June 28th, 2009

Hain’s Political Lobbying Firm

The Sunday Times has uncovered that Peter Hain, despite being made Welsh secretary in Gordon’s last barrel scraping re-shuffle, is still a partner in a firm that specialises in political communications. HaywoodHain, a consultancy set up with his second-wife claimed to have a “detailed understanding of the political landscape in the UK” on its website and used Hain’s London home as the office address. No conflict of interest there…


  1. 1
    Hain? He'e a pain. says:

    But with Hain’s track record isn’t this going to be a loss making concern?

  2. 2
    Road_Hog says:

    Wouldn’t you expect anything different from a Labour minister?

    Why am I not suprised at this.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Fraser Nelson in this morning’s NOTW, O/T I know but these figures are from the office of national statistics and are truly astounding, confirming what we already knew because we see it and we expereince it daily, but of course our corrupt politicians conveniently ignore it, including honest Dave.

    Strip out the public sector and do you know how many new jobs have gone to British workers since 1997?

    Zero. Squat. Nada. In fact, there are fewer UK-born workers in the private sector than 12 years ago.

    The rest of his article makes very chilling reading indeed.

  4. 4
    Load of Balls says:

    Mr Balls is on the TV (Marr)

    How many times will he say “really really”?

  5. 5

    None of them give two shits any more. They know they’re fucked.

  6. 6
    Alan Douglas says:

    Hain = Hoon

    Alan Douglas

  7. 7
    rob says:

    Ed Balls needs to go back to the ‘improved’ schools as the one he went to has obviousley failed him.
    Apart from the socialist skill of claiming money off everyone else.

  8. 8
    Johan says:

    I would be angry about this, but I’ve just used up all this morning’s supply shouting at Ed Balls on the TV.

  9. 9

    It never ceases to amaze me how many examples there are of this Government’s blatant abuse of the rules, yet Gordoom does absolutely nothing practical about any of it. Just empty words. He just keeps turning his other blind eye.

    Is he really that stupid or is it just a case of not giving a damn. What the hell is he planning?

    Slightly O/T but I see that the curse of Jonah Brown appears to have struck again.

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Lots of pissed off veterans in High Wycombe. Not allowed to march through the town in case they offend the locals. Even got a letter to explain!

    This is Labour Britain though so what did they expect!

    Surely the lid will blow soon!

  11. 11
    shelling_out says:

    Par for the course. Hain knows he will have to have an income when everything goes tits up.

  12. 12
    shelling_out says:

    We’re so busy worrying about whether we’re upsetting other people, that our own traditions are falling by the wayside. When will this government learn that we were here first! If other religions/races don’t like our war veterans marching through their local towns, they should find somewhere else to live.

  13. 13
    yo ho ho FIDDLEY de it's an MP's life for me ! says:

    what about milburn ?he resigned from b -liars gov saying he wanted to spend more time with his family ! what bollocks ! he now says he is stepping down to spend more time with his children !dispite having “5” other jobs! just shows these bastards do fuck all. Nest now feathered! TTime to get out before people realise that self intrest is the only reason to enter politics !

  14. 14
    Under the Radar says:

    More and more desperate arguments, evil tories, stealing babies, choices, what I beleive, Huntish hoon

  15. 15
    Marr eats cheese says:

    The Balls interview on Marr was pathetic. Talk about giving the interviewee an easy ride

  16. 16
    shelling_out says:

    How can Milburn carry out his parliamentary duties in a proper manner when he has five other jobs to juggle.

    Answer: He can’t.

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    I just read this, thanks. There is a whole lot to be discovered including how anti-social behaviour is covered up and ignored for political reasons, especially in social housing.

  18. 18
    yo ho ho FIDDLEY de it's an MP's life for me ! says:

    What would the government say if someone started a WHITE POLICE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION ? racism in the ploice no doubt !

  19. 19
    Twizzle says:

    Ignore any ban.

    Let the veterans meet up and march. Can you imagine the outrage from the nation when the police make mass arrests of war veterans on the streets of the UK?

    What we need is mass civil disobedience. Oh, and string that prat Balls up. Piano wire anyone?

  20. 20

    The orange hoon should just be flung out and then be one of the first for the piano wire traetment,

    He is a vile slippery orange twat

  21. 21
    Ms Cooper says:

    complete and utter b*ll*cks, how likely is it this sanctimonious tw*t will lose his seat at the GE. I certainly hope so.

  22. 22
    shelling_out says:

    Oh, we can’t have that now, can we!

