October 6th, 2009

What’s Hot on the Fringe Tomorrow

fringelist-buttonA little bit earlier than midnight, here is what is hot on the Tory fringe based on registrations with FringeList.com:

The Top 10:

  1. Iain Dale’s Blog Readers’ Party
  2. Tweet for Change/Bloggers meet up
  3. Trust in Politics: How to get it back
  4. Lucky Number 10NEW ENTRY
  5. Champagne Reception – The Conservative Local Government receptionNEW ENTRY
  6. What Priorities in Europe for a Conservative Government?NEW ENTRY
  7. Beers of Europe: ReceptionNEW ENTRY
  8. Picking Winners: Can engineering succeed where finance failed?NEW ENTRY
  9. Housing Poverty: From social breakdown to social mobilityNEW ENTRY
  10. The Rural Reception

James Cleverly (Boris’ ambassador) was raving about the service, his itinerary is public here : tory.fringelist.com/jamescleverly.  Jesse Norman is advertising his speaking itinerary here : tory.fringelist.com/jesse_norman and James Bethell is very busy tory.fringelist.com/jamesbethell.  See who is going where via tory.fringelist.com/goersHundreds of delegates have received thousands of text reminders this week…


  1. 1

    Could we PLEASE have somethign for NON tories ?

    • 2

      Have you tried the BBC?

      • 3

        Yes, it failed miserably – the Paxman Boris setup job was disgraceful

        • 10
          blog admin says:

          Do not read this entry. It has been condemned, and will shortly be deleted.

          Thank you for your cooperation.

          • Chamberlain says:

            A pre-ratification referendum in our time!

          • ask Tony says:

            The Lisbon Treaty is hundreds of pages long. I find it incredible that none of the polititians from the major parties have raised any questions on its content. This is very worrying and highly suspicious. The Yes posters read “Yes to Europe”. I agree but yes to Europe is not the same as yes to Lisbon. There is a big difference, a very big difference.

          • Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

            thanks Chamberlain for the video.Tony-Yes it is incredible. No discussion members and ministers admitting they haven’t read the terms. It feels like a Surrender ultimatum during a closing battle of a conflict. ‘Take it or leave it’ Surrender Peacefully -or else.

          • Ratify is a very good word for what the conservatives did to british politics – they RAT-ified it.

            Neil verus Haig: Tweedle Dum and Twedle Dee AGREED to have a battle *peuk*

        • 54

          For more information on the BBC’s impartiality process press the Red flag.

          • Yes, at one time you could have said that with a degree of justification. At that time the BBC had no statutory obligation to be fair (i.e. it was an evolutionary process). Your friends the tories imposed a legal obligation of impartiality upon them knowing full well that, in practice, it meant showing favourable bias to the party in power. So if you don’t like it, be aware that – YOU started it.

          • Susie says:

            That’s the problem isn’t it GT?

            Propaganda is so boring — they come up with the latest in a long line of ‘phrase of the week’ and flog a dead horse to a can of dog meat. For example, this week’s was the EUSSR, the week before last was cuts, now they seem to be so desperate they’ve reverted to that Crew by election loser Tory Toffs/Bullingdon Club.

            I do see your problem… but it’s really not Guido’s fault. The Conservative Conference is the only game in town, they’re having a party, and you’re not invited.

          • Susie – yeh, fair comment and good luck to Guido for getting there – I don’t take things too seriously and I don’t think he does either.

            I was really only responding to that nutter (forgot his name) in the post preceding mine. These nutters watch too much telly and think their silly little sound bites matter. Maybe GF should try to achieve a wee bit of impartiality on this website as it would boost his credibility no end.

          • thick as thieves says:

            yeah they certainly are having a party alright.
            from which the tories will wake up with a very very bad hangover.
            maybe you lot are smashed out of your minds on alcohol or coked up or on acid or something but I know what I am watching: I am watching dave and gideon throwing a tory majority straight in the fucking bin, pouring a gallon of petrol on it and tossing a match in.
            I cannot fucking believe what I am seeing;
            work longer, for less?
            fuck off gideon you wanker.
            pay freezes for people on £18,001 a year?
            you must be having a fucking larf gideon you coke snorting arsehole.
            cut services and tax increases?
            that turkey will just not fly. no no.
            oh, and let’s not forget the one gideon prepared earlier, tax breaks for millionaires and abolishment of the 50p rate.
            this conference has been a suicide note from start to finish, it’s the longest suicide not ever written yet the authors are slapping themselves on the back for writing it!
            trust me guys, I am a political genius and I know these things:
            dave and gideon have totally fucked it.
            those two jokers have completely analised the tories chances of a workable majority in the next election. no vaseline.
            hung parliament it is then.
            it’s nice to get what you want for a change, isn’t it?

