October 31st, 2009

Do the Blairites Have a Plan B?

Miliband BlairSomething was nagging away at Guido after his second coffee this morning; Blairites don’t tend to be delusional, they are political realists, so why try to make their champion President of Europe? Half of Europe thinks he is a neo-con, war criminal.  There is no way he would be acceptable to most European social democrats and in any event it is probably going to go to a centre-right figure in the undemocratic Buggin’s turn way Brussels works.

The high representative of the council is pencilled in for a socialist on the same basis – a sort of undemocratic consolation prize.  There is talk, denied by David Miliband, that he himself is a strong candidate for that position.  Could it be some Machiavellian / Mandelsonian plot to get him the job?  The Dark Lord’s mind is subtle in his strategies, David Miliband is the anointed heir to Blair and the person to whom the Dark Lord plans perhaps in the future to play regent.  Could they be going through this Blair for President act to boost his credentials?  There is always a tiny chance they might pull it off Blair of course…

In the almost certain event that they don’t, “alright” they will say, if Blair can’t be the figurehead, can we give the mini-Blair (who acts as his campaign manager) some kind of consolation prize?  EU foreign minister?  Oh yes, that will dovetail nicely with the day job.  It would also give Miliband a world stage full of photo-ops to provide a backdrop for his post-election leadership campaign.

Just speculatin’…


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      That disgusting porker ought to be hanged immediately along with all the rest.

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        Porkbusters for the many not the few says:

        Just a shame Nick Clegg had so little support from the Big Two Piggy Party Leaders when he demanded an inquiry into it, isn’t it ?

        John Bercow, the Speaker, has turned down a request by Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, to widen the scope of his audit into MPs expenses amid concerns that some of worst abusers of Commons allowances are escaping punishment.

        In his reply to Mr Clegg, seen by the Daily Telegraph, the Speaker said: “Extending the review to cover changes of home designations for personal gain and the payment of capital gains tax would unquestionably involve significant retrospective changes to the rules on allowances…”

        “Agreeing to your proposal would therefore considerably lengthen the timescale of the review and the MEC did not feel it could support this.”

        Mr Clegg said that he was “dismayed” by the ruling, which was taken in private and referred to only briefly in published minutes of the meeting.

        He had warned that the audit would not be “credible” if abuses such as flipping and non-payment of CGT were not investigated.

        “This response shows that despite people’s anger at the expenses scandal the worst perpetrators are still being let off the hook,” he said.

        “Only in a place as mad as Westminster can MPs make fat profits playing the property market with taxpayers’ money and get away with it.

        “Despite all the rhetoric of cleaning up politics we now know that at the very heart of the Westminster establishment there is still no will to deal with the biggest offences.”

        MPs’ expenses: Speaker John Bercow helps house ‘flippers’ get away with it


        Revealing that this wasn’t considered a story. Perhaps if it had been Cameron doing the heavy lifting and demanding an inquiry but it wasn’t and we all know why Cameron or Brown won’t touch home flipping and mortgages with a bargepole.

        Fuck the Piggies. ALL OF THEM. And Fuck playing favourites.

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          Can you believe it? says:

          E-Mail response from David Wilshire MP. (Still waiting for Ms Smith to respond)

          It saddens me that you believe everything you read in newspapers without first checking the accuracy of the allegations and innuendos. Prior to publication the Daily Telegraph told me the alleged £100,000 (over 3 years) was a “guess” for which they had no proof.

          I received similar emails when the paper criticised my housing claims earlier this year without waiting for the outcome of the independent Legg enquiry. It has now confirmed there was nothing wrong with them claims. I do not have to repay anything. The same will happen this time.

          The witch hunt against MPs in general will undermine democracy. It will weaken parliament – handing yet more power to governments. Branding a whole group of people as undesirables led to Hitler’s gas chambers.

          Assuming individual MPs are guilty without checking the facts and listening to those involved is a return to the lynch mob. It will undermine human rights and the rule of law. Millions died in two world wars to defend these vital concepts. Now they are being rubbished.

          Hopefully the following facts known to the Daily Telegraph before publications (but which they chose not to mention) will prove to you the danger of believing newspapers and assuming guilt.

          * The business of which I was a partner was legally constituted
          * No self-employed person or partnership is required by law to register their business
          * It existed on a not for profit basis to help me to do the job I was elected to do
          * It provided a constituency office at a much lower cost than setting up a new one
          * This use of allowances is completely within parliament’s rules
          * The business filed annual accounts with the tax authorities
          * The accounts were always prepared by independent accountants
          * My interest was permanently included in parliament’s public register of interests
          * The services provided were agreed in advance with the relevant parliamentary authorities
          * The list of services was confirmed in writing
          * Neither my partner nor I have ever received any payment from the business
          —–Original Message—–

          • MPs tell the truth about expenses says:

            So we have another revolting whining MP with a victim and persecution complex like Alan Duncan and Nadine Dorries ?

            I expect he’ll be warning us of MPs throwing themselves from the balcony of the Commons into the Thames in suicidal despair at their “witch-hunt” for thieving taxpayers money any day now.

            But he’s even more bonkers than that as he proves

            “Branding a whole group of people as undesirables led to Hitler’s gas chambers.”

            Don’t think that’s going to endear him to Mr Cameron somehow.

            Fuck the Piggies and their pathetic excuses.

          • This is really scary……..

          • SupposiTory says:

            Thank you Ukipwebmaster. Very Scary. Who can save us now?

          • The Ghost of Christmas Past says:

            Hes a cock and a liar.

            Theres an old proverb: Birds of a feather flock together.

            One and all the same. Oink oink.

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          Caligula says:

          Who would you prefer to drive your London taxi ???

          Bercow or Millibrand…,,

          They both have NuzanuLabour chauffeurs now…!!!

          The working class can kiss my arse,……………;;

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      By an odd quirk of scheduling, ‘Passport to Pimlico’ was on BBC2 this afternoon. Government tries to crush a locally-based independence movement by cutting off essential utilities: massive public support (food dropped out of trains and out of aircraft) means the rights of the little guy prevail.

      Ealing Studios’ greatest moment.

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        MI6 says:

        The Woodwork is rotten and nothing can fix it, how many will vote for the house of pork, no ones going to change it as we don’t have a constitution. If the Yanks voted for change and they didn’t get it, what makes any one think that we have a democracy? The Taliban have more direction over their future, its probably the reason the West are determined to Bomb them out of existence, The last Bastion of self determination, while the rest of us dance to the Red Top shuffle. And if you dare to have a different view, Then I am sure you will be marginalized or better still Sacked, By the Sacks of Shit that sit in judgment of the people.

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      BillyBob poops on ZaNuLab says:

      Hoping that they break with tradition and someone stands against him at the election, tainted closet NuLab apologist and disgusting trougher!!

      • 83
        Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

        Farage is I think.

        • 127
          corky says:

          To 82.
          Yes your right Farage is standing against John the Berk.
          Hope he thrashes the shit out of him the troughing little weasel.

          • Wee Jock says:

            Do you mean old swivel eyes himself of the loony tendency co. nutter with D.Hannan. O I am quaking in my boots at the thought of him versus Bercow.

          • SupposiTory says:

            Wee Jock-What do you propose should happen clever clogs?

    • 237
      Caligula says:

      Since sqeaker Bercow flipped one of his own homes it is hardly surprising…

      he has the mentality of bad London cabbie….not surpriisng really…

    • 260
      TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

      BeeHenPee it has to be then. They made us do it.

    • 364
      Jimmy Joo says:

      Bercow – another jew.

      All the deeply evil ones are jews:

      Blair (crypto jew)
      Straw (jew slug)
      the deformed Milliband freaks (twisted jews)

      British parliament, British judiciary, and now Europe, is becoming rancid with jews (to further the global kleptocracy and extermination of Muslims).

      Damn jews – they are evil beyond imagination.

    • 392
      Down with Brown! says:

      Milly has no chance.

      Jonah has given him his backing.


    • 501
      Hostage says:

      Ronnie loves all you men.

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      Mr Smith says:

      Feck off

    • 48
      Great old story says:

      No, he’s right.
      Which is why “Bliarites don’t tend to be delusional” was a laugh out loud line.

      You mean APART from the imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction and the whole War-Criminal corrupt Peerages selling gold-digger thing ?

      This isn’t speculation it’s been in the papers for days about Miliband getting the consolation prize.

      But Blair is sadly not dead yet whatever Cameron might wish with Merkel seemingly still intent on giving him the nod along with Sarko. Well they were probably just considering it but after clodhopper Cameron wrote Klause his pointless letter they might just give it to Blair to spite Cameron and try and strengthen the Europhiles in Cameron’s Party and the other Parties.

      We also know that the reason Cameron is terrified of President Blair isn’t just that it will highlight under Lisbon he will be Blairs little bitch and in fact any EU Presidents bitch, it’s that seeing the REAL Blair back in public life will only highlight what a cheap knock off copy Cameron is.

      Still this fills a gap where a story about a Government Advisor getting sacked by Postman Johnson for telling the truth should be. Don’t worry about it, Libertarians might have highlighted it but anyone worried about drugs and toeing the Cameron Party line on them are less keen.

      • 118
        barefootcontessa says:

        So the Bastard Blair rat is still struggling up the u-bend? Never trust a smiling rat.

      • 162
        Budgie says:

        What about Blair getting the Foreign Minister position? The FCO think Miliband is a goof.

      • 282
        Anonymous says:

        I suspect Millipede must be expecting a total, 2/3 terms at least rout at the forthcoming election. Rats and sinking ships is what I thought when I read reports of him looking for a new career.

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    abritishaboridgene says:

    That would be the Dark Lord that set Labour up for a head-to-head with the Posties.

    Dark Lord, my arse

    • 122
      The Master says:

      careful, he’ll pop over to see you

    • 246
      Caligula says:

      The dark lord that conned many…

      he will end with the reputation of a small Rasputin…

      Without the glory of being assassinated .or of having healed anyone..

      Rather of having helped to destory Britaina s a serious country…

      Perhaps his aim, knowing that he started as a little communist etc ?

    • 306
      Peter Handlesmen says:

      Ooooh, yes PLEASE …

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    Doc Trough says:

    EU foreign minister? He’d be happier with a piece of fruit and a tyre.

    • 32
      Anonymous says:


    • 59
      BillyBob poops on ZaNuLab says:

      They are planning and plotting, having gone as far as they can within the UK, they know they are f*cked at the election. So with the real power being in the EU that is where they will continue the…… Rape of the Sabines…..simples!!

      • 167
        Budgie says:

        So, an appointed il Presidente and an appointed Foreign Minister; and europhiles think the EU is democratic?

      • 441
        The Ghost of Christmas Past says:

        Sunday archery practice it is then.

        I can think of no better method for despatching both those traitorous scum than an arrow in the throat.

      • 446
        Mr Ned says:

        As one gravy train hits the Buffers and they are about to be thrown out on their arses, they are desperately trying to jump on board another bigger gravy train.

        I would not be at all surprised if Cameron did not appoint some of these labour troughers to become EU Kommisioners.

        They are all in one big club. It’s one big, greedy, corrupt, perverse club and we aren’t in it!

        It was Tories that appointed Neil Kinnock to become a Commissioner. They are all on the SAME side. THEIR OWN. They just pretend to be opposed to each other to con the public into giving OUR sovereign power away to traitors in Parliament.

    • 87
      Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

      It shows how amateurish the EU must be to even consider giving the job to Militwat.

      • 170
        Budgie says:

        Miliprat – the man who put the banana into the EU banana republic.

        • 181
          Sloane R. says:

          I like Milliband.He has a great mind and is very patriotic.

          • Budgie says:

            He is intelligent – for ZaNuLiebore that is.

          • BillyBob poops on ZaNuLab says:

            is he doing his GCSE’s this year??

          • Doc says:

            Does make a change to see intellect in parliament.

          • Biffo says:

            Banana Boy Milliprat a patriot? I seem to have missed that bit of news – what country is he a patriot of? Certainly not the UK.

          • Inspector Cyril Blake says:

            Millipede (D) doesn’t know what the capital of Brazil is called, and p1ssed off one of Britain’s historical allies with his slanderous smears for the sake of Nu-Liebore point scoring (which backfired spectacularly as detailed here by Guido.) Then there’s his foolish interference in the Kashmir situation that p1ssed off both Pakistan and India, which took a rather incredible talent to have both implacable enemies write off his visit as “disastrous” and “unhelpful.” I recall that the real PM, Mangledbum, had to smooth that one over. Oh yes, and there’s his trip to Ireland in which he forgot what clothes he was wearing when he left the house, and picked up someone else’s coat on the plane. The there’s all the second and third-hand environmental twaddle that he comes out with, making himself look an ever bigger idiot. Yep, I can really see the intellect there, in the Frank Spencer of Mr Bean’s sorry excuse for a government. Oh wait, didn’t Millipede (D) say that Gordo wouldn’t become PM and if he did, he’d be so unpopular that within a year people would be crying out for B.Liar to come back?

