June 3rd, 2009

Did Blears Leak Jacqui’s Exit to Destabilise Gordon?

A lesson Guido learnt the hard way in his younger days was “never antagonise a redhead”.   Could Gordon be about to learn the same lesson?

It has been bothering Guido that he couldn’t see the logic for anyone leaking Jacqui’s exit plans. Certainly doesn’t make sense for Brown central to leak it (contrary to LabourList’s claim).  Guido was putting the leak in the cock-up rather than the conspiracy category.  However the Blears theory makes some sense – Blears feels aggrieved that she got roughed up by Brown over expenses in a way that Darling (until yesterday) Hoon and Purnell did not.   She also feels imperilled by the reshuffle and of course she isn’t really a fan of Gordon.  By destabilising Gordon and revealing ahead of the re-shuffle that a woman is already leaving cabinet she shores up her own position.  She also scores some brownie points for the future by laying some useful ground-work for Alan Johnson…


  1. 1
    • 12

      Hurrah! : Another trougher consigned to history.

      We won’t miss you at all, Hazel! Or Gordon, when he goes. Tomorrow.

      • 16
        freddie flintoff says:

        this is going to be messy

        • 57
          Ivor Biggun says:

          I wonder if a mauling by a chipmunk is as fatal as being savaged by a dead sheep!* We shall see!

          * Younger viewers may wish to look up Geoffrey Howe, an attack from whom was described by Denis Healey as being akin to being savaged by a dead sheep. Still proved fatal to dear old Mags though!

        • 158
          Bordeaux Binger says:

          She will now try to act as King maker, or should that be Queen maker.

        • 168
          Skipper says:

          Another bloody middle order collapse!

        • 219
          Scorched Earth says:

          She hasn’t made an attack though and her statement speaks of going back to her constituency and the grass roots. (presumbly to rebuild her reputation) This is damaging, make no mistake, but it’s all about timing because she was toast in a few days anyway.

          The point about Howe was that he was vocalising that which had been unspoken but widely supported. It triggered a contest that the Conservative Party badly wanted while right now Labour does not want a competition. And Howe wasn’t mired in Expenses shit. Howe was a bit of an old duffer but still had a grudging respect despite that which is precisely why he was so effective

          The question is does Blears know where the bodies are buried and how far will she go ? Because she’s going up against Mandy and Brown and they are unscrupulous in what they will do.

      • 167
        Number 6 says:

        The sow is not out of the trough she has a gold plated pension and is still an MP. Don’t forget she has been a good ‘colleauge’ in denying us the referendum and can still get her fat arse into the EU trough. They never loose, we pay for the fuckers all the way down the line. For fuck’s sake dont vote for any of the main parties at the sham EU elections or the nationals. Vote for UKIP, Greens or any other Hunt except them. If their base collapses what can they do except finally bow to the will of the people and reform on our rules, not theirs.

      • 291
        Cinna says:

        Brownie points? Did you really mean that Guido?

      • 328
        going down the pan says:

        yes certain area’s of the press say hash brown has only days left ha! ha ! ha ! good eye gordon.

    • 17
      I've Shagged Darling's eyebrows says:

      That’ll teach the fuckers to sign the Constituent’s Contract.

    • 23
      Anonymous says:

      And let us hope that little bitch of shit is not re-elected by the good knife-carrying folk of Salford.

      • 331
        going down the pan says:

        if petrol wasn’t so expensive her house would be a smouldering ruin by now .

    • 28
      Carnot says:

      Glad to see the back the permagrin flipper. Positively ghastly to watch her pathetic excuses.

    • 55
      a REAL Socialist says:

      looks ‘like they’ (gordys boys and girls) pissed off the redheaded chipmunk by trying to stitch her up for the jacquie smith resignation ‘leak’ ooops silly move looks like the Prime Mentalist is in free fall – oh fuck that means he is coming back to Scotland

      • 78
        Ivor Biggun says:

        A REAL socialist? Don’t you mean a REAL loop-de-loo? You sound like one of those leftie dolts that argues that the Soviet Union’s collapse wasn’t down to a failure of socialism, no, it was state capitalism, and that’s what collapsed, oh yes! If you want REAL socialism why don’t you move to the People’s Paradise of Cuba?

    • 84
      Anonymous says:

      “She told the BBC News channel: “Frankly, the game is up for Gordon Brown. We are seeing the dying days of this Labour government.”

    • 94
      Grinningsadist says:

      That’s some damned good shoring-up the whinging ginger midget’s got going on, yup.

      • 256
        Anonymous says:

        That quote was from Theresa May.
        Doesn’t matter.
        Leave Westmister, go directly to Holloway. Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200,000. Do not try to call in your PFI favours.
        In fact, just fuck off and suffer.

    • 173
      Trevor says:

      Yes – the theory is out of date before the pixels are even dry.

      Try another conspiracy Guido. Rather than shore up her own position its clear blears has leaked or been part of a plot to culminate in her own resignation and do all she can to undermine the great Gordo.

      • 214
        Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

        I suspect both Klebb + Blears have got in first – you cannot sack me cos I’ve already resigned.

    • 251
      Royalist says:

      Historical odds…
      While Prime Minister Brown attends the D Day commemoration in Normandy this weekend he might want to muse on the following spooky thought; Three major allied operations during the battle for Normandy were named after three English racecourses; Epsom, Windsor and Goodwood.

      Where’s the queen going to be Saturday whilst he’s on the beach?

      What’s her family’s name?

