December 10th, 2009

Expensegate II : Snippets

Nick Clegg managed to claim the maximum (in fact he had to be restrained from over claiming again).  £1,600  for the gardening – Sir Thomas Legg says the gardening limit is £1,000.   It all mounts up…

Douglas Carswell claimed £12.25 for an iron.  Nadine Dorries would not cooperate with the parliamentary authorities over where she actually lived and had a £1,000 gas bill – she must be contributing to global warming.  The mystery continues…

Gordon Brown, class warrior, claimed £1,932.50 for a domestic servant, £175 for a gardener, he paid back £500 for painting a summer house, we still pay his Sky Sports.  He isn’t slow in burdening the taxpayers for his dry cleaning and laundry either.  He taxes the many for a few domestic luxuries…

UPDATE : Why is big Graham Allen claiming for dry cleaning a blouse?

UPDATE II : Jacqui Smith just keeps on troughing; £555.74 for yet another television, a £244.90 DVD player and £611 spent on a new double bed and mattress – separate bedroom perhaps?

UPDATE III : We paid to service the shadow chancellor’s Aga.  George Osborne appears to have mismanaged the only budget he is so far in charge of, he over-spent above the expense limits.  Not a sign of an innate instinct for cost control.

UPDATE IV : Mark Oaten tried to claim £147 for an ‘Onyx Silver Label mattress’ (double). The fees office queried this, as the delivery address was not that of his second home.  Hmmm…


  1. 1
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    This is getting ridiculous. I feel as if we’re governed by a load of shoplifters.


    • 7
      Predictable response says:

      Shirtlifters doncha mean?


      • 11
        Cato Street Conspirator says:

        That’s no crime.


        • 42
          not long for the communist death camps says:


          • conspiracy nuts welcome says:

            says it all that you allow this fruitloops youtube


          • SpiralTrance says:

            @ conspiracy nuts welcome

            Oh yes there’s no conspiracy, no cabal of the ultra rich dumbing the masses with flouride, drugs, porn and alcohol. Our elected officials are really here to serve and portect us and the BBC exists to keep us informed of what’s going on the world. Now go back to sleep and listen to politicians and Journalists, they know what’s best for you.


          • George W Bush's hairdresser says:

            The US has been planning World Government for decades. What was Korea for? Vietnam? The two invasions of Iraq? Afghanistan?

            Ferfucksake what was Bretton Woods about? There has been a global currency since the 40s: it is called the US dollar. The final straw that convinced Bush to invade Iraq was when Saddam announced that he would sell oil in Euros rather than USD, so threatening the might of the dollar.

            Anyway, if you listen to that guy you’ll find that he has only two sources of information: the BBC and the Guardian. ’nuff said.

            Stupid yanks.


          • not long for the communist death fluids says:


        • 46
          Anonymous says:

          Given Nadine’s recruitment policy maybe her gas bill is so high because all her relations’ bills count as office expenses.


          • Mad Nads says:

            I refuse to co-operate on the grounds of gross expenses piggery


          • porker apologist says:

            The mystery continues…

            if by mystery we mean laughably transparent attempt to hide disgusting troughing then yes


          • Steve Expat says:

            The fact is she only has one home but is “entitled” to a second at our expense, so she is paying no housing costs herself at all.


      • 221
        nick says:

        that’s right – a load of shoplifting shirtlifters.


  2. 2
    Down with Brown! says:

    The class warrior has a domestic servant. Is Shaun Woodward not to only Labour cabinet minister to have a butler?


    • 32
      G Brown says:

      Because that is the right thing to do.


      • 59
        Porkbusters for the many not the few says:

        At first glance, the most interesting document published today is the designation of ACA homes spreadsheet. MPs are only allowed to claim expenses on their second homes. This form should reveal the “flippers” – those MPs who decided to change that designation in order to have work done to more than one home at the public’s expense. It looks as though John Bercow, the anti-expenses-sleaze Speaker, and Douglas Hogg, the moat cleaner, were among MPs who started charging for improvements to a new house since 2008.

        9.04am It’s a phrase most of us have encountered at the cash machine: “insufficient funds”. George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, failed to marshal his own budget carefully enough this year and was rebuffed in April for spending more than his maximum expenses allowance.

        8.52am David Cameron fell foul of the less than rigorous expenses rules in September 2008. He put in a claim for £194 he says he spent on utilities without any supporting evidence.

        8.43am There are thousands of pages of documentation – we have a team of people combing through the information and will let you know when we come across anything interesting throughout the day.

        8.34am Gordon Brown wins the award for quickest mea culpa of the day – he pledges to repay £500 for a re-painted summer house.

        8.27am Good morning and welcome to Expenses Reckoning Day IV (or is it V, VI anyone?). At 6am this morning, the latest set of MPs expenses were published on the website. The latest documents include the Additional Cost Allowance claims from 2008-09 and the first quarter of 09/10. There is also a spreadsheet showing the designation of MPs’ second homes and whether they flipped between listing their London home or their constituency home as the one they could make claims on.


        • 176
          Yawn yawn says:

          “we have a team of people combing through the information”

          Don’t the Times journalists have anything better to do? What about looking at the details of the PBR and working out what it will mean to us?

          I think someone should publish the expense accounts of journalists, the bars and brothels of Westminster financed through them.


    • 55
      Amused says:

      Ha ha ha

      We have paid £75 for Brown to have Sky+ installed in his* bedroom with an additional handset!!!!

