January 6th, 2010

Guy News : Hoon, Hewitt & Hubris


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    Carlos says:

    From Labourlist(ing very heavily, abandon ship!)

    This afternoon, LabourList is responding to the attempt to re-open the divisive leadership issue by publishing a statement, which has already been signed by ten active Labour Party members. To add your name to the letter, please send an email to: activistletter@googlemail.com


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      How CAN Nick Robinson get it so badly wrong? Is he just a useful idiot? Will he believe anything he is told so long as it comes from a ‘credible source?’ I.E., a drinking buddy or a trusted old friend?

      This is the truth of it, a truth Nick Robinson has difficulty coming to terms with…
      Labour infighting whilst little Nicky Clegg does a Tallulah Bankhead

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        Prescott shows his favourite videos off! says:


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          Charlie Wheelin says:

          I got the unions onside for dear Gordon! The Blairites just shat themselves!

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          Hewitt loves her darling Hoon says:

          Well done the Guardian for breaking the story! Good scoop

          you know the ACTUAL story where no ministers resigned but 2 fuckwit ex ministers missed the coup plot by several months
          nice timing and the kind of plotting competence you’d expect from a pair like that

          Robinson also lost his mind about this earlier and was predicting a Brown apocalypse but has now had to admit it’s another damp squib fizzling out with no ministers quitting leaving Hoon and Hewitt high and dry but looking most amusing none the less

          Now Brown and the Labour Party knows who the 6 cabinet ‘bastards’ (to use a John Majorism) they are now neutered. Charlse Clarke couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery and he is even more fucktastically hopeless at coup plotting than Simon Mann and Mark Thatcher

          Still, you did manage at least one tremendous scoop Guido
          Team Cameron somehow deliberately being shit (yet again lol) at question time because of a coup that did not emerge until question time was underway
          Mystic Meg is advising Cameron now is she ?

          Robinsons hopeless but you did no better
          nobody in the cabinet quit
          two ex ministers made themselves look twats

          also amusing is how this fucks the cabinet ‘bastards’ chances in the leadership contest after the election as they now have to run for Labour Leader with the ‘treachery’ label like Portillo had to and that never goes down well among Party grass roots of whatever colour

          • Horny handed son of toil says:

            Hey Mr liebor apologist you can flail around all you like blaming all and sundry but the fact is that the hoon Hoon’s and “health service best year” Hewitt’s little intervention actually had resonance among us little people which you so crave to “look after”. I heard people on the London omnibus and a hospital I visited today talking about the Brown b’stard and how his own party hates him!!!

            Its the front page of tomorrow’s papers as well. That will go down well among the masses?!?

          • Hoons hoons everywhere and not a drop of sense says:

            can’t you read moron ?
            I would hardly be looking forward to a messy Leadership contest after the election if I thought Brown would win or I support these dickheads

            some of us aren’t partisan little twats who can only see the world through their blinkered narrow minded Dave or Brown viewpoint

            The front pages also have Cameron ahead by a mere 9% in a Sun poll
            so much for your in depth knowledge of the masses, shit for brains

            this email from a pair of fuckwits won’t change the polls by much if anything and Cameron should really be 15% to 20% ahead at least right now

            if Blair and Browns New Labour are so fucking hopeless, and they are, what does it say about Cameron’s Conservatives that they are struggling to get ahead by more than 9% in the depest recession in decades with a PM who is hugely unpopular ?

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          Anonymous says:

          I watched the Prescott gurning video, but at the end, uniquely in my Youtube surfing experience the links to related videos were all of teenage girls stripping on webcams. Why would Youtube link Prescott to teenage pornography?

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      What? There ARE ten active Labour Party members?

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        Broon the Baboon says:

        Plesscot counts as two!

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          Bullingdon Davy says:

          Hi, I’m the latest Labour spotty student troll. Ineffectual, wealthy parents and fond of wanking.

          You may remember me in other guises?

          Ho hum

          • TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

            Can I squeeze your zits? Pretty please. Love popping pustules.

          • Broon the Baboon says:

            Hello again, I’ve missed you so much! I hope you didn’t chuck your fat all over your homework you naughty boy, Miss will be upset.

          • TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

            Do you use a favourite sock? Or just raw Kleenex? Smells of Mushrooms in milk isn’t it?

          • denverthen says:

            Does anyone reckon the phantom coup was all Brown’s idea in the first place? It conveniently kills off the issue of a challenge to him stone dead just when it could have been a problem, using a couple of has-beens at the end of their political careers as the bait.

            Some people seem to think so.

            Still, epic fail either way.

          • TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

            You would have to be high on MAORI’s to even contemplate such tomfoolery so close to an election at the start of a year.

            Oh wait……………….!

          • Broon the Baboon says:

            Tried the sock and to be (anti) frank, I find a marigold filled with jelly much better.

          • Iain Dale says:


            Click through to Youtube and look at John Prescott’s “related videos”

          • Labourlist scoop

            12 Labour MPs out of 349 support Brown



          • Bullingdon Davy says:

            TATGAY – you really are a silly, posting in my name then posting your own follow ups. Even McBride was better at the game than that. Still, its been fun and I am off for a couple of days to tease the trots before coming back to have fun with Dick Sniffins playmates.

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      TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

      I have sent my best wishes. Bless.

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      Die hard Tory says:

      UK PLC has a Big problem. Brown or Cameron?

      Both are fucking useless.

      Brown has Mandelson pulling the strings and Cameron has Osborne.

      Conclusion from this lifelong Tory: The country is better off with Labour, for now.

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      mr sarcastic says:


      Mr Rock N Horse

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      sinosimon says:

      nick’s little problem shouldn’t be the issue, entertaining tho’ it is……..the fact that our national broadcaster decided kiddies sledging was the big news story of the day, and so ran it top of their flagship news should be……totaal disgrace once again from our unbiased opinion formers….

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        TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

        And pay £140 each household for the privilege. Or get vexatious letters threatening instant death by horrible methods.

