July 9th, 2009

“Coulson, Coulson, Coulson”

coulson guardianAn excited Labour spin-doctor called Guido yesterday evening and said “we’re going to do to Coulson what you did to McBride”… “it’s going to be Coulson, Coulson, Coulson all day”.  Guido isn’t convinced that comparison being made by Alstair Campbell with McBride is a good one in this situation.  The comparison with Alastair Campbell himself is a better one.

Before spinning for Blair, Campbell had been a loyal servant of Robert Maxwell when everyone knew the pension stealing crook was a rogue.  Before dining at Maxwell’s Mirror boardroom table Campbell had knocked out a few porno fantasy stories to make ends meet.  This was before he went to Downing Street.

Before spinning for Cameron, Coulson dined at Murdoch’s boardroom table and oversaw an aggressive “get the story by any means necessary” culture at the News of the Screws.  The hacking of mobile phones was a simple trick known to many a tabloid reporter.  (Call the mobile number, when it went to voicemail tap in the network default pin code.  If the phone owner hadn’t set a pin code you were in and could listen to voicemails.)  When the News of the World’s royal reporter was caught at it, Coulson resigned saying he took “ultimate responsibility” for the hacking affair.  He also avoided having to explain himself to the PCC in so doing.  This was before he went to Millbank - that is the key difference between this situation and the situation with McBride – it happened years ago in a former job, not yesterday.

Coulson won’t be in any danger of having to resign unless evidence emerges linking him directly to phone hacking – and you can safely bet there won’t be a smoking gun memo or email.   When Coulson won the Press Gazette Newspaper of the Year award in 2005 he said “The News of the World doesn’t pretend to do anything other than reveal big stories and titillate and entertain the public, while exposing crime and hypocrisy”. Guido suspects that the newspapers that will be wringing their hands over illegal hacking won’t include the Telegraph, Mirror or the MailNow that would be hypocritical…

Incidentally, despite dark hints to the contrary from the likes of Kevin Maguire, Guido has never met or spoken to Andy Coulson. Not even an email. Now Kevin, he met McBride and got emails from him, didn’t he…


  1. 1
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    Coulson accepted his responsibility and resigned. Unless new evidence comes out showing his direct involvement, then this is not going to affect him.

    Far more embarrassing would be the revelation that decision had been made to bury much of the evidence, in which case I imagine that there will be more squirming in the PCS and MET.

  2. 2
    Steve Expat says:

    If the hacks doing dodgy things at the Screws had any sense whatsoever, they would make sure that the editor knew nothing of what was going on – precisely to avoid stories such as what the Grauniad have this morning.

    Obviously if Coulson is found (with evidence) to be involved in illegal activities then his days are numbered, but if there was such evidence then why has it not been published?

    This smacks of being a McPoison-esque setup on Coulson personally rather than against the Screws

  3. 3
    Gordon Browns legacy to.. says:

    Hacks hacking the has-beens… big deal

  4. 4
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    oops – should be CPS not PCS. It’s early (daughter decides on reveille times these days).

  5. 5

    Thursday Morning update. Brown like Nixon? Our soldiers, Lions lead by donkeys, Brown’s dodgy bugger friend and Mandy winds up on top, somehow

    Incidentally, if the Guardian was not operated by tax dodgers, I might tend to beleive what they have to say more readily than I do…

  6. 6
    Chief Cashier says:

    This must be nipped in the bud URGENT. Cameron and Coulson must sort it NOW!!!!

  7. 7
    The Admiral says:

    Was the Gardian one of the papers who originally turned down the offer of the expenses disc? We just know they are as sick as pigs over that, if true……

  8. 8
    Lemmy's Warts says:

    No matter what the truth is, why does CMD have to leave himself open to critisism by using a buffoon like Coulson? Is there no other person available out of 60 million, who isn’t tainted and could do a comparable job?

    Why the fuck is Campbell not in jail for mass murder and plagiarism. Lying, cheating mass murderer.

  9. 9
    Terrible But True says:

    The BBC seems well on the case.

    Barely able to restrain Mr. Prescott reading from the spin-doctor script and lamely popping in the odd ‘so far, alleged’ to his rant.

    I suspect Peter Rippon, editor of Newsnight, will have ditched tonight’s schedule in favour of a ‘special’ by now, with objective, balanced discussion foursome afterwards from Polly T, Kevin McG, a Labour Minister and their new best buddy, Sarah Brown.

  10. 10
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Oh, the joys of fatherhood! Keep her on the breast as long as possible.

  11. 11
    The Admiral says:

    It’s such a shame. 1997 will go down as the point at which Spin took over from Policy and Principals. No credible party aspiring to form a govenment will ever be able to survive without the likes of McBride tucked away in the organization. UKIP/Greens take note…..

  12. 12
    Right Bastard says:

    Cameron mustn’t allow himself to be manipulated by Zanulab’s media cronies. He’ll have already made sure that Coulson is watertight as this story came out months ago.

  13. 13
    An Ordinary Voter says:

    And just like the McBride case the wider voting public outside the Westminster Village and the Media don’t really give a fuck about this story.

    What they’re concerned about is – which MP is spending my taxes living the high life ?Will I have a job next week? Can I get a job next week ? Can my son/daughter get a job/university place ?Can I pay my bills and mortgage next week? If I or my family get ill will there be a NHS to take care of me ? Will my taxes rise ? Will my services be cut ? Who the hell in the political class has the faintest idea how to get us out of the present economic mess?

  14. 14
    Scorched Earth says:

    Accepted direct responsibility and resigned yet claimed not to know about it ?

    Laughable. I remember this “accepting responsibility” horseshit while pretending to have nothing to do with it from another joke figure in politics by the name of Brown. Simply doesn’t wash.

    Neither does the hilarious idea that scores of News of the World Hacks phone tapping thousands of people was completely unknown to the Editor using the information in his paper. An Editor never asks where the scoop came from does he ? Riiiiight.

    A good thing NoW hacks are reliable and trusted individuals who would never spill the beans for financial gain or to save themselves, otherwise as this investigation gains speed Coulsons ludicrous denial of all knowledge will hang him.

    Likewise as the MET comes under scrutiny for not launching legal investigations into high profile targets of the phonebugging like Cabinet members, Boris and others I’m sure they will feel duty bound to land themselves in the shiit to protect an ex News of the World Editor.

    But nice try to shift the story to Campbell and claim it’s ancient history.

    A bit like the Expenses then as they were from years ago too and we know nobody cared about that story.

  15. 15
    freddie flintoff says:

    so is this relly bad?

  16. 16
    Vote vote vote for Jacqui says:

    I am with you Ordinary Voter.

    What I really want to know is just how many of these four Troffer Scoffers
    will be reselected at the GE whenever it is held.

    1.JackBoot Jacqui.
    2.The Ginger Minger.
    3.Caravanette Beckett
    4.Eleanore Wrigley Laing.
    O.K. so they are all females,but all so despicable.

    NONE I hope.

  17. 17
    The Admiral says:

    I’ll go with that…..

  18. 18
    Eileen Critchley says:

    He’s fucked.

  19. 19
    Scorched Earth says:

    It’s illegal.
    And if Coulson is eventually forced to finally admit he had any knowledge of what was going on in his Newspaper then he’s complicit and he’s finished and could even end up in the dock.

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    Big deal, so what! It’s done all the time, the government (GCHQ) monitors the Landline phones, mobile and satellite phones (using low orbiting satellites) e-mail and web browsing. Private individuals can obtain equipment for eavesdropping mobile phones and a simple notebook and receiver card can be used to hack DECT phones that are unencrypted. There is very little that is safe, if you use e-mail then use PGP with true 128 bit encryption. Even the encryption of American web browsers is crippled so that to NSA and GCHQ the encryption strength is 48 bit rather than 128 bit.

  21. 21
    Losing the plot says:


    There’s an excited Labour spin-doctor called Guido, is there?

    Oh, OK. I see. You haven’t heard about commas.

    Anyway, nice to see you defending a fellow Tory spinner and hacker.

    The closer it gets to the line, the less like an independent commentator you become, eh.

    Funny, that.

  22. 22
    Losing the plot says:

    Yeah, yeah.

    The Murdoch empire bugs British citizens and no one cares a shit.

    Piss off, moron.

  23. 23
    Gordon pulls apart his arse-cheeks and with his real mouth says:

    “we’re going to do to Coulson what you did to McBride”

    McBride only has himself to blame.

  24. 24
    The Cynic says:

    So, Guido, you’re saying that Murdoch doesn’t have Dave in his pocket? Odd the direct link isn’t made – Dolly and McBride are Hunts, in every sense of the word – but Coulson is Dave’ boy scout.

    Odd that you don’t come out and attack Dave’s DoC – and there I was thinking that you treated all the wankers with equal contempt. You have enough ‘contacts’ why not bring ‘us’ the truth – or does Murdoch scare enough people that they are willing to sit on their hands?

  25. 25
    Mick says:

    I agree the McBride analogy is deeply flawed. The focus on Coulson is both opportunistic and partial. But it does not mean that this is not serious for both the party and the man.

    The significance of the story is that it suggests the paper was playing way outside the *law* systematically. If Coulson was involved in that systematic game, then he will simply have to go to avoid what happened to McBride.

    2/3000 phone taps? Come on lads… That’s a breach of something pretty vital. If the state or the Labour party were to do it, there would rightfully be an almighty stink right around the blogosphere.

    Cameron can head this off with the kind of direct action he’s shown over MPs expenses…

  26. 26
    Any old irony says:

    Excuse me, I think you are wrong here. Ordinary voters see enabling Afghan children to go to school – 6 million now rather than 1 million before our glorious intervention – as a key priority. That is why Hattie highlighted it at PMQs as a justification for our boys dropping like flies in Afghanistan.

    Ordinary voters also want to see more African students as MPs – at least that’s the only reason I can think of for Nick Clegg staging last night’s party political broadcast in a north London college and telling a young man with a strong African accent that he thinks there should be more young people like him in parliament rather than people like Clegg himself. It certainly made me more likely to vote Lib Dem.

  27. 27
    Sshh..it's you know who! says:

    The below is off topic SORRY.
    However, it clearly demonstrates what a HOON Morley is.
    Apologies for sticking this here BUT I reckon that it’s worthwhile reading.

    Here’s the last 2 in the series todate:
    1)Subject: RE: OPEN LETER TO ELLIOT MORLEY RE: “ColepCCL will stay open for time being.” IN TODAY’S TELEGRAPH

    Dear Mr xxxx,

    You are perfectly entitled to contact me as a constituent you just don’t need to be so snide about it. The logic of what you are saying is that we should sit back and do nothing about job losses. I was elected at the height of the steel closures. Many people then thought SHunthorpe would never return to full employment but under this government that is what happened with the longest period of growth in this country’s history
    and the highest levels of employment. That is a respectable legacy. It was not this government that brought about the worst recession since the 1930’s but it will be this government that steers us through. We are already seeing signs of recovery and the CBI believes we have bottomed out and will see a return to growth next year as the government has predicted. We have come through difficult periods before and I believe we will come through this one too and I repeat I will do everything I can to assist with that.


    Elliot Morley MP

    Rt Hon Elliot Morley MP
    Member for SHunthorpe
    Westminster 0207 2193569
    Constituency 01724 842000


    Subject: RE: OPEN LETER TO ELLIOT MORLEY RE: “ColepCCL will stay open for time being.” IN TODAY’S TELEGRAPH

    Dear Mr Morley,

    First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for replying to my earlier correspondence.

    In regard to the first sentence of your reply, your opinion in regard to the context in which I have previously phrased my e-mails to you is of no relevance to me as it does not relate to the subject in which I have contacted you about; that being your constituency work and nothing else. In fact if anyone should feel aggrieved it should be I, having been accused by you previously of having a vendetta. As for contact entitlement, I thank you for the reminder though I was aware of it along with the obligation of reply that an MP has to his or her constituents.

    As to the recent job losses, at no time whatsoever have I ever condoned the “Sit back and do nothing” approach to job losses, though I will admit to challenging what you have done to date and in the recent past since the recession started. I have also questioned the Governments and your lack of political foresight, strategy and lack of a cohesive approach since it began. In fact I would suggest that I have never put forward a solution to the problem, and have only asked you the questions that the residents of this constituency are asking between themselves on any topic I have raised with you. I have never disputed the town’s previous employment history and having been born in this town are well aware of its ups and downs over the years, though I will put it to you that the Labour Party and your own history since your election will pale into significance if this Government nationally and yourself locally fail to steer us through this recession returning us to anywhere near that where we were
    employment wise prior to it commencing. If that failure were to
    occur, that will be the legacy the Labour party and yourself will be remembered for and the pain left with it.

    Of your belief that a recovery has started, that is constantly debated nationally and with The Ethel Austin store in The Foundry
    Shopping Centre announcing closure, yet more jobs have been lost only this afternoon. With them following the likes of the Officers Club and the Original Shoe Company, I would suggest to you that your belief is definitely not being evidenced locally. The Prime Minister and ex-chancellor once proclaimed on behalf of the Labour Government since 1997 that the days of Boom and Bust were over. I put it to you that through the Labour Governments lack of Fiscal Policy Prudence, the consequence has been to allow exactly that to happen. Ignorance to the possibility that something may or may not occur in the future is not a defensible stance that neither the Government nor you can or should try to adopt. As Guardians for the Electorate, your Government may not have caused the recession, but the failure to guard against the possibility or have in place structures to immediately try to reduce its impact have been clearly evidenced in recent times. For that there is culpability both nationally and locally, for that it is only right the Labour Party and yourself are held to account.

    That’s them all for now…….enjoy
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  28. 28
    Lynne Truss says:

    Commas wouldn’t have helped. “Phoned” rather than “called”, would.

  29. 29
    Anon says:

    Why are most media types total wankers?

  30. 30
    Losing the plot says:

    It started in Australia. Then it came to Britain. Then it went to America.

    Then it came back to Britain, bought both main political parties and treated British citizens as its gimps.

    It’s the Sun wot won it!

  31. 31
    freddie flintoff says:

    cheers lad another one that needs shooting up the arse then

  32. 32
    Dick the Prick says:

    45 mins to war dear love

  33. 33
    Losing the plot says:

    THIS story didn’t come out months ago.

    Only the very much abridged version of it came out months ago.

    This is another daily drip, I’m afraid.

  34. 34
    Scorched Earth says:

    Boris isn’t a has-been is he ?

  35. 35
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    He didn’t accept direct responsibility, only ultimate responsibility, and I don’t remember Brown resigning – unless the good news has somehow passed me by.

    I can imagine that the tapping was in effect the trawling of lots of mobile phone accounts to see what would turn up. It is probable that only those involved would keep it to themselves unless they got a juicy story. As for briefing the editor on what was going, the concept of plausible deniability isn’t restricted to the Government. Unfortunately for those involved, ignorance was no defence.

    As for Boris etc protecting the MET, why on earth would he since this didn’t happen on his watch?

    Notwithstanding the above, anyone who it is shown had direct knowledge of the aciton or the cover-up is doomed. I would have hoped that this would have been thoroughly investigated by Cameron before giving Coulson the job.

  36. 36
    Losing the plot says:

    Ehhh, well, yeah.

    I’m sure we’ll see his Bodie and Doyle impression again, just as soon as Murdoch has given the sayso…

  37. 37
    Anonymous says:

    Nice to see that with the clean up of the politics bill now passed in the HofL last night, normal politics has been resumed. Total and utter contempt for the public and politicians only being there for their own benefit. How can any one believe that our politicians are not, in every sense of the word, TOTALLY CORRUPT, as they have been through the centuries. Parliament has never ever been for the people, but only ever for the benefit of the people in it. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Until we have a credible and honest constitution agreed by the people for the people, with over two thirds assenting, then corruption by our politicians will always exist.

  38. 38
    Dave says:

    And Sky was noticeably avoiding this story till this morning. There is plenty for NOTW hacks and bosses to worry about here but Guido is right, The Mail, Telegraph and Mirror won’t want a fuss made. Frankly the same is true of the Guardian in one or two cases. In the end the only group with a clear concience (according to the new Eye) are the BBC.
    We need the BBC. Doing the right thing and making sure those who don’t don’t get away with it.
    The alternative a corporation with a dirty tricks news department abusing both those in power and any citizens they have a problem with.
    And not paying tax of course.