  23. 23
    Jonathan Cook says:

    Balls ended with the phrase “Be Excellent” – does he think he is in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?!

  24. 24
    Under the Radar says:

    In the 13th century all residents in southern spain had to hang a side of pork in their living space, it worked apparently

  25. 25
    Pravda says:

    Strange Boy Wife on BBC1 later, it’s going to seem a long time until the GE

  26. 26
    shelling_out says:

    Hardly. He’s probably hired a top accountant on expenses.

  27. 27
    Sir Mufbourne - Harbour says:

    To be fair I think we should at least have a decade of honest politics and experience of honourable politicians before giving the European project a go. It would be unfair to adopt the european lisbon constitution as many younger british people have never known a britain run decently by itself. I’m willing to give UKIP a chance just so the folk under 30 can live british politics and truly take part if they chose too.

  28. 28
    shelling_out says:

    I would vote for them if I thought they would be any different. Trouble is, I can’t be sure.

  29. 29
    SUPPORTER of anybody who wil rid MY country of LIEBORE says:

    MOST of these jobs are given to MP’s that are involved in selling off national assets at discount prices .or have involvement in changing OUR laws to suit these companys as a REWARD ! this practice has got to stop and it should be made a criminal offence !

  30. 30
    Fed up to the back teeth says:

    Mr,mrs balls have two of the safest seats in the country

  31. 31
    grobdj says:

    I agree, Marr should have stayed at Glastonbury

    The only Balls-points worth noting were:

    He corrected himself, replacing ‘our’, with ‘Alastair Darling’s’, decisions on taxation

    He said it is/was Alastair Darling’s decision to cancel this year’s Comprehensive Spending Review (nothing then to do with the rest of the Cabinet?)

    Same old Balls, trying to distance himself from the smell of his own shit

  32. 32
    John Smith (dictated to Michael Jackson) says:

    He should only have an income from sewing mail bags. A thief. A liar. Deception and illegal activity while an MP and minister. Wales hates him. The rest of the UK should do the same. Does he still claim for his old mum as secretary?

    Hain represents all that is wrong with the Labour Party.

  33. 33
    SUPPORTER of anybody who wil rid MY country of LIEBORE says:

    i’ve said it before that freedom of speach has to be the number one right in a democracy no matter how distastfull that might be our laws have been dumbed down to take away that basic right to the extent that we the british people can not even express an oppinion without breaking the law EXAMPLES: sexism,racism,ageism

  34. 34
    ralphie says:

    Would you trust a man who said……..?

    “If I’m being really honest with you…..”

    Ed Balls, Andrew Marr Show.

  35. 35
    Shithead says:

    Yes, but we haven’t the balls to finish them off. I still think a petrol strike would be a wonderful way to end the worst premiership in history, especially as the one-eyed scumpig has been the biggest stealth-taxer of all.

  36. 36
    Evening, all says:

    Most of the police are thick, and thick cops are dangerous cops.

  37. 37
    SUPPORTER of anybody who wil rid MY country of LIEBORE says:

    I would like the term” THE RIGHT HONOURABLE MEMBER “removed from the house as soon as possible as there is not an honourable member in the place it is just taking the piss out of everone in this country !

  38. 38
    Nigel Fromage says:

    Vote UKIP get Labour

  39. 39
    Hoons To The Left Of Me, Hoons To The Right Of Me... says:


  40. 40
    The Admiral says:

    Such a pity the NOTW are one of a very few newspapers who won’t let you have the whole article on-line.

    Head in sand… Frightened Dead Tree Press…

  41. 41
    exiled&angry says:

    Surely next to Mandleson he must be the most odious twat in New Liebour!!?

  42. 42
    The Admiral says:

    Meant to put this HERE…

    “Such a pity the NOTW are one of a very few newspapers who won’t let you have the whole article on-line.

    Head in sand… Frightened Dead Tree Press…”

  43. 43
    The BBC does Glastonbury. says:

    According to Boulton the BBC have sent 400 of their finest to Glastonbury, at the Licence fee payer’s expense of course. Yes Marr should have stayed there as his show had nothing to contribute to anything this morning.

  44. 44
    The Admiral says:

    Drat, double drat……..

  45. 45
    The Admiral says:

    You just can’t get the staff these days, can you?…..

  46. 46
    The Admiral says:

    RAOTFL ….errrr orr sumat innit

  47. 47
    The Admiral says:

    Worth watching on “Catchup” do you reckon?………….

