October 25th, 2009

Muslim Radicals Take to the Streets


  1. 1

    Right on! Those are the kind of radicals we can support.


    • 7
      gone fuckin mental says:

      did they have a permit?


    • 8
      Support says:

      I know which side the police “service” will be on, and it won’t be on the freedom and democracy side.


      • 12
        Les Agent-Provocop says:

        Now you know why we bought 25000 taser guns. Right lads and ladies we’re gonna be there well tooled up to meet you. You don’t think we’re gonna let 12 years of planning and acpo go to waste do ya?


        • 134

          You must remember of course that we have been progressively disarmed as individual citizens since 1922. We need ultimately to blame Lenin for this, but of course he is the friend and mentor of the current rulers in Westminster, whether now or after 2010. Even if Gordon Grown does not have the Ballot-Boxes Stuffed Suitably-well In Time to Prevent Defeat.

          Jacqui Smith will be re-elected in Redditch, you just watch, in 2010. With a 1,023 majority. It will be carried out while the ballot-boxes are waiting to be counted.

          It will be enough to propel her “back in triumph to her proper job, working for the British People’s security and safety, working to get on with the job of getting on with the job of getting on with the job of working for the people”. “Working for people’s security and welfare”. “Working towards families and hard-working children”. “Working towards partnerships with public and private snoopers and grasser-uppers, for the people of Redditch, the EU and the world”.


    • 16
    • 48

      “Freedom” and “Labour” are two mutually exclusive worlds (and yes I did mean “worlds” rather than “words”)


    • 102
      no longer anonymous says:

      Agreed, it’s just a pity YAB is involved, she’s a parody of the right-on PC leftie.


    • 121
      Ed says:

      Idiot. These are the “acceptable face of Islam” for public consumption to fool dhimmis like you.


      • 132
        Dar al-Harb says:

        Yeah, Muslims are allowed to lie to non-Muslims in the pursuit of the global caliphate, Mohammed gave them permission. I made the same point on an article Shaaz Mahboob (the guy at the end of the video) at CiF. Yes, you guessed right, the moderator deleted it! They have a funny view of free speech at The Guardian.


    • 125
      Anonymous says:

      They’re a Trojan horse – it’s a plot by Alibi Brown to diminish the Christian heritage of this country.


  2. 2
    Praguetory says:

    The man meant the 31st of October. Otherwise OK.


  3. 4
    Danish Cartoonist says:

    But for your own sake don’t say anything nasty about Mohammed (PBUH)


  4. 5
    • 21
      Anonymous says:

      Public backing er…I iz member of public n at P.O other day 2 Muslims,a black guy and a white guy were spitting venom at the NuLab.Just where are the people Milliband is referring to ,anyone know, cus I’m fucked if I do.


    • 22
      Chaim Alumberajaque says:

      Milibender is a fecking traitor. It is his signature on the Lisbon Constitution document which Brown and HMQ signed thereafter.


      • 34
        Anonymous says:

        It’s a treaty you know and them’s “too complex” for the public to understand;hence no fucking say in the matter! Ain’t democracy great.


      • 47
        Erich Honecker says:

        So it’s the jooooooooos! The joooooooooooooos! Sieg fucking heil. You are Borat and I claim my ten bob.


      • 68
        Anonymous says:

        Have you Been reading the Protocols of Zion again.

        Funny innit, we have mass immigation and lots of laws stopping us from speaking out.
        Almost as if someone was against the West.

        Did anyone ever see ImadinnerJackets Christmas Message to the West, I quite liked it.