  39. 39
    Honest Bobby says:

    Whats the biggest aspect to this? The multi millions Murdoch could lose,or the Met for not following up the investigation,and not informing the victims? Why would they protect him?

  40. 40
    Vote vote vote for Jacqui says:

    Bring ‘em all down One by One.

    If their replacements show signs of Troughing,bring them down too.

    Relentlessly,no mercy whatsoever.

    Acorns and Oaktrees.

  41. 41
    Infanta of Castile says:

    As a libertarian, I’ve really no wish to defend the grubby activities of NoW or indeed Coulson if he is guilty, but how did the Guardian get this story? It is so palpably a stitch up by the Labour machine with all the focus being on Coulson as DC’s spin doctor (1st item on Channel 4 news last night as well as on BBC this am, Prescott calls for DC to sack Coulson etc etc) that, if it proves to have any foundation, questions need to be asked about the sources/channels for information coming from the police or whoever.

  42. 42
    Losing the plot says:

    If you had to make stuff up all the time, you’d be a total wanker too.

    There used to be great piss takes on hacks on TV all the time, in the early 1980s. That’s before Thatcher destroyed the BBC, and all mainstream media lost any principles they ever had.

    All sold out!!

    Their tricks and stupidity is still regularly revealed in PE.

  43. 43
    Doctor Mick says:

    So if yer not for us, yer agin us?

    Typical fascist.

  44. 44
    PC Plod says:

    Coulson is 100 per cent guilty. There is no way any newspaper staff can slide through AT LEAST £100K on costs as its royal editor and other staff did without the express knowledge of the editor Mr A Coulson.
    Coulson knew about the tapping, who was doing it and how it was done.
    Wonder if any freelance operatives are using, without the knowledge of Tory HQ of course, similiar tactics?
    Let’s see Coulson called before the DCMS committee and endure the questioning he escaped with his hasty exit from Wapping.

  45. 45
    Losing the plot says:

    I think the whole state went to shit under Blair.

    Authoritarianism does that.

  46. 46
    Doctor Mick says:

    I thought John Birt destroyed the BBC.

  47. 47
    inverted commoner says:

    ‘phoned not phoned

  48. 48
    jgm2 says:

    Would that be the BBC that broke the fact that weapons expert, David Kelly, didn’t reckon there was any evidence to go to war in Iraq and that the 45 min claim was a load of shit and yet somehow ended up having to apologise to the government, sack the journalist responsible and replace their board with Labour sympathisers?

    That BBC?

    Tool of the state? That BBC?

  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Andy Coulson certainly knew about the phone-tapping. His big problem is not so much the hacking of the phones of tawdry celebs – but the hacking of Labour ministers and Tory poliiticians.
    If the stories are correct, Coulson could and should face criminal charges. What does that say about Cameron’s judgement?

  50. 50
    RavingMad says:

    Is this not just part of the opening shots in the ‘dirtiest election campaign ever’????

    Prescott getting shirty (so what’s new); Milliband waffling about G8 climate proposals; Alistair’s Finance Bill blah blah

    They’ll be going on 82 day summer holidays soon…….

  51. 51
    Anonymous says:

    The point is ‘totally lost the plot’ it is up to the user to protect his/her own privacy as you can’t trust anybody else.

  52. 52
    Scorched Earth says:

    Hmmmm.. parsing the buck a bit there aren’t we ? Direct, ultimate (though his own words were full) his job was to Edit the paper and supervise his journalists.

    So the best we can hope for from Cameron’s spin doctor is he isn’t quite as bad as Brown and is as bad as Campbell ? Not a very high standard to say the least.

    The tapping was not entirely random it was targetted at high profile public figures and Celebrities and the scale is staggering.

    Didn’t say Boris was protecting the MET but I was a bit unclear in retrospect. What I meant was that the MET would feel not feel duty bound to land themselves in the shiit to protect an ex News of the World Editor.

    Cameron is only insulated as long as he can prove Coulson was properly vetted and Coulson gave him complete assurance he had no knowledge whatsoever, which I’m sure he got, but won’t reflect well on his judgement if Coulson is in any way implicated.

    You put your complete trust entirely on the say so of a News of the World Editor don’t be surprised if that assurance is worthless.

  53. 53
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    I hear Toenails is “on message” as usual on the Toady programme just now.

  54. 54
    Sir Mufbourne-Harbor says:

    Computered or e-mailed? That is the question.

  55. 55
    Twenty Grand Please says:

    STOP PRESS; Rumour going around Central Office that Coulson is “considering his position” and could quit later today, according to my mole!

  56. 56
    City of Vice says:

    Coulson’s toast on this. Dead parrot. Dave’s going to have to sack him on this to avoid the Tories being pulled down into the crap. This is going to run and run, and is in substance, is potentially a bigger story than McBride scandal (albeit less sport). Too many big wigs were targeted and hacked and the police have been caught out sitting on their hands.

  57. 57
    Anonymous says:

    Coulson wasn’t in the prime minister’s office at the time was he? Coulson wasn’t doing it at the behest of and with the knowledge of the prime minister was he? And in any case, I don’t give a fuck about phone taps, if you havn’t done anything wrong what do you have to hide? Isn’t that what labour say? Sounds good to me if it outs lying and hypocritical politicans. Some one has to police the lying c u n t s, becasue no other fucker does.

    Labour are rotten to the core, there for themselves only and to make sure they keep power at all costs. Carry on lying and bullying labour.

  58. 58
    Voicemale says:

    Duh, what is “Authoritarianism”?

  59. 59
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    If Cameron was half as ruthless with Labour as he is with his own party, then he would be PM by now.

  60. 60
    RobC says:

    Brown did not resign thats the difference pal.
    Why don’t you cast your inuendos at your home team. I am sure you will have a captivated audience at labourlist.borg.smear.co.uk

  61. 61
    jgm2 says:

    Sounds about right. Dave can make capital on this by actually firing the person responsible and pointing out the contrast with McBride who, allegedly, is still up to his old tricks on the public payroll just less visibly so.

    Depressing all the same that the only way to fight Labour lies and media manipulation is to employ a lying media manipulator of your own.

    Meanwhile the UK economy continues its voyage down Satans shitter.

  62. 62
    Doctor Mick says:

    Coulson wasn’t a civil servant at the time of the alleged hacking.

  63. 63
    Sir William Waad says:

    I have never permitted any of my staff to bring the News of the World into Waad Towers. People like Coulson are all guilty of something, you can be sure of it; mostly greed, cruelty and deceit.

  64. 64
    RobC says:

    48 JGM – Spot on!

  65. 65
    Mr Justice says:

    Anyone posting on this site who doesn’t think Coulson is up to his neck in a scandal far worse than the McBride one is either a) a nutter b) filing direct from Tory HQ in the hopeless task of making someone think there are shades of opinion on this – which there aren’t.
    Coulson knew about the phone-tapping and sanctioned the expenditure.
    Coulson sanctioned criminal activity.
    Coulson has to and will be forced to go.

  66. 66
    Doctor Mick says:

    I think if you read the piece again – or maybe you didn’t – you’ll see that Coulson is described as an Alistair Campbell. Hardly a boy scout. A Hoon in my book.

  67. 67
    Anonymous says:

    Coulson wasn’t in the prime minister’s office at the time was he? Coulson wasn’t doing it at perhaps the behest of and with perhaps the knowledge of the prime minister was he? And in any case, I don’t give a fuck about phone taps, if you havn’t done anything wrong what do you have to hide? Isn’t that what labour say? Sounds good to me if it outs lying and hypocritical politicans. Some one has to police the lying c u n t s, becasue no other fucker does.

    Labour are rotten to the core, there for themselves only and to make sure they keep power at all costs. Carry on lying and bullying labour.

  68. 68
    Voicemale says:

    What else does Precott have to hide?

  69. 69

    Guido’s reimded us of a key point here – all the journo’s did was use the default PIN published in the phone co. manual,to pick up voicemails – the dopey owners having ignored the instruction to reset the number for privacy.

    IMHO the fuzz and the CPS know well that they were lucky to get the first two convictions and further prosecutions will fail becasause the voicemails weren’t “private” at all (a bit like leaving your most private correspondence lying on your front doorstep for passers-by to read”.

    Typical Grauniad 5 minute sh1t stir – from the paper who sent a forged fax to get Aitkens personal hotel bill.

  70. 70
    Talwin says:

    Not sure if your average punter is going to give a flying whatsit if Prescott’s phone was bugged.

  71. 71
    Sir William Waad says:

    His blog is certainly a has-been.


    It has naught but reprints of pieces for the Torygraph and photo-opportunities.

  72. 72
    Bob says:

    All of this exposes again the inadequacy of the media regulatory framework.

    The PCC needs replaced with statutory regulation.

    Journalists regulating journalists isn’t working.

  73. 73
    jgm2 says:

    125bn printed in the last few months. The BoE sucking its teeth trying to decide if printing another 25bn will be necessary. Very tough decision making required with this money printing. Got to get just the right amount of cash printed. The Goldilocks amount of printed money.

    125bn or 150bn quid? Hmmm, still too cold or just right?

    125bn or 150bn? Decisions, decisions.

    Our fucking government is printing cash! Unemployment is soaring, car production is down almost 50%. We’re reduced to printing fucking money and we have jackasses proclaiming ‘green shoots’!

  74. 74
    chocolotis says:


    nobody gives a chocolate kiss about Coulson whilst the Scotch Twat club is in charge

    What is McFuckup doing today? Obama beach, selling gold? shitting his pants in bed?

    The only thing the majority of people are interested is when Brown calls a general election

    anybody who mentions Coulson after this post is a bummer

  75. 75
    whistleblower says:

    How vulnerable is ACPO’s publicly funded, private database?

    And is this the reason that the Police didn’t make public the extent of the evidence collected and why the CPS didn’t pursue it further through the courts?

  76. 76
    Doctor Mick says:

    Labour should be careful what they wish for. People might just be curious as to what was so interesting that millions changed hands to hush it up. A bit like Michael Jackson and his shenanigans.

  77. 77
    Anonymous says:

    Since when does any one involved in criminal activity, have to resign? are MP’s still above the law then?

    Which MP has been prosecuted yet over their expenses? Avoiding capital gains tax by flipping? Claiming for non existant mortgages?
    Why should Coulson resign? Some one needs to keep a check on you lying and hypocrtical politicians

    Double standards here me thinks. Are you from labour.org

  78. 78
    City of Vice says:

    It doesn’t matter that Labour are a bunch of corrupt lying shits. Two wrongs don’t make a right anyway. Coulson’s been caught out and/ or is otherwise fatally compromised so Dave’s going to have to throw him out. End of story. That way we can all get back to kicking NuLab’s corrupt arses.

  79. 79
    Anonymous says:

    The state does do it!

  80. 80
    Anonymous says:

    Think you had better get back to bed. Lokks like you havent yet had enough sleep. don’t forget to leave your sandals under the bed.

  81. 81
    Reg511 says:

    Coincides with G8 claiming success by pledging targets of 80% reduction in emissions by 2050, long after the end of their careers! The fact that the 2020 targets will be missed by a country mile, and there is no strategy to achieve 2050 targets seems irrelevant. This is a McBride-esque strategy at work

  82. 82
    Losing the plot says:

    It’s what happens when everyone reads the Sunlike and leaves the politicians to their own devices

  83. 83
    Reg511 says:


    Brown smear strategy

  84. 84
    City of Vice says:

    Too right. It’s a disgrace. It’s we the people vs the establishment.

  85. 85
    Anonymous says:

    and neither is MP’s regulating themselves. Good job some one is trying to police the lying hypocritical bastards.

  86. 86
    Voicemale says:

    Especially if you’re a socialist with a multi-million property empire, having affairs with secretaries or worse. I know I’d change my pin number if I were indulging in that sort of mallarkey.

  87. 87
    Losing the plot says:

    I realise that we have to defend ourselves from criminals.

    But unlike you, I still think criminals should be banged up.

    That’s the point, oh clueless one.

  88. 88
    Voicemale says:

    So that didn’t happen before Blair? Interesting. Maybe you’re still in your thirties.

  89. 89
    Anonymous says:

    what he did is in the public interest. policing those lying hypocritical politicians. I fully support Coulson, nothin to hie, nothing to fear have you. Politicians are constantly shitting on us, why can’t some of it fly in their direction for a change.

  90. 90
    ERRATA says:

    “Before spinning for Blair, Campbell had been a loyal servant..”

    The word ‘servant’ should be replaced with ‘serpent’…

  91. 91
    Scorched Earth says:

    “Coulson won’t be in any danger of having to resign unless evidence emerges linking him directly to phone hacking”

    Not quite Guido. He was unequivocal that he had no knowledge WHATSOEVER of it. Anything linking him in any way with the scores of hacks (reliable loyal trusty NoW hacks) in any of the many stories the thousands of phonetaps resulted in will sink him.

    “– and you can safely bet there won’t be a smoking gun memo or email.”

    As safe as McBride then ? You think the incredible scale of this won’t leave any traces whatsoever ? You think the MET are going to cover up for Coulson and make themselves a target when they might be sitting on evidence ?

    I doubt Cameron thinks that is a particularly safe bet and he’s probably preparing an “exit strategy” this very second instead of placing his complete trust in the brilliance and loyalty of NoW hacks, it’s sleazy Editor or the MET keeping quiet under direct pressure from the Home Secretary and Brown’s minions. (and maybe even Boris)

    Not forgetting the Select Committee now has to ask Coulson some hard questions.

  92. 92
    Doctor Mick says:

    Smoke and mirrors. Labour’s spin machine has picked itself up, dusted itself down and has come out fighting in Round 3.

    Why do people need press officers? Most of us carry on perfectly well without one.

  93. 93
    Sir Mufbourne-Harbor says:

    A bit like a default or master hotel room key you mean? Or that a certain german car manufacturer used to place a spare key inside the front indicator light cluster?

  94. 94
    Bummer says:

    Coulson, Coulson, Coulson.

  95. 95
    jgm2 says:

    Yep. Fucking astonishing isn’t it? And how do Gilligan’s colleagues react to this blatant 1984 revisionism by the government?

    They’re now all too shit-scared to say anything in case they are next in line for a P45 that they uncritically ‘report’ any old shit handed to them by Labour.

    It was an astounding act of sheer cheek to have Blair and Campbell wandering about with long oh-woe-how-could-such-a-terrible-thing happen faces as if the BBC was the ones who were at fault in all this. But somehow, and I’m still unclear what the fuck happened, the BBC ended up as the ones in the wrong.

    Typical Nu Labour though. Obsessed with the spelling mistake in your argument and oblivious to the wall-to-wall lies in their own. But what I cannot understand is how the meeeja let them get away with it.

  96. 96
    Reg511 says:

    5 Million new Afghani school children, 20,000 school leavers will not get a place at Uni, lower the common denominator yet again, well done ZanuNewLiebour, and all your followers

  97. 97
    Losing the plot says:

    Oh err. Is there a fulll moon or summat.

    The point scroto is that Guido claims a pox on all yer houses you orrible political doin naughty things people.

    But it ain’t so.

    If it’s a Tory doin naughty things, even very naughty things, and he’s a crucial asset, then Guido will defend him.

    I trust that’s simple enough for you.

  98. 98
    Engineer says:

    I’m not so certain that Coulson knew about all the phone-tapping allegations being bandied around. Is he totally innocent, and as pure as the driven snow? Probably not – but since he resigned (more or less honourably) from the News of the World editorship, he presumably knew little – or at any rate, had little or no influence over – events since his resignation.

    Should the Conservatives have appointed him in the first place? I seem to recall rumblings of dissent and misgivings at the time of his appointment, but he is clearly not in the same league of smearing and political bullying as, for example, Campbell and McBride.

    If Coulson resigned on the grounds that he had become the story, and made it clear that he was innocent of the charges being made by the Labour spin machine, it could strengthen rather than weaken the Conservative position. It would make the Conservatives look high-minded and above the Labour spin tactics, which, given current public opinion of the governing party, could play well with the electorate.

    If Coulson stayed, the Conservatives would not take much of a hit. The public has bigger problems on their mind – how do I pay the bills, do I have a job next week.

    Either way, I suspect that this may not be the coup that the Labour spinmeisters are hoping it will be.

  99. 99
    Anonymous says:

    What part of illegal don’t you get ?

    The ignorance of safety measures won’t hold up in a court of Law as a defence.
    Illegal is Illegal or there wouldn’t be two hacks sitting in jail.

