November 30th, 2009

Etonian Political Monopoly

If Eton is a political conspiracy rather than merely a school, it is doing quite well.  It boasts nineteen former PMs as well as three old boys in the current Tory shadow cabinet, plus of course the probable next PM.  It’s clearly still the establishment’s choice, though there was a time when people questioned whether another Old Etonian could ever become Prime  Minister again.  Fettes has since lost its grip on Downing Street.

Last week Lord Pearson OE was elected leader of UKIP.   Guido’s drinking buddy Chris Mounsey OE (of Devil’s Kitchen fame) was this weekend elected leader of the  Libertarian Party. Floreat Etona indeed…


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    anon says:

    Old Etonians hang just as well as Scottish socialists, no need for a guilt lined rope for their silky necks.

    Who cares what school they went to? The mere fact that they are a politician is enough to identify them as the enemy.

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      Anonymous says:

      How did 19 former PMs get into the current shadow cabinet, is Dave employing skeleton staff?

      • 99
        Spindows QE says:

        Get with the program MB. We are all pretending to be disillusioned supporters this week . No patronising or nonsensical posts here this week. Have you forgotten your brief already?

        Write things like .. I wasn’t worried about public schools but if Dave can’t keep his Lisbon promise then maybe we should abolish them all. I’m voting UKIP.

        The fifth column program MB. Get with it. Your tired old bollocks hasn’t helped us a jot.

        Memo from Laboursoft corporation:
        Compatible with Spindows. Spindows 7, Clunking Fista and Spindows QE.

      • 157
        Sukyspook says:

        Skull and bones mayhap?

      • 245
        Sukyspook says:

        TAT @ 4:16 – could it possibly be that what I see as a ‘coup’ in broad daylight on the day of Osa/Oma/sorry Obama’s inauguration when he ‘fluffed’ his oath, to be followed by a ‘swearing in’ without Bible in private the following day – and the fact that Brown has never been elected to be leader of the ZNLiebore party possibly hold some ‘water’ for a double-’non-eligibility’ case of either of these imposters to ‘lead’ their respective countries?? (I’m assuming you know about Omaha and ‘Birthcertificategate’??)


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      Anonymous says:

      Peter Mandelson = Hendon County Grammar School.

      • 41
        • 43

          And tonight, at midnight, the greatest theft in history will take place

          and we will do NOTHING.

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          Mr Ned says:

          I am confused, not being a constitutional lawyer, I wonder which law takes precedence at midnight tonight? I know of some people who have been researching this and it would seem that even after midnight tonight, despite the Lisbon Treaty becoming EU law, we in the UK remain under common law jurisdiction.

          As I understand it, and I am very probably wrong, EU law trumps statute law, but our Common Law cannot be superseded by any other law.

          Is that correct?

          And what about statute law only having the force of law with the consent of the governed? So it only applies because they assume consent by acquiescence? A statute is, in reality, a contract needing the consent of BOTH parties to be valid and lawfully binding.

          So where does that leave common law under the EU?

        • 170
          Anonymous says:

          Mr Ned says:

          “As I understand it, and I am very probably wrong, EU law trumps statute law, but our Common Law cannot be superseded by any other law.

          Is that correct?”


        • 186
          We're all Swiss now says:

          Which is why we should have Swiss style referendums….

        • 229
          Ready and waiting says:

          Old Holborn – I am ready to march to protect us from these bastards – name the time and place.

    • 42
      Percy says:

      Well Dave’s Dad wasted his money, Dave didn’t even learn what a cast iron guarantee meant.

    • 84
      Anonymous says:

      Somebody asked the headmaster of eton if many communists went to the school. He replied “not many communists when they arrive but they all are by the time they leave.”

      • 218
        Fair Play says:

        Yes I wish that Eton School would stop claiming loads of dosh from us taxpayers for their charitable status,what a joke! Eton had lots of influence in the past and will have loads again if the Tories win.Tory Alan Clark said that ‘Eton is an early introduction to human cruelty and treachery.’Guy Burgess,Lord Lucan,Jonathan Aitken all old Etonians failed to stay the right side of the law.So a school is no predictor of character but more of a confirmation of the wealth of your family.Remember old Etonian Crown Prince Dipendra of Nepal who in 2001 massacred 8 members of his family.Maybe Alan Clark was right .I don’t think coming from Eton is something to be proud of these days.

    • 89
      Kezza the Hat says:

      Financial incompetence = Liebour

      • 140
        Sukyspook says:

        Responding to OH and Mr Ned:

        “UK is a Common Law Jurisdiction” – how the land lies (freudian slip or wot) with question to and response from from David Willetts MP and response from HoC Library re the Common Law ‘position’.

        Now all we have to do is alert people of the ‘person/corporate fiction/strawman’ scam….. this isn’t a good time for that is it lol.

        • 142
          Sukyspook says:

          make that one ‘from’ ta muchly.

        • 225
          Mr Ned says:

          Yeah, I read that over the weekend. I am not entirely convinced one way or the other wrt EU law, vs Common law. Willets was not entirely forthcoming on the issue either.

          As for the strawman/person being a legal fiction ie a piece of paper, well there is much more research needed and many “legal” hoops through which to jump before one can destroy the “person” and become free.

        • 230
          thick as thieves says:

          common law stands from midnight, ned.
          the sovereignty of Great Britain is in question and so we are currently in the midst of a constititutional crisis.
          it seems to me that the lisbon treaty and indeed all european rules and regulations and other powers over this country have all been given away to the EU without the consent of the British People.
          as the sovereignty if parliament lies with us, the people who return MPs to the commons, then it is only within our gift to give that sovereignty away.
          the new labour government has sold the EU a false prospectus regarding the lisbon treaty. it was not within the authority or power of gordon brown to legally sign the lisbon treaty.
          this is the crisis and these are the facts.
          it is not allowed in the British politicians to give away sovereignty without first going to the British people and receiving their explicit agreement or rejection by referendum to the ratification or not of the lisbon treaty.
          until that authority has been sought and given the lisbon treaty has no legal weight whatsoever upon any citizen of Great Britain.
          top boy has spoken: no appeals will be heard.

