July 26th, 2009

Staggering Sillyness from Macintyre

The New Statesman is running an implausible story that relations between Dave and Boris are ‘at breaking point’. Predictably, it’s written by James Macintyre.  Silly season must have started before recess for him.

How can we take seriously anything that comes from James Macintyre? He was already under suspicion of being a willing conduit for Labour spin inventions after he reported – unsourced – a claim that Obama thought Cameron was a “lightweight” – a story that Guido knows to be an invention.  Ask yourself – does young Macintyre really have Whitehouse contacts that would provide him with that kind of insight – if it were genuine?  His journalistic credibity vanished altogether when his email exchanges with Derek Draper were made public in Private Eye. They revealed Macintyre’s desperate disappointment at not becoming a Labour SpAd for Ed Miliband. Wily Draper played his former intimate, young James, like a sucker and “borrowed” several thousand quid from him to boot. Gullible Macintyre remains owed the money.

Macintyre has no Tory contacts at a senior level around Boris or Dave, this will within ten months prove something of a career crippling problem for the political editor of a serious political weekly. In view of Macintyre’s latest spin invention, we can safely assume he’s back on the hunt for a government job.

UPDATE : Boris has publicly called the story piffle. A source not a million miles from Cameron’s office was (via email) scathing about Macintyre after this story went up. Boy Macintyre himself has been in touch to complain that he didn’t claim his source for his “Obama thinks Cameron is a lightweight” story was Whitehouse, it was apparently a “diplomatic source”. It was transparent spin is what it was.


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    Anonymous says:


  2. 2

    I can’t imagine relations between Boris and Dave are all that good though.

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    Rexel 56 says:


    BBC reports:

    Alistair Darling has warned the UK’s banks that he will take action if they are found to be charging small and medium-sized firms too much for loans.

    So let me understand, banks almost bring the economy to collapse by underpricing risk and charging too low a rate of interest on their loans – thus creating a credit fuelled bubble unconstrained by a supine regulator and encouraged by a mendacious Chancellor.

    Obvious solution, threaten them with government action when they try to raise interest rates in order to protect their solvency. Oh, and do this whilst we’re trying to bolster their value in order to flog off the state shareholdings in Lloyds, RBS et al.

    Is it me or does Mr Darling speak with forked tounge?

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    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    There is NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE…I uspected this was going on I now I know it is :-(

  6. 6
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Just shows it would a case of out of the frying pan into the fire but tory hoons just can’t see that :-(

  7. 7
    mitch says:

    Mans a knob end, who in their right mind wants to join a species about to be hunted to extinction.

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    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:


  9. 9
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    but Labour shall be his salvation Amen

  10. 10
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Boris will clean bowl DC for a duck

  11. 11
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Has nell been moded yet?

  12. 12
    huey and dewey says:

    Alec Salmond is a gay boy knob jock.

  13. 13
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Charled E Hardwidge – you Quisling – don’t show our treacherous face here *seriously* fuck offski

  14. 14
    ralphie says:

    Football World Cup Winners 1966 – England.

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    What is it about these lying ‘Mc’ types and the Labour Party?

  16. 16
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    dunno who he is but ALEX Salmond is Scotland’s Hero !

  17. 17
    gerry says:

    I attended the same function as Alec Salmond once, and my gaydar was spinning like Mandy on a bad news day.

  18. 18
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    hold on we’ll just get Bobby Charlton to comment on that – eh Sir Bobby, MBE and Bar ……………………………..slever, sleve, slever.

  19. 19
  20. 20
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Talent that you lack, perhaps? C’mon be honest with yourself!

  21. 21
    huey and dewey says:

    Yeah, well the c is for cυnt.

  22. 22
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:


  23. 23
    benny says:

    Fuck off you jock benefits cheat.

  24. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Do you mean McBride?

  25. 25

    The contradiction of New Labour writ large.
    They rely on the banks to bring in billions in tax revenue.
    Yet the banks need to make a profit.
    Socialists want their supporters to believe that they can get banks to make just a few pence profit a year and treat their customers as if they were operating a charity rather than a business.

    The government is desperate to revive the financial sector as quickly as possible. that’s why Gordo put in no meaningful new regulations, no real changes to the Sweet FSA. He needs those capital gains taxes and needs the housing boom stamp duties to fill his bottomless pockets.

    The financial sector can create money out of nothing.If he and Darling just keep making noises about getting tough, reining back, but actually do nothing at all they can get back some cash back into those empty Treasury coffers in time for the election of 2010. No wonder Gordon loves them so.

  26. 26
    Gordon Albion Brown says:

    McIntyre, Cameron.

    Jaysus, this country’s infested with shitehawk Scotchers.

  27. 27
    Brightonia says:

    James McIntyre has also published a piece on LabourList in which he states that Gordon Brown can win the GE! As Guido says, he is clearly cuddling up to the LP!

  28. 28
    Trough Mixture says:

    Is it an abbreviation of ‘Maniac’? I think entry to the PLP is conditional on such an assessment.

  29. 29
    David Hamish Cameron says:

    Barry Sotero O’bama a heayweight?

    His Mombassa birth certificate says 6lbs 0ozs.

  30. 30
    Brightonia says:

    Dear Guido,

    Could you please tell the morons who trade silly insults courtesy of your blog to bugger off? I thought this was meant to be a respected blog?

    Many thanks,


  31. 31
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Hi TaT – top of the morning to ya.

  32. 32
    Gordon despot Brown says:

    I prefer dirty old Mcs.

  33. 33
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Soon be time for you to go back to school – back to the studying now, c’mon.

  34. 34
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:


  35. 35
    Dippy ness says:

    l8r dudes

  36. 36
    Funambulist says:

    ‘Blamey Jamie’ is further trumpeting his gullibility by leaving hysterical posts at Harry’s Place, trying to defend his indefensible NS colleague Mehdi Hasan, whom HP has outed as a frothing Islamist with predictable views about non-Muslims. McIntyre compounds his idiocy by demanding the thread be removed, making dark threats of legal action and tossing the ‘r’ word around with gay abandon:


    McInytre is a boy who swallows a big bowl of takiyaah for breakfast, then sits up and begs for more.

  37. 37
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Yes, if you like, but he is no more talented than any of the others at the Labour Top Table IMHO.

  38. 38
    Anonymous says:

    But will it get the cash back from Draper?

  39. 39
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    What country – this server operates out of the Good Ol US of A – make yourself clear, willya?

  40. 40
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:


  41. 41
    Trough Mixture says:

    That’ll need an ambush when leaving the post office on family allowance day. Terpsichore is a nice name for a sprog.

  42. 42
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:


  43. 43
    Anonymous says:

    There’s always Plan B to fall back on if that fails – Tax the “MiddleClass Cash Cow although as with all Gordon’s Cunning Plans there is a slight flaw – it pre-supposes that labour wins the election ! Doh !!!


  44. 44
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Dear Bill. If his pockets are bottomless, how can they be filled?

  45. 45
    John Rambo says:

    The film is dedicated to “the gallant people of Afghanistan.”


    How is it that the the freedom-fighting, ‘gallant people of Afghanistan’ are now ‘insurgents’, ‘islamofascists’ and ‘terrorists’, seeking to destroy western civilisation, now that the invaders are British and American and not Russian?

    Will the studios of Hollywood bring out another film dedicated to the ‘gallant people of Afghanistan’ fighting the women and children bombing ISAF invaders? I’m up for it for a 100m bucks.

  46. 46
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    What is it about all lying Mc types?

  47. 47
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    ****************BREAKING NEWS************************
    I would never have guessed it – but Charles E Hardwidge is a plant for GU1D0 – AMAZING!

    REASON? By association, all labour voters are as fucking stoopid and spaced out and non-understandable as the weirdly intellectual George.

    COMPARISON – Tories are (relative to George Hardwidge at any rate) “normal”.


  48. 48
    Anonymous says:

    is that anywhere near Cape Cod?

  49. 49

    Silly season specials.

    Bercow to star as the dormouse in Malice in Westminsterland. A new play by lefty Paul Vogel.

    New Band line up of of Brown, Mandy,Blair, Campbell and Harman to play at Glastonbury next year. The band is called Blur.

    A woman has reported seeing the late Mr Jackson,50, working at a burger van
    on the A30 near Basingstoke. Caroline Flint, 48, unemployed,stopped at the fast food wagon last Thursday for a salad.

    “Imagine my amazement when I saw Elvis Presley, 96, making bacon butties.
    Just behind him was someone the image of Michael sorting cans in a chill cabinet. At first I couldn’t be sure it was him, what with the hygienic face mask and the one latex Food Preparation Glove. But when when he accidentally pressed against a hot grill he let out a trademark ‘Ouch’ and grabbed his genitals, I knew it was him.
    That, and the monkey making coffees at the back really gave the game away.”

    Our star reporter,James McIntyre, visited the scene and questioned the Elvis look-a-like, who denied everything. When Super James pointed to the back and said “What about Bubbles making Lattes back there? ” The red jacketed Mr Jackson double replied..
    “His name isn’t Bubbles and he isn’t a monkey. That’s our drinks maker, Tito.”

    Satisfied, Ace sleuth James McIntyre left the scene.

  50. 50

    Silly season specials.

    Bercow to star as the dormouse in Malice in Westminsterland. A new play by lefty Paul Vogel.

    New Band line up of of Brown, Mandy,Blair, Campbell and Harman to play at Glastonbury next year. The band is called Blur.

    A woman has reported seeing the late Mr Jackson,50, working at a burger van
    on the A30 near Basingstoke. Caroline Flint, 48, unemployed,stopped at the fast food wagon last Thursday for a salad.

    “Imagine my amazement when I saw Elvis Presley, 96, making bacon butties.
    Just behind him was someone the image of Michael sorting cans in a chill cabinet. At first I couldn’t be sure it was him, what with the hygienic face mask and the one latex Food Preparation Glove. But when when he accidentally pressed against a hot grill he let out a trademark ‘Ouch’ and grabbed his genitals, I knew it was him.
    That, and the monkey making coffees at the back really gave the game away.”

    Our star reporter,James McIntyre, visited the scene and questioned the Elvis look-a-like, who denied everything. When Super James pointed to the back and said “What about Bubbles making Lattes back there? ” The red jacketed Mr Jackson double replied..
    “His name isn’t Bubbles and he isn’t a monkey. That’s our drinks maker, Tito.”

    Satisfied, Ace sleuth James McIntyre left the scene.

  51. 51

    But it won’t stop him trying.

  52. 52
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Hollywood is full of “progressive” liberals. Waddya expect – consistancy and historical fact. Look what they did to an everyday story of sheepshagging cattlethieves in “Braveheart” .

  53. 53
    Trough Mixture says:

    Aitken is as big a Hoon as the Hoonfather who showed you how to embed video.

  54. 54
    Sir General Jock Strap says:

    put me down for a cameo

  55. 55
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    hahah- good one Anon – I thought there was something about his question too :-) lol

  56. 56
    streetphotobeing says:

    This one’s been banned from the Beeb so I’m leaving it here .

    Britannia –

    trickle wet trace
    scattered markout time
    blow down gun shot in her hot
    mark me a stop
    scribe up a draw. slip the mark
    end line finger tipped
    slipped and dipped fine bodyline
    one to two, gyro spin toy-tin-in
    just hear that pin
    indivisible left overs, down town
    her hot blown-out-point
    to nothing
    without leaving a remainder
    find me my mark
    hark her find
    tainted stain attainment
    circumscribed sized
    to infinity

  57. 57
    deeznuts says:

    fuck off C UNT

  58. 58

    It’s pretty clear that Labour are creating real solutions to real problems while the Tories are selling a con trick that ordinary people will never profit from. The Tories had no response to the economic crisis and no plan for creating a recovery, and more and more people are beginning to see that.

  59. 59
    The_Vicar says:

    Everything STOPS for Tea….

  60. 60

    If Labour can develop positive consensus and a better appreciation of the short versus long-term, cause and effect mechanisms, and how continuing to develop the “Brown Plan” will create a better alternative then “frustration” and “anger” will give way to happiness and contentment.

    I commented a long time ago that people are angry merely because they are angry. Given a generation of fear and greed, it’s not surprising that people lack the vision and tools to get over themselves, but as we move forward this will change and perspectives will change accordingly.

    As more enlightened political parties, media, and businesses begin to “get it” the entities that don’t make this leap will find themselves in the trailing third of the population as the power dynamic begins to shift. They know this which is why some are kicking and screaming so much.

    The future is innovation and society built for the long-term, and by focusing on developing ordinary peoples success and communities in a lasting way Labour will help secure the general election. Regressive forces will fight this every inch of the way but you can’t fight reality. Give up. Let go.

  61. 61
    Tim Dalton says:

    Same with the Bond film I was in.

  62. 62
    Dick the Prick says:

    No me neither but they are old mates, serious politicians, clever and well mannered chaps and with completely different jobs. If you think of the Brown/Mandleson/Blair menage a trois – these lads just need to get the job done. When BoJo can shout at Oik or Dominic Grieve in private rather than through the bullshit sieve or shitty labour drones then it will be a completely different story.

    Labour – not just shit but rude too.

  63. 63
    The_Vicar says:

    Easy now………

  64. 64

    The Tories created the foundation for boom and bust, and fought change all the way down the line until the inevitable crisis. In government and opposition they’ve been a regressive force. Their “solution” to Turbo Capitalism is Turbo-Thatcherism which like some alcy sucking the whiskey bottle dry after a period of abstinence.

    If you unpick bad management and greedy shareholders, the issue isn’t necessarily regulation but attitude. This is true for any job, task, or person. Their attitude has been very resistant to change. The problem you and a few others have is I don’t think you appreciate how difficult it is going up against power and affiliations: people don’t just roll over.

    Gordon Brown and some of the more savvy businessmen, financiers, and journalists get this subtlety. If you just cut folks down you end up with an Iraq situation. It’s better to identify the better managers and investors and promote them, and engage with and negotiate over time to bring around lasting change. Compare that to the Tories trying to sell you gold bricks for a fiver. It ain’t real.

  65. 65
    Dick the Prick says:

    You are a pathetic little shit. An odious freak shat out on the arse spunk of Peter Mandleson’s underage anal adventures.

  66. 66
    Grandma B says:

    But NOT a case of “the devil you know …. ” – we know Gordon only too well and we don’t like what we see, particularly the weird smile.

  67. 67
    Transformers says:

    I shall be holidaying in Sunny Llandudno…
    I see from the many R/W bloggers that they prefer South of France, not only a week like us lot, but a whole month!

    No doubt they will welcome the Tories as liberators, when in actual fact they are another Nu-Labour in disguise.

  68. 68

    It’s interesting how the Tories have tried to hijack my Jedi and reality pitch but they can’t really pull it off. It’s the same with any art or craft – unless you have the understanding behind it you just come over as a bad copy.

    My view is that both the policy and character of Labour will get behind innovation and jobs. That’s something that will make the risk averse and cost cutting Tories chew their own arms off over but it’s where the smart money is heading.

    If folks are doing a great job and feel as if they’re part of something, they tend to be well motivated and less prone to bitching, and that’s good for management and the bottom line. The Tories don’t get this which is why they are the party of failure.

  69. 69
    Trough Mixture says:

    People will do what they are told with a bun to their heads.

  70. 70
    Corrosive says:

    ‘It’s pretty clear that Labour are creating real solutions ‘

    Actually New Labour are like Hydrochloric acid and water, add to anything decent like the UK economy or society in general, they eat away at the good stuff until there is nothing left but a load of cr@p. We need a political party that can neutralise the toxic acid that 12 years of New Labour has produced, wrecking a country and bringing the UK to it’s knees.

  71. 71
    Mrs Hardwidge says:

    Stealing Tory policies again eh?

  72. 72
    Putin says:

    Who is in government? I think you will find that the opposition do not have any powers to respond to a crisis.

    If indeed the Labour response is so enlightened,please explain the need to spin stories to the media? Surely this is not be necessary?

    I note thast you,like most other Labour posters on here love to talk about what the future will bring and what it would be like under the Tories. You have had 12 years to bring us the enlightened future -how much longer do you need?
    Does that mean the last 12 years have been a waste of time? If so why vote Labour – changes were promised immediately not in 12 years.

  73. 73
    Grandma B says:

    Not much gold left now, since Gordon dropped a brick and announced he was selling a lot of our gold reserves. Surprisingly enough it sold at bargain basement prices. That was when I lost confidence in his judgment.

    Be still grasshopper (or whatever).

  74. 74
    Putin says:

    I see, so rewarding failure is Ok then because the rest will not be any better (although you cannot know that) We do at elast know that New Labour have failed and lost the right to continue as a result.

    12 years of misrule is enough

  75. 75
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    Unfortunately the Chinese Central Bank are not too keen on lending money to McMoron to “invest” in jobs for 5 a day diversity outreach advisers or any other of his bureaucratic non jobs he keeps creating.

    Meanwhile back in the real world real jobs in wealth earning manufacturing have been in decline since 1997.

  76. 76
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    Is an Automoton a Volkswagen?

  77. 77
    Raving Loon says:

    “It’s better to identify the better managers and investors and promote them, and engage with and negotiate over time to bring around lasting change.”

    Government colluding with corporations and business leaders? Sounds a bit like corpratism to me (ie: fascism).

    The cycle of boom and bust has nothing to do with “turbo capitalism” of the free market (even if we had one). It’s due to our debt based monetary system, fractional reserve banking and the manipulation of money and credit by central bankers. But we aren’t allowed to rock the boat on monetary policy that would REALLY upset the bankers wouldn’t it? Labour bail out the banks, and the Tories want to hand even more power to the Bank of England. Quite a nice arrangement for the bankers isn’t it?

  78. 78

    A generation of fear and greed has touched everyone and left them with ambitions and personality defects that are probably best dropped. By seizing the opportunity in the disaster Gordon Brown has helped refocus and reenergise Britain so business, finance, and the people can begin developing along better and more successful lines. If folks were open, fair, and less impatient they might appreciate the benefits and not be such losers about things.

    Calm down. Relax. Be happy.

  79. 79
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    Speedo says you are a Tory mole as you talk a load of wank.

    Is this true?

  80. 80
    Reinaldo de Juvey-butt says:

    I think he just puts words together like an illiterate teenager hoping at some point they’ll make sense. He must either be a spoof or have a personal interest in keeping Labour in – either way, there’s absolutely no way he believes it himself. Very peculiar.

    If we have 1 more defection to the Independents in our local authority – the Labour political asst loses his job – boo hoo.

  81. 81
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    As an honours grad in IT please take it from me that Geroge E Hardwidge’s posts are either fully or in part generated by a computer algorithm. Do with information what you will. Good luck with your exams when you go back to school after the hols and let me know how you get on.

  82. 82
    James Wales says:

    Anyone can see why Obama would consider Cameron lightweight.
    Just look up his candidate for Surgeon General and compare with Cameron.

  83. 83
    James Wales says:

    12 years of Labour rule so who do you think caused the disaster?

  84. 84

    James Mac is the man.

  85. 85
    James Wales says:

    She complained to the council’s human resources department, writing: ‘I found the comments personally insulting as the 2 classes mentioned where [sic] both mine.’

    Teacher complaining on facebook complaints of another teacher.

    Nice to know that illieteracy is not confined to teeneagers and that under the Labour government illiteracy ahs been increasing in aults.

    Opportunities for all!

  86. 86

    What is wrong with you?

  87. 87
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    He seems to have learnt his lesson….watch this space. Maybe he is kosher – maybe he ain’t – we shall see.

  88. 88
    Richard Timney says:

    Jacqui Smith will be all right under this measure as she does not have a patio on her firdt home in London

  89. 89
    RavingMad says:

    The government’s ruined the country

    The weather is bloody crap

    There’s no money in the jar

    Best if I just hit myself over the head with a homegrown courgette

  90. 90

    The lesson of the past few weeks is that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. The Tories will promise anything and can’t stoop low enough to get back into power. But, building real and enduring success doesn’t happen overnight. Only the spiv and the chancer will promise you that. This next election is a chance to break that repeating cycle of misery by telling the Tories to stick their lies.

  91. 91
    nell says:

    O/T Sorry but something a little lighter for Sunday.

    Joanna Lumley is being lauded as a heroine in Nepal as thanks for winning the battle against gordon and getting justice for the Gurkhas.

    According to ITN her arrival is being treated as a State Visit.

    Not a place gordon should consider visiting then, in his endless misguided quest for international acclamation?

  92. 92

    “Serious political weekly”? I thought you were talking about the New Statesman?

  93. 93
    Nick Clegg says:

    I wish I was

    an apple on a tree

    I wish I was

    an apple on a tree

    If I was an apple on a tree

    All the girls would

    take a bite from me

    I wish I was

    an apple on a tree

  94. 94
    The Raven says:

    “Wily Draper played his former intimate, young James like a sucker…”

    Just how retarded and inept do you have to be to be played by Derek Draper? It would be like beating beaten at table tennis by Gordon Brown…

  95. 95
    Nick Clegg says:

    have you been moded yet?

  96. 96
    nell says:

    Homegrown courgettes and aubergines = ratatouille – yum! Never mind the weather, except I hope it rains in the Lake District whilst gordon’s there – just on the patch he’s occupying.

  97. 97
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Good Afternoon Everybody!

  98. 98
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Replace second redundant “to be” with the pharse “in order” — overall very poor work – obviously the school hols cannot come to and end quicly enough so that you can return to study, my lad.

  99. 99

    He might well be looking for a government job with Labour after the next election and he might well be lucky if David Cameron continues to back the apalling Julie Kirkbride in her bid to stand for election again.

  100. 100
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    are you volunteering? I’ve tried mate – she’s impenetrable.

  101. 101
    Gordon Brown says:

    …….end to boom & bust………prudence………….courage…………..

  102. 102
    Barbara, mother of Julie Kirkbride says:

    Leave my Julie out of this you nasty lot.

  103. 103
    The Master says:

    more tea

  104. 104
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Dop you prefer Ann Widdecomb’s cheesy grin? C’mon Gran,y you cn do better than that please don’t patronise us (leave that to the other clowns).

  105. 105
    nell says:

    Surely dave is going to have a quiet word in the ear of the conservative party chairman in Julie’s constituency. She really can’t be allowed to stand again, dreadful woman.

    But if she does , then hopefully the voters will finish her off – there was a petition running against her and someone put a brick through her constituency office window – how can she not get the message that her political career is finished?

  106. 106
    Julie Kirkbride says:

    Just leave my mother out of this.

  107. 107
    nell says:

    Of course I had forgotten that her political career was also supporting the rest of her family – including a sister who was acting as a secretary whilst living 100 miles away from her, her mother and her brother who was acting as nanny and living rent free off her parliamentary expenses. Yep – good work if you can get it.

  108. 108
    The "Angry Aberdonian" says:

    If that was an “automated response” to Guido’s comments on the New Statesman article, then I’d suggest someone at Labour HQ should either performs a system reboot on the “Charles_E_Hardwidge” unit, or at least extend the poor machines list of “automated party responses”.

    .. Bleep! Bleep! “Labour are creating real solutions” .. Bleep! Bleep! “Tory cuts of 10%” .. Bleep! Bleep! “We have all the helicopters we need” .. etc etc

  109. 109
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    As one Scotsman to another – fuck off

  110. 110

    The Chairman of her Assoviation is backing her. Alan Dent, Chairman, Rita Dent, Secretary, and daughter control the Association on Kirkbride`s behalf and there is financial linkage between the Dent family and Kirkbride. She controls the Association through her stooges and it is she who is manipulating this present situation. There is no proper groundswell of opinion for her to withdraw her previous statements and Cameron would be an absolute fool if he fell for that scam and spin from this apalling scheming woman.

  111. 111
    "I Support Nick Clegg and the LibDems" Daniel REDcliffe says:

    “…after he reported – unsourced – a claim that Obama thought Cameron was a “lightweight” – a story that Guido knows to be an invention.”

    Even so, it is near certain that a Conservative Party with Call Me Dave shall win the 2010 General Election, and presumably, gain at least a second term, from perhaps 2013/2014.

    If amidst the voluptuous opulence of your French chateau Guido, you examined American news, you’ll see the unending disasters and disgraces of the present government and the growing likelihood of the incumbent’s overthrow in 2012. His control over the Congress will probably be extinguished, or embarrassingly impaired, by Democratic party defeats next year. Whether he esteemed or despised Cameron will become inconsequential as his administraton will soon be humiliated, powerless, then deposed.

    America and Britain are stalwart friends, but different. You can’t socialise a nation of 305 million people and many millions of sqaure miles who enjoy, and wantonly indulge, the boons of having the greatest wealth, cultural influence, intellectual achievements and domestic comforts in history.

  112. 112
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    you wot love? I bet you’re a trainee English teacher, as well!! HAHahha!!!

  113. 113
    Doctor Mick says:

    The only thing that Labour has achieved in power is the creation of a Surveillance State that even Orwell could not have imagined.

    Now if they didn’t keep losing the data we’d all be in deep do-da.

  114. 114
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:


  115. 115
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    one lump or two?

  116. 116
    Doctor Mick says:

    The great fat lump of lard is not exactly Braveheart is he?

    I think he’s a chancer.

  117. 117
    nell says:

    There is a new plan afoot this morning to oust gordon from office.

    Older Labour MP’s are threatening mass resignations to force a wave of by-elections.

    If the coup does get off the ground it is expected that Labour MP’s will start resigning at staged intervals throughout the summer and autumn.

    Could be interesting to watch. Comforting to know that gordon is as ‘popular’ amongst his own party as he is out here in the real world.

  118. 118
    albacore says:

    (Uh oh, second go, looks like 5paed0’s real handle gets modded.)
    “don’t show OUR treacherous face here” ???????
    Tweedledum and Tweedledee
    5paed0 and Hardwidge, tee hee hee.

  119. 119

    The fraudulent activity continues! Kirkbride`s whole family have been living off the system and the Dent family are on the gravy train too. This cynical ploy to control the Association is the real backdrop to this latest spin. And what has so far been exposed is only the tip of the iceberg! If Cameron is as foolish as he appears to be on this issue, the good ship Conservative Party is at great risk of following the Titanic!

  120. 120
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    The word you’re looking for is “nepotism” – as a good tory nell I can’t believe you don’t know that.

  121. 121
    Doctor Mick says:

    I’ll be happy in about 10 months time when Broon is shown the highroad back to Jockland.

  122. 122
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    fiction is obvioisly your strong point nell – HAhahaaaaaaa!!!!

  123. 123
    Doctor Mick says:

    He’s a disaster. It matters not to them that the country is going down the shitter but when their own troughing jobs are on the line – as evidenced by Norwich North – then even this bunch of cowardly backstabbing pipsqueaks are being forced to act .. “for the good of the party”.

    He’ll be gone by October.

  124. 124
    Doctor Mick says:

    They all think they’re coming back to the UK with her, that’s why.

  125. 125
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    I thought I had seen you off – you’re obviously a slow learner. Get yerself huntit ya poxy south east degenerate hun.

  126. 126
    Time to leave says:

    “Labour are creating real solutions to real problems”

    They’re certainly creating real problems.

  127. 127
    Uddin do nuffink wrong says:

    I’m a Baroness, for God’s sake, not some bleeding honky pleb, so why can’t I be the subject of discussion for a change?

