October 13th, 2009

Jack Straw’s Sweatshop

This just in* from a bit of Hansard that Carter-Ruck have not tried to injunct:

Mr. Grieve: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice how many hours were worked by each special adviser in his Department in each week between 8 June 2009 to 3 July 2009.

Mr. Straw: As working for me as a Special Adviser is, I am told, pure pleasure and stress free, my Special Advisers work exceptionally long hours, often at weekends and late into the evening without complaint, and have not therefore felt the need which they otherwise might to complete timesheets to show that I was sweating their labour.

*Paddy from Grayling was the tipster co-conspirator.


  1. 1
    Chomping at the bit says:

    No Working Time directives here then?


    • 2

      Of course not. No pay either, probably, for the poor graduate intern.


      • 50
        Le Citoyen Chauvelin says:

        My youngest son is an unpaid economics graduate “intern” and with so many graduates on “the dole” and no jobs thanks to “he who must NOT be named” he’s happy to work without pay apart from travelling expenses(receipts to be supplied etc) – the “selling point” is of course that it will benefit his CV and future employability – apparently(?)Is this the BIGGEST Con yet ???????


        • 56
          Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

          How can one work for nothing when we have a minimum wage?


          • Burnley is a labour free zone says:

            The thought police and ‘he who must not be blamed’ should get onto this and stop him from working, give him some sense of dignity.


    • 7
      Hugh Janus says:

      Just the point I was about to make.

      Laws only apply to we plebs – the political class does exactly as it likes.


    • 11
      Furious Capitalist says:

      I need to be a special advisor. Then I can tell politicians to cut their cloth. Make all public sector workers take a 20% reduction in their pay as well as pensions. Get our troops out of the Afghanistan. Reduce Tax and Energy costs to Commercial Companies and lets get the country back to work.
      If you dont then this country is finished. The Chinese have technology that surpasses ours. They are using LED’s to light their industry and streets. we are using Fluorescent lamps, that use about 70% more energy. That is just one example of a country ran by politicians who are advised by academics who are all taught the same and give out the same information . Thanks maggie for disbanding dissent bet you didn’t forcast that the country would end up being ran by the misinformed???


      • 16

        > Thanks maggie for disbanding dissent

        ??U R A WGCE


      • 44
        Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

        I bet there aren’t many streets with LED lighting.
        And an each way bet that a lot of chinese streets have no lighting at all.

        Are you sure you are really furious?


        • 47
          Master Baiter says:

          It’s just that he is easily dazzled.


        • 71
          albacore says:

          Take a look at the non-food items you’ve bought recently and see where they were manufactured.
          The motherboard in the PC you’re using is a miracle of rare device. It wasn’t made here.
          Neither, most probably, was the sofa from which you watch your imported TV. Etc.
          Pretty soon that piper is going to need paying.


        • 78
          Furious Capitalist says:

          I don’t read the sun news paper and if you had been to China you would see how they are ahead of us in medicine science and technology. Any one that believes the Cac they read in the media will also believe we invaded Afghanistan to run after Osma Bin Laden


  2. 3
    Thats News says:

    I really don’t know where to start. Except that isn’t it strange that Socialists are often the worst employers ever?

    They pay their staff peanuts and yet expect blind loyalty and long hours as the norm. Though they show little loyalty to their staff.


    • 18

      Not really.

      Socialists are psycopaths, they see other people as a means to an achieving their goals of power.


      • 49
        Anonymous says:

        Yes, it’d be interesting to interview some of the staff to see if he was being truthful, joking, or given he is a socialist he’s probably living in a dream world.

        Or perhaps given he doesn’t use his money to pay them, they might be on £200k so willing to piss around on myspace for 80hours a week for that.


      • 54
        Anti Citizen One says:

        Cripes, I’ve done it again. Note to self: stop smoking crack.
        This is what I meant to say:
        Capitalists are psycopaths, they see other people as a means to achieving their goals of power.


    • 19
      Obama is a Twat says:

      That’s because Socialist scum (Baroness Scotland for example) often employ illegals who can’t complain.

      Oh and what about rich left wing public school toff BBC types like Paxman? Didn’t his housekeep (Polish) complain about him?


    • 33
      Reg511 says:

      Jack Straw really is an old school Bolshevik, it’s not a job for these people, it’s a belief.

      You could then argue that a belief, by definition, is an irrational thought


      • 87
        Grim Reaper says:

        Straw spends his life avoiding. No one else can do that. Just ignore, slime out,slip away and never admit to anything (I am reminded of Bruin – maybe two men).
        The man is utterly useless and always has been (as is Bruin).


