September 11th, 2009

Speccie Paywall Coming

spec_coverGuido hears that the Speccie will within weeks be stealing a march on Murdoch and putting up a paywall around the magazine’s online content.  The web-only stuff on CoffeeHouse will still be free, but the magazine content will be sold so as not to cannibalise the print edition.

The Spectator online was originally behind a paywall, then they dropped it and thus spread the reach of the magazine.  Retreating will certainly strengthen the position of influence held by online rival ConservativeHome. Not really sure this is going to produce much revenue. You would actually have to pay Guido to read Rod Liddle…


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    Dave the Nepotistic Twit Who Has Never Done a Proper Day's Work in His Life says:

    Excellent idea. All the articles by my friends at the Spectator are worth paying to read.


    • 27
      Money money money says:

      Luckily in these tough economic times, nobody will be willing to spend a penny on the content, so further send the readership into decline. They ain’t no FT you know.


    • 124

      Why pay when you can watch gems like this for free?


      • 129
        Funambulist says:

        Imagine having to sit through an entire lecture from that ghastly harridan.

        Oh, I just did.


        • 230
          RobC says:

          129 – I just did and what a depressing self opinionated bat she is.
          My depression was muted however by a phrase Dan Hannan used in his article on the inaugural meeting of eurosceptic m.p.’s
          “I am increasingly confident that Britain will get its referendum. I’m not in a position to explain why at this moment”


      • 131
        Robert Kilroy Silk says:

        I’ve had er.


      • 135
        A Pensioner says:

        What an old bag. Put me off sex with the Irish.

        Seriously, just shows how the EU virus has taken hold.


      • 142
        Seymore Clearley says:

        That was a great video. Loved the ending. Vote ukip


      • 173
        Mr. Nobody says:

        I didn’t know the EU was actually doing this. It’s quite disturbing, really. Hitler indoctrinated the youth too, and we all know where that took us.


        • 176
          thick as thieves says:

          please please shut the fuck up you fucking boring old fishwife!
          the woman in the video has exposed herself as a traitor the the Irish People.
          she is a louth mouthed EU whore and she is an enemy of the people.
          VOTE NO
          let’s face it, if Jesus was around he would refuse to be subjugated and the Irish People should follow his example and say no to allowing themselves to be subjugated to the fascist undemocratic EU; an organisation made up of many former fascist and communist states who wish to ponce off of successful countries like Ireland and England.
          it is not a good idea to encourage the EU benefit scroungers, ’tis better they make their own money and learn to stand on their own two feet.


        • 181
          Anonymous says:

          Intel on the inside. Dangerous game is politics. Especially those you support are on the wrong side.


        • 183
          Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

          Spy on the inside we are watching you………oooooohhhhhh 1984. I am not a number. Yes you are and your computations are ooooo111111000000011111000001111111 etc, etc.


      • 180
        Anonymous says:

        Do we know where else these biased academics have got tenure?


  2. 2

    Anyone who thinks paying for online content will work is an idiot – and that goes for Maxwell, the FT, Wall St., and even the Spectator


    • 11
      unfocused groupthink says:

      shurley shome mishtake ?

      Wasn’t Fraser Nelson going to take the Spectator to new heights ?

      “Matthew leaves the Speccie in fine fettle, it has a circulation at an all time high of 75,000 and the website sometimes has even more traffic than this blog.”

      not any more


    • 28
      No FT no comment says:

      The FT is in a unique position, only rich people pay for the content. Nobody else can be bothered to pay for their dire ramblings.


      • 112
        Jabba the Cat says:

        Could not agree more, at times the FT is even more liberal/leftie than the Grauniad. Do people actually read the drivel the FT publish or merely pose with the pink toilet paper.


    • 175
      bandersnatch says:

      Agreed. FWIW I long ago decided the only person whose column I would pay to read online is Matthew Parris… FWIW? not-a-lot, not-a-lot.


    • 192
      thick as thieves says:

      lordy lordy, you certainly fell into that one stansted you silly old bugger!
      according to your own logic you are the fool because you would pay to visit this place, would you not?
      you silly old tart.


  3. 3
    shelling-out says:

    What is their reasoning behind this if revenue is not going to increase?

    Beats me.


  4. 4
    Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

    Writers like to write whether paid or not. Obviously contributors should be paid but if the revenue is where advertisers flock (which is where the readers are) then that is where the writers go. Folk won’t pay for content unless it’s valuable such as financial insider journals or porn. (Which I don’t subscribe to btw)


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Why would you pay for online? I’d buy a hard copy because online is hard to read. But that begs the question of why newspapers/magazines put their content online at all.

    You might pay for a financial paper; or you might pay if you’re an archive needing archival access. But the internet is a cul-de-sac for the printed media. There’s no synergy and, by and large, they don’t understand it. In contrast , bloggers and broadcasters get the web.


    • 29
      Money for nothing, no chicks for free says:

      You used to pay to read the archive of The Times / Sunday Times, that is, anything over a week old. They scrapped that because not enough people were paying to keep it going, certainly couldn’t attract advertisers without people seeing any adverts.

      So now The Times / Sunday Times / The Sun and the rest want to charge for content. Full circle. Except now we can get news from ANY country in the world, they have no monopoly they once did.


  6. 6
    Leagle beagle says:

    Lord Stansted I will happily pay for online content if content of equal measure is unavailable for free…

    It may work better than you think especially if mobile friendly and cheap…


    • 10
      Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

      The print media should have with hindsight got into the infrastructure way back; then they would own the cell towers and could have charged for subscription that way. Now I’ve suggested to Mr Fawkes before that maybe he should consider a plan I have which deals with this topic and could also, as a project, demonstrate what is involved in starting up a business in this country for his readers.


