July 3rd, 2009

Brown Curse Knocks Murray Out

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As predicted by so many co-conspirators and other commentators, once Brown wished him good luck, Andy Murray was doomed. The curse strikes again…


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    Hugh Jardon says:

    another scotch failure…..

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      It's Only a Game says:

      Tough luck for the Scots – they’ll have to wait a bit longer for their Wimbledon champion. Still, the consolation is they do have the man in the top job in the UK.

      • 71
        Tiger Murray says:

        Good luck Tiger Murray, miaw! LOL.

        The English have had more than enough of Scots for 12 years, we’d never hear the end of it if he’d won, he’d be made British then.

        The Gordon Brownstain curse strikes again.

        • 91
          Dippy ness says:

          Didn’t know Mandy was Scottish?

        • 95
          Anonymous says:

          If the tennis doesn’t work out then Andy McMurray can always get a job on the Snotgobbler’s farmy-farm

        • 108
          Jethro says:

          90 Yes: it’s really McAnderson -they ran an unsuccessful chip-shop in Aberdeen (local headlines when they went bust ‘Mc.Anderson Flounders’) but, quixotically moved South, to Brick Lane, where, in order to fit in, they made the name less Gentile-sounding, and became McAndleson. Then along came Mosley’s Blackshirts, so the name was slightly altered to Morrison: the rest is History!

        • 124
          Johnah The Twat says:

          Old MacDonald was a one-eyed Hunt !


          And with his one-eye he taxed us to death


        • 160
          Duncan Disorderly says:

          Aye so when thah cheppie floundered they found another plaice. Aye!

        • 211
          barefootcontessa says:

          I’m amazed, I thought Mandleson was originally a Jewish name. Morrison was his uncle’s name wasn’t it? Where did you get that information from Jethro?Trying to write this and listen to a reasonably interesting Any ?s. No politicians on board, that’s why.

        • 217
          Brown Smears says:

          The Faecal Touch

        • 270
          Mr Ned says:

          “As predicted by so many co-conspirators and other commentators, once Brown wished him good luck, Andy Murray was doomed. The curse strikes again…”

          I think the phrase I used in my post yesterday was “Andy Murray is FUCKED!”

        • 287

          I firmly believe that Brown is premeditatedly wicked: he __knows__ that he carries this curse, and he __uses__ it against ordinary British people. Like Murray.

          Brown did not give a stuff if Murray was Scotch or not. He just wanted him to fail for being British, and Brown chose his moment carefully. The semi-final, where we always come unstuck: just when everybody was excited that the poor little bugger might get through.

        • 309
          Sir William Waad says:

          A bad day for surly Scotchmen.

        • 311
          Jethro says:

          212 Contessa! I’a av’a to confessa’: I madea it all upa! (What a mistakea-to-makea!).

        • 340
          barefootcontessa says:

          Ever been ‘ad?! Well I was! It dawned on me after I stopped listening to Any?s. I’ll just have to find out for myself now, won’t I? Ooh you are a one!

        • 555
          Henry Crun says:

          Old Macdonald was dyslexic

        • 571
          Breaking news says:

          NEWS JUST IN : Old MacDonald who has run a Farm for generations has just announced he has gone into liquidation. It is understood that all his sheep sheep here and moo moo’s there have all been struck by lightning in a freak accident. The Met Office state that a massive storm which started in America blew up over night and brought ruin to Mr MacDonald.
          The met office also report that there is a 0% chance of sunshine all over the country today which is obviously a good thing.

      • 187
        Greychatter. says:

        Andy knocked out in the semis – he will have to wait until next year for another crack at Wimbledon.

        With luck we won’t have to wait as long to knock Gordon out at the next election – hopefully He will never get another crack at PM.

      • 279
        Biffo says:

        I’m in two minds on this one. It would have been good to have a Brit still in the Tournament. However, as Murray always makes a big point about how he’s a Scot, not a Brit then …….. Also, he’s such a miserable grumpy git – I’m sure he must be Gordon’s unnatural love child.

    • 21
      Anonymous says:

      I think you will find that it is “Scots” and not Scotch which is whisky. Another English failure.

      • 47
        Sir William Waad says:

        No it’s ‘Scotch’ in our language. Why do think Scotch whisky is so called?

        • 161
          JethroMcJethroApJethroo'dguighroch says:

          Agreed, Sir W.: can anyone imagine a Cornishman getting all eggy because people refused to call him ‘Kernewek’? – an Irishman complaining that he was Erse, not Irish? If their most successful export (apart from their Politicians) may be called ‘Scotch’, why seek to deny the use of this Adjective to anything else? Besides, there is Scotch Shortbread, and, in Music, ‘the Scotch Snap’: the fact that they can’t stand any of those south of Hadrian’s Wall, doesn’t mean all those south of Hadrian’s Wall should be terribly nice to them. Anyway, didn’t C.S. Lewis, in the Preface to his History of English Literature…’ put paid to this canard once and for all (along the lines of ‘we don’t call the frogs ‘Francais’, or the Krauts ‘Deutsch’… and we know they call us ‘perfide Albion’ and ‘Ze British’…).
          I almost began to get all passionate and aroused there!

        • 509
          13eastie says:

          Scotch is absolutely the right word to use.

          Gordon Brown has sctoched all of our (including the Murray Brothers’) hopes for the future.

          Doubt the Cyclops Jinx at your peril.

        • 566
          Anonymous says:

          Imbecile Englander.

        • 640
          Anonymous says:

          Da Jocks iz da Scotch, innit?

        • 679
          Broon Whars Yer Troosers says:

          Not forgetting his Scotched earth policy

      • 77
        subrosa says:

        I no longer feel insulted when the English call me Scotch, I actually smile at their ignorance.

        The laddie played ok, but the better man won. Shame really, would have been good to see Andy in the final. I won’t be watching Sunday.

        • 99
          Hamish MacFederer says:

          Andy is in the final.

        • 107
          Michael Owen says:

          i think the scotch are fantastic.

        • 115
          Anonymous says:

          Another English failure….Another one.

          What is it they say the “English are a nation of shoplifters”? Begone you workshy lazy fuckers. The fattest nation in Europe.

        • 120
          talamunji says:

          A very wise comment – from Sir Alexs’ stand-point !

        • 136
          Doctor Mick says:

          Did it not occur to you that the English call you “scotch” because we know fine well it winds you up? After the years of nasty anti-English invective you should be grateful that it is so limited.

          What precisley is your problem that you can only find a national identity by hatred of your neighbours?

        • 148
          William Braveheart Wallet says:

          You’re closest. Saves on travel costs

        • 172
          Anon says:

          He was a petulant Hunt on court. Deserved to lose.

        • 231
          Doctor Mick says:

          Aye a bad sport. Still, he’ll be laughing all the way to his tax haven right now.

        • 357
          Finnpog says:


          I see your ‘shoplifters’ and raise you a nation of dentist dodgers.

        • 495
          alex taylor says:

          l thought scotch was named after an egg?

      • 106
        W.W. says:

        Scots have an unhealthy approach to sunbathing and the highest risk of contracting skin cancer in the UK, researchers have warned.

        The study by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society found some had even used baby lotion and even chip fat to get a tan.

        Call the Scots or Scotch, but you will recognise one, if it is scowling, has ginger hair, drinking some meths, whinging, eating a deep fried mars bar, or using chip fat as sun tan lotion.

        They certainly are a classy bunch.


        • 285
          Dixie Dean says:

          Seem to quote RPSGB often. Am I right in hoping you voted no?
          Re the scotch why don’t they fack off back home? Whenever I see a saltire on a car where possible I try to tell them one full tank will get them home. If so proud of their miserable depressing alcoholic nation(hahaha)why live here?

        • 565
          Jan says:

          If it’s so great in Scotchland why are there so many Scotchlanders living ON the streets of London? Why don’t the dossers all go home?

        • 700
          Anonymous says:

          “Call the Scots or Scotch, but you will recognise one, if it is scowling, has ginger hair, drinking some meths, whinging, eating a deep fried mars bar, or using chip fat as sun tan lotion…….”

          You missed out “If it is having sex with a close relative”.

      • 203
        Greychatter. says:

        I see they are closing ‘Johnny Walker’ distillery after about 200 years in Kilmarnock.

        Probably moving the jobs out of a safe Labour seat into a marginal one ready for the election.

      • 219
        haddock says:

        Burns used the word scotch, it was in general use certainly in the 1930s. It is a recently acquired addition to the chips on the shoulder.

        • 237
          Duncan Disorderly says:

          Aye we’re a well balanced pudding race. with cheps

        • 433
          Abolish the Licence Fee says:

          ‘The English’
          (Flanders & Swan)

          The rottenest bits of these islands of ours
          We’ve left in the hands of three unfriendly powers
          Examine the Irishman, Welshman or Scot
          You’ll find he’s a stinker as likely as not

          The English the English the English are best
          I wouldn’t give tuppence for all of the rest

          The Scotsman is mean as we’re all well aware
          He’s boney and blotchy and covered with hair
          He eats salty porridge, he works all the day
          And hasn’t got bishops to show him the way

          The English the English the English are best
          I wouldn’t give tuppence for all of the rest

          The Irishman now our contempt is beneath
          He sleeps in his boots and he lies through his teeth
          He blows up policemen or so I have heard
          And blames it on Cromwell and William the Third

          The English are moral the English are good
          And clever and modest and misunderstood

          The Welshman’s dishonest, he cheats when he can
          He’s little and dark more like monkey than man
          He works underground with a lamp on his hat
          And sings far too loud, far too often and flat

          The English the English the English are best
          I wouldn’t give tuppence for all of the rest

          And crossing the channel one cannot say much
          For the French or the Spanish, the Danish or Dutch
          The Germans are German, the Russians are red
          And the Greeks and Italians eat garlic in bed

          The English are noble, the English are nice
          And worth any other at double the price

          And all the world over each nation’s the same
          They’ve simply no notion of playing the game
          They argue with umpires, they cheer when they’ve won
          And they practice before hand which spoils all the fun

          The English the English the English are best
          I wouldn’t give tuppence for all of the rest

          It’s not that they’re wicked or naturally bad
          It’s just that they’re foreign that makes them so mad
          The English are all that a nation should be
          And the pride of the English are Chipper and me

          The English the English the English are best
          I wouldn’t give tuppence for all of the rest

        • 526
          Great Granddad says:

          Scotch is the word. The preference of the Scotch for “Scots”, is an affectation that has arisen well within the span of my lifetime. “Scotch” was the word used by many of our finest writers, included amongst them the best of the Scottish writers, Burns, Walter Scot and the unmatched Boswell.

          I recall, during the second world war hearing an army band marching by. My little brother came running into the house, shouting to my mother, “Mum there are soldiers marching outside, and the’re wearing skirts and blowing whistles!”

          “Don’t worry son” my mother said, “They are Scotch”.

        • 536
          Richard Timney says:

          The English are moral the English are good
          And clever and modest and misunderstood

          Just like the best Home secretary ever was completely misunderstood and lied about her second home by scurrilous knaves in the media.

          Remember folks you cost us our Best Homes Secretary eer who Gordon Brown will struggle to replace!

      • 512

        We use “scotch” because it annoys you.

        Now fuck off.

        • 534
          Four-eyed English Genius says:

          We use Scotch because it is the proper English adjective meaning appertaining to Scotland!

      • 627
        Anonymous says:

        Does that suggest true phrase should read “You may kiss my Erse?” :-(

    • 36
      Anonymous says:

      Yes Scotch is a drink u prick !

      • 51
        Scotch Egg says:

        You prick a drink. How strange. Try spiking it.

      • 52
        Doctor Mick says:

        No that’s whisky, mac.

      • 53
        • 72
          Blake's7 says:

          Brilliant result. What a Wanker. Can we please move on, Forget British we are now 4 little Principalities, A certain king has just done the moon walk on his own grave. Thank you Labour for fucking up what was once Britain for all.

        • 336
          Sweaty shock says:

          Why do rugby players wear a scotch-strap then?

        • 454
          summer_breeze says:

          lol there’s a civil war brewing, I can feel it in my bones :D

      • 105
        Dippy ness says:

        Just say Scottish, then no one can complain…

        • 179
          JethroMcJethroApJethroo'dguighroch says:

          Oh, but they will: as soon as we’re all oblinkingly saying ‘Scottish’, they’ll start tearing the pants off us for not saying ‘Scots’ (pron. ‘Scoooooots’); then they’ll start delving in their Gaelic (no longer pron. ‘Gay-lick’; now pron. ‘Gallic’) Dictionaries (the Anglo-Saxon name was ‘word-hoard’) and come up with a yet more esoteric and uncouth (a.s.=un+cuth: ‘unknown) term. Why don’t we just all agree to call them ‘the scats’?
          Nothing wrong with that, is there?

    • 86

      Don’t be so immature Guido. Gordon is doing an excellent job. He recently said, regarding Building Britain’s Future: “In this plan for Building Britain’s Future we are determined to take forward the progressive reforms of the last decade. Our task after three terms in office is not merely to defend Britain’s achievements over the last decade but to work even harder so as to meet new challenges with the same sense of conviction.”

      Keep up the good work Gordon, and don’t let these halfwits stop you from doing the best you can. They’d watch the world burn if it meant that their pathetic tribe could seize power.

      • 109
        Doctor Mick says:

        I think Gordon’s on his 19th nervous breakdoooooooowwwwwwn.

      • 113
        Dippy ness says:

        You’ve clearly been forgetting to take your medication sir. Suggest you start again immediately.

      • 117
        Charles' Hardwidget says:

        Come home, CH. It’s time for bed, and you must take your medication now.

      • 188
        dirtyden says:

        Hypocritical supporter of sexists, Hardwidget, trolls again.