  48. 48
    Samee says:

    Surely once they’re out of office, they will have out-lived their usefulness and be surplus to requirement. With current employment legislation, it should be very easy for their second employers to dismiss them. Double whammy anyone?

  49. 49
    The Admiral says:

    Dead give-away…….

    Body language is a science. Just love it….

  50. 50
    FarmerGiles says:

    Hain after banning the hunt you are now the mammal being hunted. Second thoughts its legal to reptiles.

  51. 51
    Deira says:

    Every third sentence started “To be honest …”.
    As distinct from the other two-thirds, I suppose.

  52. 52
    Samee says:

    I agree – freedom of speech should be totally unhindered. For example, the party who can’t be named should not be restricted by legislation from saying exactly what they think about immigration, other races, etc. If they were free to do that, people would see for themselves what they really stand for, which would certainly greatly reduce the support they currently have. I find it ironic that ‘don’t let anyone say anything offensive’ culture played a major part in Liebour’s electoral embarrassment earlier this month.

  53. 53
    Sir Mufbourne - Harbour says:

    The problem is a strike would hurt the very people that this zanulabour regime have made vulnerable already. Folk are living day to day hand to mouth and in the old days unions would chip in and help out but the unions support the regime now and not ordinary people. I believe we have to wait for the general election and vote for a Government who will reverse many laws and get us out of european political ties.

  54. 54
    Sir Mufbourne - Harbour says:

    Police; I spoke with our local sergeant last week asking for help with cars wheel-spinning and racing in our street constantly at night and he suggested we call the council environment hotline because this is noise pollution. I didn’t make this up.

  55. 55
    Sylvia's Mother: says:

    I’m sure he said bug repellent!

  56. 56
    Sylvia's Mother: says:

    The guy does not have an honest bone in his body. A real shit.

  57. 57
    Sir Mufbourne - Harbour says:

    I’m voting with a conscience for ukip because I don’t believe labour will get back in no matter how. The worst that we face is conservative getting back in to government. In any case if labour got back in we would have civil war with the majority on same side. I’m of an age where I’ve experienced both labour and multiple tory and I’ve only got one life thank you very much!

  58. 58
    Balls to Balls says:

    Not really – usual Balls stuff, Marr giving him an easy ride, nothing of substance. Still, if you want to bring your breakfast up go right ahead!

  59. 59
    Sylvia's Mother: says:

    I think it is pretty clear nulabore know they are going to lose the next GE and lose huge. So its about doing the worst you can to leave as much crap for the others to sort out. The mantra lets wait to see what happens in 2010/2011 when you won’t be there in any case avoids the question of what your doing now is making things worse. A fourth grader can see that yet the Schools Secretary cannot. Fucking dunce. “Be Excellent” no chance for him then.

  60. 60
    backwoodsman says:

    Agent Orange, is this the most obnoxious of the many nulab viruses ?
    Has he paid the party their cut from the undeclared deputy leadership donations yet ? I think we should be told !

  61. 61
    Anonymous says:

    Milburn can run but he can’t hide. In due course he can certainly expect to be arrested, then executed for treason, as soon as his severe punishment is concluded.

  62. 62
    Sir Mufbourne - Harbour says:

    I agree with free speech and association so long as it doesn’t impede on others property and health. I.E: Taking or damaging property or personal physical damage.

  63. 63
    Vote B-N-P says:

    You know it makes sense. Even if only once to kick all the fuckers where it hurts.

  64. 64
    Great Big Billygoat Gruff says:

    Dragged kicking, screaming and oiking from the feeding trough.

    Bring out the butcher and save us all the hassle and time.

  65. 65
    Sylvia's Mother: says:

    Answer: his a fucking good juggler. Billy Smart has a lot to answer for!

  66. 66
    Anonymous says:

    “with his second-wife”

    Hain is married? I always assumed he’s gay. My mistake.

  67. 67
    Sylvia's Mother: says:

    Marr is a complete joke. Ball’s never once answered a question with a straight answer and no interviewer ever gets them to do so. Its so bloody frustrating and Marr’s viewing figures will certainly go down by one and I hope more. Sack Marr and give Randall the slot.

  68. 68
    cynic says:

    That ‘deep understanding of the political landscape’ was so vividly shown in the Deputy Leadership race where he was deluded to the very end.

  69. 69
    SUPPORTER of anybody who wil rid MY country of LIEBORE says:

    here here!

