December 9th, 2009

The Budget Britain Needs Was Delivered in Ireland

By coincidence here in Ireland it was also budget day, the Finance Minister Brian Lenihan delivered a 7% cut in public expenditure to match the 7.5% fall in GDP in 2009.  To equal that Alastair Darling would need to have announced £40 billion in public expenditure cuts today.

Here are some of the reasons Guido thinks Ireland will bounce back faster than the UK:

  • Corporate and capital tax breaks for start-ups have been extended
  • Corporation tax rate of 12.5% is ‘here to stay’
  • “Green tax cuts” for zero emission vehicles
  • VAT has been reduced by ½%
  • Public services efficiencies sort
  • Welfare benefits reduced to 2006 levels, social welfare bill cut by equivalent to 1.5% of public expenditure
  • Dole allowance to be reduced to €150 a week
  • Social welfare to be cut 4.1%
  • Politicians’ pay will be reduced in line with public sector grades
  • Public sector pay cut of 5% on first €30,000 salary, 7.5% on the folllowing €40,000 of salary and 10% on next €55,000
  • Taoiseach (PM) to have pay cut by further 20% on top of previous 10%
  • Permanent pay reduction of 12% for those on over €200,000 in the public sector
  • Savings of over €1bn on public sector pay bill

Darling has gone the other way, introducing penal tax rates at the top, and hiking NI payroll taxes on people on only £20,000.  He put up VAT which as any left-winger will tell you, is regressive and hits the poorest hardest.  What struck Guido was that this is an odd class war political budget, their own core voters are being hit hardest.   Low paid, public sector workers on £20,000 get a pay freeze, a tax hike and whacked by VAT increases – a triple whammy.

Ireland welcomes UK corporations with a tax rate nearly half the UK rate and best of all, Lenihan also announced that alcohol and cigarette taxes are to be reduced…


  1. 1
    Mrs. Iain Dale says:

    Oh matron! I’m first! Grrrr :)

    I’m a gay :)

  2. 2
    In the Mire says:

    Ireland is in Deep Cack. But why did they believe that voting Lisbon would stop them getting into deep cack?

  3. 3
    shelling-out says:

    Alastair doesn’t exactly look happy about it, does he. Did Gordon tell him how it was going to be?

  4. 4
    Rhinestone Cowboy says:

    They voted yes for jobs, you pr!ck.

  5. 5
    shelling-out says:

    Because they were offered lots of sweetners if they voted Yes.

  6. 6
    Technomist says:

    The Irish government make cuts and people (like Guido?) can just come to the UK to avoid the consequences. I wonder what it would be like for the Irish if that was not possible after the UK left the EU.

  7. 7
    Conned says:

    •Public sector pay cut of 5% on first €30,000 salary, 7.5% on the folllowing €40,000 of salary and 10% on next €55,000

    That is the one that will fix it, the rest like Dr David Kelly is just Chaff.

    PS Voting yes for Lisbon did NOT HELP the Irish one IOTA even though they were conned into thinking it would.

  8. 8
    Technomist says:

    He’s feeling the ‘hand of history’ upon him, but I doubt it is on his shoulder.

  9. 9
    caesars wife says:

    bearing in mind how deep the Irish budget goes and is similairities to Uk economy , makes you think how wrong darling budget is !!

  10. 10
    Percy Percy says:

    What Jobs dick for brain?

  11. 11
    Get off my TV screen you media whore says:

    Dale has had yet another hissy fit. Read this cloyingly sanctimonious rubbish:

    “Oooohhhhh, look at me: I get invited to do lots of speaches and you don’t and I charge a f*ck1ng fortune for my “services” and you don’t.” What a pathetic little man.

  12. 12

    Eh? Where does one start with that idiocy?

  13. 13
    caesars wife says:

    wait till you see what happens to greece , Irish budget is to stop Euro tanking on greeces insolvency .

    should not have fell for EU deception

  14. 14
    Burning bright says:

    The Celtic Tiger, like Tiger Woods is well and truly Fucked.

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Radio 5 live (on the programme Drive) had Ed Balls making a complete twat of himself live on air tonight concerning the Pre Budget report.

    Listen to today’s broadcast, at about 2 hours 7 minutes in. Link here:

    Ed Balls basically makes the presenter Peter Allen completely lose his rag as Balls avoids telling the truth about what Labour will cut next year. I think if we get more of Balls on the radio Labour will begin to lose votes by the thousand.

  16. 16

    You forget to mention that this is Ireland’s 3rd budget

    They are f***ed big time

  17. 17
    Technomist says:

    By thinking about it. There are people on here alll the time suggesting the UK pulls out of the EU. If we do, where would that leave the Irish. You don’t think they would be allowed to live here and work do you?

  18. 18

    Yes, but you get free NHS treatment if you cross the water or the border because our workers don’t check

  19. 19
    Sally Bercow says:

    I really must visit Ireland.

  20. 20
    Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

    Thanks to the credit crunch I cant afford to buy any ladies any drinks when I’m out….. but more importantly I cant afford any rohypnol either

  21. 21
    caesars wife says:

    budget no10 ???

