October 13th, 2009

Jacqui Smith : Crime Without Punishment

Crime Without Punishment

Guido is grateful to Newsnight’s David Grossman for revealing how it passed that Jacqui Smith’s investigation by the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner and critical report to to the Committee on Standards and Privileges resulted in a mere slap on the wrist.

Guido has, for once, no complaints about Commissioner John Lyon’s report to the Committee.  Paul Waugh says that the Commissioner “confided during the course of his inquiry that he has to “keep a keen eye on the blogs”. Government sources feel that Lyon believed he was under heavy pressure to do a tough report…” Good.  It is fair to say that John Lyon and the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics were in correspondence from the outset – remember the Commissioner at first rejected Sunlight’s original request for an investigation into Jacqui Smith.  Sunlight persisted, citing precedent and the existence of witnesses and he reluctantly began an investigation.  (Sunlight’s correspondence was noticeably omitted from the final report.)

The former Chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, Sir Alastair Graham, is shocked that despite the findings, which include that the former Home Secretary attempted to mislead the investigation as to where she spent most of her nights, the MPs’ Committee on Standards and Privileges ruled she just had to apologise.  Guido has said it before; MPs judging MPs will always give them the benefit of the doubt, it is like selecting jurors from prison.  In this case the composition of the Committee was disgraceful.  One Tory, Greg Knight, was outnumbered by five Labour MPs, Andrew Dismore, Chris Mullin, Kevin Barron, Paddy Tippin and Dr Alan Whitehead.  So despite being found to have wrongly claimed £116,000, to have mislead the investigation and broken the rules, her ‘honourable’ friends ruled she had to merely apologise.  She was not ordered to repay a  single penny.  This is crime without punishment…


  1. 1

    Hang The Bitch !

  2. 2
    50 calibre says:

    Apologies made. £928 per second.

  3. 3
    ed balls says:

    what did you really expect would happen, plod needs to get involved and fast

  4. 4

    Pay It ALL Back You Troughing Scumbag !

  5. 5
    W.W. says:

    Apparantly furious Labour MP’s blame Jonah for this getting dragged up again, I wonder if this will be the tipping point in any campaign to oust him.


  6. 6
    Elton says:

    her ‘honourable’ friends ruled she had to merely apologise.

    It wasn’t exactly an apology was it? She said sorry but I did not detect any apology

  7. 7


  8. 8
    Scallywag says:

    Nice work if you can get it.

  9. 9
    alexinSW6 says:

    All MPs are equal, but some are more equal than others.

  10. 10
    A Pensioner says:

    Clearly the lady has no class.

  11. 11
  12. 12
    Scallywag says:

    Dream on. She’ll get away with it like all the other troughing bastards in Westminster. There’s nobody with enough clout to stop the thieving cow.

  13. 13
    nell says:

    I hope not. I want to see him stand at the next election. It’s the only chance the electorate will get to show him how hated he is.

  14. 14
    JMT says:

    No. Out of spite he might bring down the government. If they put him out of his job, he will put over 200 of them out of theirs.

    Mandy will have a quick word with them and point out that once he has successfully destroiyed the independence of UK Plc, he will provide them a nice well-paid, no-effort-required, no-expense-questions-asked, sinecure with his EUSSR mate Tony.

    All aboard the Gravy Train, next stop Bruxelle – Toot Toot!!

  15. 15
    Margaret says:

    Will you still be saying that when we get to hear what is in the letters to you and your (not so charming) wife? I’m so looking forward to those coming out.

  16. 16
    Raving Loon says:

    Partisanship is the death of politics. We would be better off with a parliament of independents.

  17. 17
    Ben says:

    The MPs are revolting.

    Stuart Douglas is like a man possessed running around all the TV and radio stations Heather Brooke is allowed to get the odd word in trying to say that the rules have not been chaged merely enforced.

    Ann Widdecombe is revolting too.

    Peter Oborne writes
    With the connivance of this wretched new Speaker, MPs are trying to destroy an honest man for daring to expose their greed


  18. 18

    Community service, surely. We could have a Boy George type camera call while she mops some spew off the pavement outside Euston.

  19. 19
    Sue Tzuzir says:

    They still don’t get it do they.

    Jacqui, pay the money back and then stand down as an MP with immediate effect. You’ll be allright for another job, I hear they’re taking on traffic wardens in Redditch.

  20. 20

    Clearly the lady is no lady

  21. 21
    Obama is a twat says:

    The BBC have given 5 bellies a free pass. OK Newsnight gave it a brief mention, but the main BBC news didn’t really cover it much (the BBC also hardly mentioned HER involvement in having Damien Green arrested) and you can bet if it had been a TORY MP the BBC and Guardian would have been all over it.

  22. 22
    Axe Rant Imp says:

    I think the problem is really that the MP’s in question have long viewed it as entirely socially acceptable to fleece the system, they have viewed it as their “low income” right – As if the very fact they are noble enough to deign to be MP’s excuses them from any further questions, a surprising number still don’t get it, they feel this is somewhat of a witch-hunt, Jaqui Smith is a grotesque person who exemplifies nu-labour, small minded, boring, middle aged, fat, an dinner-lady like middle-manager/local government type Hunt who will rightly be ousted from politics, her political career is over, her husband will find someone less ugly, or simply spend more time watching tv, she has had to accept that she is in the wrong, and there is a small but perfectly formed chance that the fat bitch might face private prosecution.

  23. 23

    Also She said Sorry To Her Constituents She Fucking Will Be ! I Read On Here Yesterday That A Reporter Couldn’t Find One Person That said They Would Vote For Her ! Get Yer Bags Packed You Hoe !

  24. 24
    Phil O'Pastree says:

    Calm down, titfer lad.

  25. 25
    50 Calibre says:

    Labour MPs…
    Andrew Dismore,
    Chris Mullin,
    Kevin Barron,
    Paddy Tippin and
    Dr Alan Whitehead
    should all be singled out for total rejection should any of them have the gall to put themselves up for re-election.

  26. 26
    All MPs are Thieves, Fraudsters & Con Artists says:


    With interest. Now.

  27. 27
    backwoodsman says:

    There wasn’t one, it was a justification ! I wonder if the blue plaque is still up on the wall of ‘her’ London home ?
    Its the magnitude of the amount which makes it so offensive !

  28. 28
    It's a trap! says:

    Smith is untouchable!

    That is why her husband rents loads of Porn.

  29. 29
    nell says:

    Well one thing is certain, Labour MP’s and Ministers are most certainly NOT Working Class.

    My Working Class are honorable, decent, honest, hard-working people.

    That’s not a description that could be applied to Jacqui Smith and her troughing comrades.

  30. 30
    Jethro Q. Walrus-Titty says:

    Yet another absolutely shameless hussy.What on CAN sympathise with is Mr Smiths nees to resort to porn.
    I mean would you………..?

  31. 31
    Doris says:

    This is outrageous and a clear breach of the law. The woman is nothing more than an out and out crook and should be punished as such.

  32. 32
    fruitcake says:

    Is there now a legal defence for deceit consisting of “Sorry”??

    Baroness Scotland, can you advise?

  33. 33
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Jackie Smith went into a newsagents in Redditch this morning. Took a long look a the headlines and turned white.

    Tne newsagent asked. “Do you want a Telegraph”?

    Smith replied. “Er, no. I prefer The FT.”

  34. 34
    All MPs are Thieves, Fraudsters & Con Artists says:

    The BBC are getting worse – just like MPs.

    They are all on the public gravy train & boy can’t we tell with the useless, tame & impotent coverage of 5 Bellies.

    The BBC has to go – are you listening DC?

  35. 35
    Anonymous says:

    I see Gordon’s Cap on banker’s bonuses has back fired.

    Oct. 13 (Bloomberg) — Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc said a third of its employees working in the Singapore office of its private bank, Coutts, have resigned.


  36. 36

    She Is So High and Mighty That He Has To Jack Himself Off !

  37. 37
    Margaret says:

    How can she get away with this? Giving the wrong home to get more expenses is not lawful, one rule for MP’s and one for the masses

  38. 38
    King Carter-Ruck says:

    The Grauniad won’t, they like gags.

  39. 39
    Scallywag says:

    No I wouldn’t, not even with someone else’s…

  40. 40
    Jethro Q. Walrus-Titty says:

    Latest Hollywood release:

    SMITHZILLA V THE BARONESS -which monster will win this tale of horror and avarice?

  41. 41
    righty right wing (mrs) says:


    Are they so insulated from real people that they just do not see the damage they are doing to our democracy?

    Maybe with the advent of Lisbon ALL MPs know that it is over in Westminster & they are filling their boots before the big cull.

    Afterall, why do we need 646 troughers in an expensive talking shop now that Brussells & the Franco German Empire are our masters?

    Yes, fill your boots in the closing down fire sale of Great Britain PLC – its like the Managers of old Woolworths stores nicking all the half decent stuff before being turfed out onto the streets.

  42. 42
    King Carter-Ruck says:

    Oh I don’t know, just lie back and think of the money

  43. 43
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Did Soames, Young, Harvey and Llwen have no view on Smith’s behaviour.

    Funny how The Beeboid editiors ignored the composition of the Committee 5 Nu Lab Stooges : 1 Tory and four missing or uninvited MPs. The meeting on Sept 22 looks like a set up and its findings stink.

  44. 44
    It's a trap! says:

    Why do we have to keep our records in business and personal statements for 6 years then?

    Why is there no investigation into why Blairs documents being shredded? The info will be held on Computer or in the Banking System.

    Do these Bastards pay any tax? Or are they given a special Tax rate?

    Do they pay any ‘Benefits in Kind’ like the little people?

    Is Ms Smith popular in the marginal seat of Redditch? Was she a hard working constituency MP?

  45. 45
    genghiz the kahn says:

    And one law for the masses and another ignored by an Attorney General as well.

  46. 46
  47. 47

    I Think That Sir Thomas Legg Deserves A Knighthood !

  48. 48
    Annoyed Nurse says:

    The House is in complete disrepute now – this cannot go on.

    Someone has to go to prison for fraud in public office – or what is the point of the little people obeying the Law?

    £116,000 – how many Nurses paid tax on our pittance to make up the pile this horrendous fraudster stole?

    Labour out – no matter what “my” Union says about jam tomorrow & evil Tories.

  49. 49

    Prepare the lamposts

  50. 50
    Josef Müller-Brockmann says:

    Can’t someone do a new Bugsy Malone musical

    Fat Jaqs Grand Slam

    “see the politician
    sitting by the kitchen
    said he caught his fingers
    in the well he was wishing in”

  51. 51
    Johnny says says:

    “Guido has said it before; MPs judging MPs will always give them the benefit of the doubt, it is like selecting jurors from prison.”

    Which is why it needs to be constituents judging MPs not other MPs nor a Parliamentary quango. We are the only ones with the authority to do it. We put those shits in Parliament it is for us to remove them.

  52. 52
    BBC = Bias by Ommission - its what we do says:

    i cannot stand the bbc now – just even to listen to it makes me cringe.

    someone here uses the term pravda – i think it is worse than that because we are supposed to be a free and democratic country where the press and media hold the political class at arms length – not cosy up to them so tight that you cannot slip a cigarette paper between them.

    the bbc must face some heavy sanctions for its meddling in politics and its obvious labour / eu bias

  53. 53
    labour a hump on my back says:

    hang em high.

  54. 54
    Groucho says:

    Compare and contrast with the treatment Joe Public would get from HMRC after a fiddle of this magnitude. A huge fine and/or prison sentence would be the likely outcome.

    This is the political establishment telling us to f*ck off and mind our own business. They know that we know they are a bunch of self serving greedy bastards helping them selves to the public purse, but they simply don’t care what we think.

    This is really making me angry now.

  55. 55


  56. 56
    A Pensioner says:

    She may have got away with it in the litteral sense, but as she looks at herself in the mirror for the next 40-odd years (ughhh) she will know that an evil plague has descended on her and she will die with infamy, forever hated and despised.

  57. 57
    Elton John says:

    my new record

    Sorry seems to be the easiest word

  58. 58
    Stronghold Barricades says:

    It was more “I’m sorry I got caught”

    “but still dispute the way the evidence was presented”

  59. 59
    Road_Hog says:

    Something HAS to change.

  60. 60
    Stronghold Barricades says:

    and the piano wire

  61. 61
    Ben says:

    Sorry for error. Stuart Bell is the name I meant.

    Just to rub it in Micael Martin is going to be made a Lord today. No doubt this is his reward for covering up MPs fiddling.

  62. 62
    balachbeag says:

    Let’s not forget the misdemeanours of that other bastion of justice at the heart of Government – Lady Scotland.

  63. 63
    Mmmm says:

    I wonder if it is the worry of a chain reaction of prosecutions that has made the LAB / CON / LIB cartel of crooks close ranks?

    We want prosecutions, lengthy prison sentences and heavy fines.

    And we want them now.