          • NewGirl says:

            Yes. Meet TwaT. He’s a political genius..

          • He certainly is – and he put ot better than I could – or you could “new” girl – you are about as “new” as TaT is a genius…you smelly old boot.

          • Dack Blog says:

            Good news for those of us who think they’re all one big bunch of chumps.

          • voters can hear says:

            An elderly gentleman had hearing problems for a number of years. He went to the doctor and the doctor was able to have him fitted for a set of hearing aids that allowed the gentleman to hear 100%. The elderly gentleman went back in a month and the doctor said: “Your hearing is perfect. Your family must be really pleased that you can hear again.” To which the gentleman said: “Oh, I haven’t told my family yet. I just sit around and listen to the conversations. I’ve already changed my will three times!”

        • 89

          Try this site, Tawkes. But remember to have the sound up fairly loud


      • 44
        Anonymous says:

        Or the EU?

    • 51
      Bri says:

      Put me down for *Beers of Europe*

    • 70
      nell says:

      BBC and impartiality. A contradiction in terms!!

  2. 4
    Dack Blog says:

    Champagne reception? Did they buy a new bottle?

  3. 6
    Dack Blog says:

    And has the karaoke been and gone? What number did you do Guido?

    • 31
      jgm2 says:

      Thiiiiiings can only get betteeeeer.


    • 34

      Was going to do a Gary Glitter number – you can guess – however alco-narco confusion resulted in an early to bed outcome.

      • 46
        I.S says:

        ‘I’m the leader of the blog I am’ I’m the leader, I’m the leader, etc, etc’- ’till the cops turn up and have you away which is only proper.

      • 49
        jgm2 says:

        Good. Then give me a clue as to what key-word the auto-moderation didn’t like in my reply to Robin Hoodie @22.


      • 66
        Dack Blog says:

        Oh. Is that when you nicked the champers? 2am’s not that early. Good show.

  4. 7
    old lag says:

    No prizes for guessing that No.7 will be prioritized.

  5. 9
    Man With a Very Hot Bladder says:

    “Iain Dale’s Blog Readers’ Party”.

    Mutual masturbation at its most nauseating.

  6. 11
    Down in the sewer,they are HANGING around says:

    a house a few doors down was burgled last night – hand thru letterbox and opened an UNLOCKED front door!

    Copper came round advising us on security – I told him that if we had a visitor,we would leave the body outside for him to collect.

  7. 12
    Trinny says:

    I’m having my hair done tomorrow. Can I get on the fringe list?

  8. 17

    No Guido Blog readers’ bash listed I see, you cheapskate.

  9. 20
    Ewanme says:

    Hiya , Guido , petal x .

    They are all wankers an I’m a tosser for bovverin wiv this shit .

    Love E x .

    • 23
      tossing the tosser says:

      Can we presume you’re gonna fuck of then?

    • 25
      Ewanme says:

      P.S. Does anyone know how to draw a ox-bow lake ???

      Homework is soooo borin ;-(

      E x .

    • 32
      Ewanme says:

      Nah , tossy , darlin x .

      Ur a complete waste of pixels whereas I’m rather intelligent , hun .

      So , long after you’ve died an electronic death , I’ll still be here . TWAT x .

      Are you new on here ??

      E x .

      • 37
        tossing the tosser says:

        “They are all wankers an I’m a tosser for bovverin wiv this shit .”

        Yeah, that just about sums it up. Nice one.

    • 39
      Dave Figgley says:

      Ha ha. The pasty, soft-handed, girly, internet lady-boys giving you grief, Ewa? LMAO!

      • 44
        sam says:

        Oh I get the picture here, you’re riding to the rescue of your little bum buddy, which actually is quite touching for the over 80′s.

        • 58
          Ladysam says:

          Hell hath no fury like a bumbandit scorned.

        • 71
          Col. M.T. Kernel (retd.) says:

          SIR- GUFFFAAAAWWW, sir. Bravo, if I may be so bold as to mention.

          Yours, I and Mrs. K only come here for the rude words, Col. M.T. Kernel (retd.)

          • I Have Tourettes says:

            COLONEL RETARD!
            MUM’S A SLUT!
            WELCOME, ENJOY.

          • Col. M.T. Kernel (retd.) says:

            SIR- I Have Tourettes, sir. Mrs. K is face-down (one estimates) on the shagpile, having read your rather rum outburst, and yours truly is free to advance towards the mescal without a smidgeon of opposition, good fellow.

            Yours, looking up some words in The OED, Col. M.T. Kernel (retd.)

      • 80
        Ewanme says:

        OMG !!

        Hiya Dave , darlin x .

        Long time no hear !!!!