    • 221
      Giuseppe Mazzini says:

      Every one knows that Winchester is a superior school to Eton. Remember this joke: A lady walks into a room. The Etonian says: “Fetch that lady a chair.” The Wykehamist fetches it. The Harrovian sits in it.

      But as we all know. It doesn’t really matter what school you went to –
      Manners makyth man

    • 249
      cancan inflicts odium says:

      fin’s canonical dictum

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    Just put it on the expenses says:

    All this does, yet again, is show the inequality between independant and state sector education. If people can afford to send their children to independant schools they will and the high profile atainement of those privately educated will enforce this.

    • 13
      Ted says:

      So what? Would you rather the country was run by chavs or immigrants?

      • 44
        Uncle Terry says:

        It seems to be run FOR Chavs and immigrants.

      • 88
        Just put it on the expenses says:

        no, you misunderstood me – I am just stating how poor the state system is – the better educated the better as far as I am concerned.

        We are paying for the chavs and immigrants and for education too.

        • 104
          Anonymous says:

          Eton boys are not necessarily better educated, it’s not what you know but who you know that counts.

          • jgm2 says:

            That’s the lazy cop-out that millions of native parents and their kids have been telling themselves for generations in lieu of actually learning anything. ‘It’s not what you know – it’s who you know’. So since I don’t ‘know’ anybody I won’t learn anything either.

            Fucking inspired. Whereas if they got off their lazy, unmotivated arse and studied at school and went to a good university then, fuck me, they might find they do in fact ‘know’ somebody after all.

            Of course it suits Plankton Fritzl-Prescott and his ilk to perpetuate the myth that they’re the ones you should be getting to know and seek patronage from rather than getting up off your arse and establishing your own ‘network’.

            Vote Labour – we’ll be your network. Vote for me and in ten years time you can vote for my son too.

          • Maladroit Labour Chump says:

            Remember also that all you Tory toffs who send their children to Independent Schools pay TWICE. Once, via the Council Tax for the vast majority who are stuck with a mostly sub-standard Ed Balls version of education and again via School fees.
            Think yourselves lucky that Tony focused so brilliantly on ‘Education,education,education’ and then sent his kids miles across London outside their catchment are to The Oratory.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yep, because anyone who sends their child to a private school is automatically a “tory toff” aren’t they?

            I went to private school back in the 80s. My parents weren’t wealthy, but they sacrificed and went without things they could have had because they wanted their kids to get a decent education and they didn’t have any faith in what was on offer from the state sector. Neither of them have ever voted tory, or earned fabulous amounts of money. Oddly enough, the same could be said for many of my fellow pupils.

            The belief that all kids at private schools are from fabulously wealthy families is a myth perpetuated by people with no idea of how the vast majority of private schools are run, or what kind of kids go to them. Of course what with the scrapping of assisted places and such like by the current bunch of reprobates in the HoC, it is admittedly getting harder and harder, but it’s still a myth.

      • 206
        Hugh Janus says:

        Precisely. Who do we want running the country – someone with one of the best educations money can buy, or just another product of our failing, bog-standard state education sector? I know which I prefer, even though I’m far from happy with the disparity between the two systems.

        • 219
          Headline says:

          O for goodness sake.Paying for education is no guarantee of success.There are some really excellent state and private schools out there,but equally so there are some very poor state and private schools.Bearing in mind that 97% of children are educated in state schools there are far more really excellent state schools than there are excellent private schools.

        • 223
          jgm2 says:

          We have a culture of idiocy in the UK. Our state schools (I went to state school) are infested with the children of idiots who failed to achieve anything at school (what’s the point – my uncle, the union convenor, will get me a job on the production line at Longbridge on my 16th birthday) and who actively encourage their children to emulate their idiocy.

          All private school does is foster an ethos of school as a place of learning rather than a place for childcare and idiocy.

          I think the UK is unique in the world in having a population that revels in its inability to fucking grasp basic maths. ‘OOOooohh, maths, I was never any good at maths’ is a perfectly acceptable admission to make.

          Imagine if somebody said ‘Oh reading, I was never any good at that and writing – I can hardly spell my own name’ and then we wonder how we can as a government and as individuals so thoroughly fuck up the economy. Aye, it’s the yanks fault. Aye, that’s right. And the bankers. Aye.

          Not the fucking muppet government and population that bought into the insane economic clusterfuck in the first place. Cos it’s ‘okay’ to be shit at basic maths.

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    Grenville says:

    I think that it is a good show that people of such privilege have clearly been instilled with a wish to serve their country at such a young age.

    • 17
      Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

      Eton doesn’t seem to instil much in the way of decent morals, though.

      Dave “Cast Iron Guarantee” Cameron’s idea of serving the British people is to impose all ethnic (read: racist) selection lists, lie about a referendum and hand control of Britain the the EU like the coward he is. UKIP’s new leader, Lord “I believe in magic sky-fairies” Pearson’s idea of serving the British people is to pretend his umpteen-thousand acre estate in Scotland (complete with servants) is his main home and his £1.6m pad in London (registered with Companies House as his main residence) is his second home, thereby to filch more than £100,000 of taxpayers’ wages.

      The two main alternatives to the Marxist idiot snot-gobbler and his band of fuckwitted cronies are a pair of wankers. Good ol’ Eton.

