September 4th, 2009

BP Admits Straw Was Lobbied by Allen Over Deal for Megrahi

small_three-libyan-logosThe Times this morning has followed up on Guido’s story about the involvement of Sir Mark Allen, the ex-MI6 point man for Libya turned BP fixer in the release of al Megrahi.

The Times confirms that

Jack Straw was personally lobbied by BP over Britain’s prisoner transfer agreement with Libya just before he abandoned efforts to exclude the Lockerbie bomber from the deal… the Justice Secretary took two telephone calls from Sir Mark Allen, a former M16 agent, who was by then working for BP as a consultant, on October 15 and November 9, 2007.

Depite BP flatly denying last week that it had lobbied for the release of Megrahi The Times reports that a spokesman now says:

“BP did bring to the attention of the Government in late 2007 our concerns about the slow progress in concluding a PTA with Libya. Like many others we were aware that delay might have negative consequences for UK commercial interests including ratification of BP’s exploration agreement.”

What was it Mandelson said when the government was first accused of making a Prisoners-for-Oil deal? “It’s not only completely wrong to make such a suggestion it’s also quite offensive” – looks like we were not wrong, but it was morally offensive…


  1. 1
    A Pensioner says:

    Can’t blame BP for wanting to make a quid, even if it involve a bit of lying. The spotlight should be frimly fixed on Straw, Mandy and the other pack of liars.


    • 2
      fitaloon says:

      Who’d have believed it a Labour Politician has lied again. Surely some mistake.


      • 5
        ZanuLiebore & the BBC says:

        Lying and stealing tax payers money, it’s what we do


        • 37
          Cynic says:

          Erosion of Human Rights

          Identity Cards for All

          Expropriation of Assets by the State

          Profligate spending by Ministers

          Sordid deals with nearby dictators

          Euthanasia for the elderely and those approaching death

          Government by a small unrepresentative elite led by a man from a semi detached province

          On the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of WWII its spooky isnt it.


        • 43
          Ivor Schwartzporsche says:

          Cynic. Yes it is also spooky that Farage is stepping down as leader of UKIP. I am so depressed. Who’s going to fight our corner who do we vote for?


        • 58
          Dan Hannan to become UKIP Leader ? says:

          Wil Dan Hannan finally take the plunge and join UKIP to to see if he can get Farage’s job ? Leader of a Party ? He must be tempted and Farage and Hannan are on very good speaking terms these days.


        • 74
          H.M.S. Rodney says:

          Some additional points made by 36

          Disregard for individual

          Exploded strategy for family and children

          Fragmentation of overwhelmed public services

          Invention of media/Political language-circa 30,000 people
          (see resignation letter)

          Labour concept of beautiful countryside-coffee shop, Kensington high street.

          Reversal of difficult True/untrue concept


        • 161
          This is not an aspirational handle says:

          Additional to 36

          Being willing lackeys and buffoons in the intended deindustrialisation of developed manufacturing economies — for the purpose of preventing an excessive global imbalance of wealth that could jeopardise the status quo for the mega-wealthy.


      • 181
        Furious Capitalist says:

        At least some one is making some money in this Capitalist world. What the fu-k do you think would happen if we all just stopped making money and just spent it instead. Ah that is what has happened.


    • 4
      shrinking sack of shite says:

      Sure I was first?


    • 8
      caesars wife says:

      Well done , mandelson now a liar as well as straw .

      closing words on newsnight looking at broon in papers Paxman “should be the end of his political career i think” LOL CW thinks it is regrettable it ever started .Clegg seems to have developed Labour spin disease , almost sounding like an MEP , aspirations of the conflict !! yet no criticism of political situation , I will give him a call next time an international conflict needs a good hot cup of tea and a digestive biscuit !

      Ruin speaks on Afghanistan , set stat counter for favourite phrases .

      Rothschildes to assist in restructuring Irelands finances and banking so how much they overleverage by ?? iceland was 5 times GDP


      • 38
        Slippery weasel says:

        Read him carefully – Mandy wasn’t lying.

        He didn’t say the suggestion was wrong, but that it was wrong to MAKE it. In other words the plebs should keep quiet while he and his chums arrange oil deals.


      • 50
        TheCourtOfPublicOpinion says:

        Ruin speaks on Afghanistan , set stat counter for favourite phrases
        “It all started in America”?


      • 200

        #8 Wasn’t Clegg once an MEP? But then you can’t really expect our politicians to have had experience of real jobs.

        All this corruption, sleaze, lying, cheating and treating the electorate with contempt makes me wonder just how worst it would be if Germany had won the war. A terrible thought, I know, but one singularly apt given the dreadful state of the country. It is all very depressing.


        • 221
          Hugh Bristic says:

          I agree with LS on 199, about the state of the country, not only because of the sleazy conduct of political life but also because of the intolerance and xenophobia of some of the posts on yesterday’s story of the PPS resignation.
          I noted with regret a large number of postings that were anti Scottish, anti muslim, some anti Jewish and even one which implied it was OK for soldiers to die because they were volunteers.
          For whatever reason it seems that England is becoming a nastier place to live than the tolerant nation it used to be.
          When millions were exterminated in the second world war simply because of their ethnic background we don’t seem to have progressed much since then.


    • 22
      THE ESSEX BOYS says:

      Hey guys!