        Nah , not really , hun . Lightweights wot think they is somethink special .

        Ooooo ! Hi to the Colonel , an all xx . You still alive , chicken ???

        The cheque is deffo in the post an I’ll come an sand ur mallet off as soon as my bubble car decides to start , sweetheart x .

        WTF’s this thingy all about ???

        Who gives a shit ?? E x .

  10. 22
    Robin Hoodie says:

    Slightly O/T but on the fringes will there be discussion as to what extra benefits the Scottish Taxpayer enjoys over the English variety. And why?

    This may be misinformed but I am led to believe the following:

    1) Free tertiary education for all locals
    2) Free Prescriptions
    3) Better funded Schools per capita
    4) Better funded Health service per capita
    5) Shorter waiting lists for all operations

    • 24
      Phil O'Pastree says:

      6) Free liver transplants for the over twenties

    • 26
      barnet says:

      6) Free hospital car parking.

      You wouldn’t know we’ve had a jock mafia government in for 12 years would you?

    • 43
      jgm2 says:

      1) Free tertiary education for all locals and all EU students except English students I think you will find.

      However this is a false saving because the education you will get in a Scottish university is shit (as evidenced by the Maximum Imbecile) and the major cost is the accomodation, drinking etc etc. And since a basic degree is four years in Scotland (to make up for the fact that they leave skool at 17) as opposed to 3 years in England then you are no better off financially.

      PLUS you are now a year older than your English peer group. PLUS you just spent four years in the fucking rain.


      Almost the same size as England.

      10% of the population.

      There’ll be a reason for that.

      It’s shit.

      • 117
        ILittle englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

        jgm2 usually you talk a lot of sense then you go and fuck it up by posting ignorant bigoted little englander shite. You judge a whole nation by a few useless scots politicians yet ignore the fact that most of this fucktard Government are Fucking English. What fucking logic is that you stupid little man ?

        Oh by the way if we were to take all the technology and science developed by Scots over the years away from you then you would be living in a stinking shit hole. Then again maybe you do ?

        Just cut your stupid arsewipe bigotry out and maybe we can tackle the real issues of the day .

        • 141
          jgm2 says:

          Sorry pal. But Scotland is shit. It just is.

          The weather is shit. The politics are shit. The politicians are driven by the dash to appeal to the nasty, chippy Little Scotlander mentality that typifies the swing voter.

          Nobody wants to live there. Because it’s shit.

          5 million people in Scotland. 50 million people in England. Nothing to stop the folk from England moving north.

          Apart from the fact it’s shit.

          I know. Because I spent six years there. Which is 5 years, 364 days 23 hours and 30 minutes longer than I spent in Port Elizabeth in South Africa before getting on the next plane out of there.

          Because it’s fucking shit there too.

          I have nothing against the Scots. I’m fucking delighted they like it there. Slightly more space for the other 90% of us in England. Good luck to y’all.

          Sorry your country is shit. Sorry you lack the education or ambition to leave.

          But best of luck. Seriously. I wouldn’t want to live there but good luck to those who do.

          • jgm2 says:

            When I say ‘next’ plane -it wa the same fucking plane. It was pissing it down – I got off the plane, straight through security, straight to the SAA desk and changed the ticket.

            Wish I’d done the same when we landed in Edinburgh.

            Although – to be fair – it wasn’t raining that day. 14th Feb 2002. Valentines Day.

            Rained practically every day for six years afterward though.

            Awful fucking place.

        • 160
          jgm2 says:

          Moderated post pending…

          But you need to get over the fact that Scotland is a shit place to live. If you review what I’ve written it doesn’t mention the people of Scotland at all. It’s just a fucking shit place to live.

          It’s cold. It’s bleak.

          It’s shit.

          It’s not a racist opinion. It’s just a simple fact.

          • Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

            No its a racist opinion. I used to enjoy reading your posts but not now. Scotlands population is dictated by the geography ie mountains and stuff which dont really exist in the English midlands and also by something called the highland clearances which depopulated the country on a massive scale and which you obviously know nothing about. Intrestingly the scottish emmigrants went on to make massive contributions to the developmensts of the United States Canada etc etc. You choose to ignore this claiming our country is just “shit” which you repeat again and again and again. I believe in a strong United Kingdom with contributions from all the constituent parts. You do not represent anything which I remotely believe in. Shame on you.

      • 122

        I checked this. It doesn’t take very long to qualify as Scottish. If you are quick, you can ship junior up there to await A level results, but the best solution is to have a year’s deferral and tell the squawb to do some proper work in a hotel or caddying on a golf course. You then buy a house near the uni, shipping granny up there. She becomes the responsibility of the Jock health service, and the kid qualifies as Scottish, therefore you get the tuition fees paid, and granny can keep an eye on junior to make sure they don’t enjoy themselves too much as you’ve still got to pay the maintenance.

