November 19th, 2009

Guy News Special :
Fact Checking Labour’s Party Political Broadcast

The Labour blogosphere campaigned to make an internal party YouTube hit “Against All Odds” their Party Political Broadcast.  With a little bit of help from Bad Al Cambell, John Prescott and Twitter Czar Kerry McCarthy it was used as a cheap and cheerful official broadcast last night.  Congratulations to Ellie Gellard, the teenage tornado of Twittering who led the campaign.

The Guy News reporting team of Emily Nomates and Tory Bear have produced a special cheap and cheerful fair and balanced report.  Warning: may contain humour.


  1. 1
    I hate new Labour says:

    The words ‘fact’ and ‘Labour’ don’t usually occupy the same sentence…

    • 3
      jgm2 says:

      It really is pure 1984. It’s on a par with Kim Jong Il claiming to have invented manned flight.

      It’s beyond parody. Emily Pankhurst banned from joining the Labour party ‘cos she was a woman? Yet Labour claims credit for the universal franchise and women’s votes?

      No doubt The Mirror and The Guardian will be running a similar story lampooning the outright lies.

      • 18
        Stronghold Barricades says:

        Someone will even now be pushing the documents into a shredder

      • 23
        Mitch says:

        we wouldn’t have fought facism without the Labour party? Er, not quite.

        so what about Bernard Shaw and others on the ‘intellectual left’ with their criminal adulation of Stalin, the most gruesome fascist of all?

        and what does J K Rowling’s rejection letters prove? She only got accepted once we had a Labour government?

        • 39
          Sir William Waad says:

          The Labour Party consistently opposed re-armament in the years before 1939. If they had had their way, we might have fought ‘fascism’ but we would very quickly have lost. It is more likely, though, that the Labour Party would have gone along with its Soviet ally in making an alliance with Hitler.

          • Master Baiter says:

            Without Stalin the defeat of the Nazis would have been unlikely.


          • Sir William Waad says:

            Without the Labour Party it would have been certain.

          • elusivelestoc says:

            Without Stalin the fascists would never have been in the position they achieved. His help was vital. And never forget that the difference between fasism and communism is the same as the difference between death by garotting or death by hanging.

          • Master Baiter says:

            The Wehrmacht was minced on the Russian front.

          • Prodicus says:

            The Communist Party of GB ordered its members not to fight the Battle of Cable Street against Mosely’s Fascists. It recanted when the order was comprehensively ignored. Sorry – it ‘set up a review’.

          • Master Baiter says:

            To be fair under fascism the state does not take ownership of the nation’s enterprises, land and assets but leaves it in the hands of oligarchs and monopolistic capitalists, whereas under communism the capitalists and monopolists are dispossessed, isn’t it?

        • 87
          Hard-Lazing Voter says:

          On a similar point, if Labour had won in 1983 and disarmed the UK we’d all be talking to each other in the woods waiting for a Soviet patrol to trundle past.

          • Waiting for baiter says:

            It amazes me that lefties still take some kind of vicarious pride in the Soviets’ WW2 achievements as if it reflects at all well on them.
            The Wehrmacht was indeed minced on the Russian front.
            The supplies sent by Britain and the US certainly helped but not nearly so much as the fact that Britain supplied the Soviets with decoded German battle plans for the battle that really swung it – Kursk.
            A classic battle pitting the Germans’ mobile panzers against dug-in Russian tanks.
            A victory for Soviet equipment and tactics – except that the Russkies would not have been dug in there at all had they not known exactly where the Germans planned to strike.
            The Russian soldier fought ferociously throughout the war. He had very little choice given the Soviet commissars at the rear waiting to shoot him if he retreated and the fact that it very quickly became known how the Nazis treated beaten enemies.
            Unlike Britain (and France) the Soviets went to war for no-one but themselves and had been more than happy to calve up eastern Europe with the Nazis.
            It is worth noting that Russian soldiers were able to throw off party discipline and even make jokes about Stalin during 43 and 44, only to have it reimposed (through numerous executions) as victory neared.
            What are lefties like baiter trying to prove when they go on about the Russian/Soviet victory?
            Enlighten us Baiter – are you trying to highlight an alleged achievement of “the left” or just trying to run down this country by denigrating our war effort?

        • 153
          Nasty Liebore says:

          Not to mention Oswald Mosley was a minister in a Labour government.

          • Stronghold Barricades says:

            Yes, but prior to that he had originally been a Conservative, before drifting to independent and then attracted to the Labour Party

            Think what might have been if he defeated Chamberlain in Birmingham

        • 167
          peace in our time says:

          Not to mention Neville Chamberlain was the Prime Minister of a Conservative government.

          • Master Baiter says:

            Not to mention that Churchill was a Conservitude then a Liberal then a Conservitude and until 1938 thought Hitler was lovely and that Britain should have someone similar, isn’t it?

          • Thats News says:

            But Nev was not a member of the Labour Party then a National Soclialist, unlike your dear Osie.

      • 35
        Andy Coulson's mouthpiece says:

        ask yourself why Pankhurst’s Women’s Franchise League was considered such a radical organisation since in addition to women’s suffrage it supported equal rights for women in the areas of divorce and inheritance. It also advocated trade unionism and sought alliances with socialist organisations

        ask the Sun about recent spelling mistakes

        ask what an all Party Unity Government means along with Churchills Conservative-Liberal-Conservative again gymnastics

        ask Mrs Thatcher what she thought about ‘terrorist’ Nelson Mandela

        ask your favourite neocons like Palin what she thinks about ‘friend of terrorists’ Obama

        ask Gideon Osborne and Hague about ‘coming from behind’

        then ask yourself why you don’t simply put ‘Official Conservative Blog’ at the top of this site instead of all the pretence

        Brown’s shit but I don’t remember you scrutinising Cameron’s broadcasts in anywhere near this forensic detail

        • 53
          Animal says:

          Here’s something radical. How about asking why such lies are knowingly produced in this clip, why the vid doesn’t begin to touch on the social horrors inflicted on this country over the last 12 years and why this Government remains fixated on remaining an opaque Administration, wilfully ignoring the real problems faced by the poor, the young and the old.

          • Andy Coulson's mouthpiece says:

            because Brown’s shit
            the clue was in the words ‘Brown’s’ and ‘shit’

            I could care less if Guido and his chums have to do CCO’s work for them if they jut did the same thing to Cameron once in a while

            otherwise it’s pure partisan blogging
            at least the likes Iain Dale is honest about it

          • History Man says:

            No lies in the broadcast . Twisting by Emily and Tory Boy.

