January 5th, 2010

Prezza Loses BBC Battle Over Taxpayers’ Alliance

The BBC have replied to Prezza over his demand to the BBC that

the TaxPayers’ Alliance’s [sic] should now be referred to on air as “a group with close links to the Conservative Party” or some similar on-air clarification.

The BBC’s Helen Boaden has now written back to reject Prezza’s demand:

I do not think it would be accurate or fair to describe it on air, as you suggest, as ‘a group with close links to the Conservative Party.’

Prezza is Twittering that this means “we’ve had some real success”How?


  1. 1
    Marcus Aurelius says:

    too many twitters make a …. Prescott

  2. 2
    Disco Biscuit says:

    The TUC, ‘a group with close links to the Labour Party.’

    • 5
      jgm2 says:

      Labour, ‘a party with close links to the KGB’.

    • 23
      Throbber says:

      The BBC – an organsation which has close links with the Labour Party.
      Or even an organisation that has been absorbed by the labour party.

      • 39
        Clarence says:

        Too true. I have little doubt that if Labour loses the general election, we can expect a host of media bods, spin doctors and other assorted wonks to return to White City.

        How about “the Labour-supporting Guardian”?

      • 48
        Gordon's favourite Butt Plug says:

        The BBC are going to have a torrid time. Their instinct is to protect and serve their masters in Labour HQ. however if they piss off the tories too much, they know that the cosy little funding arrangement might easily stop. The BBC have to steer very carefully, but will always err on the side of Education for the Masses.

    • 57
      Down with Brown! says:

      The BBC “a group with close links to the Labour party”.

  3. 4
    Anonymous says:

    That is some pretty good spin, the whole email shows some success even though he does not achieve his main aim, why not put the whole thing up?!

  4. 6
    British Insurgent says:

    Fat hypocrit.

    Why can’t he just do a Mr Creosote & eat till he explodes?

    In fact, put it on Pay Per View & I will be guaranteed to watch it several times.

    Mock tudor beamed, mock socialist, 2 inch dick hoon.

  5. 7
    I Hate new Labour says:

    You have to remember Prescott’s definition of success.

    He thinks he did a good job with the integrated transport policy, after all…

    • 35

      He also thinks that the Dome was value for money and a real success.
      £789 million spent by Blair/Prescott/Mandelson on a 1 year only project that no one much liked.
      O2 now pay just 6 million a year for the Dome. They spent £600 million {after Prezzas already wasted £789 Million} on turning the venue form a big failure on the edge of London into a premier entertainment zone.

      But John says it was a success…

      • 102
        13eastie (121 days: Goodbye, ☭ordon) says:

        Mandy’s dome seemed a big deal at the time…


        • 144
          barefootcontessa says:

          He says he’s middle class, when he’s made a lord, he’ll say he’s upper class.

          • The Ape Man Commeth says:

            I wonder what his posh handlers in the Laboore party say about him when they get together at a fancy dinner party and the oaf’s name comes up vis-à-vis pies or something, I’ll bet it’s very cutting and none too complimentary.

          • wellingtons_and_thick_socks says:

            There’s something terribly exciting about your name, barefootcontessa, especially in this snowy weather. You can borrow my wellies anytime you want!

    • 163
      DelBoy says:

      He did quite well for a thick fat daft lad.

  6. 8
    Anonymous says:

    The Taxpayers Alliance are a bunch of cu.tns.

    Apart from Suzie Squire…

  7. 9
    Speak truth unto nation ?? says:

    If the BBC gave in to Prescott over this they would alsohave to make a statement ahead of every news broadcast or current affairs programme along the lines

    “The BBC is an organisation with close links to the Labour Party and whose views and aspirations it shares!”

    • 24
      Sir Trev Skint MP says:

      The BBC wishes to announce it’s close relationship with the Labour party and Hamas.

      BBC broadcasting centre will be renamed “Paliwood”

  8. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Prezza should save his breath for the wankers at Policy Exchange who want to close down all our museums.

    Philistine bastards.

    • 29
      Engineer says:


      Or are you spreading little porkies?

    • 46
      Anonymous says:

      Closing them down … good idea.

      I’ve done a lot of voluntary work for one over the years, I’d never in my life seen anything as delusionally self admiring as a museum, staffed by muppets as self serving as they were inadequate. UK museums are publicly funded theme parks and their time is run. A bit like New Labour and its not a coincidence.

      • 66
        TERRY FUCKWITT says:

        Museums There only full of old junk anyway !

        The labour party could sell off all the contents (family silver) To pay off their debts !