      • 99

        In alliance with the Rosicrucians, the Knights Templar, the Bildebergers and the Illuminati of Bavaria, obviously


      • 128
        Conspiracy Theorist says:

        Something very fishy about these Milibands

        1. Grandfather Miliband was a native of Warsaw. In 1919 when the Soviets invaded Poland Grandfather Miliband in an act of treason fought alongside Trotsky on the Soviet side.
        2. After this failed invasion Grandfather Miliband settled in Brussels where Father Miliband was born. When Adolf came knocking in 1940 they fled to London. Within 12 months 17 year old Father Miliband had been accepted at the London School of Economics. How did that happen? In the country less than a year and you’re accepted at a prestigious university way beyond the dreams of most ordinary Brits.
        3. The 2 current Milibands despite having no obvious talent nor any rapport with the British people rise to Cabinet office while in their 30s
        4. One of theses creeps is in charge of that sanctimonious globalist scam “Climate Change”
        5. The other seems to be in charge of selling this country out to the Western European version of the soviet empire


  5. 6
    Erich Honecker says:

    No platform for democratic militants!


  6. 10
    gone fuckin mental says:

    fuck not getting the adverts now , you put a fee on ?


  7. 11
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    The only thing I agree with this lot on is throwing black sheets over ugly women, but I’ve been told I’ve missed whatever point there is to that.


  8. 13
    Bill D'Sarse says:

    Fair play to ‘em.

    ……I’m half tempted to get a deckchair, a couple of tinny’s and sit back and watch it go off when the nutters turn up. Should be good entertainment. It’ll be interesting to watch the Met get caught on the horns of a dilemma….


  9. 14
    JSD says:

    This lot demonstrate against extremists, while Gordon gives them our money:-


    Islamists who want to destroy the state get £100,000 funding
    Members of a group regarded as an ‘organisation of concern’ by the Home Office has secured large government grants for schools , reports Andrew Gilligan.


  10. 15
    hawk says:

    That’s cute. If they were all like that (and the lovely girl who works with me), we’d be fine.


  11. 17
    Chaim Alumberajaque says:

    Is it going to be a punch up with the Green environmentalists?


  12. 18

    Let’s blow up the whole fucking earth and then there’ll be no more bullshit ever again


  13. 19
    Gorgon the Monetary Moron, the Lunatic of Londistan says:

    It’s sociashitist social engineering innit

    Its wot we do

    ‘n that

    VOTE Noo_Lie_Bore and get lots more


  14. 23
    Flatcap Army says:

    reminds of the the (probably apocryphal) story about the Islamic Revolution in Teheran; after some days of covering the upheavals a BBC cameraman got bored, stuck on a burkha and spent a while wandering the streets carrying a placard reading “NO TO THE SIDCUP BYPASS”


    • 27
      rick says:

      That humor could only be understood in England.


      • 46
        Anonymous says:

        The people I met coming from Teheran,British engineers etc were only offered
        death threats as they were pushed to the waiting planes which were evacuating them from the place.


        • 73
          Boycott Israel, it worked on Apartheid, we are all responsible says:

          I was a school boy in 1958 Bagdad, during the revolution I did not feal unsafe as an Infidel Foreign child, but tey did string up their foreign secretary on a lamp post outside their equivalent of Number 10, with his balls in his mouth

          He was only there for an hour or so before the demonstrators ripped him down and tore im into little pieces

          At least the Iraqiis knew how to deal with trougers


  15. 26

    Behead all those who say democracy is violent.


  16. 28
    Article 38 says:

    Good for them – love the humour. Proves that British culture is broad and everyone can enjoy it regardless of religious or racial background.

    I demand nice cups of tea and cake for all!


  17. 30
    An unelected monkey, shrieking on the end of its chain, held by the unelected organ grinder says:

    Wu’ll soon ha’e an unelucted Prezza Bliar.

    an’ Camerhoon ca’only wutch in awe.

    An’ nuthn’s ma fult ye un’stn.


  18. 32
    Gronnie Beer says:

    If only more Muslims would come out and protest against their crazy brethren!

    Even though I despise Islam, I recognize that not all Muslims are Sharia happy lunatics.

    The question is, which group is more representative of Muslims in the UK?

    The crazy Muslims do have the Koran on their side.