    So either get on with it or face the very real possibility of Parliament and the political elite loosing all authority and respect.

    No, actually don’t bother – wait until we string a few of you troughers up then we will see you all “get your minds right” and realise who is the boss – the taxpaying public if you have forgotten.


  64. 64
    It's a trap! says:

    Would love to see the Kinnocks expenses itemised since they took up power in Europe.

    We are paying for all of that as well! I bet that it would make the worst offenders in Westminster look like Church Mice.

    Socialism. Control and Power under the lie of equal rights.

    And the Kinnocks have either 2 legs or 4 legs depending on their Spin.

    You are correct about the EUSSR gravy train. Beats working for a living.

  65. 65
    A Pensioner says:

    Groucho: undoubtedly true. But the real damage is in the message this sends. Why would any right minded person not fiddle their books? In fact, this is what they are telling you to do.

  66. 66
    udderly 'orrible says:


    Give her both barrels Mr Fawkes, no quarter, no mercy.

    She lied, pillaged, misled the House and opened the door of the Common’s to armed police stormtroopers.

    Her non-apology in the House is a new low in self-indulgent entitlement.
    She’s one of the largest t*rds in Liebour’s untreated sewage output.

    BOTH barrels, rapid fire…..

  67. 67
    Lizzie says:

    Jacqui Smith epitomises the reason Labour should be put out of office at the next election. Her apology in Parliament was shocking, she made herself out to be the victim. She is as “thick as two short planks”!

  68. 68

    Exactly. Do NOT vote for Parties. EVER. The whips only have THEIR interests at heart

  69. 69
    Anonymous says:

    OK, I think this is the green light for the populace to be particularly modest on their tax returns. If found short, we can apologise to each other.

  70. 70
    Road_Hog says:

    Now hold on, I don’t think that’s quite correct. Put yourself in Mr.Timney’s shoes, shag that fat old bint or one off the wrist?

    Imagine you’re pumping her and the next thing it would be, hold on I’ve forgotton to claim for something on my expeneses.

  71. 71
    AJC says:

    Presumably the JS case is no longer sub judici (perhaps the police are have
    a frozen investigation)?

    Should it not now be referred to Sir Thomas Legg’s review?

  72. 72
    Vindictive Vic says:

    Jacqui Smith: Poster Girl for the Shameless Society.

    May she bathe in a box of maggots.

  73. 73
    Richard Titme says:

    £116,000? How many tit wanks can you get for that?

  74. 74
    Budgie says:

    Lord Fiddle.

  75. 75
    r supward says:

    MPs were allowed to make their own rules concerning expenses and the thieves still have to go beyond the over generous allowances they gave themselves. its bloody priceless.!!
    if there was any justice in this Country she would be prosecuted

  76. 76
    Road_Hog says:

    She’s no Lady.

  77. 77

    Ignorance Is Not A Defence In British Law ! Unless You Are An MP ! These Are Supposed To Be The Cleverest People we Have Got ? Each And Every One Of them Say’s I Made A Mistake,Error Of Judgement ,An Oversite Etc Etc. Everything These Twats Do Is Subsidized Eat, Drink, Sleep, Holidays Travel,Etc They Dont Pay A Fucking Penny For Anything ! Their Salaries Must Go In to Their Bank Unopened
    We Need A Massive Clear out All These Turds Need To Be Flushed Right Away To Remove The Stench From Our Politics

  78. 78
    MI5 says:

    and what about the thieving barons and baronesses ??

    Wo have admitted their fiddles ??

  79. 79
  80. 80
    English Liberation Front says:

    Never forget that this is the woman who wanted to read your emails and make the convicted wear “bibs” when performing community service. She should be made to wear a “bib” with the words “Benefit Fraudster” on it whenever she sits in parliament.

    She is just one of the archetypal communist tyrants of the new soviet regime which has brought East Germany 1960 to Britain.

  81. 81
    Flat Eric says:

    Pity is, it’s keeping focus off the troughing bastard bankers. They are much worse.

  82. 82
  83. 83
    r supward says:

    no, she makes two short planks look like a computer

  84. 84
  85. 85
    Rip Van Winkle says:

    Or Uddin?

    Or Paul?


  86. 86
    We are your friends, we look out for your best interests says:

    Pravda means ‘truth’ because if it weren’t truth, it wouldn’t be called Pravda.

    If you can’t see that there is something wrong with you, or is there something about you we ought to know about….

  87. 87
    The Court of Public Opinion ( Brussels HQ ) says:

    Pos Member name Total claimed
    1 Eric Joyce £187,334 LABOUR
    2 Michael Connarty £183,466 LABOUR
    3 Alistair Carmichael £176,190 LIBDEM
    4 Ben Wallace £175,523 TORY
    5 Mohammad Sarwar £174,882 LABOUR
    6 Charles Kennedy £174,232 LIBDEM
    7 Janet Anderson £173,556 LABOUR
    8 David S Borrow £172,706 LABOUR
    9 Jim McGovern £171,989 LABOUR
    10 Fabian Hamilton £171,824 LABOUR



  88. 88
    Flat Eric says:

    Must be a lot of money – for the total loss of reputation (lol what reputation?)

  89. 89
    tat says:

    jacqui smith may have saved herself a few quid the thieving c’unt but the reality is that the new labour war and occupation party has just consigned several more thousand votes straight in the fucking dustbin.
    working people don’t like thieving c’unts like jaqui smith stealing their money.
    they work too hard for it to be stolen by thieves like smith.
    smith has just helped slit the throat of her own party in the next election.
    we should be thanking the bitch really.

  90. 90
    The Ghost of Christmas Past says:

    Stuart Bell head.

    If you look closely at his eyes when he’s squealing, you can clearly see the piggyness in them.
    For years, these bastards have been robbing the public whilst exempting themselves from the very rules and taxes they insist we must “comply” with.

    Now theyre exposed they wriggle and somehow seem to believe that the “green book” rules are above those of natural law.

    Wrong! my fine shit covered oinkers.

    Just because the green book said it was ok to kill your neighbours and take their goods and chattels, do you think that morally thatd be acceptable?

    In short swillers, if the green book suggested jumping in the lake with 20 pounds of concrete around your neck to be a “good idea”, would you please go and do it?

    Now stop with your protestations and either pay up, or Fuck off!

  91. 91
    HP Officejet says:

    When will Smith be arrested by the police for theft or conspiracy to defraud? Or do they only arrest Tory ministers?

  92. 92
    "Go Gordon Go" Labour MP says:

    Would you Adam and Eve it?

    Labour MPs want Gordon to stand down now, not because he’s the worst PM ever but because he is asking them to put their hands in their pockets and pay their fiddled expenses back.

    The could not give a shit about the country, it is all about their wallets.

    Labour MPs turn on Brown over expenses

  93. 93
    T.Bliar says:

    WELL SAID !!!

  94. 94
    It's a trap! says:

    Sequestration is the answer!

    The problem the mainly Labour Troughers have. They just love the Money!

    It will all be spent by now. The thought of having to pay the stolen money back is making them very angry? No, they are shit scared of going to Prison. Attack is the best form of Defence.

    The reason Labour are so angry. Brown promised them a free ride on the Expenses in return for moderation on Salary. Purely for presentation purposes to the Little People.

    Brown is an unmitigated Marxist control freak.

  95. 95
    Budgie says:

    This is the 2005 Rotten Parliament. MPs still seem to think: a) they deserve the money and b) it’s only about the money. No wonder they still don’t get it. The theft is bad enough, but it’s their nit-picking regulation, fines, charges and surveillance of the public that compounds the first offence.

    This will keep rolling until the public gets justice. Every nauseous wriggle only makes MPs more extensively in the news. It is very odd – they don’t seem to realise even that. What we want is prison for the flippers and the mortgage continuers; fines for the rest, as well as paybacks, and banning from public office.

  96. 96
    Phil O'Pastree says:

    You mean those bankers who work for the civil service paid out of tax revenue or those in the private sector?

  97. 97
    Nearing Normality says:

    There’s also a demand for porn stars. They advertise in the Jobcentre

  98. 98
    nell says:

    So what are MP’s up to now? Trying to clean up the HoC?

    Nope! stuart bell, mandy and bercow have joined forces to lie and smear against Sir Thomas Legg because so many of the Labour MP’s revolted yesterday and threatened action through their solicitors against the Labour Party.

    You don’t hear the tory MP’s making the same complaint. Why is that? Could it be that cameron has again seized the high ground and written to all his MP’s telling them they must comply with Sir Thomas Legg’s findings or you will be deselected and not stand at the next GE.

    gordon dare not so instruct his MP’s because most of them already want to lynch him. Such an instruction from him to labour mp’s would be the final nail in his coffin.

  99. 99
    Fred says:

    I wouldn’t mind a bit of anarchy. Suggests “small government”. Seems to me tho, that this is more like Communist politics in former E. Europe where the people are controlled and ground into the dust but the ruling political class does as it pleases.

  100. 100
    TROMBONE says:

    Do you all know what pisses me off?

    You make a £1 mistake with the HMRC and they will fuck you hard in the arse.
    This bitch has stolen £100 000 and nothing is done.

    I would say burning Westminster is the least that should be done.

  101. 101
    Budgie says:


    Except that it isn’t. It is all too believably one rule for them and another rule for us.

  102. 102
    Redditch Ravens Supporter says:

    Yowm be bluddy roight there,kid !

  103. 103
    It's a trap! says:

    Best plan that I have ever heard!

    May I take the opportunityto apologise for not declaring a bottle of Aussie Merlot on a meal out 3 years ago. It was listed a a main meal on my Works Account. Alcohol is NOT allowed by HMRC for taxrelief in corporate entertaining!

    Biggest Wine Cellar in the World. Yep, its at Westminster!

    The ONLY public building in the Country that smoking is still allowed. (albeit in subsidised bars). Yep, it’s at Westminster!

  104. 104
    Budgie says:

    And the thieving MEPs.

  105. 105
    Anonymous says:

    Depends where you go, but if you bought in bulk from a reasonably disease free supplier I think you’d be looking at a couple of thousand.

    I don’t know about you but to me that basically means a lifetime’s supply.

  106. 106

    He has been surprisingly good. Gordon must have thought he was getting another whitewash.

  107. 107
    Le Citoyen Chauvelin says:

    All rather like the last days of the “ancien regime” in France in 1789- the “aristos “played and frolicked in the Pleasure Gardens at Versailles whilst a vengeful mob was storming the Bastille and would shortly be coming for them !!

  108. 108
    Anonymous says:

    Any Gately jokes, anyone?

  109. 109
    tisfedup says:

    did anyone watch ‘Newsnight’ last night, their report explains why Jackie Smith does not have to pay anything back, it is because her case was dealt with by a different body, and the panel that had final decision on her fate was originally made up with, 3 conservatives, 3 lib dems, and 6 labour mps. the decision was taken on a day when the conservative and lib dems mps were ‘NOT’ available, so the decision that she didnt have to pay and would only have to apologise was made by labour mps. says it all really.

  110. 110
    Nearing Normality says:

    The kick in the balls for me is that MPs are now going to put £2,000 each into a pot so that they can make a legal challenge to stop paying back expenses they are not entitled to.

    So in effect, they are using our money to stop paying us back!

    It’s good to know that they have the odd two grand lying about unused. I would if I didn’t have to work my freckin ass off to pay for these greedy feckers

  111. 111
    shelling-out says:

    If you watch her “apology” carefully, she almost smirked close to the end.

    This makes a mockery of the whole rotten system. She should have been sacked on the spot and ordered to pay the whole lot back.

    One rule for them, and another for the rest of us.


  112. 112
    UK Car Boot for EU customers says:

    Fantastic offer in UK closing down sale, opportunity to purchase thought control apparatus of EU Banana province, unbelievable product placement opportunities.

    One careful owner, redacted log book available.

    Christian fish sign on rear, can be removed.

  113. 113
    shelling-out says:

    I sincerely hope Master Baiter has read your post, Nell.

    He seems to think that government can do no wrong.

  114. 114
    TROMBONE says:

    It is total inappropriate to be posting Gately jokes at this time

    Whats the difference between stephen gately and fillipe massa? Fillipe didnt die with blood on his helmet!

  115. 115
    Boro Boy says:

    As well as claiming for an office which is not open to the public (it is in his house), Stuart Bell employs his wife as his secretary. He used to employ his son Malcolm too, until the unfortunate youth was sent to prison for stealing cheques off other MPs, using a House of Commons security pass supplied by his father.

  116. 116
    Engineer says:

    Anybody know what Jacqui Smith’s Legg letter tells her to do?

  117. 117
    shelling-out says:

    Words fail me.

  118. 118
    shelling-out says:

    How about book a caribbean holiday, courtesy of the taxpayer.

  119. 119
    Budgie says:

    You are right. These odious specimens of humanity have given away our rights and democracy to the EU. Now there is nothing left for them to do but trough. Away with them.

  120. 120
    Toff-ee says:

    No hung Parliament then. Yipeeeee….

