitors & hacks are a waste of oxygen & should be culled.


  24. 60
    Mandy4PM says:

    Mandy for PM I say.


  25. 63
    S says:

    North West Labour MPs including Frank Field, Gerald Kaufman, Graham Stringer, Gordon Prentice and Loise Ellman have come out in support of the call for a secret ballot on the leadership.


  26. 70
    FG says:

    Polly Toynbee on radio 5 sticking the knife into Brown. Frazer Nelson more circumspect as befits his new role dedicated to slagging off Cameron.


  27. 71
    Anonymous says:

    Could be simply that Nick didn’t jump to his blog as the first place to post?

    Note that at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/8443461.stm

    1231 Breaking News… Away from the Commons Nick Robinson says former ministers Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon are texting Labour colleagues urging a ballot on Gordon Brown’s leadership.

    Okay, still not ahead of the blogs, but at least that’s nine minutes ahead of the full text of the letter being published here.


  28. 81
    Ken says:

    You know it’s curtains for Brown when one of the few prepared to come out and support him is that vile old bag, Margaret Beckett.

    Even the Radio 5 stooge challenged her over the lack support for Brown amongst cabinet ministers and other senior members.


  29. 85
    nell says:

    Well I for one hope their call for a ballot fails.

    I want to see gordon face the General Election – it will be his first and his last, and teach his over-bloated ego a very useful lesson.

    The labour party deserves him and with him leading them into the GE I hope they get so badly trashed they can’t regroup, and that ,of course, is the danger that hoon and hewitt and their supporters are trying to ward off.


    • 113
      Sally's Tits says:

      I want him to have never faced an election and be consigned to history as a total spineless joke, he can then write more irony free kerridge books.


    • 115
      Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

      Gordon, you have robbed the nation blind for 13 years. Please stay a little longer! Don’t rob us the satisfaction of throwing you out in a few months. I want to see you crying on the steps of Downing Street as the removal men carry your family’s four single beds into the van!


  30. 87
    Dingle says:

    Nick Robinson never gets anything right. When he first started at the BBC, the Blunkett affair was in full swing and he announced that Blunkett would ride the storm. DB was, of course, gone in a matter of days. His predictions since then have followed the same course.


  31. 101
    Sally's Tits says:

    Frank Field on News 24 taking the piss out of the BBC for not having a clue about this – the useless media – lol – also said he was aware of lots more names.


    • 116
      nell says:

      So what happens next? Will a cabinet minister resign in the next few hours in order to give impetus to hoon and hewitt’s call?

      And how exactly are they going to organise and conduct this ballot? Are they going to have a postal vote?


    • 118
      Not long until Labour gone says:

      Jon Sopel came across as a complete wanker in that interview.


  32. 112
    Gonk says:

    The ingrained soul and cast of the BBC is
    left of centre. New order bloglife throws them
    with profanity strewn unbridled comments.
    They can’t keep up and they know it.
    Socially inept and dangerous politicians can’t be hidden anymore.
    Thank God.


  33. 119
    Sally's Tits says:

    Why is Kay ‘hmmm’ Burley dressed like Jack Sugden off Emmerdale Farm?


  34. 120
    Sally's Tits says:

    Oooh Maguires on, Labour MPs think Hoon is Kerrazy apparently.

    Do they think Brown is normal?


  35. 135
    .243 Win says:

    Interesting to see the reaction at Pravda : My reading is it’s the first indication they’ve had that they’re not completely in the loop any more.


    • 136
      The Unknown Streetcleaner says:

      They’re on the wrong side to be in the loop. The Beeb were fully behind the ousting of Blair and the coronation of McDoom.


  36. 142
    They're all cunts at the BBC says:

    They’re all Hunts at the BBC


  37. 150
    50 Calibre says:

    Perhaps he should have gone to SpecSavers…


  38. 153
    Shamik Das says:

    John Pienaar on 5Live had it at about 12:25 – they cut away from PMQs so he could break the news. All froth and nonsense anyway.


  39. 160
    Anonymous says:

    bbc news costs taxpayer billions? it’s the licence fee payers and it’s not that much


    • 165
      innnnnnnit says:

      In 2008 the UK population was 61,399,118.

      A colour TV Licence costs £142.50.

      That’s a total of £8,740,824,315

      That’s nearly £9 billion

      There may be a few who don’t have tv licence, but you can see that it is indeed billions.

      Now fuck off.


  40. 167

    […] Fawkes claims he was not long after that, but actually he was third in […]


  41. 169
    spragger says:

    Best advert for the TV Poll tax


  42. 170
    Willsteed says:

    Ow—– cher.

    He’s a useless, late to to the game, bloated lefty anyway.

    so stick it to him


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