August 20th, 2009

Not So Silly

dannat_v_jonesKevan Jones is spinning rather weakly that “It is obviously the ‘silly season’ in the blogosphere” as broadcasters and the dead tree press today follow Guido in naming him as being at the centre of the smearing and briefing against General Dannatt.

If it was just sillyness, why did his boss the defence secretary, Bob Ainsworth, issue a formal warning to him not to brief against Dannatt?  Was he being silly?


  1. 1
    For Valour says:

    Kevan is a slimy little shit. Someone should put a bullet through his head.


  2. 2
    Hail Hail to the BBC says:

    Looks like HMG and its BBC is turning the story against the Blogosphere, in particular one Guido Fawkes


    • 14
      Budgie says:

      I am not surprised by the BBC anymore, it is just the ZaNu faction at prayer.


      • 19
        Gordon Brown loves Gaddafi more than the head of the British Army says:

        They do not understand that trying to Smear the head of the British Army just because he stands up to the politicians on behalf of his troops, is actually an attempt to smear all of the armed forces by this lickspittle junior minister.

        At the very least he should resign but as he is a man without courage or honour he has no sword to fall on.


        • 35
          Peter Mandelson, Godess of All She Purveys says:

          He can fall on mine


        • 81
          Greychatter says:

          There is not one Labour Minister with any Honour or Courage, not one, that I remember, of this lot over the whole 12 years has resigned.

          There are some good Labour MPs but they keep in the background.

          The “voters” are the sword of Damocles over the heads of the whole Labour movement


    • 17

      Silly is a silly word


  3. 3
    Grex. says:

    If it’s the silly season in the blogosphere, it’s the Asshole Dynasty in the MoD.


  4. 4
    Trough Mixture says:

    Ainsworth has always been silly. Jones has substantially overstepped the mark with public, serving and retired military. He’d be wise to mind how he goes and go now.


  5. 5
    Right Bastard says:

    Bob Ainsworth issuing anti-briefing warnings? Figure of moral rectitude?

    You’re having a laugh.


    • 21
      Hugh Janus says:

      Staggering, isn’t it? A minister has to issue an anti-smear warning. Just goes to show that the standard procedure for NuLiebour is to smear unless otherwise instructed.


    • 29
      nell says:

      Well RB I think we on the ‘silly’ blogosphere are having the last laugh.

      I said yesterday that brainless kevan is an Utter! Utter! Twit! for thinking that ,hated reviled labour could successfully smear the much respected, and publicly supported General Sir Richard Dannatt.

      As for trying to smear him over entertainment expenses legitimately incurred in the course of his job – well I for one hope this recipient of the Military Cross who has given 40 years faithfull service to his country, entertained his guests right royally.

      I see brainless kevan maxed out his own expenses paid for by us the taxpayer. You are indeed silly kevan.


  6. 6
    Sir William Waad says:

    Time was when Labour knew how to get the media eating out of its hand, swallowing whatever rubbish it had to hand out. Now only the Beeb remains faithful.

    Little Kevan has no friends now. The public will dislike him for attempting the smear and Gordon will throw the Nokia at him for being found out.


  7. 7
    Page 3 says:

    get your tits out Kevan


  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    “Was he being silly” No he was offering to pay for the goods once caught by the store detectve !


  9. 9
    ben dover says:

    labour scum while our troops are dying , and the families worried , this bob and kev are scum SCUM


  10. 11
    Trough Mixture says:

    This will evaporate your piss…,-50k-For-Clerks_18641.html?category=all

    “Civil servants sent to work in Afghanistan are being paid bonuses TWENTY times more than front-line troops.

    The pen-pushers are kept safe in plush air-conditioned offices well away from the fighting.

    But they pocket up to £8,250 a month extra while troops risking their lives get a mere £397 allowance.

    The scandal was revealed as three more soldiers were killed taking the total death toll to 199.

    The bumper bonuses mean that fatcat bureaucrats can earn up to £50,000 on top of their salaries over a six-month spell in Afghanistan – “


    • 13
      ben dover says:

      i refer you to my comment no 9


    • 22
      Observer says:

      “The bumper bonuses mean that fatcat bureaucrats can earn up to £50,000 on top of their salaries over a six-month spell in Afghanistan – “

      These parasites “earn” fuck all. Only the soldiers earn their pay. These fat-cat-shits merely get paid – big difference. No effort on their part is required. Just a craven greed for self-enrichment and a complete lack of moral values.