        • 132
          scholar says:

          just like all history, there’s no future in things past

          • barefootcontessa says:

            Museums are great, but most of the good stuff is lying unseen in their basements.

          • Sir Trev Skint MP says:

            Even nostalgia ain’t what it used to be!

          • stevie says:

            Museums now seem to be full of Interactive and Educational stuff designed for kids or idiots. Wheres all the glass cases full of interesting old Stuff???

  9. 12
    Anon says:

    What about the Labour Partys very close links to those recycled East European “socialists” Mr Prescott?

    TPA is one thing, wining & dining ex_KGB & Stalinist thugs is quite another.

    And lets not start with the treasonous Unions.

    • 239
      Fair and Balanced says:

      “The Labour Party is a union-funded crime syndicate with close links to the Fabian Society and other national and international organisations profiting from ‘Third Way’ state socialism.”

      • 240
        Sir Trev Skint MP says:

        Too feckin right son, the DNA fiddlers are obsessed with Eugenics. Not really creating a master race, FFS you can’t do that with people like Prescott and Beckett in your ranks.

        But multi-culturalism is votes innit man!

  10. 14
    Anonymous says:

    If the Taxpayers’ Alliance think the Tories are going to deliver their whims and wishes well, I don’t want to piss on their bonfire but, they are whistling in the wind…

    • 27
      Sealing the Deal says:

      You obviously don’t understand election strategy in a modern progressive political party

  11. 16
    BillyBob ... reduce crime, national debt and carbon footprint, stop immigration? Every little helps! says:

    fat bastard…..

    • 156
      barefootcontessa says:

      Wait ’til Ken Clarke starts his new jazz series on radio 4, perhaps that’s what Prezza is annoyed about. We might get a little electioneering thrown in for good measure.

      • 213
        Sir Trev Skint MP says:

        Don’t worry, the BBC, in the interest of fairness, will offer Keith Vaz his own Yemeni folk music gig.

  12. 18
    Four eyes says:

    For the fat twat, that IS real success.

  13. 19
    Sir Trev Skint MP says:

    The BBC = Labour’s Saachi & Saachi

  14. 20
    BillyBob ... reduce crime, national debt and carbon footprint, stop immigration? Every little helps! says:

    Morbidly obese cretin……

  15. 22
    Michael says:

    Well I must admit he is right Guido – he has had some success – even YOU are repeating the fat git’s rantings.

  16. 26
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    The TPA should stand candidates against the Tories.

    We cannot have another cabal of crooks who will tax & spend the same as these current fiscal lunatics.

    The Conservative Party is by no means a shoe in at the next GE – their core vote is leaving them in droves – & the more the socialist democrat in DC rears its unacceptable head the more will leave.

    I am voting UKIP & donating to UKIP – & if the country gets 5 more years of McStalin you know who to blame – the weak limp wristed social democratic Conservative Party.

    • 40
      NuAttack Dog says:

      I’m voting for Jonah just to see what happens next. Meteorite strike? Mega tsunami? The 4 Horsemen of the Apocolapyse themselves arriving at LHR to claim asylum? I cannot wait.

    • 44
      UKIP if you want to says:

      I can’t for the life of me see the point of voting UKIP.Let’s be practical – they have no chance of securing a majority or even getting a MP elected(even Farage)And I’m afaraid that in the country at large people have moved on and with the exception of a few on the right nobody’s actually listening very much either.Lisbon is a fact of life. A referendum on Lisbon is totally pointless and ineffectual.Keeping the status quo merely ensures that nobody – not even the right’s poster boy Hannan will be able to do anything very much whereas at least if we had a Conservative government there is a possibility of be able to apply pressure to do something to re-patriate powers

      • 91
        Moley says:

        I know politicians don’t have any principles, but some people do.

        The EU is a dangerous totalitarian superstate which is utterly corrupt and completely undemocratic. It needs opposing with all our might.

        If Cameron won’t do the job, we will vote for someone who will.

        Why not provide tacit support to Douglas Carswell’s referendum proposal? Put it in the Manifesto.

        Give it a free vote. Let democracy do its job.

        Think how much negotiating power would be provided by a referendum decision that said, (e.g.)

        “Stop all payments until the accounts are properly audited”.

        • 118
          Moley says:

          Another important result of holding a referendum is that it will repair and renew the bond of trust between politicians and the electorate, and given the backpedalling on expenses, that is a very important point.

          Dave’s failure to seal the deal is as much as anything a symptom of the total lack of trust of politicians, by the electorate. There is still a great deal of contempt out there, which a referendum would help remove.

          • Sir Trev Skint MP says:

            The Conservatives will walk it at the GE. It’s in the bag.

