June 6th, 2009

Post-Election On-Message “Lines to Take” from Labour HQ

If you have ever wondered how it is that all the broadcasters always seem to end up with on-message Labour talking-heads spouting exactly the same drivel after an election, here is why – Labour HQ emails everyone a briefing on “lines to take” before they go on air.  The degree of control demanded by New Labour means ambitious MPs can’t be allowed to think up their own answers.

Hence we end up with a series of robotic talking heads mouthing the party line.  Backbenchers and cabinet ministers alike will all parrot the same form of words regardless of the question asked.  If you were watching the news yesterday you will have heard the script.  Guido is grateful to a “real socialist” co-conspirator for providing yesterday’s “lines to take”.  If you want to see it, Guido has uploaded the dull script to here.   Hopefully the next leader of the Labour Party will be less Stalinist and permit Labour MPs to think for themselves…

UPDATE : It appears that Paul Waugh has blogged this already.


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    BrianSJ says:

    A hat tip to Paul Waugh who had this up yesterday might not go amiss.

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        W.W. says:

        They still don’t get it the morons.

        This is one of the very reasons everyone loathes them, everyone spouting the same old shite.

        Message to the Labour Party, we are not fools can you stop taking us for one.

        Oh and fuck off.


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          Basil says:

          It is pitiful. It’s all starting to make me feel a little queasy. There is a kind of mindless automaton, out of control, blindly flailing, pathetic, and no-one seems to know how to put it out of its misery.

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          Wavy Davy slurps Bullingdon arseGravy says:

          Polticians spinning. Shocking! simply shocking.

          Thank goodness Call me Dave will put and end to this shameless public relations wankery and lies.

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          Dack Blog says:

          If it was a horse you’d shoot it.

        • 102
          Mike says:

          From the article Labour hold in Hollington and WISHING TREE how apt is that?

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          Uncle Fester says:

          If it was a dead horse I would still beat it.

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          Muppet says:

          NuLab used this ruse of prepared rep-lies and it worked for them at first, but they’ve become addicted to it and now can’t stop, but the public have now developed a resistance (to continue the medical analogy) and find it even more unpalatable than the plain truth.
          This is where Blears got her rant wrong last year, she claimed it was the blogs’ “corrosive” effect on public perceptions that was lowering the voters opinion of politicians when in reality it was NuLabs micro-management – of which Gordon Brown is a prime exponent.

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          Churchill's Cattleprod says:

          87, You are Sion Simon (The Last Brownie Standing) and I claim my €5.

        • 459
          lab rat says:

          Don’t you mean ‘oh and fuck off you wankers’?

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        Van Helsing says:

        I think you will find it wasn’t only for “Labour talking heads,” a number of newsreaders on the Beeb, yesterday, were using the exact same phrases.
        Starting with the Today programme, radio 4.

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          Agent 99 says:

          Quite so. Easily recognisable and frightening really. The BBC must go as soon as Dave gets through No 10 that is imperative.

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          Burnley is a Labour free zone says:

          I thought the Today program consists of Labour Talking Heads too.

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          Bordeaux Binger says:

          At Brown’s press conference yesterday the first question was from BBC’s Nick Robinson which received a carefully prepared reply from Brown. Was it a planted question ? Surely not.

        • 213
          Voldemort says:

          Its interesting that the Beeb keeps repeating the same Labour lies that the Conservative percentage of vote is down 6% when it is in fact up 6% on when the County elections were fought last time.

        • 277
          Sell off BBC now says:

          Exactly, Agent 99. Privatise the BBC and give us all an immediate Licence Fee (TAX) windfall. Of course, the “interlectuals” and “liberals” will give us the usual crap about “value for money”, “cultural cohesion”, etc, etc.

        • 291
          Anonymous says:

          Yes I noticed that. EXACTLY the same. So now we know which newsreaders are also on nulab’s payroll.

        • 308
          Politburo says:

          > The BBC must go as soon as Dave gets through No 10.

          Don’t be naive. The day after the next election the BBC’s sets and titles will be re-coloured blue and they will immediately toe the new party line.

          That’s what Pravda is for.

        • 314
          Heads on poles says:

          I don’t ever remember the Beeb being being slightly Tory friendly.
          Breaking it up on the second day of a new government would be my suggestion but I’ve heard that there is no appetite for such a thing within the party.

          I’d like to see Labour friendly reporters skewered – I suppose that won’t leave many really.

        • 361
          Anonymous says:

          never forget AlJaBeeba’s champagne bottle lined corridors

        • 423
          Remote-Kontrol says:

          Even Sky got that monotinious with these “drones” that one just had to knock it off.

        • 519

          “I do remember… the corridors of Broadcasting House were strewn with empty champagne bottles. I’ll always remember that”
          Jane Garvey

          BBC Five Live, May 10th, 2007, recalling May 2nd, 1997.

        • 657
          The BBC are Vermin says:

          24 hours before polling began every BBC TV and radio news outlet began a concerted attack on Michael Ashcroft. The worst being Paxman haranguing William Hague. Coincidence? Not on your life. This was orchestrated by the Labour/BBC smear machine.
          And that Labour crony and placeman Sir Michael Lyons chairman of the BBC Trust complains that Conservative plans to curtail the obscene flow of largesse to the BBC would be “a recipe for curbing the editorial independence of the BBC”
          What editorial independence????

        • 662
          thick as thieves says:

          don’t be too hard on nick robinson, he is down’s syndrome after all.
          but it’s bloody typical of you tories to bait and pick on cripples like nick.
          you heartless nasty bastards.
          you haven’t changed a bit since last time, have you?

        • 663
          Anonymous Misogynist says:

          @ The BBC are Vermin

          Not wanting to defend Al JaBeeba or Paxman but wasn’t Hatti Harperson harangued the previous evening on Newsnight?

          When talking about being biased let’s not have the kettle calling the teapot, eh?

        • 754
          The BBC are Vermin says:

          She was harangued because she’s stupid, not because she’s labour.
          The BBC is reporting that Brown was “welcomed” by D-Day veterans.
          Sky must be lying when they report that veterans booed Brown.

      • 94
        Dave says:

        It is a depressing fact of life though, Big G. Do you think the Tories will be any different? With 24 hour news media to satisfy (and lets be honest michief making blogs like yours seizing on any little off message comment) it’s what a political party has to do. Otherwise they spend their entire time firefighting the media.
        It’s a depressing fact of life. But also a bit disengenuous because I’m afraid you’re one reason we’re in this situation.

        • 285
          Anonymous says:

          Crap! What you do? Return us all to the 1950s, where we the elites know best?

        • 442
          Churchill's Cattleprod says:

          I can not really see the Tories forcing BBC News to undergo “adjustment training” in quite the same way that Blair made them do, nor can I see David Cameron forcing his own selected nominees into production positions in the BBC. If he does have the sense then Cameron could do pretty well by drastically reducing the burden by the BBC on the taxpayer (plenty of national and international advertising out there) and reappointing Greg Dyke as DG, instead of that professional apologist and Brownite Thompson.

        • 802
          Anonymous says:

          Too true – we get the same spun lines from the Opposition too. It is time for interviewers to challenge these talking heads by asking them whether they are expressing their view or their party line. Broadcasters are too ready to provide a platform for this pre-prepared garbage – or perhaps they think the politicos just dig their own grave when they all mouth the same PR soundbites?

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        Richard Desmond's Stable says:

        So few people read the Standard there are no worries in repeating it to a wider audience though.

      • 358
        Greychatter. says:

        Listening to BBC news channel – a reporter talking to shoppers in the Market Place at Castleford – which is Yvette Coopers constituancy.

        One person’s comments when asked about Labour stated – ” If they (Labour) put a Donkey up here people would still vote for it”

        Maybe that is what attracted Ed Balls to Yvette !!

      • 378
        David says:

        I wouldn’t worry, how often does the MSM take news from blogs without mention?


      • 427
        a REAL Socialist says:

        Ho Hum I posted this on your blog yesterday too – sadly i cant reveal on a public forum where i got if from except to say it did not fall out of the Prime Mentalists briefcase and the red-headed chipmunk was not involved though that delucious ( I am NOT Cabinet Crumpet ) brunette may have been involved :-)

      • 602
        tisfedup says:

        another oops guido not your’s i hasten to add.

        brown D Day speech to the world.

        ‘Obama Beach’ instead of Omaha what an utter fool

    • 107

      ….and the Guardian website….and several twittter RT’s…

    • 237
      Orson Cart says:

      It is not surprising when we are led by a total control freak.

    • 253
      Fascists says:

      In the old days this would have been seen as Labour getting their message across in an organised fashion.

      Now it just looks like Fascism.

      • 428

        They have begun to let go a little bit. the new briefing notes say ..

        “Use the following words. You may decide on the order of them yourself.”
        use List A. {if events should necessitate you will receive an email from Party HQ to use words from list B}

        LIST A:
        Getting – on -with – - carrying on – economic crisis – backing – supporting – – firm-grip, listening – new post at the.. – loyal – united – supportive – war on terror – full confidence, listening, supporting,learning the lessons, loving, hugging, G20, swine-flu, best placed, greatest leader of all time.

        LIST B:
        Mental, dangerous, unstable, deranged, ‘done a Boyle’ grinning, throwing, licking his own.., worrying, no confidence,meltdown, coup, revolution, national emergency, martial law, Putsch, dribbling, potty, “never seen anything like it, ” rebuild , trust, out of control, 999 – International Rescue and ” had to pry them apart with a crowbar.”

        • 666
          Golden Days says:

          Also for list A: putting this behind us, moving on

        • 734
          Greychatter. says:

          Thought they were issued with a CD and they were just miming – they all sound the same.

    • 613
      anonymouse in the Treasury skirting boards says:

      It’s now clear also why the presenters can never get a word in edgeways if they’ve six pages to get thorugh!

      The tory equivalent is one side of key bullet points.

      Always were much more efficient, the tories!

    • 686

      I got it yesterday from the grauniad. Come over and hear a 7-sec clip of Brown renaming Omaha Beach in his speech – guess what? It’s now Obama Beach.
      Gordon renames Omaha Beach

      • 710

        Sorry – corrupted link – try this
        Gordon renames Omaha Beach

        • 767
          Harri says:

          Obama , must have felt like he was in the company of ” Dumb and Dumber”

          Mc Snotty Mc Twat really is an insufferable oaf?

      • 810
        Jan says:

        Saw McBroon on TV with the veterans at Arromanche.It was p……….g down with rain.McBroon is under cover and all these old soldiers – some of them in their 90s STANDING for at least half an hour in the rain.Who organised this?Shame on them.If I was in charge I would have ensured that everybody was seated and that there was an open marquee so everybody could see the programme of events.Was it the French or us who treated the old boys with disrespect?One bizarre moment when the French Prime Minister was handed a flashy,expensive,gangantuam wreath to put on the Rememeberance monument whilst MCBroon ends up with some tatty looking cheap thing you’d get from somewhere like ASDA or the corner shop.Perhaps it was the recycled wreath that Edmundo Balls had claimed for on his expenses.Some veterans did jeer.But others had their pictures taken with McBroon.Haha.Must have been northerners… They’d vote for anybody.

  2. 2
    Dack Blog says:

    No surprise.

    • 50
      TERRY FUCKWIT says:

      Gordon is a world class head of state. Only he has the ability to lead us out of the recession.

      • 60
        Dack Blog says:

        Now that would be a surprise.

      • 130
        Agent 99 says:

        Terry Fuckwit

        You are Neil Kinnock and I claim my five lost labour seats back.

      • 284
        Anonymous says:

        good drugs there, mate!
        Got any spare?

      • 449

        I agree …He is best placed to ..mmmhh, mmmhhh, me like taste of me own balls… mmhhhmm, more Tabasco please….. Great Helmsman … Have you ever licked the back of your eyes? I have.. HeeHeeeHee..Huurrr..
        Vote labour … they are our masters.. Gordon is master… he king master.. he lift me out of poverty ..hehehe..hurrr.. I like to kiss toads.. huuurr..

        {that was a statement from the new minister for Transport……oh! He’s just resigned”}

      • 623
        ERRATA says:

        Gordon is a world class dickhead. Only he had the stupidity to stop regulating the banks and this led us into a recession

        • 671

          Nope he stopped regulating THE CURRENCY.

          The government/regulators decides on the volume of credit in the economy.

          Banks decide who it goes to.

          The regulator decided (in error) that as much credit as could possibly be lent was a good thing. Governments loved this as it meant credit was used for taxable things and the amount of revenue they were extorting rose.

    • 73
  3. 4
    Desperate Dan says:

    This week Gordon has been at the top of his game. Its all downhill from here.

    • 9
      Harri says:

      Mc Doom is always in the shit , its only the depth which varies.

      No doubt someone will have to prise Mc Dooms lips from Obamas cock this weekend.

    • 312
      Anonymous says:

      Not yet.
      McDoom always bears a grudge.
      He has only cronies and enemies – and it is very easy to become McMoron’s enemy.

      So Darling and Milibland have defied him?

      A month or so and they will be gone.
      The cabinet has shuffled itself out of a position of strength.
      While it was intact, its members could support each other, but how many friends does Darling have now?
      And with the expenses row still reverberating around Parliament how many ministers can still be smeared?
      Or what about ‘leaning’ on the Star Chamber that McStalin has set up?
      Gibson knew what was going to happen.
      Stand by for Show Trials .

  4. 6
    No Surprise! says:

    Do BBC correspondants and Labour’s favoured newspaper journos also receive these emails. I think toenails Robinson does.

    • 26
      Harri says:

      Peston , Robinson , Marr

      Three more lamposts required.

      Anymore for anymore ?

      • 127
        Augeas says:


      • 152
        Anonymous says:


      • 408
        Henry Crun says:

        Toilets Maguire

      • 669
        thick as thieves says:

        sorry harri but you can’t hang nick robinson.
        nick is down’s syndrome.
        but we could do a double noose for peston and marr.
        that would have the added benefit of saving us several meters of precious rope.

        • 774
          Harri says:

          Oh yes we can ? fuck the little oik, i would just have the common decency to remove his rather thick spectacles before hand , at least he wont see it coming.

          Talking of Slippery Nicks glasses, i would imagine that he would have to have pretty good eyesight to fucking see out of them? his lenses appear to have come straight out of the hubble telescope.

        • 783
          thick as thieves says:

          and when you remove his very thick spectacles you will see they are designed that thick in order to hide nick’s down’s syndrome eyes.
          whether you like it or not we are not hanging people with down’s syndrome and we are not hanging any sp@stics either.
          trust you tory trolls to turn this anti-corruption movement into a eugenics charter.
          you nasty fucking c’unt.
          maybe we should string you up you fucking nazi.

        • 794
          Harri says:

          I still say fuck him, my sympathy bucket is just about bastard empty… i am not Tory or the Libtwats either i fucking hate them all !

          More fucking shame on the Socialist hoons then … taking advantage of poor old Nick , have they no bastard shame ?

        • 795
          thick as thieves says:

          so if you are not a tory troll and if you are not a new labour troll, then what party do you support?
          I await your answer with great interest.
          you have been such a gobby c’unt so far it would be most strange if you were to go mute now.

        • 806
          thick as thieves says:

          judging by harri’s sudden silence his is obviously a member of the british nazi party.
          thought so.
          come out come out wherever you are bn p troll!
          I only want to bash your brains out, don’t be such a coward.
          fucking coward.

        • 823
          thick as thieves (hero:1st Class) V david cameron (thief millionaire) says:

          you had a chance but failed to deny your membership.
          fucking hell! you dopey c’unt.
          you walked straigtht into that one you fucking cripple.

        • 827
          Harri says:

          Thick as thieves ‘ just because you are a fair person’

          Jeez , well thanks for the ‘ second ‘ chance at life.

          Dont choke on your coco pops ?

          Forget the ‘ as thieves ‘ just Thick will suffice.

      • 812
        Jan says:

        Yes, Paxo too.I used to like him as I thought he was impartial and just hated everybody.But after seeing him the other night grovelling to some NU-Liebor nonentity whilst giving Hague a real grilling I realised that he’s just like the rest of the BBC.Then there’s Kirsty Wark (a friend of the departed ass-hole Donald Dewar).She and her husband have made millions out of the Beeb.I think she might have a drink problem as she slurs her speech really badly.Her accent and pronunciation are very poor. She was interviewing Peter Hain and giving him such an easy time.He just took over.He’s like an orange automaton.I detest her and her pseudo-intellectuality.

        • 814
          Harri says:

          807thick as thieves says:
          June 6, 2009 at 6:28 pm
          judging by harri’s sudden silence his is obviously a member of the british nazi party.
          thought so.
          come out come out wherever you are bn p troll!
          I only want to bash your brains out, don’t be such a coward.
          fucking coward.

          Or … i was just having my dinner, fuckwit.

          BNP yawn yawn yawn , give it up you utter twat.

          You could not bash your bishop let alone anything else?

        • 824
          thick as thieves says:

          but because I am a fair person I will give you one last chance.
          do you support the bn p?

        • 826
          Harri says:

          Thick as thieves

          NO FFS !

          There you go you oh so rigfhteous twat , i dont even live in fucking England

          What is it with you bigots and the BNP, even if i was, what the fuck has got to do with you ? i would be far , far more of an outcast if i belonged to the real facist party Labour.

          Now be off with you Labour droid troll like thingy and play with your barbies?


          Twats like you do far more tp promote the Knuckle draggers than anyone from the BNP could wish for you are your own worst enemy,

        • 829
          thick as thieves says:

          well done harri, that was all I wanted to know.
          good day sir.

  5. 7
    Give me 650 Lamp Posts and a role of piano wire and I can fix democracy says:

    The BBC obviously get this email as well. Their presenters spout the very same anti Tory shite.