  7. 7
    Simon says:

    They would have to pay me pretend to read Rod Liddle.


    • 12

      “With Kate Silverton he went on to present the short-lived BBC2 political show Weekend (described by The Independent on Sunday as The worst programme anywhere, ever, in the history of time.)”

      Yet he had a good piece about bigotry in the S/times last week.
      must have been stopped clock syndrome.


      • 46
        Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

        His mind was probably on something else


      • 93
        Gordon Brown's deeply worried psychiatrist says:

        “The worst programme anywhere, ever, in the history of time”

        Wasn’t that Lew Grade’s description of an episode of The Protectors (“It Could Be Practically Anywhere on the Island”), directed (after much pestering) by Robert Vaughn in 1973?


    • 177
      bandersnatch says:

      One thing to be said in his favour is that if you send a stinging response to some of his ‘stuff’ he does write back and try to argue his case… even of not very fruitfully…


  8. 8
    Billy Blofeld says:

    I ain’t ever going to pay for on-line articles.


    • 44
      Fees Office Clerk says:

      Nor am I. Content should be free. Speccy should sell more ad space.


    • 86
      Phil O'Pastree says:

      Shouldn’t really need to. The cost of a newspaper is so slight it could barely cover the costs of dead trees, reproduction and distribution. Online news has few of these costs, only the intellectual input. These costs would be covered by advertising revenue only if it is read widely. If it is not free, it will not be read widely.


      • 194
        thick as thieves says:

        by order of
        top boy


  9. 9
    Sir William Waad says:

    The crossword is good, though. “Magazine in the stand (9)”.


  10. 14
    Not at home to mr boasty says:

    Murdoch is no fool; he bought football as a loss leader to launch sky as a revenue generating vehicle (remember ‘blow them out of the water’ when he lost an auction for football rights that were then unexplainedly re-auctioned’?)

    He must have research which suggests that this model will work on the internet; if the threshold is low enough he’ll take a serious loss to start with and just out-wait his rivals. Suppose he reversed the model and dropped the price of the print versions of his titles dramatically for a year or so – say 5p a throw – and included access to the on-line version at the same time? OR provided a nest of titles – perhaps doing deals with smaller rivals to include them as per the current satellite arrangement for a one off yearly fee, initially small?

    The key will be when you have to register to get access, even if its free initially … Something like the sky digital card model might be introduced. Come to that I bet the next Sky generation digibox has a wireless capability to interface with the family computer …


    • 20
      Not at home to mr boasty says:

      Unless this is all desperation, of course …


      • 38
        Dixie Dean says:

        The dirty digger is rapidly losing it. Think Adolf 1944. His good men have moved on. Nepotism drives even the well paid to eventually jump ship. A good yes man knows when to say no. They’ve all gone. Gonna be a problem servicing that debt. The bonfire of the vanities? Eeeeeh!! Imagine the smell of burning hair transplants and built up shoes. I will cry when it crashes down on his heirs(hairs) -from laughing. Good bye Ozymandius(?)!!!!


      • 60
        councilhousetory says:

        Has the smell of desperation.


    • 113
      Richard Blogger says:

      You don’t quite know how this interweb thingy works, do you?

      Are you suggesting that each copy of the times will have a unique user/password (say, on a scratch card)? Ther problem is that people will forget their username, this is why it is much better to allow users to create their own. If they create their own username/password then there is no connection with the dead tree paper.

      Are you suggesting that people have their own username/password but have to type an access code for a specific day’s news, a code that is in each paper newspaper? This code cannot be unique to each copy of that day’s newspaper because it would cost too much to print it on each newspaper. If the same day’s code is printed on all newspapers then it only takes one reader to post the code on the internet and everyone can have it.

      As to the encrypted card, well the encryption can, and will be broken. PC/laptops do not have smartcard readers. Don’t ask me why not, the banks said a couple of years ago that they would issue smart card readers to their customers to “prevent internet fraud”. I guess they found that the cost was higher than simply writing off the internet fraud. As to the idea of having to have a Sky box to read the Times, well, that won’t work since it cuts down Times potential readers significantly. Rupe will want a model that means that everyone can pay him something.

      Let’s get past that issue and get onto the real problem. There is no suitable way to make micro payments. The banks have a strangle hold on this and won’t budge. They put charges on bits of electricity going across the network and when that bit of electricity is a small payment then the bank charge could easily be more than the payment.

      So unless Rupe has a plan to start his own bank, then his idea is dead in the water. (By the way, the genius of eBay is not the ability to let people buy and sell rubbish, it is their creation of PayPal. eBay is simply a financial institution.)


      • 117
        Anonymous says:

        You mention smart card readers (smartcard in this instance being for debit/credit cards etc as opposed to memory-card readers)….

        NatWest introduced a smartcard reader for security reasons for their online banking customers.

        I didn’t want to use it because, as a techie, I knew that technically it actually made things a fuck of a lot less secure than if you didn’t have one (as well as making online actions a fucking nightmare with about 500 obscure convoluted steps to make a simple payment), but they forced me into using it as the relevant online actions were made only possible via a smartcard.

        Strangely, the very day that I first used it, NatWest phoned me up a few hours after using it for the first time and said that someone had mysteriously managed to hack into my online account.