      Will Gordon be asking HM to dissolve Parliament by Glorious Goodwood…

      I’d have a flutter on that whilst the Queen’s enjoying the Derby…

    • 329
      going down the pan says:

      some parts of the political press actually believe that this cockie little bitch will launch a leadership bid againt him ! fuck me ! hell hath no fury like a redhead scorned !

    • 332
      going down the pan says:

      and yet again the back door quietly clicks shut ! how many times will the back door click shut tomorrow ????

      • 333
        going down the pan says:

        he is so fucking desperate that he has asked john read and david blunkett to join his cabinet they both fucked him off of course . he really has no chums !

  2. 2
    Northampton Saint says:

    Gone, who’s next?

  3. 3
    P1 says:

    Oh dear!

  4. 4
    Kidney Bingoes says:

    Is Blears licking the window of the short bus?

    • 86
      Ivor Biggun says:

      Now, now, Dolly – we’ve explained to you before that window-licker is an offensive term. Are you a slow learner?

  5. 5
    Anthony says:

    Blair’s Babes laugh last and loudest.

    • 10
      Scorched Earth says:

      Blears gone before she is booted. No-one very surprised.

      Her resignation statement spoke of “ordinary people” and returning to the grass roots. Not a peep about Brown. Shame the ordinary people think she’s the number one trougher and piggy.

      After the Euros she might now join luminaries such as Charles Clarke in calling for Brown to go. Will it topple him ? If she wasn’t such a hate figure to the public and mired in the Expenses shit definitely.

      But she’s damaged goods.

      Still, the odds on Brown going have shortened.

      • 21
        The real moderator says:

        “The odds have shortened” – I doubt there is a bookie between here and Aukland who would take that bet…

        • 50
          Tonga Bet'r'us says:

          I would! My esteemed betting shop is always open.

        • 136

          I’ll take that bet.
          Hitler was standing next to a briefcase bomb when it went off and all that happened was his trousers were blown off and his ears rang for a week.
          He had to shoot himself in the end as no one else was able to do it.

          Gordon is made from the same material.
          A sort of liquefying urine and bullshit paste.
          It makes him almost indestructible.

        • 143
          Scorched Earth says:

          Why ? Nothing is absolutely certain.

          Brown still has to resign. Blears was always going to be history.

          Yes it’s a calculated blow but it’s not from anyone Brown gives a shit about and Blears will get almost zero support for the Leadership after her expenses quagmire.

          I expect Mandy is on the phone right now telling her how unfortunate it is that her expenses might have to go to the C.P.S. As he wants to be Foreign Secretary very badly and Blears little hissy fit is spoiling his big day.

          Cetainly he COULD go and it is far more likely now. But remember that no-one on the Labour backbenches wants an Election right now and they fear that more than anything else as they are utterly terrified that Brown going might provoke it.

          Does Brown himself think he must go ? That’s the most important thing.

          Some were talking about a mass walkout from the Cabinet today which would clearly have finished him. This is one dead woman walking quitting without criticising Brown in the slightest in her statement.

          Watch P.M.Q’s and we will get a clearer view.

          I repeat nothing is certain yet.

          I for one would be delighted if Brown went but you have to remember all the other times that the soothsayers predicted Brown was dead.
          Not until you see him make the statement will I believe it.

          Will there be much sympathy for Blears on the backbenches or in the country ? As her piggery was utterly disgusting.

          I weep no tears for the little munchkin and I also well remember the hundreds of posts decrying her on here who were disgusted and appalled.

        • 295
          John McCririck says:

          The odds have shortened.

          Are they 4 10?

      • 117
        A Pensioner says:

        “Ordinary People” – well here’s a message from us: “we hate you, you shits”.

    • 44
      Thunderbox says:

      The Blair Babes project has been a total disaster. Not one of these useless women were up to the job and the country, as a whole, has paid a hefty price. What was the point? As for jackboot Jaqui confessing to stress: that really takes the biscuit. She obvoiusly has no future in SM porn when the voters of Redditch kick her out.

  6. 6
    Co says:

    Yes! Another One Bites The Dust.

    Surely its all over for Gordon now?

    • 236
      Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

      I still don’t think any minister has got the balls to challenge McMoron.

      As I can’t see him quitting voluntarily we are back to some sort of stalking horse challenge which never got off the ground last year. If this happens it will take months to implement.

  7. 7
    BBC says:


  8. 8
    The real moderator says:

    The evil little munchkin should have walked weeks ago…

  9. 9

    Some people are on the pitch! They think it’s all over!

  10. 11
    Anonymous says:

    whoops she just resigned!

  11. 13
    Anonymous says:

    At least she said she would sign the constituents contract


  12. 14
    Uncle Bob says:

    Sneaky Hazel, now time to open your trap and let rip on the one-eyed Scottish idiot.


  13. 15
    Steve the Hammer says:

    Hoon and Purnell must follow – same crime, same fate surely?

  14. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Who’ll go first – the hoon Hoon or the hoon Brown?.

  15. 18
  16. 20
    Reichschancellor (in-waiting) Balls says:

    Looks like it’s just you, me and Shaun Multi-Grillionaire Woodhead at PMQ then, mein Fuehrer.

    • 38
      Dictator Brown ( from the Bunker ) says:

      Who said history does n’t repeat itself ?


    • 95
      Anonymous says:

      Ach Ja!!

      Ze ‘Chipmunken’ ist kapaut und another nail ist driven into ze Fuehrer’s coffin.

      Triumph Acclaim!

      • 301
        Alf Tupper says:

        Triumph Acclaim! I had one of those but the synchro on first was knackered and it was bugger to start in winter.