    • 158
      Minesapint says:

      Perhaps an FOI request to the BBC might flush out what instructions are given by McBroon’s cabal to BBC presenters?

      • 202
        k.b. says:

        Doesn’t FoI have built-in protection of ‘redaction’ before disclosure to ensure that Scotland Yard and CPS think against successful prosecution? (This was buried news yesterday!).

  6. 8
    michel de montaigne says:

    I’m sure some geek could hack into the system and issue a spoof version. Great fun to see them all on Newsnight claiming the Earth is flat

    • 132
      Bordeaux Binger says:

      Most of them already think that.

    • 241

      If you think “Socialism can work” then your a lot more wilfully blind than flat-earthers!

      • 482
        Harri says:

        More Socialism ?

        “A Labour MP yesterday blamed his ‘obsessive compulsive disorder’ for claiming £220 on expenses for a pair of
        Waterford crystal bowls.

        Sir Gerald Kaufman, 79, said his condition – which is self-diagnosed – meant that when a cleaner broke a grapefruit bowl, he had to get two more exactly the same – one for him and one for ‘any guests’”

        Bwaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha Bwaaaahahahahaha

        What a diamond encrusted fucking hoon of biblical proportions.

        • 487
          Alibis4mps.com says:

          Astoundingly original. I have added it to our database. Do you have a link?

        • 490
          Shagadolic says:

          obsessive compulsive disorder…..which is self-diagnosed

          A thouands monkeys with a thousand typewriters could not have made that up. Does he write fiction too, or has he been spending time with the Beckham’s recently?

        • 491
          12816477 HMP Scrubs says:

          I self-diagnosed myself with obsessive compulsive disorder before my last trial.

          The judge reckoned it was just plain greed I was suffering from though.

        • 520
          Harri says:

          “‘You may think I oughtn’t to have a Waterford grapefruit dish. But I do. And I ate out of it today,’ he said.

          Sir Gerald, 79, whose £8,865 claim for a 40in LCD Bang & Olufsen TV was rejected, claimed to live ‘modestly’. However his expense claims also include:
          - £225 for a Viceroy Barley rollerball pen, purchased at Selfridges department store in London’s Oxford Street in March 2007.
          - $41.18 for a doormat he bought at New York’s Museum of Modern Art Design Store in April 2006.

          - £4.60 for a ‘replacement plastic cutlery tray’ from the Gracious Home store in New York in July 2007.

          “Sir Gerald accepted his claim was ‘bizarre’ and would not go down well with his constituents in Gorton, Manchester.

          But he explained he had to make it because of his condition.
          He said: ‘Because I’ve got this self-diagnosed OCD, I do things according to rules that I’ve created. I freely acknowledge it was daft and the Commons were quite right to say, “No, you can’t have that on public money.”

          ‘I’m sure that people in Gorton would raise their eyebrows about a thing like that.’

          Explaining why he needed two Waterford bowls, Sir Gerald said: ‘As part of my OCD, I have the same breakfast when I’m at home both in London and Manchester every day,’ he said.

          ‘Half a grapefruit, a bowl of muesli with semi-skimmed milk and a cup of coffee with a Rich Tea biscuit. That’s breakfast.’

          When a cleaner broke one of the dishes, he felt the need to buy a replacement.

          Oh he is fucking ” bizarre” alright.

          Now what was it that the champagne socialist fuckitt headed… oh yes i remember, ” Make poverty history”

          As i said, Bwaaaahahahahahahahahaha Bwaaahahahahahhahaha

        • 585
          pigs in space says:

          ‘Because I’ve got this self-diagnosed OCD, I do things according to rules that I’ve created.’

          sounds like the entire political class could have OCD.

        • 779
    • 260
      Disinformation Unit says:

      “The earth resources are running out”, “Climate change is killing 300,000″, “Antarctic sea ice melting”, “Continental shelf breaking away”, “Amazon fucked before I got there”

      All straight from Gordon Brown’s box of tricks, AKA Peter Strangefellow.

      • 483
        Harri says:

        We are all more likely to drown in a ” Sea of Browns lies ” before anything else gets us?

  7. 10
    OwlHoot says:

    They seem obsessed with moats. In fact one could say it’s a recurring

    (I’ll get my coat)

  8. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Try working in a government department, every day we are told how well we are doing telling us that the stories in the press are not true.

    • 32
      Harri says:

      And ” Global warming” really does exist

      Honest ?

      Fucking hoons.

      • 117
        Tin Cunliffe says:

        Maggie thought so.

        • 317
          Dr Frosty says:

          Maggie is as mad as batshit. She would believe anything before her tranquilizers kick in.

        • 326
          Anonymous says:

          No she just wanted to destroy the coal mines to push the nuclear agenda.

        • 382
          Harri says:

          Global warming ? oh so last years fashion, Climate change , oh darlinks sooooo yesterday .. get with it darlinks.

          Apparently the gullible fuckwitted luvvies are now calling it “Climate Disruption” ?


          Denier , denier …. Yawn bastard yawn, boring twats.

        • 508
          1983 says:

          Intersting how being a “Climate Change Denier” is now on a par with being a “Holocaust Denier”. Very NuLab Doublethink.

          Orwell has got a lot to answer for in giving this Government so many fucking ideas.

    • 164
      Bordeaux Binger says:

      I did and was fed on shit and kept in the dark like the rest of the mushrooms.

  9. 12

    So he will have to go as it is “totally unacceptable” right?

  10. 13
    michel de montaigne says:

    Surely the Mail could publish this, telling the populace they can turn the sound down when Labour MPs are on.

  11. 14
    Charles Hardwidget says:

    The election results were only a minor setback, with the economy recovering by next year and the electoral system stacked in our favour, Brown will win a convincing victory.

    • 119
      Wavy Davy slurps Bullingdon ArseGravy says:

      If Brown thinks holding on tight will save his skin he’s as delusional as you are.

      The only way Brown gets out of being despised by the public, even a little, is to actually DO something for once.

      Instead of tlaking about reforms and setting up endless useless fucking talking shops he would implement and legislate sweeping and badly needed reforms as soon as he could.

      But he’s a ditherer and a coward and his “age of change” after Blair was just more of the same pathetic PR bullshit. All talk no action.

      So let him sit in ihis bunker and do nothing but keep his enemies at bay and spin against them for 12 months. Because at the end of it he will get no reward from the voter even if the recession lifts slightly.

      He’s finished because he doesn’t have any ideas and is too scared to go for real reform.

    • 163
      Anonymous says:

      Well done Charles.

      I thought the wardens only allowed you on the computer between 8pm and 9pm?

      • 174
        Charles Hardwidget says:

        Mock me all you like, it is I who shall be laughing next year when Brown gets in with a majority of over 100.

        Now fuck off while I have a Zen wank.

        • 227
          Peter "fondlebottom" Mandleson says:

          You are gordon broon and i claim my 5 poonds.
          And keep taking the tablets!

        • 240
          Anonymous says:

          Go and twitch quietly in the corner, there’s a good chap.

        • 257
          Yvette Cooper (the man~girl) says:

          You are Mr Timney and I claim a fiver and a box of Kleenex. Caroline Flint is my fantasy onanism mistress hhhrrrmmmffff!!!

        • 270
          I'm Charles Hardwidge-No, I'M Charles Hardwidge says:

          Your alter ego over at LabourLost will not be pleased at your excellent parodies of his nutjob style. You do know he has threatened to unmask you as a stalker and sue you for libel, don’t you?

        • 828
          Charles Hardwidget 2 says:

          He’ll have to sue about 10 people….

    • 197
      Kidney Bingoes says:

      Charles Hardwidget is obviously a spoof/wind up. I’m surprised so many of you seem to think his posts are real. Zen Wank? Classic.

      • 222
        Augeas says:

        There is a real one, but then about 20 other people post pisstakes from time to time.

        • 402
          Kidney Bingoes says:

          Yeah I know, he used to infest Toenails’ blog and possibly still does. I enjoy the spoofs, they’re all quite well done, so far.

      • 226
        Wavy Davy slurps Bullingdon ArseGravy says:

        I’m surprised you don’t think there are real Labour wankers saying what Hardwidgerrydoo spouts because there are.

        And yes we all know about the many faces of Softwidge but we can still respond to mock the more ludicrous positions.

        • 407
          Kidney Bingoes says:

          I’m surprised you don’t think there are real Labour wankers saying what Hardwidgerrydoo spouts because there are.

          Yes I’m quite aware of that, thank you. What’s the point of mocking of a mockery?

      • 251
        Dolly Lama says:

        So that’s the origin of the phrase ‘The sound of one hand clapping’.

  12. 16
    Anonymous says:

    o/t but could Bob Ainsworth look any more like Adolf Hitler attending the D-Day ceremonies? Class act.

    • 80
    • 118
      Basil Goebbels says:

      ju mean a Klass Akt, nein?

    • 161
      Catosays says:

      You should have read what ARRSE had to say about him…they’re probably still ranting although I haven’t checked today.

      • 412
        Kidney Bingoes says:

        I remember Stanislav used to nurture a particular dislike of him, referring to him as Bob “C.U.N.T” Ainsworth.

      • 523
        Hope and Glory says:

        Thanks for reminding me. I just checked this poll on ARRSE (Army Rumour Services website).

        The original wording of the poll was “Is Britain now in the hands of a dictator?”

        Since changed to “Has unelected content of the Cabinet gone to far?”


        Yes: 135 (91%)

        No: 12 (8%)

        Spin your way out of that one Brown.

  13. 17
    Gordon Brown says:

    Heaven forbid that any Tory should suggest that members vote UKIP,they get drummed out of the Party.
    I refer to Lord Kalms and rest my case,but give a hat tip to Norman Tebbitt,the finest loose cannon the Tories have.

  14. 18
    Ian E says:

    I liked the publication of the ‘dull’ script – how true!

  15. 18
    you there says:

    What has happened to Political Betting?

  16. 20
    Anonymous says:

    This was patently fucking obvious to any one who watched those c u n ts trawl the airways all day yesterday.







    • 25
      michel de montaigne says:

      Don’t forget that even St. Peter denied Jesus thrice. Gives him a stronger hand when he’s at the Pearly Gates

      • 165
        Satan says:

        He’ll not be reaching the Pearly Gates, oh, no.

        • 221
          k.b. says:

          Doesn’t the Pope receive only the wealthy and powerful and celebs, and wave to other devotees standing in the rain and pass down the collection box?

        • 282
          Old Jokes Home says:

          So Hazel and Jaqui end up dead in a car crash and waft on up to the Pearly Gates. St Peter says “what did you do on Earth”. “We both served under Gordon Brown”. Enter the Gates of Heaven. You’ve already been through Hel.

    • 37
      Basil votes for Joe. says:

      I think he was probably telling the truth, there. Relatively speaking.

    • 54
      Doctor Mick says:

      He’s a politician. What exactly do you expect?

    • 63
      Anonymous says:

      We know he’s lying. He knows we know he’s lying. But he doesn’t care.

      Frightening isn’t it!

    • 87

      His lips move, he’s lying.

      The Penguin.

    • 146
      Agent 99 says:

      I am reminded of the comment from the film Red October where the US secretary of Defense tells the your officer about to be despatched to find the Russian sub:

      “I’m a politician which basically means when I am not kissing babies I am stealing their lollypops”

    • 194
      Twizzle says:

      Guy dies. He goes to the Pearly Gates and St Peter arrives.

      ‘How can I help you, my son?’

      ‘I’ve just died and want to go to heaven’.

      ‘Well, first we need to look at your clock’

      ‘What clock?’

      St Peter stands aside and, behind him are rows and rows of clock faces all telling different times.

      St Peter explains that, every time the guy lied whilst he was alive, the clock would move forward one minute. And everyone had their own clock.

      ‘Who’s the one with the time at midnight, St Peter?’

      ‘Oh, that’s Mother Teresa. She never lied once while she was alive. Amazing, eh?’

      ‘And the clock that’s 2 minutes past midnight?’

      ‘Oh, that Abraham Lincoln. He leid twice the whole time he was alive’

      ‘What about Gordon Brown’s clock?’

      ‘Oh, Gordon! Jesus uses his as a fan to keep his office cool in the summer’

  17. 21
    Anonymous says:

    The “PM is at the top of his game” phrase wasn’t in that document, but it was the phrase which all the brown-supporting MPs used in every interview they had the other day.

    Hain looked a bit miffed on newsnight last night, spouting the same shite but obviously/visibly not believing anything he said; my guess is he’s just biding his time and will be stabbing brown in the front on monday in a bid to try and save his own seat at the next election. I think he only accepted the job so he could do more damage to brown on monday. He looked like someone who was pretty keen to put the knife in.

  18. 22
    Anonymous says:

    The only surprise is if they didn’t do this I don’t see anything earth shattering here. I mean they all know what a mess they are in but what else do you expect them to do they have to make the best of it. All parties must have sent a briefing out.

    They are stuck with Brown, no viable alternative and no one with the courage to act. Things can only get worse for them.

    I consider myself a former labour supporter but cancelled my Labour party membership on the day Blair took us into iraq and haven’t voted for them since. This unnecessary destruction is all sad to see, Gordon is so useless. I am not sure what he is like personally but every time I see him giving an interview I just cant understand how he can be such an incompetent communicator how did anyone ever thing he would make a good leader.

    From the Tories perspective they might not want to push too hard right now the last thing they want is for him to go.

    • 634
      The Avenger says:

      So you’re one of the Hunts who voted for Blair!

      can I have you home(1st) address please?

  19. 23
    Seaorsa says:

    If any of you can read to the end of the Liebour briefing note without being sick they clearly state that two Scottish byelection seats were gains from the SNP. These were held by Liebour before the election, and held by Liebour after the election – though with swings away from Liebour to the SNP.

    Now I know they are living in a fantasy world, but surely even they comprehend that it is only a gain is when a seat changes hands.

    What about the other tractor stats? Are they all bollox too?

  20. 24
    The Master says:

    Orders to all Robots. Read your instructions, store in memory. Select relevant lines to be repeated in response when questioned by media or heaven forbid, voters. signed by someone other than The Dear Leader, Kim il Gorgon. Heil Heil!

    • 36
      Right Bastard says:

      Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

      • 64
        Harri says:

        Number 5… alive

        Input input input

        • 603
          Bordeaux Binger says:

          This does not compute. Phase error at 10 and 11. Reboot. Reboot. PLP in shift mode.

        • 680

          Fatal Error

          Labour Government Detected

          Economy Dump in progress

          Vote Any Other party to Reset.

        • 807

          Yes, everyone should listen to AnticitizenOne and they should vote for me.
          I may be dishonest and untrustworthy and I did start screwing the shit out of the taxpayer as soon as I possibly could but I still think I am the man for the job.
          And I just want to let all my millionaire friends know that should I get in, I will take good care of them.
          If you are not a millionaire then you can fuck orff!

  21. 28
    'kinell says:

    Interesting—–everything is “sad” or “terrific”

    the tone and repetitive use of the same words and phrases is so boringly familiar

    and repellent.

    cameron technique not mucg diferent

  22. 29
    It's all too much says:

    The “lines to take” appears to have been, verbatim, the BBC script for yesterday. What a co-incidence!

    • 59
      Doctor Mick says:

      Quite. I wonder if licence payers’ money was used to produce this drivel?

  23. 30
    Anonymous says:

    Whilst flipping news channels the other day I saw that all the foreign networks were reporting on brown being unable to lead and saying our democracy was just a joke. Even the fucking chinese were deploring our lack of democracy.

    A trillion quid of debt, an unelected PM, 3 unelected cabinet ministers, almost a dozen ministerial resignations, elections which prove that the government has no mandate, a PM who doesn’t even have the backing to put together his own cabinet, and a government who still says that elections are irrelevant because they’re doing important work.

    Fuck me, if it’s not riot-time now, then when?

    • 42
      Basil Adverbs says:

      Give GB a chance! it has to come right in the end. Eventually. At some stage. Whenever.

      • 101
        Finnpog says:

        Yes. Thank fuck, he will die one day

        Maybe in those last few moments whilst struggling for breath he will look back on these times and be ashamed of his actions for the last 13 years, and not do peacefully into the dark.

    • 45
      I am Sick says:

      “3 unelected cabinet ministers,”

      Errm, seven actually, plus of course unelected PM. Of course we live in a representative democracy, right?

      • 336
        Dr Nuts says:

        Or, 3 newly created cretins (sorry Lords), to trough to their hearts content without having to worry about electorale mandates. Isn’t that just heaven for Fondlebum and his inner circle?

    • 47
      Anonymous says:

      Brown is an unelected, psychopathic bully who think’s it’s his devine right to rule whether we want him or not.

      The spinless nonentities in the Labour Party are scared of him and most of the British public, whilst despising him, are just too fecking lazy, frightened, or apathetic to do anything about it.

      • 55
        Engineer says:

        Not sure I entirely agree about the public. Everybody I know wants an election.

        • 74
          Anonymous says:

          The majority want an election but Fuhrer Brown isn’t going to give one so what are the great British public going to do about it?

          Sweet FA as usual!

        • 76
          Dack Blog says:

          More should have voted then.

        • 84
          Anonymous says:

          yes, but how many people are willing to fight for it instead of just moan?

          I say we all march to downing street in our millions and physically throw the bastard out the window.

        • 265
          pauline says:

          i dont

      • 61
        Anonymous says:

        I meant spineless nonentities! There’s no shortage of spin!!

  24. 33
    michel de montaigne says:

    Guido. Can we have a look at Monday’s please as soon as it’s available

  25. 35
    backwoodsman says:

    Probably miss-atributed, Guido. I’m sure I heard all of those points on the bbc R4 news !