        Brown’s only 100% record is as a curse for anyone or anything he ever talks about, praises, visits or interferes with.

        Truly frightening. (One has to be genuinely concerned for those infants he was scaring this morning).

        Add to that his lies and dishonesty

        And You have a the perfect menace. He’s a magnet for chaos and disorder. He is our worst nightmare. You are merely a servant of darkness. Begone!

      • 281
        My dear friend Prudence says:

        Yes, the Good Ship Gordon is sailing the right course through these troubled times, dealing with the storms of the global recession, which started in America.

        The money he put aside through the economic boom will see us sail steadily through these rough seas. No need to borrow trillions. No need to borrow billions to pay the interest on existing debt. Labour membership up. Labour’s finances up. Labour’s popularity at an all time high. NHS dentists for all. Pension funds intact and unraided. No mixed-sex wards. Tractor production up. Investment up by 0 percent. Edukayshun standards up. Violent crime lowest in the world. British jobs for British workers.

      • 329
        Jethro says:

        Interesting: “He recently said…”.
        I ‘recently said’ a number of things: that does not mean they have come to pass!
        He might, indeed, be “determined to take forward the progressive reforms of the last decade”, but has his past performance given us grounds for believing that this ‘determination’ will issue in effective action?

      • 422
        Boris Carloffe says:

        Talking about Brown building Britains future and his rehashed statement of building affordable housing, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had an earhquake or a hurican to destroy thousands of homes.

        He is the ‘Son of the Manse’, remember.

        Maybe there is a God afterall showing his displeasure at our lying PM, trying to make out he’s godly and honest.

    • 220
      freddie flintoff says:

      keep the hoon away from the ashes lads

    • 264
      Anonymous says:

      Debate this and more at Disputatio.co.uk

      Everyone has an opinion. Share it.

      • 266
        freddie flintoff says:

        shoot em up the arse most people will pay a fiver to see it

      • 342
        Joey Barton (my job's on eBay) says:

        Can I have a free transfer to Man United too? Or can I open for England next week? I know how to twat ‘em proper like. That Owen’s way overrated.

    • 272
      MI5 says:

      And to add insult to injury

      Murray was wearing RBS ads on his shoulders…

      So the English taxpayer is subsidising the loser as well…

      Another of Fred the Shreds megalomaniac ideas do doubt..

      Before RBS went bust…


    • 428
      WokinghamChris says:

      Yeah, the whole of Scotchland must be really disappointed.

      Never mind, eh?

      • 614
        Scottie Dawg says:

        Yes we are all very sad.
        On the other hand the Scots, Irish and Welsh all have natoinal identities and are proud of them.
        Its very sad that the little Englander has lost his way and cannot identify what is English anymore.
        The fact that England has become the biggest basketcase in Europe only adds to the little Englanders loss of being.
        What is the answer to little Englanders woes?
        Blame everyone else.
        Its all the Scots fault. Nothing to do with the little Englander being unable to provide an adequate representative in parliament so they have to ship in a Scot to do thier bidding.
        England is now a mongrel race. Deal with it.

        • 634
          thick as thieves says:

          we may currently, due to bad government, be the basketcase of europe but we are still strong enough to carry the dead weight of europe and of scotland and wales.
          the irish are alright though.
          they are an intelligent, pragmatic and peace seeking people.
          God’s people, like the English.
          maybe we just fuck the scrounging europeans, taffies and scotch off and we might get somewhere.

        • 673
          TERRY FUCKWITT says:

          Another alcoholic rant from north of the wall !

    • 431
      Sir Francis Walsingham says:

      Ha, ha! The reverse Midas touch strikes again! Everything he touches turns to shit! Where’s mark oaten and his freezer bag! Gordon Gold

    • 443
      English Viking says:

      Along with ‘The Bruce’, Wallace, Salmond, Celtic (or are they Irish?) et al, ad nauseum.

      • 447
        English Viking says:

        This thread has got so long, I refer the Honourable Readers to comment #1.

        P.S. Did I mention Brown, Dewar, Galloway, Falconer, Reid etc, etc.

    • 568
      Curly says:

      Ha, he didn’t get to “Team Bernie” though!

      • 621
        labour for the few says:

        salmond with a blank cheque from england wants to leave the uk and join the euro and be run from brussels.

        eg he is anti english.

        there are lots of scots that are not these loons.

        you could not make it up.politics of the mad house.

    • 669
      dazed and confused and fed up says:

      Wish the Brown curse could be harnessed for good purposes

    • 672
      TERRY FUCKWITT says:


    • 681
      suigmypiel says:

      Didn’t mcDoom say Gazza’s goal against Scotland was the ebst ever…. and look what happened to Gazza – locked up in the loony bin. Murry is fucked!

  2. 2
    He's the Bestest Jonah in the world says:

    As A Jonah, Gordon is the tops.

    • 12
      Hamish Macbeth says:

      This is second time around for Murray and Jonah….

      FFS will he never learn!!

      This is an embarrassment for Brown….none of the Labour MPs will want him near them or their constituency come the next election.

      • 23
        Anonymous says:

        Third time lucky then.

        This time next year it will be PM Dave and no one will want to listen to Gordon’s curses.

    • 224
      freddie flintoff says:

      stick a spinlinted bat up his arse

      • 258
        thick as thieves says:

        even though I know what a propagandist he is, I always thought freddie were alright.
        a big man with a great big heart.
        but I have changed my mind and now I think freddie is just a tory hq computer programme.
        up your game freddie or fuck off.

        • 261
          freddie flintoff says:

          thick fella i aint a tory or labour or lib dem , i just say what i think

        • 282
          thick as thieves says:

          you’ve been caught out freddie.
          note to tory hq: please send troll ambulance to pick up freddie; thick as thieves has caved his skull in and the c’unt is pissing claret.

        • 298
          freddie flintoff says:

          thick lad you want a bouncer at 90 mph lad , now get in the nets and take it like a man

        • 385
          Doctor Mick says:

          Give him a bit of “bodyline” fred. Tickle his tin ribs for him

        • 401
          thick as thieves says:

          it’s time for your next session of ECT doctor mick.
          and don’t struggle like last time.
          you can’t win.

        • 584
          Doctor Mick says:

          Ooo..er missus. ECT’s that date rate drug isn’t it?

        • 623
          thick as thieves says:

          you are confused doctor dildo but that is understandable as you have only just begin your treatment.
          ECT is nurse ratchett’s favourite nullifier.
          electric shocks to the brain.
          it is the only way to wipe out the violent, racist and anti social thoughts that rage through your zionist warmongering brain.
          and we will have to perservere with the programme until you are no longer a danger to the British public.

    • 299
      Go Labour! (and don't come back) says:

      Can he not wish president Monkey-features of Iran all the best, and a long, successful presidency?

  3. 3
    Popeye says:

    Why should Andy Murray be exempt from the curse of the son of the manse. He’s ruined the country, so a fellow Scot should be nae bother.

    • 46
      Auchterturra Dominie says:

      Deliberate policy by “The Babroon’.
      If Murray won it would given Scots a feel good moment and please Alec Salmond and all the Nationalists.
      Babroon the Arch Unionist would rather cut off his right hand than see Salmond smile!!!!!!!
      In common with all of Scottish Labour Brown is a total tosser with an inverted Midas touch.
      Every single thing they come in contact with turns titsup almost immediately.
      It’s the curse of the “C U Jimmy Subspecies”

      • 134
        talamunji says:

        Make the best of Salmond before he blows up – getting fatter by the day;
        maybe eating too many curries.

      • 141
        barefootcontessa says:

        Andy Murray isn’t that good. Tennis has become, like many other sports, very, and rather strangely predictable. The hype is so boring!

  4. 4
    Y Frontz says:

    It was bound to happen. Brown ruins everything he touches. He is like a reverse Midas. All turns into dross under his hand. Whatis going to happen when he shuffles off and becomes head of the IMF?

  5. 5
    Let's be Pedantic at a Time Like This says:

    Shouldn’t that be ‘Scottish’, unless your m alt is a bit off?

    • 10
      S. Pitt-Hoon says:

      Is Andy Murray’s sister called Ruby ?

      • 154
        talamunji says:

        Ruby Murray: That’s Alec Salmond’s preferred dish – ALLEGEDLY, and as you
        will see from his profile – plenty of it.

        • 169
          Lambpooner says:

          No wonder he has so few followers.

        • 189
          Jethro says:

          167 Yes: be unwise to be downwind of him, wouldn’t it.

        • 213
          Alan says:

          Up here in Scotland those who can see through Salmond (just goes to show how crap Gordon is that some can’t!) call the loathsome beastie Mr Toad. Salmond is a fat creep of the first order with his his unholy alliance ranging from bigotted ‘braveheart’ headbangers through to Islamic fascists ending with befuddled and confused lefties. Horrible.

      • 277
        Timothy Hubert Shit-Packer says:

        So, Allan, the nasty Mr Salmond has fucked NuLab right out of it.
        Get used tae it ya loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 297
        Irish Prod says:

        Ruby Murray, from Belfast, held the record of most singles in the top 20 (5), for the last 50 years, until this week, when the UK’s menatlists gave Jackson 6.


  6. 6
    grobdj says:

    Oh dear,how sad,never mind

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Everything he touchs turns to shit

    • 111
      Trough Mixture says:

      That’s what he keeps eating then. I thought it was snot.

      Such is the level of his Jonah skills that they won’t even allow him to defecate from the correct orifice.

    • 278
      Rt Hor.Timothy Hubert Shit-Packer says:

      They use the red flag to wipe it up allegedly.

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Everything he touches turns to dust

  9. 9
    So17 says:

    Thank fuck he wasn’t English.

    • 50
      Call me Infidel says:

      Though had he been English and lost I suspect they would be dancing in the streets north of the border.

      • 121
        Fererro Rocher says:

        How did the Englishman get on today?

        Isn’t England’s national motto “We’re a nation of fucking bottlers and we couldn’t even perform”?

        • 145
          Duncan Disorderly says:

          Awae with ye, you small boy.

        • 197
          Jethro says:

          Yes, just remind me: apart from slaying the virtually unarmed Ethiopians, how well did the Ities do, last time round?

        • 304
          Dixie Dean says:

          No you tit,it’s your nation who empties the bottle and can’t perform, hence the rapidly falling population. Even legitamite asylum seekers in fear of their lives(both of them) won’t go to your shithole of a Huntree.
          Hey just got my first Hoon from Guido when previewing, am made up
          love Dixie

        • 305
          Scotchland: not exactly a dominant global power, is it? says:

          Oh, no, that’s wrong. Just ask the Scotch; we stole all their oil from under their noses and all they could do was sit there and look grumpy.

        • 333
          Jocko Jackson says:

          “Their” oil?
          It’s under the North Sea.
          It was piped ashore in Scotland.

        • 515
          Duncan Disorderly says:

          Did you notice how suddenly the Shetlands (who are more viking than celt) suddenly became part of Scotchland when the oil was discovered?

        • 549
          barefootcontessa says:

          I was under the impression that the Shetland Islands wanted to become independent of Scotland?

    • 253
      freddie flintoff says:

      oi the ashes start next week lad

    • 291
      Rt Hor.Timothy Hubert Shit-Packer says:

      Latest score

      Ragheads0 Lt.Colonels-1

  10. 14
    Game, set and fu*k up to Gordonu says:

    Yes Murray isn’t English. Just as well ready.

    Still thank you Gordon Brown for continuing to fu*k up everything you wish luck.

    • 234
      Jethro says:

      ‘Sir, I have a cunning plan: we get Mc.Turnip on the stage at Brighton, and, just before he goes on for his big speech, we snatch away his papers, and hand him another sheaf, urging him on with ‘Peter has just come up with these KILLER amendments!’
      ‘Yes, but what does this sheaf of papers say, Baldrick, for heaven’s sake?
      ‘Well, Sir, here’s the really cunning bit: the top sheet has a few words written in VERY BIG WRITING, but the other sheets? As blank as the blankest blanket your blankety-blank Mum ever went through for bugs and stains and so on.’
      ‘But the top-sheet, Baldrick, the top-sheet?’
      ‘Well, Sir,(giggle), the top-sheet just says, ‘Labour: I wish you well!’ pto.’
      ‘Pto, Baldrick? Permission to Orate? Please Terminate Operative? Pass to Others?’
      ‘You were very close there, Sir: Please Turn Over.’
      ‘Good Grief, Baldrick, no-one’s said that to me since I was at School – and I’m damned if I’m going to accommodate your perverted…’
      ‘No Sir, you misunderstand, Sir: it means turn over the page…’
      ‘I see, Baldrick, so our great leader, our hero, our Superman, having wished his followers well, turns the page…’
      ‘Here’s the really clever bit, Sir: on the back of the top page it just says, ‘You’re on your own now!’

  11. 15
    Michael says:

    I had a feeling this would happen after seeing the one eyed twat wish him luck yesterday… ah well at least he’ll be out of No 10 by the time the next Wimbledon comes around…

    • 162
      barefootcontessa says:

      The sad thing for the gorgon is that he won’t be able to get a photo shoot of hand shakes and congratulations with a Wimbledon winner, a super tennis star from the auld country.

    • 577
      bandersnatch says:

      Don’t worry about Murray… in the long run he’s sure to make a Mint.

  12. 17
    Game, set and fu*k up to Gordon says:

    I suppose Gordon Brown will be spinning it as a 0% win for Murray!

  13. 18
    hoof-hearted says:

    Could Gordon send his best wishes to the Aussies for the cricket, the Germans for the World Cup next year, and North Korea for their contributions to world peace.

    • 363
      swerve shoes says:

      Too late ya pansy pom the Brown wanker of dead kangeroos has sent best wishes to the pom poofters already!!!!!!!