    • 120
      Papiere - zeigen mir Ihre Papiere - schnell!!! says:

      Ach Ja!!

      Ze ‘Chipmunken’ ist kapaut und another nail ist driven into ze Fuehrer’s coffin.

      Triumph Acclaim!!

      PS: Ver did you aquire such a saucy picture oft ze red-headed one?…

  17. 22
    Anonymous says:

    No 7 – you are a loser.

  18. 24
    New Labour the gift that keeps on giving says:

    can some draw up an organisation chart showing the current position

    it is like an Avent Calender, each day there is a better gift

  19. 25
    geekparent says:

    She’s resigned

  20. 26
  21. 27
    Thats News says:

    The Sky is falling on Gordon Brown and Labour

    Chicken Little has nothing on Bottler Brown!

  22. 29
    The Master says:

    Drowning Strasse has exploded. B O O M! PMQ’s will be what Guido is so good at..FIREWORKS

  23. 30
    Stepney says:

    There’s a tasty whiff of sisterhood smell about this one.

    All that bollocks about Labour being the party of equality – the wimmin’ are lining up to jump ship. It’s organised.

    Expect Flint by tea-time.

    • 56

      There’s a tasty whiff of sisterhood smell about this one.

      yup. And we know who’s angling for the top job then don’t we?

      Note to Labour Party – Harriet harman as unelected PM will not be acceptable. Try that, and there will be blood. Nothing less than a general election will suffice. Now.

      • 79
        Stepney says:

        That would be heaven on earth. Her performance in the last few days has been nothing short of catastrophic.

        Having said that, and including how much she makes me want to vomit, Harman has balls. Given the 7 types of shit she’s been facing, to have the front to get up and face the cannons has been insanely brave.

        Given who she is and her hate for all mankind, I quite like that thought:

        Harman has the biggest cojones in Government.

        Heh heh heh.

    • 60
      Sly Bastard says:

      I’d have Flint for teatime…

      • 105
        Sourfaced Little Englander says:

        Surely not – she has a certain dirty tart appeal, but she’s soiled goods, is she not?

      • 115
        peter carter-fuck says:

        Bear in mind she charges extra for anal, but on the whole it’s worth it.

    • 71
      a REAL Socialist says:

      shame that is is the wimmen that are showing some Balls………………..is there not a MAN around who can hand him a revolver!!!!

    • 92
      Andy Carpark says:

      Jacqui Smith (or “Smiff”) was suitably memorialised here a couple of weeks ago by Ewanme. She spoke sagely of “Smiff’s” head “rolling aimlessly around on top of the duvet while the rest her tries to get the teasmade to work.”

      I think her post is worth resurrecting and hope others agree.

    • 249
      Sir Robin Knest-Magpie says:

      No, I think it’s more fishy than that

  24. 31
    Dogger says:

    Yup! Reckon it was Volcano Minge.

  25. 32

    Adam Boulton on Sky just said “As an experienced political commentator, I thing that we are seeing the end of Gordon Brown, and that he will now go much sooner than expected” Woooooo Hooooooonnnn !!!

  26. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Ha ha ha – is it PMQs today?
    Should be a laugh :)

  27. 35
    Kev M says:

    Slightly OT

    But have to say, Sky news is beating the BBC news’s political coverage in leaps and bounds of late. I now find myself watching Sky to obtain the latest news and then maybe tuning to BBC just to see if they have some other bits to add.

    Pesto may be tops when it comes to dodgy banks but Robinson wouldn’t recognise a dodgy MP even if he was up its arse.

    • 152
      nell says:

      I’ve been doing that for a while- BBC’s bad for the blood pressure -besides I hate the lying by omission that they practice – only tell the good news about labour and the bad about the tories. Time for the license fee to go!!

      • 250
        Anonymous says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more! I have also abandoned the BBC as I have become increasingly amazed by their non-reporting. On more than one occasion I have witnessed events unfold live on air and then been incredulous at how the ‘facts’ have been presented later by BBC News.
        It is nothing more than a propaganda channel!

    • 189
      Lady Mandelscum of rent de bois says:

      I have been up his arse and you are right he did not recoginse me – the bitch.

  28. 39
    The Master says:

    Maguire “could be the end”. Pascoe-Watson “backbenchers seeking signatures”

  29. 39
    That's Absolutely Totally Brilliant Damian says:

    right before PMQs, nice work little Munchkin Hoon!

  30. 41
    Army of Emus says:

    In the grass she frolics about
    Just like spring has sprung
    She sniffs around for her nut
    But all she smells is dung
    Her bushy tail whips around
    And she runs across the lawn
    Over the bridge and though the woods
    To grandmother`s house she`s gone

    Mrs. Nutkin is my hero
    How many squirrels
    There are zero
    Except for her
    She is cool
    Mrs. Nutkin rocks my socks

  31. 43
    Rick Nobinson says:

    ( Blinks ) Eh ?? Who’s that ?

    I can’t see for all this Brown stuff on my spectacles( and, ahem, testicles )

  32. 45
    Anonymous says:

    Gordon won’t go till at least Monday. He’s got to go thru the motions of D-Day celebrations in Normandy first. Bet his forced smile on Saturday will appear especially fake, but his tears on Monday will be real.

  33. 47
    Sid Rumpo says:

    Incredible, isn’t it? What a fantastic week to be living through for all of us whom have waited for these departures for a very long time indeed.

    @North Saint: Good Q. Who do you fancy?