    But the sensible ones realize that kind of thing is not going to work for them, and destroy their freedoms.


    • 35
      elusivelestoc says:

      You despise even these people demonstrating for democracy and doing it with a sense of humour merely because they’re muslim? That sounds like something Abu Hamza would say about christians.


      • 53
        Bigland says:

        Weird, I thought he wrote he despised Islam, not Muslims.


        • 86
          Fergie says:

          Explain the difference between Nazism and those that follow it, Nazi’s. It’s the same as Islam, and those that follow it, muslims.


          • Bigland says:

            One is an ideology, the other is a human being who believes they follow said ideology.

            What? You can’t hate an idea without hating all the people who believe in that idea?

            (Or were you actually asking for the difference between Nazism and Islam?)


      • 64
        English Viking says:

        Be careful someone doesn’t push you head first from your moral high-ground. Is the muslim morality of which you speak the same one which organises the beating of rape victims, because they were ‘asking for it’? Maybe it’s the beheadings, suicide bombings, amputations, civil wars (I could go on). The day will come, in the not too distant future, when you and yours will have to make a choice. No grey areas, no prevarication, no after-dinner waffle over a brandy or two. For or against. Mmm, decisions, decisions.


        • 78
          Boycott Israel, it worked on Apartheid, we are all responsible says:

          Enjoy the Brandy whilst you can, it will be banned for your children.

          Tribal god botherers, it’s so yesterday, and might be so tomorrow


          • Odds Bodkins says:

            I don’t think so somehow. The Saudis for example, supposedly strict Muslims are huge consumers of whiskey and porn.


          • Anonymous says:

            Yeah, but only when they’re whoring in Bangkok and Manila during Ramadan. If it’s still there, I recommend the Australia club in Manila to meet up with your boozing, shagging Arab.


        • 79
          rick says:

          No, English Viking, I do not think amputations/be-headings etc. are right or even part of Islamic doctrine – any more than I think that burning witches or the inquisition is part of the Cristian faith. I suppose I am just a heathen working class boy and don’t have many grey areas and have made my choice already. Vote B*P.


        • 81
          English Viking says:

          You appear to be missing a ‘P’ from your name. Comparing what some Christians did 300 years ago to what muslims are doing every day, today, tomorrow, ad infinitum, is faulty logic. It matches your faulty understanding of Christianity.


        • 85
          rick says:

          Sorry, English Viking, I gave up on theological argument a long time ago – along with my student days. I am now a confirmed agnostic. Sadly, we would probably agree on more than you think over a drink or three.


      • 122
        Manny says:


        You are what’s known as a useful idiot, or dhimmi for short.


    • 43
      caesars wife says:

      as far as i can tell islam comes with nutter optional extra included , allah said it you have to do it if required .


    • 50
      Erich Honecker says:

      You are defending sharia law? You Hunt.


    • 51
      Mercian says:

      We don’t believe in stoning women to deathfor adultery if they have been raped. for instance.


      • 67
        English Viking says:

        Nor beheading old men, whilst they scream and beg for their life, for the sole reason that they are ‘kafirs’. RIP Ken Bigley.


    • 76
      Anonymous says:

      Surely you have’t fallen for this Govt / Migrant Inspired Anti BNP stand down the British working class operation have you…you need to learn think more than one level deep, the British sheep are being manipulated to their demise, this is a put up Job to get them to stand down, not vote Bee n Pee and come back to the LibLabCon Abbatoir fold.


    • 93

      I don’t recall seeing a call for women to be owned by men, or how this would strengthen families…


    • 123
      udderly 'orrible says:

      The gulf between the beliefs of bearded desert tribalists — imported to wherever the botherers have been imported — with those of post-Enlightenment societies, is so vast as to be unbridgeable.
      Allowing these Third Columnists free rein with their ranting support for beheadings, stonings, et al, is terminally naive.
      Intergrate or be removed should be the policy, no ifs or buts.