      Big story this morning on what all of us have suspected about the health of the PM

      Go to this site for more…



    • 46
      (yes I am a cunt / no I am not Nu Labour) says:

      yes pensioner
      these are tough economic times and the market must be allowed to function and not held back by politicians hand wringers in liberal media.


    • 166
      I am Michaels Batman says:

      Complete amateurs compared with some of the Tory gang in Berwickshire etc etc…… give me a tinkle.


    • 188
      Tony Hayward says:

      I agree and endorse this statement


  2. 3
    shrinking sack of shite says:

    O.T by the way story in the Times the other week about Chinooks which was O.T. This was all about a software issue with Boeing and not trusting the British with their programs , nothing like the headline…… But then you can trust us not like that Scotish shower, oh hum I’ll be off for the nurse now


  3. 6
    Mr Ecks says:

    Not the Bottlers day is it?–Hell, its turning out to be not his life. Could not happen to a nicer guy


  4. 7
    subrosa says:

    Well done Guido, keep up the good work. These people need exposed.


  5. 9
    Jimmy says:

    “The Times this morning has followed up on Guido’s story”

    Gosh that’s impressive. Is it true that the only reason you’re not their Pol Corr is you’re doing so well with the blog?


  6. 10
    Tapestry says:

    Mandelson telling lies ? No he is creating the narrative, remember ?

    The narrative becomes the truth, he claimed.

    Mandelson and Truth were formally divorced many years ago.

    There has been no reconciliation since.


    • 11
      A Pensioner says:

      As well as Brown and Prudence.


      • 45
        South of the M4 says:

        … and Harman and common sense


        • 55
          MisterE says:

          …and Prescott & weight-watchers.


        • 90
          barefootcontessa says:

          McNulty strikes again. He emerged dusted down and newly polished up on radio 4 this am. I thought he’d been arrested by scotters of the yard, and was lying in a dank dungeon deep in the Tower of London awaiting execution. But instead he’s pontificating again, bright as you like, no doubt just back from his month’s holiday in the sun. How DO they get away with it?


        • 115
          Anonymous says:

          - and Hazel Blears and her sense of shame.


    • 202
      Allan@Aberdeen says:

      BUT Mandelson may inadvertently have stumbled upon a seriously profitably business strategem. It is established that Libya and Gaddafi are actually concerned for the well-being of some of their own people, and it is almost certain that Iran and Syria were at least as heavily-involved as Libya in the Lockerbie atrocity. Why does the UK not arrest and imprison more Libyans on quasi-legal charges and use them as leverage in dealings for oil? We could chase Agip and TFE out of Libya!


  7. 12
    Anyone but you says:

    Rat-faced Nazi bastard – Jack Staw is the lowest filth that was ever born out of a pig’s arse.


  8. 14
    Cynic says:

    Nice to see that the US Senate is investigating this now. So, with these revelations, the US Government is in effect investigating the conduct of the British PM and Justice Secretary

    That Extradition Act may come in handy yet!!!

    What have we been reduced to?


  9. 15
    chicken nugget nige says:

    This blog is very informative and faster than the mainstream media – all for free! bargain


  10. 16
    one-legged hater says:

    I’d like to kick Mandy’s face off.


  11. 17
    marcus aurelius says:

    so which of his peers will hold “Lord” Mandelson to account for this? Can we expect another personal statement from him along the lines of that unforgetable “I’m not a quitter” histrionic performamce?


  12. 18
    Voting Floater says:

    >that “I’m not a quitter” histrionic performamce?

    When was that, then? I don’t remember.

    These are horrible people, all of them, loathsome and mendacious, and far less important in the scheme of things than they imagine. Who will remember Mandelson fifty years from now with anything other than the historian’s condign contempt?


  13. 20
    righteous-rage says:

    There all wankers, we should shoot the lot


  14. 21
    Procrustes says:


    Beware what Lord Dodgy says ‘
    “It’s not only completely wrong to make such a suggestion it’s also quite offensive”

    I do not believe he means the suggestion is incorrect -just not one you should make to a government.(Move along,nothing to see here) I agree the suggestion is offensive but again it does not make it incorrect. He does not choose his words lightly.

    He can therefore weasel out of the statement should the shit hit the fan (and the splatter has started) by claiming he did not say ’twas untrue.


    • 33
      Agent 99 says:

      If it is proved to be true he still won’t survive. If he kept quiet about ‘Gadaffygate’ he was then in the know but part of the cover up. Its always the cover up that causes the problems more than the original issue as Tricky Dicky discovered,

      Personally Guidos approach seems more than plausible just a final connection required to nail them completly as it even now unravels. I look forward to the ‘cross hairs’ re-appearing I just wish mere mortals such as us could do more to make this happen.


    • 84
      Thats News says:


      Like it would be wrong and offensive to say to someone: “You are ugly!”

      However, the statement itself need not be untrue.


    • 105
      Throbber says:

      Mandleson talks of something being quite offensive, the filthy piece of shit, he is offensive. His mere existence is offensive.


  15. 23
    marcus aurelius says:

    Where are the honourable Labour Peers and MPs?

    Why are they not holding this obscene government to account?

    I know there must be some of you out there and reading this blog?

    What does your conscience tell you to do?

    How do you want to be remembered?

    Man of honour or grasping toady?


  16. 25
    BRING THEM HOME ! says:

    And All This Goes On Without Brown Knowing anything About It? PULL THE OTHER ONE !