        Best be quick tho’ . The Scots have realized that we are shipping our crinklies and students up there.

        • 146
          jgm2 says:

          They haven’t sussed it. They’re revelling in it. Prior to offering free health care for the oldies Scotland’s population had declined for about 20 years. Year on year. I shit you not.

          As soon as they made long-term care free for the elderly then the Scottish oldies who had fled south in their twenties sold up and retired back to the care homes of Scotland to be sure of leaving their English children and grandchildren a decent inheritance.

          And the imbecile Scottish government hailed this increase in population as ‘proof’ they were doing a good job.

          Fucking arseholes.

    • 60
      Anonymous says:

      Free to be pissed out of its skull and sling abuse at all passing sassanacks outside Euston Station.

    • 64
      Anonymous says:

      Not to mention Gordon’s jockanese government that rules England.

    • 84
      NewGirl says:

      I’d move there but the weather’s shit and there’s lots of Scots

      • 111
        EC1 PhD says:

        Logic takes precedence over love

      • 121
        Jackie 'n' Rory says:

        When my lad and daughter were 3 and 4 years we decided to take them on a aeroplane to Aberdeen-to test their fear/reaction to flying before a long haul. “How was that” we asked on arrival and when we returned home before the big one. “We are OK flying-it was great but we never want to go to Scotland again”. “Why not”? We asked. “Because our Our Prime Minister lives there and we’re scared of him” How sweet.

        • 135
          Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

          And how fuckin’ stupid as well. Tell me you must be proud to be bringing up to fuckwitted dullards like your kids. So young and yet so Racist.I blame the parents.

          • Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

            Oh by the way what are the little darlings going to do when they realise they live in the same country as John Prescott. Oh fuck what will you tell them then dullard creator ?

          • Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

            and another thing what sort of pretentious prick takes their children on ” an aeroplane to Aberdeen to test their fear/reaction to flying before a long haul” FFS !!!

          • Seymore Clearley says:

            Humour, banter chip on shoulders and added batter

          • Anonymous says:

            Many people’s awareness of scotland is bourne out by the racist remarks made if you happen to have an english accent. There was a documentary on TV a few years back where a journo took a car with english stickers on it and parked it and drove it around Glasgow I think with a hidden camera recording to measure the hatred of anything english. It was an educational film alright. It’s sad we have bigots but stirrers are dangerous to cohesion and you are a stirrer

          • Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

            Anonymous, oh you saw a documentary did you, well that must be true then. Never crossed your mind that the whole thing was staged by a TV crew looking to get such a reaction and that maybe just maybe doing something similar in a sink estate in Engurland ‘cept this time doing the car up with Scottish regalia may just get a similar reaction from football thugs with skinheads anwearing the cross of St George and bover boots? Huh ? Nope it didnt did it, and thats because you didnt fucking think did you , no you just read about something which resonates with your preconcived opinions and stereotypes. FFS man its time you learned to think for yourself.

          • Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:


          • John Prestitt says:

            My perception of Scotland; Fried mars bars, whisky or whiskey whatever spelling is more to your liking, and Salmon and I don’t like fish so I’ll have the mars instead. Kilts, womens shoes, haggis and bagpipes. Shortbread biscuits and Chrysler Horizons.

          • Jan says:

            Flying into Aberdeen would test anyone’s fear/reaction to flying.It’s a f……..g windy city. I lived in Aberdeen for a while.It was the most miserable time of my life.I’d fly down to London for the day just to get away,then medicate myself on the flight back with brandy so I could face going back. Earnt a lot of money though,but that doesn’t make up for being in a shit place.

          • Anonymous says:

            I mean it’s no wonder you don’t see the Loch Ness monster is it. He pops his head up, has a ganda at the shoreline, dives down for another 50 years. I bet he’s cussing his parents. Don’t even talk about Aberdeen. The only reason Telly was invented was so Yogi Beared could wonder at was going on in beautiful places

      • 124
        ILittle englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

        New Girl another ignorant fucktard I see, tell me are these really your considered thoughts or are you just a silly insecure little woman trying to gain acceptance by joining in with the morris dancing fucktards by insulting a whole nation ? What a fanny !

        • 132
          Truth Sayer says:

          who pissed in your irun bru pal?

        • 158
          rick says:

          Calm down little scotchlander, it’s only a blog.

          • Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

            its only a blog which has many postings insulting scots in a manner which I find offensive. I am giving it back to them and you get all “Oh stop it its only a blog” Stop being a Pussy !

          • Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

            Rick When you were at school did you get called Rick the prick , go on tell us I bet you did. Strangely nobody ever called me a scotchlander, probably cause its a shit insult dreamt up by English Dullards.