  22. 22

    Dole is cute €150 per week! for under 25s, 100 for under 21s

    And VAT was raised by 0.5% last year! so the drop is only returning to our existing 21% rate!

  23. 23
    Engineer says:

    You’d need an awful lot of Global Warming to make Ireland a Banana Republic. It’s more a Potato Province.

  24. 24
    Technomist says:

    Don’t be rude. Guido is a well respected and popular resident here.

  25. 25
    Empire Loyalist says:

    Wishful thinking O’Fawkes.The Irish Republic faces cruxifiction by means of the Euro.Their only hope is to rejoin The Union.

  26. 26
    TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

    The Republic has got a few structural problems, but will pull out of the downturn before the UK. It is missing an engineering sector.

    Their main benefit is being next door to the UK. It really does help. Just like Canada being next door to the US.

    What are the current comparisons on income tax and indirects? Are the rumours true that Blair has gotten non-dom benefits there on a chunk of his growing Empire?

  27. 27
    Hugh Janus says:

    Firmly around the scrotum I hope, and about to squeeze….

  28. 28
    Sting's Beard says:

    The common travel area between the UK and Ireland long pre-dates the EU. Check out the previous 800 years of history for further info.

  29. 29
    Mongrel says:

    The difference is, they realise it and are trying to do something about it. Our lot are just digging us further and further in by playing class war political games instead of making any attempt even to slow down our fiscal deterioration.
    The only real hockey stick (see Climategate) is the graph of the UK’s national debt.

  30. 30
    Sally's Tits says:

    Irish people were allowed to come and live here before the EU thicko due to the Ireland Act of 1949 and British Nationality Act of 1981

  31. 31
    Technomist says:

    You are quite right of course. BUt having a common travel area need not mean irish rihts to work or welfare. And why is it inevitable that it would continue? The Irish no longer use the pound and have apparently structured their economy to be as disconnected with the UK’s as they can.

  32. 32
    Sting's Beard says:

    A Nation Once again
    A Nation Once again
    May Ireland long a province be
    A Nation once again

    Stuff Lisbon reclaim Irish genuis for Ireland!

  33. 33
    Mongrel says:

    BTW awesome website mate – must have taken you ages to put together.

  34. 34
    barefootcontessa says:

    UK Corporations ‘ll be crossing over then, will they?

  35. 35
    Furious Merchant Banker says:

    Sorry I’m late, could someone point me to the Old Boiler Scrappage Scheme/Cherie Blair jokes.

  36. 36
    Technomist says:

    If the EU Treaties can be repealed so can that legislation. The 1981 Nationality Act has been amended many times since then.

  37. 37
    Money for nothing, rent boys for free says:

    New Labour: We’re borrowing to invest !


  38. 38
    Sally's Tits says:

    So your point about the EU means fuck all then?

  39. 39
    barefootcontessa says:

    Indeed to goodness!

  40. 40
    Sting's Beard says:

    whats’s wrong with bananas

  41. 41
    Money for nothing, rent boys for free says:

    This is no time for sound-bites!

  42. 42
    purpleline says:

    I think the Banks should have a backbone and move to Ireland and take their trading arms there and re-locate contracts of investment bankers to Dublin.

    Come on Barclays there is nothing here for you in the UK, we are fkd.

    It looks like everyone in the city connected with trading is deemed a bank.

    You could not make it up

  43. 43
    barefootcontessa says:

    Did you notice those super flared anger filled nostrils? His death mask came to life and nearly frightened me to death.

  44. 44
    Family of tinkers in a plush caravan and 4X 4 says:

    For sure you do dat so you do

  45. 45
    Technomist says:

    It is a question, not a ‘point’. I just think it interesting that there are many assumptions about the UK pulling out of the EU, and the situation of ireland does not get much thought about. How would Ireland function and what would the relationship be like. Ireland does not seem to value the relationship with the Uk too mucht ese days, having chosen to go in an entorely different direction. What would be the consequences if that were taken to its logical conclusion, Ireland being treated no differently than say, France by a post-EU UK.

  46. 46
    TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

    And they are allowed to fight and die in our Armed Forces. As indeed very many brave Irish have paid the ultimate sacrifice even well after WWII.

    There are very strong positive links between the two Countries. Long may it continue.

  47. 47
    concrete pump says:

    You’ve got more of these lines, haven’t you engineer ?

  48. 48
    Cooking the books says:

    Doesn’t the Irish budget break the conditions of the Euro stability pact?

    No doubt Brussels will do nothing to the Irish, as gratitude of allowing the Eu to become the EUSSR.

    The Euro currency is one big con, with 27 central banks acting in a cartel to back this con.

  49. 49
    Dack Blog says:

    About as long as it took Darling to come up with that rehash (of a hash) of a budget.

  50. 50
    Irn Bru Snorter says:

    “Dole allowance to be reduced to €150 a month”

    Cool stuff!

    Sorta like “Europe on $5 a day” I remember from the 70’s.

    Get them Paddys backpackin’ to Romania I say!

  51. 51
    barefootcontessa says:

    You luffly little Leprechaun!

  52. 52
    barefootcontessa says:

    I do luff a nice potato.