  17. 31
    SNAFU says:

    It really is time to put these twats out of their misery. How much longer can these people lie deceive and smear without someone bringing them to account.
    This is not just embarrassing internally its now becoming an international embarrassment. We will be damaged for years to come and no one will trust us.
    How I hate and loathe these evil twisted ZanNuLabour vermin infesting our government. Even those NuLabour vermin that have since moved on or resigned you are still and all responsible from top to bottom despite your pious words when you resign.

    Yet still 26 to 28% support them at the polls??? I utterly despair for this country.



  18. 32
    Dave Cameron says:

    All going to plan, paving the way for my triumphal coronation next May, by the little people desperate for change they can believe in, just like Tony my hero got in ’97. Like Obama I’ll do the opposite and surge troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan, leading to more mass-murder like the bombing by NATO of ninety Afghanis in Kundus today, with the end goal of the invasion of Iran, as instructed by my backers. Now, i’ve work to do, must top up my tan, like my hero Tony.


  19. 35
    Robert Ainsworth, shop steward, Jag snagging line - just ask for fat Bob says:

    Ha ha! 90 dead in Kundus today. See we are winning. For every one of our brave boys taken out by a roadside bomb we’ll bravely drop bombs from 15,000 ft taking out at least thirty of the terrorists, although most are women and children, but hey they’ll grow up to be terrorists on the streets of Britain, and the less women the less terrorists they can breed. Time for a brew up.


  20. 39
    Dave says:

    So when do I get to take over with all this planned bad news for Gordon? Can’t wait! I’ve got the tan, the hairdo to cover the bald patch, just like my hero Tony. As soon as I get in I’ve been instructed to put up taxes, sell off the roads to the nice Mr Red Shield for tuppence ha’penny and announce the surge in the ‘stans. So that’s all taken care of. Just time now to work on my tan.


  21. 41
    Charles says:

    i the olden day, if the naughty boys wanted to smash up your castle you cetainly disn’t send all you army to the other side of the planet, you got them looking out the window wid the bow and arrow


  22. 42
    Rt Hon. Egbert Thumbtwiddle says:

    Pay attention to what Mandy said: “It’s not only completely wrong to make such a suggestion it’s also quite offensive”. He does NOT deny that it happened, all he is saying is that he does not like the fact it is being asked about.

    It is wrong for you ask and Mandy is offended that you did. What these days they call a “non-denial denial”


  23. 44
    Reevo says:

    Not that anybody really believed Mandy and Randy.

    Hardly lily white are they?

    They are proven corrupt MP’s!


  24. 49
    Tomorrow Belongs To Me says:

    After 9/11 and all the blustering and postering, and the imposition of the Draconian security state, which we’ve been forced to live under to ‘prevent and stop terrorism’. New Labour now decide its in their interest to let-go the biggest convicted terrorist mass murder in the history of our prisons. For some financial deal involving oil.

    They are beneath my contempt….

    O’ England, sweet England, show us the sign. Your children have waited to see. London’s streets shall flow red, with the socialist’s blood.
    Tomorrow belongs to me. Tomorrow belongs to me. Tomorrow belongs to me. Tomorrow belongs to me.


  25. 54
    T Holmen says:

    The BP deal was the largest exploration contract ever awarded in Libya. It is a production-sharing agreement, which is the most attractive contract for an Oil company. Most Gulf producers would never agree to a production sharing agreement as it is considered to be too beneficial for the oil company.

    In the event, the PTA was never used to get Megrahi’s release, as he was diagnosed with cancer after it was agreed.

    However, if he had not had cancer, then the PTA could have been used, and it probably would have been tried by the Libyans. Milliband keeps saying that Megrani was not eligible for prisoner transfer, as his sentence was subject to appeal. But once the appeal had been resolved, he clearly would have been eligible for transfer under the PTA.

    This is not going to go down well in the States.


    • 63
      Bliar the Liar his pants are inflammable says:

      Why ? The States knew all about it. It was they who put the kaibosh on the PTA by making it very clear they would not stand for it being used while saying that compassionate release was preferable to PTA weeks ago in a letter to Macaskill.

      Exxon and Chevron have been drilling in Libya for ages and a US delegation of Senators went to visit and praise Gadaffi a week before Megrahi was released.

      The US were fine with his release, knew about it for months but had made the usual grandstanding blustering noises for the naive.


  26. 56
    mad fred 2 para says:

    In June Lord Mandelson scared off some wavering rebels by warning that an early election might allow a Cameron government to call an early autumn referendum on the as yet unratified Lisbon treaty. A “no” there might wreck the EU and make Britain the pariah of Europe. By November, though, that argument may also have less potency. If the Irish vote yes in their October 2 referendum and the other states ratify too, then Lisbon will be a done deal before a Tory win. Cameron would not be able to reopen the treaty.

    Is there no dirty deed that Mandleslime & ZanuLiebour will not undertake to thwart the democratic will of the British people?



  27. 57

    There appears to be something wrong with my BlackBerry and I need someone technically sophisticated to advise me. This is a bit of a come-down for someone who revolutionised the computer-gaming industry not once or twice with innovations such as Graphics Fidelity and Purple Blob Trilateration.

    I was reading Harriet Harman’s monumental Equality Act which will abolish once and for all discrimination in The Workplace at this time when a sort of worm thing began to crawl across the screen, then another, then another. Before I knew it they were all meandering around getting in the way of the words.