    • 76
      pissed off pensioner says:

      HELLMAND 2009

      The air is thick with dust and flame, who started this? Who is to blame?
      Shells and rockets rake the field yet neither side is like to yield
      There’s no retreat, no going back, just blindly forward in attack
      Men are wounded. Men lose limbs. And those who die we praise with hymns
      Or stand to hear the lesson read, yet nothings changed, THESE MEN ARE DEAD

      We strive to bring their bodies back in boxes draped in union jack
      They’ve paid the price and given all but their pay is stopped from when they fall
      These fathers’ lovers’ brothers sons have fallen to each other’s guns
      Do politicians really care, they might if they were fighting there
      They praise all those who serve our nation yet try to cut their compensation

      It’s never those whom nations lead get stuck in hell to die or bleed
      They just cajole our sons and brothers to go to war and murder others
      Both sides’ young men fall for the trick. Greed, religion, politic
      That foreign Johnny turban clad is really just an Afghan lad
      Who with religious hatred filled joined the fray was quickly killed

      Likewise the lad in kaki gear is just a lad from over here.
      Courageous, patriotic, smart he volunteers to play his part
      He leaves behind his child and wife and goes abroad to lose his life
      The Commons reads his name aloud saying that we should be proud
      Should we be proud when we’re to blame



    • 113
      Thats News says:

      That’s… words fail me.


    • 135
      Stalins Organ says:

      Plus the troops pay tax on their meagre pay, apart from buying their own essential equipment of course!


  11. 12
    Man on the Clapham omnibus says:

    London: Labour was accused of organising a smear campaign against army chief General Sir Richard Dannatt yesterday as he again pleaded for more equipment for the Afghanistan war.

    It has gone global. What a mess!


    • 61
      Mr Trellis says:

      Wait till they finally realise that the country is bust and can’t keep paying for an army. Wait till the ammunition runs out. And the soldirs don’t get paid.

      Tax receipts in July collapsed because no-one is making any profit.

      No wonder Mervyn wanted to print another £75 billion in crisp new readies so he could buy more of Gordon’s IOU’s.

      Now that IS a mess!


  12. 15
    A firm pair of breasts says:

    Kevan is a lemon. Fahct!


  13. 16
    ben dover says:

    shall we start a twiter craze “wedontsmearour troops “


  14. 18
    Eyam Gullible (a typical rare breed of NuLab supporter) says:

    If it was just sillyness, why did his boss the defence secretary, Bob Ainsworth, issue a formal warning to him not to brief against Dannatt?

    It’s simple really. Ainsworth told him not to brief against Dannat so he couldn’t possibly have done so.

    By the way, I’m 60 and still believe in Santa Clause


    • 37
      BBC t/a TV Licensing says:

      Your payment is overdue and we’ll send our goons round to kick your door in unless you pay up pronto, you ghastly little pleb.


  15. 20
    Hadaway and Shite, Solicitors, Newcastle upon Tyne says:

    Look, go easy on Kevan or he’ll end up back on Newcastle City Council and to be quite honest we were glad to be rid of the slimy turd. He’s far too interested in musical theatre and an expert on soft furnishings as well (nudge nudge wink wink)


  16. 23
    Observer says:

    97.5% A level success rate! Our kids are getting cleverer and cleverer and better and better educated as the years go by! Who said Labour’s fucking useless?


    • 28
      It's all Balls says:

      I get totally so fed up by old fogies rubbishing our success. Not only did 97.5% pass, 60% got grade A’s and the other 53% got B’s and C’s and the remaining 22.5% will resit and pass next time I bet.

      I should know – I got an A* in A level Maths.


      • 38
        Observer says:

        I foresee a promising future awaiting you working for the UK Treasury.


      • 41
        Voting Floater says:

        A spoof, I hope. Fervently hope.

        Oh Gawd, who will wipe away my dribble when I’m in my dotage? Some fat woman from Ghana who spik no Inglish?


        • 50
          RobC says:

          Whilst our graduates are given a seven year seminar at the Country’s expense on which end of a broom to use when sweeping up if the job has not already been filled by a one legged romanian ex roof tiler.


        • 129
          Romanian Roof-Repairer says:

          VF, you won’t reach your dotage because you’ll probably be murdered by a Somalian “asylum seeker” who can’t spik no inglish either.


    • 42
      Sir William Waad says:

      It’s a shame for talented and hard-working young people. Their achievements are devalued as a result of the decision to inflate GSCEs and A-Levels.


    • 44
      Clearing says:

      I won’t dispute that – although if you keep taking modules until you achieve a higher mark at AS level then inevitably it feeds through to the A Level result

      However – some kids are then encouraged to go on to university; a significant number of who will drop out in their first year and some will study “mickey mouse” degrees at the “newer Universities” – get a degree and then find that they are saddled with £20k plus debt and that employers don’t actually regard them as worthy of “graduate salaries” and that they can’t get a “graduate” job and end up where they would have been if they had gone straight to work with A levels*

      * We’ll ignore the special factor this year of additional students applying because there are no jobs and they want to defer the job process for 3 years in the hope things have picked up. Unfortunately this year there are approx 70,000 more applicants than funded UK vacancies so a lot of dis-appointed applicants this year I’m afraid


      • 66
        McClown and McBust says:

        I told you before – no more boom and bust.

        It doesn’t apply to GCSEs and A-levels any more than it applied to housing. Who said it was just another bubble? Kevan?


    • 78
      It's all Balls says:

      I know this isn’t really the forum for a serious discussion but here goes. Our politicians have failed our young people. Instead of educating them to think and explore around subjects and build their knowledge base they have been used like so much stock-in-trade as a source of education tractor stats and taught how to pass exams; which doesn’t necessarily mean understand the subject. Exams where the pass mark has lowered year on year to mask the mess made of educating them.