          • Thats News says:

            Because it was made by someone who knew nothing about it.

        • 96
          Hard-Lazing Voter says:

          Here’s something radical. Wrap a noose around your neck, attach the other end to the rafters and have a dangle. For the revolution!

          • Prodicus says:

            Comment of the week.

          • Hard-Glazed Floater says:

            Here’s something even more radical.
            Find a proctologist with the skill to tie a strong enough rope round your neck and head which is clearly lodged firmly up your anus.
            Then he can tie the other end to an elephant and see if it can pull your head out of your arse without you then lodging your turnip like noggin right up the elephants ringpiece.

            Have fun. For the Bullingdon Boys!

          • Tory Hater says:

            Revolutionary Dangle.Threatening proxy violence will get you nowhere jealous are you?Agree WEAK Comment.

          • Hard-Glazed Floater says:

            There’s nothing more terrifying the a twatty little Toryboy trying to put on a tough guy persona on the internet

            No, not terrifying.. hilarious! that’s the word

          • Hard-Lazing Voter says:

            Thank you, thank you, I’m here all week.

          • Hard-Glazed Floater says:

            My mistake, there’s nothing more hilarious than a twatty little Toryboy pretending he isn’t being mocked for his fuckwittery.

          • Hard-Lazing Voter says:

            I’m honoured, HGF. Truly.

            It would be nice if there was something constructive you could harness your anger into. Like a vow of silence.

          • Hard-Glazed Floater says:

            ‘constructive’ and ‘anger’ from the little toryboy who went into a strop and advocated hanging in a childish fit of pique ?

            Self-awareness just another one of those things you lack like a sense of irony and humour ?

            You could harness your rage into coming up with better replies
            Or failing that don’t dish it out if you can’t take because I’m not about to be silenced by some twat with delusions of grandeur

          • Hard-Lazing Voter says:

            Strop? Who’s having a strop here? Protip: it’s the little Labour activist wailing about delusions of grandeur.

            You are Ed Balls and I claim my five quid.

      • 38
        Sir William Waad says:

        Erm…votes for women over 30, or married, were brought in by a Liberal government. Votes for unmarried women over 21 were brought in by the Conservatives.

        • 99
          History Man says:

          Liberals and Conservative had consistently opposed votes for women Forced to give in by pressure from First World war and umpteen petitions. They knew that they would be out of office for a while if the franchise was extended.

        • 168
          Skippy says:

          I think the performance of women in parliament, Blair’s babes and Batty Hattie in particular, is a very good reason for removing the right of women to vote.

      • 160
        The Loony Leader of Londistan, says:

        Kim Jong Il claiming to have invented manned flight.

        Nae, nae, – ah invanted yon flighty things.

        an’ ah put up 57,000 million satellites eva’ munth!

        an’ make the same number in tractors!

        an’ ah suv’d tha wuld

        Och aye the noo_Lie_Bore!!

      • 223
        Nick says:

        I’ve just watched the real video on Youtube ( and was struck by the mendacious deception and spin – even more than usual. Torybear & EmilyNomates picked out the obvious mistakes and misrepresentations, but why on the day of the Queen’s Speech was so little time in the original broadcast devoted to the proposed legislation in the speech?

        The whole thing smacks of telescreen broadcasts in Orwell’s 1984 (itself a warning of the dangers of socialism). The only sequences out of place there were the gratuitous use of footage of Mandala & Obama, in the hope that some of their (current) popularity would wear off on Labour.


      • 281
        Churchill's Cattleprod says:

        Wow. from ‘Things can only get better’ to ‘Against all odds’ in just 12 years. What’s the party theme song after May 10th then? The Smiths “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”.

        I know we could have Dave’s theme tune with (likewise The Smiths) as “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before”.

    • 13
      What opposition? says:

      Well done Guido.

      Fucking shame the Tory party were asleep …Again.

      • 41
        Cameron hits back with the Conservative Party Political Broadcast says:

        • 68
          What opposition? says:

          That’s put me right off my Lunch. Enfield was spot on though.

        • 142
          TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

          Jack Straw did that accent change thing for real!
          Ask anyone from Blackburn when he was starting out in the 80′s – he changed it *exactly* like that depending on if he was in Lancashire or London.

          • T' Labour Party says:

            Straw was always a cu’nt though

            typical untrustworthy lawyer-politico and let Pinochet scuttle off

      • 103
        Hugh Janus says:

        Yes, cracking Guy News Guido. We really have to watch these bastards every minute of the day. Keep up the good work – and let’s hope DC and his pals might learn a thing or two in the process (some hope I’m afraid).

    • 36
      stephen says:

      very similare to this chris morris classic…

    • 37
      Anonymous says:

      “The Labour Party wouldn’t know fact if it were walk right up to them and kick them in their collective crotch”


      • 114

        You are quite mistaken.

        They have always known, all along, for more than 100 years, exactly exactly what they were doing, and we simply didn’t take them seriously at the correct time, and do what was needed.

        It’s too late now.

        • 163

          It is never too late. Ask an East German or a Czech.

          • I wish I thought you were right this time.

            But I do remember quite clearly, in the (very very) early 90s, while over in CZ a lot as I was, my friends there being very depressed and pessimistic about their liberated future. I told them “FIVE YEARS and you will be free and rich!” Theye didn’t believe me and so we just drank some more Moravian wine and comiserated together, as I tried to cheer them up.

            I also told them “THE EU is NOT your friend”, but they wouldn’t believe that either.

    • 46
      Fidel X Penses says:

      And while we’re about it, wasn’t there some footage of Oswald Mosely in there? That would be the same Mosely who was a minister in Ramsay MacDonald’s 1929 Labour government, wouldn’t it?

      Now remind me, what happened to him?

    • 77
      Oxford Don says:

      Lots of mistakes in the spoof broadcast Emily Nomates et al. Firstly Emmeline Pankhurst was a member of The Independent Labour Party.Secondly It was the Independent Labour Party which was the ONLY political party that campaigned for women’s suffrage.There was a large demonstration organised by the socialists in 1914 in support of votes for women.The Tories and the Liberals continued to oppose votes for women. In 1918 Lloyd George finally had to give in because of post war pressure. This then led to the first minority Labour Government.In 1924 the Minority Labour Government continued to introduce bills to bring in Voting for all women. All were opposed by the Tories and the Liberals.
      The tone of the Guidogram spoof broadcast is sickening and the plummy voices of the presenters echo the satirical lampooning of the working class which this blogsite relishes. I thought last night’s broadcast was inspirational and I shall be voting labour once more .

