November 29th, 2009

Prezza Descended from “Incestuous Inbreds” Shock


  1. 1
    Pissedoff says:

    And it shows.

  2. 2
    George Orwell says:

    Who would have thought that sexually preying on young girls ran in the family?

  3. 3
    Hull City says:

    How old was Rosie when she started working for him / he started banging her?

  4. 4
    Chapps says:

    And he is also a fat ugly bar-steward.

  5. 5
    Labourwipeout says:

    Oh this is the latest exquisit offering from the Hubris that is the Labour Party !

    Everything they touch turns to shit.

    They cant help themselves and are doomed.

  6. 6
    ds says:

    So Prescott is an inbred, a result of rampant incest and prolonged within his family, and this corrupt, sleazy piece of shit thinks he can go around telling the rest of us what to do.

    This just about sums up the Labour Party and the verminous cockroaches that belong to it.

  7. 7
    W.W. says:

    I presume thats why he moved to Hull.

    The English spirutal hume of inbreeding.


  8. 8
    Ned says:

    TalkSport news just reported that Jack Straw has described the Swiss referendum result to ban minarets as an ‘outrageous decision’ and said that he is ‘very disturbed’ by it.

    Got to keep the muslim block vote in Blackburn sweet, eh Jack?

  9. 9
    FD says:

    The incest capital of Britain used to be Crediton but it has now been superceded by Bradford, Dewsbury, Luton, and other centres of Islamification.

  10. 10
    Labourwipeout says:

    Jack Straw, the Politician who makes the infamous Vicar of Bray a model of loyalty !!!

  11. 11
    PD77 says:

    How did he not know? I could have told him there was something funny in his genes years ago, so no suprise there really.

  12. 12
    Bruce Bellend says:

    Fat Hunt.

  13. 13
    Labourwipeout says:


  14. 14
  15. 15
    Colonel Mad says:

    Prescott’s ancestor named his daughter Afailure and then raped her over many years.Prescott’s DNA must be taken,analysed and then eliminated from the world.I cannot imagine a more frightful biohazard.

  16. 16

    And i thought the FAT BASTARD was related to the “TUDORS !

  17. 17
    Si says:

    Didn’t Jack Straw boast on Question Time recently that he is is a third generation Jewish immigrant? He is making a big mistake getting in to bed with the Muslims. They will eventually turn around and bite him on the arse.

  18. 18
    Barbour Lass says:

    Probably incest in all our genes if you go back in our past.This was a very emotional journey for Prescott and the story of his great,great grandmother was sad and shocking.I don’t think we should make fun of something like this.

  19. 19
    Man With a Very Hot Bladder says:

    So Prescott is genetically defective. Surprise, surprise.

  20. 20
    nell says:

    We all need to take a Long Honest look at our ancestors as far bacjk as we can.

    The 16th to 19th centuries are are the only areas we can really research, (Before that is not very well documented. Take note anthropogenic climate change believers)

    Life was very different to now.

    Let’s not judge too harshly! (But for the grace of God….and all that!!!)

  21. 21
    Fred says:

    It’s not the Tudors, it’s the Turds.

  22. 22
    Gordons Binnacle says:

    So the oaf who wasted our time sitting in his plush office, wasting millions, with a secretary on his knee would have been more at home on a porch in the deep south with a banjo on his knee. Rest assured you fat fool, we know you monitor this blog, we are all laughing at you!

  23. 23
    Floater says:

    This made me feel very sorry for John Prescott for the first time in my life.

  24. 24
    Ted says:

    Speak for yourself, Nelly. You’re all inbreds in the Fens. Perhasp that’s where Prescott originates from?

  25. 25
    Mr Plum says:

    I notice they blanked out Jabba The Hut

  26. 26
    Old Bailey says:

    I don’t think Prescott has preyed on young girls at all.Check your semi-libelous facts.

  27. 27
    Stella says:

    Who is Rosie?

  28. 28
    Norm says:

    Whoever Jack Straw is loyal to it certainly isn’t the indigenous people of Blackburn.

  29. 29
    Jilly says:

    No incest in Tory circles then?pull the other one.

  30. 30
    Billy Blofeld says:

    That video is “Labour in a box”.

  31. 31
    Anonymous says:

    We are all inbred to some degree. You have two parents, four grandparents, eight great grandaprents etc. At some point you will have more potential ancestors than people alive at that time and, going back further, more potential ancestors than people who have ever lived ergo some of those unions must have been ‘close’ or incestuous.

    Not saying that Prescott isn’t a fat twat but we all have this skelton lurking somewhere (but hopefully not as close as in this case).

  32. 32
    Frank says:

    Nail on the head.

  33. 33
    Jed says:

    I remember an interview in a newspaper with Prescott a few years ago in which he said that some of his toes were webbed. Now I can understand why.

  34. 34
    Jilly says:

    We are all products of inbreeding somewhere down the line. Do use your brain,instead of spouting venom.

  35. 35
    Jed says:

    What a load of shit.

  36. 36
    Nurse F says:

    Yes you are mad.I have sent for white coats and jacket.

  37. 37
    Lord Arse of Toiletville says:

    I told you his geat great great grandad wasn’t a pacifist.
    He was a daughter fucking cocksmoker and..and… FUCKING WELSH.

  38. 38
    History Man says:

    Nelly right we are all inbred.Read the documents about village life in the 17th century.

  39. 39
    Tom says:

    Doesn’t really apply to the British, apart from certain places like East Anglia and parts of Devon. It applies far more to ‘closed societies’ like Jews, Indians etc.

  40. 40
    History Man says:

    Agree with anon.

  41. 41
    Yma o Hyd says:

    Cymru am Byth a twll din bob Sais.

  42. 42

    Said The C*nt That Wanted Muslims Not To Wear Veils (Fucking Hypocrite)

  43. 43
    Jim says:

    Fuck off you sanctimonious prick. If I can rub that bastard Prescott’s nose in the shit then I will do and I’ll fuckin love doing it.

  44. 44
    History Man says:

    O yes it does apply to the British,do your research again.

  45. 45

    “Prezza is Sarah Brown’s dad” shock.

  46. 46
    Z says:

    Exploiting this to make fun of the guy seems wrong and schoolyard in its logic. Prescott’s own parents are unrelated so he himself is not inbred. While he represents a lot of what is wrong with the political system this personally insulting commentary about a non-political issue misses the mark and is more attack-dog than insightful, scoop-capturing journalism.

  47. 47
    JL says:

    So, Prescott comes from a long line of thuggish, sexually-abusive, predators.

    No real surprises there.

  48. 48
    Reg511 says:

    Sorry GB I see nothing funny at all about Two Pans Prescott, just absolute disgust and sadness that he ever held office.

    Very early devastating hurricane season has been predicted for the Carribean.

  49. 49
    Gordons Binnacle says:

    You may have a mathematical point, statistically we may be interbred if you travel back far enough. That is not what this is about. Otherwise Fred West could have claimed he was just helping future statisticians out.

    Piss off Troll

  50. 50
    S.Coe says:

    Why so much hate.Go for a run instead and you will feel better.

  51. 51
    VB says:

    Prescott is a cynical piece of shit. He deserves everything he gets.

  52. 52
    V says:

    “Gordon is Sarah Brown’s wife” shock.

  53. 53
    History Man says:

    What exactly is your point regarding Mr West?

  54. 54
    VKL says:

    Sod off History Man, you Labour troll.

  55. 55
    nell says:

    Well Ted I hope you have researched your family history back to the 14/1500’s , every line of it, as I have, and can be sure you do not have speck of scandal attached to it anywhere.

    If you do , I suggest you publish because you will be the only human being in Britain (incuding Her Maj) that can claim such a thing.

    Highly unlikely.

    Better still , be open and honest and say, as do I, I’m proud of what I am, and what my people have made me, some of them were heroes and some not. ‘Shrug’

    No?? You believe you are some sort of plu perfect superhero perfectly bred in some inter-planetary bubble that sets you aside from the rest of mankind do you ??

    Poor baby! You believe it!! – Just don’t ever do your family history research – it will leave you devastated and unable to cope with real life!!!!

  56. 56
    jmg.2 is a Tory Troll says:

    Cameron is Gordon’s brother,yes really.

  57. 57
    Liam says:

    Crap. Your desperate attempts to defend Prescott are failing.