  14. 19
    Smorg says:

    Let’s hope Brown doesn’t wish the nation a speedy recovery in the forthcoming Swineflu outbreak. We would definitely all be DOOMED.

  15. 20
    Anonymous says:

    Oh dear he’s out!

    What we all need is the luck of the Irish!

    Why does an Irish man need to wear 2 condoms?

    To Be sure, To be sure

    I’m leaving now!

  16. 22
    Gordon Brown says:

    I do wish the conservative candidate in the forthcoming Norwich by-election the very best of luck,as indeed the Independent candidate,Craig Murray.
    Thank you and good night

  17. 24

    Song for Gordon

  18. 25
    Anon says:

    Deserved to lose. I was a supporter before this match. His bad behaviour on court was disgraceful.

    I doubt his mother was embarrassed as she looks rough as fuck too.

    Fucking Scots wankers.

    • 35
      Anonymous says:

      Murray was pulled up for an audible obscenity by the referee which the commentators “didn’t hear”. The obscenity sounded like Hunt to me.

      • 39
        Anon says:

        I replayed it a few times and thought the same, a rather loud Hunt at that.

        Dirty bastard.

        • 89
          Game, set and fu*k up to Gordonu says:

          The match umpire was French. What do you expect? In frog it was probably something rude.

      • 175
        barefootcontessa says:

        Frogs never speak bad language. They have a very small vocabulary. It goes rrrrivet, rrrrivet, rrrrivet.

    • 129
      Anonymous says:

      Never mind there are loads of English Tennis Players who can win it next year, isnt there ?????

    • 313
      freddie flintoff says:

      so you wont watch the ashes lad ?

  19. 26
    Sir Dando Tweakshafte says:

    It was, in actual fact, a zero percent victory.

  20. 28

    I see the Williams brothers are doing well again this year.

    • 33
      Catosays says:

      I can’t believe that anyone can be quite as ugly as those two. They really do take the prize!!

    • 496
      Porridge Oates says:

      If Murray had worn his skirt he could have made the Ladies final.

      • 583
        bandersnatch says:

        Whereas Federer is extremely fanciable… Also he is charming, seemingly intelligent, and you feel he has what dear ol’ Dennis Healey (the self-styled best PM we never had) called ‘hinterland’. Federer doesn’t need to self-psych so obviously and publicly by snarling like a bad-tempered tiger. Also he doesn’t have his mummy with him, so he might be up for a bit of normal high jinx.

    • 633
      Sir Barrington Minge says:

      So who’s going to be watching the monkey’s tea-party this afternoon?

      Oooo..ooo.ooo whack 15 – 0
      ooo ooo ooo thud 30 – 0
      oooo ooo ooo Blat 40 – 0
      oooo oooo Biff – Game to the monkey on the left!!!

  21. 30
    broon the hoon says:

    a 0% win for scotland more like it

  22. 31
    notayogurtknitter says:

    Im laughing so much my knickers will never dry!
    Have you seen the black eye Tony Blair’s sporting.
    Smashing! what a day

    • 78
      Pegasus says:

      Thought you didn’t wear any?
      Got a link for the black eye?

    • 307
      Under a flower pot at the bottom of the garden until the GE says:

      Would love to have been there to give to the lying murdering fucker.

  23. 32
    A Silent Emission of Bowel Gas says:

    Deep in our hearts we knew he’d lose.

    We’ve had the experience. And it tells.

  24. 34
    Anon says:

    Has McFuckWit wished Militwat all the best in his latest playground scrap with the rag heads?

  25. 37
    Longshanks says:

    What astounds me is the number of deluded English who support this racist scotch cu nt. Believe you me if it was an English man you wouldn’t find one scotch supporter for him.

    Whilst on a climbing hol in Chamonix in 1990 we witnessed the depth of the anti English racism as groups of all nations watched the world cup in a sports bar. England first played Cameroon whom the jocks supported to spite the English, then the bastards supported the Germans. It nearly caused mass violence in Chamonix between the scotch and the English. It both shocked me and opened my eyes.

    Well done Roddick

    • 45
      Golden Days says:

      I was trying to imagine an English finalist if Wimbledon had somehow been a Scottish event. I doubt if there would have been such vociferous support as Murray got. However, he still is not the favourite that Henman was, perhaps because Henman came across as a decent bloke and not a sulky, po-faced teenager. Notice how Henman Hill has retained its name.

    • 64
      Call me Infidel says:

      I had the same experience some years back in Edinburgh when England were in the European Cup (and the jocks not surprisingly were not) up to that point if the situation had been reversed I would have been supporting the jocks. However the anti English sentiment was quite shocking. Suffice to say I was pleased when England stuffed them at Murrayfield later that year in the Six Nations. Can’t get worked up about Murray, he is a stereotypical dour jock. What’s to like?

    • 102
      Fluffy Thoughts says:

      Nice to see you back mate. Left Lardy-@rse Boulton’s place yet…?

      What’s happening with matey-boy’s JezzaExile place? Anyhows, good to see your still on form! :D

    • 126
      Doctor Mick says:

      To be fair, not all Porridge Gobblers are like that – it’s a sizeable gobby, pissed (of course) minority that seem to think they speak for all of them.

      • 170
        Longshanks says:

        I’m afraid you’re mistaken, since that time in Cham’ I have become increasingly aware of the condition, particularly as I had business interests in Scotland. The racism, yes racism is deeply embedded unfortunately and is a defining motif of the Scottish psyche. At the mention of the word English a reflex scowl emanates from every scotch mug -externally in a non sassanach environment, and outwardly with a few choice adjectives otherwise. In scotchland everything but everything has a soltire on it. This is symptomatic of a deep desire to disassociate with anything that might have an English connotation – they even call egg and bacon a scottish breakfast. Sad, very sad.

      • 262
        thick as thieves says:

        and what nationality are your doctor dildo?

        • 402
          Doctor Mick says:

          Never you mind your pretty head about that tat

        • 406
          handlesbums (lady) says:

          its a pity “Smug Bellend” isnt a nationality, Tat, otherwise you could become naturalised

        • 625
          thick as thieves says:

          so you are not an Englishman.
          so stop sticking your nose in Englishmens’ business then you trouble making zionist c’unt.

        • 626
          thick as thieves says:

          do you know what it states is my occupation in my British Passport?
          it says -
          TOP BOY!
          yours says -
          now fuck off you fucking retard.
          well done.

    • 276
      MI5 says:

      I quite agree

      Does anyone now NOT want the Scots to take their independence…???

      (And RBS AND HBOS net with them!)

      • 300
        thick as thieves says:

        so you want to break great britain up into its constituent parts?
        but surely we are all stronger as a block, as a league of nations?

        • 310
          British Lions says:

          As far as the EU are concerned we’re regions,not nations

        • 338
          thick as thieves says:

          the British Parliament is Supreme.
          therefore the european constitution is null and void.
          try to avoid red herrings.
          they stink the place out.

        • 353
          646 Nanobots says:

          The “British Parliament” just rubber stamps EU directives.

        • 409
          thick as thieves says:

          but that does not mean its members are correct and constitutional in doing so.
          it it the corrupt thief MPs who are passing the directives and it was a scottish MP who signed the european constitution.
          constitutionally speaking gordon brown is nothing more than a tenant.
          he had no right or authority to sign away the Supremacy of the British Parliament to a foreign power.
          the Supremacy of the British Parliament is an inherent aspect of our constitution and is by definition non negotiable.
          as far as the British Constitution is concerned the lisbon treaty is not only null and void but never had any legal status or authority in the first place.
          hope that clears things up.

        • 427
          Goodbye Britian,nice to have known you says:

          Her Maj is the actual signatory.

        • 446
          thick as thieves says:

          the same constitutional restraints apply to Her Maj.

        • 457
          Goodbye Britain,nice to have known you says:

          She does’nt seem to think so,or is She just going along with the charade until Bonnie Prince Charlie inherits the throne and declares the EU a “Monsterous carbuncle on the face of a much loved lady”?

        • 629
          thick as thieves says:

          when this issue is resolved scum traitors like you will be strung up.
          just for fun.
          now fuck off dog.

    • 316
      Under a flower pot at the bottom of the garden until the GE says:

      Don’t forget that only white english men can be racists.

    • 437
      WokinghamChris says:

      Yeah, like I said, the whole of Scotchland must be terribly disappointed.

  26. 38

    It was a powerful serve which started in America.

  27. 42
    nell says:

    Murray’s lost. Too bad, so sad , but then he was another foreigner – not an Englishman- so it doesn’t really matter.

    Federer and Roddick will be a good match to watch.

    • 48
      notayogurtknitter says:

      . . or Mandelson versus Prescott

      • 59
        nell says:

        Prescott struggles with croquet – I don’t think he could manage a tennis racket! In any case he wouldn’t be able to think fast enough.!!

        • 68
          Angry Voter says:

          The only use that fat bastard would have for a tennis racquet is when he breaks the toilet seat.

        • 133
          Escape to victory says:

          He can only manage a tennis racquet to sieve the croutons from his oxtail soup

        • 222
          Duncan Disorderly says:

          Tae sieve thae carrotts oot for Bulimic Soop

    • 183
      talamunji says:

      Nell ! You make your way back to your igloo and stick to selling your oranges.

      • 233
        nell says:

        you have the wrong association – am not eskimo nell.

        my nell comes from norfolk -where there is a gentler pace of life

        • 244
          Doctor Mick says:

          and no igloos and precious little skiing eh nell?

        • 269
          thick as thieves says:

          er, sorry about doctor micks nonsensical outburst nell, but doctor mick has recently begun his compulsory ETC treatment.
          one of the treatments side effects is that the patient talks incessant gibberish.
          not much of a change for doctor dildo then, innit?
          I am sad to report that it would appear as if his current treatment is not working.
          we will have to increase the voltage.

        • 314
          nell says:

          Absolutely Dr Mick ! – sailing, swimming, surfing in scarborough.

          Eating, drinking in the sunshine when the east coast let’s us!!

          These are the joys of life!!!!

          gordon does not understand the value and the simple pleasures of family life – same is true of balls-mandelson-watson etc etc

          Middle England is going to defeat them at the next GE.

        • 321
          nell says:


          I’ve been modded !!!!!

          Need to call on my anger management classes – must not throw nokia phone!!!!!

          No idea what I did – but hope he’ll let me go soon……………

        • 339
          thick as thieves says:

          I never get modded.

        • 341
          before,during and after the watershed says:

          Nell,you sound so gentle!
          Christ knows what you say before you’re censored, but it must be too much for our delicate natures.

        • 384
          nell says:

          I know you don’t get modded ‘thick as thieves’ he simply pulls your comments!!

          He’ll let me go eventually – I haven’t said anything that will offend here!!!!

        • 412
          thick as thieves says:

          dream on cripple.

  28. 43
    nell says:

    Murray’s lost. Too bad, so sad , but then he was another foreigner – not an Englishman- so it doesn’t really matter.

  29. 49
    shrinking sack of shite says:

    On the bright side no one in England will have to suffer a good Scottish gloating if he had won. It would have gone on and on and on Unlike Gordo Broon. Although the fiscal legacy may take a wee bit longer to fade away.

    • 90
      Cream Puff says:

      Gloating, surely the English invented that!
      Were repeatedly reminded infinitum that Englandshire what won the World Cup in 1966

      • 110
        Totally Impartial says:

        I think you’ll find it was the Hammers +8 others!

      • 138
        Anonymous says:

        BUT YOU NEVER HAVE. Scotland is a nice place but it’s full of scots and france is nice too but too many french, so arroagnt those french just like te scots

      • 218
        Anonymous says:

        We also won at Colloden against the haggis munchers

        • 326
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          Actually , Culloden was won by Scots lowlanders who had enough of the Sheepshagging, Coo-beastie stealing, woman -reiving deep-fried Mars Bar eating Highlander Gypos. A few battalions of King Georges’ German Legion gave them a bit of backbone and stopped the Lowlanders from running away.

        • 361
          Dr Feelgood says:

          And a lot of Jacobites were English. It was partly a Whig v. Tory bust-up (the Tories supporting Bonnie Prince Charlie), rather than just an English v. Scots dispute as typically represented today.

          Not holding my breath for Mel Gibson to make an impartial and accurate film about it…

    • 94
      Get over it you English twats says:

      1966, 1966, 1966. etc etc etc

      • 128
        shrinking sack of shite says:

        Would you like a cracker?

        • 181
          Duncan Disorderly says:

          Gi’ ham some electric soup. he’ll be happy. Cable
          that he is

      • 319
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Better than a 0% World Cup Victory. Anyway, how can we expect a good England team with so many Scots Hoons as PL managers? Proof positive that PL Chairmen are shite.

      • 537
        Four-eyed English Genius says:

        Never mind 1966; 2003, 2003, 2003!

  30. 54
    A Silent Emission of Bowel Gas says:

    Winning isn’t everything.

    But losing isn’t anything.

    • 498
      Michael Jacksie says:

      My normal service will return next year if I can get out of this box.
      I love-40 you all.

  31. 55
    Sir William Waad says:

    Tennis is actually quite boring, don’t you think, as a spectator sport? Whack, thump, plunk, forty-fifteen, repeat 696 times? Is that perhaps why nobody watches it the other 50 weeks of the year?

  32. 57
    The Beast Of Clerkenwell says:

    Any person that Wacko Jocko wishes all the best to is automaticaly doomed.
    I’ve read that he has already planned his own state funeral
    It will be like Dianas only with more Queens
    Sir Elton has a priory engagement

  33. 58
    Anonymous says:

    Apologies if this has already appeared. Another knockout?


    Think it was a flying mobile?