  100. 100
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    Who cares about Coulson.

    The real story is about the failure of the MET and PCS. Coulson may have avoided a PCC interview, but he couldn’t have avoided the Police. Why was he not interviewed. Why did the Police choose not to investigate further. Who made the decision not to prosecute at the CPS?

    Who was Home Secretary at the time (Blunkett? Clarke?) – did he know what was going on, and what was Goldmiths’s role as AG?

  101. 101
    City of Vice says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow? The public interest defence – shallow as it is- falls down as the NoW targeted celebrities as well as politicians. No excuses, no mercy. Dave needs to sack Coulson quickly and move on; the economy’s fucked, are rights are being dismantled by this corrupt government every day, and there are lying Nulab arses to tick. Not a time for distractions.

  102. 102
    santa clause 4 says:

    that was the old line blair took.

    did not know anything about it,guv,whilst they were trashing and bankrupting britain….

    it worked for years with the uk press.

  103. 103
    boulay says:

    O/T but the G8 have announced that they are going to stop the earth’s average temperature from rising over 2 degrees.

    Gordon Brown (for it is he) : hello, i’d like to speak to the sun please

    the sun: what

    Gordon Brown: i demand you calm down and stop heating increasing the heat of the earth more than the 2 degrees that the G8 agreed. and stop hacking into my phone calls.

    the sun: fuck off.

  104. 104
    send pizzas says:

    fawkes has more faces than the townhall clock.

  105. 105
    jgm2 says:

    Now that would be a funny defence from Coulson.

    ‘I find it bizarre though depressingly predicatable that I am being hounded by a government whose whole tenure has been characterised by creeping surveillance and loss of liberty who, whenever challenged claim that ‘If you’ve nothing to hide then you’ve nothing to fear’….’

    A government that has turned media manipulation and twisting the truth into a case-study for students of psychology, history and ethics for generations to come…

    A government who, even today, uses taxpayer’s money to pay their very own McBrides and Campbells to continue their daily tirade of lies, innuendo, half-truth….’

    Etc etc.

    Coulson could really grab the headlines if he wanted to. In a way that Labour wouldn’t like.

  106. 106
    Sir Mufbourne-Harbor says:

    Talwin, I agree. many don’t give a tinkers about Cameroon either until he comes up with an election manifesto which folk would vote for. The spat between Hague and Harman, yesterday, lacks stickyness because until we have a system in place which allows personal spending or business investment without the need for borrowing, I.E: less taxation and red tape, plus europe, we yawn at the debate before our eyes.

  107. 107
    Losing the plot says:

    And that ladies and gentlemen is the case for the defence.

    I wasn’t a civil servant when I was bugging the entire fuckin nation.

    Set my people free…..

  108. 108
    IRB says:

    Are we missing the real story here? Sure you can chunder on about Coulson and his employers but spare a thought for the poor bastard who had to listen to Prescott’s voicemail messages.

    Actually, that sounds more like a round on ISIHAC.

  109. 109
    City of Vice says:

    Good point Seth. Boris was one of those targeted so presumably he’ll be having a word in the shell like ear of the Met Commish. The cops are fucking useless for anything other than hunting down motorists and protecting treasonous Muslim demonstrators anyway.

  110. 110
    Scorched Earth says:

    Christ what a twat.

    It’s bad enough I just had to slap down Hardwidge in the previous thread for his Labour twattery without idiots accusing me of supporting Brown’s pathetic failed Government.

    Brown didn’t resign because he’s a fuckiing coward who hides behind his minions. The difference is Coulson had to resign or he would have been fuucked by a subsequent PCC inquiry.

    This isn’t Conservativehome shiit for brains.

    So keep throwing the smears about you partisan moron.

  111. 111
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    the difference (as I understand it in this case) is that direct responsibility means that you had knowledge of what was going on. Ultimte responsiblity means that you were in charge but didn’t know what was being done.

    Coulson has denied knowledge of the activity but resigned anyway. If he is telling the truth, that is an honourable position.

    If he is lying, then imagine he is in the smoking room with whisky and revolver right now, in which case I hope he doesn’t follow Brown’s example and bottle it.

  112. 112
    Losing the plot says:

    He’s only one of many, thousands bugged by the fuckers.

    What simpletons like you don’t appear to appreciate is that they were bugging politicians and celebs and god knows who else.

    Those people have loads of money and time and they’re going to want to find out what happened, and get revenge.

    They can do that through the US courts where there are real citizen rights and privacy is not something you can easily mess with.

    Not like good old bend over and take it up the ass be a good chap Britain.

  113. 113
    jgm2 says:

    Since the entire liberal bedwetting world seems to thing the sun shines out of Obama’s arse it should be no trouble at all to vary the temperature of the planet at will.

    What a bunch of fucking arseholes.

  114. 114
    MB says:

    I wondered whether the Metropolitan Police did not investigate fully because there was some deals between them and the private investigators to either pass on any useful information to the police or do work for the police unofficially so the police could not be linked directly to illegal phone taps? They probably did not want too much information becoming public knowledge.

  115. 115
    Scorched Earth says:

    I’m sure that will stand up in a Court of Law.

  116. 116
    Anon says:

    I’d rather Boris spent less of my council tax money paying spivs to write bullshit.

    Who gives a shit about his shitty blog FFS? Get rid of it for all I care.

  117. 117
    Losing the plot says:

    It was all set up by Sir Michael Checkland, appointed by Thatcher, after her sacking of Milne, the last real DG of the BBC.

    I agree that Birt continued the destruction, of course he did.

  118. 118
    Just your average anarchist says:

    Fuck Coulson,the story is why Plod and the CPS colluded to protect Murdoch rather than British Politicians. Perhaps to save deeper truths being exposed about MPs or even the royals?

  119. 119
    Anonymous says:

    well fuck off and read elsewhere then. Labour don’t seem to have passed a law YET, making it compulsary to read this blog.

  120. 120
    Scorched Earth says:

    There’s going to be a very amusing conversation between Boris and Cameron for a start. Boris might feel the need to use some rather ripe language again.

    Not forgeting that he’s only one of many Conservative MP’s who might not be too happy their private phonecalls were being bugged under Cameron’s spindoctor.

  121. 121
  122. 122
    IRB says:

    Sitting in jail = guilty.

    Are you a complete twat fulltime or is this your holiday job?

  123. 123
    Anon says:

    Fuck them all, don’t vote Lab, Con or Lib. The media want a continuation of the status quo so that they can continue to use their shitty contacts and shitty methods.

    Anything else, for the love of Christ, please!

  124. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Illegal isn’t illegal if you are an MP. Any one been prosecuted yet over MP’s expenses? Who cares if any ony has done anythign illegal these days? He’ll just get 1 hour community service any way. Labour have corrupted our justice system any way. Mp’s are above the law so why not every one else?

    You can stand up at the despatch box and lie through your teeth these days so why should any one give a fuck about people trying to bring these lying bullying politicians to book?

  125. 125
    Mr Ned says:

    I can’t stand Campbell and if this means that Coulson is anywhere near as bad, then Cameron should be rid of him. This does nothing to reduce the perception that Cameron’s lot are the same as Brown’s lot. Tories and Labour as bad as each other.

  126. 126
    Losing the plot says:

    Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, eh.

    You’re the sort of idiot allowed pricks like Blair to turn this into the most repressive country in the free world.

    Funny the way they want loads of privacy for themselves, the state and its institutions and all the rest of us have to run around like an open book.

  127. 127
    R.McGeddon says:

    Johnny ‘Two Bogseats’ Prescott is prattling away in mock high dudgeon about (allegedly) being the victim of eavesdropping.
    Can you imagine some of the ‘top secret’ conversations ???

    ‘Right, that’s two salami pizzas, four pork pies and two bottles of your finest champagne to room 491 and just two serviettes, one for me and the other for my diary secretary”

    The lardass doth protest too much, methinks….

  128. 128
    Stalins Organ says:

    Lots of PIs on the Met books as Confidential Informants.

  129. 129
    ERRATA says:

    That should read ‘mock Tudor beams high dudgeon’, surely ??

  130. 130
    anon says:


    Coulson should tough it out and so should Cameron.

    Stuff Labour!

  131. 131
    Engineer says:

    Spot on.

  132. 132
    Lonesome Dave says:

    His chipolata?

  133. 133
    The Dark Lord says:

    ACPO is a very sinister body

  134. 134
    Stalins Organ says:

    And this was the organization that eased Pope Tony in!!

  135. 135
    Citizen Smith says:

    This has been going on for some time, Big Brother


  136. 136
    Engineer says:

    Getting qiute a lot of hits from the Liebore spin machine this morning, Guido.

  137. 137
    It's all Balls says:

    An excited Labour spin-doctor called Guido yesterday evening and said “we’re going to do to Coulson what you did to McBride”… “it’s going to be Coulson, Coulson, Coulson all day”.

    Am I the only one who finds this sort of childish comment (from any political party by the way) depressing?

    They wander around their little corridors seemingly totally oblivious to the shit state the Country is in content with playing parlour games.

  138. 138
    Citizen Smith says:

    And we knew they do


  139. 139
    The Dark Lord says:

    Not sure Coulson is safe. If there is a group action against News whatever its called these days then the figures will will be mind boggling. If Taylor got £700,000 and there are hundreds of people involved, B O O M! Tory media strategy meeting will be interesting today. Coulson laying out the response to…..Coulson

  140. 140
    Scorched Earth says:

    He said quote “”I took full responsibility at the time”

    An honourable News of the World Editor. Is that like a virginal prostitute ?

    Of course he’s lying but at this point it’s whether he’s CAUGHT in the Lie.

    I’m sorry but the sheer colossal scale of the naivite required to believe Coulson knew absolutely nothing about several thousand phone taps being done with scores of his own journalists defies belief.

    And some of those tapped are ALREADY contacting Lawyers and starting the ball rolling. This isn’t going to go away quickly or neatly.

  141. 141
    backwoodsman says:

    Surely the real story is the beeboids desperate efforts to give the story legs on behalf of their nulab chums.
    Presumablty ‘Losing the plot’ is tats new persona ?

  142. 142
    Losing the plot says:

    They never got round to sortin that literacy shit neither.

    Ah well

  143. 143
    Stalins Organ says:

    Certainly not the bastards who put us in the Crap in the first place. TB,AC,GB,JP,JS,

  144. 144
    Anon says:

    Or twatty folk masquerading as such. You don’t know.

    Don’t over credit yourselves now, it may appear as spin!

  145. 145
    Cheeky Chappy says:

    Is a peodo involved?

  146. 146
    Anonymous says:

    So while you are all so disgusted by this really exciting story and the illegalities it brings, who is focusing on the criminal activities of the MP’s over the expenses scandals.? Mp’s are proved to have been above the law now. Has any MP been arrested yet or prosecuted?

    Looks like the money being paid back is drying up too? There hasn’t been much cheque waving in public recently?

    Any one, with whatever methods they may use, who bring lying hypocritical politicians to book, gets my vote. Nothing to hide? Nothing to fear! Corrupt every single one of them. There to serve themselves instead of their electorate. Beneath contempt every single one of them. AND YOU PUT THEM THERE! what a laugh!

  147. 147
    nick robinson says:

    This is very large beer indeed.

    How Gordon laughed last night when he was told this was happening today – I have not seen him that happy since that Damian Green was arrested & had his DNA taken.

    Oh it is like old days today – great. Lets order lots of Champagne on BBC expenses – like in 1997!

  148. 148
    bergen says:

    If New Labour press this story then it seems clear that they have already given up any hope of support from the Murdoch rags for the election.I think I’m right when I say that they’ve supported the winner in every general election since the 70’s.It would be a brave call on Brown’s part(never thought I’d write that) to wind up Murdoch unless he knows he has nothing to lose.

  149. 149
    Anon says:

    And who exactly will you vote for at your much desired election? More of the same I would suggest.

  150. 150
    Mr Ned says:

    I guess he missed the bit about how those 5 million new students in Afghanistan only attend for a few weeks. Then the Americans blow up the school, so that some military corporation can rebuild it again on a cost-plus contract. They make a lot of money from rebuilding the infrastructure that the American Airforce keeps blowing up.

  151. 151
    greg dyke says:

    Ho ho ho – in Islington the ovver day we was all wishin’ for somfing like this.

  152. 152
    Stalins Organ says:

    Infanta, very good point. Love to hear some more on Prescott’s deals, besides Tracy of course.

  153. 153
    Anon says:

    You apparently didn’t go to school either.

  154. 154
    Engineer says:


  155. 155
    Anon says:

    Ooooooh, don’t get your knickers in a twist now you right wing fucks.

  156. 156
    Dave says:

    McBride Campbell Coulsden; frankly if any of them get caught doing this sort of thing they should get the chop. If the PM or leader of the opposition get caught as being persons complicit they should also get the chop;

    We elect these people to (try) to run the country in our interest and if they cant do something as simple as that they should all fuck off

  157. 157
    City of Vice says:

    Let the Beeb give this story legs- it hope it has. Coulson’s the small beer aspect of this which is easily dealt with by Cameron by the Tories getting rid of him. However the rest of this shit is going to end up in Downing St, at Nulab’s door. Nulab have allowed the police, its quangos, (the Information Commissioner or whatever the hoon is called) and the CPS to be corrupted on Labour’s watch, Questions will have to be aspect why Murdoch’s mob have been allowed by the government and the authorities to get away with this scale of illegal activity.

  158. 158
    City of Vice says:

    mucho typos – apologies

  159. 159
    Stalins Organ says:

    Thatcher destroyed the BBC? that is one thing she did not make a good job of. It should a smouldering ruin!!

  160. 160
    I accept no responsibility at all - unless you can prove it! says:

    Direct responsibility = I knew it was going on and approved it. Hence I resign cause that was illegal.

    Ultimate responsibility = it was going on, but I didn’t know it. Hence I resign because I’m incompetent.

    This very subtle difference happens all the time in the commercial sector. We’ve all seen Willie Walsh take “ultimate responsibility” for the terminal 5 fiasco by firing lots of people.

  161. 161
    Losing the plot says:

    If you don’t understand the difference between now and then in terms of the relationship between citizen and state, then I suspect you must be a pre-schooler.

    Suffice it to say that most of those who have been watching, like David Davis, wouldn’t agree with your view.

  162. 162
    Basket Case says:

    Anon…Methinks there might be a clue in his username.

    Go back to bed yourself.

  163. 163
    City of Vice says:

    Yes. They act as a top cops union and make policing ‘policy’ too. So much for democratic oversight.

  164. 164
    Anonymous says:

    It is not exactly Hacking is it!!

    You call a number, that number asks you if you would like to listen to recorded messages left on it, so you press the yes button and the sequence of buttons listed in the generic manual.

    To me that ain’t hacking, that’s being personally delivered the info, silver service on a solid silver plate.

  165. 165
    Sir William Waad says:

    The obvious speculations would be:

    (1) that you don’t cross the Murdoch press unless you want to spend a lot more time in your garden; and/or

    (2) that Murdoch had some dirt on the people at the top.

  166. 166
    Engineer says:

    Agree with most of that. In the end, Liebore will reap what they sow with their spin.

  167. 167
    City of Vice says:

    Be careful what you wish for. This is going to end up very very soon as a government scandal.

  168. 168
    Steve Expat says:

    Excactly. The fact that the story appears to be about Coulson smacks of the sort of thing Liebour would have done under McBride.

    Is he still hiding behind the scenes??

  169. 169
    Anonymous says:

    Sitting in jail = guilty.
    Stating the bleeding obvious = shit for brains fuckwit

    Do I have to walk you through the justice system you pedantic anal dildo ?
    When something happens that is suspected to be illegal it results in a trial and when it is proved the someones actions were illegal they GO TO JAIL. DUH!!!

    Nobody could hope to compete with full time professional twattery of you hilarious standard.

  170. 170
    Losing the plot says:

    If you want us to even have half a chance of banging up corrupt and lying politicians, then you’ll have to organise us a penal code and constitution and freedom of speech just like the Americans have.

    That’s your best chance. Doesn’t always work, but they do bang up politicos and big business people in ways that Britain will never do until it changes greatly.

  171. 171
    Steve Expat says:

    jgm2, I quite like that defence. IANAL, but neither would be the jury…

  172. 172
    Anonymous says:

    David Cameron says Coulsons job is safe. Thank God for that.