      Our youngsters aren’t thick – they have bright enquiring minds which we have allowed our politicians to dull with formulaic teaching. How many of you employ youngsters and how many of you are dismayed by their inability to think for themselves and having to be constantly led?

      We ought to be ashamed of ourselves for standing idly by while this happens. The only kids who have escaped this farce are those with parents rich enough to provide them with an alternative education.


      • 107
        Ever Vigilant says:

        So ? Stop the rich kids from getting an alternative education ?

        I realise that you did not actually say that but why use the fact of alternative education in your serious discussion ?

        Ulterior motive ?


      • 130
        Slum Landlords says:

        No point in state sector schooling at all. These kids might end up with 7 A* passes, but that’s not worth a shit and we all know it. It’s a long-running con trick. But hey, since the only jobs there will be for the next 10 years involve flipping burgers or tossing pizzas, the government’s mendacity hasn’t for once disadvantaged anyone!


    • 112
      Anonymous says:

      Ask yourself, wouldn’t such dramatic improvements in academic standards have the rest of the world rushing to these shores to see how it was done? Wouldn’t educationalists from around the globe want to see for themselves the ‘British Education Miracle’?

      The fact that that no one out side of Britain is interested in these supposed academic improvements speaks volumes.


  17. 24

    Thursday 20th August. Polling day in Afghanistan. All foreign troops toldto stay away from polling centres – as they could incite the locals to violence – it would also stop the local warlords from corrupting the vote and the taliban from chopping off ink-stained fingers.. Our role in Afghanistan is over, pull out all the troops and use them to re-inforce our own home security, being an island does have its advantages and a few thousand armed troops patrolling our coastline, ports and airports must be to our advantage.
    PS Kavan Jones… so last year, heading towards a P45…


  18. 26
    ben dover says:

    good day to bury bad news ?


  19. 27
    Steve Expat says:

    204 brave people dead now. Let’s pray for a successful election day today in Afghanistan.


    • 33
      A Pensioner says:

      Success for whom? Do women get a vote?


      • 39
        Anonymous says:

        Yes they (women) do. Every man in Afghanistan has all is wive(s) registered and ‘advises’ them how to cast their vote(s)………


    • 34
      Anonymous says:

      The result’s in already Steve – Karzai re-elected and “Democracy lives!”

      However whatever you do don’t report events to the Afghani population it might frighten them off


    • 43
      Wag the Dog says:

      What has ‘a successful election day in Afghanistan’ go to do with UK, ordinary British people?

      Granted, plenty to do with weapons companies, drug dealers, oil/natural gas profiteers, psychopathic scum generally, but what the fuck with Britain? You’re be led by the nose.

      If UK was a near-normal society not an Orwellian, black-is-white hellhole ordinary people would have more concern over ‘election day’ in say Germany next month, which will largely determine economic outlook for 300m souls in predominant part of Europe and its large affect on Britain. But not a word in Britain’s press. BBC sends reporters to Afghan for a week to ostensibly cover elections but obviously to rabble-rouse for the War Party and staunch loss of support for the War of Terror and of course cynically spout ‘Support Our Boys’ at every turn. Wake up man, you’re being played for a sap.


      • 57
        Steve Expat says:

        It’s got a lot to do with several thousand Brits changed with keeping things in order there. Not disputing that the German election next month is big though, but hopefully there’s no chance of people being killed there…


        • 70
          We're fighting for Afghan Rape Laws says:

          “Order” being to keep safe one of the most corrupt regimes on earth as well as the assorted war criminal warlord narco-trafickers who line President Karzais pockets. Business as usual then.


  20. 31
    Alexander Selkirk says:

    What a way to run a War ! Never has the WW1 phrase “Lions led by Donkeys!” been truer.

    Doesn’t the government realise that indulging in their usual slimy Labour low-trcks simply destroys any authority that they have left for convincing the British public that the War in Afghanistan is worthwhile and that we should keep our troops there ?

    Obviously not judging by their alleged actions. Not only are those indulging in this “sillyness” not fit to wipe Gen Dannatt’s Boots but they are destroying any creditability left that they actually know what they’re about in Afghanistan.
    Meanwhile they and their tame “hacks” in the BBC blame the messenger and the blogosphere rather than the chief architect for this scurilous attack – Brown


  21. 32
    ben dover says:

    this is the worst goverment since hitler


    • 40
      It's all Balls says:

      Even worse than that – the trains don’t run on time here


    • 53
      A Pensioner says:

      Ben, lest we forget (and no I’m not a Nazi):

      1 Hitler faught in WW1 with distinction
      2 He was elected by a democratic Germany
      3 He gave Germany back its mojo after WW1 and economic devastation
      4 He almost conquered the world
      5 History is written by the winners – Dresden/Hiroshima etc would have had a different write-up if we had lost

      Compare Zanu and Gorgon?