  53. 53
    Camels toe says:

    Auxilary’s,classroom assistants and pcso’s you mean.
    We stopped being able to afford the real thing years ago.

  54. 54
    British Militia says:

    The most stupid thing is when the government talks about creating jobs. Governments do not EVER create jobs. You can detroy jobs with taxes, or move them from the productive, wealth creating private sector to the non-productive public sector, but you cannot “create”/add a job by taxation. Never, ever believe the government as soon as they start talking about jobs.

  55. 55
    Ted says:

    It’s a start by Fianna Fail but it doesn’t go anywhere near far enough. The Irish govt is still spending far more than it is taking in tax etc.

    Still, at least they have started the process, the Brits are still living in cloud cuckoo land and will drown in debt within months. The markets are still just giving the benefit of the doubt because they expect a Tory landslide and a new public-spending slashing govt next year.

  56. 56
    barefootcontessa says:

    ‘Cos they did so well first time around.

  57. 57
    Technomist says:

    I quite agree with you. That is how thinsg are now. But a neutral Ireland still in the EU while the UK were out of it; particularly dealing with a UK which had been through the process of withdrawal with all that political process might involve regarding hardening social attitiudes ), could be in an interesting, possibly quite difficult position.

  58. 58
    How queer? says:

    I seem to be receiving a message.

    Something about the Blair family and Irish passports.

    So proud to be British isn’t he?

  59. 59
    TaT's 'special' Gay Friend says:

    The Irish will bounce back. They made some similar mistakes as the UK did. Especially in relation to open EU worker movements. Their other benefits are an English speaking, highly educated work force. With a sense of humour.

    The Troubles certainly held Tourism back, but the British Army quite liked having a full blown live training area. Without costly extras. I advocate a united Ireland……….. Under Westminster rule

  60. 60
    Engineer says:

    Well, they do keep telling us to recycle, and to be honest, I couldn’t resist.

  61. 61
    Doc says:

    I saw Liam Byrne on TV earlier. I am astonished that he is in a position of power as the man is clearly a sociopath. His boss Brown also shows many traits of the sociopath so perhaps that explains Byrne’s position.

  62. 62
    W.W. says:

    You are joking right, we have enough trouble with the Jocks, Taffs and Cornish, the last thing we need is more stroppy Celts.
    Though it does make you laugh how long did they fight to be a free country and after only 70 years or so they sign away these hard fought freedoms to be a provence again.
    This time a provence of the EUSSR.

    Not that we are in a positian to laugh we are just as fucked as they are.


  63. 63
    Dack Blog says:

    You sound resigned.

  64. 64
    gurka the mercenary says:

    What is scary for the UK is a number of UK insurers are putting their business across Europe into Dublin.


    a) the FSA want to cripple the UK insurance industry to justify their super-equivalence European credentials. The Irish regulator just wants the business and the jobs.

    b) the very low Irish tax rate compared to the UK

    c) management like the board meetings in Dublin

    Believe it or not I have seen c) cited as a reason.

  65. 65
    barefootcontessa says:

    Because politicians have never done a ‘real’ job themselves.

  66. 66
    barefootcontessa says:

    Thought G Osborne did a good job today, put the flare back into Darling’s nostrils, and eyebrows as well.

  67. 67
    Mark Oaten says:

    More accurately, on expenses

  68. 68
    albacore says:

    They attract Millipedes.

  69. 69
    Sally's Tits says:

    I’ve got a budget for you Darling, legalise all drugs in the UK independently of Europe and then tax the lot, legalise brothel keeping too, imagine the income, the tourists, the fun – lets face it we are already up to our eyeballs in vice gangs and the white stuff due to almost total social disintegration, we are known as the drugs capital of Europe, we have millions of slags who love to drop their knickers too – why not cash in and love in? 170 billion? I’ve shit it, as Pablo Escobar no doubt said.

  70. 70
    Dack Blog says:

    What’s that ad for microwave mash in a bag, ffs. What with that and pizza they must think only lazy lardarse shut-ins read this blog. We can’t all be sat on the sofa waffling on on here all the hours God sends. Some of us go out now and again.

  71. 71
    Zacaroo says:

    Irish taxes on booze and ciggies have gone down because people were going to the North where they were cheaper. No duty is much less than reduced duty, so the Irish government decided to go for reduced duty.

    Anyway, Ireland is in deep shit, this is their last attempt to hold onto credibility. The UK have a long way to go to get to the state Irelands in now.

  72. 72
    W.W. says:

    I would cut all Government workers who earn more than 25k, 5%


  73. 73
    Zacaroo says:

    Love the name Paddy O Guido. I’m gonna use that too.

  74. 74
    I hate the one eyed mong says:

    It’s not Darling’s fault, he’s just the one eyed mong’s glove puppet.

    The blame lies with mong boy from jockland who simply can’t stop spending and giving away the English tax payers money.


  75. 75
    W.W. says:

    Dear Mr Hunt,

    Whilst agreeing the general tone of your coments you make one glaring error.

    Labour have already ruined this country.


  76. 76
    W.W. says:

    Apart from Jonah Brown, I would just cut his throat.