    • 69
      notayogurtknitter says:

      or that flying witch Cherie trifle blair

    • 74
      nell says:


      Wish it was me who threw it.

      • 143
        Grex. says:

        You get a chance to lob something at Blair’s head and don’t knock it off his shoulders? Complete fucking failure if you ask me.

        • 248
          nell says:

          I never was any good at shooting duck things at the Fair.

          Now rolling pennies at those arcades at the seaside – I got that down to a fine art!!

          No doubt gordon’s going to legislate against old fashioned seaside holidays next!!

      • 206
        Granma Wuffles says:

        Ah, Nell, you beat me to it. Wouldn’t mind hiring a crane and dropping an old style red phonebox on his head and see how he slithers out of that?

        • 238
          nell says:

          Oh yes!!! Granma wonderful idea – be even better if brown was there too!!!!

    • 140
      Nelson Mandela says:

      has that Hunt got AIDS?

    • 369
      PT Barnham's shit shoveller says:

      Has T Blair always had a chipped front tooth? Or is that a new facial feature to go with the black eye? (Given that pics of that person make me too angry to breathe, I can’t do a search.)

  34. 60
    The Master says:

    Just been to pick up the winnings from the bookies with the bet having been placed once The Gorgon “sent his wishes”. Happy days.
    Ed Balls is a liar.

  35. 62
    So17 says:

    I was always a misfit as a kid but I remember all the lads who were good at tennis didn’t like me. Funny enough neither did circus clowns.
    Fuck em all.

  36. 66
    Aon says:

    Any chance of putting these under one tag for easy finding?

  37. 67
    Anonymous says:

    Also appears that Gordon has gone on another new media foray:



  38. 69
    nell says:

    British Embassy officials in Italy are preparing to give gordon advice on ‘ how to survive an earthquake’ in preparation for the G8 Summit in L’Aquila next week.

    Maybe they should give him the advice and then make sure they are well away from the Summit before he arrives!!!

    • 83
      hoof-hearted says:

      Better get the sniffer dogs on the plane out there – just in case there are any survivors.

    • 665
      Hammer of the Scots says:

      A train blew up in an Italian station, a coincidence, I doubt it.

  39. 73
    Alfonso Riberio says:

    Good the jumped up over hyped little shit can go fack off with his sour faced mom back up the border.

    Anything that makes the scots gurn is which usually doesn’t take much anyway the sour faced twats is always a good un too.

    Stick that up your tartan skirts and do a bonnie wee jig macs.

    p.s. hurry up and vote for independance as well no one wants to subsidize you lazy fackers anymore.

    • 85
      shrinking sack of shite says:

      Lets hope plate techtonics and fate are good bed fellows on this one. Heres hoping for a localised 8 on the Reicter scale.

      • 118
        shrinking sack of shite says:

        opps! that should be for nell @69, doah.

      • 252
        nell says:

        Thank you !! –

        I wonder how the italians voters feel about their even more elderly discredited pm who spends most of him time believing that the 18 year old’s, frolicking on his island estate, fancy him.

        Broon deluded – m*ch*el j*ckson of italy deluded – who are the other 6 who make up the G8.

        Is there any hope, anytime in the near future, for sensible government??!!!!

    • 184
      Duncan Disorderly says:

      Like any succesful Sweatie the fust thang he does is get tha hell oot ae Jockland.

  40. 80

    He should have told him to fail and everyone hates him…..that way a win would have been assured.

  41. 81

    Now here’s the thing – would Gordy have said “the whole country is behind them” if it had been England playing Pakistan at cricket?

    Jus’ askin’.

    • 134

      come on Guido, put down the Pimm’s and take a look at the comment please…!

    • 257
      nell says:

      The Scots don’t play cricket – it’s too intelligent for them – besides it’s too associated with the english – gordon would hate it!!!!

      • 267
        South of the Masonic Dixon Line says:

        To be fair, in a rare moment of wit,Tommy Docherty once described cricket as “Organised Loafing”

        • 286
          Engineer says:

          He’s right. Surely that’s the point of Test cricket – Test Match Special, a comfortable chair on the terrace, an adequate supply of Pimm’s and chocolate cake – aahh! summer perfection.

          Freddie Flintoff might have a slightly different view, I concede….

  42. 82
    Dirty Rat says:

    What the fuck are Jocks doing playing tennis anyway. They will be having a go at Morris dancing next.

    • 151
      Alien Mothership says:

      … Or Elephant Polo [World Champs]

      PS I have it on good authority – David Icke – that George O is being shafted so KC can take over to advance the Bilderberger cause.

      Or so one of the Royal reptiles was overheard to say. Nudge Nudge….

    • 192
      talamunji says:

      Among you cissies – no thanks.

    • 209
      Morris says:

      Morris dancing is a man’s game. We’ll have no Northern jessies in nice frocks taking part.

    • 666
      Hammer of the Scots says:

      Or working…. imagine that.

  43. 84
    Game, set and fu*k up to Gordonu says:

    Guido, please in all honesty, tell us that in fact you prepared this “Brown Curse Knocks Murray Out” blog story as soon as you heard news that Brown had wished him luck!

    Easy story. Set to Guido.

  44. 88

    Don’t be so immature Guido. Gordon is doing an excellent job. He recently said, regarding Building Britain’s Future: “In this plan for Building Britain’s Future we are determined to take forward the progressive reforms of the last decade. Our task after three terms in office is not merely to defend Britain’s achievements over the last decade but to work even harder so as to meet new challenges with the same sense of conviction.”

    Keep up the good work Gordon, and don’t let these halfwits stop you from doing the best you can. They’d watch the world burn if it meant that their pathetic tribe could seize power.

    • 93

      Well said Charles. Labour is the party of honesty and fairness that is doing an excellent job of Building Britain’s Future.

      • 130
        Anonymous says:

        all the kids will be dead at the rate labour are building it. Had 12 years already and went backwards straight into the open doors of the IMF, AGAIN!

      • 265
        nell says:

        That’s why those of us with disabled children are buying private medical care then!!!!

        All Phil Hope does, when we complain to him that we aren’t receiving the services that our very sick children need, is to quote tractor stats and talk empty phrases from their useless policy document which they called ‘every child matters ‘. What a laugh ( hollow laugh- complete failure)

        All words – no actions!!!!

      • 475
        Trough Mixture says:

        Have Kool-Aid launched in UK now? This cu-nt’s had a case of it.

    • 97
      hoof-hearted says:

      Conviction? I agree. They all deserve 10 years.

    • 114
      Fluffy Thoughts says:

      Tim, feck-ouff!

  45. 92
    So17 says:

    On the subject of sport, Michael Owen has moved to Man Utd on a ‘Pay as you play’ Contract, Wot with him being as fragile as a china teapot.
    Maybe for all British sportsmen we could have ‘Flay as you play’ contracts.
    Whip the useless bastards till they fucking win something.

    • 98
      notayogurtknitter says:

      Bet Owen isnt taking any calls from Number 10

    • 112
      Gordon Brown says:

      I am from the Uday Hussein school of motitvation
      Beat them on the soles of their feet then feed them through a paper sheredder.
      It may be harsh, but £100k a week its fair if the Hoons dont perform.

    • 315
      Anonymous says:

      Media Favourite. Period.
      Always the national team’s saviour who delivered little if anything at all.
      Now he can sit on a bench and win a meddle or two ** Key Applause **
      Average player and cannot understand the hype that surrounded the likes of him, Shearer etc throughout their undistinguished careers.
      All spin I guess.

      • 414
        Nearly Headless Nick says:

        Association football is a pointless, stupid, game, played by grossly overpaid, uneducated, thickos, with no skills other than kicking a ball around a field.
        It has been seized upon the the chattering classes to show their solidarity with the cloth capped workers, whom they fondly imagine respect them because of that.
        Anyway – how can a football “fan” show loyalty and support to his “local” team when there are no players from his town in the club; it’s owned by a foreign millionaire and most of the players are black, foreign or both?

        • 519
          Observer says:

          The supporters aren’t actually happy with it the way it is these days. That’s why you have rabid anti-s*mitism at Man Utd and Chelsea (to name but two) and racially-motivated chanting against African players. Too much money has ruined the game. And it wasn’t all that to begin with.

        • 551
          barefootcontessa says:

          \it’s a male tribal thing. Any women who attend football matches are mere hangers on.

        • 622
          nell says:

          Why would any woman want to go to football matches?

          It’s a mindless game.

        • 685
          barefootcontessa says:

          And Nell, like mps expenses, it’s corrupt!

  46. 100
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am naked apart from my socks but dont let that put you off.
    I am your supreme leader.
    Thank you for voting in the right man for the job
    (OK you didnt) just as the French did with Napolean and the Germans did with Hitler.
    I know that you all hate me and think me to be a complete Hoon,
    however I know best so fuck off.

    • 415
      Nearly Headless Nick says:

      I’ve just thrown up at the thought of the Cyclops naked. YUK!

    • 499
      Ginger Beer says:

      Nice pair of Nokias. But why are they broken on the floor next to the photocopier?

  47. 101

    As soon as he lost I thought of you Guido. I knew this post was coming!

  48. 104
    Harry Basset says:

    Broon always claims he speaks for the whole country, he doesn’t speak for me and has never asked my opinion on anything.

    • 159
      Alien Mothership says:

      Can he speak? All I hear are tractor stats from a guy addicted to numbers.

      But have a look at his eyes when he blinks! Defo reptilian.

  49. 116
    Doctor Mick says:

    Actually it’s good news for Murray – he can collect his cheque and fuck off to woteva tax haven he lives in before he falls foul of the 90 day rule and has to pay the 50% Envy Tax recently introduced by NuLiebore.

  50. 122

    [...] you're all wrong about Murray. It was the curse of Jonah Brown that 'dun im' … Brown Curse Knocks Murray Out – Guy Fawkes' blog [...]

  51. 123
    A poof says:

    At least this is a bash the Scots thread rather than a bash the poofs thread!

    Fuck off Murray, your behaviour on court was very unsporting. Bashing the net, thrashing the court with your racquet and shouting Hunt at the top of your voice.


    p.s. I won’t be attending Gay Pride as I think they are all fucking exhibitionists. As far as they are concerned they are there for the sex and drugs. Very disappointing.

    • 142
      nonnynoo says:

      “As far as they are concerned they are there for the sex and drugs.”

      I always wondered what the attraction was.

      • 158
        Alfonso Riberio says:

        The butch lesbians put me off going.

        • 164
          A poof says:

          They put me off too!

        • 193
          Escape to victory says:

          The Lord giveth and the butch lesbians do not receive.

        • 214
          dick and fanny says:

          “The butch lesbians put me off going.”

          The butch lesbians put me off coming.

        • 228
          A poof says:

          Come off it dick and fanny, get a couple of ladies playing ping pong with each other and that smirk will be knocked off your face pronto you goddam son-of-a-bitch hypocrite.

        • 243
          dick and fanny says:

          Not if they’re wearing slippers and smoking a pipe they won’t.

        • 263
          A poof says:

          You are obviously visiting the wrong establishments.

        • 292
          Engineer says:

          Did you know that there’s a special coffin for lesbians? No screws, just tongue and groove.

        • 306
          thick as thieves says:

          I stand in solidarity with the lesbians.
          careful what you say gentlement for I intend to defend their honour.
          which is more than they ever did!
          but seriously, I am pro lesbian and anyone who is anti lesbain will get their skull caved in by me and will then be analised by a butch lesbian, in a grumpy mood, wearing a particularly large strap-on.
          I hope I make myself clear.

        • 312
          Engineer says:

          Who’s aunty Les Bain?

        • 349
          thick as thieves says:

          sounds like you are up for being analised by a butch lesbian.
          and so now would be a good time to discuss the fee.
          how much are you currently paying to force woman to have sex with you?whatever it is it’s not enough.

        • 356
          Engineer says:

          Not everyone lives life the way you do, you know, TaT!

        • 374
          Siggy Freud and the Spiders from Marrs says:

          He’s got a life?

        • 389
          Engineer says:

          Perhaps more an ‘existence’.

        • 421
          thick as thieves says:

          engineer, maybe if you bring your boyfriend siggy with the analiser will give you special gay members discount.

        • 423
          dick and fanny says:

          “You are obviously visiting the wrong establishments.”

          I very much hope so.

        • 668
          Alan Bread says:

          Quite, a couple of Cheryl Cole lookalikes going hammer and tongs in one things, but those dungaree wearing monsters is something else.

    • 190
      Bruno says:

      Come off it Mr Poof – you won’t be attending the Gay Pride march coz you ain’t got a thing to wear. Innit?

      • 196
        M. Gibson says:

        Fuck off Bruno my next film is about chiselling, rapacious war – mongers, see how you like that one.

    • 424
      Nearly Headless Nick says:

      Is that prize poofter Steven Fry going?
      Apparently he as an application called “Grinder” on his fancy mobile ‘phone cum-organiser.
      This little App. will, by locating other Grinder users, give the location of the nearest cottaging arse-bandit to the user.
      Is there a way if we can find out if Lord Handelbum of Boy, well know shirt lifter and Brazilian pigeon fancier, is out and about looking for fresh meat?

    • 500
      What lapel badge? says:

      Perhaps the Met Riot Squad will club a few. Kettle them for 12 hours in stifling heat without water, and then get stuck in. The practice run for G20 worked well.

  52. 125
    Gordon Brown says:

    I speak for the whole country when I

  53. 127
    £92k BBC ladyboy says:

    I can’t stop weeping. Poor Andy.

    • 208
      cockney pride says:

      Don’t talk with your mouth full.

    • 271
      Engineer says:

      Don’t fret, dear. Have a quick look at your last payslip, that’ll cheer you up. If not the rest of us.