        “You must have a virus” they said

        “Really? How odd that my anti-virus software hasn’t picked it up, and that it only happened as soon as I used your smart card reader, and how odd that none of the other stuff on my pc has been put at risk” I replied.

        Has anyone here ever spoken to the banks’ security IT bods? I did when I was trying to explain the cardreader potential fraud implications, and they’ve got absolutely no idea what they’re doing.


      • 118
        Gordon Brown's deeply worried psychiatrist says:

        eBay didn’t create PayPal, eBay bought PayPal. eBay isn’t a financial institution, it’s a vehicle that drives people towards the financial institution that is PayPal. And there’s no ‘genius’ behind eBay, which is why it’s a hopeless mess and in (possibly terminal) decline.

        But paying for news won’t work on the web, I agree; newspapers can put up “paywalls” all they like, in the end there’ll be a few providers that don’t charge (BBC, for example), and everyone will read them; the pay-per-view will die a death. The last news provider offering free readership will win.


  11. 15
    anon126 says:

    there is no need to pay for online articles. An exception mentioned above of porn and financial info does not hold anymore. the porn industry is in deep trouble because people can get their porn fix without paying, the same with financial data (unless you are talking about real time financial stuff which is not to be found in periodicals anyway) you can get all the info you need free.

    I buy hard copies of the magazines that catch my eye and read online stuff I find interesting….like most people now.

    the trouble of trying to apply old press workings to the new media is that it will not work. people will not pay for access. In most cases it would not be worth it.


  12. 16
    Charles the educated monkey says:

    most disappointed. popped in to the Westminster Arms yesterday for 3 pints of the Spitfire and a beef with horseradish sandwich ‘on gordon brown’. did not spot GF. kitchen burnt down so no beef an’ ale pie. shame.


  13. 17

    You would actually have to pay Guido to read Rod Liddle…

    Really? I’ve always found his stuff quite interesting.

    I think this “Pay Wall” is a bad idea. The New York Times tried it but then their columnists got pissed off that no-one was reading their articles.

    The trouble for journalists — and journalism in general — is that there are far too many people willing to write things for free. A lot of the comments that follow some articles are much better written and more factually accurate than the article itself.

    In future, the big names will survive (Christopher Hitchens, George Will, Boris Johnson, Polly Toynbee, Simon Heffer etc.) but I doubt anyone else will. I won’t personally be shedding a tear.


    • 21
      Sir William Waad says:

      Boris Johnson now – please visit his blog and make an intelligent comment on it. Most of the comments are just scyophantic. By all means support him but make the blog a little less twee.


    • 25
      jgm2 says:

      If people will actually pay money to listen to read what Toynbee says then folk are even more stupid than I’d thought.

      When she comes as part of the paper then fine, you might read her column. But does anybody seriously think she offers any insight or entertainment or that her thought processes are in any way logical or consistent?

      She appeals to a certain pseudo-intellectual lefty type but they would no more pay a pico-penny to click on her content than I would volunteer to have my dick stuck in the blender.

      If folk had to pay to read the thoughts of Chairperson Polly on the internet then she’d starve.


    • 42

      jgm2, I’m no fan of Polly Toynbee either, but each column she writes does generate an enormous amount of comment on the CiF pages. My point in citing the big names was that they, in my opinion, could survive from advertising revenue alone.


    • 72
      Mr Slater's Parrot says:



    • 75
      Mr Slater's Parrot says:



  14. 22
    dutch says:

    It is a business model that is struggling and may well be untenable. It costs to publish a magazine and to employ reporters. To undercut your own market through free online access is popular with non-paying readers but rarely leads to new paying readers. Big question is how the overall number of paying readers hold up/


    • 24
      dutch says:

      Bloggers don’t tend to employ staff, and can’t afford to employ staff. Guido and others are a little bit dependent on the existence of the dead tree press for raw material, but mostly for context and environment.


  15. 23
    The Admiral says:

    I buy the Telegraph & DM BECAUSE they are on line.

    Are Speccy just a tad err thick?…..


  16. 26
    Don't take the shots says:

    2 live reports within 30 minutes of Muslims kicking off against police this evening in London, BY CNN news, no sign of the BBC or Murdock’s SKY. ( the first for breaking news)


  17. 35
    Gordon's Nut Crackers says:

    So Gordon has just apologise to Alan Turing, a manic depressive closeted homosexual…


  18. 36

    Brown Says Sorry To A Gay Man Convicted In 1954 Of Homosexuallity ! WTF ! On Behalf Of Gordon ( Smack Head ) Brown ,I Would Like To Say Sorry To All The Witches That Were Ducked And Burned Way Back When .” It Only Happened In England And We Never Did Anything Like That In Scotland ” Headline Grabbing C*nt !


  19. 37
    Jimmy says:

    I was planning on cancelling my Speccie subscription because I tend to read the articles online (easier than reading a magazine while at work …). But if online access were included with the print subs then I might reconsider.


    • 57
      The Admiral says:



    • 83
      Phil O'Pastree says:

      Good point. If buying the hard copy also provided a code for online access as well, might be an idea. Not sure how you’d put it into operation but it’s a thought.


      • 182
        bandersnatch says:

        Here’s waiting for my head to be kicked in by you, Phil. That is exactly what the New Statesman does. If you are a Staggers subscriber you get the PDF version online free. Howsabout dat! Wouldn’t you just love it, Phil! I’m also a Spectator subscriber (it’s a better magazine) and the code is now to be printed each week on a cover-sheet with your copy…

        and I get Scientific American and the LR, and… and lest you think I’m rich as Croesus, they are all acquired as presents… and the house doesn’t fill up with unwanted gift-clobber… er… er.. Except vast piles of old magazines…


      • 188
        I'll have some of that says:

        I subscribe to Speccie – didn’t arrive last week due to Post strikes….they have now given me a code (on the address label)for web access, starting 17th. Don’t know if the code will change every week….


