September 24th, 2009

+++ Source : Tapui Denies Showing Baroness Passport +++

target-baronessUPDATE : There are questions as to the status and paperwork for Alexander Zivancevic. UKBA having problems establishing his right to residence.  Oh dear…

UPDATE II : UKBA have now established Zivancevic was born in Hammersmith in 1968.


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    Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:


    Back of the net!

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      Vindictive Vic says:

      Gordon, you dozy twat, you could have pre-empted all of this. Now the start of Conference is totally buggered.

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha indeed.

    • 26
      Gurner says:

      Can I still get 9/4 she goes anywhere?

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      Stronghold Barricades says:


    • 51
      Beggars belief says:

      What no security checks? She only had complete access to the house of the Attorney General. Bloody hell you need more vetting to do a school run these days.

      • 138
        KGB says:

        And the Husband being a bogus Serbian solicitor and all. Jeepers the very bedroom of our Attorney General has been bugged by the sebs.

        • 192
          Scrobs... says:


          There’s no need to bring the Olympics into this…

          They’ve got their own problems ;0)

        • 193
          Sod 'em all says:

          All these effin’ foreigners! Why don’t they all sod off and leave the English alone? It’ll be the very death of this once fine country if we continue to be swamped by the influx of these turds who we take in out of kindness, only to find some way down the line that they’re in some way or another buggering the country to hell and back. Bring back Longshanks!

        • 512
          Buggers belief says:

          I bet Baroness Scotland has been buggered by one.!

      • 181

        If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear.
        If you have something to hide , and you have the backing of the Prime Monitor,then you may or may not have something to fear.
        if you have something to fear but nothing to hide…?

        How does this go again?

        • 213
          Oooer says:

          Baroness Scotland has two sons, the two sons live in her house, Surely the Housekeeper would have had CRB checks carried out on her and the checks would have flagged up that she was an illegal. Or is this something else the Baroness omitted to do?

      • 313
        Anonymous says:

        This one wins

      • 418
        English teacher says:

        Too fucking right!

    • 63
      Billy Blofeld says:

      It gives Gordon the opportunity to raise the bar with respect the crimes and misdemeanours a Minister can commit without being sacked.

      Go on – keep her Gordon. It’ll be a laugh………

      • 148

        Look, this is getting silly.

        I am supposed to be a libertarian, and we are supposed to think that sovereign individuals can say whatever they like about others, but not _do_ whatever they like.

        The Enemy-Class, of which “baroness” “Scotland” is a _General Staff Officer_ , is bending the _rules_ .

        These Enemy-Class droids are now frankly and openly doing what they like. They are perhaps prematurely estimating that the Wireless Tele Vision opiates, that they have been administering on purpose to Teh Masses for some years, are already working on all persons accurately. This is clearly not the case, as some people have noticed, happily.

        I am not yet saying that libertarians ought to publicly give up their non-violent philosophical stance, as regards what will need to happen to members of the Enemy Class, as and when we (libertarians) come to no-power (which will of course not happen like that at all, as it will not as we want no state-power-to-exist.) Although I have had a rant today on our blog, saying that I can no longer “stand idly by” and be….well there you are.

        These droids, who get away with all this stuff, as of now, will have to face some accounting. God measures all, and His Mills Grind Slow and Sure, but I and we have not got all the time in the world. I want to Right The World Now.

        What is to be done with “Scotland” (the peer not the country) and the Enemy Class of which she is a Staff Officer? I invite comments.

        • 208
          Sod 'em all says:

          String her up. Demolish Bush House and build a new Traitors’ Gate on the site. It’ll be well worth it. She’s not alone and the public spectacle of a series of despatchings would really reinvigorate the country – as well as flushing out the shit.

        • 329
          Mr Ned says:

          We need 645 sturdy trees and plenty of strong rope.

          Then we can renew the Commons for real. We should only elect people who are willing to abide by our own Bill of Rights and our sovereign constitution, whereby our individual soveriegnty resides in the monarch who expresses OUR sovereignty internationally on our behalf!

        • 434
          Anonymous says:

          The Tyburn tree of course no longer exists but there is a large limestone edifice which might do, not far from where the Tyburn tree was

        • 437
          Mongrel says:

          Mr Ned I think we need about 1200 trees or lamp posts, as there are 1386 bods in the two Houses of Parliament put together, and no more than 200 of them are clean.

        • 548
          Mark H says:

          Actually, just a few kegs of bang-powder would do although I think it’s been tried before unsuccessfully. Oh well….

    • 76
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Sink the Baroness


    • 143
      Mandy says business as usual says:

      Peter Mandyfidler was on Sky News just now, hanging around as New Labour MP’s do among children at yet another school.. Are the Labour MP’s and Peers CRB checked to be fit people to hang around children – or is it okay for New Labour politicians to groom children (for votes)?

      Mandy says Gordon Brown was “not” snubbed by his New World Order friend, and with all the Brown troubles, Mandy said he does not want to be PM (as he smiled saying it).

      So business as usual.

    • 219
      Praguetory says:

      What an enriching tale…

    • 220
      Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

      Just seen the update … this just gets better and better

      What next? The guy’s wanted by the chaps in The Hague as an indicted war criminal?

    • 286
      Anonymous says:

      there is a god!

    • 376
      udderly 'orrible says:

      He’s on the books of the Law Society.

      Find a solicitor
      ID: 324573
      Admission Date: 03/10/2005
      Higher Rights of Audience: No
      Registered Foreign Lawyer: No
      Registered European Lawyer: No
      Insolvency Practitioner: No
      Languages: Italian
      Areas of law: Conveyancing residential
      Landlord and tenant – residential
      Trust law

      • 412

        Did you read below that – it says clearly he is not a solicitor you turnip.

        • 419
          Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

          Er…. I fear that the section reading…

          “Type of manager

          This information shows the status of managers who are not solicitors. The status may be ‘non-lawyer manager’ or a number of types of ‘lawyer manager’. ‘Non-Lawyer’ and ‘Lawyer’ are defined in the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct, Rule 24. ‘Manager’ means a) a partner in a partnership; b) a member of an LLP; or c) a director of a company.”

          …is not determinative of an individual’s status as a solicitor. A quick check of 3 people I know to be practising solicitors shows they have this garbage in the box under their names, roll numbers and practising addresses…

        • 446
          Mongrel says:

          Yes, mr host, I think it might say something alongside “Type of Manager” if he wasn’t a solicitor. Might not be for much longer, though, if he has been aiding and abetting an illegal immigrant to work without papers. Did anyone ever discover which papers the Baroness didn’t photocopy? Reminds me of all the farmers being paid by the EU for not raising pigs or growing crops.

        • 465
          A. Gilligan says:

          Wrong Guido the guy IS a solicitor The statement below is on ALL of these descriptions

    • 389
      udderly 'orrible says:

      He’s on the Law Society register – check it yourself
      ID: 324573 Admission Date: 03/10/2005

    • 414

      How many times do I have to tell you twats – he ain’t a solicitor, nor is he on the register. That is a listing for a legal manager who is not a solicitor. READ THE FUCKING FULL ENTRY.

      • 422
        Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

        now now, Mr Fawkes

        You appear in danger of becoming… cross

      • 436
        Master Baiter says:

        Hey Guidiot, check the full entry of anyone who is known to be a solicitor e.g. Jonathan Djanogly MP and shadow solicitor general and you will find the same spiel at the bottom.
        What’s the matter?
        Too much coffee?

        Either way, wrong, again, beetroot.

      • 445
        Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

        I’ve checked 4 more people, qualified practising solitors all, and it’s the same every time…

      • 451
        Anonymous says:

        A legal executive is someone who has taken the solicitors exams but has not been articled, whether a legal manager is the same I don’t know names seem to change all the time but do the same job

        • 458
          Bardirect says:

          A legal executive studies legal executive exams set by the Institute of Legal Executives.

          ILEX is quite rightly protective of its members rights to be called legal executives. They even have fellowships. Some become solicitors.

          Most “Litigation Managers” or “Litigation Executives” are usually wholly unqualified people who used to be called “solicitors clerks” and not the articled kind

        • 461
          Anonymous says:

          A legal executive is someone who has done their FILEX exams, not their LPC (‘solicitors exams’). Legal executives do not appear on the Law Society website in any form. The reference to legal managers is just to do with the fact that non-solicitors can now go into partnership with solicitors and it only applies to those people.

        • 489
          Susie says:

          Whether he is or he ain’t a solicitor, there’s still the no small matter of a un-vetted illegal having unlimited access to the AG’s house and personal documents. And who are the Serbs’ best friends? The Russians!

          Super. I’d imagine John LeCarre would be delighted to write a comedy espionage thriller for a change.

      • 454
        Mongrel says:

        Sorry Mr F you are wrong – I have looked up 4 mates who are solicitors and they all have this bit below. Don’t give the trolls the satisfaction of being right – it gives them the chance to forget that they are wrong all day and every day on pretty much every other subject.

        • 475
          Jimmy says:

          No, a stubborn refusal to admit fault in the face of overwhelming evidence is far far funnier.

        • 492
          thick as thieves says:

          and the evidence is that you are a crackhead war crime apologist jimmy.
          I will keep working with you until you get clean from the crack cocaine and heroin that the labour party supplies you with in return for you posting here on their behalf.
          I will make sure you get clean from crack and smack and free from your evil suppliers.
          I give you my word jimmy.
          kill or cure innit.