      Now, why might he need Sky+ whilst in bed as part fo his parliamentary duties?

      * of course, it might be the beard’s bedroom


      • 69
        Vastly Amused says:

        “George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, failed to marshal his own budget carefully enough this year and was rebuffed in April for spending more than his maximum expenses allowance”

        rough trade can be so costly these days


      • 122
        Dawn Butler MP says:

        I thought I was Brown’s butler. Surely nobody can grovel to the freak from the manse as well as me?!


  3. 3
    DV8 says:

    All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others


    • 82
      Ersatz PM says:

      Dear Alistair,

      Your strategy is showing initial signs of success. The blogs are discussing expenses; negative for all parties equally, rolling news can focus on Iraq inquiry, and no mention of the budget



      • 112
        Ersatz PM says:

        Even better that expected, the time allocated for the budget on Sky News just had time for my voice clip

        ‘Benefits and Pensions will continue to go up, because….

        It’s the right thing to do !’

        Back to expenses


  4. 4
    Gordon Brown says:

    Fuck off and leave me alone
    You should be having a field day with that hoon Zac Goldsmith


  5. 5
    Down with Brown! says:

    They have learned nothing. The greedy piggies are still at it. We need to vote out this miserable government before anything will change.


  6. 8
    jgm2 says:

    That’s a killer for Brown. 500 quid repainting a ‘summerhouse’. How is that expense accrued wholly and necessarily as part of his duties?

    How could he ever think it was?


    • 29
      The IMF is coming says:

      Must be a big summerhouse or expensive paint. I could paint one in a morning.
      Can buy a new one from BnQ for less


    • 33
      bbc editor says:

      killer? I think not – we’re far too busy reporting on the big conference set up to control the weather.


    • 115
      udderly 'orrible says:

      Would that be the Highlands equivalent of a moat then?


    • 116
      Anon - e says:

      Why would he need to claim for painting a summerhouse when he lives in Downing Street – which is funded by the taxpayer.


      • 145
        Brown Hater says:

        I seem to remember a story (at the time) of Mrs Thatcher redecorating a room in the Downing Street flat herself and at her own expense.

        Mrs Thatcher had (and still has!) style – Brown is an appalling, odious individual devoid of ability, talent or shame.

        I note that Bown has done his Macavity act and nipped off to a phot-op in Europe again. Must be trouble at home?


        • 187
          Yawn yawn says:

          It was Thatcher who invented the expenses system. That hag is to blame for everything.


          • Anonymous says:

            She did so at the request of Michael Foot to keep him and his bunch of third rate politicians quiet about the fact that they were all too useless to have ever had proper jobs where they might have made a bit of money – how typical that you choose to only tell half the story.


          • edukashun edukashun edukashun says:

            fachers fault innit


    • 129
      Four eyes says:

      Its the going rate for a house in Kirkcaldy.


  7. 9
    Down with Brown! says:

    We are still paying over a grand of Cameron’s mortgage interest. Not bad work for a multi-millionaire.


  8. 10
    Dippy ness says:

    Nice to see that something never change… :-(


  9. 12
  10. 13
    Gordon Brown says:

    Try investigating this toe-rag please Guido

    Tory leader David Cameron has repeatedly refused to say if Lord Ashcroft, a party vicechairman, is resident for tax purposes and on the UK electoral roll.

    He said earlier this year: “You can ask him and I’m sure he will explain that to you.” Lib Dem Home Affairs spokesman Chris Huhne last night wrote to Mr Cameron calling on him to clear up the matter “once and for all”.


    • 43
      Sarge says:

      Coming from the Lib Dems that’s rich. 2.4 million is stolem money donated to them but the Electoral Commission says ‘that’s ok’

      If it is, Ashcroft pales in comparison.

      And what about Labour’s payments to the Trade Unions from taxpayers money?

      They are all at it.


      • 58
        jgm2 says:

        Quite so. Blatant money-laundering between Labour and the unions. We give you tax-payers money ‘for reforms’ and you give us ‘donations’.


        • 165
          JMT says:

          Hopefully they have invested it wisely – or Labour will be in for a shock when the money tap is turned off by the Tories..


    • 65
      Hugh Janus says:

      If this is the only problem keeping you awake at night GB then it says all we need to know about NuLiebour’s priorities. I find the claim for a domestic servant far more offensive!


    • 247
      Jimmy says:

      Ashcroft? Yes I’m sure Guido will get right on that…


  11. 15
    Ey up Fatha says:



  12. 16
    Down with Brown! says:

    In two months, Claire Ward claimed for spending 18 months away from her main home and for £1250 of mortgage interest on her second home. Getting from Watford to Westminster is a commute that can easily be done in 45 minutes.


    • 85
      Down with Brown! says:

      Claire got told off for over-claiming in 2008-9 and not keeping all her receipts. So where within the M25 does she live? Westminster or Watford?


  13. 17
    david says:

    Dorries, a thousand pound gas bill!! Like most women doesn’t believe a radiator is working unless the paint is bubbling off and dripping onto the carpet.

    Won’t co-operate and tell where she really lives, why not? Stop all of her expenses till she does.


    • 21
      Dottie Dorrie says:

      Don’t be silly. You can tell when a radiator working by holding up a piece of bread to it and seeing it it toasts it.