      • 75
        Mr Ned says:

        Well it’s either vote for the crooked Lord, or that Nasty Nick Griffin to get our country back, because none of the other fuckers will lift a finger to protect our sovereignty.

        The Greens want to depopulate the planet, and because they are a bunch of former communists (Marxists and Trotskyists) they want to start by killing off the middle classes, instead of the chavs!

        English Nationalists do not have anywhere near enough presence, and all the other parties are unheard of by most people.

        Sadly the only choice will be UKIP. Yes they are SHIT, but they are still better than any of the alternatives and far better than Lab/Con/Lib traitors.

        • 133
          I am Sick says:

          I will vote for anyone, no matter how personally distasteful, who will get us out of the wretched EU fascist junta.

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    There certainly are not thirteen Old Etonians in the Shadow Cabinet. Try three.

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    It also produced the founder of Amnesty International, the author of “1984″ and the music director of English National Opera. Perhaps it’s just a good school.

    • 9
      Gone to the dogs says:

      Urghh!!! Urrrggg!!
      Wrong answer. Our survey said =

      A good school in Labour Britain should be reduced to the lowest common denominator so as to not to have an unfair advantage.

    • 113
      jgm2 says:

      1984? The Labour government handbook?

  7. 7
    Just put it on the expenses says:

    yup and they’re the worst – looking to help the ‘little people’ whilst necking champagne, holidaying in the most exclusive resorts and wearing watches that cost more then many peoples annual salary (those that are lucky enough to still have a job).

    • 8
      barefootcontessa says:

      At least they’re well educated.

      • 63
        Mr Ned says:

        Yes, Eton is the new world order’s finishing school for it’s UK directors of the future.

      • 86
        David Ikky says:

        Watch out, Mr Ned, the Lizards will get you!

      • 154
        Sukyspook says:

        Mr Ned – it’s what comes AFTER Eton that’s far more interesting and in need of being exposed.

        I expect Eton is one of the places where those who can be bought, sold and manipulated are singled out for ‘bigger and better’ things… However, this won’t be so important in the near future as the capstone is being prepared for lowering and the entire CHESSBOARD will be cleared for new game.

      • 163
        T. B£iar says:

        I went to Fettes, the Scottish version of Eton. Look how well the Country did under my premiership.

      • 242
        Unsworth says:

        ‘Well educated’?

        That’s a matter of opinion.

  8. 11
    TR says:

    I’d prefer the country to be run by Old Etonians than traitorous, marxist adherents of the Frankfurt School like Brown, Balls, and the Milibands.

  9. 12
    Al Gunn says:

    maybe Eton is SO unjust that it inspires it’s former pupils to serve for a more just world? just a thought (from an OE)

    please also add former Labour MP Tam Dayell to the list of noteworthy OEs

  10. 14
    • 81
      barefootcontessa says:

      They can’t see the hand in front of their face.

      • 145
        I am Sick says:

        Oh dear, oh dear, those rock solid traditional labour thiefdoms are collapsing.

        Well if you do continually shit on people, they eventually get the message.

    • 200
      Anonymous says:

      The NuLab Government did not ‘neglect’ the white working class: the traitors declared war on it.

      The proper punishment for traitors is death. Stage one will be the death of their shit treasonous party next year.

      • 234
        Anonymous says:

        To the Labour party, the working classes were only ever the canon fodder needed to gain power.

        To Quislings like Straw, the white working class Britons are people to be despised and disposed of through ethnic replacement.

  11. 15

    How can these rich, pampered Toryboys, with their Eton/Oxbridge privileged background, understand the hopes and dreams of ordinary people?

    • 20
      Ed says:

      Better than the Labour hypocrites (many a public school chap and chapess amongst them) who have squatted in office over the last twelve years of failure, one would imagine.

    • 21
      Anonymous says:

      Fabian Solutions = Millions dead.

    • 23

      Good point, Fabian_Solutions. No wonder Labour are fast closing the gap in the polls to only 6 points, triggering more Tory infighting.

      “Tories turn on David Cameron after string of false promises – exclusive

      David Cameron’s string of false promises on everything from tax to Europe is turning party members against him in droves.

      In a sign that the tide of opinion may be swinging back to Labour, a document reveals how leading Conservatives fear “Brand Cameron” has “lost its specialness”.

      And it warns many are “disappointed” by their leader’s decision to drop his “cast-iron guarantee” a Tory government would hold a referendum on Europe.”

      • 32
        hannibal says:

        Stop posting shite from the fucking Beano you cretin.

        ‘On fire Maguire.’ Anybody got a fucking match?

        • 65
          Gordon 'gift to the Tories' Brown says:

          It’s in the bag.

        • 95
          Gordon 'gift to the Tories' Brown says:

          Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, but it is in the bag.

          Ask Peter Mandelson. That’s why he wanted to escape to Europe again.

        • 100
          jgm2 says:

          Whoever wins the election will have a phyrric victory. The economy is pre-fucked by the most incompetent (Labour) government in history.

      • 37
        The IMF is coming says:

        Your posts are so inane that you have to answer them yourself to get any validiction.

      • 196
        albacore says:

        Look, you’ve got to stop posting side-splitters like that. It was written by – wait for it – Bob Roberts! Haven’t I seen that name a time or two in the comments following articles in The Mail, with record-breaking numbers of red ticks? Maybe it’s just my memory finally succumbing to the insufferable absurdity of a political establishment which inspires Mr Roberts to include in his article these thoughts of our Great Leader:
        “Mr Brown added: “When people start to see that on every major economic call in this recession, the Conservatives have made the wrong decision, then people look at things in a different light.”
        Still, it’s good to see Mr B keeping his eye on the ball on Tory decision-making, non-existant though the latter appears most of the time.