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        revolting peasant says:

        The BBC and ITV have both led News at Ten with the plot story. Personally I think the weather is more interesting to the vast majority of the country, who don’t give a fucking shit about Labour in-fighting.
        Hoon and Hewitt woefully misjudged their timing.

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      Mysterious minister says:

      So who is the Government minister that Guido said would resign in protest about Gordon’s leadership?

      • 107
        TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

        Don’t be so adamant. Rumours, gossip and tittle tattle are not proven facts. Calm down dear, it’s only a second rate blog. Not like a big posh BBC Flagship programme, with swingometers and shit. And a presenter that daren’t go out in the summer sun, coz his speccy glasses would set everything around him on fire

        • 323
          TaT's creepy nutter stalker says:

          that’s right creepy nutter stalker,
          Robinson’s a hopless cun’t because he can’t get the facts right whereas Guido did a brilliant job because he can’t get the facts right

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      Benny says:

      Could someone please show me the spot in the labour coffin where another nail may be squeezed in? Such a rare spot surely needs world heritage designation

      • 327
        Susie says:

        Tricky. Like looking for an needle in a haystack of straw balanced precariously on a camel’s back.

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      Knights who say Ni says:


      But chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party Tony Lloyd told the BBC a leadership ballot was not what the party, or the British public, wanted.

      Tony Lloyd’s a Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunigit

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    gerry says:

    “PS Feel free to mock away at my on air dismissal of yesterday’s rumours about a cabinet minister resigning to force Gordon Brown out. That’ll teach me. No minister has resigned, of course – not yet anyway!” Nick Robinson.

    Looks like you’ve taken him up on his offer Mr Fawkes.

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    TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

    There I was on the last thread thinking about how Grand Harriet’s wibbly wobbly cat flaps would be.

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      concrete pump (prev rightwingatheistc*nt) says:


      • 39
        TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

        Tempted? I’m not!

        James Bond doesn’t do Butch Lezzas.

        • 78
          concrete pump (prev rightwingatheistc*nt) says:

          I slightly chuckled.

          • TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

            Funnier than TaT? Go on say Yes. You know you want to.

          • TiT says:

            As funny as Graham Norton farting and giggling for 3 hours.

          • concrete pump (prev rightwingatheistc*nt) says:


            I was amused.

            Admit i am not TaT, please.

          • Nike - Just Do TaT says:

            OK Concrete, but you were in TaT emulation mode at the time. Apologies.

            Just need to brush off a spotty Labour Troll that fancies me, and divest myself of my TiT symbiotic traveller.

        • 324
          TaT's creepy nutter stalker says:

          farkin hell! you really are a twatty little Toryboy weed aren’t you?
          “Butch Lezza’s”
          sweet Jesus! what a childish little streak of piss you are

          aren’t you the slightest bit embarrassed to be such a cringeworthy dipshit pratt posting such peurile dross?

          good entertainment for the rest of us though
          guaranteed hilarity in every post a bumbling clueless little twit like you makes

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    Bullingdon Davy says:

    Hmm. Behaves like a twat in public and is always wrong. This is a man truly in the mould of Osborne and Grayling. I must offer him a position.

    • 9

      Or typical Labour.

    • 46
      TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

      Zit cleansing sweetie. You know it would make you look sooooo much better. Who wants vesuvious craters these days? You can’t photoshop your boat race for a pup crawl with all the other peurile students. Don’t forget to carry a brick in a carrier bag to those lively parties where experimentation is the name of the game. Oh, such happy memories!

      • 282
        Bullingdon Davy says:

        I’m afraid you almost certainly have more recent experience of uni than me TATGAY. Still – nice to see I am getting under your skin. Fraid its time for me to do the same to the mad trots on the Labour sites now. More enemies I get the happier I am.

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    dan says:

    Both Milliband’s and Harman’s statements are as least supportive as they can get away with. Both use the phrase (or similar) ‘led by Gordon Brown’.

    I hope they aren’t going to stick the knife in, I want the chance to vote Brown out.

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    Private Sponge says:

    Poor Toenails, another cock up. Good for Guido

  7. 8
    Brown's a Tosser says:

    Nick Robinson wrong again wish there was a three strikes and your out policy at the beeb. He would have been long gone.

  8. 10
    My Other Cars Not A Prius Either! says:

    Quality timing nick,thats the michael fish moment every broadcaster dreads.
    New year resolution nick; I mustnt wing it anymore,I must report the facts not my wishes.

  9. 11
    BJ says:

    Brown has banrupted the country and Cameron is a drip. Perhaps the UK needs a new political party like this one just formed in the USA?:


  10. 13
    charonqc says:

    Enjoyed that!

  11. 14
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Oh dear, oh dear – what a dilemma. Should we try to keep Gordon in place so that he can lose the GE quite comprehensively, or ought we to welcome the mayhem that replacing him now would cause?

    Either option would produce such discontent and fear among The Supine Faithful that I’m perfectly happy to spectate and giggle my balls off.

    To complete my delight all I need is an Opposition that tore into the bastards every hour, on the hour. As Daniel Hannan or David Davis would. Instead we’ve got Dave, the Heir to Bliar.

    (By the way, Dave, ‘protecting the NHS’ might be a winner with the morons, but how about a bit of encouragement to those of us who can see the waste and inefficiency? Better value need not mean cuts.)

    Seems you just can’t have everything. But this isn’t a bad start.

    • 28
      Bullingdon Davy says:

      You sound suprised that I am the anointed successor to Blair. Didn’t you know that Eton is twinned with Fettes?

      • 40
        Al says:

        ‘BD’ You Fuckwitt, now back to your student wanking frenzy Labour troll.

        • 63
          TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

          He thinks he is funny Artificial Intelligence. What a lot he has to learn. Mummy will be missing him. Daddy, er not so much!

      • 64
        concrete pump (prev rightwingatheistc*nt) says:

        Sad marxist c*nt.