  20. 39
    armchair reader says:

    A good and redeeming thing about this paywall in my opinion is that left tripe can’t survive once it takes off.

    The Murdoch rags and Daily Heil is read more than the Guardian etc etc. it’s just a fact of life.

    90% of lentil eating loony lefties are tightwads or benefit scroungers anyway. It goes against their nature to actually fork out some of their own any money for anything.

    Just imagine it now, rabid looney lefties whinging ‘DISCRIMINATION’ because they can’t access articles or papers to spout their bile and propaganda on.

    Beautiful it will be like a VIP club with all the riff raff being given the cold shoulder and barred stading outside like sad acts where we can all laugh at them.

    Now saying all that i am still only 55% percent sold on the idea, but it does have a certain charm it really does.


    • 45
      armchair reader says:

      Drank too much wine with dinner forgive the errors.


    • 110
      Article 38 says:

      Don’t forget that the cheapskate trots will have their subs paid by the council/school/quango or whatever other teat of the public purse they suck upon. No doubt it will be categorised as ‘a necessary reimbursable expense’.

      Plus, The Grauniad and News Statesman will probably do site licenses for public sector organisations so they can surf all day without paying personally and instead of doing any ‘work’ – the same bodies that advertise all their non-jobs, so liberally, at full ratecard price, there every week.


    • 150
      Seymore Clearley says:

      Maybe you could get a voucher code with every caravan monthly?


    • 205

      Armchair – bet you £ 50 to a bottle top the Unis and colleges will subscribe en masse to the leftie sites to keep their profs in reading material.


  21. 43
    Daveyone says:

    Guido Rules OK and still does after 5 years of excellent reporting!!


    • 49
      Simon Prattle says:

      Cant someone invent quiet fireworks. All that banging and popping spoiled the music.


      • 63
        brains says:

        Can’t someone just de-invent fireworks?


        • 82
          Charlie Whelan ate my hampster says:

          My dog could not agree more.

          Ditto most wildlife, horses, and pets in general.
          And we are supposed to be an animal loving nation


          • nell says:

            Don’t know about dogs but Charlie Whelan and Unite have told gordon that “labour is as bereft of life as the deceased Monty Python parrot”

            I guess McCavity the cat killed it.


          • Ratsniffer says:

            The fat old megaphone wielding marxists are desperate to get the “new” out of labour, and turn back the clock to the 1970s when the brothers could hold the country to ransom, rubbish sacks everywhere, the dead unburied, the lights going out, and the trots all rubbing their hands with glee. Well, you can FRO, you leftie tossers, the public have wised up a bit since then and you’ll be getting rotten eggs thrown at your poxy picket lines…suck on those.


        • 97
          nell says:

          Remember, remember the 5th of November.
          Gunpowder, Treason and Plot .
          I see no reason why Gunpowder and Treason.
          Should ever be forgot!


        • 151
          Seymore Clearley says:

          Remember, remember the 11th of September.
          Thermite, Treason and Plot .
          I see no reason why Thermite and Treason.
          Should ever be forgot!


  22. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Oh dear, that’ll be me removing the Speccie from my RSS feed then.


  23. 48
    caesars wife says:

    LOL “would have to be paid to read Rod Liddle”

    I thinks its time for new analysis on Fawkes long held prediction that the internet would finish off the dead tree press . Murdoch may well be able to charge for content , because he can “bundle” other bits from his media empire .
    The speccie on the other hand , will probebly die on its feet as soon as it becomes internet only as it is a niche publication of political mood music .

    To make the point Guido is multirole and fast , Guido can be cutting , insightfull , funny and a bit interactive , speccie will be a slow style trying to compete on a 24hr rolling news cycle . To make the point , you do not read your laptop whilst sat on the toilet .

    The portable nature of the magazine and its “dipping” nature will mean its articles will change as it switches to internet , look at Total politics if you want to see what it will become .

    CW is with Keith Waterhouse (rip) on this one , dont expect to be better informed , when journalism is shortened/dumbed down to the fashionable , you never know it may just favour wonk politics a la Blair .

    On a side note Pesto spinning on Aljabeeba on Rover , feature Ian huntley as next news item and £16 million down the crapper and the really scarey threat of no more directorship wrist burns (when they have bagged millions) is all too Nu Labour . Sorry folks but weve been had , Pesto even looks like Mandelson, two sides of same coin double thought ! I rest my case .


    • 54
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:

      Yes Guido how about a chance to post on this idiotic plan to prevent folks giving their neighbours kids a regular lift to school, brownies, down the pub, etc. Idiotic.


    • 87
      The Admiral says:

      Sorry BC, but with an Xda/HTC PPC you can read the Telegraph/DM/whatever in bed, on the loo where ever AND post on here and copy and paste. Who needs a laptop at all….


  24. 61
    Daisy Adams says:

    So how did we become the best friend of Gaddafi and just a depressed disappointing acquaintance of the USA.?

    Gordon do you hear, HOW???


  25. 62
    Ratsniffer says:

    Once any web based news service starts to charge, the user stats will look like beachy head sideways on. Especially while the BBC are spending millions on pumping out web stuff for “free” (that is, paid for by telly tax).