  121. 121
    nell says:


    I wonder how much bercow and stuart bell are going to have to repay? Or whether they’ll be amongst those MP’s reaching for their lawyers.

    Oh no! I forgot stuart bell is a barrister – this could be quite a lucrative time for him couldn’t it? All those fellow comrades in need of legal advice.

  122. 122
    REEVO says:

    I love it, another example of toughing M P’s and ancillaries bringing themselves into further disrepute, if ever more proof was actually needed.

    How low can they go, where is their pride now.

    How these high and mighty are, in reality nothing more than a sore on the arse of Parliament, such high morals yet see how they grovel just to hang on for a few more dwindling drops from the taxpayers teat.

    Cornered M P’s confirm what the majority already know they are just, in it for themselves, and nobody else.

    Nowhere to run nowhere to hide none to blame but their own greed and false pride.

    A pitiful spectacle indeed.

  123. 123
    just some guy says:

    They broke the Green book rules, that is why they are thieving shits.
    It is also why the Green book needs tearing up and the same rules that every one else lives by must be applied in future.

  124. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Depends on the bitch

  125. 125
    shelling-out says:

    Nice one! :o)

  126. 126
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    By the look of her shes had a hell of a lot of free lunches at someone elses expense. In that photo she just looks like shes giving the mother of all belches after troughing 116 grands worth of pies.

  127. 127
    carla Bruni says:

    hope u like the picture of my lesbian kiss


  128. 128
    shelling-out says:

    What about the grabbing Kinnocks? They mst have had a few million out of us by now.

  129. 129
    Sarah Brown says:

    wtf you two timing frog. I thought we had something special

  130. 130
    nell says:

    Fiddlesticks. Modded!!


    I wonder how much b+rcow and be+ll are going to have to repay? Or whether they’ll be amongst those MP’s reaching for their lawyers?

    Oh no! I forgot be+ll is a barrister – this could be quite a lucrative time for him couldn’t it? All those fellow comrades in need of legal advice.

  131. 131
    JMT says:

    Goody, Goody. Stricxtly Come Mid-air Tap Dancing.

  132. 132
    Phil O'Pastree says:

    Just say No to benders.

  133. 133
    Infamy, they've all got it in for me says:

    It seems to me that Legg is making them pay up for excessive Gardening and cleaning, however the deceitful ‘Flippers’ are off the hook – for now

  134. 134

    Guido needs to update his QotD

    “MPs judging MPs … is like selecting jurors from prison.”

  135. 135
    shelling-out says:

    ….which we all paid for!

  136. 136
    Grandma B says:

    Funny really – we expect Labour MPs to even out the distribution of wealth to include the poor and disadvantaged. We expect them to have more principles re money than the other parties. How wrong can you get!

  137. 137
    Phil O'Pastree says:

    The son must be a Geordie an’ all. A borolad would never have got caught.

  138. 138

    It sounded like a teenager’s sorry.

    “I dun sumfink wrong. So what? I is not the only one. Don’t pick on me. My mate Hazel has dun , like, loads of bad shit.
    but OK , whatever. If it makes you feel really, really big about yerselfs and like, Sooooo important and that, then OK. Fine!

    I am really, really Soooorrrrreeeeeeeeeeee!

    Storms off to bedroom {at her sister’s}

  139. 139
    All Labour in the North? says:

    Leave the smoggy oaf alone, let him carry on, he is the Tory Party’s finest recruiting sergeant. He’s doing a fine job.

    Shoot him only after the election!

  140. 140
    LMoFitCoHaHitCoDFSoSaSoSfBIS says:

    I dont get the point you your post..

  141. 141
    Lizzie says:

    Let them eat cake then!

  142. 142
    Road_Hog says:

    Or to give him his full title, Lord Fiddle of Dun Thievin.

  143. 143
    The Cunt of Monte Cristo says:

    A thieving, lying Hunt in charge of the police force, this is ok with me as i have become a nihilist.

    I expect the ordes of professional benefits scroungers, local government paper shufflers, Labour vote riggers, and incapacity fraudsters to unite in a tide of human filth to keep Labour in power.

    Its going to be sooooo funny when the money really does run out, and that nice Joo from the IMF comes along to say:

    ‘no madam perhaps if you cant afford the four children you already have you should not have bred again, please go away’

    ‘Well chaps great pity but the council cant afford any more diversity advisers, and cottaging officers, so the job centre is that way’

    ‘Unfortunately England is now broke so you Scotch will have to fend for yourselves, go fund your senior citizens, road building programme, and university students from your own coffers please’.

    ‘Sir you are 40, and you have never worked, please sell your 52 inch television if you wish to eat this week, thank you’

    ‘Young lady if you wish to have a roof over your head go home to your parents, your pregnancy is not the concern of the state’

    ‘Well its sad to say but the Governments coffers need the revenue from the sale of the much loved institution known as the BBC.
    Obviously the private sector culture the employees who are left will experience will be a shock, but you’ll get used to it’

  144. 144
    Engineer says:

    Weasels judging weasels.

  145. 145
    Bob the Bilderberger says:

    Stuart Bell was on Newsnight last night. Apart from his odious justifications for MP troughing, the old lag is embarrassingly senile!

    The camera had to keep cutting quickly away from him when his eyes glazed over and he began mumbling to himself as others answered questions. Plus he was patronising to the wonderful Heather Brooke, the unsung heroine who exposed MP’s expenses when the rest of the media were fearfully averting their eyes…Well past his sell-by date! Can Gordon sell him off with the rest of the country’s surplus bric-a-brac?

  146. 146
    Lizzie says:

    Nell you are so right. Beware the “Ides of March” for Brown in October!

  147. 147
    Engineer says:

    It’s stoatally unacceptable.

  148. 148

    They are first class

  149. 149
    JMT says:

    I hope Bercow gets kicked out by Farage.

    Just for the hell of it, if nothing else.

  150. 150
    Groucho says:

    I am doing so right now. If HMRC raise any objections to my next tax return I will simply keep the money, apologise and move on, having ‘learned lessons’ of course.

  151. 151

    “Marxist control freak” is a tautology.

  152. 152
    shelling-out says:

    Oh, don’t worry about Sir Thomas. He’ll probably be given a peerage for his services to the House.

  153. 153
    Obama is a Twat says:

    What a fucking shock (not) the BBC (Radio 5) are in full defence mode for politicians (for that read Labour politicians) reading out endless emails from leftie types upset that MPs are being given a kicking.

    Funny that when the homosexual drug users at the BBC thought it would be ALL TORY MPs in the shit they enjoyed the expenses row, but now fat dogs like 5 bellies and the mong have been humiliated the BBC are not very happy.

    And what is it with thick fucking lefties? They were calling MPs all the names under the sun when they voted to go to war in Iraq yet now with their expenses they want to forgive and forget (oh and try to fiddle the election)

  154. 154
    It's all Balls says:

    MPs judging MPs…is like selecting Brown to fix the economy

  155. 155
    An old country boy says:

    They have been caught screwing The System but nothing has been done and how can anything be done? They run The System.

    However, if they have fiddled their expenses to this great extent, what else have they been up to? How many little brown envelopes of cash have passed hands for undisclosed favours?

    In my opinion what we have seen is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface the corruption is still boiling and seething with more filth than we can imagine. This is not over by a long way and I with millions of other citizens of this country are as mad as hell and will not let it rest.

    You only have to look at them they are lying self serving people who have grown fat by milking the political system. These are not people who are trying to serve their country. They are in it for their own ends pure and simple.

    Keep up the good work Guido and don’t go into the woods alone.

  156. 156

    I’ll bid you 2 euros. That’s about £8 in old money.

  157. 157
    albacore says:

    Self-preservation is the absolute priority of our honourable Parliamentarians.
    By their actions ye shall know them.
    They are convinced that, come what may in the real world, they are fireproof, watertight and unassailable.

  158. 158
    South of the M4 says:

    Excessive gardening and cleaning? Exactly what aspect of gardening and cleaning is a necessity to allow their parliamentary duties to be carried out? I fail to understand why Legg has set a “reasonable allowance ” toward gardening and cleaning. I cannot claim for such expenses on my tax return.

  159. 159
    We Mps are very important people says:

    Seems to me these MPs should be having their wages docked. They are paid to go to Parliament and look after their constituents interests. They are not paid to spend all day defending their expenses.

    Every firm that I have worked for would have sacked me by now for not getting on with my job. If I had a query on expenses then I would submit a form to the pay office for them to sort out, end of matter.

    Stop whinging Livvie’s and get back to the work you are paid to do.

  160. 160
    tat says:

    the tories are just as guilty of thieving from the public purse as new labour.
    and there is no popular support for a tory administration.
    so… a hung parliament it is then. Yipeee!

  161. 161
    Monica Lewinsky says:

    You are making a mountain out of a molehill.

    This is all one big smear.

  162. 162
    Lizzie says:

    Brown is a lot of things but most of all he is an unwanted PM.

  163. 163
    Groucho says:

    Aye, right enough. Some consolation I suppose. I would still like to see the greedy bitch behind bars though.

  164. 164

    Socialist “Redistribution” is a synonym for theft.

    The non-poor have (in general) done nothing wrong, so why punish them??

    Also Socialism doesn’t redistribute wealth, it extorts MONEY by punishing workers, employers, innovators and successful investors, and in the process deters them. In this process it DESTROYS wealth.

    In short Socialism is morally wrong, economically stupid and socially destructive.
    But we already know that, just look at everywhere it’s been tried.

  165. 165
    The Government Inspector says:

    Everything is in order, no crime has been committed.
    Back to work peasants.

  166. 166
    Lizzie says:

    Bercow could be kicked out by his own if the Tories come to power. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

  167. 167
    randoim moonbat says:

    We killed a King for less than what these bastards have done and continue to do.

    When the british snap we are worse than an African militia, remember that you thieving murdering bastards.

  168. 168
    JMT says:

    I do notunderstand why DC has not said that he will sell off the BBC.

    Every family £142-50 better off to offset tax-rises.

    Several billion of BBC (our!!) assets to flog off.

    Copyright for programmes to sell off.

    Removal of one of the largest power users in the UK to reduce CO2 emissions (if you believe in that)

    It will help ITV too by reducing salaries as all the ‘talent’ takes a paycut or joins the dole.

    And no-one, NO-ONE gets hurt!!

    Apart from the Beeboids, but then they do not give a sh*t about anyone else, so stuff them.

  169. 169

    Not Every Word Needs A Capital Letter At The Start*. It Makes It Hard To Read Your Posts (Which I Like Reading).

    *Not that I’m perfect on this.

  170. 170
    tat says:

    that is the funniest comment you have ever posted engineer, well done!

  171. 171
    tat says:

    and that will be their downfall.

  172. 172

    They think they’re Royalty, we had to force the King to sign the Magna Carta and that started a process that led to a higher form of civilisation.

    Labour Reversed it.

    Democracy is a process whereby we can remove those in power without killing them. Labour are undemocratic,

    What am I implying? Join the dots…

  173. 173
    Richard Timney says:

    Cor! Where’s that hot towel gone?

  174. 174
    Anonymous says:

    the man is a walking disaster zone, honestly i think labour would do better with harperson in charge

  175. 175
    Master Baiter says:

    Nell’s comment is wisterical, really.

    The expenses ‘scandal’ is a side show, lap it up dimwits.

  176. 176


  177. 177
    shelling-out says:

    I haven’t even looked at Toenails’ blog this morning, but I can hazard a guess at what it says.

  178. 178
    Nick Robinson says:

    This is all very small beer indeed.

  179. 179
    Nick Robinson says:

    “Beer” “Small” “Tories are worse” etc etc

  180. 180
    Groucho says:

    I understand that the Kinnock clan has creamed off an estimated £10million over the years.

  181. 181
    Anti Citizen One says:

    Sorry guys, made a few typo errors, here is what I meant to say:

    Capitalist “Redistribution” is a synonym for theft.

    The non-poor have (in general) done nothing wrong, so why punish them??

    Also Bankers and Capitalists don’t redistribute wealth, they extort MONEY by punishing workers, employers, innovators and successful investors, and in the process deters them. In this process they DESTROY wealth.

    In short Modern Capitalism is morally wrong, economically stupid and socially destructive.
    But we already know that, just look at everywhere it’s been tried.

  182. 182
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    Well said peter Osbourne Daily Mail. Now all we need is for a patriotic national newspaper to support Old Holborn and ask folk to meet him there on November 5th.

  183. 183
    resurgemus says:

    If the licence is costing £142.50 and rasing £3.5 billion Dave would be better to tell the BBC they’re only getting £ 1.5 billion of the proceeds and that the goverenment is keeping £ 2 billion to pay down our debts.

    That way tax is collected but not increased to the ordinary person and the BBC can adapt the same as the rest of us by cutting back, taking reduced salaries and selling off what’s not essential.

  184. 184

    Nope Government Deliberately regulated a Credit Boom.