        • 227
          NewGirl says:

          Ha ha that comment was designed to inflame and seems like it did! Like taking candy off a baby you idiot. FFS get a sense of humour and haul the chips off your shoulders

      • 149
        Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

        We wouldnt have you pet, far to ugly.

  11. 28
    I loved Maggies hair says:

    Itinery – Ah! Thats how you spell itinerary.

  12. 47
    666 down bellow. says:

    There is a fringe meating that all the tory are invited, its the 666 fringe it will be held on Manchester Peir.,any one atending should bring along any old claped out person that will go with them.Shampers will be served in lemanade bottles.
    Sick bags when full should be sent to age concern with thanks.

  13. 48
    TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

    Guido – you keep saying this isn’t a right wing blog but we didn’t get any of these minute by minute tw*t updates last week!

  14. 50
    I.S says:

    No one would tune in would they?

  15. 57
    ExEng says:

    “Can engineering succeed where finance failed?”

    I would love to be there! The UK high tech management has only just the ability to suck seed. I left UK employment as the IR35 fiasco became misused.

    What they need to understand is that no small company can afford to permanently employ all the specialized design teams full time. To have a high tech community, like it used to be, there needs to be a mobile work force that can complement the permanent core staff. These workers take with them the expertise and become the leaders in a technology and spread the knowledge around the companies. They specialize in a small part of the product process and are leaders due to their continuous experience.

    That is how incubation works. I used to be part of the UK system. The only way to make it happen is to have a tax advantage for real temporary working without the continual threat of the TAX man changing their minds. These are Engineer not lawyers, they need things exact and clear.

    I have since worked for US company startups and the difference is wonderful. Maybe a room full of career politicians do not have the right to debate this.

    • 76
      Engineer says:

      That’s one factor, but there are many others.

      Financiers willing to accept longer times for a return on their money is one (manufacturing tends to be capital-intensive, so 5-year payback may be realistic where 2-year payback would be nigh-on impossible).

      More flexibility in employment law – employers are almost expected to be surrogate parents now. More common sense and less inflexible box-ticking with government red-tape, Health and Safety and the like.

      More encouragement (including financial) for training and for R&D, including encouragement of close links with Universities.

      Far better standards demanded of secondary education – engineering is a complex and high-tech game these days, and unmotivated, half-educated numpties won’t be any use in an environment like this.

      Encouragement for good, quick, reliable transport and communication systems.

      A favourable corporate tax regime (OK – not too easy now, but asap.)

      Perhaps above all, Government and Civil Service willingness to stand back and let private enterprise get on with the job – minimal interference and finger-prodding.

      • 130
        I.S says:

        Yeah spot on you two Engs. Engineer-what do you mean ‘ reliable transport and comms? O/t-I’m really interested.

        • 191
          Engineer says:

          The ability to move goods around the country and overseas as quickly and reliably as possible, by road, rail, air, or sea as appropriate. Mostly a private sector service, but government needs to let then get on with it as cost-effectively as they can.

          The ability to transmit information by post, telephone and internet quickly and reliably. If contract documents or design queries are lost in the creaking postal system, business has to have other routes available to it to get things moving. Lack of broadband provision may make your local business start-up unviable.

          • Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

            Engineer, thanks for that. There are Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTN’s) who offer exactly the support you would like to see more of but it comes back as you say to interference, red tape and excessive regulation and taxation, etc. I know there are many entrepeneurs waiting to go with less interference. Let me know somehow if you’re interested.

      • 169
        ExEng says:

        Support I would have appreciated before I put my ideas on hold:
        1. Patent support: Beyond the capability of any normal engineering start-up.
        2. Secrecy support: IP protection: Why are so many people allowed to inspect your work and buildings etc.
        Even the recycling man was caught on camera inspecting the security!
        3. Tax support for zero tax research purchases so we can plan. UK tax will only judge after the event. Too late.
        4. Keep Universities research out of any deals. Universities should be advancing science and technology not making money.
        However, Universities need to open their doors to the Undergraduate teaching to make sure it is fit for purpose.
        5. Finance is not an issue. finance can come from anywhere. It is the advanced workforce that is the issue.
        I was part of a US start up, created by the son of a Liverpool Docker, with eastern money, in California.
        6. The contract system removed the surrogate parent issues but we HAD to work on site. Essential for growth of knowledge. And there was no concept of worker substitution as it was an advanced expertise based contract. Therefore IR35 killed it off.
        7. Avoiding being ripped off. Small companied can not provide the lawyers necessary to fight a bad supplier of high tech equipment
        Years ago we spent £1m on a piece of equipment only to find the racks empty. They had not finished designing it yet!
        I had a similar but equally bad experience recently but absolutely no help to be found.
        7. Stop funding the local “expertise” company that seems to just hire research staff and do what universities should be doing.