    • 25
      Gordon Brown says:

      I will consider taking her blog site into public ownership as the electorate could do with a good laugh


      • 84
        Beezley says:

        Hands off Nadine, the nation’s sweetheart! She adds enormously to the gaiety of all our lives. How can you criticize pulchritude allied to such sagacity? I read her blog every day and am struck by her wisdom, insight, and rare literary gifts. Thanks to Nadine, I now have a deep understanding of palaeobotany, particle physics and the works of Nietzsche. Her learning knows no bounds, neither does her beauty: yet withal she is blushingly modest and unforthcoming, always the last to concede the magnitude of the contribution that she herself has made to our wellbeing. Consider also the forbearance with which she tolerates the outrageous insults and slurs heaped on her by lesser mortals. Would she, with her devout faith, ever disregard the words of the Saviour and fail to turn the other cheek? Not for her the litigiousness of the small-minded: by no means. “To understand all is to forgive all” is one of her mottoes, and in this spirit I beg you not to pass judgement on her gas-bill.

        If truth be told, the gas was not burned for her benefit, but for that of an elderly cat, a waif who found sanctuary at Nadine’s door. He had been maltreated by his former owner, turned out into the snow, and Nadine painstakingly nursed him back to health.

        Shame on you, then, for attacking her thus!


        • 98
          Mr Kilfoyle says:

          Thanks to Nadine I now have a deep understanding of Nepotism and the amount of brass neck needed to get away with it.


  14. 19
    Down with Brown! says:

    What is the mysterious service charge that Dawn Primarolo charged us two grand for?


  15. 20
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Douglas Alexander, the international development secretary, claimed for a chimney sweep at a cost of £105.

    Surely Mandy could have introduced him to a little boy who would have performed the service much more cheaply.


  16. 22
    Ctesibius says:

    On the other hand, bearing in mind the Prime Mentalist’s habit of urinating in his clothes at public meetings, I think some modest expense incurred in cleaning up his personal filth is probably money well spent.

    Puts a slightly new spin on the phrase ‘spend a penny’.


    • 253
      Common Goalie says:

      Is this what Gerry Sutcliffe does too?
      He claims for laundry regulary. Mind you, claiming the £400 for food each month as well, perhaps it will soon be time to claim for alterations to his suits.
      Go Gerry, go (as soon as possible, as far as possible)


  17. 23
    Down with Brown! says:

    We are paying for George Osborne’s phone calls, including a one hour call to an 0870 number on April 7th.


  18. 26
    Down with Brown! says:

    Susan Kramer of Richmond Park charge us £1290 for Susan Kramer letter heads. Those will be useful when sending out your CV.


  19. 27
    Still Angry from Hampshire says:

    Looking thru my MP’s expenses – James Arbuthnot – the c*unt who bought a chainsaw for £250 and two vases for £25 – this from a man who bought a £1.9M house without needing a mortgage.

    This time he’s buying kerosene – £746.14 worth of the stuff in April 2008.
    Now why can’t he just sprinkle that across the Commons and light the b’starsds up?

    More Kerosene in May 2008 for £272

    Tree surgeon March 2008; £2,749

    Genius 4 Piece Garlic Peeling & Cutting Set for £43.56 from QVC homeshopping

    House Insurance – £1,157 per year

    B&Q Reading – B&Q Funkyglow – 2 x £5.98 (bright coloured paints)

    Cleaning – March 2008 – £150 PER WEEK!!! £600 per month.

    ProGrow/Wire Parts for gate/Sit-On Mower repairs – April 2008 – £1,295

    Paint Summer House – £1,540

    And then the grotty man simply ran out of claim money and couldn’t claim any more for fireplace building work and so on and on.

    So,how has this all helped my family?

    I am trying to save £8,000 per year to put my son through University – I have no job and this excrement is claiming for garlic sets and lawn mower repairs and enough kerosene to blow up the HofC – now THERE’S an idea,Guido>


  20. 30
    Down with Brown! says:

    So-to-be Lady of Pork is still charging us a grand a month for her mortgage and £484 to keep her porkers warm.

    At least Jacqui’s learned something. No porn charged to the tax payer this time.


    • 37
      rocknrolla says:

      Just ridiculous – they have learned absolutely nothing – how can buying Jacqboot Smith a house be a legitimate expense?!


    • 40
      Vote Vote Vote for Jacqui. says:

      She is such a lying bastard you cannot believe a single word she squeals.

      Saw her yesterday on BrownBroadcastingCorp, She is so fat she could never have fitted into her sister’s spare bedroom.Sister’s garage maybe but spare bedroom,never.


      • 44
        Down with Brown! says:

        They think they can keep getting away with it.

        The only way to stop them is to vote them out!


        • 223
          Anonymous says:

          Vote them out and replace them with more of the same – the whole system is designed to screw us and enrich them, and any replacements will simply pick up where the booted out piggies left off.


      • 60
        Bingo caller says:

        Eighty eight!


    • 256
      Ken says:

      How does she manage to use £242 of gas and electric a month, nearly 5x times my usage? And at her second home where she is there less than 50% of the time.


  21. 31
    Down with Brown! says:

    David Milliband doesn’t get us to pay his electrcity bill until the final reminder comes.


  22. 34
    ronnie and reggie says:

    what a utopia the uk is………a shining beacon for the world to follow.

    a prime minister who cannot read,write or add up and eats his own bogeys.

    a class warrior who has lived his whole life sponging from others.

    a real role model.

    a chancellor that has stolen 5 homes.

    all should be prosecuted.


  23. 35
    Down with Brown! says:

    We are still pay £860 pounds a month for Tony McNulty’s second home because it’s so tough to get from Harrow to Westminster.