      BTW my old man fought the hun for 6 years in N Africa and through Europe, ending the war in Lvov. In the Wilson/Heath era he was very clear that he and his mates faught on the wrong side. If he was alive today he would be frothing.


      • 59
        ben dover says:

        fair play pensioner

        point 4 shoudlnt that be europe


      • 132
        Itinerant says:

        The situation in Britain right now (and even more so next year) is very similar to the old Weimar Republic of the 1930s. It was an era of extreme decadence; libertinism in extremis. There were over 200 homosexual bars in Berlin alone – more than any other city on earth. Added to which the lingering economic trauma from the 1920s and the corrupt officials; it’s increasingly a mirror of contemporary British society – and we all know what that tends to breed.

        As for Dresden, that was the most dreadful event of the entire 2nd World War. Just gut-wrenching destruction. I visited the city some 12 years ago; what little architecture that survived Butcher Harris’s onslaught was beyond words; just breathtaking. The city before the carpet bombing must have been THE most outstandingly beautiful in the world bar none.


        • 142
          Itinerant is a tw*t says:

          You seem to have forgotten this was a total war started by hitler, it was only going to end one way ! Dresden was just another city in the way like all the rest and if at that time you had been in a bomber crew you would have gone like all the rest, it was a fecking world war not a political scrum over oil/drug trade !.


      • 134
        irate says:


        Hitler did NOT fight with distinction in WW1 or anywhere else.
        Hitler was NOT elected by a democratic Germany.
        Hitler did NOT give Germany back it’s “mojo” at any time.
        Hitler did NOT almost conquer the world.

        History is written by historians.

        I can’t believe it has taken from 10.54 to 17.05 for someone to reply to this post.


        • 145
          Student says:

          Hitler did fight during ww1 as the photographs and records prove.

          Hitler was elected by a democratic Germany and with Hinderburgs full blessing

          Hitler had record attendance to his rallies as watching the breath taking crowds any archive footage with your own eyes can see for themselves before even looking up the other historic records.

          Hitler was doing well with his allies in conquering the world till a stream of bad decisions and good fortune on the USA entering after raping us through lend lease and other agreements and allies side turned the tides.

          History is written by humans which means it’s flawed from the onset.

          I can’t believe an oxygen theif like you would waste your time writing a pile of shit and lies, in an attempt to put up a reply to said post.


        • 151
          Augeas says:

          Well, student, you are a prime example of dumbing down in education. You can’t spell, punctuate, or argue. Start by spelling “thief” and “Hindenburg” correctly 10 times. Then take the following sentence and put verbs, nouns and puncuation marks in the appropriate places:
          “Hitler had record attendance to his rallies as watching the breath taking crowds any archive footage with your own eyes can see for themselves before even looking up the other historic records”
          Then go and read almost any book on the history of the second world war, other than those written by David Irving. Then read another one. After that you may have learned how to write, and you might even pick up some history along the way.
          Some simple facts about Hitler:
          He and his henchmen had 6 million people killed because of their race, sexual orientation or political beliefs. He was losing the war in North Africa before the US became involved, and he did not have the resources to defeat Russia.
          And pensioner, what a shame your dad didn’t desert and go fight for the Nazis. We would have been saved your fascist drivel on here.


        • 152
          Augeas says:

          Well, student, you are a prime example of dumbing down in education. You can’t spell, punctuate, or argue. Start by spelling “thief” and “Hindenburg” correctly 10 times. Then take the following sentence and put verbs, nouns and puncuation marks in the appropriate places:
          “Hitler had record attendance to his rallies as watching the breath taking crowds any archive footage with your own eyes can see for themselves before even looking up the other historic records”
          Then go and read almost any book on the history of the second world war, other than those written by David Irving. Then read another one. After that you may have learned how to write, and you might even pick up some history along the way.


    • 84
      half morf says:

      Study some fucking History before you embarrass yourselves further trying to compare an incompetent fuckwit like Brown with a genocidal maniac like Hitler.

      Worse than Hitler ??? Jesus Christ ! Are you morons working for FOX News or did you always have to use a flashlight to find your own arsehole ?

      You cheapen the deaths of tens of millions with your twatty kneejerk ignorance

      Look up the Holocaust you little pissmonkeys

      Or are you a pair of Brown and Mandelscums little minions sent in here to do damage with ludicrous over the top nutjob statements ?


      • 99
        Uncle Joe says:

        piss off arsehole. I’m the reigning genocide champion. Monkeys like you spout shite. My little matter of, along with my fellow mass-murderers and torturers, Lenin, Trotsky, Beria…, reducing the pre-Bolshevik Russian population by 100 million barely gets a mention.