    Some specialist news services might pull it off (financial services etc?) but in the same way that free porn sites mean you’d have to be a sucker to pay for all but the most specialist of wanking materials, so the public will also not want to cough up to read The Times online and certainly not the spunkie.


    • 73
      nell says:

      The only way a paywall will work is if all the media apply it. I don’t think, with worldwide news available through google that that is possible.

      I don’t hear the DT and the Guardian – they who are most in debt – suggesting that they will try it.


      • 77
        Dack Blog says:

        Too few care enough to pay for ‘news’ anymore.


        • 153
          Seymore Clearley says:

          Well I think you should get a discount voucher code off a product by one of the sponsors once you have read the article: Read Guido and make 30 comments and get 15% off John Lewis or something or Sainsbury’s so by commenting it could be argued that you have read the original thread. I realise it would be a difficult argument in some cases but…


    • 78
      Charlie Whelan ate my hampster says:

      Not just news stuff either. The Racing Post recently put a lot of its stuff into a ‘Club’ section for which you now have to pay. We oldies are not keen on paying to read the musings of greenhorns who have been watching racing only a few years! It’s annoying not be able to read race reports when a friend’s nag has run, but I now get my racing stuff from other, free, sites like atr or the sportinglife. I know I’m not the only one.

      A few years ago the Speccie was essential reading and I had a subs, even when I was broke. Now I dont; and I don’t always bother to readc it online either although I get the feed/prompt. This is a foolish move. Of course it won;t really affect me anyway as a local chap puts his week-old Speccies on the magazine pile a tthe local shop, where I buy them for 10 each in aid of the Chruch Repair Fund.


  26. 67
    Trough Mixture says:

    ‘Twill not fly I tell thee.


  27. 69
    Rangoon Chutney says:

    Brown saying sorry for other people’s homophobia is somewhat odd

    extrapolating this type of statement, he should maybe apologize to to the multitude of village idiots who were made to drink piss in their cider


  28. 70
    mitch says:

    Pay for the specci? hahahahahahah get fucked!!! its overpriced online as it is.

    Champagne for the brain…….ha battery acid for the bollox more like.


  29. 79
    Andy Murray says:

    I’m shit. I wouldn’t pay to watch me.


    • 109
      nell says:

      Sorry Andy Murray but that is very true . Pity you’re a fellow scot of gordon.

      Very dour and unlikeable.


      • 115
        Foggy albion says:

        Blah blah blah.
        Scots this, Scots that.
        Are you “Obama is a twat” in drag?
        I never hear you moaning about Mandelson, Blears, Ainsworth, Balls etc etc being English. Or english, as you would have it.


        • 127
          Mainly English mongrel says:

          Yes she does. So do the rest of us. But scottish incompetents are over-represented in government and in the BBC, given you lot make up a measly 8% of the UK population, and our taxes are given to scots to spend on more generous education and benefits packages, so every now and again we have a grumble. And Andy Murray had it coming after his “anybody but England” line, which was not a joke.


        • 132
          Foggy Albion says:

          You maybe missed my point.
          I have rarely if ever heard Nell, or any of the other contributors who use the fact that someone is Scottish as a slur, correspondingly disparage Mandelson et al for being English. For being duplicitous, greedy, incompetent freeloaders, yes. For being English, I don’t think so.
          I have no problem being both Scottish and British, but it seems others maybe do have a problem with that.
          Re Andy Murray – I agree.


  30. 81
    Honest John Towers, car dealer says:

    Wanna read a report? 800 pages. just £45m sobs. bargain!


    • 88
      nell says:

      Bet mandy’s really happy today that the truth over Rover has so far remained ‘hidden’

      Nobody is asking the question why labour so shamelessly put £6million into Rover just days before the 2005 General Election in order to prop up labour seats in Birmingham.

      Then when they’d won the election they calmy stood back and watched the company collapse.

      Then they spent £16million (Some figures quote £18million) on a whitewash inquiry!!!!

      How this labour crew have debased politics!!!!


      • 208

        “Nobody is asking the question why labour so shamelessly put £6million into Rover just days before the 2005 General Election in order to prop up labour seats in Birmingham.”

        That’s because no question needed to be asked by those living outside the Brum beltway – as obvious as peter Mandelson’s hairplugs.


  31. 85
    nell says:

    O/T sorry but gordon today entertained the union leaders at Chequers.

    Necessary of course because they will be the one’s who bankroll labour’s next election bid from their worker’s subs.

    Did he feed them salmon at lunch? Yes I expect he did – no doubt followed by many other courses , champagne and fine wines. Our union leaders, who represent our workers after all, are used to the finest and best of living. Who paid for it – Well you and I of course.

    What did he promise them in order to secure their funds for his next (failed) election bid?

    That he’ll keep creating more and more non-jobs in the public sector!!!


    • 91
      Ratsniffer says:

      The “beer and sandwiches” at number 10, so beloved of former labour prime ministers, never really went away. The union barons are simply more discreet, doing it at Chequers and subsituting the stale cheese and pickle butties with smoked salmon canapes instead.

      The grey marxist dinosaurs are older, fatter and slightly less militant than their 1970s ancestors but they are no doubt being reminded that their duty will be to strike the second any new tory government suggests that the brothers and sisters actually do some work.


      • 94
        nell says:

        Well if you judge them by charlie whelan they are definitely fatter . They may watch football but they sure don’t play it.