  77. 77
    Mr Nobody says:

    Labour’s NI increase is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Companies are laying people off in a desperate bid to cut costs and stay in business. Now Labour are making it more expensive to employ people at just the wrong time. It’s cloud cuckoo land. Either they don’t have even the most basic grasp of economics, or just don’t care about the private sector.

    What were they thinking? An increase in NI for both employers and employees? It’s beyond stupid, it is folly in the extreme, and to even contemplate this deluded and cretinous tax on jobs one must have to be a lunatic of the very highest order. Now, the UK has many gifted and talented people, but until now I was unaware the government could boast of anyone so “special” in such abilities, save for perhaps the arch-cretin himself, Gordon Brown.

    Maybe the prospect of facing the electorate next year has driven the government bonkers. We know Brown was as nutty as a slice of fruitcake years ago, but the delusional dingbat now seems to have affected other parts of government as well. If there had been a single sane person at the treasury they must surely have objected to the rise in NI, because as any sensible person knows, this will have a devastating impact on jobs and the economy as a whole. To even entertain the merest thought of such a measure reveals the desperation and utter madness at the heart of this sad and sorry rump of a government. More than just a sandwich short of a picnic, one gets the feeling that if one were to lift the lid of the picnic hamper one would find nought inside but a nappy (well used) and perhaps the remains of a well-sucked sausage roll. This is not a picnic basket Yogi Bear would attempt to steal.

    There is no intelligent thought behind this, it is clumsy and it is destructive. Perhaps it is no surprise coming from a government hanging on for dear life and praying to the lord of darkness to deliver them from this mess of their own making. Who knows, if their prayers are answered, they may yet achieve an hung parliament, a situation so frightening I don’t even want to think about it. That, however, will only happen if the electorate are also as mad as a bucket of frogs.

  78. 78
    Zacaroo says:

    So what? UKIP would probably want to do something about that while they are at it. Prime Minister Pearson (figurehead) and Secretary of State Farage (the real leader) will be a truly reformist government. Secretary of State Farage may even make Cameron his bitch.

  79. 79
    Chunky (the man with the pineapple bollocks) says:

    One of Labours reasons for not cutting public jobs is that it would push up the benefits bill.
    If my local ‘community outreach pamphlet distributor’ was on £45pw dole rather than £250pw wages, how would that cost the country more?
    If money circulation is the issue then raise the dole by 50% across the board.
    A bloke sat on his arse watching Jeremy Kyle is just as productive as a lot of public servants and he does less harm.

  80. 80
    Zacaroo says:

    (c) is because of the cut in duties on alcohol.

  81. 81
    barefootcontessa says:

    The Gorgon Brown was very pally with D Alexander during Alistair’s budget speech. They were sharing some alien Scottish intelligence that had been passed up the line via Hain, Johnson, Balls.

  82. 82
    A Jock in a skirt says:


    That Scottish Marxist solicitor could only retort with “you didn’t mention growth”

    Well you ibecile, we need to sort out the debt first which YOU and your cyclops friend created.

    Jesus Mary Mother of God. These Commie twats really are as thick as pig shit

  83. 83
    Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

    What happens to the Irish in the forces and serving in the Police? I don’t see them being expelled from the mainland somehow.

  84. 84
    Zacaroo says:

    Guido is not resident here. Or at least he claims he isn’t incase he gets sued and can claim he has no assets here. I guess Guido is just like Zac the sac.

  85. 85
    Arthur Criffith's Ghost says:

    heres a wild idea. Two seperate counties Britain & Ireland with their own respective Governments but sharing a single heah of state.

  86. 86
    Zacaroo says:

    #22 Ireland is a banana republic. It is a republic and one of its big industries is ripening bananas (Fyffes).

  87. 87
    jgm2 says:

    Fuck Dublin. Move to Cork.

    Further south. Warmer.

    Better still, fuck the lot of ‘em. Cut a deal with Malta.

  88. 88

    The website will be up and running once the current dialogue with my MP has run it’s course

  89. 89
    Mitch says:

    Poor old Darling he looked so embarrassed at spouting that pile of horse shite.

  90. 90
    albacore says:

    This was a reply to Sting’s Beard (currently numbered a lonely 40 but your guess is as good as mine what it’ll end up as) which was itself a reply to a running thread.
    Wish Guido’d stop all these orphans cavorting about like Brownian feral kids.
    Mind you, who knows where this one will bottom out at.

  91. 91
    Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

    Darling is predicting growth greater than we had during our debt-fuelled bubble! What is he on and why hasn’t more been made of this absurd claim on the news? He should be ashamed of himself – if our recovery hinges of this fantasy, you really have to believe they are wrecking the economy deliberately.

  92. 92
    Anonymous says:

    Actually despte the fact I am a Scot and you are a pikey, your assesment is quite correct. Alex Salmond has spent a lifetime seeking “independence” only to proclaim “Independence in Europe” for Scotland WTF !!!?????

  93. 93

    doesn’t make that much sense when you delete the comment it referred to Guido

    except to say the UK NHS has no accountability

  94. 94
    Sting's Beard says:

    What this debate is striving towards is an answer to the age old British problem of fudging what should be a clear distinction between citizenship and residence.