    I’ve stolen from you, put two fingers up to anyone who’s looking, buggered off to my marble Palace in Bangladesh to avoid the dreadful English summer, but still no-one is talking about me, no-one discusses my crimes and my Udders don’t even get a look-in.

    What’s WRONG with you people?

  128. 128
    South of the M4 says:

    Actually, Labour are forced, knee-jerk like, to find solution for the myriad of problems they alone create. They fail – always.

  129. 129
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    are you on something?

  130. 130
    Dick the Prick says:

    Nope – fucking hate children; unlike Mandy.

  131. 131
    A fan says:

    Can we with our earballs revolutionise deliverables and communities into
    syndicated synergistic scalabe yet sexy even sticky solutions?
    Can we seize the bleeding edge as a portal into innovation and open source out of the box back end. Is real time zen the new
    politics? Is robust the new proactive opimised to streamline customised societal strategies?

  132. 132
    Anonymous says:

    Self-seeking, self-opinionated, self-serving, self-appointed, terrible MP, shocking woman – her actions are fact and speak for themselves. Her whole existence is about spin and this latest situation is a classic example. If Cameron falls for this latest spin from the scheming Kirkbride he is showing an unbelievable lack of judgement. Or is there something else?

  133. 133
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    bon voyage

  134. 134
    Doctor Mick says:

    No mate I was Troll Basher for a while – just to scare you a bit – but now I’m back to my old sweatie hatin self. You’re worse than ragheads you lot.

  135. 135
    Doctor Mick says:

    Bit early to be so pissed. Or have you been up all night imbibing like the rest of your countrymen?

  136. 136
    Dick the Prick says:

    She could finish me off

  137. 137
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Perhaps because it was all so predictable in her case – reversion to type – what else would you have expected? At least with MP’s there was a certain element of surprise in it all……….I mean, just think of the name “Baroness” — somebody’s trying to pull our udders, I fear.

  138. 138
    Dick the Prick says:

    But you would tho, wouldn’t ya? Course you would. As if she’s been shagging that freaky looking lavender husband of hers – nah, she likes BBC’s – or maybe all of this means i should fuck off and stop avoiding housework. UUrrgghh.

  139. 139
    A fan says:

    One dynamic end to end Zen platform is the intuitive
    relationship that meshes with Buddha. Brown is but an extensible
    integrated still grasshoppeer niche that can embrace the customised leverage of interfaces with innovative but impactful best-of-breed paradigming.

  140. 140
  141. 141
    Julie Kirkbride says:

    I`m just sick of all this. I simply simply adore my job and I AM going to keep it, so there!

  142. 142
    benny says:

    Will somebody please shoot this crackerbarrel, he honestly believes he’s jocklands answer to Oscar Wilde FFS?

  143. 143
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:


  144. 144
    gerry says:

    The holidays have just started you tit.

  145. 145
    Dick the Prick says:

    Benny – he fucking is, such is the dirth of talent.

  146. 146
    Anonymous says:

    She`s tried to finish a lot of people off the nasty bitch. But Dick, if you are a man you will need to be at least ten years older. Understand the freaky quirks!

  147. 147
    Master Baiter says:

    It started in America and it’s now ripping the heart out of the place.
    Watch the tears flow down dirt smeared faces.

  148. 148
    State dependent. says:

    Thats what we want an end to boom and bust! Only Gordon can deliver.

  149. 149
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    knows not believes

  150. 150
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    “dearth” not “dirth” – back to school, pronto — hols are nearly over anyway so don’t be glum little chum!

  151. 151
    David"Tally Ho" Cameron says:

    From “The Wit & Wisdom od Charles E Hardwidge”

    A guy goes to the pub, and says to his friend, “You won’t believe what happened! I was taking a shortcut along the railway track, and I found a girl tied to the rails. I untied her, and we had sex over and over again. All the positions; everything!”

    His friend replies, “That’s great! Did you get a blowjob?”

    “No, I couldn’t find her head.”

  152. 152
    Greychatter says:

    I suppose Mr Hardwidge is like a lot of staunch Labours “supporters” who vote Tory by secret ballot but haven’t the courage to admit they hate Gordon’s and Mandelson’s guts.

    They can afford to appear be Socialist while in the pay of the Tax payer – will they be able to afford being Socialist when they have to get a Proper job?

  153. 153

    Oh dear, I think you’re gonna have to call Rent O Kill A Jock for this one Mr Fawkes.

  154. 154
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    138 “Alan Watts Teaches Meditation” INSTRUCTIONS – right click and OPEN – enjoy!

  155. 155
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Hi Doc Thick – howzzit hangin?

  156. 156
    NewGirl says:

    Well I hope he’s shown up to be a complete tosspot then Guido.
    PS too much Spido Shorts on here. Can you get rid?

  157. 157
    Nick "Aye,Aye,That's Yer Lot Then" Griffin says:

    More from “The Wit &Wisdom Of Charles E Hardwidge”

    Gordon Brown or Gordon the Useless One as he is known by some of his colleagues was looking for a lady of the night.

    He found three such girls in a local pub, a blonde, a brunette and a redhead.

    To the blonde he said, ‘I am the Prime Minister of England. Now how much would it cost me to spend some time with you?’

    She replied, £200.’

    To the brunette he asked the same question.

    Her reply was £100.

    He then asked the redhead

    Her reply was, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, if you can get my skirt up as high as my taxes, my pants as low as my wages, get that thing of yours as hard as the times we are living in, and keep it rising like the price of petrol, keep me warmer than it is in my flat and screw me the way you have Pensioners, then it isn’t going to cost you a bloody penny!’

  158. 158
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Keep more company with children – they’ll improve your language skills

  159. 159
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Sorry – you’re the expert – I was thinking of Scottish children (who are, of course, always much thecleverer). Anyway *_THINK ON*_

  160. 160
    Anna R says:

    Sarkozy’s buttock clenching lands him in hospital……HERE

  161. 161
    Queer of Hermiston says:

    How dare you!

  162. 162
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Zen is Buddhism ya prententious fuckwit

  163. 163
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Dunno why but I almost feel better for that explanation!

  164. 164
    Katie Price says:

    I want to have Charles E Hardwidge’s babies !!!!

  165. 165

    That’s not the only thing he taught from what I’ve heard. I can’t remember rightly, but wasn’t it a young Colin Wilson that had to beat him off?

  166. 166
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    too much off me newgirl – sorry but I won’t cut ten inchess off my prick just to suit you.

  167. 167
    graphics fidelity says:

    Serves Guido right for leaving his back door open and letting the vermin in.

  168. 168
    Grandma B says:

    I may be a tiny bit old, but I do like to keep up-to-date, we won’t be seeing much of Ann Widdecombe after the next election as she’s standing down. I suspect that a bloke like you appreciates a woman such as Ann, who has such forthright views. She’d soon sort you out!

    By-the-way, I am rather puzzled why Gordon has been advised to flash his veneers – I do wonder whether it’s a Conservative insider.

  169. 169
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    I gave up the will to live after line three, I think…what a waste of Guido’s good web space — someboy ought to complain.

  170. 170
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    What was the subject of this discussion again – BJ versus DC or sumthin’ ??

  171. 171
    nell says:

    Hi NewGirl. I think apart from the occasional sensible poster it’s ALL spido skirts under lots of different monikers.

    Guido will sort him out eventually.

  172. 172

    Today, the situation is bad because Britain’s broken economic fundamentals still haven’t been fixed. Just as Britian has reached a point where it could catapult forward the same asset stripping and financial engineering Tories are rising up to misrepresent themselves as the solution to problems they caused and sustained.

    Britain needs to develop a better sense of looking forward, cooperation, and getting over its quarter to quarter mentality. The city has sucked talent from industry and laid waste to countless communities, but better quality business plans, solidarity in work and communities, and having the stretch to go the last yard can make that promise a reality.

  173. 173
    graphics fidelity says:

    Oh FFS, thats all we need.

  174. 174
    So17 says:

    A blatant attempt at shit stirring by a desperate corrupt Labour placeman.
    I dont give a damn if Cameron and Johnson have a full on fist fight in the london assembly car park,with the whole shadow cabinet shouting ‘Fight,fight,fight’ from the sidelines.
    Just give us a general election for fucks sake.

  175. 175
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

  176. 176
    Grandma B says:

    Dear Mr Speedo,

    As you’re obviously an expert, can you please explain the “be still grasshopper” bit. (I’m not taking the Micky, I would really like to know.) I could ask CEH, but I guess the explanation would be too long and nonsensical. I know that you will put it in plain English*.

    Kind regards,

    *sorry that should read plain Anglo-Saxon language.

  177. 177
    Grandma B says:

    Nothing wrong with Llandudno – the front is great for roller skating and wheelchairs.

  178. 178
    agent of Chaos says:

    Don’t go giving Grodon ideas.

  179. 179
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    said the Fen Hen

  180. 180
    Anonymous says:

    Nutters are better in bed?

  181. 181
    Grandma B says:

    Some boy? Will an old granny do?

  182. 182
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:


  183. 183
    Moley says:

    Interesting thought Nell, but given the zero courage of labour MPs standing up for their previously professed views on the US extradition treaty, I won’t be holding my breath for the first one to take the plunge.

    They need a sufficient number to resign en masse to wipe away Labour’s majority, and given Purnell’s experience; they will need to agree to do it simultaneously.

    It only takes thirty MPs resigning to remove a majority of sixty.

  184. 184
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    welll spotted and well commented upon Gran — like I said – you’re too good for the patronising shit like wot most serve up here

  185. 185
    Jethro says:

    Sir, I salute you! Neither Charles E Hardwidge, nor Professor Stanley Unwin could have put it better.

  186. 186

    The Tories have too much yang. One merely needs to sit back and watch the bubble deflate of its own accord. The more they try to defend their position the more they’ll pile on yang, so the wise Tories will try and hack Cameron down as the Republicans did with the ludicrous bail out plan. Of course, this will leave them in disarray as all their clever schemes and secret plotting unravels. This is what happens when you mortage your ego at a rate that reality can’t afford to underwrite.

  187. 187
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Bed? Even a knee trembler against your picket fence if you prefer it.

  188. 188
    albacore says:

    The cat’s out of the bag, tocker.
    Aren’t you even going to try backtracking on your revelation of “our treacherous face” (shared with happy Hardwidge) up above?

  189. 189

    Gordon Brown is correct to reflect my earlier sentiment that government must connect with the people, and their calm and patient approach gets behind that. Ideological ranting and handwaving to the gallery is just so much rocking of the boat. Better to let go of all that and just coast along, developing from the ground up, making sure everything is joined together, and allowing success to unfold of its own accord.

    Be like water, etcetera.

  190. 190
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    But thr two of them are supposed to work together – BoJO can’t just sack DC the way he did Sir Ian Blair………confidence in the markets would disappear and the City of London would upsticks to Frankfurt if it continued too long :-(

  191. 191
    agent of Chaos says:


  192. 192
    hagar says:

    He thinks he’s tat now, the sad, deluded prick.

  193. 193
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Behave yourself or fuck off you bastard

  194. 194
    Jethro says:

    107 Just notice the cool rationalism, the Olympian calm, of this post!

  195. 195
    hagar says:

    Given Browns success rate so far Hardwidge, I’m sure he listens to you all the time.

  196. 196
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    I believe there was a rumour about that kind of thing – but i don’t have any info on it — can you offer any detail yourself? I’d appreciate it if you could.

  197. 197
    Grandma B says:

    “come to and end quicly” ??? Only joking Speedo.

    In my past life, I know how bad it felt to find an embarrassing mistake after doing a 100 photocopies, so I never criticize typos. However, I have made an exception in this instance.

    Kind regards

  198. 198
    spado*shirty says:

    You utter child ‘oh look at me i can swear! , oh look at me i have a i.t certificate from ebay!’ no spar shops by you to hang around ? run out of white lighting? .

  199. 199
    agent of Chaos says:

    Want to fix your mortgage* at its current low rate?

    (*Subject to status. Terms and conditions** apply)

    **With your track record, we wouldn’t underwrite your bankrupt ass and/or assets in a million years.

  200. 200
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Come to think of it Alan Watts himself was a Wilson (AW Watts) maybe that was the cause of the confusion…..I think it was prolly just a rumour because he had two very long happy (and financially rich) marriages. Both of his wives were real stunners as well.

    see my website on him http://alanwatts.co.nr

  201. 201
    Grandma B says:

    I’ll take that as a compliment. Thanks.

  202. 202
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:


  203. 203
    matelot says:

    Are we supposed to be playing buzzword bingo with you? If so can you issue us some cards and let us know where to claim the prize?

  204. 204
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    You’re welcome :-)

  205. 205
    Unsworth says:

    If you did you’d be mute. Seems you do most of your talking standing up.

  206. 206
    Jethro says:

    I get a lot like this in my Spam: terrible, isn’t it?
    We used to get sent to the Butcher’s for tripe.

  207. 207

    By playing the spin and fear card, Cameron’s made the mistake of sensitising folks to these things. When there’s the inevitable blow back its going to hammer the Tories hard. I’m not going to feel too triumphalistic about that but, I think, they deserve it and need the lesson. Wealth has protected them from really being tested and a little heat will do them good.

  208. 208
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Who in their right fucking mind would trust Dolly Assraper
    apart from Kate Garraway?
    Thick bint has another greasy soon to be obese Mini AssRaper in her womb.
    She makes Anthea Turner look bright.

  209. 209
    Fingering prints says:

    Labour can win the general election? Do they have a job rate for printing a million postal votes WITHOUT repeating the names Patel, Abdul or Smith?

  210. 210

    I’m insanely relaxed about Dear Leader. His mind is as smooth as glass, as hard as diamond, and as brilliant as the sun. One gasps, nay, gapes at such magnificence. One is giddy with delight and almost falling to the floor with humbleness.

    So, yes. I’m laughing at adversity and giggling at the nasty Tories rending themselves into so many pieces they are blown away by the wind and fall like dust to the ground. Be happy! Dance! Enjoy life. It’s to short to get wrapped up with those scowlers.

  211. 211
    Prison awaits Obama says:

    Obama WILL be Impeached

    The result of the court case below means that Obama and his legal team have virtually surrendered – all they can do is rely on the judges blocking the cases, but the judges cannot do that forever.

    More and more people will be issuing writs refusing presidential orders – until the point that Obama either throws in the towel or impeachment begins.

    Obama has become the most succesful con man in history, a con man whose entire political life was based on lies.

    His most succesful lie was where he was born – he used it to claim Natural Born Citizenship and a right to stand for president, when he was in the exact same position as Arnold Schwarzeneger in that Arnie caanot stand for President as he is a Citizen of the US but not a Natural Born Citizen.

    Therefore both Obama and Arnie are unable to be presidents of the US under the terms of the US constitution.

    The failure to prove that the president occupies his position lawfully as in this case shows us that, just as in the case of the law to allow income tax for workers, there is no law.

    This is just another example of tyranny.

    Add to the issue the fact that Obama and his legal team allowed fake documents to be printed and circulated to act as his birth certificate, then this shows that not only is the president illegal but he is probably being blackmalied by those who printed and supplied the fake birth certificates.

    Therefore America is in the worst of all positions – it has a usurper as a president who is controlled by the criminals and blackmailers who got him into power.

    America is now Zimbabwe.

    The only thing that will stop Obama being impeached if is the US is declared by him as to be in a state of emergency and all civil laws suspended, such as a court case to get him out.

    Therefore expect as these writs get closer to revealing the lies that got him elected, then expect the most destructive terrorist act in American history on US soil to happen, a war against Iran that quickly escelates into a massive Middle East conflict or some other ‘false flag’ operation related to terrorism to begin to impact upon the US which will allow the government to declare martial law.


    WAR IS OVER! If you want it

    by Rod Ciferri
    That’s right; the war is over due to the courageous act of one Major Stefan Frederick Cook, United States Army Reserve, who recently challenged an Army order to deploy to Afghanistan on the grounds that they could not lawfully order him to deploy.

    Since the Army has only that authority given to it by the President, and, since Obama himself must possess the authority of President in order to delegate it to the Army, Major Cook believes Obama must prove he has such authority before he may lawfully comply with an Army order to deploy.

    Now, you may have heard of the controversy surrounding de facto President Obama’s eligibility to run for President. It has been the basis for over a dozen lawsuits, all of which have been dismissed, mostly because the courts have found the suits to concern “political questions”, the usual cop-out they use when they have a case that poses a constitutional controversy they’d rather not deal with. Perhaps you have just dismissed the claims that Obama is not a “natural born citizen” outright since the various lawsuits have not made it to first base.

    Due to the actions of Cook, however, it’s becoming obvious that Obama is hiding something.

    What he is hiding may contain the key that unlocks the door to peace for as long “President” Obama remains in “office”. After Cook commenced his lawsuit, the U.S. Army revoked their order to deploy him. Moreover, as of this date, Cook has not been discharged from the Army.

    Why has the U.S. Army revoked his order to deploy? Why have they not just commenced court martial proceedings to send him to Leavenworth, as is their habit when a soldier refuses deployment? The answer is the lawsuit.

    The lawsuit would open up a can of worms in civilian court that would require looking into Obama’s eligibility for the office of U.S. President in order to resolve it.

    Major Cook filed the suit with the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia. In the suit, he sought an injunction to stay the deployment order and declatory judgment stating he has conscientious objector status based on his belief that Obama is not a “natural born” citizen and is therefore ineligible to serve as president, such declatory judgment to be effective until such time that Obama’s eligibility is proven by clear and convincing evidence.

    After the revocation of the order to deploy, Judge Clay Land sided with the defense, finding Cook’s suit “moot” in that he already has been told he doesn’t have to go to Afghanistan, eliminating his need for relief from the court. ”Federal court only has authority of actual cases and controversies,” Judge Land said according to the Miami Herald. “The entire action is dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.”

    Therefore, the U.S. government has signaled it would rather not take up the issue since their boss would have to finally come clean and present clear and convincing evidence of his status of “natural born citizen”. However, the actions of the U.S. government make it seem that he likely wasn’t, and they are willing to give an “out” to any soldier who follows the footsteps of Major Cook in order to not have to deal with such a troublesome fact.

    Cook’s attorney, Orly Taitz, argues Obama not only must have been born in this country to be a natural born citizen, in addition, his father must also have been a citizen at the time of Obama’s birth, not owing allegiance to any foreign state. However, it appears that his father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., was, at the time of Obama’s birth, a Subject of the British Commonwealth via the then British colony, Kenya, having been born there. Therefore, Obama is ineligible for the office of President.

    The key to the legal analysis is that the legal term of art, “natural born citizen”, could only have been defined by the Law of Nations, relied upon by the creators of the constitution in their intended meaning when they used the term in the eligibility requirements of article II, section 1 of the constitution, and which defined it as stated above. It could only have such definition since, at the time of the creators of the constitution, the term “natural born citizen” was only defined in the “Law of Nations”, by the French jurist, Vattel, in 1758, at chapter XIX, sec. 212.

    Since there exists no amendment to the constitution that has altered the meaning of the term “natural born citizen”, or the requirement that a candidate for the office of President be one, Barack Obama was never eligible to hold such office.

    According to Taitz, if a legitimate long form certificate of live birth was released by Obama it would lay to rest doubt about whether he was born in the United States, but, it may still kill his eligibility for the office of President, since it would also show that his father was not a citizen.

    In the meantime, Obama’s status as a natural born citizen remains unclear. However, all the soldiers out there who thought they were in a “catch 22″ and didn’t think there was a way to not fight an immoral and illegal war, here’s your chance to opt out legally, and maybe actually still get paid. Hey, its got to be better scrubbing toilets all day then killing people to support Obama’s corporate bosses.

    So, for any soldier who has the guts to do it, following Major Cook’s example may end the war for them. War will never end until the soldiers refuse to fire their weapons. Up until now, that has meant possible imprisonment and loss of a paycheck.

    Major Cook’s heroic effort has changed that and simultaneously opened up the possibility of world peace, that’s likely to be regarded in history as even more instrumental to ending the Iraq/Afghanistan war than the tet offensive was to ending the Vietnam war.

    For those who want to learn more about the Obama eligibility controversy, a good place to start is World Net Daily and the website of Major Cook’s lawyer, Orly Taitz.

    Rod Ciferri is an American who has no politics.

  212. 212
    Jethro says:

    Malo – I would rather be
    Malo – in an apple tree;
    Malo – than a naughty boy
    Malo – in adversity.

    We were taught that by Mr. Jones, our Classics Master, at Grammar School!

  213. 213
    Pugh, Pugh, Barny McGrew, Cuthbert Dibble and Grub (I think. Correct me if I'm wrong) says:

    Oh it will do believe me …..

  214. 214
    So17 says:

    London can live without that New Labour Construct assembly like it managed quite well without the GLC.
    The City of London always had and still does have its own Lord Mayor,Corporation and police force,so the financial district should not be to preturbed by a spat between Dave and Boris,if one does in fact exist that is.

  215. 215
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Your exclamation mark harmed the silence – was it necessary?

  216. 216
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Come come Gran – don’t jive me – if youth and looks was all that mattered you and I would be in the knackers yard. Yes, he is an ugly bastard, but nobody I have ever heard who are worth listening to fails to acknowledge how clever the man is. THAT is so,mething I’ll back my kid’s future on – NOT D.C’s dyed hair.

  217. 217
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    could you get me a translator?

  218. 218
    So17 says:

    Well lets have a general election then Charles if he is so fucking good.
    Dont just hang on for another 10 months hoping for a miracle and avoiding the painfull measures we all know this country needs.
    Brown is only thinking of himself and New Labour not us the people and this country.No courage,No honour,No shame what a CU*T.

  219. 219
    Anonymous says:

    Of course he’s going to let her stand again. Do you think he’s actually willing to do something about corruption? He doesn’t give a monkey’s as long as he get get his team into power. I’ll wager that wighead will be in the future too.

  220. 220
    ?????????????? says:

    “GMTV presenter Kate Garraway, 42, lives in north London with her psychotherapist husband, Derek Draper, and their three-year-old daughter, Darcey. Kate is about to give birth to her second child. She says:

    Snuggling up on the sofa in front of the TV in my pyjamas after a long, hot bath, with a plate of bangers and mash, is my idea of heaven. TV to me is a real treat – I think it stems from when I was a child, and children’s TV was only on for about two hours a day and we’d always be pleading, ‘Mum, can we watch it?’

    I often watch TV in the afternoon and early evening, because, when I’m working, I have to be in bed by half past eight, to get up at 2.45 the following morning. So day became night, really. I love easy-watching TV when I am tired – like Poirot or Murder, She Wrote – programmes that won’t tax me too much or disturb me. I do like a happy ending.

    ‘I love cooking comfort food, so my TV dinner would be either bangers and mash or cottage pie, which I adore’

    I studied English literature at university, so books to me still smack of work, unless I’m lying on a beach on holiday. Derek likes to curl up with a book to relax, so I drive him mad by putting the TV on in our living room. I have to admit to being a bit of a TV addict – it’s my ‘me’ time, when I put my feet up.

    Derek does the early shift with Darcey when I’m working, and then I look after her in the afternoons, but I have three friends and neighbours who help out. Darcey is always off out somewhere – music club, ballet and nursery – so I take the opportunity to relax before she comes home for bed. We try to get her in bed by 8pm, and then Derek and I follow shortly afterwards.

    I love cooking comfort food, so my TV dinner would be either bangers and mash or cottage pie, which I adore. For a snack, I’ll have a steaming mug of tea and a chocolate biscuit to dunk. I enjoy watching films on DVD, but I think you have to give your full attention to a film and it takes the whole evening, and I don’t have the time. I like halfhour quiz shows you can dip in and out of, such as QI and 8 Out Of 10 Cats, and reruns of classic American comedies. I like a laugh.

    My parents used to be obsessed with natural history programmes, so I used to avoid them. But I am now starting to watch them – maybe it’s a sign of age. Darcey and I watch TV together too. She loves Dora The Explorer and Tom And Jerry. We have a television in our bedroom, and sometimes I’ll put it on before I drift off to sleep, while Derek reads. I’ve learned to sleep with the light on so that he can carry on with his book.

    My colleagues at GMTV have been saying, now I’m on maternity leave, ‘You can go home and rest.’ Rest? I have two weeks before I give birth, and then I am going to be up three, four times in the night with a new baby. Very exciting, but exhausting, too. I think my telly watching days are about to be severely curtailed. Until now, we’ve managed without a nanny, with the help of friends, and our lovely in-laws and my parents, but we may have to think again with two children.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-1201416/Guilty-pleasures-Amanda-Holden-host-stars-reveal-intimate-TV-dinner-secrets.html#ixzz0MNZwHbHF

  221. 221
    Money money money - tax it! says:

    Imagine saving for a pension, then along comes New Labour in 1997. Gordon Brown in a genius move to please all the benefit scroungers and to please the Labour ‘politics of envy’ party, launches a £5bn/year raid on private pensions (public sector unaffected thanks to taxpayer cash / tax rises). The Labour MP’s backed the move, didn’t say a word against it. To add insult to injury, companies like Equitable Life (often mentioned in Prime Minsters’ Questions) steal even more of your pension pot.

    To put it another way, imagine you saved £10,000 for a private pension, then along comes Gordon, and combined with your pension company steal £7,000 of your money, leaving your pension with only £3,000 instead of £10,000.

    This HAS occurred under New Labour, and they didn’t do a damn thing to stop it, because the money went to buy the votes of the benefit scroungers and illegal immigrants that STILL gather in Calais for a free ticket to Benefit Nirvana UK.

    New Labour’s policy is to get as many people as possible to be wedded to the state, so they can be controlled. Hence the one million non-jobs Gordon created in the public sector. State dependency buys your votes.

    The UK has now the WORST pension system in Europe, probably the G20, all thanks to New Labour.

  222. 222
    kronkite says:

    “I’m insane…..”

    You should have stopped there to get the applause you so desperately crave Chaz.

  223. 223
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    It basically means to act spontaneously and not pre-meditate (no punintended) your future actions. Best results come form actions that are spontnous, natural, and not “contrived”. Most westerners think that does not make sense because we have an “either or” mindset but Eastern cultures have a “Both” mentality – not “either or”! It takes a wee bit of getting used to and it is a personal journey you must make – hope that starts you off – try this….http://bswa.org or look up “Ajahn Brahm” in Youtube – he is a nice London boy livign in Austrlia and explains things in a very entertaining (but wise) way. Relax and don’t try too hard, it will come! Be still…….don’t “plan ahead” (have faith in your own innate ability to make the “right” choices and decisions in your life).

  224. 224
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Very good- thanks for sharing.

  225. 225
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:


  226. 226
    A fan says:

    Being insanely and dynamically relaxed like streamlined water, some strategic folk argue that a growing body of value added evidence
    will incubate the repurposed synergies being targetted and strategised.

  227. 227
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Most people with common sense would agree with you – but, notoriously, financial marlets operate on SENTIMENT not “common sense” :-(
    See what you mean but its wishful thinking..these men MUST work together – NOT a matter choice – a matter of necessity.

  228. 228
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    You’re a fanny

  229. 229
    Simon says:

    Charles he has had 12 years to make a start on the above.
    What is the reason for his procrastination ?

  230. 230
    Simon says:

    It is pretty clear that Labour are creating real problems.