    • 34
      The IMF is coming says:

      Just as easily as;


      etc etc

      • 39
        Anonymous says:

        et al

        • 55
          The IMF is coming says:

          Mr Cunctator aka Fabian was trying to make the point that the Shadow Cabinet is full of Old Etonians/Pubic school boys/girls.

          The Government also has a fair share of Pubic school boys/girls so the arguement is somewhat pointless

    • 54
      barefootcontessa says:

      Fabian, don’t be jealous! Just try to grin and bear it! Life is equal for some, but not so equal for others. C’est la vie! Grow up!

    • 58
      barefootcontessa says:

      like Blair you mean Fabian?!

    • 78
      Animal says:

      Surely you meant to say how can these rich, pampered Liebore hypocrits, with their public schools and privileged backgrounds, understand the hopes and dreams of ordinary people?

      • 150
        Airey Belvoir says:

        I hear that Eton provides an excellent education, and is rated as one of the best schools in the country. We need the UK managed by well-educated people rather than thickos, I’m sure most of us would agree with that.What’s the problem? And Dave went on to win a First at Oxford, which cannot be bought. The anti-Eton ranters need to lie down in a darkened room and think through the reasoning (if any) behind their prejudice.

    • 90
      Anonymous says:

      Two jags said we are all middle class now. Maybe the immigrants are the working class.

      • 109
        "Two Banjos" says:

        I never said that
        What I really said was “We all aspire to be middle class now”
        And with New Labour we can achieve that
        So fuck off!

    • 91
      jgm2 says:

      Fabian_Solutions says:
      November 30, 2009 at 12:48 pm

      How can these rich, pampered Toryboys, with their Eton/Oxbridge privileged background, understand the hopes and dreams of ordinary people?

      You forgot to include ‘inbred’ for some reason.

    • 164
      Anonymous says:

      I wasn’t aware you had to be ‘privileged’ to get into Oxbridge. You just need to be intelligent, have a good personal statement, and perform well under interview.

      Oxford also have the Oxford Opportunities Bursary which is automatic for students with an income of under £xxx

  12. 16
    Ethan says:

    An aside to the usual class war bollx. My colleague sent three of his kids there under scholarships. They are not a well off family nor ‘hoighty toity’ (just VERY smart and talented) as the bloke works with an Essex oik like myself.
    I am constantly impressed with just how fast the chip on the shoulder Fred Kite (I’m alright Jack) mentality rears itself even in these so called egalitarian times.

    IMO class warfare is the oil that lubricates the engine of social control by the political EU loving elite. If we’re at each others throats over such silliness we won’t notice how the country is being sold out and run into the ground.
    My 2p

    • 101
      Genealogy says:

      From previous thread.

      Whilst watching DP couldn’t help wandering where Alex Salmond’s family tree crossed with that of ‘Two Banjos’ Prescott

      • 160
        jgm2 says:

        If you’re unfamiliar with Scottish politics then Salmond is much closer physiologically to his vanquished Labour nemesis Jack ‘Beetroot’ McConnell.

        They also share the same condescending manner of speech. Both of them are profoundly unpleasant, nasty people.

  13. 19

    Proof that Con-man Cameron only cares about the few, not the many:

    “Super-rich Tory donors who have given £1million to David Cameron will make £20million back through controversial tax breaks.

    A Mirror probe into 39 big backers shows they handed over £1,047,000 between July and September.

    Senior Labour sources were stunned by our research. One said: “It’s £1 to the Tories and £20 back from the taxpayer. It shows the rich are donating to the Conservatives for pure self-interest. They are looking after their own.”

    Labour MP Denis MacShane said: “The Daily Mirror has exposed the two faces of David Cameron. He claims the Tory party has changed but in reality his priority is a tax cut for the richest people in the country.

    “Voters will make their own judgment about a political leader whose primary focus is rewarding his super-rich friends with a £20 taxpayer handout for every £1 they cough up to fund the Tory party.””

    • 22
      Basher says:

      The emergency light is flashing in the bunker, this loon is quoting The Mirror again.


      • 45
        barefootcontessa says:

        That Maguire is a complete ignopramus! Best friend of Brillo. Last Week on tv made a complete arse of himself doing the politics show late night with D Abbott and M Portillo. Problem is, he went to some lousy school somewhere, certainly not Eton where they would have kicked the shit out of him and knocked the education into him!

      • 178
        Maladroit Labour Chump says:

        I stopped buying The Mirror when they down-graded the quality of paper they printed their rubbish on. It was playing havoc with my piles. The Guardian is much softer and more absorbent.

    • 33
      Swindon_Man says:

      Im really not suprised…

    • 85
      Isaac Hunt says:

      Denis MacShite – fuck me, they’re getting the brains involved now then. Daily Mirror: produced by fuckwits, for fuckwits.

    • 139
      jgm2 says:

      He claims the Tory party has changed but in reality his priority is a tax cut for the richest people in the country.

      This contrasts nicely with the Maximum Imbeciles vote-winning gambit of doubling income tax on the poorest families in society.


    • 143
      "Two Banjos" says:

      Go vote Tor yand get fucked up the arse by your betters


    • 180

      A simple point, but Extorting less is not Taking from the taxman.

  14. 24
    brent says:

    Still wanking into your sock then?

  15. 25
    Engineer says:

    I’m not bothered what school Prime Ministers went to as long as they’re competent, honest and act in the best interests of the country. Broon is probably a very good argument for Old Etonian PM’s.

  16. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Old etonians = eat shit!