    • 126
      Anonymous says:

      In a recent yougov poll 0% (yup, that’s a big fat fucking zero) of Muslims in the UK approved of homosexuality. Dream on if you think there’s such a thing as a tolerant muslim – everything has to be on their terms.


      • 131
        elusivelestoc says:

        Sounds like a lot of you are stuck in the middle ages. There are Christian sects that still believe homosexuality is a major sin, check out Montana where homosexuals can be tortured to death. Also Christian sects that practise polygamy and “marry” children – try Utah. Then check out some of the African and South American nations where homosexuality is a reason to once again torture people to death, all in the name of Christianity. There are Christian sects in Britain that, if given the opportunity, will make homosexuals’ lives unbearable. No religion has moral superiority, because they are all guilty of hate, hypocrisy and a failure to understand that religion is man’s puny little way of trying to control the big scary questions of life and death by creating a supernatural being that can look after them. Get a life, and keep away from (all) relgion. It kills.


        • 136
          Tesco is Shite says:

          It’s the bloody muslimes (sic) who’re stuck in the middle ages and before. The great warrior and fighter for freedom, George S Patton, said this: “It seems to me a certainty that the fatalistic teachings of Mohammed and the utter degradation of the Arab women are the outstanding causes for the arrested development of the Arab. He is exactly as he was around the year 700, while we have been developing.”

          Until 12 years ago, what Patton said was spot on.


    • 133
      Dar al-Harb says:

      The sensible ones aren’t Muslims. Islam is one path only, overthrow all other religions and establish the global caliphate by whatever means necessary. A really good Muslim will copy the Prophet and behead someone. This group I don’t trust, they censor anyone who questions there motives, as I indeed did. And i was censored.


  19. 36
    nell says:

    Oh! Not her!!!

    How is she representative of anything decent??


    • 44
      Erich Honecker says:

      YAB is the quintessential ungrateful immigrant. She never tires of denigrating white Brits, promoting mass immigration and sneering at those who disagree. She also better watch her step with her heretical daliance with islamic secularism (ho ho ho) given the unequivocal islamic apostasy (ridda) laws: ‘He who leaves his religion: kill him’. -Bukhari


  20. 37

    “bmsd will achieve this by:
    Facilitating discourse and raising awareness of democracy particularly ‘secular democracy’ and its benefits.

    Facilitating broad and enlightened theological discourses, to enable British Muslims and the wider public to be better informed about the Islamic faith.

    Raising awareness of religious influence on UK domestic and foreign policies, particularly those which may lead to undue effect on civil liberties.

    Addressing Islamophobia and prejudice against Muslims and Muslim communities.

    Working with UK and global Muslim and other organisations, opposing radicalism and intolerant beliefs.

    Ensuring that politicians and community leaders encourage and practise transparency and ensure legitimate voting practices are followed.

    Engaging with marginalised Muslim communities, helping to identify root causes of deprivation and social exclusion, and help work towards a solution.

    Providing a lively and interesting social/educational programme which showcases the variety of Muslim histories, cultures, values and traditions in the UK today.

    Be responsive to the changing needs and pressures on succeeding generations of British Muslims and adjust and add to its programmes and projects accordingly.”

    Always a catch.


    • 41
      nell says:

      How about engaging with the rest of us??? Hmmm??

      Labour is obsessed with engaging with the muslim population . There are lots more of us out here. We understand and sympathise with the muslim population but some of us have other roots.

      RURAL roots!!!!

      Labour hates them doesn’t it?? Prezza made that quite clear didn’t he??


      • 49

        NuGov likes their clients dependent and their donors rich.

        And I don’t trust this group anymore than Islam4UK. Yasmin ffs!?! Come on, she is anti-British but pro-Government, hardly going to curry favour with the ‘locals’ who have had to put up with the islamic enrichment.


        • 55
          Mercian says:

          I’ve no idea who these people are that you are talking about. Yasmin??