      • 90
        Master Baiter says:



        • 294
          Osama the Nazarene says:

          Inspirational, as in what inspired Burgess and Maclean.


        • 295
          Osama the Nazarene says:

          Don says “Firstly Emmeline Pankhurst was a member of The Independent Labour Party.Secondly It was the Independent Labour Party which was the ONLY political party that campaigned for women’s suffrage…

          Funnily enough it was also this Independent Labour Party (latter day Militant Tendency) which refused her membership at branch level though not nationally, allowing her in eventually.

          So Ms Nomates point still stands (particularly as the ILP was one of the founding organisations of the Labour Party) and the inaccuracy is minor, unlike the propaganda of this film which was deliberately intended to obfuscate and ignore nuliebore’s record by delving into a past which every cabinet member and 90% of MPs would happily disown. Dennis Skinner might not but your inspirational PM would certainly do so.

      • 92
        Anonymous says:

        So why did she end up in the Conservative party?

        • 112
          History Man says:

          Emmeline Pankhurst did join The Tories in later life when she had finished campaigning. This was a response to the rise of Bolshevism in Russia. All her campaign years were spent as a socialist.

          • Anonymous says:

            But not as a member of the Labour Party.

          • Jack Frost says:

            Oxford Don? History man? Tell me this isn’t the kind of hoon who is still teaching our students – not in Oxford at least.
            Hellooooo Mr Don. That’s Labour you’re claim you have been inspired to vote for – the lies party, the war party, the we’ll-adopt-any-policy-for-a-million-quid party, the let-in-three-million-immigrants-without-admitting-it party, the your-grandchildren-will-be-paying-for-our-debts party, the sell-out-to-EU party, the betrayal-of-trust party.
            But you are going to vote for them because they make a good video.

      • 98

        We’ll put you down as a “Don’t Know”.

        • 115
          Oxford Don says:

          Not at all Know that I will be voting Labour.

          • Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

            Me: ‘Crucification?’

            You: ‘Yeah. I know the way. Out of the door. One cross each.’

          • Skippy says:

            So the litany of lies deceit and corruption, expenses, sale of peerages, broken promises on a referendum etc. over the last twelve years, not to mention an illegal war, leaves your enthusiasm for another five years of Stalinist rule undimmed?

            Enjoy your vote, the way things are going it may well be your last.

          • Heir to Blair says:

            the choice is clear
            Blu-labour or Nu-Labour

            couldn’t be more different

          • President Obama says:


          • udderly 'orrible says:

            Half of Oxford has always kowtowed to the social-fascists, where were those famous spies foundled if not in the cradles of Oxford – so OxDon you’re welcome to keep on voting for your luvverly liebour parteh of authoritarian traitors .

          • Talwin says:

            “I will be voting Labour” = the polical equivalent of self-harming and just as fucking barmy.

          • 13eastie (168 days: Goodbye Gordon!) says:

            Oxford Don wrote:

            “I will be voting Labour.”

            Don’t get your hopes up!

          • Extremely poor grammar and punctuation for an “Oxford don”.

      • 106
        Hugh Janus says:

        Glad you enjoyed it OD.

        • 291
          Teacher Tilly says:

          Guido Fawkes comments on grammar and punctuation.Perhaps OD was echoing the standard of contributions on this site.However I found OD’s comments easy to read and full of interesting facts unlike some of the more inane contributions found here.

      • 108
        Mike Naylor says:

        I am not usually a fan of the Labour Party but after watching ‘Against all odds’ I am still not.

      • 119

        You might be from Oxford (shame on you) but I don’t think “Oxford Don” is your name.

      • 120
        Carry On Don't Lose Your Head (1967) says:

        Last night’s broadcast was dubbed into Jock across the border. How inspired is that? Splendid targeting of the demographic!

      • 122
        Prodicus says:

        The Independent Labour Party of which Oswald Mosely was a member? That ILP?

        • 134
          Tory Hater says:

          Oswald Mosely was a member of the Conservative Party until 1924 .He then proceeded to join various parties including IPL He was a Rogue.

        • 246
          13eastie (168 days: Goodbye Gordon!) says:

          Labour was the only party to give ministerial office to the founder of the British Union of Fascists.

      • 162
        Rose says:

        Whatever the Independent Labour Party was Oxford Don, it ‘aint; now, as 12 years have shown. The Labour Party is a vampire who has taken over the socialist corpse: it kills young soldiers, steals from the poor, desimates the pensions of the old, and corrupts all it looks at. You might vote for it, but the rest of us are going to stick a bloody great stake through it’s evil heart, to save our children!!

        • 169
          Master Baiter says:

          There are many things Rose does not know.
          One thing she does know now is that the Guido moving pictures and sound presentation was littered with inaccuracies, is banal and is not funny.


          • Skippy says:

            You really think a Guido video, accurate or not, is going to sway anyone’s voting intentions.

            We’ve had twelve years to assess the performance and aims of New Labour.

            Vote for them? I would not deign not p**s on them.

          • Master Baiter says:

            Dimwit don’t be so condesending.


        • 224
          Warm Scrum says:

          Poor Rose wilting already.Go to yoga to heal your breakie breakie heart. I love Labour and will continue voting for them .

          • Socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:

            Warm Scum

            This will be the last time you will be voting for the shite. This is the high water mark of socialist scum. From now on Hell is your destination

            Piss on you all

        • 242
          President Obama says:

          Well said Rose! It beggars belief that there are still some out there who would vote Labour. As for that rotten PP Broadcast – it was all about the past, the distant past and inaccurate at that. Where were its hymns to praise for the last few years? There weren’t any, because there is nothing to praise and plenty, plenty to condemn!

      • 243
        Onlooker says:

        You’re from the Oxford mafia, right?

      • 288
        Bill D'Sarse says:

        Hahaha,, what a shallow c’unt that makes you. For a Don, you’re easily fucking fooled aintcha???

    • 157
      Fact check says:

      (New) Labour are the worst, most crooked government the UK has ever had – fact.

      You see, ‘Labour’ and ‘fact’ DO go together.