  34. 48
    Anonymous says:

    It is like “out break of food poisoning in a space rocket”

    Quote from Quentin Letts (BBC)

    Followed by the next correspondent saying: “a slow dribble”

    and a “rush to the head”

    Some one please pull the chain. NOW.

  35. 49
    Dr Feelgood says:

    Blears: the eighth dwarf – Sneaky

  36. 52
    Anonymous says:

    It is like “out break of food poisoning in a space rocket”

    Quote from Quentin Letts (BBC)

    Followed by next correspondent “a slow dribble”

    and a “rush to the head”

    Some one please pull the chain. NOW.

  37. 57
    subrosa says:

    This is only Wednesday, goodness knows what kind of half-baked government we’ll have by Friday.

  38. 59
    magma says:

    looks like a General Election is just on the horizon

  39. 61
    johnny anomaly says:

    Comrade Mason blogs that ‘Gordon Brown’s cabinet colleagues have told him that “unless he is radical he is finished”‘

    Radical means an elected Lords and PR

    Idle Scrawl

  40. 62
    Anonymous says:

    “Friday 5th June.

    Brown visits Palace to dissolve Parliament and announces his resignation. Bus trip of ex and serving Cabinet ministers seen heading towards Beachy Head.”

    Carlsberg don’t do news, but if they did….

  41. 63
    Al says:

    This is Nothing to do with expenses. Blears and Smith know they aren’t going to be ministers after the next election. They also know if they stay as ministers they probably wont have a job after the next election. So they are going to concentrate on their constituencies to try and save their £60k + benefits jobs.

  42. 64
    NBeale says:

    It’s blindingly obvious what she thinks of Gordon – and so do all the rest. By resigning she is free to speak out and I hope she does.

    She could easily be the next leader of the Labour Party.

    • 137
      Anonymous says:

      Who? The chipmunk?

      At last, gravitas returns the corridors of power.

    • 138

      Now that would be fun.

      The Penguin

    • 177
      Right Bastard says:

      Labour Party = Small tribe of pygmies.

    • 201
      Dr Nuts says:

      Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Power to the Chipmunk – I guess it would be good to watch her try and collect and bury as many nuts as possible.

      Brown wont leave – no matter what, he’ll need to be forced out – I’m interested about 2 things:
      1 Can Parliament force Brown to call a General Election? What if he refuses?
      2 He’s supposed to call an election next year – again – what if he refuses?

    • 296
      Barbara Follet (Pronounced the French way please) says:

      She could be the next leader of the Labour party if only we could find her.

  43. 65
    Aristotle says:

    PM’s Questions any one ????

    • 90
      Sir Robin Knest-Magpie says:

      Mr Speaker, The Prime Minister is also known as the Fencepost Tortoise. Will he explain how long he intends to stay there?

  44. 72
    Anyone but Gordon... says:

    They are dropping like flies now…who’s next ?
    Does Gordon have enough MP’s untainted by the expenses scandal to now even form a reshuffled cabinet ?
    Who in their right minds would even accept a cabinet position in a Government that is going down the pan faster than a flushed turd ?
    Surely accepting a cabinet postion now is political suicide.
    This is now a Government in meltdown, who on earth would want to be a part of it ?
    Roll on the debate next week on the dissolution of Parliament…or will Gordon call an election anyway rather than risk the embarrasment of defeat, as Michael Martin would have done if the confidence motion on the speaker had gone ahead.

    Hope Labour get totally wasted tomorrow.

  45. 74
    Sir Robin Knest-Magpie says:

    Why has she got a conker in her gob?

    • 133
      peter carter-fuck says:

      It’s her mid morning snack, though usually she’ll have a couple of acorns.

    • 209
      Dr Nuts says:

      So she can spit it as a bullet at Brown at PMQ’s!

      Also – it’s nice padding to make her cheek bulge.

  46. 75
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    Oh no! Does that mean we don’t have a Communities Secretary between now and the reshuffle? Help! What happens if there’s some terrible emergency involving a community?

    BTW, what does a Communities Secretary do exactly, anyway?

    • 98
      Stepney says:

      Destroy the local democratic process.

      Don’t even think that local planning decisions are the preserve of your council. Anything the Government doesn’t like goes to the unelected regional body. The Government of the South-West for instance.

      The Communities Secretary is a polar misnomer. The role exists to centralise any form of local involvement.

      She’s been the little guinea pig ripping up local democracy like paper in a hamster cage.

    • 103
      magma says:

      Simple…..claim expenses.

    • 116
      P1 says:

      Don’t worry, a member of the Balls family will step in to assist with any Communities emergencies. They can do anything……………

  47. 76
    Jonny the Comet says:

    The early start isn’t a coincidence. Time to get one more in before PMQ’s? I’d say so…

  48. 77
    Alan Johnson says:

    Not only is this a testing time for Gordon, it is also the day that Cameron has to prove that he is PM material.

    At 1200 today Cameron has it in his power to break Brown and seal his own future as PM. Let’s see what Dave is made of when the pressure is on.

    Alan Johnson could well be the ultimate winner of today’s PMQs.

    • 153
      Troughminster says:

      DC is more of the same.

    • 182
      Tricky Dicky says:

      Interesting comment. Cameron has so many targets to go at, plus the huge expectation that he will hit them. Will he handle it as he should? A real test!

  49. 80
    cato says:

    Just think of the poor sod in Harry Harpersons office who is as we speak drawing up bunker report number seven along the lines of: Hazel was a committed and highly effective comunities secretary with deep labour beliefs… blah blah… like a band member on the titanic, except they at least probably played something people actually wanted to hear.