  70. 70
    SUPPORTER of anybody who wil rid MY country of LIEBORE says:

    the sooner he gets fucking”TANGOED” the better !

  71. 71
    Sir Mufbourne - Harbour says:

    28 Shelling Out- ‘I would vote for them if I thought they would be any different. Trouble is, I can’t be sure’. Would you vote for either of the other main three, then. – Just in case they will be the same or that they will be different at the next election. I’m just curious? If UKIP turn out to be the same, which I doubt because it should be a party of the people by the people, then you have not lost your vote. Unless you are saying you aren’t going to vote.

  72. 72
    Johnny says says:

    They have so little to do now. It is largely do as the whips instruct and cabinet meetings are little more than dishing out orders. He can do his Parliamentary duties just fine – the duties as the politicial class see them that is, which is let someone else make the decisions and don’t rock the boat.

  73. 73
    Builders Crack says:

    Imagine if Hain and Mandy could breed, what a fucking thought.

  74. 74
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    I wonder how many ex ministers will get well paid directorships/consultancies with the likes of Capita and other PFI companies that have made fortunes out of this Labour govt?

  75. 75
    Sinic(sic) says:

    Just read about High Wycombe. .Where can I find out more? Who, in the name of God (not allah) banned the march?

    As an interested ex-Serviceman, who fortunately never shot anyone or was shot at by anyone, I’m now ready to “break my duck” and shoot someone.

    To think that I served to keep the Red Hordes out of Western Europe, and to keep this a pleasant, Christian Country, and it turned out to be a complete waste of time ——

  76. 76
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    Once again Bollox was allowed to get away with his claim that the Tories will abolish inheritance tax for the richest estates even though the Tories have said no such thing.

    Marr did not challenge this at all.

  77. 77
    SUPPORTER of anybody who wil rid MY country of LIEBORE says:

    any one involved ! and as for getting rid of them after they leave power both parties are guilty so one can’t dispose of the other !

  78. 78
    SUPPORTER of anybody who wil rid MY country of LIEBORE says:

    any one involved ! and as for getting rid of them after they leave power both parties are guilty so one can’t dispose of the other! moderation ! moderation !

  79. 79
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    Nigel’s right.

    Obviously one voter does not make any difference but if large numbers take your advice then Labour win

    The Tories may not be perfect but at least we would have had a referendum on Lisbon by now.

  80. 80
    Sir Mufbourne - Harbour says:

    You have a good point. Why hasn’t anyone heard about this before I wonder. Its an outrage and should have been front page news. I wish for our standards and decency to return for generations to enjoy and be proud of but I know they will. We cannot go on like this anymore. Dave-you’re a complete waste of space and ain’t fit to run a car club never mind an opposition government in waiting. Get stuffed!

  81. 81
    Sir Mufbourne - Harbour says:

    No! Hain represents all that is The Labour Party.

  82. 82
    Adrian Prole says:

    SYLG – you are being much too kind to him.

  83. 83
    Sir Mufbourne - Harbour says:

    It wouldn’t be British would it. Then again, neither is police associations of colour or tangent.

  84. 84
    grandma B says:

    Most definitely NO.

    Balls was an absolute turn off, but I suppose he was pleased with getting his bit in about Tory inheritance tax cuts and spending cuts ad nauseam. He was allowed to have verbal diarrhoea – whether it did him any good reminds to be seen!

  85. 85
    Adrian Prole says:

    Balls is just another cut & paste lab politician, regurgitating what is sent in the Downing St e-mails, as was brought to light by Mr Fawkes recently. When he came on Marr, I switched the TV off – a waste of electricity.

  86. 86
    ThefinalStraw says:

    i also want to know who Milburn has got a job with now……last time he played the family first card he had just been found out as a director of a firm who had been awarded a 400 million contract to do Health service work…..he probably signed the deal as health minister,but i’m sure there was no conflict of interest and it was within the rules because he a good chap.

  87. 87
    Arabella Scroggins says:

    Where’s that nice Mr. Abrahams when he’s needed by Permatan? Is he still about, {and if so, why?}

  88. 88
    Bongo Bongo Land says:

    Much better than being a failed bank robber – plus it’s all legal

  89. 89
    Offa's Dyke says:

    Hain’s got a “friend” oop North, hasn’t he? In property development or something like that, so it’s said.

  90. 90
    Adrian Prole says:

    When Hain and his chums banned the hunt, labour MPs said that it was pay-back for what Thatcher did to the miners (conveniently forgetiing that is was Scargill who did for the miners). Nothing to do with so-called animal welfare.