    Unlike Brown and the rest of those lying bullying fuckers in the so called cabinet.

  173. 173
    Anonymous says:

    At least Sky have a sensible handle on this.

    Sky’s political correspondent Joey Jones said: “It needs to be recognised that this is very much being ramped up politically.

    “Labour Party figures know how important Andy Coulson is to David Cameron and they seem to see this as an opportunity to put pressure on the Tory leader.

    “They know that by making links between this case and the case of Damien McBride, as John Prescott has been doing, they will make things uncomfortable for the Conservative Party.”


  174. 174
    Trough Mixture says:

    Can’t see anything from Don Miguel Blanco yet. In a knotted hanky grabbing the top Wilkinsons fold-up deckchair spot at Frinton I shouldn’t be surprised.

    With pursed lips.

  175. 175
    Anonymous says:

    MacKay as a personal adviser, Coulson, Osborne. Methinks Cameron is not a man of insight in terms of judgement…

  176. 176
    Anonymous says:


    I must get my eyes tested.

    I thought your headline said “Collusion” Collusion, Collusion”.

    Then I though Poulson, Poulson, Poulson.

    I am alone?

  177. 177
    Anonymous says:

    Might Sky have a slight interest in downplaying this? Rupert, I think it is …

  178. 178
    Anon says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah and then the next week it will be back to what operates as normality. Nothing will change.

    Fuck them all.

  179. 179
    Reg511 says:

    Lesson from Iraq and Afghanistan; Activate PhyOps in time to have maximum effect

  180. 180
    Basket Case says:

    Well..that’s a well balanced and neutral viewpoint if ever I saw one.

  181. 181
    Anonymous says:

    Funny how the high court disagreed with your assessment. They obviously made a mistake when they Granted Gordon Taylor in excess of 700k. What an error!

  182. 182
    Twizzle says:

    ‘…but how did the Guardian get this story?’

    It has Max Clifford printed all over it.

  183. 183
    Anonymous says:

    I did , under labour i git a first clawse degree , their edukashun is fantawstic, u just copy it all from de intenet and u gits a forst class digree, cnt weight to vote for dem agin in it.

  184. 184
    Steve Expat says:

    Birt didn’t destroy the BBC, he…

    Reappraised the role of the organisation, taking advantages of the synergies of their key human resources in order to redefine and streamline our creative output whislt simultaneously developing our digital strategies moving towards the exciting new millenium

  185. 185
    Anonymous says:

    It’s the idiot who left his mailbox open and on show to the rest of yje world that needs the bollocking, not the listener.

  186. 186


    Is this what’s meant by quantatative easing?

    “Bank of England is today set to announce plans to expand its “money printing” programme by a further £25 billion”

    Wish we had more access to mobile phone conversations, like those between government Treasury Civil Servants and Banks.

  187. 187
    I don't read the Guardian because i am not a twat and work for a living says:

    Who gives a F****

  188. 188
    Losing the plot says:

    Oops. Big booby boob o

    Make the move now Davis. This fucker has just sunk himself. This one’s gonna blow big time.

    And good bloody riddance. The last thing we want is another Tony “what’ll I do Rupert” stooge.

    Bye Dave

    Have to laugh though at this poster thinking that Sky are playing a straight bat with this one….

    Dear, oh dearie me

  189. 189
    Anonymous says:

    don’t worry, they’ll all be controlling the waves next. So marvellous our politicians arn’t they.

  190. 190
    Losing the plot says:

    Shurely not. Shome mishtake.

  191. 191
    Anonymous says:

    “and you can safely bet there won’t be a smoking gun memo or email.”

    and how would Guido know that given that he has never been in contact with Coulson?????

  192. 192
    Alex says:

    So all these thousands of snoops into voicemails were done for free, nada, zip?

    Of course not. Somebody paid for the phone calls and the time, and ultimately somebody must have signed off the costs.

  193. 193
    Anonymous says:

    But why is a new law required to lock MPs up for Fraud?

    Fraud was a crime before Gordon even thought of his cunning plan and if MPs have committed fraud then they can be prosecuted for fraud with or without Gordon’s ill considered intervention.

  194. 194

    Hear hear. They’re all useless specimens. Fuck them all. Of no consequence to the people outside the Westminster clitorati.

    Why does the voter have to put up with spivs/spads and spinners operating in the shadows for God’s sake?

    Govern with probity, oppose the with integrity or piss off.

    Lab/Con, two cheeks of the same arse. I’m voting anything else but the parties represented in Parliament today. They are shafted and rightly so.

  195. 195
    A Private Man says:

    If you leave a private opened letter on your mantlepiece,and i read it while you are in another room,is’nt that the equivalent?

  196. 196
    Anonymous says:

    They probably found out that john was fuckin tracy remember?

  197. 197
    Steve Expat says:

    Sky are going with political angle on this story rather as much as the substantive – obviously nothing to do with Murdoch’s News International having a large stake in Sky of course…

  198. 198
    Master Baiter says:

    Cameron’s spin doctor Andy Coulson’s dead meat, if he hangs on for a while, so much the better.

    Cameron relaxed?
    Not really.

  199. 199
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon, I thought you was in europe? Have you had your medication yet? I did send it with the nice nurse I gave you. No don’t go getting yourself too excited. Keepp taking the pills and you’ll be home soon. In any case it’ll all be over by next may, then you can creep back to independent scotland

  200. 200
    Steve Expat says:

    ‘cos places like News International are good at covering their tracks and have email deletion policies in place – and it’s unlikely that Coulson was in the middle of this, whereas McBride certainly was…

  201. 201
    Anonymous says:

    Coulson resigned but Brown stayed. I always thought the McBride business should have been a resigning matter for Brown

  202. 202
    Anonymous says:

    Surely, in this case, your private opened letter on the mantlepiece asks me If I would like to read it.

  203. 203
    Swimming Lessons for Maxwell says:

    A plague on all their houses. But, it is interesting that Robert Maxwell`s name is mentioned again along with Alistair Campbell. Some people say that Maxwell`s disappeared pension funds were used to set up Nu Labour and as part of that used to fund some very dark goings on. Take a look at Greg Lance-Watkins video, The EU Soviet on google video. He`s certainly a bit off the wall but provides plenty to think about.

  204. 204
    Charles Hardon says:

    Cameron says Coulson’s job is safe.

  205. 205
    It's all Balls says:

    I was enjoying my morning until you put that vision in my mind.

    My bacon buttie is making an unwelcome return

  206. 206
    Anonymous says:

    So is this story really all about Prescott’s revenge for newspapers listening to intimate sweet nothings from Tracy on his voicemail?

  207. 207
    Spooks Unlimited says:

    That’ll teach them to show our boss in his speedos

  208. 208
    Anonymous says:

    I fink it was fatcher wot did it u no.
    a non e mous
    fawst clawse nieliebour hons. i is so glad liebour as improooved di educarshone of dis Huntree.
    fanque ewe

  209. 209
    Anon says:

    E-mail deletion policies? Am sure the data protection registrar would be interested to know this.

  210. 210
    Anonymous says:

    ever so sorry about that, now I’m off to have abacon butty meself cheers!

  211. 211
    Anon says:

    So fucking what if Cameron said that. Do you believe him?

  212. 212
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Coulson’s fingerprints will be found. He’ll be gone by Monday. But this is hardly going to suddenly make Brown popular is it – so the effect on Cameron will be zilch.

  213. 213
    lcorby says:

    Interesting, not half as bad as having a politician arrested on flimsy data protection law charges, especially as that politician is the main support for victims of child abuse at care homes in the island.
    Got the details on my political blog, pay me a visit.

    Keep up the good work!

  214. 214
    Putin says:

    This smacks of a Broon/Balls operation. They never think of the consequences and do not need to as they always fall back on plausible deniability. The clunking fist again.

    I am not sure they can beat Murdoch but as usual they always pick the wrong fight at the wrong time.

    Why has Mandelspin not advised them……or has he?

  215. 215
    Agent 99 says:

    Haven’t read all the comments yet but in my honest opinion I agree with Guido but on the other hand phone tapping is really quite underhand except in the most extreme circumstances for safety of life or similar. A difficult distinction to make I suppose.

    I saw Fatty big gob Prescott on all the channels this morning but firstly I saw him on Sky. I caught the end of the interview where he was shouting the people have a right to know and someone must step forward and say what is going on. I thought good grief!! at last the prat has finally got it and for once in my entire life I agree with the hoon. It took a few moments to realise that he was NOT being asked about the Rover car manufacturer cover up and Fraud enquiry but about something completly different. So what are his views on this cynical use of the Fraud office and blowing of even more millions of pounds while his workers are left out in the cold with no compensation???

    I later watched another interview on ITV and the hypocriscy oozing from every pore was sickening. Hey! two shag jags just go back back to your secretary, avoiding paying council tax and chill out with a game of croquet. Lectures from you and what you think we neither give a shit about or care. You could not even get your answer right in the interview and as for saying you publicaly apologised you were more sorry you were caught.

    As for Coulson. He should stick with it until such time as Campbell & Co comes clean on walking in the woods and Jonah stops telling outright lies.
    The statement we are going to do to Coulson what you did to McBride shows this is all abour revenge and nothing about substance.

    Its what Labour do its in their DNA it always has been…….

  216. 216
    An Ordinary Voter says:

    Bloody seconded!!!! The country is totally fucked and this is the best the “Gruniad” can come up with. Here’s a prediction – after the police and CPS spend thousands of our bloody money on investigating all this load of bollcks – it’s going to eventually go absolutely nowhere As I said before “Am I bovvered ? Do I look bovvered ?” What the the media should be concerned about is – “How the fuck are we going to get out of the bloody mess Brown has put us in ?

  217. 217
    Sir William Waad says:

    Rupert’s scandal-rag, The Times, is also reticent about the story, preferring to entertain us with “Jackson’s family ‘await return of brain'”. (Willetts – give it back at once!)

  218. 218
    moral compass says:

    spot on. Also nauseating to read C*mpbell moralising on Coulson this morning.

    Still I suppose until you’ve driven somebody to suicide, inadvertently of course!, I suppose you’re not a real man.

  219. 219
    Putin says:

    I don’t know why Mb@198 is so happy -If we are equating McBride with Coulson,that suggests Labour and the Conservatives are the same?

    Oh dear 12 years of doctrine down the drain.

  220. 220

    //An excited Labour spin-doctor called Guido yesterday evening and said “we’re going to do to Coulson what you did to McBride”… “it’s going to be Coulson, Coulson, Coulson all day”. //

    Really? Name him/her or it never happened!

  221. 221
    Sir William Waad says:

    So if I find your wallet you don’t want it back?

  222. 222
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, that’s why the Screws handed over 700K to Gordon Taylor. Obviously it was Taylor’s fault all along…

  223. 223
    Agent 99 says:

    Scorched Earth says:
    July 9, 2009 at 7:43 am
    Accepted direct responsibility and resigned yet claimed not to know about it ?
    Laughable. I remember this “accepting responsibility” horseshit while pretending to have nothing to do with it from another joke figure in politics by the name of Brown. Simply doesn’t wash.

    Why laughable Scorched Earth? He resigned because he accepted responsibility in affect I should have known but screwed it up so HE PERSONALLY RESIGNED.

    Jonah said he accepts full responsibility AND THEN GOT SOMEONE ELSE TO RESIGN!!!!! WTF??? now thats the one that is actually laughable

  224. 224
    snoophound says:

    Nick Robinson seems to have an axe to grind here. Is there some kind of dispute between seedy newspaper hacks and ever so proper senior correspondents of the BBC?

  225. 225
    Anonymous says:

    Obviously not that good otehrwise they wouldn’t have been caught out – I presume what you mean is that they are good at trying to make sure that the trail doesn’t go back to the likes of Coulson or Murdoch. I suspect all the more reason why the police should get into News International before any more evidence is destryoyed.

  226. 226
    Angry Voter says:

    Exactly, you’re part of the problem Guido. Still, nothing like a bit of stat porn to make you feel better eh?

  227. 227
    Steve Expat says:

    This has bacome very common in large companies over the past few years, mainly as a response to the US Sarbanes-Oxley rules brought in after Enron.

    The last company I worked for deleted email automatically after 3 months, including all the backups.

    It avoids self-incrimination, as you can’t be asked by a c.ourt to produce something that you no longer have…

  228. 228
    Anonymous says:

    Have a think about the word ‘private’.

  229. 229
    Potential NOTW subscriber says:

    Now the sources and targets have been outed, is there any reason we can’t have the transcripts?

  230. 230
    A Yorkshire Terrier says:


  231. 231
    Losing the plot says:

    “Haven’t read all the comments yet but in my honest opinion I agree with Guido but on the other hand phone tapping is really quite underhand except in the most extreme circumstances for safety of life or similar. A difficult distinction to make I suppose”.

    Fuckin hilarious. What a complete and utter twat!!

    These scumbags were bugging people to sell salacious stories about their privates lives!! What don’t you understand!!

    There’s no “safety of life” issues at all. None, nada, zero, zilch!!

    Tell your parents not to let you out unsupervised again, like a good boy.

    Idiots like you would have these fuckers running the country if anyone was foolish enough to listen to your snivelling shite.

  232. 232
    Those Bucking Fastards says:

    This is just typical NuLabour trying to convert months old story into something readable. The public really don’t give a sh!t about dirty tricks in politics. What do you think is more important to us? To stop MPs ‘expenses’ or worrying about celebs getting their phones hacked? Feeding this story to a left-wing paper and state broadcaster and trying to make something out of it, FFS. Joe Public can see what’s going on you morons!

    Coulsons going to have to go. But it makes you think if this is a ‘good day to bury bad news’…. Keep your eyes and ears open Guido!

  233. 233
    Anonymous says:

    I may have missed this thread but everyone seems to be missing the most interesting question about Coulson. He is caught running an office tapping phones and forced to resign. He rapidly reemerges as DCs right hand man. It now emerges that it was not just D list celebs being tapped but politicians as well – mostly enemies of said DC (and I include Bonkers in this category). The really interesting question is whether the NOW was passing the material from taps to DC and the Tories and not just using it as a basis for stories. I have no political axe to grind (Broon and DC are no different in my view) but if the Met fail to investigate the whole ball of wool, pulling on the strands linking Coulson and DC then it will fail in its duty.

  234. 234
    snoophound says:

    Yates of the Yard is now going to investigate.

    Fucking hell that was quick. Who says New Labour has no influence anymore?

  235. 235
    Basket Case says:

    Extract from The Guardian’s story…

    “The payments secured secrecy over out-of-court settlements in three cases that threatened to expose evidence of Murdoch journalists using private investigators who illegally hacked into the mobile phone messages of numerous public ­figures to gain unlawful access to confidential personal data, including tax records, social security files, bank statements and itemised phone bills. ”

    Now..I am not qualified on such matters,and will be very happy to be enlightened..so, could someone please explain how the apparently simple process of using a phones default PIN code to listen to voicemails can take the Quantam Leap to accessing “tax records,social security files,bank statements and itemised phone bills”

    OK..I can understand the itemised phone bills..but the rest????

    If Coulson is implicated then the full weight of the Law must come down on him…but I suspect there are higher motivations and dirty political games being played here.

  236. 236
    Pedantic Phone Bugger says:


    It did happen you know it and we know it.

    As an aside was it not the Labour government, this Labour government that wanted to eavesdrop on every call and store every email for the next 10 years?

    By gum I think it was….HYPOCRITICAL TWATS.

  237. 237

    So Labour are going to do to Coulson what we did to McBride are they?

    Come and make my day you socialist tosspots!

    Anyone gunning for Coulson can take the best bit of advice from me:

    Go and take a running jump!

    If Coulson was involved in tapping Prescott’s phone then I commend him for it.

    After all, we are talking about a fat lump who had no less than TWO private affairs whilst in PUBLIC OFFICE!

    What I want to know is were they trying to get evidence at the time to prove he was at it with Rosie or were they trying to get evidence to prove he was at it with Tracey?

    Whatever the case, Prezza was using PUBLIC OFFICE to make a mockery of himself and if he thinks otherwise then I suggest he makes my day and sends me a libel writ.

    Guido has more but for the timebeing here’s a sample of what MAY have been said on his answerphone:

    “Hello John. It’s Tracey here. Give me a call when all your staff have gone home sweetheart. That leather sofa in your office is very comfey. Shall I bring a bottle?”

