October 26th, 2009

Wife Swapping MPs Wrong

wife_swapIt is so obvious that if MPs spouses and children are not only banned from working for them, but for other MPs as well, they will simply do a bit of wife swapping to keep the money rolling in.  Wives will work for MPs other than their husbands.  Whenever Guido argues that it is nepotistic it is often a step too far for political audiences.   They invariably argue it is (a) cost effective (b) conducive to family life (c) they never abuse the system / underpay themselves.

Guido counters that it is too open to abuse, that it goes against well established civil service principles that hires should be selected openly and on merit.  How are taxpayers to distinguish between those who abuse the system and those that don’t?  This sort thing would not be tolerated by shareholders as a matter of course, where it does happen in the private sector (Murdoch’s News Corp for example) the family usually has a significant stake in the business.  In a democracy, politics should not be a family business.

Guido thinks that regrettably, those who have abused the system have made it necessary to ban MPs’ partners and children from working in parliament.  The Kelly report should recommend an end to the practice.  The Shadow Kelly Report certainly took the tough line.


  1. 1

    Bunch of wankers

    • 17
      Miss Dorries says:

      But my mum said it was cool so there

      • 33
        Dick van Dick says:

        I’ve asked Santa for a new pair of slappers for Christmas.

        • 49
          I Hate The Heir to Blair! says:

          No no no; Sexual misconduct = Conservatives, Financial misconduct clearly = Labour.

          Get your facts right.

          Me I’d rather be had up for sexual misconduct than financial any day of the week. In fact does anybody know a nice young woman, or at least a rude one, who would like to join me in some sexual misconduct???

          • MI6 says:

            The reason they want to swap wives is because they do fu-k all and they know that of their mates wives do fu-k all as well so it is a simple swap while still troughing in the public purse doing sweet fu-k all. It must be made of a Pigs ear. I would think it funny but for the fact that British soildiers are on the front having to get shot at using sh-t equipment while their partners live in squalid accomodation not fit for human purpose. What a bunch of low life’s are these politicians.

        • 58
          Master Baiter says:

          The Wintertons!?

        • 63
          The Grim Reaper says:

          What a perfect tag for a Nude Labour cheerleader.

          Those of us lucky enough not the be sent to the Pol Pot Re-Education Camp are painfully aware that the majority of us have been under the jackboot of the Blair-Brown-Campbell Inquisition since 1997.

        • 93
          Ken Lorp says:

          I thought they swapped wives anyway – especially around conference time.

          Is this something more formal for the daylight hours?

    • 18

      Agreed OH.

      Just like the expenses system, those that complained saying they abided by the rules are still guilty as NOBODY reported the abuse – so they are all complicit in this corruption and ALL guilty and will pay the price.

      No family members at all. Or if they do, throw them with S660 and other retrospective tax penalties as they’re trying to do to some parts of the private sector.

      • 50
        They're all at it says:

        Very interesting point about the S660 – hadn’t thought about that before. How many of the lying thieving MP shits claim that running their office is like “running a small business” – well let’s make sure they play to the same rules as all of us hard-done-by small businesses.

        Can’t we get someone highlighting this to HMRC?

      • 61

        But how can political dynasties be formed if nepotism is thwarted?

        Gould, Benn, Dunwoody, Harmann, Summerskill, Kinnocks, Callaghans, Darling, all nothing without their parents


        We cannot have (gasp) ordinary people doing things, now can we? Ordinary people?

        How utterly vulgar.

        • 161
          Mrs B says:

          Good quote in that article, OH.

          ‘Douglas Jay once wrote: “The gentleman in Whitehall really does know better what is good for people than the people know themselves.” ‘

          How apposite!

          • Samantha says:

            How very NuLabour,. they have this notion they are our betters and not – as they should be – our REPRESENTATIVES. Only the rotten-to-the-core *Party Sytem* makes this syndrome possible. We must have proper ‘primaries’ to select candidates.

            I see the ridiculous Annuntziarta Rees-Mogg has been given a very winnable seat.
            It’s all over the political establishment, this ‘entitl;ement’

            As for wives being their MP husbands’ secretaries, I see no problem with this if it is made clear this will be the ONLY secretarial allowance the MP receives.

            MPs esp those from the North spend a lot of time away from home. Wives KNOW that their marriages are at risk in such circumstances, since men will stray when alone in London (or anywhere else, ‘on business trips’. Do we really want more messy political divorces and family breakdown?

            The ‘secretarial wife’ has long been just a tax dodge though. My sister was on her husband’s payroll until he sold his business (ie for c 25 years) – she never did a day’s work after her wedding night! I can’t understand why these things are not better policed

        • 221
          MI6 says:

          I hope that when you said vulgar. You meant the V to stand for Vendetta

    • 25

      Poor old Mr Jacqui Smith he’ll be out of a job then

      Who would employ and a wanker like him, apart from the Redditch Saddleback

      • 37
        Sammi Jessop says:

        Perhaps he could be a reviewer for Richard Desmond’s fine television stations?

      • 84
        Redditch Rebel says:

        I’ve heard that Wankers”R”us need sales assistants for the Christmas rush.

      • 247
        Grizzelda Guid says:

        They wont need to work after they are chucked out (if they ever did work) she will still be troughing in the lords and he gets a hefty pension.

    • 47
      anon says:

      A lot of them have their wives working for them to keep them sweet…. I know a well-known Tory MEP has his wife working for him but has a long-term mistress….

    • 53
      Mrs Hain (80 years old) says:

      My son Petey says things are just fine as they are.

      • 197
        Mother of a convicted foreign criminal says:

        My son Petey also says things like ‘stick ‘em up’ and ‘this is a raid’

        • 203

          My boy Chaucer has been my SpAd for 3 years. I have to use him. He’s totally unfit for real work.
          What will I do if you lot won’t pay for his student loan?

  2. 2
    SO17 says:

    Nepotism is the new aristocracy in Britain be it politics,media or showbiz.
    Your success depends on whose hole you stuck your head out of.