    I tried putting the device in the microwave to scare away the worms and over-writing Java MIDP 1.0 with my own patented Pixellated Markup Language but all to no avail. Instead the worms just organised themselves into a line and did a sort of Cossack dance.

    This is deeply frustrating and I feel like throwing the wretched thing against the wall but as a master of Tai Ch’I, I know that would be counterproductive. Zhuang Zi told the Emperor that he should just face South.

    It is shaming – truly shaming – to have to stoop to a squalid little forum like this for assistance but I have no choice.

    © Charlie Keeps His Clips On 2009
    Sent from my electric toothbrush


  28. 60
    Tankus says:

    “BP Admits Straw Was Lobbied by Allen Over Deal for Megrahi”

    Any money change hands ? ..See what job’s or overpaid “guest speaker” invitations by whom ! , that the shit gets on leaving the mother of all troughers in nine months time.


  29. 61
    Brand New Mercedes says:

    Just got me a great butt-lift in Madrid!


  30. 62
    I'm alright Jack says:

    So what was Straw given for his efforts? I am willing to bet it will be goodies in the future, when he’s no longer a government minister.

    Ronnie Biggs did alright too, Jack had to give him a compassionate release before they could release the most succesful mass muderer in our history.


  31. 64
    Saltpetre says:

    Why shouldn’t the UK seek to better its interests by doing oil deals in Libya. If Megrahi could be used as a bargaining chip to make the UK trading position stronger the what is the problem? If it hadn’t been the UK it would have been another country getting cheap oil…. might as well be us !!


    • 68
      Mandlesonisalyingtwat says:

      I’ve no problem with the trade of a prisoner for oil per se. What pisses me off is a) we told our closest ally that we would keep him in prison and b) we have yet again been lied to by that snivelling prick Mandleson. Why isn’t he is prison?


      • 93
        jgm2 says:

        Our closest ally? Portugal?

        The yanks aren’t our closest ally. Bush used Blair as a fig-leaf of ‘International cooperation’ for his insane war in Iraq.

        Let the yanks apologize for that before they get pissed off with us releasing a guy who we only fitted up to appease them in the first place.


        • 113
          barefootcontessa says:

          You think ‘our closest ally’ wouldn’t do the same?


        • 143
          South of the M4 says:

          All part of Mandy’s plan. Destroy and remnants of the ‘special relationship’, and get rid of Brown. Objective being the integration into the United States of Europe. Next step, Sterling collapse, entry into the Euro, Lisbon Treaty ratified.

          The Labour party can then heap all the shit on Brown and then re-build itself for government in 2015. Having achieved their European objective, and left Cameroon with a crap economy and with no wriggle-room, his and the Tories popularity will dive post 2010 as drastic spending cuts are made and unemployment continues to rise.

          A grand plan, and absolutely *ucking none of it in the best interests of Britain or its people. *astards.


        • 222
          Anonymous says:

          My thoughts precisely… I think this is the way they are going starting witht he scorched earth. One only hopes memories last more than 5 years to prevent these scumbags ever getting near power again.

          Referendum now!


        • 232
          anglo saxon pedant says:

          portugal = oldest ally


    • 69
      Anonymous says:

      It is the government’s job to protect national interests but they ain’t saying that are they? They are saying they did not do any prsioner for oil and gas deals and would rather our lights go out than do what is necessary for the country. So is that dipstick Cameron


      • 160
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        How will the lights go out?

        Most of our electricity is generated by gas,coal and nuclear with some hydro thrown in. Only a headcase would burn oil to generate electricity


        • 183
          Anonymous says:

          Which part of oil AND GAS didn’t you read?


        • 208
          Mandlesonisalyingtwat says:

          If you understood the energy market (which you obviously don’t) you would understand that we in the UK are poised to have an energy collapse. Because the party of scum have failed to invest in new energy for the past 12 years (spending their time banning foxhunting and promoting sodomism instead) we have an energy gap. It will only take one or two power stations to go down (gas, oil, coal or nuclear) and the countries lights will start to go out. We just don’t have enough spare capacity, the party of scum relying on private (usually foreign) companies to carry out the required investment in energy which they have failed to do. We are very close to the edge in this regard. What we need in massive investment in nuclear, not silly windmills which are 26% efficient at best or gas which is going to become bloody expensive very soon. Oil is too variable and there has not been enough cash spent on carbon capture. If things don’t improve soon we will be buring coal again, despite the EU telling us we can’t.


      • 233
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        The reason for the lights potentially going out are due to insufficient power plant capacity, due mainly to old plant not being replaced and new plant not being built to meet the increasing demand, mainly due to immigration.

        No amount of oil & gas deals will solve this.

        Here endeth the lesson :-)


    • 72
      nell says:

      If that’s what they wanted then why couldn’t they be up front and honest and say so?

      It wouldn’t have caused a controversy any bigger than the one they have now and at least they would have appeared honorable.

      But no this government are made up of pathological liars – they can’t tell the truth even when there is no reason that they shouldn’t.


    • 78
      Reg511 says:

      It’s the Openess and Honesty they demonstrated not the result of their action that grips my shit


    • 114
      A Pensioner says:

      If this were another country, say Zimabwe or France, we would be saying that the politicians were all getting kickbacks. But as it the UK, that sort of stuff doesn’t happen?