      • 205
        Skippy says:

        Well maybe not a fact. Was not the parliament of the “Rotten and pocket boroughs” in 1832″ pretty corrupt?

      • 227
        Warm Scrum says:

        Was not the Thatcher years more destructive to communities and also war mongering,financially inept.Black Wednesday,Falklands,Miners Strike etc etc etc

        • 245
          President Obama says:

          Thatcher years warmongering? come of it! There was only one war – after an evil dictatorship had invaded our sovereign territory, the Falkland Islands. Blair was the most warlike PM we have had since the 19th Century – wars in Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan to name a few – he was a liberal interventionist in the mould of Palmestone and other 19th Century imperialists.

          I spit on evil ZaNuLab who have betrayed thoroughly and completely the English working classes they were supposed to represent.

          Labour = EVIL!

          • Skippy says:

            Only because Thatcher all but sent an invite to Galtieri to invade the Falkland islands. It worked, he invaded and she got re-elected, unlikley to have happened without the war. Just like Balir, she has blood on her hands.

        • 289
          Bill D'Sarse says:

          In a word, Warm Scum…….


          Not compared to the trail of shit and destruction your bunch are leaving behind them!!!

  2. 2
  3. 4
    Peter Grimes says:

    It is no news that ZaNuLieBor lie, nor is the scale any longer in doubt.

    It’s what they do!

  4. 5
    Dick the Prick says:

    I believe Emily Nomates could quite easily be greeted with perhaps a toot toot, pip pip and may be even a ding dong.

    Wouldn’t it be wise to get Gordon the hell away from any broadcast from now until the end of time?

  5. 6

    Excellent – great spot on the accidental truths about the economy.

    P.S. The OECD have today given the government another kicking about the economy. Have you noticed the similarity between Gordon’s plan to legislate a deficit reduction and Lloyd’s IOU’s in the film Dumb and Dumber?

  6. 7
    SO17 says:

    So, is that what the white working class look like.
    The people who made Labour and who are now an embarassment except in sepia on a party political broadcast.

  7. 8
    Angry P says:

    I gotta say Guido, all the vids so far have been utter toss but this one was quite good. Looking less studenty and amateurish helps.

    But Mark & Rich are still rubbish.

  8. 9
    Bubbles Henri says:

    I’m still going to vote J K Rowling as the greatest ever Scotsman.

    • 11
      Morningsickmark says:

      Bubbles, you are and will always be my greatest ever Scotsthingy.

    • 79
      Lord High Everything Else says:

      That’d be the Joanne Rowling who was born and brought up in Gloucestershire, studied in England, moved abroad, and only moved to Scotland in 1993 to be near her sister and study for a PGCE so she could get a a teaching job…

  9. 10
    The Ape man commeth says:

    Great broadcast some very useful facts, what a decitfull shower of shit NL are.
    Meanwhile on another note:
    Looks like Tory Bear has the makings of a good BBC interviewer by the way he kept interupting the devine Emily.

    • 88
      Rambo Jim says:

      Not devine at all Little Tory Troll ugh.

      • 219
        The Ape man commeth says:

        Ok you take Jaqui Smiff, and I (if I were lucky enough) would take Miss NoMates, that way everybody’s happy. Fair enough. Oh and ‘Rambo’ don’t mention your videos (bit of a sore point) too misogynist and violent, and you might end up with a double handed attack with her and old H. Hardpornperson.

  10. 14
    gone fuckin mental says:

    fawkes the day labour tell the truth is the day they are let back in the comunity after 50 years in a straight jacket

  11. 15
    Anonymous says:

    I want Tory Bear to die a long, slow painful death.

    Is that bad ?? For fuck’s sake, why are you giving him more airtime ??

    Is it because he is cheap ?? Is it because he is an arse-licking sycophant ??

    Or is he giving you free blow jobs ?? Or a combination of all three ??

    Please please please – tell him to get on his bike, go down the road and RIDE…

  12. 16
    Historian says:

    Young Emily and TB (are they a couple?) perhaps should get a refund on their no doubt expensive education since in their piece on the fascist threat they missed out that we have the Labour Party to thank for the rise of Oswald Mosley. He was of course a Labour MP before founding the blackshirts.

    Just as we have today’s Labour Party to thank for the rise of the BNP.

    • 127
      Prodicus says:

      Minister without portfolio in Ramsay Macdonald’s government because he was Mac’s friend.

    • 151
      Tory Hater says:

      He was a member of the Conservative party until 1924 . He then joined various parties ,an opportunist if ever there was one. Socialists opposed the fascists and died in the cause.

      • 256
        Not Yet Decided says:

        Would they be those socialists who fought in the Spanish Civil War? Whose wonderful caring Socialist allies were responsible for the Red Terror?

        • 283
          Socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:

          The same socialists who did nothing about Hitler until he double-crossed his murdering pal Uncle Joe. Did nothing hell–the fucking Soviets helped the Nazis in the days before 1942. Don’t preach your leftist shit here.

  13. 17

    What happened to the sound?

  14. 19
    Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

    Samantha & I pissed ourselves laughing at that Guido

    Did you know

    Statistically, 7 out of 3 people can’t do maths

  15. 20
    anonymouse in the Treasury skirting boards says:

    And of course the Facist in the film is Oswald Moseley who was an MP for, err, the Labour Party!

  16. 21
    Animal says:

    In that Guy News piece Emily appears to be rather naughtily underdressed beneath her jacket. Shades of Tiffany’s Big City Tips……..

  17. 22
    Anonymous says:

    Mosley was Labour.

    • 29

      Very good point!

      Mosely led the “Battle of Cable Street” – but was also a Fabian but also:

      “Mosley then made a bold bid for political advancement within the Labour Party. He was close to Ramsay MacDonald and hoped for one of the great offices of state, but when Labour won the 1929 general election he was appointed only to the post of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, de facto Minister without Portfolio, outside the Cabinet.

      Cable Street – Labour versus Ex Labour

    • 155
      Tory Hater says:

      Mosely was an opportunist who was a Conservative until 1924 then joined various parties. He was a rogue.

      • 180
        Anonymous says:

        Is that the only fact you have? It’s about the 10th time you’ve trotted out the same bit of shit. Maybe he was Tory until 1924, but after that he all Labour!

      • 199
        Skippy says:

        A bit like Blair really, an opportunist, whose politics are whatever will make him money.