  231. 231


    You are a loon!

    and I’m no fan of Zero.

  232. 232
    Jeanie De Menzdead says:

    Paedo Slurps is Charles Softwidget and they’re both arses.

  233. 233
    We! HE! A Girl's Cheddar says:

    Sledge Rich Warhead

  234. 234
    Jethro says:

    ‘Takes one to know one…’

  235. 235
    Sockolat Charfish says:

    two people who both spell modded moded?

  236. 236
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Wouldn’t have spoken otherwise

  237. 237
    Grandma B says:

    This is a first – the very first time you’ve really shocked me. I didn’t know that David Cameron’s hair was dyed – possibly thinning a little, but not dyed. I do agree with you that Gordon has a good head of hair – it just needs washing a bit more often. Forget about Gordon he’s almost a “has been”, I’m sure your child will be fine with you to look after him or her.

    Best regards.

    P.S. Speak for yourself regarding the knackers yard.

  238. 238
    Dahila Dreg's Chewer says:

    Just look at the dreadful Caroline Flint, Jacqui Smith, and the forgetable one who was sacked bitching about our great leader Gordon Brown.
    Good riddance to this muttley crew!

  239. 239

    The key to beating the recession is to invest in new products and keep staff. The Tories don’t get that stimulating demand and expanding employment is the way forward. Cutting interest rates just fuels the perception of decline when people need to be incentivised. How about putting the fear of God into employers by putting interest rates up for every 10,000 increase in the unemployment figures?

    Be still, grasshopper.

  240. 240
    Trough Mixture says:

    That’s nice.


    Belay that! Actually Shorts, my dear old thing, I noticed you were warming to the cricket earlier, so I’ll downgrade that to Arbuthnot 2nd Class.

  241. 241
    Leech Digs hardware! says:

    which is quite appropriate for the inventor of graphics fidelity!

  242. 242
    albacore says:

    Are you in denial S S?
    Did you not, indeed, enlighten us with Post 13?
    Come, grasshopper, eschew the treacherous substances blocking your true passage through the doors of perception.
    Are you and happy Hardwidge not as two testicles in the one scrotum?

  243. 243
    Headgear's rich weld says:

    Shrewd Racial Hedge

  244. 244
    Grandma B says:

    Thanks Speedo. I’ll have a look at the site. I guess this is your philosophy in life. I’m just a bit puzzled that some of your comments on the blog seem to be a little, how can I put it, controversial. Is that because they’re so spontaneous?

    Best wishes

  245. 245
    Trough Mixture says:

    I am a dull and simple lad
    Can not tell water from champagne
    And I have never met the queen
    And I wish I could have all that he has got
    I wish I could be like Alan Watts


  246. 246
    Chews Geld Diarrhea says:

    Most approriate one yet

  247. 247
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    I genuinely worry for you

  248. 248
    Greychatter says:

    Mr Hardwidget,

    “The lesson of the past few weeks is that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”. – Yes Gordon it is.

    “The NuLab politicians will promise anything and can’t stoop low enough to Stay in Power” – Yes Gordon.

    “But, building real and enduring success doesn’t happen overnight” –
    Gordon wrecked the last 18 years of Tory steady progress – Labour has pushed Britain back 20 years.

    “Only the spiv and the chancer will promise you that”. – Yes – Tony, Gordon & Mandy.

    “This next election is a chance to break that repeating cycle of “Labour misery” by telling Gordon and his Government “Where” to stick Their lies.

    Well put Mr. Hardwidget!!

  249. 249
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    what did you call that white haired cricketer again….he was/is a trained pyschologist (that I respect). Yeh, I don’t mind the *thwack* of willow against leather.

  250. 250

    All monetary systems are debt based as money is a proxy for the exchange of time.

  251. 251
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    Oh fuck, I really fucked that last one up.
    My sincere apologies for wasting so much of the readers time with incorrect propaganda, here is the correct version:

    The new labour war and torture party members have too much war crime blood on their hands. One merely needs to sit back and watch the bubble deflate of its own accord. The more they try to defend their position the more they’ll pile on the bullshit. Of course, this will leave them in disarray as all their clever schemes and secret plotting unravels. This is what happens when you mortage your ego at a rate that reality can’t afford to underwrite.

    Relax, think zen thoughts, let Gordon go.
    He is nothing but trouble.
    Bad juju. Gordon is not zen he is black magic voodoo shit.
    Kill him, it is the correct action.
    That will be all.

  252. 252
    Caldera herd weighs says:

    caldera hedger wish

  253. 253
    Gordon McMental says:

    Today I announce my 5 year year plan.
    Elections cost thousands of jobs (Mine and the Ballbag family)
    I also remain fully commited to a 50% annual growth for the British economy.
    A green substainable economy based on Moon cheese and nuclear bats.
    Our Chinese and Indian cousins are crying out for Moon cheese and extra glow in the dark bats ,as are AIDS afflicted orphans in Africa.
    With our Knowfuckall based education sytsem we are uniquely placed to fulfill those demands
    As President Obama said to me only yesterday
    “Fuck off you gurning fawning faggot freak”
    *click as the phone went down*
    Another sign of the special relationship that he and I enjoy.
    So I say to you all, keep your moral compasses in hand and trust me,
    Gordon McMental
    The Bent choice.

  254. 254
    Labour twat says:

    Genuine or fake?


  255. 255
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    > I guess this is your philosophy in life.

    > I’m just a bit puzzled that some of your comments on the blog seem to > be a little, how can I put it, controversial.
    Yes, but they are honest and from the heart – that is what matters Gran

    > Is that because they’re so spontaneous?
    Yes, but not ill considered, stupid or naive – they are my fundamental core beliefs given expression

    Hope it helped………..let things happen – be accepting —- don’t regret the past or worry about the future….trust yourself….slow down your general pace of life…learn to enjoy listening to yourself breathing ……understand that everything in the universe is “just so” and there ain’t nothing you can (or ought) to do to change it. Celebrate “life” as it is and “as you find it”.

  256. 256
    Frank says:

    Excuse me but hasn’t retard Brown cut interest rates to their lowest ever level completely shafting responsible savers in order to save his totally bust economy.

    Be like the Grasshopper Charles and suck my dick.

  257. 257
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    I really can be such a wanker sometimes! I have released yet more propaganda without proofreading it.
    Here are the corrections for my latest post. I am very sorry about this but I am a heroin addict and sometimes mid post I mong out and just hit the send button without checking the garbage I have typed.

    By playing the spin and fear card, Brown’s made the mistake of sensitising folks to these things. When there’s the inevitable blow back its going to hammer the new labour war and occupation party hard. I’m not going to feel too depressed about that but, I think, they deserve it and need the lesson. Wealth has protected them from really being tested and a little heat will do them good.

  258. 258
    Dame Ian McMuck says:

    Here, here! You took the very words out of my scalable yet sticky back end.

  259. 259
    Frank says:

    I’m afraid the Ladies are not Charles cup of tea. He prefers a stiff rod after a hard days blogging.

  260. 260
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    You are right of course – it’s just that it became an accepted convention.

  261. 261
    Jimmy says:

    “a story that Guido knows to be an invention. ”

    Of course you do.

  262. 262
    Rudi Hess says:

    Actually old bean, the highest unemployment rates / benefit cheats are in the Midlands. I may be wrong in assuming this but the Midlands are nowhere fucking near Scotland. Don’t quote me on that though as I know how intelligent the Morris dancers down south can be.

  263. 263
    Trough Mixture says:

    Mike Brearley? He’s a BPC registered Psychoanalyst/PsychoDolly. Read classics at St. John’s.

  264. 264
    dirtyden says:

    “Gordon Brown is correct to reflect my earlier sentiment…”


    Oh dear.

  265. 265
    kronkite says:

    That sounds scarily authentic, and grimly funny at the same time.

  266. 266
    albacore says:

    Of course you do, S S.
    Transference is a useful tool for a useless one.
    Come – an unambiguous request: did you originate Post 13; are you aware of its nature, scope and literal meaning; and do you stand by it?

  267. 267
    Budgie's socialist moron. says:

    Gordoom McDebt said: “It wasnae me; it started in America. It’s the right thing to do. British dole for hardworking British families. I cannae leave the people of Britain – because I’ve got my hand in their pockets. We’ll spend oor way outa recession – by borrowing from the Chinese. It wasnae me. Debt – what debt?”

  268. 268
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    I can’t believe what a dozy c’unt I am, I really can’t!
    Okay, here comes the latest correction to my last incorrect post.
    I’m such an idiot.

    Today, the situation is bad because Brown’s broken Britain’s economic fundamentals and he can’t fix them. Just as Britian has reached a point where it could catapult forward the same asset stripping and financial engineering new labour war party cabinet members are rising up to misrepresent themselves as the solution to problems they caused and sustained.

    The new labour war party needs to develop a better sense of looking forward, cooperation, and getting over its quarter to quarter mentality. It has sucked money from industry and laid waste to countless communities, but low quality business plans , a lack of solidarity in work and communities, and being all puffed and puffed out out means that the legacy of the new labour war and occupation party will be nothing more than war and occupation and a fucked up economy.
    And I think Gordon Brown should be hanged for underfunding our troops and therefore causing unecessary troop deaths in Afghanistan.
    You may go now.

  269. 269
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Alan Watts Blues – Van Morrison

    Well I’m taking some time with my quiet friend
    Well I’m takin’ some time on my own.
    Well I’m makin’ some plans for my getaway
    There’ll be blue skies shining up above
    When I’m cloud hidden
    Cloud hidden
    Whereabouts unknown

    Well I’ve got to get out of the rat-race now
    I’m tired of the ways of mice and men
    And the empires all turning into rust again.
    Out of everything nothing remains the same
    That’s why I’m cloud hidden
    Cloud hidden
    Whereabouts unknown

    Sittin’ up on the mountain-top in my solitude
    Where the morning fog comes rollin’ in
    Just might do me some good.

    Well I’m waiting in the clearing with my motor on
    Well it’s time to get back to the town again
    Where the air is sweet and fresh in the countryside
    Well it won’t be long before I’ll be back here again

  270. 270
    dirtyden says:

    What’s “sillyness”? Some sort of in-joke spelling of “silliness” I’m not privy to? Or has Derek Draper hacked Fawke’s blog and tried to make him look like an illiterate tit? Or its cause is an ample sufficiency of Chateauneuf-du-pap, perhaps….

    Ho hum.

  271. 271
    Rudi Hess says:

    Maybe it has something to do with the dumb as fuck shit for brains english who lap up any old shite and blame everybody else for their miserable existence.
    Stop moaning like little bitches and grow yourselves a set of balls. If you don’t like whats going on then get off your fat arses and do something about it other than coming online and acting like copperwire hardmen.

  272. 272
    DJ Savage has incriminating evidince against Labour says:

    Secret Government documents have revealed that American talk show host Michael Savage was only included in a British government ‘banned list’ because it was dominated by Muslims.

    The documents have been made public as part of the discovery process in Mr Savage’s ongoing £100,000 libel case against former Home Secretary Jacqui “I never ran anything before the Home Office” Smith.

    The official correspondence, released under the Freedom of Information Act, has revealed that Mr Savage’s name was placed on a list of people banned from Britain only to provide “balance” and that officials specifically warned the Government that it could be accused of being “duplicitous” by including his name.

    Referring to Mr Savage by his real name of Weiner, one of the email messages, dated 27 November 2008, from an unnamed Home Office official, says, “with Weiner, I can understand that disclosure of the decision would help provide a balance of types of exclusion cases.

    “We will want to ensure that the names disclosed reflect the broad range of cases and are not all Islamic extremists.”

    A further email confirmed the decision was approved at the highest level of Government, saying: “HO [Home Office] intend to include Weiner in their quarterly stats… Both the FS [Foreign Secretary] and PM [Prime Minister] are firmly behind listing and naming such people.”

    One civil servant counselled caution, saying: “I think we could be accused of duplicity in naming him” and helpfully added that “the fact that he is homophobic does help.”

    Mr Savage had earlier accused Ms Smith of having plucked his name out of a hat because he was “controversial and white.” These latest revelations add weight to that charge.

    Speaking to the World Net Daily news service, Mr Savage said it was now obvious that the Home Office chose him to balance the list of Muslim extremists because he is Jewish.

    “The name Dreyfus comes to mind. They have attempted to destroy my reputation to avoid offending those Muslims who want to destroy them! The Warsaw ghetto comes to mind, where some Jews threw other Jews into Gestapo hands to live another day,” he said.

    “Make no mistake about this — they ‘chose’ me because I am the only talker in the top five who is Jewish! The old anti-Semitic strain has resurfaced in England, not among the right wing, but on the socialist left. This should galvanize every member of the U.S. media, but will it?”

    Mr Savage said his message for Ms Smith and the people of the UK was, “Shame on you. Shame that you’ve fallen to such a low level.”

    “It’s interesting to me that here I am a talk show host, who does not advocate violence, who advocates patriotic traditional values — borders, language, culture — who is now on a list banned in England,” he said. “What does that say about the government of England? It says more about them than it says about me.”

  273. 273
    Anonymous says:

    She’s probably a vegan by now

  274. 274
    Vedette says:


    Pshaw and Tarradiddle. It will disappear with New (and Old) Labour for a millenia. Poor old Kier Hardie.

  275. 275
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    I’m, starting to feel very tired all of a sudden

  276. 276
    Grandma B says:

    Thank you for that explanation. This will help me greatly when I read your comments on the blog. I am seeing you in a new light. I just hope that all your detractors can read between the lines too, although, I have to say that can be a bit difficult at times. With this thought in mind, I’ll say cheerio.

    What was it? Be still grasshopper!

  277. 277
    So17 says:

    All these politicians are not worth a pound of smoke except in the fucked up world they inhabit.
    The market reacts to outside events only to move share prices on otherwise static commodities (Generalisation).
    A Dave and Boris dust up may be worth 0.1 point on the FTSE for half a day.
    As Sir Ian Blair said to the assembly at the De Menzes enquiry. ‘You Have no power’ and he was right. A typical New Labour talking shop not worth a fuck but costs us and Londoners a fortune.
    Scrap it.

  278. 278
    v for verruca says:

    British Moon cheese for British Moonies.

  279. 279
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    You’re right. I was on holiday one time and there was a family from the Black Country (wherever the fuck that is) yattering away amongst themselves – I tell ya – it sounded to me as if they were talking Swaheli :-(

  280. 280
    the bronte sisters says:

    Just got out of bed TaT? Good post as it happens.

  281. 281
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Naw, Brearley is grey, is he not? No this guy was really blonde white hair – kinda baby faced.

  282. 282
    ignorance is bliss says:

    “Anti Citizen One says:
    July 26, 2009 at 4:49 pm
    You are a loon!”

    You are a bore who ignores facts and types pointless shit.

  283. 283
    Trough Mixture says:

    In nuLab, the ‘ayes’ are the mirror of the arsoul.

  284. 284
    Budgie says:

    Socialism is evil – always was, always will be. Welcome to the ZaNu world where decent folk are arrested and criminals wander the streets.

  285. 285
    polly says:

    We wish to fuck you were cloud hidden you piece of shit.

  286. 286
    albacore says:

    Then take a snooze, that time-old comforter for blanking out reality and, in this case, evading an answer to a straight question.
    Sweat dreams (sic).

  287. 287
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Aw, fook, I am not sure now – maybe I was thinking of Mike Gatting being Grey.

  288. 288

    sillyness is a scotch insult

  289. 289

    I’ve heard it said that Gordo’s cheese is green!

  290. 290
    Sungei Patani says:


    “More and more people are beginning to see that”. Like the voters of Norwich North you mean?

    What pretentious pompous rubbish.

  291. 291
    Grandma B says:

    Just thought you would like to know that Mr Speedo and I have established a good relationship. He is very kindly explaining the philosophy of Eastern religion and culture to me.

    I think we get on so well together because he likes an older more compassionate woman. I hope I’m not betraying his confidence, but we have even discussed his family. I’m hoping to convince him that Gordon Brown is a “has been”.

  292. 292
    So17 says:

    I can see in the runes Draper making more of a rod for his own back with all these Bambinos.
    Along side his last bestseller? ‘Life Support’ will be ‘Child support’ followed by ‘Income support’.

  293. 293
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    A pleasure speaking to you Madam – everything in the universe is right and exactly how it ought to be – and that includes those times when muh arse gets kicked!
    PLEASE – feel free to kick my arse yourself at any time if it seems right for you to do that.

  294. 294

    As I’ve said before, I foresaw every major games design development over the past few years, so I know a thing or two about systems development and the long-term view.

    The issue of international financial policy is important but getting caught up in that is just going to take Labour’s eye off the ball. Miliband is a good frontman for advocating a better approach, but Labour MPs must focus, focus, focus on helping folks get stuff done. It sounds cliche but they will succeed if they help the people succeed.

  295. 295
    Sungei Patani says:

    He may be cleaver but he is certainly not wise.

  296. 296
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Polly – put the kettle on

    Polly – put the kettle on

    Polly – put the kettle on

    and we’ll all have tea !

  297. 297
    P. Doff says:

    …… and Llandudno would score 63 a most in Scrabble (if it were allowed).

  298. 298
    Budgie says:

    Gordoom clever? It’s not clever to rack up the worst peacetime debt ever. It’s not clever to tax pensions then wonder why so many aren’t saving for a pension. It isn’t clever to invent a new tripartite system of bank regulation that can’t even sort out Northern Wreck. It’s not clever to sell gold at the bottom – announcing the sale in advance. It isn’t clever to expand the money supply by 10-14 per cent, thereby creating a giant property bubble. It’s not clever … actually why bother listing the myriad errors McBust has made? The fact is that he hasn’t done one clever thing in his entire 12 years in office. He was even clumsy plotting against Bliar. McDebt has an appalling Stalinist personality and worse abilities. The only thing that has carried him is his arrogance.

  299. 299
    Annette Curtain says:

    No problem.
    The rain will have started in Ameria.

  300. 300
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Is it really that important at the end of the day then? Peace be upon your furrowed brow.

  301. 301
    Budgie says:

    One million jobs lost in manufacturing since 1997.

  302. 302
    The_Vicar says:

    The Beach (north shore) is a B**Tard to get your Chariot down,
    full of huge bolders bigger than Guidos head!

  303. 303
    pollydoodle says:

    What do expect at these prices….literacy?

  304. 304
    Grandma B says:

    If push came to shove, I’d rather handbag you, but I don’t think that will be necessary now that we’ve established such a good relationship.

  305. 305
    Budgie says:

    And 12 years of economic incompetence.

  306. 306
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Just stay away from Scotland Mr Blakplastiklawnjockey

  307. 307
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    Oh Gawd, what am I like.
    I must make a note of checking my posts before pressing the send button. I have just spotted a few typos and syntax errors in my last comment which completely changes the whole bloody meaning of what I was trying to say. What I meant to say was:

    The lesson of the past few weeks is that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. The new labour war, torture and occupation party will promise anything and can’t stoop low enough to stay in power. But, building real and enduring success doesn’t happen overnight. Only the spiv and the chancer will promise you that. This next election is a chance to break that repeating cycle of misery by telling the new labour war criminals to stick their lies.
    There, that is what I meant to say first time round!
    Honestly, people who read that first mistyped version must think I am a right c’unt so I am glad that I have been able to make this correction. Thanks Guido.

  308. 308
    nell says:

    The New Statesman – average circulation = 26000

    Not exactly influential – but then reader numbers for left wing rubbish are shrinking fast, gordon’s made sure of it.

  309. 309
    The_Vicar says:

    Stay off the White Lightning!
    It drives one crazy.

    More tea anyone?

  310. 310
    ignorance is bliss says:

    Obama exposed as being born in Kenya and covered up by the NWO media.

  311. 311
    The_Vicar says:

    You are Guido.F (split alter-ego)
    and I claim my £5.

  312. 312
    umbro says:

    Admit it Hardprick, you’re beaten.

    You can go and have a weep in the corner now. It must be a great relief.

  313. 313
    Dame Ian McMuck says:

    How’s he supposed to bash his brains out with ratatouille? It’s all goopy. Anyway courgettes are for wimps; give me proper ratatouille with real rats in lad.

  314. 314
    Dame Ian McMuck says:

    I hope they do. They’re the sort of immigrants we need.

  315. 315
    NewGirl says:

    Sorry Sp*do. I just don’t see the POINT of you.

  316. 316
    thick as thieves says:

    and you are a boring KKK c’unt 4.08pm.
    now fuck off.
    what a cretin.
    we have a strict no nazi policy here.
    after that nasty white supremacist rant you can consider yourself banned.
    no refund honky.

  317. 317
    Trough Mixture says:

    That is plain wrong Chas. It is this unsolicited ‘help’ which gets people’s backs up. People in nuLab constituencies would get a lot more done and be hugely happier ere they to visit their trougher and beat them savagely with a 2lb hammer. Happy people are industrious people.


  318. 318
    Sungei Patani says:

    MMM Tax It.

    I quite agree – but the situation is even worse for people who tried to do the right think and prudently save for their old age. With quantitative easing the return on gilts has been diminished which means an even smaller income from annuities on the pension capital that savers have built up.

    The destruction of people’s pensions has occurred over the past twelve years but of course does not affect public sector employees pensions which the tax payer subsidises.

    Liebore’s policy has bee to support the feckless and tax the prudent. A fact, I think, the people of Britain are beginning to understand if the election in Norwich North is anything to go by.

  319. 319
    Vote vote vote for Jacqui says:

    Charles, please confirm that recently you rang the Samaritans for help whilst feeling suicidal and the Samaritan operative advised you to go ahead and top yourself.

  320. 320
    Budgie's socialist moron. says:

    British dole for British workers (courtesy of Private Eye).

  321. 321
    NewGirl says:

    OK No Anon Misog. No Engineer. No SteveExpat. No Chronic. No Ewanme. No Dack Blog. Very little Nell, Dr Mick, Tuscan Tony.
    That’s just from a cursory glance.
    And I’m sure there’s plenty of others missing…

    If it’s the hols then fine.

    If it’s the bastard leftie TROLLS, IGNORE THEM!

  322. 322
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    Before you guys all attack me could I just ask you to allow me to correct certain parts of that post which have caused me to mistakenly misrepresent myself:

    It’s pretty clear that Labour are the real problem while the Tories are selling a con trick that ordinary people will never profit from. Neither the new labour war party or The Tories have a coherent response to the economic crisis and no plan for creating a recovery, and more and more people are beginning to see that.
    I think thick as thieves is right to suggest people vote independent to reclaim democracy from the political class.
    I hereby renounce my membership of the new labour war, torture and occupation party and announce that at the next general election I have decided I will vote for a local candidate in my constituency who is independent of any politicial party.
    I am now ripping up my Labour Party membership card and throwing it in the fire.
    Bloody new labour war criminal bastards. Should be strung up really.

  323. 323

    Obama was born in Hawaii He was elected by the American population, and he accepted the oath as President of the US.

    You’re just going to make yourselves look even more stupid. Even on most right-wing (not conspirazoid) American sites you’ll get a ban for that posting that shit. In fact they think this idiotic conspiracy theory is promoted by shit-stirring lefty trolls.

  324. 324
    Budgie says:

    Twelve years of misery, and ZaNu trolls want more?

  325. 325
    Vote vote vote for Jacqui says:

    New Girl,

    No mention of Thick as Thieves, have you a soft spot,or two,for him?

  326. 326

    He’s not clever or wise. In fact I think he suffers from the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning-Kruger_effect

  327. 327
    Sungei Patani says:

    I sincerely hope not (unless he call a general election). The longer he stays the bigger the Tory majority will be.

  328. 328

    It’s chateauneuf du papE

  329. 329
    nell says:

    In a word NewGirl – Spido –

    He’s had free reign all day and morphed into a number of other identities.

    Hopefully when Guido takes his next look at the blog he’ll do something about him.

    There have been very few sensible discussions on here since yesterday. I keep hoping Spido is running on batteries that will eventually run out.

    Lets go and have a glass of chardonnay as we watch the mayhem.

  330. 330
    Odds Bodkins says:

    Verily the silly season is in full swing. Get a load of this on LabourList – Dan McCurry’s bonkers insinuation that all these thefts, bugging etc have only occurred since Cameron has been around.

    Check out the raft of responses – it can only be described as total wipeout. And this guy McCurry was once an editor for BBC News 24.


  331. 331
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    See you Budgie – yer a moron

  332. 332
    ignorance is bliss says:

  333. 333

    The government has started getting back on its feet regularly over the past year, and each time some loudmouth fires off and has the pundits railing again. So, Labour aren’t doing as badly as some suppose. Most of the froth is just media hype and internet wannabes winding each other up. They’re only doing it cuz they want attention.

    I’ve just been reading a private newsgroup topic where some paranoid was trying to stoke up more fear but this time the reaction was different. Most folks recognised the problem of low level crime like flytipping, and most could see the difference between accountable authority and shysters. It’s not much but it’s useful and shows the government cares.

  334. 334
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    The very fact that he engenders your group hostility shows that he is hated by fools….proof of my thesis by contradiction, one might say! Hehee!!

    Famous quote
    “The trouble is that all the people who know best how to run the world are too busy dressing hair or driving taxis”

    HAhahaahaaaaa!!!!!!! *spin* on it :-))

  335. 335
    thebigotbasher says:

    Are you mad? Obama is politically closer to Cameron than Gordon Brown and those on the left of the Democratic Party (who would still be Liberal Democrats / Tory wets if they were in UK) have not forgiven “New Labour” for not only supporting Bush and his illegal Iraq war but for making the case for it in Congress.

    Congress may have applauded Brown when he was going on about how wonderful America was – but on every other issue – they remained steadfastly silent.

    As for Congressional Elections, they will retain a House majority (bit much smaller) however Congress is likely to result in more Democratic seats as the seats coming up for election in 2010 are the ones elected in 2004, the last year that Bush did well in.

  336. 336
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    “Don’t get Budgie to Judge ye”!

  337. 337
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    sic has square brackets – not parens – watch this [sic] see? easy!

  338. 338
    RavingMad says:

    yes charles, and that loudmouth is gordon brown, he’s always doing the ‘right thang’

  339. 339
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    HAhah!! – Yeh on Daddy’s orders to avoid CJD *tories are sick bastards*

  340. 340
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Read Einstein ya stoopid fuck

  341. 341
    RavingMad says:


    Dan replies – “… why choose a person who voted for Toby Blair?…”

    Who the fuck is Toby Blair????

  342. 342
    Anonymous says:

    Here’s Charles_E_Hardwidge at his most pompous:


  343. 343
    Gordon McMental says:

    Thank you for keeping up the good work for the Labour party as I holiday in the Lake District , taking relaxing walks in in a blue suit, highly polished black Brogues , a tie and accompanied by this strange woman and two children that I hardly know along with 300 close personal photographers.
    May I also say that I will be still getting on with the job helped by my boss Peter.
    Labour will take no lessons from the Tories when it comes to getting luxurious and free holidays.
    We wrote the fucking book.

  344. 344
    Cjamesk says:

    Good point New Girl

  345. 345
    nell says:

    I’m rather afraid you’re right – on the other hand their spineless incompetence is all working in dave’s favour.

  346. 346
    nell says:

    Well they won’t vote Labour that’s for sure!!