  58. 58

    Gordon is own beard’s dad exclusive.

    Enough already.

  59. 59
    LARD ARSE PRESCOTT (any port in a storm) says:

    When you wake up in the morning with the urge for sexual joy
    But your wife has got the” rags” on and your daughters rather coy
    Then just stick it up the bottom of your second eldest boy
    As you revel in the art of fornication !

  60. 60
    jmg.2 is a Tory Troll says:

    Agree with you.This rubbish has no place on this sometimes ‘funny’ blogsite

  61. 61
    Ged says:

    Nell, do you ever read the self-serving tripe that you post?

    It’s just bloody embarrassing.

  62. 62
    jmg.2 is a Tory Troll says:

    We all do get wise.That’s how we survived in the past.

  63. 63
    mr.creosote says:

    i can categorically deny that jojn prescot is my father!!!!!!!!!!

    love the way the fat useless hoon tried to turn it all around at the end with a eulogy about that poor woman!!!!!!!!!!

    poor fucking pauline!!!!!!!!!!

  64. 64
    U Kip if I Do says:

    Remember that attacks like this always brings out the sympathy vote for Labour.

  65. 65
    Don't cry for me, I'm John Prescott says:

    He’s a tedious turd regardless.

  66. 66
    Inbred Milli says:

    Don’t worry about it Prezza. There are inbreds and there are inbreds, just look at the Millbands, it could be a LOT worse.

  67. 67
    Colonel Mad says:

    I order Nurse Frump to follow Government protocols and obtain a blood sample from Prescott.We’ve got a bloody bioweapon threat on our hands.

  68. 68
    nell says:


    You twit you!!! What on earth do you know about the Indian sub-continent.

    Do you know how large it is in comparison to Britain ???

    No probably you don’t – your sense of the world looks rather limited to say the least!!

  69. 69
    Tracey Temple Nee Prescott says:

    Is the Viagra going to work tonight uncle John?

  70. 70

    the new lab term is obese rather than fat

  71. 71
    LARD ARSE PRESCOTT (any port in a storm) says:

    Said The LIE-BORE Party Sympathizer !
    All These C*nts are fair game
    WE pay their wages !
    They love publicity
    But only the good stuff !

  72. 72
    Sick as a Parrot says:

    I doubt that.

    Maybe it’s time for a round of bulmenia J?

  73. 73
    Raving Loon says:

    I would never have guessed!

  74. 74
    U Kip if I Do says:

    Samantha Cameron is Sarah Brown’s handbag.

  75. 75
    WL says:

    As Switzerland faces a Muslim backlash following the referendum result to ban minarets, European bureaucrats line up to denounce the voters if Switzerland just like they did the voters of Ireland after the initial ballot against the Treaty:

    “Andreas Gross, president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, called the ban a “slap in the face to everyone who has an idea of the human rights.”

    He said: “This is clearly the result of a lack of information and political education in Switzerland. As a result the voters have been misdirected by their emotions. The foundations of Switzerland’s direct democracy have failed.”

  76. 76
    nell says:

    Self serving tripe Ged? That’ll be what you’re talking!!!!

  77. 77
    U Kip if I Do says:

    Why so angry?Do you seriously think that the Tories have no incest in their families?

  78. 78
    Will says:

    Peter Mandelson is Gordon Brown’s ex-boyfriend ( this one is actually true)

  79. 79
    Bloke in the RBL says:

    I disagree entirely

  80. 80
    Blair discredited bit by bit says:

    Nor does jmg.2 is a Tory Troll belong here imho of course.

  81. 81
    nell says:

    Silly season on here tonight .

    ‘Night. God Bless.

  82. 82
  83. 83
    Lord Robertson says:

    Remember the ‘love cain’?

  84. 84
    Nurse F says:

    Do you mean yourself?You sound pretty confused and angry to me.We have medication to help you.

  85. 85
    Webfooter says:

    Yes, I loathe Prescott, but I admire his guts (all of them!) in this case. He could’ve suppressed the programme, but he hasn’t.

  86. 86
    Dave says:

    Andreas Gross? He probably thinks the voters of Switzerland are just a load of cattle.

  87. 87
    Sharboss says:

    upgrade to ‘morbidly obese’ LM

  88. 88
    Tuscan Tony says:

    William Hague is anyone’s boyfriend. Yes true.

  89. 89
    GF says:

    The forces of Islam and their dhimmi supporters in the West, like Jack Straw, are already gearing up to punish Switzerland for daring to stand up to them.

  90. 90
    Anonymous says:

    More details please!

    I presume that you’re from North Devon?

  91. 91
    Anonymous says:

    Fred West had a incestuous relationship with Heather Ann West

  92. 92
    Whitewash says:

    Maybe he is suppressing more embarassing discoveries.

  93. 93
    switzerland- a country of french,german and italians says:

    is it a european human right not to be invaded by foreigners?

    and usually paying for the privilege too?

  94. 94

    I’m no fan of the most useless member of any political in history but..

  95. 95
    Not_the_Victim_I_Claudius says:

    Bulimia is another word for gluttony – is it not?.

    In the words of any self-respecting (people hating) spin doctor – a moral depravity is merely a complulsive addiction.

    The thing about addictions is that the sufferer is somehow not in control, and therefore not to be held responsible. It was not their fault (really).

    Could not the “lard” PR team apply the same mitigating spin to incest as they did to bulimia? It may add a new dimesion to “family values” if nothing else.

  96. 96
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Yes I am angry enough to consider voting Labour now.This tabloidese nonsense fills me with disgust.Poor John Prescott.

  97. 97
    Anonymous says:

    The Borgias you mean.

  98. 98
    Phillip Bland says:

    Why?What is wrong with being emotional?

  99. 99
    Odds Bodkins says:

    O/T but an update on climategate:

    A number are now seeking prosections for allegedly holding back information in breach of disclosure laws. I sincerely hope these buggers get their comeuppance.

    After this debacle I simply cannot see how these people can be taken seriously.

  100. 100
    J says:

    Human rights don’t apply to Europeans (unless they’re homosexual or gypsies)

  101. 101
    Beezley says:

    For Athalia rejecting the authority figure who illegally fucked her for all those years, substitute Zanu Liebore in 2010 and the British electorate. Meanwhile the guy next door (name of Dave) knows what is going on but is preparing to carry on where Dad left off.

    On another note, Prescott has got world-class jowls.

  102. 102
    Odds Bodkins says:

    Just to add this Holland guy makes some good points:

    “A lifetime in engineering gives you a very good antenna. It also cures people of any self belief they cannot be wrong. You clear up a lot of messes during a lifetime in engineering. I could be wrong on global warming – I know that – but the guys on the other side don’t believe they can ever be wrong.”

  103. 103
    Gordon Brown says:

    Can I have some?

  104. 104
    Billy the Kid says:

    So that makes it OK then then to have affairs with your (much younger) secretary and when you get rumbled move the Labour smear machine in (the one that drove David Kelly to suicide and smeared the name of a man in the week his disabled son died) to destroy the womans character and then sack her.

    That’s OK is it Jilly?

    What kind of morals do New Labour supporters have. Shame on you.

  105. 105
    LARD ARSE PRESCOTT (any port in a storm) says:

    I Keep having sex with my mother
    Whilst pissed on my illicit gin
    Im falling in love with my father
    my god what a mess i am in !

  106. 106
    LARD ARSE PRESCOTT (any port in a storm) says:

    Do They Play Banjos in Hull ?

  107. 107
    Lord Arse of Toiletville says:

    Christ on a bike there are a lot of defensive people on here tonight.
    John Prescott is big enough and certainly ugly enough to know that if he told his old shipmates what his great great great grandpappy had been up to they would have ripped themselves a new arse laughing.
    The dillon has made the same mistake as Mike Tyson, getting all pussy whipped on television.

  108. 108
    Beezley says:

    Look here, we’re ALL descended from a certain Australopithecus named “Percy”, so this argument is futile.

  109. 109
    Climategate says:

    The science museum is doing a vote on coppenhagen and you can leave a reason as well.
    Get your ass over there and have a laugh

  110. 110
    revolting peasant says:

    Do you mean his secretary Tracey Temple?

  111. 111
    Herr Dross says:

    People deciding for themselves to preserve their own culture and identity sets a very dangerous precedent. We don’t want any of that sort of democracy here thank you very much.