    • 22
      Nick Robinson says:


    • 29
      Dick the Prick says:

      Bit harsh So17 – what about Robert Peston nearly screwing up the financial system on insider information? He’s not related to anyone in the government and has achieved everything on merit alone. Oh..err..hang on a minute..

      • 54
        SO17 says:

        New and improved Robert Peston now with added drama.
        The bloke is trying to carve a niche for himself as the arse end of a panto horse.

      • 177
        Dick the Prick says:

        COT – the BBC are advertising on the Huffington Post. Hmm..quelle surprise – it’s the err…unique way they’re funded and Arianna just happened to be on Newsnight on Friday. Merely coincidence i’m sure.


  3. 3
    Daisy Chainsaw says:

    WTF is Westminster for anyway?

    Milipede has made it quite clear that ZanuLabour have clung on long enough to force Lisbon onto the British people – with no mandate, no vote, not a hint of democracy.

    Westminster may as well be turned into a theme park with a McDonalds in each corner – the EUSSR are our masters now, & if I were an MP who knows the writing was on the wall I would trough all day and all night – it makes no difference in the scheme of things.

    And my husband would be my secretary on £40K a year, just like that fat thieving bitch Smith.

    • 5
      anon says:


      DC is strngley quiet on Lisbon.

      Is that a sigh of relief that the Czechas are about to sign?

      Labour / Conservatives – two cheeks of the same treasonous arse.

      They have both asked for what is coming.

      • 10
        Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

        Agree. Democracy will go out the window entirely after the next election if we don’t vote for the correct party. When justice and democracy aren’t worth fighting for one will have total meltdown.

      • 11
        The Boil on the Arse of Noo_Lie_Bore says:

        I’ve instructed ‘Call me ‘Dave” to go along with it.

        Gorgon has already signed in secret.

        So that’s another little job done for Tone.

        And he’ll have lots more little jobs for me when he’s in sole charge.

        Now where did I put my grease?

        • 109
          The Arse of the Boil of Noo_Lie_Bore says:

          Ar’ sav’d tha’ wuld ye kno’

          An’ ar’ brought an end tae yon Boom ‘n Bust

          - e’en tho ye’all busted noo!

          But nut’hn’s ma’ fult ye un’stn

      • 183
        banana republic watcher says:

        One of his people was on last Friday saying D Cameraman would have something to say about the immigration policy as revealed recently, he said Monday. I guess not this monday.

        • 217
          Anonymous says:



    • 65
      RavingMad says:

      and couldn’t they all change constituencies every year so they get a ‘broader experience’, and change all their staff for some other MPs somewhere else but keep it all in the family …. another name for it is incest!

    • 121
      Mr Ned says:

      Well Daisy, To be arse cringeingly pedantic, Lisbon has not been ratified yet, but give it a couple of weeks and you will be utterly correct.

      The ONLY upside of the almost inevitable ratification of the Lisbon treaty is that it will FINALLY force that slippery twat Cameron to make up his mind, and there are MILLIONS of votes hanging on what he intends.

      I could, at a stretch, pinch my nose and vote tory, IF they have found a magic loophole in the Lisbon constitutional Reform Treaty that would allow them to withdraw from the EU.

      Otherwise Dave Cameron can take a running jump as it would matter not WHO ran the Parliament here, for they would only be rubber-stamping EU diktats anyway.

      • 158
        Master Baiter says:

        Dave Komodo, lizard lips, flicking tongue and stupendous comb over, now featuring zig zag parting will follow other Conservitude policies:

        Do nothing.

      • 249
        Samantha says:

        Perfectly correct Mr Ned… Much as it grieves me to say so, as it must grieve so many natural Tory voters. Some things are more important than party preference. I hope however that UKIP will be sensible and not field candidate were the Tory is Eurosceptic. We must NOT split the vote and let Labour back in! It’s going to be a dilemma for those in marginal seats (mine’s true blue)

  4. 4
    vj says:

    i have to say i instinctively agree with what your saying. But i also have to say we need to look seriously at the requirements of an MP v the costs of what they must do.
    First we have to put this sad sorry , pathetic debacle behind us. but its also time to start thinking seriously about what a modern Parliament and its MP’s need ot do and at what cost. But first we have to dump as much of this discredited lot as possible. We may lose a few good ones with the rest, but gawd knows how you would sort them out from the chaff in this mess

  5. 6
    Precedent Bliar, Noo_Lie_Bore's Biggest * * * * says:

    I never ‘ad no bovva wiv me woif ‘n nippers


    But Hey, – Trust me – I’m a straight kinda guy

    And I’m probably worf a whole lot more than you

  6. 7
    Harsh but fair says:

    The EUSSR will soon shed the majority of our MPs

    These elected representatives will prove themselves to be turkeys voting for Christmas.

    What exactly are they for, our MPs? Please remind me. They are so totally distanced from the world I operate within.

  7. 8
    "Petrified" Citizen says:

    Guido – whats all that defence matters shit being advertised on your good website?

    What a load of cock.

    • 13
      Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

      You may as well advertise satellite launch platforms. I want one of those.

      • 16
        Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

        French TV used to advertise COGEMA (I couldnt say if they still do).

        Just in case you wanted any of your spent fuel rods reprocessing.

    • 23
      Don't Care Bear says:

      They meant to say ‘ Attack Matters’.

      Simple mistake to make.

    • 89
      backwoodsman says:

      Probably the only manufacturing of any scale left in this country – they obviously feel a reminder of that fact wouldn’t go amiss, before some herbert with a grudge decides that dashing the middleman was wrong and we should just let the french have all the business.

      • 131
        Mr Ned says:

        Not for long though. Brown has cursed BAE Systems’ nuclear submarines by giving the shipyard that builds them in Barrow in Furness his full support a few weeks ago.