  347. 347
    ignorance is bliss says:

    “310thick as thieves says:
    July 26, 2009 at 6:38 pm
    and you are a boring KKK c’unt 4.08pm.
    now fuck off.
    what a cretin.
    we have a strict no nazi policy here.
    after that nasty white supremacist rant you can consider yourself banned.
    no refund honky.”

    Ah yes, the usual racist, KKK, blah blah blah, let’s close down debate trick, I am wondering what race has to do with anything here?

    Could it just be that you have no counter and have to resort to the race card and then use racist hate speech against me?

    Consider that a ban?

    for what? I challenge you to show me the racism and race sepremacist ramblings outside of your post?

    ban, prison, what next death penalty? you are no better than Hitler or Stalin.

    I’m waiting thick as shit!…still waiting!

    The only references to race are in your imbecillic drivel, you have no idea Thick as shit what race I am and it is none of your bussiness either, so your racist remark calling me a honky is not only ignorant but will also see you with up to 8 years in a cell. Using anti free speech laws you are clearly so fond of.

    Consider that a ban? or is it only whites you feel should be prosecuted for race hate in you hypocritical tiny mind?

    As for the moron who `claims` Obama was born in Hawaii, don’t tell me you were there! clearly you must be a witness to the event to make such claims as no one else has seen any evidence other than a few badly faked bits of tat that floated around for a short while until they were exposed and laughed at.

    a bit like you really!

    No doubt you still believe the EU is just a trade agreement and that the international bankers play no part in this undemocratic new soviet.

    Enjoy your slavery, seems you are welcoming it with both arms open and both eyes shut!

    Unfortunately it will be your children who suffer the most.

  348. 348
    Tory Girl says:

    I want your babies Charles

  349. 349
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Well, you wouldn’t would you?

  350. 350
    ignorance is bliss says:

    I see my reply comment is awaiting moderation, what is this Stalinist bullshit?

    Is this the Labour party site?

  351. 351
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Zen Koan

    “If you cannot find it where you are standing – where will you wander in search of it”?

  352. 352
    nell says:

    You did forget to mention that you have allowed Harriett to take charge of government for 2 weeks. An absolutely historic move – as Harriett’s own PR people said yesterday – she is the first woman to take charge of the country since Mrs T.

    And, of course, Harriett will make a far better job of it in her two weeks than Mrs T did in her ??years of power.

    Does anyone else feel they are watching children playing house with harriet and mandy scrapping over who is going to be the ‘pretend daddy’.

  353. 353
    Charles_E_Hardwidge says:

    You can have em, im trying to meditate and theyre pissing me right off

  354. 354
    Rant against the machine says:

    Charles I dont think I have properly thanked you yet for your distinguished contribution to Labours defeat in the Norwich By Election where they had a new arsehole ripped for them, again !!! Keep up the good work. I reckon every word of automatonic pish you spout is worth another 500 votes to the Tories . Once again I thank ewe !

  355. 355
    dirtyden says:


    Hoist with his own petard. Ouch.

  356. 356
    Sir Vince Todger says:

    Robot alert !!!!!!!!!

    Charles, you have posted this exact same comment on a number of occasions. Please apply for re-programming immediately.

  357. 357

    Bold Labour not Old Labour: this is closer to the essence of the sort of Labour and Britain I’d like to see develop.

    Confidence isn’t about passive anger or a bullying attitude, or getting too caught up in the razzle dazzle or falling back on buggy whips just because they worked in the past. It’s something better than that.

    Balance, grasshopper.

  358. 358
    Leggy Shrub says:

    Don’t call me Shirley, says peer

    By Ross Hawkins
    Political correspondent, BBC News

    Home Office minister Lord West has written to a hereditary peer to reassure him will be able to use his full title on his identity card.

    Conservative peer Earl Ferrers was concerned he might simply be named ‘Robert Shirley’ on the card, causing confusion.

    Earlier this month, he told the House of Lords: “If I go to a place overseas and ask to cash a cheque and I am asked my name – Ferrers – and my card says Shirley, that will not marry up.”

    A former Home Office minister himself, Earl Ferrers warned the government this little-discussed issue might become a “big elephant trap”.

    In a letter, Lord West made it clear it would be possible to have the words “the Holder is the Right Honourable Robert Washington Shirley, Earl Ferrers” printed on the back of the card.

    Although he correctly identifies Earl Ferrers’ title, he gets the Tory peers’ forename wrong – repeatedly calling him Richard.

    Earl Ferrers’ first name is Robert.

  359. 359
    Rant against the machine says:

    Just visited the quite superb Labourlist and judging by the comments on display Labour have virtually no support even on their own site. Quite astonishing.
    The article by Cherie Blair sorry Booth has attracted quite a lot of “negative” comments. You could be forgiven for thinking she has used the Law to feather her nest on a quite shocking level, like she was some kind of grasping greedy Lawyer. Im sure thats not true. By the way on the Booth Blair thing , do you think she uses the name Cherie Booth in the States or is it at all possible that the name Blair opens some doors for her ?

  360. 360
    dirtyden says:

    Already-broken news alert… Another crack appears in the Brown cabinet! Shocking.

  361. 361
    So17 says:

    It used to be more about stand alone comments and less about dialogue on here so the incidence of whole threads where people abuse each other was less.
    The old system, where a person would have to refer back to other comments made earlier was better I think.
    Nowt wrong with speedo when he is in debating mood.

  362. 362
    Grandma B says:

    Speedo: I surrender, this is getting too deep for me.

  363. 363
    dirtyden says:

    Not sure spending half your life on Guido’s blog suggests “balance”, tit.

  364. 364
    shotgun says:

    “OK No Anon Misog. No Engineer. No SteveExpat. No Chronic. No Ewanme. No Dack Blog. Very little Nell, Dr Mick, Tuscan Tony.”

    Thank fuck for that, they’re all boring Hunts anyway, apart from the Tuscan that is. I rope ‘em in together with you, S/pedotwat, and Hardfuck, so good riddance to the lot of ya.

  365. 365
    Rant against the machine says:

    Come on Guido own up you never see you and Charles in the same room.

  366. 366
    drago says:

    “Nowt wrong with speedo when he is in debating mood.”

    I’d take a lie down if I were you, you must be poorly. He’s 100% manure.

  367. 367
    samaritan says:


    Dont wait 9 months to hang yerself.

  368. 368
    Rant against the machine says:

    “The key to beating the recession” eh Charles, have you told anyone about this yet, could make you a lot of money and the gratitude of the nation. Then again maybe you are just spouting utter bollox. Now which one is it ?

  369. 369
    nell says:

    He’s working for damian or derek , and they think there’s a purpose for him. But then what’s the purpose of them?

    In the spirit of Charles ‘ they are a shower of rain which is then dried up by the hot sun’


    ‘ put your hand into a bucket of water and then remove it – can you see where you have been?’

    Of course , the same applies to charles!

  370. 370
    obladee oblada says:

    Err… nell it’s not really Gordon, you do know that don’t you love?

  371. 371
    Grandma B says:

    The point of Speedo is to provoke us.

    Incidentally, he must have an awful lot of free time. Mrs Speedo should mark his card and put him on washing-up duties. How come he didn’t wash the Sunday lunch dishes today? Every man should know his role in life. I’m quite prepared to give him a gentle “handbagging” if he doesn’t comply.

  372. 372
    RavingMad says:

    don’t know about opening doors, but I’d be happy hitting her with one

  373. 373
    Charles E Hardwidge says:

    Some walk in the rain, other s just get wet.

    Gordon in his magnificence dispells the rain as it gently falls upon his furrowed genious brow.

    He is risen. He is with us now.

    All is well.

  374. 374
    Jim Devine's arrogant sense of entitlement says:

    Ssshhh Im keeping my head down as well hoping it will all blow over.

  375. 375
    Gordon McMental says:


  376. 376
    Rant against the machine says:

    Now I would never grudge a memorial service for the brave vetrans of the First World war at anytime. But why the Fuck is Brown making a song and dance for for this whilst ignoring the lads coming home in boxes in the current war ? He makes me puke !

  377. 377
    Tony the messiah says:

    Oi thats my line, I was the one who signed off with ” and I will always be with you “

  378. 378
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Okay Gran..sorry for bein’ pushy – but, please, at least calm your mind by accepting that Gordon Brown is your country’s Prime Minister and is owed the respect that is due of that high office. If you can’t do that Granny you’re probably a right off anyway and you can go back and play with newgirl.

  379. 379
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    wowsers – that big, eh?

  380. 380
    nell says:

    If I could get to the real gordon I wouldn’t be talking to him!

    I’d have my copper bottomed frying pan and would be smacking him!

    And if he dared to throw that mobile phone at me I’d make sure I chucked it back and hit him on the head with it – hubby and son have had me playing enough practice cricket over the years!!!!

  381. 381
    barefootcontessa says:

    It all started with Miss Prudence. Our eyes met during my 11 year sojourn at no 11. She led me a fine dance, then dropped me like a hot potato. She said she loved my curly black hair, it reminded her of that brooding square jawed hulk Heathcliff. She said she loved my razor sharp wit, my manicured hands, my immaculate sense of dress, my rolling Scottish vowels, and most of all my business and financial acumen.

    But now she’s gone, done a bunk, left me in the lurch. How could she? How can I survive without the love of my life, my Miss Prudence?

  382. 382
    Cassandra King says:

    Is that why the Tories are now miles ahead in the polls, double digit leads in all polling?
    The voters just dont seem to realise whats good for them do they?

  383. 383
    freddie flintoff says:

    eh up lads , oh fuck off charles before i bowl a bouncer lad

  384. 384
    Charles E Hardwidge says:

    Do not deflect his magnificance away from the hitoric perspective he must focus upon.

    The sacrifices of today are many fold, but have yielded no returns as yet, their weight undetermined.

    Gordon is right to leave the glory of rememberance to those that will follow.

    As the mountain looks clearer from a distance, the wages of blood & toil cannot be seen in this epic – it is simply too close.

    All is well

  385. 385
    Gordon McMental says:

    Yes it is.
    I have fucking had enough
    I will be teaching at Harvard by Christmas next year.
    You Hunts can all fuck off and save your abuse for the Tories.

  386. 386
    Infanta of Castile says:

    Don’t you mean

    Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick ,sick

  387. 387

    I didn’t think SILLY WEEK started until tomorrow?

  388. 388
    Tony the messiah says:

    My final “I am with you ” speech just before my ascent into heaven.

  389. 389
    Charles Edwina Hardwidge says:

    Oh yeah, I used to be a contender. I could have been the lefts answer to Guido Fawkes, a puffed up fucker living on cheese and onion Pringles and Tesco lager, 2p a gallon. There was just one problem, I wasn’t any good. In fact I fucking stunk the place out with my utter uselessness. Now a mere shell of my former self, I am left posting the same old, same old cut n’ paste bollocks day after day, hour after hour, on the blog of someone I despise but somehow envy at the same time. How fucked up can you get?

  390. 390
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Hi nell – are you feeling missed? Don’t worry, I’m still yer buddy – and Granny’s too – I have a penchant for the older lady.

  391. 391
    freddie flintoff says:

    fuck off or get a shotgun up your arse lad

  392. 392
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    see 384 – peace and love

  393. 393
    barefootcontessa says:

    The gorgon couldn’t run even a small business to save his life.

  394. 394
    Gordon Zola says:


  395. 395

    As I’ve commented before, if you want to know what’s happening today, read Guido. If you want to know what’s happening yesterday, read a newspaper. If you want to know what’s happening tomorrow, read my comments.

    Forgive the ego, but I’ve

    1) Revolutionised graphics fidelity almost single-handedly.
    2) Won the Sunday Times Inventor of the Year award.
    3) Been quoted by the international media.
    4) Won two awards for commenting on the internet.

    You guys are just small timers. That’s okay by me because your dreg just makes me look good.

  396. 396
    barefootcontessa says:

    It’s Sunday, they must have forgotten to wind him up.

  397. 397
    freddie flintoff says:

    fuck it lads , this aint cricket , the house has fucked us all , right hard and we sit like hoons on the sofa blogging and the gov piss our taxes up the fuckin wall , and all we get is tax rise after tax rise i ask all to stand up and tell all the hoons to start to listen or get on the fuckin lampost with the wire groping there necks

  398. 398
    barefootcontessa says:

    Lovely eyebrows!

  399. 399
    freddie flintoff says:


  400. 400
    ferki nell says:

    Yeah you’re a right little cliquey lot aren’t you, always chuntering on about chardonnay, cricket or mostly bollocks. Why don’t you all form your own knitting forum, and give us all a break?

  401. 401
    Infanta of Castile says:

    I heard a rumour that she’s related to John Wilkes Booth. The yanks love a bit of ancestry so why would she use the name Blair?

  402. 402
    Mandy Rice Davies says:

    He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.

  403. 403
    Cassandra King says:

    Balance like mass unemployment and crippling national debt, unsold gilts, tax revenue black holes leading to massive cuts and poverty leading to IMF bailouts leading to more cuts and more poverty.

    Ooooooh yeah, newlabour leads the world in employing a mental defective as PM, newlabour leads the world in employing crooks and thieves.

  404. 404
    freddie flintoff says:

    and why dont you fuck off and take a refund ,or a bouncer at 95mph lad ?

  405. 405
    freddie flintoff says:

    its more smears from gordon and co lads

  406. 406
    you wouln't let it lie says:

    “Won two awards for commenting on the internet.”

    Yeah, both of those awards for the most boring cυnt of this and the next decade.

  407. 407
    nell says:

    You should not have got me started on this! I know you all think this is my personal soapbox. But someone has to fight for decency and fairness here!!

    In Afghanistan and Iraq , for every fatality in our Armed Forces their are four (4!!) permanently disabled young men and women.

    Bob ‘ busting a gut’ for our young armed forces, is going to Court next week to try and get a ruling that will allow a significant reduction in MoD payments/pensions to servicemen who are injured in our ongoing wars.

    John Major, who disappointed me as a PM, is nonetheless fighting for these men, and so should we.

    Labour. What an absolute pile of horse manure. Apologies to horses.

  408. 408
    Jethro says:

    I wasn’t sharing: I was showing off.

  409. 409
    So17 says:

    ‘A big elephant trap’ not for the great unwashed it wont Mr richard/robert fucking Shirley Ferrers.
    Dont worry about the in’s and outs of a ducks arse about ID cards you tosser scrap the whole idea.

  410. 410
    ferki nell says:

    Fuck off and get lost on your pedalo you alky cυnt.

  411. 411
    Jethro says:

    194 Grandma B was too kind to draw attention to “pharse”.

  412. 412
    freddie flintoff says:

    eh lad you wouldnt say that if you was 22 yards away

  413. 413
    Aaron A Aardvark says:

    Oh, you stupid fucking imbecile. we’ve had more than a tenth of a century of Labour and , ta da, drum roll, Britain’s smashed beyond recognition. What a fucking surprise.

    You think Brown will win a general election? Good for you, because even Mr Fuckface old Bottler himself, Mr Fuckup of Fife, won’t call an election for fear (terror?) of losing, the spineless coward that all of Britain has long seen him to be. Including Mr Cowardly-Fuckup himself. “Give me another 18 months to set out my vision.” How many 18 months does the thick fucking shit need?

    Still, your homo-erotic devotion to him proves one thing; in the party of the blind, the one eyed twat is king.

  414. 414
    ignorance is bliss says:

  415. 415
    shelling-out says:

    Charles. I read this comment with interest.

    If Labour can develop positive consensus and a better appreciation of the short versus long-term, cause and effect mechanisms, and how continuing to develop the “Brown Plan” will create a better alternative then “frustration” and “anger” will give way to happiness and contentment.

    I commented a long time ago that people are angry merely because they are angry. Given a generation of fear and greed, it’s not surprising that people lack the vision and tools to get over themselves, but as we move forward this will change and perspectives will change accordingly.

    As more enlightened political parties, media, and businesses begin to “get it” the entities that don’t make this leap will find themselves in the trailing third of the population as the power dynamic begins to shift. They know this which is why some are kicking and screaming so much.

    The future is innovation and society built for the long-term, and by focusing on developing ordinary peoples success and communities in a lasting way Labour will help secure the general election. Regressive forces will fight this every inch of the way but you can’t fight reality. Give up. Let go.

    Firstly, I would like to clarify one thing.

    I am not merely angry because I am angry. I am angry because Brown has destroyed my pension, taken my job, livelihood and pretty soon, my house. This is not a whim. There are plenty of ordinary people out here in the same boat.

    If Labour can’t secure people’s jobs (which they can’t – and it’s going to get worse) people will beging to lose faith. This isn’t a whim either. It is human nature. If government hits people hard in their pockets, when they are working as hard as they can to keep their heads above water, they are bound to be angry. The reason? Gross government mismanagement.

    I will fight your so-called reality with every breath in my body. I will give up and let go when this bunch of shysters are voted out – and they will be!

  416. 416
    ferki nell says:

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed freddie, but I’m not as it happens.

  417. 417
    Gordon McMental says:

    I am on holiday relaxing with 100 red boxes
    By that I dont mean that I am with half the cast of RIVER DANCE

  418. 418
    freddie flintoff says:

    fuckin hell that hit the spot

    3 cheers hip hip fucking hell yeah lads

  419. 419
    freddie flintoff says:

    just fuck off you big jesse

  420. 420
    ignorance is bliss says:

  421. 421
    Charles E Hardwidge says:

    The leader is right to avoid the shrill cries for populism & elections, as time goes on all will see his plan.

    All is well.

  422. 422
    freddie flintoff says:

    eh lad when you can play with the men , then you will be forgiven lad

  423. 423
    Jethro says:

    I met Zen Koan once: bein’ with ee’s as much fun as bein in the Waiting Room at the Crematorium.
    Now, is Brother’s different altogether: such a laugh! That’s why they all call im I Scream Koan.

  424. 424
    nell says:

    I’ll hold him freddie – will you throw the bouncer?

    As for alky? I suspect spido that’s a pot hoping the kettle’s black.

  425. 425
    freddie flintoff says:

    yeah just make us like north koera lad sounds good ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NOT

  426. 426
    Anonymous says:


  427. 427
    Aaron A Aardvark says:

    “The Tories had no response to the economic crisis and no plan for creating a recovery, and more and more people are beginning to see that.”

    Yeah, that’s why Labour are doing so wonderfully fucking well in the polls.

    How’s Labour’s overdraft at the moment? 20 million. God, they’re popular, aren’t they?

  428. 428
    freddie flintoff says:

    dont worry nell lass , the big man got it sorted

  429. 429
    incandescent-with-rage says:

    Sounds like the Labour party. When someone says something which may denigrate the party’s efforts – even if it is true, they are made to re-word their statement to toe the party line.

    That’s you, that is, Charles.

  430. 430

    Jeez, spare us the hysteria.

    Miyamoto Musashi, the revered sword saint of Japan, states that the strategist must have a firm but light grip. Again, he raises the issue that being too rigid or floppy in a situation impedes correctness. Leadership isn’t just about aiming for goals but, also, forming ourselves to goals.

    Be still, grasshopper.

  431. 431
    incandescent-with-rage says:

    Where’s the money for investment in products and staff going to come from? Government have no money, and won’t have for a few years.

  432. 432
    ferki nell says:

    “eh lad when you can play with the men , then you will be forgiven lad”

    I bet you say that to all the boys you fucking poof.

  433. 433
    Aaron A Aardvark says:

    Failure? Norwich North?

    Stupid Labour c u n t.

  434. 434
    shelling-out says:

    Apathy Rules, eh, Charles!

  435. 435
    freddie flintoff says:

    eh lad , you want a bouncer at 95mph you hoon ?

  436. 436
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    Hey Freddie, don’t waste ‘em on dross, save ‘em for the next test lad.

  437. 437
    shelling-out says:

    Got a crystal ball, Charles? God help us all.

  438. 438
    freddie flintoff says:

    fuck off lad

  439. 439
    yacht boy says:

    Don’t answer that GM, freddie’s a bit thick.

  440. 440
    Voting Floater says:

    Can we with our earballs revolutionise deliverables and communities into
    syndicated synergistic scalabe yet sexy even sticky solutions?
    Can we seize the bleeding edge as a portal into innovation and open source out of the box back end. Is real time zen the new
    politics? Is robust the new proactive opimised to streamline customised societal strategies?

    Er … in a word, no.

    (Sir, you are a genius, unless you are Liam Byrne, in which case I fear you mean every word, for this is how he speaks all the time, even to his dog.)

  441. 441
    shelling-out says:

    Is that why they are so behind in the pools then?

  442. 442
    shelling-out says:

    Sorry – polls!

  443. 443
    albacore says:

    In your little kindergarten, maybe.
    Of course, IT pro’s like you and happy Hardwidge exist only inside the box.
    And I reckon everybody here knows what your particular box is full of.
    Ready to answer the question yet or doesn’t it compute?

  444. 444
    freddie flintoff says:

    eh lad , i am ready , just put a baggy green on his head will go to my mark lad

  445. 445
    Voting Floater says:

    Yes, Dick, but what do you REALLY think of our friend Charles? No need to hold back, now!

  446. 446
    Trough Mixture says:

    Bet it’s just before blob week…

    “Emasculation, Emasculation, Emasculation!”

  447. 447
    freddie flintoff says:

    so voters dont understand eh lad ?

  448. 448
    shelling-out says:

    Can you still get your head through the doorway? No? I’m not surprised. You have a very over-inflated opinion of yourself.

  449. 449
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Sorry – thanks for showing off

  450. 450
    Grandma B says:

    Yes, Gordon Brown is our Prime Minister. Unfortunately, I can only give him as much respect as I think he deserves, which amounts to 1%. The 1% is for keeping his children out of the limelight. Credit where credit is due.

    Hope this doesn’t spoil our promising relationship.

    Best wishes.

  451. 451
    ferki nell says:

    “eh lad , you want a bouncer at 95mph you hoon ?”

    So what’s a ‘bouncer’ in kweer speak ducky? If it’s what I think it is I think I’ll pass, I’m not into octogenarians.

    You may now depart.

  452. 452
    So17 says:

    So not being too rigid or floppy would mean Gordon has a semi lob.
    Charles just said Gordon brown has a semi Lob.
    Ho ho ho.

  453. 453
    nell says:

    “All will see his plan.”??

    I suspect that ‘plan’ is to prevent a vote on Lisbon here and hope that the Irish vote it in.

    Then tony will become President of the EU and in gratitude he will make gordon Chancellor of Europe. (Mandy no doubt is going to get a magnificent hand-out too) Self serving bunch!!!!

    A great result for someone who has ruined the UK economy and our hard earned pension schemes and who struggles to add 2 plus 2 and make four.

  454. 454
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    Use the G & M Freddie, hit him for six lad..!!

  455. 455
    freddie flintoff says:

    you sir are a hoon now get in the nets and take like a man ( if you are one )

  456. 456
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Don’t think I know that one Castile but it does sound kinda appropriate!

  457. 457
    shelling-out says:

    I really hope you join the ranks of the unemployed soon Charles. That’ll put your stupid ideas into perspective. You have absolutely no idea how miserable it is. That’s why you continue to spout such utter nonsense.

  458. 458
    nell says:

    Freddie’s on the ball.

    It’s gordon who’s dense. Gordon thinks the world loves him and he’s going to save it from itself ! ++laugh++

  459. 459
    freddie flintoff says:

    at least thatcher had balls lass , brown , blair , dave = full of hot air

  460. 460
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:



  461. 461
    freddie flintoff says:

    gordon above his pay grade lass

  462. 462
    Grandma B says:

    I’d just love to take up proof reading on this blog, but I don’t think I’d be very popular. I’ve spent 30 years missing my own typos so I can’t be too critical. To err is human!

  463. 463
    Ratsniffer says:

    They will go down in history as the worst politicians of their era….ooops…I forgot…Zanulab likes to re-write history…they are heroes, saviours of the world…

  464. 464
    shelling-out says:

    The only reason he avoids it is because he’s on a loser. He well knows Labour aren’t going to win the next election. By June next year there will be several hundred thousand more unemployed – who will be seriously hacked off with government and won’t vote them in again.

    You should have listened to the people in Norwich North. A lot of them were dyed-in-the-wool Labour supporters, who voted against them because they didn’t agree with their policies. Just open your ears and shut your mouth. You’ll learn so much more this way.

    Just let go.

  465. 465
    freddie flintoff says:

    history is a point of view lad

  466. 466
    freddie flintoff says:

    i had a labour mp for here , never seen him ,never knocked , never put a leflet though door

  467. 467
    nellie no knickers says:

    leave ‘im freddie, ‘es not fuckin’ werf it!

  468. 468
    Ratsniffer says:

    Labour supporters are deserting snotty and his marxist crew in droves. As more and more loonie left policies are pumped out by Harriet Hateman and co, as more ways of milking stealth taxes out of us are conjoured up, anyone who earns a wage knows that to vote Zanulabour will be suicide.

    That just leaves the unemployed, public sector workers and, ahem, certain “communities” who have been courted by labour. And even a lot of them think Labour stink.

  469. 469
    freddie flintoff says:

    nellie no knickers , you show the worst of the human race , and madam harmen will not be pleased lad

  470. 470
    nell says:

    They are only boring if you’re Labour. And in case you haven’t noticed you are on a site that tends to a more right wing view.

    Suggest you decamp to Labourlist or one of those other loser sites.

  471. 471
    shelling-out says:

    I had two of them on my doorstep once – a long time ago. They couldn’t wait to get away, but I kept asking them the same questions about education, violent crime and other pertinent things. It was quite funny really. They kept looking at their watches, but I wasn’t going to let them go.

    I’ll bet they rued the day they knocked on my door. Can’t wait for them to come back!

  472. 472
    karl popper says:

    Dear Gordon McMental,

    I’d give up on the irony if I were you, the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

  473. 473
    freddie flintoff says:

    hey lad people just want new faces to tell em the same old shit lad

  474. 474
    Aaron A Aardvark says:

    “The Tories created the foundation for boom and bust”

    Uh-huh, and this is the best socialists can come up with after 12 years of a Labour government that’s left Britain one and a half trillion pounds in debt?

    “It was all the fault of those tories who were in power back in the mid 90s – we tried to undo their damage, but we were too involved in selling half the nation’s gold at the bottom of the market, plundering our globally-envied pension schemes of one hundred billion pounds – rendering them worthless – and starting our illegal war against Iraq to really concentrate on ending the cycle of boom and bust (the one Gordon had claimed to have ended). Still, give us another term and we’ll end the cycle, comrade.”

  475. 475
    nellie no knickers says:

    The human race is an event you were never invited to, you fucking neanderthal.

  476. 476

    It’s clear just from watching Brown’s body language that he has a grasp of the strategy and the multitude of issues facing people, and a desire to understand how they impacted them on a personal level. In comparison, why are the Tories so full of bragging and insincerity?

    I’ve seen a lot of lies and negativity from the usual quarters but where are the concrete plans and enthusiasm from those who would be king? What job opportunities do they want to create versus cost cutting? What sort of society do they want to build versus self-interest? I see the Prime Minister developing solutions but why are the opposition trying to talk everyone back into their caves?

  477. 477
    nell says:

    He is of course spido aka damianmcb or derekdrpr or edblls or charliewhln or tomwtsn.