    • 41

      I think that the story Guido is looking for here is


      The Game is that you have to ask the right question. Its no good asking the government secrets office if Damo pops in to help McDoom.
      The request comes back .. Do you have any specific times that you wish us to look into.
      Can’t ask if the McMailer is employed to help the Broon..We cannot release employment data.

      So its down to random guessing games with the anti-FOI officials

      Does HMG employ Spads
      HMG does not employ Spads

      Does HMG have Spads working in its departments
      That is a possibility

      Does one of the look like a ginger pig?
      We couldn’t possibly comment ..

      and so on.


    • 60
      McGroom says:

      It is no accident that unemployment has risen under every Labour government that has been in office.

      Champagne socialists know how to spend and criticise disenters, but few if any of them have ever created revenue in the real world.

      Jack Straw’s only jobs in the real world have been in law and TV in the 10970’s, and we all know how juniors in those sectors get treated. Shit rolls downhill


      • 67
        Inspector Cyril Blake says:

        I’ve known The Man of Straw since the late-70s, can’t say exactly how or he’ll rumble me, but he’s always been a slimy, two-faced, untrustworthy weasel of a man, typical slimy lawyer; we bumped into each other in the MoJ a while back for the first time in god knows how many years, he hasn’t changed, still as cowardly and slimy, just got more lackeys now than he did when he was just an ordinary MP.


        • 93
          Browned Off says:

          Not really meaty enough. How about incidents to grab our interest and belief that you really have something to say?


  3. 4

    Or are these ones paid? Fuck knows.


  4. 5

    Is it within the rules?


  5. 6
    Axe Rant Imp says:

    Jack Straw really is a giant arsehole.


    • 55
      fruitcake says:

      Yeah, I think he just showed us the contempt he holds everyone in, neatly demonstrating one of parliament’s problems.

      Champagne Socialism anyone?


  6. 8
    Daveyone says:

    And what of the ‘open court’ policy for the rest of us Mr. Straw? The Judges say no so it will not happen …….some justice erm..Minister!


  7. 9
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    I often wondered what a conversation between gibberin jack straw and gobbledygookin john prescott would sound like.


  8. 10
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    I dread to think of the duties required of Baron Fondlebums internals


  9. 12
    Bardirect says:

    So can he produce the signed opting out agreements then?


  10. 13
    J. Preskot (Prof) says:

    Yeah but no but its just basterd torys wot take advatuge of pore peeple init.


  11. 14
    Doc Trough says:

    Eschew the potato at cruising altitude. Opt instead for the rice.

    (provided pro publicum americanus)


  12. 15
    • 17
      Chomping at the bit says:

      They are ALL serve serving and out to promote their own profiles. The higher they go the better they can wield the power and patronage. The system is corrupt and needs a good Spring Clean. Role on……..


    • 27
      vote hungry labour MP says:

      I will campaign to make every seat in england a muslim majority seat by 2020, this will make our country more diverse and multicultural. Oppose my plan and you’re a racist and will be given no mercy under the thought-crime legislation.


  13. 20
    shelling-out says:

    £100,000 a year to be a SpAd and when the shit hits the fan, it’ll be your arse on the line, not theirs.


  14. 21
    School for Scoundrels says:

    I don’t even want to think about Jack Straw sweating interns, thank you very much.


  15. 22
    One Flew over the No 10 bunker says:

    Sorry to be O/T but following on from my story yesterday regarding getting insurance and the conversation with the dumbass at the Insurance company here is another prime example of shear total lunacy that has just happened today.

    Just been to my local station to pick up a train ticket that was ordered online. Arrived at the ticket office to find a piece of badly torn brown paper stuck on the inside of a locked door with a biro scribble on it stating

    “Office closed until 1500 due to staff shortages”

    WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAFF SHORTAGES!!!!!

    3 million fucking unemployed and god knows how many fucking hidden on the disability register and even those fallen between the fucking slats all of which I am paying for through my hard earned and they are SHORT OF FUCKING STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its just cost me an hour of business time as well and another hour later will be wasted later on doing the same journey as well because these uselelsss twats can’t even run a fucking railway. (Before you say it there is no machine and the morning train leaves before the ticket office operator gets his fucking lard arse out of bed anyway)

    Thanks feel better now Rant over…..

    This country is truly truly fucked


    • 35
      shelling-out says:

      Ah, but this is England.

      I said this yesterday to the young american and his wife who will be renting our house for the forseeable future.

      I was trying to explain to him about our coloured bins and rubbish collections. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.


    • 38
      Mr Ned says:

      There is no shortage of staff, just a shortage of staff that can be arsed getting out of bed.


      • 57
        Anonymous says:

        I was trying to explain to an American about resident parking and congestion charging he said it would never work in the USA. They would shoot anybody that tried that.
        Now there’s a thought!


    • 62
      McGroom says:

      They could always post it to you. Royal Mail say on their website “First Class mail aims to deliver your letter or packet the next working day, including Saturday”.