      • 456
        Anonymous says:

        Mr F

        Why don’t you try looking up any solicitor you know on the same website as this character appears? Notice anything? Ooh, yes – every one of them has the ‘manager’ listing on their entry…Notice anything else? Like the fact that the space next to ‘manager’ is blank…for the very simple reason that the person concerned is a solicitor and NOT a manager….

        Be as abusive as you like – you are wrong, as the Law Society will confirm if you ring them in the morning..

        • 462
          Anonymous says:

          This gets better by the hour.

          All we need is a one eyed snot gobbling person in stripey trousers and a red nose.

          De de de-del del-de de de de …..

          Like a friggin’ circus!

      • 459
        Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

        Dusting off my copy of Gatley on Libel and Slander as I type

        • 471
          Anon says:

          No need. Guido’s bang to rights. Despite a number of people trying to point him in the right direction about the Law Society entry he’s gone and started another thread. What will M’Lud think?

          Its Guido’s Gordon Brown moment.

      • 467
        A. Gilligan says:

        Guido think of another solicitor you know check their entry & you’ll find the same explanation

        • 482
        • 491
          Anonymous says:

          Precisely. Mr F could, for instance:

          1. Go to the website of those well-known defamation lawyers, Carter Ruck
          2. Look up the profile of a partner – any partner he likes
          3. Cross check the name of that partner with the relevant entry on the law society website
          4. Discover that the partner’s entry confirms he/she was admitted as a solicitor, and there is a blank space next to ‘manager’, for reasons that all the helpful souls on this post have been trying to point out for hours.

          In those circumstances, Mr F might conclude either

          (a) ‘I am wrong. Maybe I should correct this post. or
          (b) ‘That person at Carter Ruck is clearly only a manager and not a solicitor. I shall start another thread telling the world that all the partners at Carter Ruck are not in fact solicitors. Better than that – I might even phone them up and accuse them of practising s solicitors when in fact they are not. After all, it’s only a criminal offence to hold yourself out to be a solicitor when you are not so it’s not as though someone from a nice cuddly firm like Carter Ruck would sue me for defamation for suggesting he/she was not a solicitor…’

      • 483


        Thank you for taking the time to clarify with;


        So many people these days just skim badly and therefore miss the golden nuggets.

        Hopefully this instructional experience will benefit everyone.

        • 532
          Anonymous says:

          Re: ‘READ THE F…ING FULL ENTRY’.

          Err, had Mr F done that, he would not now be beseiged by solicitors, and the occasional barrister (e.g. bardirect) very kindly pointing out that he is WRONG on this point, unless he has evidence that there is someone else of the same name as our Serbian friend who is purporting to be a solicitor when he is not. Why so stubborn on this point, Mr F? You are, on this point, and without wishing to emulate Edmund Blackadder, wronger than the world’s wrongest wrongster who has wrongly assumed that their inevitable wrongheadedness was not in fact wrong. Mr Z may be many things but he is a solicitor and to suggest that there is no evidence that he is a solicitor is W-R-O-N-G. So – why not correct that error?

        • 533
          Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

          How do we know that Bardirect is a real barrister?

          As opposed, say, to a Balkan arriviste with Lincoln’s Inn pretensions?

        • 535
          Anonymous says:

          We don’t know. It was an assumption based on the fact that:

          1. ‘Bar direct’ would seem to be a reference to direct access to the Bar, something that is only of concern to barristers
          2. His comments elsewhere on this post suggest that, like every other lawyer on this post, he knows why Mr F has got it wrong on this point.

          Is his profession relevant to the point of this thread though?

        • 537
          Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

          (it was but a faux-ironic pastiche of the is he/isn’t he nonsense about the solicitor chap whose name appears to be verboten on these shores)

        • 545
          Anonymous says:

          I failed to appreciate the faux-ironic intention of your post, which I regret. Put it down to me being a ‘newbie’ to this site who was just slightly obsessively annoyed by Mr F’s refusal to concede his error, and not as a criticism of you.

          Still, on the bright side, I see that the title of the post has now been changed. Who knew that ‘turnips’, as those who deigned to disagree with Mr F were referred to, could have such influence, eventually… Woooooh! Go, root vegetables! Go, root vegetables! Go, go, go! We have been unfairly chastised ever since Graham Taylor brought shame on our good name, and it is now time to reclaim what is rightfully ours!

          A good start might be to get rid of Mr Potato Head at No. 10. He is an embarrassment to those of us who are PROUD to be humble, hard-working and self-sufficient vegetables. Let us hope that those of the Potato Head tendency get their chips in the not too distant future…

          I am a turnipista! Who will join me on the inevitable march for victory!

    • 544
      Yossarian says:

      Was she paid minimum wage? If she wasn’t there a whole other new case to follow!

  2. 2
    Dick the Prick says:

    With err…friends…err….staff err… is she a Labour PPC?

  3. 3
    Throbber says:

    Obvious that was going to happen.
    And now she will show it to all of us and there will be no documentation at all.
    So Patsy will be proved to be what we all knew from the start of this – she, (like all of Labour) is a liar.

    • 41
      Beautiful Day says:

      When she gets done for the criminal offence of employing an illegal immingrant, she (and all the other New Lab shite) will say they chose their words very carefully and were only talking about the “technical breach of the rules” in not photocopying the documents, which was the civil offence for which she was fined £5000.

      Harman will probably be the first to use this excuse on QT tonight.

      • 283
        Harriet's ho says:

        Harriet’s on QT?

      • 295
        Airey Belvoir says:

        And she only ‘took steps’ to check the ‘documents’ – so those weasel words will get her off the hook for lying, as she will argue tha ”taking steps’ to check is not the same as actually checking.

        • 321
          jgm2 says:

          ‘took steps’ doesn’t even mean she saw them.

          Could mean she asked to see them and forgot. Could mean anything she wants it to mean. This kind of deliberately ambiguous speech just comes naturally to Labour politicians doesn’t it?

          You think they’ve answered the question but when you go back and look at the wording it has indeed been carefully crafted to mean nothing at all but with just the right emphasis to let you think they’ve been quite clear.

          Tony Blair was the same.

          Brown, by contrast is just a fantacist. He just decides how he’d like things to be and declares that is what is happening.

        • 336
          Master Baiter says:

          jgm2 in this case the fantasist is Guidiot Oaf

          what a prat fall he’s made, again

          read the words Guidiot, read the words

        • 460
          Mongrel says:

          OK Wankpot, what documents do you think she saw? She is trying to avoid an outright lie by using the words “took steps”, but in doing so she has convicted herself of negligence. If you haven’t been on the site for a while you might not have seen that the law is crystal clear (albeit absurdly onerous, but that’s her fault, not ours) and she has equally clearly comprehensively broken it.
          You might not care if ministers are dishonest and incompetent – a lethal combination as the families of our soldiers killed in Afghanistan will testify – but the rest us do. This isn’t a fucking game – it is real life and it matters.
          Now piss off to your playground games.

  4. 4
    :) says:

    Thank you Guido, that is so sweet.

  5. 5
    Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

    Oh God: now I’ve told all my chums with glee, pleassssse tell me this ain’t the same source that ‘leaked’ the James Purnell running for leader yarn a few merry months back *chews nails*

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Baroness Scotland ain’t gonna survive the party conference season, whatever happens – it is too much of a ‘distraction’…

    • 61
      Anonymous says:

      . . . from what ?

      • 146
        Siberian Tory says:

        Good point anon sacking Baroness Scotland after the election as part of Gordo’s cuts could be a major manifesto pledge.

        • 332
          jgm2 says:

          I thought a British court had already ruled that a Manifesto Pledge does not amount to a hill of beans legally.

          And since Labour have much form on reneging on the clearest of manifesto pledges then I don’t suppose folk will be too taken in by the piece of shit they produce for the 2010 election.

      • 246
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        All the other “distractions”, which will have to be dealt with by the longest composite motion in even Labour’s history.

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    One can almost hear Gordon screaming all the way from New York…

  8. 8
    P1 says:

    Goodbye “Baroness” Scotland. Please hand back the title and the £170k as you leave the office.

  9. 10
    J lewis-List says:

    Perhaps Brown could offer her a seat in the Lords and make her Minister for Mending Moral Compasses; that should keep her quiet.

    • 201
      Alibarbs says:

      She’s already in the Lords. Just like many of the people Broon forces upon us, she’s never been democratically elected to so much as a cheese committee.

    • 490
      J lewis-List says:

      I mean the nice lady from Tonga with the solicitor hubby

  10. 11
    bergen says:

    I ought to write “if true,she’s finished” but she ought to have gone days ago.For sheer adhesion to the trough,she’s the best yet.

  11. 12
    Vanity ! Vanity ! ALL is Vanity ! says:

    If correct Patricia Scotland will soon be an ex-Minister not because she failed to ask th question but because she would appear to have lied to the UKBA;Gordon Brown;the Media and the British people – although it is of course the word of an illegal immigrant Tongan cleaner and a Labour Minister, Peer of the Realm, UK Chief Law Officer and Queens Counsel and who would you believe ?

    • 32
      The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

      The charlady

    • 52
      Jam (tomorrow) makin' me Hungary says:

      Just a minute – you sayin’ Big Pattie is racist?