    Trusted , caring, intelligent bunch of people’ !!!

    Just the sort of people we want to vote for to run our government the next time around.


  478. 478
    Voting Floater says:

    Quite so, Brightonia.

    You’ve made your point, now fuck off.

    Many tanks.

    As Rommel said to Montogomery, who probably had a better keyboard than mine.

  479. 479
    freddie flintoff says:

    dont come round this way , fookin hoons

  480. 480
    freddie flintoff says:

    no you are talking shit lad

  481. 481
    freddie flintoff says:

    shows labour for what it has become

  482. 482
    nell says:

    Yes Freddie .

    It’s called the Peter Principle!!.

  483. 483
    Charles E Hardofthinking says:

    It was all the Tories. Obviously. Brown’s blameless. I want to suck his majestic cock.

  484. 484
    freddie flintoff says:

    it wrong lass , people are getting fucked by the goverment playin spin games , but the goverment dont give a shit and this is a labour goverment ???????????????

  485. 485
    South of the M4 says:

    Charles. You really are a complete dipstick. But amusing whoever you are, because there really are people who think like you do. Humans are so stupid.

  486. 486
    shelling-out says:

    Brown’s body language indicates to me that he is a man living on the edge. He is inarticulate, and he stammers a lot. This is not a confident man. In comparison, David Cameron comes across as a man who knows he will win the next election. It doesn’t matter how you dress it up, Charles, this is what will happen.

    The Conservatives do not have to say anything about policies just yet. They are the opposition party. If they show their hand too soon, Labour will just steal it and pass it off as theirs. They’ve done all this before.

    Just let it go.

  487. 487
    kiki dee says:

    “It’s clear just from watching Brown’s body language….”

    Is this the body language you mean Fuckwidge?

  488. 488
    freddie flintoff says:

    is it done by the bird on fox news with bill o rielly ?

  489. 489
    Strike Rate says:

    Thats a long spell of hostile bowling for you freddie, but on here it seems that most folks are either dyed in the wool tories, or just so desperate to get shot of Brown, that they’ll vote for any likely alternative. The fact that ALL current MPs have been guilty of enriching themselves at the taxpayers expense, seems a blemish that they’ll overlook.
    I’m afraid you’re on a flat track wicket if you expect real swing to bring about a clear out of the Chris Tavare’s of Parliament.

  490. 490
    freddie flintoff says:

    hey shelling lass , same shit differnet pants lass , the goverment always wins

  491. 491
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    That’s no shame – running a small business is not easy – every man to his/her trade.

  492. 492
    nell says:

    139 julie – just go!!!!

  493. 493

    The more you cling to the poll results the more it will hurt when they swing in a way you don’t like. Really, it’s better just to let go.

    For similar reasons, Cameron’s Bullingdon bully routine is misguided. Indeed, every time he pulls it the Prime Minister becomes more supple and joyous.

    The Conservative ego has really neatly boxed itself in. It can’t go forwards and the inner fear they project on the poor will start chewing them up as they slide. Ouch.

    The Tao is the path of no effort. *yawn*

  494. 494
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    what question is that?

  495. 495
    freddie flintoff says:

    hey lad i want them all lined up in the nets , i work my arse off and get fucked by the state ( witch i dont rely on ) its just not cricket lad

  496. 496
    Former Labour voter says:

    Prior to 1999, I paid £500 p/m into a pension fund, and Gordon Brown destroyed it. I ran an IT consultancy company, and with IR35, Gordon Brown destroyed it.

    If I could get close to him, I’d kill him without hesitation. In reality, the best I can hope for is to repent my 1997 decision to vote Labour and vote Tory at the next election. I doubt vacuous Dave “I’ve got a windmill and all female selection lists because I’m heir to Blair” Camoron will be much better, but he’ll be somewhat better. But by God, I’ll live with my 1997 mistake for the rest of my life.

  497. 497
    ferki nell says:

    You sad, sad fuckers. I’m not Labour and never have been. I’ve been posting on this blog for 3 years now, and you lot win the prize as the most dim witted retards ever. You give conservatism a bad name.

    Now fuck off back to the care home.

  498. 498
    nell says:

    Labour has too much yang??

    The pendulum swings – towards the tories (the ying).

    Don’t worry charles – You are soon to be out of a job

  499. 499
    albacore says:

    You know, S S, a couple of years back I had to collect an acquaintance who’d suffered a selective amnesiac fugue.
    He was working normally yet recognised nobody and had regressed over twenty years in all his personal recollections.
    He couldn’t cope with the discovery of a familial catastrophe and so refused to accept it as fact.
    Hate to break this to you but your unlucky Post 13 will be your Nemesis unless you confront it smartish.

  500. 500
    ZZZZZZzzz says:


    I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  501. 501
    shelling-out says:

    Gordon is far from supple and joyous. He looks haggard and tired, just like his policies.

    You really have to let go, Charles. This time next year it will all be over and you will need to re-think your philosophy.

  502. 502
    The puss between Brown's ears says:

    “But, building real and enduring success doesn’t happen overnight. ”

    It doesn’t happen after 12 years, either.

    And that is why, people of Scotl.. er, uhm, Britain, er, give me another 12 years to build enduring success.

    And give me another 12 months to come up with a vision, will ye? Och the noo.

  503. 503
    nell says:

    You poor dear .!!

    3 years posting on a blog where you are so unloved.!!

    Haven’t you ever tbought you need to post on the failed Labourlost or somewhere where you might be more appreciated?!!

  504. 504
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Granny, I take things as they come. Don’t get too hung up on the “relationship” thing – it’s just a computer program remember – lemme give ya a big hug (((Granny B)))
    Why are you and nell such political extremists for two such nice, shall we say, “older” ladies?

  505. 505
    The puss between Brown's ears says:

    NHS direct has just laid off a couple of hundred people.

  506. 506
    grim rupert says:

    Bon jour, Guido? Ca va?

  507. 507
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Grandma B is too kind to call you a bastard motherfucker

  508. 508
    Strike Rate says:

    You’re right mate, but where is all the anger of two months ago when the story really broke? The conservatives celebrate a win despite less than half of the voters turning out. Large numbers of hardworking, taxpaying, law abiding folks, are so uninspired, that they can’t be arsed to vote for any of the main parties. And yet, they are not ready to embrace real change. If i were you mate, i’d clear off to the IPL, and set yourself up for life. But of course, being the real freddie, you’re trapped here in the crumbling pavilion, watching another batting collapse.

  509. 509
    Cig. Cig. Spunknik says:

    Gordon is still around and not on holiday – which is worrying. Who will he vent his good intentions on next?

    Here are some suggestions:

    Peter Meddlesome
    Norwich City (Ha!)
    England;s remaining 3 Test Matches
    Long Range England Weather Forecast for August & September
    The last War Heros of WWI
    Equality Commission
    The National Lottery Kucky Winners Association
    Wind Farm Propeller Makers
    Anti-Influenza Vacccine Production

    the list will be ammended

  510. 510
    grim rupert says:

    Charlie, you need a holiday. Ever been to Siberia?

  511. 511
    freddie flintoff says:

    hey lad the ipl is sorted , the anger is still around , i would worry about the b+n+p

  512. 512
    freddie flintoff says:

    not the ashes lad

  513. 513
    grim rupert says:

    Dear me!

  514. 514
    NewGirl says:

    I’m even missing TaT at the mo!

  515. 515

    The Tories throw punches, but don’t land punches. They talk, but they don’t deliver. That’s why they do so badly in the polls. The media is their battleground, but on the doorstep, they fail.

    Following my advice, Brown, ever glorious and courageous, strides onwards, leading Britain to even greener pastures. Keep strinding forwards, Gordon!

  516. 516
    Augeas says:

    Not sure Mr SS is being quite candid with you about the term grasshopper. In popular culture this is a reference to the unspeakably pretentious TV series “Kung Fu” in which the very odd actor David Carradine was known as Grasshopper.


    Actually I think “a fan” makes more sense when he is taking the piss than SS does when he is serious.

  517. 517
    freddie flintoff says:

    hey firk lad you are so sad

  518. 518
    ferki nell says:

    That’s it nell, do Labourwrists job for them by showing what a bunch of cretins Guido allows to post on his blog.

  519. 519

    Don’t pick me up on that typo or I’ll moan like fuck.

    Ying and yang, grasshopper.

  520. 520

    My silly week post has been moderated on here.
    Oh, the ignominy!

    In other news Gordon Brown is taking a short holiday before returning to “Get on with the job”
    He told reporters
    “Up to now we have just been sitting around, claiming expenses and generally buggering about. But after 12 years I have decided its time for the Labour party to start getting on with it”

    This latest re-launch, number 31 since 2007, is being hailed as the final chance for the failure Prime minister to turn things around.

    Alan Johnson, seen as a rival for the top job commented..
    “I couldn’t give a shit any more. I mean, what’s the point.? Seriously, you tell me? I can’t even be arsed to pretend we have any ideas. All we can do is fuck it up as much as possible for the next lot. I’m cutting lending for students loans so the universities collapse, adding another 30,000 security guards to the Olympics to ramp up that white elephant’s costs, then Mandy wants me to start road pricing on all roads from 1st June 2010 at £7.00/mile. Finally, next May, we are going to piss in the whisky bottles and wipe our arses on the curtains before leaving forever.”

    We asked Lord Mandelson about this statement and he replied
    “I would never tell you a lie.. So goodbye” and he hung up.

  521. 521
    Mammalian Comedian says:

    Emo Phillips told the joke of going to the counsellor and asked to eat a chocolate rabbit.
    What was that for Emo asked.
    The counsellor replied that those who start at the head and eat downwards are frustrated by the lack of academic challenges and those who start at the feet are frustrated athletes.
    And those that start with the eyes shouting stop looking at me you evil creature?
    They are completely suicidal the counsellor replied
    And your advice to me Emo asked.
    The counsellor Go for it.

  522. 522
    Augeas says:

    Piss off and sponge off the French or Germans or anybody but us southeasterners. We are the only people in the UK with an economy and have to support all you ungrateful workshy sweaties. In return you send us your 5th rate incompetent politicians.

  523. 523

    The Tories have bullied their way in the door and are now trying to hawk their policies around the media. The real issue of substance they’re keeping well buried is that attitudes take an ice age to change. As I’ve commented here before, it takes a minimum of 5 years to make a significant personal change, 10 for an organisation, and 20 for a community. The science just isn’t on the side of the nasty party being deep cleaned yet. They’re faking it.

  524. 524

    That would be ‘yin’, grasshopper.

  525. 525
    NewGirl says:

    WTF is Ferki Nell? Bizarre out of the woodwork creature. Delighted to bore you, whoever you are.

  526. 526
    Augeas says:

    Or to call you an illiterate mindless fuckwit

  527. 527
    ferki nell says:

    “They’re faking it.”

    A bit like your boyfriend then.

  528. 528
    Augeas says:

    Apology for the tautology

  529. 529
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Nell – stop taking my name in vain. The day I need to post as somebody else just to deal with your kind will be the day I give up the ghost altogether. Please don’t get me angry with you.

  530. 530
    ferki nell says:

    Hey NewGirl, why don’t you shut your legs for once and give your mouth a chance?

  531. 531
    freddie flintoff says:

    line charles up i need a bowl lads

  532. 532
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    Hey NewGirl, you OK..??

  533. 533
    NewGirl says:

    I have to say it speaks volumes to me when any of the slimeballs on here have a crude pop at Nell. She’s obviously decent, a mum and a grandma, she doesn’t use bad language, and whatever you may think of her political views it takes a certain kind of lowlife to attack her in the way some do. They should be ashamed. I hope they have some inkling what it shows them up to be.

    Me? Keep it coming you tosspots. I don’t give a monkeys.

  534. 534
    Picked Seam says:

    Like the Greens, UKIP, Libertarians, Jury Team, Monster Ravers and other assorted newcomers, they’ll probably stay on the edges of politics. The evidence is that its take guard for more of the same. That’s the drawback of being a nation of tradition. Better playing out for a draw, than going after the bowlers who have been rubbing dirt on the ball.

  535. 535
    nell says:

    Trevr.Phllps of the Equalities and Human Rights Quango awarded a
    multi-thousand pound contract to one of his closest personal friends.

    It is, of course, what Labour does.

    Time to go Mr Phillips. Nothing to do with your race as you want to claim. Just like gordon – it is to do with your moral corruption.

    We will give dave and his crew a chance , and we sure hope they are cleaner than this dirty greasy corrupt labour bunch.

  536. 536
    Lords Taverners Barman says:

    freddie, you staying for afters?

  537. 537

    I have you scotch twat. When it comes to economics you’re a socialist that’s like explaining geography to a flat earther.

    So when you’ve lost your faith in Marx-worship come back and I’ll explain how things work. Alternatively keep your faith in a system that murdered 100 million people.

  538. 538
    Sungei Patani says:

    Sad, pretentious and pompous.

  539. 539
    ferki nell says:

    Why should you give a fuck about nell, she’s probably on her 3rd bottle of chardonnay by now and well out of it.

  540. 540
    NewGirl says:

    A few more crude sexual taunts hey Ferki? Maybe you should try a little intellectualism. Otherwise you just remind me of a school bully. The thick ugly one that no one likes, who resorts to vitriol as a way of getting attention?
    If you aren’t Labour, you should be. You’d fit right in.

  541. 541
    freddie flintoff says:

    same bowlers , different umpires lad

  542. 542
    shelling-out says:

    They haven’t bullied their way in the door. They were voted in. Remember?

  543. 543
    freddie flintoff says:

    is the pope cathlic ?

  544. 544
    NewGirl says:

    Misog! Yeah I’m fine. Are you? Haven’t seen you in a while!

  545. 545
    freddie flintoff says:

    to many cook spoil the broth

  546. 546
    Sungei Patani says:

    Your dregs make you look pompous and pretentious.

  547. 547
    shelling-out says:

    And anyway. I thought you said they didn’t have any policies so how can they hawk them round the media?

  548. 548
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    Tranquilate guapa…!!

  549. 549
    When all this nonsense over MP's expenses is over says:

    The Tories, they are not Tories. Camerhoon is somesort of Christion Democrat.

    “Policies” so far…. scrap Inheritance Tax on hold; “cannot rule out increase in personal taxes”; “reduction of 50% tax ” on hold; probable road tax pricing “on certain roads”; “likely increase” local taxes.

    Sure fire winners. You are warned.

    Mark Prisk MP, Hertford and Bishop’s Stortford says “we are looking for what type of institution would help small businesses” What a muppet. He hasn’t a clue about what small business is all about. He doesn’t even reply to letters from people who run small businesses who have suggestions/ideas/problems/ concerns. He would be best going home to Truro where he can be Shadow Minister for Cornwall, not that there is a Minister for Cornwall that he can shadow.

    Frankly the Tories have lost the plot. And I’m a Tory. You are going to be very disappointed by this shower when they are elected.

    Have fun and don’t have nightmares, yet. They will come soon enough.

    Pip pop.

  550. 550

    Words and emotions, or policies and marketing, are mere tools. Better ways, or correctness, or the moral are all equivalent, and help solve problems and bring people together. By clearing the mind of junk one may more easily understand the issues and develop consensus instead of building a mountain of funk that will bite us in the ass.

    The Prime Minister has identified a problem and is pressing a solution. If people aren’t persuaded, nothing is lost. He merely drops the whole thing and bounds on to the next challenge instead of getting bogged down in egotistical wallowing. This is quite masterful and will leave the Tories greasy fingers slipping from the bumper of his political vehicle. Left with mere hate and envy the Tories will have nothing left to do but chew themselves up.

  551. 551
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:


    What No Scotland?

    The Lobby is jumping all over Fraser Nelson’s interview with George Osborne in the Speccie tomorrow where he appears to distance himself from the über-modernisers.

    Of more interest to Guido was the information that in CCHQ

    “a new map hangs in George Osborne’s office, showing the latest parliamentary boundaries for the next general election. It could have been designed to soothe the nerves of a Conservative party election co-ordinator, for it is dominated by Tory blue. A few tricks have been used to achieve this optical illusion. There is no Scotland”.

    Perhaps George is hoping that Scotland will be coloured yellow…

    UPDATE : The Scottish press are very interested in this point of detail. Consequently Osborne’s spin-doctor has been on to Guido claiming that the office does not belong to his boss. “So whose office is it?” Guido challenged, “Errr, I don’t know.” Guido called Fraser Nelson, he certainly thought it was Osborne’s office – opposite Dave’s own. Indeed at one point in the interview Dave walked in “Ah, so that’s where all the booze is kept” he said, “nodding to the bottles of Château Village 2003 in the corner of Mr Osborne’s office”, according to Fraser. Where is Osborne’s Millbank office? We were spun recently that an election-ready campaign team had moved into CCHQ Millbank from their parliamentary offices. Osborne is the campaign manager…

  552. 552
    Anonymous says:

    No you were right the first Time The “Iron Chancellor” as he was once called is betting the recovery on 6 score draws on the first day of the football season.

  553. 553
    freddie flintoff says:

    yeah fuck off lad

  554. 554
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    Sharing the Pc with my daughter, 0.1% for me 99.9% for her, she thinks that’s a good deal..?? Sending her back to blighty tomoz..!!

  555. 555
    Analyst says:

    Could there be greater evidence of your narcissism
    than the amount of time you spend on self aggrandisement on this thread?
    I have sympathy for the neglected real you.

  556. 556
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    When I was young and impressionable I thought that the two groups of people I coudl always trust were nice old ladies and academics. How wrong can you be — the old bats on this blog are decidedly scary. Academic, Karadec(sp?) in Bosnia springs to mind – an ANIMAL. Maybe the Taliban don’t have it so wrong after all.

  557. 557
    ferki nell says:

    Hey NewGirl, boo hoo, it’s rough on Guido’s blog, tell us something new.

  558. 558
    NewGirl says:

    Ha ha yes of course, I forgot! Bet she’s had you out clubbing every night (or at least chauffering!)

  559. 559
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Freddie – that is not cricket – what brought on the fuck off – are ya not feeling well, or what?

  560. 560
    Rant against the Machine says:

    By the same token when yvette goes to the states she should book into her hotels as

    Yvette Cooper-Oswald

  561. 561
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    Don’t go there ferki, you don’t know what your up against….

  562. 562
    freddie flintoff says:

    no read all you shit last night , god you are a hoon lad

  563. 563
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    Too right, now it’s a weeks rest for me. Who’s the idiot ferki..??

  564. 564
    ferki nell says:


  565. 565
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Seemed a pretty straight ball to me Freddie – are you saying you like Charles E Hardwidge? THAT would be LBW if you did, eh?

  566. 566
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    On your tits be it.

  567. 567
    NewGirl says:

    Dunno. One of the regular wankers under a new name I suspect. The style, quality and purility of his insults are utterly familiar. Though they are all clones, I suppose.

  568. 568
    Julie Kirkbride says:

    Don`t be silly Nell. My people simply simply adore me and I simply simply adore the job. I am NOT going and Andrew has made sure that David will back me. If there was an open primary, an idea which I simply simply adore, I would win hands down.

  569. 569
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    Recommended that he doesn’t mess with you, I know he won’t listen so don’t spare the horses..

  570. 570
    ferki nell says:

    Yeah whatever. Thanks for the entertainment guys, nothing personal like.

  571. 571
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    o los pecones..!!!

  572. 572
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    hasta luego bobo..

  573. 573
    freddie flintoff says:

    hey lad , just talk sense and people will chat, if you talk shit people will ignore you

  574. 574

    I hope this isn`t so and that he has more integrity. His response on Kirkbride has been disappointingly equivocal. What she has done is a permanent stain on the Conservative Party which will be quoted for years. She has now rigged the Association for another bout of spin to protect herself. The proper solution would be an open primary managed by HQ not the Association. Kirkbride has refused to meet the public but claims they would support her. An open primary would solve the problem and simplify the difficult position Cameron has been pressurised into.

  575. 575

    Perception lags reality and, I believe, a little of the Gordon Brown pixie dust will begin to mysteriously but surely move political fortunes more in his favour. Simply, by being more humble in presentation and allowing people to discover their inner success, the sage succeeds with little effort. One can almost hear the screeching of political brakes as good-time friends flip-flop on the ashes of their ego.

    This is quite amusing. Truly, Blessed Leader has a great sense of humour.

  576. 576
    Anonymous Misogynist says:

    Early flight, early start, mañana cariño.

  577. 577
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Can’t change what I believe in Freddie – I won’t be rude unless provoked – it just so happen I am not a conservative. Is this blog not big enough to take a different opinion?

  578. 578
    Lords Taverners Barman says:

    He was in last week. Well hammered! He was dancing on the tables singing an old song from his youth hostelling days about a female cricketer and a chinaman, when he tried to play off the back foot and took a tumble into the bleachers. He won’t be able to hold a bat for a while, till the cast is removed from his wrist, but he’s still in the slips, legs apart, hoping for a tickle.

  579. 579
    freddie flintoff says:

    hey speodo lad i aint a conseritive

  580. 580
    nell says:

    Spido I am disappointed in you. All day you have talked pollytwaddle.

    Now, tonight, you start putting forward intelligent arguments for your left wing point of view –

    Why do you present yourself as an idiot with one brain cell when you can clearly argue a political point of view??

  581. 581
    ferki nell says:

    This is a political blog you wankers, not a fucking singles bar. Guido FFS do something abaht this wontcha!

  582. 582
    Anonymous says:

    Let`s have an open primary then Julie. That would clear the air. But in must be managed by Party HQ not by your cronies in the Association. We all know what you and the Dents would get up to even if Dave is naieve and falls for your scheming spin.

  583. 583

    There’s a lot of cliche and handwaving in here. From a Zen Buddhist perspective it’s quite funny seeing people gnash their teeth over policy and perform to the partisan gallery, as if it means anything. It’s like watching a baby cry over having a case of wind. People are making an emotional mountain out of a political molehill. It’s just posturing and attention seeking.

  584. 584
    Grandma B says:

    Too right I wouldn’t call him a “………”

  585. 585
    Steve Expat says:

    Same shit, different day. Why does nothing like this surprise me any more…?

    NewLabour – it’s what they do…

    When do we get our say in the matter? ELECTION NOW PLEASE!

  586. 586
    Heavy Roller on expenses says:

    And a doctored pitch.

  587. 587
    Grandma B says:

    How dare you call me scary – I’m your new best friend.

  588. 588
    Anonymous says:

    there`s more to all this than meets the eye – looking forward to the full story.

  589. 589
    Anonymous says:

    You must have been absolutely furious over the Falkland Island debacle. Or was that one okay? Aden? Northern Ireland? Or is it that you are just an atavistic hoon?

  590. 590
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Maybe it’s kinda rubbed off on me since I used to watch Robin Day’s polkadot bowtie on Question Time as a kid…. I was a bit of swot.

  591. 591
    Steve Expat says:

    The more you cling to the poll results the more it will hurt when they swing in a way you don’t like. Really, it’s better just to let go.

    Well said Charles – was it not a 16.5% swing in Norwich North the other day? In a real election, not just a poll.

    Repeat that nationwide and Brown will have a worse result than Major got in ’97!

  592. 592
    ferki nell says:

    Sorry to hear that. I hope it clears up soon.

  593. 593
    Policy on the hoof says:

    They’ll make them up as they go along.

  594. 594
    NewGirl says:

    Bye Misog. Butt out of my conversation Ferki, you moronic buffoon. Go and play somewhere else.

  595. 595
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Darling, it’s you political stance that scares me – not you personally! Remember, I have a penchanrt for the older woman!

  596. 596
    Sheep of Lake District says:

    Four legs good, two legs bad. We have the sheep-dip prepared to welcome Mr Brown.

  597. 597
    Anonymous says:

    Have you seen the front of The Screws today? All those Tories with second jobs, raking it in the millions? Must really upset you…

  598. 598
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    thanks Freddie, you’re a brick.

  599. 599
    NewGirl says:

    Got any other names Ferki? Your infantile posturing seems familiar…

  600. 600
    ferki nell says:

    If you want to hold a conversation I suggest you use a telephone or an email, NOT A FUCKING POLITICAL BLOG SITE!


  601. 601

    Like a lot of things in life, people reach for the next silver bullet but forget that you can’t change the world. You can only change yourself. Until stakeholders develop a more enlightened view the same old issues will keep cropping up regardless of the system.

    You heard it here first.

  602. 602
    Anonymous says:

    naieve is not the righnt word.

  603. 603
    ferki nell says:

    NewGirl, don’t think by coming on to me that you’re gonna lull me into a false sense of security.

  604. 604
    NewGirl says:

    Haven’t noticed your incisive contribution to political debate on here yet.
    Did I blink, and miss it?

  605. 605
    NewGirl says:

    Come on to you? Dream on, loser.

  606. 606
    nell says:

    Spido – NI wasn’t fair either.

    But Iraq and Afghanistan are a war based on Lies because these 2 Labour PM’s want to appear sexy and in control – that’s the difference. l

  607. 607
    jonty mcginger says:

    Err no, not exactly Mr Hardknob. Krishnamurti was saying this decades ago you fucking plagiarist.

  608. 608
    Steve Expat says:

    Is it not said that it is not the Opposition that win an election, it is the Government that loses it.

    Almost all policies announced by the Tories under Cameron have suddently become Broon’s policies not too long after (IHT reform springs immediately to mind).

    DC will say as little as he can get away with, vague statements of ideals rather than specific policies, until just before the election is called – there is no point in him revealing his hand when his opponent is still to play his turn…

  609. 609
    ferki nell says:

    Playing hard to get a?

  610. 610
    Silvio Sukker says:

    People talk about Labour as “history”, much as they did in 1979. They were discredited, scorned, and when Foot became leader, the brave new world of Thatcherism, thought that Socialism was finished. But the pendulam swung back, and Labour was reborn with the Blair era. The Tories were “history”. discredited, scorned, and when Hague became leader, the nasty party were finished, or so we were told.
    Will it be the election of 2020 or 2025, that Georgina Gould will be elected as the new, new Labour prime minister, promising to “put Britain first”? Ever get the feeling you’ve been had?

  611. 611
    Steve Expat says:

    Evening shotgun, NewGirl etc…

    Nothing wrong with spending the weekend barbequeing and drinking beers when on holiday ;-)

  612. 612
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    He has no self respect – if it is a he.

  613. 613
    Steve Expat says:

    Evenin’ NG, was a weekend of BBQ and beer for me ;-)

    Sorry if you were here on your own with the trolls all day!

  614. 614
    ferki nell says:

    I just do these little skits for entertainment usually. Come up and see me sometime and I’ll show my polemics.

  615. 615
    NewGirl says:

    There’s hard to get. And there’s way out of your league. Happily, without even a visual, I’m confident I’m in the latter category.

  616. 616
    nell says:

    That’s the thing you see.

    It’s called biting the hand that feeds you.

    Labour does not understand loyalty!!!!

  617. 617
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    are you a LibDem then Freddie, or a UKIP – tell me you’re an English Democrat and make my day!

  618. 618
    ferki nell says:

    Your loss babe.

  619. 619
    Steve Expat says:

    Not really – in fact it shows that they have what it takes to earn money in the real world.

    Much rather that than career politicians who have never done a productive day’s work in their lives.