  26. 38
    Heads on poles says:

    Just as Hitler dished out medals to his henchman towards the end, will we see toilets with a gong of some sort, Sir Michael White for real and a couple of high up, non-descripts at the Beeb getting something?

  27. 39
    Glenys says:

    “Is this the queue for the Fees Office?”

  28. 40
    Jeremy Bowen says:


    • 62
      Engineer says:

      Vote ABL at the first opportunity. It’s the right thing to do.

    • 141
      Mrs Kindleysides says:

      Unfortunately, that phrase has now passed into the public domain; I am sick of hearing every Tom Dick & Harry say “it was the right thing to do” when confronted about their selfish or misguided actions. People have become so very arrogant and lacking in any humility……they are always right and NEVER wrong. This is the sick society labour have left us with. They have managed to totally destroy British values which were a big part of our culture and success; humility, civility, politeness & tolerance.

  29. 41
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon Brown is beginning to remind me of that other ego-obsessed, attention-seeking has-been, David Beckham.

    Even though he’s gone way past his sell-by date he’s still hanging around pushing himself in your face like the smell of raw sewage.

  30. 43
    Snowball says:

    Changing the subject, just watched Brown in the D-Day remembrance service in Normandy. He did not look happy being upstaged by Prince Charles.

    Brown wanted to be at the top table and gain all the publicity. A member of the Royal family attending means that he is demoted. He is not a head of state like the French President Nicolas Sarkozy and US President Barack Obama.

    You can tell Brown doesn’t like it and that is why he tried to keep the Queen out of the celebrations. It is the best reason to keep the monarchy, Prime Ministers are reminded that they are just the Queen’s servants.

    Another example of Labour control freakery.

    • 57
      Be gone Gordon! says:

      Ignorant one-eyed pig couldn’t even bow his head after he’d laid a a wreath (bet he claims for it!) at the alter in Bayeaux Cathedral – scum!

      • 70
        Doctor Mick says:

        To be fair he can’t do that. His false eye would drop out and roll away like a marble. About as dignified as claiming the cost of the wreath back.

        • 90
        • 139
          Anonymous says:

          Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! He’s only got one eye you see!
          Brilliant! Who said Toryboys were humourless twats ?

          You should try telling that joke to some of the veterans who lost arms legs and dare I say it even eyes during the War.
          They would laugh and laugh and laugh. As they kicked the shit out of you.

        • 176
          Doctor Mick says:

          How can an ninety year old bloke kick shit out of someone if he has no legs? If they could give anyone a thumping it would be Brown. The veterans and died fought for the democracy that Brown has now only has contempt for.

          He has no business being there at the ceremony. He has consistently whittled down the forces over the years to the extent they can barely defend themselves. The guy is a charlatan.

        • 219
          Anonymous says:

          The veterans could kick the shit out of a spineless Toryboy weakling without any legs or arms. It’s a figure of speech and seeking refuge in pedantry is not what the veterans are all about. They have guts and courage.

          There’s a reason they faught and so many faught and died for their country and it wasn’t to hear little shits mock the disabled.

          They also do not suffer from ignorance and know full well the the Prime Minister is still the Prime Minister representing Great Britain at such occasions whatever Party he belongs to. So if they call him a bounder they have the decency to do it when it is appropriate and not make a cheap disrespectful spectacle of the solemn commemoration of the dead.

          Absolutely no bloody class on show these days, none at all.

        • 350
          Dr Nuts says:

          The only reason he didn’t bow was because he wanted to curtsey!

        • 351
          Four-eyed English Genius says:

          Not every one-eye person has, single handedly, ruined a once great country , created a police state in it and sold its childrens’ birthright for a mess of pottage.

          I thought it was funny, and I suspect most of the vets would, as well!!

        • 360
          Doctor Mick says:

          It’s more than the loss of one eye that makes Brown “disabled”.

          The vets know fine well that this slimeball has engineered his invitation out there in the place of HM The Queen. They won’t even salute him as they know that he has nothing but contempt for the armed services.

          He is only there so that he can be photographed alongside Obama and bask in the reflected heroism of those that actually did something positive for their country SO THAT HE CAN RESCUE HIS STINKING CAREER.

          He is not fit to lick their boots.

        • 612
          Cheshire Cat says:

          Dear Anonymous 221 – ‘faught’? Not just once, but three times?

          You must have been ‘educated’ post-1997.

          The monocular moron is now an object of international derision, and you are obviously one of the Righteous with even less of a sense of humour than the moral midgets you support.

          Hope your mummy buys you a dictionary for your 12th brithday.

        • 655
          Labour isn't!, not any more says:

          His false eye is the only thing genuine about him

        • 688

          There’s a one eyed one armed person at the top of the column in Trafalgar Square who successfully commanded an entire fleet..

          Don’t give me this disability crap. Gordon has sunk our entire economy.

    • 88
      michel de montaigne says:

      ” Did not look happy”…….But he will have had a brief to tgell him not to grin today

      • 618
        Klato says:

        Have to defend Dr Mick here, he’s right on this point and you, anonymous, are just a cheap phony blowing yourself up with your own hot air. Most of the vets feel nothing but contempt for G Brown. They have seen how he throws the armed forces into politically inspired conflict without giving them adequate resources, how his government build property portfolios while armed forces accommodation rots; how the ever-more controlling Nulabour policies have led to a breakdown in self-policing and the social fabric, how Gordon has bankrupted UK plc, how he robbed our pensions etc et. It is Gordon who has made a cheap disrespectful spectacle of the solemn commemoration of the dead, and the vets would be well within their rights if they kicked seven sorts of shit out of the bastard.
        Class? You, sir, show none of it.

      • 765
        sed miles says:

        He was clinging onto his jaw a few minutes ago as if he thought it might be about to fall off.

  31. 46
    Upnorth says:

    “Orwellian” and just like 1984 they seem to have a “Ministry for Truth” (?)

  32. 48
    nell says:

    So that’s what Gordon does with his time. I’ve often wondered.

    Actually Gordon I share your opinion of your Ministers, MP’s and BBC presenters – most of them haven’t got two brain cells to rub together ,so they wouldn’t know what to say if you didn’t tell them. It is just unfortunate that you are a boring, insincere, incompetent person yourself as this comes across very strongly in these sorts of inane instructions.

  33. 49
    The Master says:

    “Knock knock” “Who’s there?” KINNOCK! You couldn’t make it up. Wonder if anyone will have a look at her X’s from the European Parliament?

    • 296
      I am Sick says:

      As well as her pension from the EU, which she gets for life, as long as she says nothing bad about said organisation. Naturally if she ever disses the EU, her pension could be terminated immediately. It`s called democracy, EU style, though to most not inside the golden circle, it looks just like old style, eastern european socialism of the elite.

    • 745
      Justin Slack-Scrote says:

      Gladys Kinnock?

      Hahahahahahahahahahah…LOL…you couldn’t write this stuff!!!

  34. 51
    Doctor Mick says:

    I’m surprised.

  35. 52
    ALan says:

    Of course they do. Every political party and every business with a communications officer will do similar

    • 66
      Glenys says:

      True but these buggers spout the same even if you ask them the time

    • 66
      Anonymous says:

      Yes Derek.

    • 124
      Engineer says:

      Which is fine, but would the BBC preface their remarks with something like “According to a Downing Street press release” – at least we’d know where we stood. As to the Labour talking heads, well if it comes out of a politician’s mouth, you can form your own judgement.

      What does it say about the Nulab apparatchiks that they have gone along with this for so long? Have they become totally dependent on it, now after 12 years of mind control, utterly unable to form a thought for themselves? How many Labour ‘mavericks’ can you think of?

      I know it’s been said so often that it’s boring, but we need a GE. Now.

    • 533
      Moley says:

      This degree of news “management” is only necessary if you are trying to convince the public that a pig in a kilt is a ballet dancer from Swan Lake.

      Word by word briefings are necessary to give the lies produced to cover up a complete disaster consistency and plausibility.

      Success does not need spinning.

  36. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Let’s face it. Britain is ruled by a deranged lunatic called Brown who, despite being despised by the vast majority of the voters and lacking the support of the majority of his party, refuses to step down and intends to continue for at least another year inflicting terrible damage on the economy and social structure of this country.

    Has Britain ever been ruled by such a madman before?

  37. 58
    Anonymous says:

    As yet the ONLY difference between Brown and Hitler is that Hitler actually had his opponents murdered and killed, especially after the assassination attempt.

    If I was Purnell, I’d be very careful not to go down any blind alleys.

    You never thought we would get to this current stage, with Brown did you? What’s next? You never know.

    • 82
      Paul J says:

      I actually felt slightly sorry for Brown yesterday. At least Hitler didn’t have to face a press conference in April 1045.

    • 91
      Anonymous says:

      Someone bumped off David Kelly though generally Labour prefers less obvious methods.

      In the case of James Purnell, I hear both Brown and Mandelson have been on to his local party telling them to de-select him.

      All other opponents tend to get smeared by media stooges in papers like the Mail and Telegraph as is happening to people like Blears and Sheerman right now.

      Expect to read a few smear stories about Flint in the days to come.

    • 95

      John Smith. Robin Cook.

      The Penguin.

    • 98
      Anonymous says:

      They already did it with David Kelly. They’ve got form. They might not physically wield the knife, but it’s part of their plan to physically destroy their political enemies. What do you think the 42 days was about? You don’t honestly think that was about terrorism, do you?

    • 144
      Oh do grow up says:

      Please come back to planet Earth

    • 436
      Doctor Mick says:

      In this respect Brown (and his new sidekick Lord Molotov) is more like Stalin than Hitler.

      Anybody who did not defer absolutely to the Generalissimo was a dead man.

  38. 71
    Ever Vigilant says:

    No. 20
    Tom Bradby impresses me.

    He is not afraid to ask pertinent questions in a direct manner and there is none of the shifty ,spineless ,sycophancy that is now so obvious with joke journalists like the cretin Robinson.

    • 96
      Anonymous says:

      Bradby really shows up Labour stooges like Toenails Robinson.

    • 204
      Kidney Bingoes says:

      I remember him being in a right old rage when the expenses scandal broke. Good for him.

  39. 72

    So more or less like North Korea then? This is one of those mails!

  40. 79
    Anonymous says:

    I said it on the BBC website (thoug hwhether they publish is anyone’s guess) and I’ll say it here – DDay is about people who put the country first – Brown only puts himself first and the country can go hang m- he should be ashamed to be there but no doubt wants a bit of Obama gold dust

    • 261
      Carla Bruni says:

      Brown should take advice from ugly birds, they don’t hand around with supermodels as it only makes them look worse.

  41. 81
    Rob says:

    “on-message Labour talking-heads spouting exactly the same drivel”

    Yes, but what about the Labour MPs and ministers?

  42. 83
    Agent 99 says:

    Brown at the D Day commemorations this morning I hope he choked on every single word as the National Anthem was sung.

    For this moron to represent the British people at this ceremony is uttely despicable. Enjoy your photo op with Obama you total hoon it will most likely be your last you lying asshole.

  43. 84
    Anonymous says:

    Just posted this on Nick Robinson’s blog. Don’t know how long it will stay there though, at least it got through the sensor.

    “242. At 09:42am on 06 Jun 2009, corruptfred wrote:

    Brown lied on national tv yesterday. Every body saw it. Twice he had the opportuntity to admit that he and his advisors had been briefing all political journalists that Darling was for the chop. This includes briefing Nick Robinson to that effect. Tom Bradby of ITN asked him twice to be honest and admit it,as Gordon said his style was to be honest because that is what his father was. Twice Gordon said that they did not brief about darlin going.

    Brown is a liar on live national television, unless the journalists want now to say that Brown and his advisors never briefed them about Darling going.

    Brown is a liar on national live televisison.

    But I don’t hold out much hope of you letting this one through.”

    • 108
      Anonymous says:

      Yesterday it was interesting watching Robinson’s body language at Brown’s press conference.

      I wonder if Sky Captain Boulton got a special treat from Anji for giving Brown a slap live on TV?

    • 153
      Scallywag says:

      “Brown is a liar on national live television.”

      No surprises there then. The bastard has been lying to everyone, including himself, for years about everything.

      You can tell when he’s doing it. His lips move and something strange happens under his chin on the left side. Very weird…

      • 324
        Right Bastard says:

        It’s caused by Mangledbums arm shoved up McGlovepuppet’s backside with fingers used for operating jaw motion.

    • 263
      Magnus says:

      He talks about how he aspires to be his father so much, perhaps we could dig him up and make him PM.

  44. 89
    Trough Mixture says:

    I have a line for them. It’s made of Det Cord and has something off-white attached to one end…

  45. 92
    A concerned parishioner says:

    If Brown is the answer then the fucking question needs to be looked at again

  46. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of the time Anthony B. referring to the Army as his men……….

    I have gained something from ZaNuLiebour; a first hand experience of the workings of the extreme one party state. Some of what I have seen could have been lifted directly out of books such as Michael Burleigh’s The Third Reich: A New History. I feel like a virologist that is fascinated by some demon strain of plague.

  47. 103
    Blake's7 says:

    It’s official I am suffering from writers block. I am so mad that my brain has stopped working and I am reduced to outbursts normally associated with those suffering from the sad but unfortunate mental condition known as Tourette’s Syndrome. Whilst sitting watching Quasimodo lie his face off during his cabinet reshuffle yesterday with my parents, I found myself spitting and shouting Hunt ,Hunt, Hunt in such a manor that you may be forgiven for thinking that I was impersonating Ben Kingsley’s performance in Sexy Beast. At one point my mum touched my hand and said “calm down dear it’s only an advert”, as more four letter tirades leaked out of my body as if said by some alien voice that I had no control of.

    As I switched from channel to channel looking for some form of journalism that wasn’t just a load of biased smear against the Tories I realised that my brain had gone into shut down mode as a safety precaution. You see I think we have all had the Gordon Brown debate so many times now that to make the same point one tries to say it in more refined and creative way. The problem is My brain is now trying to invent words to describe him as I have over used the entire English language and I am bored of it. Yes, Bored of my mind, bored of my own voice repeating that Gorgon Brown is the biggest Hunt in the world. Bigger than Mugabe, bigger than George Bush, bigger even than that giant rock in Thailand that, well looks like a Hunt.

    The voices are telling me that I need a break, some fun for example, it hints that a month in an opium den in Cambodia would be a great idea. And I have to agree it is tempting. Imagine going into a deep mind cleansing sleep doing battle with all your demons and then waking up 30 days later and finding out that yes it had all been some horrible dream and that it was all just a metaphor for the fact that I hadn’t been laid for a while.

    I mean there must be some Divine force at work here as I tell myself repeatedly that you just “could not make this up”. Was I stuck in a dream written by Hunter S Thompson staring me as a drug fuelled lunatic hell bent on doing the last thing that you could imagine. Sadly I am afraid to say I am not. I am quite sane and this is all very much real. Hunt, Hunt, Hunt.

    The Beast must go for the sake of my sanity, for the sake of my countries sanity and most all for the sake of the voices in my head.

    • 110
      Anonymous says:

      Gordon Brown has that effect on most of us, but being a deranged psychopath he thinks that he is right and the rest of us are wrong. In fact, he thinks that we don’t count in any way at all, to him we aren’t even human.

    • 111
      Dack Blog says:

      Get pissed, get laid. Works for me.

    • 129
      Anonymous says:

      I love you writing you should start a blog of your own.

      What you need to do is resign from your job and sign up for a politics degree in some nice provincial red brick university. You would die of a combination of laughter and amazement before the end of the first semester……

    • 170
      noddy says:

      As a matter of interest, did you take the red or the blue pill?

    • 188
      big ears says:

      Yeah you’re suffering from fawkes burnout.

      Same thing happened to ‘the hitch’ stanislav, dennis the hunchback, 45 govt, electro kevin, shotgun, julian and many more that just elude my fading memory…….all gone and almost forgotten.

      • 334
        Right Bastard says:

        They’ve all been tracked down by McStalin’s secret Stasi and disposed of a la Kelly.

        Be careful, be very careful.

      • 371
        ...a passing anarchist... says:

        stan is still fondly remembered…

        • 791
          fanofstan says:

          mr stan, mrs and dog, buster, move to own gaff now, is big success as finest plumber in jockland, best part of england, and chronicle sayings and doings of Accursed Claw of Ruin that all may read and weep.

          only for tax reason is call Mr Ishmael Blogspot. Honest, not invent.

      • 770
        thick as thieves says:

        but thick as thieves burns as brightly as ever.
        bashing the brains out of all the partisan cretins who frequent this place.
        a true sign of genius.

    • 737
      caesars wife says:

      I find a healthy dose of visualising neil kinnock telling you how to live your life for you , soon spurs me into acts of linguistic heroism , or gordon brown being made into an everlasting borg .

      neil Kinnock , he just cant beleive that thing is wonk

  48. 104

    Watching the so called news conference yesterday, our overpaid gutless hacks are apparently only allowed one question to the dear leader; Unibond Brown (Why Unibond? -Got no nails) and if really brave might slip in another! It matters not. Whatever question was asked Brown kept to the script, basically, liike Stalin and Hitler, he is in charge and we can all lump it, democracy has been shown the back door and we have a Mugabe style of control.

    I would also seriously question Browns medical and mental state. I along with many others are convinced that Brown, about the time of G20, suffered some form of mental breakdown and there are post-traumatic signs he is not only still under stress but being irrational. In the private sector, it is usually a condition of employment that the candidate must submit to a medical examination otherwise insurance cover may be denied. Clearly the time has come for Brown to agree to a complerte medical from an independednt facility and to have the results acted upon accordingly. It is not only Susan Boyle who might need to use the Priory.

    Finally, that make-up. Brown got away with it on sky news but when I tuned into Channel 4 news later that night the quality of the picture showed up the hatchet make up job , he looked more like the Joker out of batman. If he is going to waar make up at least get a professional into do it and put on some acrylic nails to cover the ones he has bitten down to the knuckle. Or invest in a bottle of Nilbite about £3.