  112. 112
    Anonymous says:

    How’s the new pretend to be rational technique going on tonight?

  113. 113
    Blackburn Raver says:

    Spot on.White flight anyone? i’ve got the car started and pointind towards lytham st annes.

  114. 114
    Spindows 7 says:

    How is the pretend to be a reasonable person troll technique going tonight?

  115. 115
    Fahrenheit 451 says:

    ”This is clearly the result of a lack of information and political education in Switzerland”

    Chilling words!

  116. 116
    LARD ARSE PRESCOTT (any port in a storm) says:

    Well i do punch like a girl !

  117. 117
    And did those feet? says:

    JC went to Glasto!

  118. 118
    J.Presclott ( five bellies, two Jags & two inches ) says:

    I even took her name: she’s Athalia and I’m AFailure.

  119. 119
    Laboursoft Fista says:

    Going very well Lord M. The reasoned argument is a bit hard though. And defending the indefensible isn’t always easy sir.

  120. 120
    Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

    I took my dog to see a dog trainer today.

    The little bastard pissed all over my leg.

    That’s not setting the dog a very good example

  121. 121
    A Pensioner says:


  122. 122
    W.W. says:

    They play with their siblings banjo does that count.


  123. 123
    Damien McBride says:

    I’m no fan of Gordon Brown, er, I mean John Prescott, but these outrageous attacks on the poor man have lead me to decide that I will vote Labour at the next election.

  124. 124
    revolting peasant says:

    Whenever I start to feel sympathy for anyone in the Labour party, I simply remember how much blood they’ve got on their collective hands,how much they’ve lied to and betrayed us all and how much they’ve totally fucked up this country. Try it- you’ll find any sympathy soon disappears and can be directed to the families of the poor young lads being slaughtered needlessly in Afghanistan.

  125. 125
    GC says:

    Sinister stuff from Herr Gross of the Soviet Islamic and Socialist Republic of Eurabia.

  126. 126
    Anonymous says:

    So, she lives is the fens with her six fingered webbed hands – who’s laughing now Ged?

    Well, probably not Nell the humourless twat, now I come to think of it.

    I’ll get me coat

  127. 127
    Anonymous says:

    It may not be very progressive, but it is no different than the Saudi practice towards other faiths.

  128. 128
  129. 129
    Spindows 7 says:

    Well that’s what you’re paid for.
    But I can help. We trailed the I’m no fan of Gordon but and that worked very well. use it here too.

    Use a friendly tone too. And a little humour. HQ won’t mind a few gentle digs, this isn’t Labourlist after all.

    Try , I’m not usually a fan of Johnny Prezza but he did do a good job on getting rid of Tony.

  130. 130
    Spindows QE says:

    But it is hard sir. I can’t think of any reason to praise Prezza. Or why we should be in Afghanistan. All I’ve got is Financial misconduct = Conservatives.

  131. 131

    : “This is clearly the result of a lack of information and political education…

    “Schweizer Schwein! We hav vays of re-educating you!”

  132. 132
    Phillip Bland says:

    In her forties,no young girl.

  133. 133
    Technomist says:

    It must be quite something for Jack to contemplate the public actually sayng what they think about something.

  134. 134
    Poor Old John says:

    Extremely Rich John.

  135. 135
    Mock Tudor Beams Manufacturer says:

    Where dya want this lot delivered, Mr. Presclot ?

    We’ve billed the Taxpayers.

  136. 136
    Phillip Bland says:

    David kelly rest in peace.Stop using his poor name to score party political points.

  137. 137
    Phillip Bland says:

    And are you suggesting if the Tories got in they would stop the Afghan War.No,they would carry on regardless.

  138. 138
    Spindows 7 says:

    You’ll get the hang of this new ‘sound a little like a right winger’ fifth column tactic. Anyway the arseholes on here won’t spot this new trolling tactic for weeks. Remember to swear a bit and try not to be totally sanctimonious like you normally are OK.

  139. 139
    Jackass Straw ( my Dad would n't fight for this Country )) says:

    I’m loyal to my constituents. They keep me in a ‘job’

  140. 140
    Laboursoft Fista says:

    OK. Thanks
    Fishponds all round.

  141. 141
    Burn in hell John says:

    How many generations does the average Brit have to go back to find abject poverty and premature death.
    Only two on average.
    The post war prosperity which was hard fought has only been around for barely two generations but to listen to the leftwingers one would be forgiven for thinking WE have always been rich.
    John has learnt a lesson.
    That life was fucking hard and fucking horrible for our near ancestors and that because of cu*ts like him our short lived prosperity is now being given away on a plate.

  142. 142
    Spindows QE says:

    Isn’t it though.
    Can I still use the Cast Iron label sir?

  143. 143
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:

    That’s enough, Gordon. You’ve already had FAR too much.

  144. 144
    Goodison says:

    Not as rich as £30 million Cameron Give us some dosh Dave.

  145. 145

    For feck’s sake it’s only Two Pies going for the sympathy vote, next thing we’ll have Tony Wots His Name breaking down on morning TV saying he’s a victim of domestic violence; the only tears you get from NuLaborites is when they realize they could’ve fleeced us for even more or been rumbled!

  146. 146
    One Gulp says:

    We copied the Tory Trolls on here and they seem to have swallowed it.

  147. 147
    Technomist says:

    Its a“slap in the face to everyone who has an idea of the human rights” only if their idea of human rights is something they read on the back of a cereal packet. It is a democratic decision relating to planning laws and in no way prevents muslims in Switzerland (some of whom, such as the Ahmadis are refugees from religious persecution by other muslims) from practicing their faith.

    But I do not expect Andreas Gross to know anything about hman rights or democracy. He probably has never even had a proper slap in the face either.

  148. 148
    Innocent Angel says:

    How do you tell a Troll from a genuine copper bottomed blogger?

  149. 149
    revolting peasant says:

    No I’m not suggesting that. Regardless of what the Tories decide to do, it was still Blair and his spineless cronies who lied to and betrayed this county and it’s soldiers. And they will forever have blood on their hands and guilt on their consciences.

  150. 150
    One Gulp says:

    Well little one.True Trolls are always reasonable and sometimes clever.Sometimes spelling errors help.They are never mad.

  151. 151
    dave on a Slippery Slope Cameron says:

    I’ve come across a rope which is slipping away from me slowly?How do I become popular again?

  152. 152
    Maladroit Labour Chump says:


  153. 153
    Mongrel says:

    So which part of David Kelly’s death was not party political? Stop dishonestly trying to take the party politics out of his death.

  154. 154
    Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

    A little guy is sat at the bar when out of nowhere a bloke punches him in the face and says “Thats kung fu from China.” 5 mins later he hit’s him on the back of the neck “Thats karate from Korea” The little guy gets up and leaves. A short time later the little guy comes back and Knocks the guy out cold and say’s to the…… barman “When that Hunt comes round tell him that was a fuckin shovel from B&Q.!!

  155. 155
    thedarknight says:

    Come on Guido, this is a low blow.

  156. 156
    Anonymous says:


    Come on chaps……. Play the whiteman

  157. 157
    Labourwipeout says:

    Yeah the Tories fucked up and they paid for it, just like this lot are going to…..eventually

  158. 158
    LARD ARSE PRESCOTT (any port in a storm) says:

    Is ” Jowl Chops ” Prescott Doing Adverts For Churchill Insurance ? OH NOOOOO !

  159. 159
    Labourwipeout says:

    mock tudors lol

  160. 160
    Call me Infidel says:

    You need counselling.

  161. 161
    albacore says:

    The Times today: “In a statement on its website, the CRU said: “We do not hold the original raw data but only the value-added (quality controlled and homogenised) data.”
    The Telegraph yesterday: “Leading British scientists at the University of East Anglia, who were accused of manipulating climate change data – dubbed Climategate – have agreed to publish their figures in full.” (subject to obtaining permissions from original providers which may take years and may or may not be given).
    So the left hand doesn’t know what the right (hah!) hand’s doing but they’re both practising the old prestidigitation ploy to sucker the proles.
    The only things you can be sure of are that Brown will be pledging billions we haven’t got, thanks to his prudent husbandry, to foreigners who will take it and spit in our faces; and will even further cripple our own industrial competiveness in the process.