  24. 39
    Down with Brown! says:

    The former speaker Mr Martin found time to charge us £2500 for his council tax before sodding off to the House of Lords.


    • 53
      rocknrolla says:

      That is a good reflection on the whole saga – truly nothing has changed. To be expected rarely, leopards can’t change their spots and with the gorgon in such a weak position he couldn’t risk upsetting backbench MPs – watch parliament channel for a while and it becomes apparent that the average labour MP is thick as a plank and totally inarticulate – there is no way the likes of jacqui smith would earn much above minimum wage in the real world so no wonder they’re so desperate to milk it before leaving.

      And as for Gordon claiming for his own servant… words fail me


      • 66
        Down with Brown! says:

        Remember these are 2009-10 claims i.e. after the scandal had broken and public anger was apparent. It shows what contempt these people hold the tax payer in.


      • 100
        No Cash; Bust Gordon says:

        It’s the right thing to do.


  25. 41
    Down with Brown! says:

    Problems paying for gas bills and the TV license in the recession. Phil Woolarse doesn’t. He’s got our taxes to pay them for us. So he can go about his daily life of failing to catch illegal immigrants safe in the knowledge that his bills have been paid for.


  26. 45
    geekparent says:

    Who’s in the market for the unredacted version this time, any rumours?


  27. 47
    A Firm Of Breasts says:

    What a beautiful day – all is right in the world!


  28. 50
    Down with Brown! says:

    Think your council tax is high. David Blunkett doesn’t. He got us to pay £2,271 of his.


  29. 50
    HandsomeDavid says:

    Is it the case that some MP’s energy costs (gas and elect) are so high – or is it just the standing order rebate that is so attractive.

    Payment should be for usage only! I know its only a few hundred quid but when they charge for light bulbs and bath plugs then they are capable of anything.


    • 186
      Moley says:

      Jack up the standing order payments to the maximum and then get the rebate tax free after the election.

      Without any fiddles I overpaid by £800.00, (mistakes and miscalculations by the supplier), which has just been refunded direct to my account.


  30. 52
    Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

    I was eating dinner in a Thai restaurant, when the waitress gave me a seductive glance.

    I had butterflies in my stomach.

    And probably some dog meat too.


  31. 54
    genghiz the kahn says:

    The flipping Chancellor of the Exchequer claiming for a mortgage and council tax.

    Must be a palace with council tax of over £300 per month.

    No wonder he wanted to bail out the Bank of Scotchland


    • 68
      genghiz the kahn says:

      No wonder he wanted the BofE to cut interest rates, he is paying and claiming £900-950 per month on his residence.


  32. 60
    Down with Brown! says:

    Naughty James Clappison of Hertsmere overclaimed for Council Tax by £3200 and got told off by the fees office. How could a multi-millionarie make such a mistake!


  33. 62
    Hilary Trougher MP says:

    Oink! Squeal!! Gobble gobble gobble!!!


  34. 63

    This is another pathetic attempt to distract people from the Tories’ reactionary policies that would cut spending in the middle of a recession and hit hard-working families where it hurts – all so they can cut taxes for millionaires.

    Labour are the true progressives and always will be.


    • 67
      The IMF is coming says:

      Your boys getting a hell of a beating EH?!
      Privately educated Marxists having no answers eh!

      Isn’t it? Eh


    • 102
      jgm2 says:


      Brown et al will be delighted to be sharing the expenses embarrassment equally with the Tories instead of spending their entire waking moments being hounded by the vast debts accrued as a result of their [Labour's] monumental reckleesness and incompetence. Not to mention outright self-serving criminality.


      • 110

        All the other G20 leaders, including President Obama, are following the same policies as Gordon Brown. We will not cut public spending in the middle of a recession, but will wait until recovery before we start to deal with the deficit. Right now the most important thing to do is to make the hard long-term decisions that are necessary to stimulate the economy and promote economic growth in all areas, as well as helping hard-working families.

        All this stands in stark contrast to the Tories, who would do nothing apart from cut taxes for their fellow millionaires.


        • 119
          jgm2 says:

          There was no need for a recession at all. It took reckless incompetence to run 3% deficits in order to pay one million newly minted box-ticking jackasses in the height of a boom.

          Last of the G20 out of recession. Still not out of recession. All the credit rating agencies flashing red lights and still the Maxium Imbeciles stooge carries on squandering.

          Criminal recklessness. Politics before country. Evil, self-serving scum.


          • “pay one million newly minted box-ticking jackasses in the height of a boom.”

            I’m sure if any of those one million voters you’ve just described are reading this blog, they won’t take kindly to your spiteful hate-speech directed against hard-working public servants.

            Ooops. That’s a few more votes lost by the Tories and gained by Labour.


          • jgm2 says:

            Hard-working public servants? Oh do fuck off. One million jackasses plucked from the obscurity of the dole-queue (which is all they were qualified for) back in 2001 to give credence to the mantra of ‘education, education and education’.

            An entire cohort of liberal arts degree ‘graduates’ good for fuck all except box-ticking and getting under people’s feet given a clip-board, an office and a parking space just so Blair/Brown could buy one million additional votes plus massage the employment figures plus proclaim they’d ‘invested’= borrowed+squandered umpty billion more quid in ‘public services’.

            That’s where all the money went. That’s where the additional demand for ‘executive homes’ came from. That’s what fuelled the house price boom. That is what has fucked the UK economy.