  49. 105
    Daily Mail pen-pusher says:

    Labour-friendly journos have been informed that today’s D-Day commemorations are intended by Brown to be another relaunch. They have been told to concentrate on him and Obama in the hope that Obama’s star rating will assist Brown’s image.

    What a dreadful way to try to exploit such a poignant anniversary.

    • 139
      Scallywag says:

      It’s still quite amazing that there are any ‘labour-friendly’ journos left to be informed of the Dear Leader McTwat’s last wishes. Re-launch, my arse…

    • 168
      bill & ben says:

      Oh yeah, that worked well last time didn’t it?

  50. 106
    Dack Blog says:

    Kinnock on Sky. He sounds a bit doddery. I’m listening out for the script.

    • 135
      Cjamesk says:

      That communist should have been taken to the asylum a long time ago.

      • 179
        Margy says:

        The hypocritical, duplicitous, chippy, naff, socially aspirant KINNOCKS!
        Makes you want to throw up! I loathe them both for their amateurism and incompetence.

    • 262
      Lofa on the sofa says:

      listening to him, I couldn’t help thinking that he must exist in some sort of parallel universe. what he was describing bore no resemblance to anything that had actually happened in the last week. Can you imagine him spouting that sort of rubbish about multiple resignations from cabinet if it was a tory administration. I never really took him seriously, did any one, and now i know why.

  51. 113
    Agent 99 says:

    Windback Kinnock on Sky saying that Brown was the best man for the job.
    Spouting total bollox and says that Sky is “extending the truth” what the f**k!!!!. Labour are absolute masters of extending the truth.

    My God I really thought we had really seen the end of the Kinnocks but this is a total absolute nightmare to see this total prat back up on the screen a nightmare!!!!.

    • 122
      Anonymous says:

      Bringing the Kinnocks back means hundreds of thousands more votes lost for Labour.

      That’s unless Brown finds an excuse to cancel the next election.

    • 133
      Rexel 56 says:

      Kinnock – just FUCK OFF

      This has tipped me over into visceral hatred og Brown.

      • 147
        Anonymous says:

        Kinnoch actually predicted a Brown victory in the next election. Madness truly madness. Any credibility that Kinnochio had has now been flushed down the pan, what a train wreck.

        • 553
          Anonymous says:

          Yea, but he thought he was going to beat Major too. Man’s still a Welsh windbag.

    • 145
      Anonymous says:

      Jesus Christ Kinnoch on Sky !!!

      Thankfully I have developed a bullshit detector which can translate what a Politician actuallt means as opposed what he actually syas. It also has a special windbag function which takes out the content of the interview which is just bluster and hot air.

      I tried it out during this interview and it went like this.

      Interviewer” ” Mr Kinnoch should Gordon Brown step down?”

      Kinnoch : ” No.”

      Interviewer ” Why ? ”

      Kinnoch ” Cause my wife has landed a plumb job in his cabinet and the money
      would be nice. ”

      And that was it folks , The truth precise and to the point ”

      Kinnochio by name Kinnochio by nature.

    • 148
      Dack Blog says:

      God they’re really pushing the ‘Brown led the world on the economic crisis and is basking in the gratitude of other world leaders’ line. Kinnock suggesting his future lies on the world stage (or penning another tome). I’m a pretty laid-back person but this is gettting bad for my blood pressure. I may crack. Off to my real life for a while. I need some time out.

    • 344
      Right Bastard says:

      Time to dust off the kipper tie and flares, put on the Bee Gees and really get into the mood.

    • 699

      I’m going to a comedy club, but they’ll have a hard time coming up with something funnier than Glennys Kinnock in government!

  52. 114
    Anonymous says:

    I know I posted this on a previous thread but it is so important. I only post it so we remember those who gave their lives and suffered greatly FOR US.
    and I’m not looking for critical posts either about Reagan. This is just for the boys who gave their lives for us. A very moving speech.





  53. 123
    BBC Investigative Reporter says:

    I get my list of questions to ask by email every morning.

    “What colour is an orange, Gordon?”

    “How many apples in a bunch of grapes, Alister?”

    “What are you doing in Normandy, Bob?”

  54. 126
    Scallywag says:

    “Hopefully the next leader of the Labour Party will be less Stalinist and permit Labour MPs to think for themselves…”

    Come, come. We can’t have the lobby fodder actually using whatever brainpower they might have. If they were ever allowed to do that, the No 10 Thought Police and the Brownspeak Gauleiters would have nothing to do but invent more smears. No the Labour Party Line MUST be followed by every one of them regardless of who has been unfortunate enough to take over from McTwat next week.

  55. 136
  56. 142
    snark says:

    Interesting snippet from the script.

    “Results for Hastings:

    Braybrooke and Castle – Labour hold with 47% of the vote

    Central St Leonards and Gensing – Labour hold with 40% of the vote

    Hollington and Wishing Tree – labour hold with 43% of the vote”

    Hastings isn’t called the Costa del Dole for nothing.

    • 169
      I've been to Hastings says:

      Last time I went there the sea front was populated by with drug addicted young drabs offering their private parts for sale whilst swigging from cans of special brew – at 10 in the morning on a very cold and stormy Feb day. Later that Day numerous little clumps of sinister looking foreigners appeared; hanging about next to the post office, smoking spitting and leering at any woman under the age of 55. No doubt core voters

      • 447
        Costa del Dole says:


        ..there’s an exciting new ‘university’ about to open up next door to the railway station that’ll teach media studies and web design skills to an upcoming generation of claimants students.

        Supply and demand being what they are, expect those blowjobs to come down in price next Feb.

    • 793
      Call me Infidel says:

      Funny how BBC South East chose this as their “good news for Labour story”

  57. 143
    Ah ha! says:

    I’m beginning to realize why MPs claim on their expenses:
    a) it’s the only creative thing left for them to do.
    b) they may as well get something out of a system that treats them like a robot.

  58. 149

    Why does Caroline Flint have the cheek to accuse Gordon Brown of sexism when she did a photo shoot in the Observer which made her look like a not very high class protitute? She also comes across as very patronising and arrogant every time she speaks in public. Especially on Question time?

    James Purnell is a nothing Blairite who will end up as a nothing in history.

    Blears is just a poisonous dwarf.


    Brown looks massive by comparison.

    He is basically telling us all to fu5k off and getting away with it.

    • 187
      Ivor Hardon...... says:

      ……..thinking about Caroline Flint

    • 228
      Augeas says:

      So that’s the unexpurgated version of “the line to take”. Now say whether you approve of the unattributed smears and attempted intimidation of constituency party leaders.

    • 672
      Anonymous says:

      Im not so sure about the high class bit.

    • 738

      What’s sexist about being an attractive woman? daft git.

    • 797
      Sylvia's Mother says:

      Flint just shows how stupid she is in the space of 24 hours comments at opposite ends of the spectrum and heaven forbid she chose to go into politics beggars belief. What a twat.

  59. 154

    Why does Caroline Flint have the cheek to accuse Gordon Brown of sexism when she did a photo shoot in the Observer which made her look like a not very high class prostitute? She also comes across as very patronising and arrogant every time she speaks in public. Especially on Question time?’
    (sorry missed out the ‘S’ previously!)

    James Purnell is a nothing Blairite who will end up as a nothing in history.

    Blears is just a poisonous dwarf.


    Brown looks massive by comparison.

    He is basically telling us all to fu5k off and getting away with it.

    • 173
      Ivor Hardon says:

      Where is Caroline Flint, I’m missing her already.

      • 178
        Caroline Skin-Flint says:

        I’m in a window in the red light area of Amsterdam. Bob Ainsworth just walked by, thought he was supposed to be in Normady.

        • 181
          Bob Ainsworth says:

          Can you direct me to Aromanche beach?

        • 214
          Trough Mixture says:

          Certainly Bob. Just follow the yellow signs that say “ACHTUNG MINEN!” That’s French for ‘Beach this way’.

    • 218
      The Baronessleaze says:

      Did we pay for those pictures of Caroline Flint? She sure has a good PR agency, turning a sow’s lug into a plastic purse…

    • 245
      Chauvinstic Pig says:

      Oi! Leave Flint alone. At least she’s shaggable Save your ire for dogs like Beckett. I wouldnt do her with yours. We need more decent totty in Parliament. Too many dogs and arse bandits.

      • 287
        Lolita of the backbenches says:

        Can I have my job back, I was only kidding

      • 799
        Sylvia's Mother says:

        Beckett the most ugly bitch to walk the corridors of HOC. Thank god this horrible bitch has gone. Carry on Camping!!

  60. 155
    Anonymous says:

    It’s great to see the Kinnocks back.

    Will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights?

  61. 157
    Lizzie says:

    Lord Kinnock was just on Sky, you are right….same old drivel, Brown getting on with the job. Yes Brown should get on with the job of calling a general election, then we will see whether the British people want him to do that. Labour are so dreary, or as cameron said, “dead, over and finished.

  62. 159
    Labour=scum says:

    Brown claimed £382.39 for the cost of an electricity bill covering electricity usage over the period July 3rd to September 28 2006, 88 days.

    An average house in UK uses about 3,300 kWh of electricity in a year. In 2006 electricity prices in UK were around 10p per kWh, so £380 equates to around 3,800 kWhs of electricity used: more than the average annual usage, in only 88 days, less than one quarter of a year!

    Bear in mind too, the period claimed for is the summer period with usage being typically less than half the winter period. Presumably too Brown and family did not spend most of their time during these 88 days at this house(parliament not breaking up until end of July). So, on the face of it, would appear that Brown has submitted an expense for electricity usage at least four times greater than the actual electricity usage would have been. To clear this up all that is needed is his actual bill and the electricity supply company’s records for corroboration. If, as is likely, Brown has made a bogus claim, for an amount many times the actual cost incurred, he should be arrested and charged with defrauding the public purse.


    • 301
      Anonymous says:

      Or alternatively, put the electicity to good use; wired to a chair with GB sitting in it…

    • 330

      Looks like he claimed for the ENTIRE year even though he was only entitled to (25%) 88/365 ths of it.

    • 628
      Cheshire Cat says:

      Those mercury lights and hydroponic systems don’t half eat the meter, though – and he’s still smoking the rest of the crop from 2006.

      Well, that’s the only explanation I can find for his bizarre and slightly paranoid behaviour, anyway…

  63. 160
    gonjo says:

    One bright point to emerge from this disclosure………..Peter Hain doesn’t need a script to sound like a ‘Speak Your Weight’ machine.

    • 248
      Trough Mixture says:

      Did’t quite reach the remote in time last night. I had forgotten quite how desperately one needs to shower after watching him even by accident.

      Sue Perkins on News Quiz has just described Blears as “a Titian Troll”.

  64. 161
    Lola says:

    Read it. Goebbels would have been appalled.

    • 206
      Geobbels says:

      I might have told a few porkies in my time but never on this scale, its quite astonishing really.

  65. 165
    The Brussels Octopus stalks us all says:

    Post-Election On-Message “Lines to Take” from Conservative HQ on Sunday

    The Conservative European Policy is settled.

    Kenneth Clarke has signed up to the European Policy.

    Eurosceptics are only a few malcontents and David will not heed them as he wishes to concentrate on looking sorry about expenses for the moment.

    Our position on Lisbon is pefectly clear.

    Our position on Lisbon will be perfectly clear in the manifesto.

    UKIP are a protest vote.

    UKIP are malcontents.

    UKIP are not the boss of Dave.

    There is no need for a referendum and never will be.

    • 201
      Anonymous says:

      Well don’t look to UKIP to do anything about it.
      They have done nothing in ten years and won’t now.
      They are just a dead end conduit for anti EU votes and we have just watched the public conned again.
      At least the Dutch are starting to wake themselves up.
      Tomorrows results are going to be most interesting.

      • 250
        The Brussels Octopus stalks us all says:

        They have a firm Policy on Europe and do not hide behind weasel words like that flaccid little weakling Cameron does.

        If they have done nothing then what have the Conservatives done ?
        Have they stopped the juggernaught of legislation with platitudes ?
        Will they stop it now with strong words and a stern face ?

        They might have a referendum on Lisbon if conditions are right and if it’s on the manifesto and if we can get Ken to go for it ? Or they might not.
        That’s bold, that’s very bold.

        • 297
          Anonymous says:

          Well you just prove the point.
          Time for something new.
          As I say, the Dutch have just managed it.
          Geert Wilders victory.
          Certainly other EU countries are almost certainly going to manage it.
          Have we in the UK?
          Tomorrow will tell.

  66. 167
  67. 172
    You can't beat a good british dictatorship says:

    Do we live in a democracy?

    PM unelected
    Deputy PM unelected
    Half the cabinet unelected
    Election manifestos ignored
    Party MPs only allowed to speak government speak.
    Prime Minister Lies at press conferences.
    Prime Minister and his government on the expenses take.

    Mugabe’s regime looks positively benign when compared to Herr Braun’s.

    • 180
      Anonymous says:

      You missed 75% of our laws dictated by the EU and a £1.7 trillion debt mountain (& growing).

    • 189
      The Master says:

      well put

    • 195
      Anonymous says:

      Just as well Mugabes name wasnt on the election paper I would have been so tempted….best of two evils and all that

    • 209
      Anonymous says:

      You have forgotten the blatant political censorship which runs deep right through the establishment and some blogs.

    • 271
      Lizzie says:

      Cabinet to be re-named “the politburo”

  68. 182
    microdave says:

    “Guido is grateful to a “real socialist” co-conspirator for providing yesterday’s “lines to take”. ”

    That wouldn’t be Ian Gibson, would it? He’s finally discovered what a bunch of S**ts he’s been representing for years!

    • 239

      He is supposed to be “representing” his Constituents – are you saying they are shits?

      • 355
        microdave says:

        Sorry, I worded that rather badly. Perhaps I should have said “what a S***t party he’s been part of for years!”

      • 633
        Cheshire Cat says:

        At least Gibson has had the decency to resign completely and force a by-election, unlike the rest of the troughing bastards who will continue to live off the rest of us and take their unjustifiable pay-offs after the election (if it ever happens).

        Kudos to him, even if he is NuLiebour.

  69. 183
    TOO FAR says:

    So Alan Sugar is “sort of ” joining the Govenment as an adviser. Could you imagine Sir, shortly to be Lord Sugar trying to give advice to those useless incompetent fuckwit ministers, and Brown… great TV viewing.
    Alan Sugar would be the the one throwing Nokia’s about with as many fucks. I can’t see how a self made millionare and brilliant business man could get involved or try to advise a lot of thieving lying incompetent back stabbers.
    It may be Browns worst decision, he won’t listen to Sugar’s advice as he always knows better. Suger will raise a massive fuck and walk out and it will it will go public. Hey presto! Brown in even more shit.
    As for Mrs Pillock now thats another (fuck up) story.

    God the arsehole is desperate, just like Hitler in his bunker in the dieing moments of WW2

    • 220
      Ivor the Boneless says:

      TOO FAR said:
      ‘I can’t see how a self made millionaire and brilliant business man could get involved or try to advise a lot of thieving lying incompetent back stabbers.’

      I don’t see how anybody could could regard AS as a ‘brilliant’ business man given his record on that front. I do agree however that he would not be listened to. I rest my case with the Gershon report that was sabotaged by the politicians and civil service. This is just a fart arse publiticy stunt to cash in on a minor TV celebrity.

      • 232
        Anonymous says:

        Sugar missed a trick with Bill gates and for a business man making computers that was as big a fuck up as you can imagine. Sir Allan……….your Fired !

        • 256
          Chauvinstic Pig says:

          Yes. I read somewhere that, back in the early days, Sugar had told Bill Gates to piss off and take his new fangled operating system rubbish elsewhere. Whoops…

          Reminds of the people at Decca who turned down The Beatles because they would never catch on…

        • 363
          Anonymous says:

          That would be Dick Rowe but to be fair he did sign the Rolling Stones so he redeemed himself.

      • 244

        I agree – does no-one remember the crap of Amstrad?

        Also I seem to recall his lack of enthusiasm over the years for Labour?

        Brown is a power and control freak and needs to be removed from power.

        He will not step down voluntarily.

        • 591
          Dave Arbuthnot says:

          Suralan will live to regret it. He imagines that by cuddling up to Brown he’ll get some business favour in return as well as having his vanity stroked by a peerage. All these so-called successful businessmen show the same streak of naivety and allow themselves to be seduced by Government. Ask Sir Victor Blank. Last year he thought he was the PM’s best friend – take over HBOS etc etc. This year he’s been dumped, having served his purpose for Brown. The same thing will happen to Suralan. To sup with the devil (HMG) you need an extremely long spoon. If a candidate had shown this level of judgement on The Apprentice he or she would have been laughed out of the boardroom.

    • 259
      M.T.BUCKET says:

      Good one liner in the times today, ” If Alan Sugar is the answer then the prime minister is asking the wrong question”

      • 398
        Dr Nuts says:

        Alan Sugar is looking to make a fortune out of this – he sells computers to the schools – look for more Viglen PC’s to be sold as a result of the bidding system, which has now been circumvented.

        Only reason he agreed – all for a few more millions in the bank – or how did you think he made the money in the first place? Strange that the Conservatives had a schools policy in place 1997, which was ripped up and a £million donator Alan Sugar – soon to become – Sir Alan Sugar – had his company Viglen sell computers to schools wholesale, despite being far from cheapest!

        • 647
          Cheshire Cat says:

          Don’t remind me of those days – I nearly got sacked for refusing to have anything to do with the school software side of the business back then (I had an agreement with our Technical Director that I could avoid dealing with the Viglen school stuff, but when it all went totally tits-up, our MD told me I could fix it or walk, the Blackburn supporting bastard).