        You troll and troll and troll.

        Admit it,

        You’re shit.

        • 129
          R Swipe says:

          If shit were wit, you’d have diarrhoea.

          • TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

            Said the double Incontinent Student shapeshifter. Fuck off to the Union Bar. They have a special offer on Nappies.

          • R Swipe says:

            They don’t let us pensioners in. And i’ve put nappies on bigger babies than you in my time. They struggled and squealed much the same, but experience teaches one to hold them firmly and apply the cream before fitting them with their appropiate shit catcher.

          • Tat's 'special' Gay Nike Budgie m0ng stalker says:

            awww!! the poor widdle kiddie got angwy
            he’s such a childish narcissistic nutter he keeps talking about himself and projecting it on everyone else

            so we all know he’s he’s a sad little pathetic student Toryboy weed

      • 186

        Number 20, your time is up. You must go home, now.

        Hopefully this video will help you find oyur way home:-

  12. 15
    grunt says:

    He’s too far up Gordons rectum to notice what’s going on.

    BTW, don’t you need cajones to have hubris?

    • 20
      BB says:

      Robinson is so far up Brown’s arse that all you can see of him are his toenails. Hence the nickname his colleagues at the BBC have bestowed upon him.

    • 23
      Cassandra says:

      The BBC will get the mother of all haircuts at the end of this year. Will Nick Robinson?

      • 38
        JK says:

        Will Cameron have the balls to give the biased BBC the treatment they so richly deserve?

        If he doesn’t carve them up quickly then he’s just making a rod for his own back.

        • 71
          little ali says:

          When eez Lord Peter coming buck to Marrakesh? We mees heem.

        • 79
          TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

          They will continue as the marxist attack dogs unless he chops them up. How popular would saving a compulsory £140 be in the 21st Century? The Fuckers have had it large for too long.

          • A Gentlemon says:

            It would be funny if they did and then sky dropped their subscriptions charges the same week.

      • 92
        udderly 'orrible says:

        His barber already does him for half price, you expecting it to recede further?

      • 339
        auspicious old git says:

        I would be very surprised if minds at the BBC were not already aware of the potential liabilities they carry in their current political coverage. I would exepect them to be assiduously but carefully courting the conservatives; the results of which will gradually appear more visible.

        What I think they’d be most reluctant to see would be the abolition of the BBC trust and the placing of the BBC under OFCOM; a move that would cost little but would come as a total humiliation for the BBC.

  13. 19
    ZORRO says:

    You’ve got to admit that Andrew Neil reeled him in like a prize plonker. ‘Bloggers….yeah what do they know?’…. Obviously more than the resident MSM titterati…..

    • 94

      Neil is smart (even when pissed).

      I love seeing the BBC Common Purpose Droids dragged through their own shit.

    • 225
      Susie says:

      They’re like rats and ferrets fighting in a sack.

      Watching the Labour Party/BBC tear each other apart is such a delight (and the sort of nationwide weather I’ve dreamt of since ’63) — oh happy day. Rejoice! Rejoice! Hallelujah!

  14. 25
    pigs in space says:

    credit where it’s due, a great set up by Brillo

  15. 26
    They're all cunts at the BBC says:

    They’re all Hunts at the BBC

  16. 30
    robert peston's speech therapist says:

    Not only Toenails looking like a total Hoon, this IS the final countdown for new liebour. Can hardly wait for the chief liar to give evidence to the Iraq war inquiry.With only the slimeball Campbell left to come to justice my cup runneth over with joy.

    • 87
      Bob Enweave says:

      So why are they closing the gap in the polls?

      • 122
        TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

        Falsification. like in clay shooting. It’s not how many you hit. It’s how many you record.

        Lies and smears, it’s all ZNL DNA. Along with Theft, Homosexuality, and deviant sex.

    • 146
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Why? do you honestly believe that that arsehole would tell the truth? Just how ingenuous can one person be?

  17. 35
    Nick Robinson says:

    “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.”


    Now stop fucking calling me toenails.

  18. 36
    adge says:

    great video guido, Nick Robinson another one who likes to hear is own voice, and to think this guy gets a yearly bonus for this twaddle. (His own words to Andrew Neil last year)

  19. 36

    Phil Silvers has never been funnier.

  20. 45
    Guido's Male Readership says:

    No Emily or Weathergirl? Are they still on extended holiday in a Swiss ski resort chasing bankers?

  21. 49
    Man With a Very Hot Bladder says:

    In case you have not seen it:

    Gordon Brown’s Downfall Part 1 – The Events surrounding Glasgow East

  22. 53
    Compost Gordon says:

    I just don’t get it – Brown and his rotten group of marxist chums have brought about economic ruin, lost control of immigration, set up a safe haven for every malcontented Muslim would be activist, dumbed down education, stuffed the NHS full of pen pushing and paper shuffling burocrats at the expense of front line services, sold us out to Europe, fukked our pensions, sold off the gold at whelk stall prices, and are now undertaking a scorched earth economic policy – could blather on for pages about all the other wasted opportunities – let alone the hundreds of thousands of deaths following that phony ‘war’- but here’s the thing

    How in god’s name are they still there – let alone thinking they can be re-elected for more of the same?

    • 58

      Because nigh on half the country relies on their largesse.

      • 84
        TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

        Getting ever closer to the Magic 50%. Once they fuck off the Bankers to Switzerland or Frankfurt. Job Done.

    • 76
      Levi Stapress says:

      Absolutely spot on. The way the ‘narative’ goes on and on without reference to this basic position just amazes me.They all deserve the Tyburn treatment for what they have done never mind being allowed to stand for re-election as if everything beforehand is just water under the bridge ffs.
      Thanks for stealing my country you bastards.

    • 262
      Anonymous says:

      Makes you wonder if we got what we deserve. The indoctrinated should leave by the nearest exit while they still can. Think I’ll brush up the German (for Switzerland) or maybe Chinese!