            Unless, of course, you were being sarcastic! :) Millipede (D) is an idiot of the highest order and should not be let out in public without his parents being made to keep an eye on what he’s going to say and do next.

          • I remember Thatchwit says:

            Agree with you Sloane.He has a certain grace and dignity which makes him stand out from the common herd of politician. In my opinion he would not let you down because his grandfather was such a star.I also like his brother Edward.

          • Anonymous says:

            “I like Milliband.He has a great mind and is very patriotic.”

            Sarcasm will get you anywhere on this blog.

          • Doc Trough says:

            I like it when he plays the clarinet while Ed and the St Bernard dance and call him ‘choochie face’.

        • 522
          Hard-Lazing Voter says:

          I think it’s wonderful that very soon Militwat will hit puberty.

          Though I’d like to see puberty hit him first.

  5. 5
    Road_Hog says:

    I’d imagine we’re going to end up with one or the other unless the Treaty isn’t ratified.

  6. 6
    Stronghold Barricades says:

    supposing Millibland can get the support of Eastern Europe, we will at least get rid of another one

    Then we can work on bringing down the whole edifice by using them as the examples

    • 67
      Spotted Dick Turpin says:

      Don;t make me laugh – eastern Europe fucking loathe Sillipede

    • 284
      MI5 says:

      There is NO WAY that Eastern Europe will accept the little twit Milliband…

      They have just come out of 50 years of communism hell…

      They will not accept a little arsehole whose father was a leading communist intellectual…(who came from eastern Europe !!) and who said nothing to tarnish the “image” of communism…

      They are not delusional….like Zanu Labour…

  7. 7
    rick says:

    As EU foreign minister, he could also be relied upon to take the “correct” line on Middle East policy.

    • 26
      Churchill's Cattleprod says:

      Define the ‘correct’line on Middle East policy? Is is:

      1) Tony Blair’s policy – take the money and run
      2) Bin Laden’s policy – if it moves bomb it
      3) Gordon Brown’s policy – hand back any massmurdering bomber with an apology
      4) US policy – nuke ‘em and send in the Marines to paint white lines on the newly-glassed desert
      5) The Israeli policy – (see 4 above, only get the USA to do it)
      6) Iran’s policy – nuke everyone and blame the evil Jews and Americans for it
      7) Saudi policy – (see 1 above)

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    The wretched treaty will be ratified, you see. The sooner we have a referendum and leave this stinking corrupt cesspool the better.

    • 20
      A fly on the bunker wall says:

      What referendum?

      • 75
        Don't mention the Referndum says:

        Don’t mention the Referendum. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it all right. …

      • 177
        Budgie says:

        The one that ZaNuLiebore promised, and then ratted on.

        • 185
          Sloane R. says:

          You mean the one CAMORON have been weak about. We won’t get one now . His creepy letter to Klaus has failed so I hear.

          • Budgie says:

            No, I don’t mean the one Camoron has been weak on – he is not in power. I mean the pledge for the Lisbon treaty referendum that Brown was elected on, was in power to carry out, and the one he was too cowardly to honour.

          • The Ghost of Robert Kilroy Silk says:

            and Cameron’s too cowardly to give a referendum either
            so they are both a pair of cowards

            bleating that he isn’t in power doesn’t stop him making Policy on every other area and Conservatives were led to believe that Cameron would be tough on Lisbon instead of a pussy

            nothing is stopping him from promising to hold a referendum and nothing is stopping him from promising to abrogate Lisbon off the back of the massive public support to abrogate that the referendum would result in

            well, apart from Kenneth Clarke and the europhiles that is

            looks like the eurosceptics will have to rely on Boris to speak for them now

          • Budgie says:

            Cameron can promise what he likes. He will be judged on those promises and if he gets into power he will be judged on whether he honours his promises. He will get no allowances from me.

            Brown was elected on a promise to hold an EU treaty referendum. He broke his promise. He is still in power and could still provide a referendum for the UK. Only he can do that, not Cameron.

            Ignoring Brown’s lying cheating and broken promise on the referendum, whilst concentrating on what you think Cameron may do indicates you are merely as a Labour tribalist.

          • The Ghost of Robert Kilroy Silk says:

            are you naturally this stupid or do you have to work at it every day?

            “so they are both a pair of cowards”

            was that too ‘cryptic’ for you?
            apparently I have to spell things out for the hard of thinking
            it means Brown is a coward too.

            but Brown is going to lose the election because he’s a useless incompetent shambling swivel eyed loon and idiot, the only one dodging is you

            Cameron will BE in power so instead of blaming everything on the dumb kid he has to tell us what HE will do and admit that not having a referendum is HIS choice

            what law is stopping him from having a referendum?
            what stops him from abrogating a treaty he decides is against the British National Interest?

            nothing but cowardice

            try looking at Conservativehome where they had quite an argument about this or even just listen to some of Cameron’s less sheeplike MPs who are still convinced a referendum is needed

          • Budgie says:

            Because Cameron IS NOT IN POWER (yet). You moron.

          • The Ghost of Robert Kilroy Silk says:


            Jesus! it’s like trying to teach a toddler basic politics

          • Mr Ned says:

            Budgie, the only reason that Cameron is NOT brave enough, or committed or principled enough to announce what his policy on a ratified Lisbon Reform Treat would be is because he knows full well that when he admits that he will NOT hold ANY referendum of any kind after Lisbon is ratified that he will have an enormous amount of tories going and voting UKIP.

            There will also be millions of others who would not normally vote at all, who will be voting for the B&P or UKIP and using the General Election AS our referendum, because that is the ONLY TIME that we will get ANY SAY AT ALL on our relationship with the EU!

            ALL the parties have gone into the last general election with exactly the same policy on the EU. A promise to hold a referendum.

            The tories and Labour will go into the next one both denying us a referendum.

            That is NOT certain, but is 90% probable. IF the Lisbon treaty is ratified, then the tories will NOT have a referendum on that treaty. They will have a damaging sulk at every EU summit, that achieves NOTHING as the other countries will out-vote us because the labour traitors have been only too keen to give away as many of our vetos as possible.

            The tories have already made it perfectly clear that they are wholly against withdrawing from the EU. Once Lisbon is passed, a powerless, neutered tory Government would be irrelevant.

            The only say that “we the people” would then be able to have, will be to vote for pro-EU parties, or anti-EU parties.

            We were promised a referendum on the EU by ALL parties. We have every right to make a principled stand and use the general election AS our Referendum!

          • Budgie says:

            Mr Ned – you comment as though I have supported Cameron and the Tories – show me where I have done this. I have simply pointed out the basic political fact that the only politician that can give us a referendum NOW is Brown, NOT Cameron. And the person who ratted on his promise to hold the referendum was Brown not Cameron. Socialists don’t like Brown’s sordid cowardice made public.

            It does not matter what Cameron says at the moment because he has no power. If the EU get their way and Lisbon is ratified in the next few weeks, before a UK general election, Cameron will not be able to do anything about it except leave. He has said the Tories will not pull out. So promising a referendum now that can only be carried out in say 6 month’s time is pointless.

            Ghost of RKS – you need to do some remedial reading: what part of Cameron can do do nothing about the imminent ratification of Lisbon because he is not in power, do you not understand?

  9. 10

    Guido – even if this is the case and Miliband gets his paper crown, the great unwashed of Britain will have none of it. It won’t win the Zanu Neues Arbeit Partei a single extra vote.

    A polished turd is still a turd.

  10. 11
    mr smug says:

    spot on guido.
    but, i do think they are in turmoil,with their grand plans in tatters(immigration for labour votes,some kind of uk social democratic state employing an extra 800,000 people who in their eyes must vote for them,the establishment all full of lefties) in total chaos.
    a little like fred the shred being brought back to run rbs,would his mind and judgment still be there,i dont think so.

    they look marginalised and weak,cameron must take much credit for this.

    • 18
      City of Vice says:

      The irony is that we’re still paying for Fred the Shred.

      You couldn’t make it up.

      NuLabour =financial incompetence.

      • 175
        Budgie's socialist moron. says:

        No more boom’n’bust! It wasnae me!

        • 229
          Oxford Don says:

          George Soros anyone,black Wednesday,boy Cameron lurking in the background. It’s Halloween,a Tory nightmare. Boom,Bust Norman L. OoooooNightmare memories.

          • Lord Mandlesons watch says:

            Black Wednesday, bad as it was, wasnt anywhere near as bad as this monumental fuckup. This is the mother of all financial fuck ups, this is a financial fuck up of the first magnitude on a cosmic scale. This is in fact a clusterfuckup.In other words its no ordinary recession its a Labour led recession !!!!

          • Lord Mandlesons watch says:

            In fact compared to the current catatrophic situation, something like another Black Wednesday would be a sign of a recovery such is the scale of Labours utter utter utter mis-fucking-management of the economy.
            If that is all Oxford Don, you are free to leave.

          • Lord Mandlesons watch says:

            Close the door behind you thats a good chap.

          • Wispa bar says:

            You’re a Hoon troll, go back to school

          • pPimple on Cameron's nose. says:

            Home grown nightmare that one ,this one grown in the world. More mess under Zanutory gang.

          • Budgie says:

            Liebore and Lib Dims supported the ERM.

          • Mr Ned says:

            Black Wednesday cost the UK 10billion on the foreign exchange markets. 10 Billion that we made back inside two years from the appreciating pound.

            Labour are costing us 14 billion PER MONTH in deficit spending, and the news today is that Brown is planning even MORE outrageous spending because we have not come out of HIS recession yet!

            The man is a complete economic illiterate fuckwit!

    • 527
      olded says:

      Camoron would no doubt wish to take the credit, however Camoron is a just a piece of bullingdon detritus, the only thing he can take credit for is fleecing the public purse, and reneging on promises, it is the socialists who must take credit for own downfall.

  11. 12
    drakes drum says:

    Old Holborn is correct. Plus the Poles will not forgive Milliband -even if he gives a full public apology for his anti zionist remarks-

    Milliband will be an also ran. Blair should face the firing squad. Brown also! Both have much blood on their grubby hands.

    G K Chesterson. The english haven’t spoken yet! The day for revenge is coming.

    • 72
      Inspector Cyril Blake says:

      Millepede D. is already an also-ran. Everyone in McDoom’s cabinet is an also-ran and soon-to-be has-been.

    • 179
      Budgie says:

      If the English haven’t spoken yet and you are implying they will, they’ve left it damn late.

      • 198
        Oxford Don says:

        Quoting G.K Chesterton here but he qualifies it.Cameron is weak.

      • 382
        thick as thieves says:

        better late than never, eh budgie?
        oh and regarding david miliband’s chances of getting the EU job:
        top boy never likes to repeat himself but the principle on this issue remains the same as it was regarding the question of tony war criminal blair being made President of the EU;
        there is more chance of david miliband being assassinated than there is of him getting the job as EU Foreign minister.
        top boy has spoken: no appeals will be heard.

        • 433
          Ken Park says:

          You are wrong on this issue.He stands a very good chance of getting the top job.

          • thick as thieves says:

            miliband has more chance of getting a bullet in the head.
            do try to keep up cripple.

          • The Ghost of Christmas Past says:

            And he stands a very good chance of getting the side of his square head blown off by some irate “citizen” or other, an act id heartily agree with.
            Id pay to see that event.

          • Valley Girl says:

            Violence is the refuge of the dim and sad of this world.The pen is mightier than the sword.Pen in Welsh means head or brain.You are all Pen Bachs.Should I also say Twll Din Bob Sais!

          • thick as thieves says:

            you’d get a double tap as well you stupid fucking bitch.
            you would think that all the new labour war apologist trolls like valley whore would realise that they are not welcome here.
            fuck off valley girl.

  12. 13

    No matter what EU trough Militwat sinks his snout into, nobody is gonna vote for him or his stinking party.

  13. 14
    Greychatter says:

    The whole rotten thing called Politics gets worse and worse.

    It’s too risky for the Professional politicians to allow voters a say on Europe or vote for a party other than Labour/Socialist – so why give them the chance.

    Welcome to the New Euro Politics.


    • 124
      Can you believe it? says:

      Strange how Socialists are proud of their Ultra Communist links and tendencies.

      They are as equally revolting as the Fascists. Just as dangerous, and vile.

      Adolphe Milliband was a traitor to his own country and adopted country. Another Jewish bloke who got resentful and twisted. However at least he did fight for Uncle Joe against the Nazis, unlike Straws Cowardly Father.