          The whole thing was a complete clusterfuck, but all the Viglen hardware was rebadged white-box Intel by then, so at least it mostly worked.

          Bad memories, Nuts.

    • 395
      Harpic says:

      Well he did,if I remember rightly, donate a million to labour. Not much time left for him to get his pay off Lord Sugar

    • 414
      OwlHoot says:

      > God the arsehole is desperate, just like Hitler in his bunker in the dieing moments of WW2

      I picture him now more like Captain Smith, in the wheelhouse alone desperately clutching the tiller, underwater and with the windows ominously creaking …

      Isn’t it a no brainer that if Brown were forced out he’d ask for a dissolution and call an election immediately? Surely he’s far too vindictive to let someone else take over, and in any case he could argue (correctly, purely by coincidence) that it would be “the right thing to do”.

    • 674
      Sugar's not as sweet as he was before says:

      Sugar yesterday said that he had been advising Brown for some years………..which just goes to show just how good a business man he really is!

  70. 184
    Anonymous says:

    Now call me dumb, BUT AINT WE MEANT TO BE RUNNING A DEMOCRACY HERE (No laughing in the cheap seats).




    • 225
      Vera says:

      7 unelected cabinet ministers…Lucky for some i suppose.

    • 801
      Sylvia's Mother says:

      I to find this disturbing. It also shows there just is not any talent on the Labout benches in the HOC and that says everything really.

    • 831
      Ali G says:

      Is cos he has no talent in the commons innit.


  71. 186
    Doctor Mick says:

    Brown is becoming increasingly mad and robotic. Very worrying. If HM the Queen can’t do anything about getting rid of him then this can only be a job for Doctor Who.

  72. 192
    Labour=shitting in our faces! says:

    just what hell is going on?

    myners,mandy…now sugar,g.kinnock………

    just what are our elections for ?

    with the great un-elected buffoon himself at the helm?

    how can this be allowed?

    when is someone in authority going to find some spine and arrest Brown and Darling etc?

    is there anyone with integrity left in the uk?

    • 196
      Huzzah says:

      Very few.

    • 208
      Doctor Mick says:

      Let’s see what happens when the European election results come out.

      Happy Mandays :)

    • 310
      Lord Mandelson's broken dreams says:

      Hit the nail on the head. we need vision! action! dynamism! strength! joy! words!

      And these are the men to give us it,

      David Cameron
      William Hague
      George Osborne
      Greg Clark
      Kenneth Clarke
      Alan Duncan
      Liam Fox
      Mark Francois
      Cheryl Gillan
      Michael Gove
      Chris Grayling
      Dominic Grieve
      Philip Hammond
      Nick Herbert
      Jeremy Hunt
      Andrew Lansley
      Oliver Letwin
      Francis Maude
      Theresa May
      Patrick McLoughlin
      Andrew Mitchell
      David Mundell
      Pauline Neville-Jones
      Owen Paterson
      Eric Pickles
      Grant Shapps
      Caroline Spelman
      Thomas Strathclyde
      Theresa Villiers
      Sayeeda Warsi
      David Willetts
      Joyce Anelay

      It’s like a roll call of action heroes and intellectual giants rolled into one grey shapeless mass of awesome.
      The public will be impressed. impressed to learn most of their names for a start.

      having a joke Labour Cabinet full of pieces of shit does not allow you to field nonentities and scragends and hope for the best come election time 12 months hence. the public will actually notice who they are supposed to be voting in.

      Cameron had better get some of this lot into fighting shape soon just in case Brown does fall to pieces.

      • 426
        Dogbreath says:

        He he he he he. Now there’s a list of winners

      • 488
        Honest Citizen says:

        I think you have forgotten Lord Rees-Mogg (age 101)

      • 501
        Honest Citizen says:

        You comments this list are devastating

        Not only is Britain currently an aircraft without a pilot

        But there does not seem to be any capable pilot to take over

        Where are the men and women of character FFS ?

        • 504
          Spin Doctor says:

          We don’t do “character” any more

          Just Public Relations

        • 506
          Boris says:

          And as for the Lib Dems

          A bunch of comprehensive school boys and girls….

          Mental age about 17….

      • 510
        Boris The Great says:

        I am not on your list

        At least I know how to fall into rivers..

        Makes ‘em laugh the Proles…!

      • 513
        Harry says:

        And most of these people are already bought off by special interest groups !!

        So watch out for the conflicts of interest en masse…

  73. 199
    The BBC says:

    Final Result ANALYSIS

    Conservatives 30 Labour 0

    A dissapointing day for the Conservatives and a sign the Gordon Brown has steered his way through a difficult period.

  74. 202
    Thunderbox says:

    Gordon continues to spit in our faces. By ‘embedding’ the Queen of the Gravy Trains, Glenys Kinnock in our House of Lords we now have two utterly useless serial failures milking the British system as well as the European one. God it just gets worse.

  75. 205
    Gordon Brown says:

    Just seen the discredited Neil Kinnock on Sky, (This was the character who was going to take us out of the EU before being beaten in the GE by John Major). Praising the Prime Mentalist as if he was god like. I wonder why he has suddenly lent such fulsome support to Brown’s cause?

    • 215
      lolol says:

      You have to remember his misses has just won the taxpayers lottery jackpot,wouldn’t you praise the person who gave you the free lottery ticket

    • 216
      Anonymous says:

      Ive really no idea why Kinnoch is all over the media supporting Brown. Now childeren can any of you think of a reason hmmm??

    • 229
      Vera says:

      The welsh Windbag is well chuffed that his Wife is now on yet another gravy train for life. Little wonder he thinks the Sun shines out of gordon’s arse. Actually the sponging welsh Windbag was doing exactly what this thread is about…reading from the government lines.

      • 235
        A stupid bastard says:

        His wife in the cabinet !!!!!….. you dont say……well I never. Im sure its just a co-incidence.

    • 255
      Gordon Brown says:

      Time has proven how right the country was to reject Kinnock in the 92 election.

  76. 207
    lolol says:

    The man who writes books on courage meeting the real men of courage, the man who writes books on courage is using the meeting for party political purposes,I hope the man who writes books on courage rots in hell,what a disgusting little shite he is.

  77. 210
    A pile of shite well past its sell by date says:

    Hi folks thought Id tell you the good news. I’ve just been offered a seat at Gordon Browns cabinet. Isn’t it wonderful !

  78. 212
    The Baronessleaze says:

    Glenys Kinnock now Lady Kinnock – WTF – & Minister for Europe – please!!
    That is a sign of insanity….

    Next it will be Lady Cherie Blair – Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs!

    Please preserve Britain’s dignity…

    • 295
      nell says:

      Sorry Baroness but you can’t preserve what they’ve already destroyed.

      We need to get rid of them to rebuild it.

      Just imagine a line up of BaronessU, GlynisK and AlanS all in their fancy robes together with those four troughing Labour Lords that were selling their favours like –well – hmm – those ladies that inhabit street corners. – There’s not an ounce of dignity in it, is there?

    • 367
      bergen says:

      There must come a time when the useless placemen on the Labour backbenches realise that they are looking stupid if outsiders have to be brought in as ministers.If even Brown thinks them vegetables,why should we have any respect for them?

      • 503
        albacore says:

        Actions speak louder than words. How more plainly could Brown have shown contempt for his back benchers?
        The new, surreal cabinet belongs in the rogues gallery of an old Batman comic.
        If Cameron’s not careful, Labour M P’s will unseat Brown on Monday and precipitate a general election.
        Then Call Me Dave will have one devil of a job weaselling out of a referendum before the Lisbon Treaty’s ratified.
        A pox on both their houses.

  79. 223
    Anonymous says:

    One of the complaints against this government is the growing democratic deficit that is perceived, and what does McTwat do?

    We’ve had Thatcherism and Blairism, this is definitely a Brownism.

  80. 224
    A NON says:

    Question to Caroline Flint less than month ago:

    Have you ever experienced sexism among her older, male colleagues?
    Answer: “No, not really” …

  81. 230
    City of Vice says:

    This is unreal. Is this the UK we are talking about East Germany under Honnecker? (or whatever that commie wanker’s name was). Do Labour Party politicians lack, brains, balls and backbone, is the Labour party so corrupt, to think such inane bullshit will deceive us now?

    Or is the purpose of such briefings really to ensure the likes of the BBC’s Toenails Robinson and Guardianista hacks take and present their Labour Party copy correctly.

  82. 233
    amanda says:

    One must remember that Brown is so deranged that he thinks we all perceive the world through lefty coloured glasses, and so the appointment of Glenys Kinnock looks like a master stroke if you’re a dumb fuck socialist.

    • 267
      nell says:

      Master stroke of idiocy.

      NeilK was on TV this morning saying that the Labour MP’s revolt won’t happen because there are only a few of them. Hope he’s wrong and this misery is all over by Wednesday.

      I thought he was a good spokesman for Labour this morning – one spectacularly failed politician trying to lie for another spectacularly failed politician.

      • 280
        M.T.BUCKET says:

        Its all about the party not the country, thy will behave and not rock the boat in the hope something will turn up and save them.

        • 289
          nell says:

          Lemmings, aren’t they M.T.?!!!!

          Sorry for the insult to Lemmings.!!!

        • 316
          M.T.BUCKET says:

          Makes one wonder how much lower he will sink in trying to hold on, he is no longer in power and doubt if he commands any respect from the rest of the cabinet.

  83. 236
    The BBC rules says:

    Will Nick and Margaret be attending Gordon’s cabinet when not out and about taking notes on how the rest of the cabinet are performing? Afterall, surallun is incapabale of taking a decision without their input.

  84. 246
    William says:

    Be fair. Every party has ‘lines to take’ on big issues.

    They are to help people speaking on behalf of the organisation. The same is true for Coca-Cola, Save the Children and any other organisation with media spokespeople.

  85. 254

    Now is the time to stand up and be counted by doing something about this crap.

    We are being ‘governed’ by a right wing fascist who is probably sectionable under the Mental Health Act but is getting away with it because even his own party is too gutless to do anything about it.

    If you are in a Labour constituency then make it plain to the sitting MP that he will be out of a job unless he gets rid of Gordon.

    If you are in a Labour constituency where the expenses of the MP are questionable ie fraudulent – make a complaint to the police and they will have to investigate then make sure the press know about it.

    Ditto Tories and Lb dems we need an election and this will only happen if WE take action not just talk.

    If the Police will not investigate – make a complaint to the IPCC.

    These are our public servants – let’s make them serve.

    • 275
      Anonymous says:

      My local fuckwit is in the cabinet!
      Their seat is ironclad.
      Put up a turd with a red rosette on it and the retards here will put the bugger in Parliament.
      Biggest pesthole on the face of the planet outside of downtown Mogadishu

    • 772

      A tax-extorting, control-freak, Socialist (OK a tautology) is Right wing?

      Pull the other one.

  86. 264
    Gordon Brown says:

    The country now looks to the PLP to do the right thing by the country during this coming week.

  87. 269
    Anonymous says:

    How long before the unelected prime mentalist has an entire cabinet of unelected ministers?

    • 318
      Anonymous says:

      Lord Adonis (actually a good bloke) becomes Transport Secretary because he knows about trains, and Glennys Kinnock becomes Europe Minister because she and Neil know about gravy trains.

  88. 272
    Hand Shandy says:

    I believe Brown views the British public as the enemy who need re-educating

    To him his views are honest and true, they are just very different from most normal people, I think he really is suffering from some type of mental illness.

    The fact that he is Prime Minister does not mean he is not some type of sociopath

    He appears to be able to keep his emotions under control at all times in public but is subject to uncontrollable rages at other times

    I never thought I would write this but Prescott, as thick as he is, at least has some basic emotional honesty, I was actually quite impressed when he twatted that protestor

    Brown is never angry in public

  89. 273
    greg says:

    Final proof of insanity if one were needed……..Brown still thinks that by fighting his way to stand next to Obama and shake his hand grinning inanely, will make him the most popular boy in school.

    What a fucking nutter.

    • 309
      Anonymous says:

      He actually believes the rubbish that he spouts that’s the problem and no amount of defeats at the polls will convince him that he is NOT right and that it’s the electorate who simply do not understand what a great job he’s doing for them !

  90. 279
    Richard's Chimney says:

    Can we not get back to the main topic of the day? I was told by the papers this morning it was Caroline Flint’s body.

  91. 281
    nell says:

    O/T Sorry but where’s Gordon – I’ve just been watching D-Day Commemoration in Arromanche and Caen – he’s nowhere to be seen.

    I know he was in Bayeux Cathedral early morning being followed around by a funny little man that bears an uncanny resemblance to Hitler – who was he? But in any case now they’ve both disappeared.

    In Caen there was only Obama and Sarkozy with the Vets and they only played the American and French national anthems. NO BRITISH ANTHEM – so much for saying thanks to our Vets for what they did on D-Day!!!

    I gather Gordon is expected somewhere later today because I’ve just heard a discussion that the Vets are trying to decide what to do about a salute if he’s on the podium – most don’t want to salute him apparently.

    • 288
      V Day says:

      Perhaps he was hit storming the beaches?

      • 294

        We would wish.

        Get into those police stations and complain about the fraud. MPs claiming for non existant mortgages is fraud.

        Let’s get them lifted then see the panic in the ranks.

      • 307
        nell says:

        If Gordon had lived through D-Day times he wouldn’t have been anywhere near the beaches, he would have been a conscientious objector muttering something about Presbyterianism and Moral Compasses.

        • 372
          Anonymous says:

          You are right Sy have just said that Sir Richcrad Dammit head of the armed forces will take the salute and that the vetrans will have no objection to saluting a fellow soldier

        • 471
          nell says:

          I am so glad – they deserve to be able to arch with dignity and have someone worthy to salute,although , from a personal point of view I would have loved to see gordon snubbed by brave marching men showing him the back of their heads.

    • 293
      Sad but true says:

      If they did that I would take back everything I said earlier and personally cheer them the airport, as would many thousands of others.

    • 320
      Anonymous says:

      He was at the British Service of Remembrance at Bayeux Cathedral this morning alongside Charles and afterwards whilst other dignatories were speaking to veterans Brown seemed to have made a beeline for the French Choir Boys to thank them for their contribution to the service.

      Caen is solely Franco-American affair ! Pity nobody told 21st Army Group in 1944. Still our Prime Minister(for the moment) will be sidling along later apparently

      P.S. Brown has more pressing business no doubt with his best mate Obama so won’t be able to take the Arromanches salute – Ainsworth will substitute allegedly

      • 349
        nell says:

        Ainsworth !! – is that that funny little man with vague resemblance to Hitler following Gordon round like a subservient butler – is HE the new Defence Minister???????? OMG – is that how little Gordon thinks of our brave lads and lasses in the Forces!!!

        Well I hope the Vets don’t salute him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        This rotten crew have got to go before they bring us, as a country, any lower. Not that we can get much lower than we are.

        PS as for Caen being primarily Franco-American affair – I know the brave lads of 1st Suffolks went through there at the time – maybe they were part of the 21st Army Group , I don’t know.

        • 387
          Anonymous says:

          The Brits & Canadians were in 21st Army Group(83,000 went ashore on D Day cf to 73,000 Americans on Utah & Omaha.The Big American build up was much later after the breakout from the “Bocage Country”) and was at the start of the invasion through June/July 1944 solely a Brit/Canadian Army under Gen(later Field Marshal)Montgomery and they were responsible for the sector stretching from Arromanches in the West to Ouistreham(ferry port for Caen these days) in the East which took in Juno ,Sword & Gold beaches therfore Caen itself. The Americans were responsible for the sector stretching from Arromanches westwards up the Cotenin peninsula and took in Utah & Omaha beaches and St Maire Eglise. Whilst the Americans had a very tough time of it especially on Omaha beach they had very little to do with liberating either Bayeux or Caen which was in the British-Canadian operating area although there is huge American Cemetary just outside Caen hence Obama visiting the town

        • 399
          Anonymous says:

          Sarkozy is another nasty little prick. Can’t bear the fact that the British saved the French. What a disgusting person to be so ungrateful to the brave men who fought to liberate France.

        • 478
          nell says:

          Thanks for that Anonymous. Agree re: Sarkozy, Monsieur “diminutive everything’.

          I notice in one of the cemeteries on the tv today there were French flags everywhere and yet the fighting was done by British Canadian and American troops.

          By the way of which- I haven’t heard mention of the Canadians at all today – so that is another snub. Sarkozy is such an oaf.

      • 474
        A NON says:

        Can we remember the Canadian troops on D-Day landings. Where is the Canadian PM Stepehn Harper, I know he has left Canada and is heading for France, but no mention of him nor Canadian troops. Canadians took Juno Beach.

        • 479
          nell says:

          Sorry didn’t see your post when I posted.

          I agree – what about the Canadians – let’s give them a BIG CHEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • 509
          Anonymous Misogynist says:

          Nell, the Canadians were remembered at Bayeux Cathedral. Canadian PM laid a wreath along with Charles and the Mentalist.

  92. 286
    Anonymous says:










    • 300
      nell says:

      In Cambridgeshire Labour lost one of their seats to the Raving Monster Loony Party!!!!! Chuckle!!

    • 319
      Rudy says:

      That is a complete wipeout. Honourable PMs would have gone to the country.
      But, as Guido has highlighted today, the lines to take will defend it. Watching news24 and the line seems to be “the public is protesting against the government over expenses, we are getting on with the job of cleaning up parliament”

      How they say it with a straight face is beyond me.

      • 342
        Ratsniffer says:

        This Government works on the Staliinst principle of repeating lies over and over again until the public believes them. It does work to some extent, relying on a compliant BBC to keep pumping out the propaganda without ever really challenging it.