  8. 9
    Angry of Frinton On Sea says:

    Has anyone else noticed that even allowing for a slight distortion of facial features by Rich & Mark, Blair has an incredible likeness to the old Mad Magazine character:


    Even more relevant with the expose of his ethnic experiement for the UK, completely stark staring MAD.

    • 20
      Doc Trough says:

      Alfred E. NeuLabour and his cartoon wife unit Maxi Mouth.

      • 70
        albacore says:

        Labour have certainly conditioned Alfred E Neuman’s motto “What! Me Worry!” into their voters and the apathetic majority of the electorate.
        Personally, I’ve always seen Blair as the spitting image of the Telegoons’ Bluebottle but with more faces than Peter Sellers.

  9. 12
    Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

    We need a Top Trumps of MP’s spouses.

    Betsy would seem to be quite a good card after all.

  10. 14
    The Underdoug says:

    How about we ban all relations of MPs from ever taking a job in Parliament?

    Euan Blair might have to get a real job.

    • 21
      anon says:

      I see him as a future “Young War Criminal of the Year”.

    • 32
      Doc Trough says:

      Or discontinue the whole stinking, corrupt, irretrievably sick mess and start over – making the process relevant to the time in which we live?

      Or, elect nationally say 12 good folk and true and have them openly decide everything using Rhinehart’s Dice Theory. ;-)

    • 91
      Geordie Boy says:

      The Blairs and the Kinnocks have cornered the market in nepotism. Based upon their innate talents they could just about run a fucking hotdog stand.

      • 244
        Pride's Purge says:

        Yeah, right! They’d probably wipe out half the population with salmonella whilst doing it.

  11. 15
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    I’m getting it at Guido’s Ukranian Beauty adverts-join free. (Don’t tell Mrs Schwartzporsche)

  12. 19

    I was good value for money, only £40K a year plus my porno habit.

  13. 24
    Matt says:

    You can’t ban the relations of an MP working for any MP whatsoever… It’d be a massive restriction of trade and probably a breach of their employment rights.

    • 36
      They're all at it says:

      Maybe, maybe not.

      What is downright illegal is when they shoe-in their relative without due process (advertising, interviews…etc).

      • 59
        Matt says:

        If it’s illegal what law is being broken?

        • 72
          They're all at it says:

          Well for starters, the civil service internal rules for employment state quite clearly that:-

          “All permanent jobs are advertised openly and selection has to be absolutely fair…”

          These rules are based upon employment laws covering (amongst other things) transparency and diversity.

          • They're all at it says:

            So Matt – did you not like them apples?

          • Matt says:

            Last time I checked internal rules are just that, rules rather than laws. Plus MP’s staff aren’t employed under civil service rules of employment (they have, for example, completely different pensions).

            Still, don’t let the facts stand in the way…

          • New Labour senior civil service recruitment agency says:

            In that case MPs can employ their spouses on a temporary basis – perhaps on secondment from a party-friendly organisation. When the maximum secondment period has elapsed, they advertise the post in an obscure journal and, even if there are other applicants, they can appoint the spouse because they are the only ones who meet the selection criteria of having experience of the post.

    • 46
      Anonymous says:

      Tell that to the Beahenpea.

    • 73
      Thats News says:

      You are right, Matt. I doubt employment lawyers were consulted on this.

      I covered this at the weekend. http://thatsanews.blogspot.com
      (EDITOR: “You would have thought that Sir Christopher Kelly might have had the nous to have checked with ACAS himself before making such a tit of himself. But apparently not.)

  14. 26
    Down with Brown! says:

    Obama plays as much golf in nine months as Bush did in three years. Proof that Obama is lazy and has too much time on his hands.


    • 74
      Thats News says:

      Or that golf is somethiung else Obama is better at than Bush…

      • 103

        Oh I think Obama is the US version of Brown.

        Indecision, narcissism, only attack for the parties benefit.

        • 153
          Mr Ned says:

          Yeah, but at least Bush (and I cannot believe that I am about to defend Bush) did not lie about ending wars and stopping torture and ending warrant-less wire-tapping and ending using signing statements to avoid the Congress and the constitution, promise to give all Americans 5 days to vet all legislation before it is passed whilst doing the opposite. Yes, Bush lied about the need to do such things, but he did not lie about actually doing them, well, except for the torture bit, which Cheney renamed “enhanced interrogation techniques”

          At least with Bush you knew you were dealing with a sociapathic regime who were in it purely for themselves.

          Obama has increased warfare, extended the patriot act, stuffed his administration with former lobbyists, had bills put before congress without allowing the Congress to even read them, excused torture and a host of other abuses.

          … And he fitted all that golf in as-well?

          • Charlie Whelan ate my hampster says:

            Obaama rose up to power through the Chicago Democratic machine – you don’t do that if you are a whiter than white innocent, forgive the visual joke. Anyoen who thought he was going to usher in a new squeaky-clean anti-political era was deluyding themselves.

  15. 27
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Give Cherie her due
    She not only got more legal briefs than her failed barrister hoonsband but also dropped her briefs for that painting showing her to have a front bottom as hairy as a badgers arsehole.
    The fucking slag

    • 34
      Peter Hitchens says:

      Mark my words
      One day you will Kow Tow before that ” fucking slag”
      BTW she is a bit of a slut
      She didnt get a gob like that from sucking golf balls out of hose pipes
      Oh no
      She knows how to pleasure a Hitch

    • 66
    • 68
      SO17 says:

      That werent her hairy minge you saw but a new line in Opus Dei knickers.
      Horse hair G string with Xtra scratch.

  16. 28
    Anonymous says:

    This is the political equivalent of what mervyn king said about the bankers; ie there’s no point changing the rules because the people concerned will simply find ways around the new rules.

    In the case of bankers, his advice was to split the risky/shite stuff/people into a separate entity which had no public backing/money, while the real work was being done by the people you can actually trust in a totally separate setup.

    A similar approach could happen with MPs; split the just-taking-the-fucking-piss MPs into a separate parliament, paid for by themselves out of their own pocket, and not doing anything of any importance or spending any public money, and then let trustworthy MPs do the real work in the real parliament.