    “Hello John. It’s Rosie here. Got the soundproofing sorted in the bedroom so none of that horrible press pack outside can hear anything. And guess what? I put it all on me expenses!”

  238. 238
    Steve Expat says:

    Chances are that this came out due to a “source” or someone in personal posession of documents removed at the time

    So-called “Data Retention Policies”, which is newspeak tradition are actually data deletion policies, are now huge business in large companies and organisations.

    From the Wiki: Data Retention defines the policies of persistent data and records management for meeting le.gal and business data archival requirements. A data retention policy weighs le.gal and privacy concerns against economics and need to know concerns to determine both the retention time, archival rules, data formats, and the permissable means of storage, access, and encryption.

  239. 239
    Trough Mixture says:

    An axe?

    ‘Nails doesn’t strike me as the sort of bloke who could grind his fucking teeth.

  240. 240
    Basket Case says:

    Before being called to task on my literacy,I meant ‘Quantum’

  241. 241
    Angry Voter says:

    You really think any other party in power won’t try and sew up it’s citizens in some way. You think the other parties are more principled? Grow up.

  242. 242
    Baron Gideon Houseflipping Partisan BabblingBigot says:

    Almost as many hits as there are from the Conservative spin machine trying feebly to pretend this hasn’t happened or that Andy Coulson is a nice chap really.

    The Conservative spin machine headed by….

    Andy Coulson

    NO, you couldn’t make this shit up could you ? ROFL

  243. 243
    Master Baiter says:

    McBride did not break the law.
    Andy Coulson, according to the Guardian, did break the law.
    You may go.

  244. 244
    A firm pair of breasts says:

    They all need to be shot.

  245. 245
    Angry Voter says:

    Took them days if not weeks to decide whether there was a reason to investigate the fucking MPs expenses.

    The troughing pigs are in with the pigs in uniform. Fuck them all.

  246. 246
    Anonymous says:

    I did not say they should not be banged up if they have committed a criminal act, but the police and CPS have to secure a conviction based on sound evidence. State surveillance goes unchallenged and anybody with any technical nouse won’t leave their fingerprints on it. This means that successful prosecutions are rare. Only the stupid get caught.

  247. 247
    Pedantic Phone Bugger says:

    Read my comment again but to save you the trouble I indicated

    Phone tapping is quite underhand (and as such don’t agree with it) If a terrorist is being bugged well possibly that is OK if it prevents loss of life as an outcome but that is always a difficult distinction to make.

    Get it now?

    Do you actually read a specific post before commenting on it. I think not oh and you really need to up your anger management classes and / or meds.

  248. 248
    Spell check says:

    Trough it out shurely

  249. 249
    Angry Voter says:

    Took them days if not weeks to decide whether there was a reason to investigate the fucking MPs expenses.

    The troughing pigs are in with the pigs in uniform. Fuck them all… and painfully.

  250. 250
    Monica Lewinsky says:

    Interns like to have fun too.

  251. 251
    Angry Voter says:

    (wrong thread replied to – pls ignore)

  252. 252
    Losing the plot says:

    I think you could well be right there.

    The Tory leadership may well be at the heart of this criminal conspiracy to bug political opponents.

    No wonder Dave isn’t sacking Coulson anytime soon. If Coulson talks, the whole shitload of them go down.

    I hope my mate nice David Davis survives to clean up the shit.

    I think this may well be the only occasion where the suffix “gate” will have been seen to be totally appropriate.

    I give you, “Coulsongate” !! and may God have mercy on all who drown in her…..

  253. 253
    jean says:

    Sir Paul Stephenson was appointed Head of the Metropolitan Police shortly after his (reported) involvement in the ‘Zanu’ style raid on Parliament and the (reported) terrifying police raid on Damien Green’s home and family. A member of the Opposition Party who voiced his opinion on the contentious issue of immigration.

    “The Gathering Storm …. ” Dark skies and breaking storms have become a regular occurrence in Britain since Mandleson’s return. McBride & Draper – reported as ‘dirty tricksters’ were (reportedly) used by a ‘higher order’. Revelations of ‘alleged’ e-mails simply made them scapegoats, with no risk to their sacking – obedient troops acting as ‘commanded’.

    The recently appointed new head of MI6 was (reportedly) former advisor to Blair on ‘foreign policy’. Shortly afterwards, ‘historical’ information relating to the press advisor to the Leader of the Opposition Party receives SENSATIONAL media coverage. Left wing biased BBC presenters this morning sounded like Counsel for the Prosecution in Court. Coulson took precedence over Nick Clegg’s concerns of our ill-equipped men in Iraq, death toll etc.

    It’s fair to assume that those with a motive and modern technology could, if the need arose, ‘electronically frame’ anyone of their choosing – hack and plant. media.

    Indeed, Nulabor (reportedly) aimed to monitor all citizens mobile phone calls and e-mails on a database for at least ten years. The ‘ruling party’ has, allegedly, made innocent British citizens the most spied on in the world.

    Mr Coulson, like Damien Green and his family, have my utmost sympathy and support. The ‘ruling party’ has more than proved it’s use of media manipulation to achieve self serving aims – undermining Opposition Parties and their associates.

  254. 254
    Baron Gideon Houseflipping Partisan BabblingBigot says:

    Sorry old bean but London Mayor BoJo and plenty of other Tory MP’s were phonetapped too.

    And Labour opportunism doesn’t make this any less embarrassing or big a story than Tory opportunism made the McPoison story.

    Spirited effort to spin it for the Tories though.
    Coulson might even hire you if he wasn’t packing his bags.

  255. 255
    Charles Hardon says:

    I doubt Cameron would be stupid enough to say Coulson’s job is safe if it wasn’t. Gordon Brown is the sort of person who tells fibs like that.

  256. 256
    Inspector Yates of the Yard says:

    Coulson is Labour’s political target but the real culprits are the Police and the CPS.

    I accept ultimate responsibility for the actions of my colleagues.

  257. 257
    Siberian Tory says:

    This is a limp dick story whipped up by the bunker. I’m suprised Prescott went along with it but then he always was a vindictive arse.

    Comments on Labourlost (7) basically backing the idea it’s whipped up and Nick Robinson’s blog has currently 17 comments the vast majority of which back Coulson and attack the Gov’.

    No doubt the bunker machine will be quick to change that; busy day at the keyboards for the McBride clutch.

  258. 258
    Anonymous says:

    and so did Mp’s. as yet no prosecutions. I do hope your broadband connection is being paid for by us taxpayers? Are you in no 10 now while the great leader kim il braun is saving the other world leaders?

  259. 259
    Agent 99 says:

    Well Mangledbum got the SFO to investigate Rover pretty quick I mean it took 4 years to get round to it so I guess thats really really fast !!
    Or was it something to do with another report being kicked into the long grass to avoid the total embarressment of the Government and the indirecy spending of Tax payers money to shore up a local voting base?

    As Prescott said today “I think we should be told and someone should speak out!!”

    Werrreee waiting……………………..

  260. 260
    Old Rockape says:

    I vote for that Statement.Well said

  261. 261
    A Private Man says:

    Private. For your eyes only

  262. 262
    Basket Case says:

    “The Tory leadership may well be at the heart of this criminal conspiracy to bug political opponents.”

    Another quantum leap here,methinks. Read any conspiracy theory books lately?

  263. 263
    Director of Communicatios says:

    Thank you for your offer, MB, but I’m quite happy staying where I am thank you. Run along now.

  264. 264
    jean says:

    Good to know that his work takes precedence over ‘blogging’ !

  265. 265
    Angry Voter says:

    No they wont. They’ll get away with it.

  266. 266
    Siberian Tory says:

    This story is going nowhere.

    Wait until the News Int’ group swing behind the New of the World. They’ve decided to piss Rupert off; best of British McBride your gonna need it…

  267. 267
    none will be saved! says:

    No but you are dear !!

  268. 268
    Call Me Cynical says:

    With young men dying every day in Afghanistan through want of decent equipment; thousands of people being made redundant; pensions being whittled away; the health service on its knees; flipping crooks in Parliament; a twice disgraced Lord manipulating government; nazis being elected; the IMF knocking on the door….well it’s good to see NuLabor has its priorities sorted.

  269. 269
    jean says:

    Says who, exactly ??? !!!

  270. 270
    Angry Voter says:

    If it is considered that an e-mail deletion policy has contributed to the fact that correspondence cannot be traced the company will be in the shit.

    It doesn’t matter what the company thinks is the ‘right’ policy.

  271. 271
    Wayne Kerr says:

    Please could you dish out some more of your worthy advice today, oh thou great poet, wit, oracle, orator? We hang on thy every word.

    How did Coulson break the law?
    Why did McBride resign?
    Whither to should we depart?

    Please give us the crumbs from your table, oh great one.

  272. 272
    Losing the plot says:

    You’re doing it again!!

    What the fuck are you talking about saving lives at all for???

    This is the News of the Screws we’re talking about here!!

    They’re dirty Hunts poking their noses into people’s private lives to sell dirty stories and dirty pictures. They’re total Hunts who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire!!

    They’re scum of scum fuckin squared, the most evil filth you could ever imagine.

    They wouldn’t save their granny’s life if they could make money from it.

    These are the most evil fuckpigs ever to set foot on God’s sweet earth!!

  273. 273
    Master Baiter says:

    Which MPs are accused of breaking the law?
    Morley’s defence is that he forgot about his mortgage.
    Chayter’s (spell?) defence is that he got confused.
    Both of which if they hold would mean they didn’t break the law.
    Who else is there?

    Andy Coulson and the News International journalists broke the law.
    As Orange Brillo pointed out News Internaitonal would be vulnerable to a multimillion dollar suit if these crimes had taken place in the US.
    The big fish in this pie are the police, crown prosecution service and the judiciary.
    Yum yum

  274. 274
    Call Me Cynical says:

    Why is Prescott concerned about his mobile phone and his fat ass when there are British men and women, including some from his constituency, dying needlessly in Afghanistan?

    If he wants to feign mock indignation I can think of a better subject.

  275. 275
    Scorched Earth says:

    So you actually believe him ??? Of course you do.

    You might want to cover your ears when there is scurrilous talk about Father Christmas and the Toothfairy.

    He resigned to avoid a PCC inquiry that would have sunk him.
    Even Guido admitted that much or did you even bother to read the article ?

    Of course if you had bothered to read things you would know that I called Brown a fuckiing coward who hides behind his minions which is hardly letting him off the hook for his resignation “horseshit”.

    Unlike what you are so eagerly trying to do with Coulson.

  276. 276
    Lobbydog says:

    If Coulson didn’t know about it, he can’t have been such the influential editor everyone says he was. He’s a goner.

  277. 277
    Siberian Tory says:

    Not so sure of that. Obviously I’m partisan but sometime ago I remember Andrew Brillo Neil saying Murdoch risked losing his strangle hold over UK politics because he likes neither Brown nor Cameron.

    Cameron is reported to have said that he knows news int’ doesn’t like them (Tories) much but he’s not that bothered.

    But maybe I’m out of date.

    Murdoch will swing in behind Culson though to defend The News of the World. There playing brave games in the Labour party…

  278. 278
    Call Me Cynical says:

    Would that Labour’s work took precedence over muck raking!

    Thousands of ex MG Rover workers are kept waiting for compensation while Mandleson dreams up another ploy not to pay up. Let them starve eh?

  279. 279
    Basket Case says:

    Since when has ignorance been a legal defence?


  280. 280
    Anonymous says:

    Can you help?
    I’ve been following gordons advice to carry on spending to get my debt down. But my credit card bill just keeps getting bigger. Why is that? Will I have anything to spend in the year 2011-2012. Gordon said it would work?

  281. 281
    Call Me Cynical says:

    Gordon didn’t know about Damian McBride’s activities and I believe him.

  282. 282
    The Baiter's Master says:

    The state can spy on the individual to it’s hearts content and introduce draconian police measures. The moment individuals threaten politicians privacy ,this govt and the apparatus of the state cries foul. Slight case of pot calling kettle black me thinks… Prescott, Boris, Clifford et all are all no goods, if anyone has the goods on our so called masters then publish . Nothing quite like the stink of hypocracy being cleaned out by publicity.

  283. 283
    Siberian Tory says:

    I agree. It’s also covered in White stains as well.

  284. 284
    Master Baiter says:


  285. 285
    Siberian Tory says:


    Don’t like spin doctors myself, but this smells of shit………labour shit.

  286. 286
    Anonymous says:

    Max Clifford was one of those phone tapped.

    I think he might be in the mood for some hardcore Lawyer action.
    Or a wodge of cash or a scoop.

  287. 287
    jean says:

    It’s a compliment to Mr Coulson that he’s been targetted; only those viewed as a risk to the ‘ruling party’ get ‘ear marked’ and passed to the media.

    How much is Campbell’s salary currently costing taxpayers ?

  288. 288
    Call Me Cynical says:

    Agreed. Labour are rank amateurs at slinging the sh­it. Those two clowns Damian and Derek are proof of that. Big mistake to pi­ss of Rupert.

    News of the Screws are going to love this war.

  289. 289
    Anonymous says:

    You do not have to believe that DC is involved to recognise that it requires looking at by the Met.

  290. 290
  291. 291
    The Prime Minister says:

    0% rise in expenditure,Dear Boy

  292. 292
    Call Me Cynical says:


  293. 293
    Angry Voter says:

    They’re all rank amateurs at everything. Self-serving bastards cut from the same cloth.

  294. 294
    Steve Expat says:

    AV, there are some comunications that *have* to be retained, usually because of accounting or le.gal rules – these are usually formal communications.

    The idea is to get rid of everything that you don’t have to keep, to avoid future self-incrimination.

    You’re only in trouble if you can’t produce when asked, something that you were *required* to retain…

  295. 295
    Angry Voter says:

    We’re all fucked.

  296. 296
    Voicemale says:

    If you can’t explain it then I guess it doesn’t exist. So you speak for David Davis? Do you have his authority?

  297. 297
    Anonymous says:

    just like most mps and all politicians you conveniently didnt answer my question about who is paying for your broadband connection. If you lie we will find out just like we did about your mate john and tracy. You can obfuscate as much as you like, Mp’s ahve fiddled their expenses. Criminals deeds ahve been done but because they are mps nothing will be done. Now get back over to liebour.org failing that brown will be home soon and his arse will need licking again, no doubt you’ll be the first in the queue.

  298. 298
    Fubar_Saunders says:

    Kinda helps that your lot fucking bought them off and neutered their senior officers, doesnt it? Not to mention that none of the greasy pole climbing pension chasing dullards who pass for senior officers at the Met are too busy suing each other for discrimination or busy allowing their subordinates to empty pistol magazines into innocent people… funny how no-one at the top in Command posts paid for those fuck ups with their jobs innit?

    You lot have completely politicised the police. They’re not the police any more, they’re as good as being a fucking political militia.

    Why, for example when the Met were called in over cash for honours did there end up being nothing to pin on Tony Blair? Why when the SFO were jumping up and down about BAe and the Saudis, did Blair neuter it? How come there hasnt been any charges against any of the 4 Lords taking cash for amendments? No MP’s arrested yet over the expenses scandal (but hey, when they are, whats the betting they’ll be Anyone But Labour?)

    When you lie down with dogs you get fleas. And there aint no mangier dogs than Campbell, Watson, Charlie Whelan and McSnide. And no-one, but no-one believes that Gordon didnt know what the likes of Balls, Watson, Whelan et al were doing at his behest, flinging mud around. HE LIED TO HOUSE ABOUT IT!

    Now, I aint saying that Coulson is any better than any of them, but I seriously doubt he is any worse.

    What I am saying MB, is that you live in the fucking biggest glass house in the entire district. You really ought to be careful where you throw them stones, boy.

    You think that this is going to buy that eejit in No10 any more time and do damage to Cameron… the electorate know enough already. You Turkeys cant keep on putting off Christmas for ever.

  299. 299
    Old Rockape says:

    Hear Hear.

  300. 300
    Master Baiter says:

    It depends on the offence.
    Often whether or not an offence has been committed turns on the question of intent.
    For example to commit a fraud a suspected person would have to have the intention to commit a fraud.
    That is all.

  301. 301
    Voicemale says:

    Now you speak for Guido? Don’t you have your own opinion or are you some kind of dumb parrot?