  50. 81
    Trough Mixture says:

    Mickey Shite on sky:

    “It’s beginning to look as if I’m wrong!”

    • 146
      peter carter-fuck says:

      Better get that Mont Blanc back from McTwat asap Sir Michael, the stationery will be flying tonight.

  51. 82
    Salfrod slim says:

    Born in Salford, raised in Salford, lived in Salford. Until our son was born then we fucked off as quick as we could. I can safely say Hazel Blears is a self serving Hunt. Good riddance and may you disappear off the radar completely. The good people of Ordsall wll always vote labour, their great grandparents the dockers did, but this little Hunt needs to be kicked out, perhaps to be replaced by a member of one of the local “families”. At least you can accept those bastards robbing you. Shes isnt from Salford anyway. Salfordians are particular about that. Fuck off.

    • 124
      Steve Expat says:

      Would you want to bring your children up in Salford?

    • 150

      I wouldn’t want to bring up a dodgy curry in Salford.

      The Penguin

    • 258
      Anonymous says:

      She would love to go “off the radar” especially if Plod decides to look at her expenses claims in detail !

    • 303
      g1lgam3sh says:

      Exactly slim, was on Precinct today…she’s screwed…”W….what I’m getting done for a couple of hundred quid housing and that fucking cow gets a pension for being a bigger thief”. Known this person for years…not exactly political…well wasn’t anyway :-)

      I’ll be knocking on doors tomorrow reminding people they can utterly screw her.

    • 304
      peter carter-fuck says:

      What’s Paul Massey doing these days? I’d rather have him as an MP, at least he wouldn’t look like quite such a twat on a motorbike.

  52. 83
    Voldemort says:

    Never mind Hazel, there may be a part for you in the next harry potter film understudy to your look and act alike Dolores Jane Umbridge, Senior Under-Secretary to Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge.

  53. 85
    The Master says:

    Sir Michael White admits he is wrong and that Brown can’t hang on.

    • 100
      ReichsChancellor & half Front Bench ( in-waiting ) Balls says:

      Where’s the Master Baiter when you need a cool, empty head for asinine articulate comment ?

      • 172
        Anonymous Misogynist says:

        Master baiter can’t make up his mind who he wants to morph into at the moment. Let’s hope he hasn’t done anything life threatening, he’s so entertaining.

        • 307
          g1lgam3sh says:

          He’s busy….he just left the cabinet….I think it was cabinet anyway.

  54. 87
    dark says:

    Doesn’t look like Blears was shoring up her position in the cabinet after all..

  55. 88
    Donkey Oatey says:


  56. 91
    Guardian: It's time to cut him loose... says:

    “In an editorial, The Guardian says that Mr Brown does not recognise his responsibility for the crisis at Westminster that has been prompted by the Daily Telegraph’s expenses disclosures. The newspaper joins those who have attacked Mr Brown for failing to respond to the expenses row.

    It states: “His timidity in the face of the expenses crisis has been painful.”

    The longer than usual editorial concludes: “Labour has a year left before an election; its current leader would waste it. It is time to cut him loose.”

  57. 99
    VotR says:

    Hazel’s cabinet career is over and she knows it. She was getting revenge, and why the hell not? I’d put the boot in too if a useless prime minister had slagged me off to the televised world as a scapegoat.

    My only disappointment is she hasn’t been prosecuted by the police. Brown will probably retaliate by giving the nod to inspector knacker as a final act of vengeance for her backstabbing while his ‘unsinkable’ ship disappears beneath the waves.
    But that’s something Gordon’s an expert in as well, backstabbing, he does it so well as Blair discovered. A cabinet of vipers will bite automatically, it’s all they know. And Brown is the biggest viper of the lot of them and surrounded by vipers, I feel so very very sorry for him. Well actually I don’t. It’s almost like some kind of karma is being visited on him. F’king great!

    Roll on PMQ’s for the bitch slap fest!

    • 161

      Having schemed and plotted and blackmailed his way to being an unelected Prime Mincer without the courage to try for a mandate of his own, he is now in danger of being ousted by plotters desperate to try and save something from the wreckage of the Labour Party.

      He is truly the architect of his own disaster. His reputation for financial competence is now in shreds, and the “No More Boom and Bust” mantra seems to have been abandoned along with prudence and “fiscal responsibility”. His brutal treatment of anyone who may or may not have been a rival for the top job he craved has left him with very few real friends in the PLP. He is losing what little support he still has from such as Alastair Darling through his failure to actively support them in the expenses scandals that they are almost all caught up in.

      And now, facing wipeout in the local and EUSSR elections, his only real weapon, the re-shuffle, has been pre-empted by The Fat Lodger and made almost useless by his pathetic attempt to get a Queen-free (appart from him!) photo-opportunity with Obama at the D-Day remembrances. It means he has to be in France when he desperately needs to be in Downing Strasse making sure that the rebellious don’t get the chance to wield the knife.

      All very satisfying!

      The Penguin

    • 229
      Dr Nuts says:

      The best bit is – if Blears is prosecuted in retaliation – the flood gates are opened, and he’s up for investigation.

  58. 101
    peter carter-fuck says:

    This is it! There’s no going back, this government has now collapsed in a heap of comical ruins, McTwat’s hubris and incompetence is revealed in its awful glory. The NuLabor crime family will be destroyed at the elections tomorrow. The Cabinet will have to remove him by the weekend or be revealed as the biggest bunch of eunuchs since the end of the Ottoman Empire.