    • 97

      Years ago, British Rail had spare staff. They had a spare ticket office man who would cover for sickness, training, etc. They also had spare drivers, too.

      Then someone thought:”Let’s save money. Let’s NOT have spare staff.” So they got rid of all the spare staff.

      The result? “Office closed until 1500 due to staff shortages”


  16. 24
  17. 25
    Lord Mandelsons sweet shop says:

    I remember My first Worthers Original. I was Lord Mandelsons doctor
    and he asked me to look at his anus.
    he said,
    ‘Keep your gob shut son and I will give you a toffee’


  18. 28

    that dutch bloke mp wins appeals against home sec


    • 74
      Bob the Bilderberger says:

      Predictably Al-JaBeeba describes him as ‘far right’. Geert Wilders is a laid-back laissez-faire hippy compared to authoritarian control freaks like Straw and BrownOut!


  19. 29
    Don't he make your Brown eyes glue says:

    Guido- why have you not highlighted Straws break-in expertise and MI5 file, plus the little fact that Gordon Brown who was very >closeI’M A SOVIET SPY< Jones.

    Straw is and always has been a special agent for somebody


  20. 30
    Anonymous says:

    To which Grieve should have answered “Just answer the question, you prick, how many hours?”


  21. 32
    elvis o'neill says:

    Has Jack Straw ever had a proper job?


  22. 34
    Anonymous says:

    The working time directive’s a great idea (not).

    In my old job we all got threatened with redundancy if we didn’t sign the exclusion agreement (and this was years ago, before the recession etc).

    It’s all done behind closed doors with no witnesses so you can do fuck all about it.

    I refused to sign it on the grounds that I didn’t want to sign something that signed away the most basic human right of not being forced into working insane hours.

    About 3 or 4 weeks later my boss texted me while I was on my honeymoon and told me he’d decided to make me redundant and that there was no negotiation available, just fuck off and don’t bother coming back.

    This is how corporate employers work, and this is why the working time directive’s nothing more than a fucking sick joke.

    I wasn’t going to work 80 hours a week out of “loyalty” to my employer, because I knew that the directors would sell my granny and cut off my legs with a rusty hacksaw if they thought they’d get a larger bonus at the end of the year. There’s no such thing as loyalty when it comes to corporate employers, so fuck ‘em; anyone else out there still working in corporation-land, just take them for whatever you can get because they *will* fuck you over.


    • 43
      shelling-out says:

      Yes, my spouse had the same treatment. Unfortunately, it was a case of “lose your job, or sign”.

      Is that constructive dismissal?


    • 51

      As you were trying to fuck the company employing you over.

      Every government contractual entitlement is a barrier to employment, and a creator of unemployment.

      The ONLY sustainable way to get better jobs is more companies competing for the same number of staff, so
      Ration and auction immigration
      Remove “minimum wage”/Compulsory unemployment,
      Get rid of Employer NI (and the all taxes on working employment and spending).
      Finally an LVT on all UK land, to fund a Citizens Dividend, so employers have to really make it worthwhile.


    • 52
      Chomping at the bit says:

      Did you take them to an Employment Tribunal? If so did you win?


      • 65
        Anonymous says:

        ha ha ha (no)

        My lawyer said that my employer had openly broken every employment law going, and that it would be a piece of piss to prove it in court or in a tribunal.

        He also said that the worst that can happen for my employer (and the best thing that could happen for me) was that I’d win the case and be given the statutory minimum redundancy (which I was already being given) – my employer wouldn’t be forced to take me on again, they wouldn’t be forced to pay any compensation (or even my legal costs).

        I could have taken it on, but even if I’d have won, I would have ended up worse off than just leaving it alone.

        The law is on the side of the employer in cases like this.

        Actually, to rub salt into the wounds, they employed a contractor to take over my position (even the same physical desk) before I’d officially been given the final settlement, and they also tried to get me to pay their own tax bill over the redundancy settlement (the latter was where I broke ranks, and told them to pay their own fucking tax bill or else I will see them in court even if it ruined me and that I’d publish their name/actions in all the papers; they gave in on that in the end)


        • 75
          Anonymous says:

          Oh yes, I also forgot to mention that years later my ex-employer wrote to me telling me that they were in the process of taking-over full control of my pension fund (previously with a reliable/solid/separate/trusted 3rd party). They broke all the rules/laws on that too, but again there’s nothing that could be done about it (there was a government link there too; a full investigation into the pension “transfer” would have led to very very high positions in government/quangos being questioned, so despite the law openly being broken, nobody would take action; mention the situation to the authorities and they said it was very illegal and they’d take action; mention who was actually involved in it and they suddenly say it’s all fine and nothing was wrong)


    • 58
      Groucho says:

      Sounds like you would have had a good case for unfair dismissal – there are hoops that an employer must jump through when making someone redundant, including a consultation period, you have a formal right to appeal, etc. However, if it was more than 3 months ago, you are knackered.