  620. 620
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Nell, I honeslty have not a clue what you are on about – what do you mean about “loyalty” – what is the issue you see here??????

  621. 621
    Fairest of them all says:

    A narcissist needs a mirror to reflect the beautious image.
    You are that mirror!

  622. 622
    NewGirl says:

    Bloody expat lifestyle :-) Am soooo jealous. Partic as pissing it down here. It’s Gordon Brown’s fault as he’s off on his hols to the Lake District!
    No worries re Trolls Steve….usual moronic ramblings of the subnormal, nothing I can’t handle…

  623. 623
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    are you just a little bit tipsy nell ? That ‘ s okay S’all good. stay cool nell — stay cool.

  624. 624
    NewGirl says:

    For entertainment? Could I suggest an improving book instead? Say, the Mr Men series? Or Peter Rabbit. realise you’ll struggle with the plots, and some of the language will be way above you, but you may still learn how to turn the pages in the right order.

  625. 625
    NewGirl says:

    I very much doubt it Ferki.

  626. 626
    nell says:

    Guido when are you going to curb these Labour Spoilers on your blog ???

    Time for bed . God Night. God Bless!

  627. 627
    ferki nell says:

    Ah, but I sense there is still a lingering doubt you little minx.

  628. 628
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    nell, I think you are away in the lid.

  629. 629
    ferki nell says:

    I’m willing to bet you could teach me a lot about rabbits darlin’, no doubt about that.

  630. 630
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    she’s prolly ejaculatin’ already

  631. 631
    freddie flintoff says:

    hey lad , show respect , have a good night lad

  632. 632
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    G’night Freddie

  633. 633
    NewGirl says:

    All you trolls descend to the gutter by the end of a thread. While you can’t compete in any other field, I always cede to you in when it comes to the sexist dribblings of adolescent filth you spew out.

  634. 634

    Any one can see 491 is the Sewer Gob Tat !

  635. 635
    NewGirl says:

    Nice, Spido, nice. You two should get it together – you seem to have much in common.

  636. 636

    And Ferkin Nell is Master Wanker

  637. 637
    NewGirl says:

    I think you may be right :-)
    No more troll baiting for me tonight – sleep seems more attractive.

  638. 638
    ferki nell says:

    Fair enough.

  639. 639
    ferki nell says:

    Hey that’s brave of you to come out at the last minute Mr Colon, you knock kneed nelly.

  640. 640
    ferki nell says:

    And for the last time, this isn’t a fucking swingers forum, IT’S A POLITICAL BLOG SITE…….FFS.

  641. 641
    ferki nell says:

    “Yeah goodnight billybob.”

    This blog has turned into the fucking Waltons.

    Night y’all.

  642. 642
  643. 643
    I collect Zimbabwe's says:

    Reply to Prison awaits Obama. If Zimbabwe is Zimbabwe and the U K is Zimbabwe, and now the U S is Zimbabwe, how many Zimbabwe’s have we got.?

  644. 644
    Anonymous says:

    are you a poof ?

  645. 645
    Ivor Hardwidge says:

    Go for it, Tory Girl. This country needs lots of little Hardwidges to run the country.

  646. 646
    Uddin like the marble so I got it re-gilded says:

    I just so love multiculturalism. And diversity. Love them, love them, love them.

    I mean, what’s not to like?

    Baroness Udders of Wapping, Maidstone and Chhatak, Sunamganj in Sylhet.

  647. 647
    Steve Expat says:

    NG, I’m actually in the UK at the moment, on holiday!

    No BBQs in Dubai at the moment, too bloody hot in the summer!!

  648. 648
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

  649. 649
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    G’night Ferkin nell – sleep tight

  650. 650
    caesars wife says:

    oh er Darling signs of second recession !! Brown in PR hiding until halloween when he can do gurning vid “happy trick or treat” except it would be “trick and debt”.

    is the picture not so rosey in that , the people who are hoovering up the debt will be the ones who pay for it , will they realise that you are going to have to gamble with there futures , are we the poorest pensions in europe because the taxes that gordon took have not built them up to work in the lean time ??

    why does taxing public sector pay more , work better than spending cuts ??
    opps how will you sell that .

  651. 651
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    For TaT

  652. 652
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    not the last time I looked – why do you ask?

  653. 653
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Ah, okay sorry, I’ll try to answer the question for you but you’ll need to tell me what my “nemessis” is first – what is that exactly?

  654. 654
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    you fucking murder the English language – that’s a bigger crime. Stop sucking your thumb and grow up willya I’m not going to be nice to you forever you know.

  655. 655
    Atlas shrugged says:


    So that’s just fine then. There is not going to be a NWO, because you say there is not going to be one. Wow I was getting a bit concerned there for a while.

    Gordon Brown, Dick Chaney, David Feelafella et al were simply pulling our legs after all. Must have been a sort of extended April Fools joke with a few trillions knobs on, that simply got out of control.

    Has it ever occurred to you that there is no such thing as left and right and most likely never has been?

    Those so called right wing sites you mention, are simply controlled by the same powers that all of the rest of the MSM are. Big money talks, and the biggest of all amounts of money talks by far the loudest, and can permanently shut you and me up in a heart beat.

    I prefer to trust no one or anything. Not even the people that made the above videos, or even the people who posted them.

    You on the other hand are a rude idiot with as much common sense and historically based insight as a dead baboon. My god, come to think about it, you look like one too.

    You hear but you simply can’t listen. The truth would finally force YOU to face up to your own simply massive ignorance of how this world of THEIRS has long since been run, or should I say OWNED.

    This has nothing to do with right or left. This is finally in your face FASCISM. Which as you should know, is the worst possible combination of both EXTREME right and EXTREME left. Which is also a thing that virtually no one wants and as good as no one would ever have voted for.

    I do not profess to know the details of future events. Unlike Alex Jones I do not have a Crystal Ball. I only know what is plainly sitting in my own living room, which is the biggest elephant I have ever clapped eyes on. You on the other hand could not notice such a thing if it were actually in the act fucking your arsehole without lube. Which it most clearly is, just as much as it is everybody else.

  656. 656
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    snotty nosed kid

  657. 657
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Augeas, please don’t be rude.

  658. 658
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    > Apology for the tautology
    Dont apologise, it’s all the same to me either way.

  659. 659
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

  660. 660
    "I Support Nick Clegg and the LibDems" Daniel REDcliffe says:

    “bigotbasher”, vindicating my opinion shall be simple, as you’ve plainly confounded fact with fallacy, or in some cases Leftist Utopian romance-fantasy distilled into the brain and flourishing on the fertile soil of mental delusion.

    First, every seat in the US House of Representatives is exposed to a new election every 2 years, second, whilst more Republican seats in the Senate are to be decided in 2010 than those held by Democrats (the Senate being constitutionally divided into three classes where every two years one class, a third of the members, submit to the campaign and ceremony of election), the majority and White House Party bear the more weaknesses, Senate Majority Leader Reid from libertarian Nevada, overseeing a profligate and interfering budget is behind in the polls, Dodd from Connecticut compelled banks to lend mortgages to those who could not afford to repay (‘sub-prime’ so-called) and received lavish benefits, or bribes, from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is greatly behind in the polls, the political slave Biden replaced himself with in Delaware so that his own son nepotistically can succeed him in 2010 a scheme more and more infuriating to the people, Obama’s substitute in Illinois the appointee of a Democratic governor arraigned for endemic embezzlement and selling public offices. There are others I could enumerate and depict, but I fear the reader will grow weary with a repetition of venality, incompetence and deceit.

  661. 661
    Man on the Clapham omnibus says:

    West Ham United

  662. 662
    Ignorant as shit, Atlas gluggs meths says:

  663. 663
    Scorched Earth says:

    Bit of an odd one for Guido this.

    Macintyre is indeed stretching it more than a bit and the New Stoadsperson will never be a haven for insider Tory information.

    But the Policy differences on crossrail are there and Boris wanting more Mayoral powers is hardly a surprise.

    You also don’t need to have Cameron or Boris’s personal ear to know are they not the best of friends. That is common knowledge as is Boris’s limitless ambition in Politics.

    I doubt Boris finding out he was a target for phone hacking under Coulson will have mellowed him much toward the Cameroonians either. He has been in the tabloids more than enough to know the truth of that one.

    But Boris won’t be briefing against Cameron through Macintyre or anyone else just now. Despite his cultivated Buffoon image Boris isn’t really stupid. Why antagonise Cameron and his friends before the Election ? Pointless.

    So yes, Macintyre cobbled this together and he’s not the most reliable of sources but Boris and Dave’s coolness toward each other is no fiction.

    Dave is also now floating Toll Roads and higher Taxes for Middle classes which might arouse some ire from the old guard in the Tory Party far more than his and Boris’s mutual dislike.

  664. 664
    Scorched Earth says:

    The problem IS the Prime Minister.
    Brown isn’t trusted by the public and they simply do not like him enough to give him a second chance or be persuaded by anything he says.

    Since he is a liabilty campaigning, even in by-elections, and since Labours poll numbers are still flatllining, a couple of months hence his next challenge will likely be a leadership challenge kickstarted by friends of Johnson, Milliboy or even jugears Clarke himself.

    He won’t be bounding towards that or the Election with any confidence as the time to even mitigate these calamitous poll numbers is running out every single day.

  665. 665
    Tory Girl says:

    Macintyre suggest watching this


    also how about the dead in Iraq – financed by Brown


    Brown is truely evil

  666. 666
    David"Tally Ho" Cameron says:

    I pissed myself laughing when Charles E Hardwidge told me this gag at the Beaufort Hunt recently

    Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling are out in the woods when Gordon Brown falls to the ground. He doesn’t seem to be breathing, his eyes are rolled back in his head. Alistair Darling whips out his cell phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps to the operator: “Gordon Brown is dead! What can I do?”

    The operator, in a calm soothing voice says: “Just take it easy. I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.” There is a silence, then a shot is heard.

    Alistair Darling comes back on the line. He says: “OK, now what?“

  667. 667
    shelling-out says:

    People are changing themselves. They’re voting for any other party but Labour. The by-election results speak volumes.

  668. 668
    albacore says:

    Well, if you can’t even spell it, grasshopper, a definition would be beyond your ken.
    Get back to where you’ll always belong (until the next backstabbing) wibbling with happy Hardwidge and the Gordo gumptionless.

  669. 669
    freddie flintoff says:

    at least boris has a mandate lad

  670. 670
    freddie flintoff says:

    good one lad

  671. 671
    Hurf Durf says:

    “…after he reported – unsourced – a claim that Obama thought Cameron was a “lightweight” – a story that Guido knows to be an invention.”

    It’s some massive hubris on Hussein’s part if it’s true.

  672. 672
    P1 says:

    Cameron probably is arelatively lightweight, but that might not matter for the Conservatives. If Brown is (allegedely) heavyweight, then a candidate PM perceived as lightweight will be well placed to hoover up the anyone but Brown feeling and turn it into a majority.

    Brown also will suffer because of his record of poor decisions (eg selling gold, raising private sector pesnions, Gurkhas, not funding military equipment for wars he wants to fight, emplying Balls, McBride, Mandelson) his distinct lack of a moral compass when he claimed to have one, his failure to hold the promised constitution/Lisbon Treaty referendum, his support for negative bullying breifing against collegaues and others ( al la McBride) his tax tax tax and spend spend spend spend instinct, his fiddling of figures (inflation, unemeployment, PSBR etc), his legacy of enormous and overwhelming national debt, his appalling lack of feel for the electorate, his personal evasiveness on the issue of expenses, his clear lack of democratic mandate (particularly on English issues – a self inflicted wound by Labour), his etc etc etc. The fact that he’s kept his children away from the limelight might be his one plus point but it’s not going to save his bacon on election day. Goodbye Mr Brown you will not be missed by the voters and taxpayers of England – and they are the ones who decide the election (well a few of them in mrginal constituencies, but you get my drift).

  673. 673
    Anonymous says:

    And the Falklands? You forgot to comment on that. Good opportunity to win a war by sending British troops to an inconsequential place very few had ever heard of? You are blinded by parochialism and you are evidence of the impossibility of democracy in this country.

  674. 674
    Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for the poor buggers who knocked on your door. When you opened it they must have thought, “fuck me, this hoon looks like a demented alien. He must be a fucking Tory.”

  675. 675
    No more boom and bust says:

    “The Tories had no response to the economic crisis ”

    Economic crisis? I thought Gordon Brown abolished boom and bust?

    Seriously though, what planet are you on? The Iron Chancellor splashed money on the NHS, education, university places for all (well, 50 per cent). You’re nodding your head because you think this kind of spending was a good idea. But he also spent money on the Olympics and the Millennium Dome. Bit of doubt creeping in yet? OK, let’s try the big cash-guzzlers: two wars and Trident. Still happy?

    Being “prudent” as he liked to claim he was, involves NOT spending money on things. At least, not spending money on something. For a decade, everything was the priority and every request for money was met with a smug “I’m the Chancellor who can ignore financial reality”. Quite simply, Gordon Brown splashed the cash on absolutely everything. And now there’s an economic crisis, we’re all supposed to pretend the unprecedented spending had nothing to do with it. The whole thing started in America.

    The reason you want to talk about Gordon Brown’s RESPONSE to the economic crisis is that you are in denial about the elephant in the room. Gordon Brown partly CAUSED the economic crisis.

  676. 676
    McGroom says:

    expect more of this sillyness over the summer, The Norwich by-election revealed that the Brown/Balls/Mandelson triumvitate is waging a dirty war to try and limit the Conservative majority at the next election.

    Cue more Labour infighting and a leadership challenge at the Part Conference.

    Cameron just has to bide his time and let the Labour back benchers make the personal attacks and assume the “bad guy” role.

    The Conservatives need to concentrate on building policy and revealing incompetance to show a party of consensual cabinet government over the discredited presidential executive style of New Labour.

    Then they will lift the poison chalice of governance of the septic isle and have to undo the malevolance of New Labour. Hopefully they will be bold enough to take the tough decisions early.

    Not that I am massively keen on Camp Cameron, but without an alternative, what choice do we have?

  677. 677
    PT Barnum (Ex-Labour Party Member) says:

    Because, as you rightly document, Brown is a one man political Chernobyl, all DC has to do is keep quiet except for regular listing of NewLabour’s “achievements”.

    This will be enough to persuade many former Labour voters to change horses to the Tories, and to persuade the rest to either not vote or register a vote for anyone but Labour.

    And I would add to those “achievements”, for those of us who grew up in the Labour movement, the BlairBrownMandelson betrayal of that movement. To have wrought a widening of inequality after 12 years of ugly, clumsy social engineering is a very sick joke.

  678. 678
    freddie flintoff says:

    hey lad if its choice between dave or gordon , may as well vote labour out ( not that labour was ever in ) and give the other lot a chance , i mean they cant be as bad as “new labour” can they?

  679. 679
    shelling-out says:

    I fully agree with your comment Freddie. Whilst I don’t believe the Conservatives have got it quite right yet, they can’t do a worse job than this lot. Of course, the first few years will be spent trying to clear up the massive debt incurred by a government whose only mandate is to cover their own backsides and get as much out of the system as they can before next June.

    People like Charles have absolutely no idea about living in the real world. He has already said that his business was helped to fruition by the government. A luxury which most of us have no access to.

  680. 680
    freddie flintoff says:

    i just want a compatant goverment not flash or in love with celebs just a goverment to run the country in a stable way , no spin , not flash just a goverment , but we seem to have turned parliment into a new big brother house and its all about getting a headline , thats not cricket lad

  681. 681
    Sir William Waad says:

    Darling would miss.

  682. 682
    Sir William Waad says:

    I don’t care where he was born. Obama is just a windbag with no relevant experience who can orate a string of platitudes with apparent sincerity.

  683. 683
    Anonymous says:

    Hi do you liek mudkips?

  684. 684
    Unsworth says:

    There is no alternative

  685. 685
    Jezza for PM !! says:

    “And on that bombshell …………………………………!!”

  686. 686
    Master Baiter says:

    The nosepicking gag is the funniest of all.

  687. 687
    shelling-out says:

    Jezza for PM.

    I hope you mean Clarkson and not Prescoott!

  688. 688
    Master Baiter says:

    The Times they are a changing. So has the Telegraph. They all support Labour now.

  689. 689
    Master Baiter says:

    Brown doesn’t have “eyes”. He has one. Singular. This is an old joke and unfunny when there are hard-working families struggling to pay their mortgages. Thatcher has left a punitive legacy.

  690. 690
    michel de montaigne says:

    Daily Express…………
    GORDON Brown’s advisers have come up with a plan to boost the Prime Minister’s plunging poll ratings – hide him for a month.

    Desperate Downing Street spin doctors hope that four weeks out of the public gaze will help ­voters forget how much they dislike him.

  691. 691
    freddie flintoff says:

    if thats true lad its fucking unbelivable

  692. 692
    "When all this nonsense over MP's expenses is over" says:

    What an endorsement!

    Let’s vote Conservative as “There is no alternative”.

    Maybe true, but after 12 years of lies, theft, deceit, spinning, wars, incompetence and poor judgement the very best those who despise the Government can come up with is “what other choice do we have”.

    God help us all. You lot are in for major disappointment. And I’m a real Tory.

    We need LOWER tax. We need LESS government at all levels. From this create your Policies Camerhoon. Not complicated.

  693. 693
    freddie flintoff says:

    shelling lad it was jezza not prezza

  694. 694
    freddie flintoff says:

    hey lad as a former labour voter , i just want rid of em as the points you make , in my earlier post i said at the moment i just want a no spin honest goverment and the labour party died in 1994 rip john smith

  695. 695
    Sir William Waad says:

    OK, I’ll rise to the bait. Thatcher took over a country that was bankrupt, ungovernable, weak and derided. It was dominated by trade union bosses who were in the pay of the Soviet Union, uncompetitive and written-off by world opinion. The IMF called the economic shots and the NHS had suffered its only ever true funding cut under the outgoing Labour government. The old manufacturing industry was dying with nothing to replace it, unemployemnt and inflation were high and rising and the political class seemed exhausted.

    After a few years’ pain Thatcher had created a new model that was rightly copied round the world, leading to a surge in world prosperity, the defeat of Communism and a new spirit of optimism and ‘can-do’. No wonder left-wing commentatots hate her; she exposed socialism for the useless, negative, dirigiste and defeatist creed that it is.

    We need a Thatcher for the 21st centruy, not with the same ideas, which would be out-of-date now, but with the same vision, honesty and radicalism.

  696. 696
    The_Vicar says:

    I agree, we need a new radical tory govt, not a ZaNuCon – which is what we are going to get.

  697. 697
    McGroom says:

    I couldn’t agree more, the Tories are the only way to go to manage the declining influence of Albion in the world.

    Cameron has to discard all of the destructive New Labour modus operandi, minimal spin, don’t treat voters as fools, listen and meet the people, govern by consensus and expertise, not executive, use the civil service to serve the country (not just keep you in power), reduce SpAd’s, be accountable, stop the Brussels rot (we want to control our own destiny rather than have foreign countries do it for us and get rid of the proscriptive elements of Human Rights bill.

    Cameron needs to sort out debt, education, transport, crime, health, public spending, inflated public services and immigration.

    Give the electorate, firm guidelines on the hard choices that have to be made and it will only be the beneficiaries of the New Labour’s largesse that will vote for them.

    Gordon Brown will never be able to respond to a campaign based on clear intentions and honesty.

  698. 698
    shelling-out says:

    Unfortunately, it comes down to the lesser of two evils. As I’ve said, I don’t think Cameron has got it quite right. I do think Osbourne is going to be a problem with the voters. DC would be better off getting rid of him and using Hague instead.

    If I thought an independent party stood any chance of winning, I would vote for them. As things stand, it looks unlikely.

  699. 699
    tat says:

    ferki nell: well done!
    your cretinous contribution to this thread has won you the coveted
    “sp@stic of the week” award.
    not only that but I have a very strong feeling that your imbecilic outburst will be a contender for the “sp@stic of the month” award aswell.
    you really are on a roll. good work cripple!
    oh. and incidentally would you care to tell the reader what party you did vote for?
    are you too much of a coward to say?
    or too ashamed perhaps?
    watch this readers, this’ll be fun; that gobby wanker will, having soiled this thread will now disappear off the radar.
    happens every time with loud mouthed cowards like ferki the bellend.

  700. 700
    freddie flintoff says:

    to be honest i couldnt give a shit if they are rich , pooor , black , white , gay , straight i just want honset goverment , i know i will be let down lads , but without any hope its gets depressing

  701. 701
    Margaret Thatcher says:

    If my legacy was punitive – and many would beg to differ with you on that – then your Labour government has had 12 years to improve the state of the nation.

    Let us compare, briefly, Britain as it is today with Britain in 1997.

    Economy – Worse now than in 1997.

    Educational attainment – worse now than in 1997.

    Healthcare – about the same as in 1997, despite trebling the budget.

    International standing – worse now than in 1997.

    Energy policy – do we have one?

    Crime – worse now than in 1997.

    Competence and probity of politicians – worse now than in 1997.

    All in all, not a shining record, is it, young Baiter. I would suggest that you discuss with your masters the likleyhood of their legacy being regarded with any degree of positivity. Most people would regard that likleyhood as extremely remote, and look forward to the return of steady, rather boring, but reasonably competent government following the next General Election; that, needless to say, will not be a Labour government.

  702. 702
    McGroom says:

    Gordon Brown hasn’t worked out that you cannot spend on borrowing forever (look at Japan). You have to earn to pay back your debt.

    New Labour has got us into such a mess by spending way too much and the only way to begin to address the deficit is a very fine balancing act of the smallest tax increases you can get away with without making things worse like the Hawley Smoot tarriff act did in the US Depression.

    We the UK stabilises into the “New Normal” after a peroid of deflation, Cameron will be able to lower taxes in about 5 years, but getting there is going to be very tough.

    Watch out as this Christmas will be the real “Winter of Discontent”.

  703. 703
    Master Baiter says:

    Why not? It worked for Kim Jong-Il.

  704. 704
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    Whoops a-daisy, I’ve only gone and done it again FFS!
    I got that last post terribly wrong. I was high on heroin yesterday so please take that in account when reading my comments. Anyway, here is the corrected version:

    The government has been knocked of its feet regularly over the past year, and each time Gordon Brown the loudmouth bully fires off his bullshit and has the dimwitted Labour MP war criminals railing again. Labour are doing far worse than could be imagined. Most of the new labour torture party froth is just media hype and internet wannabes winding each other up. They’re only doing it cuz they want attention.
    That is why I do it anyway.

    I’ve just been reading minutes from the latest cabinet meetings and some paranoid lunatic was trying to stoke up more fear and all the other low calibre individuals in the room agreed. Nobody recognised the problem of conflating low level crime like flytipping and terrorism, and not one member of the cabinet could see the difference between accountable authority and shysters. It’s not much but it’s useful because it shows the government haven’t got a clue about how the voters feel and don’t care either.
    That is why I will not vote for the new labour war party at the next election.
    I could not vote for such a useless self serving party as the new labour war party.
    I will definitely vote for an independent candidate next time round.
    May I go now?

  705. 705
    Putin says:

    Please explain how you manage to work your ‘blame Thatcher’ strategy into this and what you actually mean?

    I read a comment elsewhere suggesting Labour and its core supporters have a belief that those who disagree with them are either wrong or stupid. I was somewhat dismissive of this theory until I re-read several of your posts.

    You do confirm the truth of the statement.

  706. 706
    McGroom says:

    Kim Jong Il – Another one of your heroes

    I thought you had disappeared with your “high on the hog” masters on a fact finding mission to Venezuela.

    It’s the lobotomy stupid!

  707. 707
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    Very last correction, swear!

    Dead Labour not New Labour: this is closer to the essence of the sort of Labour and Britain I’d like to see develop.

    Illegally invading and occupying other peoples countries isn’t about passive anger or a bullying attitude, or getting too caught up in the razzle dazzle or falling back on buggy whips just because it never worked in the past. It’s something worse than that.
    It is a crime against humanity and the new labour war criminals must pay for their crimes.

    Zen balance demands that the correct action is for these war criminals be hanged.
    They are cockroaches, not grasshoppers.

  708. 708
    George Orwell says:

    Two of the most popular iconic books about our future, written in the last century were Animal Farm and 1984. We’re somewhere between the two.

  709. 709
    McGroom says:

    We’ve had 12 twelve years of Brown’s pixie dust and like all of New Labour, it is not founded in reality.

    Dearest Charles, the horse is dead, stop flogging it

  710. 710
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    S’okay – I googled it….so far as I can see your gripe is because I missed out a “y” in the word “your” which you thought had some pretty insidious connnotations…….Grasshopper, old man with no glasses often make typo – there is nothing more to it than that.

    Hope that helps

  711. 711
    freddie flintoff says:

    check this out lads its a laugh

  712. 712
    mad fred 2 para (retired for now) says:

    And the final insult.

    New Labour go crawling to the Taliban to accept terms.

    Afghanistan today?

    * British troops dying & getting wounded everyday for no reason.

    * Labour failed to supply troops with the proper kit – & are still failing

    * A politicised Forces Chief (Jock Stirrup) cheerleading for Brown.

    * Heroin production is at its highest for 20 years.

    * Rape about to be legalised in marriage

    * A puppet President Karzai who is only the Presdent of Northen Kabul.

    What a f___king mess.

    Troops out. Now.

  713. 713
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    Shit! Sorry for that but I was coming right up on a combination of crack cocaine and heroin whhooooooosshhhhhhhhhhh!
    I am ‘sober’ now and see how silly that last post was with me making a total arse of myself! Here is the correction to that last load of piffle:

    As I’ve commented before, if you want to know what’s happening read Guido. If you want to know what’s happening yesterday, read a newspaper. If you want propaganda bilge, read my comments.

    Forgive the ego, but I’ve always been insane ever since mother dropped me from the 8th floor of the council flat I was brought up in. I have always been a bit funny and made inappropriate comments since that day.

    1) Revolutionised single-handed wanking.
    2) Won the Wankers Times Wanker of the Year award.
    3) Been quoted by other wankers.
    4) Won two cautions for wanking on the internet.

    I’m just a small timer with a cock like an acorn. That’s okay by me, my garbage just makes everyone else look good.
    And I am really jealous of thick as thieves because he is a genius and I am retarded.
    Can I go to the toilet now nurse?

  714. 714
    freddie flintoff says:

    and they are trying to cut the money our troops get if injued lad its not right

  715. 715
    Budgie says:

    Aarrrrgghhhh! An invasion of conspiracy loons.

    One of the oddest things about people who reach for their conspiracy theory (a bit like 19th century women reaching for their smelling salts) is their lack of scepticism. Yes, they are (rightly) sceptical of official explanations, but they then fail to apply that same level of scepticism to the conspiracy theory de jour.

    Conspiracy theory is a substitute for religion. Psychologically mankind tends to need certainty. With the death of religion, and even the death of its first substitute, ideology, conspiracy theory is the third best option.

    You can easily see the symptoms: the cosy feeling of belonging to the select few in the know; scepticism to everything except their own theory; the religious certainty; the irrational hostility to the great unwashed or even rival conpiracy theories; and brushing off inconvenient facts.

    It’s the same mentality that drove religions and ideologies like Facism and Marxism in the past. You are either one of us, or you are against us.