      Getaway. Dis cleaner got the job on account of being respectful – and not too dear.

    • 62
      Man With a Very Hot Bladder says:

      The illegal immigrant Tongan cleaner, of course.

      In actual fact I’d take the word of a Gorbals Ned against Baroness Scotland.

      • 89
        Ex Home Office says:

        Sorry to be a pedant but she is not an illegal immigrant, she is an overstayer.

        An illegal immigrant is one who enters the uk clandestinely (i.e. in the back of a lorry) or who enters using false documentation.

        • 206

          She is an immigrant and she is illegal (=not legal). Can one not use the words consecutively? She is not yet an asylum seeker but one has to believe that it is only a matter of time before Max Clif…., sorry, she plays that card.

        • 242
          The BBC - doing what we do best says:

          “Well Nick so it appears that the cleaner didn’t actually produce a passport to Baroness Scotland then ?”

          “So it seems – Jon – but I have it in confidence from sources high up in government that this is not as straight forward as it appears and that Baroness Scotland in fact does recall seeing the documentation despite Ms Tapui saying she didn’t so all in all Gordon Brown still has confidence in her!”

          “And Nick it certainly casts doubts on how the Conservatives have responded to this news to-day doesn’t it ?”

          “I think you’re absolutely right Jon – the pressure is building on David Cameron and the Conservatives tonight to come clean about what they would do about the situation were THEY in government! “

        • 267
          Mitch says:


  12. 13
    Baron Scotland says:

    It’s the woman wot takes the blame.

    Thank goodness.

  13. 14
    Crispy Poo says:

    Does it really matter we are only talking a congestion charge related issue here.

  14. 15
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Can she be done for perjury or perverting the course of justice?

    • 66
      Michael Hunt says:

      One would hope so.
      Lying to the Borders & Immigration agency… life behind bars.

    • 154
      DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

      I think the Attorney General would have to rule on whether that’s in the public interest.

      Remind me, who is the Attorney General?

  15. 16
    Papasmurf says:

    Why was the solicitor husband arrested?

  16. 18
    Willsteed says:


    I saw this coming.

    She’s hooked up with Max Clifford hasn’t she?!

    Bye bye Scotland

  17. 19
    Anonymous says:

    WHAT – your Source, please

  18. 21
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Crispy Poo
    People go to jail for lying about speeding penalties
    This bitch needs a spell in Holloway

    • 34
      Papasmurf says:

      Lying in a criminal investigation is Perverting the Course of Justice.

      The only way of clearing her name is charge –> Jury –> clear / conviction.

      Who do you believe…….. you decide.

      IMO guilty Bye Bye Scotland

    • 52
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      LOL She’ll enjoy it too much in Holloway with all the other strapon bull-dykes

    • 60
      Crispy Poo says:

      You need one of those ministerial pamphlets to wave at the officer when you get caught speeding. And say those Magical words “It was all within the rules” i think a spell in holloway is being to kind, take the bitch up tower hill and off with her head.

    • 516
      Joe Public says:

      HMP Barlinnie
      81 Lee Avenue
      G33 2QX

  19. 23
    Michael White says:

    Look, she is a talented black female lawyer & for that she deserves a second chance.

    • 50
      shelling-out says:

      What’s with the “look” at the beginning of every sentence uttered these days?

      You’re as bad as they are, Michael.

    • 73
      Anonymous says:

      Michael, nobody has spotted your article today claiming Obama is a Muslim. When people read between the lines of your blog on the Guardian you will be toast as well you wanker. I really wish you were that Hunt WHite .

  20. 24
    Praguetory says:

    You know when you’ve been Tonga-ed.

  21. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Watch the NuLabour attack dogs change the tune about ‘thought she was fine, married to an upstanding solicitor fellow, many years of residency, paid her tax…’ to ‘finding out’ what she got up to of an evening, what company she kept, some dodgy photos from her past…

    “Can’t be trusted – mixed with the wrong crowd..”

    Just have to find that a friend of a friend once had sex with a teenager who then slept with someone for money so she could take cocaine once and the character assassination guilt-by-association will be complete…

    Sunday newspaper journalists must be salivating at the chance of some good work with a huge payoff just before the Labour Party conference..

    • 88
      Cyco Billy says:

      Hush now, Troll – no regulars here ever write “Labour Party”.

      As for “dodgy photos”, you should know these are never ever published, as all the other photos of anybody else would be instantly ineffective. If “dodgy photos” are required, they miraculously find their way onto the target’s computer.

  22. 27
    • 222
      Good buy Lady B ... says:

      Went there – Max Clifford’s in the pic – this guarantees the Sundays will be bidding for the real story

      No Pisspot? What an inderstatement?

      Max – you are a star – how does he do it?

  23. 28
    king chillout says:

    Smithers, release the hounds.

  24. 29
    Michael White says:

    Or is it a third chance now? What-ever – she is black. And female. She is untouchable & unblamable by Gordon. So nah.

  25. 30
    Anonymous says:

    In a bizarre way might this not actually be helpful to Brown? The thinking is that now he can say he had decided in all good faith that she hadn’t breached the ministerial code, relying on her assurances that she had seen the woman’s passport, but in the light of this new information etc etc…

    Call me cynical. But I wonder just where this story did come from…

  26. 33
    going mental says:

    sit down with the popcorn and watch the start of the end for new labour

    • 337
      Deeply Regret says:

      The end started 2 years ago when, during the Tory party conference, Brown popped up in Afghanistan and played cheap politics with troop numbers.

      We are now watching the end of the end.

      • 439
        Carl de Lippe says:

        This is true. Most people only seem to remember the Election That Never Was, but the fatal moment was during that cynical trip to Iraq (not Afghanistan, I think).

        • 473
          Grandma B says:

          10% tax change – that’s when I realised Gordon couldn’t do his sums or he was crazy – possibly both.

  27. 35
    genghiz the kahn says:

    JCB for Mr Brown.

  28. 36
    Tony Woodley says:

    Is this cover for the 5,000 jobs going in the West Midlands at the Jag and 1,500 jobs at Vauxhalls?

  29. 37
    Kin L says:

    So this lady who had free range of the UK’s top law maker’s home had not been checked out by the security services?

    Kin L !!!!

  30. 38
    Not long till labour gone says:

    Out! Out! Out!

  31. 39
    Mr. Gregory Ditch, advising Al_Ja_Beeba says:


    Cut the crap !


    Give me solutions !

    . . as to how to dump Gorgon !

    NOW !

  32. 40
    Article 38 says:

    Ha ha, I knew this was coming.

    Baroness Scotland has not only broken the ‘civil’ law, she has lied to the investigating agency. Isn’t that a criminal offence?

    The UKBA said they had satisified themselves with Scotland’s version of events when they hadn’t even interviewed Tapui.

    Let’s not forget that the UKBA Chief Executive Lin Homer was trying to cover for Scotland – I think she may have to go too.

  33. 42
    Papasmurf says:

    It’s an offence to claim to be a solicitor under the Solicitors Act.

    What’s Hubby been up to?

    • 64
      Seasick Dave says:

      Soliciting Tongans?

    • 75
      Throbber says:

      Who said it was hubby claiming he was a solicitor?
      For all we know it was Trishy-babe that made the claim.

    • 120
      Bardirect says:

      He is a solicitor. Guido’s got that bit wrong. He’s on the roll – its easy to check and find a solicitor.

      • 137
        • 159

          He is a “legal manager” – not a qualified solicitor under the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct, Rule 24.

        • 194
          Justice Fingers says:

          But who claimed he was a ‘solicitor’ in the first place?

          Also, Guido, note that a ‘passport’ is just one of several documents that the Tongan lady may have shown BS to prove her right to work. Need to watch the wording carefully, here. Still room to wriggle I think.

        • 251
          Anonymous says:

          Oaf, so thick, so thick.
          Try reading English
          “‘Non-Lawyer’ and ‘Lawyer’ are defined in the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct, Rule 24. ‘Manager’ means a) a partner in a partnership; b) a member of an LLP; or c) a director of a company.”

        • 259
          Master Baiter says:

          Oaf, so thick, so thick.
          Try reading English
          “‘Non-Lawyer’ and ‘Lawyer’ are defined in the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct, Rule 24. ‘Manager’ means a) a partner in a partnership; b) a member of an LLP; or c) a director of a company.”

          The man is a solicitor and that is that.

          Not a pizza delivery boy with a whining voice and a big fat pot belly.
          Ask the breadwinner in your house, she’ll know.

      • 161

        No he isn’t, he is a “legal manager” – not a qualified solicitor under the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct, Rule 24.

        • 176
          Bardirect says:

          That’s not what that page says. He is a solicitor not a manager. That part of the page is a pro forma and has no actual entry. Every admitted solicitors page is precisely the same – look anyone up – Managers don’t get ADMITTED and dont have a roll number.

        • 247
          Master Baiter says:

          Oaf, your slip is showing.

        • 263
          Jan says:

          Guido as to his right to be in the UK.Register of Births Oct-Dec 1968 shows one Aleksander Zivancevik was born in Hammersmith.Not sure if this him.

        • 390
 or me? says:

          Master Baiter,

          Your party is deep in the shit.

          Guido’s few mistakes here or there in context and defintion won’t change that or decrease his popularity.

        • 463
          udderly 'orrible says:

          176 – Bardirect – agree.
          And a phone call to the Law Society will confirm the point. LS is always helpful when called about solicitors on their roll.