        However I resent my taxes being used to feed union hacks like whelan and simpson, by this pm, to persuade them to fund him and labour in a failed election bid for this failed government.


  32. 98
    Anonymous says:

    Bit off topic, but….

    Labour’s election spin machine is alive and well and in action at the BBC; Robinson compares Brown to Churchill and tells us we’re in economic-war mode and can’t have anyone except brown/labour, then moderates out all the comments which go against his theory, then closes it off completely.
    Look at how many of these postings have been removed; fucking scary stuff:


    • 100
      nell says:

      Compares Brown to Churchill!!

      My God Churchill won a war.

      Gordon is losing this one. He’s aliented the Yanks – the Afghans have had a disastrous forged election for which our lads and lasses are dying – our troops are under-equipped – he hides in the garden of no 10 -and apparently needs medication to help him face the world because he knows he is such a failure.

      As for moderating all the comments well it’s what communist states states do.Well done Robo of the BBC . Keep it up . Hopefully you’ll be gone next year – bit like Caucescu. Remember him?


    • 101
      Anonymous says:

      The more I look at that topic/page, the scarier it gets. swathes of censored entries which were perfectly fine.

      I think Robinson gave mandy his bbc login and just said “write what you want; here’s how you can remove the entries you don’t like…”


      • 105
        nell says:

        And we’re paying our license fees for this??

        C’Mon the Tories we need to circ#mcise, and then some, the BBC.


        • 114
          Anonymous says:

          Just give them a few million each year for some decent science/nature documentaries, and tell them that everything else needs to be done on a commercial basis. Nobody’s going to pay money to watch their pro-labour bullshit, so the commercial arm would just go bust within a year. Even if people did pay they would still go bankrupt because they’re so massively overmanned, bureaucractic, and, well, just plain shit.

          It’s quite hard to find out how much money the BBC gets by looking at the BBC sites; they love to tell you it only costs you 40p/day, but they don’t like telling you that we give them £3.7BILLION every fucking year. (3.4billion plus 300million from “government grants”)

          They’re an anachronism that should have gone years ago.

          Their argument for being funded so massively by the tax payer is that they need to be available to all. Well, ITV/ITN/Channel4 are available to all for free, and all they get from the government is a pittance to support their news arm and for some regional programming yet their approaches are much more independent and less biased than the BBC, so that argument is just complete and utter fucking crap.

          If ITV/Channel4 can do the job for a couple of million in extra help from us, then why the fuck are we paying the BBC 3.7billion every year?


        • 128
          Anonymous says:

          Want to know something really funny?
          It costs them about £200million (5.2%) to collect it.
          Now, doesn’t that make you feel so much better?!


  33. 103
    A firm pair of breasts says:

    I’ve always found the Speccy pompous, smug, out-of-touch and condescending. And so is it’s readership.


  34. 104
    Richard Blogger says:

    Quite right Guido. I heard you on You and Yours this week speaking sense. I get the print version of the Speccie (mother-in-law tosses it my direction after her husband has finsihed it) and if there is an interesting article I email a link to my friends. If the Speccie puts up a paywall then those people will not read those articles. That is a potential sale for the paper magazine lost. That is a potential reader for a writer lost, and writers write to be read, so if they don’t get a wide enough readership they’ll go some where else.

    On the other hand, hats off to the Speccie for dumping D’Ancona. He is a celebrity obsessed oik. Fraser Nelson has a much better political mind, and although its not my politics he does write suff that is readable. D’Ancona’s writing is insufferable.


  35. 107
    Peter says:

    I am sure that you are right Mr Fawkes.

    Forcing people to pay for online content means a more complex website, with little likelihood of any really worthwhile gains in revenue.

    People like have found that making books available free online has actually greatly increased sales of the hard copy versions.

    I wonder what has made the Spectator high command think differently.


  36. 111
    Drowning Pirate says:

    Paywalls can be brought down easily anyway there isn’t anything that ”can’t” be hacked.

    Also one person pays and print screens everything and then bungs it together as a torrent or .rar file for everyone else to download especially is said person is in another country so the legaility is very expensive and shady to bring to court in the first place.

    You might think why would the person pay and bung it all together for others to dl for free just to risk getting caught etc. etc.

    Well because it allows one to become an internet legend with the status and kudos your hardwork buys other’s praise and admiration and cements your place on the web.


  37. 121
    Anonymous says:

    old money just doesn’t learn.
    Sure, you’ll get a few journalists from other old-school publications subscribing so they can steal/make up stories but the rest of the world has moved on.


  38. 133
    caesars wife says:

    As a black hole is discovered in the LDA accounts for olympics and the ruin is told to go left or make way for Ed Milliband ,CW cant help but ponder if the news could be any more hopeless .

    It must have been quite a meeting with the Union beasts at chequers , I half pictured a keg of ale and prescott handing round a pre sliced scotch egg pie “sup up there wont be any more of these on the tax payers once the tories get in ” belching and fartin and getting the ruin drunk untill he lost all his clothes in strip pontoon .

    It is strange how “funny money”dogs labour . I had always thought there was somthing wrong with the rover deal . Patrichia Hewitt was the business secretary bt it so smacked of euro mandelson , Unions had a brief funeral for it , but it was when I visted it a few years back , the concrete buildings were being made into rubble . the sites were massive and so the blurb said able to house 35000 people , but the I paused for this site would have provided enough work to support 35000 people if not more . where did those jobs go ?? . Lets not forget unionised British Leyland made some truly awfull cars , alas the brothers were never too keen on robots that make body panels fit like a marrigold glove .