  716. 716
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    My problem with Gordon Brown is its too small while I prefer “big government” and Freddie’s problem is that he would like it to be even smaller. Seems therefore that Brown has it about right amongst people with different opinions – middle ground I think its called. FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS!

  717. 717
    Ratan Tata says:

    I’m fooked

    Jaguar files UK loss of $1.1bn

    Jaguar and Land Rover’s core UK operations swung from a combined net profit of £641.5m in 2007 to a combined net loss of £673.4m ($1.1bn) last year.

    The “total recognised losses” at the two carmakers – including actuarial and other losses related to their pension schemes – reached nearly £1.2bn last year, according to accounts filed with Companies House last week.


    Jesus H Christ, I buy the best shills that money can buy, Clarkson and Leno, to spout fantastical shite about that lash-up the new XJ abomination and those bastards at Solihull turn out the lowest quality shite that’s cost me over a billion pounds. I’ll show those leadswinging cocksuckers and that scotch ‘design guru’ Callum for making me a laughing stock. I’m moving the whole shebang to Delhi.

  718. 718
    chronic says:

    Dick Dastardly says ” Muttley get me a cricket ball “

  719. 719
    shelling-out says:

    ..and they closed the military hospitals. The places best equipped to deal with all injuries in the field. Our brave soldiers have to queue up with NHS patients now. It really is appalling.

  720. 720
    Leather on Skull says:

    If Brown turns up at the ashes, you know what to do!

  721. 721
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    It’s clear just from watching Brown’s body language that he has neither the grasp of the strategy and the multitude of issues facing people nor the desire to understand how they impacted them on a personal level. In comparison to the Tories Gordon Brown is full of bragging and insincerity?

    I’ve seen a lot of lies and negativity from the usual new labour quarters but where are the concrete plans and enthusiasm from those who would be king? What job opportunities do they want to create versus cost cutting? What sort of society do they want to build versus self-interest? I cannot see the Prime Minister developing solutions he just seems to be intent on saving his own worthless backside and talking everyone back into their caves.
    Think Zen thoughts – Let go of Gordon. He is bad voodoo.
    I have my suspicions he is a Satanist.

  722. 722
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

  723. 723
    freddie flintoff says:

    its also the econmey, id cards , spin , mcbride, bullying, the state of the public purse , the standed of bills , iraq, gold selling , 10p tax i could go on i wish we did have a labour goverment but that died in 1994 rip john smith

  724. 724
    "When all this nonsense over MP's expenses is over" says:

    Sadly sir you are correct.

    DC’s problems will be GO and AD. Other weaknesses are most of his front bench – impressionable, inexperienced, shallow, not very intelligent. His knight in shining armour is Hague.

    Hague will bide his time for DC to be proved rudderless even if his abrassiveness enables you to light a match off his nose.

    These guys talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. Oh let me wrong, please.
    But talking about increase personal tax, road pricing, sheving IHT reform is hardly inspiring people like me to vote for these cretins.

    Honest Govt? Get rid of half of all politicans overnight and you’ll be on the right road.

  725. 725
    freddie flintoff says:

    someone said above somewhere they are hiding him away for the next month so thats the next couple of test lad hope it doesnt go down to the oval

  726. 726
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    Why oh why do I post when I am high on heroin!
    What a fool!
    Corrections for last post:

    The more I cling to the poll results the more it hurts when they swing in a way I don’t like. Really, it’s better for me to just to let go and top myself.

    For similar reasons, Cameron’s Bullingdon bully routine is misguided. Indeed, every time he pulls it the Prime Minister shots his spunk all over David’s face.
    The new labour ego has really neatly boxed itself in. It can’t go forwards and the inner fear they project on the poor will start chewing them up as they slide. Ouch.

    I am boring *yawn*

  727. 727
    Sly Stallone says:

    “We salute the gallant people of Aghanistan fighting the barbarous invaders.”

    does that still apply?

    How about Rambo V, where I kick the arse of the evil, terrorising British commander and liberate the freedom-loving Afghanis?

  728. 728
    Steve Expat says:

    Gordon Brown for small govenment? The government today could not be any bigger! The welfare bill is currently higher than income tax receipts. Health spending is up more than 100% in 10 years with little discernable improvemnet in the service (but lots of shiny new PFI buildings and very rich doctors)

    Are you suggesting that in this global jobs market we should be taxing the rich at 98% like Labour governments have done in the past?

  729. 729
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    The clunking fist, Gordon Brown throws punches, but doesn’t land any punches. He talks, but doesn’t deliver. That’s why he does so badly in the polls. He is scared of the media and blogosphere as a battleground, and on the doorstep, he is a miserable failure.

    Following my advice, Brown, ever cowardly and inept, crawls backwards, leading Britain further and further into debt. Don’t Keep dragging the country down, Gordon! Resign!

    There, that makes more sense doesn’t it?

  730. 730
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    Last one! Honest guv, I won’t do it again I promise!

    The new labour war party have bullied their way in the door and are now trying to hawk their policies around the media. The real issue of substance they’re keeping well buried is that attitudes take an ice age to change. As I’ve commented here before, it takes a minimum of 5 years to make a significant personal change, 10 for an organisation, and 20 for a community. The science just isn’t on the side of the warmongering party being deep cleaned yet. They’re faking it.

  731. 731
    Scorched Earth says:

    Not just a mandate but actual experience in running things.
    Both of which Boris and his followers waste no time in pointing out to the more fanatical Cameroonians when they try to get him to slavishly toe whatever the current Dave’s Party line is on any given subject.

  732. 732
    Steve Expat says:

    There’s no way Brown wil be making any appearances in public any time soon – those around him know that he would be subjected to a lynch mob at the earliest opportunity.

    The reason Clarkson’s comment made headlines is that most people agree with him, but only one man on the BBC payroll had the guts to say it!

  733. 733
    Leather on Skull says:

    Well, could’nt you get in some practise aiming at spuddo shits in the meantime?

  734. 734
    Budgie says:

    Russian proverb: “Fooled once, shame on him; fooled twice, shame on me.”
    In other words, voting Labour in 1997 was being fooled by a charlatan and was a shame on Bliar, not you; the real sin was voting Labour in 2001 and 2005.

  735. 735
    Budgie says:

    He hasn’t delivered ‘no more boom and bust’ in 12 years. How much more hard ZaNu does he need?

  736. 736
    War in on budget says:

    Milliboy’s going to pay off the taleban, and hire them to fight on our side.
    There’s no problem that can’t be solved by spending your money.

  737. 737
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Are you old enough to remember, or are you not quite all you seem. Anyway, if your memory is so good you will recall that Labour under Blair and Brown ditched Clause 4? Well, I would like to see clause 4 reinstated…then we could have a REAL choice between two parties, Labour and Conservative that are two cheeks of the same arse. S’okay for Freddie to rhyme of lists – after twwelve/thirteen years in power the only surprise is that Freddie’s list is not ven bigger. With my kind a labour party his list would be longer than a bog roll, I can assure you!

  738. 738
    Sungei Patani says:

    Staggering silliness this time from Dan McCurry on LabourList .


    He has been given a good kicking by many posters; anyone like to add to them?

  739. 739
    Seaxe says:

    ‘Ere Ratan, don’t you know that Land Rovers had a reputation for turning out vehicles with very dodgy build quality. The only reason they got away with it was they could be fixed with a hammer. Then the japs got involved and made their own version with all the bells and whistles, and reliability, and not forgetting excellent spares and service support. Datsun, Nissan and Toyota wiped the floor with LR in Oz.

    If you do start building cars in Delhi you may not improve the build quality but your unit costs will drop!!

    Anyway, Ratan, how come the British Government are planning to give overseas aid amounting to 830 million squids to India? Is this a country that needs aid? They are a manufacturing nation with a space programme and they have launched a nuclear submarine according to the newspapers. Do they really need this money or is Gordon trying to curry favour among the electorate of Leicester and Birmingham?

  740. 740
    shelling-out says:

    I’m not sure if the footage the TV stations use is old or not. Our cabinet are seen smiling and walking into offices to hold meetings. There are one or two toady’s outside, waiting to curtsy (or whatever they do) but never any hecklers. I commented to the other half that there must be a few, but maybe they are ushered in while the police keep the rabble at bay half a mile down the road. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  741. 741
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    No no no PLEASE no – stop taking so long – just fuck of now! hehehee!!

  742. 742
    chronic says:

    One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist.

  743. 743
    Anonymous says:

    Only half?

  744. 744
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    No you’re doin fine on your own sungei (or whatevr you are).. fuck OFF

  745. 745
    freddie flintoff says:

    i posted the link on here other day lad , i thought labour list was getting better until i read those smears , it was good to see even labour supporters where sticking the boot in, its up there with the mcbride lies

  746. 746
    chronic says:

    What about debt?

  747. 747
    Sungei Patani says:

    I would like to see Clause 4 reinstated too.

    Then there would have been a 27% swing to the Tories in Norwich North and not just 17%.

  748. 748
    Seaxe says:

    Why do you Labour Nerks keep saying “Four more years”. Don’t you know how the electoral system works in this country or do you get all of your mindless slogans from the US of A?

  749. 749
    Dick the Prick says:


  750. 750
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Your “brtave soldiers” were NHS before they went – its called economic conscription you ignorant little girl. Michelle, issit at a guess?

  751. 751
    Ken Barlow says:

    Isn’t it your signing on day, you fucking jock benefits cheat?

  752. 752
    Sungei Patani says:


    Sorry I must have missed it, these threads seem to get longer by the day.

  753. 753
    freddie flintoff says:

    i belive in fairness lad how was taking the 10p tax rate away from the poorest is not a labour policy so why did gordon make it ? they are addicted to power , they need a reallty check lad as i said i am not a tory but for the lies and spin labour need bringing down a peg or three and get back to the once great labour party that did help the poor and not drunk on power

  754. 754
    Ruin in on time, and in budget says:

    Spend our way out of that as well.

  755. 755
    freddie flintoff says:

    thats ok lad i really hoped that the labourlist site was over dolly and mcbride style but it sank to a new low with that peice

  756. 756
    bandersnatch says:

    Revamped golden oldie for the silly season:

    GORDON BROWN was visiting a Scottish primary school and he visited one
    of the classes. They were in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meanings. The teacher asked Mr. Brown if he would like to lead the discussion on the word ‘tragedy’.

    So the illustrious leader asked the class for an example of a ‘tragedy’.

    A little boy stood up and offered: ‘If ma best freen, wha lives on a fairm, is playin’ in the field an’ a tractor rins ower him and kills him, that wid be a ‘tragedy.’ ‘

    ‘No’, said Gordon – ‘that would be an accident.’

    A little girl raised her hand: ‘If a skale bus kerryin’ fufty children drove ower a cliff, killing a’b’dy inside, that wid be a tragedy’

    ‘I’m afraid not’, explained Gordon – ‘that’s what we would call a ‘great loss” .

    The room went silent. No other children volunteered. Gordon searched the room.

    ‘Isn’t there someone here who can give me an example of a tragedy?’

    Finally, at the back of the room, wee Johnny raised his hand…

    In a quiet voice he said: ‘If a plane kerryin’ you and Mr. Darlin’ wis struck by a ‘freendly fire’ missile & blawn tae smithereens, that wid be a tragedy.’

    ‘Fantastic!’ exclaimed Gordon. ‘That’s right. And can you tell me why that would be a tragedy?’

    ‘Weel,’ says wee Johnny ‘it his tae be a tragedy, because it certainly widnae be a great loss… and it probably widnae be a accident either!

  757. 757
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    So be it – but there would have been an even bigger landslide for labour in Scotland. You stick to your side bozo and I’ll stick to mine. One day you will see the light when you finally break away from parental influnce and your social conditioning. Til then, piss off.

  758. 758
    Sungei Patani says:

    You are quite right; I love India but why are we giving aid to a country that has developed its own nuclear bomb, has one of the biggest armies in the world, has a space programme and now has developed a nuclear submarine.

    Does not make sense.

  759. 759
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    It is a take-of from Margaret Thatcher’s era – you are probably too young to remember her party shouting it every two seconds until folk were sick listening to it.

    hope that helps

  760. 760
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Please see http://dsl.ac.uk

  761. 761
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Hi Ken – are Len Fairclough’s tools still up for sale – I might go into joinery.

  762. 762
    "When all this nonsense over MP's expenses is over" says:

    Apart from the accent, those children are being educated!

    lol :D

  763. 763
    Sungei Patani says:

    I had the pleasure of supporting the blessed Margaret for the whole period she was prime minister during which time she dramatically improved the standing of the UK in the world and laid the foundation of a sound economy that Liebore, over the past twelve years, have destroyed.

    I don’t remember at all anyone chanting “FOUR MORE YEARS”; we just wanted her to go on and on and on.

  764. 764
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Oh, jolly hockeysticks you are posh michelle

  765. 765
    freddie flintoff says:

    hey speedo lad learn some manners

  766. 766
    Ratan Tata says:

    curry? don’t be silly. I never eat that muck. Brits in Sparkbrook love it apparently.

    Of course I knew about L/Rover and its laughable ‘best 4X4 by far’. I only wanted Jaguar but Ford threw in L/R. Now I know why. I was only helping out my friend and fellow Hindu Lord Prof. Bhatterycharger who has some ‘research centre’ on its uppers since Rover Group collapsed. I thought he could swing a few million for me, well okay, half a billion taxpayer pounds, for starters, being as he’s a NuLabour Lord.

    Anyways, turns out your country is broke, no really broke and you can’t even guarantee a measly bank loan; all been spent on bankers’ bonuses in the City. So the plan is to shut some plant up North near Liverpool apparently. Move Defender to Delhi, flog Range Rover to the Arabs and sell Jag to Fiat. Pukkah!

  767. 767
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Have you been modded yet Steve?

  768. 768
    Unsworth says:

    Wet dream, no doubt

  769. 769
    shelling-out says:

    Michelle? ‘Fraid not, wrong again.

  770. 770
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Sorry Freddie =- its me passion for the game comin’ out.

  771. 771
    Seaxe says:

    None of it makes sense to me Sungei mate. I’m not sure India needs it as their spending priorities don’t seem to fit the profile of an emerging nation needing “aid”.

    If an emerging nation, in, say Africa, needs help, give the aid where it is needed. Send a gang of lads out to wherever, with the kit, and build the hospital, or whatever, there and then. Don’t give the cash to corrupt politicians. It’ll only end up in Switzerland.

    Gordon keeps talking about lifting people out of poverty in the UK. He’ll need a block and tackle ‘cos a surprising number of the “poorest” in this country are clinically obese.

  772. 772
    mad fred 2 para (retired for now) says:

    Lol – nice.

    I can visualise that SAM Missile snaking its way through the clouds towards “Air Clown One” right now.

  773. 773
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    …and now you’re going on and on, and on and on, and on and on — why not open your mind to something different and prevent early onset altzheimers.

    PS – cut out the lies – you can’t kid a kidder

  774. 774
    Steve Expat says:

    Not yet ;-)

    Gordon Brown is a cυnt, by the way…

  775. 775
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    I know you’re only doing what your parents ask – that’s good. But please also learn to respect other people’s opinion and to ask questions when you’re not sure. You will learn much more that way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Uncle Jim.

  776. 776
    Greychatter says:

    Bring back Grammar Schools and decent Education standards.

  777. 777
    freddie flintoff says:

    thats not cricket lad

  778. 778
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    educated? – perhaps – after a fashion

  779. 779
    freddie flintoff says:

    was it mcbride and co that put the cameroon “watergate” smear up ?
    on labour list site if people dont know what i mean

  780. 780
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    good point – there are indeed (strangely enough) some people who are “turned on” by wars *sad*

  781. 781
    albacore says:

    How could you ever be a Labour troll? The very idea!
    Such a shame it took you so long to recognise your own typo, though.

  782. 782
    tat says:

    said the crackhead tramp.

  783. 783
    tat says:

    I am a stakehodler charles and I am sticking the stake right into your vampire heart.
    killing new labour vampires and zombies is God’s work charles.

  784. 784
    tat says:

    well as you are ferkin hell you should know.

  785. 785
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Interesting to note that all the ostensibly female posters here including Freddie are pleading for more money for helicopters and to treat the soldiers returning home maimed and/or psychologically damaged________________I’ve yet to hear ONE of them say that the war ought to end! Playstation 2 Mentality, I fear.

  786. 786
    Geriatric Voter says:

    All piss and wind, it used to be called.

  787. 787

    Mouthing off and protest votes are just procrastination. There are realities some people need to wake up to. Getting anal or hysterical about things just makes things worse. I tend to think people are just lashing out because they feel miserable and want someone to blame. Life may not always be easy but it’s not that bad.

    Putting management, economic, and Buddhist theory aside for a moment, a wise man said that people crave for the light, yet, repell it. Simply, they can’t let go of their hang-ups and remain skewered on their own sword. Christian scholars can fill in the blanks but the words are as true today as they ever were.

  788. 788
    freddie flintoff says:

    maybe its coz we belive we are doing the right thing over there lad ?
    unlike iraq which was a big mistake and cost the lives of thousends of lives ruined by it we should be ashamed

  789. 789
    Master Baiter says:

    Coulsongate is the label it will have.
    News of the World phone hacking and health record blagging.
    It’s called a modus operandi.

  790. 790
    freddie flintoff says:

    charles lad the thought of you and anal is not one i wish to have lad , now fuck off lad

  791. 791
    mad fred 2 para (retired for now) says:

    Troops out.

    Happy now, tosser?

  792. 792
    mad fred 2 para (retired for now) says:

    You remind me of those Buddhists in Burma.

    All bells, whistles, flags & brutality towards dissent.

    The Burmese Junta are all Buddhists – maybe that is why you are strangely silent on the matter whenever it comes up?

    It should come as no surprise that a religious militant wingnut like you is a cheerleader for Labours religious nutjob in Downing Street.

  793. 793
    shelling-out says:

    There’s also a saying which goes something like this.

    You can only kick a dog so many times before he bites you back.


  794. 794
    chronic says:

    A wise man said ” he who quotes wise men is not a wise man “

  795. 795
    Sir William Waad says:

    While we’re exhuming jokes:

    The trainee hacks are attending a seminar on ‘Ethics in Journalism”. The leader of the seminar says:

    “Imagine you are a photojournalist and you have been sent to get pictures of some flooding in York. You get pictures of flooded streets, grannies in rubber boats, sandbags, people with brooms and a humorous snap of an ‘Overflow Car Park’ sign almost submerged. Then you receive a call saying that the Prime Minister is in town and you are to get some shots of him.

    Just at that moment you see a burly, dark-suited figure in the river, being swept helplessly downstream. It’s the PM! This could make your career – or you could try to rescue him. Ethically, you have a choice –

    Do you go for colour or classic monochrome?”

  796. 796
    freddie flintoff says:

    does that mean anyone who quotes is not wise and just a phoney lad?

  797. 797
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:



  798. 798
    chronic says:

    An unwise man said “Norman had a wise man “

  799. 799
    Sir William Waad says:

    The real Ratan Tata is only a figurehead in the Tata organisation. He should try the Jaguar XF, which is absolutely gobsmackingly brilliant (and reliable).

  800. 800
    freddie flintoff says:

    someone said ” a peodlo at 3 am in the morning is not wise “

  801. 801
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    fair point umpire – just give time out on it before too long, eh?

  802. 802
    Sir William Waad says:

    Ah yes, Nixon, the man who got America out of the east Asian hole that two Democrat presidents had dug for it.

  803. 803
    chronic says:

    Take a colour picture of the woman with the biggest tits.

  804. 804
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Hye bullet brain – how does it feel to be predictable (with the emphasis on dic)

  805. 805
    freddie flintoff says:

    lad i belive we are in afghan for the right reasons , and we should stay until the job done lad

  806. 806
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    Kapiche bitch

  807. 807
    Kingsize Twix says:

    I don’t vote Labour because they take a large amount of the money I earn in tax then waste it.

    I agree with most of the things they say about social responsibility and social mobility and looking after the poor and sick but they lack the skills to implement the policies.

    Brown cannot say he is prudent and then act in an objectively imprudent manner

    Labour cannot talk about whiter than white politics and harbour so many corrupt MP’s

    labour cannot talk about democracy and have a leader such as Brown who has been imposed on us

    I do not naturally like public school boys like Cameron, as they often have float along the tope at the expense of industry, but at least they are more transparent in their aims

  808. 808
    chronic says:

    Only unwise if you are pissed and someone finds out.

  809. 809
    ron Vibentrop says:

    Draper’s bum boy Macintyre is backing himself up a ‘cul’ de sac with this kind of drivel. For a man who is nobody and knows nobody, his imaginary rants are just that, rants. This squeaky arsed socialist better hurry up and get something out of this government because they are not going to be here for long.

    As for that IOU from Berkley Babe Draper, forget it. All gone.

  810. 810
    freddie flintoff says:

    can i just lads having read this blog for months before i left any comment , this is a fantastic blog with all views aired , not that i agree with some , but the freedoom to debate , make our own minds up , and learn the facts means more than ever we can now hold our goverment to acount must be a good thing i enjoy reading others , but the dirvese comunty here makes this a better place for debate than the house of commons , so in closing for my soapbox keep up all of you the good work whatever side you are on ( and i do include tat he is a good lad and charles even though he is bonkers )

  811. 811
    Trevor Brooking says:

    Which part of Sussex do you come from Hardminge – is it East Wittering or West Wittering?

  812. 812
    michel de montaigne says:

    ” Curry favour with India”……..pun intended?

  813. 813
    freddie flintoff says:

    thats the one bit i missed lad if they had told me i would have waited till got home

  814. 814
    freddie flintoff says:

    i used to vote labour but i cant stand what they have become rip john smith the last leadr of the real labour party

  815. 815
    Gonk says:

    Old Jonah Brown has sent Sarcozy a message, hoping that he will get well soon.
    Do French Presidents have state funerals ?

  816. 816
    chronic says:

    Jack Griffin claims transparency is over rated.

  817. 817

    Misunderstandings and personalities can obscure thing but the Prime Minister is known to favour positive outcomes, a fair society, and patience in overcoming difficulties. This is a bit abstract for some so small and practical demonstrations of policy, and a more nuanced and approachable approach to the media would help.

    This will help slide under the whirlwind of egotistical frothing and gently develop understanding. Mostly, people just need to see for themselves how to succeed and exist in a more gentle society. At the moment too many people are confused and upset by events but it’s just another bubble. It will pop soon enough.

  818. 818
    freddie flintoff says:

    i dont like the french the smell lad

  819. 819
    Seaman Stains says:


    A frantic and desperate attempt by ZanNuLabor using their pliant hacks to invent a scandal to smear the Tories. With young lads coming back from Afghanistan in body bags the overtaxed public aren’t interested one jot. Master Baits me ol shipmate is doing his best but the story sunk with all hands aboard.

    Ah harghh!

  820. 820
    freddie flintoff says:

    god you type some shit lad

  821. 821
    Geriatric Voter says:

    You have come a long way freddie mate, but your original solution of “A shotgun up the arse”, is unfortunately, still as valid as when first posted.

  822. 822
    freddie flintoff says:

    it is lad , but the fact we can debate it is class lad

  823. 823
    Master Baiter says:

    As someone is using my handle to post without permission I will not be using the name “Master Baiter” again. All further posts by “Master Baiter” will be by the impostor and should therefore be ignored no matter how silly.
    You may go.

  824. 824
    PM says:

    Charles is the Professor Yaffle of our time.

  825. 825
    Master Baiter says:

    You mean “Capice”, ignoramus.

  826. 826
    shelling-out says:

    Yes – it will pop. Around June 10th next year with any luck.

    Tell me, Charles. Have you ever heard of the Plain English Society? Look ‘em up if you haven’t. It might help some of us understand your ramblings.

  827. 827
    stilyagi_air_corps says:

    SPADo – read Ludwig von Mises, you hebephrenic numptoid! If we carry on being guided by idiots hooked on 30 year student politics, it will lead us all into either
    1.) Economic disaster
    2.) Civil war
    3.) Both

    Have a Nice Day.

  828. 828
    PM says:

    Excellent work last week at Lords. I was there. Are you fit for Thursday?

  829. 829
    chronic says:

    And Mctwat is the spitting image of Bagpuss.

  830. 830
    freddie flintoff says:

    i miss spitting image lad

  831. 831
    Geriatric Voter says:

    An infinite number of Hardwidges, with an infinite number of keyboards, given enough time, will eventually come up with something other than old bollocks.
    Let’s hope we live that long.

  832. 832
    freddie flintoff says:

    oh fuck

  833. 833
    Anonymous says:

    To the non sceptical. Are you sure, absolutely sure, that men landed on the moon. Have you any proof?

  834. 834

    Jeez. Britain is acting like any mind raving at itself. Arguments and angers arise but when Britain is exhausted of itself all that remains is emptiness. As with Zen Buddhism, letting go allows serenity to arise and people to live reality directly instead of the celluloid phantoms drawn on the walls of their own mind.

    Live in the moment. Enjoy life. Be happy.

    Vote Labour.

  835. 835
    chronic says:

    In the case of Charley`s utterances ignorance is bliss.

  836. 836
    freddie flintoff says:

    shouldnt that be ” vote labour out”

  837. 837
    PM says:


    Read the above Charles, and sort yourself out. I’m being serious.

  838. 838
    Engineer says:

    President Sarcozy has been released from hospital with a clean bill of health. His doctors report that he was suffering from “tiredness and overwork”.

    Carla is keeping him busy, then.

  839. 839
    shelling-out says:

    So. Zen is all about letting go. Really sounds like apathy to me.

    You’re away with the fairies.

  840. 840
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    McIntyre may well have Whitehouse (the old porn mag) contacts, after all he is a tosser, but I doubt if he has any White House contacts.

    We should be ready for the NuLiebor lie machine to move up a gear between now and the election (may it soon arrive).

  841. 841
    Adrain Prole says:

    Not sure that I wholly agree with you there, Steve. I was always told that cυnts are useful (and I’ve had many happy times with them).

  842. 842
    barefootcontessa says:

    Sarkozy should take up cycling, perhaps he could enter for Le Tour 2010? That would sharpen up his stiff and inelastic muscles!

  843. 843
    Engineer says:

    That sounds ominous…..

    Let’s hope he’s just being coy to keep the convicts guessing.

  844. 844
    The Furry Freak brothers says:

    Listen to Charles, and go with the flow man. As one of lifes turds floating down the sewer of conciousness, he realises the futility of swimming agianst the effluent.

  845. 845
    barefootcontessa says:

    He’s only displaying ‘exquisite ambivalence’ as usual.

  846. 846

    A return to thrift, hard work and foresight is what is required and this is exactly the position Gordon Brown is taking, but misunderstandings and partisan attitudes from vested interests are getting in the way.

    Really, the problem isn’t and never has been with Gordon Brown but Tory egos couldn’t accept it. However, once ego is taken out of the equation it creates a space for enlightenment to arise.

    Very good, grasshopper.

  847. 847
    barefootcontessa says:

    He’s on holiday ‘note taking’.

  848. 848
    freddie flintoff says:

    do you get paid to wright this shit lad ?

  849. 849
    Putin says:

    Only in your mind. It’s a dead issue. It’s called a ‘divert attention from what’s really happening’ strategy.