    Their Tax of the consumption encouraged by this massive increase in Credit dwarfs any banking bonus.

    Regulators decide on the volume of credit in the economy, Bankers allocate it.

  185. 185
    tat says:

    said the dimwit.

  186. 186
    Mitch says:

    It’d certainly be a laugh!!

    But no, seriously, we can’t go that extreme….. There is the country to think of.

  187. 187
    ron Vibentrop says:

    I want my money back even if I’ve got to tear it out of her arse myself.

  188. 188
    Reg511 says:

    If there is a true leader any where in the house, please make us aware of your presence, explain exactly how you would give us back our country, our democracy and in fairly short time you could be leading a revolution

  189. 189
    hmmm says:

    Mullin, eh?

    “This Labourite saw the expenses row coming years off, and has long thought that parliament should have shorter recesses. At a time when the political class is so discredited, it is worth recalling those like Mr Mullin who do some good. What a shame that he steps down at the next election.”


    My arse.

  190. 190
    Anonymous says:

    Seeing as they are too thick and arrogant to change their ways, right across the western world an entire political class will have to be physically removed from the levers of power.

  191. 191
    tat says:

    could we please have a look at your expenses nick?

  192. 192
    Rick Nobshisson says:

    Become an MP old son – £400 a month food allowance and no receipts – get my drift?

    No need for small beers with that sort of tax free cash rolling in.

  193. 193
    Mitch says:

    All in good time…..

  194. 194
    Anon says:

    I agree, now is definitely not the time for Gately jokes, very poor taste and all that. However:

    After the death of Stephen Gately in his Spanish villa, stars of the screen have been paying tribute. Ronan Keating said he was gutted, Louis Walsh said he was devastated, and Michael Barrymore said he was innocent.

  195. 195
    It's all Balls says:

    The EU make our lot look like crass amateurs.

    Hang the bloody lot and start again.

  196. 196

    “qui custodiet ipsos custodes?”

    Whoever is watching isn’t doing a good job.

  197. 197
    shelling-out says:

    I hope you’re one of the first out of a job when there’s a shake-up at the BBC.

  198. 198
    shelling-out says:

    Better get your Marigold’s on, then.

  199. 199
    Mitch says:

    ..and laugh her enormous tits off

  200. 200
    Appropriate address says:

    Of Furkham Hall

  201. 201
    shelling-out says:

    They did it to themselves.

    People have to earn respect. They’ve just flushed all theirs down the pan.

  202. 202
    Engineer says:

    I was hoping it would be along the lines of “Claiming somebody else’s house as your principal residence when you have a house of your own is against the spirit of the rules. Return the loot to the taxpayer forthwith. That’ll be £116,000, please. We’ll take cheques or cash, but not bath-plugs in lieu. Soon as you like, but now would suit us.”

  203. 203
    hmmm says:

    words seemed to have failed the Tories too who never mentioned this.

  204. 204
    Piggie says:

    £500 actually – new Gr4een Book rules, courtesy of Mr G.Brown.

  205. 205

    We could have had anything
    that we wanted to have
    And it’s not too late to try
    I’d be delighted to give it some thought
    But we must avoid being caught.

    We could’ve hid anything
    That we wanted to hide
    Yes, that decision was ours
    It’s been decided we’re weaker divided
    Let the Speaker double up our powers

    We shouldn’t have claimed for everything
    That we wanted to claim
    And I’m not saying that we should
    But if we try it, we’d learn to despise it
    We should just carry on bein’ bad guys

    You give a little receipt
    And the cash comes back to you
    (Da da da ra da da da)
    You know you gonna be remembered
    For the things you say and do {uh oh!}
    (Da da da ra da da da)
    You make a little claim
    And the moneyl comes back to you
    (Da da da ra da da da)
    You know you gonna be remembered
    For the things you say and do
    (Da da da ra da da da)
    (Repeat and fade)

    We’re the very best at being bad!

  206. 206
    Groucho says:

    Can someone please tell me that Dawn Primarolo has to pay back a substantial sum, applied retrospectively, with interest and penalties added, and pursued with extreme prejudice?

    After all she thinks that is a fair way to treat taxpayers.

  207. 207
    South of the M4 says:

    Don’t talk with your mouth full.

  208. 208
    shelling-out says:

    Dave may not have a BBC to sell off if Gordon gets his grubby little asset-stripping hands on it first.

  209. 209
    hmmm says:

    The Northern Ireland MPs are awfully quiet today.
    Anyone able to shed any light on their troughing repayments?

  210. 210
    Nick, again says:

    *Retrospective changes**MP’s furious**natural justice* etc. etc.

  211. 211
    Ms Five-Bellies says:

    “Just a technical offence, just an administrative error. We must draw a line (under my thieving) and move on….”

  212. 212
    shelling-out says:

    £500? My blood pressure is going through the roof here.

  213. 213
    shelling-out says:

    Prawn Dimarolo has to be one of the most patronising and condescending MP’s this country has – next to Patricia Hewitt.

    I can’t stand the woman.

  214. 214
    tat says:

    but the bankers lent money they did not possess.
    the bankers were committing quantitative easing before gordon brown even thought of it.
    indeed that is what got us into this mess in the first place.
    you will have to face the facts anticitizen, the bankers caused the crisis and brown’s mismanagement of the economy merely added to our problems.
    if the bankers had not been so reckless brown would have got away with his own wasteful spending for a few more years.
    and the final nail in the coffin was ofcourse the cost we have incurred fighting illegal wars.
    ’twas a perfect storm. not purely a government problem as you constantly and falsley try to claim.
    change the record antisocialcitizen.
    no one is buying your shit.

  215. 215

    Thanks for trying to sock-puppet me, but Bankers create wealth when Government regulates credit in their currency monopoly properly.

    I agree people who haven’t done anything wrong should be left alone, and that means EVERYONE, it doesn’t mean picking on people cos they’ve got money to rob like socialism does.

    Capitalists DO NOT Extort money, they exchange it to both parties benefit, and through comparative advantage this creates (and is the only way of creating) wealth.

    Capitalism is Morally Right, economically correct and HIGHLY social.

    Regulatory rent seeking is what you should complain about, and that requires an over-bearing state.

  216. 216
    A Baker says:

    Crumbs !!

  217. 217

    Oh and I forgot to add,

    Everywhere capitalism’s been tried has seen massive increases in wealth, health, living standards and freedom.

    You cannot be moral and socialist.

  218. 218
    Master Baiter says:

    Lap it up fidget brain.

  219. 219
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    Says it all.

  220. 220
    Ahmet Hinks says:

    Don’t worry – he’s near the top of The List – just after The BBC

  221. 221
    pissed off voter says:

    or Clarke,
    or Moonie … Taylor, Truscott, Snape, etc

  222. 222
    Phil O'Pastree says:

    Bell is a Geordie not a Smoggie. Why they ever voted a Geordie as their MP is proof positive that Labour supporters would vote in a donkey if it were wearing a red rosette.

    Mind you, they’d never vote for a mackem.

  223. 223
    pissed off voter says:

    I think you are being a bit harsh on disater zones

  224. 224
    W.W. says:

    She’ll get away with it until election day.

    Which draws ever closer.


  225. 225
    Monica Lewinsky says:

    Only the impotent don’t masterbate.

  226. 226
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    I’m going to vote UKIP because I believe that UKIP advocates are in all intents and purposes-independent, save for being patriotic and libertarian. that’s how I feel.

  227. 227
    Phil O'Pastree says:

    if the bankers had not been so reckless brown would have got away with his own wasteful spending for a few more years.

    So the bankers did us a favour – exposed Brown’s fiscal incompetence before the GE, not after.

    Three cheers for the bankers!

  228. 228

    Your level of economic knowledge is hopeless it would be a waste of my time to educate you in FRB.

  229. 229
    Wossy says:

    Come off it !

  230. 230
    Stuart Lubbock says:

    If he’s innocent then I must be…. still alive! Wahay!!

  231. 231
    W.W. says:

    I hope he does ‘survive’ like I have said on here many times, I want the fucker to go down with the ship.

    Too be fair, the PLP are so fucking spineless they wouldn’t get rid of him if he was caught buggering the house cat over the cabinet table.

    Though even if he was, he couldn’t go any lower than my present opinion of him.


  232. 232
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    Greed should not be regulated by government. But. Theft and fraud should be enforced rigourously.

  233. 233
    Reg511 says:


    The great political dynasty of the Wedgewood-Benns now led by the Minister of Rubbish, the only senior Labour man on the telly this AM, telling the nation that could be in crisis, compost your kitchen waste, how much are we paying for this amazing advice?

  234. 234
    angry teuchter says:

    …. and why has Legg only gone back five years? We poor, overworked serfs have to keep AT LEAST six years of paperwork, and God help you if you make a mistake! An apology to the house? What a F*****G insult!

  235. 235
    Obama is a twat says:

    Prick Robinson probably upset that Labour have been unfairly targeted. You just know the BBC were hoping to attack the Tories again over expenses. The very fact that they tried to make a big thing over DC’s requirement to provide some paperwork for a £200 claim as opposed to the mong’s 13 thousand pound over claim.

  236. 236
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    UKIP have. Deliver our country back then hold another election by our standards.

  237. 237
    Infamy, they've all got it in for me says:

    Ermine to say Sir Mink Campbell couldn’t have put it better

  238. 238
    Roger Daley says:

    and Baron Kinnock of Bedwettins expenses in the HOL.
    Double bubble or what ?

  239. 239
    Heads on poles says:

    That sums it up nicely, well done.

  240. 240
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    What’s happening about our Attorney General. Also, what about our Home Secretary, Also, what about our PM, also what about Wisteria Dave, also………….
    Write to HM The Queen, Suggest that you suspect that Parliament does not command the approval of the vast majority of the subject population and ask for Parliament to be disolved.

  241. 241

    This is the tip of the iceberg surely?

    I think we need scrutiny not just of personal expenses, but of committee expenses.

    After all, it is not their money?

    Gordon Kennedy

  242. 242
    Mr Ned says:

    Old Holborn, May I request your permission to use any images from that page on my blog to promote your “walk in the sunshine” this coming November 5th?

    It would be a delightful day to bring London to a standstill.

  243. 243
    Augeus says:

    Yes, but you need to net off travel costs so the thieving Scottish MPs don’t look to be even more money-grabbing than the thieving English and thieving Welsh (that’s a tautology, isn’t it) MPs.

  244. 244
    Heads on poles says:

    I can see the expense sheet now:

    Porn – £10
    Pies – £116,000

    How can you mess that up?

  245. 245
    Obama is a twat says:

    Again Victoria Derybshire giving Labour callers airtime to slag the Tories off about expenses (David Cameron threatening to de-select his MPs) and how Labour MPs have been hard done by.

    Labour MP Stephen Ladyman given free airtime to slag off the Tories, but it was the ONE EYED MONG that set this investigation up.

  246. 246
    Obama is a twat says:

    All female Labour MPs are helmet haired dykes.

  247. 247
    Roger Daley says:

    And replaced with a crescent moon.

  248. 248
    john miller says:

    So, the reason she doesn’t have to pay back the money is because nobody would be able to quantify the difference in the cost of maintaining and living in:

    a) a large executive-style detached house or
    b) a bedroom

    Well guys, perhaps I could give you a hand there…

  249. 249
    shelling-out says:

    She’s already bathing with snakes.

    Maggots should be a breeze.

  250. 250
    Heads on poles says:

    Typical BBC – funded by Labour for Labour.
    Snivelling scum – wouldn’t mind a look at their expenses either.
    Add them to the list….

  251. 251
    Anti Citizen One says:

    Apologies again, I have been on the crack pipe this morning and keep making mistakes
    Here is the comment I meant to make before I sucked up that last pipe full of crackcocaine:

    Oh and I forgot to add,

    Everywhere capitalism’s been tried has seen massive decreases in local wealth, health, living standards and freedom.

    You cannot be moral and Capitalist.

  252. 252
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    correction-x home secretary in this context.

  253. 253
    tat says:

    added the confused and retarded dimwit.

  254. 254
    Master Baiter says:

    Wintertons are toast, who else?

    Where an MP used the ACA to enter into a conflicted transaction, for example by buying or renting a second home from a close relative, a company in which he or she shares, or a close associate such as an employee, the transaction will be regarded as tainted, and the whole payment accordingly invalid. This will be so even if the MP can show that it was effected at arm’s-length or that the public purse has not suffered.

  255. 255
    Heads on poles says:

    You may need a map and GPS system and perhaps SCUBA gear.
    Good luck – put it on youtube won’t you?

  256. 256
    superbad says:

    What about Keith Vaz, Darling and Blair? They seem to be getting away with it!

  257. 257
    Heads on poles says:

    Apparently, there is a London-wide shortage of piano wire..

  258. 258
    Sneak devaluation says:

    Internationally about 28% fewer than last year

  259. 259
    Dim Prawn-a-rollo says:

    Who ?? Me ???