    We, the voters, can then choose which of the 2 parliaments we think our MP deserves to be in.

    I also suggest a 3rd parliament, which is a holding area, where the relevant MPs are hung, drawn, and quartered for the most serious and deliberate of fuck-ups, and that we put the entire labour front bench in there right now, with Gordon Brown first in line.

    • 96
      backwoodsman says:

      There was a scheme some years ago where farmers could claim all the costs of employing a young worker back. So Fred claimed for Bills’ son from next door, and Bill claimed for Freds. Jobs a good ‘un.

    • 117
      More Anonymous says:

      Too complicated – no one would understand it. Better solution: two doors, one deep pit.

  17. 30
  18. 31
    P1 says:

    Don’t MP’s understand it yet? The House of Commons is not supposed to be primarily for the benefit and convenience of them and their families. The rot set in when they started going for “family-friendly” hours and the like.

    Judging by the recent examples in the Lords (Uddin, Paul, Scotland, Goudie etc), they have fallen into the same trap as well.

    Get the money back, sack the lot and start again.

  19. 38

    I’m afraid int he light of Labour’s revealed plan to destroy English identity by dumped ten million immigrants here, this is, as Nick would say, small beer indeed. On immigration, the EU, Lisbon, Dave isn’t saying a fucking word. He’s a waste of fucking space and if he doesn’t watch it will find himself standing next to Gordon on the gallows.

    • 45


      You should no better than trying to turn every comment thread into the only issue that matters to a certain single issue party. Am deleting so much am getting blisters.

      • 67
        Anonymous says:

        Maybe we need one comment thread dedicated to this issue so it doesn’t pollinate all the others?

        • 78
          king chillout says:

          What !!!! You mean talk about one of the most important political events since we went to war with Germany in the forties ?

          Can’t see it happening here.

          Is it just me, or is their a whiff of collaborator hanging around this place all of a sudden ?

      • 88

        Well I take you point Guido, but it does seem to be extraordinary that the media’s focus is on such small matters (not trivial, but comparatively small) while the country is not only going to the dogs, but is *intentionally* being delivered to the dogs…

        And continued mass immigration matters to a great many other people other than bnerpeeeee supporters. I’m not one of them. The Bunpe call me a race traitor. My wife’s mixed race, my kids are mixed race, her mum lives down the road from us and is one of a few hundred “brown” people in this town. She, my missus, and everyone I bloody know is of *exactly* the same opinion – immigration is wrecking this country.

        BTW, her mum is malaysian but of indian extraction – and if you think Griffin badmouths islam, you ought to listen to non-muslim Malaysians. They’re shit-scared that they’re about to be forced into that religion, or forced to leave their homes. They saw it next door in indonesia, they expect it at home.

        As for tieing immigration to the EU project -well they’re obviously connected, and not just by the absence of discussion or democratic backing…

        Like it or not Guido you’re seen as an alternative to the mass media – if they won’t talk about a hot topic, people are going to talk about it here. You should consider that a success. And if people *can’t* talk about it, talk about it in reasoned and rational terms, in a considered way, then they will turn, reluctantly no doubt, to the only people who do discuss it – even if it is in ignorant, bigotted, infantile terms.

        • 108
          Anonymous says:

          I think Cameron knows that making a big thing of this so close to an election can go one of two ways for his party and he’s not quite sure which, so he doesn’t want to rock the boat.

          It is a shame because it is a huge well of concern being ignored by the mainstream media as well as the major political parties, that the fascists are quite happy to shamelessly exploit.

        • 129
          DZ says:

          Excellent post.
          BTW I am mixed race as well: Scots, Irish and English. So let me think: my children are German, Scots, English and Irish. Not bad, eh?

          • That’s rubbish – mine are mixed English, Scottish, German Jewish, Danish, Italian, Irish, Malaysian (Indian extraction). On my wife’s side we can trace their roots back to the 12th century….

          • John Smith says:

            I am English, I can trace my roots back to the ice age.

        • 133

          Your situation mirrors some of my friends who fear being caught up in race riots when TSHTF.

          They can see the problems and they say just the same as you FF.

        • 150
          Labour Traitor says:

          Excellent post – my wife is of Jamaican origin, but she is as concerned about Labour’s lack of immigration controls as anybody. There is a conspiracy to silence this debate for God only knows what reason. But Andrew Neather has revealed the truth and it could destroy Labour. Why is Guido being so coy? Why is Cameron so quiet? Why doesn’t Grayling speak out? What is everybody so afraid of?????????

          • Anonymous says:

            My dear Labour Traitor, do please try to keep up. They are afraid of confirming what everyone knows to be true because they know that the vast majority of people want it stopped and reversed. They keep quiet because they do not want any such thing. They all agree with this secret policy (as, obviously, does Mr Fawkes). They want more of the consequences that all the rest despise; as long as they keep themselves a long way away from them.

            How obvious does it have to be?

        • 169
          Anonymous says:

          Most big issues are beyond the majority of the people (even MPs) to understand their consequences. If you lie to them consistently they will begin to believe.

          So to cure the bigger issues we need to show how the MPs are dishonest daily about things we can prove. We must first show, to the whole public, that they are dishonest about everything they do from the tea money, to their expenses, to taxes, and unofficial employment. Everything that is relevant to an average person.

          Only when the public finally distrusts them will they then question the idiotic statements used to justify mass immigration.

          Try talking to someone that grew up in the Chinese “Great Leap Forward”. They believed what they were told and did it for their future. The leap was, too much, too soon, and killed off 20 million people. To make it happen the government lied about the figures to the people and justified the reasons with very personal consequences. Not to different to the lies about immigration numbers and the dishonesty about needing them to pay for your old age.

          Why even vote if we can not trust them. If one party puts their head up and looks like they will be honest, on a single item, then heads will turn to them. Why not, it would be a infinitely better than the other parties which we know will always lie.

          I just do not see any party sorting their act out before May next year. So SNAFU.