      Mind you, it cuts both ways – there is no shortage of employees willing to fuck their employer over.


      • 70
        Anonymous says:

        Yes, but even if you won, the directors gang together and provide false paperwork to show that they don’t need you anymore and therefore can’t take you back (ie they retrofit things to make it look like a genuine redundancy), you can win the case about how they went about it, but you can’t get your job back or compensation and end up even more out of pocket than when you started.
        Remember; there are never any witnesses when they threaten these things.

        Also, there’s the stress of it all; if it gets to court then companies like that will get extremely nasty, and it can literally kill you from the stress that they’d cause. It’s just not worth fighting it; you’d lose financially and it’d just stress you to the point of death.


  23. 39
    Popeye says:

    Obviously a double-speak lawyer. A real NU Labour protege?


  24. 42
    Kevin says:

    Carter- Ruck have just caved in apparently!


  25. 48
    Road_Hog says:

    Okay he didn’t pay him, but did he claim any expenses involving his SpAd and pocket them?


  26. 64
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe I missed it but I don’t recall Herr Brown declaring NuLab MPs should pay up or face being deselected.

    What seems to have been overlooked is that this was a grubby little scheme cooked up to deliver a pay rise to MPs without the inconvenience, and publicity of getting such an arrangement formally opposed – a sort of Gordon Brown stealth pay rise I guess.

    So those “rules” our Mps are all claiming they abided by were not properly followed and became increasingly flexible to accomodate those inflated and ludicrous claims. As they all know the true test is to prove the expense claimed was wholly and necessarily incurred in the performance of their parliamentry duties and they should be required to prove that for every penny of their expenses claims.

    And as for Mrs. Smith it beggars belief that she has been let off after shafting the UK taxpayer for over £100,000. One can only hope that decision is reviewed and overturned, or that the Police now take the matter up so that justice can be served.


    • 83
      McGroom says:

      According to the Office of National Statistics there were 29,300,000 tax payers in April 2009 (latest figures).

      Sunlight reckon that Jacqui Smith owes the taxpayer £42,130.

      That is 0.0014p per tax payer.

      If she doesn’t pay it back, maybe I should send her an invoice


  27. 72
    Charlie the Chancer says:

    Just had a scam on the phone,It started with Attention all Visa cardholders,the voice was an American one,didn’t get any further as I put the phone down,be careful out there.


  28. 79
    Daveyone says:

    Working 9 to 5……is that a way to earn a living?


    • 91
      KLOTKLUNQKER says:








      SAD INIT






  29. 80
    Lizzie says:

    Sounds like working in a whorehouse, lucky Jack!


    • 84
      backwoodsman says:

      Didn’t jack the lad have previous in that direction ? There was talk of him putting unsavoury moves on those unlucky labour babes, wasn’t there ?


  30. 86
    Max says:

    Slightly OT but we have some clients who run an agency that for some strange reason cannot recruit out of work brits so is forced to recruit, er, ex-colonials etc (is that a polite phrase?).

    Anyway a regular occurence happened today again ie they whipped a copy of someone’s passport through checks whilst the applicant was waiting and the Border Agency turned up mob handed in a large vehicle with blacked-out windows to take the poor sod off to custody. In about five minutes flat.

    Just thought I’d mention it so we are all aware of what would have happened if Baroness Scotland had actually followed procedures. Quite possibly she would not have wanted the spectacle outside her front door. And neither did we really…


    • 89
      One Flew over the No 10 bunker says:

      Interesting but of course we are the little people that follow the rules which naturally are not applicable to the Hooness and others.

      The laughable thing is they will process that guy kick him out and tell him to come back in a couple of weeks. We all know what then happens….


  31. 88
    Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone, please go along to my blog and give me support. I am a young card-carrying Tory and am keen to be heard! http://conservative-vision.blogspot.com/


  32. 92
    Blackburn Raver says:

    He’s known as the Quisling in Blackburn.Well by some of us who havnt joined the ‘white flight’.


  33. 94
    Labour scum says:

    Jack (dirty little fascist thief) Straw is Lord Chancellor! WTF? How come the nasty little criminal bastard is Lord Chancellor? He’s a a thief, liar, pervert and retarded fascist filth.

    WTF has happened to Britain when with dirty little c-u-n-t Straw is Lord Chancellor. Is there no separation between the shit in legislature and the judiciary?

    Jack Straw should be burned – he’s filth. I hope he is gets gassed.


  34. 96
    Michael Jackson says:

    Can I get out of this box yet?


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