            When the real campaigning begins Labour have only 8 million to spend and the Tories 24 million.

          • Budgie says:

            That assumes people are swayed by PR and adverts.

        • 160
          barefootcontessa says:

          They daren’t

      • 112
        UK Fred says:

        UKIP if You Want To, this suggests that the boy David is not so cast iron as he might want you to think.

        But seriously, why prat abut with Blue Labour when we can get Moron McSnot-Gobbler’s version of True Labour – and it wil be hard labour for all of us whether it is a Tory or a Labour victory. Best would be a UKIP victory with either Liberal or B&P opposition.

        • 180
          Allan@Aberdeen says:

          UKIP is definitely part of the Establishment. I had suspected it before but now proof positive has emerged. The leader of the B-N-P is standing in Barking against Margaret Hodge, the reasons being that natives in Barking have suffered quite badly from immigrant ‘enrichment’, and that Margaret Hodge is one of the most dreadful people ever to have lived. So what does UKIP do: it puts up boxing promotor, Frank Maloney, as its candidate and he then challenges Nick Griffin to a boxing match for the ‘right’ to challenge Hodge. FFS, it’s Hodge who is the enemy here: she is in power and has a dreadful record of covering up institutional child abuse (real, serious abuse) in the local authority which she ran.


        • 181
          Allan@Aberdeen says:

          UKIP is definitely part of the Establishment. I had suspected it before but now proof positive has emerged. The leader of the B-M-P is standing in Barking against Margaret Hodge, the reasons being that natives in Barking have suffered quite badly from immigrant ‘enrichment’, and that Margaret Hodge is one of the most dreadful people ever to have lived. So what does UKIP do: it puts up boxing promotor, Frank Maloney, as its candidate and he then challenges Nick Gryphon to a boxing match for the ‘right’ to challenge Hodge. FFS, it’s Hodge who is the enemy here: she is in power and has a dreadful record of covering up institutional child abuse (real, serious abuse) in the local authority which she ran.

    • 62
      backwoodsman says:

      Waste of vote, waste of money. You should vote Tory and donate to the Tax Payers Alliance – by producing the research on nulabs’ expenditure in government that lazy and dim msm hacks can use, the Alliance has achieved more in the last year than ukip ever will. And TPA will help to keep the Tories honest as well.

      • 71
        Ali says:

        UKIP are dinosaurs and a convenient on line hiding place for Labour trolls.

        Get real.

        • 111
          righty right wing (mrs) says:


          What is wrong with you all?

          Name one MAJOR feffing difference between the main three political partys.

          Just one.

          They are different factions of the same entity.

          You vote for the status quo if you want to, I am voting & donating “for REAL change” – & an end to the LAB / CON / LIB conspiracy & monopolyof crooks at Westminster.

          • Moley says:

            Quite right.

            Both Labour and the Conservatives have said that they share a lot of common ground with the Liberal Democrats.

            It follows therefore that Labour and the Conservatives share a lot of common ground with each other.

            They are only arguing as to which cockerel should stand on top of the same dungheap.

          • Banjo says:

            UKIP, beloved of Labour trolls who hide amongst them.

          • The IMF is coming says:

            Feffing hell

          • righty right wing (mrs) says:

            “”Banjo says:

            January 5, 2010 at 3:13 pm
            UKIP, beloved of Labour trolls who hide amongst them.””

            So anyone who disagrees with “cast iron Daves” “New World Toryism” has to be a “Labour troll”?

            FFS – is that the best counter argument you have? You third way hoons are going to be worse than Blair – I can sense it already.

          • Moley says:

            Reply to Banjo at 3.13.

            Can I disillusion you?

            Failure to toe the lobotomised Conservative party line is not indicative of any affiliation to the Labour Party.

            For too long we have been conned into voting for a Party whose policies are wrong and dangerous, simply because the other lot are worse.

            Europe has an uncanny resemblance to the Third Reich, and our politicians walked us into it. We need to do something about it.

            There is a far bigger disaster waiting for us than a hung Parliament, which would sort outself out quickly and beneficially.

            Europe suffers from widespread corruption.
            It is already totalitarian and rapidly becoming more so.
            There is no democratic accountability, and no mechanism for the electorate to stop the progression towards totalitarianism.

        • 199
          righty right wing (mrs) says:

          Ali, please go & fuck yourself if you have no counter arguments as to why real Conservatives like me would not piss on DCs New World Toryism if it was on fire.

          Answer the question:

          Name one significant policy difference between the main three partys.

          Just one.

          From the lack of response from any quarter I think we have the answer.

          Waste you vote on DC if you must.