  162. 162

    Case dismissed costs awarded against Presclot

  163. 163
    Labourwipeout says:

    I have to agree with posters who claim this is simply a chance of History and all our families have dark secrets. So what happened to the integrated Transport system John, or your food bill at the tax payers expense or your penchant for Jags or affairs with your employees and all the other stuff you would have gleefully thrown at the Tories if the boot was on the other foot you hypocrite !!!!!

  164. 164
    Labourwipeout says:

    This isnt just bad science its criminal Fraud since the public purse is involved !!!

  165. 165
    Webster's Best says:

    Ask John Stape !

  166. 166

    You can see they hate democratic referendums.

    Especially when they help a country keep it’s Culture.

  167. 167

    > It may not be very progressive

    Then it’s probably a good idea.

  168. 168
    randy bobkins says:

    Brilliant nell, someone from Norfolk being an apologist for incest. You couldn’t make it up.

  169. 169
    Judge Jeffries says:

    Take him down.

  170. 170
    Fabian Solutions says:

    A low blow? after the damage this fat sack of shit and his cronies have done to Britain, fuck him and all of his family and all of the labour party fuckers.

  171. 171
    bar steward says:

    poor john……….

    all over the tv attention seeking.then he gets a bolt from the blue!!!!!

    oh dear.blubb.blubb……blubbb.what that poor woman went through!!!!!!

    oh poor me.poor me!!!!!!!

    as usual its always poor them…….
    always the victim john………
    thats why you are the worlds only failed bulimic!
    a trougher stealing £600,000 a year when playing croquet at chequers…….

    my heart bleeds……..

  172. 172

    Coe, If everyone went running like you then we’d waste billions more on monuments to Governments hijacking sport for a bit of grandstanding.

  173. 173
    auntie says:

    Too right barnacle. Fuck me, can’t any body see what’s happening here? They’re all going for the sympathy vote ‘cos there’s nothing left in the locker.

  174. 174
    Burn in hell John says:

    Ask yourself why John would subject himself to having his dirty family linen aired on telly?
    I mean this is in the public domain at johns behest. Guido didn’t go digging around for it.
    That fat wanker had to go back to the 1860s to find a humanising story about himself so he could shed crocodile tears and gain sympathy.
    It seems to be working for some but forgive me if New Labour has made me a bit of a synical bastard.

  175. 175
    Beezley the Bible Scholar says:

    “Thou hypocrite, cast out first the mock Tudor beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mock Tudor mote out of thy brother’s eye.” (Matt 7:5)

  176. 176
    Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

    Blind man took his dog for a walk with his friend, halfway through the dog stops and does an huge turd on his shoes:

    ‘Fuck me Bill, Max has just shit on your shoes’ says his friend

    ‘I know’ Replies Bill, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a treat and gives it to his dog

    ‘Wait one minute’ says his friend ‘your dog shits all over your shoes and then you reward him? whats the bloody sense in that?’

    The blind man smiles at his friend and says ‘i gave him the sweet to find out where his mouth is so i can kick him in the bollocks

  177. 177
    margery hinchcliffe says:

    You сunt.

  178. 178
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    From here on
    Prescott shall be known as Two Banjos

  179. 179
    Scootaboy says:

    where`s the shock ? the fat ugly twat

  180. 180
    t says:

    Steady on ! That’s very un-PC !!

  181. 181
    Bri says:

    Explains everything, when are they doing Browns lineage.

  182. 182
    13eastie (158 days: "Goodbye, Gordon") says:

    Prescott has HUMAN ancestors?

    They’ll be saying McDoom does next.


  183. 183
    cynical but true says:

    It’s not as if they’ve dug up any other instances of incest in all the other shows that they’ve aired, only Prescott comes up with comedy gold, the fat bulimic сunt.

  184. 184
    HandsomeDavid says:

    Dr David Kelly died in mysterious circumstances.

  185. 185
    Rooney says:

    Gordon Brown is on the record as an Everton supporter.Unless he is removed from office,my beloved Everton face relegation and even going bust.

  186. 186
    doggy doo says:

    Off topic you dopey twat.

  187. 187
    Scootaboy says:

    nice 1 jack so the swiss people vote for no minarets and you say its outrageous new labour supporting democracy yet again eh

  188. 188

    The thing is that their computer models do impossible things.

    Put simply there’s something called “Exponential Error” that all recursive simulations suffer from which rather quickly blanks out any predictive signal. When they just ignored it’s existence I knew they were fraudulent.

    The science was shoddy, I’m not in the slightest bit surprised their fraud got caught. What might be more interesting is why they engaged in scientific perjury.

  189. 189
    T. B£iar says:

    Calm down ! We’ve overtaken them already.

  190. 190
    Call me Infidel says:

    Re-education camps are the solution to all those poor deluded Swiss, courtesy of their enlightened progressive EU neighbours. The EU knows what is good for you.

  191. 191
    Kevin T says:

    ROFL I love how the celebs always cry on that show. She was what, his great, great grandmother? Dead a century before he was born and there he is crying like it’s his mum! Berk. We all have ancestors who died of the plague, were hanged for thieving or got eaten by sabre toothed tigers, let’s all have a good sob….. Waaaahhhhhh!!!!!

  192. 192
    oldrightie says:

    Breeding will always out. Ask any race horse owner. Selective breeding not casual! As for Prescott, I’ve no sympathy whatsoever. labour are ingrates, all of them.

  193. 193

    Look. He wants to destroy that wealth by forcing the changes suggested by climate fraudsters on us and take us all back to those dark times.

    I can only guess he wants to have another go with a relative?

  194. 194
    The Horrible Truth says:

    “Is it possible the neighbour hopped over the fence for a quicky?”

    “No John the evidence is her dad shagged her”

    “Well I did hear a carribean steel band was in town back then was it…..”

    ‘No John your great great great grandad is your great great grandad”

  195. 195
    SarahN says:

    I’d be happy to give him a slap. Where does he live?

  196. 196
    bar steward says:

    not in new labour land.poor john………his dad and his dad and his dad etc…….all suffered………no one else did.only labour hoons!

  197. 197
  198. 198
    Labourwipeout says:

    This is prescotts attempt to get a career in TV land after the desolation of his party in 2010 and it backfires on him. Such is Hubris !

  199. 199
    gordon brown issues fatwa says:

    Mr Brown said: “We have got to focus the attention of the world on the continuing threat from al-Qaeda. Three quarters of terrorist plots that threaten Britain arise from that area of Pakistan.

    “I believe that, after eight years, we should have been able to do more . . . to get to the bottom of where al-Qaeda is operating from. I want to make sure that the Pakistani Army and Pakistani security services, as well as the Pakistani politicians, will make sure that in South Waziristan we are taking on al-Qaeda directly. We want to see more progress in taking out these top two people in al-Qaeda who have done so much damage and are clearly behind many of the operations in Great Britain.”

    isnt this illegal? wanting to kill another person? especially a muslim?

    and where were all these attacks?
    i dont have a tv so have they been happening all over the uk and i was unaware?

  200. 200
    dai says:

    This is North Wales FFS, he can be grateful no sheep were involved…….or were they?

  201. 201
    rick says:

    It is silly and dangerous to feel sorry for Prescott – do not do it. He would sell your children and your grandchildren for his own personal gain.

  202. 202
    Anonymous says:

    You’re probably country cousins.

  203. 203
    Smiley-In-Your-Stout says:

    When faced with a moral dilemma of this type – whether you should make political capital out of the sad personal history of an individual’s forebears – one should apply that test which brings to bear one’s religious principles. You should ask yourself:

    “What would John Prescott do in similar circumstances?”

    Answer: he’d crack jokes at the party conference, elaborate the tale in private in the most disgusting manner and laugh in a knowing way making sly asides whenever his political opponent got up to speak in the commons.

    So there you go…you know what to do!

  204. 204
    udderly 'orrible says:

    …and what’s it got to do with him FFS, last time I looked he was still making a pretence at being a Brit.

    Abysmal, treacherous, leftie, liebour windbag.

    PS Good on the Swiss, over there they tell their government what to do, unlike the marxist-shafted UK.

  205. 205
    It was quite common in those days says:

    “Well, I had to tell him that or otherwise he might have gone on a binge eating session and some of these books are very rare”

  206. 206
    Anonymous says:

    This has the vibe of a ‘Day Today’ spoof – but it is for real !!!