    This particular hot potato has cropped up a couple of times on Politicalog.
    UPDATE: Minister ‘misled’ MPs on tax credits
    Treasury Minister Dawn Primarolo is under pressure today for apparently misleading MPs over the crisis in the tax credits system.
    Two reports today highlight major problems after a million families were overpaid thousands of pounds in credits.
    The Treasury’s clawing back of the overpayments meant many families had their payments cut to zero without warning.
    Some had to accept handouts from the Salvation Army while others turned to loan sharks for help, the reports say.
    Opposition MPs today demanded Ms Primarolo, the Paymaster General, explain why she assured MPs in February that the system was working well.

  260. 260
    Anonymous says:

    The gap between rulers and ruled is now an unbridgeable chasm in this country. The political class have so little in common with the ordinary citizens that they might as well be an occupying power. The country and everything in it is run solely for the interests of this elite, and we the citizens have fuck all say in it or our futures.

    We are all reduced to being just passive observers in our own country. Welcome to the post-democratic world.

    It’s a dire situation that no amount of shuffling of the pack of establishment-approved parties is going to fix, for the problem is the status quo itself.

  261. 261
    Throbber says:

    Fuck them, I’d deny them even that!
    Let them eat shit more like.

  262. 262
    shelling-out says:

    I think it will come down to what they actually DO, not say. If Dave is serious, he may need to start looking for new candidates now.

    Gordon has said nothing about what Labour proposes to do with MP’s who refuse to pay, or are starting legal proceedings.

    Once the public realise that, the Conservatives will be up in the polls again.

  263. 263

    MWAH xxx !!

  264. 264
    Scipio Africanus says:

    Je suis d’accorde avec the perceptive Monsieur Ben

    Expense-abusing MPS are indeed REVOLTING

    1. Mrs Timney (aka Mrs Smith) has wrongly guzzled £116,000 in an OBVIOUS and TRANSPARENT and LAUGHABLE lie about her main residence

    2. This over-promoted ex-Teacher has actively misled the Investigation

    3. She has delayed making any apology until the last possible minute & then in the most grudging terms

    4. She is paying back as little as possible of her ill-gotten gains

    ?? Why isn’t she being prosecuted for Fraud – shouldn’t an English Jury have an opportunity to give their views on this Shambles

    … UnEmployment is remorsely rising beyond 3+ million

    … The British Titanic Is remorsely sinking ever lower

    — the “system” seems irreversibly self-serving & corrupt

    Does unEmployment have to rise beyond 4 million before these wRetches do the decent thing and call an Election, which will sweep them into political oblivion for the next 10+ years

    Magister CATO hat recht :

    CARTHAGO EST DELENDA [damn the Carthaginians]

    They should go and in the name of God, they should go NOW

  265. 265
    Flat Eric says:

    Indepents for me, all the way.
    What do we want?
    When do we want it?

  266. 266
    Mark Oaten says:

    and that’s punishment?

  267. 267
    Vazeline® - The Slipperiest Substance Known To Man says:


  268. 268

    Go viral, use whatever images you wish. Let’s make this a November 5th they will never, ever forget.

  269. 269
    298,257 says:

    absolutelY agreE thaT thE capitaL letterS arE offputtinG

  270. 270
    Heads on poles says:

    And charged for a new toilet seat at the same time.

  271. 271
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    Tough on fraud, tough on the causes of fraud.

  272. 272
    Obama is a twat says:

    Some leftie turd just came on going on about how little MPs are paid compared to footballers (he could have said BBC employees I guess but wouldn’t have gotten on air) then went on to say he “admires Gordon Brown” so no bias there from the BBC. All Cameron got today was slagging from the BBC for coming down hard on his MPs

  273. 273
    Doc Trough says:

    I think that’s a nap Lizzie.

  274. 274
    A fmr Home Secretary sagely remarks says:

    Naaaah, it’s all glandular. I’ve just got to look at a cream cake and I put on a stone

  275. 275
    A Lying, pompous, cheating, thieving, whining little shit says:

    It was’nae ma’ fult ye un’stn.

    An Ah sav’yd tha’ wuld !

    Narse, – will’ye nae rub som’o that nice cream on ma’ sore botty?

  276. 276
    Flat Eric says:

    and the costs of the investigation please..ta.

  277. 277
    Vote vote vote for Jacqui says:

    These troughers,and I mean every single one of them,must be attacked by their constituents via the local party executives. Let them all see that to reselect a contaminated incumbent will result in the loss of that seat come
    the General Election.
    Attack them in their soft underbellies,well in Jacqui’s case FIVE underbellies.
    They will all be out of work and probably unemployable.

  278. 278
    Anonymous says:

    you go with the word oleaginous just as well as macshane goes with odious

  279. 279
    Heads on poles says:

    Could I just pass on my congratulations to Michael Martin becoming a Lord today.

  280. 280
    RavingMad says:

    Oh come on guys, give these mortals a break hey??

    I suggest we nominate a day to proclaim ‘Hug-an-MP Day’ during which we shall celebrate the pure undemonstrable love they have for their electorate. Gather them all together, ply them with free food and alcoholic beverages, shower them with praise, set off some fireworks …. and then burn the bloody lot of ‘em – Hows about November 5th??

  281. 281
    I'm not surprised says:

    Surely the only surprise here is that anyone is surprised.

  282. 282
    Flat Eric says:

    Why not stand as PM?

  283. 283
    Das OberKampenFurher (in waiting) says:

    You Min, better off vill be, ven you are firmly under Mzzzz. HaHaHa HoHoHoPerson!!

    Larf on the other side of your face you vill !

    Ha! Ha! Ha ! – I make mit der Noo_Lie_Bore Wimmin’s yoke, – nein?

  284. 284
    Great Granddad says:

    We need an election right now. The only thing stopping that is that there is no party to vote for.

    If a new, sensible party does not come into being very soon, then anarchy awaits.

  285. 285
  286. 286
  287. 287

    She’ll get a far bigger punishment on May 7 2010 when she is dragged away from the trough. The stupid fool thinks she can cling on to her seat. By not paying back the “overpayment” (which mere mortals would be expected to pay back for tax credits, expenses, allowances etc even if they claimed in good faith unlike the proven liar Jacqui Smith) she has thrown away even a shred of a chance of holding on to the seat.

    Best of all, this is Labour sleaze. Her Labour pals have let her off the hook by imposing no punishment.

    But the punishment will come. No MP job, no lucrative expenses claims, no peerage (Brown won’t forget the inconvenient timing of her resignation), no public sector feather-bedded job to go to, no prospect of private sector employment, just one of a gaggle of sleaze-ridden MPs departing Parliament by jump or by push. She will be unemployable, and no-one will be interested in the memoirs of a member of a dead government when everyone is focussed on Cameron and the Tories.


    (Hopefully we’ll get a criminal or private prosecution as well!)

  288. 288
    Das OberKampenFurher (in waiting) says:

    . . . und vere ist meinen BathenPlugHolenFiller . wen ich need it !? . . .

    GUARD ! ! ! !

  289. 289
    Henry Crun says:

    Cue the obvious Youtube film clip

  290. 290
    Babewatch says:

    She’s Italian, you raddled old slapper.

  291. 291
    nell says:

    O/T sorry but apparently the French and German authorities (ie Merkel and Sarkozy) are pressuring Czech politicians to impeach and topple their President Vaclav Klaus for his opposition to the Lisbon Treaty.


    Dirty deeds all round!

  292. 292
    rocknrolla says:

    you forgot to add “no election needed”

  293. 293
    rocknrolla says:

    Yeah but if you don’t support the EU you are a reactionary little-Englander. Support it and you are a forward thinking democrat. Just a shame the facts don’t match the BBC world view.

  294. 294
    Another fat, sweating, Lying, pompous, cheating, thieving, whining little shit says:

    Aye, . . . its nae’mor than ar’ diserved !

    Arl’ thes’ yars of ‘ard graft and 7 course dinnas.

    <b. Min'ye, – nuth'ns ma fult ye un'stn !!

  295. 295
    Flat Eric says:


  296. 296
    Heads on poles says:

    I believe that she will be unable to hold on to her seat.
    Too many pies apparently.

  297. 297
    righty right wing (mrs) says:


    LIB / CON / LAB are the same party in essence & reality.

    DC could have forced an election – he could have insisted every Tory MP resigned & forced a whole raft of by elections. Clegg would have fallen into line & done the same (reluctantly), leaving Mcmental & his cabal of crooks virtually on their own in the House – a most unedifying spectacle for any democracy.

    So why didn’t Cameron do it, knowing the anger of the public mood? He could of set himself up as not only the next prime Minister, but as a Statesman that although you may not agree with his politics, you could respect. I may have even voted for him if he had shown some balls.

    LIB / LAB / CON – I really cannot see any point in voting for any of them – so I won’t.

  298. 298
    Anonymous says:

    What you having mate? My shout.

  299. 299
    countdown kid says:

    29 weeks

  300. 300

    I completely deny those rumours. I was in Istanbul.

  301. 301
    anon says:

    Yes, sometimes.

  302. 302
    Thats News says:

    Brown done for £12 grand, Clinton pokes her nose in, Damian Green’s arrest breached his human rights, ‘Crippled’ soldier attacks Brown, Gordon Brown’s expense claims were among the most colourful and varied of any MP

    Gordon Brown’s expenses claims were amongst the most colourful and varied of any MP? Now, why doesn’t that surprise me? Brown set the standard for the rest to follow.

  303. 303
    Anonymous says:

    Dear Queenie,

    H E L P !

  304. 304
    nell says:

    I read yesterday that darling had been asked for further proof that his claims were legitimate and that vasoline would be in the top ten of those asked to pay back the most.

    I do hope Sir Thomas Legg is going to publish a detailed, named, financial list of his findings in due course and before the next election.

  305. 305
    Ted Rohan says:

    It strikes me it is the MPs’ Committee on Standards and Privileges that needs investigating.

    This government just gets worse. Abuse of power over the Damian Green arrest (politicisation of the police, like Stalin), fraudulent expense claims go unpunished with the excuse is that the Fees office were not applying the rules (because MP’s told them to) and the civil service are covering up that Gordon Brown has serious health issues.

    Public trust will not return to these chumps until New labour has gone.

    Jacqui Smith and many other troughing, self serving incumbents of all political hue will have their “Portillo moment” come 6th April 2010.

    Meanwhile, expect withering attacks from Mandelson, Milliband², CooperBalls and all the other chumps which will further erode public trust.

    So much for the end to the era of spin. Lie masters like Patrick Diamond, Justin Forsyth, Michael Dugher, John Woodcock and Balshan Izzet have no place in honest government.

  306. 306
    RavingMad says:

    bog cleaner at the public urinals in Redditch would be too good for her

  307. 307
    ed balls says:

    I need a load of food, have you seen the fucking size of me?

  308. 308
    Master Baiter says:

    The expenses ‘scandal’ is a scam by the rich to denigrate the middle class. It’s an effort to return to the 19th century when only the wealthy could ‘represent’ the country.

    Put another way if you can get one hundred thousand as the head of a primary school why would you become an mp for sixty thousand?

    Before anyone says it should be a vocation, fair enough.
    But only if those with lucrative second incomes or heaps of capital make an equivalent sacrifice to their standard of living and the prospects of their children. After all monks have vocations, don’t they?

    The allowance system came in to being because successive governments shied off increasing MP’s pay in line with increases in equivalent professions.

    The real scandal in the corridors of power is the back handers and paybacks associated with defense, rail and road contracts and so on. But not a peep about those is there?

  309. 309
    Prodicus says:

    Why am I in moderation?

  310. 310
    Grim Retractor says:

    What happened to the suicidal MPs too worried to face the public? I have not read about any successes, so assume they are no bloody good at that either. Unless of course there a bunch of them has turned up in a certain Swiss clinic.

  311. 311
    Snotsicle says:

    I like how pictures of Bruni and Sarko are always taken on a pair of steps with him slightly behind her.

  312. 312
    Anonymous says:

    So why no Tories on Newsnight last night?

  313. 313
    bergen says:

    Couldn’t care less what party they’re from.If they’ve been at it,then they can suffer.

  314. 314
    Prodicus says:

    Paul Waugh reporting McNulty has received a ‘nothing to repay’ letter.

  315. 315
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    I don’t often find myself agreeing with you, Mrs RRW, but in this case, you’re absolutely spot on. They’re all as bad as each other.

    I do hope you’ll be voting for someone, though. If you don’t vote at all, then the corrupt politicians have won.

    I haven’t decided who I’m voting for yet, but I’m absolutely sure it won’t be Labour or the Tories, and 95% sure it won’t be the LibDems. I will, however, definitely be voting.

  316. 316
    Baroness Scotland says:

    I’m sorry, I’m unavailable for comment at present. I’m interviewing for a new cleaner.

  317. 317
    Doc Trough says:

    “I’ll hold your seat till you get there – after that, you’re on your own!”

