September 9th, 2009

Has Tony Gone Non-Dom to Dodge the 50p Tax?

When was the last time you saw Tony Blair in the UK? Billionaires yachts in the med, sure, US TV chat shows, sure. Six figure speaking engagements in the Far East, of course. “Peacemaking” in the Middle East, allegedly. Is he seen in the UK? No, not much.

Guido’s theory is that he is keeping under the 90 day residency limit for non-domiciles for tax purposes.  Didn’t Cherie mention that the kids all have Irish passports?  Why pay 50% tax to Gordon on all that filthy lucre he is earning overseas?


  1. 1
    Cinna says:

    Seems a small price to pay for keeping the asshole out of the country


    • 8
      Pudge Facker says:

      I just wish he’d fixed it so we could all feck off abroad and live off of speechmaking after the mess he left our country in.

      Would be marvellous if this suggestion is true – needs to be broadcast loud and clear, so that even those imbeciles who voted ZaNuLab once, twice and thrice see the absolute hypocrisy of chancer Blair.


      • 41
        jgm2 says:

        Guido could well be on to something though. Shouldn’t be too difficult to triangulate his whereabouts over the year. He’s always popping up on some yacht here or there, some lecture here or there.

        It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if that’s what he was up to.


        • 72
          Peter Handlesmen says:

          Can I come on your boat again, Tony ?


        • 84
          Purple Man says:

          He’s an EU citizen now, silly Guido. And soon to be EU President, I suspect.


        • 93
          tat says:

          don’t talk daft. blair is more likely to get a bullet in the head than of becoming president of the EU.
          his security is provided by the CIA so how can he become european president his bodyguards are american secret service?


        • 148
          Bliar the Liar his pants are inflammable says:

          Bliar exposed as an amoral greedy moneygrubbing c’unt in taxdodging revelation!

          a shocked and startled world looks on in stunned disbelief

          or not


    • 11
      jgm2 says:

      As somebody entitled to an Irish passport I got one when I was 18. Why? Because thanks to my visits to the graveyards of Northern France I’m well aware of the utter indifference that British politicians have for the lives of their countrymen. I’m also aware of the insane proclavity they have for getting involved in wars that they have no business at all getting involved with.

      So I was prepared if/when that fateful day came I could shove my Irish passport under the conscription panel’s nose and invite them to go and fuck himself.

      Blair is just taking the same sensible precautions for his sons.

      After all, he’ll know better than anybody the kind of principle-free thought processes that consigns hundreds of thousands to their deaths.


      • 19
        Anonymous says:

        Because thanks to my visits to the graveyards of Northern France I’m well aware of the utter indifference that British politicians have for the lives of their countrymen.

        Whereas the Irish are a kindly and gentle race who, for example, haven’t spent the last four hundred years butchering each other in the name of their respective Sky Daddies.

        When the entire concept of Irish statehood is founded upon the principle of Holy War to stop Protestants wearing rubber johnnies, you have nothing to say that other, more civilised nations need to hear.


        • 32
          jgm2 says:

          Irish statehood appears mainly founded on the principle of cutting off supplies of ignorant, impoverished cannon fodder to expand and control Brittania’s Empire.

          It’s been downhill all the way for the UK since Ireland pulled the plug on that little gig.



      • 125
        Matthew Dear says:

        Regrettably, as long as you remain a British Citizen you would remain eligible for all of your obligations under UK law, irrespective of which or how many other nationalities you may hold or be entitled to. And I’m under the impression that you can’t renounce British Citizenship, unlike American (and countless other countries’) Citizenship, which you can by making a simple declaration.


        • 152
          jgm2 says:

          I’d take care of that little conundrum by removing myself from their jursidiction.


        • 226
          Anonymous says:

          actually you can renounce british citizenship so long as doing so would not make you stateless.

          you are also entitled to reclaim your British citizenship after renouncing it though this is limited to 2 times in your life.


      • 134
        Sir William Waad says:

        Yes well of course if the Protestant Irish hadn’t all joined up in the First World war and got themselves killed, the Fenians could never have taken over. This led to Ireland’s absolutely fantastic performance in combating the Nazi threat in 1939-1945.


        • 154
          jgm2 says:

          Hmmmm. I think that rather like the second world war the Protestant Irish were the ones in reserved occupation and it was the Micks who were to be found marching slowly towards the machine guns.