      • 211
        Gordon Brown stole my pension says:

        Well said.

        I particularly like Socialists, such as Harriet Harperbeing, who, when asked; “Castro: hero or villain?” answer, “awww, Castro? Awww.. hero! Hero! Yeah, hero, socialist hero, innit”.

        To hell with all those Cubans whom Castro murdered without pity.

        Imagine Jacqui Smith, for all her manifest faults, praising Hitler.. “awww, Hitler? awww.. what a geezah.. National Socialist, wannee, yeah; socialist geezah.”

        • 234
          Budgie says:

          That’s because Socialism is a religion to them. If only you believe hard enough a socialist utopia will spring from the hands of these state troughers ready made. And we will all swoon with delight and gratitude.

          • Lord Mandlesons watch says:

            It is indeed a “religion” and people like Hapless are fundamentalist extremists who are every bit as dangerous as religious nutters. They believe as did the Inquisition that the ends justify the means and therefore they can lie cheat and steal with a straight face since their mission is for the greater good. Beware such persons as there is no more dangerous souls than those who think evil is a means to do good.

          • I remember Thatchwit says:

            Pinochet friend of Thatchwit was no socialist,murdered thousands.

          • Fox News twat says:

            religious nutters like Bush and Blair and Palin you mean?
            yeah, they weren’t fucking dangerous at all

          • Budgie says:

            Of course they were dangerous, along with socialist utopianists like you.

        • 267
          Fox News twat says:

          the socialists were the first ones Hitler put in the concentration camps you twat

          Hitler was a Fascist
          all but the most swivel eyed Neoconservative Fox News watching dribbling morons know that much

          look it up

          • MI5 says:

            And Hitler signed the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact ….

            Allowing Communist USSR and Fascist Germany to take Poland apart with hundreds of thousands of deaths…

            And the French Communist Party collaborated with the Nazis when they invaded France

            Read you history you twit…

            Fascists and Commuunists are totallitalrian brothers..;

            And Mussolini who invented Fascism start as a sociailst as well…!!

          • SupposiTory says:

            They’re Hydra headed monsters and need sleighing. Over a mountainside

          • Fox News twat says:

            Look up Stalingrad while you are trying to distract from the concentration camp deaths of the German socialists shit for brains

          • Budgie says:

            Is that the Stalingrad that saw the NKVD rounding up and executing Russians for not being true socialist believers whilst the Germans were at the gates? Thought so.

            All socialists are the same – whether nationalist socialists or international socialists. Socialism as a belief system, a religion if you will, still nets the weak minded who need mental support and those transfixed with creating the next utopian hell on earth.

          • yeah, yeah, if we want to listen to submentals from Fox News parrot SOCIALISTS! SOCIALISTS! SOCIALISTS! SOCIALISTS! SOCIALISTS! SOCIALISTS! SOCIALISTS! SOCIALISTS! SOCIALISTS! SOCIALISTS! SOCIALISTS! SOCIALISTS! SOCIALISTS or go back in time to McCarthy with their old favourite COMMUNISTS! COMMUNISTS! COMMUNISTS! COMMUNISTS! COMMUNISTS! COMMUNISTS! COMMUNISTS! COMMUNISTS! COMMUNISTS! COMMUNISTS! COMMUNISTS! COMMUNISTS! COMMUNISTS! because they are too fucking stupid to have an opinion of their own, we’ll all have to get a lobotomy and pretend the Republican Party and Fox aren’t some of the biggest fuckwits on the planet

            the Nazis were FASCISTS and put SOCIALISTS into Concentration camps

            Get over it

            COMMUNISM is rightly a defunct system that Stalin used to murder millions but some of those millions were the Nazi’s and he was good old uncle Joe when he was doing so to both Britain and America

            try reading up on this instead of this laughable NeoCon idealog revisionism

          • Everyone knows that if we shout Socialists! like a hysterical little girls frightened of their own shadows we win the argument.

            Everyone is a Socialist.
            Even Dubya was a Socialist because he bailed out the Socialist Banks and Blair is definitely a Socialist for invading Iraq and pandering to the Socialist City

            It’s all a Socialist New World Order Socialist plot you see.
            Involving Socialist Bankers and Socialist Conservative Governments in the Socialist E.U.

            And Socialist Lizard-people too
            Obvious innit ?

          • Bongo says:

            socialists are right wing

          • Budgie says:

            Fortunately not everyone is a socialist. But if the hat fits – wear it.

          • Bongo says:

            that would your very own special tin-foil hat for thinking that right wing conservative government’s are socialists just because they are in the EU or that socialists are in fact right wing ?

            face it, you’re nuttier than squirrel shit

          • Anonymous says:

            The British invented the terms left and right, when refering to Socialism in order to create a divide in the morons during the war. Socialism is simply state control of all sections of society and supression of freedom for the majority. Those in control are the only ones to beniefit.

            Ask some of the Polish you can find in any pub or on any bus.

          • fuckwits amongymous says:

            1827, from Fr. socialiste, in reference to the teachings of Comte de Saint-Simon, founder of Fr. socialism. Socialism is attested from 1837, apparently first in reference to Robert Owen’s communes. “Pierre Leroux (1797-1871), idealistic social reformer and Saint-Simonian publicist, expressly claims to be the originator of the word socialisme” [Klein]. The word begins to be used in Fr. in the modern sense c.1835. Socialista, with a different sense, was applied 18c. to followers and pupils of Du. jurist Grotius (1583-1645).

            Political sense arose from members of a legislative body assigned to the left side of a chamber, first attested in Eng. 1837 (by Carlyle, in ref. to the Fr. Revolution), probably a loan-translation of Fr. la gauche (1791), said to have originated during the seating of the Fr. National Assembly in 1789 in which the nobility took the seats on the President’s right and left the Third Estate to sit on the left. Became general in U.S. and British political speech c.1900

            Political sense commonly associated with those who use words like a child to try and reduce discussion to a set of slogans and namecalling to be parroted with little or no understanding or care for their actual meaning

          • Desert rat says:

            “a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)”

            Might apply to both of them. Fact is that Uncle Joe and Hitler were evil fanatics. The system of government merely allowed both to succeed. We can do without either thank you very much.

          • Budgie says:

            Hayek pointed out the similarities between national socialists (Nazis, Fascists) and international socialists (Communists, Trotskyists, Maoists etc). Many others have traced the actual realities of self styled ‘socialist’ utopias. These societies are remarkable for exhibiting the same conditions, structures and outcomes rather than for their differences.

            I can understand that the dim who rely on socialism as a neo-religious crutch should fight so frantically against the truth. It must be very un-nerving for them, a sort of vertigo, as they rant against one form of socialism, or another, only to have that form confimed as near identical to their own beliefs. Sad really.

      • 541
        Desert rat says:

        Not certain, but grandpapa supported the Red Army against Poland after first war, don’t think he would have done much fighting (more likely a commissar). Daddy was a commie apologist and supporter, when all these new EUSSR eastern members were under the heel of the soviets; all in all a briliant CV for getting former soviet bloc support.

  14. 15
    Neil Craig says:

    I cannot see how Miliband gets taken seriously by anybody. He runs on clo9ckwork. You van see the cogwheels spinning behind his eyes as they, slowly, select the punchcard with the particular cliche of the moment. “Wooden” isn’t in it.

    • 44
      Will Chapman says:

      I felt exactly the same about Blair even before he became PM. I guess there are some of us (but not enough) who can read people better than others.

      • 74
        Skippy says:

        Wish I could say the same. Mea culpa, mean culpa, mea maxima culpa. I voted for this rectal orfice in 1997. God, how stupid I was. Thinking of getting one of things the Opus Dei wear; a Celice. A bit of mortification of the flesh is no more or less than I deserve for my unconscionable naivety.

        Still, it’s not all bad. As other posters have pointed out. Being EU president makes assassination more likely. Bring it on.

        • 79
          shelling-out says:

          I live in hope.

        • 240
          Moderate Comment says:

          There are 1000s out there that voted the same way, but they did it because they don’t know any better, or they are thick, or just stupid, unlike you who must have been misled.

      • 84
        monty says:

        I first saw him on Newsnight when he was a shadow cabinet minister. He scared the shit out of me, and my fears have been fully realised.

      • 129
        barefootcontessa says:

        Never trust a smiling cat/rat!

  15. 16
    City of Vice says:

    This whole ‘Blair for EU President’ was being pushed by Labour’s thinkers (relatively, anyway) as they realise that after the next election they’re all fucked as far as UK-based troughing opportunities are concerned. The EU is to these NuLab bigwigs what Paraguay and Argentina was to the defeated Nazi leaders.

    When the full scale of the damage wrought by these NuLab clowns on country’s finances and institutions becomes apparent to the incoming Tory government the usual public and private sector sinecures will be closed to Milipede and his ilk for years.

    • 99
      west country farmer says:

      all labour thinkers think the same – more of the same!!

    • 305
      MI5 says:


      Millpede and Mandy will milk “European” again for their pown personal advantage having betrayed Briatin…and rened on their election promise over the Lisbon Treay…

      We have never had such low scum in the British Government….

      • 420
        Susie says:

        Let them. It won’t take long for the EU to see through them and they’ll, true to form, do a lot of damage once in post… I can’t wait. The likes of Blair and Millipede brought down the Labour Party and discredited our Parliament, they’ll do just the same to the EU.

        Cameron’s job will be to ensure the UK is sheltered from the fall out. We’ll get through, we know the nature of the beast, which is a better position to be in than gullible Europhiles, EU Commissioners, MEPs et al. Sit back and watch the show…

  16. 17
    Mr Smith says:

    A cut and paste job from that cretinous little shit Daniel Hannan?! Surely you can do better than that.

    • 21

      Actually Hannan’s piece is linked to in the article, which was already half written when Guido spotted Dan’s take. Guido and Dan have been known to reach similar conclusions independently. As here.

      • 27
        Gordons favourite Butt Plug says:

        Blair has got the Presidents Job IMHO.

        It will be in writing. He was a lawyer, and Slot Gob is a QC.

        He has given away some 20 BILLION+ into the EuroCorrupt coffers to get his place in History. The ‘British Cheque’ was ceded without a murmur or concession. The BBC was ever so quiet about it.

        This Job has been promised to him, and the recent events are sheer smoke and mirrors so that it looks like they eventually reached the right conclusion. The Game will only be in play when the last signature is on the dotted line.

        The big ‘BUT’ is if Sarko has done a French Backflip. Remember the French don’t have friends, they only have interests.

        In which case Bliar will get a secret wadge of our money to keep his silence and buy off the contract.

        The twat will prefer to get to be the ‘Master of the Universe’ than get say 50m Euros.

        It is a done deal, and we have effin paid the price.

        If it all goes ahead, then Westminster might as well be given the same responsibilities as a Parish Council. Streetlighting, and bins. It will only need 100 members maximum. No need for an Upper House at all.

        We will all be taking German lessons quite soon.

      • 189
        Oxford Don says:

        I wouldn’t boast about the fact!

    • 63
      Don't mention the lisbon treaty says:

      don’t be silly, this speculation is older than even eccentric Hannanas piece

    • 136
      barefootcontessa says:

      Daniel Hannan did his best on Newsnight last night. He was pretty articulate in his attack on Europe and Blair.

  17. 22
    Porky Pies MP says:

    We have a porker as Speaker, a fooking ignorant postman as Home Secretary and a bus conductor as Defence Secretary. What a bloody country! They really are either thick as short planks or as bent as Fagin.

    • 33
    • 49
      Will Chapman says:

      The Home secretary isn’t ignorant; he has a lot of street nous and is playing a very cool game. In my view he is the bright star within labour. I’d put money on him becoming next leader of the labour party. (I still wouldn’t vote for labour though; it is full of too many up-and-coming dubious twits like Miliband)

      • 96
        Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

        Postman Twat has not got the bottle for fight and will only become leader if it is handed on a plate to him.

        He is a smooth operator but has never had to handle a controversial portfolio in the past + therefore has managed to avoid any controversy.

        His first few months in a more difficult job have not exactly been an unalloyed success even without any real problems to deal with. When he gets to face a difficult issue I suspect we will see his limitations.

        • 264
          keith chegwin says:

          he was health minister but did & said fook all

        • 360

          Well he’s just faced his first difficult issue – that of a pesky Drugs Advisior who preferred evidence to Daily Mail led policy.

          As far as I can see, he’s satisfied the Mail reading classes, but just confirmed to the rest of us what a typical Stalinist NuLabour twat he is.