    • 296
      Lemmings4UK says:

      It’s easy, Feed the masses with wall to wall TV reality dross, convince them that Mandleson Harman and Straw are nice people, tell them that the Tories would kill off all benefits, and bodies would pile up in the streets, and just to be certain of victory, cap it off with free tattoo’s for everyone over 12, chuck in some subsidised ironwork, and a promise of ill fitting sportswear for the over 70′s, and it’s ‘voila’ 5 more years. I have already started taking the Amitriptyline, as my GP tells me it takes a few months to kick in.

  23. 57
    nell says:

    The country is just about shut down with snow just a week or two after gordon told us we were suffering from global warming and had to pay extra taxes to put it right.

    Roads are closing down for lack of salt even though gordon said there was no shortage.

    And at least four major regions have suffered power cuts today following warnings from National Grid that we, imminently, are facing a power crisis as gordon condemned their scaremongering and said there was nothing to worry about.

    No wonder his colleagues want to get shut of him!!

    • 76
      UK Met Office says:

      -20 deg C in Germany, frozen rivers, etc, but country still works. Blighty – shithole, full of shits.

    • 93
      Engineer says:

      Can anybody over the age of 40 remember 3″ of snow closing all the schools in the area when you were children? I can’t ever remember getting a day off for that reason, but I can remember getting to school with wet feet after ploughing through said snow. All schools round here closed – sideroads a bit messy, but A-roads not bad. We’re turning into a nation of wimps, I tell you – wimps.

      (Prepared to concede that 8″ of snow is a different matter.)

      • 98
        Iain Dale says:

        I prefer 10″

      • 103

        I distinctly recall living in a cardboard box in t’ middle o’ motorway, Engineer. And I was looky.

        • 118
          Engineer says:

          Paper bags for shoes, we ‘ad, aye, an’ thowt ussels looky an’ all.

          Kids these days – don’t know they’re born. Day off fer a bit o’ snow – harrumph, grumble….(frowns with jealousy).

      • 113
        Mr Plum says:

        I cannot remember getting so much snow in the past, our climate must be getting colder

        • 119
          nell says:

          You must be very young!

        • 121
          Engineer says:

          I’m not that old (mid 40′s), but I seem to remember at least one snowfall most years. The amount some places down south have had is unusual, though.

          • Mr Plum says:

            I was too young at the time to remember the bad winter in 1963 but can only really recall one winter in the 1960′s when we had a good covering of snow.

          • Uncle Si says:

            At least the polar bears have somewhere to live now, I’m in my 40′s seem to remember the winter of 1979 being a bit cold as well, in more than oneway or another

          • nell says:

            I remember the winter of 1963 – in drifts, our snow was 2 to 3 foot deep.

            Did we get let off school in our village? No!!

            Although to be fair the teachers of our school also lived in our village.

            My recollection of that winter is the school’s coal burner stoves – they put the free milk all around them so that when we had it to drink it was warm and then they roasted potatoes on top of them. ‘Elf ‘n safety nowadays wouldn’t let them do things like that.

            They even let us go out to the field next door to make snowmen, play snowballs and slide down an incline. Can you imagine any school doing that now? The children might get wet and cold!!!!

          • nell says:

            I remember the winter of 1963 – in drifts, our snow was 2 to 3 foot deep.

            Did we get let off school in our village? No!!

            Although to be fair the teachers of our school also lived in our village.

            My recollection of that winter is the school’s coal burner stoves – they put the free milk all around them so that it was warm and then they roasted potatoes on top of them. ‘Elf ‘n safety nowadays wouldn’t let them do things like that.

            They even let us go out to the field next door to make snowmen, play snowballs and slide down an incline. Can you imagine any school doing that now? The children might get wet and cold!!!!

        • 142
          Pierrepoint says:

          You southern sissies don’t know what real snow is. Come to Cumbria and find out. But, erm, don’t come right now because we haven’t really had very much at all.
          It is quite cold though!

      • 120
        Bob Enweave says:

        If all those salaried wankers get paid for not turning up, where’s the surprise?
        No work, no pay would incentivise them.

      • 124
        Dack Blog says:

        My school was closed because public transport was out. (And as we have a lottery system kids have to come in from all over rather than go to the school up the road). I got a lot of my stupid/pointless/’what’s my job meant to be about again?’ data-crunching paperwork done, though. We spend all our time weighing the pig rather than feedng it, thanks to Labour, ya know.

        • 147
          Bob Enweave says:

          My school was closed because public transport was out.

          Try walking.

          • Dack Blog says:

            I went in Bob. In my previous private sector career I wouldn’t have bothered.

          • Bob Enweave says:

            Good for you. Perhaps the curriculum should include lessons in teaching the other lazy buggers to get off their arses and do the same.

          • Dack Blog says:

            There are lots of good teachers, Bob. And not all Labour supporters either.

            The public sector witch-hunt routine is the refuge of the dumb.

          • Bob Enweave says:

            I’m talking about all those on salaries who get paid for “sick” days, Aunties funeral or those with travel problems irrespective of profession. If i don’t work, i don’t get paid. It’s a marvellous way of encouraging one to roll out of bed at 5:30 and struggle in.

          • Dack Blog says:

            Fair point. I guess I’m starting to get defensive about doing a (public sector) job I once regarded as worthwhile. Whereas you’re just a scapegoat for incompetent Govt policy – even moreso, of course, when a recession bites.

          • Bob Enweave says:

            Teaching is a worthwhile and honourable profession, like many other public sector jobs. They shouldn’t take the blame for poor leadership and abuse by those using them as a political weapon.

        • 283

          Reminds of the joke Jethro tells: “Mum can’t come just now, father: She’s weighing the postman!”

      • 153
        grobdj says:

        I love the snow, all those wimps can’t get to work

        Didn’t get a single phone call today from people selling telephone systems and bankruptcy arrangements

      • 162
        Anonymous says:

        Heard a report on Radio today that some schools were closing simply to ensure their attendance record is not affected. Aopparantly if they remain open many pupils will fail to attend and this will effect their offstead report re attendance however if the scholl closes the day doesnt count.