    Most sensible countries dont have this problem. Just because they may give you residence you normally have to work your arse off for 20 years before you might be considered eligble for the benefits of citizenship.

    The Irish have an absolute right to residence. But given Irelands seperation from the political institutions of the UK the rights that accrue from citizenship are certainly more questionable

  95. 95
    jgm2 says:

    Not at all. The only difference between Ireland and the UK is that their government is facing up toan economy following the BUST caused by a low interest rates, massive house price inflation, massive consumer borrowing binge.

    The sad thing for the UK is we had no excuse for repeating the mistakes of the 1980s/1990s. We’d been there before.

    We had so been there before that the Labour manifesto of 1997 was all about how we would never make the same mistakes and go there again.

    That is what is so infuriating for residents of the UK. It’s the same fucking mistakes again. Only ten times worse. What sort of arseholes are these Labour MPs?

  96. 96
    Trevor Philps, Harriet Harman, assembled fuckwits and fellow travellers says:

    Dat’d be raaaaaacist.

  97. 97
    Anonymous says:

    Indeed Balls was talking shit as does his horrble wife. Pair of chancers on the way out of power and they are getting desperate. Having said that the more this odious couple appear in our media the better.

  98. 98
    The Ape man commeth says:

    “There is no intelligent thought behind this, it is clumsy and it is destructive”

    Should read “There is thought behind this and it is destructive”

    Bankrupt us (especialy England) and let the EUSSR take over.

  99. 99
    Anonymous says:

    Balls revealed himself as an arse of the highest order trotting out cliche after cliche, as well as threatening the BBC presenter. It was pretty desperate stuff. Car crash radio. This on top of Nicky Campbell having Mandleslime admit to his communist background earlier. Ha the tide may well be turning.

  100. 100
    Sting's Beard says:

    Move to Donegal, Fine Poitin excellent surfing? Dramatic scenery but most importantly the only Irish county to vote No to Lisbon

  101. 101
    jgm2 says:

    There is an argument to be made for the Tories to just tell the truth. Propose the biggest, nastiest (but necessary) set of public pay and job cuts they can conceive of to get this deficit under control and damn the consequence.

    If losing in 1992 proved to be an electoral gift for Labour in 1997 can you picture what the political landscape would be like after another five years of Labour idiocy?

    Assuming we hadn’t all eaten each other.

    The coming situation is to Labour what WWI was to the Liberals. Labour is just desperately deferring, deferring, deferring making the tough decisions in the hope of clinging to second place in 2015 by screeching and swooning all over the shop as the Tories make the cuts that Brown should have done two years ago. Or, more accurately, the cuts that should never have been necessary if Brown had done a ‘prudent’ job since 2001.

  102. 102
    jgm2 says:

    The touble with increasing the dole is that it becomes very attractive to just sitting on your duff taking the money. As amply demonstrated by several million folk on ‘incapacity’ benefit.

    Not that they’re unemployed. Oh no. They’re ‘incapacitated’.

    Maximum Imbecile’s stooge bragging about 2.5 million extra people in work since 1997. Meanwhile the unproductive population of the UK has increased. All the new jobs have gone to Poles ‘cos our dole and incapacity benefit yada yada are so generous the home-grown shysters can’t be bothered to tear themselves away from Trisha.

  103. 103
    jgm2 says:

    Not as embarrassed as I’d expected him to be. He didn’t flinch when he proclaimed the deficit would be 178bn this year…. and 176bn next year.

    What a bare-faced fucking lie.

    Two years of 24/7 Gordonomics and brain-washing has changed Darling into a Stepford Chancellor.

  104. 104
    Shamus says:

    Well would you want to hold the passport from a country that had committed such terrible war crimes in Iraq and Afganistan and cravenly surrendered to IRA gangsters.

  105. 105

    That’s made my day. Proof of life from an alternate universe.

  106. 106
    no longer anonymous says:

    Darling should pay attention to what was done in America in 1920-21

  107. 107
    jgm2 says:

    Oooooooooh. Fuck no. If I’d wanted that sort of weather I’d have stayed in Scotland.

  108. 108
    W.W. says:

    Unfortuantly I am not a pikey, I have the missfortune to have to work for my living.

    And it is not a sittuation I am overly happy with.


  109. 109
    shelling-out says:

    Never mind 2001 – He should have started being prudent in 1997.

  110. 110
    Roger Daley says:

    I thought you already had a leprechaun ?

  111. 111
    Empire Loyalist says:

    Your spelling is barbaric.

  112. 112
    Roger Daley says:

    All four of my grandparents were born in Ireland before 1922 –

    That made them British subjects. cue Guinness iokes.

    Bliar has pulled that stroke – but for tax purposes.

  113. 113
    shelling-out says:

    Don’t be too sure about that. It’s much, much worse.

  114. 114
    shelling-out says:

    Ed and Yvette have high ideas. They are both hungry for more power and will go to any lengths to get it.

    I do hope they both get what’s coming to them.