          Einstein had one conclusive interpretation of insanity:

          “Repeating the same process over & over & expecting a different result”.

          A bit like voting for any of the main three partys in Great Britain really.

    • 77
      Sir Trev Skint MP says:

      UKIP = 5 more years of the Brown stuff.

      You should vote Tory and donate to the tories – every penny you can.

      It’s the “right” thing to do innit?

      • 249
        Budgie says:

        No. It stops here. I will not be frightened into voting for cast iron Dave simply because Brown is an incompetent, delusional socialist. I will vote for what I want – which is: out of the EU. You vote for more of the same with a bluish tinge if you must, but don’t come crying to me when CID turns out to be Bliar mk2.

        The Tories are getting very close to not being believed at all on a number of issues, the EU being one of them. If the Tories won’t face up to telling the truth they will be finished. In the end truth will out. ‘Sharing the proceeds of growth’; ‘In Europe but not run by Europe’; ‘Hug a husky’; ‘We will cut the deficit not the NHS’ – get a grip or die.

  17. 30
    Jimmy says:

    What’s wrong with the word “astroturf”?

  18. 32
    John Prescot says:

    What I mean by success is that someone is actually reading my Tweets! I even got a response from the BBC.

    Ah in your face Stephen Fry!

    • 155
      Stephen Fry says:

      Oh, some ‘Twitters’ really are most horrible and beastly and spiteful. I’m going to huff off like a big girl’s blouse so I am.

  19. 33
    Jimmy says:

    What’s wrong with the word “astroturf”?

  20. 38
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    “Prezza is Twittering that this means “we’ve had some real success”

    I don’t think he’s refering here to the BBC ruling, more likely he had to call in DynaRod to unblock his arse after Christmas.

  21. 41
    Mitch says:

    Helen Boaden says:

    “I do accept that the TPA’s publicatons and policies come from a distinctive political position and think we should try to avoid our output giving the impression that it is an impartial body.”

    How many pressure groups are truly ‘impartial’?
    Don’t they all have a ‘distinctive political position’ by definition?

    • 205
      Moley says:

      The BBC has accepted that its own output comes from a distinctive political position too. (Forgot who confessed).

      We are still waiting for them to do something about it. In the meantime, there is no way that I will pay a licence fee in return for having Government propaganda rammed down my throat.

  22. 45
    bodo says:

    And when will the BBC start explaining the links between the IPPR and Labour instead of regurgitating their ‘findings’ as if they’re apolitical?

  23. 51

    (1) FORGET “Twitter” – it’s a fashion-accessory. I bet you 5p Guido, that it will be dead in 2 years, and not worth £15 billion, but bust.

    Don’t buy into Twitter, Guido old fella.

    (2) At least the BBC is trying to be “impartial”. Some people there may yet still understand what that means. Perhaps they are the “older ones” like Sir Terry Wogan, and they will have to go soon therefore, but at least they did this.

    Poor old BBC.

  24. 52

    I agree with lard arse prescott
    just as long as the BBc can refer to MP’s as
    the “tax thieving alliance” with link’s to lining their own fucking pockets !

  25. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Prezza is Twittering that this means “we’ve had some real success”. How?

    Because he talks bollocks and understands even less.

  26. 63
    DelBoy says:

    Who rattled Prezza’s cage anyway? I thought he had retired into obscurity
    (if such an oaf as he could ever be obscure – more an obscurer than oboscuree). I seem to have seen more of the fat git since he retired than before.
    I can’t even get away from him when watching Gavin & Stacey. Every sighting will lose NL votes so not all bad.

  27. 67
    tat says:

    the fat useless bastard wouldn’t lose the battle of the pies though, would he?
    somebody must have said that already.

    • 169
      barefootcontessa says:

      He’s the acceptable face of a real working man. Or should that be a real eating man.

  28. 68
    BBC says:

    Iceland has just declared war on Gordon Brown.

    • 72
      Mitch says:

      he’ll lend them the money to pay us back. This finance lark is a piece of piss, isn’t it?

      • 101
        Sir Trev Skint MP says:

        Tesco have now declared war on Iceland, Morrisons have invaded Waitrose and Sainsburys have nuked M&S.

        Supermarket wars eh, don’t you love em!

      • 110
        13eastie (121 days: Goodbye, ☭ordon) says:

        Just tell them to print the money… it’s fuck all compared to the QE spree anyway.

    • 79
      streamfisher says:

      About time our Supermarkets stood up for themselves against all this anti-anybody who provides an efficient service in the private sector propaganda, and Guido what about all this product placement for pies by Prescott on the MSN, how big is the retainer he’s getting from Ginster and Pukka, questions need to raised in the House.