          ‘The 2nd. Royal Munster Fusiliers, in their very first action in France, achieved a military feat unparalleled in modern warfare. A brigade may occasionally have the task of trying to delay a whole enemy division. A division may perhaps be deployed in an attempt to turn aside or halt an advancing army corps – but for a single battalion to stem the advance of an entire army by their sole action was unprecedented. In fact, less than a battalion strength, just 3 companies of the 2nd. Battalion of The Munsters halted the advance of the German Army for fourteen hours in the area of Oisny & Etreux during the retreat from Mons, thus enabling the rest of the British Army to withdraw to a safe distance of twelve miles. They were outnumbered at odds of over 6 to 1, and when finally defeated, the survivors were congratulated on their supreme bravery by the German soldiers they had fought.’

          Look and learn.


        • 186
          Fox in sox says:

          120 000 served from the southern Irish in WW1, and fought with distinction. All were volunteers, there was no conscription in Ireland north or south. They later formed the backbone of the Free State army that fought the IRA in the Irish civil war. There are few memorials to them, one in tipperairy, but many to the IRA in small Irish towns. De Valera always hated loyalists of either catholic or protestant type.


      • 176
        Nearly Headless Nick says:

        How do I get an Irish passport?
        My maternal grandfather was Irish, I am given to understand.


        • 190
          We Will Remember Them says:

          @154 jgm2, you said- “Hmmmm. I think that rather like the second world war the Protestant Irish were the ones in reserved occupation and it was the Micks who were to be found marching slowly towards the machine guns.”

          I’ve read many a twisted comment on this fine organ but I have to say that the one quoted above, is perhaps the most disgusting & sickminded of them all. Even the shinners in the eighties wouldn’t have come out with that. You fucking cretin. I’ll be looking out for your posts.


        • 194
          jgm2 says:

          Go right ahead pal.


        • 196
          jgm2 says:

          I’m not completely up to date Headless Nick but it used to be that any person with an Irish grandparent could claim Irish citizenship.

          Even better, you used to be able to get your passport made out in your ‘Gaelic’ name – a bit like Cassius Clay renouncing his ‘slave name’ so you could quite legally have a second identity altogether but I think they’ve put the kybosh on that.

          Just give the embassy a call or visit the website for up to date info. I’m squared away.


      • 188
        Bri says:

        I think this would apply to Blair if he has an Irish passport


      • 225
        Anonymous says:

        actually you need to renounce your British Citizenship in order to become exempt from service – gaining citizenship in one country simply makes you liable to be conscripted by them as well.


    • 58
      Sir Reginald Titbrain says:



    • 82
      Tony Blair says:

      I am a tax evader and a child killing war criminal. Please forgive me Lord.
      This is isn’t it? Oh shit!


    • 146
      Louise says:

      I saw Blair just 2 minutes away from Westminster on Monday


  2. 2
    Has anyone seen Mike Hunt says:

    New labour down to a T


  3. 3
    S.B.S. says:

    Another labour hypocrite, well what a surprise, wow never saw that one coming?
    Lets hope the fucking maggot stays out of the U.K. and take his muslim terrorist friends with him.


  4. 4
    Hard-Lazing Voter says:

    Tone? Bent? Naaaaaaaaaaaah.


    • 24
      Miranda says:

      there’s no correlation between being called the Faggot of Fettes and being bent. trust me, I’m straight, kind of.


      • 163
        gordon says:

        So am I, absolutely, oh yes indeed, not gay at all, not in the slightest – ‘Nurse – more pills please !’


  5. 5
    Lofa on the Sofa says:

    taxes are for little people!


  6. 6
    Vote vote vote for Jacqui says:

    The Wicked Witch was fed up being mistaken for a Post Box and
    getting 1st and 2nd class letters shoved in her mouth.


    • 40

      Dammit – you made me laugh out loud in my office and then I had to explain myself.

      (Oh well Guido, you now have another few interested blog readers)


      • 118
        Australian says:

        Coney – it doesn’t sound like a pleasant office if you have to explain yourself for laughing!

        Do you work in Downing Street, by any chance?


  7. 7
    Throbber says:

    Like all of them, he’s a hypocritical cnut.


    • 28
      (yes I am a cunt / no I am not Nu Labour) says:

      Do we include the fabulous Mr. Fawkes among ‘them’?


      • 42
        Anonymous says:

        Given that he’s chosen to bring the subject up here, I’d be surprised.


      • 66
        W.W. says:

        Guido has many, many, many faults,
        but as yet i am not aware of him being an a hypocritical cnut,
        Though I will keep you informed of any new developements.



  8. 9
    mad fred 2 para says:


    Look forward to the national lottery to decide who is on the firing squad for Bliar.

    I will personally buy 100 tickets for that lotto on the off chance I could get to discharge a high velocity full metal jacket round at Bliar for his crimes against Britain.

    Any comment on his offshore tax haven activities that his cohorts & cabal of crooks in New Labour are shutting for everyone “but their own”?


  9. 10
    Has anyone seen Mike Hunt says:

    Also Sir isnt the 50% rate just above minsters pay?