  115. 115
    Agent 99 says:

    Carry on dont

    Its simple they will say anything now so that when they lose the election they can say well if we had still been in power it would have happened so its all the Tories fault.

    So obvious its criminal

  116. 116
    Jimmy says:

    The Taoiseach was the highest paid head of government in the OECD. I think even with this cut he’s on more than Brown. Less than Obama now at least. and if you think Westminster’s overmanned, how about 166 members for a population about half that of London. Not including Senators…

  117. 117
    I hate the one eyed mong says:

    Because mong boy is only interested in the public sector, they are the only fucks along with the pram faced slags on council estates that vote fucking Liebour.

    Fuck the public sector.

  118. 118
    Climate change denier and proud says:

    But they are still capable of getting their fat lardy arses down to a polling booth. Oh hang on they don’t even need to do that now, a forged postal vote or if that doesn’t work Liebour just forge the election and they’ve been doing that for years now.

  119. 119
    Climate change denier and proud says:

    Gotta love the Sun’s headline that Labour have screwed more people than Tiger Woods.

  120. 120
    Evan Mor Anonymous says:

    Are you worried you might have to talk to them?

  121. 121
    john miller says:

    T’was ever thus with NuLab.

    The trumpeted tax on bankers bonuses will net not one penny. It doesn’t tax bonuses that are already contractual obligations by the employers and taxes only those paid within a three month window.

    Remember Gordon telling us how it was great for the low earners that he introduced the 10% income tax rate band and how it was even better for them a few years later when he removed it?

    Smoke and mirrors.

    Also starring a typical Labour tax on employers seeking to employ staff and a kick in the nuts for everyone earning £4000 less than the minimum wage.

    Up the workers!

  122. 122
    Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

    Oprah Winfrey found a lump on her breast and went straight to the doctor.
    “Take off all of your clothes please Mrs Winfrey.” He said
    “And could you kneel next to the door please.”
    Oprah got on all fours and did so.
    “And could you now kneel in front of the window please.”
    Oprah shuffled over to the window.
    “And could you finally kneel against the back wall.”
    Oprah crawled over.
    “What has this got to do with the lump in my breast?” Oprah asked
    “Nothing at all.” The doctor replied
    “But I’m getting a new black leather sofa delivered later and wondered where it would look best.”

    Good Night

  123. 123
    W.W. says:

    Yes I know, funilly enough I used to be one of the best spellers at school, I blame spell check.

    Though I went to a school in Hull so maybe the bar wasn’t set very high.

    This is what you end up with after a Labour Education, I always said if you want to see what you get if Labour get to run the country look at Hull.
    And I have been proved correct, they turned Hull into an shit hole full of uneducated slobs, and hey presto after 12 years they have done pretty much the same to the entire country.
    One of the many reasons I would personally shoot the fucking lot of them.


  124. 124
    Nick says:

    I don’t know the presenter, but if more Labour politicians are going to be challenged as robustly as Tories have habitually been then more people will realise what they actually represent.

  125. 125
    Northampton Saint says:

    And at the end of it all, someone will claim that Ireland are doing best because they’re “IN THE EURO”, and use it as an excuse to shovel us in without a referendum

  126. 126
    Rt Hon J Prescott says:

    I’ll sort you out lad. You bring the pies.

  127. 127
    Rog says:

    Oh dearie me…

    Balls hit a new low there. By the end of the interview the presenter was almost speechless!

    What a total knob.

  128. 128
    Mr Pikey says:

    Tarmac your drive? No?

  129. 129
    Sans Frontiere says:

    Poor Paddy,allready
    an idiot standing
    outside pubs for a smoke ,now he can
    stand outside the
    Job Centre and have
    another one.


  130. 130
    Mr Ned says:

    Indeed, their entire economic strategy appears to be like a man who faithfully pays his credit card bill every month………………………………….

    With the same credit card

  131. 131
    jgm2 says:

    And I need warm weather to prance around in my little bikini!! Heehee.

  132. 132
    poor and tired of funding greedy mps says:

    yes. I hope so too as I don’t want to keep on paying for their Waitrose shop of 800pcm.


  133. 133
    yes he is says:

    Balls is a knob. makes i larf.

  134. 134
  135. 135
    Room with a View says:

    Anybody who
    Pays taxes
    Pays Rates
    Pays a mortgage
    Pays rent
    Buys beer in a pub
    Buys cigs in a shop
    Must be a complete
    and utter knobhead
    but dont let us stop you,all in a good cause
    Keep taking the

  136. 136
    AP says:

    One interesting item is that non-esident Irish passport holders with 5m euros of assets in Ireland and a worldwide income of more than a million euros will now be required to pay a flat 200,000 euros a year to retain their Irish passport and domicile.

    Whilst I am completely unaffected by this by virtue of failure, but there must be quite a few people out there who are a bit pissed off this evening having handed over a million punts for Irish passports and domicile when the going was good.

  137. 137
    That's Life dog says:

    A fair point Sir.


  138. 138
    Cast Iron Quisling says:

    I thought Peter Allen did rather well.

    Does he really work for the BBC?