          Furthermore a few days back Mail or Teles quoted a solictor friend of his who said AZ was doing freelance conveyancing work from home.

          Matters little in the broader game Mr Fawkes — i.e. forcing ghastly Scotland and McMental out and well done on most excellent work targeting the hoons — but it would not have been difficult to check with direct sources on the solicitor bit.

          (If I’m wrong accept my apologies in advance).

      • 343
        shelling-out says:

        If he’s practising, he must be here legally, and if he’s here legally and they’re married, wouldn’t that make her legal too?

  34. 44
    Brown Out !! says:

    Get some popcorn in, this is going to be a great show !!

  35. 54
    mad fred 2 para says:

    ho ho ho

  36. 58
    Anonymous says:

    There is no situation so bad that it cannot get a whole lot worse.

  37. 59
    The man at No 47 says:

    Is she an ‘Add to basket’ bride?

  38. 65
    going mental says:

    hey gordons got something to say

    • 93
      shiela - mad as hell and redundant thanks to Labour says:

      From the article:

      * There will be a referendum on voting reform at the same time as the general election. (BUT NO VOTE ON LISBON, JUST A VOTE ON ELECTORAL REFORM THAT WILL HELP LABOUR MAINTAIN MORE SEATS)

      * Britain will commit to a full network of High Speed Railways. (BUILT BY THE FRENCH WITH NO BRITISH ENGINEERING INPUT EXCEPT FOR FIRMS IN SCOTLAND)

      * Compounding what’s already been said, the PM will speak of a nuclear-free future and fully signal the intention to replace Trident with three new subs rather than four. (HIS SPEECH AT THE UN ANNOUNCING A 25% REDUCTION IN TRIDENT HAS ALREADY STARTED A CASCADE OF DELYED ORDERS FOR BRITISH COMPANIES IN EVERY CONSTITUENCY – AND AS A SUCK UP TO OBAMA FAILED MISERABLY)

      * The PM will accept the challenge thrown down by Sky News to debate David Cameron and Nick Clegg in the run up to the next election. (YES, HE REALLY IS THAT STUPID, VAIN & ARROGANT)

      * He will signal beyond doubt the date of the election. (LOVE THIS ONE – HE WILL “SIGNAL BEYOND DOUBT” THE DATE OF THE ELECTION – FFS!!!!!!!

      If he were a horse you would shoot him – as for those that still support Labour you are all stark staring bonkers in the nut.

      • 105
        Joe 90 says:

        Shiela (or is it Sheila?)

        From the article:

        But there’s also likely to be substance – and even a couple of new policy announcements. Here a few thoughts on what those announcements might be:


        So, you see, its all Labour hiss and piss as usual.

      • 142
        Dack Blog says:

        Hmmm… agreeing to the debate? That almost makes me suspect he thinks he’ll be gone before the election. It would be just like him to drop his ‘usurper’ in it.

      • 170
        Sir William Waad says:

        I hope the French do build the railways. They should work. Sorry, but we destroyed our engineering industries years ago.

        • 248
          Engineer says:

          Not entirely, Sir William. The rail infrastructure capacity still exists, but our ability to design and build locomotives and rolling stock is seriously reduced.

        • 264
          Unemployed Engineer says:

          Who the fucks “we”.

        • 400
          Chief Engineer says:

          Gordon doesn’t like Engineering.

          As he took 6 years to get a PhD (subject of the Scottish Labour Party 1926 to 1928) very demanding ! he told his academic friends not to go into Manufacturing, because as he put it, it’s dirty and you have to get up early.

          Later he put these thoughts into practice by declaring Engineering a Sunset Industry with no future and therefore put his faith in Wankers (sorry Bankers).

          Now we have almost no industry and no engineers, and unfortunately to be an engineer you need to be able to do hard sums. So education, edukashun, edewkajun took care of that. Most of the peoples now struggle with anything beyond a footy score,

          So that’s alright for Mandlebum and all. Simples !

      • 469
        Grandma B says:

        I knew a Shiela once – her father was a bit intoxicated when he registered her name.

  39. 67
    Beria_Pride says:

    Oh you’re all loving this aren’t you! You’re all fascists.

    You wait until Dave’s cousin Harriet is in charge! You’re all going to be denounced and under worked to death in cyberia.

  40. 69
    Charlie says:

    When a man entered the Queen’s bedroom , Whitelaw offered his resignation , thought it was not his fault. How the time have changed.

    • 86
      Article 38 says:

      This could be why Hesford resigned yesterday. Perhaps he found out more following Tapui’s arrest and couldn’t stomach any further lies and criminality

      • 362
        shelling-out says:

        Nah. I reckon he knew he wouldn’t have a job come next May and needed to sort out his future before the shit hit the fan.

    • 97
      Engineer says:

      Lord Carrington tendered his resignation when the Argies invaded the Falklands, even though the subsequent investigation showed that he did not know, and could not have known about, the Argie intentions. An honourable man, still active and much respected in diplomatic circles.

      • 270

        He did do the honourable thing over the Falklands, but let’s never forget that it was Carrington who put Mugabe in charge in Rhodesia, and look what that’s led to?

        • 402
          Deeply Regret says:

          The Mugabe of 1980 came across as a very different man and Carrington’s options at the time were limited. Just like the Falklands, he did not know, and could not have known about Mugabe’s intentions. I am sure he could have guessed though…

        • 428
          Engineer says:

          Even under Mugabe’s rule, Zimbabwe was a pretty decent country for over a decade. Don’t think you can really pin that one on Carrington. We can never know what the other available options would have been like.

      • 493
        A Pensioner says:

        Thats not how I remeber it. Carrington had to cary the can for the whole of the FO who for years had been giving the Argies the nod-n-wink, and closer to the event overlooked the intel. As for Mugabe, Carrington forced that through and ignored the other dark chap who was a rival to Mugabe (whose name I forgot). Carrington has a lot to answer for IMHO.

    • 354
      shelling-out says:

      We got a better class of trougher back then.

    • 519
      Joe Public says:

      Doesn’t pharting Phil-the-Greek have conjugal rights then?

  41. 71
    Mike Rouse says:

    Rotten to their cores this lot

  42. 74
    Baroness Lying Kunt says:


    Can anyone explain…. How does an illegal immigrant have “legal documentation”…?


    • 466
      Bareonarse Scoutlard says:

      Yous only picking on I coz me is blak. Me reportin you to de racey relations bard rightnow soon.

      See if me doun get I off de whole ting, innit

      • 542
        Martin Luther King says:

        I think that you will find that the percentage of black and Asian politicians with their hands in the till, involved with under age boys in the Midlands, claiming for second homes that they have never lived in, is about the same as the percentage of black youths involved in crime. So, Barones Buggery of Shitland, yes it is coz you’re black. It’s not racist it’s a fact.

  43. 77
    P1 says:

    Juicy. Unless Scotland is out before about 8.00pm tonight, Harman is going have to defend her on QT tonight, whilst appearing not too hard on the poor Tongan cleaner – they’re all women so it’s tough to call. Obviously the non-solicitor husband will cop for it big-time.

    • 84
      The man at No 47 says:

      She’s a black, female cleaner so she deserves another chance.

    • 87
      Groucho says:

      Yes, I have beer in the fridge, the kids will be in bed and the dog will have been walked. QT should be a classic.

      • 135

        Sorry to piss in your Carlsberg, but she’s been *arrested*. You know what Hattie will say don’t you? Even though ti ain’t true? She’ll say, “Oh, I really can’t comment now because it’s sub judice….”

        • 319
          Groucho says:

          Yes, you’re right. What a stitch up. I note from Guido’s latest update that Ms Tanui’s bloke has also been nicked. So now he is unavailable for comment, too.

        • 485
          A. Gilligan says:

          Harpies not much of a lawyer then as it doesn’t become sub judice……… until charges are brought

      • 244
        Jeez .... says:


        ‘Kinell – I fergot – QT!

        Wont fall asleep 2 night

    • 95
      Beautiful Day says:

      Luvely jubbly! Harman was vey uncomfortable defending her when being interviewed by Jane (can’trememberhername) on BBC24 earlier this week – reckon she knew then the shit would hit the fan sooner or later. I’ve got some bottles of Bishop’s Finger ready to go for the show, just right.

      • 169
        "Dorothy Goodbody" says:

        I got some local ale.

      • 289
        Lord Lundy says:

        A quart of the best Lidl orange juice and 5 Hamlet. Can’t wait.

      • 378
        albacore says:

        I thought Harman was doing an Alf Ippititimus impression in that interview.
        Wonder if she’ll be wagging Dimbleby his orders tonight; and which of the two of them will be the more panicked.

  44. 79
    Sir Cum Spect says:

    It seems that all our Christmases have come just at the right time!

  45. 80
    Penfold says:

    Oh dear, that’s Baroness P done for.

    Next scoop will be the Tongan having hired Max Clifford with a kiss and tell in a Sunday tabloid.

    Understand there’s a book out this w/e detailing Labour scandal, combine that with S(r)hitty Vadera leaving, the so-called snub to Gordo by Barack, Hesford’s resignation, Clarke’s loyalty comments re Gordo, Balls and Millipede’s manouvrings, Union hostility combined with policy ransoming for cash…. et al, etc.,

    One can almost see the Black hole appearing at conference, sucking the life out of Gordo and his mates.