      • 123
        DelBoy says:

        I quite agree. Poor little defeceless supermarkets. You should be ashamed ganging up on these little dears.
        Oh! you meant the Country… see what you did there. You good.

    • 140
      The IMF is coming says:

      And Kerry Katonia, whoever she is

  29. 73
    Capt Con O'Sullivan says:

    I doubt whether John Prescott twitters. ‘Squitters’ more like.

  30. 74
    Clarence says:

    MigrationwatchUK uses official Home Office figures to put together its reports.

    In future, therefore, I think MigrationwatchUK should be described as an ‘organisation with close links to the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson’.

  31. 75
    Capt Con O'Sullivan says:

    Does that mean that the BBC should now refer to both of Mr Prescott’s Ten Year Transport Plans as ‘the mythological transport plans’?

  32. 82
    Prescott is also a mong says:

    Is the fat KHunt still shagging ugly fat slappers?

  33. 89

    Why are we still paying that fat useless Hunt? He’s a waste of – a lot of – space.

  34. 90
    Prescott is also a mong says:

    The BBC an organisation with close links to the mens’ toilets on Hampstead Heath.

  35. 95

    It would be a travesty to describe them in the way Prescott suggests.
    The BBC should be required to introduce them as “The Taxpayers’ Alliance, whose director, Alexander Heath lives in the Loire and has not paid tax for many years…”

    • 109
      Sir Trev Skint MP says:

      Niether have Labour’s core voters.

      Labour = benefit dependency!

    • 120
      Anonymous says:

      I thought that if a person was actually employed by a UK firm he would need to pay tax in that country. Does this mean that if a person lives outside the UK (even if it is within Europe), they don’t pay any tax, even if they work in for a UK based company?

      Can’t see Gordon letting that amount of tax go unclaimed, but if any of you know different…….?

    • 170
      Sir William Waad says:

      Presumably if he lives in France he pays French tax, as one would expect. He’s only one of the directors, not The director.

      • 203
        Sir Trev Skint MP says:

        He would pay tax in whatever country he chooses. If he lives in France more than 6 months of the year he will have to be resident in France, but he can still elect to pay his tax in the UK if he chooses.

  36. 98
    I Hate new Labour says:

    Who gives a flying f*ck what that fat moron thinks anyway?

    Lets hope he has an obesity driven heart attack that finally shuts him up.

    If that sounds harsh, remember he supported the illegal war when it was to his political advantage…

  37. 105
    Richard Timney says:

    Prezza is a bigger wanker than I am.

  38. 116
    Postal Vote says:

    Go Forth Labour (no typo in forth)

    Seriously, it all shows how clever as well as ruthless labour has been in its abuse of taxpayer’s money. it pushes all the public sector job adverts into the guardian to compel guardian editors to do labour’s bidding with a bit more credibility than the mirror. The guardian has a dodgy dossier on the tax payers alliance (as it had on phone tapping). A labour party member is head of the charity commission. And labour is a more generous sugar daddy to the beeb than the conservatives. All of that funded by the taxpayer! Well done, but quite a good reason to refuse paying tax, me thinks.

    PS it’s time for a not so dodgy dossier on very dodgy postal votes!

  39. 121
    GordonMcBoingBoing says:

    new labour is a total misrepresentation of the labour party but it’s suited me well, so who gives a fuck…?

    Boing Boing

  40. 122
  41. 134
    The Hon. Loretto Fettes says:

    Prezza should now be referred to on air as “a person without close links to reality, and absolutely no capacity for developing effective political attack strategies, despite his best efforts” or some similar on-air clarification.

  42. 136
    northerner says:

    John Prescott

    closely associated with meat pies

    …and punching the odd voter or two…

    …and shagging staff whilst his wife cooks his tea


  43. 139
    Peter B .............. says:


    PMs Simon Lewis – Home Sec 3:30 Commons

    I’ve just called the BBC News to inform / update them of the News

    I was cut off the first time – but not a good line

    I re-dialled – same telephonist – she came back saying everyone was engaged – obviously not true – I told her the story – I said I’ll hold – eventually came back to me saying THE NEWS TEAM DID NOT WANT TO TAKE THE CALL ON THAT SUBJECT

    • 176
      barefootcontessa says:

      BBC, always very courteous on the telephone even when you shout at them. Then they go off and do exactly what they like.

  44. 143
    Four eyes says:

    Prescot thinks that he’s anorexic because every time he looks in the mirror he sees a fat person.

  45. 147
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    Don’t forget this is liebours biggest hypocrite.
    Poor Pauline – the last thing she needs is someone to keep on reminding her of how he shagged Tracey Temple in Whitehall on our time and money, after a lifetimes preaching from his ivory tower. So we’ll not bring it up again then.