      • 308
        thick as thieves says:

        why do you post so often engineer?
        oh yeah, it’s because you are a tory troll.
        fuck off you silly old duffer.
        your posts are fucking shit.
        conservativefoam are always looking for idiots like you, much more your type of thing.
        this place is not for you.

        • 318
          Engineer says:

          And a very good evening to you too, TaT! Been dipping the pen in vitriol again I see!

        • 337
          Dr Feelgood says:

          Like Hardwidge, TaT the twat doesn’t even understand what a troll is. As I’m in a charitable mood this evening, this might help:

          In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.

          I.e. he accuses others of what he is himself. How dim is that?

        • 351
          thick as thieves says:

          why do you post so often dr feelgood?
          oh yeah, it’s because you are a tory troll.
          fuck off you silly old duffer.
          your posts are fucking shit.
          conservativefoam are always looking for idiots like you, much more your type of thing.
          this place is not for you.

        • 355
          Dack Blog says:

          Sorry to admit it but I find TaT hilarious.

        • 360
          Dack Blog says:

          ‘I am pro lesbian and anyone who is anti lesbain will get their skull caved in by me and will then be analised by a butch lesbian, in a grumpy mood, wearing a particularly large strap-on.
          I hope I make myself clear.’

        • 375

          Thick Ass Troll is very dumb.

        • 377
          Cruisin for a Bruisin says:

          If TaT had a website, i would’nt waste my time here!

        • 378
          Dack Blog says:

          So are most of the electorate.

        • 395
          Dr Feelgood says:

          Oh dear, oh dear, I think I’ve upset TaT the twat.

          Do you see what he’s done there? He’s cut and paste the anti-Engineer comment and replaced Engineer’s name with mine. Very clever.

          Well, clever if you have to operate the PC with one of those rubber dibber things attached to your forehead, because nurse forgot to loosen the straitjacket before she left for the evening.

        • 411
          'ello sailor says:

          “I am pro lesbian and anyone who is anti lesbain will get their skull caved in by me and will then be analised by a butch lesbian, in a grumpy mood, wearing a particularly large strap-on.
          I hope I make myself clear.’

          He’s only describing what he spends his dole money on.

        • 419
          TaT Live Webcam Show says:

          Give the boy credit! One hand has at least worked free.

        • 440
          thick as thieves says:

          very clever? no.
          genius? yes.

        • 445
          barry says:

          You certainly are a cult.

        • 452
          thick as thieves says:

          if you tell me what ward you are on I will be happy to send you a thick as thieves fan club application form.

        • 483
          Anonymous says:

          Barry, you got the last two letters wrong

        • 505
          barry says:

          Sorry anon, that obviously should have been cυnt.

          You can’t be too subtle with these thick fuckers.

        • 557
          barefootcontessa says:

          I knew if you praised him it would shut him up. It’s obvious that nobody’s
          praised him in his whole life! Poor tat I’m beginning to feel really sorry for him now. In his lonely little room with only a computer for a friend. Good job as a psychologist I am able to sort his problems out for him. Unfortunately, though, you won’t, like your mp friends be able to claim for their cost on your expenses! Tat, sometimes you can be entertaining, sometimes you can be mildly amusing, but mostly you’re stupidly abusive. Sharpen up and we’ll make a man of you yet!

        • 572
          Dack Blog says:

          It’s the old reverse psychology chestnut. He should look to his schemas. Still think he’s funny, though.

        • 639
          thick as thieves says:

          politics is all about events dear cripples.
          and my heroic posts are clearly an event, as your reactions prove.
          not interested mate.
          but I do have the most precise type of plans for a hung parliament.
          does that count?

        • 670
          Dack Blog says:

          I don’t know. What are they, ‘precisely’?

        • 671
          Dack Blog says:

          ‘I’M TOP BOY! I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!’
          You sound a bit like Gordon.

        • 677
          thick as thieves says:

          you’ve fucking lost it dack.
          I am not sure if you ever had it.
          my plan is to rip as many fucking wires out of the machine as I can in the next ten months.
          precise enough?
          what the fuck are you going on about gordon brown you cheeky c’unt. gordon brown is a just a fucking liability c’unt.
          whereas I AM TOP BOY!

        • 693
          Dack Blog says:

          Lost what?
          Had what?
          No. Could you be more precise?

  54. 131
    varsteiner says:

    New balls please -

  55. 139
    Anonymous says:


  56. 144
    Alfonso Riberio says:

    Osbourne is Camerons ”Bliderberg” handler as Cameron was a lefty sympathiser back in the day.

    • 149
      Alfonso Riberio says:

      ooops wrong thread and i don’t support the hoons at labour either before anyone gets smart.

  57. 153
    Andy Murray says:

    It ended in Wimbledon

  58. 162
    Anonymous says:

    Does any one know if Gordon is involved with the 2018 world cup bid?

    I don’t really want it, like I never wanted to pay for the fuckin olympics either. Should have been spent on hospitals for fuck sake!

    I hope he is then we definitetly won’t get it!

    • 198
      Doctor Mick says:

      We don’t need any more fucking hospitals. We need to stop closing the existing ones (especially those targeted in Tory boroughs) and to start running them efficiently.

      The World Cup is not financed by the taxpayer unlike the Olympics.

      • 216
        Anonymous says:

        so if they are closing them, then we need more hospitals, because they closed them, get it?

        any governemnt will find the opportunity to get involved and charge it to the taxpayer. I hope you never need a hospital.

      • 283
        nell says:

        What we need is for them to stop employing locums at double the price of a normal consultant or nurse, or employing managers at £40-60k per annum and administrators who outnumber nurses and doctors by 10 to 1, just to push paper and order paper clips.

        Managers are employed to manipulate away bad news ie patients who die because of poor hygiene – or disabled patients who suffer because locums can’t be bothered to read notes from the labs about blood tests etc.

        Sorry . but after 12 years of this labour government, the NHS is in chaos , and it is NOT giving good value for money.

        Frankly people are dying- because it is failing us.

        • 289
          Boris says:

          The Nu Labour Government is CHAOS

          They have dropped every policy they ever had and now are going into the Election chanting “No cuts”

          Delusional lying thieving bar stewards…

        • 323
          Babar was a very poorly baby Elephant says:

          Read “The Plan” – the NHS should not be above criticism as the diehard socialists wail.
          We, as a nation, cannot afford it now and our kids certainly cannot afford it in the future.
          Bin it.

        • 327
          Babar was a very poorly baby Elephant says:

          “No cuts” ?
          No ideas, no credibility, no morality, no leader . and no future.

      • 429
        Nearly Headless Nick says:

        The Olympics – ah what an opportunity for self obsessed athletes to show off in public.
        It’s actually MORE boring that Association Football and Tennis and that takes some doing!
        Absolute waste of money – if they want to run and jump and get all sweaty, let them do it out of the sight of sensible people. I won’t be watching, just like I managed to avoid the World Cup, the last Olympics and all of Wimbledon.

        • 463
          summer_breeze says:

          Very well said! I agree wholeheartedly NHN. I can think of many better ways to have spent that money as well.

        • 484
          Canary Wharf Rat says:

          £12 billion to see a group of people running round in circles. Now who would that have been sanctioned by?

    • 398
      Zed says:

      2018 cup bid ??????????????/
      The tosser is history by mid 2010
      DON’T rest in peace

  59. 165
    Wacko Jocko says:

    I took you all to Neverneverland

  60. 166
    Trough Mixture says:

    New Balls please!

  61. 167
    Anonymous says:

    The former prime minister’s spokesman said that he had hurt himself in a “gym-related accident”, but refused to elaborate on the exact circumstances.

    Jim related accident in a cottage more like.

    • 180
      Anon says:

      The same sort of gym accident one might pick up while training with Lord Cottage Pie and the Olympic arse hole that is Seb Co-ed?

    • 186
      Escape to victory says:

      Whilst crouching at the glory hole Tony received a glancing blow – which is more than the cottager did.

    • 230
      grobdj says:

      I take full responsibility which is why the person responsible has immediately left the Wimbledon finals

      • 563
        barefootcontessa says:

        He’s promised to be back next year. I think he’s sussed that the gorgon won’t be there to put him off.

    • 232
      mitch says:

      The closet door handle hit him in the eye as he pulled his y fronts up.

    • 251
      'ello sailor says:

      Not having played the game of ‘through the keyhole’ before, he thought he had to look through the little hole in the wall.

  62. 195
    streamfisher says:

    well the new roof worked, that surprised me actually… err Gordon isn’t planning to go to the Wimbledon final is he?

    • 295
      nell says:

      ‘Course not !!!! –

      He’d be as welcome at Wimbledon as he’d be at the proposed meeting between Obama and the President of Syria.

  63. 205
    Oink Oink says:

    Please dear God – make it that Gordon Brown the fraudster dies from Swine Flu very pretty soon,PLEASE.

    • 210
      Y Frontz says:

      Is he a fraudster, or is he just no good at arithmetic?

      • 260
        Engineer says:

        Apparently, when he looks at the country’s books, all the red pages are on the same side as his bad eye.

        Given the state of the country’s books at the moment, it’s possible that his good eye is not as sharp as it was, either.

      • 365
        nell says:

        a man who chooses not to understand the difference between truth and lies spells trouble!!!!

      • 394
        Engineer says:

        How true, Nell. And when we’ve got a whole cabinet full of them…

  64. 207
    Y Frontz says:

    If Murray had won, Brown would have been there, trying to get some of the glory reflected on to him. I didn’t care whether Murray won or lost, but the good thing is that Brown cannot get in on the act.
    I remember Harold Wilson, the paranoid, trying to cling on to the Beatles to enhance his own position. Failing and failed Labour leaders always try this. The hypocrites.

    • 223
      romanian druggie says:

      Before tonight he might have joined crash Gordon’s wet dream team of Barry Obama and David Beckham.

      As it is, he can thank fuck he lost.

    • 346
      Roger Federer says:

      Keep that fat git away from me.

    • 371
      Engineer says:

      What’s going to happen if Brown wishes both Federer and Roddick well?

      • 382
        Dan Maskell says:

        It’ll piss down and the roof will jam with Cliff and the Dick Dyke Three

        • 432
          Nearly Headless Nick says:

          Penis van Lesbian (A.K.A. Dick van Dyke) – surely he won’t be there? He must be too busy counting the repeat fees for the endless loop showing of the utterly awful and twee, “Diagnosis Murder” on afternoon TV.

        • 460
          Cringing says:

      • 408
        Engineer says:

        I suppose if he wishes the Williams sisters good luck as well, Centre Court could be struck by lightening, or worse…

  65. 221
    fidothe says:

    Damn that McSnotty.

  66. 240
    So17 says:

    Beware the loud minority so beloved of the left. they are like Puffa Fish who convince others they are bigger than they are.
    The BBC report with relish any story which involves the Scottish Parliament giving freebees to its population at our expence knowing full well it will cause resentment amongst the English, thus making a future break up of the UK not only palatable but desirable.
    There are many many Scots,Welsh and Ulstermen proud to be British and I am proud to call them Brothers.
    Dont fall for Republican shit stirring.

    • 254
      streamfisher says:

      The problem is the BBC don’t ‘report with relish’ anomalies in funding and services between Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales, indeed they keep clear of the subject all together and so do the Politicians, the West Lothian Questions implications is a disgrace, neither fish nor fowl.

    • 255
      Longshanks says:

      For once brother I agree, a united kingdom is stronger and the eussr does not like it that way, we are suffering a destruction of national prides and identity, dilution and division by unwanted and unwarranted mass immigation. A multicultural nation is divided against itself and therefore is not able to fight an outside enemy whilst fighting itself.

    • 328
      Babar was a very poorly baby Elephant says:

      Well said.

    • 330
      Anonymous says:

      Hear hear Count me in as a proud scot and a proud Brit !

    • 392
      Zed says:

      Always British first.
      Scots second.
      Proud to be both and part of UK (but will vote SNP to get rid of the country’s socialist virus)

  67. 250
    Scrobs says:

    “…Whole country is behind him…”

    As usual, our hated Pime Miniscule is still ‘leading’ from behind, far away, miles behind…

  68. 256
    Prime Minister Wacko Jocko says:

    MMMM Mr Speaker (You short arsed Hoon)
    May I take this opportunity to express my profound grief to the familly of Mr Murray in this difficult time(It ended in Wimbledon)

  69. 274
    Cardinal Richelieu's mole says:

    O/T for which apologies but I can’t immediately find how to inform you otherwise than here.

    Huffington post has a new resident blogger – one G. Brown, Prime Minister!

    “Don’t Miss HuffPost Bloggers
    Gordon Brown
    Ban Ki Moon in Burma: The Chance for a New Beginning”

    see right of screen some 15 cm down @ [url]http://www.huffingtonpost.com/shannyn-moore/sarah-palin-resigns-as-al_b_225515.html[/url]

  70. 284

    I knew poor Andy was doomed the moment I heard about Gorgon Brown wishing him well.

    Heres todays Radio 4′s comedy ”Electric Ink” on the BBC iplayer presenting the PM in a realistic, personal situation regarding his well being as onced opined by Alistair Campbell.

    Enjoy. I certainly did……

  71. 303
    costa del Dole says:

    First !

  72. 332
    Under a flower pot at the bottom of the garden until the GE says:


  73. 334
    Babar was a very poorly baby Elephant says:

    Would have prefered the headline Murray Curse Knocks Brown Out.
    Oh well, maybe next time.

  74. 343
    Anonymous says:

    That c unt in charge of Jackos Music division is determined to make megabucks outta his demise, first it ws the tawdry tickets or refund debacle now its the feckin memorial service lottery. Roll up roll up to the greatest show on Earth !

    • 397
      Want to share a bed,Sonny? says:

      They are going to turn him into a ride at Neverland Theme Park.
      Still,makes a change.