        I dont remember ever being sent home because of the wesather and I dont remember carnage in the playground either as a result Mr Health and Safety !

        • 175
          Anonymous says:

          Though to be fair there probably would be many accidents these days since we’ve brought the kids up to be soft bastards !!!!!

        • 178
          Dack Blog says:

          I’ve never heard that about closures, to be fair. But it wouldn’t surprise me. ‘Attendance’ is another time-consuming paper mountain hot potato that puts responsibility on the school rather than onto parents.

          • Keeping the stats on track says:

            It’s true. A friend of mine is a governor at local primary school.They stayed open in the last cold snap even though only 40% of pupils turned up.On a rece Ofsted they were marked down on attendance/truancy levels. So I suggest that is one of the main reasons schools are closed even though the roads are passable by walking etc

        • 289

          Once, in 1972. The boiler broke.

      • 212
        concrete pump (prev rightwingatheistc*nt) says:

        Only time school was cancelled was when the heating broke down.

        Mum still made me go in.

      • 246
        Susie says:


        Went to school throughout the ’63 winter (5 foot drifts and 3 foot on the ground for 11 weeks). Furthermore the only concession they made was we were allowed to wear ski pants (not jeans). Path-fucking-thetic.

    • 166
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Tried to buy gravel and salt recently? Stores have had deliveries due 28/12 and are still waiting, Wheres it all going? It couldn’t be that the Global Cooling Deniers have enacted a provision of the Emergency Powers Act without telling anyone, could it?

    • 198

      Nell! This is the New Labour idea! Take us back to the early 1970s! Power cuts, 3 Day week! Hang on. Why are those the only Heathite policies they are mining, for want of a better word?

      • 219
        nell says:

        Heath = incompetence = gordon

        Bit like wilson = favours and denying reality = chamberlain = gordon

        And let’s not even think about the welsh labour idiot kinnock and he and his troughing wife’s EU millionaire lifestyle = everything that gordon’s labour has become

        • 237
          Nike. says:

          Kinnock was the Template where money overtook power and control as the main driver. At the Party Conference, the Double Kinnocks looked ever so smug. yak.

    • 230
      Susie says:

      There is a God nell.

      And how I’m enjoying sweeping past all the stuck and skidding Pious drivers in my LR Defender… life’s good, most of the UK is hideously white and long may it remain so.

      • 236
        Susie says:

        How I’m enjoying sweeping past all the Pious drivers stuck and skidding in the snow in my Defender. Life’s very good, the countryside appears to be hideously white atm.

      • 239
        Nike. says:

        Couldn’t get my son’s Disco 3 over Kirkstone on Sunday. Defender driver failed as well.

        • 267
          Uncle Si says:

          Susie, I’ve passing not so smug gits in their mono chrome rep mobiles all day in my old Landy! lol

  24. 60
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Have either of these Hunts been checked by the CRB that they are fit and proper trustworthy enough to work with children.

    It is not for the faint hearted or Cabinet Ministers.

  25. 66
    Down with Brown! says:

    The view from across the Atlantic:


    Brown is an international joke.

  26. 72
    Down with Brown! says:

    Awesome summary of the situation from Iain Martin:


    The Cabinet have left Brown even weaker but still in office.

  27. 74
    Compost Gordon says:

    “Strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis”

    ‘First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.’

    These two Marxist jokers ( Cloward & Piven) are alive and well and advising Obama – which certainly might suggest why Obama has surrounded himself with Socialists, Marxists and even an honest to goodness Commie – and of course Obama used to teach their ‘ideas’ when he was a lecturer.

    Brown and co -on the face of it – are also following Cloward and Pivin’s blueprint – why else are they doing what they are doing?

    Could we actually be seeing the “Progressives” (the marxist left) plan coming to fruition? Is this a determined effort to hasten the fall of capitalism? All the evidence is there.

    • 90
      TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

      10/10. They want to fuck us over, until the Pips hurt. Sorry, I meant squeeze, but you know what I meant.

    • 109
      Year Zero says:

      The aim of creating a new national/global order of agrarian totalitarianism certainly seems quite plausible.

    • 152
      Red Cheecks Ferguson says:

      Which fall of capitalism? Are you perhaps refering to an ongoing marriage and extended honeymoon between corporations and ruling classes? Dave C. or Gordon B., same shit….

  28. 88
    bradley says:

    Cammo gives up on the Asian vote.

    • 102
      A Gentlemon says:

      Legendary film sir!

      Can you put up Alec Baldwin’s epic speech as well?

    • 138
      a3p says:

      I thought Labour had the Asian vote all sewn up, along with the dole-scroungers and chavs vote, the public sector pen-pushers vote, and the Somali vote.

      • 200
        nell says:

        Labour might have captured the radical muslim vote as in anjem choudheries and his supporters who live on welfare – as well as anyone on benefits of any persuasion who can be bothered to get out of bed to vote.

        But I doubt it’s captured the votes of any working people of any creed and colour – labour is not about Working People

  29. 91
    Crisis what crisis ? says:

    The Beeb are leading their News programes with the fact that the country is covered in white stuff which they are mistaking for their drug of choice .

    • 129
      TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

      So funny!

      I saw a young ‘Lady’ beeboid operate at a cricket test match v Australia.

      She managed to take on no less than 4 of the Aussie Team in one white haze session. One of whom was quite famous for girls and charlie. very odd.

  30. 97
    We pay Nick Robinson to talk out of his arse says:

    Fuck the placid little sheep who believe everything auntie bbc tells them and says how they should think, they are already dead.

    Reality can’t crush their little gossamer threads fast enough in my book.

  31. 99
    Myfanwy says:

    Cameron looked rattled at one point in PMQ’s today, went red in the face. Don’t think he’s going to do well in debates. Anyone seen latest Sun poll, lots of rumours but nothing yet.