    Not long to go now.

    • 192
      Anonymous says:

      So the Queen will go to DDay commems after all and tell the Froggies the PM was ..er .. ill disposed ?

      • 260
        Sir Robin Knest-Magpie says:

        No it will still be Charles but he’ill say his mum is driving Browns ambulance

    • 257
      Timpsons Locksmiths says:

      Would you like us to come round to No. 10 while the Great Gorgon is getting sand kicked in his face on the Normandy beaches?

      We can just change all the locks while he’s out. Job done!

      Will the Gorgon even dare to leave the Fuhrerbunker to go to Normandy?

      • 305
        peter carter-fuck says:

        There are still a lot of bunkers left in Normandy, he’ll feel right at home.

  59. 104
    SHORN, the well-shagged-wooden-sheep, says:

    There’s no-one finer than Grogon, – he’s hot as mustard.

    Kno wot oi mean?

    Anyone got the mint sauce?

  60. 106
    Toby Young says:

    Surely, there’s no need for a conspiracy theory to explain Blears and Smith’s resignations? They knew they were likely to get the chop in the next reshuffle so they’re resigning to give the impression they’re going voluntarily. Also, by going now they’re avoiding any shit Brown might have slung their way, via whoever’s now doing McBride’s job, to discredit them in the run-up to the reshuffle. Only surprising thing is why Darling hasn’t resigned yet for the same reasons. Maybe he’s been promised the Home Office.

    • 154
      Dr Feelgood says:

      Smith did not know she was being resigned yesterday – just look at her performance when making a statement in the House and lack of subsequent personal appearance.

      She was sacked, and ‘someone’ leaked it. Don’t think Blears may have known at that point unless Smith told her.

  61. 107
    Anonymous says:

    77. Salford Slim:-

    “Hazel Blears was born in Salford in 1956, the daughter of a maintenance fitter. As a young child, Hazel and her brother Stephen both played street urchins in the film A Taste of Honey which was filmed in Salford in 1961, when Blears was aged five.”


  62. 108
    anon says:

    And Harriet H being wheeled out to face the music once again, while dear old Gordie hides in his bunker… whoops sorry, gets on with working on the issues which Britain’s hard working families really care about. She annoys the hell out of me but that woman has guts.

    • 127
      P1 says:

      She has a thick skin and a resistance to logic that is classic politician’s equipment when bred from prime stock, brought up properly by a posh family and sent to expensive schools. Come the revolution she will be toast.

    • 233
      MrPeregrination says:

      Stupidity can often be mistaken for courage.

    • 311
      peter carter-fuck says:

      I just hope someone remembers to put the briefcase at the right end of the map table this time. That daft twat Tom Cruise made a right balls up in the movie. His thetons must have been playing him up that day I suppose.

  63. 109
    Steve Expat says:

    BBC World News – “Great Britian’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown is fighting for his political career” – FUCKING YES!!!!!

  64. 112
    Last remake of "Downfall" says:

    I may have this wrong, but all the women in the cabinet going… leaving just Harriet.

  65. 113
    chris says:


  66. 118
    cheche says:

    This is why HM can’t go to D Day. She has to accept Gordo’s resignation any time

  67. 119
    Catosays says:

    I can see the hand of the Dark Lord in this. I reckon he’s had enough of a joke or the Prime Mincer has upset him again.

  68. 121
    bergen says:

    Just as well HM is not going to the D-Day commemoration.If he falls today,she will need to appoint someone until Labour completes its own elections.In the past,the current PM has stayed until then but I can’t see Brown coping with the humiliation of it.

  69. 122
    Cath says:

    What a lying little cow…….

    “The role of a progressive government should be to pass power to the people, I have never sought high office for the sake of it all or for what I can gain, but for what I can achieve for the people I represent and serve.

    “In this next phase of my political life, I am redoubling efforts to speak up for the people of Salford as their Member of Parliament.”

    This the biggest bullshit I have ever heard. Surely it must have been difficult for her to keep a straight face while speaking this guff!

    Salford do your duty and boot this munchkin into the long grass!

  70. 126
    Johnny says says:

    “By destabilising Gordon and revealing ahead of the re-shuffle that a woman is already leaving cabinet she shores up her own position. She also scores some brownie points for the future by laying some useful ground-work for Alan Johnson…”

    And then Blears announces she’s leaving the cabinet.

    Is the Brown curse rubbing off on Guido?

  71. 129
    Stevo says:

    No giggling at the back!

  72. 131
    Anonymous says:

    Blears is clearly leaving Gordon to go down with his ship, to make herself eligible for re-employment in NEW New Labour under a new Fuhrer.

  73. 132
    The Master says:

    Jacqui Smith on with Boulton and looking human. The sisters are working in unison

  74. 139
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    Wimmin: The deadlier of the species as any hetro knows

  75. 140
    VotR says:

    I wonder if Gordo will resign today?

  76. 141
    Anonymous says:

    Rats sinking ship comes to mind .

  77. 144
    Thats News says:

    a href=”http://thatsnews.blogspot.com/2009/06/blears-gone.html”>Update. A really, really big chunk of sky has fallen on Brown’s head! Blears quits!

    How long can he last, now? Has he got a bed ready at The Priory?

  78. 145
    Sky Sports says:

    This is more painful than watching Mike Tyson fight Woody Allen.

    • 313
      peter carter-fuck says:

      Woody Allen fights dirty, he’d bring a gun. A trick he learned from his old mate Phil Spector.