        • 120
          half morf says:

          was Hitler a genocidal maniac or not moron ?

          stalin was never mentioned nor was irrelevant relative genocidal numbers

          they were talking about Hitler you fucking Nazi apologist shitmaggot


        • 137
          Itinerant says:

          Hitler was a saint compared to Stalin. Whatever people say about old Adolf, at least he didn’t set about to deliberately kill millions of people; the deaths he was responsible for were necessary in the main (from his point of view I mean). Stalin, on the other hand, set about systematically starving his own people to death. How many died unnecessarily in the winter of 1933/34? 22 million? They were purposely exterminated out of sheer malice alone. No strategic reasons at all. Pure evil. I’m referring to the Kulaks of course, for whom Stalin had a particularly sadistic streak. He ordered his soldiers to shoot anyone trying to dick up a dead horse to eat. Starving Kulaks laid in the streets at the point of death with maggots crawling out of open wounds. A lot worse besides, but it’s depressing to dwell on. Suffice it to say that no one’s ever going to be able to convince me that Hitler was the worst of the two. Hitler was misguided, certainly, but at least (unlike Uncle Joe) he meant well and was only doing what he fervently believed was the very best by his people.


        • 144
          irate says:

          137: “Whatever people say about old Adolf, at least he didn’t set about to deliberately kill millions of people; the deaths he was responsible for were necessary in the main (from his point of view I mean).”

          Presumably you are one of the beneficiaries of Labour’s education system?

          A* in history was it?


        • 146
          Student says:

          And yet the labour lick spittles refuse to condemn Mao and Stalins genocides.


          Hitler = 6 million+

          Stalin + Mao = 100 million+

          Hitler was small fry.

          But the labour luvvies don’t like the truth get in the way of a good yarn especially when most of them have posters of Stalin or Mao in their bedrooms they wank over.


        • 147
          Student says:

          Next they’ll be telling us how great Che and Castro where without mentioning the fact they butchered thousands for being ‘capitalist pigs’ yes thousands of farmers that refused to give over their only possesions and ways of making a living i.e they’re farms to the state.

          Not to mention shooting thousands of police and solidiers who didn’t even fight against the revolutionary forces because they agreed that Batista was corrupt. Shot merely because the communists wanted to prove a point.

          So lose everything by giving it to the state or get a bullet in your head and called a capitalist pig if you don’t or if the state doesn’t like you or wants to highlight it has supreme control over you.

          Communist business deals 101.


        • 154
          Khmer Rouge says:

          Pol pot wuz a very nice man ….. ‘ee wuz jus misunterstood….innit … ‘ee so wanted to contribute to the dome for one of those nice purpley books mandy wuz giving out.
          nu labour
          nu council house
          nu identity ……plus benefits
          But it was not to be.


      • 153
        Augeas says:

        This is utterly fucking stupid. “My mass murderer is nicer than your mass murderer”. They were all totalitarian, genocidal psychopaths. My impression is that Hitler was probably madder, while Mao and Stalin were closer to pure evil, which is why they both had the sense to avoid declaring war on the whole planet, enabling them to rack up a bigger score of murders than Hitler.


  22. 45
    A firm pair of breasts says:

    Kevan’s only impact on this country has resulted in large shops not being able to open on Christmas Day. Says it all really.


  23. 46
    nell says:

    So bob’aintbustingagut’ issues a formal written warning to his minions to stop trying to smear General Dannatt and brainless kevan simply keeps on smearing.

    bungling bob not got much authority over his own department then? Or does this mean that an instruction to keep on smearing was then issued by a higher authority , namely gordon?


  24. 47
    Thats News says:

    Government minister attacks army chief General Sir Richard Dannatt, Lord Alan Sugar attacks Gordon Brown, SBS heroes family’s forced to live in hovels whilst their men risk their lives, ambulances not turning up. Things are looking very poor for Brown and Labour

    And if it was not Kevan, who was it? Bob “Fred Kite” Ainsworth? Or some other useless turdular creature? And what’s this? Alan Sugar turning on Gordon Brown? Hell! This could get very exciting for Gordon!


  25. 48
    54Degrees North says:

    Nice one GF, pity only the NE thinks hes wonderful!
    “When will they ever learn.”


    • 51
      A firm pair of breasts says:

      Never in a month of Sundays.


    • 101
      Groucho says:

      I don’t know anyone who would piss on Jones if he was on fire. Unfortunately here in North Durham, Labour = good Tory = evil, no matter who the candidate is.


  26. 49
    Kevin says:

    I wonder who leaked his name…I smell a Mandelson plot here: get Jones to submit the FOI requests, then sacrifice him publicly after they’ve been submitted to satisfy public outrage, but still get the answers back from the requests and use them to attack the good General.


    • 60
      nell says:

      The information requested was all to do with the General’s legitimate entertainment expenses.

      As I said earlier the General was awarded a Military Cross and has given 40 years loyal service to his country. I don’t think I’m alone in hoping that the General entertained his guests right royally and enjoyed.

      brainless kevan however should be made to pay back all those maxed out expenses he grabbed from us the taxpayer. As for mandy – I think he needs to give an honest answer about how he paid off the mortgage on his £2.2.million London pad.

      People in glass houses ……………….


      • 126
        Can't be bovvered when the sun shines says:

        When I was in, COs and above had a fixed daily entertainments allowance for entertaining military and civillian guests, if they went over this it came out of their own pockets.