          Still, I’m sure TNT will give him a job when they take over what is left of the post office once his union mates have finished fucking it up…

      • 101
        west country farmer says:

        the only street nous that Johnson has is when he’s delivering the post ….number 38, number 40, number42, cross the road ……

    • 95
      PD77 says:

      I thought Ains-worth-a-toss was a panel beating shop steward for British Leyland, or he used to beat something?

      • 97
        Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

        Just looks like a bus conductor.

        • 163
          Derek Guyler says:

          Any resemblance is purely coincidental.

        • 339
          Reg511 says:

          Aintworthatoss is ‘Blakey’ and I claim my £5

          • Inspector Cyril Blake says:

            oi! I take exception to that! He had a job for a week as a conductor on the No 37 and was useless, so I had him sacked. I hear he was a rotten postie too. No wonder he went into politics… no bloody good for anything else, and not very good at that.

        • 429
          Bob says:

          How do you know ?

          You can only see with one eye…

      • 265
        Moderate Comment says:

        You are correct! take a prize. Just like Gorbals Mike he was a tinny,Thats tinsmith or whitesmith in old parlance. Absolutely nothing like running a Ministry of Defence or organising the armed forces,a lightweight methinks.

        • 387
          thick as thieves says:

          who gives a fuck what you think you c’unt.

          • Mongrel says:

            I was going to say “I do” but then I thought about it and decided I didn’t.

          • Moderate Comment says:

            For that comment you get as much respect as you deserve. Most of your posts can be described as interesting, pity you didn’t engage your brain before replying, You lose top slot 3/10

          • thick as thieves says:

            moderate comment you are a pompous oaf.
            top boy’s job is to keep pompous oafs like you on their toes and judging by your response I have succeeded.
            ps. my posts can be described in one word: genius; your posts can be described in one word too: shit.
            concentrate on improving the quality of your posts rather than backchatting top boy and you might make some progress and be less shit.
            first lesson free.

      • 428
        Bob says:

        He was before Leyland went bust…

        Got recycled into ZanuLabour for the unemployed, crooked and incomptent…

        Who fire blanks !!!

    • 532
      Udderly 'orrible says:

      or totally lacking in talent… but then we know that I suppose

  18. 23
    Diversity says:

    Not quite, Lord Fawkes. The EU High Rep (or whatever the title turns out to be) will be full time. Slotting D. Millipede in there will get him out of the way of a divided Party calling on Lord M. to renounce his peerage and save them. At the same time, a T. Blair rejected by the EU will be nicely devalued; and less of a threat to the Mandelson era.

  19. 24
    Hal Verydareyou says:

    I did not understand before but after listening to Kenneth Clarke, Shirley Williams and Lord Falconer on any questions I now understand why we are not allowed an elected EU president.
    The British public are just not ready, it would be too much for there tiny minds to comprehend, they said.
    Best left to us, they said.
    We can do a bit of horse trading to get the deal we want, they said.

    • 31
      Porky Pies MP says:

      I liked the bit from Shirley Williams when she said, because of the new restrictions etc on expenses, that poor people wouldn’t be able to become MPs in the future. A salary of around £65,000 plus all the perks – the ‘poor people’ will be queuing at the gates!

      • 45
        Hal Verydareyou says:

        Another thing just occured to me.
        How can someone from a political party with democrat in there title support joining something that has no democracy at all.

        • 100
          Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

          They aint very liberal either!!

          Perhaps their name should reflect their values – “Socialist Dictatorship” perhaps?

          • Hal Verydareyou says:

            Yes. It does’nt do what is say’s on the tin.

          • Lord Mandlesons watch says:

            Was thinking National Socialist myself, could be shortened to NAZI . Has anyone got any ideas on a symbol for this party ?

      • 81
        shelling-out says:

        How patronising!

      • 157
        barefootcontessa says:

        Shirley Williams, wringing her hands trying to make us feel sorry for her describing the situation as a Mcarthyite witch hunt. Poor diddums. She’s used up her ‘academic aura’, she’s on borrowed time now. And Tony Blairs ‘room mate’, – the fat o’ the land loathesome Falconer, also suggesting we should call a halt. The usual mantra – learn lessons, move on. Wish they’d all move on to that great ‘cashpot’ in the sky.

        • 280
          Lord Mandlesons watch says:

          Everytime I see Charlie Faulkner I think of the Public School character I believe is called a “Fag”. I cant think why I think this.

      • 295
        Moderate COmment says:

        there are thousands out here on the dole who would love to have the chance to be an MP and would make a better fist of the job than the current troughing crew. Better than dole money.

    • 216
      Ball hooks to the lot of you says:

      Shitty Williams (& that little fart Roy Jenkins) has done more to destroy Britain than anyone. Fooking smug superior patronising ignorant trash.

  20. 25
    $*Liar says:

    Cherie, according to ” Have I got news for you”, does not want a reduction in income which the EUPresident would bring the Blairs.

    However, of course, what Tony Blair REALLY wants is David Miliband to get the EU Foreign Minister post so that he can land Blair Incorporation, & thus one of his numerous companys – like Tony Blair Associates, the big contracts – the ones that require little, to no work with £M payments.

    David Miliband, according to the FT is very favorably placed for the post of EU Foreign Minister – much to the delight of Blair Inc. > what a scoop!!

    • 29
      Sir William Waad says:

      But she would be the First Lady/Premiere Dame/Erste Dame/Prima Signora/Presidentsvrouw/Primera señora/Πρώτη κυρία/Primeira senhora/Bean an Uachtaráin etc

      • 55
        Analyst says:

        When the EU project inevitably fails.

        I would not like to be a labour voter or member of parliament when the inevitable communist purges come.

        • 389
          thick as thieves says:

          the bottom line is that the EU needs Britain more than Britain needs the EU.

          • Susie says:

            Yep. We’re a net contributors — not takers. We’ve got them by the balls.

            Once free of this demoralizing Labour government I really do think people will begin to have a spring in their step and we’ll turn it around… we are good at business, being a trading nation’s in our DNA and we go back a long way where it counts — Hong Kong (i.e. China), Canada, Australia and India for starters and with the USA shackled by Omaha the field’s clear.

  21. 28
    Sir William Waad says:

    Either way, it should be interesting when we all vote in the EU Presidential Election.

  22. 30
    mitch says:

    The thought of either milliband in charge of anything more valuable than a banana scares the shit out of me.
    They are both empty spaces where real people should be and they only appear human next to that moron Balls.

    • 37
      Down with Brown! says:

      Milliband (D) as EU foreign minister
      Milliband (E) as next Labour leader.

      Bliar and the Dark Lord of Foy pulling the strings in the background and making money on the US/China lecture circuit. This must be what the Bliarite want.

      • 71
        Henry Crun says:

        Ed and Dave Milibanana – the Mike and Bernie Winters of politics

        • 104
          west country farmer says:

          does anyone give a flying fuck who is the next leader of the labour party transit van – coz that’s all they’ll have left after the election and the bombing and complete and utter wipeout of the neo-fascist bastards

          • Budgie says:

            I wish. But they still get 25-30 percent in polls because their vote-fodder are so tribalist.

          • Moderate COmment says:

            It’s probably a white van, and the first thing the tories will do is to ban White Vans. Hoorah

          • Ken Park says:

            West Country Farmer,yes you agree the Tories will be wiped out. This is what you are saying because for Conservatives read neo fascists.Socialists are not fascists.Do keep up and give up the milking parlour.

          • Budgie says:

            It has been widely pointed out, by Hayek and others, that socialism and fascism are one and the same.

      • 193
        WokinghamChris says:

        I read a comment on this elsewhere, in response to Charles Moore’s deeply misguided article in today’s Tegelraph I think.

        Someone said:

        Whatever happened to Mibliands A, B and C?

        Perhaps their eyes were too close together and they had to be rejected.

    • 288
      Lord Mandlesons watch says:

      I had an idea for a new shock horror movie in which it turns out The Government of The United Kingdom is Taken over by Brain dead Zombies. On reflection though I ditched the idea thinking it to far fetched.

      • 458
        The Ghost of Christmas Past says:

        Its not that its too far fetched its that its actually being played out and youd be had up for plaigurism.

  23. 34
    streamfisher says:

    “…about the body of Saruman a grey mist gathered, and rising slowly to a great height like smoke from a fire, as a pale shrouded figure it loomed over the Hill. For a moment it wavered, looking to the West; but out of the West came a cold wind, and it bent away, and with a cold sigh dissolved into nothing […] long years of death were suddenly revealed in [the body], and it shrank, and the shrivelled face became rags of skin upon a hideous skull.”
    —The Return of the King, Book VI Chapter VIII

  24. 36
    Four Eyes says:

    I wonder who gave Millipede his Dirty Sanchez?

  25. 38
    Jimmy says:

    Utter bilge. How on earth would he run a post-election leadership campaign from Brussels?

    • 41
      Anonymous says:

      And, surely Milli-ban-miniwould have to quit seat in commons, forcing by-election in ‘safe’ Labour seat?

  26. 39
    stamp on their heads says:

    Neo Coms should be shot

    kill all neo communists.

  27. 40
    Lola says:

    Nice thinking Guido, but I don’t think so. They want Blair in the job. Whatever the game plan is, and I lack the political nous to analyse it, the Presidency is marked down for Blair. Perish the thought.

    • 432
      Susie says:

      I don’t care one way or another… having a weak venal leader is not generally good for an institution (and don’t we know it!). Blair/Millipede will fuck up the EU just like they’ve fucked up Britain.

      Win, win.

  28. 42

    The world won’t be safe until we have executed the lot of them.

    • 168
      barefootcontessa says:

      Do I hear the tumbrels rolling?

      • 200
        Oxford Don says:

        Spelling please.

        • 208
          ainonymousworth says:

          P L E A S E

          fank guvner

        • 375
          barefootcontessa says:

          196 OD….. Chambers’ Dictionary…….Tumbrel OR Tumbril, you had me worried. Worser and worser was a take off of Millitwit’s possible language. Comes from a childrens’ book, possibly A.A.Milne’s Winnie the Pooh.

          • Mongrel says:

            Not sure what college would have a moron like that as a Don. More likely he’s called Donald and went to Oxford on a day trip.

          • Oxford Don says:

            Tumbril is the old use of the word and is more accurate as the use of tumbrils is associated with the |French Revolution.

          • barefootcontessa says:

            My use of the word was to describe a cart – a cart especially for the transportation of dung, the word can of course be used to describe a cart for transporting victims to the guillotine. The first spelt tumbrel, the second spelt tumbril. Let’s not split hares – or is it hairs?!

          • barefootcontessa says:

            You could of course use ‘spelled’, if you wished.

  29. 43
    Gordons favourite Butt Plug says:

    O/T, but the sudden, and immediate increase in Airport Passenger Duty is very strange.

    Panic in Whitehall?

    If the UK was a Company the Insolvency Practioners would have turned up on Friday Afternoon.

    The ONLY thing that is keeping the market supporting the borrowing is the sure fire certainty of a change in Government.

    BTW has any party managed a 4th Term since the turn of the last Century?

    • 47
      Analyst says:

      We are in the position where anyone can now call in debt from us and that will be it, GAME OVER for all of us, I would honestly recommend start to keep stocks of food in your house spare or you could be eating the door mat in 6 months time and believe me it could happen;


      • 409
        Reg511 says:

        Hence the veg garden, home brew, chickens (wife won’t allow bees), it’s back to the seventies to start with and will probably get worse, but at least we have all had 12 years to prepare

        • 445
          Susie says:

          Back to the 40s more like.

          I’d advise starting an allotment or veg garden this winter… takes a few years’ practice, and for plants like fruit bushes to get established. My grandmother lived in London throughout the war and mum said they hardly noticed food shortages (apart from stuff like chocolate) as she had chickens and grew fruit and veg.

    • 292
      Lord Mandlesons watch says:

      I was told The Conservatives achieved such during their last term in office however this cannot be true since according to The current incumbents and the msm the country and its electorate hate tories and hated maggie Thatcher with a vengance since its all her fault. No way would they have given her three terms in office….no way

  30. 46
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    I hope that Fondlebum gets the role
    The EU has been fucking us up the arse for years
    He is a safe (if unclean) pair of hands with lots of experience
    when it comes to fucking people up the arse
    Ideal man for the job

  31. 50
    Max says:

    They are just rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. The “plotting” to try and get their favourite junior officer elevated in status somehow on the Carpathia so they get the most comfortable seats for the rest of the journey is pathetic and doomed.

    They are all fooked.

    This is Greek tragedy. Without the Greeks.

    • 134
      Can you believe it? says:

      They have all the tendencies of the Greeks. They just love Greek stuff.

      Mandy is the most obvious Greek, and Brown and Blair are closet Greeks. Quite a long list actually!