    • 156
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Since when has oil (petrol) been cheap in the UK. We already have the most expensive petrol in Europe and the tax has just gone up again


  32. 65
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    I think that you might have a problem in the United Condom!

    La Honte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  33. 66
    nell says:

    So gordon comes back from his hols looking even more poorly than before, repetitive speech patterns, strange body language,pasty complexion and bloated.

    His G20 deal that he ‘so miraculously pulled out of the hat’ earlier in the year is unravelling.

    Afghan elections have failed and the war is going badly and gordon is mired in criticism because of his indifference to the plight of our poorly equipped soldiers.

    And the Libya scandal won’t go away . Now we find they really were wheeling and dealing behind the scenes.

    The crisis that has become this labour government continues.


    • 70
      Anonymous says:

      Gordon went to look at the Olympic construction site yesterday. I trust Dave and Boris will NOT be inviting him to the finished project.


    • 77

      Crisis? What crisis? This is a rolling, continuously created, permanently breaking, permanently peaking, never-ending crescendo of fuckupery. labour are the worst of all possible governments. We’re in privileged times – no Britons have seen ineptitude on this scale before. There is a beauty of sorts in the ceaseless variety of screw ups, lies and failures. Every time I think they can’t get any worse, they do!

      I begin every day now with a round of applause and a breathless expectation of further chaos.

      By the time I get to my desk, of course, the despair has set in, and after my morning tea all I can think of is murder, but still…


      • 81
        Brown smears says:

        The faecal finger of fate


      • 87
        jgm2 says:

        We’re in privileged times – no Britons have seen ineptitude on this scale before. There is a beauty of sorts in the ceaseless variety of screw ups, lies and failures. Every time I think they can’t get any worse, they do!

        My sentiments exactly.

        It is the longest car crash in governmental history. It’s like the Maddness of George III. A government totally gridlocked with idiocy.

        We need the government of the Turks and Caicos to take over.


        • 91
          nell says:

          It is strange that you should talk of George III and madness because that is exactly how I see gordon.


        • 117

          Gordon’s not just mad though, he’s squirmingly mad.

          Anyone see him getting out of that Chinook in Afghanistan? Okay, the feller’s half blind, but what was he *wearing*? What was that bizarre bulge in his trousers? Did he have a hard on? Was he wearing incontinence pants? Is some kind of alien puppetmaster hitching a ride on his crotch?

          The bloke just looks all wrong. This isn’t shallow stuff – human beings are good at picking up on wrong ‘uns. Body language and our skill at reading it has an evolutionary purpose. When you look at Brown his body language says “I’m not of your tribe. I may not be of your species. Leave me on an ice flow”.

          Once again… how? How did the man become PM?

          How how how how? What rottenness in Labour can have delivered this inept freak to Number Ten?


        • 125
          McGroom says:

          Henry Morganthau Jr. was FDR’s US Treasury Secretary during the Great Depression.

          His famous quote that applied to Brown is “never in the history of the world has there been a situation so bad that the government can’t make it worse.”


        • 128
          righty right wing (mrs) says:

          “”A government totally gridlocked with idiocy””.

          ** Applause **


        • 170
          Dr Carnivore says:

          Yes, ‘Gridlocked with idiocy’ deserves further use. But at the same time as they are gridlocked, they are also contriving to skid on the bald tyres of dementia.


        • 179

          Mmm no, I think it’s more like aqua-planing on bullshit.


    • 95

      The momentum behind Harriet Harman’s leadership bid is now irresistible. She has brough forward the new Equality Bill to abolish discrimination in all its forms at this time and increase transaparency in the workplace through the introduction of a single equality duty.

      Once she is acclaimed as Labour leader after Brown gracefully steps aside at Conference the Labour Party will be able to draw a line in the sand and move on thus assuring victory in 2010 and enabling implementation of the next stage of the New Labour Project. This will entail extending positive action measures to allow employers to make their organisation or business more truly representative of the population at large and give Britain that competitive edge that it needs to stay ahead of the chasing pack at this difficult time.


      • 97
        jgm2 says:



      • 102
        nell says:

        I love your irony. Poor egocentric, Harriett , obsessed with outdated feminism, as leader .

        What a comical figure she would cut in charge of no.10!!! Well at least she might bring a bit of light-hearted relief from the present,depressing, crisis prone, incumbent.


        • 109
          A Pensioner says:

          Say what you like about Harriet, and I can’t stand the bitch, but I for one am getting bored and any change even for a month or so is welcomed.


        • 134
          The Chief Rabbi says:

          We’ve had a poofter and closet lesbian running the country..

          Can’t we find a transexual or something exotic now please ?


      • 147
        old rockape says:

        94. Idiot.


      • 187
        H.M.S. Rodney says:

        Tell me, are you a German


      • 216
        Anonymous says:

        I wonder what Ms Harman thinks of Afghanistan’s new laws legalising rape and starvation of wives that our troops are so valiantly fighting and dying to protect?


    • 110
      H.M.S. Rodney says:

      He does look a little strange, something a little——-unusual behind the eyes.

      Go outside, smell the air, Is it my hopeful imagination or is it glorious change.

      Do you remember that Aussie cricket captain a few years ago…..


    • 121
      barefootcontessa says:

      Been having problems with the kids, poor gorgon, they just won’t do as they’re told at the first telling.