    • 62
      Koba says:

      Don’t forget National Insurance contributions


      • 83
        anon skint and still paying taxes says:

        True, in some cases you are paying in excess of 60 per cent of your earnings to the state.

        That makes you a serf from the dark ages.I wonder why such people are leaving the country.?


        • 122
          Australian says:

          anon skint: that’s before you factor in VAT, council tax, road fund licence, petrol taxes, alcohol duties, the unlawful Правда tax, taxes disguised as parking tickets, the illegal scam of local authority parking permits, tax on any meagre earnings you can make on your savings and investments, IHT paid on your estate which has already been taxed many times over in your lifetime, disguised tax in the form of “quantitative easing” and State-created inflation of the money supply, etc etc etc.

          I think you will find that if you are a reasonably successful “upper middle class” type, the State is extracting far in excess of 80% of your earnings under threat of imprisonment.

          The scum from NuLab and the “liberal” Dumbocrats (as well as the Socialist “meeja” scum) will try to tell you that is “fair and equitable”. To anyone with any sense at all, it constitutes robbery with menaces on a grand scale.


  10. 12
    Anonymous says:

    This would be quite a scoop – but let’s face it this is just idle gossip and wild speculation…

    Still, it’s a windy day, so the weather is right for some kite-flying..


  11. 13
    Government by Cluster-Fuck says:

    I think the technical term is “hump em and dump em”

    Tony is the cheesiest Hunt ever. Having raped the UK he now turns his attention elsewhere.

    Any more evidence of Labours total disregard for Britain is superfluous..


  12. 14
    Sir John Chilcot says:

    He’ll come back to speak to me………I hope


  13. 15
    Biffo's rebuttal unit says:

    In Ireland commiting suicide is a mortal sin. there’s no way Ireland would give a passport to a failed sinner!


  14. 16
    Engineer says:

    Perhaps he’d like to take up residence near the job.

    The Gaza Strip would be good.


  15. 17
    "A straight kinda guy" ??? You MUST be joking says:

    I wouldn’t put it past Tony to apply for US Citizenship if his plan to become President of the EU comes to naught -then he’ll be able to campaign stateside for the Democrat(although they’re probably a tad left wing for Blair – the Republcans may be a better option for him) nomination in 2016(and he’ll still only be 63) and he can play up his credentials for singlehandedly making successful the Irish Peace Treaty; Saving Kosovo ; Sierra Leone and supporting the USA in the War on Terror for which he of course received the Presidential Medal for Freedom. After all the yanks think better of him than the rest of us who actually know him rather better


    • 131
      bergen says:

      Not unless Schwarzenneger manages to have the constitution changed for his own benefit.You have to be born a citizen of the good ole US of A to be its President.That was the reason for all the fuss about the Obama rumour(almost certainly untrue) that he was born in Kenya.


      • 150
        WobblyJim says:

        Unless you have the appropriate power and wealth behind you to fix the questioners…
        How come Obama (born in Keyna according to a sworn avidavit lodged last week) managed to get the job. I’m sure Princess Tonietta moves in the same circles.


  16. 18
    UK DebtSlave says:

    Meanwhile, individualism and materialism are to be discouraged….according to Bliar……while he suns himself on $150 million dollar yachts

    What an utter hoon


    • 37
      Sukyspook says:

      Once again, Matthew 23 fits the bill perfectly, in fact, it was prolly written for these times and for Bliar in particular:

      “Scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites”.


      • 88
        R.McGeddon says:

        Bliar shares the same motto as Mandy, does n’t he ?

        ‘Virtus et summa potestas non coeunt’

        ‘Virtue and total power cannot co-exist’
        Lucan’s Pharsalia


  17. 21
    jgm2 says:


    You bastard Guido. That John Cruddas link took me to Labourlist. I gave the fuckers a ‘hit’.

    You should warn people.

    I feel dirty.


  18. 22
    Has anyone seen Mike Hunt says:

    Has either of our last two Primeminsters run of to forigan land ( apart from Blair) . Sir John Major is seen at Lords at lot so not him and Mrs Thatcter has been in hospital recently so not her ( unless i am wrong ) .

    So Mr Blair did take the Great out of Great Briton


  19. 23
    UK DebtSlave says:

    The only time Bliar should enter the UK is when he is forceibly repatriated to face the hangman’s noose, the horrible fekker


  20. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Frankly, would we really lose anything (other than neds, scum and Labour voters) if we shipped every Catholic in the country off to Cork?

    Sane people think not.


    • 29
      Charles Flaccidwidger says:

      My wife is a Catholic and she is a hard working Tory voter. So, Anonymous, why not go fuck yourself?