    What chance a coup d’gordo……

    • 100
      Anonymous says:

      A week ago I would have said that was pretty slim, but having seen Charles Clarke last night, and Lord Mandy just now looking pretty aereated I wouldn’t be quite so sure…

      A ‘conference coup’ might well be on the cards, especially if that Manchurian Candidate Ed Miliband could be programmed to follow Mandy’s instructions..

    • 101
      infamy, they've all got it infamy says:

      Were the dying embers of the Major government this bad? There were a few sleaze stories and the electorate wanted change, but this shower are completely incompetent.

      • 131
        Engineer says:

        Major and his government were never this bad, and remember – Major and Clarke left the economy in remarkably good shape, and improving.

        What a contrast…..

        • 150
          Anonymous says:

          Could some malcontents organise and break cover next week ??

        • 174
          Engineer says:

          If Baroness Scotland isn’t sacked, they have to move, I would have thought. Mind you, I’ve thought this government has gone beyond the pale before, and they’ve blundered on, so who knows?

        • 221
          Under a flower pot at the bottom of the garden until the GE says:

          Aitkin, the Hamiltons and Archer were mere amateurs at this stuff.

          That is one thing the LieBour party are REALLY good at is behaving appallingly, and never ever EVER resigning.

      • 155
        Anonymous says:

        Penfold – already done it – picture of her and husband with Clifford on mail website !!! Sunday’s NOTW looks most likely!!

        • 175
          Penfold says:

          Can’t have criminal gains from illegal actions….

        • 180
          Article 38 says:

          Oh, joy of joys. That means she really has got a juicy story for the weekend. I imagine the bidding war from the Sundays is underway right now.

      • 166
        bergen says:

        No.The Tories do sex scandals-much more entertaining and much less damaging to the rest of us.

      • 171
        DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

        They were bad in a different way. But on the whole, Aitken and Archer aside, I think the stuff the present lot get up to is more serious.

        • 300
          Aethelred says:

          Archer was merely a twat, his crime was to lie under oath about paying a prostitute. If he had just admitted it, there’d have been no problem (other than his wife).

          Compared to nulabour, Archer looks like the pope.

      • 495
        A Pensioner says:

        The Tories were more entertaining (remember Mellor and the Chelsea strip?) They didn’t fuck up the country, which is the important point.

  46. 81
    Groucho says:

    Unfortunately its just one word against another, so don’t get too excited just yet.

    However the net is closing…

    • 486
      A. Gilligan says:

      Ah but it isn’t one against the other As the cleaner doesn’t have status then the AG CANNOT have seen valid documents

  47. 82
    Be Gone Gordon ! says:

    No mention of this on Brown’s Broadcasting Corp as yet – surprise, surprise. They have obviously not had “the word” yet from the “Dear Leader” or Lord Fondlebum.

    • 309
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Fonddlebum IS the Dear Leader. he has a puppet called Gordo who sits on his knee and says crazy things.

      • 449
        tipple says:

        Must be like that snake with the weird leg they found the other week. Now we know why Gordo grimaces so often.

  48. 85
    Anonymous says:

    Perhaps we could make Alesha Dixon Attorney General and kill two birds with one stone ??

  49. 91
    thatguy says:

    1. The passport shows the Tongan is illegal and the Baroness didn’t check properly
    2. The Baroness didn’t check the passport

    • 116
      infamy, they've all got it infamy says:

      But why does she then stand in front of the media and say that she checked the paperwork, but didn’t photocopy it?

      Surely she must have realised that the ex-cleaner would turn up and put her case across.

      Therefore slightly sceptical about this story, unless Baroness of all of Scotland is so arrogant that she thinks she can tough it out

    • 123
      Groucho says:

      Yes and either way its a lot more serious than the inadvertent ‘technical’ breach Scotland claims it to be.

      She could be in deep shit here. Hopefully.

      • 156
        Engineer says:

        Makes forgetting to pay the Congestion Charge look pretty serious. Any spare cells in the Tower?

    • 179
      DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

      The third possibility is that Tapui had some quite sophisticated forgeries. But if that’s true, then there would really have to be a police investigation into that. If such an investigation isn’t forthcoming, then I think we’ll have to conclude that either one or other of your 2 options is correct.

      • 236
        The big D says:

        What prevents anyone from surmising that the cleaner may be persuaded to be the fall guy (gal) in exchange for a very well filled paper bag containing bits of paper with ” I promise to pay the bearer….etc?

        • 308
          DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

          Not sure how that would help them get out of this. What would Tapui be paid to say, exactly? Even if she says she showed her passport, it still doesn’t explain why Scotland didn’t notice that it didn’t give her the right to work here.

        • 403
          Onan the Rotarian says:

          Except for the fact that the Mail or NOTW will equally be prepared to dish out similarly large bags of promissory notes, plus all the talk show fees, photo opps etc etc. Deportation anyone? Or a short walk in the woods ….

      • 324
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        But we don’t know because the Author of the Act didn’t follow her own law and take photocopies.

    • 200
      Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

      Number 4. (perhaps 2b)

      She had a different (legal) Tongan cleaner before and she’s confused.

      • 216
        Engineer says:

        Doesn’t wash. One of the most senior law officers in the land being confused between two cleaners suggests a lack of basic competence.

        • 233
          Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

          I was too soft. I pulled the punchline. Based on a common saying in the 1970s that one never hears anymore, even if it might be true that often people have difficulty in distinguishing certain people’s facial features if they aren’t used to them.

        • 257
          Baroness Scotland says:

          They all look the same to me.

  50. 92
    The man at No 47 says:

    From the Brown Bullshit Corporation:

    A housekeeper who worked illegally for Attorney General Baroness Scotland has been arrested, police have said.

    Tongan Loloahi Tapui, 27, and a man aged 40 thought to be her husband, were arrested by UK Border Agency staff at their home in West London on Wednesday.

    Police said they were arrested over alleged immigration offences and both bailed until next month.

  51. 96
    D L George says:

    Last paragraph from the Mail story…

    “The Home Office confirmed yesterday that she will also be ‘named and shamed’ on a register of employers of illegal immigrants. The list mostly contains takeaway restaurants and massage parlours.”

    It shows the level Zanu’s dropped us to, our PM gets a slot at the UN with prime nutcases I’madinnerjacket and Gaddafi and our TOP law officer is listed alongside criminals illegally importing women into brothels.

    Thanks Zanu, thanks a lot.

  52. 103
    Pampas Grass says:

    This ain’t right. The plod are now gathering evidence and will present it to the CPS. The Attorney General is the head of the CPS. And who is the Attorney General?

  53. 106
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    She needs a good hard reporting to the bar councli
    Just after destroying her career

  54. 108
    • 166

      See above, not a qualified solicitor.

      • 214
        Been there... says:

        Guido – the disclaimer at the bottom does not necessarily apply. I checked using the names of some lawyer friends of mine and you get the same disclaimer and they are kosher.

        • 338
          Mitch says:

          are you sure?

          have you ‘seen and verified’ their papers? (This is modern Britian you see)

        • 360
          Bardirect says:

          The “Find a Solicitor” search does not lead you to the tens of thousands of unqualified people who work for solicitors but who call themselves “legal managers” – it brings up those who have a current practising certificate.

          He has no business address. Since permanent solicitor employees usually show up under a firms entry he is probably a temp or locum.

        • 386
          shelling-out says:

          ….even if he is a temp or locum, surely he must have a practising certificate. Can you get one if you are only in the UK temporarily?

        • 404
          Bardirect says:

          There’s no basis to infer that HE is only here temporarily, its an annual certificate , he’s had it since last November and he must also have been up to date with his CPD. There are thousand of solicitors who now work as temps and locums, indeed Mrs Bardirect does so.

        • 433
 or me? says:

          ”Can you get one if you are only in the UK temporarily?”

          In ZanuLabour UK anything is possible.

  55. 110
    Under a flower pot at the bottom of the garden until the GE says:

    Why am I not surprised?

    Your sins (or in this case lies) will find you out, and they sure have. Resignation by midnight friday?

  56. 111
    Baroness Scotland says:

    It would not be in the public interest to prosecute me

  57. 112
    HR Dept says:

    I reckon that Lin Homer (Mr/Mrs?) at the Borders Agency will have a sweaty-palmed evening as well. Looks like a vacancy coming up there as her investigation of Scotland was almost as lightweight as Gus O’Donnell’s rapid assesment that she hadn’t broken the ministerial code! May be someone with a bit more oomph should have that job – I suggest Gen Jackson or Ramsbotham as interim. thinking about it, O’Donnell should be in the crosshairs as well – he has form on this kind of thing (eg “Jacqui” Smith)

    • 125
      Pete-s says:

      Look up Mrs Homer on Wiki and then follow links to Birmingham council 2005. Very interesting, especially her deep devotion to Labour. Oh come on. how do you think she got the job.

      • 133
        Praguetory says:

        Yep. We took that New Labour bitch out of Birmingham City Council as soon as we took control. Similar purges will be required at national level in the near future. McCarthy will be made to look like a doormouse.

        • 182
          j. McCarthy II says:

          Here how – 3 questions will be put to the retards. 3 yeses will prove their guilt.