  17. 27
    resurgemus says:

    bet you wished you’d got in

  18. 29
    barefootcontessa says:

    The danger is, that the school network, like nepotism , begins to rear it’s ugly head. Old boys’ networks can be very strong. Who wouldn’t favour their old school mate over a complete stranger? Brown favours Scots because he understands them and feels they will be more loyal, Jews favour Jews for the same reason, Prescott favours working class trade unionists from Hull (I know he fancies he’s middle, nay, upper class). People favour their own ‘class’, religion and club. They shouldn’t, but they do!

    The positive aspect of Eton is that the education is better.

  19. 30
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    here – here MB!

  20. 38

    O/T but can you ask the Natalie Portman lookalike in your Champney’s banner ad to lean forward a little more please. Thanks.

  21. 46
    Anonymous says:

    The “OE” new dawn of nepotism!

  22. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Quick Question:
    How many blogs are run by Old Etonians?

  23. 56
    Fingers says:

    How do Gordon’s fingers get into this state, It’s not as if he does any manual work?

    • 66
      barefootcontessa says:

      He bites, nibbles, chews, and sucks his fingers – diddums.

      • 69
        barefootcontessa says:

        That picture is disgusting, he should wear gloves – at all times!

      • 159
        Airey Belvoir says:

        Or it could be that Sarah parks her false teeth up her kazoo at night to deter unwanted attention. Just a theory, you understand.

    • 124
      How else says:

      do you get into someone’s * * * * * * * * * * * * * ?

      (note – naughty words deleted – and prob. spelt wong pr spelled rong – (depnds wot skol u wnt 2)

  24. 67
    Dave H. says:

    As of midnight, do our politicians matter any more anyway?

    BTW it also becomes a crime to criticise the EU. Watch out Guido! (we get the death penalty back as well!).

    • 173
      Anonymous says:

      Dave H @ 84. Yes they do matter because they are costing the taxpayers massive amounts of money with their creative accounting procedures for personal benefit & indifference to the wishes of the people they purport to represent.They are living proof that power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  25. 70
    Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

    I don’t care where a PM was educated, as long as they had a good education. The problem I have is the fuckers *want* to be PM. Any sensible person would run a mile from politics, would be too busy raising a family, generating wealth, guarding their liberties. That politicians choose not to says a lot. They are either sociapathic creeps, too ugly for show-business or too stupid to care.

  26. 71
    barefootcontessa says:

    Guido, ……… when are you going to stop knocking the Tories?

    • 74
      Anonymous says:

      Don’t worry, UKIP are next in line.

    • 98
      Isaac Hunt says:

      It’s fair to keep knocking them, but not this class prejudice shit. I work in the city for an OE boss (council estate comp myself) and they’re as good/bad/clever/thick etc as any other group. Funnily enough, in my time doing manual work before getting involved in Finance/City, the very poorest lowest class and the richest upper class were both alright – see you alright for a cup of tea etc. It was the sneering, aspirant middle-class wankers that I hated – looked down on you for digging holes for a living. Still, earn more money than those Hunts now…

    • 107
      streamfisher says:

      After last Guido topic it seems we are faced with an election choice between dim-wit Caledonian wreckers or Etonian privileged plonkers. Think I’ll pass.

  27. 79
    Fatty Westwood says:

    I do have some concerns about the lack of democracy in the UK, but you only have to spend time in Asda, Rugby Clubs, Kwik FIt, public transport and car boot sales to see what a confused group of people the “British” are

    It is now best to think of yourself as an “ex-pat” and behave accordingly – don’t buy property just rent, and always get ready to leave very quickley

  28. 83
    Sir William Waad says:

    Didn’t go to Slough Comprehensive myself but know a lot of throughly decent chaps who did, as well as a few rotters. Difference seems to be mainly one of confidence – OEs believe, deep down, that they were born to rule. the Wall Game is ridiculous, though.

  29. 105
    Ignoramus - and then some says:

    Fuck the Conservitudes, the LieBore Artyfarty Illuminati, and all the other vile hypocrites

    Let’s have straight forward no-fuckin-nonsense-action!

    String the fuckers up!!

  30. 114
    Anonymous says:

    you might say the same about balliol college, oxford – 13 PMs i believe

    plus Boris Johnson, Rory Stewart et al

    a “left-wing” college i believe in oxford circles

  31. 118
    Oi Guido!!! says:

    Where’s me nearest Libertarian Alliance Party Party?

    Count me in mate

    I think as how it cuts a nice mot just wiv yer LieBore – y’kno liberating people – by force if necessary.

    Hang on – isn’t / wasn’t there a group in times past that liked to help people see the truth at the point of sword?

    I’ll go the Libby way – but not the sit-on-the-fence-and-paint-my-face brigade

  32. 121

    This is all a load of bull this thing about Eton being so ‘awfully awfully’
    When I was there I discovered that there were a load of oiks whose Papas had ‘made their fortunes’ in vulgar trades such as ‘property development’ and estate agency.
    One boy, called Smith, thought that the Bullingdon was a club based in Marbella and that you could ‘bribe’ someone in order to win the Wall game. His family had bought all their furniture from Harrods and they wore monochromed shirts – that or clothing with very loud designer labels.
    So anyone who reckons on Eton equalling class and tradition had better think again. All this wretched love of money means that the arrivistes get everywhere nowadays
    Anyone would think it were Harrow or UCS.

    • 132
      Sir William Waad says:

      Monochrome shirts are generally regarded as good form. Bankers tend to wear striped shirts. I think you mean monogrammed shirts.

      You should also look at the shoes – if he’s the genuine article he will have bought his last couple of pairs of shoes at 18 and they will go on being renovated until the day he pops his clogs. By contrast, anything with a brand name of a company that makes something else besides shoes is vulgar.