  75. 346
    • 359
      Zed says:

      It’s a Lord MindYourSon Gay witchunt.

      • 400
        Anonymous says:

        Duncan joins the fray for gay votes against Bradshaw and Bryant and, lo and behold, a smear story appears about him in the Telegraph.

        Who said Telegraph journalists are Labour stooges?

  76. 354
    Babar was a very poorly baby Elephant says:

    I “met” Brown once.
    Thank goodness it was only once.
    So why oh why were hundreds of MPs (apart from one or two such as Speaker Martin) who are/were far more intelligent than I, fooled into thinking he was a Leader and good for both The Party and the nation ?
    Shame on them. They KNOW what they do now.

    • 468
      Irish Prod says:

      You didn’t happen to have any ‘unfortunate’ accidents or illness shortly after did you?

      Leg fall off?

      Entire family die?

      Business reduced to trying to reclaim overpayed taxes to stay afloat?

      Just wondering….

  77. 358
    Gordon Brown says:

    Good luck Mr Brown in everything you do – th whole nation is behind you

  78. 362
    Anonymous says:

    Guido console yourself with this thought. By the time Murray wins Wimbedon, Gordon Brown will be long gone and in no position to wish him good luck.

    • 381
      Babar was a very poorly baby Elephant says:

      But won’t Murray, ultimately, will be remembered with affection and appreciation.
      Brown will be remembered as the ruiner of our nation, many rungs below Ian Huntley or Ian Brady.
      Indeed, you are the History Man, Mr Brown. Relish your legacy.
      You are the definitive Tosser.

      • 439
        barry says:

        “But won’t Murray, ultimately, will be remembered with affection and appreciation?”


  79. 364
    Andy Murray says:

    If you don’t get off my bandwagon I am going to lose on purpose

  80. 366
    Anonymous says:

    Asda have some great offers on Tiger Bread today.
    Think it’s a tiger bread weekend actually.
    Diversion tactics by NuLiebour, perhaps ?

    • 449
      Sandwich says:

      Straight from the Roman Emperors text book on how to keep the populace happy.

      ‘bread and circuses’ ‘bread and circuses’ indeed.

  81. 372
    A lying, thieving, no-good sanctimonious hypocrite says:

    It wasn’ae ma fult ye und’stan

    • 387
      Anonymous says:

      Whut ur ye oan aboot ?
      Murray’s a Stirling boy, ye huv that accent aw wrong.

  82. 373
    Gordon Brown says:

    Through the esteemed blog “Order Order” might I wish the British Lions rugby team the best of luck against the Springboks tomorrow,the whole country is behind you.

    • 380
      Nearly Headless Nick says:

      Don’t you fucking dare, you miserable one-eyed Scottish worzel!
      Withdraw your “Good Wishes” at once.

      • 386
        The Jackson Four says:

        Screwed our comeback tour

        • 656
          Gordon Brown says:

          I’m delighted for the British Lions and the way they outplayed the Springboks.
          Who else can I wish “good luck” to????

  83. 376
    Finnpog says:

    So – what with all these ‘re-evolutioning’ of ZNL lying promises – and old Gordon McDoom being told by Lord Peter to get the fuck out of Westminster and get photographed with the little people…

    …I take it the election will be announced at the ZNL conference for an October election.

    That will bugger Cameron and the Bullingdon / Eton boys for Christmas.

    (The laugh of Lord Peter’s exiling of Manse-boy was forcing him to spend Wednesday afternoon with the faux-Hindu/Muslim [he is actually Catholic IIRC] Saviour of the Asian vote – Keith Vaz) LOL

  84. 379
    Nearly Headless Nick says:

    Arer we sure that the Cyclops hasn’t been on the jelly bone , wishing good luck and good health to to the fragrant and utterly gorgeous Mrs. Sarah Palin?
    She’s quit as Governor of Alaska, mores the pity!

  85. 383
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon Brown is a sociopath with a severe anti-social and passive/aggressive personality disorder. Why do we continue to put up with this dangerous lunatic destroying our economy for generations to come?

    • 393
      TOO FAR says:

      MMMM…. Quoting the obvious… Where have you been for the last decade??

    • 396
      Anonymous says:

      This profile of the sociopath sums up Gordon Brown pretty accurately:

      Manipulative and Cunning
      They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

      Grandiose Sense of Self
      Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”

      Pathological Lying
      Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

      Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
      A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

      Shallow Emotions
      When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.

      Incapacity for Love

      Need for Stimulation
      Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.

      Callousness/Lack of Empathy
      Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others’ feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

      Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
      Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.

      Not concerned about wrecking others’ lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.


      • 399
        TOO FAR says:

        Got it one, or more, words of wisdom

      • 403
        Anonymous says:

        Brown is definitely a psychopath (or sociopath as we now have to refer to it in these politically correct times)

        We are going to learn to our cost just how destructive and dangerous creatures like him really are.

        • 407
          Zed says:

          why he’d never make a penny in the private sector.
          interview techniques and tests would weed him out at the first hurdle.
          public sector it is then ?

        • 410
          Anonymous says:

          Cameron at PMQ:

          “Are you a sociopath, Prime Minister ?”

          Clear the House for fallout from an exploding skull.

          Great Live TV.

        • 550
          Gordon Brown Fan Club says:

          Of the more distinguishing traits, some argue the sociopath to be less organized in his or her demeanor, nervous and easily agitated – someone likely living on the fringes of society, without solid or consistent economic support. A sociopath is more likely to spontaneously act out in inappropriate ways without thinking through the consequences.

          Conversely, some argue that the psychopath tends to be extremely organized, secretive and manipulative. The outer personality is often charismatic and charming, hiding the real person beneath. Though psychopaths do not feel for others, they can mimic behaviors that make them appear normal. Upon meeting, one would have more of a tendency to trust a psychopath than a sociopath.

          Some argue that they are different. Brown, in this case, would be a psychopath.

      • 404
        Zed says:

        Got a real problem with FIVE of those words and a period stop.

        Promiscuity and gambling are common.

        Otherwise a classic case.

      • 405
        Anonymous says:

        Spot on!

      • 467
        summer_breeze says:

        That just about sums up the whole of the cabinet and the liebour back benches as well.
        Racketeers and spivs, the lot of ‘em!

    • 478
      Trough Mixture says:

      It’s at least partially as a result of his predecessor leading by example.

  86. 416
    Captain Pugwash M.P says:

    “Gordon Brown is a sociopath with a severe anti-social and passive/aggressive personality disorder. Why do we continue to put up with this dangerous lunatic destroying our economy for generations to come?”

    He is also crap at governing the country, picks his nose and eats the contents, does not wash his hair enough, bites his nails, tells lies, and keeps the company of proven liars and other sundry scumbags – He hates the English too

  87. 418
    nell says:

    Mandy is proposing Government Loan Guarantees for Magma to take over Vauxhall,

    Vauxhall is currently owned by General Motors but Mandy is working to get them into the ownership of MAGMA. Who is Magma>>>!!!

    Frighteningly , Mandy says ” We are dealing with a LOT OF TAXPAYERS MONEY ” but then he refused to give actual figures .

    We are in ” safe hands” !!!!!!

    +++’Night. God Bless+++

    • 438
      Nearly Headless Nick says:

      “Mandy is proposing Government Loan Guarantees for Magma to take over Vauxhall”

      Don’t you mean “Smegma” ?

    • 441
      Boris Carloffe says:

      Mandy hasn’t got a good track record either and I regretfully suspect it will all go wrong and cost a lot of money and loose a lot of jobs

      But most of all for Vauxhall’s sake I hope he doesnt run his ideas over with McMental to receive his views beforehand, as with McMental’s blessing Vauxhall Is doomed

      • 459
        Anonymous says:

        Just otta interest, what is Mandys employment record since leaving school ?

        • 523
          Engineer says:

          Mandy? Employment? He wouldn’t soil his elegantly-manicured hands with anything so plebian…..

        • 591
          PT Barnham's shit shoveller says:

          According to the wholly trustworthy wikipedia….

          He read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at St Catherine’s College, Oxford (1973-1976) and became director of the British Youth Council in the late 1970s. As BYC director, he was a delegate in 1978 to the Soviet-organised World Festival of Youth and Students in Havana, Cuba, with Arthur Scargill and several future Labour cabinet colleagues. He was elected to Lambeth Borough Council in September 1979, but retired in 1982, disillusioned with the state of Labour politics.

          He worked as a television producer at London Weekend Television on Weekend World, forming an enduring friendship with John Birt, then LWT’s Director of Programmes, before being appointed as the Labour Party’s Director of Communications in 1985.

        • 641
          Wan Hung Lo says:

          Don’t forget he was project manager of the Millenium Dome. Knows fuck all about construction but he assumed control and delivered the big tent.

      • 574
        barefootcontessa says:

        He couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery, he couldn’t run a sweetie shop. None of those newlabour upstarts could. Tell me, what qualifications do they have to run a whole country?

        • 616
          Richard Timney says:

          Jacqui Smith, who is much m issed, had the natural abilities to make her the nest Homes Secretary ever and you will regret not appreciating her.

        • 686
          barefootcontessa says:

          Oh yeah? Are you sure you fully appreciate her yourself Dick?

    • 474
      Emperor Zog (All Hail Zog!) says:


      Not sure about their expertise with cars, but you can see why Mandy’s so bloody keen.

    • 511
      Herr Alfred von Ramsay says:

      Magna. Austrian-Canadian company. Amongst top five automotive suppliers.

      Magna’s bid for Opel/Vauxhall includes GAZ, owned by Oleg Deripaska.

      • 554
        Augeas says:

        So Lord Mendacious of Robertson and Hinduja is up to his usual tricks.

        • 575
          barefootcontessa says:

          yes, sounds as if there’s a strong connection there. Nothing’s ever simple with mandleson. He moves in mysterious ways, – snake in the grass, but he ain’t
          no grass snake.

  88. 420
    Captain Pugwash M.P says:

    14th February 2005.

    Mr Blair was asked last Wednesday if the government’s new immigration plans, including a point system for economic migrants, would reduce net migration.

    The prime minister told MPs: “The abusers will be weeded out, and as a result of the end of chain migration [where families have an automatic right to settle], the numbers will probably fall.”


    • 619
      Tony B-Liar says:

      Tony B Liar.
      There is a pretty straight sort of clue in the name.

      Labour Tough on Working Tough on the causes of working

  89. 425
    Labour is to be history - Bad History! says:

    Remember these pre-election pledges? Labour are full of shit, cannot be trusted and will make all sorts of pre-election promises….. ooops Pledges.

    Come on all you Labour supporting hoons Mark your teams performance on a scale from 1 to 10 on each of the following! Then think on the billions wasted.


    1 Your family better off: Continuing policies which have “delivered economic prosperity”.
    2 Your family treated better and faster: Reiterating details in the health five-year plan.
    3 Your children achieving more: Wrapping up promises such as all secondary schools’ specialist status.
    4 Your children with the best start: Child care, children’s centres and out-of-school activities.
    5 Your community safer: Labour’s law and order pitch.
    6 Your country’s borders protected: Promises of action on immigration.

    They are LIARS

  90. 426






  91. 444
    Boris Carloffe says:

    I really do hope before the election Brown goes round each county, wishing all Labour workers and candidates the best of look and thanking them for all the hard work they have done to keep him as PM

    Finally on the morning of the election, look himself in the mirror and say to himself ‘ Good look Gordon’.

    Good bye labour!

  92. 451
    Boris Carloffe says:

    Just thinking about it Brown has had bad luck all his life

    Dreadfully ugly
    Nearly lost his eye
    Big headed

    Think how much better Britain would have been if he’d been drowned at birth

    • 455
      grandma B says:

      Bit cruel that!

      • 462
        Sandwich says:

        Cruel but neccessary.

        God knows how high the numbers of people will die directly and indirectly over the next few years thanks to Browns fianancial incompetence.

  93. 456
    WTF?! says:

    The Queen’s £1,375 council tax bill (that’s £400 cheaper than her neighbours in the next borough)


    • 465
      Winning Manifesto says:

      Two pensioners,on benefits.
      Sounds about average.
      At least under Labour,they won’t have to sell to pay care home fees.
      Gordon once again stands up for the ordinary folk.

    • 600
      Jan says:

      That’s why the Poll Tax was a lot fairer.If Her Maj had to pay for all her servants as well as herself and Fillipe the bill would be far higher.All those idiots (leftie troublemakers,rentamob students,Catholic and Muslim families with large families) hadn’t complained things would be much better now.Was I the only one who agreed with the Poll Tax? The Jocks hated us because it was introduced there first.As most of them don’t work they wouldn’t have paid anyway.They have never forgiven us for the Poll Tax. Well I will never forgive them for Nu-Liebor,Andrew Marr,Kirsty Mc-sounds-pissed-all-the-time-especially-on-a-Friday-Waugh,Andrew Neil and all the other Jocks on every single programme ever made by the BBC and their independent programme makers,weather people etc.The Jock accent is soooooooooooo awful,it’s even worse than scouse and that’s saying something.Now the Jocks in Ulster are looking for money from the EU to save their ‘language’ which is called Ulster Scots.It’s even harder to understand than the language in the north.We,as net payers will have to prop up these tossers who want to keep their strangulated miserable language.The joke about all these is that if these Celts had stuck to their own languages who in their right minds would settle in their countries?The ONLY reasoin that multinationals are in these God-fosaken places is because the speak English of a sorts.