          • No I don’t accept that. I think the man in the street already knows he’s being lied to. But that simple knowledge has not taken us forward. The fuckers are still there. After the election they will still be there.

            it isn’t about knowing what is true or not; it is about power. They have power. We do not.

            But, all we have to do to get power is…. take it. But we won’t take it via a ballot box. I’m afraid this is an uncomfortable truth.

        • 245
          snaf2 says:

          well said Frank

      • 101
        backwoodsman says:

        Standards Fawkes ! Its come to a prettty pass when I have to be the spelling monitor.

        • 102

          I didn’t mention that – didn’t want to wind him up further.

          No what I mean?

          • Tony for the Haque - Not president says:

            …and don’t even think of mentioning that he could not even be arsed to put up a picture for the much loved Friday caption contest.

      • 147
        Labour Traitor says:

        Come on Guido – why is the most important political news of the year being sidelined by one and all? We shouldn’t leave it to the unmentionables to expose Labour’s betrayal of this country as unmasked by Andrew Neather. Why don’t you have a dedicated Blog for this topic and then it would cease to contaminates your other threads?

      • 224
        nikola tesla says:

        Guido – isnt that a rather sophisticated way of saying that interest in the Neather story is only one for racists?

        I really have come to expect something better here, but maybe I was wrong.

        • 229

          So far on every post people have gone on abouit it. It is not the only subject to discuss. This not of that great interest to Guido’s readers. Try the Pickled Politics website if you want to discuss identity politics.

          • nikola tesla says:

            “This not of that great interest to Guido’s readers”.

            With all due respect I think this statement is rather negated by your previous comment that “on every post people have gone on about it”.

            Obviously you are quite at liberty to post on what you like on your own blog, but I also think that the fact that MSM media have so reluctantly got involved in this story is nearly as big as the story itself…

      • 251
        Samantha says:

        I know what you mean Guido, being guilty of posting a lot on the subject, but it does dictate what our choices are on just about everything! It’s hard to get away from the *reality* of the elephant in the room

  20. 39
    Derek Conway says:

    What a nonsense to even think about curtailing the employment by MPs of family members. A nonsense based on the ramblings of a few deranged conspiracy-theorists. The public really must learn to trust their politicians, we are, after all, Honourable members.

    • 79
      RavingMad says:

      you know what Derek, I would agree with you entirely except what you say is not the case at all.

      It’s highly probable that most of the population are looking at you and your smelly kind with incredulity, based on the fact that if any of them did half of what you did they would be in gaol. There is no honour anymore, you have misused it all up and it’s gone for ever. The population if they had their way would probably call all of you down now and set about you with fists, and planks and bottles and anything else they could get their hands on to beat you all with. And then when they have finished they would pile your remains into a dust cart and send you all of to the dump. We don’t need you, we don’t need you especially to patronise us, to abuse us, to criminalise us so just be away now before we get hold of you and you regret it

  21. 40
    Down with Brown! says:

    Britain 12th in Legatum Prosperity Index. Education 21st. Health 23rd. Security 22nd. Personal Freedom 19th.


    • 138

      Want the above to improve in rank?

      Get the Govt out of Health & Education. Concentrate on security and protecting individual rights (that’s invest in enough prisons, elect sheriffs and judges).

      • 192
        Anonymus says:

        I’d stand as a sheriff.

        I’d employ someone to polish my badge if it ever became tarnished in the rain. It wouldnt be a member of my family though.

  22. 41
    They're all at it says:

    The illegality of what these hoons get up to is unbelievable. Isn’t this a clear breach of civil service rules for transparency of employment as well as diversity? I wonder how many MPs wives/partners…etc or of a different ethnicity?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – they just don’t fecking get it, do they !!??

    • 83
      Neil Kinnock says says:

      I like having my family around me at work, it helps pay the bills and I’m sure a lot of MP’s feel the same way.

  23. 42
    Stronghold Barricades says:

    Guido thinks that regrettably, those who have abused the system have made it necessary to ban MPs’ partners and children from working in parliament. The Kelly report should recommend an end to the practise. The Shadow Kelly Report certainly took the tough line.

    …and transparent civil servant grade equivalents too?

    Mr former Two Homes Secretary has got paid nearly £40k for watching Pron and writing to his local paper…whilst keeping the family home going on his own and looking after the children

  24. 48
    Richard Tinney says:

    I’m all in favour of employing family members

    • 56
      They're all at it says:

      What you do with your family’s members is your business. We are all aware of your proclivities regarding your own member.

    • 90
      The Tamperer says:

      Tell me Dick,

      What DOES she look like with a Timney on her?

  25. 52
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    There is a simple answer. All MP’s should be given an allowance of say £20kpa to employ a secretary. They can employ whoever they want, but if the wife is not much good at typing he will be the one who suffers.

    I don’t suppose many wives will want to do such low paid work and if they don’t there will be plenty of secretaries out there who would.

    If the MP wants (or is contracted) to pay more he will have to pay the difference himself.

    All other assistants such as researchers should not be paid by taxpayers but funded by the Party.

    This solution would both save a considerable amount of taxpayers’ pounds and avoid any suspicion that we are subsidising MP’s families

    • 81
      RavingMad says:

      if MPs need to employ anyone they should do so by open recruitment procedures like everybody else – they push equal opps law and should abide by it themselves – best person for the job and all that!!

      • 106
        Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

        Actually equal rights legislation usually means the best person does not get the job!!

  26. 55
    NewsLion says:

    Good lord if wife swapping is happening, i think we should get the environmental agency in as most of the wives are butt ugly and are clearly hazardous waste

  27. 57
    Roger Dodger says:

    ” In a democracy, politics should not be a family business.”

    Why not? It pretty much is. No way the level of commitment an MP’s spouse puts in is normal in other industries. I for one have zero problem with their being employed.

    This is a fuss about nothing and fairly unworthy. There are real fucking scandals that people are not addressing proberly.