    Hain thought huntsmen were all toffs, until the Banwen Miners’ Hunt (up the Dulais valley) camped in protest on his doorstep. Thought that one through well, didn’t he?

    He moved house after that and enquired whether he could claim for two properties as he hadn’t sold his old house. The Fees Office told him to piss off.

  91. 91
    Red Dragon says:

    Sir Mufton, when was the last time you recall someone saying they had contacted the police and had found them to be helpful, kind or efficient?

    There is a lack of transparency about the police that needs urgent intervention. The election of police chiefs would help, but the police service is now institutionally disinterested, along with almost every other civil servant in Britain.

  92. 92
    English Viking says:

    Dave is not honest.

  93. 93
    barefootcontessa says:

    His ‘Oh so concerned with the workers who have lost their jobs’ wife, the boy girl Yvette, has just been on BBC tv 1 extolling the virtues of newlabour. Hard to believe anybody with her and ball’s expenses record has the nerve to brave the screen at all, let alone to tell us of the great newlabour strategy for saving jobs! She won’t have to worry, balls won’t have to worry, they will be, (probably negotiating
    as we speak), taking up lucrative directorships using their insider knowledge and connections to continue the corrupt use of parliament as professional lobbyists. That providing, and hopefully they lose their seats in the HoC.

  94. 94
    English Viking says:

    I am starting to think that it would be better if Labour did win the next election because people (some of them) will be filled with hope at the prospect of the Tories sorting things out, and this averts the possibility of REALLY sorting things out. We need Labour to continue on this crazed path to oblivion in the hope that it will provoke a proper uprising by the people who pay for it all, leaving all politicians pooing their pants for the next 50 years, reminded harshly that they are our representatives and not our leaders.

  95. 95
    Steve Expat says:

    Agreed, first lamp post on Westminster Bridge for the Hoon.

    They really don’t get it do they? They are upset that we have the tenacity to question wherether a conflict of interest would arise, if an MP is also a director of a political consultantcy run by his wife. I don’t think there are many clearer conflicts than that one!

  96. 96
    barefootcontessa says:

    To be fair, and I know there are some bad apples in the police force, since the police have to associate day after day with the horrible under-belly of society, it’s not surprising that they’re getting to the stage when they can’t, like us, take any more. They’ve also had to work under an incompetent
    government constantly changing the rules, several inadequate home secretaries, huge immigration problems, and increased drug and alcohol
    miss -use. The important question is, would the police be sympathetic to a huge national protest? If the miners’ strike or the recent protests in London are anything to go by I think they would follow the orders from our supreme
    leader, and a chinese style, iranian style, brown style retribution would swiftly follow.

  97. 97
    Builders Crack says:

    Brown bringing this corrupt, orange coloured, lying,snout in trough, cheating non-entity of a human being speaks volumes about the quality and character of his cabinet ministers and himself.

  98. 98
    barefootcontessa says:

    Yes he can. He just integrates them with his movements in the HoC. His ‘jobs’ are based on the insider knowledge he gets there. Lobbying, pushing for private contracts for those he represents. That’s how he’s really earning his living. What else do you think these private firms are paying him for? This area of corruption in the HoC will be the next area of scandal that will have to be exposed because it’s probably on a bigger scale than 2nd homes, flipping homes, duck houses, wisteria, et al!

  99. 99
    barefootcontessa says:

    Almost all of them.

  100. 100
    backwoodsman says:

    Dear Prole,
    not just the Banwen, think the David Davies got in on the act too – understand poor old phain had a complete sense of humour failure, went to ground and then had a ‘do you know who I am ‘ moment with plod, when he declined to do anything about it !

  101. 101
    barefootcontessa says:

    Verbal diarrhoea is a new labour disease, coupled with speed of delivery. It’s done to stop the interviewer getting a word in edgeways.

  102. 102

    I see the reference “detailed understanding of the political landscape in the UK” in the Times article.

    HaywoodHain must be in competiton with a firm called Berwim Leighton Paisner who advises over 60 central government departments according to their website.

    “On contentious matters we are adept at recognizing the relationship of various limbs of Government and aware of the political landscape that shapes the decision making process”… wonder if that includes policy?

    Apparently their skills in planning are most advantageous ” a team able to … exercise influence… we are able to offer specialist expertise… through a parliamentary agent”

    How convenient if, say, you were submitting a planning application and happened to be one of their clients.