    • 111
      Down with Brown! says:

      Cameron performed well and got in lots of good jabs against Brown and Labour, it was Gordon who was rattled and had nothing new to say.

      • 277
        Susie says:

        Cameron gave Osborne a look that said “listen to the bonkers man…”

        I think Cameron’s quite a kind sort of bloke — what used to be called a gentleman — and can’t quite bring himself to humiliate McLoon however crazy he’s getting. He’d prefer to let his own Cabinet and ultimately the electorate do that.

    • 134
      TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

      Keep trying, and if you keep going till the end of the calender year, you might even influence the election result.

    • 141
      a3p says:

      Brown was ranting like a lunatic. The man is an out-of-control sociopath hysterical with megalomania.

      • 168
        Anonymous says:

        Said the medical expert in the straight jacket. Have you been studying the Ladybird book of psychosis again.

        • 209
          Richard I. Chavez says:

          Is that the one issued to judges and social workers, anonymous?

        • 215
          Nike - Just Do TaT says:

          Not really very erudite are we? Time for the Ladies to leave the room. Gentlemen, please stand up.

  32. 100
    Down with Brown! says:

    Were the blogs being manipulated by the bunker?


    Sounds like bollocks to me. It was the cowardice and ineptitude of the plotters that killed this plot.

  33. 105
    Moley says:

    Does anybody know how today’s Gilt auction went?

    Were they all bought by RBS on behalf of the majority shareholder?

  34. 106
    Crisis what crisis ? says:

    I also noticed that although the BBC initially reported the attempted coup as a headline , they did not provide any analysis or comment from their reporters till later in the evening ( at least on Radio). Was this because they were deciding on an agreed line to take if so with whom ?

  35. 115
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    Nice BBC website headline: “Ministers lining up behind Brown”.
    Aye, right fucking behind him.

    • 136
      nell says:

      A bit like Richard III’s lords at the Battle of Bosworth .

      At the crucial moment they all deserted him and left him to fall by the sword in a marsh as they scrabbled for power .

      gordon’s Bosworth is the General Election when politically gordon is a dead man – he knows it, they know it and we know it.

      militwit, harpyharriett and other potential contenders for leader of the soon to be deadbeat party simply don’t want to challenge gordon for the leadership to fight an already lost general election as they think it will harm their chances in the forthcoming leadership challenge which will happen later in the year.

      For now they are all happy to utter meaningless words of support and then step back and watch him drown.

      • 156
        Mr Plum says:

        I was thinking more like the band of the Titanic

        • 164
          nell says:

          Yes but the Band of the Titanic were honorable and courageous people – I don’t think we could apply those atributes to this load of beetle dung!!

      • 169
        Engineer says:

        That’s a wonderful mental picture – Gordoom wallowing in a bog on election night, as various Labour toadies scrabble over each other to reach dry ground, some drowning in the slime and ordure of combat. Bring it on….

    • 189
      We're all behind Gordon says:

      and on the count of three…Push !

  36. 117
    Down with Brown! says:

    What do Labour and Portsmouth have in common?

    Both struggle to pay their wages:


  37. 126
    Speeding slush plough says:

    Went down the dual carriageway. The outside lane was full of piled up brown slush. Odd I thought until I saw a speeding oncoming Snow plough on the other carriageway spewing slush over the crash barrier onto my outside lane. What’s the betting the plough had been shifting snow(slush) from one outside lane to the other all day?

  38. 137
    Sid James says:

  39. 148
    Jimmy says:

    Fair play to you Guido. A day on and they still haven’t picked up on the Jowell resignation. Your detractors will point out that you got the story completely wrong but they miss the point. You were first and that’s all that matters.

  40. 157
    TAT says:

    woof woof

  41. 167
    City of Vice says:

    Nick Robinson=Prize Tit.

    All he needs do is paint a red dot in the middle of his shiny head and the picture is complete.

    It pains me when I think that public money is being used to pay this NuLab shill.

    It’s about time the BBC started reporting the news, factually, as opposed to employing these useless, bun-licking ‘commentators’. Political editor my arse.

    Note to Dave: When elected please do something tserious about sorting out these BBC scrotes.

    • 191
      Mr Plum says:

      They have been at it for the last 30 years, you wait till Cameron is in.

    • 192
      TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

      Portrayed as a Tory by the Labour Cabal. He would never have lasted in the BBC if he had held any such sentiments. Chief political Editor of the BBC with a Tory bias with Bad Ali, and the Clunking fist on his tailpipe? Er, no way. The lies, and lies and lies these fuckers spin. Unreal.

    • 197
      Bob Enweave says:

      He couldn’t sort a bag of crisps.
      If Dave’s so fucking wonderful, why is he not streets ahead in the polls? Is it because the electorate recognise him for what he is? Another Blair EU stooge anxious to live the same dream?

      • 220
        Mr Plum says:

        If Cameron is another Blair then why isn’t the Beeb supporting him.Although he did come in on a crest of a wave with lots of media support rather like Blair and Obama, make me a bit suspicious. I would have preferred David Davis as leader.

  42. 179

    [...] more: Guy News : Hoon, Hewitt & Hubris – Guy Fawkes' blog Tags: friend, homework, michael, michael-fish, moment-every, must-report, mustnt-wing, [...]

  43. 183
    Hugo Reyes says:

    Breaking news.

    Guido cannot tell two mingers apart.

  44. 195
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon has been H cubed!

  45. 202
    The Iraqi Information Minister says:

    “I think the British nation has never been faced with a tragedy like this fellow”

  46. 206
    Nick2 says:

    Well, Radio 4 are now saying that the secret ballot proposal was a storm in a tea-cup. Excellent! When Hoon & Hewitt first went public I feared that Labour might jettison Brown & not suffer electoral Armageddon. Now Gordon’s position is secure he can fulfil his destiny & render Labour irrelevant until 2040.

    However much Brown tries to lose the election, Cameron (& Clegg) won’t win by default. I for one will probably vote for one of the minority parties – and everyone I know who’s still on the electoral register is similarly undecided.