          Anyway, I just assumed that the whole thing is a piss-take? Why else are they wearing those silly masks while apparently demonstrating in favour of western values?


          • Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – BS Media Mouthpiece. Doubt it’s a piss-take, maybe they’re the Sinn Fenn of the Islam4UK crew. Who knows, willing to bet a fiver we’re somehow paying for it though.


      • 52

        Labour is obsessed with using whoever it can use, for its own ends.


      • 71
        English Viking says:

        I don’t want to be ‘engaged’ by them. They can stay in their bit, I’ll stay in mine.


        • 80
          Boycott Israel, it worked on Apartheid, we are all responsible says:

          ‘Study History to read the Future’ – Curcill 20th century

          It happened to Tonga in the 1980′s

          If we accept it, it WILL appen


          • Support Israel, they are front line of a war which will inevitably make it's way to the UK says:

            I most certainly do not accept it. I oppose it, everywhere, in all it’s forms, including the softly, softly, catchee monkey rot that is the subject of this thread.


          • Lizzie says:

            “We learn from history that we learn nothing from history”–George Brenard Shaw.


    • 124
      udderly 'orrible says:

      ….straight out of Liebour’s standard text books.


  21. 40
    caesars wife says:

    should go down well with khaliefate and sharia rule mob , interesting mind bender though , freedom of speech jasmin should take note cops now are watching “domestic extremists” .

    any news yet on milliband worried about his seat and wanting to be blairs bag carrier ?? the article is just too wierd , why not give us the referendum then you can accurately assess how much we all want tony to be EU president , go on lets see if your less gutless than your leader


  22. 42
    nell says:

    Guido you are really provoking political thought tonight.

    Well Done!!


  23. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Jesus Christ, obviously a Govt inspired Protest to get the Brits to Stand down

    It’s OK eveyone, you can all put your heads back in the sand….


  24. 57
    RogerDodger says:

    Thank fuck.

    Required for a long time. More of it pleased. Allies in Islam be as vocal as possible.

    Heartening video to see.


  25. 59
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    A few weeks ago 200 muslim men left friday prayers to confront the loud mouthed wankers insulting British soldiers and told them to leave Britain if they hated it so much.
    A Christian can a have a beer in most muslim states, fornicate in private, worship Christ
    they aint so bad


    • 74
      English Viking says:

      Unless they live in Saudi, then they must live in gated compounds (ghettoes?), pretend not to be Christians, not possess a Bible and dress as the State decrees when out of their ‘cage’. Fair enough, I suppose. But then why do they demand different treatment here?


      • 82
        Boycott Israel, it worked on Apartheid in the 1980's, we are all responsible says:

        Why don’t we make all immigrants live our way

        In southern spain, to get rid of the remnants of the Ottoman empire, a local major decreed that every household hang a HAM in their living room, as you can imagine, solved the problem


      • 97
        Off to anywhere but here if I could. says:

        When in Rome, do as the Romans.


  26. 77
    English Viking says:

    O/T but I can’t resist it. Liverpool 2 – Scumchester Utd 0. HA HA HA, In your fat purple face, Fergie. Whose your Daddy now? Say it, say it, say my name!


  27. 88
    Edgar says:

    No, no, no. It gets too complicated! What next? Anti-anti-freedom of speech speakers speaking against anti-freedom of speech speakers speaking against freedom of speech speakers speaking against no-freedom of speech speakers?


  28. 96
    Miranda Bliar says:

    Cant wait till Guido gets his teeth into Labour over their immigration lies


  29. 98
    Anonymous says:

    Free speech will dominate the world, unless you’re a White Heterosexual Indigenous British male who doesnt want to become a minority in his own country.
    Can I say 9-11 was an inside Job, that muslim womans plackard seems to suggest I can, and since they decide our fucking Laws now I guess it’s ok.

    If I wanted to protest like that I’m sure I’d need a permit of some kind.