      • 347
        M.T.BUCKET says:

        We all know it’s not just about expeses it’s the way they have governd for the last 12 years.

        • 403
          Sir Robin Daylight says:

          …..and europe but sadly many folk believe that dave cameroon is a euro sceptic but which he is not. It really is con

      • 685
        Golden Days says:

        This expenses business is a feeble Labour excuse. DO NOT BELIEVE IT! People did not vote for Labour because of their abysmal destruction of a once great country and their creation of a third world nation. Just look around.

      • 778

        > The public is protesting against the government over expenses

        and that’s why we are getting UBER-trougher Glennys to join the cabinet!

    • 340
      M.T.BUCKET says:

      Hardwidge and Baiter were counting ballot papers I suspect, they ca’nt get anything wright.

  93. 290
    jonjo says:

    Time to dust off the file labeled ‘The Kinnochio’s’ Mr Fawkes.

    They make ‘The Sopranos’ look like rank amateurs.

    • 322
      Ratsniffer says:

      Team kinnock has been sucking on the euro-teat for along time; no wonder NuLab are so pro europe, knowing that it provides for a very healthy “retirement”.

    • 374
      It's all too much says:

      In the fantastic “Gordon brown the downfall” available on Youtube (an absolute must) The Fuhrer after a screaming rage says “call Neill Kinnock, perhaps he can get me a job in Europe. Where’s my orange wig? I’m off to get shitfaced on special brew and use my trousers as a toilet”

  94. 292
    goto100 says:

    This is well worth listening to.

    Jenni Russell is furious, Julian Glover is talking ‘bunker’ and ‘Downfall’.

    Jonathan Freedland remains obsequious, and snivelling. But well worth hearing.


  95. 298

    [...] The Dalek central control has sent its message to all Daleks here. Thankfully leaked to Guido. [...]

  96. 302
    Neil Craig says:

    I noticed that after Caroline Flint’s tantrum about not getting an undeserved promotion & making the remark about being used as “window dressing” a whole bunch of newspapers, including the normally po faced Guardian, ran the same cheesecake photos showing the depth of her antipathy to being window dressing.

    Perhaps this was not Gordon/Balls lobby briefing. It is possible that all these journalists actually thought of this & searched out the same photos independently for themselves. Any odds?

    • 365
      Awaiting Moderation says:

      The sight of La Flint draped over a chaise longue in her fuck-me shoes and a red nighty has left me temporarily impotent. I might have to google Carla Bruni for some relief.

  97. 303
    A NON says:

    Caroline Flint: “as Europe Minister, she boasted of not having read the Lisbon Treaty, and argued that we should be pro-EU (I’m not making this up) because we eat pizza.” (Hannan in today’s Telegraph)

    • 313
      nell says:

      How sad that we didn’t pay her enough so that she could eat properly!

    • 315
      Heads on poles says:

      … and this is the type of person that Gordo thought apt to run the Country.

      • 321
        nell says:

        And now he’s chosen GlynisK !! – man of sound judgement.

      • 565
        Anonymous says:


        She is merely the type of useless, pointless, brainless bitches Gordon thought apt for female window dressing.

        Please be fair.

    • 339
      Ratsniffer says:

      She’s dimmer than a Toc H lamp. An unlit one.

      • 636
        Bordeaux Binger says:

        Haven’t heard that expression since my National Service days.

  98. 304
    Rudy says:

    While it doesn’t shock me that a political party has a central line to take system (all parties do! Even private companies do FFS) I do think you might have found something. I like some posters before recognise many of the lines in the labour briefing document from terms used by various BBC presenters etc. Now if new lab and BBC are sharing lines to take, that is something to take to the streets over.

    • 323
      Anonymous says:

      On a tangent but related. All the the BBC graphics are red. For Conservative gains yesterday they used blue backgrounds. I remember when the BBC was independent and unbiased its reporting; then they used to use blue backgrounds to their graphics.

      I sound like one of those weirdos who look for swastika shaped buildings on Google Earth…….

      • 335
        Ratsniffer says:

        Not only are they “sharing lines to be taken” but the Labour Broadcasting Corporation is actually being given daily orders from the bunker on what today’s slant must be.

    • 486

      Look how leftwing the bbc is now!


      Stop paying the TV_tax.

      End TV extortion make the BBC funded by subscription.

  99. 328
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Hopefully the next leader of the Labour Party will be less Stalinist and permit Labour MPs to think for themselves…

    If they could think for themselves, they would not be Labour MP’s in the first place!

  100. 331
    Ratsniffer says:

    NuLabour political interviews invariable fall into a pattern. Interviewer asks question but Nulab Drone answers a completely different question, an answer downloaded into drone’s hard drive by Das Bunkerkontroller.

    Asking the same question over and over again provokes a similar response, leaving the bemused viewer to wonder if the interviewer and interviewee are speaking totally out of synch.

  101. 332
    Porky Pies MP says:

    Heard the ethnic witch Diane Abbott on radio this morning. she thinks people are angry but that the working class voters will come back to Labour at the next election. She came across as if she still thinks all working class are stupid and will always vote Labour no matter what. I think she’s in for a very big shock.

    • 338
      Ratsniffer says:

      This would be the same Abbott who railed against colleagues for sending their kids to public schools and then, er, sent hers to a public school. This alone renders her opinions null and void.

    • 357
      Jackanory says:

      Is that the self-satisfied fat arse that crushes onto a settee with Mr Pompous nearly ever night?

  102. 343
    Aristotle says:

    earlier witnessed a “prospective” Labour candidate for a Cornish seat – clearly she too had been brainwashed.

    “lovely spin” that Labour had pushed the LibDems out of Cornwall – the world is flat afterall ;-)

  103. 348
    NewGirl says:

    Can’t think of a comment for myself, please could someone tell me what to type?

    • 354
      Troughtastic says:

      Another resignation will be along soon NewGirl. That’ll cheer you up.

      • 373
        NewGirl says:

        :-) Who’s next??!!

        • 380
          M.T.BUCKET says:

          Everyone is longing for it to be brown.

        • 401
          NewGirl says:

          No I don’t think you understand… He’s getting on with the job.

        • 457
          Troughtastic says:

          Can’t be Brown. I wrote to him this morning telling the job was now finished and thanking him for getting the job done but his services were no longer required.


    • 359
      Charles E Hardwidge says:

      Could you tell my mum that you love me abd want to marry me? She’s getting concerned that I play with winkle too much.

      • 376
        NewGirl says:

        you a bit too little for me Charles, sorry. and your standard of personal hygiene is very much in doubt..

        • 667
          Anonymous Misogynist says:

          Think Charlie is having a little ‘Cocky Lockey’ moment??

        • 811
          NewGirl says:

          Ha Ha misog you’ve been boning up !!

        • 813
          Anonymous Misogynist says:

          So was it Henny Penny yesterday for you? I missed the shebang, out till 9pm. Couldn’t believe what happened. Read yesterday’s blod this morn. mmm

      • 815
        NewGirl says:

        I was glued to Sky news at work yerterday afternoon, watching Brown’s car crash press conf when the news of Flint going came on. It was compelling TV, he clearly wasn’t expecting it…! I was so excited yesterday, it all seemed to be happening, but then today has been a bit dull! We’re spoilt though hey? x

        • 817
          Anonymous Misogynist says:

          Only saw bits of the press conf on various news progs, but all the resignations nearly instant ‘O’ but not quite. Today was always going to be an anti climax, always the way. Told you on Thurs that mentalist would bottle it over Ali D. Handy Mandy all over it.
          Don’t right off the Mentalist tho’, Mandy thinks he has the upper hand and it’s he whose calling the tune but like one or two others, Mentalist knows where (Mandy’s) the bodies are buried.x

        • 820
          NewGirl says:

          I don’t think we’ll get rid of him for a while yet though…and have to wait for our GE….still Sunday night may help!

        • 821
          NewGirl says:

          they’ve all got so much dirt on each other…and draper’s loose now sooooo….

        • 822
          Anonymous Misogynist says:

          Draper is a dead man dead!
          Monday is ‘D’ Day, if it doesn’t happen within a few days after that it aint gonna happen. The flying ess aitch one tee only sticks when you don’t have the power to deflect it.

    • 383
      Four-eyed English Genius says:

      How about:

      “Gordon for Emperor!” ?

    • 410
      Sir Robin Daylight says:

      ‘Sugar needs caning for looking like the Honey Monster’

    • 451
      Failed porn director says:

      I’ll just be sprawled on this bed, naked apart from some black hold-ups. Take me now. Say that, though just a suggestion, you can develop…..

  104. 364
    Jackanory says:

    UK mess created by McBroon = ‘International financial crisis’

  105. 368
    Anonymous says:


    How cosy that viglen got such a lucrative contract.

    Does Erskine May say anything about unelected cabinet members?

  106. 374
    Anonymous says:

    The Daily Telegraph has accused Gordon of ‘double dipping’…. so that’ll be that’ll be Crash shoving is cock up Mandy’s arse and then in his mouth then.

  107. 381
    Anonymous says:

    During Thatcher and Majors’ times of crisis we had wall to wall TV satire, poking fun at them .

    Funny with so much material to choose from now no TV show other than BB & F is commissioned.

    Perhaps the real characters and storylines are funnier than anything that
    could be made up!

    • 404
      Anonymous says:

      This was posted a year ago but funny how nothing changes (apart from most of his cabinet).

  108. 384
    VotR says:

    Slipping… Gordon’s slipping.

    Shame. I think The Tories would prefer to use him as their rag doll for a few more months, but he doesn’t look like lasting much longer.

  109. 385
    Lordalan Sugar of BBC says:

    Lord Sugar has already been “cleared to present next years series of The Apprentice”

    Downing St and BBC decided there is no conflict

    • 418
      Sir Robin Daylight says:

      Don’t apply for the show unless you are a labour card carrier. Oh no, that won’t work because he’d have to sack some. Sorry.

      • 435
        Alan Sugar's booster seat says:

        Well, I’m usually stuck under the great man’s bottom

    • 458
      Ratsniffer says:

      There will be fewer viewers – who wants to watch a man who has joined the NuLabour scumbags? Now we all know what he stands for and represents….another rich appologist for a party which has done what srallan is allways bollocking his apprentices for doing: spending more than they make.

    • 480
      Dick Scratcher says:

      Lord Sugar = Sid James Yak, Yak, Yak!

      • 681
        Dogsbollocks says:

        Give over Sid James had character ! And he did not buy anything from Amstrad

  110. 386
    Anonymous says:

    Surely the “Grassroots” of the Labour Party need to mobilize and get rid of this self-appoint Fuhrer, and his cronies like Kinnockio, Sugar.

    • 396
      Krystalnight says:

      From LabourHome
      “Labour people must realize that the current government are finished. he is an unelected prime minister of a givernment which includes quite a lot of unelected politicians.”

  111. 387
    Sugar-babes says:

    NHS – Viglen contract?

  112. 391
    Anonymous says:

    Unprecedented Times

    The global economic downturn

    The expenses scandals

    People losing their homes

    Every time you see a labour person on any tv or radio station today, this is what they are saying, from prospective candidates in cornwall to chairman in halifax. A very well orchestrated lying machine in operation today and again tomorrow and probably monday as well especially after the Euro eelctions. No one will even talk about the huge labour election losses.

    Just print off the e-mail provided by Guido and see how they all stick to the script.

    Gorbals, Hitler, politbureau of the soviet union, Burma all play or played the same game.

    So why do sky, bbc invite them on? they could all just read out the script.


    • 419
      Anonymous says:

      I’d love to see the LP membership figures.

      • 494
        Anonymous says:

        Equally alarming is its drop-off in membership. The last published figure, at the end of 2007, was 176,891. When Tony Blair became leader in 1994 it was 305,189 and the figure rose to 405,238 after the party won power. Labour will not say officially how many members it has, only that the number is “steady”. NEC sources say there was a surge in the months after Brown took over in 2007 but that since then numbers have dropped by around 10%, suggesting the figure now stands at about 160,000.

        That was taken from The Guardian, Tuesday 17 March 2009.
        So G-d knows what the real figure is.

        • 502
          Darth Vader says:

          There is no labour Party.
          Just McBroon and his crowd in the Bunker.
          actual membership – a handful.

    • 422
      Sir Robin Daylight says:

      Away wid da fairies. (Irish saying means: I don’t believe you).

  113. 392
    DG says:

    Did anyone catch Newsnight and Peter Hain saying that Glynis Kinnock (soon to be Lady Kinnock and Europe Minister) is one of the outstanding women politicians of our age? I didn’t know whether to laugh or throw up over the telly.

    • 397
      Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

      Among this lot a former primary school teacher passes for a major intellectual. No wonder they admire her.

    • 413
      Porky Pies MP says:

      Haine has certainly changed drastically from his younger socialist firebrand days. In regards to Kinnock etc, the Cabinet is stuffed with unelected members of the Lords that cannot be forced out by voters – until of course we havea change of government.

      What a bloody awful so-called democratic country that allow promotion of unelected people to make decisions of state in the cabinet. Now you would think that would be against Brown’s principles wouldn’t you?

    • 424
      Sir Robin Daylight says:

      She is the emblem of Wales herself!

    • 445
      RavingMad says:

      you could always claim the cleaning up on expenses

    • 484
      English Liberation Front says:

      One of the telling features about charlatans is that they create their own real time mythology and try to pass it off as the judgement of history. Preposterous. Hain is a stupid, pompous, bag of wind and history will have a very different story to tell about this lot, who can’t open their mouths without lying and peddle mediocrity as some kind of elitism (q.v. Jacqui Smith, etc.)

      Look at it this way, when the Nazis were in power they strutted about, arrogant and big-headed, bullying people, creating victims and scapegoats, patting each other on the back and puffing about how wonderful they were and their historical destiny. They made the rules, set the tone, controlled the propaganda. The truth was there all along, but just suppressed and intimidated by a parcel of lies and the complicit, craven sycophancy of the media. Now we know them for the gang of lying, murdering swine they really were.

      History will also not be kind to the political travesty that is New Labour, the national socialist party of Great Britain.

    • 535
      Anonymous says:

      What exactly does Haine base this assesment on ?

    • 696
      Sugar's not as sweet as he was before says:

      He described her as an International Politician!

      orange Hoon!

  114. 394
    Anonymous says:

    Toynbee on Sky saying results so appalling that Labour can’t carry o with Brown and in a deep dark black hole and that a new leader would have to call an election but first clean up politics etc. Labour might not win but at least save themselves from losing next 2/3 elections. Results tomorrow night might bring on new wave of panic and give them a dose of reality; if they want to see a change of direction they need a fresh face as leader. GB has very few supporters but they want to keep himas better than awful consequences of changing leader – others say going to be awful anyway so get a glimmer of hope and get new leader. Cabinet and MPs need to go to GB on Monday and tell him to go. Catalyst (local elections) but other, future catalysts will be messier eg Royal Mail. Next few days are last chance to do it with some neatness.

    • 406
      Die McBroon Die! says:

      Zanulab is “top heavy” with unelected robots.
      I reckon, even with a really bad Euro result, they will still be sticking to the script.
      McBroon has got F**K all else to do. His own party members hate him, yet wont move against him. (Very Hitlerite stuff).

      Everyone wants rid of the Scottish twat, but he’s still there. And will continue to be so.

    • 431
      Robin B'strd says:

      Trouble is that anything that Toynbee is for, any thinking person is automatically against!

      • 512

        Yep Toynbee wants extortion and envy to play an even bigger part in killing Britain!

        She’ll hopefully be one of the first to share the fate of Ceucescu.

  115. 404
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Has anyone else noticed the form of words Brown’s uses in his oft-repeated insistence that he is staying put?

    ‘I am going nowhere.’

    In four words that sums up his entire future.

    • 421
      Dr Nuts says:

      That’s the problem we have with him – He’s supposed to be our leader – but he ain’t leading – nor is anyone else,

      He’s Decay, Decay, Decay to Bliars Education, Education, Education!

    • 429
      Sir Robin Daylight says:

      That’s good. Labour motto: ‘We are going nowhere-vote Labour’ You’ve probably stumped Littlejohn nicely.

      • 470
        Pinup says:

        A Tory election poster carrying a mugshot of Brown and the caption “I am going nowhere” would work well. It’s almost threatening.

        Another poster with Peter Mandelson bearing his chest with the caption “Hello Boys” also worth considering.

    • 452
      M.T.BUCKET says:

      And the countrys all the time he stays there.

  116. 409
    Anonymous says:

    Im sure if we all chipped in we could hire a Serbian hitman?

  117. 415
    Dr Nuts says:

    What I liked was on Question Time – the advantage of our elected system is the Executive is taken from our elected legislature.

    Did anybody tell that to Brown?

  118. 416
    Toynbee writes shite says:


  119. 425
    John Bull says:

    Neil Kinnock has just made a party political broadcast on Sky News on behalf of Gordon Brown. He was allowed to ramble on uninterrupted for some four minutes. For God’s sake he has just been appointed by proxy to the Government. Sky are as bad as the BBC. Total lack of objective journalism.

    • 437
      Sir Robin Daylight says:

      Lord Kinnock, the working mans’ man. Oh yes. What a fucking idol he is.

    • 438
      Switch SKYBBC off! says:

      Sky is now justing Broadcast the Govt line. Non-stop every half hour.
      Their hourly news “breifings” are spouting out the same Kinnock crap.

      • 450
        Ratsniffer says:

        Sky is up NuLabour’s arse because it wants a few legislative “favours”….

      • 530
        Anonymous says:

        They are in actual fact repeatedly showing Kinnock making a complete prick of himself every half hour. This is good.