  46. 148
    Anonymous says:

    Isn’t he dead yet : (

  47. 158
    pigs in space says:

    notice the BBC said it would not be accurate or fair to say it … not that they wouldn’t say it

  48. 159
    Barsteward says:

    The repugnance of that horrible fat face! knowing it is all down to eating and drinking to excess at our ( taxpayers ) expense.

    That’s before we get on to how many Jaguars does a potato head marxist actually need!

  49. 161
    Piscator says:

    Bags I Prescott’s head for Halloween. The shape it is, I won’t need to buy a pumpkin and the gob and scary eyes are exactly right.

    The only snag is that the light inside is a trifle dim, and even kilovolts judiciously applied probably won’t make it light up.

  50. 162

    I have only hated one MP more than Prescott, and that was Tony Banks, but he’s dead, so i can concentrate my hatred more precisely on prezza.

    Remember that programme he did on class. There was a scene in which he visited a private girls school, he spoke to 3 girls, one of which, had previously been at a comprehensive, needless to say the girl spoke differently since going to this new school – spoke ‘properly’ i should say.

    Prezza was dumfounded, he thought this teenage girl was a class traitor, simply because she and her parents wanted a better life for her.

    This to me is a perfect example of labour hatred.

    Fuck ‘em, fuck’em all.


    • 168
      Four eyes says:

      He thought it up on the croquet lawns of Dorneywood.

    • 183
      Engineer says:

      I’ve never understood the Labour attitude to education – trying to belittle and destroy high-achieving schools to achieve ‘equality’. Surely the good schools are part of the solution – if they are doing a good job, whether independent or maintained, leave well alone. Better to concentrate on improving the failing schools to make them as good as the good schools, I’d have thought. Let’s have a good education for everyone, not a dumbed-down education for everyone.

      • 197
        Gordon's favourite Butt Plug says:

        Too logical and benign. NuLabour only understand malcontentism. They pretend to construct, but the default is destroy.

      • 216
        Moley says:

        Socialism needs a resentful underclass to vote for it, which a good education system would remove.

        Balls’s success as Minister of education is due to his pretence that he’s trying to improve it whilst he deliberately destroys it.

      • 263
        Hugh Janus says:

        “I’ve never understood the Labour attitude to education…”

        Very simple Eng – it’s so much easier to drag everything down to the lowest common denominator. Dragging everything up to the standard of the best is quite simply beyond NuLiebour, as the past 12.5 years have clearly demonstrated.

    • 208
      TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

      Are you questioning this right honorable gentlemans morals?

  51. 165
    Charles Flaccidwidger says:

    John Prescott, a sound proofed room and a baseball bat with rusty nails hammered through it. Not too much to ask, is it?

  52. 166
    Sir William Waad says:

    It’s nice to see the TPA is beginning to rattle a few politicians, even if only of the ‘irrelevant git’ kind. If only the MSM and the bloggers would realise how destructive our national tax policies are.

  53. 179
    M.O.B. Lynch says:

    Icelanders have it right. To fat boy and his mates, the noose is tightening:

    ‘I am convinced that our nation will not stop being looted by this very same criminal cabal until The People display the torch and reiterate the foundational principal of this Republic – that we, the people, are stating our intention of revoking The Government’s right to exist should it continue to act at the behest of a criminal cabal hellbent and determined on looting every member of society along with the public Treasury.

    The choice is yours America[Britain, Iceland, Ireland...].’


    They’re coming for you bust-a-gut. Best hop off to Dubai while the getting’s good – assuming the airports have body scanners to fit you.

    • 195
      anon, anon, anon...... says:

      Fingers on you buzzers please

      How long will it take him to hit terra firma @32′ per sec per sec when he jumps off the top of the new tower?

  54. 184
    Simon Survey says:

    Perhaps when Greggs are filing their accounts they should mention any customers who significantly affect their profitability.

    I would like to know the % of “Steak Bacon Slice Meaty Ballerinas” are consumed by Prescott

  55. 189
    anon, anon, anon...... says:

    Am I right in thinking that The British Library are storing Blogs such as this for posterity.
    Should provide future historians with enough to record Prescott’s true place in history. Think of this on your deathbed Hoon

    Blair next….I’ve been allocated a place at the enquiry when Blair is on…offers on E-Bay please

  56. 190
    13eastie (121 days: Goodbye, ☭ordon) says:

    Johnson statement now…

  57. 191
    GordonMcBoingBoing says:

    I don’t know this John Prescott chappie, so who cares about him? I’m busy playing my Avalanches record this afternoon watching the snow fall, got to keep busy until the election….