  32. 52
    Engineer says:

    Marta Andreasson (hope I’ve spelled that right) made an interesting point on Any Questions last night. She feels that those at the top of European politics would prefer a weaker person for ‘president’, thus allowing them to consolidate more power with the (unelected) Commissioners.

    Thus, Milliband probably suits them better than Blair, who is fairly well known on the world stage. It is more likely that they would prefer someone relatively unknown (to us) from one of the smaller countries.

    If the Dark Lord is on manouvres, Blair would be his first choice. He may issue commands Millipede if same is installed, but Millipede may not have the firepower to deliver on the EU stage. Seems that the EU cabal may scupper the Dark Lord.

    • 323
      MI5 says:

      Angela Merkel has just been comfortably reelected…

      She is the deughter of a former East German Pastor…

      She thinks Blair is just Bling Bling Bullshit like the rest of us do…

      (apart from the scum Clintonites and their NYC scum cronies who fund him)

      And she if not for “moving”…

      Balkenende, the Dutch PM, will be the (weak) “President” of Europe…

      He’s quite bro-British and not a bad stick…

      Best of a bad lot in a bad situation…

      If Millibrand gets the “European Foreign Minister” job, he will be told to fly around the world saying nothing….

      • 452
        Susie says:

        Sarko will do as Angie tells him.

        She’s probably been filling him in on his misplaced enthusiasm for Blair and Brown for yonks — hence his cooling off. Got a lot of time for Angie, she’s one smart schnitzel.

    • 396
      thick as thieves says:

      stick to the engineering engineer.
      your political analysis skills are non existent.

  33. 56
    Raving loon says:

    I think the left-right paradigm no longer has any meaning. All that matters is that the political class have given up on liberty and all that is left for the people is to ratify political decsions and consume what is given to them. We can turn up to the ballot box every 4 years but the real brokers use the 2 party duopoly to play factions against one another whilst maintining the illusion of popular control. It won’t be long before we are deprived of every last remnant of liberty and are begging for scraps like dogs.

  34. 57
    nikola tesla says:

    I’m starting to think this could be all spin.

    It was some time ago, that Blair was first put up for the then hypothetical post of EU President. Oh how we laughed. 4 Referendum’s later (we’re still waiting) and Miranda’s name is up again, this time with the very real post of EU President now only months away from reality.

    Something is definitely not right here, because who would possibly put Blair forward for anything, save the electric chair?

    No one in their right mind, would ever have believed that he was even a contender and the fact he seems so close, is to me something from the mind of a conspiracy theorist.

    We live in strange times indeed.

  35. 60
    Miliband's a twat says:

    I don’t think the EU could give a toss about handing such a plum job to the Brits. After all, we don’t believe in Europe so why would they use a Brit as the salesman. Makes no sense. Much better to have a yes man from a country that could offend nobody – such as Luxemburg or Belgium, who just jets from photo op. to photo op, saying the right thing. Basically, that’s what being in Europe is about. Taking the money, getting on with things, ignoring new laws and ‘elf & safety, not rocking the boat and taking the money. Did I say that twice?

  36. 66
    Pugwashed-out says:

    all smoke and mirrors………………

  37. 68
    UK DebtSlave says:

    The real kings always operate beyond public scrutiny

    Thus, whoever gets elected as EU president is merely a figurehead

    Bliar is a top dog, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he isn’t elected. He will however lurk menacingly in the background, pulling strings as will Mandelshite

  38. 69
    Spotted Dick Turpin says:

    Why not? Wasn’t the Euro-Zoo designed for policy wonks like Miliblair?

  39. 73

    I cannot see Johnny E.U. Foreigner buying the Boy Millipop. Christ, the boy is a wet-behind-the-ears, arrogant bastard.The EU can see this – can’t they!?

    • 78
      AnonymousSource says:

      Why would the EU want a “Brit” firstly as EU President and secondly EU High Representative ? The country is not in the euro and unlikely to ever be so in the near future ;they are not party to the “Schengen Agreement” and unlikely to be so;the country’s foreign policy is aligned with the USA not Europe and the majority of the British public is anti-EU and British politicians have never had the courage to actually put the matter of closer union to the referendum or campaign for it and that includes Blair when he was Prime Minister. So to even think that a Brit would ever be in the running for those jobs was and is complete nonsense from the start and once again British hubris in thinking that they ever had a realistic chance in the first place

  40. 76
    Senor Frizby says:

    Yup, I had the very same realisation a coupla days ago. The fact that Bliar is letting it all play out with out saying a word. There are many mouthpieces but no squeaking from the man himself.

    Milipede will get his stonking EU title and apostolic powers and sit comfortably on Bliars hand allowing him to twiggle his strings. Tony has business humming away out of Grosvenor Square. The EU, with his right hand men at the helm will be a huge source of more dodgy deals for him to fix.

    Despicable but no doubt Darth Mandelson is up to the hilt in it as well.

  41. 80
    nell says:

    Why would anyone want militwit as EU Foreign Minister when he’s been such a failure as Foreign Secretary here?

    The Poles and Latvians don’t like his spin and lies. India regards him as arrogant, high handed and very young. And next week he’s visiting Russia where a Russian spokesman has said militwit will get a very cold reception because the Russians don’t regard him very highly.

    • 89
      shelling-out says:

      Milipede is ambitious, like most government ministers. That’s why they’re where they are, and …we are…..! We didn’t go to the right schools and we didn’t mix with the right people.

      Look at Tony Benn. He dropped the “Wedgewood” bit when someone told him it wouldn’t appeal to the working class. How his son can purport to understand us minions is beyond me. His life has been cossetted from the word “go”.

      Labour. Hateful people.

      • 106
        Feckmilly says:

        I sometimes think the Labour Party doesn’t want the Nation to be educated – if it was – NOBODY WOULD VOTE LABOUR – IT’S ALL A CON

    • 143
      The Master says:

      thats the whole point!

    • 152
      Clinton Baptiste says:

      Milliband is genetic dross: He is rubbish, the son of rubbish, and the grandson of even worse rubbish. I’m not remotely surprised that the rest of the world regards him as a bit of a twat. Fortunately he seems incapable of passing on his defective DNA, although I do feel sorry for the baby he adopted from the US.

      I see Master Baiter is conspicuous by his absence. Presumably ZANU-Labour HQ don’t pay him over time to troll at weekends.

      • 201
        Oxford Don says:

        How to respond to pondlife ,well I will ignore you as not being worth a comment!

      • 207
        Minibanana says:

        Excuse me, but make that 2 babies purchased, I mean adopted from the USA. I was present at the birth of my first son, and only missed the birth of the second as he was a bit premature, although I did stand up the the Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal to try and get to the birth, but didn’t make it. Similarly, my wife was present at the birth of the first but not the second. The rumours doing the rounds that I fire blanks are completely untrue. Ask the Afghans (or the Iranians in a few weeks time).

    • 172
      barefootcontessa says:

      Unfortunately the Russians and the Indians aren’t members of the EU.

  42. 85
    Old Nick Heavenly(real dimwit) says:

    Euronews channel are pushing Millishit as a strong contender for Foreign Minister of Europe today!

    You could well be right, Guido.

  43. 86
    Rasmus says:

    Every time I see Millimuffin I wonder if he has finished his homework and wonder if he will ever get his CGSE.

  44. 91
    Si Don says:

    B’Liar already has his allotted role in the scheme of things as a Kissinger Mk 2 – see today’s DM piece – marvel at his front companies and his 80 staff. He already has more “access” than the shortly-expected EU president would or could.

    Guido is sound on our Foreign Agent Millibanana. But I can tell you why he is wanted for this EU job – to roll Turkey into the EU. Now why would anyone want to do that? Here’s a clue – see Doc Trough’s post #4 – but he’s already got the banana.

    • 126
      FELACIO NELSON says:

      Turkey : Hazballah, KPC, Masters at People trafficking,forging documents, Mafia style criminal gangs ,drug smuggling etc Watch Those Terrorists Flood In !

      • 159
        comedian says:

        over populated as well, once Turkey becomes an EU member you can kiss Christian Europe good bye forever.

    • 238
      Si Don says:

      After Foreign Agent Millibanana gets Turkey into the EU, then which country is next up? He’s not called the Foreign Agent for nothing.

  45. 93
    jugs says:

    WTF does Blair see in Milibent anyway?

  46. 94
    shelling-out says:

    Tony must have been so sure he’d be well received. He even had his hair cut especially for the occasion.

    Couldn’t have haappened to a nicer bloke……:o)

  47. 107
    Desperate Dan says:

    It doesn’t matter if they have a Plan B, C, D, E and every other letter up to Z. The whole lot of them are so discredited and their crimes so transparent that no-one with an ounce of decency and integrity would ever want anything to do with any of them.
    I think you’re quite wrong to suggest that there’s anything subtle about Mandelson. Everything he does these days is blatently, screamingly, obvious. Its even possible that the Labour Party was composed of decent decent human being before Mandelson got hold of them and told them it was ok to subject the UK to his own brand of rape and pillage.

  48. 109
    Gordon Brown says:

    For fuck’s sake why is this site so fucking right wing.
    Why don’t you lay into that cokehead,Old Etonian David Cameron and his Bullingdon Boys.

    • 113
      Anonymous says:

      said the pill popping mental one

    • 119
      Desperate Dan says:

      Cos we’re all cokeheads here and Eton looks a great place to spend ones formative years and those Bullingdon Boys look gorgeous.

    • 121
      harold flak says:

      Why don’t you start your own blog you fucking shyster?

    • 135
      west country farmer says:

      right wing? righht wing? is that what you call it? right wing eh? then what about you then shithead? what are you then, nice and clean and never do anything wrong eh? fuck off you snivvelling little bastard git and take that young millipede child with you, it’s way past his bedtime

      • 139
        Gordon Brown says:

        You fucking ignorant pricks.
        I am developing my website


        Now all go fuck yourselves

        • 149
          loki says:

          Hahahahahahah……do you really think anybody in their right mind would read that shite? Mr Fawkes, I think your position as a top political blogger is quite safe.

        • 158
          shelling-out says:

          This is pure, unadulterated shite. Looks like Labour are creating even more quangos to me.
          A waste of money, and a complete waste of web pages.

        • 173
          nell says:

          Ah the Charles Clarke labour coup to get rid of gordon!!

          Sorry – but it’s too late , even with mandy as leader , labour is dead in the water. Our of office for at least a decade and with luck for good.

          You have to remember the influence of left wing politics are waning right across europe as well as here.

        • 214
          Skippy says:

          Interlectual exhaustion is not your problem. Your problem is, that you, New Labour, are a bunch of crooks.

        • 281
          Erich Honecker says:

          Gordon Brown: You absolute wanker, you totalitarian little Hunt, you and all you works will perish.

        • 526
          Hard-Lazing Voter says:


          There is no future with Liarbore.

    • 176
      barefootcontessa says:

      Where they went to school etc is totally irrelevant, they didn’t make the choice, their parents did. If you’re being serious you’re being Schoolist.

    • 197
      FELACIO NELSON says:

      Cokehead is far better than “Empty Head” TaT !

    • 210
      Skippy says:

      Because, as far as I know David Cameron has yet to engage in treason & war crimes, though he probably has the same propensity for corruption, deceit duplicity and shafting up his fundament by Washington as Blair/Brown. But he is not yet in government, but I am sure if, and when, he is in government he will be Blair MKII and will be laid into in a simlar manner.

      Our politicians are all scum; we deserve better.

    • 326
      MI5 says:

      I prefe Eton to the Gorbals…

      and old Etonians do not destroy British democracy like Gobrals Mick Martin, Ponzie Brown, Madoff Blair and their cronies…

      They tend to believe in a little decency rather than the thuggery, buggery and skullduggery of ZanuLabour…

      It’s all pretty obivous now…

      • 346
        retardomus says:

        the Conservatives backed Bliar to the hilt on Iraq because they were either too stupid and gullible to know the truth or just didn’t care about the truth

        take your pick

        • 363
          SupposiTory says:

          They gave VBlair a resounding applause for his services to UK politics when he resigned as PM

        • 366
          Budgie says:

          Judging by the polls (and the elections results) most people were taken in by Bliar. But not all Tories and not all Labour politicians backed Bliar on Iraq either.

          • Anonymous says:

            only the stupid ones

          • Moderate Comment says:

            They were the Blair babes and the ones fearful of losing their jobs or those that got a beating off the Nuliebour whips. The Tories did what is normal protocol in these circumstances in Parliament that is support the Government,unlike the Lib Dems.

          • Anonymous says:

            stupidity and backing the government is normal protocol
            Dave backs the government all the time because it’s protocol

            we don’t have to look to hard for the stupid do we?