    • 448
      lolol says:

      Brown hasn’t got anubody that will bat for him hence Neil K and that S Pound nutter,he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel,Brown must be crapping himself and wondering what’s going on in England while he ponces himself with Obama and the midget Sarkozy.

    • 527
      Anonymous says:

      Hold on hold on, I prefer to see it as being allowed to talk utter shite for four minutes and dig them into an deeper hole with an increasingly disbelieving electorate.
      Give em enuf rope old boy !

  120. 430
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve been going out with a girl,
    her name is Julie
    But last night she said to me,
    when we were watching telly

    (This is what she said)

    She said listen John, I love you
    But there’s this bloke, I fancy
    I don’t want to two time you,
    so it’s the end for you and me

    Who’s this bloke I asked her
    Goooooordon, she replied
    Not THAT puff, I said dismayed
    Yes but he’s no puff she cried

    (He’s more of a man than you’ll ever be)

    Here we go, two three four

    I was so upset that I cried,
    all the way to the chip shop

    When I came out there was Gordon,
    standing at the bus stop

    (And guess who was with him? Yeah, Julie, and they were both laughing at me)

    Oh, she is cruel and heartless
    to pack me for Gordon
    Just cos he’s better looking than me
    Just cos he’s cool and trendy

    But I know he’s a moron, Gordon is a moron
    Gordon is a moron, Gordon is a moron

    Here we go, two three four

    Oh she’s a slag and he’s a creep
    She’s a tart, he’s very cheap
    She is a slut, he thinks he’s tough
    She is a bitch, he is a puff
    Yeah yeah, it’s not fair
    Yeah yeah, it’s not fair

    (I’m so upset)

    I’m so upset, I’m so upset, yeah yeah

    (I ought to smash his face in.)

    (Yeah, but he’s bigger than me. In’t he?)

    (I know, I’ll get my mate Barry to hit him. He’d flatten him)

    (Yeah but Barry’s a mate of Gordon’s in’e?)

    (Oh well, I don’t care)

    I don’t care
    I don’t care
    Cause she’s a slag and he’s a creep
    she’s a tart, he’s very cheap
    she is a slut, he thinks he’s tough……

  121. 432

    It just proves how much the Labour party can’t handle free thinking people. It is a complete joke and it says the entire party botht he activists and MPs should be taken outside and shot.

    • 818
      Sopi Hen says:

      There are no activists left in the Labour Party.

      Oh, alright- maybe Gary Elsby, but that’s about it.

      • 819
        Bobby Kerr says:

        And he would be a councillor in Stoke on Trent by now if it wasn’t for the fact people there prefer the BNP.

        In a party where even Sion Simon manages to join the gravy train, poor Gary must wonder where he went wrong.

  122. 433
    KungFu 2 McBroon invitation says:

    Cum Grasshopper join me in the Wardrobe of Delights..

  123. 439
    RavingMad says:

    Gordon now saying that there are ‘ups and downs’ in politics but he’s getting on with the job.

    Can’t we leave him across the Channel?

  124. 454
    the white dragon of olde england says:

    The wonderful veterans are gathered there. With the French and the Americans. There to recognise those that gave their lives for our freedom. Those that went on to beat the Nazi’s

    Brown The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is interviewed and talks home politics he is one total and absolute SHIT.

    • 521
      Never Forget says:

      This from the party the gave us the Royal Navy Iranian Hostage debacle. A shamefull day for our forces courtesy of this Government.

  125. 462
    CreamFacedLoon says:

    The former Labour leader Lord Kinnock told Sky News: “I’m absolutely certain that Gordon is the best man to take us through the recession, which is by far the most dominant issue facing the country and on people’s minds.”

    Conclusive evidence that Gordon is not the best man.

    • 495

      Gordon is the WORST man.

      His regulation made Britain the worst placed nation to deal with it.

      Also who can forget (ok you did) Post neo-classical endogenous growth theory, which boils down to… Tax the shit out of the proles exchanging their time because the economy will still magically grow from “innovation”.

      What he doesn’t realise is that economics IS solely the exchange of peoples time for mutual advantage, and that innovation only allows people to exchange more time. PNEGT is as false as its Marxian origins.

  126. 463
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Government of the Living Dead, Zombie Nation, Robo MPs…take yer pick

  127. 464
    Ratsniffer says:

    Kinnock is a blustering windbag who was a national joke when he led Old Labour. He was bitch-slapped by Thatch and he never got over it. So he went off to bury his snout in Euroland. He promised to reform EU corruption but then sacked the very female accountant who uncovered it.

  128. 466
    Moriarty says:

    I’ve just seen a copy of Gordon’s reply to Flint’s resignation letter.

    “Dear Caroline,

    Calm down love. Put the kettle on there’s a good girl.



  129. 468
    Devonport Dave says:

    Something new is the open incredulity expressed by interviewers as the Cyborgs drone out the party line,things like “Come on Harriet you can’t be serious” at Harmen’s spoutings on Sky News yesterday being a good example,I suppose being subjected to a stream of blatant bullshit every day does get kind of insulting and enough’s enough no matter how impartial you’re supposed to be.

    • 475
      Ann Bottie says:

      Shame these fucking Hoons only find a conscience when they have been sacked.

  130. 469
    Anonymous says:


    This article says Beckett was sacked – Andrew pierce in DT says she quit – does anyone know which it is? Whichever, her departure has not really made the news which is odd as she has been in govt, one way or another since 1997.

  131. 476
    I hate the Kinnocks says:


    It is now your mission, on behalf of all of us, to bring down the Kinnock bitch even before you turn your sights back on Hain.

    Let’s start with looking at why the auditor’s clearance of her accounts, as shown on her website, is more than a year out of date.

    Better still, have a look at D E Morris FCA – who seems to make a bit of a thing of auditing Labour MEPs – to see just how diligent he is as his job.

    This woman has never been elected by the British people, she is the ultimate parasite on the body politic. And before anyone challenges that statement, being elected on a party list system does NOT count as being elected by the people.

    • 499
      I hate the Kinnocks says:

      Well, f**k me…. having a bit of a scrabble around looking at the what the dear Glenys has been up to and I find a printout of the office expense claims for members of the Welsh Assembly:


      Lord knows who Eleanor Burnham AM is but she thinks its OK for the taxpayer to stand the cost of her self-assessment tax advice:

      £525.00 Accountant fees self assessment tax return paid to C Archer

      John Griffiths AM thinks value for money is much more important, he uses the same D E Morris as our friend Glenys to get his accounts checked. And he pays the same £65 as the Kinnock bint for the privilege. No doubt Mr Morris does more than just provide an unquestioning signature for this fee.

      John Marek AM clearly has less well kept accounts, he claims a massive £1,300 for his accountant – sadly it ‘s a reimbursement to himself so we can’t see which loyal Accountant provides the Rolls-Royce service Marek so clearly needs.

      Karen Sinclair AM is another one who thinks you and me should pay for her self-assessment to be completed: £822.50 paid to MD Coxey & Co Ltd, nice work if you can get it.

      I could go on, but the anger is getting the better of me and I need to lie down.

  132. 477
    Dick Scratcher says:

    Someone needs to add up the Pillock family income from the taxpayer. Including the offspring and the bitch’s payoff, I reckon sponging Hunts will be getting over £500k in the next 12 months. The Times (or was it Indie) had her figures in on Tues. This country is fucked.

    We have incompetent teachers we cannot sack; coppers on permanent sick leave that cannot be touched; civil servants with a five stage disciplinary process before dismissal; moronic MPs in safe seats with a job for life; and worst of all, that useless dollop of guano in No. 10, who only survives because D Miliband has as much spunk as Mother Theresa. Does anyone know of any islands for sale?

    • 485
      nell says:

      Dick Scratcher!!!!!!!!!! Everything you say is absolutely correct EXCEPT about Mother Theresa. Please do not compare any of this labour rubbish to someone who devoted her life to caring for others.

      This current amorphous glob of goo that calls itself a government and doesn’t care about anything except itself , and making sure that the system makes all of them rich in the process, cannot be compared to anything human and decent.

    • 489

      The problem is simply this! The government is too big i.e. There is masses of extorted money being controlled by them directly.

      End government treatment rationing (NHS), the 6-18 crèche service (education) and worst of all the failure rewards system (welfare state) and you’d go along way to fixing the U.K.

  133. 492
    Anonymous says:

    Come off it – all parties produce documents like this. This is a non story.

    • 727
      Moley says:

      Repeated ad nauseam on the instructions of the great leader. Para 2142.clause 3b.

      Success speaks for itself.

      Total disaster needs spinning.

  134. 496
    Old Tory says:

    True, Just seen Michael Meacher on the BBC news, it was quite refreshing to hear a MP just speak his mind. A bit like the old days.

  135. 505
    SS says:

    Caroline Spellman on ‘Any Questions’. Being questioned by Dimbleby about sitting in Europe with a Group that includes ‘Homophobes and Latvians that supported the WaffenSS against the Russians’. WHY didn’t she just retort:’Well,that’s the sort of people PR brings!’

    • 616
      Dick Scratcher says:

      Is spellman being relaunched or something – CCO are nuts sending her out

    • 735
      Moley says:

      PR also brought Labour’s “wins” (i.e holds) in Glasgow.

      Quote from Goebbels.

      Labour gain from SNP in Glasgow (Anniesland / Drumchapel Ward). Anne McTaggart wins 2689 – 1698 on second stage of transfers

      Labour gain from SNP in North Lanarkshire (Coatbridge North and Drumboig Ward). Peter Sullivan wins on several stages of transfers after leading SNP by 37% – 30% of first prefs.

  136. 511
    deeznuts says:

    watch sky ..brown realy is getting the cold shoulder in colleville, mrs obama and that french bint are like two best friends…whilst mrs brown is on her own

    quite funny to watch….but brown should not be there

    • 522
      Anonymous says:

      Sarah was quite the outsider wasn’t she? Brown is pushing his way in front of Charles to get on the platform so he can be near Obamalove. I don’t think Charles gives a stuff as he knows he’s on his way out. Brown is now standing next to Harper with his right arm at an awkward angle because he’s basically squeezing hhis way into the line. I think he knew I was writing that as he’s just clasped his hands together – looks very uncomfortable.

    • 619
      Dick Scratcher says:

      Mr Pimp & The First Ho looking to open a European venture?

  137. 514
    Anonymous says:

    Distasteful to see MacMental posing for photo ops. amongst Normandy veterans. Yuck

  138. 516
    tisfedup says:

    omg brown hasn’t got a clue, he even dithered to shake veterans hand, what an embarassment

  139. 518
    Anonymous says:

    Hopi Sen uses the exact same kline sin this post. Independent blogger my arse.


  140. 524
    Anonymous says:

    Brown didn’t sing National Anthem and craven BBC cut away. Did french arrange for this and only this to be out of tune?

  141. 526
    tisfedup says:

    i must say obama has manners, unlike brown and sarkosy.

    • 541
      Anonymous says:

      Obama was wonderful with Nancy Reagan when he was signing the Bill to honour Reagan’s birthday as a holiday. He was so considerate and gracious with her – it was very impressive. Michelle Obama was helping veterans to the platform today -also impressive.

      • 548
        McBroons mum says:

        Still a jumped up little piece of shite

      • 626
        Dick Scratcher says:

        …are you Harman_Pride? pass the sickbag. When Mr Pimp said to her “well, that’s rivetting…”, she replied “no, it’s just a little cosmetic surgery” (c) Spitting Image 1987

  142. 528
    Anonymous says:

    In fairness obama didn’t appear to know the words to star spangled banner either – perhaps they can’t really hear the music on the platofrm – odd accoustics and all that.

  143. 531
    tisfedup says:

    while charles was chatting to veterans, brown and froggy walked away, obama made a point of waiting, brown is following obama like a little lap dog,

  144. 532
    Subliminal Message says:

    Gordon is Great Gordon is Great Vote Labour Thatcher’s Fault Gordon is Great Gordon is Great Vote Labour Thatcher’s Fault Gordon is Great Gordon is Great Believe the BBC Gordon is Great Gordon is Great Vote Labour Thatcher’s Fault Gordon is Great Gordon is Great Believe the BBC Gordon is Great Gordon is Great.

    • 558
      maintaining the myth says says:

      you forgot to add…

      Global Warming Climate Change Melting Icecaps…

    • 572
      NotSubliminal Message says:

      Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang


  145. 538
    Dame Celia Molestrangler says:

    Brown looks like a smelly turd on the podium. How dare he have the cheek to represent us. Even Obama can’t stand him. Especially after claiming for a piper on office expenses. It should be her Maj up there – she knows how to appreciate our troops, and at least Charles has medals. Brown has never fought anything in his life. His public humiliation at the hands of his cabinet and the voters is no less than he deserves. Brown disgusts me so much I can’t even formulate sufficient expletives. Nasty Brown stinking mess.

    • 631
      Dick Scratcher says:

      …how about “bukkake dribblings”?

      • 665
        Raving Loon says:

        At least we know someone had a good time where “bukkake dribblings” are involved, the same cannot be said of Gordo.

  146. 542
    Anonymous says:

    An official Police Stement from Bancock states that David Carradine “died of masterbation” I kidd you not.

  147. 543
    Dame Celia Molestrangler says:

    He can’t stop fiddling with his hair and his nose. What a gross embarassment. Piano wire on his return shurely, if the PLP don’t do it for us. Absolutely stomach churning. Turd, turd, turd.

  148. 547
    tisfedup says:

    brown looks so out of place, he looks uncomfortable, he is a tosser

  149. 549
    Geoff Hoon says:

    Can I remind you all that I am a complete and utter “Robinson”
    Still a C*** but one that drips cum from its lips

  150. 552
    simon r says:

    I have been thinking about what to write after the events of the last few days, I could just spend paragraphs ranting but I think it is all best summed up thus…

    1997 – Blair “… a new day has dawned, has it not ?”

    2009 – Brown puts Gladys Kinnock in the cabinet.

  151. 556
    Nick Robinson says:

    I think that you are being unfair to me
    I may indeed look like a penis wearing glasses and a wig , howere only shit spews out of my mouth, the spunk comes out of the top of my head

  152. 557
    Anonymous says:

    The Kinnocks – what a pair of prized CNTZ

  153. 564
    dr. mad says:

    this labour goverment is now being run by PEERS

    where are all the spineless scocialists

    • 610
      Anonymous says:

      All the real socialist (non nu-lab) have either comittied hari kari,
      or left the UK and live in a tibetan monastry.

      The rest are a spinless shower, who do want McBroon orders.

    • 642
      Dick Scratcher says:

      Peers Morgan? Fucking hell, Sid James is bad enough

  154. 567
    Brown - shameless criminal says:

    Brown looks,like he is waiting for a bus to come along – he just needs a Tesco shopping bag to complete the picture.

    I feel so embarrassed to have to watch our representative at this ceremony.

    I walked amongst the Colleville cemetery in 2003 with tears in my eyes – this man should not be allowed anywhere near it.

    Shameful – the cabinet have allowed this man to continue – a disgrace.

  155. 571
    dr. mad says:

    socialist party—LETS ALL LAUGH

  156. 576
    tisfedup says:

    he does not represent us he is a fraud wilfully clinging on, he has the nerve to condemn dictators fucking bastard,
    obama beach omg get rid of him

    • 638
      Obama Beach Club ! says:


      Obama beach ! Will some phucker shoot this koont and put him out of his misery.

  157. 577
    Be gone Gordon! says:

    OMG – ” Obama Beach” – he’s a bloody disgrace

    • 600
      bandersnatch says:

      I fell about at his Freudian slip… and then I realized how similar Omaha must have looked to Obama in his notes. They are always annotated in that huge black black felt tip scrawl of his… because of his bad eyesight.

      • 605
        Exciter says:

        You’re very generous, but where is his mind? Sharing a beach towel with Obama?

    • 601
      Exciter says:

      Schoolgirl crush.

    • 664
      Right Bastard says:

      Didn’t he say “Obama – bitch”.

    • 731
      Ken Dodd says:

      Mandy put Obama Beach in Broon’s speech on Blair’s instructions…

      And BOOM…

      Broon is now dead before the eyes of the WORLD

      Better than live comedy or reality shows really…

      He’s putting BBC Productions out of business…

  158. 578
    nell says:

    Stephen Harper- the Canadian PM was impressive.

    Gordon speaking now – “tyrany cannot last forever” – talking about he charter of liberty – and dreams of all ages – what an irony!!!

    He has just called Omaha Beach – Obama Beach – !!!! I have never been so ashamed by our British representation – but he looks so shabby besides all these other statesmen.!!!!!!

  159. 579
    Anonymous says:

    He’s just said “next to Obama beach”

    I’m scared he’s going to say he saved the world next

  160. 581
    The Master says:

    Has anyone else noticed how The Gorgons head is getting bigger in relation to the rest of his body….It’s quite strange. His jowls are more droopy as well.
    The Gorgon has just said “Obama Beach” in his speech!! He needs to be on serious medication

  161. 582
    Same old same old says:

    Obama beach….I just heard it…WTF!!

    • 651
      Dick Scratcher says:

      Only one answer: RAF Northolt – when he lands – execution squad

  162. 583
    Trough Mixture says:

    OBAMA BEACH!!!! Wtf?


  163. 584
    Anonymous says:

    Brown calls Omaha Beach “OBAMA Beach” in front of the world.

    Fucking. Prick.

  164. 587
    Brown - shameless criminal says:

    Yes its now called Obama Beach – I am so embarrassed to be British – I can never visit France again!

    Amazing – watching a breakdown LIVE

    Surely Sky should change the caption at the top from;

    LIVE – SKY


    Walking Dead – SKY

    when Brown is speaking.

    • 653
      Man on the Clapham omnibus says:



  165. 588
    dr. mad says:

    missed it

    out of 10

    how embarressing was it

  166. 589
    The Dark Lord says:

    Mr Bean moment by Brown. Obama Beach! He’s muddling his speech badly.
    Mandy his master is not pleased.