        Funding of patent/IP/Tax/Lawyer support is what is needed to free up high tech start-up.

        (Finally “High Tech” needs to be defined. It is not software on PC and games machines. It is some thing that breaks the mould of the current technology. It is most successful when it cover various advanced disciplines to make the full product solution. That is why different expertise is required for each stage of the development and why contracting is essential)

        • 207
          Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

          We will win this battle when these bunch of fecking business demolition specialists are voted out-period. Ireland has made such a big mistake IMO.

          • Susie says:

            Until the end of the ’90s Europe was always at least 3 years behind us and 5 years behind the US.

            I remember the mind-numbing process I had to undertake with our French office to get a page published in a science journal in French — they’d do the translation, but we had to do all the publishing as they didn’t have DTP — this was in the mid-90s! Unbelievable.

            So the thought that everything we do now will be monitored by these dicks is extremely worrying. No wonder the (independent) banks are quietly moving operations and key personnel East.

          • Anonymous says:

            Why do you think all my work is on hold. This is not the climate to take a plunge into a startup. If it does not get better I go abroad again.

  16. 73
    Tally Ho says:

    So why is the fringe Rural Reception a “hot topic”?

    • 93
      Susie says:

      I think you’d be surprised at the level of rage and pure unadulterated hatred rural people have for this government.

      Since day one we’ve been the target of every rotten and ignorant piece of legislation they could cook up… the hunting ban was the least of it. They are presently engaged in turning the countryside which we love by building rural sink estates and offloading their urban problems onto us — single mothers and their feral children, gypsy/traveller’s sites, re-routing flight paths over quiet country areas with no background noise to mask the scream of jet engines, industrializing the countryside with hideous and useless wind turbines. They’ve taken away vital hubs of village life like the Post Offices, taken away the Police, taken away reliable bus services — council tax us £2500 a year for getting the bins emptied (we don’t get any other public services).

      If you want to see what pure hatred looks like go to that meeting.

      • 114
        Moley says:

        When it became clear that council houses could be bought and sold, Councils like Liverpool and Birmingham bought council houses in little villages in Anglesey and dumped their antisocial criminal tenants there.

        It was an outrageous thing to do; it ruined local communities and gave local police problems which they were ill equipped to handle.

      • 220
        Susie says:

        On the bright side, Il only have to walk up the lane to score whatever it takes to numb the pain of watching my beloved country ripped apart before my very eyes. My sister came back from holiday to find used syringes and bits of burnt foil in her kids’ Wendy House last year.

  17. 82
    Gidders says:

    Husband 25K
    Wife 25K
    Get £50 per month Tax credits. ( replaced marriage allowance )

    Gidders has just cost me £600 a Year in sleath taxes.

    • 101
      Tally Ho says:

      So What?

      Were you concerned abot matey on 10K paying Gordon’s 10p tax?

    • 108
      jgm2 says:

      That’s nothing. A 200bn quid deficit is almost 3500 quid for every person in the UK. Every year. For the next four years.

      The idiot Labour ‘solution’ to this Labour idiocy is already in the pipeline. 175bn quid so far) of printed cash. We’re going to inflate awya all Gordon and theimbecile consumers debt.

      And trash all the prudent savers.

      That’ll teach ‘em o live within their means when they could have been fuckwitted, remortgaging, mass-borrowing, mass consuming jackasses.

      How this bailing out of fuckwitted short-term consumerist jackasses squares away with environmental responsibility is a bit of a mystery to me.

      Surely punishing the guilty ie the over-borrowed by, for example, cranking up interest rates and crashing the price of housing to a sensible affordable level instead of encouraging jackasses to treat it as a piggy bank that earns more in their sleep than they do when they’re working is the way to go.

      Those who have budgetted sensibly will still pay their mortgage and live in their home. Those who have borrowed to the hilt on 2% interest rates will be tossed out and can spend some time reviewing their lesson in basic economics.

      We can get back to a position where our wealth is not measured by how much money our house ‘makes’ while we’re asleep. And how much money we can then leverage up and borrow against this insane increase in order to piss away on foreign cars, foreign TVs and foreign holidays. And if we, as individuals, still insist on pursuing such an unsustainable, idiotic approach to basic maths we must not grumble when the grown-ups take away our credit cards, our cars, our TVs and our fucking houses to try and offset the debt.

      Unlike this reckless government that seeks to reward its partners in recklessness with millenia low interest rates and printing money just to maintain the illusion that they and the consumers were making sound financila decisions when the borrowed all that fucking money.

      Fucking jackasses.

      The word is ‘despise’.