          1. Is the Pope a Catholic?
          2. Do bears shit in the woods?
          3. Does the end justify the means?

      • 185
        backwoodsman says:

        Every incompetent who ever joined the labour party while a student, is now busy making a balls up of some section of our bureacracy. Why did you imagine the Borders Agency would be any different ?

    • 186
      bergen says:

      I hope to God that Cameron does not bottle out and give the usual peerage to O’Donnell on his retirement.He’s supposed to be a Civil Servant and not Brown’s bodyguard.

  58. 115
    Purpleline says:

    What’s the betting the Husband is a Serbian spy? Known the MI5/6 and was here on forged papers.

    He could even be here under cover protecting the identity of the Serbian hit man who rubbed out Jill Dando.

    What fun even Lord Peter of foy up the U bend and round the twist could not save brown. The pound is getting whacked very hard because we have a political mess as well as a financial nightmare with a useless Hunt at the BOE.

    Get out of sterling boy’s sign up to a trading account and hedge your savings, pension and house this fucker is going down. Brown has steered the good ship Rule Britannia on the rocks.

    • 172

      He could even be here under cover protecting the identity of the Serbian hit man who rubbed out Jill Dando.

      He was on the other side. If the guy is who I think he is then he was working with western NGOs propagandising against Slobo, and for the KLA etc.

      Feller might be a lawyer, but in order to practise as a solicitor here *if* you’re from outside the EU, and serbia is, you need to work as a trainee for a year. If you don’t, you can’t take the… some kind of equivalence test, can’t recall what it is… QC something QT… dunno… anyway, if you don’t take that, which is pretty much a formality for an EUer, then you can’t call yourself a solicitor.

  59. 124
    Forked tongue says:

    So the Baroness says it is a civil offence. So why do the border agency say

    Employers have had a responsibility to check the entitlement to work in the United Kingdom of all new employees since 27 January 1997, in order to establish a defence against conviction

    • 134
      Solutions not Problems says:

      May be she gets her legal advice form her ex-cleaner’s “husband”?. Probabaly pays cash for it too.

    • 252
      Justice Fingers says:

      The difference is in the ‘knowingly’ versus ‘unknowingly’ parts.

      If the Tongan is claiming that BS saw her passport and it only contained an out of date student visa stamp then that starts to look like evidence that BS employed her ‘knowing’ her to be an illegal, and she would slip across from one to the other and be looking at a 6 month jail sentence.

      But there are other documents that BS may be claiming to have seen other than the passport.

  60. 130
    Rock Solid says:

    Everyone has missed the really big story.

    Baroness Scotland is an illegal immigrant.

    Tapui was once the Attorney General of Tonga and has been the one making all the decisions.

    She was shortly going to make female circumcision compulsory, that’s why MI5 had to cause a diversion.

    I heard this from Ahmadinijads’s Jewish toy boy.

  61. 144
    Technical Breach says:

    I will now have a chuckle during my afternoon 3 flush dump

  62. 145
    Anonymous says:

    What sort of tosser puts up a headline like this without any detail enabling verification. We all suspect its true but simply starting a rumour (which this resembles) only helps divert from the failings of Scotland. Either show us the meat or pull this item.

  63. 147
    PM Diary says:

    When’s Brown expected back from chasing Obama around Pittsburgh with his Instamatic? If he’s not been watching telly while he’s away, I wouldn’t want to be the one telling him what’s been going on.

    • 304
      The cunt of Monte Cristo says:

      Can anything be more demeaning to the UK than this hate filled, bullying, twisted, inadequate, lying, brooding loony chasing Obama around like a fucking stalker?

  64. 149
    it's a rat trap says:

    and you’ve been caught

  65. 151
    streamfisher says:

    Thought it was highly suspicious that the Baroness had been fined 5000 pounds in double quick time, these things usually take a public enquiry which lasts just long enough for everybody to have forgotten about the issue in the first place, what a give away!. Yes New Labour we are not all complete idiots.
    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

    • 375
      Bully Beef says:

      She only SAID that she’d been fined.

      She didn’t even wave a cheque around like the chipmunk Blears.

    • 399
      shelling-out says:

      Maybe the £5000 was what it cost her to get British Citizenship, if the comments above are true.

  66. 153
    Troughy says:

    McSnot giving the benefits of his ‘beliefs’ to UNSC right now. He’s gone an awful colour. Most gratifying.

  67. 158
    Auntie Flo' says:

    Baroness Scotland is a director of the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales.

    I wonder if ICLR report this case…..?

  68. 162
    James Gordon Brown says:

    I told you so. Remember, you heard it first from Waad Towers. It just doesn’t stack up that a barrister would be taken in by odds and ends of papers that didn’t actually amount to confirmation of a work permit.

  69. 164

    He worked for a solicitors as a “legal manager” – not a qualified solicitor under the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct, Rule 24. Look below his name.

    • 298
      Master Baiter says:

      Guidiot the Oaf is wrong, again

      ‘Non-Lawyer’ and ‘Lawyer’ are defined in the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct, Rule 24. ‘Manager’ means a) a partner in a partnership; b) a member of an LLP; or c) a director of a company.

      What a washout!

      • 339
        English Liberation Front says:

        You’re back are you Brigstocke, poking your ugly commie wedge-head where it’s not wanted? Damage control for the comrades eh?

        Master Baiter = tosser

      • 385
        Bully Beef says:

        You are Bono and I claim my £5.

        On expenses.

  70. 173
    Been there... says:

    According to the Law Society he is registered (ID 324573) and specialixes in residential conveyancing, landlord and tennant law, and trust law (how ironic).

    Hopefully the Law Society was more careful checking his documentation than his wife :)

    I imagine his expertise might come in pretty handy for all the labour troughers flipping properties.

  71. 177
    Gordon Brown: Rocking Horse Botherer says:

    Darling, fetch me my horse.

  72. 183
    NuAttackDog says:

    If the stench of decay coming out NU NSDAP gets any stronger people are going to start thinking Brown has recalled John Smith to the Cabinet

  73. 184
    Master Baiter says:

    Evidently you lot are confused easily.

  74. 188
    streamfisher says:

    Is Baroness Scotland an illegal, got a photocopy Gordon?

  75. 191
    OKTOBER says:


    The Lord of Darkness must be losing his grip, and possibly the will to live.

    Cheer up Mandy with this lot you cant help but shine even with a coating of green custard…

  76. 195
    Porridge says:

    Rachel Challis, from the UK Border Agency’s Boston-based Local Immigration Team, said: “We are working hard to pull the plug on the illegal jobs which lure illegal immigrants to come to the UK in the first place.

    “Illegal working is unfair on honest employers who recruit staff with the right to work in the UK and who pay them a proper salary.

    “Employers who don’t play by the rules will get struck off our register, lose the right to recruit staff from outside Europe, face on-the-spot fines and could potentially end up in jail.”

    So how is going to jail a civil offence?

  77. 198
    Obama is a twat says:

    But why have NONE of the fucking Hunts in the media asked her the obvious questions? What documentation did she see? Surely a Passport with a valid Visa is the obvious one? And we know her her student Visa was the only Visa and that had expired.

    Brown is a fucking tool as are all fucking corrupt Socialists. Were Scotland not black she’d have gone long ago.

    • 209
      P1 says:

      Two questions:

      Did O’Donnell ask the simple, obvious, questions before he cleared Scotland under the Ministerial Code?

      Did Scotland’s hubby not take any photocopies either? Should he be fined £5,000 and eported to the Bar association as well?

  78. 203
    Obama is a twat says:

    Arrest Damien Green right now!!!!!

  79. 204
    D L George says:

    Just running through the online press, NOTW ran a story on the 20th about the cleaner. She was said to be on £8 an hour, yet she paid £270,000 for a leashold on a property in London.

    Anyone else have the feeling we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg here?

    Makes me doubly suspicious on the extremely fast fine of £5000, when they hadn’t spoken to the cleaner and they were unable to investigate both sides of the story.

    How much do they know and what is it they’re really covering up?

    • 210
      Alibarbs says:

      I don’t believe for a minute she’s actually been fined, as the wheels of justice never move that quickly – caught out one day and fined a couple of days later? Absolute rubbish – just more spin attempting to convince us little people that she broke the rules and was punished.

      Has anyone actually seen any documentation relating to her fine? I suspect not.

      • 293
        Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

        Quite agree. Was it the Border Agency or Special Branch who raided her flat and what were they looking for.

    • 223
      Special Case says:

      It doesn’t happen like that in the reaL world does it. Their first action would be to slap an on the spot penalty notice on her, which then would have given her 28 days to reply, thgen they would have investigated her reply, then she would have been given 28 days to decide whether she accepted their fine or go to court. This is one helll of a special case.

    • 241
      It's all Balls says:

      Did she get the mortgage from Northern Rock – 20 times income would do it

  80. 205
    Alibarbs says:

    Roll on the Sunday papers – you know they’ll currently be planning the neccessary steps to crucify her. She should be sacked from the AG position and disbarred too, as she’s openly dishonest and therefore not fit to work in any area of law.

  81. 211
    NuAttackDog says:

    If Labour were a dog it would be destroyed. The dog of course would have made it clear he wanted to opt out.

  82. 217
    varsteiner says:

    It’s all coming out of the woodwork now – and it’s tongan groove.