    Fucking-A !!!

  207. 207
    Anonymous says:

    Is this the second series of Prescott on class?

  208. 208
    little people says:

    They’ll have to have another vote to get the right answer. We proles are so fucking dim compared to our masters.

  209. 209
    Mr Prezza of Scott, a Noo_Lie_Bore Illumination, says:

    Times was ‘ard in them days.

    You ‘ad ter make do wiv wot you got.

    Did yer see me on’t telly wiv them birds wiv the big tits . . ? . .didya? . . . didya?

    Anyone got a sandwich . . . ? . . patsy . . . ? . . anything . . . ?

  210. 210
    thick as thieves says:

    so we now know for a fact that prescott is an inbred.
    there were plenty of inidicators for fucks sake it is no big surprise, the c’unt can’t even string a sentence together. fucking inbred.
    but let’s be fair, the fact that he is an inbred is not prescott’s fault.
    what is his fault is that he gave working class credibility to the new labour war and torture programme.
    john’s a big boy, he knows the game.
    he knows he has sold his soul to the devil.
    and the devil is now coming to collect so john is wasting his time with all these fucking sob stories about food disorders and inbreeding.
    satan is not interested in all that shit, satan just wants to collect what is his.

  211. 211
    little people says:

    John Prescott and class, another one of them poxy oxymorons.

  212. 212
    Ummmmm says:

    does that mean they’ll have ‘the opportunity’ to vote again and again until they ‘get it right’?

  213. 213
    louby lou says:

    She told the twat well before it was filmed, and he was obviously asked if he wanted to go ahead with it. Gave him plenty of time to produce the crocodile tears, the duplicitous bastard.

  214. 214
    Peter Hitchens says:

    I hold no brief for the laughable Prescott with his reverse Bullimia and well documented cocktail sausage sized penis,however Mr Fawkes I scent cruelty in your postings.
    This does you no credit.
    Instead of mocking this chippy jumped up shop steward maybe you should expend more of your time exposing Cameron and his ship of fools (Olegs ship)
    Or maybe that would stop the cash rolling in?
    I also note that you still decline to reply to my emails

  215. 215
    minty says:

    It must devastating for any leftie to find out they haven’t got any black ancestry.

  216. 216
    thick as thieves says:

    top boy will not stand by and watch the fucking taffia stroll in and try to take over the fucking yard.
    you will stop taking the fucking piss taffy and you will pay your respects to top boy by addressing him using the finest language in the world, the top language for top boy: English.
    good lad.
    aren’t there any good taffy sites where you can talk in your native tongue?
    shame innit.

  217. 217
    auntie says:

    Do you seriously believe that we don’t find this fucking hilarious?

    Your humour bypass surgery was a complete success and you are a fully fledged, pofaced сunt.

  218. 218
    thick as thieves says:

    fucking hell Guido I am not surprised you ignore this c’unt’s emails.

  219. 219
    Alois Shickelgruber says:

    Darwin was right!

  220. 220
    udderly 'orrible says:

    Follow the money.

    The public purse grants to these “scientists” amounted to billions a year, according to emails in the hacked package.
    Someone ought to establish the breakdown of the use of these funds, “scientists” wages and bonuses, UEA budgets etc.

    There was also a report that the UEA is a marxist hotbed … wouldn’t surprise me.

  221. 221
    LARD ARSE PRESCOTT (any port in a storm) says:

    There was a young girl called Athalia
    Who painted her arse like a Dahlia
    Two quid a smell was going quite well
    But five quid a lick was a failure !

  222. 222
    albacore says:

    “emetophilia: A sexual fetish in which an individual is aroused by vomiting or observing others vomit. When emetophiles put emetophilia into practice by actually vomiting, especially on a partner, it is called a Roman shower, after the supposed frequent induction of vomiting at Roman feasts.”

  223. 223
    Fat chav slag says:

    “Ere! That thick as thieves fan club of yours. How much is it to join,and do we get any t shirts and thongs with the great thick as thieves’s mugshot on?

  224. 224

    This kind of story is more common than some might want to believe. And not only in the poorer families, either.

  225. 225
    Two Banjos Prescott says:

    Prepared and ready to go.

  226. 226
    Alan G says:

    You are Dolly Draper and I claim my £5

  227. 227
    genes united says:

    So, have you anything to tell us?

  228. 228
    Alan G says:

    The buggers???

  229. 229
    Big John the Bullshitter says:

    ” Aye lad, during t’war I was in the merchant navy”

    “What war was that dad?”


  230. 230
    NotNowKato says:


    Criticise Prezza for his stupid fucking lefty bollox views

    not for his ancestors

  231. 231
    LARD ARSE PRESCOTT (any port in a storm) says:

    Of course the tories Dont have Inbreeding !
    they’re All Gay !

  232. 232
    josef fritzl says:

    I hope mein kinders don’t turn out like zis fooker.

  233. 233
    Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

    Get a life you miserable little shit.

    Here’s another gag

    One night, paddy was feeling a little horny, so he hires a hooker for the night.
    They go back to his place when, paddy realises he doesn’t have a jonny. So, instead of bothering to go get one, he just goes ahead with it.

    After some of the best sex of his life paddy rolls over and looks the hooker in the eyes.

    “Ive just thought” he said. “you don’t have AIDs do you?”
    “no” says the hooker, “why”

    “good”, says paddy, “i wouldn’t want it twice!”

  234. 234
  235. 235
    Four Eyes says:

    You have put a smile on my coupon Tat!


  236. 236
    gene says:

    Who are you, the fucking gene police?

  237. 237
    pigs in space says:

    He (Napoleon) would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be? – Squealer, Animal Farm

  238. 238
    Soggy Bottom boys says:

    plinky plonky plink….does your chewing gum stick to your daughters ass when you leave it overnight…plonky plink

  239. 239
    "Two Banjos" says:

    A bit rich comming from you Tory toffs
    The upper classes have been interbreeding for centuries
    And yes its really me

  240. 240
    Prezza The tudor mutant binga turtle says:

    Fancy me ‘aving the same breedin’ as toffs!
    Well,we’re all Hapsburgs now.

  241. 241
    Engineer says:

    “Leading scientists at the University of East Anglia…..have agreed to publish their figures in full.”

    I know I’m naive, but…..if you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear.

  242. 242
    julian sneerswagger says:

    It really must be you John, ‘its’ should be ”it’s’. When are you leftie slags gonna get your punctuation right, let alone anything else?

  243. 243
    Tax Consultant(Easter Island) says:

    If you go in to hospital,take a camcorder,record everything,and your estate can sue the arse off them.
    Beats paying inheritance tax.

  244. 244
    jack dromey says:

    Haplessberks more like.

  245. 245
    LARD ARSE PRESCOTT (any port in a storm) says:

    My family are still at it !
    My younger brother shagged our cusin after our gran’s funeral !
    My older brother went to his mates funeral
    and got a “blow job ” Off The Fucking Widow In The Grave yard !

  246. 246
    Lezzie says:

    he’s cornish?

  247. 247
    Shit upon shit says:

    Below average Ofsted give below average Haringey an above average report then after the Baby P story broke scrap the above average report and award a below average one.
    This will now form the basis of Ms Shoesmiths case for a big payout.
    Fuck me sideways I’m living in a fucking madhouse.

  248. 248
    tats fag hag says:

    Fuck off, he’s mine.

  249. 249
    Anonymous says:

    Bull shit!
    They just help out when socialists are busy

  250. 250
    Prince Harry's red hair says:

    they Royals are parasitic berks, quite right

  251. 251
    Pure bred Socialist says:

    Daves inheritance tax bonus will enrich a select few.
    Most of them his relatives.

  252. 252
    Working class bloke says:

    While your here John can you explain to my impoverished ancestors why you and your middle class lefty mates sold me and my kins arse down the river?

  253. 253
    Anonymous says:

    You don’t have to go back very far at all. I remember being told the invention of the bicycle put an end to the village idiot. It was not so very long ago that people married the girl next door routinely, and if she was 2nd or 3rd generation her granny may have been very well acquainted with your grandpa.

    The asian inbreeding is very much tied up with a desire to keep inherited wealth in families. You marry the daughter of your fathers brother. Combine ignorance of the basics Brother Mendel – an infidel Christian – with powerful financial motivation and you have a recipe for nasty mutations.