    • 222
      grobdj says:

      Hoonocracy in action: Our Country Needs Us!

      We must stand up and be counted – (let’s have a secret ballot)

  47. 226
    UKIP TROLL says:

    Mandlescum says McDoom is the best possible Labour Leader

  48. 227
    Rick Nobinson says:

    OH, BOLLOCKS !! :((

    I suppose another pay rise it out of the question ?

  49. 233
    3 inches says:

    I’m not so sure new technology and 24/7 Tv news has advanced our lot.

    Not only did the technology tell the Met office that we would have a mild winter, the 24 hr news channels have put reporters in snowy places just to visualise what snow is.

    Actually this cold spell ain’t too bad yet. I still recall being on the M5 in the 80′s when you could actually take your hands off the wheel and the car would simply follow the tram lines etched in the snow(junctions were a problem though) and lorry drivers lighting fires under their fuel tanks to de-wax the diesel. I understand it could get colder though.

    What has never been solved by all this technology is how to stop some twat driving 3 inches up your arse.

    • 280
      grobdj says:

      Drive faster

    • 294
      Susie says:

      I passed my record of cars passed in one overtake today, 4 cars. All doing 10 mph gripping their steering wheels for grim death like hunchbacks. Good cars, Defenders.

  50. 235
    Tron says:

    Nick Robinson just named the ministers were expected to rebel on the 10 o’clock news !
    I can see his toenails . now I can see his feet !

    • 242
      Beowulff says:

      Makes you realise from what cowardly scum the whole liebour party is made up.

      Jesus when can we be shot of them,

      but how can 31% Britons support this absolute excrement.

      • 247
        Firkin L says:

        Same way you sausage jockeys support Camoron you soft c’unt.

        Now fuck off.

        • 279
          UKIP TROLL says:

          Seems like our hero from the middle earth put his finger on the truth.

          Liebour is made of solid shite from end to end

      • 256
        Maladroit Labour Chump says:

        Six million public sector workers all feeding off the State plus untold imported voters feeding off benefits and any number of postal voters.
        Gives Gormless and his apparatchiks a sizeable advantage.

    • 265
      Dack Blog says:

      Who? That’s seems odd to me. Why would toenails do that? Is he growing a spine?

  51. 250
    Still freezing says:

    global warming…..what happens when the salt runs out?

  52. 251
    Dack Blog says:

    Everyone looking a bit serious on ‘Newsnight’. Could be fun.

  53. 258
    Grimly Fiendish says:

    Who will rid us of these smug bastards that are the BBC?

  54. 259
    nell says:

    Whilst nick robinson is grandstanding , in the hope that it will stand him in good stead for a job after labour have crashed and burned at the GE, I just thought you all would like to know what the weather is doing in Helmand Province whilst we winge about the snow.

    Our lads are on foot patrol in heavy rain, high winds and poor visibility (soaked to the skin in freezing rain) at risk of IED’s.

    They are still waiting for those helicopters and ridgebacks that gordon and aintbustinagut (who has since been hidden in the bowels of the MoD because he is such a vote loser ) say they have sent but which have still not arrived .

    Another failed labour government policy – this one is costing lives, daily!!!

    • 284
      call me Dave Blair says:

      Dave’s hiding 12 helicopters up his arse he’s going to magically produce after the election to stop all the carnage and deaths with

      didn’t you know nell?

      • 300
        nell says:

        What I know is that aintbustinagut and gordon said they are sending another 10 helicopters – but what they have not said is that those helicopters will not arrive until 2013.

        What I also know is that because those helicopters are not there our lads are being forced to patrol on foot and are dying daily from IED’s.

        d’You think aintbustinagut or gordon care about that? I dont!!!

        • 319
          nelly the elephant says:

          nell cares so much about the troops she can’t wait for Cameron to get in and condemn them to another 5 years in slaughterhouse Afghanistan

          isn’t she sweet?

  55. 260
    Ebediah Trotsky says:

    What a hoon, expecting any of that spineless socialist set of nonces to stand up for anything other than a free meal at the expense of the taxpayer.

    There’s a lot of trees lacking some lefty nonces nailed to them.

  56. 263
    Dack Blog says:

    Dammit. Mandy’s taped – he and Hoon aren’t going head to head.

    I haven’t noticed ANY (did I miss something?) cabinet ministers publicly lay in to H&H. In fact they’ve gone out of their way to use first names, say they ‘respect them but…’

    That seems weird to me.

    • 264
      Dack Blog says:

      Ah… although from watching Mandy I reckon it’s a directive from him; ‘play it down, don’t get angry, it’ll all go away.’

      • 269
        nell says:

        mandy’s the Kingmaker!!!!

        He knows gordons going to lose the election – who do you think he’s backing to take over the labour leadership after their crash and burn in may/june?!!! harpyharriet??!!

        • 274
          Dack Blog says:

          I’ve said all along I reckon Miliband will be his next fave. Maybe with Johnson as caretaker. Millers gave his support late and it was lukewarm. Waiting for the backbench reaction? He wouldn’t want to piss them off with the future to think about.

          Mandy looked like he’d been drained of any spark at all. Hoon is chirpy by comparison.

        • 275
          Bob Enweave says:

          Dave would shit himself if he had to face Mandy. He can’t even take Gormless Gordon, let alone a smart operator like that.

          • UKIP TROLL says:

            I don’t think so, Dave knows he comes from a much superior background to Mandleslime. He would therefore be effortlessly superior.

            Mandleslime on the other hand knows that his proper position in life is to crawl on his belly like the worms of the earth.

          • Dack Blog says:

            I wouldn’t vote for Dave even if I was a diehard Tory. In fact, especially if I was a diehard Tory. That airbrushing of the poster was a metaphor.

  57. 281
    nell says:

    the labour party’s playing a deep game here .

    mandy is kingmaking for dave militwit – but he doesn’t want him to attempt to take the crown until after the next GE which he thinks, quite rightly, gordon is going to crash and burn.