  79. 147
    Arthur Daley MP says:

    Terence, this job is a nice litle earner. I’ll see you right, trust me.

  80. 149
    Anonymous says:

    Euro Election Opinion Poll
    ComRes/Green (31/05/09) CON 24, LAB 22, LDEM 14, UKIP 17, GRN 15, BNP 2

  81. 151
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    Just a thought, but I wonder if people are making too much of all this shit hitting the fan just before an election? Does it actually make any difference? Sure, it doesn’t look good for Labour, but I would have thought that things are already so bad for Labour that this won’t make any material difference. Some people will always vote Labour no matter what happens, and they’ll still vote Labour. Some people may have voted Labour in the past and will have been put off voting Labour this time, but unless they’ve been living on Mars for the last couple of years they’d probably already have decided not to vote Labour before Smith or Blears resigned.

  82. 159
    JollyRoger says:

    It makes perfect sense to me that Brown would leak Smith’s resignation.

    After the disastrous election, Brown wanted to appear decisive in his reshuffle by making a show of ruthlessly sacking some big names (and demoting some others).

    Smith (and now Blears) have spoilt his game by jumping ship first. Leaking Smith’s exit was all Brown was left with in this power-play. It stinks of Brown to me.

    Nokia shares up.

  83. 160
    Anonymous says:

    Breaking news. Nokia and Hewlett Packard now working overtime schedule.

  84. 162
    Anon says:

    Where are Gordon’s two pet poodles, Kevin McGuire and Stephen Pound? Even they cannot come up with an argument for Don Gordonio to remain now. Can they?

    • 306
      Fat Tony says:

      Don Gordonio must stay or you will sleep with the fishes.

      Is that argument good enough for you?

  85. 165
    W Mitty says:

    So do all 6 Ministers have to give resignation speeches to the House a la How and Lawson?

    Under what circumstances must a Minister give a speech to the House?

  86. 166
    Old Grumpy says:

    I note that Gorgon’s resignation petition has stalled at under 65,000!

    Surely you can do something about that!

  87. 169
    W Mitty says:

    So do all 6 Ministers have to give resignation speeches to the House a la Howe and Lawson?

    Under what circumstances must a Minister give a speech to the House?

  88. 177
    The Director of Politically Correct 'n Convenient Troof at AlJaBeeba, the State Broadcasting Armless says:

    There is NO TRUTH in the notion that the BELOVED AND GLORIOUS LEADER is in any sort of difficulty.


    Mzzz. Bleary-Me HAS NOT RESIGNED, ‘n Darling Darling WILL be Hon. Sec

    Now carry on playing Martial Music and Patriotic Songs sung by the Massed Choirs of the Hard Working People.

  89. 179
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    New Liars – new strategy
    1. Brown & Balls = History
    2. Harriot + wimmin = new cabinet
    3. No GE for a year, claw back 15% of the vote (wimmin for wimmin)
    4.Unhung & hung parliament
    5. Parliment introduces 3 day recess every 28 days.
    Job Done.

  90. 180
    Anonymous says:

    Smith says on sky she spoke to GB over Easter re her resignation as she wanted to return to family and husband (ahem). Every reshuffle means some people decide they’re going to step down. Thereafter just a load of guff. Boulton says cabinet “dialogues of deaf” or possibly death.
    She rabbits on about g20 and AB pulls her up as g20 not GB show; JS says she wasn’t left dangling as cabinet minister – she denies dangling at all. Denies that she should have gone right away and that primary residence Q is being looked at by independent commisioner and then more guff about practical action. Impact on elections of govt falling apart – it will be a really hard election she says. Sure that GB will survive. Labour women with backbone at time of crisis? JS says rubbish – no wimps in Labour party just like no wimps at Sky TV.

    • 199
      cutofyourjib says:

      I’m not sure Sky will be using that particular soundbite in their publicity interstitials… But you never know!

  91. 183
    What A Story says:

    The British people will be eternally grateful that Labour is now saving the British people from Labour. Not.

  92. 184
    Comical Ali says:

    Harriet Harman has attempted to dismiss speculation about Gordon Brown’s future as the government faced accusations it is in its “death throes”.

    Labour’s deputy leader insisted the prime minister had a plan to lead the country and said that cabinet government was functioning normally.

  93. 185
    nell says:

    In the middle of washing floors and the carrot topped resigns!!!! Why couldn’t she wait until I sat down with my coffee. Who next?

    Sky’s Adam Boulton says ” If she goes public and gives a little bit of detail about what’s going on behind the door of No.10 , it could be very debilitating..”!!

    Does she hate Brown enough to do it??? She should! I hope she does – it will be very entertaining .

    Oh well back to work……

    • 231
      Johnny says says:

      If Boulton knows what is going on why doesn’t he tell all himself?

      This is going to be like Charles Kennedy’s drinking problem isn’t it. Once the dam bursts properly there will be a procession of bobbleheads saying how terrible things were but never explaining why they kept their mouths shut.

    • 232
      Right Bastard says:

      Don’t forget the corners.

  94. 186
    Anonymous says:

    At this rate the green benches are going to look a bit sparse by lunchtime.

  95. 188
    Dr Feelgood says:

    On BBC News, Martin Bell says Labour expenses infractions are a lot worse than Conservative ones (which are merely more humorous) – wonder if he’s going to stand against Belars?

  96. 194
    peter carter-fuck says:

    This is like the time you march into your boss’s office and tell him “you can’t fire me cos I quit.” You then pour a bottle of milk behind the fridge and leave with the client list. Or was that just me?