    Boing Boing

  58. 198
    Gordon says:

    I’m getting on with the job…..could someone throw me another bog roll

  59. 202
    Anonymous says:

    To me, an organisation which tries to stem waste by government and wants to keep taxes low is, by definition, a conservative organisation. The fact that they happen to have links to the tory party is just the nature of the organisation.

    The labour equivalent would be the unions who want to create as much waste as possible and to get taxes as high as possible for all non-union members.

    Unions are directly linked to labour, the unions fund the labour party, get direct meetings with members of the labour government because of that, and dictate government policy because of that. That’s an infinitely more dangerous/currupt political link but the BBC never mentions it.

    When was the last time you heard something like this on the BBC? -
    “Union x, which funds the labour party and dictates labour government policy because of those payments, has said this….”

    Prezza; you’re a fucking twat. Look closer to home if you want to see real corruption. Your entire party and all its members are involved in the worst corruption possible; your party takes millions from the unions and you change your policy to suit what those donors want. That’s as corrupt as you can get you fucking tosser.

    • 220
      backwoodsman says:

      You missed out the union modernisation fund payments, you know, the ones where nulab give tax payers money to the unions to ‘modernise’, and the unions give the money back to nulab as ‘donations’.
      Hang the f*uckers and sell their second houses to help pay down the national debt.

  60. 204
    Dave"A barrel load of laughs" Cameron says:

    Riding the favourite at Cheltenham, a jockey was well ahead of the field. Suddenly he was hit on the head by a turkey and a string of sausages.

    He managed to keep control of his mount and pulled back into the lead, only to be struck by a box of Christmas crackers and a dozen mince pies as he went over the last fence.

    With great skill he managed to steer the horse to the front of the field once more when,on the run in, he was struck on the head by a bottle of sherry and a Christmas pudding.

    Thus distracted, he succeeded in coming only second. He immediately went to the stewards to complain that he had been seriously hampered

  61. 206
    Anonymous says:

    The Taxpayers Alliance is a mere bagatelle compared to the amount of money Parliamentarians have squeezed out of the taxpayer over the past years.

    I’m surprised John Prescott has the gaul to bring this to the fore, but then I suppose any publicity is good publicity for this fat oaf.

  62. 207
    BillyBob ... reduce crime, national debt and carbon footprint, stop immigration? Every little helps! says:

    Adulterer and fat bastard, my wife say’s we should cut his knob off !!

  63. 215
    Four eyes says:

    A public ballot will be held for people wanting seats to watch Tony Blair’s appearance before the Iraq Inquiry.

    Mr Blair, PM when Britain went to war with Iraq in 2003, will appear at the central London hearing for one day, during the fortnight from 25 January.

    Inquiry chairman Sir John Chilcot said there had already been “considerable interest” from people wanting seats.


    • 264
      Hugh Janus says:

      There is also considerable interest on the part of the public in seeing that no evidence is given in private by the Grinning Chimp.

  64. 221
    Jac says:

    Is it any wonder that people in this country believe it is okay to hate and attack with venom given the behaviour of politicians like two-jags? It’s a joke, the same derision that is given in the commons by other ‘vehement’ labour MPs. Sickening really… I am beginning to loathe politics without the same hatred that we see often snarling on the faces of the labour benches!

  65. 223

    Whats the betting after all these scanners are installed at a cost of billions
    that the Muslims(the very people that these scanners are for)
    launch a human rights case in the hague
    and end up being exempt from going through them on religious grounds
    after all they dont show arms ,leg’s face’s etc
    so me thinks a full body scan is out of the question !
    another Labour waste of cash we haven’t got !

    • 237
      DelBoy says:

      In case you missed it, they (Paxo/Beeb -Newsnight last) mentioned the latest stick it up you arse, undetectable by machine, bombs being developed for the impressionable thicko’s to use to get their harem of virgins in burkas (pig in a poke or what?) as you slaughter 300 unclean non believers, or even good muslims.
      So, watch out for the co-travellers with the rubber pile rings cushions or the ones who whince when sitting down, or the ones that stay standing.

      I ain’t flying for a while.

      • 250
        Al the fake profit says:

        Ban them flying altogether, if they want prehistoric religious oppressive beliefs, then let them travel that way eg on foot

      • 265
        Hugh Janus says:

        “….the latest stick it up you arse, undetectable by machine, bombs…”

        A rival to Senokot??

      • 276
        Susie says:

        Apparently the body of the bomber itself acts as protection from the blast… people surrounding a bomber would get sprayed with blood, guts and body parts, which admittedly is fairly unpleasant, but an internal bomb is not as lethal as an external bomb. This was the scenario with the Saudi prince.