    • 35
      jgm2 says:

      Cork’s not bad. I’d settle for Cork. At least it’s not Dublin. Or Belfast. Or Liverpool. Or Glasgow.


      • 39
        Has anyone seen Mike Hunt says:

        Sir Cork is over the hill , At his pomp he was a very fine bowler , But alas he only bowls at 77mph these days .

        A fine carear but not outstanding .


      • 100
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        Plenty of floating voters in Cork, so i heard, and plent of jobs in Jeopardy


    • 56
      NewGirl says:

      Oi! I’m Catholic. And you need me here.


      • 65
        tat says:

        that explains a lot new girl.


      • 69
        OldBoy says:

        Yes NewGirl, but you’re inclined to be rude about Scots, for no good reason, who’re at least as British as you are – typical fenian, you can dish it out but don’t like it when the shoe is on the other (ahem, right) foot… :-)


        • 179
          NewGirl says:

          I’m rude about the Scots for very good reason as a matter of fact. How long have you got?


        • 184
          OldBoy says:

          Well NewGirl, given that I’m a Scot and that we’ve never met (unless you’re the catholic I’m married to, which would be a surprise for both of us!) then you have no more reason to dislike me or any other Scot you’ve never met for our Scottishness than I do to dislike you for your Papishness. Vot is good for gooses is also good for ganders! Seemples!


        • 219
          NewGirl says:

          Gordon Brown. Alistair Campbell. Derry Irvine. Michael Martin. Andy Mur ray, Sean Connery…. I speak as I find. I’m sure there are many many decent non chippy, non England hating Scots. I just haven’t met any.


        • 220
          OldBoy says:

          So, on the one hand you say:

          “I’m rude about the Scots for very good reason as a matter of fact.”

          Then you go on to show just how unfounded your bigotry is when you say:

          “I’m sure there are many many decent non chippy, non England hating Scots.”

          Would it not be more reasonable and justifiable to dislike Gordon Brown, Derry Irvine, Michael Martin, Andy Murray and Sean Connery because of who they are, personally, rather than because of where they were born? (Alistair Campbell, by the way, is English and was born in Yorkshire – further demonstrating the illogicality of your Scotophobia).

          Should I judge you as, presumably, an English person, based on the fact that Alastair Campbell (and many other ZaNuLab lackeys for that matter) are as English as you are?

          These ZaNuLab scumbags are scumbags because they are ZaNuLab, not because they are English, Scottish or whatever. Please remember that next time you feel like spouting off with stupid anti-Scots bigotry. Thank you.

          P.S. My grandfathers and grandmothers (along with millions of other Scots) served during the war to defend your freedom too. Does that make us less British than you are?


      • 201
        Fucking delicious! says:

        Assume the position wench…

        Fucking delicious!


    • 71
      Left Footer says:

      “Sane people think not”? I suppose it depends on your definition of sane and I think yours will not match the medical one. Perhaps you should ask your attendant when they dishes out the next round of medication?


    • 73
      Pontius The Pilot says:

      It’d be a shame for Cork, its a nice place. Superb Guinness.


    • 79
      The Baiter's Master says:

      What are “neds” you ignoramus.


      • 91
        Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

        wiki says. I did check but i did know:
        “Ned is a term applied to certain people in Scotland, akin to the term chav in England”


    • 96
      Anonymous says:

      When people talk of religion, I’m reminded of a line by Robbie Coltrane in the film “Nuns on the Run”.

      Something to the effect of “But in order to be saved, you have to be a sinner. So you have to go on sinning in order to be saved. That’s why christianity suits so many people”.


  21. 27
    Charles Flaccidwidger says:

    Is there any way of finding out the slimy bastard’s tax status?


    • 67
      The Baiter's Master says:

      Why does not Guido send a letter to Tony asking him to quash the ugly rumour that he is no longer resident in the UK for tax purposes. If Blair says it’s not of public concern what his tax status is we can all draw a conclusion!


      • 105
        DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

        Excellent idea. Guido, please can you oblige?


      • 116
        Tony Blair says:

        Resident in the UK? Me? Are you kidding? The place is a cesspit.

        Political correctness, rubbish schools, hoodies, drunks, chavs, knife crime, shootings, overcrowding, 50pc tax (plus NI), exploding immigrants and a severely mentally ill unelected and unelectable PM who cares not one jot for the British public.

        Feck, who’d live there. Not me.


  22. 30
    I feel sick says:

    Spiv, snake oil salesman, slimy git, az whole, creep that let brown in the back door, grinning slimy weasel (sorry weasels are quite nice), traitor, sneak, nasty little slug………. And that’s only the Labour party opinion.

    Me, I just don’t like him.