    If you had more balls or sense you would be asking for them to be paid more. The avoiding of which brought us to this sorry point.

    (Who to blame for the avoidance is another argument, but sites like this didn’t make it any easier)

    • 76
      They're all at it says:

      “If you had more balls or sense you would be asking for them to be paid more.”

      What? So to prevent the thief from stealing your wallet, you should go about handing out wads of cash?

      What a silly numpty you are.

    • 77
      Anonymous says:

      FUCK OFF

      I’m sorry, it’s like a Tourette’s thing, as soon as anyone mentions paying the thieving scum more I can’t help myself.

    • 123
      DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

      Paid more? Are you kidding? If there were some kind of performance-related element to it, there might be a case for it, but not otherwise.

    • 200

      It’s a depression, i.e. the longest recession ever and you want to pay the MPs that got us into this mess MORE???

      • 233
        RogerDodger says:

        The reason the spineless fucks wound up with this retarded system is because they never had the balls to raise their pay in line.

        Therefore they did some back door shit.

        I would happily shoot the home flippers and the tax avoiders but the fact remains if the pay had gone up and the expenses hadn’t have been diversified then no problem. When they took money for food and duck-houses it was a nod/wink in lieu of a pay rise.

        I want a right to recall, I want a whole new batch of MPs, however the fact remains the cause of this was the lack of sack to raise their pay.

        With commenters like those on here I can see why. No excuse, but a reason.

        I say fuck them… and I say pay them more.

        • 237
          Anonymous says:

          I say take away their expenses and they would still be left with a salary that is already too much.

          And if these parasites really can’t struggle by on way more than the average wage they can just go out into the jobs market and get an honest job. Obviously that wouldn’t be a problem for them as our ruling class keep telling us there is so much demand for ‘workers’ we have to import ever more of them.

        • 243
          DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

          Ever heard of the laws of supply and demand? Do you see any evidence that there is a lack of people willing to stand for parliament? If not, why on earth does the pay need to increase?

  28. 60
    Anonymous says:

    Our MP David Heath [lib dem]has his wife registered on his web site as a part-time case worker under her maiden name.In last weeks Sunday Telegraph he said he was fully in favour of transparency.

  29. 64
    Sir William Waad says:

    Politicians whose Dads were national politicians:

    Neville Chamberlain
    Austen Chamberlain
    Tony Benn
    Hilary Benn

    So, yes, MPs should keep their children out of politics, based on the evidence.

    Austen Chamberlain was incidentally the last leader of the Conservative Party to fail to become Prime Minister until little William Hague. He also won the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing lasting peace to Europe in 1925.

  30. 80
    The State says:

    Listen up!

    The State Census will require you to inform us of any “overnight” visitors to your home or castle on our forms. Do NOT even think of “entering” the following.

    Name:Lord Fondlebum of Boye
    Sex: Gasp
    Age: 90
    Place: Cellar/Box room.

    • 92
      Super Enumerator says:

      Nightly rentboys of any politician will as always, be exempt from the census.

    • 99
      Super Enumerator says:

      …of course it also goes without saying that also subject to this exemption will be any cleaners of South Pacific origin who are paid in cash money only, even if the stay is longer than overnight, ie a long term money saving, tax saving prespect.

    • 107
      Sir William Waad says:

      What? Even old Sir Amyas Waad, who died in 1656?

    • 112
      Doc Trough says:

      This census I shall renounce the Jedi faith.

      Mentalism is the way to enlghtenment. Behold the Manse!

    • 120
      Nanny State says:

      Now boys, – whether or not any fondling of the b ums of boys goes on or not you must all come to my room, and ask me to rub some of my cream into your n aughty parts.

      Otherwise you will get sores. And then things will drop off.

      And then we will have to SPANK you – BENDING OVER and with your trousers pulled RIGHT DOWN!!!


      And then we will have ter ED-YER-KATE you, and put ticks in boxes.

    • 145

      Gosh, I shall be totally coincidentally out of the chumptry during the “Consus”.

  31. 82
    Popeye says:

    Can’t wholely agree with you there dear boy.
    I have an MP whose wife was his secretary before marriage and still is today. As far as I can see, his work still gets done the same , so I have to assume she is doing the job properly, and who better to trust?
    On the other hand, the Kinnocks spring to mind, the whole boiling lot of them, what more can I say?

  32. 85
    DANGER says:

    Regrettably? I hope your rising profile isn’t creating undue sympathy for your victims.

  33. 94
    ExEng says:

    What about the issue of MPs being so distant from real life.

    By banning MPs spouses from ANY MP work paid by expenses, this might result in MPs families having a first hand view into some other walk of life. They might mix with real people, or even bankers, and provide feedback more directly.

    Take the current examples of troughing couples that are both MPs. The lack of a controlling influence, and bizarre interpretation of reality is easily seen.

  34. 97
    Doc Trough says:

    Watson looks a c’unt with that beard. I suppose one could keep bits of dinner in it – just in case.

    • 104
      Tony for the Haque - Not president says:

      Blunkett was great at that, sometimes up to three courses caught up there for later, but at least he was the ONLY Lieborite that could genuinely say ‘I see no immigrants’

    • 110
      chronic says:

      He seems to be parking his fat arse on the green benches more frequently just lately, I wonder why.

  35. 100
    Porky Pies MP says:

    The troughers have no shame whatsoever. Even after they’ve been belittled and shown up to be the greedy bastards that they are there is not a shred of humility. Even now they are looking at ways on how to bypass the rules if the rules go against them. These parasites are beneath contempt.

    I watched Austen Mitchell on the Politics Show bemoaning that it was only a few MP’s that were corrupt and most of them are decent and honest. Well Mitchell, prove it by having the majority reject this swapping idea and tell us what a devious bit of rule bending it is. And why some of your greedy pig friends have even thought it up as being a good idea.

    There should be no nepotism in the government and no rule bending to ensure it carries on in just another form. These people are just as corrupt as the crooked politicians in a banana republic. I absolutely despise them.