  18. 85
    Oh Dear says:

    Didnt see the Blue Turban Sikh Plant today.

    I wonder, does he get a fee every time he shakes Camerons hand, addtional fee if the shake gets photo published.

    • 216
      Susie says:

      Are you talking about the CeO, Cancer Research, Mr Harpel Kumar?

      I bet you’d not be making cheap jokes if you end up one of the one in three who gets cancer.

  19. 88
    work to 66 says:

    Two old people, a man and a woman, walk into a hospital. The doctor says to the old man: “I’ll need a urine sample, a feces sample, and a blood sample!”
    The old man says: “What?”
    So the doctor yells it: “I need a urine sample, a feces sample, and a blood sample!”
    With that the old woman turns to the old man and says: “He needs a pair of your underwear!”

  20. 105
    qwerty says:

    We are all in this together…. Are we F*uck

    • 154
      Seymore Clearley says:

      Yeah. Our. Our gold was sold to buy Euros. The fecking things were probably printed in one of our mints for all I know or we would most certainly have provided the paper and base metals to make ‘em. Then we are expected to hand a large portion of our sweat and wealth to the bankers and the central troughing trough at westminster and their offices around the world. They are having us over a barrel.

  21. 109
    Floater says:

    I”m a floater

    Dont mind Cameron

    But George…. Holy bollocks, I’d rather boil my own head. He is a scary floppy hair.

    • 127
      Truth Sayer says:

      I prefer George to Cameron, Georgie boy is a dead man walking politically anyway, no one can survive as chancellor in the recession.

      • 148
        Qwerty says:

        John Redwood to be chancellor by December 2010


      • 150
        Qwerty says:

        John Redwwod Chancellor by Dec 2010


        • 213
          guardian reader says:

          I know – he looks so weird! And he’s into geeky subjects like economics and logic – totally the wrong type for chancellor.

  22. 110
    Sod 'em all says:

    Now the Tories have a ‘pride’ wing of militant gay boys, I’m out. Fuck off Dave, you betray our values. *Trot* in Hell you Commie shill and Commie arsewipe fuck-head. Drop Dead, Dave!

  23. 113
    Oh dear says:

    No Cameras. Fucking control freaks

  24. 115
    Qwerty says:

    Not many tories online.

    I think you actually realise what happened today

  25. 119
    Qwerty says:

    Fewer Police helicopers according to Grayling… Oh dear

  26. 123
    Pauly says:

    We are all in it together. But we will raise IHT threshold in a term.. Nothings changed

  27. 125
    Pauly says:

    ha ha ha scared. And so you should be !!!!!!!

  28. 128
    Fi Glover. says:

    85058 is the text number for Radio Five Lies.Ive sent hundreds of texts to Vicky but the screaching bint never replies.The bloody man stealer.

  29. 129
    Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

    Almost as many English fuckwits on this site as there are in the English dominated Labour Government. Strange how stupid people ignore the fact that most of the cabinet are English. Hmmmm in another time these people would be blaming the Jews for everything and loading up the cattle trucks. Stupid arseholes.

    • 143
      Seymore Clearley says:

      Banter. English humour. Not racist or facist but you make it so.

      • 151
        Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

        Clearly not banter these c unts belive it with a passion.

      • 155
        Dack Blog says:

        Sometimes it’s racist/sexist/extremist. And fodder for anyone who’d want to discredit blogs like this. Let’s be honest (unlike your average politician), at least.

        • 172
          Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

          Good point well made. Sadly there are those who should know better on this forum who are letting the side down by thir arrogant blinkered bigotry. When it comes to the final push to exculpate this rancid centralist Government from office once and for all they may have to be dropped from the team, regardless of past form. Their divisive comments are being put to good use by the enemy and they may end up doing more harm than good. It is clear who I am talking about.

          • jgm2 says:

            You seem to confuse insulting Scotland as a shit landmass (in the same way that folk might insult Siberai, Greenland or Antartica as a sensible place to live) with insulting the entire Scottish nation.

            This Labour government is shit. It’s not Scotland’s fault. They couldn’t do it without a crtical mass of imbecile English voters. It’s not shit because Brown is Scottish. It’s shit because Brown is an imbecile.

          • Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

            I am confusing nothing. Many of these offensive comments are directed at the Scots in general as you know full well. The land mass excuse is as bad as something dreamt up by Mandleson after getting caught out calling some one a chump. I realise that geographically Scotland isnt as beautiful as say Birmingham but thats no excuse.