  103. 103
    barefootcontessa says:

    too true. c18 years tory – disaster. c12 years newlabour – bigger disaster. a hung parliament is really all we can hope for.

  104. 104
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper have bred – just as bad.

  105. 105
    talamunji says:

    Motherly love.

  106. 106
    barefootcontessa says:

    No, it wasn’t Scargill who did for the miners. The only thing really wrong with Scargill was his hair.

  107. 107
    barefootcontessa says:

    Quite so!

  108. 108

    Suddenly the concept of “conflict of interest” seems such redundant terminology.

    Should we simply replace the old polite phrase with:

    “collaboration, collusion, corruption” ?

    and subsitute these words in an edited dubbing by the one who said:

    “Education education education” ?

  109. 109
    Not waving says:

    Hmmm, I’m beginning to think that the fence paint he applies liberally has bloody teflon partciles. How the fuck he is still an MP really does beggar belief

  110. 110
    talamunji says:

    One is more than you deserve.

  111. 111
    shelling_out says:

    No, I wouldn’t. I’m hopefully going to be voting with my feet and leaving the UK altogether.

  112. 112
    shelling_out says:

    Peter “you can trust me” Hain.

  113. 113
    shelling_out says:

    Our grandson has only one life. He’s very young but he’ll be spending most of his life paying back the debt Gordon Brown has foisted on him, and millions of others.

  114. 114
    Rexel 56 says:

    Nah, search for a pic of her, your insticts will be rewarded…….

  115. 115
    albacore says:

    The sequel, “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey”, is on the ball.

  116. 116
    Barry Walters says:

    Yes it was Scargil who did for the miners.
    Pits were going to be closed anyway, he could and should have negoiated much better terms for his members, not trying to further his own warped political agenda


  117. 117

    NOWT is just another bog standard government lie factory along with the rest of the dead tree press BBC and Sky news.

  118. 118
    albacore says:

    Why do people keep rabbitting on about piano wire?
    That stuff if far too hard and springy and you might poke Cyclops’ all-seeing eye out with it if you weren’t careful.
    75p buys 15 yards (sod metres!) of value clothes line from Tesco, conveniently nylon-covered for easy stain-removal and long life.

  119. 119
    albacore says:

    Quite right, Sir M-H.
    Let us hope that Call Me Dave will, indeed, heed the words of the late Michael Bentine CBE and visit the shop of Ali the taxidermist.

  120. 120
  121. 121
    Adrian Prole says:


    Then why did the miners desert Scargill and form their own union? I recently saw Kinnock on TV talking about the miners’ strike and every time he mentioned Scargill’s name, he spat it out as if a bee had entered his mouth.

    Now if Kinnock despises Scargill over what he did to the mining industry, where do you think he is going wrong?

  122. 122
    Anonymous says:

    “Gordon and Alastairs bogus Budget “

  123. 123

    Well said. But don’t mention it infront of Searchlight,UAF, Adam Boulton Nick Robinson Andrew Marr Jonathen Dimbleby etc etc.

  124. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Any companies looking to give directorships to these incompetent assholes deserves to go bust !

  125. 125
    Anonymous says:

    “The right thieving c unt “will suffice

  126. 126

    If you go to the B&P website, you will find this story is covered in great detail.

  127. 127

    What if Hain started an Orange MP’s association.?

  128. 128
    Fells Point barfly says:

    Verbal diarrhoea is the reason their breath smells so bad.

  129. 129

    I sujest you speak to Lee Harvey Oswald, he usually hangs out around the Grassy Knoll, but he has been spotted in the Downing st area.

  130. 130
    Locutus of Borg says:

    He got away with a bank robbery (Barclays) so robbing the taxpayer should be like stealing candy from a baby…… and second nature to permatan.

    Wales certainly does hate him….

    His name’s on a lamp post outside my abode (thanks for the template Guido!)

    piano wire, cheeses wire, old towrope…..waiting…

  131. 131
    Doctor Mick says:

    Scargill was taking orders from Moscow Central. He did not have a vote but took a branch out on strike unilaterally and the rest had to come out in sympathy for fear of being scabs. But Maggie had learned the lessons from the Winter of Discontent – the power stations were already stocked to gunwales with coal. Scargill and totalitarism were defeated and the country was brought back from the brink.

    When Wedgie Benn as Secretary of State for Industry closed more pits that Thatcher, more than a decade before, no such difficulties were encountered.

    Twenty five years on we are once more teetering on the abyss.