    – Groucho Marx.

  318. 318
    WC Potts says:

    Prezza claimed for a couple of replacements so this is probably a design fault.

  319. 319
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    The EU land grab goes on – even usurping those democratically elected in their own countries are not safe.

    What next – assassination of those who disagree with the Kommon Purpose EUSSR?

    Long live the English – as it falls to us yet again to stand alone against European tyranny:

    * Fascism

    * Communism

    * National Socialism

    * Socialism

    And now the EUSSR joins the list of undemocratic fascistic European political movements that wanted to unify Europe by any means necessary, for the benefit of all.

    Now that all pretence of democracy has been eradicated from the MO of the EUSSR I tell them this: We will fight you again. We will win again.

  320. 320
    Prodicus says:

    Guess it must be because I mention Mac Numpty

  321. 321
    A nglo-S axon F uckwit, - but c anny wiv it - kno wot oi mean ? says:

    F uck Al_Ja_Beeba – and all it’s pseudo ‘progressive’ works !!

    F uck it’s P erlitical K erectnuss, it’s bullshit commentaries, it’s ‘Britain is bare-rock weather forecasts, and it’s po-faced blabbermouths.

    F uck them soundly, thoroughly, completely, and without let, hindrance, or mercy.

    The stuff their digital transmission masts up their collective arse, and make them climb up after.

    BASTARDS !! – in a very real and meaningful sense

  322. 322
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    Mega yawn – I dont even read your crap, I just see the name & start yawning…..excuse me…need a nap.

  323. 323
    Anonymous says:

    Records lost, I expect.

  324. 324
    Prodicus says:

    Ah, OK. … who has received a nothing to repay letter according to Paul Surname-Same-As-Evelyn’s at the Standard

  325. 325
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    Because too much of you is bad for us.

  326. 326
    Easily Shocked says:

    I’m not surprised that you’re not surprised that nobody here is surprised at the outcome. Apparently it was obvious.

  327. 327
    Prodicus says:

    Well, that didn’t last long. Back on the norty step.

  328. 328

    So that’s why you’re not in Home Economics. Get to school at once MasturBator

  329. 329
    Anonymous says:

    Seriously, when did honour die? In about Wilson or Heath’s time, or before?

  330. 330
    Francis Futurama says:

    The filth is all there to be seen: an unelected ‘PM’ fiddling his expenses whilst planning to sell off (read “give away”) every asset the nation owns to pay for bailing out his banking mates; a former Home Secretary so deeply mired in criming and lying that it’s a wonder she can live with her own stench – and yet, at the conniving hands of her fellow MPs – escapes even the mildest punishment, even then going on to offer an insincere faux apology speech mined with (as Quentin Letts so aptly terms it) “microtruculence” – and even then, an apology forced out of her, rather than voluntary); a twice sacked Patek Philippe manipulator and deceiver brought back in to a totally discredited government through the device of Instant Lordship in order to ratchet us into irreversible slavery with Brussels whilst reneging on a manifesto promise of referendum… I could go on.

  331. 331
    Master Baiter says:

    Kaminski the leader of the Conservitudes European Parliament faction is not only against apologising for the Polish slaughter of Jews by their fellow towns people in a 1941 pogrom. Bear in mind the Poles have quite a lot of form when it comes to pogroms.

    He is also a self confessed supporter of the Lisbon Treaty.

    Which begs the question:

    Why did the Conservitudes join the fringe party grouping in the European Parliament?

    Are the Conservitudes against apologising for the slaughter of Jews in 1941?

  332. 332
    A nglo-S axon F uckwit, - but c anny wiv it - kno wot oi mean ? says:

    Line the fuckers up and tip them – moderately weighted (let them float for a bit) – in the Thames

  333. 333
    I B Seldom_Lucid says:

    Sadly, old country boy, you know and I know that you, me and everybody else will do absolutely sweet naff all. That is why they are so confident.

    They know that they are the ruling class with the born right to rule over a nation of idle, unprincipled, feckless, undereducated, cowardly f***wits who would not recognise a point of principle if it bit them on the arse.

    A younger nation would have had 90% of them summarily executed by now.

    We deserve everything we get from these parasites.

  334. 334
    anon says:


    What a fecking disgrace the BBC is.

    I cannot understand how in a free country they get away with being the “State Propaganda machine”……

    Oh…hold on, thats right we are not in a free country, we are in a country whos parlaiment and legislature and national broadcaster have been over-run and occupied by European State traitors.

    Hang the fecking lot of them.

  335. 335
    Charlie the Chancer says:

    Swiss Bob is doing his daily livechat now.

  336. 336
    A Doctor says:

    The PM wouldn’t be unwanted if it was Brown’s Post Mortem.

  337. 337
    Henry Crun says:

    Perhaps the Tories reckon they don’t need to say anything…just letting the Labour MPs have enough rope. Nothing to be gained in pointing out the bleeding obvious.

  338. 338
    Master Baiter says:

    Don’t get wisterical.

  339. 339
    president blair says:

    somebody arrest her and take her to the nearest cash point machine.

  340. 340
    Master Baiter says:

    Perhaps it’s about more than just your opinion on the matter.

  341. 341
    Gordon Brown's moral compass swinger says:

    If ANYONE other than an MP had received £100k to which they were not entitled and not asked to repay it, HMRC would be demanding PAYE and NI on the payment, levying fines for the incorrect submission of the year end P35 return and applying a monthly fine of £100 for failure to disclose an interest free loan to an employee on form P11d.
    I don’t think saying “sorry” would be considered an adequate response.

  342. 342
    McGroom says:

    Any senior politician who refuses to pay back the “Legg Levy” should have their “Right Honourable” title removed.

  343. 343
    One flew over the No 10 bunker says:

    talked about last night on Sky. Apparently blood on the tearoom walls as one MP Labour MP was stated as saying ‘McDoom jumped the gun and made things worse he’s gotta go”
    Twats all

  344. 344
    Obama is a Twat says:

    Brillo on the Daily Politics giving 5 bellies a hard time.

  345. 345
    tat says:

    yes please!

  346. 346
    RavingMad says:

    he’s put a limit of £1000 on gardening items and £2000 0n household stuff – which is one of the limits MPs are claiming is out of order. What none of the MPs seem to realise is that they can only make claims for things that eneble them to do their job – hanging baskets do not come into this category!!

  347. 347
    Master Baiter says:

    Bingo wings, turkey brain, fair enough, life must be tiring, especially with Christmas coming so soon.

    Just keep grovelling and they might throw a few crumbs, more likely it’ll be slaughter, gutting, stuffing (with the crumbs) and sticking in a hot oven, enjoy.

    What a shame this won’t be ready by crinkly neck.

  348. 348
    Mr Prezza of Scott, a Noo_Lie_Bore Illumination says:


    Did’ya see the tits on that accountuntsee bird ???!!!

    Phworrr !!

    She could ‘of’ counted my cash any day!!

    anyone got a pie . . ? . . . pasty . . . ? . . . . . sandwich . . ? . . . chips . . ?

  349. 349
    The Ghost of Christmas Past says:

    I didnt know we had a bloody cat.

  350. 350
  351. 351
    Anonymous says:

    Jaqui should be jailed but Multi-millionaires scamming and fiddling the taxpayer for mortgages is just as pathetic and disgusting

    Tell these thieves to fuck off at the election

  352. 352
    RavingMad says:

    agree – you still wanna kill them though, don’t you?

  353. 353
    Master Baiter says:

    With what?

    Turkey basters?

  354. 354
    tat says:

    resign primarolo.
    your incompetence and wilful refusal to admit your mistakes has caused much damage to the lives of those on low incomes.

  355. 355
    Hetty Hatesmen says:

    and I’m having my car repaired

  356. 356
    Phil O'Pastree says:

    C’mon titfer you moan like hell when someone nicks your moniker.

  357. 357
    Mercury Falling says:

    Mercury falling; gold rising. Storm ahead.

  358. 358
    Wild Man says:

    No – why waste a ‘resource’?

    Make them build their own prisons * – then do time in them.

    * as in living on a deserted island of Twatland – the one with anthrax should do just fine. Breaking rocks, digging out their own cave, – oh joy.

    Let the b astards scheme their way out ov that!

  359. 359
    Doc Trough says:

    That’s no way to talk about Tessa.

  360. 360
    Phil O'Pastree says:

    Fuckin ell you’re flogging the ol’ “wisterical” joke to death. I guess that’s one you dreamed up yourself.

  361. 361
    Porky Smith says:

    Jacqui Smith is beyond the pale – if she doesn’t stand down before the election, then she is a bloody fool, since a blind man on a dark night would understand she has no chance of retaining her Parliamentary seat.

    However, it is clear that the expenses scandal is going to rumble on right up to the General Election, completely throwing the present excuse for a government completely off course and incapable of action. The message is clear – give the British people the General Election they need, require and deserve NOW!!! We cannot possibly continue with the present unholy, awful mess, with the Government running a ruinous fiscal deficit until next summer!

    Election now! Election now! Election now!!!!!

  362. 362
    Some bloke says:

    Can we quote you on that, Anonymous? :-D

  363. 363
    RavingMad says:

    but you are easily shocked?

  364. 364
    tat says:

    we will take up arms to defend our democracy from c’unts like you MB.
    and your special request to to be analised by a turkey baster will be honoured.

    good point righty right, the EU will now have to start assassinating dissenters or else they will be over run.

  365. 365
    Susie says:

    If I were one of her constituents, my Landrover Defender would be currently parked in her sitting room, having done a ram raid through her security gates.

  366. 366
    Doc Trough says:

    What happened to Foster’s photos?

  367. 367
    Phil O'Pastree says:

    Don’t ferret about it.

  368. 368
    Groucho says:

    Anyone reported her to her local tax office yet?

  369. 369
    I wuv the Bankers they are gweat says:

    Get the Bankers and City’s cock out of your mouth for once you shill

    Bankers haven’t created wealth recently unless you have been sleeping under a rock for the past couple of years. They Fucked the Economy and put us all in a crippling Recession. We all know this and the public certainly know it.

    Creedit Default Swaps and Collaterallised Loan Obligations were simply Casino bets that paid off big time in the short term and netted the Banks and City mega-Billion-Bonuses even though they were a complete crap shoot.

    Governments fucked up the regulation and even the high priest Greenspan had to admit as much, but leveraging that would make a loan shark or refugee from gamblers ananymous blush and betting the econmy on toxic derivatives was all down to the Banks.

    Stop being an apologist for these cun’ts for once and face up to the truth. They fucked the Economy. Unregulated and left to their own devices they even fucked their own companies for a short term Bonus Bonanza.

  370. 370
    Anonymous says:

    Private Sector advice is to limit “rent” payments to relatives to £4250 – the amount they can receive without incurring a tax charge. If the arrangement is informal I believe £25 a night is allowed. Even I could manage that Maths. Of course the lying thief is now going to say she would not have stayed with her sister if the fees authority had not said she could claim ACA for Redditch. In other words if she could not get her Pinnochio nose in the trough one way she would have done it another way and thieved even more off us. It really is despicable behaviour – she has no shame and ought to be put in the stocks.

  371. 371
    Roger the Dog says:

    Beware the Ides of March

  372. 372
    tat says:

    ’tis not that MPs are overpaid masterbaiter you dullard, no no, the fact of the matter is that other public sector workers are overpaid.
    not the majority ofcourse who are on low wages but those at the top end who are vastly overpaid for their meagre contributions to society.
    not very bright, are you.
    do try to keep up you retard!

  373. 373
    Phil O'Pastree says:

    Like claiming your sister’s bedroom is your main residence? Not only is it a lie, it is also a “conflicted transaction”.

    Two slaps on the wrist not one is in order.

  374. 374
    One Flew over the No 10 bunker says:

    Its a trap

    You would also be interested to know that the only truly duty free establishment in Europe is now situated under the buildings of the European Parliament and only members can shop there.

    Just Remember…………… Russia was just like that where they had only party members shops

  375. 375
    Reg511 says:

    Or Sickle

  376. 376
    The Commission for Fiscal Rectitude says:

    I suspect there is an injunction preventing it -seems to be the norm these days.

    PS – message on the blackberry from Gordon. Flogging UK assets not achieving required targets. MB-I am afraid you are now subject to a compulsory purchase order. You may appeal etc etc. No point though,legislation poorly drafted so an appeal is not legally possible.

    Expect you to be sold off next week. Venue: British Car Auctions Peterborough Reserve price 25p

  377. 377
    Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

    Yes. The main show is when they find out about MP’s staff costs.

    I wonder how many MPs employ full time students. At least we know what you do for the money.

  378. 378
    The demise of everything we hold dear says:

    Read the signs:

    “Production of Newcastle Brown Ale is set to cease on Tyneside “

  379. 379
    Some other bloke says:

    Tell these thieves to fuck off at the election!

  380. 380
    Pan the down going says:

    Pound sterling has fallen over yet again today.