      • 252
        13eastie (168 days: Goodbye Gordon!) says:

        Labour made him a Minister.

        No-one else. Only Labour.

  18. 24
    Chutney Mary says:

    ha fucking ha ha ha ha, Labour are a tumble dryer full of shit

  19. 26
    thick as thieves says:

    we want to listen to Emily Nomates.
    and look at her jacket.

    • 139
      Minekiller says:

      Still no meds issued at ZanuLabia HQ so far today….

      • 189
        thick as thieves says:

        minekiller, do not insult the readers’ intelligence.
        everyone knows the great thick as thieves is independent of political parties.
        DOH! you STUPID SCUM TORY.
        if that is the best you can come up will then you will have to fuck off.
        you fucking useless c’unt.

        • 266
          Minekiller says:

          Thazz funny…so am I….I am honoured you describe me as a ‘STUPID SCUM TORY”(I like the upper case for emphasis BTW :-))….but I regret to inform you I have never voted Tory IN MY LIFE (Upper case for emphasis, of course).

          …And no I don’t insult the readers intelligence since in cases like yours, there isn’t much to insult. If I wanted to do that, I could go to CiF.

          have you taken the meds yet?

  20. 27
    Old Nick Heavenly(real dimwit) says:


  21. 30
    Broon v Obama Speling Bee contest (he makes Bush look intelligent) says:

    Jonah has just backed Stacey for the X Faxctor!

  22. 31
    Richard Abbot says:

    Surely a better tune would be ‘Big Deal’ ?

  23. 32
    subrosa says:

    Slightly better video this time Guido. Keep improving if you can. I’m not asking for them to be adult rated – just suitable for adults. Yes definite improvement.

  24. 33
    The Unknown Supremo says:

    What a brilliant Fisking.

    Perfect for elevenses.

    Thanks all.

  25. 33
    Look Jedward is gonna win Gordon now get on and govern the country for Gods sake says:

    Brown obviously feels that it’s important to appear on a serious political programme this morning after the Queens Speech like “This Morning” on ITV to give his pearls of wisdom to the British Public about such crucial matters as who he thinks will win “X Factor”. This man is a complete and utter joke !!!!!!!!

    • 40
      Gordon Brown says:

      Now look when we win the next General Election the following will form part of the cabinet

      Simon Cowell,Louis Walsh,Danni Minogue,Cheryl Cole

      It is no co-incidence that they are X Factor judges and I intend to appoint Jedward as Ministers without portfolio.

      Dave Cameron seems to have lost the plot and just can’t identify with the electorate any longer.

      • 47
        Dave "Cast Iron Guarantee" Cameron says:

        X-Factor judges to be in Brown’s cabinet?

        The plans were lashed by Conservative leader David Cameron, who labelled it a “complete con”.

        We have recuited Susan Boyle (remember her?) to spearhead our election campaign

        Top that one Gord !!!

        • 81
          Littel David Milliboys aka Banana Man - Super Hero says:

          I’m more of a “Strictly” man myself -” Hilly” loves my “American Smooth” and I am appearing in a guest role in “The Simpsons” next year ahead of my leadership campaign … there !!!!!

        • 255
          Max says:

          Gordon McDoom IS Susan Boyle. Well known fact. Keep up.

      • 52
        Call me Dave's no PR obsessed showbiz clown says:

        Will Kirstie Allsopp find a new location as a Tory peer in the House of Lords?

        Kirstie Allsopp could become a Tory peer under plans to ‘sprinkle some stardust’ on David Cameron’s top team.

        The TV presenter is being lined up as one of the potential specialist peers who could join a Cameron administration if the Tories win next year.

        Miss Allsopp, who hosts the property show Location, Location, Location for Channel 4, already advises the Tories on housing policy but could take on a more formal role.

    • 121
      Minekiller says:

      Actually if he could just allocate his time to musing about thicko TV shows and not destroying the UK, we’d all be better off.

      • 186
        Jedwards biggest fan says:

        The twins also have the backing of Conservative leader Mr Cameron who said: ‘You only need to watch a few minutes and suddenly, 40 minutes later, you’re still nailed to your chair’

  26. 42

    [...] Just chanced on this stuff which Guido Fawkes has done [...]

  27. 44
    BillyBob poops on ZaNuLab says:

    Labour tell lies?? OMG what next………well I never spotted that, lies, lies and more damn lies??

  28. 45
    Grimly Fiendish says:

    The Labour Party. Weren’t they resisting all attempts at rearmament in the 1930s, no doubt bowing to Stalin’s orders to the unions? Maybe my memory is shot.

    • 49
      BillyBob poops on ZaNuLab says:

      Hmmmmm…. many joining the Commie Party and others involved in treasonous activities, however Left = Good and Right = Bad…

    • 126
      Minekiller says:

      Yes, and they only desisted from industrial action and lobbying their members not to join the armed forces on Stalin’s orders after June 1941 when Operation Barbarossa was launched. Previous to this you may all recall, the Soviets (and thus their client parties around the world including the UK) and the Nazis were allies as a result of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.

      Funny how the Labour broadcast failed to mention that they only began standing up to Fascism after the erstwhile allies of the Fascists told them to.

  29. 50
    Anonymouse says:

    Shame they missed the point about the Soviet Union heavily infiltrating the Labour Party. They didn’t fight Communism, they were in bed with it.

  30. 50
    streamfisher says:

    Good one Guido, Is there no end to the incompetent, mistake riddled and slap dash rubbish they spout reminiscent of the legislation they keep passing. After 12 years of New Labour we now have a generation reaching voting age ‘educated’ by these people, is that another hidden agenda?, one would have to be thick to vote in this lot again.

  31. 55
    saltirethinking says:

    Well done Guido. Rowling for Scottish Secretary of State?.

  32. 56
    El Precedente Elect, Mnsgr. Phoney Bliar, the EUSSR's biggest ****, emoting and feigning surprise, says:

    I’m just finishing off my acceptance speech.

    Then I’ll show it to the Missus for approval.

    But look, – let’s face it, – I deserve to be the Big Cheese (no EUSSR pun intended) – becos’ – y’kno – I’m worf it.


    And I’m a straight kinda guy.

    • 71
      streamfisher says:

      No dice son, even a Belgian clown is preferred to you and very fitting for the role of President of that organisation.

    • 229
      CHIPPY says:

      I think that is unfair to Mr.Blair after the sacrifices he made for the country.