  83. 227

    I have read a statement elsewhere the Pat said she had seen the Passport. If Tapui denies showing it to our Pat that is those most damaging claim of all. Pat’s word against Tapui’s – pretty strightforward really. BS – “it was an error when I said I had seen her Passport what I meant to say was that I imagined I had seen her Passport”.

    If Tapui comes out and says she deines showing the Passport Patsy is toast. Even GB couldn;t wriggle her out this time.

    • 243
      Bardirect says:

      If the actual passport showed an expired visa or an express prohibition about working, Scotland would no doubt suggest that she was shown something different wouldn’t she but as she took no copies she will not normally be regarded as a good witness about what she actually saw.

    • 291
      The big D says:

      I still reckon they will pay the cleaner off, to take the rap. Especially if the cleaner’s only alternative is to go for a country walk in the footsteps of David Kelly.

      Strange how Mr Campbell is rejoining Labour at about the same time.

      • 328
        Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

        I spy a Foyboy plant, helping Gordon to the lectern and slipping the blade between his ribs.

        Watch him like a hawk for his Foy favouring moves.

        Of course I might be simply living up to my name.

  84. 234

    The Baroness maintains that she was initially shown five different categories of paperwork: a passport; a P45 form from her previous employer; national insurance details; a number of references from past employers and the letter apparently from the Home Office.

    She then asked for the cleaner’s marriage certificate, which confirmed that Mrs Tapui-Zivancevic’s husband, Alexander, is a British national.

    Was she shown the Passport or not. If she was she must be amazingly thick if she couldn’t spot only an expired student visa.

  85. 235
    chronic says:

    The number of swine flu cases is directly proportional to damaging Government news stories.

  86. 237
    Anonymous says:

    UPDATE : There are questions as to the status and paperwork for Alexander Zivancevic. UKBA having problems establishing his right to residence. Oh dear…

    Will the firm that employed Mr Zivancevic be treated as leniently as the Baroness

  87. 249
    Mad Max says:

    So Max Clifford is involved. I wonder what dirt the cleaner has on the Baroness?

    • 416

      If there’s too much dirt then she was probably sacked for being a crap cleaner!

      If Max is involved than expect her to be on the front page of one of the Sundays – how convenient for Liebour’s conference next week….!!

  88. 254
    Fair's fair says:

    UPDATE : There are questions as to the status and paperwork for Alexander Zivancevic. UKBA having problems establishing his right to residence. Oh dear…

    I trust the firm that employed him will be treated as firmly and promptly as the Baroness.

  89. 255
    Thats News says:

    Oh, dear.

    It gets worse…

  90. 262
    kINELL says:





  91. 266
    • 280
      HM says:

      And in black and white it says.

      ‘Where illegal workers are knowingly employed we will take action, and employers could face a criminal prosecution or a civil penalty.

      ‘The wider investigation is ongoing.

  92. 272
    The cunt of Monte Cristo says:

    In the looking glass world of Neolabour I would be deeply disppointed if the Attorney General wasn’t of course a lying, law breaking twat.
    This news is highly reassuring.

    Arrest that Attorney General officer!

  93. 273
    pierre says:

    Your joking = where what (the fuck) jeez tell us now kniell

  94. 274
    Anonymous says:

    presumably Scotland will appear on this page eventually (last updated on 22nd)

  95. 275
    Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    As far as the Law Society thinks Alexander Zivancevic is a solicitor, Law Society ID no. 324573, admission date 3rd October 2005 (source Law Society website )

    • 340

      No he isn’t. He is a “legal manager” if you read to the bottom.

      • 345
        Ctesibius says:

        Is the Baroness then an ‘illegal manager’?

      • 381
        Scarlet Pimpernel says:

        That is the atandard form that appers after all results. It appears after mine and I know I’m a solicitor

        • 392
          Master Baiter says:

          Guidiot the Oaf knows that in fact you are a double agent.

          A ha!

        • 421
          Bardirect says:

          Presumably its text which has been introduced to deal with alternative business structures where non lawyers may become directors etc and might fall within the non qualified definition of manager in Rule 24, in which case those individuals will be identified as such not as admitted solicitors with a roll number.

      • 382
        Master Baiter says:

        How thick a Guidiot is this Oaf?

        The man is a solitictor it doesn’t say he’s a manager, can’t the Oaf read?

        Pithless prattling from Guidiot, dreadful tosh.

        • 448
          Anonymous says:

          Master Baiter go play with your tool
          you tool

        • 450

          Master Baiter says:
          September 24, 2009 at 5:04 pm

          How thick a Guidiot is this Oaf?

          The man is a solitictor it doesn’t say he’s a manager, can’t the Oaf read?

          Pithless prattling from Guidiot, dreadful tosh.
          What a terminal anus you are Master Baiter !

        • 484
          stilyagi_air_corps says:

          What is it with leftoids and their love of crap alliteration? And they always talk so posh (or what they consider to be toffanese, usually sounding like something out of Billy Bunter, c. 1930). Faces like truck drivers, hands like pianists!

          Show us you hands, Baiter… No, on second thoughts. Too much blood.

  96. 276
    Olly boy says:

    Can things get any worse?! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

  97. 278
    shiela - mad as hell and redundant thanks to Labour says:

    Did Baroness Scotland employ any indigenous anglo saxon British workers?

  98. 281
    Gooey Blob says:

    Scotland should have gone by now. Allowing her to stay on for this long to stretch out the embarrassment shows just how out-of-touch Peter Mandelson is.

    Mandelson is damaging the government every day he remains part of it. He’s the reason why half of Labour’s own supporters no longer believe what the government says.

    Mandelson must go, and the sooner the better.

    • 301
      tat says:

      mandelson and brown are placing the EU’s interest’s above the national interest.
      they are traitors who should be hanged.
      bugger off mandelson you rimmer. like blair you are not welcome in this country.
      note to mandelson: if I ever see you in the street I will spit in your face you whore.

      • 319
        Engineer says:

        Spit in his face?

        What’s wrong with your usual greeting, splitting of the skull?

        And why didn’t you call him a cripple?

        • 401
          chronic says:

          I know ” cripple ” is one of tats favourite put down words but after watching Wounding last night I would urge him to reconsider his vocabulary of intended insults as the two ” cripples ” depicted in this documentary demand more respect than his juvenile name calling.

        • 497
          thick as thieves says:

          point taken chronic.

      • 331
        Groucho says:

        He’s quite a big bloke you know. He could probably have you for breakfast.

        • 342
          Peter Mandelson says:

          I’d have him before breakfast. I like to start the day with something warm in my stomach.

      • 334
        Vote vote vote for Jacqui says:

        Good afternoon TaT.

        Would you kindly tell us which of the following three activities gives you
        more pleasure.

        1. Having a Wank.
        2. Smashing Skulls.
        3. Reading this thread.

        Personally I prefer No.3.

    • 302
      Steve Expat says:

      It would be funny to see this drag on into the Liebour conference next week. It’s unlikely Broon will sack her until Saturday as he’s out of the country – apparantly he likes to do these things face to face (or Nokia to face, delete as appropriate) ;-)

    • 341
      Groucho says:

      He is now as hard to get rid of as Rasputin. Poison him, shoot him and throw him in a freezing river and the bugger still won’t die.

      • 453
      • 468
        tipple says:

        Shush! Don’t mention Rasputin within Fondlebums earshot. He apparently had a very large dong that was cut off by a maid when he copped it & kept in a box. Fondlebum keeps it under his pillow.

    • 377
      It's a funny old world says:

      Not to worry. As soon as the Irish vote yes and the Lisbon Treaty is ratified by the Czechs he’ll be gone and so will Brown and then the path is clear for Blair to become EU President and Mandelson his “Chef du Cabinet”. You’d think Brown would have learnt from the “Granita Experience” – Tony is still Peter’s best friend not Gordon

    • 432
      Fuck the British Government says:

      Does Gooey Blob refer to the shit between your ears?
      Surely the daily damage done to the government by the Slimy Slug is to be admired and encouraged.
      PM for PM. That’ll help ensure, come next GE, the cnunts aka Liebore won’t creep back into power. In Mandelson’s case through the back door.

  99. 287
    Steve Expat says:

    Sky news saying cleaner has been arrested, presumably for being here illegally – no word on Scotland though, source?

  100. 297
    Anonymous says:

    Just seen Brown on Sky News.
    Ye Gods! He looks bloody awful. No neck, curious bags halfway down his face. Hair not brushed. What a mess.
    Standing next to Obama, it’s embarassing!

    • 323
      Ctesibius says:

      Yes. But if he’s standing next to President Omaha… he’s happy. Even if it’s just doing the washing-up.

    • 327
      There there says:

      Rough as a badgers arse – been up all night – practicing one-eyed juggling of nokias

    • 333
      Beautiful Day says:

      I’ve got this image in my head of the new Virgin advert – our supreme Gordoom arrives at the airport on the arms of Virgin stewardesses to catch his return flight, 300 passengers storm the desks screaming I need to change my airline. Must be a 12 year old somewhere who can do it and put it on youtube before bedtime.

    • 351
      WobblyJim says:

      He probably just extracted his person from Obama’s ring-piece, only to discover that he’s left his comb and mobile-phone behind.

    • 372
      Old Sea Dog to M'Lud BlackUdder says:

      And he has a WOMAN’S hands my Lord

  101. 311
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    I really hope you’re right about that, but I suspect you’re making it up, aren’t you?