    It is not something however we should laugh at. It is in the interest of our species to interbreed widely. Its a great thing that Konnie, Kylie, Halle, Mylene and Scarlett are all equally eye candy. Its good for the gene pool that they should all float that boat.

  254. 254
    David Milibanjo says:

    Welcome to the upper class and intellectual elite.

  255. 255
    margery hinchcliffe says:

    The office bore has come to order order. Yawn.

  256. 256
    "Two Banjos" says:

    Im so impressed by your erudiction
    Fuck off

  257. 257
    bill clinton says:

    I think you’ll find that most blows come on the low side.

  258. 258
    Engineer says:

    I thought that one of the fundamentals of scientific investigation was always to assume that you could be wrong. Only when all possibility of wrongness has been eliminated can you claim that something is proven beyond doubt.

    If there is one scientific question of our age that is not proven beyond doubt, it’s AGW. Even it’s most ardent proponents must admit that – if they don’t, one has to wonder why….

  259. 259
    fat chav slag says:

    I’ve got 23 stone of hormone driven cellulite that says thick as thieves is a womans man.

  260. 260
    fat chav slag says:

    I’ve got 23 stone of hormone stuffed cullulite that says thick as thieves is a womans man

  261. 261
    julian sneerswagger says:

    Erudiction? Fuck me, it really is Two Banjos Prescott!

  262. 262
    Ed Milibanjo says:

    Come to bed David.

  263. 263
    "Two Banjos" says:

    Google “Go fourth”
    look at our achievements and how we plan to build a better Britain
    Mistakes have been made but it wasnt the Labour party that destroyed this nations industrial base and sold us out to J ewish bankers
    So what if I had an affair
    Thats between me and my wife

  264. 264
    David Milibanjo says:

    I’ll bring my banana.

  265. 265
    Scrof says:

    …that was fucking funny.

  266. 266
    Ali G string says:


  267. 267
    Prince Harry's red hairdresser says:

    Who’s the daddy?

  268. 268
    Working class bloke says:

    Class traitor and you know it.

  269. 269
    coming fourth says:

    “So what if I had an affair
    Thats between me and my wife”

    Er….no John, I think you’ll find it was between you and Tracey Temple. I think you took the remit of Personal Private Secretary a bit too far, IMHO.

  270. 270

    You really are a socialist idiot.

    Lowering Inheritance Tax makes people less poor, not more rich.

    The state is merely extorting less wealth from the estate of the person that earned it.

  271. 271
    Man made global warming is a myth says:

    So I was right! a true bastard from a long line of bastards

  272. 272
    Working class bloke says:

    How many of the New Labour family sent their kids to fight in wars of their own making.
    YEP you guessed fuck all,Nadda,nixi pooch.
    Bullet dodging class traitors.

  273. 273
    Engineer says:

    P.S. The longer the delay, the more the figures will have been ‘massaged’.

  274. 274
    "Two Banjos" says:

    The hope for the peoples of this great nation has always been in the hands of the Labour party
    Forget the personal abuse, Im used to it (mainly from the wife)
    If you think that Cameron and his foppish pals from the “Bullingdon” have your interests at heart think again brothers and sisters.
    Im now going to bed
    Guido you may indeed be a “HOON” but I have been a long fan

  275. 275
    mr chu says:

    Brown orders pakistan army to get osama ?? can he do that ! well he at least he avaoided “I hope they do well line”

    minarettes get swiss tony treatment .

    police investigate more snuff movie production companies called NHS

    zack goldsmith is well rich !

    camerons portrait was painted by the Pheringee on deep space 9

    special big tin foil hats being prepared for A list gala Al gore fund raiser “an inconveinent moment of truth”

  276. 276
    Anonymous says:

    You’re Charles Fuckwidge and I claim my £5.00.

  277. 277
    "Two Banjos" says:

    I sincerely deeply regret it,

    I made a fool of myself and humilliated the wife and Tracey
    I am ashamed
    Google “Go Fourth” and see how I am trying to make amends
    I am but a man with weaknesses like you all haves

  278. 278
    Engineer says:

    Labour always leaves the country in debt – massively so, this time. The Conservatives always end up sorting out the mess. If Labour governed with fiscal responsibility, I might have some time for them. Unfortunately, they don’t, so I don’t.

  279. 279
    "Two Banjos" says:

    Go earn it like i have you c unt(yes I know about your alygyrhytm guido)
    Ive scrubbed pans , fried eggs at dawn
    Worked my way from nothing so fuck off!

  280. 280
    dermot says:

    Fuck off Fuckwidge.

  281. 281
    Working class bloke says:

    Mind the door don’t hit your ass on the way out.

  282. 282
    Vote for shit,there's no choice says:

    Labour have no fiscal aptitude,Tories have no social aptitude.
    Lib Dems have no aptitude.

  283. 283
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    Its at times like this he used to turn to Tracey for his Temple of comfort, whilst like his ancestor Pauline stood by soaking up all the fat hypocrite bastards shit. By heck lad, its enough to make you want to spend a lifetime fighting tory sleaze then throw it all away with an affair literally in Whitehall at our expense.

  284. 284
    Anonymous says:

    WTF he is history ain’t he?

  285. 285

    I studied the Industrial Revolution up to the 19th century. You might like to look at this link

  286. 286
    Anonymous says:

    It’s all old meat I think (allegedly).

  287. 287
    Anonymous says:

    Here pull this then.

  288. 288
    Anonymous says:

    He come from a long line of failures then.

  289. 289
    City of Vice says:


  290. 290
    Hilary "Mad Dog" Benn says:

    Er…. I’ll think you’ll find i’m in the frontline of the climate change war. Up to my neck in muck and brass,facing the enemy(Jeremy Clarkson) on a frequent basis. Only last week we found ourselves on a first class BA flight to the Maldives,me for an important conference on rising sea levels,he to tear around on a jetski in a totally irresponsible fashion,and we had a frank exchange of views on green issues.
    Needless to say,i single handedly defused his improvised explosive vomit from my personage,and look forward to a “gong” in the new year.

  291. 291
    Jackass Straw says:

    Nor will I ever reply to any criticism of my failure to act and protect the abused children of Jersey.

  292. 292
    Long term bet says:

    Just as we only found out years later of McMillan’s cuckoldedness,Wilson’s senility,Charles and Di’s loveless marriage and Majors romps with Currie, what secret will Brown bestow for future delectation?

  293. 293
    Pure bred Socialist says:

    Inheritance is not earned wealth,dickhead one.

  294. 294
    is it me or does Gordon look a bit peaky says:

    That he actualy died shortly after taking office.
    C’mon it would explain a lot of things.

  295. 295
    Prezza the tudor mutant binga turtle says:

    Ee,i’m gonna get me one of those boltholes in the sun.
    Doobye seems a good place for an investment.

  296. 296
    anon says:

    There is no sick bag on the market strong enough for the bilge trotted out by the greasy fat b*stard! He is foul in the extreme, zero manners, an ape and utterly useless as a Minister. It is enough to make Prestatyn change it’s name. I am sick of al Beeba paying this avaricious Hoon yet more money for yet another icky show using money that could keep Jonathan Ross off-air.

  297. 297
    Red Neck Man says:

    I believe it is within 3 generations to have an ancestor on both sides of the family tree.

  298. 298
    Atlas shrugged says:

    To the person who put these videos on this site.


    How the rest of this population can still look their children in the fact, defeats me.

    We simply must WAKE-UP or DIE SLEEPING.

  299. 299
    Summer_Breeze says:

    John, just in case you come back to check on this thread ( I’m sure you will, at some point )…
    The problem that people have with you, is that you of all people in the labour cabinet, should have been the one voice, that knows how hard life is for the ‘little man’.
    You could have done so much to speak up for them and their needs but you sold out.
    You have stood by and let your ( labour ) traditional voting base be worked over, big style.
    You were far too quick to buy into the European dream, that in reality, is actually a nightmare for the ordinary man and his pocket, with costs of various items rising directly as a result of Eu interference.
    It may be nothing to you to put another £10 on the price of a pair of shoes but for the low paid/unwaged, it makes a tremendous difference, why weren’t you standing up for the little man then?
    Why didn’t you take the hint after your disastrous effort to force EU ordered regional assemblies on us and start to speak up against the EU, as per the wishes of the ordinary folk?
    Why did you force eco boilers on everyone, that cost more to run and mean that people can’t afford to have their heating on in the winter?
    Why are you going to Copenhagen to espouse the climate change ideology, when it has become apparent that data has been manipulated and that in it’s manipulated state, would cause more financial strain on the pockets of the poor, by way of more green taxes?
    (I could go on but I’d be here all night.)