    Good to see the green shoots of economic recovery from Brown/Darling’s inspired “downturn”. Incompetence has been rewarded for far too long. Smith is a symptom of all that is wrong in UK at the moment. No one cares.

  381. 381
    Susie says:

    Good for you madam. I hope there are more like you.

  382. 382
    Reg511 says:

    And lets hope he is in the house very soon

  383. 383
    Davy says:

    The composition of this committee was not representative. They should have re-arranged this meeting when a full committee was available instead of perputrating this whitewash over their old pal’s fraudulent claims.
    Once again the old greed monster and self serving socialist ideals have reared their ugly heads,make this committee independant or disband it completely.
    Sack them all and put them behind bars now!

  384. 384
    AJC says:

    Been unable to get onto the roof perhaps?

  385. 385
    Gary Gibbon says:

    The mood in this place is easily as low as it was at the height of the Telegraph stories… quite a few Labour MPs specifically fingering Gordon Brown for demanding this audit then not keeping a tight enough grip on its remit.


  386. 386
    Harry Basset says:

    I can’t bear to listen to or watch the BBC news at all. The toe curling Northern Irish accents hurt my ears. They hov a vory strayange way of torkn.

  387. 387
    tisfedup says:

    @108 i stated 6 labour MPs, it appears i may be incorrect, it was 5 labour mp’s and possibly 1 tory, (daily politics today) this is starting to get muddled, can someone clarify, this is the committee of MP’s that found Jackie Smith had done wrong, and decided that she only needs to apoligise and not payback the £116,000.00. the point is that it was labour mp’s that made this decision, and should be on top leader of this story.

  388. 388
    Daveyone says:

    Obama awarded the Nobel peace Prize

    Brown declared Best World Leader 2009

    Greenpeace on the roof of Parliament (anti hunt and F4J previously)

    Dodgy MP’s concerned they have milked the cow too much

    and look out for the newly opened Supreme Court there is an orderly
    queue forming by the ‘IN’ door consisting of;

    Lord Truscott, Baroness Scotland, *Jacqui Smith*, Sharon Shoesmith………….

    I bet your loving it (McDonald breakfast in hand) political animal Guido!!

  389. 389
    Engineer says:

    Master Baiter – if you have information or evidence of paybacks associated with defence, rail, road or any other contracts as you state above, take it to the press or police, or publish it here. Otherwise, we’ll assume that you’re bullshitting, as usual.

    Now there’s a thought – if there had been any of that going on over the last 12 years, who would be receiving the bribes? Who’s been in power these last 12 years?

  390. 390
    Davy says:

    I F—king care,so there.Don’t give up!

  391. 391
    Anonymous says:

    wouldn’t go until it was clear who’d pay for the expenses.

  392. 392
    Davy says:

    Brown will be buying gold soon then?

  393. 393
    Tea Leaf says:

    Failed to declare earnings fails to tell them my income went up £15 a week wow I earn £75 a week Fraud my council say court says yes fine £300 costs £100 + £15 on top just don’t mess up on your council tax bill or you will go to court and pay unlike mps

  394. 394
    Hopping Mad says:

    I still find it objectionable having to fund one half of the Fat Slags’ requirements in the porn films department. How exactly is gawping at porno flicks essential to this bitch’s job? Why didn’t the fat cnut pay for the films herself? Why should we have to subsidise this gormless fat useless pile of foetid shit and all the other worthless scum that pollute Westminster?

  395. 395
    JMT says:

    No. Too kind, too quick.

    Tip the bastards at the North Pole with just a can of beans, all their ill-gotten gains in ready cash and a box of matches.

    Let them discover whether the planet really is getting warmer, whether polar bear numbers are decreasing and whether all their taxes and eco-loony laws were worthwhile.

    Then in a thousand years time some

  396. 396
    MrJacquiSmith says:

    I noticed our Jacqui sat next to Caroline Flint for her apology appearance in the Commons. What a night those two would make, though I’d blindfold myself for the missus.

  397. 397
    Corporate State Slave says:

    I’m afraid the police will not be able to do much as they are only run as a for profit organisation these days, it’s no longer about upholding the common law but turning a profit for the shareholders. It’s no coincidence that despite a rise in the number of “Police Officers” crime is going through the roof, they are nothing more than revenue collectors.

    TPUC.ORG <- Wake Up.

  398. 398
    All Labour in the North? says:

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning, it reminds me of… Middlesbrough.

  399. 399
    shelling-out says:

    How about the Yogic Flyers?

  400. 400
    Master Baiter says:

    Shouldn”t that be ‘take up turkey wings’?

  401. 401
    shelling-out says:

    You usually go back 20 years to the last Conservative government.

    Now you’re going back 60 years to the Second World War.

    You really are clutching at straws.

  402. 402
    Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

    Top 3 in scotland, number 4 nearly scotland.
    They nearly all max out, or get within a few % of maxing out.

    The bigger question really is how dodgy is the claim?

    If two MPs have the same travelling and housing expenses, and one lives 20 miles from westminster, and the other 200, you’d not notice from figures like those.
    If one spent £50 on a microwave, and another spent £50 on a wine glass, you again wouldnt know.

    PS: biggest expense is staffing.

  403. 403
    Susie says:

    When Blair changed the rules to allow it to happen. He and his buddy Mandelson are always at the root of all corruption.

    Remember there are still some honourable members left. My (Conservative) MP for one. Although the MP in the adjacent one’s a trougher. I have a feeling Cameron’s promise to cut MPs and merge constituencies is designed to get rid of bent MPs in his own and other parties without too many hurt feelings.

  404. 404
    nell says:

    In 1919 the British General Dyer order his troops to fire on 10,000 peacefully gathered defenceless men, women and children after trapping them in a walled area.

    Do you feel it is your responsibility as a Brit to apologies for his morally defenceless and disgraceful action even though you would have fundamentally disagreed with his view and could not have exercised any influence over what he did?

  405. 405
    shelling-out says:

    Well – you purport to have been up in the eschelons of power, so – who are these people you write about?

    If we had some names we could start to research.

  406. 406
    Master Baiter says:

    Kaminski supports the Lisbon Treaty.
    Kaminski heads the Conservitudes’ European Parliament grouping.
    The Conservitudes claim to be against the Lisbon Treaty.

    Is that so hard to decipher?

    Even for a dimwit?

  407. 407
    Susie says:

    They otter pay the money back.

  408. 408
    Davy says:

    Does that include Baron hard up Fumblebum?

  409. 409
    sceptic spot says:

    Hear Hear ……awful patronising cow . Shame her seat is safe .

  410. 410
    Davy says:

    Let’s see what she does for Africa.

  411. 411
    Furious Capitalist says:

    What about benefit in Kind. I nearly got a company car until I was told by the accountant that it would cost me more for the car in TAX than it would if I just purchased it. These Pigs made the law to TAX me so why aren’t they subject to it. BENEFIT IN KIND attracts TAX. Ask the revenue. If they don’t have to pay it does that mean I can tell the Tax man to F off the next time he calls No Jackie I will go to Prison where you lot of half wits should be,, you won’t be getting much porn there unless some bull dyke fancies a crack at you

  412. 412
    shelling-out says:

    I can remember when I was younger that MP’s were honourable. There was no back-biting, or slagging off the other side then. The Profumo affair was scandalous, and he got what he deserved.

    Ted Heath was a slimeball. I remember my mum saying he sold us down the river over the Common Market. I think the late 60’s/70’s is where it all went tits up. Can’t remember who was in power then, but really, does it matter.

  413. 413
    shelling-out says:

    Yum dum diddle doo.

  414. 414
    salty balls says:

    the rats are in charge of the cheese cuboard

  415. 415
    Susie says:

    The BBC said “no Tories were available” = Beeboid spin for they are all so guilty they can’t face the public, but NN probably never bothered to ask them — Paxo’s obviously still smarting from his ill-advised run in with the fragrant Boris.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if between now and a Tory landslide victory, the opposition refused to appear on the BBC?

  416. 416
    Master Baiter says:

    Dyer’s action was condemned worldwide.
    He was officially censured by the British Government and resigned in 1920.

    So yes the British government should apologise, if it has not done so already.

  417. 417
    Mongrel says:

    Keep it up, you grubby little sod LM. You are no more of a Muslim than I am.

  418. 418
    Davy says:

    29 week and one day precisely, and counting.

  419. 419
    Mongrel says:

    Nemo, AC1

  420. 420
    Susie says:


  421. 421
    Obama is a Twat says:

    They could have gotten hold of a Tory if needed, they just didn’t try. And why no Lib Dems either? No one else other than the BBC’s favourites

  422. 422
    Max Mosely says:

    I know that.

  423. 423
    Koba says:

    This can only be viewed as conspiracy, the next stop should be the Police

  424. 424
    rick says:

    Aint going to happen. Both Liebour and the Cons need the BBC badly to spread their lies.

  425. 425
    rick says:

    That was the good old days. Today the English are neutered, tame pussycats.

  426. 426
    Doris says:

    Wasn’t it the office of Michael Martin that authorised many of these expense payments? Why isn’t he being quizzed over this?

  427. 427
    Master Baiter says:

    Goldilocks, don’t tax the brain too much, it might cause exhaustion.

    It’s comforting to think that people think there is no corruption in high places, comforting indeed, for the corrupt.

    It’s the same companies and the same officials and they’re doing it to British and other countries peoples, but best not think about it.

    Some people think the MPs expenses ‘scandal’ is a put up job to denigrate all politicians, create envy among the ill informed and suppress the working class vote.

    It’s a Rovian swift boat operation.

  428. 428
    Susie says:

    I just can’t bear to look at her.

  429. 429
    South of the M4 says:

    She has. Leaving aside the insidious nature of these scum bags, and their
    treacherous social engineering – in a cold analysis they are just not up to the job of governing. Incompetence has become a word so easily associated with NuLabour. And the nub of it, is as you say, hurting the lives of millions. Something is gonna blow soon.

  430. 430
    Susie says:

    Indeed he will — it’s the right thing to do.

    If, instead of bailing out his friends at HBOS, Northern Rock, et al., he’d bought gold in 2007 instead of pouring our good money after bad, we’d have half the deficit we have now and minimal exposure to bad global debt.

    All this crap for 30 safe Labour seats in the North East.

  431. 431
    Not long till labour gone says:

    So benefit frauds can now claim the Jacqui Smith defense instead of relying on the old Chewbacca defence?


  432. 432
    Susie says:

    Listening Liz?

  433. 433
    Corporate State Slave says:

    They can only rule over us if we let them, no referendum, no consent, no thanks.

    I can only imagine what will happen once Herr Blair becomes chancellor, ermm president…I would wager several more wars in the offing, and he has hardly had time to wash his hands of blood from the last bout of state sanctioned mass murder. I do wonder how they all manage to sleep at night.

  434. 434
    Don't play politics with history, MB says:

    After Poland had been overrun, a government-in-exile, an armed forces, and an intelligence service were established outside of Poland. These organisations contributed to the Allied effort throughout the war. Polish Army was recreated in the West, as well as in the East (after German invasion of the Soviet Union).

    Poles provided some important help to the Allies throughout the war. Polish soldiers fought on land, on the seas and in the air. Notable was the service of the Polish Air Force, not only in the Allied victory in the Battle of Britain but also the subsequent war in the air; the defense of Tobruk; the capture of the German-held monastery hill of Monte Cassino; a role in the battle of the Falaise pocket; and an airborne brigade parachute drop during Operation Market Garden. Some Polish contributions were less visible, and most notably included the prewar and wartime decyphering of German Enigma machine codes by cryptologists Marian Rejewski and his colleagues. The Polish intelligence network also proved to be of much value to the Allied intelligence.

    As Poland NEVER made a general surrender or produced a collaboratory puppet government, it was directly governed by a purely German administration known as the Generalgouvernement. This administration was in turn opposed by the Polish Underground State, which not only fielded one of the largest partisan forces in existence, but was a unique underground government, a phenomenon not witnessed in other occupied countries.

    The loss of Polish Catholic life at the hands of National Socialist Germany and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics between 1939 and 1946 dwarfs that of any other religious/racial minority resident in Poland during those years.

  435. 435
    ButcombeMan says:

    I spent much of my life in the Civil Service where subsistence & overnight claims and rules were tightly applied and audited. I spent many months living away from home and claiming within those very strict rules.

    Jacquie Smith, it has been said “does not get it”. I do not agree, she gets it only too well. She committed a huge fraud on the taxpayer when the Minister in charge (laughably) of Law & Order. She has been graceless and squirmed when caught out. It is a national disgrace that she has not paid the fraudulent amounts back, it is disgrace that she is still an MP, it is a disgrace that she is seemingly prepared to stand again. The final disgrace is Brown’s weakness in the face of all this.

    To hear the whining Widdecombe banging on about the unfairness of it all today, made me feel like vomitting. A plague on all their houses.

  436. 436
    tat says:

    not bad.