      • 521
        Chump says:

        “Thuggery, buggery, skullduggery” ought to be on Brown’s heraldic crest when he gets into the Lords. Along with the inevitable “band sinister” and troughing pigs rampant.

    • 514
      Anonymous says:

      because they is thick

  49. 110

    Plan “B” : Excuse Me Queenie Your Sat On MY Throne !

  50. 111
    One Flew over the No 10 bunker says:

    I see a lot of comments starting with ‘why would the EU etc etc’ . You must wonder that of course but when has the EU institution ever done anything that is

    a) In any way Democratic in any sense of the word
    b) Seen as acceptance of the first democratic result (only when votes are actually allowed of course)
    3) Financially sensible and balanced amongst all members (not just the French and the Germans)
    4) Something the Italians will understand, the French will actually abide too and is not anti British and cost us more than everyone else?

    Only saying…

    • 133
      Desperate Dan says:

      The EU does marvellous thing in every other country but this one. It pays for the building of roads, schools, railways, arts centres and the preservation of the countryside. I don’t know if it ever gives any money to the UK but if it does it just disappears into thin air after the middle men have taken their cut.

      • 145
        shelling-out says:

        We used to get a hefty rebate when Mrs T was PM, but Tony gave all that back – and much more besides.

    • 150
      shelling-out says:

      The marvellous thing about the French is that they won’t be bullied by the EU. If they don’t agree with something, they just won’t do it.

      Wish the UK was a bit more like that.

      • 180
        barefootcontessa says:

        Very true.

      • 241
        Signore BellySconey, mate of Putative Precedent Phony Bliar, stud to the best knee-caps in the EUSSR says:


        What-a you-a talking-a about-a eh?, rosa bbeefas??!!

        We espressos are waya outta ina fronta you.

        We a-never, never do-a anything the EUSSR a-say!

        i-a wish-a I-a was-a tall-a.

        But-a we-a gotta your a-Princess-a PollyTwaddle – in-a our land.

        we-a will-a hold-a her to-a ransom.

        And-a you-a will-a have-a to-a pay-a to-a getta her back!!

        So-a there!!!!

        • 277
          shelling-out says:

          Hope you’re not in a hurry for her ransom, Silvio – it may take quite a few years.

  51. 117
    Nick "Aye,Aye,That's Yer Lot Then" Griffin says:

    A black man went to a shop and bought a pair of polyester pants, which is weird because they usually pick cotton.

    Ok Ok I’ll get my coat then

  52. 131
    The Master says:

    Smart money is on Miliband for the Foreign Rep job. Then there will have to be a by election in…South Shields? Labour loose the GE, Mili is out of domestic scene but winding Dave n George up something rotten. Labour will have a knife fest on themselves & Mili untouched. He’s admired in Europe by the “people that matter” & by Hilary Clinton. So he would be mad not to go for it!

  53. 140
    The Master says:

    Furthermore: Postie Johnson rejected Butt’s advice to raise his profile, tough, showing leadership etc as he thinks Mili will be off the scene & he’s trying to cement his position as the next leader…

  54. 142
    harold flak says:

    “He’s admired in Europe by the “people that matter” & by Hilary Clinton.”

    Totally fucking bananas, the lot of ‘em.

    • 147
      shelling-out says:


      Land of the free, home of the mad.

    • 386
      nell says:

      “He’s admired in Europe by the ‘people that matter’ and by Hilary Clinton”

      Really?? Meaning we, the electorate, don’t matter???!!

      Mark my words, one day, this self serving, troughing , corrupt european political class are going to come a cropper. The fall of the Berlin Wall – the downfall of the caucescus – come to mind. There will be a reckoning.

      I hope it’s in my lifetime and that I am still here to see it.

  55. 144
    caesars wife says:

    Good analysis fawkes , CW thinks your right .

    EU leaders summit was bit smoke and mirrors , but why are we all so worried about milliband getting to influence the world scene , name one thing of note that he has achieved in his ministerial career !! apart from ramming through lisbon wich most people now take as being a traitor to the basic tennants of democracy . he doesnt really care about Uk voters think and now hes been exposed as the unrepentant wannabe with no depth or guts to do the right thing . every time he fronts it out his charcture screams sneaky liar .
    He doesnt explain any policy coherently ,why should we all believe he is anything other than the product of the no10 press office , tart up offensive .

    True he nearly finished brown off when blairites had decided the ruin was going all wrong , but then he didnt team up with purnell , wich suggest he is about his own plan , which so far seems to be some sort blair revalivist movement . Tony was very adept at the new blitzkrieg spin politics very much of that 1997 era , it was a meld of modern sales techniques , physcology and technology , mould breaking and totalitarian . As the web and mobile communications rolled out so did new labour , it was a sort of poltics of products, you vill all have broad band and transact your lives out upon it , everything else was to become old hat . Its was orwell but without a downside . Except this eutopia was to have some very big downsides as enabled bigger gambles to be placed .

    I hope to turn to the real changes of Blairs Britain (fawkes permitting) at another date and it aint what andrew marrs spoon feeds us either , I would hardly call debt enslavement and national bankruptacy a political triumph , nor the way time after time labour have whored democracy and taken us down personal opression and ruined valuable and proven institutions together with any vestigaes of morality with it .

    It was a mirage and a sell off , with mind bending sales techniques and totallitarian politics , funny thing is now that we have got the idea of how it all worked , they neither like it or admitt they got it all so terribly wrong .

    It may not be over and plan B may well be tried , but i have never seen a public so badly let down by a british goverment , I have never seen so much money wasted nor incompetence or lying and disrespect for that matter . CW thinks let them have there plan B ,we have sussed them out and we are up for putting the matter right .

    It doesnt look much , but CW thinks tories have achieved a remarkable correction on the democratic deficiet that has done so much harm .

    • 274
      Heir-to-Blair says:

      Mr Cameron who has put a modernising agenda at the centre of his campaign, clearly enjoys the comparisons that have been made between him and Labour’s most successful modern-day Prime Minister.

      At a dinner with newspaper executives on the eve of his address, he took the comparison a step further. “I am the heir to Blair,” he said. If his hosts were in any doubt about what they had heard, Mr Cameron repeated the mantra. He also said that a Cameron Tory Government would not reverse all of the Blairite reforms in the public services.

      His hosts were, to say the least, taken aback. Mr Cameron was guest, in the Louis Room at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool, of The Daily Telegraph, house journal of the Conservative Party. The spirit of Margaret Thatcher, who was even praised by Kenneth Clark yesterday, still beats strongly in the editorial conferences of the newspaper.

      Charles Moore, the former Editor who was at the dinner, is the official biographer of Baroness Thatcher, whose admirers include . . . Tony Blair. Mr Cameron, who was accompanied by his wife, Samantha, the creative director of a stationery company, was not isolated in the intimate gathering.

      George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor and fellow member of the so-called Notting Hill set of young modernising Tories, was also at the dinner table. Mr Osborne, defending the heir to Blair boast, said: “We have nothing to be ashamed of in saying it.”

      Martin Newland, the Editor of The Daily Telegraph, which has yet to declare for any of the five candidates, was not so sure. “David,” he said. “I would not repeat that outside this room.”

  56. 153
    Anonymous says:

    Bout time to change your sights Guido.. get started on the EU with the PORK BUSTERS, more money there and even the auditors wont sign off, so there must be scope for your talents, let me know,

  57. 154
    • 166
      nell says:

      Kowtowed to europe, gave back most of that rebate Mrt T fought to get us, and all because he thought he was building influence in the eussr ready for his push for the presidency.

      And now all his hopes hovering over the abyss of failure. And I can’t find it in me to feel even a shred of sympathy for scheming bliar.

      It’s bonfire night here – and there ‘s a very big display due to go up shortly in a neighbouring field.

      As each firework explodes I’m going to be thinking how labour are going to crash and burn next year.

      • 174
        shelling-out says:

        Oh dear :o). Things are looking bad for Tone. Cherie will have to go back to work, won’t she.

        Don’t waste your energy thinking about Labour, Nell. Have a good night!

      • 233
        Lizzie says:

        Gosh, I thought bonfire night was on the 5th of November! Labour seem to be messing with our heads, bringing forward all kinds of celebrations. Let’s have Christmas now, or even Easter for next year now. Fast forward folks and maybe the time will go quicker to having the General Election we all want.

      • 349
        Heir-to-Blair says:

        tha’ts why Bliar is call me Dave’s role model

    • 169
      shelling-out says:

      He betrayed Britain to feather his own nest. After all, it’s the right thing to do.

    • 202
      Doc Trough says:

      His betrayal for ambition alone should be sufficient to see him hang. But there is so much more depth to his treachery. Let none rest until this virus answers to a proper court of law for his manifold offences.

    • 228
      Caligula says:

      Ponzie Brown…

      Madoff Blair…

    • 469
      Susie says:

      Amazes me how slow on the uptake the dead trees are.

      From relaxing immigration (a device to increase our vote share in the EU which primarily depends on population numbers) to giving back the rebate, it’s been blindingly obvious.

      Blair’s a complete whore and hates everything about the British establishment (never been quite good enough to join it). He’s also a complete phony which his peers find out about pretty fast, but foreigners can be conned for a lot longer.

      I’ll always treasure that look on his face when he was told of the demise of Dr. Kelly — complete panic — not concern, just panic in case he’d be rumbled.

  58. 161
    mutley says:

    Maybe they are setting him to fail for revenge, like Malvolio….?

  59. 164
    Anonymous says:

    He hasn’t even proved himself a worthy Foreign Secretary of this country, let alone all 27 EU countries at once.

    A boy in a man’s (or woman’s) job.

    • 171
      shelling-out says:

      Being foreign secretary is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things these days. They’re realy not interested in the job that much, just the expenses and what happens to their careers afterwards.


      • 232
        Caligula says:

        And fucking Brtain’s reputation along the way…

        For their own personal gain…

        Britain is no longer a serious player thanks to Blair, Brown and the likes of Millibana who is just a sisk joke…

  60. 188
    • 203
      objet petit a says:

      Twelve years of sleaze and corruption is being exposed day by day. Labour’s death has to be the slowest and most painful in political history – serves the buggers right.

      * * *


    • 252
      Eddie says:

      Did Cameron have anything to say about the Neathergate immigration scandal or is he ignoring it, like guido?

      • 373
        SupposiTory says:

        I think he was going to say something about it last Monday. It must have been a false rumour.

      • 403
        albacore says:

        You’re wasting your time, Eddie.
        Neathergate never happened.
        It was one of those TV mass hypnosis exercises.
        Shows how you can fool some of the people all of the time, though. Happy Dave may not have been taken in but some of the more susceptible were shouting at him on his own blog about it in the link posted by Down with Brown! @ 188. Fancy!
        Like every pantomime principal boy, he ignored the shouts from the yokels in the stalls.

    • 302
      Pimple on Cameron's nose. says:

      Yes Cameron is dreadful,well done.

      • 407
        nell says:


        What has gordon said about the leaked email from the highest ranked officer in afghanistan, who wrote to the MoD saying his men were dying from roadside IED’s in Afghanistan for lack of helicopters, just weeks before he died from an IED??

        Remind me again why gordon refuses to buy American Black Hawks, the absolute best piece of kit for Afghanistan, and which America produces in abundance , and which America offered months ago????

        • 449
          Fed up Soldier says:

          Please get your facts right.There will always be a need for foot patrols helicopters are not always appropriate.We have enough helicopters.Stop playing politics with our lives.

          • I love the troops so much I sent them out for another 5 years says:

            that’s just rude
            nell cares deeply about the soldiers
            so deeply she’s happy to see them in the slaughterhouse for 5 more years under call me Dave

            so what if it’s the cheapest of politics exposed by her partisan Dave love?
            she might even be dumb enough to believe a few more helicopters can make a difference when Obama isn’t even sure 45,000 more troops will do any good in this unwinnable quagmire of corruption

            it’s not like anyone will ever feed her all these quotes back when Dave gets in power and the dead keep piling up

            is it?

        • 518
          Sarge says:


          It grieves me to tell you this but the reason the Blackhawks were not purchased was inter service rivalry. There is a rule that helicopters of above a certain weight can only be flown by the RAF. The Army can fly helicopters below this weight.

          Blackhawks would need to be RAF operated and the Army would not permit that as it would have meant the end of the Army Air Corps.

          Stuff the operational needs.

          However helicopters will not stop casualties as the Taliban are shooting them down. All that will happen is that the risk is transferred and the probability of that happening would increase as more flights took place in theatre.

          I agree that our politicians and civil servants are wastes of space but the senior ranks in the services are also to blame – they are as much political animals now as other civil servants.

        • 551
          Fucking delicious! says:

          Ah nell; perhaps the stupidest poster on this libertarian (?) site. A tory PPC in the making…

          Fucking delicious!