  58. 290
    Socialist Murdoch and his Socialist Sky News says:

    Sky News isn’t even bothering to lead with Hoon and Hewitt’s letter
    lefty bastards

  59. 299
    Bullingdon Davy says:

    On the topic of media confusion I noticed the headline “Warrant out for horse sex accused” on the BBC site and immediately wondered – can it be Osborne, Hague or even Clarke. Then I thought of Crazy Horse Beckett. But then the answer came…
    Its TATGAY – and he’s hiding out on this site!

  60. 302
    nell says:


    Just think about what gordon is asking our lads in Afghanistan to do whilst he makes wild promises of helicopters and ridgebacks that he has no intention of keeping !!!!

    • 305
      Firkin L says:

      Why don’t you stop whinging.

      Same old bollocks.

      Shouldn’t you be dusting or soaking your teeth?

      • 307
        The Shayman says:

        Yeah come on Nell, get those teeth out.

        Just one last job to do.

      • 309
        nell says:

        Well firkin l why don’t you dust off your generous state benefits and ask yourself what use you are to your country .

        Get up off your lazy bed and do something useful – supporting our troops might be a beginning – but don’t strain yourself!!!!

        • 311
          Firkin L says:

          Oh fuck off!

          All you do is moan and whinge.

          Get a life.

        • 320
          nelly the elephant says:

          nell supports the troops so much she can’t wait for Cameron to get in and condemn them to another 5 years in slaughterhouse Afghanistan

          isn’t she sweet and caring?

          don’t worry we’ll help her remember how much she cares about every single death when Cameron gets in and the bodies keep piling up because she voted for another warmonger sending troops to their deaths for no good reason

          Dave really is just like Blair isn’t he?

  61. 303
    nell says:

    Absolutely! But mandy will not be happy that you have recognised his deep manipulations!!

  62. 304
    Perfect Storm says:

    Ah well another day Gone and what a day it was. Got a bit worried when I heard The Labour Party might be getting rid of The Conservatives biggest asset but thankfully they did the right thing and ensured Political annihilation come election Day.
    CMD also gave Brown an easy ride to make him look good in front of his own tribe, after all it was important that they didnt come out that chamber feeling dejected by another poor performance by their Leader, not with that e mail waiting for them.
    Well thats that then, the last chance Labour had to put up a decent fight come May/March.
    The Perfect Storm is now underway.


    Night night all.

    • 306
      Madeyeshannan says:

      So you admit the Tories have fuck all else to offer?

      Just that the’re not run by Gordon?

      Carefull what you wish for nonce.

    • 322
      Perfect Twat says:

      9% is Political annihilation is it?

      Dave’s been deliberately shit all this time because it’s all a cunnning plan to get a hung Parliament

      yeah right

      stupid cun’t

  63. 310
    Pierrepoint says:

    Looking forward desperately to a Cameron government.
    Once again we will be able to tally ho after Charlie, and shoot the poor city people that wander aimlessly across our land. Priceless.
    I Can’t wait.

  64. 312
    Madeyeshannan says:

    Rather! Ripping animals to shreds and rubbing their blood on children’s faces is such a wheeze!

    Wizard prang!

    Course it all for the good of the countryside, don’t you know?

    • 315
      Pierrepoint says:

      Little red bastards are everywhere. Do you have any idea of the price of a .243 round these days?
      Browns Britain, I tell you.

  65. 313
    Johnny Norfolk says:

    Well done Guy. Just shows how out of touch the BBC are.

  66. 314
    Firkin L says:

    And leave my state benefits out of this.

    I can’t afford to work. Well not legally anyway.

    Quids in. Oh yah!

  67. 321
    D Draper Qualified Psychotherapissed (sort of) says:

    Nick Robinson is only employed to keep Television Centre’s windows clean.

  68. 329
    Fred says:

    I think Nick Robinson was distracted – his wife had an affair and tried to top herself. Have some pity on the poor bugger!

  69. 330

    [...] that something was afoot. But the following lunchtime, while the BBC’s Political Editor was rubbishing that rumour, the actual story broke as the plotters emailed and texted fellow [...]

  70. 331
    Kezza the Hat says:

    We’ve just had a discussion at work about Labours achievements, their performance against manifesto promises, their tackling of social and economic woes and an attempt to list positives against negatives since they came to power. The consensus of opinion, including that of a number of Labour supporters is;

    Manifesto promises = Failed, broken or ignored on all known counts.

    Social problems = Failed miserably, in fact they have worsened the situation.

    Economics = No need to answer that one.

    Positives = We’re still trying to think of any.

    Negatives = Crime, extreme Political Correctness, Uncontrolled Immigration, increase in the number of Benefit reliant, NHS, unjust War, BBC in pocket, PM lying and making up ‘evidence’, unanswerable, expenses, unaccountable, playing host to mad mullahs, anti marriage, anti hard-working families, pro teenage single mums, unelected, tax, petrol, stealth taxes, financial incompetence, state powers, Big Brother, ‘jobs for the boys’, ill equipped army, low pay, better off not working, unemployment, two-faced, no morals, Harperson being anti-male, education, education, education…

    We could go on but we only had 5 minutes.

  71. 332

    Which of you is more smug? Hard to say.

  72. 333

    [...] Guido took him up on his invitation and the Guy News video of Robinson’s on-screen reversal has gone viral around BBC TV [...]

  73. 334
    shergar01@gmail.com says:

    Because he’s so far up Gordon’s arse

  74. 335
    Iain Dale says:

    Who came all over Nick’s face, come on, own up.

  75. 338

    [...] Guy News : Hoon, Hewitt & Hubris [...]

  76. 340

    [...] constituencies in the Tory  shires – did enjoy Guido’s film over lunch at Claridges.  It really is worth a watch..and while you are at it.. you might care to look at the latest GuyNews: Save our Gordon edition [...]

  77. 341

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