          • Sir William Waad says:

            GF Stop wasting time and go back to ticking those boxes!


          • No Cash; Bust Gordon says:

            Anyone seen Green Fabian’s Taxpayer-funded, environmentally-friendly, Health & Safety checked, renewable-source clipboard ?


        • 121
          udderly 'orrible says:

          Spain too?


        • 132
          Roger Daley says:

          Apart from Spain – obviously.


        • 147
          The IMF is coming says:

          So far the privately educated marxists haven’t actually been able to bring themselves to spell out exacty what they would do.

          Did you hear the Chanceyllor on Today? Won’t spell out the cuts until after the election. No guts, no votes.


          • jgm2 says:

            That’s what is so thoroughly depressing. It is so obvious to everybody whattheir game is but they’re going to wilfully give us the 1970’s and 1980s all over again. They’re going to pretend that this economic clusterfuck can be dealt with by simply printing exponential amounts of money.

            Once Cameron and Osborne get in they’ll be shrieking and swooning from the cheap seats ‘Oooooh we wouldn’t have done that. Ohhhhh that’s not necessary. Ohhhhh that’s targetting the public service etc etc‘. They’ll be front and centre on the union strike marches as Bob Crow lives out his fantasy of taking on a Tory government. There’ll be riots, the full works.

            The country will be in turmoil just so these fuckers can get another bite of the electoral cherry by creating more class war more public:private divisions.

            Evil, evil fucking bastards.

            They know what needs to be done. They know they fucked up but they’re going to swan around pretending that all is well ‘We’re uniquely positioned’, ‘we start from a position of strength’ and then crucify the folk who have to fix it by playing to their core vote who seem intellectuall unable to realise they’re being used by these incompetent fuckers for personal gain.


  35. 70
    Sir William Waad says:

    There should be no criticism of the Prime Minister. He said that he would save the world in 50 days and he did! Now he and Darling have hatched a clever plan to get the enormous (but prudent) budget deficit under control:

    1) Stick taxes up a lot, again;
    2) Make sure the extra burden falls on the hard-working and businesses that create jobs;
    3) Go on flushing billions of pounds down the drain; and
    4) All hold hands in a circle, shut your eyes and wish very hard.

    Can’t fail!


  36. 76
    Rotten luck old bean says:

    “It’s a phrase most of us have encountered at the cash machine: “insufficient funds”. George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, failed to marshal his own budget carefully enough this year and was rebuffed in April for spending more than his maximum expenses allowance.”

    “David Cameron fell foul of the less than rigorous expenses rules in September 2008. He put in a claim for £194 he says he spent on utilities without any supporting evidence.”

    apparently recreational beatings cost money even for those with a few million to spare
    Isn’t it? Pip! Pip!


  37. 79
  38. 83

    The coming general election could be our last chance to stop global warming before it’s too late. Only a 4th Labour term will take the necessary progressive measures to save the planet for our grandchildren. The Tories would do nothing – their “green” policies are a sham. They pretend to care about climate change but many of them are actually closet climate change deniers.


    • 105
      jgm2 says:

      Unlike the Labour party where all 400 Labour MPs appear to be imbecile deniers.

      ‘Oh no, Brown’s not a reckless imbecile.’


      • 146
        Get Real says:

        As greens get more desperate, their ludicrous fantasy scenarios get more shrill and invective driven.

        The science is a fraud, it is a pseudo-religion dressed up as fanciful “fact” and designed by those behind world government, to steal as much as they can via taxes and added costs, as they possibly can.


    • 137
      TOO FAR says:

      FFS if it was the marxist greenies in power the worlds population would be living in mud huts burning their own dried shit to keep warm.
      You lot are a bunch of fuckwits living in cloud cuckoo land.
      Most of you are out of work (because you are unemployable) or in “non jobs”
      Unemployable because you bore the shit out of everybody within earshot.
      f****ing parasites. GET REAL!


    • 151
      Gonk says:

      You simply cannot believe that, therefore you are
      a wretched lying fraud.


    • 169
      JMT says:

      The only reason that MPs believe in Climate Change is that WE pay their gas/electric/petrol bills.

      Does not affect them.

      Now stop paying those bills for them and whatch the “Road to Damascus” moment when they all see the true cost of climate chicanery.


    • 219
      Anonymous says:

      Fucking hell, If there’s 2 words which couldn’t better explain someones level of complete twattishness it’s


      Well done.


    • 231
      Anonymous says:

      I wish I knew where you lived so I could park outside in a nice large vehicle with an engine of 5 litres or more – it would be so gratifying to just sit there revving and revving like there was no tomorrow.


  39. 86

    8% is still 8%….no ones worried.

    But you keep posting on here.

    It is you that is worried.

    The more you post, the more afraid you get.

    Just a few months now.

    I can’t wait to see what you do on election day.

    Can’t wait to see your faces, you’re all gonna look fucking stupid.


  40. 87
    John says:

    BORE THE F*CK OFF. I actually now couldnt give a sh*t whether they claimed 30p for a mars bar.


  41. 91
    Bruce Bellend says:

    Vera Baird QC is worth a look guido…considering 1700 of her constituents have just lost their jobs.


  42. 93
    James says:

    This makes me bloody sick, especially when I (and millions of other people all over the country) am struggling to make ends meet. My energy bill went down by £30 a month the other day and I was bloody overjoyed – because that represents nearly 5% of my net monthly income.

    These fucking troughers sit in the House of Commons shouting at each other instead of ruling the country, and then we find that when they’re not doing their ‘job’, they’re robbing us blind.