    • 231
      Dysgwrcymraeg says:

      I agree 100%, but will all the morons who elected him (and not just once mark you) go and jump in the sea quickly?… thought not.


  23. 31
    Anonymous says:

    Class act!


  24. 34
    Sukyspook says:

    You’re prolly right Guido – however there were several rumours (oh no not again) since about 2005 that there were/are arrest warrants out for him in a couple of hoontries.


    • 138
      Four-eyed English Genius says:

      “PROBABLY” as bad as using LOOSE to mean LOSE


      • 181
        Sukyspook says:

        And thereby, Four-eyed English Genius, lies the problem with ‘how we got to here’ – it’s not how it’s said – IT’S WHAT IS SAID.

        I would never call you a ‘looser’ – however, I’d call you a loser – but I’m too polite and too interested in Truth more than semantics to stoop to name calling.


  25. 36
    • 197
      charlie says:

      So Slovakia has more people with degrees in utter nonsense? Well, good for them. Good luck finding a job with a degree in something useless like Travel and Tourism.


  26. 43
    MB says:

    Has he made any large donations to ZanuLab since he left office, he could certainly afford to do so.

    Will there be any complications with donations if he is a tax exile?


    • 51
      jgm2 says:

      Excellent. That’s how to find out. Well done.

      If he’s not made any donations considering the vast personal wealth he managed to accrue on the back of his previous employment then that ought to be a massive personal and Labour Party embarrassment.

      If he has made any donations then we’ll need proof that he’s resident for tax purposes.



  27. 45
    Gordon 'it wasn't me' Brown says:

    It wasnae ma fault this coontry hae gone tits up. That chukta Blair did it ya ken? noo he’s buggered off nae bother? the jessie.


  28. 46

    His ‘career’ could be brought to an end by Cameron pledging today that if he is elected that he would immediately have B’Liar (along with the snot goblin, et al) arrested and tried for treason and corruption. All those that invite him on to their yachts and TV shows will put as much distance from B’Liar as they can to avoid also being investigated.


  29. 48
    WhiteEagleClub says:

    What about his missus – she must spend some time here playing at part-time judge and ‘human rights’ (cough) lawyer? Or has she given that up now her husband has won the lottery?


    • 124
      Australian says:

      Is there any word on whether she of the slotted gob is still in the running to be parachuted into the new dog’s breakfast known as the Supreme Court as one of the most senior and powerful judges in the land?


    • 195
      Anonymous says:

      What – Give up work the greedy sow ?
      No Chance.
      Remember she was the lady of humility who did the supermarket sweep and “charity” speeches to line her pockets further.
      Her greed knows no bounds.


  30. 52
    ashley says:

    apparently he’s busy beavering around the New Bond st office muttering about European Presidential ambitions


  31. 57
    Tony says:

    Can’t be too hard to track him down. Follow the greasey oil slick and eventually it will lead to the slimey git


  32. 59
    NewGirl says:

    I’m sure you must be mistaken GUIDO! See, if Bliar did that, that wouldn’t be very socialist-like.


  33. 60
    backwoodsman says:

    Hopefully, he’ll end up spending a few months as Asil Nadir’s next door neighbour in N. Cyprus….Untill the new govt can agree an extradition treaty with the Turks. Then its back home for a quick rub down with a house brick, as dear old Stan used to say.


  34. 61
    Billy Blofeld says:

    Tony is know doubt setting up home in a country that has no extradition treaty with the UK.

    He is going to need a bolt hole once the Iraq enquiry starts to get hairy.


    • 76
      BillyBob says:

      Not only that, he will also regret ever signing up to the International Criminal Court when he is dragged to the dock kicking and screaming to take responsibility for his illegal wars. I think I am right in saying the US failed to sign up to it……they were not so stupid but Bliar is not quite as clever as he thinks he is!!


      • 128
        anon says:

        that’ll be the USA then…. when was the last time anyone was extradited from the states to UK to face any court at all?? our extradition treaty with them only goes one way, so Tone and the tribe will be orff to the other side of the pond. Irish passports help with that of course!


    • 210

      The hairiness only comes via the press and such as Guido’s blog, not from the facts.

      Thus this petition:

      A pity the facts might end up blunting the press’s sharpened knives. But they will.


  35. 75
    Anonymous says:

    While I don’t like the bloke, I can’t blame him for leaving the country.

    If I had a choice, I certainly wouldn’t want to live here with the excessive tax-take, shit weather, big-brother government, and dead economy. The uk is a very depressing place to live at the moment; anyone who can get out is getting out. If I had some cash behind me I’d be off like a shot.