    • 213
      Anonymous says:

      Also, either he’s stopped using Just For Men or he has really gone grey in the last couple of months. (look at his meeting with Gadaffi in July for comparison)


  34. 75
    Baroness Sleaze says:

    Lockerbie: David Cameron acted like ” a moron “.


  35. 82
    Ethan says:

    If the lying barstewards cannot even organise a simple cash for influence oil secret payoffs conspiracy (without it being found out almost immediately) , then they are not fit for office. Machiavelli they ‘aint.


  36. 99
    B.E.S.T. on 3 says:

    Brown runs the country on Tuckshopian principles, unfortunately for Brown, he doesn’t control the school fences, the playground or the local off licence, so whilst he plots with his gang of girls the rest of the world is getting on with the job.


    • 106
      A Pensioner says:

      BEST – thats a slur on tuck shops. The ones I frequented worked on strict Thatcherite principles, and as kids we knew we could only buy what we had the cash for. Also, they had a good grip on supply & demand. No Keynesian bollox.


      • 122
        B.E.S.T. on 3 says:

        A Pensioner – you haven’t thought it through

        Tuck shops are monoply enterprises with limited choice with the Teachers skimming often from the top, even if it is only claiming petrol money or the Teco points from purchasing 240 mars bars


        • 127
          A Pensioner says:

          In my day the tuck shops were independently run, and there was competition nearby with corner shops. And as kids we weren’t too fat to climb the wall or squeeze through the railings in search of a better deal. The more I think about it, those were the good times.


        • 129
          A Pensioner says:

          And teachers were people we admired/feared, but certainly respected.


        • 137
          Marcus Oatcakes says:

          Pensioner – you don’t get it, Tuck shops are operated on school premisis and are therefore de facto state subsidised enterprises

          Do you really think any real enterprise could stay in business only opening 1 hour a day selling pop and crisps?


        • 152
          A Pensioner says:

          But there was competition. I doubt there were any costs involved (in those days) of operating on school premises. Staff costs were nill – charity work by “dinner-ladies”. No “elf-n-safety”. No Govt taxes. No EU directives. Actually meeting a real need without any bullshit. I think I understand those apples, and I can compare and contrast with what happens now. I understand that today the whole concept can’t work, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t once work, nor that it was wrong.


        • 182
          B.E.S.T. on 3 says:

          “I doubt there were any costs involved (in those days) of operating on school premises”

          ??? of course there is cost involved, heating lighting, maintenance – the fact the Tuck Shoppe did not pay them does not mean they did not exist, the local tax payers picked up the bill – also Tuck Shops relied on unpaid child labour


        • 193
          A Pensioner says:

          The marginal costs were zero. Also, there were “hidden” child costs :-)


    • 192
      This is not an aspirational handle says:

      And when he has to explain himself to the country, it’s like he’s in front of the headmaster – all flustered, looking guilty as hell, but imagining that if he sticks to his ridiculous story it will get him thru it. Then there are the occasional episodes where Gordon’s playground gangs runs into the Bigger Boys and Gordon get roughed up a little…

      Someone please rewrite Just William for the 21st century.


  37. 100
    The Archbishop of Canterbury says:

    Holy Mary! So Mandelscum finds the truth offensive. No surprise then.


    • 120
      Bob the Builder says:

      But Mandelscum is a self-appointed Archbishop…ordained by William Hague as well…

      Didn’t you know you old Druid…??!


    • 123
      The Chief Rabbi says:


      And shave ioff that awful beard for a start please…


      • 130
        barefootcontessa says:

        Always liked a large well waxed moustache myself a la monsieur Poirot. Mandy had a small scrubby one once that was a la Mr. B. Aintworthalot Ainsworth that is a la herr orrible hitler.


    • 173
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      The word ‘truth’ is obviously missing from Little Lord Fondlebums dictionary


  38. 107
    Has anyone see Mike Hunt says:

    If it looks like a duck , walk likes a duck and sounds like a duck it must be a


  39. 112
    what happened to the 'Hurricane Season"? says:

    Global Warming a lie? You mean paying the politicians, big business and scientists trillions for carbon taxes was all a scam? When does the lynching start?


    • 164
      Arsely says:

      Only when enough people wear tinfoil hats.


    • 174
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      I’ll believe global warming when thousands of pensioners start dying each year of heat stroke


    • 178

      Of course it was a lie.

      These “green” taxes weren’t hypothecated so they’ll just move pollution production to less efficient areas of the economy.

      Green-taxes will RAISE pollution by lowering the efficiency of the economy.


    • 209
      Sir William Waad says:

      Anthropogenic global warming was not really a lie, more of an exaggeration. It was a quite good but incomplete theory based on dodgy data and creative computer modelling. Everyone had to pretend it was a tried-and-tested idea when really it was a rather wild speculation. Unfortunately it has diverted attention from the serious problem of husbanding and replacing dwindling supplies of fossil fuels, land, minerals and practically everything.


    • 220
      Anonymous says:

      After the dire washout of a summer we’ve just had we should be “actively seeking” global warming in this country.


      • 224
        Arsely says:

        bad weather, summer after summer, is down to where the jet stream winds are.

        When they’re further south than usual, you get more frontal systems etc. rather than slow moving high pressures that almost always lead to nice weather. High temperature and active weather fronts make for very strange weather indeed.

        And I’ve never heard anyone link the position of the jetstream to global warming.