  437. 437
    Skippy says:

    Agreed, but I will be taking a close look at the independents. A good crop of independents would do wonders to destroy the cosy and corrupt party system. If there are any independents to vote for that is.

  438. 438
    Road_Hog says:

    At least the infidel has stopped going on about Laila Rouass.

  439. 439
    rick says:

    Exactamondo. The Conservative have had many chances in the past to put a stop to the antics of the BBC – but they didn’t (even under the Thatch). They need this social opinion former every bit as much as the Liebour party. Lab/Con – two wings of the same party.

  440. 440
    Road_Hog says:

    Language please, I believe the correct phrase is spaghetti muncher.

  441. 441
    tat says:

    said the dead man.

  442. 442
    Anonymous says:

    Yes – Hunt the Cnut first.

  443. 443
    Anonymous says:

    She may resign at the LAST moment – therefore allowing her to squeeze the last few pounds (sterling and troughing) out of the taxpayer.


  444. 444
    tat says:

    supress the working class vote?
    yes, people like you and your fellow members of the fascist new labour war and occupation party have done a very good job of supressing the working class vote.
    you must be very proud.

  445. 445
    tat says:

    ps. rovian swift boat operation?
    you are off your head you nutter.

  446. 446
    Truth should be told says:

    Names, please! Monsewer Master Baiter. With your contact number to show your bona fides to Serious Fraud Office.

  447. 447
    Harriet Lesbo says:

    It seems so unfair to attack dishonest obese ‘ladies’. Blair babe? more like one of Bliars old boilers.

  448. 448
    Jimmy says:

    “Sunlight’s correspondence was noticeably omitted from the final report.”

    A somewhat unconventional use of the word “noticeably” there.

  449. 449
    Road_Hog says:

    Some interesting sories on your site, thanks very much.

  450. 450
    Sue Tzuzir says:

    Bog cleaners position was taken by Julie Kirkbride.

  451. 451
    Anonymous says:

    Agreed. Look at this link to a benefit case in the Redditch Standard


    Incidentaly the headline today is about Smith’s apology and the Editor is asking for coments! editor@redditchstandard.co.uk.

    Leave it with you!!

  452. 452
    Jac says:

    I should not be surprised, bitter or plotting another long web response… but I feel so furious I could swear for fucking hours at the television. Not only this incident which was obviously a complete fabrication of hours spent where… but also the utter arrogance of the morons who think they’re being hard done by! What is with these people? Anne Widdecombe says if it was another employer changing the rules retrospectively they’d be in a tribunal… well Anne, dear, it is not another employer, it is public money and something called integrity. FFS! Where do these people think they are exactly… I know we’re a crap democracy since Gordo does whatever he likes, but for crying out loud, get a grip! £64 k and expenses, nice!

  453. 453
    Jac says:

    Right there with you! Not sure the ‘big white bowl’ is able to deal with all the sickness it is facing over these ridiculous squeals of indignation!

  454. 454
    Daveyone says:

    Thats easy for you to say;

  455. 455
    Stating the obvious says:

    Yes I must say the MP’s should look at benefit claimants when they are overpaid. They know its not their money but fuck it, spend it anyway, who is going to find out?

    Oh whats that, I have to pay it back? Shit I have been caught but it was years ago, I’ll say sorry. There we go, solved.

  456. 456
    Jac says:

    Normally I would take exception to the terms used in your post… aside from the use of ‘slag’ which I suppose is kind of like me calling most men wankers, I guess I can understand that level of anger. Right there with you.

  457. 457
    Jac says:

    Yep, one law for this lot and another for us. I work for a local authority and I cannot even begin to explain the level of fraud… reluctance to discipline and lack of ethics. The political system that reigns these places needs to be broken. What do you say Guido? Can we find a way of exposing local councils for what they are without getting me thrown out?

  458. 458
    Jac says:

    I saw that. Not from that part of the country but it seems a damn shame to me! Like Cadbury dumping Keynsham for Poland… so much for our wonderful country!

  459. 459
    Jac says:

    Absolutely. Did anyone like that rather nice photo of our Jacquie on the cover of the Telegraph? And Mandy is about to repay £800 – how will he manage? What a crock! or did I mean crook?

  460. 460
    Jac says:

    I would like to know how some of them have ‘Right Honourable’ as a title. Completely untrue and totally unearned in most cases!

  461. 461
    Jac says:

    Yes, we have so much to be proud of in this country. What chance honesty when our MPs spend most of their time lying their way through interviews. Mandelson is an objectionable twit… Gordo is as usual right in the thick of it… I don’t suppose Guido could be bribed in reprising his historical role could he?

  462. 462
    Jac says:

    I think if she showed her face there, she might actually be the one being mopped up!

  463. 463
    Jac says:

    We could have a referendum on that? I am not sure she would survive. Oh wait, we don’t have a say in this country do we?

  464. 464
    Jac says:

    I like that… that is a scary statistic if I ever saw one… someone ought to latch onto that and publish it in main stream media to show people exactly what she’s cost us!

  465. 465
    Australian says:

    … and quickly, beav-or we get even more angry.

  466. 466
    There all fucking liars says:


    The parliamentary ruling mob
    Have all enjoyed a cushy job
    The taxes paid by you and me
    Helped these scoundrels live for free

    They tried to stop us finding out
    What their expenses were about
    Somehow they think that we are fools
    By claiming, “It’s within the rules”

    Such claims alas just will not wash,
    They’ve lived like royals on our dosh
    It’s not the dosh that we want back,
    We want them ALL to get the sack

    That’s not all, for we want more,
    We want them in a court of law
    Some of them it seems are frauds,
    Both in the Commons and the Lords

    Flipping homes to dodge the tax
    Has got up the electorates backs
    Porno films and cleaning moats
    Is really sticking in our throats

    Don’t think because they haven’t claimed
    They’re innocent and can’t be blamed
    Not speaking out what some were getting
    Is simply aiding and abetting

    Their secrets out they’ve lost control
    We want them jailed or on the dole
    Parliament’s no sacred cow.

  467. 467
    Summer_Breeze says:

    ” I love the smell of napalm in the morning, it reminds me of… Middlesbrough.”


  468. 468
    Infanta of Castile says:

    Tat’s sable to take a joke

  469. 469
    There all fucking liars says:


    It seems our invalid pension did not falsely claim a sufficiently large enough amount to qualify for the “too big to fault” get out clause.
    Unlike this despicable, parasite of a woman from her equally despicable Government.

  470. 470
    Buggeritletsavealaff says:

    Whats the difference between the front door of 10 downing street and sitting on the lavatory ??
    Nohing, a big shit comes out of both eventually.

  471. 471
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Just to add a further insult to the Jacqboot, Geert Wilders has overturned her ban on him entering the UK.

  472. 472
    Skippy says:

    These whining MP’s seem to be saying that they acted within the rules, and this restrospective rejection of their expense claims is unfair.

    How so? They fought tooth and nail, first to exempt them from the FOI, then the speaker spent a fortune of our money to keep them secret. Then when they were puiblished most of the claims were blacked out.

    If they are as innocent as they claim, why go to all this expense and trouble to keep their claims secret?

    At the very least Heather Brooke deserves to be made a Dame, and whoever sold the information to the Telegraph also deserves a Knighthood/Dame. They have done more for this country than any of those corrupt and venal scumbags have ever done.

  473. 473
    Corporate State Slave says:

    ACO – You are failing to mention they also denied a whole generation the right to affordable housing in order to line their own pockets with cash, evil just doesn’t cover it.

  474. 474
    Corporate State Slave says:

    Remember you are considered to be just chattel, a number in a database, a bond floating on the market, nothing more nothing less, your labour is the value of this country and they make money out of you, lots of money, and when you are old and no longer productive…well I think we all know how you will be treated.

    EUSSR is just the beginning.

  475. 475
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Even during the height of Mrs T’s powers, the donkeys in Bristol South returned Dim Dawn’s predecessor. Perhaps the RAF need a new bomb testing ground after all.

    How much has been shelled out in Tax Credit Overpayments since Brown brought in this Ponzi scheme? The UK would have been better off with flat rate income tax or higher personal allowances than this beaurcratic monstrosity.

    I would be surprised if Brown ever stood up to face scrutiny over the Tax Credits.

  476. 476
    Bagehots Fabric says:

    She thoroughly deserves to be soundly thrown out at the next election and never returned to Parliament again – disgraceful – we probably paid for all those kebabs late at night too!

  477. 477
    50 calibre says:

    Jacqui’s Statement to the House

    “With permission, Mr Speaker, I wish to make a personal statement.

    I am grateful to the Committee on Standards and Privileges for their consideration of the detailed report from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards following his seven month investigation.

    I wish to apologise unreservedly to the House – as I have to my constituents – for wrongly claiming for the cost of films alongside my broadband and cable connection. This claim should never have been made and, as the committee notes, I paid back the claim in full as soon as it was brought to my attention.

    On the issue of second home allowances, The Commissioner and the Committee recognise that my London home is indeed a home. They dismiss the most usually repeated newspaper descriptions of my living arrangements. I welcome this judgement.

    As the report makes clear, I sought and received written advice from the Parliamentary Authorities that supported my main home designation. And indeed, I spent more nights in London than in Redditch for three of the four years in question. I have never ‘flipped’ my designation and I only own one home. The Committee recognise that there is no evidence that the taxpayer would be any worse or any better off as a result of me having made a different decision.

    However, in retrospect, the Commissioner concludes that I should have used my discretion to change my main home designation.

    I therefore apologise to the House. And I want to say sorry, too, to my constituents. They are my number one priority and for too long this investigation has overshadowed the work that I do for them.”

    Cost to Taxpayer: £116,000 or £928 per second.

    Yes you can hand it to Labour when it comes to value for money, our money!

  478. 478
    Labour thieves from the gutter in power says:

    I hate her face. She is a big pig. A dirty nasty fascist criminal.

    People who have been near her say she stinks like a rotting dog (obviously too mean to do washing and wears her filthy pox-riddled knickers for a weeks at a time).

    Burn her.

  479. 479
    Living with the real people in NW3.. says:

    Can anyone translate the first paragraph for me because I have no idea what Guido is trying to say?


  480. 480
    Bath plugs for the many, not the few says:

    She makes Tony Blair look like an honest man.

  481. 481
    Bath plugs for the many, not the few says:

    …and gives the common thief a good name.

  482. 482
    House Elf says:

    I heard Keynsham was back in business

  483. 483
    House Elf says:


  484. 484
    House Elf says:

    ‘Twas on last night’s Newsnight. David Grossman reckons all but the Liebour Members of the committe were absent, so she just got a smack on the wrist if she apologised instead of being boiled in pig blood and snot as she deserves. Bloody hopeless committee members if you ask me. Where the feck were they? Anyhow the decision should have been put off to allow cross part scrutiny.

  485. 485
    House Elf says:

    How about Legg for PM then.

  486. 486
    Thats MISTER pleb to you says:

    You have hit the nail square on the head. I work with the Local Government types and they are utterly, utterly convinced of their superiority over mere mortals. Even in my work place, I see very capable and hard working people sacked to save a few bob and get costs down, while these types never go, just carry on sitting in their lovely offices, collecting their huge pay cheques and sniffing their own fragrant farts….

  487. 487

    […] 13 October, 2009 · Leave a Comment …and another for Tracy Onions (shame about the name.) And in Redditch too…I wonder who’s the MP? […]

  488. 488
    Thats MISTER pleb to you says:

    Anybody out there from Jacqui Smith’s constituancy? What do the home boys in the hood think of her?

  489. 489
    Rufus Stone says:

    Nursey – This puts the whole thing in perspective. And this is just one of the thieving scum.

  490. 490
    Four-eyed English Genius says:


    Carthage is to be destroyed, Right sentiments, though

  491. 491
    Duc de Blangis says:

    Tragically, this is a truly Pyrrhic victory.

  492. 492
    I'M JUST CAPITAL says:

    SoRrY BuT As A OnE FiNgErEd TyPiSt ,I HaVeTo Do SomE ThInG WitH ThE OtHeR HaNd !

  493. 493
    50 Calibre says:

    Will she be getting a letter from Sir Thomas Legg?

  494. 494
    Robert Catesby says:

    As has been pointed out before Guy Fawkes is the only individual in history to have entered the Houses of Parliament with a noble intention.

  495. 495
    Harry Flashman says:

    did Ms Smith the BBC employee report her rental income to HRMC?
    Did the Ms Smiths’ first and second homes have permission to be let?

  496. 496
    Harry Flashman says:

    One time wasn’t a MP removed because he gave a First class rail ticket to someone who was not entitled to it?
    How times have changed!

  497. 497
    Harry Flashman says:

    Not many porn stars with five bellies so there is an opening alreADY

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Dan Hodges on Labour unity

“We’ve heard a lot over the past few years about how Miliband has united Labour. But he has not united Labour. He has pacified Labour. He has placed it into a medically induced coma following the trauma of the party’s 2010 defeat.”

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