  167. 593
    anonymous says:

    Omaha/Obama don’t even sound same. Simples.

  168. 594
    dr. mad says:

    make OBAMA a PEER on OMAHA beech you TIT

  169. 597
    tisfedup says:

    how embarrassed must prince charles feel having to sit next to that twat

    • 614
      The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

      Reminds me of a Falklands story (I wasnt there)
      Some Pol was attempting to have his pic taken with soldiers
      A major walked up and said
      “Im not having any of my soldiers being forced to have a photo taken next to that fucking wanker in his silly hat”

      No photo

      Bring on the millitary coup

    • 707
      An ordinary voter says:

      Brown couldn’t even stand properly to attention during the playing of the national anthems – his left arm was strangely bent up to just below his left hip whilst his right arm was straight down by his side. Then half way through he clasped both hands together over his groin and stood like he was defending against a penalty shot.This is not a piss take.He actually did stand like that

  170. 598
    BBC reporter says:

    The Prime Minister’s slight slip of the tongue there, the veterans seem amused though, nothing to watch here, smooth it over, look over there, it’s a seagull with an amusing beak!

  171. 604
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    Das McMental is gone next week.
    His life started out so well,
    uni at 16
    Proudly boasting about Conning his fellow students with empty beer cans
    Made rectum of his Uni
    Lots of homosexual sex
    And now we see him for what he really is.
    A very stupid male (Not a man) who couldnt run a train set let alone an economy.
    Lord Fundlebum , you have done it before do it again
    This time we need you to keep your pants on.

  172. 607
    jonjo says:

    It’s called a Freudian slip. He means he’d love to get Obama all alone on a beach, and get some sand in his rusty sherrif’s badge.

  173. 609
    Ashamed Citizen says:

    BBC: Brown’s Biased Cronies

    SKY: Such Keen Yes-men

  174. 622
    Anonymous says:

    Looks like we replaced one dictator with another Gordon.

    You are not worthy to stand on such a stage.

  175. 625
    tisfedup says:

    looks like brown is stuck talking to sarah

    • 645
      Be gone Gordon! says:

      Billy no-mates

    • 649
      Lipreading Deaf Person says:

      I can lip read… Here’s what they said to each other

      Sarah: “You fucking muppet you said Obama Beach”

      Brown: “I did not – Listen this is unprecedented times, we need to clean up the expenses, get the country out of this recession, people are worried about their jobs and their mortgages”

      Sarch: “Shut up you homo. Now did you ask the Obamas round for tea ?”

      Brown: “I did but he said he wouldnt go anywhere near our house. He thinks I an an ignorant koont for not inviting the Queen.”

      Sarah: “Cheeky black tvvat. Wot The Fuck has this got to do with her. We rule this country.”


      • 679
        Anonymous says:

        No but Brown was an absolute embarrassment to the UK and I got the Obama Beach too. When the camera cut to Obama during Brown’s speech he had his hand on his mouth to stop himself laughing and Charles looked distinctly embarassed and out of the side pof his mouth whispered to Obama “Terribly Sorry about this Barack. Mummy wanted to come but you can see what she has to put up with !”

    • 650
      Brown - the colour of shit says:

      Exactly what we just saw too – hundreds of others and the unsociable ape cannot do anything but speak to his wife – eveidently his “girl” friends in the past have had their lives ruined by his terrible behaviour,according to Tom Bower,his biographer – hence much of Flint’s claims ring true.

      Absolute piece of shit.

      • 660
        Anonymous says:

        That book paints a very different picture of sweet little Sarah too – not quite the cuddly “cookie” (they’re biscuits, you twat) baking homebody she would like us to believe, twittering inanely to all her fellow twits.

  176. 635
    Heads on poles says:

    This is annoying.
    First, we have that baboon representing us as PM (for the moment anyway) then we have celebrations by the French and the Yanks – those that came late and those that capitulated.
    WTF are they celebrating- How to arrive late to the party and how to get others to dig you out of the merde?

    Just my two bob’s worth.

  177. 646
    sean woodward says:

    “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability.”

  178. 656
    Sukhpreet Hothi says:

    Guido please cover this:


    According to Iain, John Reid told Brown to quit, as well as refusing a role in the cabinet.

    This is dynamite.

    Typical how something like this has fallen under the radar.

  179. 670
    Anonymous says:

    Tony Blair finally breaks his silence on the Brown premiership:

  180. 673
    Anonymous says:

    Best news of all . . .

    Labour beaten by Monster Raving Loony candidate in St. Ives.

    I’ve encountered a Labour activist from that area, and I doubt there is a more obnoxious, treacherous and spiteful c u n t alive today. If he had anything to do with campaigning and canvassing then it’s no fucking surprise they finished last.

    No names, no pack drill, eh?

  181. 675
    Greedy Pig MP says:

    President Omaha will be mightily impressed by our great leader after that speech.

    • 697
      anonybot says:

      Probably why he is jetting off back to USA immediaetly after the ceremony

  182. 676
    Lord Lyle & Tate of lookalicus sidus james says:

    You can never have too many Tsars, strange that with a coomunist government an all!

  183. 683
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    Have Sky or Beeb highlighted “Obama Beach” on the news. I have not spotted anything yet.

    • 693
      Anonymous says:

      Don’t be stupid – as if. As far as the BBC is concerned – it’s another triumph for Brown on the World Stage. – although why the heck he had to go on about Ann Frank’s Diary, Darfur,Zimbabwe etc half way through his speech about D Day escapes me – all very laudable but slightly off topic

      • 698
        Ratsniffer says:

        The ramblings of a man who has been away from his “carers” for too long. He needs that medication, and fast.

    • 732
      nell says:

      The Obama Beach slip-up shows very clearly where his mind was – he came to France to grandstand with Obama -and his brain was fixated on that , the names of the beaches and the bravery and sacrific of the Vets was of no interest to him.

      I think I’m right in saying that although Sarkozy, the Canadian PM Stephen Harper and Obama all said thankyou to those men for what they – gordon didn’t.

  184. 684
    Sir Michael Shite's rent boy says:

    Of course no one has noticed that Mandelson is now deputy PM. That means he will be in charge this summer when the one eyed Hunte goes off to the funny farm for his two weeks. Not only that, if McTwat is forced to stand down guess who will fill in as PM for months? yep, Mandy.

    Hattie has been shafted up the arse by the women haters McTwat and Mr queen.

  185. 687
    Ding Dong says:

    Brown has had to gaffa tape his winkle to his leg in case he gets an erection when shaking hands with President Obama

  186. 689
    Anonymous says:

    A cabinet full of FAGGOTS and WEIRDOs

  187. 691
    Ratsniffer says:

    Broon looks like a sad sack of shite; bloated, caked with undertaker’s “corpse blusher” make-up, and a suit which looks like it was bought off the peg from Poundland.

    Christ, they might as well have grabbed some old ragpicker from under the arches and got him to represent our country.

    • 714
      Cheap down and out says:

      More like 50p Land – looks dreadful – fascinating watching this man – to quote the Fawlty Towers “Psychiatrist” episode;

      “there’s enough material here for a conference”

    • 718
      Arch criminal says:

      But I thought they HAD grabbed that bloke under the arches at Edinburgh Station?

    • 736
      nell says:

      Similarities with Michael Foot on Remembrance Sunday, all those years ago – except I think Michael Foot looked better!!

  188. 700
    Anonymous says:

    This whole thing seems to be a sort of re-run of the John Cleese classic film “Clockwise”, the story of a comprehensive headmaster being made chairman of the Secondary Heads Association, and the gradual disintegration of his all his hopes to nothing, from the time of setting off to the meeting and inauguration, everything goes wrong ending in the head being assisted away by men in white coates.

    • 748
      Steve Expat says:

      Great reference to one of the funniest flims ever seen.

      Brown, like Cleese, almost acts as a characature of himself, digging further and further into the shit whilst thinking that everything will be just alright.


  189. 702
    Anonymous says:

    Sky reporting Broon booed in France by veterans

    • 705
      Anonymous says:

      at the Arromanches ceremony 16.30

      • 711
        Anonymous says:

        Brown apparently booed when he turned up at Arramanches for parade.

        BBC – “The Prime Minister welcomed by the veterans there has he turns up!”

      • 713
        Sad but true says:

        That’s it, I’m off to the airport to clap them on their way back in. Which one is?

    • 715
      Anonymous says:

      Good! Well done Gents

  190. 706
    Anonymous says:

    Just had a brief look at Question Time. It’s pathetic and an insult to anyone with any kind of intelligence. The audience, like performing seals, clap when one of the muppets (of any party, TV company etc) says something which triggers their saliva glans. Sickening shite.

  191. 719
    Ken Dodd says:

    This is getting too much


    BTW Just bought shares in the Priory We’re expecting half the Liebour Cabinet and PLP soon…

  192. 721
    KungFu - Grasshopper says:

    Come into the Closet Gordon,
    where you’ll be warrm and safe…

  193. 723

    With people like this commenter from the Times to play with, one wonders whether the PM will bother with the election:

    I think that Gordon Brown is an honest man lacking public appeal and political shrewdness.
    I am sure he will take us through this troubled time even though it is undemocratic. I am not as labour supporter but I don’t think of a better person than Gordon Brown to take us out of this economic mess.
    Nathan, Pinner, England


  194. 724
    Spin Doctor says:

    Any Labour MP that praises Gordon Brown leadership and asserts that he is the best person to lead the Labour Party through to the next General Election is clearly as mad as a fucking hatter and therefore should be prevented from holding any political office now or in the future.

  195. 728
    Guido lies says:

    All political parties do this, don’t they?

    In fact all organizations with a public profile do it. It’s part of the modern media world.

    Of course Guido knows all this.

    He’s just another lying piece of shit on the make…

    • 758
      mandy says:

      Ooh, get her!

    • 761
      Moley says:

      Success speaks for itself.

      Disaster requires spinning.

      I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read your comment today.

      • 804
        Thicko Tories says:

        Nothing speaks for itself in politics.

        That’s the whole point, moron.

        That’s why Guido and the rest of the right-wing bloggers exist.

        On the bright side, with enemies like you and the rest of the children on this blog winning is easy…

    • 809
      Anonymous says:

      You are McBride, I claim my £5.

  196. 729
    Anonymous says:

    The “Obama Beach” slip is the top story on the Drudge website and a massive global story but nothing on the Beeb. Great to see the Ministry of Truth helping our their master in his hour of need. You’d have thought that Gordon couldn’t do anything worse than what he’s already done after wasting away our public finances, screwing our economy, destroying the reputation of our parliament and leading the most bitterly divided cabinet in history. No, he goes and makes an international muppet of himself and pisses off the war veterans of our most powerful ally.


  197. 730
    Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

    Just watched the Brown press conf, all 38 mins of it, at:-


    It has left me (a) concerned at the judgement of some of my fellow-posters who see a man in breakdown and (b) rather worried that he might, just, get away with it and turn things round.

    Setting aside my strong anti-NuLab feelings, what I saw was a man who was on edge (who wouldn’t be under these circs?), but fundamentally confident.

    What was REALLY wrong is that he got away with spouting utter rot, as he and his vile gang always do. They think we will swallow it, and the media faithfully report it.

    Two things are wrong here: (1) the political leader of the country ought not to think it’s his job to deliver fantasy tractor statistics, but ought to employ the candour of which he (falsely) boasted and tell us the truth; (2) after five minutes of this trash the journos ought to walk out declaring that they have better things to do. (I look forward to the day when at 8.12 am Humphrys says: ‘Minister, in the last two minutes you have made no attempt to answer the question. You have one more chance or I shall terminate the interview.’)

    Given that none of that will happen in my lifetime, what can we look forward to?

    My nightmare runs like this:-

    - over the next few months Brown manages to create an impression that he is getting to grips with things;

    - the economy starts to turn (or stops getting worse) and it is seen as attributable to Brown;

    - people see through Cameron’s wishy-washiness and decide that perhaps NuLab’s not so bad after all.

    Make no mistake – IT COULD HAPPEN!!!!!

    And what do we do then?

    • 733
      mitch says:

      Browns a fruit loop and it aint gonna happen new lab is floating in the bowl waiting for us to pull the handle and wash them away with a massive blue rinse.
      Quit worrying all brown knows how to do is fail in spectacular fashion.

    • 743
      The Day Of The Jackal Revisited says:

      Get The Jackal’s phone number from Frederick Forsyth ?

    • 746
      Anonymous says:

      Reach a hand out from under the duvet and turn off the alarm clock.

      It would just be a bad dream.

  198. 740
    Now Ghandi is there too! says:

    Watching the now world famous renaming of Omaha Beach by Brown,he then makes another hash of it and seems to almost call it “A Hut Magandhi Omaha beach”

    • 808
      Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

      Isn’t ‘houghmagandie’ Scots for a bit of the other?

  199. 744
    mitch says:

    In Brown’s remarks, he referred to “Obama Beach,”

    He really is in love what a total Hunt.

  200. 747
    Cassandra King says:

    If Mandelson is now number two in the bunker, when Brown finally goes bonkers and is drageed away by the men in white coats it will mean that the twice disgraced and UNELECTED snake will become PM? thats not democracy folks, thats a fucking coup!

    WTF? the UK reduced to a laughing stock with a mental defective for a PM so weak and desperate that he has done the short term survival deal of the fucking century with the devil(mandy) and Mandy is in a prime position to stab Brown and take the crown for himself!

    The Roman emporers of old would have recognised mandelsnakes genius for the political poison games, when Brown is knifed it will be mandy that either supplies the knife or sticks it in himself, either way we now know who was behind the poisonous tricks and backbriefings that led to so many newlabour resignations!

  201. 749
    caesars wife says:

    If gordon brown says on the news on sunday “I intend to fight on like those brave men and women who were involved in the D Day landings” true bonkerdom will be attained

  202. 751
    hobgoblin says:

    Just read Polly Toynbee’s June 5th article, OMG the woman is deranged, get her a job at the BBC she’ll fit right in.

    • 753
      Sir Michael Shite's rent boy says:

      She used to work for the BBC

      • 832
        Holyrood is Charming at this time of year says:

        She turned up on tv and spoke to camera but whether she actually worked …. .

  203. 752
    inxs says:

    As far as Brown’s mental health is concerned, I think we should skip the calling in nurse stage and go straight to the undertaker.

  204. 755
    nell says:

    I’ m watching Brown at Arromanche – Gordon’s behaviour seems disjointed, erratic and he is clearly ill at ease. Sarah keeps looking at him with a grim expression as though she is anxious. If you look at his hands they are clenched into fists – it all seems very unnatural.

    So the Vets booed him when he arrived. Well I am not surprised , and I salute them – he has offended them in every way possible.

    How, as a nation, have we come to this????

    • 780
      nell says:

      OMG Gordon’s doing that strange little dance – little boy scuffing shoes , twisting etc because he’s been found to be doing something he shouldn’t. How embarassing!!!!!

  205. 759
    johnny come lately says:

    Brown re-names Omaha Beach Obama Beach amidst other gobbledegook

    • 777
      michel de montaigne says:

      Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let this be a headline tomorrow

  206. 766
    The Breakdown says:

    I really do think that we will see – in the next 48 hrs;

    Breaking News;

    “Gordon Brown has been admitted to an unspecified location under the Mental Health Act”.

    I hate the man for all he has done for my children’s future,but now is the time to quietly and with dignity remove him from the office and move on.Let’s all spend out energy sorting out this mess and leave him to sit in a dark room where he can get the right support.

    What worries me most is that the next sentence of that Breaking News will be;

    “and Lord Mandelson has taken over……”

  207. 768
    Mine's Bigger Than Yours says:

    Looks like the French came first in the wreath competition at Arromanches, and the Brits came a poor second. Still, can’t get wreaths on expenses any more, so that probably explains it.

    • 789
      Anonymous says:

      Yes, according to Sky’s coverage, Gordon clearly had a small one – the French PM’s was an awful lot bigger. And there was Gordon telling us he had a big one all these years, and we believed him!!!!

  208. 769
    michel de montaigne says:

    george obama brown from now on

  209. 776
    The Beast of Clerkenwell says:

    If you can face a cliff topped by Huns with machine guns
    Scale them with hooks and ropes havining just had the shit shot out of you
    A few Boos at this incontinent aresewipe that stole your pension and set about destroying our country is good
    Thank you Gentlemen for what you did 65 years ago and today.

    • 784
      Sad but true says:

      Agreed. Let’s hope it’s the start of many such encounters for the Great Dictator. Let the British people speak their minds at last.

      Gordon Brown represents that Britain fought against in the second World War. He is anti-democratic, authoritarian and thuggish.

    • 786
      Steve Expat says:

      Am I the only one who thinks Brown is unfit to keep such company as those great men who knew what it meant to serve their country…?

      He’s just spoken about men having courage and professionalism, when he has no courage or professionalism himself…

    • 790
      nell says:

      The BBC is reporting this unprecedented event at the D-Day Commemoration – the Vets booing the PM – aren’t they??!!!

  210. 798
    chronic says:

    Martha and the Muffins
    “I hope i will be back on obama beach someday”

  211. 800
    adge says:

    I salute the Vets for booing this guy, they’ve had their day spoilt by this photo-op unelected PM, he would’nt have given this day another thought had it not been for Obama going to it, and that wreath he placed I would have bought a better one than that for him to take, the tight melt.

  212. 816
    M says:

    They’re not even believable lines to take. All parties have to have PR, but this is drivel! yet the media swallow it!!

  213. 825

    [...] Post-Election On-Message “Lines to Take” from Labour HQ If you have ever wondered how it is that all the broadcasters always seem to end up with on-message Labour [...] [...]

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