  302. 302
    Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

    It seems highly believeable,

    and who cares really if they didnt – Hardly changes the story much.

  303. 303
    Voicemale says:


  304. 304
    Jonty Public says:

    Master Baiter.

    Andy Coulson took responsibility for the actions of the organisation which he managed. He resigned.

    Pity the honourable precedent he set hasn’t been followed by the ministers responsible for the Police and CPS.

  305. 305
    Old Rockape says:

    Put it on Exspences.

  306. 306
    Siberian Tory says:


    The constant demand for “the story” makes journalists the lying, disembelling toe rags they are. In turn politicians respond in kind evasive dodging the question, maniuplating.

    You see the whole sordid system for what it is when some poor ordinary sod wanders in to the cross fire. David Kelly for example.

    Politicians and journalists are reflections of one and other; both are forced by the other in to cyncism of the worst kind and both like to think they control life and death.

    Anyway, so endeth the lesson….

  307. 307
    Anonymous says:

    guido, do you feel you have been infiltrated today?

    i hope all those labour.org trolls are using broadband connections that they have paid for and not the taxpayer?

  308. 308
    Voicemale says:

    Could be another Broon Youtubism.

  309. 309
    Engineer says:

    And Brown is?

  310. 310
    Pedantic Phone Bugger says:

    you didnt answer the question angry voter

    I wonder why not?

  311. 311
    Master Baiter says:

    Why so flustered?

  312. 312
    Fubar_Saunders says:

    Pity then that Toenails is so busy kissing Gordon’s arse that he’s disappeared upto his shoelaces.

    Spineless lackeys. All of ‘em.

  313. 313
    Inspector Yates of the Yard says:

    Are you sure you haven’t been hacked?

  314. 314
    Losing the plot says:

    It’s hard to believe now, but it used to be quite good.

    Individual journalists were allowed to call it as they saw it and the DG saw it as his duty to protect them from govt pressure.

    Everything was more individuated in those days, not the collectivist mentality we have today where everyone has to think the same thing.

    It’s partly a cultural and historical transformation too, of course. Perhaps mainly that.

  315. 315
    Siberian Tory says:

    Psychologically the Labour party has more to lose if he stays; it’ll wake them up to how ineffectual they have become.

    Should Coulson have been appointed. Well, I don’t believe in spin doctors so no he shouldn’t.

    Honesty is always the best policy and I think clarity of purpose wins respect.

    That said presentation is important most people only take in the soundbites but you don’t need a spin doctor for that.

  316. 316
    David Cameron MP says:

    I am very relaxed.

  317. 317
    Control Tower says:

    Flock of pigs , two o’clock, flying at 2,00 feet…

  318. 318
    Basket Case says:

    WTF are you on? If I understood your point I might be able to give a reasoned reply.


  319. 319
    Pedantic Phone Bugger says:

    Read the post you utter prat I am not talikng about the Screws but phone tapping in general.

    FFS Do you want me to draw you a picture or in your case probably a cartoon would be better.

  320. 320
    Master Baiter says:

    Many people have been resigned.
    He took so called responsibility by claiming he did not know.
    In fact he knew, the police knew, the crown prosection knew, the judiciary knew, Rebecca Wade knew, the bald lad from East Enders knew.
    It was and is a crime punishable by imprisonment.
    Gossiping about Nadine Dorries isn’t.
    Cameron has a known criminal as his Director of Communications.
    Hop it.

  321. 321
    Baron Gideon Houseflipping Partisan BabblingBigot says:

    £1,000,000 and counting.

    And if you think Rupert gives money away on a whim or because he thinks he’s legally nothing to fear on this then you don’t know Rupert.

  322. 322
    Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

    The most disturbing thing I found about McBride was the hints that he was engaging in dirty internal party politics, to get rid of political opponents, and silence dissent within the Labour party.

    That is grossly anti-democratic, creepily Stalinist.

    And yet, you have already done it haven’t you?

  323. 323
    Anonymous says:


  324. 324
    Losing the plot says:

    Ask yourself why Cameron is foregrounding the breakup of Ofcom.

    It’s not because he’ll do away with quangos. They’re too useful to govt.

    But Cameron knows that ridding us of quangos would be popular.

    But that’s not what’s going on.

    It’s quite simply that Ofcom is a pain in Rupert’s arse.

    Sad but true. Nothing will change.

  325. 325
    Master Baiter says:

    Keep hanging around.

  326. 326
    Anonymous says:

    Go away and play with the bigots and arselickers in the other threads. This one is for those who are looking at this through untinted lenses.

  327. 327
    David Milliband says:

    Thank you

  328. 328
    Baron Gideon Houseflipping Partisan BabblingBigot says:

    What, you think Cameron is goin to say his job isn’t safe ?

    Don’t pretend it’s only Gordon who backs people until they don’t.
    Ask Julie “is a very effective MP” Kirkbride or some of the other piggies.

  329. 329
    Anonymous says:

    this has upset my day. I had forgotton about John and tracy fucking and this just brings it all back.

    I seem to have lost my appetite.
    Now why would john want to remind us all of it again? It also reminds me when he hit that guy who threw an egg at him. Just a gentle giant is our john.

    Can’t we all move on from all this to more criminal acts like MP’s expenses.
    John you’re doing a good job of drawing attention away from criminal acts of fraud by MP’s , but it’s not gonna work!

  330. 330
    Basket Case says:

    I think you are confusing yourself MB. How many people do you know who have ‘forgotten’ that they have paid off their mortgage..for a considerable period of time..yet still claimed for it?

    Is that simply ignorance or intent..I suspect that the latter is more likely.

    Can you really see the Defence Counsel standing up and saying..” He never intended to make a claim for a non existent mortgage Your Honour ”


    So..either way..there is no defence of ignorance or intent’

  331. 331
    Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

    (220 addition) even if we find the wallet … say in an unlocked briefcase? unlocked house? on a table in your back garden.

    On a different tack – isnt that a bit crap of the phone companies?
    A bit like when 1980’s cars only seemed to have four different keys, so you could open any [popular 80s car] with a small selection of trees.

  332. 332
    Losing the plot says:

    Of course I can explain it. I’m just saying that you wouldn’t understand.

    So far as David Davis is concerned, he resigned as a protest against the authoritarianism that Blair had created.

    The authoritarianism you managed not to notice. The one that’s too obvious.

  333. 333
    Anonymous says:

    gordon is calling for Master Baiter, he needs his arse licked again and gordon said that he wanted master baiter because he has never met any one else who could lik an arse like he can.

    I only put this comment here in the interest of kindness, honesty,impartiality and common decency to my fellow man. Any one want to sponsor me as an MP? Have I made the grade yet?

  334. 334
    Siberian Tory says:

    You’re absolutley right. But there’s an election coming and so we’re all mired in shit.

    Another man dies in Afghanistan isn’t news anymore is it? It’s a statisitic.

    Jesus it’s depressing………

  335. 335
    Master Baiter says:

    Victory in Vietnam

  336. 336
    Fubar_Saunders says:

    I dont give a flying fuck for Cameron’s judgement, HE IS NOT IN NO10, never has been and I dont give a shit if he never is.

    That one eyed Scottish hoon is the current incumbent. And I have very, very, very serious reservations about HIS judgement.

    Honestly, these NL trolls STILL dont get it…

    You REALLY still think that DC is the only electoral threat to you?

  337. 337
    Arthur Daley says:

    Yeah,but he might get a nice little earner out of this one.

  338. 338
    Angry Voter says:

    Yes, Labour are at it eavesdropping, storing, etc., Conservatives would be at it in their position to.

    Does that answer your question?

  339. 339
    Infanta of Castile says:

    Are you one of the Gospel Oak BabblingBigots perchance or the Islington cadet branch?

  340. 340
    Siberian Tory says:

    Your probably right.

    I remember when I heard the above i.e. Rupert dislikes both Gordon and Dave thinking I wonder how long they’ll be indifferent if Rupert dangles his backing in front of their noses.

    Rupert tends to back winners or perhaps I mean winners back Rupert.

  341. 341
    More Tories Please says:

    I see that the Labour dirty tricks methodology is alive and well at Labour Home.

    Camerons friend and Tory Media Director Coulson does some tap dancing
    by Red Rag

    In particular this passage;

    ” I wonder how long it will take before evidence to prove Coulson is also lying will appear… and will his friend Cameron give him the money to silence others? Maybe he can put the pay offs down on his expenses? They say you can tell the character of a man by the friends he keeps, add Coulson to the some of the nutters Cameron has joined with in Europe and you can draw your own conclusions.”

    1) Serious – Implying David Cameron would pay bribes.
    2) Laughable – Making comments about the “company he keeps” when McMental is still in town.

  342. 342
    Mick says:

    Of course the state does it. The state blows people to bits too; and if it’s warranted by Parliament that’s deemed a legitimate defence of the Realm. But they are not the only ones who hold standing Armies, or blow people to bits. And they are not the only ones who spy on citizens.

  343. 343
    Master Baiter says:

    Camerons’ spin bob, Andy Coulson will need a good defence counsel. Rebecca Wade will need one too.

  344. 344
    Siberian Tory says:

    Satan’s shitter lol.

    You’ve cheered me up in a perverse kind of way.

  345. 345
    Losing the plot says:

    Yeah. Get yer crayons out son.

    It’s back to basics for you.

  346. 346
    Anonymous says:

    And the Conservatives wouldn’t be trying to spin this story either would they ?

    Course not. It’s just unfortunate that the Conservative spin machine is headed by ANDY COULSON.

    Partisan torytroll dickhead.

  347. 347
    Anonymous says:

    I cannot see the argument. Paying off employees in return for silence is common practice in many industries – they are known as compromise agreements. And it is surely impossible to be a politician without associating with sleazeballs – whichever party you are in.

  348. 348
    Angry Voter says:

    Fuck the lot of them.

  349. 349
    Anonymous says:

    Is that your sphincter you are talking about?

  350. 350
    Master Baiter says:

    You must lead a very sheltered life.

  351. 351
    Angry Voter says:

    You won’t be with a well deserved spike up your arse.

  352. 352
    Siberian Tory says:

    Right enough.

    The countries economy is FUBAR and we’ve got to watch this band wagon rattle along a road to nowhere.

    Labour is spend spend spending and my party decides to cut costs by forging 17 new quangos out of a bonfire.

    Bend over everyone we’re about to be shafted and Vince Cable is going to explain how.

  353. 353

    […] foes alike: quickly find out exactly what happened, sack him regardless, don’t worry about it unless Coulson is directly implicated, or fight your man’s corner against a politically motivated […]

  354. 354
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    So, NewLiars have decided to target the forth estate and mobilise Knacker hoping to damage Dave & co. Dangerous strategy.

    This has more to do with revenge than justice.

    Murdoch won’t get angry, he will get even.

    Dangerous and doomed strategy from an increasingly desperate group of sinister losers.

  355. 355
    Anonymous says:

    Sitting in Jail=Guilty.

    Yeah, right. Course it is.

    Barry George
    Colin Stagg
    Birmingham 6
    Guildford 4.

    After all, they were all guilty, werent they??

  356. 356
    Not the comfy cushion.....Please says:

    Even the Liberals are calling for Dave to sack Coulson. He’s a gonner then.

  357. 357
    More Tories Please says:

    I concede that politicians who are themselves not sleazeballs (there are some surely) will have to associate with sleazeballs.

    However, here we have a Labour website implying that David Cameron will “pay off” person or persons unknown to protect Coulson from any fallout from his time at the NOTW. The word “defamation” leaps to mind.

  358. 358
    Anonymous says:

    Coulson or Dave (or both)?

  359. 359
    Robert McNamara (Deceased) says:

    I took ultimate responsibility.

  360. 360
    righty right wing (mrs) says:

    The leftist cabal in Great britain – the Grauniad, Al-BBC-eera et al are really showing their vindictiveness now.

    And no doubt the Neo Labour machine is prompting both of these “independent” news outlets on the hour every hour.

    The glee & relish with which Pravda’s minions have delivered this story this morning there was more than a hint of joy in their voices.

    Comparing Coulson to the venal despotic thug Mcbride really shows the desperation of the left.

    Nick Robinson – what have you become? A mere lapdog of an increasingly out of touch & vicious Government.

    You should be sacked.

  361. 361
    Lord Fondlebum of Boy says:

    I’m free.

  362. 362
    Lexander says:

    TOO MANY POSTS AND A LOT SOUNDING HYSTERICAL!! Ponder this: could you ever imagine Thatcher appointing a former editor of the Nudes of the World? Not in a million years.

  363. 363
    Nostradamus says:

    He will only go if McDoom comes to his defence.

  364. 364
    Robert McNamara (Deceased) says:

    I took LSD, the strong stuff, not the namby pamby ‘dance’ low dose stuff.

  365. 365
    Scorched Earth says:

    Coulson ending up before the beaks is no Quantum leap now that Yates of the Yard is having to get involved with the Met sitting on a load of undisclosed evidence.

    And if two hacks are behind bars for just a tiny aspect of the phonetapping then Mr Coulson sitting at the top of the pyramid could well be staring at some hard jail time for thousands of phonetaps by scores of jounalists involving vast numbers of people, MP’s of ALL Parties and some in the Cabinet. IF there is even the slightest evidence of his involvement.

    Then it’s every man for himself and Cameron had best be absolutely certain he was squeaky fuckiing clean in ALL his dealings with Coulson.

    This might be a HUGE scandal, make no mistake.

  366. 366
    Angry Voter says:

    Hear hear. None of the current corrupt bastards deserve re-election. They deserve being put in the stocks outside Parliament and twatting to serve as an example.

  367. 367
    mad fred 2 para retired says:

    So hacking into & listening to John Prescott order new toilet seats from his copious bath full of truffles is “disgusting” yet he was part of the same despotic leftist Government who wanted to listen to & record every email & mobile phone call we made?

    New Labour – the hypocrisy is stunning.

  368. 368
    Extended metaphor says:

    She had her own Willy.

  369. 369
    Anonymous says:

    Forgot, got confused… yeah, those strike me as perfectly good legal defences.

    Fucking hell, what did we do to deserve Hunt-ery of this order??

    Fecking eejit.

  370. 370
    mad fred 2 para retired says:


    Can you name the Labour spinner who called you?

    If not, why not?


  371. 371
    Angry Voter says:

    What? They’re different cheeks of the same arse.

    What a small world you inhabit.

  372. 372
    Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:



  373. 373
    Angry Voter says:

    Hear hear.

  374. 374
    All sizes one price says:

    Go to the G8 summit. I’ve heard the earth’s moved. Probably by 2%.

  375. 375
    Siberian Tory says:

    Good point

  376. 376
    Anonymous says:

    Doubt Boris or the other Tory MPs phonetapped see it in quite the same light.

  377. 377
    mad fred 2 para retired says:

    “””Nick Robinson – what have you become? A mere lapdog of an increasingly out of touch & vicious Government.

    You should be sacked”””


    The man is a disgrace.

  378. 378
    Murdochmurdersjournalism says:

    @anon commnet 130

    Typical Tory partisan politics, quick to point out corruption in others but never your own bunch of mafia toffs.

    Surely Cameron should be sacked for such a failure of judgement, by employing a man who admitted responsibility in this sordid affair. Coulson’s integrity and competence were compromised but that seems to be a good reason to work for the Conservatives.

    The right wing media continues to show it sinister side.

    Wow, this polemical blogging lark is fun.

  379. 379
    Anonymous says:

    The point is Guido heaps scorn on the Lobbyfodder for not naming sources and playing it safe. Or at least he used to.

  380. 380
    Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

    Oh, how little do you know about me, or about the world.
    Straight from school to college to uni, and you’ve only ever worked for an MP.
    I’ve been about a bit.

    I have indeed been sheltered from the internal world of party politics. But thats partly because at the age of 16 It was proved to me that party politics was a land inhabited by self serving, intellectually dishonest idiots, and so since them I’ve never been affiliated to any political party at all.

    However…. lets get this straight. you’ve had about 3 years experience of how this late-new-labour party works, and your senses have been so dulled, that not only are you not shocked by internal labour party stalinism, you support it, and have become part of its mechanisms.

    so in brief, you seem to not be denying any of that.
    “don’t be naive, of course we’re stalinist”

  381. 381
    Anonymous says:

    my god if the torys think its ok for coulson to be kept in his job where in big trouble in the next 4 years if they get in…giggle giggle

  382. 382
    Anonymous says:

    Utter crap, but how is that relevant to what I said?