  33. 58
    Mr Plum says:

    Feel quietly smug that Ireland is out of the world cup.
    It just goes to show what happens if you trust the EU to play fair.

  34. 65
    Let no one else's work evade your eyes says:

    Entertaining stuff.

    But haven’t you just nicked the best bits off a blog post from three days ago on the “Always win when you’re singing” blog?

    A fisking of Labour schmaltz

  35. 66
    NuAttack Dog says:

    For real belly laughs read Pat Butcher, aka Toynbee, in todays Gradiaun

    • 94
      mondeoman says:

      Read it, stupid, stupid, stupid. On another planet.

      • 237
        Nick says:

        Why did I waste two minutes of my life reading Toynbee’s fantasies? That woman speaks authoritatively about things she cannot know. As an example

        “It’s not a gimmick to stop convalescents being bundled into expensive nursing homes where they stay for ever if intensive care at home can get them back on their feet. Cameron’s claim that the money comes from cutting other disability benefits is just plain not true.”

        How can she know? And if she thinks that much is going to get passed without wholesale use of guillotines then she’s an even bigger fool than she already appears.

  36. 67
    C.h.o.c.o.l.o.t.i.s. says:

    Looks like Mandelson has been showering the Labour Party with his pearls of wisdom again

  37. 69
    The Loony Leader of Londistan, - infantile, jealous, spiteful, destructive, deceitful, duplicitous, says:

    Aye, – ah sav’d the wuld ye kno,

    An nuth’ns ma fult ye un’stn.

    Cos ah’m vera vera spushul – an ah can dae nae wrong -


  38. 70
    Sir William Waad says:

    Good news at last – Kirkcaldy wants its Idiot back!

  39. 82
    Master Baiter says:

    Please arrange for the Conservitudes to put this moving image with sound on the television for all to see.


    By the way where is Afghanistarn?
    Is it anything to do with Afghanistan?
    As in, is a heterosexual couple comprised of a man and a woman or a marn and a womarn?

    Just asking, isn’t it?

    • 97
      Mz. HaHaHa-HoHoHoPerson, and assorted other Noo_Lie_Bore Wimmin says:

      is a heterosexual couple comprised of a man and a woman or a marn and a womarn?

      You, of all people, should know the Noo_Lie_Bore nomenclature better!! What is the use of all my work these past years!!!???

      It’s Min and Wimmin

      Now then, – write it out 10000 times then come and see me privately.

    • 131
      Sir William Waad says:

      You should say “Does a heterosexual couple comprise a man and a woman” or “Is a heterosexual couple composed of a man and a woman”. ‘Comprise’ takes a direct object.

  40. 85
    Cassandra King says:

    Only the dumbfuck newlabour leeches could provide a shot of the fascist leader Oswald Mosely at the time he was an MP for the LABOUR PARTY.

    Ooooh and didnt labour and their marxist union bosses fight tooth and nail against war with nazi Germany when the Soviets made their pact with nazi Germany, but hey minor details dont matter really do they? After all the average newlabour voter has the IQ of a stunned mullet, the last thing that matters to them are actual real facts.

    Newlabour really shouldnt have brought Mr Oswald(labour minister)Mosely into political debate should they? I have a new election slogan for them.

    Vote labour, the people who founded the labour party were a sleezy bunch of women hating fascist supporting traitors and national sellouts and nothing has changed in a hundred years, the modern newlabour labour party is still the natural home for bigots/crooks/liars/traitors/perverts/sellouts/thieves/racists and assorted fruitcake nutters, so vote newlabour and enjoy being led into hell.

    You know it makes sense comrades.

    • 136
      Master Baiter says:

      In the pre war years, Churchill thought Hitler was lovely (a fact tat is well documented).
      The British ruling class, that’s the big land owners, the same 100 families that now own most of the UK were all for cosying up to Hitler, isn’t it?

      • 149
        tat says:

        In the pre war years, Churchill thought Hitler was lovely (a fact tat is well documented).

        Don’t bring me into this

        • 161
          Master Baiter says:

          Grat googly moogly, for example:

          His (Churchill’s) political career revealed no firm political principles or ideology. He shifted in his party affiliations from the Conservatives to the Liberals and back to the Conservatives. He praised Mussolini and Hitler lavishly after their totalitarian programs had been fully established and their operations were well known. He said that if he had been an Italian he would have been a Fascist, and as late as 1938 he stated that if England were ever in the same straits that Germany had been in 1933, he hoped that England would find “her Hitler.”

        • 193
          thick as thieves says:

          if you enjoy posting comments here then you will take this advice:
          do not steal my name.
          final warning.
          thankyou for complying.

      • 204

        And how many Fabians thought Musso was *the* figure to emulate?

        How socialists get off on smearing tories are friends of fascists is beyond me – you pricks invented the fucking deal.

        What is the emblem of fascism? What is a fascio? A tied bundle of sticks…

        It’s *collectivism*, isn’t it? That is what fascism is. That is *all* it is.

      • 274
        Cassandra King says:

        Thats it master Baiter when in doubt try to blame someone else eh? A typical socialist tactic is to ignore uncomfortable truths and start spreading the blame around, blaming someone else like a naughty child does not and never will diminish your own culpability will it?

        How about not blaming everyone else and actually admitting the awful truth about the dark history of socialism, before you can critisise the tories and yes they have many skeletons, how about looking at your own partys wrongdoing?

  41. 90
    jo public says:

    nice of ole queenie to mention how joyous she was that ‘Her government’ had finally joined the country to Europe forever.
    And jolly nice that labour did’nt mention that the real reason the countrys up poop creek is because of the cash flowing into europe on a one way basis.
    Really what does england stand to gain from full european intergration
    Please could somebody explain the benefits to me after all I am fecking paying for it………………………………….

  42. 101
  43. 116
    Charles Flaccidwidger says:

    OK, is it just me or are there others who can never see the videos that GF posts? All I ever get is a blank space where the video should be. Any computer geniuses out there care to help a poor befuddled old git? Or even just post some abuse to make me feel worse.

    • 117
      Charles Flaccidwidger says:

      I should add it’s not just here but at other sites as well.

      • 130
        Master Baiter says:

        They’re not worth watching, unless except for fans of cringing.

        • 171
          Anonymous says:

          Certainly not for one of ZaNu Laybuh’s most sycophantic luvvies. The problem for people like you is that these sort of videos relate to the realm that Champagne Socialists fear to enter – reality.