  132. 132
    Locutus of Borg says:

    The ‘orange’ should be in his mouth with a plastic bag over his head…..

  133. 133
    tommo says:

    Denis MacShane must be a close contender.

  134. 134
    barefootcontessa says:

    Hain, no shame!

  135. 135
    barefootcontessa says:

    Not Waving, wish he were drowning! (SSmith)

  136. 136
    MI6 says:

    Guido, What about the fact the Politicians are proposing that if they get caught fiddling they could go to jail for a year. The law for fraud is already in place and if found guilty getting away with a 12 month sentence would be a result. Are these clowns dressed up as politicians really thinking of putting Laws in place for their fraud. I wonder what the judiciary will have to say about that. Bit of farce I would say

  137. 137
    Dick Scratcher says:

    & he was never involved in beating up a police officer at a demo in the 1970s.

  138. 138
    barefootcontessa says:

    Sorry, wasn’t aware of all this info re Scargill. I think, nevertheless he must have been used by thatcher. He wasn’t clever enough to deal with the situation. She WAS determined to smash the unions, and at the same time was sitting pretty gaining power from Scottish oil. I remember feeling a strong empathy for the miners, and an even stronger hatred of thatcher. I feel the same hatred now of the gorgon and newlabour!

  139. 139
    Dick Scratcher says:

    David Frost was shite. Marr makes him look competent. Just ‘cos it’s Sunday morning we are not all in cissy mode. Notice how he moved on quickly when V Wade let slip that the BBC controls the Wimbledon schedules. A complete (Liebour) tosser. Smash the BBC now.

  140. 140
    Ever Vigilant says:

    Apparently Ed Balls was not educated in the state sector.
    He is not a good advert for private education but there is a rumour that his Alma Mater wants to use him in the next prospectus–obviously a school with an urgent need to reduce the roll (probabably health and safety on the case )

    Brown ,Balls,Cooper,Becket,Blears,Woolas,Hain,Hoon,Prescot,Blair,Woodward,
    etc.etc.—- How did Labour manage to find so many obnoxious people all at the same time ?

    It must be true—– Birds of a feather flock together.

    I wonder if old man Brown told Gordon that one— he seems to have indoctrinated him with all manner of simplistic proverbs.
    What was the other month– when Gordon was in the process of blowing a few billions—

    “My father had a saying—by the way he was a minister of the church–have I
    mentioned that” It was , “A stitch in time saves saves nine ”


    Old man Brown clearly did not mention anything about honesty being the best policy or perhaps he told that to the brother ,the one running a cleaning agency.

    None will believe all of this in 100 years time.

  141. 141
    barefootcontessa says:

    A propos programme on radio 4 this afternoon about PFIs. Does PFI stand for Public f.ck.d insidiously, ineluctably, infernally, and/or intolerably??

  142. 142
    barefootcontessa says:

    Perhaps presbyterians don’t believe in honesty?

  143. 143
    UK Fred says:

    Balls’ seat appeared safe at the last GE, but two of his Wakefield council seats are Tory (3/3) or going Tory (1/3 and work going in). He has one safe Lie Baaah ward from Leeds and two Morley wards controlled by Morley Independents. He might not be quite so safe as he thinks.

    Contact the Conservative candidate, Antony Calvert, or his constituency chairman Tony Homewood if you live within striking distance and are willing to put some work into the constituency.

    Why is he so well liked in his constituency as elsewhere?

  144. 144
    UK Fred says:

    If Balls’ mother had loved the human race, she’ld have had him strangled at birth.

  145. 145
    SUPPORTER of anybody who wil rid MY country of LIEBORE says:


  146. 146
    Anonymous says:

    Dr Mick,

    Very well said, you have a good recall of recent history.


    Scargill took the miners out without any ballots. There’s democracy for you! As Barry@116 said, Scargill was following his own political agenda (as echoed by Dr Mick). I’m sorry your original comment was a little misguided on this topic, but there again, none of us know everything – I always enjoy your posts. Please keep them coming.

    Kind regards,


  147. 147
    freddie flintoff says:

    hains a hoon

  148. 148
    Adrian Prole says:

    Sorry, #147 was from me.

  149. 149
    Benefit of hindsight says:

    To true, and the children of men looked at old footage of Michael Jackson and wondered why the fuck did our forefatghers not realise this guy was on drugs big time look at him for fucks sake and as they spoke their gaze settled upon the politicians of the same generation and they sighed christ almighty how the fuck did they not suss these fuckers out as well !!!