  66. 224
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC reply at http://www.gofourth.co.uk/uploads/d7d783dc-13f8-ff04-a99e-dc463014b29a.pdf is dated October 22nd 2009. Why has he waited until now to decide it’s “breaking news”?

  67. 226
    Anonymous says:

    Can his jowl get any bigger? What a pillock. OT but important – our politicians still don’t tell us what they are planning! http://www.annaraccoon.com/politics/euro-mediterranean-partnership-the-eurabian-sea/

  68. 228
    Moley says:

    Reference PIMCO dumping Gilts;

    If they market their Gilts at the same time as the Treasury is attempting to fund a record deficit, there is going to be huge pressure on the B of E from Brown to keep QE going until the election.

    Good test of independence, and a reason for an early election.

  69. 230
    TOO FAR says:

    Why are you all getting so excited about a total prat, incompetant baffoon who has been taking the piss out of the “working class” of Hull, They got what they voted for.
    The people of Hull…… you, not all of you, (I hope) Have given us a bloody total twat, as a (ex) dept, PM, a typical example of what Newlab is Jobs for the boys. Don’t matter we’ll pay for his shag partner to keep quiet…. think about it! pay for his junkets to China, place in the Lords next?
    Got to keep him from spilling any “beans” Got keep him in pies, Keep him sweet. Boy that ashole could cause waves Cm’on Guildo, somone ANYONE! take a look!!!!!!!!!
    Coruption? not even the Italians can beat this lot!

  70. 235
    Lola says:

    Fuck off Prezza you prat. I am so bleedin’ tired of the total deceitfulness of you and you bleedin’ excuse for a political party. Just Fuck off.

  71. 244
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Fuck off Prescott you fat useless bastard.

    Go shag your secretary !

    Typical of pie-munching Prescott to miss the point. The fact the Tax Payers Alliance sticks up for us (JOE PUBLC).

    If it is linked to the conservatives then by association they too stick up for the little people

  72. 248
    Gluttony , Its an illness you know says:

    Between shagging his staff and stuffing his fat face on the public purse I dont know how this useless oaf finds the time to twat himself on twitter ?

    • 282
      Tr Off says:

      Don’t forget the Croydon shopping complex. Me, guv? Caught with his soiled pants down. There are many others.

  73. 251
    Jack Shoal says:

    Anyone else find the site title ‘Go4th’ rather ironic? Considering that in many constituencies Labour’s ambition is to come fourth, it’s perhaps more fitting than Prescott meant it to be… I think it’s still reasonable to suppose Labour will beat the BNP and the Green Party.

  74. 252
    Mrs Postman..I'd love to be First Lady says:

    Body scanners are to be introduced at Heathrow Airport in about three weeks, Home Secretary Alan Johnson has said

    He went on to say that he has offered £5 to his lads operating the scanners for a full frontal of Cherie which confirms she has an Argentinian. Clippers she asked Tone for Christmas turned out to be a Flymo

  75. 259
    Frizby says:

    Is twatter Prescott still being quoted, or worse, taken seriously. The guy is moronic lower class (in his own mind) thug and should be treated as such!

  76. 266
    Hugh Janus says:

    “The guy is moronic lower class (in his own mind) thug and should be treated as such!”

    All moronic lower class thugs will resent this.

  77. 267
    Watt Tyler says:

    John Prescott: thug and parasite. See his violence in action: (2009) New Labour M.P John Prescott -PARASITE

  78. 268
  79. 270
    English Liberation Front says:

    Prescott, the man whose face looks like his arse. Wonder what his arse looks like?

  80. 272
    Slough Grammar says:

    East Herts District Council (Conservative) will NOT consider any applicant for the Review Panel (of Councillors expenses et al) who has any affiliation with the Tax Payers Alliance.


  81. 274
    Stu says:

    Prescott is just a fat brainless turd that had the good fortune to be in politics and milk it with all the other turds in liebor

  82. 275
    FarkinTrots says:

    and the Labour party should now be referred to on air as a bunch of treachorous gay ponces who had links to the United Soviet Socialist Republic during the cold-war and who, if they had their way, would have taken everyone in the UK to the gulag archipelago.

  83. 278
    A Pensioner says:

    Prescott: the man who put the dick in Tracey.

  84. 279

    For a group with close links to the Conservative Party they don’t seem to be very effective; Cameron’s policies bear very little relation to the TPA’s goals of small government and low taxation.

    They may be close to some Conservatives, but the party as it currently stands? Nah, can’t see it myself.

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