  383. 383
    Anon says:

    Are you sure you’re up to your fucking job you ponse.

  384. 384
    Friedrich Hayek (Deceased) says:

    I made LSE. The strong stuff, not the namby-pamby Keynesian stuff.

  385. 385
    Ben says:

    This laughable attempt by Guido to play down the Coulson affair – which, let me remind him, includes allegations of ILLEGAL behaviour – fatally undermines his claims to be independent of mainstream politics. Tory HQ doesn’t need to control Guido: his extreme form of conservatism is imprinted in his genetic code.

    Guido should just buck up and take Coulson’s inevitable demise like a man.

  386. 386
    lone bbc tory says:

    you really do not know even the half of it

    if you did then a certain percentage of you would be on the march to broadcasting house to have a proper peoples clearout.

  387. 387
    1381 says:

    Coulson is dead man walking and he should take Dave with him.
    Funny how Dave can issue instant dismissal notices when some old codger claims for a duck house but clings on like labour when it comes to his shadey mates – close up and obviously shadey mates!!!
    How many gullible Tories are crying in their soup because they were completely conned, by Murdoch and much of the rest of the media gang, not least the BBC, into shallow Dave instead of sturdy – no to torture David.
    The Tories should be another ten points ahead in the polls and had David D been leader – poor boy made good – the unmentionables would not have got some Labour votes – the Tories would.
    Oh I know the story of David and the Maastricht ‘whipping’. Well he is less pro Europe than Dave and his dodgy and worthless promises on votes on Lisbon!
    Dave is as pro Europe as its possible to be and yet pretend he isn’t – completely….
    Dave’s judgement in half or more of the shadow cabinet is extremely poor. He should have suspended Osbourne until cleared and now he is apparently ‘sticking’ by Coulson.
    What a twat. I don’t care what school he went to – he is a lightweight prat who will make a passable lib dem PM that is if you are a lib dem. Meanwhile real Tories will be disenfranchised once again. Marginal parties will beckon and Britain will bleed.

  388. 388
    Charles Hardon says:

    Yes, very alone.

  389. 389
    Dennis says:


  390. 390
    Chris says:

    Errrr, because he made it up.

    I’m sure he would have broke the story, on the 8th, and not 9am on the 9th, if it were in fact true.

  391. 391
    Lord Fondlebum of Boy says:

    Ben are you big?

  392. 392
    Ben says:

    You jumped in fast. Are you being paid to help out Guido?

  393. 393
    Master Baiter says:


  394. 394
    Cinna says:

    There was a time when honourable people (government ministers) did accept responsibility for what happened on their watch and resigned when necessary.This seems to have gone out of fashion since 1997, as the current crop of pygmies seem intent on clinging to office no matter what.

    Obviously Coulson was a cut above your average NuLab minister in that respect. However, there may be, we’ll have to wait and see. It’s a bit too soon for Nu Lab to be dancing on his grave.

  395. 395
    Anonymous says:

    Correction: “next 4 years if they get in” should read “next 15 years when they get in”

  396. 396
    justsurfing says:

    What would you rather have:

    Coulson “accepted direct responsibility and resigned” – as distinct from Gordon Brown who “accepted direct responsibility and therefore Mr McBride has resigned!”

  397. 397
    Lord Fondlebum of Boy says:

    Answer the question. Don’t parry it.

  398. 398
    Chris says:


    “Next 15 years if Cameron and George Osborne weren’t running things”.

    Seriously – look at polls. They’ll do well just to get in, in the first place, the way things have gone in the last month

  399. 399
    tweek says:

    Better than for your bunch of hoons

  400. 400
    Anonymous says:

    Correction: “next 4 years if they get in” should read “next 15 years when they get in”

  401. 401
    Anonymous says:

    I’ll believe Coulsons completely fucked when Iain Dale speaks up for him.

  402. 402
    Chris says:

    The fact that Cameron and Osborne will really struggle to get any majority at all – over the most unpopular government in living memory, tells you what sort of political minds we are dealing with.

    The only weakness in Tory tactics are the buffoons that speak to the media every day.

  403. 403
    Socrates says:

    Boris is relaxed. Most of his phone conversations would have gone over the head of the NOTW journos: they were in Ancient Greek.

  404. 404
    Anonymous says:

    Of course McBride only thought about using his underlings to breaking the law by defamation and libel – Coulson on the other hand was in charge of the NoW when his underlings were actually breaking the law. So if McBride was venal and despotic what does that make Coulson, or his current employer for that matter??

  405. 405
    Anonymous says:

    The Tories are still very well placed to beat Labour but any talk of Landslides is rightly dismissed as lunacy after the Expenses scandal.

  406. 406
    Chloë says:

    See you in Norwich North on 23rd July.

    Seriously – look at [the] polls. You’ll do well just to get [fourth] place, the way things have gone in the last [12 years].

  407. 407
    Anonymous says:

    Interesting analysis.

  408. 408
    Anonymous says:

    hear fucking hear. I’d respect him a damn sight more if he was as ruthless as he should be.

  409. 409
    Those Bucking Fastards says:

    All the Labour luvvies on here need to wind their necks in, and stop getting excited over this.

    Coulson took the bullet when he was at the NoW because of something his employee did.

    Compare that to Gordo: no resignation from him over McBride, brought 2 men back into the fold, who have continually lied, decieved and spinned their way out of the sh!t. A poor bystander was hounded to his death because of one of them! So NuLab better stop harping on about how it’s all ILLEGAL. Pot calling kettle!.

  410. 410
    Good day to bury bad news says:

    All on the day that the government prints its last 25 Billion?

  411. 411
    Pip says:

    If I understand this correctly (believe me, that is not a given) the the term “hacking” in this instance involved the following:
    When you buy an answerphone you are told the factory setting to access the answerphone remotely. Often the factory setting is 4 noughts. You then have to choose a pin number to replace the factory setting to allow you and only you, to retrive your messages. If you do not choose a pin, then anyone calling your number and getting your answerphone, can enter the factory setting of 4 noughts and listen to all your messages.
    This seems to me more like stupidity on behalf of the answerphone owner than what I imagine to be “hacking”.
    I realise that mobile phone messages were listened to, but the information I read indicated that the “hacker” simply entered the network factory setting pin, and then listened to the mobile answerphone messages.
    Agreed ?

  412. 412
    notayogurtknitter says:

    who gives a flying frigg about so called celebs and mps having their phones tapped. This is a government who has the biggest spy network on the public in the world; CCTV, ID cards, DNA database, RIP Act, snoops from local councils. Ooh the hypocracy of it all. Well I am well f**ked off with them all. Labour think they are going to score points on this, dont they realise none of us care anymore and can see it for what it is.

  413. 413
    McGroom says:

    All parties conduct these activities, some take it further than others, McBride was probably worse than Coulson. The message that Cameron gave out when employing a moraly compromised ex-News of the Screws hack is that he wanted to fight Campbell and McBride’s fire with fire.

    If Coulson/NoW “smoking gun” evidence does emerge will anyone really be surprised or care less. All front bench politicians are assumed to do whatever it takes to get into a position of power by any means foul or fair.

    At least Cameron is doing something about it by opening up the candidate list to select future MP’s that local people actually want.

    I can’t imagine the Brown/Balls/Mandelson triumvirate embracing such democracy.

    Labour will come to their senses and expel the malignant tumour at their heart. The Tories just hope they do it after the next election rather than before.

    Meanwhile, no one at the helm of a holed SS Westminster heading for the rocks

  414. 414
    Anon says:

    Iain Dale can fuck off. Weak, lacking backbone and an air head.

  415. 415
    MB says:

    What’s the betting that every available investigative reporter at the News of the World, and other Murdoch newspapers, are trying to find evidence of The Grauniad also using similar illegal sources?

  416. 416
    Putin says:

    Your argument is somewhat flawed. If Guido wanted to ‘play down’ this matter,why the hell would he publish anything?

    I agree illegal behaviour should be punished. Why rage against one man when we could get a whole crowd over MPs expenses and the Iraq war. Criminals should be
    brought to justice don’t you agree?

    You present another example of the ‘if you don’t agree with me you must be a Conservative’ argument. Perhaps Guido and you are entitled to different opinions and perhaps politics has no bearing on those different views.

  417. 417
    notayogurtknitter says:

    If only there were proper investigative journalists, cant think of any – thats why we love Guido

  418. 418
    Chloë says:

    Sorry, was using LabourList software and forgot to delete the placeholders.

    Big kisses

  419. 419
    JimDandy says:

    I think a class action against the News of the World would be fantastically witty. Imagine what it would do to Murdoch if he had to fork out substantial sums to tens or hundreds of senior figures in public life! Hit in the pocket and in the ego, when all those partygoers suddenly will no longer turn up because their host has been paying people to spy on them. A fitting coda to a malevolent career.

    Of course if Max Clifford feels like he has enough to retire on and wants to go down in history as the wittiest man alive, he could lead the class action suit and do the PR campaign too. Tho I am not sure he’s going to get it covered in the Sun…

  420. 420
    Anonymous says:

    There are two hacks in jail because of this. They might well have company soon.

  421. 421
    Scorched Earth says:

    The story is moving very rapidly indeed now.

    House of Commons Select Committee talking about investigating possible criminal activity and not just untrue statements with Coulson firmly in the frame to be called up and explain himself.

    David Cameron’s early robust defense of Coulson has suddenly changed to a lukewarm “wait and see what the Police say” distancing.

    Bets are now being taken on how long Coulson has and whether he quits to try and head off any legal action while he is under Cameron.

  422. 422
    Tin Cunliffe-Arsely says:

    A one word (non) answer to all that? you really shouldnt have bothered.

  423. 423
    Media Luvvy says:

    ‘The Murdoch organisation is a powerful one, with tentacles into many areas of public and political life’ – so says Al Grauniad

    But, what about my conspiracy theory –

    1. Murdoch tells Brown he is not supporting Labour at the next election.
    2. Brown has a strop -tells Murdoch to get into line
    3. Murdoch says “no way, digger”
    4. Brown’s media attack dogs give damaging story to Grauniad
    5. Grauniad eagerly publish said non story

    This was big news …………………. in 2002


    “Mr Wheeler.James Hipwell, the former Daily Mirror City Slicker, who now works for celebrity PR guru Max Clifford, said this tactic was now common practice in Fleet Street.”There are many stories every week – mainly showbusiness – that couldn’t have been got by any other means,” he said.”It’s underhand and it’s not encouraged but it is common practice and everyone does it.”

    And this is the Guardian’s top story today ???????

  424. 424
    notayogurtknitter says:

    Its amazing, listening in on Prescotts dribble is considered to be a crime, yet stealing tax payers money isnt? They still dont get it do they.

  425. 425
    NOTW Sleeper says:

    He’s probably got more dirt than mi5

  426. 426
    Alan Philip Bong says:

    I see from Toenail’s blog that he has taken his brief from Labour’s spin doctors and is spreading the message like a good boy.

  427. 427
    BBC Trust says:

    BBC would have a ball!

  428. 428
    Murdochmurdersjournalism says:

    They should all be investigated thoroughly as if they were any member of public in the workplace. Integrity, trust and ethical behaviour should be the minimum offered by anyone in a any job let alone the politicians and the journalists who hold such positions of power.

    Labour, Liberal, Tory – it doesn’t matter, just make sure your own house is in order. This is about morality and basic human conduct and decency, something even a schoolchild would know about.

    The public should not sit back anymore. Boycott News of the World, boycott The Sun, boycott sinister journalists, because they are privilaged members of society lacking in humanity where it is needed most.

  429. 429
    Ted Rohan says:

    I wonder if they will extend the enquiry to McBride’s grilfriend Balshan Izzet who works for Balls and Brown.

    I wonder how many times she has passed her Nokia to Gordon, making a mockery of his “I haven’t” spoken to McBride denial twice at PMQ’s.

  430. 430
    Anonymous says:

    erm, how about slander/libel

  431. 431
    markeman says:

    I’ve been reading all your comments and would like to add my thoughts if I may? Whilst I am concerned about Coulson’s possible knowledge of the phone-tapping, should we not ask ourselves another question. If so many phone calls were being listened to, including the rich and famous and MP’s then surely this would have been brought to the attention of the then Home Secretary? Why didn’t he/she order a wide ranging investigation? Wouldn’t be because at that point in time Murdoch was still backing New Labour? Perhaps I’m becoming too cynical in my views of the present government?

  432. 432
    Anonymous says:

    coz he won’t get any more information if he does.

  433. 433
    Chevy in a levee says:

    Oh crap. I delete ALL my emails as soon as I have read them, or answered and and deleted. Same with my voice mails, with personal pin. My shredder takes care of all the crap coming through the letterbox.
    Guilty as charged, my Lord.
    Only stuff I kept when working in a global company was the final version of agreed and electronically-signed legal contracts. Everything else went into never-never land (along with Bubbles, no doubt). And my hard-drive’s unused space is “swept” by a good deleting program (seven times) each month. Hard to get anything from that. All comes from working in a pre-2000 secure military system.

  434. 434
    Scorched Earth says:

    It IS a crime and whether it’s useless fatfuck Prescott or Boris or any of the other thousands of people phone tapped it has already seen two journalists in Prison just for the Royal tapping.

    Certainly “they”, being the Piggy troughing MP’s, should also see jail time.
    But I think we can afford to be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime for all these immoral corrupt journos and fuckwitted MPs.

    Police statement this afternoon now being awaited with real fear in both Conservative Central Office and Murdoch HQ.

  435. 435
    Anon says:

    Hear hear.

  436. 436
    Anonymous says:

    Is anybody considering why the story is coming out now?

    Rebekah Wade was promoted two weeks ago meaning that editorship of the Sun is vacant. The rumours at Wapping are that Coulson was one of three being seriously considered to edit it.

    This is a smear job, not aimed at Cameron or the Tories, but directly at Coulson, to prevent him getting the Sun. That it has negative implications for both Cameron and the Tories is what meant that the Guardian ran it. Can you imagine any other paper publishing this, apart from the Mirror which nobody reads…

  437. 437
    barefootcontessa says:

    Because there could be c£700.000 in it? That goes a long way when you’re replacing loo seats and fake beams in your tudoresque mansion.

  438. 438
    barefootcontessa says:

    I think the Guardian’s nice little expose has drawn a veil neatly over that scandal.

  439. 439
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah, riiiiiight…

    Ha ha ha.

    Dunno about CallMeCynical.

    Call Me A Hunt, morelike.

  440. 440
    BM says:

    What a horrible, sordid lot all these people are.

  441. 441
    notayogurtknitter says:

    tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime…. laughable

  442. 442
    barefootcontessa says:

    Campbell is tops in the nauseating stakes. This Guardian story is a trap . They’ve been put on Coulson’s case to terrify the tories and smear them. The story may yet turn around and bite newlabour. Let’s hope so, it’ll be a white knuckle ride!
    I wonder who stirred it up?!

  443. 443
    Scorched Earth says:

    Yes, why wasn’t it brought to the attention of either the Home Secretary or any of those thousands who’s phone was being tapped ?

    A very good question the top dogs at the CPS and MET will be feverishly trying to find an explanation for now before they get buried.

    Because the Royals were certainly informed and thus a precedent was set.

    As for Murdochs suport of NuLabour, that pretty much died completely even before the Expenses Scandal as Murdoch saw the writing on the wall for Brown.

  444. 444
    Scorched Earth says:

    That was the intended effect for the phrase.

  445. 445
    Anonymous says:

    Taking on Murdoch. Now he’s got to be spitting blood surely? He’ll have plenty of stories up his sleeve that could bring down this government.

  446. 446
    Ed Balls says:

    So what!

  447. 447
    Carly says:


  448. 448
    Horny handed son of toil says:

    If the stupid celebs do not know how to change a pin number or put their year of birth as a pin number they’re just asking for someone to ring their mobile and pick up their messages. What’s the big deal.

  449. 449
    Carly says:

    Who was Home Secretary at the time? It was JOHN REID

  450. 450
    Scorched Earth says:

    I doubt the Grauniad really give two fucks who edits the Sun and this story took more than a couple of days to get.

    It’s bigger even than Coulson with thousands of people phone tapped and scores of journos involved. The headline was the Murdoch Million payout and that might end up very small beer if all the names of the people get released.