    Remind me, who has the ‘bury bad news’ modus operandi? Do tell?

  850. 850
    Lil Olmey says:

    Talking to yourself again – the first sign of madness.

  851. 851
    Lil Olmey says:

    We’re still waiting for the monkeys’ version of Shakespeare as far as I know.

  852. 852
    Putin says:

    If it’s ‘a bit abstract for some’ try using plain english and discussing reality.

    When are the practical demonstrations of policy due to start?

    Will they be like Iraq,Afghanistan, Regional Assemblies,Super Casinos ?

    I pray not.

  853. 853
    chronic says:

    your analysis lacks the influence of the id and super ego, a school boy error.

  854. 854
    stilyagi_air_corps says:

    Hello, Jonty’s Mate… My home-brewed Python vocabulary script just identified you with an 86% certainty!
    If you hate older people so much, why don’t you apply for the side-splitting ‘Mock the Week’ on BBC 2?

  855. 855
    shelling-out says:

    But Charles. The majority of people have been thrifty and hardworking, something which continues to elude you. The fact that Gordon hasn’t been thrifty after 10 years as Chancellor and 2 as PM, is something which we, as a country, will have to suffer for, for a very long time to come.

    The problem actually IS with Gordon Brown. He was unelected and, despite many voters at previous by-elections sending him a crystal clear message that the people of Britain no longer want him as their PM, he stays put.

    The sheer arrogance of this man and his cabinet is breathtaking. He must have the skin of a rhino, and the brain of a fly.

  856. 856
    Master Baiter says:

    Sorry, your posts cry out for some balance which I kindly provided. Hardwidge next

  857. 857

    Building stuff is hard but the right tend to create the illusion of growth by cuts and giving the money away. The sale of council houses and factory closures decimated the working class and putting the asset stripping and consumerist genie back into the bottle is a problem Labour are still struggling to achieve after a decade.

    Cameron clearly supports the likes of the CBI who want unalloyed power to manage and has hinted at real cuts to services and welfare. The Tories haven’t changed because they still haven’t learned the lessons of why they were kicked out. They have no policies, no magic money wand, and are fueling national discontent just because they want to be elected.

    I’m pretty sure that once this bubble has burst and peoples heads clear they’ll probably be horrified at how they acted and greatly relieved they didn’t help a Tory government into power. Talk is cheap and can give a quick thrill but when the real consequences are weighed things can look very, very different.

  858. 858
    Lil Olmey says:

    Where’s George Smiley when you need him ?

  859. 859
    freddie flintoff says:

    do you actully belive that shit ?

  860. 860
    barefootcontessa says:

    The Tories have always been war-mongers, the Labour not so much until Tony Blair and newlabour arrived on the scene.

  861. 861
    Hugh Janus says:

    Sky News – there’s a bid to give Wacko Jacko the Nobel Peace Prize.

    I hadn’t realised it was April 1st already.

  862. 862
    PT Barnum (Ex-Labour Party Member) says:

    He gazed up at the enormous face. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath the dark moustache.  O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose.  But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished.  He had won the victory over himself.  He loved Big Brother. 

  863. 863
    McGroom says:

    Charles, are you have the same grasp of economics as Viv Nicholson and Michael Carroll.

    Labour inherited a windfall economy from John Major and have spent every penny and more.

    We all know you and Master Baiter are serial apologists blog trolls for a failed regime.

    You are right that talk is cheap, and few come much cheaper than you

  864. 864
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    So Gordon Brown has ended Operation Panther’s Claw simply because it’s been a dramatic success. Pull the other one you scotch Hunt!

  865. 865
    barefootcontessa says:

    Sad as well? I thought it was rubbish.

  866. 866

    Man of great taste and erudition, is shotgun.

  867. 867
    Steve Expat says:

    At least Cameron is being honest – to listen to Broon you’d think that spending will be going up in the next few years, even though his own figures suggest patently otherwise!

  868. 868
    Steve Expat says:

    So the 20 cars driving slowly through Wooton Bassett with Full Honours this month were obviously just a figment of someone’s imagination.

    Success my arse Gordoom, you fat cυnt. Please resign now, for the sake of your country…

  869. 869
    barefootcontessa says:

    CH, I think you should read R.D.Laing’s book, ‘The Divided Self’, now, immediately, tout de suite, or even sooner than that!

  870. 870
    h block says:

    my natural interests are with a “workers” political party

    unfortunately Labour are a party of middle class academics, Gordon Brown knows nothing more about wealth creation than does Toynbee or Jonty Prior

    In England a combination of upper class arrogance and working class graft appears to have been the most successful combination, unbeatable for 1000 years

  871. 871
    barefootcontessa says:

    They’re all awful! None of them better or worse than the gorgon.

  872. 872
    barefootcontessa says:

    The Gorgon and Millipede are backing down re war v Afghanistan/al kaeda/poppies/taliban/any excuse but the right one.

  873. 873
    Flamebait says:

    Gordon Brown is a towering colossus of intellect, a caring, handsome, cultured man of superhuman skill and intelligence. His policies and the wise and diligent service of his ministers have created the Utopia that is Britain today, in which pensioners and working-class youths stroll arm-in-arm through fields of flowers, rejoicing in their ample leisure, gentle and rewarding work and peaceful prosperity. Nations look on Britain with hushed respect. The cow and the bear graze; their young ones lie down together; and the lion eats straw like the ox. The nursing child plays by the cobra’s hole, and the weaned child puts his hand in the viper’s den. They do not hurt nor destroy in all our holy mountain, for the earth is full of the knowledge of Gordon as the waters cover the sea.

    shantih shantih shantih

  874. 874
    barefootcontessa says:

    Right on, but Margaret Thatcher was ghastly too!

  875. 875
    Master Baiter says:

    Email hacking
    Modus operandi
    Whistle waiting to be blown

  876. 876
    shelling-out says:

    Creating the illusion of growth by cuts and giving the money away, is exactly what this government are doing. They gave away our money to prop up the banks and will take away the money which should rightly have been given to our wounded soldiers.

    As for learning the lessons of why the Conservatives were kicked out, I think Gordon is learning that his popularity is well on the wane by the results of the by-elections.

    I certainly won’t be horrified at the way in which you say I’ve behaved, and I would be very happy to help a Conservative government into power at the next election. Look at the polls. Labour are trailing behind. Once we get to Christmas and there are a few hundred thousand more unemployed, his fate will already be sealed if his party don’t get rid of him before then. Says it all really.

    Just let it go.

  877. 877
    Master Baiter says:

    It’s the economy, stupid.

  878. 878
    shelling-out says:

    Nice one. :-)

  879. 879
    tat says:

    steve expat the tramp gets about a bit because he is the king of the road!
    you really shouldn’t hang around with crackhead tramps new girl.
    don’t tell me you are a crackhead aswell? FFS newgirl: put the crack pipe down!

  880. 880
    5p€d0☻|5h0rt5| says:

    As a refreshing change from the rants of Charles E Hardwidge (deceased) PLEASE NOTE how the subject of this thread is started by the g00d gu1d0 fawk€5

    I goes:

    QUOTE : “Staggeringly” then he conflates that with the Scots idiom of “McIntyre” – see how subtle these press bastards can be with their racism? It would have entered all of your minds without you even knowing it. With friends like that…

    P.S. Of course, Charles is co-conspirator – but directed against the native English folks. Don’t sya you were not warned.

  881. 881
    Master Baiter says:

    Clearly this is scripted by William Vague,

    also known as Jabba the Hutt.

  882. 882
    chronic says:

    I like the bit where jack straw gets eaten by a lion.

  883. 883

    The Brown doctrine of positive investment, sensitivity to market realities, and the long, long view are key to overcoming a lot of the structural issues at the heart of Britain. It’s going to take a while to bite but any short term pain is worth it in the end.

  884. 884
    concerned says:

    Leave him. He’s not very well.

  885. 885
    barefootcontessa says:

    He’s leaving it all to the real PM, that slimy shit Mandelson whose now moved to take over higher education as well as business studies.

    Where will he spring up next? Healthy and Safety? Traffic management? Environmental Studies? Housing? President of Europe? Mayor of London? Duke of York? King of Globalisation dot com, The World, and Outer Space?

    While those excuses for men and women (those who are supposed to represent us in the HoC, remember)? allow an unelected swindler like him to rule the roost over us./

  886. 886
    Master Baiter says:

    What no helicopter twaddle?
    Hit a hyperbole shortage instead?

  887. 887
    barefootcontessa says:

    Spot on.

  888. 888
    Abdul Mohamed Yassi says:

  889. 889
    barefootcontessa says:

    Labour have been secure in power for some time because of their large support in Scotland.

  890. 890
    Engineer says:

    MB, you’ve done a disappoiningly swift U-turn on your decision to cease to exist. Could we have some consistency, please?

  891. 891
    shelling-out says:

    He hasn’t got a while. He’s got 11 months, and the short-term pain will not be so short-term. This recession will still be biting well into the second half of next year. Banks are not lending money for businesses and mortgages so the housing market is flat. If people are unemployed and can’t afford to shop as they used to, the businesses will lose money. If the banks won’t lend they will, eventually, go bust.

    You really ought to come and look at the High Street in my town. What was once a very successful place to trade, has now become full of closed and empty shops. Woolworths was the first. Pubs are closing at a rate of 50 a week over the country.

    If that’s overcoming the structural issues at the heart of Britain, Gordon really has excelled himself. He is the worst Prime Minister in living history.

  892. 892
    Engineer says:

    It’s so easy to be spoofed on this site.

  893. 893
    Charles E. Hardofthinking says:

    Mandelson’s plans are coming to fruition. Soon there will be 3 million unemployed, and Labour, riding high in the polls, can expect to reach the dizzy heights of 25% on a regular basis. The credit binge that Gordon encouraged will bring about benefits dependency for an entire generation. The private sector will shrink, and the glorious state, with its gold-plated pensions, will swallow everything. Thus the great plan will soon come to pass, and Gordon’s job as Peter’s puppet will be done. Labour will receive a magnificent total of almost 200 seats at the election, and our beloved Brown can finally step down, his task complete. Sic Transit Gloria Gordon.

  894. 894
    Master Baiter says:

    The Conservitudes will be shown up to be the threadbare lickspittles of the finanical spivs whose corruption and incompetence caused the collapse of credit and with it the deepest recession for three generations. The crisis was caused by unbridled markets, the last thing needed is a party like the Conservitudes which is in the pockets of the crooked spivs.
    Cameron and Osborne are just a couple of gutless and clueless lightweights.

  895. 895
    Dr David's sparky says:

    yeah, ‘cept for that business at Dunkirk, where Hitler called of the Panzers, oh and the Yanks being brought into WWI by the shadowy sinking of the Lusitania and the Balfour Declaration, after the Germans had basically won the Western front by late 1916; oh and the incident of course in the Gulf where the might of the Royal Navy, HMS Cornwall and Faye turney, was faced down by a speedboat and some bearded guys. And that’s just the last 100 years. Keep taking the drugs.

  896. 896
    Master Baiter says:

    The Conservitudes have zero support in Scotland and many other parts of this country.
    Labour has had unprecedented parliamentary majorities. Cameron will need to control his quaking nerves to survive the coming months intact.

  897. 897
    barefootcontessa says:

    On the contrary, I hated Mrs. Thatcher and her tyrannical reign so much that I stupidly voted for New Labour (first and last time). Within three months I realised my mistake.
    The economy at that time was , in fact, ably conducted by Clark, and overall things were reasonably good. Thatcher had in any case left, but Tony blair (who should have been on the stage so good he was at spinning a yarn) turned out to be a son of Thatcher and his administration was a complete sham. Not, in fact, worse than Thatcher but different and quite as awful. The gross manipulation of the press and other media began in earnest.
    Once newlabour (another style of tory party) juggernaut got going they were unstoppable. They have been incompetent, self serving, strangers from the truth. Responsible for an illegal and other wars, only interested really in staying in office and feathering their own nests. I don’t trust any politicians. Where are their qualifications for any of the high powered jobs they take on in the ministry?

  898. 898
    barefootcontessa says:

    Could it possibly be about gaining votes?

  899. 899
    Engineer says:

    How true.

    Engineer at 2:30pm is real, Engineer at 2:33pm is Master Baiter pretending he knows the difference between a pipe and a tube. Given most of the rubbish he posts, it is debatable whether he knows the difference between his arse and his elbow; he certainly shows little ability to think for himself.

  900. 900
    Sungei Patani says:

    If Cameron is so gutless and clueless why is Gordon Brown so scared of him at PM Questions? Cameron runs rings around him on a weekly basis and Gordon is only able to respond by the same tired old clichés : ” there will be no cuts” “the do nothing party”, ” it started in America”, etc etc.

  901. 901
    barefootcontessa says:

    Forgot to add to SP’s post, it’s pompous and pretentious rubbish

  902. 902
    barefootcontessa says:

    The War ought to end. Feel happier now SS?

  903. 903
    "When all this nonsense over MP's expenses is over" says:

    Honest! What has he said this honest?

    All he has said which is as plain obvious as can be, is that our finances are a mess. Well any amateur knows after any Labour spell in power the finances will be in a mess.

    When he has some Policies and is honest I’ll listen.

    But I ‘m not a turkey voting for Christmas so he won’t get my vote if he increases my personal tax.

    As Lord Sugar says “you haven’t got a clue, not a bloody clue”

  904. 904
    shelling-out says:

    ….you forgot the commensuary peerages.

  905. 905
    barefootcontessa says:

    Now, immediately, tout de suite, or even sooner than that. Got it?

  906. 906
    shelling-out says:

    How could it have been the Conservatives? They haven’t been in power for 12 years. I think you need to go to Specsavers.

  907. 907
    Sungei Patani says:

    Brown’s policy has been to reward the feckless and tax the prudent – not a good approach if he is now advocating “thrift, hard work and foresight”.

    You have only got to look at the way he has destroyed pensions schemes in general and the savings of pensioners in particular to see that he can not be trusted with the long term (or even the short term) prosperity of this country.

  908. 908
    "When all this nonsense over MP's expenses is over" says:

    For once I agree with Master Bates.

    They are indeed hopeless.

    Ms Patani, any idiot can can run rings around Broon. The man is certifiable.

  909. 909
    barefootcontessa says:

    It’s Chanel No 5. But you wouldn’t know about that would you.

  910. 910
    barefootcontessa says:

    SO DO I.

  911. 911
    Engineer says:

    For those without the Latin, the last sentence translates as “Gordon was sick over Gloria in a van”.

  912. 912
    "When all this nonsense over MP's expenses is over" says:

    Shelling out – what have the Conservatives been doing for 12 years?

    They have been lining their pockets, the clever ones in finance, the dunces in politics. Certainly they have made sweet fa effort to get rid of Labour. It has been way too profitable.

    Even Robert Cecil gave it away when he said in the DT today “I want no transparency in my business” so I’m out of family politics after nearly 500 years”. Sensible man, the power is in Europe. The game is up, he knows it, I know it.

  913. 913
    Engineer says:

    In my part of the world, it is sometimes “Manchester Ship Chanel No 5″. That’s not alluring, I can assure you.

  914. 914

    Yes, and Zanu-Labour ruined it.

    “Post neo-classical endogenous growth theory” is wrong. Productivity is the coefficient of Time exchange (not the other way round), and taxing time exchange destroys the economy. As shown.

  915. 915

    D T Suzuki suggests that “selflessness makes the killing sword into a life-giving instrument of righteousness, for the man who has mastered the art does not use the sword; thus the opponent may be said to kill himself.” Becoming caught up in power games twists effort in bad ways, and is something the Tories could learn from.

  916. 916
    Engineer says:

    Labour, regrettably, are incapable of learning it. Or, it seems, much else.

  917. 917
    shelling-out says:

    When all this expense…….

    Yes. I agree with you. They’re all as bad as each other. I have said on many occasions that all parties have a lot to answer for. I hope we shall see some of these shysters in the dock son.

  918. 918
    Sir William Waad says:

    I’ve always been quite optimistic that the UK economy and the British people were robust and could stand a large amount of bad government. After all, we have centuries of experience. I’m beginning to lose my nerve though, now, because of the severe damage being done every day by failed economic and social policies and the sheer incompetence of the government in every area. Then I look at Cameron, Hague, Osborne, Lansley, Clarke Fox and the rest and I see kids in their Junior Firefighter Outift preparing to enter a burning building……

  919. 919
    lunatic alert! says:

    To the sceptical. Are you sure, absolutely sure, that men didn’t land on the moon? Have you any proof?

  920. 920
    "When all this nonsense over MP's expenses is over" says:

    Bit tough. Hague knows what to do but he is a lone voice

  921. 921
    "When all this nonsense over MP's expenses is over" says:

    and David Davis has some ideas and is principled. There are a few others but I agree most of them are wet behind the ears, not very bright, impressioanble and shallow.

    Really, their hopelessness is all very frightening.

  922. 922
    AnonyMousse says:

    Please can we have some more of Charles E Hardwidge?

    He has some much to say and so little time to say it.

    He seems to be having quite a large say as it is

  923. 923
    PM says:

    Charles is very lonely.

  924. 924
    Budgie says:

    No, he sounds like the ‘good guy’ in the ‘good guy – bad guy’ routine, preparatory to a show trial. “Give up” and don’t fight socialist lies, arrogance and propaganda, he says. We’ve had 12 years of being hoodwinked by the ZaNu party. It is CEH who will be left bewildered as Liebore implode.

  925. 925
    Fireman Sam says:

    Someone has to put out the fires started by Brown and since none of his own Cabinet or party seems to have the “guts” to take the box of matches away from him who apart from Cameron & Co is left to extinguish the inferno which is consuming the country ?

  926. 926
    David"Tally Ho" Cameron says:

    Police were investigating today after a live hand grenade was found on a garden wall at the home of Prime Minister Gordon Brown

    The explosive device was discovered last night as police made searches in connection with an on-going incident unconnected with the Prime Minister.

    Police are seeking to question Charles E Hardwidge in connection with this incident

  927. 927
    ferki nell says:

    Oh dear, have you shit the bed again Tat?

  928. 928
    Adrian Prole says:

    This CEH software is crap. It keeps ending sentences with prepositions.

  929. 929

    The Prime Minister is known to favour positive effort, society, and the long view. This is a difficult thing to nurture in a disorganised and disjointed country like Britian but the essence of his economic philosophy looks like it is designed not to remove the business cycle but expand the sweet spot.

    1. The benefits of bodhicitta (the wish to reach full enlightenment for others)
    2. Purifying bad deeds
    3. Adopting the spirit of enlightenment
    4. Using conscientiousness
    5. Guarding awareness
    6. The practice of patience
    7. The practice of joyous effort
    8. The practice of meditative concentration
    9. The perfection of wisdom
    10. Dedication

    This may not sound like much of a business plan but the principles of Daoism, Zen Buddhism, and martial arts seem to be something the Prime Minister understands. They’re battle tested across a range of industries, countries, and history so I have confidence in them. Better still I see they work with my own eyes.

  930. 930
    Nick "Aye,Aye,That's Yer Lot Then" Griffin says:

    Can’t trust CharlesE Hardwidge to do anything right !!!!!

  931. 931
    PM says:

    Nah. Charles is too busy being Steve Jobs. Peace out, namaste, etc, etc.

  932. 932
    shelling-out says:

    Dear me. We are scraping the bottom of the barrel, aren’t we.

  933. 933
    PM says:

    The thought of Brown dabbling in Zen and martial arts is making me chuckle. Thanks for that image, Charles.

  934. 934
    ferki nell says:

    11. Throwing Nokias at underlings.

  935. 935
    tat says:

    so am i. can i be his boyfriend?

  936. 936
    PM says:

    You’re wasted on Labour, Charles. Check here instead: http://www.natural-law-party.org.uk/

    Much more your thing.

  937. 937
    Hugh Janus says:

    Charles, kindly take some medication so that the tidal wave verbal diarrhoea pouring from evey orifice may be brought under control.

  938. 938
    So17 says:

    In a bid to shore up the £1 million pound ‘black’ hole in the finances of the Equalitys Commission,Head Trevor Phillips has launched a new range of confectionarys called EQUALITY STREET.
    A diverse range of sweets all with their own cultural flavour which when eaten will just make you want to throw your hands up in the air and celebrate.
    However even Trevor Phillips had to admit he fucking hates toffee’s.

  939. 939
    Anonymous says:

    There’s a new thread started you morons.

  940. 940
    concerned says:

    Thats pretty handy he knows martial arts.
    Perhaps he can teach the troops in Afganistan.
    Who needs weapons, helis and stuff?

  941. 941
    tat says:

    there is a flaw in your argument.
    david cameron and gideon osborne are not honest men.
    they both sought to defraud the taxpayer of as much money as they possibly could as soon as they became MPs.
    these are the facts.
    they are both millioniare housing benefit cheats.
    hardworking people do not like benefit cheats, they will certainly not vote for such scum.

  942. 942
    Lord Lucan says:

    It worked for me!

  943. 943
    PM says:

    Oi, how dare you. Charles is the one who starts new threads around here.

  944. 944
    tat says:

    for what reasons are we in Afghanistan freddie?

  945. 945
    tat says:

    if people agree with you it is most unwise to keep attacking them.
    wouldn’t you agree?

  946. 946
    Grandma B says:

    Speedo, you’re such a flirt!

  947. 947
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    Sorry guys, I am still coming down from last night’s heroin injection so I am still a bit foggy and I made a complete cock up of my last post, here is the corrected version:

    Gordon Brown mouthing off and blocking protest votes are just procrastination. There are realities he needs to wake up to. Gordon Brown getting anal or hysterical about things just makes things worse. I tend to think he is just lashing out because he feels miserable and wants someone to blame. His life may not always have been easy but it is getting even worse now. Good.

    Putting my bullshit aside for a moment, a wise man said that people crave for the light, yet, repell it. Simply, I can’t let go of my hang-ups and I remain skewered on my own sword. Christian scholars can fill in the blanks but the words are as true today as they ever were.
    I am a dick.
    I have learned nothing from my lessons in zen, I am still a complete arse.
    Can I please go now?

  948. 948
    tat says:

    steve expat has been exposed as a liar.
    and so nothing he posts is worth reading because steve is a liar.

  949. 949
    Just About On Topic says:

    Interesting piece in the Standard today about taxpayer-assisted council propaganda ‘newspapers’ driving the independent local press to the wall.


  950. 950
    tat says:

    I always said you had a big bloody heart freddie.
    you’re a big man, maybe one day you’ll be as big as boycott.
    good lad.

  951. 951
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    I really can’t seem to get my shit together at all! Must be the smack!
    Anyway, just so no-one misunderstands my real message here is the latest corrections:

    Incompetence and a damaged personality can obscure things but the Prime Minister is known to cause negateve outcomes, a far more unfair society, and lack of patience in overcoming difficulties. This is such complete abstract bullshit that more nuanced and approachable media users just don’t buy his crap.

    His uselessness exposes egotistical frothing and a gross lack of developed understanding. Mostly, people just need to see for themselves if they get rid of Brown they will then be able to succeed and exist in a more gentle society. At the moment Gordon Brown is too confused and upset by events, he is just stuck in a bubble and he doesn’t know what is going on around him anymore. His bubble will pop soon enough.

  952. 952
    Wheres that fire says:

    Cameron; Will Hay
    Hague; Moore Marriot
    Osbourne: Graham Moffatt

  953. 953
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    Shit shit shit shit. I am making a right mug of myself having to make all these bloody corrections. Here it is. I am not the bad person my misposts make me out to be you know.

    A return to thrift, hard work and foresight is what is required. Unfortunately, as Gordon has always ponced off the state for a living Gordon has no understanding of these concepts and rather than doing the decent thing and resigning because he is such a failure he intends to stay poncing off the state for the rest of his useless life. Gordon Brown intends on using misunderstandings and a partisan attitude of self interest to ensure that his scrounging can continue to the day the sack of shit dies.
    Very bad what a cockroach.

    Really, the problem isn’t and never has been with Gordon Brown but Tory egos couldn’t accept it. However, once ego is taken out of the equation it creates a space for enlightenment to arise.

    Very good, grasshopper.

  954. 954
    Charles on E Hardwidge says:

    oh shit, my second version and I still fucked it up!
    What a carry on, third time’s a charm!

    A return to thrift, hard work and foresight is what is required. Unfortunately, as Gordon has always ponced off the state for a living Gordon has no understanding of these concepts and rather than doing the decent thing and resigning because he is such a failure he intends to stay poncing off the state for the rest of his useless life. Gordon Brown intends on using misunderstandings and a partisan attitude of self interest to ensure that his scrounging can continue to the day the sack of shit dies.
    Very bad what a cockroach.

    There, nailed it!

  955. 955
    Steve Expat says:

    tat, fuck off. just because your opinion is different to mine doesn’t make me a liar.

    Cameron is saying that the country is fucked and difficult times lie ahead, meanwhile Broon thinks that the world is rosy, “investments” will continue and any problems are all America’s fault.

    DC is not showing his hand because whenever he does reveal a policy Liebour immediately steal it and call it thier own.

    I know which of those two gets my vote…

  956. 956
    Steve Expat says:

    MB, I’m sure the 16% swing from Liebour to the Tories in Norwich has Cameron absolutely shitting himself!!

    If Brown’s so confidnet he should just call the election now and get it over and done with, another five years of power in the bag for him!


    Alternatively, it could be Brown that’s absolutely shitting himself, and will wait until the last possible date to go to the country knowing he will lose to a landslide…

  957. 957
    Budgie says:

    Yes, it is that important. It is important morally because wasting taxpayers money is not a joke; and it is important economically.

  958. 958
    Anonymous says:

    Excellent. That was genuinely funny, Hardwidge.

  959. 959
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    Nice one again PT – like Charles loves the prime Mentalist.

  960. 960
    Sungei Patani says:


    You are right – it was rubbish as well.

  961. 961
    thick as thieves says:

    said the bn p nazi troll.
    didn’t take much to draw you out, did it, honky.
    you dumb crackerjack motherfucker.

  962. 962
    thick as thieves says:

    let’s get the Israeli occupation of Palestine sorted out first before we consider globalisation of the brand, eh?
    it is after all unfinished British foreign policy, innit.
    and it is good to see that President Obama is imposing a peace settlement on the Israelis.
    the american taxpayer will not stand for their tax dollars being used by the Israeli army to commit war further crimes and ofcourse such supply of munitions to the Israeli war criminals would implicate President Obama with the war crimes Israel intends and has planned to carry out against Palestinians in addition to their current fascist occupation of Palestine.
    this time round Israel will have to do as she is told.
    patience has run out with her in europe and america and here.
    no more war crimes from Israel will be tolerated. and Israel should note that it has lost the propaganda war in this country and so it would be well advised to stop fucking moaning and do the deal.

  963. 963
    Seaxe says:

    Oui Michel! Absolutement.

  964. 964
    Seaxe says:

    Acha Michel Sahib, tik hai !

  965. 965
    Jimmy says:

    “Boris has publicly called the story piffle. A source not a million miles from Cameron’s office was (via email) scathing about Macintyre after this story went up.”

    Well that’s all settled then.

    This is the future of journalism you know.

  966. 966
    Aspers says:

    Okay Lucky, you can come out of that tiger costume now, they’ve all cleared off.

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