  30. 104
    LOL says:

    Alibaha-Brown and co are just the ‘acceptable face of moderate Islam’ designed to fool the dhimmis.

    They all want muslim domination of Europe and anyone who can’t see that is a useful idiot for the caliphate.


  31. 106
    Anonymous says:

    Protesting the hard Jihad of bombs and bullets will do nothing to stop the soft Jihad of demographics.

    As Prof. Bernard Lewis says, Western Europe will become Islamic this century.
    That is the full enormity of what our western political classes have done to us.


  32. 107
    Anonymous says:



  33. 109
    Anonymous says:

    Here’s a puzzle for Jack Straw (or anyone else) to solve : If I walk into a post office, a bank, an airport and most other public places wearing a motorcycle helmet I would be asked to remove it or leave the premises. I would certainly not be served. At an airport I would probably be arrested under the Terrorism Act, just like that old Labour man who had the effrontery to heckle Straw by shouting the word “nonsense”.
    If, on the other hand, I completely covered myself in black robes with just my eyes showing, so no one would be able to know whether I was a man, a woman or a chimpanzee, no official would risk his job by asking me to show my face.
    What happens when passports are being chcked? Is it done in private? By a man or by a woman? Or is it not done at all? Does anyone know the answer?
    I said it was a puzzle didn’t I?


  34. 110
    Anonymous says:

    Some of thoughts of Yasmin Alibhai – Brown

    My journey into the heart of the white middle class:


    Spare me the tears over the white working class:



  35. 115
    Observer says:

    Whether they’re primitives in beards and frocks waving placards promising to behead us or primitives in sharp suits, if they’re muslims they’re still believers in the Koran, and cannot ever bring themselves to disown the passages declaring it their duty to hunt down and destroy the infidel.

    They daren’t, because they think it’s the word of their god and it would indicate that he got it wrong.

    So when you add in their homophobia, sexism and anti-semitism you realise that they’re remarkably like some other organisation.

    The BNP. But with a violent streak.


  36. 118
    Aberdeen Angus McDayie says:

    Very cool link to the bdsm sorry bsmd sorry bmsd. Check it out.

    other job title needed
    bmsd trustee

    How about agent provocateur?

    Dr. Taj Hargey, an intellectual and theologian who believes Islam is entirely compatible with modernism,

    It may be that Islam is relevant to today’s society – after all, none other than Nick Griffin said the other day on tv that he liked its position on usury – but one thing is beyond doubt: Islam is not compatible with modernism. They are opposed ideologies and opposing philosophies.

    Or Mr Imran Ahmed whose listed main credential is that In 2007 he and Dr Shaaz Mahboob attended the Holocaust Memorial Day.

    All in all, this bdsm seems about as competent and politically appetizing as the B&P? Wicked Guido.

    The other point of course is that in this tw*ttering age, politicos seem not to know their own silly business any more. What’s the point of ideas if it can all be done with slogans and stereotypes?


  37. 137
    Wossat? says:

    I didn’t see or hear mention of Yazza or her pals protesting the nutters outside the House of Lords when Geert was paying a visit. Seems that some speech ain’t as free as it might be…


    • 143
      Anonymous says:

      Yea funny that, it’s almost as if the Media was deliberately being used to shape our perception of the world they are leading us into to the advantage of our Establishment elites, of course that’s just a Matrix like like Conspiracy theory.


  38. 138
    Valerie Mingerton says:

    I’m not happy with Auntie’s choice.


  39. 144
    Potential alpha male says:

    How will the police cope with two groups of Muslims who oppose each other?


    • 149
      DiversityOutreachOfficer-MyBrainHurts says:

      We need a far-reaching an urgent debate about which group would be the bigger victim!


  40. 150

    [...] Muslim Radicals Take to the Streets Yasmin Alibhai-Brown leads these dangerous radicals. Allahu Akbar… [...]


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