  94. 461
    deeeznuts says:

    so denying us brits of “democracy”…old gorgon has taken to blogging on the
    huffington post

    how long has the one eyed twat been blogging on there………blogging to the US !!! WTF


    no one wants to know in the UK, so he tries to blog to the gullible yanks.

    fuck off gorgon, you one eyed son of a twat

    • 581
      barefootcontessa says:

      It’s all part of his ‘I better look out for a new job now’ strategy. Very likely the US is where he’ll move to. Might have to get rid of the bliar first, though US is a BIG country.

  95. 464
    Auntie Flo' says:

    Gordon Brown is blogging on Huffington Post at present, on the subject of Burma – or someone is blogging for him? The post doubtless stems from Arianna Huffington’s current visit to UK.


    • 479
      Auntie Flo' says:

      Too late, he’s getting some choice comments!

      • 510
        Trough Mixture says:

        “Comments are temporarily disabled as we perform routine system maintenance. Please check back after 4:30AM EST”

        Has she given Toenails the mod job?

        It will be interesting to see what survives the cull.

      • 580
        shrinking sack of shite says:

        Awaiting moderation then your comment will be published, cannot say i’m suprised…. fecking hill.

    • 480
      Regime change for Britain says:

      Good catch. I saw her interviewed BBC2 Newsnight sometime during the week.

      The article by Gordon Brown
      Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
      Posted: July 3, 2009 09:51 AM

      includes :

      “But if the Burmese regime refuses to engage, the international community must be prepared to respond robustly.

      We should not rest until Aung San Suu Kyi — and all those who share her commitment to a better and brighter future for Burma — are able to play their rightful role in it.

      The Burmese people have been condemned to nearly half a century of conflict, poverty and isolation. It is time to give them the chance of a new beginning.

      The regime can choose to ignore the clamour for change. Or it can choose the path of reform as the region, and the world, have urged.

      Today can be the start. ”

      Hmmm it could just as easily read:

      “But if the NuLabour regime refuses to engage, the international community must be prepared to respond robustly.

      We should not rest until David Cameron — and all those who share her commitment to a better and brighter future for Britain — are able to play their rightful role in it.

      The British people have been condemned to nearly 12 years of poverty and isolation. It is time to give them the chance of a new beginning.

      The regime can choose to ignore the clamour for change. Or it can choose the path of reform as the region, and the world, have urged.

      Today can be the start. ”

      Yes, Gordon, today would be a good day for you and your lot to resign.

    • 481
      Trough Mixture says:

      Surprisingly my log-in still worked.

      Arianna was a beard for 11 years. One hopes her visit isn’t in a consultative capacity.


  96. 466
    Bank Haulson says:

    I don’t know any Englishman who wanted Murray to succeed. Round my way we were all rooting for him to be knocked out. Brit or no Brit, he is a mouthy, moody gobshite who claimed once he would never support England in anything. LOL! Personally I am glad he failed. What makes it even better is that he got Bruins full backing and support and screwed it up….

    • 469
      Sandwich says:

      Aye we’ve got wise to the scots and their games now.

      • 667
        Bank Haulson says:

        For sure. On the other hand…His more humble brother, who seems to possess some savvy, does have some support. Funny that eh?

  97. 471
    Tich says:

    … and the newly nationalised east coast main line will retain its offices in York according to our great leader – thank god I don’t work for them

  98. 472
    Anonymous says:

    God the Tories are getting desparate for storys.

    On day Osborne gets pulled in for investigation by Scotland yard, a Tory peer gets pulled in to, and the shadow deputy leader (the man chosen by Cameron to clean up expenses in the Tory party) get exposed over expenses, the main story on here is Brown wishing Murray luck. OH dear, oh dear dear.

    • 491
      Engineer says:


    • 494
      Labour MPs never had a real proper job. Just live off taxpayers instead. says:

      Ok then will talk about Brownlying at his press conference the day he was nearlky kicked to death by the electorate. Him and his team briefed all journalists that darling was for the chop. They know it because they received the phone calls from brown and his team. Twice he denied it, just like Judas. Then ofcourse he lied about the economy and said he wouldnt be making cuts.
      Then of course just like now, Liebour Bankrupted the nation in the 70′s and had to get a loan from the IMF. Remember.

      Labour and him are just compulsive liars. Most of these type of people end up in rampton so you better make your way there. You’ll meet them all soon.

    • 598
      Duck Island Blue says:

      The recently published reports concerning Osborne and Duncan reveal no new expense claims. The first is a politically motivated publicity stunt perpetrated by the Chairman of the Labour Party in Osborne’s constituency. The second is, in part, an attempt by the DT to direct the focus of public’s attention to what they consider to be the underlying issue common to both stories.

      Broadly, the issue is whether MPs who finance the purchase of second homes in their constituency by equity release in their London properties, should be allowed to claim the additional mortgage interest incurred. A subsidiary issue is whether MPs, who have financed their second home purchase in this way, should be permitted, at a later date, to rearrange their mortgaged borrowing so that the security is transferred to the second home under a separate loan.

      If, as is likely, it is found that both of the above methods of financing are lawful and compliant, then the only questions that Osborne and Duncan will need to answer relate to proper disclosure and accurate accounting. Let’s wait and see on that score.

      So, all in all, a bit of a non-story.

      It is entirely co-incidental, of course, that Osborne has recently exposed Brown’s lies on the government’s future public spending plans and Duncan has shafted the Labour Gays’r’Us policy claim.

      Now back to the real scandal facing the country. Brown’s interference in the proper outcome of the Wimbledon championships.

    • 638
      Wan Hung Lo says:

      Guido isn’t a Tory, numbnuts.

      • 675
        Duck Island Blue says:

        Maybe not but I hope we have a common respect for truth and justice.

  99. 485


    TU Sarah Palin

    Saint Manora Was The 22nd PATRIARCH OF ZEN BHUDDISM iN iNDIA

    AKQHORDING TU Saint Manora:













  100. 486
    Prime Minister Wacko Jocko says:

    Id love to have that Peter Mandelson behind me (again)

    • 492
      Harriet Harman says:

      I’d rather have Prezzer behind me as long as I’m bending over (or on top of me, or even under me) Just give me time to get my tights off . Hell, I’m wet just thinking about it!

  101. 487
    Dual Citizen says:

    I see a party political broadcast for next June’s election.

    “Whenever Gordon Brown shows up, British teams lose …..

    Looking forward, the Olympics in London, Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, and in a few weeks the World Cup. Do you want Gordon Brown showing up?”

    “If you want to win the World Cup, Vote Conservative!”

  102. 489
    God says:

    When I created all things, I made certain things brown as a hint. Now take that hint and put Gordon Brown where you put the other stuff of that hue. Everything that he touches turns brown and that applies to the personality-free zone called Andy Murray – Brown wishes him luck and hey presto, he becomes a loser like Brown himself. Remember, if it’s brown like shit, looks like shit and talks shit, it IS shit! I HAVE SPOKEN

    • 493
      fucdifino says:

      G person. – Betfair odds Federer 7/1 on. Roddick 7/1. Why not use your powers to persuade Wankstein-Braun to offer his best wishes to Federer. I can then clean up.

      • 692
        God says:

        I’m too busy guiding him to slef-destruction, but good luck with your bet. Federer will of course win!

  103. 501
    Right Honourable PM Gordon Brown says:

    Good luck to everyone in Great Britain.

  104. 502
    Sukyspook says:

    Zbigniew Brzezinski is “Deeply Troubled”

  105. 503
    Online pack says:

    You’ve got to laugh at the sheer cheek of the man: Mark Thompson is saying the license fee might be scrapped and put on Council Tax instead, thereby charging everyone, whether they have a TV or not.


    • 506
      rag, tag and fucktail says:

      Sounds like a poll tax to me.

      I predict a riot.

      • 517
        Daffy says:

        Finally people have woken up!!! I’m glad people have seen the bbc for what it is a bad long running joke at the expense of the UK public.

        You’s have had the wool pulled over your eyes for too long, A fella in Australia summed up the situation right as;

        ”The UK population being like prisoners making mail bags, we are forced to pay the license fee on pain of punishment and no real benefit for ourselves while the rest of the world looks on and get’s the bbc content for free.”

      • 532
        Engineer says:

        Can anybody think of any good things about the BBC?

        I’d suggest Test Match Special, Gardener’s Question Time, I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, repeats of Dad’s Army (though the novelty value has worn off the latter a bit), and Charlotte Green. After that, I’m struggling a bit.

        • 587
          barefootcontessa says:

          Nope, been thinking hard and I can’t say that I can. The obituary programme
          is quite uplifting, sometimes. BBC R4 was great once, before all these new-age controllers got their dabs on it.

        • 590
          barefootcontessa says:

          Nope, can’t say that I can. The obituary programme is riveting once in a while! The whole thing went to pot when all those new-age politically correct controllers took over. BBC radio 4 has gone right down the drain, and comedy on BBC, well it’s a joke!

        • 592
          barefootcontessa says:

          Sorry, must have drunk too much from the bottle! Double vision.

        • 617
          Engineer says:

          Certainly agree about BBC comedy – it’s a contradiction in terms these days, though “Clue” (if it survives Humph’s passing) is an honourable exception. All the classics – ‘Don’t tell him, Pike’, Four Candles, Del Boy falling through the bar – are twenty years old, and there’s nothing on now to touch Jasper Carrott, Dave Allen, Victoria Wood.

          Did enjoy Fred Dibnah’s programmes when he was still with us, they had that mildly quirky eccentricity that appealed to my man-in-shed tendencies. There are other occasional highlights; One Foot in the Past was one, and One Man and his Dog. Now, Countryfile has it’s moments, but in general my television is unused more days than it is used.

          I have heard it said that the Beeb is virtually run by children these days – almost all the producers are under 30. It shows. £142-50 per annum is not a bargain.

        • 687
          barefootcontessa says:

          Don’t watch the tv much except political programmes and nature stuff. Radio 7 is pretty good, full of golden oldies. Watching Dad’s army while writing this. Rising Damp is still regurgitated, it’s the best, I think. Political satire is thin on the ground considering the unpopularity of the government and the expenses scandal, Any ?s/answers – (the listeners’ answers are by far the most interesting part of Dimbleby’s programme and far too short), are programmes I always look forward to but am always disappointed by. I don’t feel that the BBC are particularly one sided, I just think they have become far too bland, and boring. They were badly affected by the attacks they received at the time of the Irak war, lead principally by that despicable
          human being Alistair Campbell.

    • 538

      Why not subscription? Everyone in this country already has all the equipment.

      They just LOVE extortion.

    • 601
      albacore says:

      “Perhaps you could bung it in with council tax or income tax, or increase the levy on electricity – though I think this is undesirable”, said Thompson, as quoted by the Mail Online.
      Bung it in. How very laid-back. Hardly worth his effort to contemplate such tiresome trivia.

  106. 504
    Lavender Sarah says:

    I wonder why I get so emotional about somebody with Asperger’s?

    Sarah Brown’s tears for Gary: PM’s wife backs Mail campaign to stop extradition of man who hacked Pentagon

    • 513
      Lord Murray of Barcelona says:

      I’m backing Gordon Brown to the hilt.

    • 514
      streamfisher says:

      No good crying about it now, who introduced the right of a foreign nation (USA) to extradite British citizens for trial on the say so of any local American judge, Mr T. Blair in his suck up to Bush days, this arrangement is not even reciprocal. Tell your hubby to tear up this agreement which effectively means WE are subject to American law. A year ago Gary could have ended up in Guantanamo Bay, as it is he may just get 50 years.

      • 518
        Anonymous says:

        If theres any votes in it or any political advantage then you KNOW that’s exactly what Brown will do !
        By the by since Sarah is so chummy with Michelle perhaps she can ask her to get her “hubby”Obama to either pardon the poor little bugger or stop extradition proceedings.After all it IS the right thing to do as the “Great Beloved Leader” would say !!

        • 521
          streamfisher says:

          “the right thing to do” then we can be assured Brown will consult his moral compass and then turn left.

        • 589
          grobdj says:

          with such a compass, ‘the right thing to do’ may be the opposite of ‘to do the right thing’

      • 520
        Daffy says:

        The facking Americans i love them but they don’t half get it wrong sometimes.

        Why not hire the guy from day one instead of making themselves look like twats with this long drawn out process.

        Also how come twats like Hook Hazma and his martyr buddies haven’t been sent over there as the Americans have requested yet the nerdy white guy is being handed over as fast they can.

        He hacked them with the bare basics and they got schooled big time, professional hackers like the ones in the Chinese Government must not of believed their ears when they found out the old school methods Gary used to get in.

        That’s all it’s about the USA trying to hastily save face and put a message out to hackers around the world that it was a one off and their networks aren’t really that easy to get into. but it’s fast becoming a case of ‘the lady doth protest too much’

    • 593
      barefootcontessa says:

      I’m right behind her, but if she can’t get him tried here no one can!

  107. 516
    RestandBthankful says:

    I wasn’t surprised to read the comments on this blog this morning after Andy Murray’s loss yesterday. Thank you for nis disappointing.

    Ido, however, wish those who pass comment would get their facts right. Andy Murray made a quip, a joke, in an interview that took place with Tim Henman a while back which, sadly, will live with him for the rest of his career.

    As a young man of 15 he had to leave his home and family to train in Spain because there was nowhere in the United Kingdom that he could get the training he required. That is a sad reflection of this country, and I am speaking of the UK as a whole. It’s no wonder there are few British players get anywhere in tennis never mind No 3.

    Andy Murray’s mother managed to secure sponsorship for Andy early on in his careerm which is difficult if you are an up and coming sportsman/woman, RBS and Fred Perry agreed to sponsor him. Andy could, and has been offered, now that he is World No 3, lucrative sponsorship deals which he has turned down because in his words “it is pay back time” for his sponsors.