          You much prefer the tractor stats the Gormless Clown dishes out weekly (or is that weakly?). You feel comforted that everything will be all-right, the debt will disappear, that the economic carnage is the fault of the Tories (or America) and, tomorrow, there will be Growth!

          If you believe that, I have a fantastic investment for you. A friend of mine in Nigeria is looking to export around $50 million of cash left over from a Govt contract. Interested?

          • Master Baiter says:

            Guidiot the Big Oaf has goofed again, have a look at Oxford Don’s comment above, isn;t it?

        • 172
          SO17 says:

          Be honest though MB the present reality is so awful Labour have had to make a broadcast consisting of sepia films. Kinda like the conservatives using Spitfire footage and shots of the Dover cliffs.

    • 140
      nice says:

      Are you using the Brown Shitvision browser?

    • 152
      streamfisher says:

      Try downloading and installing Adobe flash player ver. 9, just google adobe (make sure its kosher site) its free.

  44. 135
    What does it take? says:

    Just watched the Brown at Obama Beach visit on You Tube again – still cannot believe that a British Prime Minister gets away with being booed at Arromanches.

    What does it take to remove this vermin from our shores?

  45. 150
    ExEng says:

    “It is the fighters and believers that change our world”

    So terrorists and religious fanatics are OK. Labour supports them. They even got some into parliament.

    Actually, it is the people of integrity, drive and understanding that have made more progress. Just having a vision of utopia is no reason for ever be able to achieve it.

    “Rights for workers.”

    A vast majority of the people just want the right to work. The rest just want the right to demand the rest work also.

    “… creating new ones [jobs] in the green economy.”

    Why fight for jobs in the green economy. Does that mean they agree it is a separate entity. We used to use the phase “is it economical”, now we have to just work out if it fits a legally recognised belief. Who exactly are they fighting against. Is it because they do not control anything in this country any more. So did they give away too many rights to have to fight to take just one piece back.

    Fighting needs a enemy. Only mention is a party who is not even in power in any country. Or are they admitting they are fighting public opinion.

  46. 154
    Putin says:

    Let’s think laterally here:

    The green agenda is critical right? We can’t afford wind turbines? We have millions of unemployed? – Easy give each one of them a windmill (those little wooden handled ones with a plastic spinner on the top)

    As power demand peaks, send them to the top of the nearest hill. Instant power surge. Keeps them fit. Cuts unemployment. Gives the windmill industry a boost.

    What are you waiting for Gordon?

    • 192
      Anonymous says:

      Give every unemployed person an exercise bike attached to a generator. Dole is calculated on amount of energy produced.
      Bike has biometric key so that only Dolee can pedal bike and not his/her 17 children.

    • 206
      knowledge is porridge says:

      Let’s think twatterly here

      We have millions of unemployed? – Easy build lots of special ‘camps’, put the unemployed in and afterwards use their bodies as compost and sell the rest as cheap dog-food for a profit. Instant far-right vote winner! Cuts unemployment. Gives the building, gardening and pet food industry a boost.

      What are you waiting for Dave?

  47. 158
    In the know says:

    Prescott did all the research

  48. 166
    Technomist says:

    I enjoyed that. Good one.

  49. 187
    Jimmy says:

    “Warning: may contain humour.”

    Fat chance. Oh you mean the Phil Collins bit (“Against all odds”, I see what you did there. Priceless.) or the sub- Sellar and Yeatman “history”?

    It’s often been asked rhetorcially where we would be without the gift of laughter. Now we know.

  50. 197

    Excellent, I watched it last night and thought how sickenly incorrect the whole thing was. Trouble is, there are Daily Mirror readers who will lap it all up believing it in full – even after watching this video!.

    Personally, I hate this downturn. It’s worse than divorce! I’ve lost half my money and still have my wife!


    • 203
      thick as thieves says:

      lost half your money?
      what the fuck is going on here ampers for fucks sake? lost it behind the sofa?
      you cannot have simply ‘lost’ such a large amount of money, it is not possible.
      perhaps your wife has a cocaine habit that you are unaware of?
      perhaps she is hiring escorts during the day to alleviate the boredom?
      these are merely possiblities you understand. I have no hard evidence that she is spending all your money on crackcocaine and escorts, it’s just a hunch really but it is a real possiblity that perhaps you should investigate further.
      y’know, for your own peace of mind.
      happy to help.

  51. 216
    Greychatter says:

    Spin Machine in the Downward spiral.

    Typical of the Labour lie machine and all those in it.

    Gordon Brown – what an embarrassment – I cringe everytime his lying face appears on Television. How anyone can believe a word he says is beyond me.

    • 226
      I hate new Labour says:

      Yep, those pictures of the odious creep with Obama make my sick.

      All that money spent on G20, etc. just so the fat Scottish berk could be pictured alongside the US version of Tony Blair.

      Counting the days until Labour are again banished to history, hopefully a lot longer than 18 years this time…

  52. 228
    Gordons Binnacle says:

    Enjoyable. Can’t help thinking you should have let the idiots use their version as a party political broadcast then released your reply. Would have done more damage to them.

  53. 230
    Rexel 56 says:

    “here’s to those who came from behind to win….”

    Over a clip of Neil Kinnock.


    • 231
      I hate new Labour says:

      He’s certainly ‘awwwwwwwwwright’ these days isn’t he?

      What a fine champion of the working class…

    • 232
      Gordons Binnacle says:

      Comfortable in the EU parliament with wife in the lords, both over paid with gold plated pensions. I’d call that winning!

    • 233
      I hate new Labour says:

      I suppose we’re lucky they didn’t put an image of Mandelson up when talking about ‘coming from behind’…

      • 234
        BillyBob poops on ZaNuLab says:

        Oh nooooo, I nearly vomited over that comment, such an odious creep of a self interest politician…

        • 250
          Jack Frost says:

          Would that be Neil “KGB” Kinnock?

          • BillyBob poops on ZaNuLab says:

            Just the very mention of that family is enough to put me off my dinner!! Another odious family on the gravy train of excess without talent or life experience.

            Would be interesting to see their expense claims covering the whole family.

            Only thing positive to say is that they still have British passports…….or do they??

  54. 247
    Spam Javelin says:

    This hee-larious clip sums it up for me.