    Balls was talking bollocks, as usual…

  139. 139
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Cue Tiger/Ireland joke;

    Tiger is over in the Emerald Isle for a tournament, and pulls in a a small garage somewhere in the back of beyond. As he leans down to replace the pump nozzle, two golf tees fall out of his shirt pocket. The proprietor, who has emerged to gawp at Tiger’s flash car, and who has no idea who he is, says: “What are dem little tings?” Tiger explains “They’re for resting my balls on when I drive off.” “Feckin’ Jaysus” says your man, “Don’t BMW think of everything?”

  140. 140
    Ed P says:

    Iznop scheme?

  141. 141
    Marchamont Needham says:

    Aye, and Banana ripening sheds used to be in Huddersfield till them bloody Paddys stole our jobs.

  142. 142
    count the legs, divide by two says:

    Christ, the mask really slipped there.

    Balls really is a foul little fascist twat, isn’t he

  143. 143
    Marchamont Needham says:

    Can anyone explain how the fuck this numbering system works?

  144. 144

    But Guido, this seems to be the Labour way: Shout at the rich, yet kick the poor.

  145. 145
    Kevin T says:

    I happened to pop into my local newsagent shortly after the budget was announced to satisfy my scratchcard addiction. I got chatting the nice Indian lady who owns it and happened to mention politics.

    To my amazement, I was treated by this lovely, ultra-polite woman to a 10 minute, swearword-peppered tirade about the “lying, thieving bastards” who run this country and are running small businesses like hers into the ground with their taxes and regulations, while the banks get away with murder.

    Then she went on about how when she visits relatives in India, she notices how much better India is coping with the recession than we are.

    Couldn’t disagree with a word of it. What a shameful bunch of cretins we have entrusted our country to.

  146. 146

    I guess you’d be a Labour troll.

  147. 147

    That was aimed at Zacoboomboom or whatever he called himself.

  148. 148
    Jan says:

    I think the Republic of Ireland has a population of circa 5 million.Before this latest budget the following applied:Ministers earned approx 200,000 euros a year (that’s right for being responsible for far fewer people).The unemployment benefit was 204 euros a week.Child benefit for first two children was 166 euros for each child, then 240 for each subsequent child per month. Somebody was complaining that her husband ONLY got 345 euros a week unemployment for him,the wife and two children. There are other hugely expensive tax breaks/allowances that people get. I have been really shocked at the amount people get from the state. Also people expect to get ridiculous amounts for work.Some cleaners in west Cork get 15 euros (cash in hand).Everybody seems to be driving around in big fancy cars (except the farmers who are always pleading poverty).
    However the cost of living here is ridiculous. I always shopped at Waitrose in London,now I shop at Lidl which is amazing here. Lidl was a a joke in London. I refuse to pay the extortionate amounts that the Irish owned supermarkets charge for example a euro for a tin of tomatoes. As for drink, my Bombay Sapphire is about 43 euros a litre bottle in an Irish supermarket,whereas you can sometimes get it for £17.50 on special offer in London. I was pricing champagne for Christmas yesterday, it was 50 euros for a non-vintage Bollinger whereas at the moment it is £17.50 in some UK supermarkets.Many people I know even from this area of west Cork go to Belfast to stock up on booze.
    I am looking forward to the return of the Swansea Cork ferry next March so I can do my shopping in Wales.No thanks to the Irish government who have not helped the Cork people get their ferry back again. The people of Cork have raised all the money themselves as Dublin doesn’t realise that there is a country outside Leinster.It will certainly beat travelling up to Wexford for the ferry to the UK which takes about four hours from here.The Swansea Cork ferry will be overnight.
    Having said that it is expensive here, the quality of life is so much better than London. Many people including my husband have Irish families so we can live here whether the Britiish withdraw from the EU or not. This must be the case for hundreds of thousands of people in Britian. If I were a young person with a family I would not live in the UK.Moving to Ireland would be the only option.The education system is far superior, the people are incredibly friendly and welcoming and everybody speaks English. The other thing is Nue-Liebor will never ever be in power here.

  149. 149
    Scot Richards says:

    WHY TF would anyone want to move to Ireland and ‘only’ pay half the tax? I moved my business to Hong Kong years ago and they don’t charge me any tax at all. Food’s great too.

    This will be your winter of incontinent.

  150. 150
    jock says:

    how can darling get away with ruinning us like this?

  151. 151

    […] See more here: The Budget Britain Needs Was Delivered in Ireland – Guy Fawkes' blog […]

  152. 152
    Davidb says:

    But surely its EU membership, and specifically the Euro which is forcing Irish hands? They cannot devalue their currency, so the only way out of the hellhole is to cut their expenditure to make the economy competitive and to restore public finances and reassure bond investors.

    Here in the Uk the currency is tanking, the state is keeping interest rates low for themselves alone, the people being asked to pay are those prudent enough to have saved up over the years – like a prudent chancellor could have done – and the elderly. This budget is about bribing their own in an effort to cling onto seats at the next election. Its a shame we are only going to hear bollocks on our TV’s about this instead of a reasoned argument. The sheeple are being conned again. The big bad Tories are going to have to fix this crap. I suggest dear readers that you pay down your debts and reduce your spending. We are going to have a dreadfull 2010, cos the next government is going to have to fix this. Its a pity Gordon isn’t going to stand trial for malfeasance in office.