    Choice 1: stay here:
    80% of your gross income ends up going in tax of one sort or another.
    the cost of living is extortionate
    the weather’s crap
    people have no manners and would happily kick you in the face for no reason

    Choice 2: go abroad, somewhere like asia perhaps:
    less than half your gross income ends up going in tax
    the cost of living is cheap
    the weather’s great
    people have manners and are civilised/friendly
    the government leaves you alone and lets you get on with life.

    What kind of choice is that? Who in their right mind would stay here if they had a choice?


    • 98
      tat says:

      you are steve expat and I claim my £5.
      you’re a weirdo steve. I have done my best to save you from your crack addiction but I have failed.
      you are just a fucked up cut and run crackhead tramp.
      end of story.


    • 108
      shelling-out says:

      Exactly. That’s why we’re off.


    • 109
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Try the Philippines


    • 119
      South of the M4 says:

      Totally agree. Kids at exam stages though and in a very good state school. I’ll have to stay for a while. Bugger.


      • 159
        WhiteEagleClub says:

        I’ve got that strange old thing patriotism – so I’ll stay and fight. Don’t com e back when things have improved or I’ll have you shot for desertion.


        • 183
          Anonymous says:

          Would you have shot the jews for leaving nazi germany before they got put on a cattle train by their government?

          Labour (and labour voters) are the terrorists/traitors, not the people leaving.


  36. 78
  37. 81
    Raving Loon says:

    Only the little people pay taxes.


  38. 89
    Cyco Billy says:

    I understand he drops in on Gordo once a month to give him the benefit of his advice, as and when, I suppose.

    But about the kids having Irish passports — that’s just eerie. Could they be living in the expectation that some serious shit is going to go down sometime? It’s funny imagining a Catholic without some conscience, of a sort.


  39. 94
    Desperate Dan says:

    What an appalling life he must have sitting counting his money. Exiled to spend his time in the company of vile oiks who’ve made money through fraud, corruption, lies, exploitation and bribery. Married to the appalling common-as-muck Cherie. Thick as shit children who can’t survive without the aid of nepotism. Reviled by the British public. Hated and loathed by the world at large to the extent that he’ll need ‘security’ for the rest of his miserable life. May he rot in hell .
    Note to Cameron: Please ensure that he and his family, and all other Labour MPs, are made persona non grata at British Embassies the world over. There’s money to be saved by making sure the taxpayer doesn’t continue to provide free hospitality/board and lodging for these parasites in perpetuity.


  40. 97
    Anonymous says:

    Strictly speaking, he would be “non-resident” rather than “non-dom” (that’s the Abramovichs and Mittals of this world). Given recent history (Gaines-Cooper as an example), I would hope HMRC don’t allow it as the 90 day rule is just a guideline. If the missus is resident, the kids are resident, he has houses in the UK and has any other tie to the UK, HMRC should deem him UK resident and tax him to fuck accordingly. (The only good thing about the UK tax system is you can bugger off and pay fuck all!)


    • 126
      Sir William Waad says:

      Yes, it seems very unlikely that Blair could be non-domiciled when his father was British. He has certainly not had time to acquire a domicile of choice outside the UK. Then again, if you one of Blairs of this world, the rules bend to you rather than you to them.


  41. 101
    nick says:

    All that money can’t make up for having to give Cherie the odd fuck.


  42. 102
    nell says:

    Well he was in London on Monday giving a speech to the Royal Society of Arts talking about his Tony Blair Faith Foundation and the dark side of religion . Don’t think he was inferring that there was a connection between those two things but…………………….


    • 111
      shelling-out says:

      He can’t peddle politics any more, so he’s had to fiind something else.

      He’s got to justify his exorbitant speaker’s fee somehow.


  43. 104
    Buzzard says:

    Is there any truth in the rumour that Blair is heterosexual?


  44. 110
    JMT says:

    The kids have an Irish passport because they cost less.

    The Blairs are soooooooo tight that Cherie and Tony wake up at night to see if they have lost any sleep.


    • 114
      shelling-out says:

      Can anyone get an Irish passport then? I thought Bliar was a scot.


      • 120
        JMT says:

        I live in NI so I can have both.

        There are some rules – something like; if you have at least one Irish parent or grandparent you are automatically an Irish Citizen, and can apply for an Irish passport. Since Liverpool is the second capital of Ireland, the kids probably qualify because of Cherie.

        Get one and bypass the UK national ID database.

        In any event they are all now EU passports, and the country of issue becoming less relevant (Lisbon) – sad but true.


      • 185
        OldBoy says:

        Bliar’s a fecking English ponce – we’re not having you blame us for that twat too – it was you lot that elected the See You Next Tuesday three times with huge majorities in England every time!


  45. 112
    Crackers says:

    Blair cannot become non domiciled by simply remaining outside the country for x days. Domicile is v difficult to change. It is related to where you intend to die.