  102. 314
    Sir William Waad says:

    It’s time to give the baroness a bottle of finest Dominican Rum (the Belfast Red Cap) and a pistol to take with her on a stroll in the woods.

  103. 315
    anonymouse says:

    How can the UKBA fine the Baroness if they didn’t have any evidence. Now the cleaner has been arrested they should have a copy of the passport and paperwork. It will be interesting to see what is in it.

    She did of course claim that she had seen a letter from the Home Office; easily available at any corner shop forging department.

    • 348
      Baroness Scotland says:

      Look here – how could I photocopy a pisspot that was out of date and proved that my cheep black Tongan slave-person was an illegal immigrant?

      Don’t be silly – have a heart -c’mon

      ps I have not been arrested (yet)

    • 550
      Seymour says:

      Don’t you know who is the boss of UKBA?

      It’s Lin Homer.

      Look up voting fraud 2004 Birmingham; she has form and is another labour apparatchick from her student days.

      Amazing how they never take responsibility for what they are paid to be responsible for.

  104. 325
    Stupid is as stupid does. says:

    oh has anyone looked up the cleaner and husband’s facebook page? hysterical.

  105. 346
    Troughy says:

    With James Gordon Cotter and the lovely Ella on tour, who’s turn is it to record the country’s vital signs on the chart

  106. 353
    Trev says:

    FO official faces sack for saying FO Israel (Any SUN sub editors listening?)

  107. 355
    Lil' ol' Misssy Shitty says:

    Is it cos’ I is effnic ?

    Or is it ‘cos I fink Gorgon is da Main Man roun’ ‘ere ?

    Or is it ‘cos I is cleva, ‘n that ?

    Anyways, – I has de lavvy seat to wash

  108. 361
    I thank you ... says:


    where is it Guido?

  109. 365

    Great work, Guido! I hope this story runs and runs.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I simply don’t believe Baroness Scotland’s version of events. I don’t believe that she simply “forgot” to take copies of the documentation.

    As I’ve said before, wouldn’t you think that if you were the Attorney General and married to a prominent barrister, you would take extra special care to ensure that the people working for you were in the country legally?

    Round here (in Washington DC) all the cleaners are illegal and everybody knows this. However, those working in government departments or for those in the government do need the right documentation. If this had happened over here, a resignation would have come immediately.

    • 380
      DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

      Yes indeed. And anyway, if she really did check the documentation, as she says she did, then she would have known that Tapui was here illegally.

    • 408
      It's a funny old world says:

      “Round here (in Washington DC)……………….”

      You’ve obviously made the mistake in thinking that the UK is actually governed by competent people with integrity or that they actually care a toss what the electorate say or think. BARONESS(the clue is in the title)Scotland was NEVER elected to any office she was appointed by Brown

    • 506
      A Pensioner says:

      Thomas, easy to tell your a septic – you’re polite, write well and are not abusive.

      Now fuck off.

  110. 383
    Damian Green MP says:

    Why hasn’t Baroness Scotland been arrested by armed anti-terrorist police, and her office searched?

    I thought Brown was into Fairness™.

  111. 391
    Steve Expat says:

    Offtopic but potentially explosive.

    Iain Dale has a story though his contacts about a political book being released and serialised tomorrow – with no further details and an embargo of even the title from booksellers.

    Could be an interesting week in Brighton coming up ;-)

    • 427
      D L George says:

      Weird. On the Dale site people are saying they the link comes up 404. Yet the link On the Dale site has been removed.

      Search on Google and you can see the link to Dales site with the phrase “It’s still on the publishers’ website at…”. Click on the link and there’s no such text. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t got a cache page for it either.

      Someone’s going hell for leather keeping this quiet.

      • 441
        Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

        Publication moved forward from November to tomorrow

        • 479
          Bardirect says:

          Can there really be any scandal left in expenses. Surely the Telegraph would have used it having paid so much.

          Perhaps the scoop is something else entirely although they did go light on labour so leaving it to conference week would make some sense.

        • 534
          Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

          Bardirect … not quite like an iceberg but there is only 1/3 of it showing.
          They might have completely used (and over-used) the list of claims they had, but they haven’t got any sort of list about office + communication budgets or … STAFFING

          For example we do know of an MP who employs a full time university student.

  112. 406
    Thunderbox says:

    Patricia Scotland perverting the course of Justice? This could be NewLiebour’s ‘Archer’ moment. She can share a cell in Holloway with that Udin woman. No leather seats for their fat expense fed butts.

    • 470
      Mongrel says:

      Just hope that nice little trumpet-playing lesbian schoolteacher doesn’t have to share a cell with the Baroness. She’s suffered enough.

  113. 415
    The Baroness Sleaze says:

    Ha – just as I thought. …..

    Do you think they hoodwinked each other? Marrying, and believing they will get citizenship from each other, and not knowing that they both have forged papers!!

  114. 420
    jgm2 says:

    Are you saying Master Baiter is talking shit?

  115. 429
    The sun is shining says:

    What a glorious day!

    The markets have all dumped which has put the only dampner on this story.

    Oh but to see milady bite the pillow for that one eyed Scottish idiot will be most satisfying.

    What a lovely evening, the sun is shining….

  116. 444
    RavingMad says:

    *****BREAKING NEWS*****

    The bbc have just announced that there are double the numbers of swine flu victims (addicts) ths week than there were last week – about 9000. People are being warned to stay in and blow therir noses in private. The panic has begun………

    • 455

      Anything to distract attention from Broon and Scotland…

      • 523
        nell says:

        Bless the BBC for covering the most important issue tonight!!!

        That is of course trying to divert public attention away from gordon’s embarrassing week at G20 and baroness scotland’s ongoing controversy.

  117. 474

    [...] former housekeeper and her husband – means this story continues to roll. And if what Guido is reporting turns out to be true, surely her career must be over. If the husband isn’t a solicitor, [...]

    • 477
      Bardirect says:

      Scotland will be hoping that he is a solicitor (he is) and is looking forward to him developing a family law practice in the near future so that he can instruct her if she is not struck off. Conveyancing can be quite useful in picking up sideline family disputes, estates, which would be right up her street.

  118. 476
    Bareonarse Scoutlard says:

    Is ver distresin. Everybod tink me is guiti or sumfink. Me am Bar’ness an in de govment innit.? so me just smooth de ripples an smoke me ganga.
    Massa Brown am me fren too. so not gonna quit no time aintit.
    Just got time to making de beds – where me pitchfork?

    Meeja only pick mecoz I is blak innit.

    Snot fare!!!!

  119. 480
    Mongrel says:

    Looks like Sh(r)iti Vadera is going to advise the Koreans. Didn’t think anyone in business would hire her. But being a bit of an old dog, she had better watch out – if they don’t think she is doing a good job they will probably just eat her.

  120. 487

    If Tongan makes a rather large wedge of cash should she pay off Baroness Scotland’s fine?

    Sensible replies only.

    Ta mucker!

  121. 498
    Scallywag says:

    I just love the smell of toast…

  122. 499
    Scallywag says:


  123. 515
    polilitikesporno says:

    Remember to tug your balls as you take aim….

  124. 522
    Anonymous says:

    How many more non lawyers can you find on the law society lists, how many of those are illegals?

  125. 524
    nell says:

    There is something rotten at the heart of labour.

    The stench is reaching every household in the land now.

  126. 525
    MB says:

    I would have thought that anyone in the legal business would be taught from day one that you check every single document is genuine.

  127. 529
    An Englishman. says:

    Whitewash on Question Time – not a HARD question put at all. All waffle from all of the panellists.

  128. 536
    Mal O'Dour says:

    I have just farted in a lift full of people. Of course this is only technically an offence.

    This stinks.

  129. 538
    BobRoberts says:

    I thought it was meant to be ‘British jobs for British People’ these days?

    The baroness is just letting the side down.

  130. 539
    Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

    So the chap’s kosher after all.

    Any news on his professional status, Guido?

  131. 541
    Colonel Nut says:

    So Zivancevic is a Serb born in Hammersmith,and his Dominican born wife has become the Baroness of Scotland.We need a big Tito figure to curb this Balkanisation of the country and ensure effective policing of our borders.Is Brown the big Tito for the job?

  132. 543

    [...] given the housekeeper’s statement that she did not show her passport to Lady Scotland. (Guido Fawkes) Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)U.K. Attorney General Fined Over Illegal [...]

  133. 546
    terrace bar frequenter says:

    if she states she never showed passport and was nevr asked for it and “naively” thought by being married hammersmith serb she was fine she can come out smelling of roses.

    as no proof to the contrary do we believe the baroness, who stole 170k thinking chiswick was near shetland and claimed out of london expenses, or that nice lady who cleaned toilets of rich people to make ends meet?

    my money is on the tongan. an interview with her will be worth a few bob at conference time.

    if clifford is involved he must have some evidence and this will not be good when it comes out.

    being coloured hereself, losing baroness scotland may lose labour some of the coloured vote if she gets sacked. her skin colour is not the issue this time, her thieving and lying is however quite relevant.

    with baroness udders they make a pretty pair.

  134. 547

    [...] Source : Tapui Denies Showing Baroness Passport Her word against the Attorney General 546 Comments. [...]

  135. 551

    [...] Brown’s “Gulags for Slags” Policy Taken from BNP Not content with British Jobs for British Workers he nicks another BNP policy. 1,277 Comments. [...]

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