  40. 118
    McGroom says:

    Gordon Brown caught lying agian.

    Gordon Brown is staring at the Megrahi story unravelling, Darling warning of a “double dip” reccession, Germany leading a G20 group this weekend to say increased spending is irresponsible, the Afghan mess, relations with the US at an all time low, the UK about to have its credit downgraded by the rating agencies with a resulting collapse in sterling, young jobless NEET’s (not in education, employment or training) is growing, the NHS in disarray, crime and disorder getting worse, education farcical, immigration out of control and a party conference looming.

    As he realises he has actually done massive damage to this country and is not up to the job, he may have a nervous breakdown.

    What odds are bookies giving for Brown resigning for “health reasons” before the end of the year.

    God please help us if that delivers us into the hands of Mandelson


    • 133
      It's not going to happen says:

      “God please help us if that delivers us into the hands of Mandelson”

      1. Mandelson is not liked by the majority of the Labour Party and for him to stand as leader so near to an election would split the party
      BUT more to the point

      2. Mandelson is a peer and no Prime Minister in modern times has been a peer and whilst legally a peer can be PM it is unlikely the opposition parties would stand for it or the Queen appoint him Mandelson is a life peer and unless legislation is passed he cannot renounce his life peerage

      3. Supposing legislation is on the statute books allowing him to do so – he would first have to find a “safe” Parliamentary seat(pre-supposing anyone would willingly vacate one;fight a by election(can you imagaine the opposition parties assault on him)win it and then get elected to the leadership.

      ALL this by May 2010. Mandelson will never be PM nor Leader of the party. He has too many enemies and too many people waiting to even scores with him should he EVER attempt it


      • 150
        South of the M4 says:

        Good summary……. but you work on the principle that this government will abide by previously accepted protocols……………. just a thought.


      • 228
        Roger Daley says:

        2. Mandelson is a peer

        Is that “peer” with a silent q ?


    • 136
      barefootcontessa says:

      Never, never, never, never, never!……….(Shakespeare).


  41. 124
    Bitch on Bitch says:

    Gordon slapping Harriet down at yesterday’s cabinet away day.


    • 132
      chronic says:

      Bitch you have got the wrong bitch, its the other bitch Tessa Jowell.


      • 135
        Bitch on Bitch says:

        Sorry, New labour bitches all look the same.


      • 139
        Anonymous says:

        Ah – yes- Tessa the one who has a travellers camp next door to her house in Shipston.

        I predict that Tessa will do well under the next government continuing in some role with the 2010 Olympics Committee as Dave thinks she’s one Labour Minister who is basically a “good egg”(politics apart) – as the Rt Hon Baroness Jowell of Shipston perhaps


  42. 142
    Anonymous says:

    The curse of Jonah strikes again. This from last week’s propertyweek


    By Aditi Shah

    The disappearance of Canton Property Investment’s chairman and an estimated £800m in loans have led to China’s biggest banking crisis

    Among the more than 70 overseas property companies that listed in the boom years on London’s junior AIM stock market, Canton Property Investment appeared to be one of the most respectable.

    It had a portfolio of assets worth RMB6.5bn (£578m) in China’s fastest-growing city, Guangzhou (formerly Canton). The former lord mayor of London, Sir David Brewer, endorsed the company by taking a position as a non-executive director on its board. And it was visited by prime minister Gordon Brown during his trip to Beijing in January 2008.


  43. 149
    A vile, mendacious, micro-managing control freak, says:

    As a Champion of Equality, Diversity and all that crap, I have to say that I and my people can :



  44. 157
    Democracy my AZ says:

    We get one measly vote every four or five years, they call it Democracy and we send the cream of our youth to the filthiest places of the world to fight and die for it.

    Democracy in Britain? I don’t think so, not when unelected scum like Brown and Mandleson rise to the top.

    We fought two world wars for peace and justice but after 65 years have now become both a laughing stock and a pariah of the world through the duplicitous double dealings of this Labour government. We have become a tin pot little dictatorship frightened to speak out against the loss of our freedoms.

    I am absolutely ashamed of my country and where is Dave? Getting a tan? The best he can seem to ever do is the occaisional interview in the street with a few glib sound bites chucked in for good measure. His policy is to wait, don’t rock the boat, in less than a year I will be PM.

    Sorry but it’s NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    “ACTION THIS DAY” said the great man Churchill.

    Come on Dave shout it out BROWN AND LABOUR HAVE GOT TO GO ……NOW.


    • 169
      old rockape says:

      Very well said Sir.


    • 189
      AnonyMousse says:

      I agree entirely.

      The so called democracy in the UK is a sham and has been for a very very long time. I can’t wait to hear Gordon Brown again try to justify the unjustifiable. he will go on about how it’s in our interests to kill Afghans, British soldiers in deed anyone to stop them coming to our wonderful little country and exploding bombs here. What a shite faced bastard he is. Actually I can’t stand listening to him anymore, I’m looking forward to the day when he is gone forever, and it can’t come soon enough.

      What we need in this country is a total and radical expunging of the current order of things. The establishment hold all the power, all the keys to doors and all the agenda. The people have nothing except to fight amongst themselves for the scraps. This is not good enough anymore. We should make our stand and get rid of the lot of them NOW


      • 214
        Engineer says:

        I share the disgust at the present administration, but think that destroying the whole mechanism of government would be unwise. There has been, over about 30 years, an agglomeration of control by Whitehall, and now much handed to Brussels. The Conservatives – who seem likely to win power in the next election – have made positive noises about returning power to local councils, though I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if words translate into action. The EU problem is another matter; all the major parties seem wedded to the EU, though the Tories waver closest to the apparent sentiment of the majority of the electorate to curb or cut Britain’s links with the EU.