      • 162

        Yes, monogrammed! That’s the fellow. His servants were the ones who were monochromed.
        Also he thought that he was terribly cool because his father had given him an ‘allowance’ of two grams of charlie a day. The rest of us had by then moved on to peyote and ayahuasca and we only did charlie to help us get up in the morning.

  33. 123
    "Two Banjos" says:

    I managed to get a degree and climb to the top of this country
    Well second branch starting out with nothing.
    Just look at the Tories,who all “schooled” together
    Forget Bilderbergers (although they count many Tories amongst themselves)
    The real conspirancy is the clack of Etonians who have slided into power through their connection rather than hard graft at the coalface of the real world.
    I,m proud of my family and proud of what we have achieved, how many of you can say the same?
    You Tory wankers

    John “Two Banjos “Prescott

    • 136
      Engineer says:

      Err.. tell us, John, what have you achieved? Some good troughing (at our expense), shagged a secretary, got yourself a big house with two bogs and tudor beams – but what have given the taxpayer in exchange? et the people of the North East have a referendum on regional assembilies, and when they said ‘no thanks’, imposed one anyway? Apart from a lot of rant, what political legacy do you leave?

      • 141
        John Prescott says:

        You ask what political legacy I’m leaving? I’m leaving my safe seat to my son. You don’t get a more poltical legacy than that.

        • 153
          Engineer says:


        • 165
          "Two Banjos" says:

          Fuck off clone
          There is only one me,
          David didnt get my seat
          I hate c unts like you that come online typing species crap about people youve never met
          Get your facts right you joker

          • Engineer says:

            “Species (sic) crap about people youve (sic) never met.”

            So anybody that posts something you don’t agree with on here is a “Tory wanker” are they?

          • jgm2 says:

            What sort of a fucking useless dad are you? Couldn’t even organise your own safe seat for your own son? It wasn’t for want of trying of course. Call yourself a father? Look at the splendid job Tony Benn did organising a job for his son and potentially his grand-daughter too.

            I s’pose poor old David will just have to languish somewhere in the bowels of the Labour party being paid an MPs salary from Union Subs and the Co-Op overdraft but without the concomitant expense opportunities.

            Maybe the Chinese will pay him to come and lecture them on global warming like they do the man who okayed plans to build 100,000 homes in the Thames floodplain.

          • "Two Banjos" says:

            how often has life worked out just as you planned it?
            David was a local candidate with an understanding of local issues (we need more of those rather than parachutists) and me being his dad was probably the reason that he was so villiefiled and rejected.
            If you cant see that you are obviously a wanker and should fuck off and prepare not to be in government
            *Does wanker hand gesture*
            More folk read my youtune postings than aything Fawkes pumps out
            You Tories are just pissing in the wind

          • jgm2 says:

            I have no plans to be in government. The limit of my political ambition is to see this incompetent Labour government annihilated at the polls. I take no pleasure in the thought that the likely winner will be Cameron but if that is the price of getting rid of this incompetent shower of jackasses then so be it.

            My loathing isn’t class-based. It is purely competency based. The entire UK has been hi-jacked by the most incompetent, dishonest bunch of arseholes in history. You must yourself admit that the total economic clusterfuck could only have occurred with a freakish, once-in-a-lifetime confluence of utterly mendacious, self-serving, disingenuous imbeciles of which you are merely one in 400.

            Unless you are seriously going to tell me that when house prices were going up 15-20% a year, year after year, when inflation was allegedly low and wages were under control that this represented a balanced economy. Way-hay-hay, my house went up by 15% last year. My house ‘earns’ more in my fucking sleep than I do at work. Yeah. That’s my kind of economy baby. Yeah, that’s my kind of economics.

            Y’all must have been off your fucking heads to sit there and watch that going on and not question where the fucking money was coming from and how that could possibly end well. And now that it has all gone to shit you’re blaming the yanks and the banks. FOR NOT LENDING EVEN MORE MONEY!!!!

            In Labour/BBC land the problem is that we can’t borrow enough money to bid up the price of our houses by another 15% and have another holiday in Mauritius and another new car.

            Jesus Christ.

            In Labour (and the BBC’s) fucked up alternative reality there would have been no crash at all if only the yanks and banks had kept on lending even more fucking invented money. And now, in the absense of invented money the BoE is fucking printing money.

            I’ll be voting Tory but only ‘cos they represent my constituencies best chance to get rid of this generation of Labour incompetents.

        • 205
          Anonymous says:

          “I’m leaving my safe seat to my son… Who’s also my brother”

    • 201
      streamfisher says:

  34. 128
    The entire Kinnock family says:

    You are just so provincial in your ambitions.

  35. 134
    jgm2 says:

    MB is a Tory troll. Designed to harden our resolve to electorally annihilate the incompetent Labour government.

  36. 145
    Anonymous says:

    Probably explains why Dave is against grammar schools, we can’t have upwardly mobile oiks. Godness no, we could end up with another commoner, who would never break a promise such as Mrs Thatcher in charge again.

    • 182
      Grammar Boy says:

      Absolutely not, bloody oiks get everywhere.

      Bumptious little buggers.

      Send them off to some tosspot Comp. where they belong.

      Now where’s my C.I promise book.

  37. 147
    Shepton Mallett QC says:

    Vote UKIP

  38. 150
    The IMF is coming says:

    He is serving a great purpose.

    He/they can liven the debate up a bit.

    The left leaning blogs/press/medja is so humourless. Honestly they are so ‘worthy’ they can’t even enjoy a laugh, especially at themselves. Could you imagine a Labour politician acting like Boris?

    • 161
      jgm2 says:

      What? Imagine a Labour politician acting like a total clown? I can’t think of one that isn’t a total fucking clown.

  39. 155
    Anonymous says:

    At least the UKIP bloke being an OE might reduce the number of dimwits who would vote UKIP to avoid voting for an OEtonian.