          • Dack Blog says:

            There is a lot of anti-Scot (et al) on here jgm. And particularly a lot of sexism, which is when – as a woman – I tend to dip out. Anti-politician… fair game. I try to stick to that – apart from the ‘Kill! Kill! Kill them aaaaaaaaaaalllllll!’ Shit. It’s the refuge of the stupid. Those who can’t make their argument any other way. I have a lot of friends in Scotland. I visit a lot. Have a great time, and not always in the rain. (Less rain than the Lakes or Manchester in my experience, but maybe I’ve been lucky). The countryside is stunning (more so than here in the tediously undulating south), as are some of the cities (in parts. Shit bits too, just like here).

    • 145
      thick as thieves says:

      what a dick.

      • 175
        Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

        tat I posted a reply to your comment but it is currently awaiting moderation. Obviously it is of the sufficient standard of insult which I had hoped and for which which you richly deserve. I take it as a compliment should it fail to appear.

    • 152
      SCOTTISH says:

      Gordon Brown
      Alistair Darling
      Pat McFadden
      Baroness Scotland
      Douglas Alexander
      Jim Murphy

      • 156
        Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

        Very good now list the English members of the cabinet.

        • 161
          Qwerty says:


          Billy Hague..OMG
          One in the Shoes
          Fat Boy Pork pie Pickles the pig
          The Vulcan

          Holy fuck… god help us

        • 181
          rick says:

          Actual English, probably less than half, little scotchlander.

          • Little englanders are ignorant fucktards says:

            Probably my arse you morris dancing chump, your statement is just not true. I realise though you have reached this erroneous conclusion because amongst other things you think Baroness Scotland is probably scottish because of her name and such like. Alistair Darling is also English btw as is Alistair campbell etc etc
            I used to wonder how someone as stupid as John Prescott could be an English mp and reach high office. Now i realise his constituents and the Hunt-ry of Engurland as a whole is full of people who make him seem quite bright. Suddenly it all becomes clear.

  30. 131
    Pauly says:



    • 206
      Steve Expat says:

      People who don’t give a shit about it yet certainly will when inflation takes hold and interest rates go through the roof.

      The economy’s fucked as usual after too long with a Liebour government

  31. 137
    Anonymous says:

    Haha, Paxo with pink shirt, red tie and bright red socks.

  32. 142
    Qwerty says:

    Why the fuck is Daniel Fuckisstien always on NN

  33. 153
    Qwerty says:

    I see you deleted the comment about Cambos Blue Turban Plant

    Some of us get it

    • 157
      Qwerty says:

      oh sorry you didnt ( 85 ).

      But Id love to meet him. All that phoney hand sikh shaking is so funny

      • 162
        Truth Sayer says:

        You mean Sikhs don’t support the tories Qwerty?

        Well i never.

        • 167
          jgm2 says:

          I’d say the Sikhs do support the Tories. ‘Cos we all know which party the religion of peace cuddles up to.

          • Qwerty says:

            NO jgm2

            Every where Cambo goes, he is followed by a sikh plant, always the same guy. The plant then hangs around outside venues waiting for Dave to leave, Then cambo make a pre-arranged rendezous with the sikh in order to shake his hand ( Image )

            The Sikh is a hand shakin Plant. Thats what I am telling you jgm2

          • Qwerty says:

            Same Sikh plant was in Birmingham last year. and he features heavily in Tory litrature

          • jgm2 says:

            A sikh plant?


            Next you’ll be telling me Tony Blair travelled with a double-decker load of photogenic ‘spontaneous’ supporters all through the 1997 election campaign.

            And the whole spontaneous 3am post-election lining of the streets ‘Thiiiiiings can only get bettttter’ imagery was pure ‘Triumph of the Will’ stage managed theatre.

          • Some Sikhs are Tory, some Labour and I bet some of Lib Dem.

      • 204
        Anonymous says:

        O is it that they all look alike to you, Qwerty, you little Labour racist?

  34. 168
    Fringe is the new Mainstream says:

    Now look. Lets get some perspective here. George said we’re all in it together. And he kept a straight face.

  35. 189
    Adam "I'm certain Eve was a virgin" says:

    Mirror front page photo of Dave drinking dark orange “champagne”.

    • 194
      Truth Sayer says:

      oh noes time for the old classssssssss warrrrrrrrrrr

      • 205
        charlie the chancer says:

        It’s the only thing Liebour have left to throw,noticed the orange champs on a newsnight picture when Paxo was talking about it,wonder if Boris upset him.

  36. 195


    the quality of these posts are so bad that even I am too embarrassed to join in and, as you know, I have a strong stomache for that kinda thing. This has just got too fooking ridiculous though.

    Guido – contact the social service about jgm2 – he/she/it is a danger to the public.

  37. 201
    Je_tiens_le_last_laugh says:

    Proposal of Number 12.

    French proposals for raising retirement age:

    2009 Age 60……. pour hommes et dames

    maximum proposed age 63

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