    The thing about bloggers is, you’re a bit like 2 year-olds who are enormously pleased at being potty trained. “Look”, you squeal, “Look, I’ve written something. ON A SCREEN! IT’S NOT ON PAPER!”


    “I’m a blogger, I’m a blogger, I’m a blogger!”

    Meanwhile the rest of the adult world looks up, sighs, says “Yes, well done” and gets back to the drudgery and futility of life.

    Has anyone ever pulled an attractive girl on the basis of their ‘blogging exploits’? Says it all, doesn’t it? Oh, but I bet they’ve tried…at party conferences, at think-tank dos, leaning on a pillar, nursing a free glas of wine – “Well, actually, I’m a blogger…I met Guido Fawkes once…”

    I exempt you from this bile, Mr Fawkes, because you’re a journalist, you actually get stories which disrupt the news agenda and make things happen. But for the vast majority of the rest? Spare me.

  55. 257
    Tony Bliar says:

    England won the Olympic Games, World Cup and the Ashes all in the same week, in 2012 its a fact

  56. 258
    Anonymous says:

    Could have pointed out that British Union of Fascists leader Oswald Mosely was a Labour Party Member (after falling out with the Tories and becoming converted for fabianism).

    Also – working people do not become politicians, only grubbing bastards who want power over us do. Mostly hereditary politicians and upper class idiots – yes in the Labour Party too.

  57. 260

    [...] Party Political Broadcast FAIL Guido helps the world to see that the Labour Party, when it runs out of policies, support and anything useful to do, resorts to [...]

  58. 261
    Anonymous says:

    I’m Labour and I can be accurate on historical matters. How about using brutal police tactics on the miners strike, having 3 million unemployed or 15% interest rates on mortgages – all under a Tory government or have you conveniently forgotten that?

    • 270
      I hate new Labour says:

      1. Brutal police tactics? Did you see the footage from the G20? Incidentally, more coal mines have been closed under labour than the tories.
      2. Unemployment now is in reality about 6 million. Youth unemployment is higher than ever.
      3. High interest rates were a necessary evil in the face of the dire state of the economy that Thatcher inherited from Callaghan and Wilson. It is highly likely that we will see them again as the next government tries to fix the mess created by 12 years of Labour.

      That’s the trouble with the left wing, you really don’t appreciate history. You just believe what your masters preach.

      Listen my cement-headed friend, books are not your enemy. Stop thinking of the free handouts and start using that mass of dead material between your ears.

      • 285
        miranda bliar says:

        IHNL has given that poor anonymous a real thrashing.Dont worry anon.The wheels are falling off but your still trying to polish that turd.

    • 272
      Cassandra King says:

      Ooooh I know, how about the crooked NUM calling a strike without a vote? How about the chisseling NUM leaders thieving funds given by the UKs arch enemy of the time the USSR via the KGB?
      How about the NUM executive lying to the miners about the real reasons for the strike and it had NOTHING to do with pit closures because a good deal was agreed with the government protecting most pits and jobs and that was a major reason why Scargill refused a ballot because the deal on offer was a good one?
      How about the NUM scumbags stealing the bulk of the miners compensation fund via some very dodgy ambulance chasers and how about the NUM bigwigs feathering their pension nests while the ordinary miners got shafted?

      My family bore the brunt of the secret order from the top to go after those miners who dared to demand a ballot before going on strike, sticks and stones may break my windows but we aint no scabs!
      Take your fairy tales about who was to blame for the destruction of the mining industry and shove em up where the sun dont shine. Scargill wanted to destroy a democratically elected government on the orders of the KGB who needed a tory regime ousted so they could dominate the cold war, once a labour regime was installed the USSR could have ordered them to evict the US forces from the UK and so the USSR might well have won the cold war.
      Scagill was a traitor to his country and a traitor to the miners he was elected to protect, one person was responsible for the destruction of the mining industry and his name is Scargill.

  59. 263
    Alan Scott says:

    Right: after all the usual hot air and pointless point-scoring on this blog, the question is:

    How can this tissue of lies be exposed effectively?

    (Disregarding for the moment – and yes, the usual trolls will soon be spouting – that the level of education has dropped so precipitately that many people don’t know whether Mrs Pankhurst was the Fuehrer or whether Mr Hitler was a pop singer) How on earth can we get some sense into it all?

    Can the Conservative Party produce a counter-blast? Will they?

    Watch this space and hope, hope.

  60. 271
    Doc Trough says:

    ***Boulton: Blair’s bid over. Will be putting up Brooness Cathy Ashton for foreign post.***

  61. 273
    Richard Blogger says:

    The production of that video was crap, the huim was unbearable.

    But watching it without the sound off was better. Emily Nomates and Tory Bear at their most bearable: when you cannot hear a word they are saying! Any chance of a pin-up pic of Emily?

  62. 275
    Bill D'Sarse says:

    Good work Guido. What a bunch of c**ts!

  63. 277
    Anonymous says:

    Alistair Campbell= Dog returning to its own vomit !

  64. 278
    Spiketown says:

    Guido, I’m HoH and the mic background hum was terrible, not sure if TB or Emily Cor were mic’d up, or whether it was set on the table but could that be fixed.

  65. 297
    Down with Brown! says:

    You’d have thought the Labour party would know their Earnest Bevin from their Nye Bevan

  66. 303
  67. 304
    Legal alian says:

    Miss Nomates is hot, an chance of her telephone nmber?

  68. 305
    uracuntandsoami says:

    That was utter bollocks. I thought that Tory Bear hoon was meant to be a Conservative Future dork? He looks old enough to be my dad. So does the other bloke.

  69. 306
    Anonymous says:

    I also noticed the Jarrow Crusade banner near the end of the broadcast. The Labour Party expelled the leaders of this march after it had taken place.

  70. 307
    Auntie Flo' says:

    Well done Guido, Emily and Tory Bear for that hilarious expose of the scandalous reality underlying zanulabour’s spin!

  71. 308
    john p reid says:

    they point out that Nelson mandela and Barrack Obama aren’t in the labour party, but for years when the tories backed apartied, Labour were fighting for Nelson Mandela, and look at all the tories who backed Mccain in the presidential election over Obama

  72. 309
    john p reid says:

    Yeah lets criticise labour for making out they are closer to Mandela that the tories, The tories were well close to Mandela in the 80′s ‘the Young conservatives regualry wanted to hang him,

    Thatcher called him a terrorist and how many other toires in the commons said they wanted the key thrown away

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