    Whilst it is true that that modern car plants are designed with just in time delivery and Kaban in mind , I still could not work out why this massive industrial space was to be given over to housing .

    The pheonix 4 are not child superhereos and mandelson must have praying that no Labour faces were implicated , but remeber they sold it off , a virtually brand new production line went to China where rover 45s are being made .

    The problem for rover is that they did upgrade , they designed some good new models metro sold lots , rover 200 was cute and rover 75 was a in its classic trim elegant , interspearsed with some dogs the rover 45 and any replacement for the metro . They spent tax payer money launched new models , but somehow after that flourish that was it and they went back too sleep , sales fell cars stockpiled and thencame the unions brothers problem , it was still too fat to make profit in medium sales climates .

    Still no excuse for sell off though , that new production line could have turned out somthing even in a slimmer role , that is why labour sold the brummies out , but the off spring of red robbo did as well .

    far be it for me to hint that the way the euro fascists like mandelson/blair work is to take away industrial export strength , expunge the idea of anything being “british” and a fall back for people to look after there own people by buying home produced goods .

    Mandelsons car scrappage scheme is a good point most of his handout went to cars not made in the UK .

    TO get Europe (let alone the adittional trickery of not allowing the vote) rover was killed and its internals made a gift and its externals erased .

    Imagine that there is no British owned mass car maker anymore , our automotive design and industry cannot be said to be British .

    quoting BMW “it is more than a car it is a dream”

    CW thinks No , it is a car but they just dont want you to know where its made anymore , so they can play euro global corpratist games with the banksters oilgarchs and uber polticians


    • 157
      Seymore Clearley says:

      CW. Well said. And you know that we have some fantastically brilliant people in this country it is in our gene pool and I’m not being racist. I’ve met some past and know many present who are aching for the right conditions to grab at the chance to get back in play again. All the Government business zars and regional business links are not what is needed: what is neededd is a hands off approach; less red tape, less tax and investment will flow. What they are doing is not any different from CRB checks to stiffle volunteering – they are purposefully thwarting R&D and investment in this nation. I think I know why but I can’t say on here.


      • 213
        doomwatch says:

        “….they are purposefully thwarting R&D and investment in this nation. I think I know why but I can’t say on here.”

        Why not? We’re all over 21, and it’s well past the 9am watershed. Besides which, we’d all like a good laugh.


  39. 134

    […] Spectator is planning to put up a pay wall around its online content “within weeks”, according to Guido Fawkes. But he says the blog, CoffeeHouse, will remain […]


  40. 136
    Spitting Fire says:

    Nick Robinson

    Brown = Churchill??? “…the country must feel that it cannot risk changing its economic wartime leader” foxtrot oscar

    Robinson is sort of right in his WW2 comparison on Brown is playing the part of Adolf Hitler – the English will do anything to get rid of him


  41. 140
    Binky Boo says:

    Rod Lidl you mean !


  42. 143
    REEVO says:

    Ha Ha dead tree press last throw of the dice before oblivion.

    Just like old media, Mohamed will quickly find the mountain is uncaring and not at all interested in opinionated news to suit the owners self interested arguments.

    The world has moved on, only the dead are unaware.


  43. 145
    terrace bar frequenter says:

    rather good story on peston in the scots media where he gets the chance to explain why he spilt the rbs story and screwed rbs and other banks to the scottish parliament.
    alex salmond knows the real story, we want to see if peston says who told him what and when and why he leaked it.
    being a public broadcaster i expect peston to weasel out on health grounds or on the grounds that he has never been north of banbury and does not intend to mix with any of those heathens now.


  44. 146
    terrace bar frequenter says:

    all those nasty fights over the edl and the anti islamicist group who want islam marginalised. who actually did the naughty behaviour? who was throwing things at plod?
    i do rather remember the anti nazi league were even more thuggish than the national front.
    free speech seems a rare commodity these days. rousseau would not be a happy chappy if he went to bedfordshire.


  45. 152
    Has anyone seen Mike Hunt says:

    Sir I neither but or read the speccie and dont intend to.


  46. 155
    Honest John Towers says:

    Morning chaps and chapesses, what a beautiful day for Scum!

    Round of golf, sup some fine wine then me and the boys from Phoenix might mosey on over to Longbridge and throw chips at the oiks on the dole.


    • 156
      Seymore Clearley says:

      Mr Fawkes. Good morning everyone,too. I read a story in the Telegraph about Brown selling the SAS techniques and training to Lybya. This is treason is it not?


      • 162
        Loving it says:

        that’s all europe needs untop of the rest of our problems sas trained suicide bombers and jihadis……………


      • 171
        Trough Mixture says:

        Snotgobbler is playing an extremely dangerous game very poorly against ‘the clock’.


        • 189
          bandersnatch says:

          Snotgobbler is dangerous because he is very poorly, 4-real, and not playing a game… and that clock is ticking… ‘tick-tock’… ‘tick-tock’…

          When is the group of union bosses going to No 10 to warm their hands at the auto da fe… by handing him the ceremonial cheese sandwich and bottle of chianti?

          Any chance of your running a book on the date, Guido? October 12th?
          December 24th as a surprise Christmas present to the nation? Jan 6th: Twelfth Night… with the boys and girls all due back to school at the House of Commons and no time to organise for an extra-early election?


      • 179
        Who Dares Wins the prize for stupidest idea says:

        Methinks another “warm and substantive chat” via telephone from “ObamaBeach” to Brown is probably on the cards.