    M’Learned Lawyer friends at Sue, Grabbit and Runne will be rubbing their hands with much glee at the possible windfall coming their way.

    Besides Coulson has a job. Well he does for the moment.

  451. 451
    Phil Mitchell says:

    Leave it aaart , you slaaaaag.

  452. 452
    Anonymous says:

    A smear job eh? Lets review; its well documented by the Grauniad so the facts of the activity are not disputed. It is illegal activity aimed at 3000 high profile individuals which would cost Murdoch £2 billion if they were all bought off at the Gordon Taylor rate. The Met are themselves exposed for (possibly) failing to pursue evidence of a crime. The man in charge of the NOW when the offences occurred is now employed in a position where the knowledge illegally obtained would be of great value to his new employer. Heck; nothing of public interest in all that!

  453. 453
    barefootcontessa says:

    Newlabour play the BBC like an old violin.

  454. 454
    Itsa Shambles says:

    What a Fucking Shambles at the top.

    Most of our MPs and Lords are crooked.

    Most of the press that report this crookedness are crooked

    And the top cops turn a crooked blind eye to most of this crookedness

  455. 455
    Anonymous says:

    Possibly but here is a thought. The Met are now to conduct a full investigation. Obviously this will require both full searches of all News International sites in the UK including taking away all computers for forensic investigation and the extensive interviewing of all News International journalists and managers. News International could be closed down indefinitely in the UK just by ensuring the investigation is thorough. If I was Murdoch I would tread very carefully.

  456. 456
    notayogurtknitter says:

    oh get a life, you honestly dont have any idea what real crime is. Has this phone tapping killed, mugged, robbed, raped anyone. Everyone is entitled to privacy but it does not happen in practice. Us the public have to put up with giving all our details to government bodies that then lose it all in the post or leave it on the train. CCTVs on every street corner, having our conversations taped ‘for training purposes’. This load of codswallop is nothing more then a political get back for McBride & Co and making heaps of money for lawyers. After all the stage has now been set for a Privacy Law which will only protect the rich and political hierachy, preventing Murdoch from spreading any muck he has on them.

  457. 457
    Murdochmurdersjournalism says:

    God, some of you right wingers aren’t even trying to condemn your own party for employing a man who has admitted to being incompetent and of dubious morality.

    It’s important to attack all politicians and journalists if they lack the humanity and decency to do their jobs and serve the public. Yes, journalists are suppose to serve the public.

    It’s laughable that people make excuses or deflect attention when this sinister dark arts ‘journalism’ is allowed to fester in the sordid corridors of The ‘News’ of the World.

    But if the BBC does something wrong we’re all up in arms. Sure we pay a licence fee but I don’t pay my taxes for my government to bend over to satanic ‘news’ corporations with profits above people.

    THis is about people acting as decent human beings and nothing to do with petty party politics. Stop clouding the issue and string them all up.

  458. 458
    Scorched Earth says:

    Amusingly this is beginning to be seen in the Commons as the “Revenge of the MPs” against the press for the Expenses scandal.

    Most Labour MPs and more than a few Tory ones are cracking wide smiles at the thought of any of the esteemed members of the press being pilloried, humiliated, forced to shell out many Millions or even jailed for tapping the phones of MP’s and high profile Celebrities.

    MP’s have not forgotten their Expenses humiliation and they are a vindictive lot on the whole. True, it isn’t the Telegraph, but for many it’ll do nicely.

    The shoe appears to be on the other foot now.
    Expect to see a good many MPs rubbing their hands with glee.

  459. 459
    notayogurtknitter says:

    Expect to see a few people at the ballot box kicking them out soon, wont be laughing for long will they.

  460. 460
    Murdochmurdersjournalism says:

    God, some of you right wingers aren’t even trying to condemn your own party for employing a man who has admitted to being incompetent and of dubious morality.

    It’s important to attack all politicians and journalists if they lack the humanity and decency to do their jobs and serve the public. Yes, journalists are suppose to serve the public.

    It’s laughable that people make excuses or deflect attention when this sinister dark arts ‘journalism’ is allowed to fester in the sordid corridors of The ‘News’ of the World.

    But if the BBC does something wrong we’re all up in arms. Sure we pay a licence fee but I don’t pay my taxes for my government to bend over to satanic ‘news’ corporations with profits above people.

    THis is about people acting as decent human beings and nothing to do with petty party politics. Stop clouding the issue and string them all up.

  461. 461
    thespecialone says:

    He is also clearly not in the same league as twice found out Mandelson, including a fraudulent mortgage claim.

    I bet generally the public’s reaction to this non-story is yawn yawn….who the f*ck is Coulson?

  462. 462
    Scorched Earth says:

    Stop being such a ridiculous hypocrite.
    You wail about MPs Expenses then completely contradict yourself whining that phone tapping hasn’t killed, mugged, robbed, raped anyone. Neither have Expenses fuckwit.

    Your transparent attempts to change the subject are as laughable as pretending I am for any of the anti-privacy authoritarian bullshit NuLabour have brought in along with their pathetic databases.

    This “load of codswallop” involves the illegal phone tapping of thousands people.

    It’s unfortunate you are so blinkered you can only view the world through a tiny Partisan lens but the fact is Tory MPs were tapped including Boris and whining paranoid drivel about McBride is childishly saying saying two wrongs make a right.

    If you knew what the fuck you were talking about you’d know that the Privacy Law has already been backdoored in with the Mosley case but you’d rather try and spin for the Conservatives or pretend Murdoch is some beacon of free speech and not a sleazebag bottomfeeder caught breaking the Law.

  463. 463
    Scorched Earth says:

    Well DUH! that’s what happens at a General Election.
    Some MPs get booted out some stay in.

    Or are you still trying to be a Partisan Twat about this and wrongly presume I want these Labour Fuckwits to stay in power ?

    Soon would be next May/June BTW in case you need reminding.

  464. 464
    R.McGeddon says:

    and the financial institutions are frequently run by spivs and wide boys….Are there no ‘professions’ beyond reproach ??

  465. 465
    Master Baiter says:

    Andy Coulson’s phone hacked by FT


  466. 466
    Andy Coulson says:

    It would be inappropriate to comment at this stage.

  467. 467
    Anonymous says:

    drivel, not “dribble.”

  468. 468
    Steve Expat says:

    Rather good satire, more like the Eye than the FT…

  469. 469
    oldrightie says:

    I hope someone hacks Jimmy Snot’s phone after he gets slaughtered in the GE!

  470. 470
    Scorched Earth says:

    The oldest one perhaps ?
    It’s probably got the best rep of them all these days amusingly.

  471. 471
    Scorched Earth says:

    Stop being such a ridiculous hypocrite.
    You wail about MPs Expenses then completely contradict yourself whining that phone tapping hasn’t killed, mugged, robbed, raped anyone.
    Neither have Expenses fuckwit.

    Your transparent attempts to change the subject are as laughable as pretending I am for any of the anti-privacy authoritarian bullshit NuLabour have brought in along with their pathetic databases.

    This “load of codswallop” involves the illegal phone tapping of thousands people.

    It’s unfortunate you are so blinkered you can only view the world through a tiny Partisan lens but the fact is Tory MPs were tapped including Boris and whining paranoid drivel about McBride being behind this is childishly saying saying two wrongs make a right.

    If you knew what the fuuck you were talking about you’d know that the Privacy Law has already been backdoored in with the Mosley case but you’d rather try and spin for the Conservatives or pretend Murdoch is some beacon of free speech and not a sleazebag bottomfeeder caught breaking the Law

  472. 472
    wolvreen says:

    Maguire on Iain Dale,
    Im guessing but you can hear his whine
    Andrew Niel is his best mate after letting him dress up as Dracula on his Daily Politics show.


    You’re deluding yourself if you think Coulson can survive this.

    You’ll be lucky if Cameron survives it!!

    Then again, always an opportunity for my fave Tory, David Davis to get a look in again.

    Andrew Neil is describing this as one of the biggest criminal scandals EVER in journalism, and he knows his stuff.

    There’s just no possibility Coulson didn’t know what was going on, and the PPC are now known to have done a whitewash job.

    There are many big names who’ve been shafted by this.

    New privacy law at the very least!!

    Funny the way that mischievous libertarian scamp, Guido, is steering well clear of this. Now where does he get all his leaks.


  473. 473
    Steve Expat says:


    Over 200 comments now on Robinson’s blog about this story – not many of them complimentary to him, and more than a few namechecks for this site ;-)


  474. 474
    Freddie Freeloader says:

    Quite a funny take on the NoW tapping by The Chum Bucket today.


  475. 475
    Alan Philip Bong says:

    I suspect the state of his Nokia after the election will be such that he won’t be able to pick up or delete his messages. Turning it off at a press conference seems beyond him so he may not have worked out how to change the PIN either!

  476. 476
    Ex Officer Romurai: IT Consultant too the desperate says:

    Yeah Spin Doctors are being cast asside for cyber guerillas, too harass, expose and threaten. Allthough the Labour party aint choosing very good ones. I wonder if it’s a job they post on the LBP Fed website? ”

    Do you fancy part time Earnings when off duty?
    Do you want to work from Home?
    Do you want to harass the public from your own Laptop?
    And get PAID!!!!!!”

    The police and Ex coppers are the last you want, even if they do dress themselves up as consultants.

  477. 477
    Charles_E_Hardwidge says:

    You can’t beat an honest prostitute! The oldest profession and one that guarantees satisfaction to its customers.

  478. 478
    Charles_E_Hardwidge says:

    “‘Serious questions’ to answer over News of the World phone tap claims, says Gordon Brown” here:


    That’s rich, coming from the dog breath who used to employ McBride, made Lord Fondlebum the most titled plenipotentiary on earth and who lies day in day out about everything, including “Labour Investment versus Tory cuts”.

    Come on Mc Doom – resign and give us an election!

  479. 479
    Anonymous says:

    i dont think so but then neither is gordon. c u n t, not long now you’ll all be killed off soon in may, bye

  480. 480
    Gordon Brown says:

    Over my dead body.

  481. 481
    A concerned private citizen says:

    It was me.

    I love my country and am worried at the direction it is taking.

    Dave Cameron is no improvement on the current lot and I’m concerned for my children’s future.

  482. 482
    A concerned private citizen says:

    The sad complacency of it

  483. 483
    Knacker of the Yard says:

    I think we’ll just take the “appalling vista”, “big messy can of worms”, “leave well alone”, approach to this one.

    I’m fucked if I’m getting involved with these Hoons again.

  484. 484
    Anonymous says:

    The first thing to do is to wipe the HD’s of all computers and I don’t mean using MS software. Make sure you remove all the Microsoft hidden files as well and clean the registry. Evidence gone, but use someone who Knows how to do it.

  485. 485
    Ex Deputy Commissioner Bob says:

    Well said John Look where it got me !!

  486. 486
    UK Fred says:

    Pensions have not been whittled away. They have been raped, ravished and pillaged by Gordon “Give me ALL the money” Brown

  487. 487
    UK Fred says:

    Spelling had obviously gone by 2009, for certain Naval (or should that be Navel) Officers.

  488. 488
    Interesting_Times says:

    Just reported. No further action by the police will be taken.

  489. 489
    Fagged@Eton says:

    Remember, Boris Johnson is a Shit!

    “Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, claimed £16.50 for a Remembrance Sunday wreath on his expenses during his time as an MP.”


  490. 490
    whistleblower says:

    Yates knobbled by ACPO

    Nothing to see here, move along

  491. 491
    One of the Kinnocks says:

    Dead meat by all acounts – headhunters sounding out replacement as I write. How about you Gudo, boyo?

  492. 492
    Anonymous says:

    Cams to resign. Sauce to call election. Labour for the win.

  493. 493
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t dis the Sauce

  494. 494

    […] ages before he started working for David Cameron as the Conservatives Director of Communications. Guido and Tory Bear point out the differences very […]

  495. 495
    barefootcontessa says:

    Despite my cynical remarks re that illiterate oaf prescott, you are bang on the mark Mmj

  496. 496
    barefootcontessa says:

    Honesty plus politics is an impossibility. Curiously though one can generally tell when someone is telling you the truth, so it might suit the politician’s purpose if they were to tell the truth once in a while. The truth might be hard to accept, but we can admire and trust somebody who ALWAYS, come what may, tells the truth. Journalists are also, often, strangers to the truth.

  497. 497
    barefootcontessa says:

    While we’re all slaving away earning a living in order to pay the taxes that help to pay for their holidays!

  498. 498
    barefootcontessa says:

    Don’t forget, he has mental problems. He said so!

  499. 499
    barefootcontessa says:

    Oh how I hate that man!

  500. 500
    barefootcontessa says:

    Newlabour would tap anyone’s ‘phone if they wanted to. They BELIEVE in surveillance, but they don’t ‘ like it up ‘em’ , do they?

  501. 501
    Anonymous says:

    First, they are not going to conduct a full investigation. Second, Murdoch’s presses aren’t going to stop. There’s plenty of dirt on the nulabour crew totally unrelated to this story – particularly if rumours about Brown’s predilections are true – and push Murdoch so far and he will surely bite. This could be fun!

  502. 502

    […] “Coulson, Coulson, Coulson” An excited Labour spin-doctor called Guido yesterday evening and said “we’re going to do to Coulson what […] […]

  503. 503
    aswinsterstale says:

    Another considered article from Benedict Brogan.
    I cannot see aspects from the street with this Coulson affair. The public have a mind at the moment that illegal revelations are showing the way and without them they are being stitched.
    That no-one seems to want to pin anything on Mandleson when there must be a shedload just indicated the public are still going to have to rely of the “illegals” and the blogs to find out the real stories.
    As for Yates, Yates is Persil, his comments are a golden 5 star rating for Coulson

  504. 504
    celt says:

    As an immigrant to your wonderful historic country can anyone tell me why the labour party gets repeated chances to destroy your economy,institutions and general happiness.The teachers at my childrens school are enthralled by the labour party and despite a rule forbidding it have no qualms spreading propaganda for leftist statism.The trade unions would sooner bust a business than listen to reason,reading about all the industrial disputes back through the years the victims were always the employees left behind as employers collapsed or left for countries where engaging in business is not viewed as a perversion of the human mind.To put it simply leftists see the populace as their coalface to be mined at will,family breakdown?opportunities for social workers
    crime?opportunities for probation officers voilent crime? oppportunities for anger management personnell Get the picture whatever it is the Government will employ some one to FUCK it up.Follow the trade unions and the labour partys route through Britain and anywhere they held power like the seaports and industrial cities became economic deserts and never recovered,how very progressive celt

  505. 505
    celt says:

    Would that be the same BBC that is about to move at vast cost(to the licensepayer) to its spiritual home in Manchester to ensure no doubt that all future employees are drawn from good communist stock,believe me in ten years you will beg for people like Mr Ross such will be the banal,dumbed down Gramsci-esque output

  506. 506
    celt says:

    Wise up, the UK govt is one of the biggest culprits in the world and has been for many years you should assume all communications are monitered with the exception of the Royal Mail.But theyre on to that and will have it neutered shortly.

  507. 507
    celt says:

    Ithink the lawsuit is probably Labours strategists end game and probably has been from the start,anything they cannot control directly or indirectly has of late been bankrupted, bust,subsidisedf,nationialised or politically policed with social policy to bring them into the fellow traveller mind group.Think of any walk of life they are there,
    I imagine that with an election coming up Labour have it on good authority that Rupert doesnt fancy being associated with a TOTALLY FAILED PROJECT and so now they will intimate to the other napoleans at the BBC that they will insist on launching against all independant broadcasters to return the popular mandate once again to the comrades ,ie monopoly,
    I note hardly any takeovers have been blocked since this government came to power,corporate socialism as it were.look at that program “t aprentice” supposedly it is designed to showcase business talent competing to demonstrate their entrepeneurial talent ,the prize is to go and work for a wanker!!!!!!!!!!!!

  508. 508
    celt says:

    It is a credit to lone BBC tory that he can hold the line in an NGO like that without despairing it is assumed that everyone is on message and are comitted to the progressive cause simply by finding the job vacancy in the Guardian.Why does the fabled EU have nothing to say on this atypical state aid to a publication that would collapse tomorrow without its political wing.

  509. 509

    […] He was one of the bloggers that pretended not to have anything to do with Andy Coulson and was quick here and here to spin dubious claims that Coulson was not implicated in the NotW crimes, before the even […]

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