  153. 153
    Allan@Aberdeen says:

    Ape man is correct: this is deliberate. Darling was a student Trot and Brown got his life-time seat in Fife given to him by marxists in the Labour Party because he was sufficiently marxist himself. The culmination of their years of toil is with us now.

  154. 154
    Ratsniffer says:

    Zanulabour are marxists by instinct, their instinct are always to punish those evil capitalist small businesses and the middle classes.

  155. 155
    English Liberation Front says:

    Labour=Evil – no doubt about it. Brown/Darling are bankrupting the nation for narrow partisan reasons. They will rot in Hell!

    Take out this reckless Labour excuse for a pathetic supposed government, line them up against a wall and shoot them for being the traitors they truly are!

  156. 156
    Kezza the Hat says:

    It was a GREAT PBR from Darling for the Liebour party, but not for the country. His sole aim was to secure the full support of NuLiebours core voters, the feral feckless, at the next election. Sod anyone else.

    Why should he help businesses? Why should he help hard working families on average earnings? He can’t rely on their votes and they are only seen by this Government as cash cows providing for the Labour core, i.e. the long-term unemployed and benefit-scrounging feral feckless. About time when there are pay constraints, pay cuts, tax rises, that those who make a living living off the backs of others had their money CUT.

    In two years time he and Jonah will be standing up at PMQ’s blaming the Conservatives for the financial blackhole this country is in, and the die hard Liebour supporters drinking Stella in Wetherspoons at 10am will still be blaming Thatcher.

    If voters had to pass an IQ test to allow them to vote, Liebour would be fucked.

  157. 157
    Davros says:

    And how pray tell would you stop them coming to the UK? Border patrols in south Armagh? Good luck with that.

  158. 158
    udderly 'orrible says:

    Chancellor McDrippy got a right drubbing on Toady this morning. Stumbled and stuttered his way around a budget so full of holes he didn’t have enough fingers to plug them all.
    Left the impression that his figures had all unravelled less than 24 hours after he uttered them.

  159. 159
    udderly 'orrible says:

    You forget the postal votes, that is how they plan to steal a win.

    Huge, deliberately planned fraud using ethnic tribal leaders – each properly controlled street in a tribal community yields 100 blank postal votes for tribal boss in Liebour pocket.

    Oh yes Marxism’s finest are in charge now.

  160. 160
    Clickety click says:

    Ireland trail the UK out of recession. They just have not got a clue. The bingo is sooooo expensuve.

  161. 161
    Max the Impaler says:

    Ireland is a beautiful country but it needs a roof.

  162. 162

    […] The budget Britain needs was delivered in Ireland – Guido Fawkes […]

  163. 163

    […] measures were praised by Tory bloggers and politicians and gave a taste of what a future Tory budget might look like. […]

  164. 164
    Anonymous says:

    BBC policy at the moment is:
    “Don’t mention the structural deficit which Darling is intending to raise to £1.4trillion (if all goes well in the economy). Osborne mentioned it once and we accidentally broadcasted it, let’s not allow anyone else to mention it otherwise everyone’ll know just how badly our beloved labour have ruined the country. Mention the annual £176 billion, but not the compounding debt and its subsequent interest. Let’s all lie and pretend that £176 is the total amount of debt and not just a single year’s overspend.”

  165. 165
    Damo Mackerel says:

    The budget doesn’t go far enough. The government has made €4 billion in cuts but we’ll need to borrow €5 billion next year just to service our debt.

    They’ll be another budget sometime in the middle of next year I would guess.

  166. 166
    Obiter says:

    Ireland is not committing much of its resources to fighting wars.

  167. 167
    dogday says:

    If bono returned to Ireland and paid the relevat taxes [he currently avoids] then the irish would be quids in!

  168. 168
    Lord Fondlebum of Boys says:

    “bottom out” – did someone call for me?

  169. 169
    Uranus, The Magician. says:

    I have an Irish grandfather – can I join them when I return from furrin parts?

  170. 170
    An Anglodutchman says:

    Here’s another: Ireland are a part of Euroland unlike the UK.

  171. 171
    Willsteed says:

    The UK under Labour is fucked.

    God forbid I ever have to go back.

  172. 172
    Anonymous says:

    If you’ve got property in ireland – sell it fast – otherwise you will be sitting on a pile of fuck all

  173. 173
    Victor Hugo says:

    Lenihan was looking to get rid of €4 Billion is spending in a smaller budget.
    Darling was looiking to cut £3 billion from a budget of £622 Billion.
    Literally not a tight fisted Scot?

  174. 174

    […] Guido Fawkes blogs on the Irish budget: […]

  175. 175
    normal person says:

    they are the most cringemaking couple around at the moment,wonder if they have jobs lined up in the banks for after the election

  176. 176
    normal person says:

    ethnic minority against labour,can it get any better

  177. 177

    […] had “again grasped the nettle on the Irish public finances.” Tory bloggers including Guido Fawkes and Iain Dale also lauded the […]

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