  27. 52
    Book depository says:

    I hope Kevan and his entire tribe die a lingering and painful death. Shit like this do not deserve being defended. One round in the back of the neck for this bloated turd – there are plenty of disabled troops ready and willing, so if I were you Kevain or Kevan or whatever fuckwit name you go under, keep looking behind you.


  28. 54
    what a gay day says:

    Any comment on Public Borrowing?

    ‘UK Borrowing Soars on Lower Tax Receipts’

    UK’s War of Terror will be shut down by no cash from bankrupt Blighty.

    Of course Merv Khagan at the Bank of England willl just issue several more £100bn to buy more UK debt to pay for more bombs and bullets, to bring democracy to the ‘gallant, freedom-fighting people of Afghanistan’. What a sick world


    • 80
      A Pretty Straight Kinda Guy says:

      It’s all gone t*ts up again in Iraq – I knew that was a mistake – I told George not to do it – I tried to stop him – Have they found the WMD yet?


    • 139
      Itinerant says:

      We all know the “weapons of mass destruction” claim was a fabrication, and the reasons for going to war in Afghanistan keep changing periodically. But there were three other big scare stories going the rounds in about 1990 in an attempt to ramp up the case for war back then. These were:

      The so-called Iraqi “Super-Gun”
      The so-called Iraqi “Nuclear Triggers”
      The story that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling a substance costing $1m per Kilo called “red mercury” (or RM20-20) which could be used to make briefcase-sized nuclear bombs.

      Can anyone remember if ANY of these exotic weapons were ever discovered in Iraq after the invasion? I’d be really keen to know, but have heard nothing whatsoever since.

      It’s vitally important to establish if our troops are being sent to die in these foreign wars as a result of vile, malicious falsehoods being promoted by our leaders.


  29. 56
    bergen says:

    They are so utterly useless that they cannot even run the type of smear campaign which was their strength properly.

    If these are McTwat’s minions,then no wonder they are on the way out for a long time.


  30. 71
    nell says:

    I do hope that dave has an extensive plan for reforming the biased BBC when he takes over the government next year.

    They really cannot be allowed to continue mouthing labour propaganda ie ‘silly season on the blogosphere’ at our expense. They should either be abolished or privatised.

    Mind the strength of their attack shows that the blogosphere hit its mark, yet again.


    • 97
      Anonymous says:

      As per my post below; I say dave should put the BBC on the terrorist-organisation list when he gets into power; simply ban it overnight.

      Then give a bit more cash to ITN/Channel4 for news/documentaries, and make the license fee either free or just a fiver.

      What the BBC have been doing the last few years is actually far more damaging than conventional terrorism; they’ve been complicit in, and encouraging national economic destruction for the sake of twisted political ideology, and this latest tactic that the BBC is using is the military equivalent of that. The BBC have done more damage to this country by their sick and twisted bias than any terrorist has ever done to the UK.

      Labour should also be banned for the same reasons.

      Creating 2 trillion quid of debt when your leader hasn’t even been elected, and then pissing all over your own military is a fucking disgrace. Labour/BBC should be tried and hanged.


    • 114
      Anonymous says:

      You don’t need an “extensive plan” – just scrap the licence fee, cut it loose and see how it survives !


      • 140
        Grandma B says:

        Excellent idea, but, although the adverts are great for making a cuppa I can’t stand them, however. it could be worth it just to see the BBC running scared.


      • 141
        Abolish the Licence Fee says:

        No! Sorry, but we’ve paid a lot of money into the BBC over the decades and are entitled to a refund. The whole rotten monolith should be broken apart completely and sold off. It has millions of pounds worth of state-of-the-art hi-tech hardware, not to mention buildings in some prime locations worth even more. The proceeds should be returned to the British people in varying amounts depending on how long they and their families have lived in Britian. Longer residents have paid in more, so should get higher divie.


  31. 72
    Groucho says:

    There is no way that Jones would ever resign. He is in the cushiest job of his entire life and he simply does not have the integrity to do the right thing.

    However if he was to be sacked, that would truly make my day. Just think Kevan, all that arselicking over the years, completely in vain!


  32. 73
    H.M.S. Rodney says:

    Have you ever stood in a queue at a bank, the person behind you dumbly stands about an inch from your head, breathing all over you – Labour voters

    Have you ever tried renewing your driving licence,bought a house, bought stamps, milk, dog food and seen the volume of forms to fill out – Labour voters

    Have you seen the people who bang on prison vans at horrible court cases-Labour voters

    Have you seen those fat,vile politicians who by default hate the British Army and say “skill set and team player “a lot – Labour voters

    Please make the nasty horribles go away.


    • 136
      H.M.S. Rodney says:


      I forgot to add,

      People who say “regions” a lot- Labour voters

      People who work in digital camera shops- Labour voters

      Bossy women who sit on parent teacher committees- Labour voters

      People who say”prose” and most bullies- Labour voters

      I’ll get my ship


      • 143
        Itinerant is a tw*t says:

        Well put sir and may i say fantastic name!.