    However he may well be attempting to become not resident and not ordinarily resident for tax purposes. He can do so over a period of three years.

    That apart I am sure that he receives payments abroad and these will remain abroad. I blame Cherie.


    • 175
      MB says:

      I always thought that death was usually unexpected and very few people planned where they intend to die.

      Isn’t Blair going to be buried in a cave then rise from the dead a few days later?


      • 182
        Crackers says:

        Death may or may not be expected but sure as hell it will happen. One standard ploy when trying to convince Revenue that you regard Country X as your domicile/home is to say that you have bought a burial plot there.

        All this theoretical since as you say “Blair Dies. And on the third day he rises again”


  46. 113
    anonymous says:

    The United Kingdom

    Third World and

    Third Rate


  47. 117

    Since everyone has already raked over our former Prime Minister’s crimes and misdemeanors at some length, I will brief draw attention to the topic discussed in the interview.

    Although Blair’s slip meant that some Irish fellow could go on a nice, unearned holiday, it reminded me how wonderful it was to live in a country where you could bet on such things.

    Over here in America, betting is illegal everywhere accept Nevada*, and Delaware is having a hell of a time trying to introduce it**. It’s utterly ridiculous, but there you go. I was initially surprised that so many people laughed, but then the underground betting scene in the US is very strong.

    * And even there you’re not even allowed to bet on elections, let alone the name of someone’s child.

    ** There are racetracks where you can bet on greyhounds and horses, but betting on the 49ers, say, has to be done illegally.


  48. 129
    Sir William Waad says:

    You have to admit he’s done one hell of a good job in bringing peace to the Middle East.


    • 132
      shelling-out says:

      As PM, he started the war with Bush. When he left office, he carefully orchestrated the job as Peace Envoy for himself.

      I can’t understand how the arabs could possibly take him seriously after all that.


    • 137
      tat says:

      if tony blair visits gaza there is a very high probability he will be assassinated.
      so the question is: what is the point of him being the middle east peace envoy?
      to buy time for the israelis to commit more war crimes against palestinians and for israel to continue to occupy palestine.
      that is why he remains in situ. so he has not done a good job as the peace envoy but he has done an excellent job of being israel’s war and occupation envoy.


      • 141
        Pissed Off Voter says:

        Fuck Off TAT you dickwad. No one cares what you have to say, so once again FUCK OFF – to Gaza yourself. (I’ll warn Hamas to welcome you in their usual kindly way, of course).

        You lonely, sad loser.


        • 151
          tat says:

          dickwad? what a quaint 1950’s type insult.
          so you are an american.
          tell me, how do you like your hard earned tax dollars being given to israel to commit war crimes?
          you mug.


      • 147
        Rabbi Warmonger says:

        You’re quite right tat. That’s why he’s paid so much for his “talks”.


        • 155
          Troll Seeker says:

          Hi TAT and “Rabbi” – good to hear from you both! Last time I heard about you “two”, you were at that KKK meeting when you were lynching and burning……or were you lighting the ovens at Belsen?


        • 158
          Rabbi Warmonger says:

          Well that a bit childish as well as being a non-sequitur. I’m not accusing you of harvesting organs from dead Palestinians am I?


        • 167
          tat says:

          bit rich coming from a racist and sexist zionist occupier innit.
          the great thick as thieves is anti racist and anti fascist and anti occupation.
          DOH! you zionists are really struggling for propaganda, you have lost the battle.
          and what a nazi you are talking of ovens: you don’t use ovens to kill the palestinians, you use american ordnance paid for by the american taxpayer.
          how much longer do you think the americans are going to give you money to commit more war crimes?
          time’s up.
          you lose.


    • 214

      Well, he’s only had two years. The rest of them had the last 60. Give him a chance.

      Oh, no, I forgot, this is Blair we’re talking about. NO CHANCE.


  49. 140
    The Grim Reaper says:

    Well, so Demon Eyes – the Smirking Chancer, Pope Pius the Nought, Holy Tony I, “President Elect” of All of Europe, Son of Satan hasn’t been seen anywhere in the UK for some time.

    That’ll mean he’s been out and about a lot more that MaCavity, then.


  50. 143
    Pedant says:

    Actually he’d still be UK-domiciled but a non-resident tax exile for UK .income tax purposes. The non-dom issue refers to UK-resident foreigners who are domiciled elsewhere


  51. 149
    Reimer says:

    I f he IS going non-resident it squares with his previous form. The ‘man’ (I use the term loosely) is beyond parody. Can’t believe he is still such a high-flier – who pays for this bastard’s time?