    • 119
      Anonymous says:

      They are just as crooked as the banana republics. Just look at the shameless and despicable Andrew MacKay, who has got away with everything.

      • 126
        Anonymous says:

        Brother Ian, Sister Karen, Mother Barbara. et al, all paid by Julie Kirkbride, with cross-payments between Andrew MacKay and Julie Kirkbride, to blur the issues – and still no proper investigation into this bunch.

      • 210
        Anon says:

        The whole family should be questioned by the police.

      • 213
        Anonymous says:

        The longer Dave remains silent on the Kirkbride affair the more questions will arise. If he has judgement, he will act now.

    • 134
      They're all at it says:

      Couldn’t agree more Mr Porky. The question is, how can we actually stop these arrogant feckers?

      They’ve all said that what they did/do was “within the rules”, but I still beg the question, is it morally justified? Do they morally believe that whilst they (we) pay their wives, mistresses, daughters and sons for little to no work, there are genuine hard-working individuals still losing their jobs – how can they sleep at night?

  36. 115

    Spouses are the tip of the iceberg. Transparency demands that family members are not employed in Parliament. The proposed `wife-swapping` arrangements are more corrupt than ever!


    • 135
      Anonymous says:

      This whole family needs investigating fully, especially the husband/wife/companies/family linkages. They are getting away with the lot amd still performing.

    • 141
      Bromsgrove Man says:

      I know. Most people in Bromsgrove know. But why is Julie Kirkbride being protected by David Cameron. The election campaign in Bromsgrove, which will be sordid, will destroy his credibility.

      • 149

        Maybe JK knows something about DC and oranges?

        • 196
          Just Waiting For The Election Campaign says:

          She certainly says so. Theres something very strange about the whole Kirkbride affair and we Bromsgrovians have had our suspicions for years, fuelled by her total lack of scruple or discretion.

        • 202
          Anon says:

          Kirkbride and MacKay should both be publicly disowned by David Cameron. Only then can we be sure of his total integrity, but with doubts like this hanging over him there will always be reservations.

        • 204
          Anonymous says:

          Disowning would be interesting and of course honourable. It would be to gis enormous benefit and a true cleansing, but I doubt if he has the fortitude to do it.

        • 205
          THE THIRD ROUNDEL says:

          Fortitude accompanies the Man Of Principle but deserts the cowardly.

        • 206
          Just Waiting For The Election Campaign says:

          It will be a cowardly general election campaign then – all round.

        • 208
          Anonymous says:

          Kirkbride seems to have got Cameron stitched up. She boasts that he will never desert her.

        • 209
          Anonymous says:

          She might have got Cameron sewn up but she hasn`t got the electors sewn up. Everyone in Bromsgrove outside her little spinning group has got the measure of her.

  37. 118
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    What about if MPs are allowed to employ family members, but only if they can prove that the family member was the best qualified person for the job?

    They would have to make sure that the job was widely and appropriately advertised, and have objective criteria against which the best candidate was judged. And they would have to prove that this was all done by the book, so they’d have to keep photocopies of job applications from the other candidates.

    After all, we know politicians never have any problems keeping photocopies of the paperwork that they’re legally obliged to keep when they employ people, do they?

    • 130
      Porky Pies MP says:

      No. There should be no employing members of their families at all. It is inconceivable that there is no other person in the country that could not do the job except for their family member. This nepotism is simply a way of making more truffles for their pig noses to sniff out. They really are greedy sodding swine.

  38. 122
    RavingMad says:

    we’d better watch out for increasing birth rates amongst MPs – the more kids they have the more of our money they’re going to want to pay them

    • 136
      Coy tus Inta Rup Tus says:

      You mean – they have strength to raise their member to a working condition, with stamina enough to eee by gum jaculate?

      Or nimble enough to open their bulging t highs enuff to receive said member?

      ah . . . . sorry, – thicko that I am . . it were a turkey baster in my day lad!!!

  39. 127
    BBC - Keeping Up Standards says:

    OT, BBC confirm the appearance of an, as yet, unconvicted criminal on this weeks Question Time:


    • 164
      Anything but Bliar for President says:

      Uniform looks a bit small (-for her thunder thighs).

      • 184
        BBC - Keeping Up Standards says:

        To be perfectly honest, we feel that the picture may have been ‘photo shopped’ and actually shows the original uniform of scrawny spin meister Herr Doctor Fondebums.

        We are however quite an open minded organisation and in the absense of proof, decided to publish anyway.

  40. 128
    Ed says:

    Has Labour’s immigration scandal been reported on the BBC yet?


    Have any senior Tories spoken out against this betrayal of the British people yet?

    • 140
      Naturallyus says:

      To quote a great man

      ‘Thou mightest as well rub thine arse upon a thistle ‘

      Camerhoon, still on Hire to Bliar it seems is quite content.

    • 160
      Labour Traitor says:

      It requires Cameron or Grayling to speak out – then the BBC would have to sit up and take notice? Why is there this omerta on the political news story of the year?

    • 167
      chronic says:

      Question asked in commons today, and Woolas claimed he had never heard of Mr Neather.

  41. 148
    Bill says:

    They probably won’t even need to “swap wives” or their work, just swap payment. Easy.

  42. 151
    Oz says:

    Frightening stuff from the EU:

    ‘If all goes as planned, the 27 member states of the European Union will soon have a common hate crime legislation, which will turn disapproval for Islamic practices or homosexual lifestyles into crimes. Europe’s Christian churches are trying to stop the plan of the European political establishment, but it is unclear whether they will be successful. The media are silent on the topic.

    Last April, the European Parliament approved the European Union’s Equal Treatment Directive. A directive is the name given to an EU law. As directives overrule national legislation, they need the approval of the European Council of Ministers before coming into effect. Next month, the Council will decide on the directive, which places the 27 EU member states under a common anti-discrimination legislation. The directive’s definition of discriminatory harassment is so broad that every objection to Muslim or homosexual practices will be considered unlawful.’