  61. 192
    Ratsniffer says:

    I’m with Guido if he’s saying that there are machiavelian manoeuvrings going on. This would be entirely consistant with the way Lord Mandlesnake of Fop and colleagues have behaved in the past.

    In fact, in some ways there’s a whiff of the Godfather: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

    Where I part company with Guido is his assertion that Nulabour is not delusional. Whilst individuals within it are certainly capable of rational scheming and plotting, and even, dare I say it, rare acts of principle, as a movement NuLabour suffers from grand delusions on an almost Stalinist scale.

    The main one being that the public can be manipulated, experimented on, robbed, lied to, ignored and patronised with little noticeable effect at the ballot box.

    This delusion will be tested at the next general election.

  62. 194
    Sukyspook says:

    To be quite honest Guido – who gives a flying feck…. They’re going to pull of what they want whether we agree or not – twas ever thus.

    I wonder if we totally ignore them for a couple of weeks – they might all just go away. . .

    Try posting nothing for a while and see what happens…..they’ll all be peeing their pants soon enough.

    • 196
      Sukyspook says:

      ahem…….that’s ‘off’ (I must check more thoroughly before pressing submit comment…I must check more throroughly before pressing submit comment…I must c….)

      • 404
        thick as thieves says:

        pull your fucking socks up sukyspook and get your fucking act together for fucks sake.

    • 476
      Susie says:

      I must say Suky this is the pragmatic view to take.

      These people plunder and bugger up everything they touch — now it’s the EU’s turn — should we upset about that? Not really.

  63. 195
    Hugh Bristic says:

    Can anyone tell me when the EU has ever done anything that was beneficial to Britain?
    We have spent a massive amount of money and all we have received is a wave of immigrants.
    Now our banks are to be broken to bits to satisfy some lady called Nelly in Brussels.
    Please don’t tell me that the EU prevented a third world war because 10 million US servicemen have served in the Army of the Rhine since 1945, which kept Europe from being invaded by Russia.
    Thousands of British servicemen were sacrificed to prevent tyranny in Europe , for their memory to be insulted by this squalid European undemocratic talking shop debating the merits of inadequates like Blair and Milliband.
    We must be mad to tolerate this despicable farce.

    • 209
      Ratsniffer says:

      “what has the EU done that is beneficial to britain”?

      hmmmm well…they had whole communities of fishermen laid off after our fishing grounds were shamelessly flogged off by Ted Heath….they take billions off us a year to subsidise olive growers….they subsidise french and german farmers while our own farmers convert their land to golf courses, they gave us the human rights industry….and now they plan to turn us into a european parish, making our laws for us, setting taxation, and banning all vetoes. Yes, they’ve done a lot for us.

      • 287
        Engineer says:

        ***Nods in sorrowful agreement***

        • 406
          thick as thieves says:

          oh right, so if that is your view engineer, I take it you will be voting for the United Kindgom Independence Party in the next General Election?

    • 212
      Hal Verydareyou says:

      No. you,ve stumped me there.
      It’s a bit like asking what benefit Poland got from the USSR

    • 224
      Lizzie says:

      Hear, hear. I agree anywhere but Europe. I am old enough to remember the last vote on entering Europe. It seems we are the “poor cousins” where Europe is concerned. Brown has demeaned us further along with Blair, grovelling to ask them to choose Blair for EU president ” because I’m worth it”! Please everyone should move on for this bad episode. Britain needs a new beginning, the Conservatives need to get into power and sort out the mess Labour has got the country into, and forget Europe, as Europe doesn’t even consider Britain as being European, and if you don’t believe me ask Sarkosy.

      • 239
        Ratsniffer says:

        The French have never got over the fact that they rolled over so quickly and allowed the jack boot in during WWII. And not only that, their president was given sanctuary in England. They lost face and have hated us for it ever since.

        De Gaulle was so grateful, in fact, that he vetoed england’s entry into the common market as a thank-you.

        He hadn’t reckoned with Ted Heath’s ego though. The flabby organ playing sailor was so determined to get himself into the history books that he was more than willing to make humiliating (and expensive) concessions to “buy” his way in. Oh, how the french laughed…

        • 552
          Fucking delicious! says:

          Rat boy says: ‘De Gaulle was so grateful, in fact, that he vetoed england’s entry into the common market as a thank-you. ‘

          Englands entry?? What a swivel-eyed UKIP nutter you are; england enver had an entry to put forward.

          Roll on Scottish Independence, if only to be rid of you fucking UKIP engerlish; permanently. You might have to change the name of your party of pinochet loving col. blimps then though…

          Fucking delicious!

      • 270
        Hugh Bristic says:

        I wish I thought that Cameron will make a difference.The political classes are obsessed with “having influence” on the great issues of the day.
        This has resulted on our influence being diluted to placate the other members of the EU.
        At the end of the day we have allowed our country to be absorbed into a babble of ineptitude.
        Our freedom for manoeuvre will be increasingly circumscribed until we are completely subjugated.
        Time for a glass of Chilean merlot, I think.

        • 321
          Anonymous says:

          “Having influence” to these euromaniacs means slavishly giving away lawmaking powers and rights while securing a lucrative future job on the gravy train for yourself once people have sussed what you are up to and thrown you out of office.

          The French and Germans will never let us have any proper influence over the EU no matter how enthusiastic we behave.

          • Hugh Bristic says:

            I have enjoyed my glass of Merlot, but I am even more certain that we entered the EU in order to avoid the tough choices that a standalone nation must make.
            We have become enmeshed in a Franco- German alliance which has drained away our desire to exist separately.
            It would be funny if it wasn’t so bloody tragic.

          • Budgie says:

            Hugh – I am sorry to agree with you.

  64. 215
    Lizzie says:

    Truly, you have to ask yourself…..is this real! Guido, you cannot be serious, Millibland for EU President, even His Lord High and Mighty and Everything Else would at a push put for this man for the job. He doesn’t even know the capitol of Brazil. Have you been on the “Rose” again Guido?

  65. 220

    Hopefully Plan B involves cyanide and a bottle of whisky.

    For it doesn’t matter who the fuck they appoint, it’ll only be a spokesman speaking FOR the European Council. Notice no mention of us voting, that would be too much.

    EU stinks of something that once had Iron Curtains. And I doubt the Cameron and Clegg show will be up to the challenge of a EUSSR no matter who is in charge once that treaty is ratified by the Czechs.

  66. 222
    Dave Cameron says:

    I decided to join in the recent Royal Mail strike. I punched my postman in the face.

  67. 225
    An unelected organ-grinder, dangling his screeching unelected monkey on a chain, reflecting, says:

    Actually everything is fine.

    People will come to realise that I am indeed the One who should be chosen.

    You see, in my modus operandi, I raise up people, – only to let them fall.

    Not long now, – and I can fumble some of the best boys in the EUSSR – well, those I haven’t already.

    For I am the Great Manipulator.

    Just lie still while I sheathe my long shiny blade into your soft, yielding, tender, yearning soft pulpy parts, – you’kno, the bits you display to establish your PC credentials.

    Just trust me. Phony Tony did.

    If you like, you can turn your head to look at me while I do.

  68. 231
    Gordon Brown says:

    BBC News:
    David Cameron has said that he needs a strong mandate.
    Well Julian Clary’s a big lad. I’m sure he’d be available for a few shandies and a spot of dominant fisting.

    • 268
      Engineer says:

      And Gordoom Broon said he saved the world. My, how we laughed……

      • 271
        together now screw you Broon says:

        Engineer you missed out the 50 days before the world ends.

        • 278
          Engineer says:

          I’m still splitting my sides about that one – tears rolling down the cheeks….

          • Dave Cameron says:

            It’s too much for me as well.
            Tears are rolling down all my four cheeks.
            (upper and lower)

            Who said politicians don’t have a sense of humour ??

          • a person of ill repute says:

            “Tears are rolling down all my four cheeks.
            (upper and lower)”

            Surely you’re thinking of Peter Fondlesbum after a visit to the proctologist.

  69. 248
    Ozzie says:

    Don’t mention the Neathergate immigration scandal or Guido will delete it.

    • 272
      Engineer says:

      In truth, it was only a report of a report.

      Now, if the original draft of the report came to light, was published, and could be compared with it’s previously published, alledgedly redacted, version; now that would be a story.

  70. 273
    Are you thinking what Martha's thinking... says:

    Martha Kearney beat you to this “thought” Guido, here is her story from the day before yours.


  71. 293
    aswinsterstale says:

    Somehow I don’t think so Guido.
    bLiar was only ever in the frame with the select chosen ones. As for miliband, no way. He neither has the stature or ability. He’s only in office as a funk to the weakness of el-goddo.
    With europe they are all up to there armpits. Easy for our dave to want a vote on the lisbon treaty when he knows for certain there won’t be one.
    It will be interesting to see whether the next government means what is says, I doubt it.
    The games of semantics will roll on, the new treaties will always be defined to miss whatever legislation is in place, and the gravy train to quango junction will rumble on.
    As I posted before, I cannot see the difference between being carved up by a britisher or a foreigner from brussels.

    • 479
      Susie says:

      I’ve got a German ex-EU operative brother in law. Spent all his life in German local/EU government and is a huge EU fan, he’s of an age to remember starving in post war Silesia so fair enough, anything else is better.

      Solid, cautious (and a bit stupid) old Hans warming to a toy boy like Millipede or a flash Harry like Blair? Not in a million years.

  72. 307
    The PM shouldn't be disturbed but this cunt is says:

    How could a Joo represent Europe in the Middle East, or Muslim Asia?

    • 314
      Sukyspook says:

      It’s not the ‘label’ – it’s the “mindset” – simples!

    • 357
      Bob says:

      It all fits you see..

      They have fucked Britain…now they will finish off Europe just to help Iseael declare war in the rest of the world…

      Before the Iranians land the “big one” on TeL Aviv…which will shut a few mouths…

  73. 310
    Sukyspook says:

    Here’s a little ditty for St Tony of Sedgefield (lol)

  74. 317
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Millipeado needs a “plan B”?
    More like some Zyclon B

  75. 319
    Koba says:

    All this willing compliance or conspiracy of devolving Britains’ sovereignty to a conspiracy of foreign powers makes me angry. If our MPs’ want someone else to do the deciding perhaps their salaries should be slashed accordingly, never mind the expenses. Not one of them has asked or proposed or even hinted that there should be a competition to select a representative of Britain for the candancy to be the ‘Generalissimo of Europe’.

    These bastards are traitors, pure and simple and its about time Her Majesties’ subjects took control of events. Europe is anti-democracy, anti-liberty and is all about socialism and the slavery that goes with it. It’s not English or even a respector of English law, it’s foreign, alien and does not belong here.

  76. 334
    rouble says:

    Hey Gordon, it’s lonely at the top.

  77. 337
  78. 345

    Guido, you’re losing it.

  79. 354
    Michael Jackson says:

    Can I get out of this box yet?

  80. 365
    One flew over the No 10 Bunker says:

    oh dear Not good for the Blair and Miiltwat

    Voters are strongly opposed to either Tony Blair or David Miliband taking up top Brussels jobs to be created under the Lisbon Treaty, according to a poll.


    Meanwhile the disaster of Afghanistan goes from bad to worse
    Karzai’s Rival ‘To Quit’ Afghan Run-Off Vote


  81. 367
    objet petit a says:

    From the Times:

    The Sunday Times has learnt that Miliband has secretly held a number of discussions with the socialist faction in the European parliament about running for the job. Schulz, who said Miliband would make a “superb candidate”, refused to elaborate on the private talks.

    “I will not say anything that could [put] any of my British colleagues in a difficult position,” he said.

    The disclosure that No 10 is preparing to throw its weight behind Miliband will prompt speculation that Brown has given up on Blair’s hopes, since British candidates could not fill both Brussels posts.

    * * *


  82. 379
    Down with Brown! says:


    CON 42%(-2)
    LAB 25%(-2)
    LD 21%(+3)

    • 402
      One flew over the No 10 Bunker says:



    • 408
      thick as thieves says:

      flat as yesterday’s beer.
      I told you dave was useless.
      no 50% no workable majority.
      and I trust everybody has placed their bets on a hung parliament.
      very wise.

      • 415
        nell says:

        Are you going to be one of the successful independents TaT??!!

        We shall expect you to publish all details of your salary and expenses on a freely acessible website.

        • 422
          kronkite says:

          nell, give him a break FFS, he’s only just got in from trick or treat.

          • nell says:

            That’s OK I’ve just come back from bonfire night and BBQ.

            Red wine and BBQ ribs make the brain work better!!!!!

        • 424
          the usual suspects says:

          Don’t be silly, he’s on a nice little earner at the benefits office, Incapacity Benefit would you believe.