    His continued renown in the upper echelon is perhaps principally remarkable for its seemingly being worthy of so little remark, a sign of the damage he has wrought (see laos Millipede’s idolising of Joe Slovo)


  52. 157
    Jimmy says:

    “Guido’s theory is that he is keeping under the 90 day residency limit for non-domiciles for tax purposes.”

    You really have been working hard at the law books this week. Not as easy as it looks is it?

    Explain how Tony Blair became/plans to become a non-domicile? What is is his new domicile going to be?


    • 162
      The "Angry Aberdonian" says:

      It’s easy Jimmy! I managed to avoid income tax for almost ten years using the IR84 and there’s at least half a dozen other ways for “those in the know”

      I used to feel quite bad about it, and consequently resumed my position as a UK “full dom” back in 1998.

      However, looking at that “sack of sh*t” Blair, his “septic” wife and their “louche” offspring, if I could meet my conscience in person – I’d kick it right up the arse!


  53. 161
    Desperate Dan says:

    His new domicile will soon be an Iraqi gaol.


  54. 168
    Desperate Dan says:

    In Alan Milburn’s interview in this week’s The Lady about his favourite things he says he’s been working in Sierra Leone with his good friend Tony Blair. Apparently they’re teaching the government there all about “good governance”.
    And he thinks Cherie is fantastic. He says: “The accusations of them being greedy are ludicrous”.


    • 198
      Alan Milburn says:

      The accusation of anyone believing anything I say is credible …… is in itself ludicrous.
      Cherie may possibly be viewed as fantastical … but no sane person could ever describe such a loathsome letterbox as “fantastic”.


  55. 169
    Trough Mixture says:

    I hope he catches a nasty inconvenience of the ‘nads. From Ma Boswell.

    Or an uncomfortable arse condition of just sufficient severity not to preclude due international process.


  56. 170
    Ed Balls says:

    So what?


  57. 174
    Chris says:

    his accent has changed, he sounds half yank!


  58. 177
    John says:

    I love Tony – wish we had him back.


  59. 180
    Watt Tyler says:

    Seems this WAR CRIMINAL is trying to lie low. Perhaps this is because Nick Griffin will soon be reporting his war crimes to the EU.


  60. 189
    NotaSheep says:

    If he’s never (or rarely) in the country then maybe we could stop paying for the 24/7 armed police guards guarding the rear of his London house. Just because he was stupid enough to buy a house off of the Arab end of the Edgware Road, why should taxpayers pay to protect a mostly empty house? Maybe Tony Blair could pay for his own security out of his own money rather than the taxpayers.


  61. 199
    Get Smart says:

    He only following the advice of his fellow catholic and former PM of Ireland Mr Charlie Haughey….”Only little people pay taxes”


  62. 200
    Peregrine Merceron Smith says:

    Comments have gone down hill a lot on this site.


  63. 203
    Anonymous says:

    You mean Non Resident not Non Dom. Non Domiciled means they have changed their long term natural home, established another domicile and relates to Inheritance Tax. Non Resident relates to Income Tax and Not Ordinarily Resident relates to CGT.


  64. 205
    Zoompad says:

    Perhaps he is holed up in some Catholic church somewhere, praying on his knees, begging for forgiveness for his WAR CRIMES, not to mention all the other criminal acts he did in the UK whilst he was Prime Minister, with his big fatslob mate Charlie Falconer – the childstealing secret family courts babygrab fiasco (Falconer is now with Gibson Dunn and Crutcher, who reaped the benefits of his faciliation of child stealing via forced adoption and MSBP labelling).

    Or perhaps Carol Capman has got him to relax on his farting cushion again, and the lying creep has stunk himself into oblivion.


  65. 206
    Cherie Booth - Blair says:

    Didn’t Cherie mention that the kids all have Irish passports?

    Yes, she did to avoid a difficult question


  66. 222
    Anonymous says:

    of course he’s a tax-dodging bastard.


  67. 223
    Talwyn's mate says:

    People with an Irish passport can obtain an Irish driving licence and if they then activate any automatic speed cameras in the UK the fine and the penalty points are unenforcable. That’s why the Duke of Westminster and lots of other Lords with Irish land drive on Irish driving licences. The Lords, of course, have a significant influence on enforcement legistlation as it passes through parliament. Not that they would act dishonourably, surely!!

    Tony and family will no doubt benefit from this loophole.


  68. 227

    […] Has Tony Gone Non-Dom to Dodge the 50p Tax? He is making millions and never in the UK. 226 Comments. […]


  69. 228
    if it aint broke labour will break it. says:

    why should blair pay for all his failures.what a creep.

    i always suspected underneath it all he just hated britain,and set out to destroy it,with open doors to imigration,tax,tax,tax,and bloating the public sector.


  70. 230
    Comrade Thatcher says:

    Tony Blair was and is a genius and my true follower.


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