  43. 154
    Raving Loon says:

    “In a democracy, politics should not be a family business.”

    What about the monarchy?

  44. 157
    McGroom says:

    we’ve been through al this before – get over it

    New Labour have had 12 years to change it – go and ask Gordon why the state supports elitest education

  45. 159
    SO17 says:

    Cheers for that info badger baiter. would have some mileage if Labour hadn’t commited our service personnel to fight in two wars at once.
    Officers who fight and die versus Labour politicians who are shite and lie.
    No comparison.

    • 165
      Master Baiter says:

      What’s wrong with nice perks?

      Of course it might upset the odd enlisted man on his 16K.

      But apart from the service personnel themselves, who’s against a nice lucrative perk?

    • 168
      The Zil Mentality says:

      Not forgeting the Liebor elite whose preference is to employ ethnic domestic slaves ‘ off the books ‘ to save a penny or two on the minimum wage.

    • 173
      backwoodsman says:


      • 190
        Dave Lee Travis says:

        Go for it MB – if and when you and your husband have children it would be good for you.

  46. 162
    Eric the Purple says:

    So how can MP’s wives’ contracts be over-ridden legally without massive pay-outs to them?

  47. 163
    Eric the Purple says:

    I wonder how MPs feel about other members’ wives?

  48. 171
    NewGirl says:

    Practice not “practise” Guido…

  49. 176
    Eddie says:


    Here is an excellent article by Ed West in today’s Daily Telegraph on Griffin, last weeks Question Time, and the Labour governments secret plot to impose multi-culturalism on the UK:


  50. 179
    caesars wife says:

    The kelly report looms !!

    mps still think they are on rations , i really dont have a problem with a psouse being a secratary and as you say fawkes it will be a shame if that practice ends for the good mps who it helps with family life , with the caveat its an agreed sum . jaqui smiths hubby was her advisor ?? so who was her secreatary then ???? or the conways get siblings in on expenses fraud to pay for uni . it is the corruption of the system to line the pockets of family members that have not honestly /deservedly do anything worthwhile for the country other than being wavied on by the mp and enjoy the expenses club .

    Its our money our law making building , time they realised it was never theres in the first place to do as they like for personal gain .

    never mind the bankers bounuses what about the ordinary folk who are getting done over week after week by the banks to inflate there balance sheets , sharp practice endorsed by the government to cover its own sorry ass .

  51. 180
    Porn Fan says:

    I made the offer to swap my wife, but I have not had one single offer so it seems it got a bit buried in the above posts. Anyway, not wishing for anyone to miss out, here she is again and she’s your for just six, thats 6 good quality ( Preferably Blu-Ray) porn films:


  52. 191
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    New GuyNews TV thread. PTO

  53. 195
    The Reverand says:

    The first thing to do is slim down both houses of Parliament.

    Why do we need any more than, say, 200 MP’s? In this age of digital communication 600+ arseholes running around doing nothing apart from talking bollocks and running up huge expenses is totally unnecessary…the same goes for the Lords.

    If we reduced the numbers drastically, we could afford to pay them all a decent wage and allowances!

    No M.P. should be allowed to use public funds to reward members of his/her own family…that is a basic principle in business and elsewhere. Also why do MP’s need so many hangers-on? I thought secretarial support was a thing of the past! Nowadays most people get a lap-top, and are then told to get on with it!!

    MP’s / Lords /MSP’s /MEP’s etc. are basically fucking useless!!

    • 216
      13eastie says:

      I was about to say the same thing, Rev.

      If the recent past tells us anything, it is that they will never listen and they will never change.

      MP’s spout on endlessly about the difference they make for their constituents: the truth is almost invariably that don’t participate in most debates and toe the party line when they vote. The superfluous snouts in the trough add very little value for constituents.

      No-one is going to buy the argument that there are not a couple of hundred people in the UK talented and honest enough to deliver way more than we currently get, for a fraction of the cost.

      What we don’t need is more committees, reports, self-serving Speakers, wrist-slapping and plans for “better self-regulation”.

      We need altogether less government interference in our lives, and fewer people trying to do it.

      We need a big, healthy cull with those that remain put firmly under the microscope.

    • 218
      The Chairman says:

      Yep, 200 Perminent Tory MPs should do it…

  54. 199
    Andrew loyd Bum maggots says:

    MPs have already started swapping kids (since local authorities began closing down children’s homes and selling orphans to jews for ritual sacrifice).

  55. 201
    Richard Blogger says:

    “This sort thing would not be tolerated by shareholders as a matter of course”

    So when are we going to see News Corp run by real business people rather than the people that Rupe is poking or the results of his pokes?

  56. 207
    cjf says:

    Closest thing to “diversity” they will get.
    Ever notice that those who talk “diversity” sound alike?
    And, they want all our eggs in one basket, too.
    Their basket.

  57. 227
    Unsworth says:

    I tried that wife-swapping.

    Got a nice Meccano set in exchange.

    Anyway, what have all these women got that makes them so good at these jobs? Is it something physical? Are male partners excluded from this money-go-round?

  58. 230

    Wife swap, sounds like a great idea, anybody fancy taking mine off my hands?

  59. 235
    Obama is a Twat says:

    There should be a pool of staff that MPs simply get someone appointed to work for them. If they don’t like it. tough!

  60. 240
    Former Labour eejit says:

    I have no problem with wives, or other relatives working for husbands PROVIDED they are actually doing the job & not swanning about elsewhere

  61. 241
    Former Labour eejit says:

    Trouble is MP’s have abused it by paying their wives out of public funds when they haven’t done anything

  62. 242
    Anonymous says:

    Did anyone else see the wife on TV solemnly claiming that these wifes (Mr wifes) are ‘Office Managers’ and ‘professionals’? Ha ha ha – very funny!

  63. 253
    Anonymous says:

    Actually, the city is full of sons of senior city gents, who get preferential access to internships and HR advice on CVs.

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Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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