          How appropriate.

        • 436
          thick as thieves says:

          I am having far too much fun acting a the Independent candidate’s chief propagandist and am far too young to consider a career as a member of parliament, nell.
          but in a decade or so from now, as the reader’s gaze sweeps across the benches of the commons during a future PMQ’s, they may wonder if the great and heroic thick as thieves has infiltrated that place and is in attendance.
          it will not be difficult to identify me as I will probably be the member who stands up to ask the PM “why are you such a fucking useless c’unt?”
          and to answer your question: if I represented local people then they would have total and unrestricted access to my accounts and office records.

      • 418
        prof anthony king says:

        Err…if that was the election result the Tories would have a decent majority I think you’ll find.

        • 437
          thick as thieves says:

          hung parliament prof. you’ll just have to swallow it.

          • One flew over the No 10 Bunker says:

            According to the anoracks on PB.com using Baxter this gives a Tory majority of 120. ICM is also considered one of the best pollsters in the market. The interesting bit is the closure of the gao between the limp Dums and Labour.

            All the same though 120 majority is Pretty close to a hung parliament though I grant you. ;>)

          • thick as thieves says:

            you don’t quite understand the purpose of polls do you?
            polls are propaganda tools, their main function is to influence the way people vote.
            42% is not a big enough number to influence anybody and as there are only six months left to the election there is insufficient time left to influence the electorate with the use of friendly polls. too little to late.
            and that is why there will be a hung parliament.
            labour are unpopular + tories do not have popular support + labour vote rigging and gerrymandering = hung parliament.
            end of lesson.

          • Annies Bar says:

            Those polls will change quite a bit when Brown Quits in November

  83. 388
    Down with Brown! says:

    Gordon plans to spend even more of our great grandchildren’s money.


  84. 391
    gone fuckin mental says:

    Just hang the hoon

  85. 393
    comedian says:

    Blair or Milliband as the EU president will turn out like Archduke Ferdinand.

  86. 399
    One flew over the No 10 Bunker says:

    239Ratsniffer says:
    October 31, 2009 at 7:13 pm
    The French have never got over the fact that they rolled over so quickly and allowed the jack boot in during WWII.

    This is quite an interesting and very apt point. Of course not all of France did roll over a large number did becoming known as the Vichy government ruling from their base of Vichy alongside the Germans during the occupation.

    Why interesting and apt? In my personal view the Labour party and its members have become the equivilant of the Vichy government. They are hated and will be hated evermore because of it but certainly Nu Labour = NuVichy.

  87. 400
    Down with Brown! says:

    Guido, hold the front page. Illegal workers employed in the Justice department.


    • 460
      Dixon of Duck Green says:

      Bloody hell. Unfuckingbelievable….. These guys are really are a totaly useless shower of shit and whats worse is we have another 6 months of this as McVitie thinks no one else can take over at the moment.

    • 506
      Doc Trough says:

      Taxi for Scotland….

  88. 405

    I don’t think there is a conspiracy.

    Blair desperately wants the job. He is not going through the motions.

    It’s only recently that Blair’s unspoken candidacy has suffered. It was fair to assume that Sarkozy and Berlusconi would back Blair, and that if Merkel could be persuaded to nod him through then it would be a done deal. However, the backlash in the UK (particularly William Hague) and the manouverings of smaller nations have scuppered this.

    Miliband is probably shafted after his bizarre and unfounded anti-Polish ranting.

  89. 419
    D-503 says:

    “Blairites don’t tend to be delusional”

    Fuck right off.

    There’s a fine line between delusion and bullshit.

    Blair’s nulabour scum lived by bullshit and they are dying by it.

    They even took us to war on a lie and hundreds of thousands lost their lives because of it.

    Perhaps Guido is a little too close to the scum in Westminster these days; he may have been “normalised”.

  90. 421
    • 427
      R.McGeddon says:

      This is not simply the Scot’s Scorched Earth Policy.

      This is the politics of the madhouse.

      McDoom has totally lost his marbles.

      • 468
        One flew over the No 10 Bunker says:

        The defintion of insanity = doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.

        This is no longer a scorched earth policy anymore this is now just ‘raising to the ground territory’ pure and simple and all in the desperate hope of grabbing a few votes and prove that the mental one is right and everyone else is wrong.

        As soon as the Tories get in power there has to be a full and complete audit of the books to fully understand the dire position we face and irrespective of any repercussions this has to be made known to the British people. This way we can ensure the blame remains precisely at the door of the Labour party and they cannot skulk away and blame others. The next step will be to place them in the dock and try them all as criminals.

        • 484
          Elated says:

          And we need legislation to ensure that anyone who publicly denies the Socialists are to blame for this economic disaster are liable to prosecution.

          Oh, and Corporations are included eg. BBC.

          Let’s ensure these crimes are laid bare within all school history books/curriculum to allow our future generations to understand why they are being obliged to underwrite economic incompetence from NewLabour Socialism 1997-2010.


          • Hooray for the Bankers! says:

            Fucking Socialist Bankers and their socialist incompetence, socialist Bonuses and socialist Bailouts

        • 535
          Udderly 'orrible says:

          The Big BrownDebt Book Vols I,II,through to XX

      • 519
        Putin says:

        He has not. He is a one trick pony. Spend is his one trick. He has no other clue what to do.

    • 486
      Anonymous says:

      Bank of England Governor should resign immediately any Govt statement of this sort is released.
      He should then let it be known that he would be prepared to resume his position under a change of UK Government.
      That act alone ought to stabalise the ongoing run on sterling, the inflation that will result and the immediate and total demise of economic vandalism that’s being played out with an objective of a “scorched earth” Tory-paranoia agenda.

  91. 425
    nell says:


    militwit is saying really early on in this poker game for the life of two brits that he isn’t going to deal.

    Kill them, he is saying, we are not going to pay anything!!!

    Idiot!!! This is what marks him out as a failure. He/labour are FOOLS!

    Labour’s foreign policy has been more toxic and more trash than a third world rubbish dump.

    He should not have been saying anything at the moment. He should have been talking to our blck op.s people .

    Idiot militwit. Please go to europe – You can make a GREAT MESS of things there. Please Go!!!! We really don’t want you here !!!!!

    • 439
      nell says:

      G’Night.God Bless.

      Please God Keep our Troops in Afghanistan and all of us safe from this failed, failing and uncaring government!!!!

      • 465
        Valley Girl says:

        I will bring on the violins for your mawkish final posting or should I pass the sick bag,

      • 495
        for whom the nell tolls says:

        G’Night.God Bless.

        Please God Keep our Troops in Afghanistan and all of us safe from this failed, failing and uncaring government until Dave gets in and then they can have 5 more years in the slaughterhouse and I’ll look such a hypocrite

    • 442
      thick as thieves says:

      nell, you are fretting unnecessarily.
      think about it: Britain is the most tolerant and least racist country in europe, however, there are so many countries in europe that are anti semitic and racist and fascist even; do you really think those racists europeans would give the job of Foreign Secretary to a Jewish person?

      • 481
        anon. says:

        What country are you living in ????

        • 488
          thick as thieves says:

          a non racist country. Great Britain.
          which country are you living in? one of the racist european ones?

          • Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

            It’s not about race it’s about our culture. It’s great to see a black policeman outside Number 10 or on Trooping The Colour. These are British people. The issue is overcrowding, ghettoisation if there is such a term albeit it is real and those of an alternative culture believing they can alternatively insult our troops and way of life by calling for us to change ours. Racism is a word which has been hijacked. IMO.

          • A Pensioner says:

            Ivor – define culture, and how it differs from race. Hair splitting. What’s so wrong about saying we don’t want to be muslim? We have become indoctrinated into a one sided fear of criticising another race.

    • 549
      Fair Swop? says:

      Not one SAS man should be sent to save these people.They are far too valuable.

      Let Brown go down there himself – in fact Brown could have one his famous cabinet meetings down in Somalia – the whole damn lot of the fraudsters!

      Can we exchange Brown for the hostages?

  92. 453
    scotched earth policy says:

    No Referendum no job = civil war on a scale these idiots could not fore see

  93. 471
  94. 478
    objet petit a says:

    Goodnight all. May Labour’s crimes catch up to them soon.

    * * *


  95. 482
    Elated says:

    Isn’t life wonderful upon this blog ?
    Over the last few months the number of Liebour trolls has deminished exponentially.
    Even the comical MB who used to post paragraphs at a time now seems deflated and posts weak comments of a line or so.
    Jonty seems to have fgone home to mum and dad.
    So – have all the socialists resigned to defeat – or is there simply no Liebour/Unite funding available to fund these trolls.
    C’mon out losers – we welcome the fare.

    • 497
      Blairs Heir hasn't got a pair says:

      I look forward to call me Dave’s heir to Blair socialism

      • 505
        labour is a cancer on society says:

        We still have two or three Liebor Trolls active on the Scotsman boards. Actually they seem to have increased their activity lately with the Glasgow NE election on.

  96. 490
    janner45 says:

    Prime Mentalist stated “the period for nominations has not opened” with regard to Miliband for Foreign Min. By the same token he should not have nominated Bliar for Pres. Anyway Treaty not yet EU Law so is all load of rubbish; for now….

  97. 500
    David says:

    I fear the plan B is even more Macchiavellian than Guido suggests. See here.

  98. 509
    Grigori Yefimovich says:

    Does the Dark Lord know this?

    American religious nutters wonder if Miliband is AntiChrist.


  99. 512
    50 Calibre says:

    Given that these self-serving thieving Westminster shits, who seem to spend their lives with their heads firmly up their own arses, keep on going the way they are, the possibility exists that the voters will give them a serious fucking at the next election both in terms of turnout and who they vote for. Next year could just be the year of the independent candidate untainted by party affiliation or a solid record of conspiring with others of stealing lots of public money. I would like to see the big parties taught a lesson which they will never learn for themselves.

    Well, I can dream, can’t I…

  100. 517
    The Ghost of Christmas Past says:

    Self determination is a right of the many, not a privelige of the few!

    Vote UKIP,

  101. 520
    Mike Hunt for president says:

    More important than who is why. Any ideas?

  102. 525

    Valley girl did not say that.Some Tory idiot pretended to be me,cross dresser no doubt.
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  103. 536
    Udderly 'orrible says:

    Let’s have a voting order – best brand description for the spotty face in shortpants (as per poster use on this blog):
    Millipede child
    Miliband the AntiChrist
    Boy Millipop

  104. 538
    Cynic says:

    Harman says Milliband cannot go because ‘the cabinet cannot spare him’

    ha ha ha ha

    Now why could that be?

    1 they are so crap that he’s the only one withany persoanlity / sense (I can live with that)

    2 Harriet sees him as a rival and wants to keep him close

    3 Harriet sees him as the next Leader and wants a job so is cosying up now

    4 he the Cabinet’s secret banana supplier and without his banana supplies they would be in difficulty

  105. 546
    Kim Novak says:

    If he ever did get the EU Foreign Minister job (Heaven help us), please will one of his Press advisers tell him, when arriving for his first Euro-Press-photo-opp to STOP wearing that dead moggie on his head as a hat! David, it really doesn’t suit you sweetie!

  106. 556
    NOSEY says:

    Why has nobody asked where Blair is or is not paying tax on all the money he is earning….cant see him paying top rate, Cherie would not like that!

  107. 559
    Matthias Gris says:

    this will be entertaining if you are right, for me at least, as i called the blair candidacy a stalking horse for milliband at least 24 hours before the mightly guido fawkes got there:


    “Of course Brown is vigorously backing Blair, he is thinking to the future of Labour where a rebirth may happen five years down the line.
    Labour is utterly discredited, both as a collection of individuals and as a creed, and no Labour ‘high-flyer’ is going to have an easy time sustaining that reputation if they are associated with the bloodbath that will be the next general election.
    If Milliband jumps from the sinking ship now and has a high profile sabbatical as the EU’s first foreign minister then he will return to British politics relatively untainted by Labours years of Nadir.
    Seen in this light, Blair is nothing more than a stalking horse to ensure that the Labour party has a future in British politics, so of course Brown will lobby hard in Blair’s favour to ensure that we are seen to merit the position of EU foriegn minister having graciously stepped aside from the contest for the ‘top’ position.”

  108. 561
    ron Vibentrop says:

    The only decent thing about that little fuckwit Davidoff Poliski Minidick was his foreskin. Unfortunately this seems to have been cut off.

    This self opinionated worldwide laughing stock will ensure that the voice of ‘Europe’ will be nothing compared with a deaf mute. He is loathed at the Foreign Office and despised by the Diplomatic Corps as the most humiliating representative this once great country has ever launched onto the international stage.

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