    Bastards. To a man. BASTARDS.


  43. 96
    Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

    Who gives a flying fuck about expenses,I know my party doesn’t

    A woman is given a hospital tour. She looks in a room and see’s a man wanking.

    “That’s awful” she says to the doctor. He explains that the man has an incurable condition. His testicals fill with semen so fast he has to do it at least 5 times a day or he will be in terrible pain.

    “Poor man” says the woman.

    In the next room a nurse is sucking a mans cock. “Explain that!” she says to the doctor.

    The doctor says “Same condition but he’s with BUPA”.


  44. 103
    Milly Molly Mandy says:

    There’s no way you could buy an iron for £12. He must have made that up.


  45. 104
    Chutney Rumble says:

    Get rid of the minimum wage


  46. 106
    Desperate Dan says:

    I think they’ve released these lists today to distract journalists from the PBR and give them something else to talk about.


  47. 124
    Mitch says:

    Morley getting the troughing in before going to Prison:

    £2,590 for painting
    £2,470 for ‘bathroom refurbishment’, including repositioning the bath and fitting a vanity unit!
    £700 for some more decorating of the bathroom, w.c. and one bedroom.

    Does he think this is all value for money? I decorated my whole house for £300.


    • 138
      Mitch says:

      In a single month he claimed over £4,000 including mortgage interest (what for?) and the full £400 for food, and other suspiciously round figures.

      However, the spineless fees office merely queried a single item for £30 because it wasn’t receipted.

      “The remainder of your claim, totalling £4,012.10 as been processed and should reach your account in due course.”


      • 211
        Anonymous says:

        Mitch @ 124 & 138. Generally thought that CPS now looking @ Morley file passed to them by plod. M could be processed & called to account in due course.


  48. 125
    LIZ BON 'TREATY says:

    On the face of it this lot still havent got it they still think it will blow over and the troughing seems to get worse what we need is an organised body to promote independent candidates and organise it so we boot the fucking lot of these main stream scum out Then we can start again these people have no morals or conscience

    A Long Slow Painfull Death To Each And Every One Of The Bastards


  49. 130
    A Firm Pair Of Breasts says:

    We paid for £7.18 worth of white duck tape for Stephen O’Brien. Wonder why he needed that much.


  50. 134
    Shakin Stevens says:

    This old house is gettin’ shaky
    This old house is gettin’ old
    This old house has seen the rain
    This old house has seen the cold

    Ain’t gonna need this house no longer
    Ain’t gonna need this house no more
    Ain’t got time to fix the shingles
    Ain’t got time to fix the floor
    Ain’t got time to oil the hinges
    Nor to mend the window pain
    Ain’t gonna need this house no longer………..


  51. 139
    Gordon Brown says:

    The Butler did it


  52. 140
    Bad hand writing says:

    MPs expenses: Gordon Brown repays £500 for bummerhouse


  53. 142
    genghiz the kahn says:

    The Guardian is wondering why Brown has been making lengthy phone call to a Canturbury number.

    “Among other details to emerge early this morning: Gordon Brown made three mysterious lengthy phone calls from his Scottish constituency home to Canterbury, including one lasting one hour 44 mins on 27 March 2008, according to the latest version of MPs’ claims. He made two other phone calls to Canterbury at the end of October 2008 lasting 56 minutes and 59 minutes. He also appears to have claimed to have Sky TV extended to his bedroom and regularly pays as much as £700 every three months for cleaning. In total in 2008-09 he was claiming around £10,000 to cover his utilites, council tax and service charges. He also claimed for grass cutting and service washes.”

    Some unkind soul on PB noticed that there The Priory Clinic in 92 Broad Street, Canterbury, CT1 2LU Tel 01227


  54. 144
    Hugh Janus says:

    My MP, Charles Hendry, has been claiming £90 per month, every month (although in Aug 07 it was £110) for cleaning his wretched windows. And in Oct 08 we only paid him a mere £120, and that was on the basis of a 50% reduction!

    I note also that the Shadow Minister for Energy seems to go through heating oil as if it was going out of fashion.

    There is so much redaction that I thought my screen had died. Some of the notes against items paid have also been blanked – if I’m paying for it I insist on the right to know what it was for.

    Needless to say my vote now goes elsewhere. He may have a majority of 15,921 but I’m sure we can get that down…, where’s the number for my local rag…..


    • 234
      Mine d'Boggles says:

      Trouble is, he is NOT one of the worst and will be very difficult to unseat, much as I would like to do so. Actually, I stopped voting because I didn’t want to vote for him, and the rest were loonies. Now, if my old mate from Guido’s former home town (and mine) Screaming Lord Sutch was on the list he would get my vote today.


  55. 148
    Tom FD says:

    At £245 I don’t think that’s an ordinary DVD player somehow. How on earth is it essential to her duties?

    I love the last page of Clegg’s 2008-09 expense forms…


  56. 149
    Lola says:

    Osborne claimed to have his Aga serviced. Fuck me, it has no moving parts except the doors and the lids. All you do is turn it off and let it cool (if you are a wimp), disconnect a pipe, use a piece of coat hanger to rod out the oil feed pipe, clean the residue out of the bottom of the oil pot and bung it together again. Time take, say 1 hour longest. That’s an hour well spent in his terms considering it’d stop him talking bollocks and thinking bollocks.


  57. 153
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today we are sending out a powerful message to M.P’s that we know who they are and we are coming to get them.”