      • 148
        Abolish the Licence Fee says:

        The also tend to be people who enjoy American sit-coms like ‘Friends’ or ‘Cheers’.
        And people who never succeeded at anything at school and left as soon as possible to take a lowly manual job.
        Parents who name their daughters Chantelle, Chardonay, Shakira, Blaze and Britney.
        People who sneer at other people’s achievements and try to knock them down a peg or two.
        People who vandalise other people’s property.
        People who eat fish and chips whilst washing their feet in a bowl of dirty water.
        People who’re quite happy to live in high-rise flats with the wallpaper peeling off the walls, constantly crowing about how they’d never leave because of the great community spirit.
        People who buy National Lottery tickets every single week.
        People who religiously vote for some nobody or another on Big Brother.
        People who put their shoes up on sofas and train seats.
        People who keep aggressive breeds of dogs and smell of shit.
        People who smoke so much their fingers turn yellow and their teeth fall out.
        Those who eat a lot of meat pies, scotch eggs and pork scratchings.
        People who shit on other people’s front step – Labour voters.


  33. 74
    I fucking hate Labour says:

    Can’t believe the MOD doesn’t keep records on the number of soldiers wounded in action. For christ sake it’s a basic manpower availability issue if nothing else. The MOD have got to be lying. I bet any Till Staff Supervisor in Tescos knows exactly how many staff at any one time are off sick.


  34. 77
    ben dover says:

    they tried to smear the tories = failed
    they tried to smear the troops = failed
    whos next ?


    • 83
      nell says:

      the right wing blogosphere.


      • 87
        Anonymous says:

        he means something people actualy care about


        • 90
          nell says:

          free speech?!


        • 149
          Abolish the Licence Fee says:

          Free speech has been under attack for a good couple of decades now. Some of us refuse to be cowed, however. You DO have free speech and the fact that they have tried to put barriers up against the use of it counts for nothing.
          Don’t let these vile scumbags convince you there are some things you should never say; some subjects you should never broach. Don’t fall for it – ever. And warn others.


    • 91
      Anonymous says:

      freddie flintoff?


    • 94
      RavingMad says:

      I thought we were all criminals already?? Guilty until proved innocent.

      Isn’t it about time that the people rose up against these anti-democratic, unprincipled, degenerate bastards???


  35. 85
    Cynic says:

    If its just the silly season when little is going on and the media have to manufacture stories I have an idea.

    Why dont we embed kevan with front line troops in Helmand for say 2 weeks. That may help him gain some perspective. Put a film crew with him and lets watch each day how he gets on.


    • 105
      Talwin says:

      You can be pretty sure that if a politician merely attributes comments to the ‘silly season’ or, more commonly, ‘tittle-tattle’, rather than the much more simple and direct expedient of denying something, they’re lying through their teeth.


  36. 88
    button moon says:

    Typical New Labour career path, Uni, Union, Government arselicker. All money comes from a magic money tree for their deluded socialist pet projects, except when supporting our armed forces and other real stuff like providing value for money in local services, and I could go on etc.


    • 104
      Talwin says:

      For Jones’ Uni read Poly. In my day a Poly was where you went if you didn’t hack it to university level, either because you weren’t bright enough or had been so idle your exam marks were shite. Wonder which applies to Jones.


  37. 89
    CM says:

    I have submitted a FoI request for the disclosure of the name of the person who made the FoI request for Gen. Dannatt’s expenses.

    Will report back if they choose to share the information…


  38. 92
    Anonymous says:

    None of Jones’ “denials” are actually denials, they’re just diversions/obfuscations/misdirections.

    eg he might deny that anyone in the MOD has been trying to smear Dannatt, but he doesn’t deny that anyone else has been trying to do it from labour, or even that he has directly told someone to do it for him.

    It’s just more of the brown-style deniability logic, ie just because he personally hasn’t directly smeared someone with his own pen/mouth, he implies that he’s not guilty; he nevers says that he didn’t get someone else to do it for him, or that he knew about it and allowed it to continue or encouraged it.

    It’s like mandy saying that despite him meeting godaffi’s son last week and talking to him, the fact that the convicted lockerbie terrorist dropped his appeal and then got released a few days afterwards is just a freaky coincidence.

    Nobody believes this kind of labour bullshit apart from the fucking bbc who never ask the right questions to these wankers and who just accept the shite they’re told and then report is as “fact”.

    However, this “silly season” story isn’t going to be quietly dropped, because the public have reached breaking point with these labour bastards who try to destroy the reputation of one of the most respected military commanders with a 40 year history of protecting the public, purely to try and avoid political embarassment and so that they can lie to the electorate about how much additional danger labour have placed the troops in due to labour negligence, arrogance, and sheer spite.

    Labour, and the BBC, are both truly evil organisations and should be put on the terrorism list and banned.


    • 106
      H.M.S. Rodney says:

      Dear Mr. Mous,

      Bonza clart, safeness.

      By the way, do you know of any right of centre BBC broadcasters who could be encouraged by increased listening figures or have you completely given up on the corp.