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

    Scargill was a tyrant who took out men without a ballot, the majority followed him out of loyalty and the fear of being labelled a scab. That is the truth about the miners strike. Maggie was right.

  151. 151
    Anonymous says:

    Maggie also offered all miners an extremely generous redundancy package , the likes of what was not seen in any other workplace. Most of the miners are in good paying jobs or business’es today. Maggie was Right. Stop spouting the shite mantra about Thatcher . LABOUR are useless !!!

  152. 152
    Unsworth says:

    “verbal diarrhoea”

    Symptomatic of mental constipation.

  153. 153
    Bordeaux Binger says:

    Just so long as he doesn’ breed. We have enough orange hoons.

  154. 154

    Hain found TWO women willing to marry him?! That’s the really big story, here!

  155. 155
    barefootcontessa says:

    Thank you. I bow to everyone elses superior knowledge on the subject of Arthur Scargill!

  156. 156
    Aethelred says:

    Send the orange ape back to Serth Effrica

  157. 157
    Chatham Rules OK says:

    “aware of the political landscape that shapes the decision making process”

    = members of Common Purpose

  158. 158
    Bill or Ted or anyone but Sue says:

    Balls is like totally heinous dude!

  159. 159
    Badger hunter on Clapham Common says:

    Peter “I’m a pretty straight kinda guy” Mandelson

  160. 160
    Dagenham Dave says:

    If he is so concerned with workers who have lost their jobs and cannot get work, does that mean he will stop importing Indians on intra-company transfers?

  161. 161
    Ve know Vhere you Live says:

    I thought he was a mummy’s boy, too. But maybe that just’s just because he pays mummy a sh!t load of taxpayers’ money to be his ‘secretary’ (at the age of 81).

    Was the job advertised openly? Will he be getting one of Yvette’s trick letters applying for the job?

  162. 162
    Aethelred says:

    The plod may be good at harrassing motorists and middle class ne’er do wells who may have infringed some new cigarette law, but I’d like to see the fuckers try to arrest some vets just back from Iraq or ‘Ganistan.

  163. 163
    English Viking says:

    The lack of a second ballot did for the miners. Strange really, because if they had had one, they would have said yes.

  164. 164
    M K Ultra says:

    Why only once?

  165. 165

    Err.. could we look at the Lord Philip Gould Lobbying consultancy matter again?… him being in the position of aide to Teflon Tone and all that… he was supposed to be Architect of the New Labour Project wasn’t he?

    Anybody remember the name of his most prestigious client?

    Begins with a big T I think.
    Oh yes, and Hazel seems to have backed them from time to time.

  166. 166

    That nice Mr Abrahams, he’s around all right cos the Party HQ hasn’t paid back the dosh yet.

    I wouldn’t leave if someone still owed me nearly a million quid.

    Mind you, at the last count I heard, the party was in the red to the tune of about £18m so he might be waiting a long time.

  167. 167
    Exiled In Wales says:

    Hain can do whatever he likes in Wales and no-one will challenge him. The same goes for the AMs whose expenses are published tomorrow.

    The reason for this, is the whole of Wales on the take. Remove the £21 billion from the Barnett Formula, raised mainly through English taxes and enterprise, and Priority I monies from Europe, and Lottery Grants, and Wales would sink without a trace. Raising cash this way means most of the the big money is filtered through the Assembly or one of the agencies and everbody tries to keep in with the creeps down in the bay.

    If you want to know just how bad things are here, read Professor Dylan Jones who is Director of Research and Innovation at the University of Wales. He’s one of the few people in Welsh public life not afraid to speak out. I’m not sure how he still earns a living in Wales.


  168. 168
    Naomi says:

    Was HaywardHain something always there in the dreams of “Peter Hain of the Young Liberals,” or is it an outgrowth of some more recent – and terminal – metastasis?

  169. 169
    JJ says:

    Any sentence prefaced with “To be honest” is definitely a lie. In my experience anyway.

  170. 170
    Shithead says:

    100 % spot on. Well said.

  171. 171
    Anonymous says:

    Milburn can get a job with Stella Artois..He’d fit in well there

  172. 172
    Uncle Vanya De Caesaromagus says:

    Yes. why on earth do New Liar-bore and its Numpty Ministers, Pa McRuin and Lord Meddlesome of the Counties of Hartfordshire and Hartlepoole-shire, in the land of the England-land…… just all…… Foxtrot Oscar!!

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