    As part of the operation, anyone arrested and taken into custody will be given a Met Police Christmas card, inspired by a well-known Marks and Spencer advert.

    The card reads: “This is not just any Christmas dinner – this is a Met Police custody suite Christmas dinner.”

    It warns M.P.’s that instead of turkey with all the trimmings, they will face a sloppy microwave meal served in a plastic tray.


  58. 155

    Fungus the Jug Eared Bogeyman not only claimed £4800 for food but also £410 for a fucking dishwasher to clean up afterwards


  59. 157
    DUP oink oink says:

    I fear for the health of the Robinson MPs (Peter and Iris) now that they have been shamed to stop automatically troughing £400 each a month for food (on top of all their other salaries).
    I hope they dont starve.


    • 181
      Gonk says:

      Now you mention it, is there
      a skinny member of the House of Commons


    • 197
      serviceyourboilerguv says:

      My MP (Con.) last year stopped claiming the food allowance but this year he has started again; presumably expecting to get kicked out at the election and grabbing all he can in the meantime. Mind you he’s obviously dieting because he’s no longer claiming the maximum. He’s only claiming £399 a month. Every month-of course.

      He’s also another one who goes through heating oil at an alarming rate. Maybe they use it in their cars- now there’s a thought.


      • 208
        Private Parts says:

        If the MP is a Conservative it will be for heating the swimming pool or the moat. It might be for de-icing the helipad. Hoon owes?


        • 232
          Anonymous says:

          So there aren’t any incredibly wealthy Labour MPs then? They’re all loaded too you know, they’ve got fat and rich off the back of gullible morons like you who actually buy into all that bullshit about Labour being for the little people.

          None of the main parties are interested in anything other than getting power and filling their boots – so funny that you’re too thick to realise it.


  60. 160
    GeoffH says:

    Deep in the Guardian’s report:

    “Among other details to emerge early this morning: Gordon Brown made three mysterious lengthy phone calls from his Scottish constituency home to Canterbury, including one lasting one hour 44 mins on 27 March 2008, according to the latest version of MPs’ claims. He made two other phone calls to Canterbury at the end of October 2008 lasting 56 minutes and 59 minutes.”

    I suggest there’s no mystery.

    Canterbury is the BT exchange for The Priory Clinic.


  61. 163
    Zacaroo says:


    Isn’t there any other news? Nothing more important going on?


    • 177
      Brown Hater says:

      Chaos in the PBR and Expenses running riot (Profligate?) and the BBC are bimbling on about bloody adoption on Radio 5 with VD.

      Bring on that lovely, cuddly Lord Tebbit’s review of he BBC!!!


    • 178
    • 191
      Gonk says:

      Spoon lost in Pembrokeshire- desperate search launched


    • 206
      stilyagi_air_corps says:

      Zac – every second you waste posting pathetic diversionary drivel on right-wing blogs, another LGTS Palestinian polar bear with learning difficulties and no UNISON representation is having her or his human rights denied by evil climate-denying bankers! Why don’t you do something more progressive and useful with your time and expertise? They’re crying out for *you* to help them! Can’t you hear them? “Meep! Meep! Zaaaaacckk….. Heellllpppp usssss!”
      Or are you just another futon warrior? Plenty of newly-minted homeless need some help this Winterval, as well!


  62. 168
    Cassandra King says:

    This just confirms what many posters have been saying for a while now, the big three liblabcon are fucking thieving cheating greedy selfish self centered two faced slimy crooked assholes.

    Vote newfakeconservative/newslavelabour/limpdums and suffer the dire consequences, they are pissing themselves laughing at the electorate, even now they are filling their boots with cash while pointing at sniggering at the thick workers funding it all. The political parasite classes hate us, they despise us, they only need us to pay the taxes,obey orders and vote for one cheek of the same dirty arse every five years.
    How anyone could vote for these big three traitors is fucking beyond me, they are playing the electorate like a cheap guitar, ooooh must vote for that crooked shitehawk or the other crooked shitehawk might get in?
    While these thieving bastards may hay and laugh our young men are being blown to bits in a foreign occupation, some 19yr old bleeding to death waiting for for a chopper that never comes and Brown giving away a billion a year to poor nations to fix a problem that never even existed, does it not make you want to scream with frustration? If the parasite want their illegal war then the chiefs of staff should gather all the political parasites give them a crappy rifle and send them against the taliban?
    So some people actually think the Tories would pull out of the EUSSR/Aghanistan, make the backsliding benefit addicts work for their dole,kick out hate filled islamist enemies from the UK,exterminate the quango shadow regime and stop thieving and cheating and lying?
    If Cameron gets into No10 a great many people are going to regret placing their cross next to the newfakeconservatives.


  63. 171
    Anonymous says:

    Trying my best to keep me and my family’s heads above water and stop the wolf from kicking down my fucking door and they still continue to steal from us. Kids won’t get much for xmas and it breaks my fucking heart but what can you do when clearly all of them just don’t give a fuck


  64. 175
    Private Parts says:

    Quack Quack
    Zac Zac
    Tax Tax
    Duck Duck


  65. 179
    Anonymous says:

    Peter Hain claimed £250 for a tin roof on his wood store and other odd jobs.


  66. 183
    Anonymous says:

    Peter Hain had his windows cleaned for £100.


  67. 189
    Anonymous says:

    Peter Hain had a claim of £138 to fell a dangerous tree! FFS!!!!! why do I have to pay for him to do that I feel like sending him an invoice for cutting down a tree in my garden. Fucking wanker.