        “The Establishment” is just whoever is in power at the moment – currently Labour. Vote them out, and “the establishment” will be changed. But whatever we do, we’ll always have an “establishment” of sorts – somebody has to lead and take decisions. The alternatives are either dictatorship of some sort, or anarchy. We’ve spent 800 years dismantling the first, and nobody wants the second.

        What power does the ordinary person have? More than you might think – you’ve just exercised some by posting on an influential political blog. Make no mistake – the political parties read Guido’s blog, and Labour in particular fear it. That’s why they send trolls to disrupt it and try to smear Guido. But it’s still here, and it’s your chance to tell the politicos what you think. I like that. Thanks, Guido.


    • 190
      The Admiral says:

      Yes this is appalling. In my memory no PM has clung to power against the obvious wishes of such a truly huge majority. It is unbelieveable. In earlier times with what was a National crisis there was a realisation that something extraordinary had to be done. Then it was a coalition. Now we have the bunker.

      Again, utterly unbelieveable.

      There again, if you were DC would you really want the job just now?

      If it was me, I’d ask HM to take over for a bit……


    • 197
      Toryboy says:

      I urge DC to play it carefully and not to lose it – the majority of voting people know GB’s got to go – don’t they?

      But you’re right DC must be bolder!


  45. 176
  46. 186
    Saudi Egg says:

    Is Mandelstone organising a military coup?


  47. 191
    Truth Seeker says:

    Labourite=Piece of Shite


  48. 194
    Eileen Critchley says:

    As is the norm in Bullshit Britain – anything goes!


  49. 195
    The Ship's Boy says:

    Not on my watch, I hope.


  50. 196
    A vile, mendacious, micro-managing control freak, adding an afterthought, says:

    It was’nae ma fult ye un’stan’


  51. 198
    Has anyone see Mike Hunt says:

    In the last few weeks we have had the goverment double dealing for the relese of a terrorist, Our defence minsters team smearing the head of the Troops , I have one question to Mr Brown , Where is your moral compass?


  52. 199
    Gorgon's Grooming Guru says:

    Peter has organised free prostrate massage sessions at his boutique for all who take up the mantra

    “We Love Noo_Lie_Bore”


  53. 203
    Ministry of Destruction says:

    German called in airstrike by Yank bombers incinerates 100 Afghanis in Kundus this morning and maims hundreds of others. If the Germans still have the capacity for turned stomachs at their loss of humanity, unlike a sizeable proportion of Brits, expect demands of Merkel & co. in the run up to the German general election to get German forces out of Afghanistan, leaving the US & UK to bomb on in the ‘coalition of the willing’.


  54. 210
    Mandlesonisalyingtwat says:

    Better news from Ireland..
    Not related to the Lockerbie bomber but certainly related to the future of the UK. Surely the Irish have seen the irony of celebrating freedon from Britain whilst welcoming rule from Brussels?


  55. 215
    Sir William Waad says:

    Let’s look on the bright side. The Americans have already forgotten what they were cross about, Megrahi will soon pop his clogs, we will have a nice inflow of oil and profit and the Broon Supremacy have become even less popular. I call that a win. We don’t have to be so sentimental about a few deaths – none of them were of media stars or senior politicians anyway – or worry about silly abstractions like ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.


  56. 230
    toddy357 says:

    history repeats its self.


  57. 231
    toddy357 says:

    different country different time line same MO.back to the 50s


  58. 234
    smilie in your stout says:

    This story underlines for the hundredth time the need for us to develop energy independence so we can live as a dignified people according to our values and without hypocritically kow-towing to dictators around the world.

    Solar, wind, wave, hydro, bio mass, electric cars. Whatever it takes, let’s do it.

    Don’t be fooled by the “British” in BP either. It’s an international company. Its interests are not (necessarily) our interests.


  59. 235

    […] it away. Bill Cameron also takes Gordon Brown to task for his role in the unfolding debacle whilst Guido is all over this […]


  60. 236
    Cream Puff says:

    Actually it all started in the desert with that greasy creep Blair’s meeting in a tent, signing up to the prisoner exchange. When it was pointed out at THAT time that the only Libyan prisoner that the UK was Al Magrahi, there was large scale Labour mumbling but no clear response. It was further pointe out at the time that greasy Blair could NOT make deals involving prisoners in Scotland as it is a seperate legal system, typically there was suggestions that Westmidden could do what ever it felt like. Remember this was around the time of the meeting of two despots in the desert. Even suggestions of the London MET riding 7th cavalry style into Scotland to spring the sole Libyan and that Strathclydes finest would have to accept that.
    Anyway water under the bridge, the sands of time etc.As it turned out the sole prisoner is dying and interwoven in Scots Law is release on compassion regardless. But as ever the greasers that are the Labour party in London are still mincing their way through deals that they cant actually do as they really have no say. Butthen thats Labour for you under the new fuhrer thats Brown


  61. 237

    […] not only completely wrong to make such a suggestion it’s also quite offensive” – looks like we were not wrong, but it was morally […]


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