        • 190
          Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

          Sorry, Who dares but what the f*** has it got to do with Obama? Treason and subversiveness is a domestic issue.
          We have just one General Election left


  47. 158
    Anonymous says:

    Spectator is shit. bought it once, never again!
    .. i’ll buy private eye thanks.

    Olympucs have funding hole, Gazprom will pay £60mil for advertising and a pound of flesh..

    and the “anti-fascists” (where the fuck do these c unts come from, thinking street battles are “anti”) outnumbered the islam out of europe lot 1000:1,
    ….in that there were 20 guys who turned up to protest the mosque
    ..and around 2000 to protest them…
    …allah akhbar was the chant,
    …things are getting bad – coming to a street near you.
    …when the fuck did we ask for this shite?


    • 168
      Anonymous says:

      we have one general election left


    • 174
      Weimar Daze says:

      So lets have this right – the unions fund both UAF and the Labour party.

      The supporters of rival socialist factions now regularly kick-off in our town centres.

      Our domestic news differs somewhat from that provided by outside sources.

      We do sneaky little trade and advisory deals with our ideological opposites, some of whom fund the disorder on our streets.

      People are now hoarding wheelbarrows.

      Troops will soon be coming home, feeling humiliated and somewhat stabbed in the back by the politicians.

      Rich and Mark, you are Georg Grotz and John Heartfield, and I claim my 5,000,000,000 Marks.


  48. 160
    Loving it says:

    Fat boy Watson has no mates he has to buy them LOL


    eh fatboy watson


  49. 161
    Anonymous says:

    Who is this guy Rodders? Is he well known? why should anyone want to read what someone they have never heard of and pay for the privilege to boot, stroll on babes


  50. 164
    Ivor Scwartzporsche says:

    There is hope yet to those of a patriotical nature or those who simply want the best for our four countries. I read today that John Stocker MBE is to be the UKIP Parliamentary candidate for St Albans in Hertfordshire. This man is as sound as a pound. Yippee!


  51. 186
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    “Experts and political insiders are beginning to credit the Labour government with having made the right moves on the economy”

    It’s almost like praising Dracula for his stock clearance initiative at the local blood bank!


    • 193
      lolol says:

      It’s all about looking good for the Liebour Octoberfest,so nothing new.


    • 197
      boycott says:

      Yeah, the BBC2 programme ‘The Love of Money’ is softening us all up for this shit.


      • 210
        lolol says:

        September 12, 2009 at 1:18 pm

        It’s conferance time so they have to look good and show how well the economy is doing, the conference will be on tv during the day and the braindead and their true believers will be watching so they have to get the tame MSM to pretend the green shoots have arrived


  52. 195
    long pockets, short arms says:

    Look, if push comes to shove, I’ll start writing my own fucking articles and reading them.

    I ain’t gonna pay no fee.


  53. 204
    Short the UK says:

    What I’d pay for content, per anum:

    ~Speccie = £5
    ~Telegraph = £20
    ~Times = £5
    ~Mail – £20
    ~Indie = £10
    ~FT = 5p
    ~Guardian = 5p
    ~Sun = 1p
    ~Bloomberg = £50


  54. 211
    lord moopy says:

    Loved the article in the Speccie about your part in McSnides downfall.

    I especially liked this bit at the end.

    “ITN call when I am on the second bottle of Margaux: could they have a quick response to the news? The first question begins ‘So Mr Draper…’ — they have mixed us up — ‘what is your response to the news of Mr McBride’s resignation?’ I decide to say what Draper should say. I apologise profusely and tell them, ‘I am considering my position.’ They broadcast my impersonation at about 5 p.m. Just the once.”

    I bet that reporter got a right bollocking. Shame it wasn’t a Beeboid.


  55. 214
    Old Grumpy says:

    Too late the warning, Guido!

    All the important mags, like my angling ones, are already hiding behind these pay walls!

    Woe is me!

    (it sez ‘ere)


  56. 216
    smilie in your stout says:

    I’m back buying the Spectator after a briefish absence. It’s still got some of the finest writing around although it is perhaps too Cameronally PC. I also look at the Coffee House section online from time to time to see how Mad Mel is doing. She takes v. long holidays doesn’t she?


  57. 222
    Ygor Ziehenovcenov says:

    Кнопка «Найти» осуществляет поиск в вики-тексте (показываемом при редактировании) и в названиях страниц.
    В результатах поиска не отображаются самые последние изменения, поскольку индексирование страниц происходит с некоторой задержкой.
    По умолчанию поиск производится только в статьях. Зарегистрированные участники могут изменить это в своих настройках участника в разделе «поиск».
    Для поиска в определённом пространстве имён можно напечатать его как префикс с двоеточием, например шаблон:программа для Gordon Brown поиска слова «программа» только в пространстве шаблонов. Как и у кнопки «gayboy», можно использовать синонимы имён пространств, например вместо участник:.
    Префикс all: можно использовать для Peter Mandleson поиска сразу во всех пространствах.
    Для поиска по произвольному набору пространств следует использовать форму «расширенного поиска», появляющуюся на странице результатов поиска. При этом можно отмечать сразу несколько галочек подряд, удерживая кнопку Tony Blair.


  58. 233
    Stan Mann says:

    Pay for the Speccie? Sorry,it’s not good enough any more – remember when Dalrymple,Steyn & Jock Bruce Gardyne were regulars? All that’s worthwhile these days is “Dear Mary”


  59. 234
    J says:

    I feel sorry for the local newspapers – now they truly are FUCKED, surely.


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