    • 174
      A. Dimwit says:

      You’re right. That only leaves that Griffin character, or the English Democrat Party, entirely free of Jock influence, or is that headed up by an OE as well.

      Conspiracy. what conspiracy.

  40. 167
    The cunt of Monte Cristo says:

    So Guido has downgraded dave to ‘probable’ next PM as e?

    When did the certainty bout im change Fawkes?

    You’re behind the curve on this one baby.
    Labour will be the biggest party in a coalition come March/May and all the compromises, all the silver spooned disregard for the lives of the hard working rule followers, all the elitist tendencies and instincts will have done for the Cameroons.
    Pity they dont seem to stand for anything in particular, a plan to save £7 billion? whoopy fucking do.

    Britain is heading for a economic and social breakdown under our current gang of Scotch/sodomite/rule breaking/above the law/smugly wealthy vermin.

    People need leadership and Cameron aint the geezer to provide it.
    If the Washington warlords want war in Iran, because any nation with mineral resources which chooses not to prostitute itself to Washington is ‘evil’ innit, Dave would be right there with his tin hat.

    And I am unanimous in that

    • 176
      A. Dimwit says:

      Time to put your faith in the Zimbabwean Dollar.

      BTW surely Dave the Chocolate Soldier has a chocolate hat not a tin one.

    • 181
      Engineer says:

      They said similar things about Thatcher in 1978. What will Cameron turn out like if elected? Lord knows, but he certainly will be better than the current incumbent.

      • 191
        South of the M4 says:

        The chocolate hat would indeed be better than Brown.

      • 194
        c.eng says:

        No they didn’t. We had a very good idea of what we’d get if Thatcher was elected, not like this ‘all things to all men’ spineless twerp.

        I’ve decided never to vote for Cameron. If we don’t know where he stands by now we never will.

        I would rather see the current incumbents drag us down completely so that a clean phoenix can arise from the ashes. We’re all doomed now anyhow.

        We’ve had enough f’ing Blairism.

        • 212
          Oh dear, how sad, never mind says:

          I agree. The time has come to pay the piper.
          There will be blood but those of us who have chosen to be informed will always make informed choices which will put us above the ignorant sheep.
          We did our best but now we must let you go little lambs.

    • 203
      Prof. Pedant says:

      Can ‘One’ be unanimous ?

  41. 187
    Sir William Waad says:

    How many Salvatorian Colege boys in positions of inluence then?

  42. 190
    Seldomseenkid says:

    Robert Boyle, Robert Walpole, Turnip Townshend, Henry Fielding, Pitt the Elder, Thomas Gray, “Sandwich”, Joseph Banks, Charles James Fox, Wellington, Beau Brummel, Herschel, Shelley, Gladstone, Swinburne, Hubert (“Jerusalem”) Parry, Randolph Churchill, MR James, Bernard (“Googly”) Bosanquet, Charles Rolls, John Maynard Keynes, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Cyril Connolly, Anthony Powell, Oliver Messel, Ian Fleming, Wilfred Thesiger, Guy Burgess (!), Fitzroy MacLean, Alec & William Douglas-Home, Brian Johnston, Jo Grimond, Ludovic Kennedy, Humphrey Lyttelton, Patrick Macnee, Michael Bentine, Field Marshall Bramall, Alan Clark, John Oaksey, Tam Dalyell, The Marquess of Bath, Jimmy Goldsmith, Lord Lucan, Bamber Gascoine, Henry Blofeld, Christopher Cazenove, Adam Hart-Davis, Ranulph Fiennes, Jonathon Porritt, Hugh Laurie, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, William Fox-Pitt, Matthew Pinsent, Bear Grylls, and 37 Victoria Xs.

    God you must hate us!

    • 195
      Grammar Boy says:

      Surely Nick Fry, Ben Elton and Sting must be in there.

    • 198
      Grammar Boy says:

      Sorry to see Adam Hart-Davis in there. I thought he was a proper person

    • 202
      Anonymous says:

      This stupid dislike of Dace is easily fixed with a picture of the lad without a tie (very prole) and hands in pockets (very,very prole). Simple!

      • 207
        Grammar Boy says:

        You’re absolutely right.

        Once I saw Dave in the Morning Rag, hands in the pockets and all casual like,

        I thought ‘Gosh, What a right diamond geezer, I’d better vote for him then, innit’

    • 208
      Anonymous says:

      Good to see Guy Butgess and Lord Lucan fondly remembered.

    • 213
      Beautiful afternoon says:

      Floreat – you have educated more spies, spivs, losers than you choose to recall.

      We are about to be subjected to the worst Conservative (not Tory) PM from Slough Grammar.

      Thanks but no thanks.

    • 227
      Grammar Boy says:

      On further analysis, you’ve got to admit there’s an awful lot of duds in this list of (I assume) Old Etonians who were more famous for being famous than anything else.

      And the one who caused most damage is John Maynard Keynes, famous for explaining economics in terms of holding the ‘spend and borrow’ button down on the basis that in the end we’re all dead. so let’s spend now. Bugger the future.

      No need to wonder where McDumwit got his economics from.

      Apart from M. R James, can’t see many outstanding mathematicians or scientists, just an awful lot of self important wallies. ( I exclude Adam Hart-Davis he probably didn’t want to go there anyhow)

      • 239
        barefootcontessa says:

        A lot of eccentrics though, that’s good. They’re usual lateral thinkers unlike those unspeakably robotic newlabourites.

      • 243
        Seldomseenkid says:

        The problem with “Keynesian economics” is not per se that it is wrong. (Keynes believed in counter cyclical public spending i.e. running a surplus in the good times.)