    You had many, many opportunities, to really help those, that are genuinely in need of a voice to speak up for them but you turned your back on them.

    As for the programme and it’s revelations, well, none of that was your fault ( for once ) ;-) However, I’m sure that the gorgon will issue a grovelling apology to all welsh women who were subjugated in the past, in the near future.
    Just a shame that there are no apologies forthcoming, for the damage that nulabour has done to todays’ Britain.
    Anyway, it was brave of you to allow the footage to be seen.

  300. 300
    Dodgy Dave says:

    Excellent stuff. Makes the Nazis look like boy scouts. Vote Freedom Party! Lord Monckton should be heard.

  301. 301
    Doc Trough says:

    Ten Bowl Tudor?

  302. 302
    Cassandra King says:

    If you think/hope that Cameron and his gaggle of sellout airhead social democrats are going to be anything other than identical twins of the newslavelabour rabble then I fear that you are in for a shock if honest Dave wins the election.
    The fake differences between the liblabcon unitary party are a conjuring trick, a punch’N’judy farce to baffle the brains of the electorate that all three despise. New improved Bluslavelabour or the original newslavelabour or those mindless cretins in third place, is that the choice we have now?
    The political classes must be pissing themselves laughing at us, they believe they win regardless of which bladder on a stick becomes the regional satrap.

  303. 303

    I hate to burst your bubble, Nell, but some of us can trace our ancestry back to the Norman Conquest; I gess it all depends on whether one’s forebears cared about the family name.

  304. 304

    Ooooh! Our aggreived offence meter is set to maximum sensitivity today, isn’t it.

    I think, if you read Tom’s post again you’ll find he is refering to “closed communities” ie immigrant communities who do not mix with the larger native population. Whether this is true of the Indians in Britain, I cannot say. That being said, I do remember some NuLab drone lurching to his hind legs a while back and saying something similar about communities that refused to integrate.

    As for Indians in India, perhaps, in some areas, inbreeding was a problem. The sub-continent may be immense, but it’s not size that matters but mixing. With a large, poor rural population many Indians may not have moved around much, for generations, stiring the muddy waters of the gene pool. This is pretty much like the situation in Victorian Norfolk in fact. It is said the introduction of the bicycle to that part of the world played a major part in preventing a genetic catastrophe.

  305. 305
    Anonymous says:

    Is that what Gordon advised you to do?

  306. 306
    Sukyspook says:

    Whilst it must be truly awful to be told such information about your family, I have to agree with you Rick that these bastards would indeed create an entire series to garner sympathy and hence manipulate our emotions for a vote.
    They operate mainly from the ‘reptilian’ side of the brain apparently (lol) – the cruel; treacherous; lying; despotic; inhuman side.

  307. 307
    Sukyspook says:

    Tat – is that really you?? I wholeheartedly agree with you sentiments.

    It’s also good to see that you too acknowledge the existence of a ‘devil’ to whom the likes of Prezza do, indeed, sell their souls – even if the potential to BE that devil is within us all. Tis almost too simply put – a mere choice….

  308. 308
    Sukyspook says:

    Just ask John Major who was lauding “back to REAL family values” whilst shagging Edwina on the side (and anywhich/way else he fancied no doubt) – not allegedly as it’s lamestream.
    I can’t imagine anyone, including Norma, shagging the grey one!!

  309. 309
    Sukyspook says:

    Hear, hear!

    As you sew Jack, as you sew….

  310. 310
    Throbber says:

    In the modern nu Liebour style, shouldn’t he apologise for the crimes of his ancestors?
    By his own standards, or more accurately, by the standards he applies to everyone else, if he doesn’t apologise forthwith he is condemned as endorsing those actions.

  311. 311
    Engineer says:

    You must be deluded if you think Labour have ‘social aptitude’ – look at the state of the nation after twelve years of their ineptitude. Whether Conservatives will be any ‘socially’ better remains to be seen, but it is almost certain that they’ll be economically more competent.

  312. 312
    D L George says:

    Which videos?

  313. 313
    Anonymous says:

    Unlike you with “there were plenty of inidicators for fucks sake it is no big surprise, the c’unt can’t even string a sentence together.” hahahahah

  314. 314
    LARD ARSE PRESCOTT (any port in a storm) says:

    Even back then the Labour faithfull inbred with each other to stay in power !
    More children= More benefits
    More Dossers= More Labour votes !

  315. 315
    LARD ARSE PRESCOTT (any port in a storm) says:

    That he has an obsession with a young powerfull black man ?

  316. 316
    Anonymouse says:

    And it is still happening today throughout the UK.

  317. 317
    Hang The Bastards says:

    I knew the fat Hunt was an IN-BRED… I didnt need to see the evidence of all those geneology experts to figure out what the little people of England knew all along…….

    You dont get to be that UGLY, FAT or fucking STUPID, or stout Labour unless you are from in-bred stock.

    We should burn him and his off-spring.

  318. 318
    Beautiful morning says:

    People in glasshouses………

    Most of you out there reading this (and highly likely myself) would probably not wish to know their true genealogy over the past 400 years.

    I actually felt for Prescott on this although when he praised “failure” for being a “wonderful woman” it showed his true lack of judgement.

    Next time you travel on public transport take a good hard look at the faces of those near you.

    It doesn’t require much imagination to see how inbred most of us are.

  319. 319
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Acutally Rick… he would probably sleep with his own children and grandchildren for personal gain.

    After all ….. its in his blood.

  320. 320
    Odds Bodkins says:

    Thats the bit that bothers me. These people are misleading the public and wasting their hard-earned money. At the end of the day, in spite of all the billions poured into projects like these, bar some questionable research papers, we have nothing to show for it. Better that all this money goes to tangible things like schools, clinics, training apprentices etc.

  321. 321
    BillyBob poops on ZaNuLab says:

    hmmmmmm explains a great deal about Big John and no doubt give him another reason to binge eat…..

  322. 322
    Dan says:

    Hey Guido,
    Most of the people who write stuff on the comments section have mental problems. If a man is judged by the company he keeps- then you’ve got an image problem. Maybe 1 in every 10 comments is from someone who sounds almost normal- the rest; bigots, closed minded, narrow minded, bitter, pompous, self-righteous, cold hearted, unimaginative, hate filled in many cases.
    There is so little actual intelligent discussion on the comments, that it simply isn’t worth sorting through the dross and drivel and ignorance which makes up the bulk. I can stomach ANY opinion- intelligently put- from Communist to Far Right- I don’t mind. Anything goes. But not hate- not ignorance.
    Never argue with an idiot.They drag you down to their level and then beat you with their experience. (quote from someone).

    For goodness sake- get rid of the comments section. Perhaps have forum-debates chaired by trusted members who can expel people. Much better.

    At the moment you’re simply encouraging people to vent their fury on your otherwise intelligent and interesting site. Yes- everyone else does comments. So what! Be different- isn’t that part of your persona?

    This is my last ever comment!

    PS; People generally quarrel because they cannot argue. Gilbert K. Chesterton.

  323. 323
    Anonymous says:

    Automatically a troll for pointing out an inconvenient truth. Looks like debate is dead on both the left and the right and that only prescibed opinions may be held.

  324. 324
    Senor Frizby says:

    Strange genes no doubt about that. Gt gt gt grandmother called (colloquially) as “A Failure” – something else she handed down through the genes!!

  325. 325
    Unsworth says:

    Fuck off Hitchens

  326. 326
    Bernard Manning says:

    Just heard Prescot’s G G G Grandmother was a Ornithologist

    She liked a Cockatoo

  327. 327
    MrJones says:

    No he wouldn’t he’s just thick. People like Blair and Mandelson used him as “Old Labour” cover plus as a bodyguard against McDoom.

  328. 328
    Max says:

    Prezza will not be alone in this at least. ZNL policies over the years have produced whole council estates full of people who have no idea who their blood relatives are. Add in those from the sub-continent and you have an interesting situation brewing. A few more years and it’ll be permanent Night Of The Zombies in parts of the UK. I think already there in some places.