    Andy is a hard working sportsman, who doesn’t fall out of nightclubs/pubs drunk, doesn’t get into trouble with the police as some other sportsmen do. He is a young man with good prospects ahead who works hard throughout not only the tennis season but the closed season as well. He should be congratulated on getting to the semi finals and not slated for not winning.

    Sadly it’s a sad reflection on this country of ours when a sportsman is Scottish if he loses and only British when he wins.

    It’s all very well sitting in front of your PCs passing your xenophobic comments. It seems to me that it’s OK to condemn Scots (not scotch) who decide not to support an English sportsman but it’s OK for Engishmen/women to support anyone other than a Scot. Many English people interviewed on the TV say they support Federer rather than Murray and that’s their choice and I find nothing wrong with that at the end of the day – that’s their choice.

    If you can’t even get the difference between Scots and Scotch correct then I do have to question your blinkered views on the Scottish people.

    • 691
      jonah says:

      RestandBthankful says;

      “Sadly it’s a sad reflection on this country of ours when a sportsman is Scottish if he loses and only British when he wins.”

      Bollocks…. a scotch is a scotch. Win or lose.

      Seems the English are catching on to the Scottish way of thinking (i.e. we have been inspired by their xenophobic anti-English sentiments) and many of us are adopting the “anyone but Scotland” school of thought.

      You know what? It rather jolly good fun, it means that I retain interest in many sports that i’d usually tune out from…. My friends and I actively support the opposing player/team from the Scotch.

      What’s more, this is a relatively new thing for my friends and I, we only discovered our pro-English and anti-principality feelings once we’d seen the Scotch in their homeland exhibiting their rabid hatred of all things English.

      Got a lot worse since Labour’s brilliant asymmetric devolution in ’97.

      Britain and British no longer exists…it’s extinct…it’s over. Get it , many of the English do not want to be British or have anything to do with British identity.

      PS Go Roddick!!

  108. 522
    Anonymous says:

    one good thing about the jonah curse, he will never wish jockland the best of luck, so jockland in general should be ok, he utterly effin hates them and curses the day he was born in that place

  109. 527
    A spokesman for the PM says:

    It wasnae me

  110. 531
    Maximise publicity even in death says:

    Now that Murray is outta wimbledon, Sunday can be set aside for wall to wall coverage of Michael Jacksons funeral. Off course if he had made it through to the final and had actually won it then it would have been the main story in Mondays papers. With that eventuallity Sunday would not have been a good day to bury bad new…sorry bury michael Jackson.

  111. 533
    streamfisher says:

    Back on topic: “The 73-year wait for a British men’s Wimbledon singles winner will stretch to at least 74″….. from the Guardian….. well I never!

  112. 535
    Daffy says:

    Where does that old twat Sir Michael White get off calling Guido Delusional?

    Does the man even read his own Guardian articles now that’s real delusion, I wonder if he see’s the comments that follows them as well.

    • 560
      Chartered Accountant says:

      Didn’t Sir Michael also say that Guido was ‘naive’?

      White manages the delicate balancing act of being both cocky and servile.

      This so-called ‘journalist’ is too much in hock to his political paymasters to be other than their PR agent.

  113. 539
  114. 545
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    England won the World Cup under a Labour government – who remembers Wislon now?

    • 546
      shrinking sack of shite says:

      who remembers ? cannot even remember his name wolsin was it?

      • 548
        streamfisher says:

        “Some people are on the pitch they think its all over”, Gordon stands up to speak at pmqs…..”It is now”.

      • 569
        Kenneth Wolstenhome - live from Wembley says:

        “That does not of course mean. the pound in your pocket, here in Britain is worth less !” – even at the time we all thought that Labour bloke whatever his name was a shifty bugger in his Gannex Rain Coat and smoking his “ounce of ‘Old Shag’ live on camera – used to bring the tears to my eyes

        • 582
          grobdj says:

          Most have forgotten Wilson went on to say ‘prices will rise’.

          Classic Labour doublespeak

        • 588
          shrinking sack of shite says:

          Wilson did he not have a nasty rafting accident -hushed up to save Tom hanks career- hell of a hair do though.

      • 605
        Sir Nile de Mentia says:

        By the end of his time in office Wislon couldn’t even remember his own name.

    • 561
      Keith Blakelock says:

      I remember Winston Silcott. Does that count?

    • 567
      Sir Mick Weiss says:

      I remember Sgt Arthur Wilson. He’s my Sergeant and a clerk at the bank I manage in Walmington-on-Sea.

      • 596
        Sir Wilfred Waffler says:

        It would explain why all the england players teeth where so bad.

    • 695
      James Mason says:

      Take the train to Huddersfield and alight and go out into St George’s Square.

      Wilson is there for you to view on a plinth.

      Unfortunately he gets moved around the Square as the clowns that are Kirklees Council see fit to ‘refresh’ the Square with the ratepayers money every 5 to 10 years, profligate as usual with someone elses’s money!!

  115. 553
    Sir Wilfred Waffler says:

    I used to like young Osbourne he’s a proper Tory, Old money i say but the boy has got a graveyard worth of skeletons in his closet, all that money and education and he doesn’t posses any common sense i say try and keep your nose abit cleaner young Georgie.

  116. 556
    Psychiatric Nurse says:

    He hasn’t been singing Summer Holiday again with his friend again has he?

  117. 570
    Sir Wilfred Waffler says:

    I say that Bernie Eccelstone chap seems to think Hitler was a fine fellow who got things done.

    Never trust midgets i say.

    • 578
      Mr Squeaker says:

      I will not allow sizeist comments in this House.

      • 630
        Mrs Trellis says:

        Size isn’t everything, Mr Sqeaker. In fact, the smaller one’s moral principles and political commitment the better, as you have shown us. Hoon.

        • 659
          Cato Street Conspirator says:

          Ecclestone and Mosley – what a fine pair they’d make up on the plinth with Herr Hitler.

      • 663
        cyclepath says:

        Fuck off you little runt.

  118. 573
    Breaking news says:

    NEWS JUST IN : It is now confirmed that Old MacDonald who has run a well known Farm for generations has gone into liquidation. It is understood that all his sheep sheep here and moo moo’s there have all been struck by lightning in a freak accident. The Met Office state that a massive storm which started in America blew up over night and brought ruin to Mr MacDonald.
    The met office also report that there is a 0% chance of sunshine all over the country today which is obviously a good thing.

    • 585
      shrinking sack of shite says:

      I do hope he had insured his flock against the cost of any potential diesese outbreak, another wonderful policy from the loons…..

  119. 586
    Sick of Politicians says:

    Brown is only suffering the curse of Mandelson really, as is the rest of the PLP. When you do a deal with the Lord of Darkness you are cursed for ever more. It doesn’t matter who leads Labour into the next election, they’re doomed. Brown, Johnson, Harm-men or Purnell – it matters not.

    When Brown and Mandelson are out of the way, things might pick up for them. But not until after the next election, the electorate wants retribution and can smell blood.

    • 612
      nell says:

      Unfortunately Mandelson has more than a whiff of the survivor about him.

      • 632
        Porky Pies MP says:

        From where he puts his fingers I think I know where the ‘whiff’ comes from.

  120. 594
    Marcia says:

    Wilson was a Commie spy and he was shagging Castle – the pound was NOT safe in our pocket and he and his chums bolloxed up the economy

    • 597
      Uri-Geller (9mm) says:

      At least he did,nt get us involved in Viet-nam

      • 635
        Wan Hung Lo says:

        That would have upset his masters at Moscow central. Vietnam is now communist.

    • 646
      RobC says:

      Ermmmmmmmmmm I thought the rumour was forkbender? maybe it was both.
      Brown has already surpassed harold in the scale of economic catastrophy.

  121. 595
    Uri-Geller (9mm) says:

    Only 17,499 Michael Jackoff memorial party left.
    Book early – avoid disappointment.

    PS: McBroon may be there with Obama Bleach

  122. 599
    Elmarco says:

    Was Gordon behind these Pledges?
    Labour’s pledge card for the forthcoming general election will carry six key promises on Government action if the party wins a third term in office.

    The pledges, in the wording used on the cards, are:

    • Your family better off – low inflation, and mortgages as low as possible, more people off benefit and into work, a rise in minimum wage and more help for first time buyers

    • Your family treated better and faster – no one waiting more than 18 weeks, guaranteed, for hospital treatment – with choice over where and when – in an NHS free at the point of need

    • Your child achieving more – modern schools for all, strong discipline, and a guaranteed place in training, sixth form or an apprenticeship

    • Your country’s borders protected – ID cards and strict controls that work to combat asylum abuse and illegal immigration

    • Your community safer – local policing teams, cracking down on graffiti, gangs and drug dealers

    • 603
      Anon says:

      What a load of crock!

    • 608
      mitch says:

      And a whole bunch of fairies at the bottom of every garden.

    • 609
      shrinking sack of shite says:

      Should read:-






      Uses less paper, less ink, less imagination. so there’s a saving!!!!!!

    • 613
      grobdj says:

      Note the complete absence of the word ‘you’ in these pledges

      Sociopaths have no concept of the second person

    • 628
      nell says:

      gordon also, yesterday, pruned his pledge of future public spending rises.

      Everything now depends on achieving growth in the future.

      Pity there’s only 11 months to the next election – not much growth going to happen by then!!

  123. 602
    Anonymous says:

    Sarah Brown on the front page of the Daily Mail regarding the extradition case, is a stunt cooked up between Gordon Brown and Paul Dacre.

    When he gets really desperate Brown and his minders wheel out Sarah Brown, his professional wife and professional public relations expert.

    I doubt many Mail readers fall for it any more.

  124. 607
    I'm blowing all my money on hookers and booze says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion working is a mugs game and i’m gonna blow my savings on holidays, hookers, booze and good food at least i’ll go out with a bang and having a good time.

  125. 610
    nell says:

    So gordon is not taking part in the Gay Pride March because his security men fear an assassination attempt. More like he’s afraid of getting booed again as he did at the D-Day Commemoration.

    No matter – he’s sent Sarah to the front line instead.

    What a caring husband he is! No doubt he’s loaned her his flak jacket.

    • 642
      resurgemus says:

      literally hiding behind a woman’s skirt

    • 652
      mitch says:

      More likely he is afraid he will meet an old “friend” or 100.
      sad really cos we know he is a fudge packer.

  126. 611
    Anonymous says:

    Quit dicking around Guido and get on the case of Alan Duncan. He’s ripe for the picking.

  127. 648
    Just passing by says:

    Anyone read “Happy Upside-down Day, America” by Ted Nugent?


    Definitely will not be acceptable reading for trendybendylibbylefty types

    • 660
      I'm blowing all my money on hookers and booze says:

      That twat london scot sounds like Gordon Brown. I’m glad the americans aint taking any shit from him.

    • 684
      snafu says:

      hmmm … ‘the Nuge’ is a Michigander neighbor of mine, and I would warn you to take anything he says with a sack o’ salt. He makes Genghis Khan look like Mother Theresa, and is not really a sane man. (Plus, he was a banal and 2nd rate musico – I mean, Cat Scratch Fever FFS!??).

  128. 649
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    I’ve heard that before attempting to land on the Moon, Neil Armstrong enquired “Houston, have you received any messages for me from a Master Gordon Brown in Scotland?”.

  129. 651
    Plato says:

    Do you know who Bob Boothby was?

    I think it’s the best Tory sex scandal ever – get the PM’s wife pregnant and gay sex with a gangster – makes duck houses seem very pedestrian…

  130. 658
    nell says:

    TonyBliar accepted an award from Mandy at a swish ceremony yesterday.

    It was for his contribution in helping India improve it’s relationships with Britain. Mandy spouted something about Bliar’s committment to India and understanding her role and place in the world.

    Why? I wondered was Mandy presenting this award on behalf of India – did they not want their own people to do it?

    Oh Wait!! This award was being presented by the Labour Party of Britain to one if it’s own under the guise of a group called ‘Labour Friends of India’.

    Not a true Indian in sight!!!! What a self serving bunch these fools are!!!

    But great press releases worded to fool the unwary. Bet Ms B*lsham thingy something or other – that friend of damian’s, had a hand in this!!!!

    • 661
      I'm blowing all my money on hookers and booze says:

      Tony thinks India is in America and him and George play cowboys with the Indian people…..

    • 674
      Lizzie says:

      Are these the “has beens” of Nulabour! My how times have changed. Lord high and everything else and exPm TB congratulating themselves. Let’s move on shall we.

      • 698
        Rant against the machine says:

        Another sure sign of a decadent and corrupt administration.

  131. 676
    Roger Daley says:

    I’ve just eaten a scotch egg (or was it a scottish egg?)

    Either way I doubt it has ever been north of Hadrians Wall.

  132. 678
  133. 694
    aswinsterstale says:

    I dont feel sorry for murray at all.
    Another pelulant that bites the hand that feeds. It’s the English tennis infrastructure that has enabled him (and I believe another murray) and funded him up thru the ranks.
    Aggression is one thing, and I accept you need it in sport, petulance is another.
    There’s talk of Scots independence, get fucking real. They may talk about it, but never vote for it. Live off their own acumen and ability, paying their way. Yeah right.
    Man U won one nil. Fife won one nil. Says it all. Different league, different fucking league

    • 696
      Rant against the machine says:

      Listen u bigoted prick, us Scots have more than paid our way producing some of the finest Scientists, Engineers, surgeons and military personel in the world. Thats a pretty good return for UK investment or do the english not make use of TV,s Tarmacadem Roads, penicillen, etc etc et fekin cetrat. Theres a hell of a lot of Scots over in Afganistan taking the bullet for this country whatever your opinion of the war is, so stop showing your pig ignorance u hoon. !!

    • 697
      Rant against the machine says:

      asswiperstale are u a Liebour Troll sent to divide and conquer ?

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