        The problem is the people who claim to understand Keynesian economics, but do not, for example Grammar Boy and Gordon Brown.

        Grammar Boy, if you think that M. R. James was a scientist (apart from Hart-Davis, of course), you are hardly likely to spot Robert Boyle, the father of modern chemistry (as in “Boyle’s Law”).

        The list is hardly comprehensive but if you are keen to enlarge the chip on your shoulder, have a look at

  43. 192
    Anonymous says:

    But how many pledges and CAST IRON PROMISES will Dave dump between now and polling day?

    • 199
      Engineer says:

      How much deeper will Britain’s debt hole get between now and polling day? (If we go to the polls in May, about £80 billion deeper – £6000 a second.)

      P.S. Who promised a referendum and then signed the Lisbon treaty without holding one?

      • 214
        c.eng says:

        It’s alright, we can only die once, and don’t forget the electorate brought all this on themselves when they voted for Soshalism.

        I suppose the sad thing is that as they’re all so deprived of any learning, history, maths or anything, they voted for the ones who promised them that things could only get better and better and better.

        No wonder the OEs have a bit of an advantage over the rest of the populaton.

  44. 197
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    Bob Ainsworth: “I am please to inform the House that we have sufficient equipment in place for the 500 additional troops that we intend to deploy in Afghanistan. We have taken the required ammunition, helmets, body armour and radios off the British Troops already there”

    • 209
      Sarge says:

      Very interesting. We employ 43 major generals (with the trappings of rank -servants,housing,cars) yet we only have an establishment of 6 divisions in the Army (i.e formations requiring a major general to lead them) 4 are inactive (they exist on paper) and only 1 is ready for combat and is never deployed as a division.

      Its smaller units are commanded by lower ranking officers.

      Sack a few of the 43 and we might have some money to spend at the sharp end.

    • 210
      A Lancashire Lad says:

      ‘Right gradely, as long as we’ve got some deckchairs left over for me and t’ missus at SHunthorpe next season, we’ll do a’reet,

      • 220
        from somewhere in England says:

        Well here’s a right laff, if you put in the name of a town in Lincolnshire it come out all spelled queer. Must be some kind of modding to protect our coastal towns from attack.

    • 211
      Hugh Janus says:

      There’s a novelty!

  45. 222
    Desperate Dan says:

    Their advantage isn’t their wealth or social standing. Its their superior education. I’d prefer the country to be run and represented by erudite old Etonians than by the sour-faced, chip on shoulder beneficiaries of positive discrimination and pig ignorant class warriors who’ve brought us to rack and ruin.

    • 224
      Grammar Boy says:

      Have to agree with you there Desperate.

      But it’s a bit mean of Dave to keep the advantage all to themselves by condemning the rest to shit heap soshalist educashun in Class Warrior Comps.

      What happened to the ‘Rise of the Meritocracy’

      Perhaps once the Frogs and Krauts take over we can expect some improvement.

    • 237
      Anonymous says:

      yep; ditto; agree.

      The state always aims to bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator on the grounds of “equality”, whereas the private sector tries to bring everyone up to the highest standard. It’s a totally different way of looking at life, and the state (especially a left-wing state) dooms millions of people to shite lives purely because of this ideological nonsensical logic.

      I went to all types of school (comprehensive, grammar, private, public), and the ethos at each type was very different. Generally, the attitudes are:

      1) Comprehensive: everybody’s forced to learn at the rate of the slowest kid in the class, streaming is seen as evil, and fuck everyone else who gets bored because the teacher’s still trying to prove that 2+2=4 when the kids are 15 years old. Inverted snobbery is rife/mandatory. If you’re unlucky enough to suffer this kind of education until you’re 18 then you’re completely fucked.

      2) Grammar: try to beat the posh kids at their own game, but fail because they don’t have the freedom/money of private/public school. pupils have a decent chance in life though because the education’s pretty good.

      3) Private/public: inbred snooty weirdos who have no idea of the real world, but who somehow manage to get good jobs in the end because despite the lack of dealings with the real world they still actually get quite a good/rounded education and can turn their hands to most things by the time they leave.

      All things considered, I’d rather have a public schoolboy running things than a fucking moron like Brown who doesn’t understand basic maths.

      The state education is shit and it always will be unless the schools are allowed to stream the kids properly. They have to realise that there *are* such things as stupid kids and clever kids, and they need to differentiate between them when teaching.

    • 240
      barefootcontessa says:

      Agree with Desperate.

  46. 226
    A Silent Emission of Bowel Gas says:

    Those who think UKIP are 90% deranged are probably right.

    But the 10% remaining happens to include the most important political reality in our history.

    Our freedom to make our own laws.

    I’ll vote for them not as a government but as a statement of my extreme anger and disgust at the cowardice of the other parties.

    • 228
      c.eng says:

      I’m with you, ‘Emission Gas’,

      God these women’s bums don’t half get in the way don’t they.

  47. 231
    The Ape man commeth says:

    Labour has always claimed to love the people, but it only loves it’s idea of the people, whether their described as working class, proletariat, underclass, the masses, they are the primary pool of sacrificial victims for state/Capitals engine. Labour has never protected the working class despite its protestations and legislations to the contrary. Rather, from childhood, it breaks their desire, fills them with guilt, treats them as slaves, transforms them into micro pro/consuming machines and when necessary will even put them on the sacrificial alter of the law and execute them. In their system youth are imprisoned from the moment they can be removed from the family, not just in juvenile detention but in day care and schools, here they are exposed to unbearable amounts of boredom and prepared for a life of drudgery and obedience.

  48. 233
    john miller says:

    I’m sure Chris got there solely on merit.


  49. 250

    It was interesting to browse trough :-) keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

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