  329. 329
    I Hate new Labour says:

    Prescot – sod off and never come back.

    We’re all so *tired* of your ever-increasing sensationalist stories.

    Shouldn’t you be working on that integrated transport policy you promised 12 years ago?

  330. 330

    Ey up, you’m gonna get that Heathrow extenshun as was promised and cast iron electorally determined and that Gordon has expressly intended and the tories would do nothing.

  331. 331
    WildWeasel says:


  332. 332
    Max the Impaler says:

    Gravitationally challenged ?

  333. 333
    Sarge says:

    When will the diuck house be going?

  334. 334
    Sarge says:

    Poor little John-anyone remember him thumping a member of the electorate in the 2001 campaign who threw an egg at him? Obviously no charges brought as they only had the crime on film.

    Labour Party reaction? ‘John is John’

    The smug bastard deserves no sympathy – he’s milked us for all he could grab.

  335. 335
    Anonymous says:

    What is outrageous is a political party deliberately flooding this country with immigrants for selfish party gain.

  336. 336
    Anonymous says:

    As a third generation immigrant who hates this country’s guts, he can probably empathise with a lot of his constituents.

  337. 337
    Sir Trev Skint MP says:

    My wife can trace her ancestors back to T fuckin Rex!

  338. 338

    Nobody forces you to read it.

  339. 339
    Anonymous says:

    Labour doing shit….quick let’s get out some sob story.

    Boo fucking hoo. Sorry, but I’m all out of sympathy for nation wrecking leftists.

  340. 340
    Traycee says:

    Leave my Prezza alone. He ain’t thick, it’s just his thingy is like a little sausage.

  341. 341
    Biffo says:

    Yes, whatever you or I may think of John Prescott (and I don’t think very much), this revelation must have come as a nasty shock – it’s not exactly the sort of thing you want to find out about your own family & it was probably quite unexpected. He could easily have hidden the facts as ‘an inconvenient truth’ but he has chosen to be upfront about it so respect to him on that core.

  342. 342
    Biffo says:

    Jack Straw – the observant MP who wanted to ban burqas until he realised that 60% of his constituents were wearing them – then it was a complete volte face. Hypocritical AND thick.

  343. 343
    Biffo says:

    The country in question being Saudi Arabia.

  344. 344
    Biffo says:

    We can only wait in hope.

  345. 345
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    …….and Prescott’s Pledge in 1997:-

    ‘If I haven’t reduced car travel by 20% in the next ten years, I’ll have failed.’

    It rose by 4%.

    Some here say he is useless. No, he’s worse than that: he’s taken an active part in propping-up Bliar and ensuring that this dishonest, doctrinaire Commie rabble have stayed in power and maximised the damage done to the UK. And they are still there, still doing it….

  346. 346
    Biffo says:

    I don’t think NuLabour politicians do ‘conscience’. They see it in the same light as ‘integrity’, ‘honesty’ & ‘loyalty’ – something that could stop them getting their own way, betraying the country to the EUSSR & lining their pockets at taxpayers’ expense.

  347. 347
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    I wish I didn’t agree with you.

    The ‘Heir to Bliar’ claim tells us all we need to know.

    I REALLY want to be able to vote Tory in 2010, but just as NuLab was a grotesque fraud on former Labour voters, so Dave’s Conservatives are on my side.

    So in the absence of Clear Blue Water between the two of them I’ll be voting UKIP.

    And letting NuLab back in by splitting the right-wing vote. If you let that happen, Dave, you are no better than Prescott and the rest of his disreputable gang (even though you are rather more articulate).

  348. 348
    Biffo says:

    Luckily for the Swiss, the EU Commissariat can’t force them to vote again (to ensure they give the ‘right’ answer) as they did with the Irish. And may I politely suggest to Andreas Goss that he fucks off & minds his own business? Otherwise, the auditors may be round to look at his expenses.

  349. 349
    Biffo says:

    Yeah, pass on his address & I’ll be happy to drop round too – I’ve got some lovely chunky leather gauntlets – probably just like his Daddy used to wear.

  350. 350
    Biffo says:

    To work towards the Great Socialist Experiment of course and to butter up their own pathetic little egos.

  351. 351
    Biffo says:

    That’s for normal scientists – but these are NuLabour Supporting Scientists – they don’t make mistakes (not that they’ll admit to anyway).

  352. 352
    Biffo says:

    Which is why they’re NOW saying ‘We do not hold the original raw data but only the value-added (quality controlled and homogenised) data.”

    Aren’t they meant to have deleted shedloads of stuff as soon as any FOI requests came in?

  353. 353
    Prezzas Gut says:

    Not THAT much of a shock. He’s still taking in air. Some might say, unfortunately.

  354. 354
    Jacks Traw says:

    Just got to look up the word hippothetikal.

  355. 355
    Jacks Traw says:

    I can’t even read.
    I meant hiepocrytikle

  356. 356
    Biffo says:

    Thank you for that link. I had a pleasent 5 minutes clicking on ‘Count me out’ & commenting on the CRU research. Incidentally, the ‘Count me outs’s are higher than the ‘Count me in’s. Oh Gordon – hoist on your own petard.

  357. 357
    Biffo says:

    I always think it’s so naff for the bereaved to get off with someone at the funeral.

  358. 358
    Roger Dodger says:

    “you got a nice mouth, you might do some praying with that mouth”

  359. 359
    Biffo says:

    Perhaps when (if) democracy returns to the UK, when politicians, police, local authorities & civil servants are accountable for their actions. When people can vote & know that their vote is not being discarded and that fraudulant postal votes are not being used to provide the results the politicians want, no matter what/who voters have voted for. When people can speak their mind again without fear of the ‘thought police’. When the police return to their original role of ‘protecting the innocent’ rather than acting as political tools. When we regain a Criminal Justice System that actually provides Justice & that punishes criminals. When 24/7 surveillance & interference is dropped. When children actually receive an education that enables them to think & reason rather than politically correct crap that leaves them unable to read, write or ‘do numbers’ but that follows all the Party lines & menifestos. When fraudulant science is discredited, not lauded & the public taxed & taxed again to support the fraud. When ‘integrity’, ‘honesty’, ‘loyalty’ become postive phrases & words of praise. When that glorious day dawns I am sure that the tenor of comments on blogs will change – until then, we will use blogs to vent & blow off steam at the corruption, deceit, hypocrisy & sheer immorality of the majority of people in public life.

  360. 360
    Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about – they do this with dogs all the time and then call them ‘pedigrees’…

  361. 361
    Anonymous says:

    Bollocks !! We are being bound and gagged and trussed up Holy Moly style and exposed to this as a form of medieval torture against our wishes !!

    We will betray our leaders in Pakistan if you just switch off those twatty comments and promise never to expose us to that fat preening wanker Tory Bear ever again…

  362. 362
    toddy357 says:

    looking at the size of his big fat face he must be cured of his bulimia {if he ever had it } the man is just a big fat joke.

  363. 363
    Max says:

    Sorry I’m late on here but … they can’t publish the basic data ie untarnished figures because its all been shredded.

    As per Sunday Times

  364. 364
    ferret says:

    What about my human rights? I didn’t ask them to put up minerettes in my town. Where’s My RPG launcher?

  365. 365
    ferret says:

    Are they inbreds as well?

  366. 366
    ferret says:

    Here Here! String him up fat grabbing bastard.

  367. 367
    ferret says:

    And drinking the cellar dry at Dorney Wood!

  368. 368
    x says:

    You lefties don’t mind unearned cash when you’re on the fucking dole though do you?

  369. 369
    Chris says:

    John is a fine man and much under-rated. Possibly the only New Labour politician who leaves with the respect of many people.

  370. 370
    Sailor says:


    How on earth do you shag someone on the side? It doesn’t sound comfortable at all.

  371. 371
    Sailor says:

    If you saw my wife you would think she was T Rex

  372. 372
    Anonymous says:

    When are the conservaties going to wake up and start pointing out to the public what a corrupt pro labour outfit the BBC is.

  373. 373
    Disco Stew says:

    You stupid fuckwit.

  374. 374
    JJ Furcillo says:

    Boy Shut the hell up sis
    Father Don’t you dare speak to your mother like that

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