  68. 192
    Anonymous says:

    Peter hain another bill for window cleaning at £94


  69. 194
    Anonymous says:

    Peter Hain another fucking window cleaning bill of £120 and we have to pay his insurance for his house. This is fucking outrageous who Can I claim my insurance from I hate fucking MPS stinking money grabbing Hunts.

    Look out hain i’ll campain for every candidate against you!


  70. 202
    Bus Conductor says:

    More fiddling than Mahler’s 9th.


  71. 204
    Gonads says:

    Presumably Jacqui Smith needed the £499 shower we bought her because the £136 worth of coal we also paid for is in the bath.


  72. 209
    McGroom says:

    The Green Book of Parliamentary Salaries, Allowances and Pensions says “that any expenditure claimed from the allowances has been wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred for the purpose of performing your Parliamentary duties”

    How can Gordon Brown justify spending £175 on gardening as wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred in the performance of his Parliamentary duties

    Also, exactly where does Darling think he is going to get the tax revenue to pay for his largesse.

    Britain’s greatest tax income is from financial services, which Darling and Brussels want to emasculate.

    Yes Britain should reduce its reliance on financial services, BUT killing the industry to reduce its importance is folly without providing incentives for other industries to grow in its place has all the hallmarks of Iraq War planning.

    Brown still governs by focus group analytics and reactive posturing, there is no vision or purpose to this government – everything he touches turns to dust.

    I had to laugh at Darling’s response to Osborne yesterday when his first attack was that the Shadow Chancellor had not mentioned growth. Not four minutes before, Osborne talked about how the Tories would promote growth.

    This was typical of the “tell a lie often enough” mantra of New Labour and just insults the electorate that we are not supposed to recall Osborne’s comments a few seconds before.

    New Labour can’t even be bothered to tell the truth as they know that the chumps at the BBC will not pick it up and expose the lies


  73. 215
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon Brown has a domestic servant.

    I would love to hear MB, or EU Socialists or any of the other trolls here explain to me how Brown has the gall to claim to be a socialist after that clanger.


  74. 217
    Mark Oaten says:

    The Onyx Silver Label mattress is the only mattress on the market which includes ShitGuard™. If I had chosen any other mattress I would have to keep either;
    A) Cleaning rentboy shit off the mattress
    B) Buying a new mattress every few weeks
    In buying the Onyx Silver Label mattress with ShitGuard™ I have saved the UK taxpayer untold amounts of un-necessary claims.


    Mark Oaten MP

    PS, none of this would have happened if I hadn’t gone bold you know.


  75. 224
  76. 227
    Mark O says:

    It’s not true my new mattress had a glass top.


  77. 228
    Jacqui says:

    I needed a new bed. The other one was covered in something slimy.


  78. 233
    Disco Biscuit says:

    “Mark Oaten tried to claim £147 for an ‘Onyx Silver Label mattress’ (double)”

    Apparently, “Silentnight’s Miracoil™ Silver Label mattress incorporates the unique Miracoil spring system and is covered in a luxurious micro quilted damask cover and contains generous layers of natural fillings… The Miracoil™ mattresses feature a unique spring system which runs from head to toe, thus distributing weight up and down the mattress instead of across, eliminating ‘roll together’ and ensuring that each partner gets a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep. Extra springs are concentrated in the centre third of the mattress to create a supportive Posture Zone just where the body needs it most.”

    It’s nice to see that Mr Oaten is so considerate of his bed “partner”. He hasn’t always been so considerate – by all accounts his treatment of bed “partners” in the past has been quite shitty.


  79. 236
    FTAC Watch says:

    Jacqui Smith “£611 spent on a new double bed and mattress”

    I wan’t allowed to have a bed. All I have to sleep on is a mattress that I found in the street. I don’t have a cooker or any other furniture.

    This is how the victims of the evil people live:


    • 249
      Jacqui says:

      My husband went mad when I said I wanted a new bed. I told him to get a grip on himself and that I’d put it on expenses.


  80. 241
    christy says:

    Anyone any breakdowns on the followings expenses,cant get on the site for some reason.
    Ian McCartney,Andy Burnham,Neil Turner,have seen bits on here re: Shaun Woodword.
    They are in my area.


  81. 248
    MB. says:

    What was painted on Alastair Darling’s door? Are there no pictures?


  82. 250
    Watt Tyler says:

    Parasite Nick Clegg:

    Douglas Carswell is an interloper!

    (2009) New Labour ILLIGITIMATE “P.M.” Gordon Brown -PARASITE:

    Parasite Graham Allen:

    (2009) New Labour’s Jacqui Smith’s “Husband” -TAXPAYER-FUNDED PORN (with a wonderful video from fellow dissidents):

    Liberal Democrat M.P. Mark Oaten – LIAISONS WITH RENT BOYS:


  83. 251
    Watt Tyler says:

    (2009) New Labour’s Jacqui Smith’s “Husband” -TAXPAYER-FUNDED PORN (with a wonderful video from fellow dissidents):

    Liberal Democrat M.P. Mark Oaten – LIAISONS WITH RENT BOYS:


  84. 252
    Marchamont Needham says:

    Fabian Hamilton claimed six grand for a new bathroom, including “livening up the shaver socket if possible”.

    Well fabian you needn’t have paid; I’d totally liven up any electrical socket in your flat for free you troughing little shitbag.


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