      The crew and I would be most grateful.


      The Admiral


      • 110
        The BBC says:

        Sorry, Admiral, we’ve given up on you all.

        In fact, we think that the only reason you military bods are there at all is to enforce martial law for us and our glorious leader when we ban elections from 2010 onwards.

        Don’t bother to differentiate between us and Labour; we are one and the same, and we will destroy you if you cross us.


        • 117
          H.M.S. Rodney says:

          Dear Mr.BBC,

          Make ready for big stylee Bamba Gascoigne changes or me and the boys will make ready for sea.

          Yours Conspiratorially,

          The Admiral.

          P.S. That “Now Show” on the cats whisker. The crew always tune in.


  39. 93
    Bottle-fed Triplet says:

    So let me get this straight. Kevan Jones is accused of slagging off General Sir Richard Dannatt.

    Compare the biography of one with the other. A professional army officer of proven bravery, a man of integrity, successful in his career and a committed Christian. Er, isn’t that a fine mix of everything that NuLab lefties hate?

    Kevan, however, seems to have spent his life carrying bags for others and polishing various chairs in committee rooms in a safe haven for Labour.

    Why was it necessary for Kevan to put in his biog. that he was the son of a miner? He never went down the pit. Oh, sorry forgot, he was currying favour with the diehards!

    Final question. Of the two of them, who would you rely on in a difficult situation?


  40. 96
    snark says:

    Things are looking up. Britain leads the world in hairdressers, outreach support workers and lying, toadying government scrotes.

    Not only that, we’ll win the Afghanistan war by next christmas.


  41. 100
    Faye Turney says:

    And fat, chain-smoking, iPod-addicted, away-day ‘able’ semen, wot like me, who put the fear of Allah into the Revolutionary Guard, wot ran away when they saw wot English wimmin are like up close and personal.


    • 108
      Obama is a wanker says:

      Have you seen Muzzie bints? They are the only women where a suicide bomb improves their looks.


  42. 103
    Watt Tyler says:

    Great article, Guido, Re-produced here with reference to your superb site:



  43. 109
    Beorwulf says:

    This foul toad is Minister for Veterans – as one myself I can’t think of a better indication of what this lousy government thinks of servicemen and women.

    Military coup, anyone?


  44. 115
    The Final Word says:

    Well, Guido, Kev says you’re silly so it must be true.


    BTW, how’s his wiki doing?


  45. 116
    kein says:

    isn’t giving comfort to the enemy treasoni hope his voters tell him to do one


  46. 118
    Flemingcrag says:

    Kevan Jones has given a vote of confidence in General Dannatt!!! Now the General should really be worried. A political pygmy like this singing his praises could really harm his future career prospects.
    No wonder General Dannatt prefers the frontline in Afghanistan to being in a committtee room with this lowlife and his fellow Labour conspirators, the front line is the much more preferable place to be.
    Who wants to be knifed in the back by Labour cowards like Brown, Ainsworth and Jones.


    • 122
      Groucho says:

      Jones was always going to back down and try to arse lick and snivel his way back into favour. If he got caught that is. It must be the thought of life outside his current cushy job that did it.

      Back to shuffling papers and making tea at the TUC, eh Kevan?


  47. 127
    Little princess on board says:



  48. 128
    Anonymous says:

    Up here in the North East it’s common knowledge that Kevan’s a puff. General Dannant get your revolver out and shoot the creep.


  49. 133
    Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Only slightly O/T I’m just reading the Memoirs of Col. Stuart Tootal who commanded 3 Para in Afganistan in 2006. On page 30 he writes:

    ‘I was also convinced that the six Chinook troop carrying helicopters and their authorized flying hours that were being made available for the operation were insufficient. As well as hindering operational flexibility, the lack of helicopters would increase risk. It would force greater reliance on vehicles and if we were forced to drive where we should be flying we would be more vulnerable to mines and roadside bombs. The issue was raised up the chain of command…but it fell on deaf ears in the MOD’

    In other words the mission was under equipped from the outset and the first warnings of this were given three years ago


  50. 150
    Tankus says:

    One Chinook has recently crashed (no casualties ) but the airframe had to be destroyed on the ground as it was in unsecured territory .
    One more less , and the other airframes airtime are rapidly being used up .

    “The Ministry of Defence said that in the short term other UK aircraft in the region, and those operated by Nato partners, would be able to cover the “helicopter lift requirement”.@BBC

    Bet the costs will be delayed and dumped on the conservatives. More of Gordons slash and burn .

    “In the medium term, the UK’s joint helicopter command is already planning the replacement of this airframe,” it said. “@BBC

    what ? still planning ? and how long is “medium term “? a decade ?


  51. 155
    Blackburn Raver says:

    Frontline soldiers are doing so many hours that theyre pay doesnt meet minimum pay.I surpose theres a kop out as theyre abroad or maybe fighting isnt classed as working in the insane world of zanu-liebor.


  52. 156
    A firm pair of breasts says:

    If Kevan Jones is involved it’s not the silly season but more sloppy season.


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