    • 206
      Stepney says:

      Stilton and an open tin of sardines behind the bookcase for me.

      • 215
        Catosays says:

        Or a kipper up his exhaust.

      • 240
        It's all Balls says:

        Nah! Camembert everytime

      • 275
        Scouser says:

        Pound of not-too-fresh haddock under a filing cabinet. Then piss in the lift.

        • 323
          Stepney says:

          Actually that is an interesting one. It’s a few years since I threw two fingers at the corporate world but every day working in an open plan office one subconciously held in one’s effluent gases. At days end I would get into the lift and by the time I’d got down to the car park basement I would have vacated the days’ build up into the elevator.

          Oh the sweet, sweet joy of pressing the button and sending that lift back up.

          “Have it”

        • 326
          nearlyheadlessnicky says:

          Doesn’t everyone piss in the lift?

      • 315
        peter carter-fuck says:

        You clearly worked at a better class of office. Was your employer an MP?

    • 212
      Canary Wharf Rat says:

      Include me out…. Sam Goldwyn

  97. 196
    Anonymous says:

    Time for another “downfall” clip. Or are events moving too quickly?

    • 212
      Sisters are doing it by themselves says:

      Looks like it – “the ginger army” is storming the bunker and taking no prisoners i

    • 316
      peter carter-fuck says:

      Yes, the Red Flag is flying over the Reichstag, and Blondi has started to wonder if she’ll ever get that walk she was promised.

  98. 197
    Anonymous says:

    Who would have thought it . . . the hampster bites Gordon !

  99. 198
    Troughminster says:

    This train of events actually started when labour took power, it was always going to end in tears.
    Where is the shitbag Blair & his disgusting wife these days? they would be the icing on a very corrupt cake.

    • 223
      P1 says:

      They’re by the shredder. BBQ at Blair mansion this w/e for the true believers, although not sure if Miliband counts any more.

  100. 200
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    Someone just said. Blears: She just stabbed Gordon in the front!!!!!!

  101. 202
    Ooh Er Missus! says:


    Blair had Babes.

    Gordon has Boys.

    Ooh Er Missus

  102. 204
    Anonymous says:

    Master Baitor is very quiet….

    Is he crying into his teddy?

    • 246
      Troll Alert says:

      Perhaps the fucker has gone to the snack bar – or a ‘progressive’ meeting – or has had some ‘ work’ come in to his LA desk – or has been given a fresh piece of paper and crayons

    • 281
      Anonymous says:

      Ditto Hardwidge and Thick-as-Thieves. Not Missed.

  103. 210
    Ean Craigie says:

    I watched her on the front benches yesterday during questions, I cannot remember when my blood pressure reached thse levels. Its a government of second rate minds.

  104. 216

    There are moths in the Cabinet Room

  105. 217
    Mary Hinge says:

    You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.


  106. 218
    Anonymous says:

    Come back Tony – all is forgiven!

  107. 221
    Canary Wharf Rat says:

    Jacqui on the BBC. Her eyes look like she has been crying her eyes out. Either that or she’s been up all night with her hubby watching the TV

  108. 225
    Anonymous says:

    Re-shuffle underway ?- Woodward & Denham seen leaving Downing Street by Sky

    • 226
      cutofyourjib says:

      52 card pickup would be a more precise method for this shambles of a government.

    • 278
      Rick the Roman says:

      Denham clearly hoping for big job – Home Sec? after his performance on Newsnight last night – top class Brown nosing – the creep. I worked with him once – incapable of taking a decision, utter control freak – just the sort Gordon likes – a mirror of his hero.

  109. 238
    RavingMad says:

    Jon Piennar on Radio5 saying Blears and Brown had major falling out yesterday. They met again today when Blears said she was off. Also suggesting a letter circulating the new labour criminals calling for no confidence in Brown. This letter maybe made public (haha) after the elections tomorrow…..waiting

    • 298
      Andy Carpark says:

      Pienaar is a lickspittle whose response to Labour’s bye-election defeat in Glasgow East was that the SNP must have been “devastated” not to have won by a bigger margin.

      • 322
        Shithead says:

        If it’s true that almost all the BBC political commentators are Liabour-friendly – see Pienaar, Peston, Robinson and Wark, for example – are there any suggestions of backhanders in brown envelopes? Or are they simply party apparatchiks by any other name?

  110. 242
    Mutile Pile up says:

    Adam Boulton called yesterday a “Multiple Pile Up” for the Government.

    So what is a multipe pile up followed by another multiple pile up called?


  111. 243
    Dr Feelgood says:

    LabourList now says:
    Blears resigned because No. 10 briefed that she leaked Smith departure

    What a happy bunch of campers they are. Roll on PMQ!

  112. 247
    Jonathan says:

    So, the ginger midget has resigned from the Cabinet. So what? She still intends to carry on as an MP and stand for re-election. Where is the justice in that? Corrupt and rotten to the core. And where is the expose on Balls and Cooper? That is long overdue.

    I am beginning to think that we should have a re-run of the events of July 17 1918, but not in a semi-basement room in Ekaterinburg, and not involving innocent children, but in the cellars below the House of Commons with the entire membership of that rotten institution lined up against a wall and shot.

  113. 254
    The Day Socialism Ate Itself says:

    Hello. Bob Ainsworth here. What a glorious day to bury my expense claims.

  114. 265
    cutofyourjib says:

    Martin Salter MP on Sky now. “resignations create some space”. Rightly put down as ridiculous spin. And asked hand on heart, what he feels. Do these people have hearts? What a hoon.

    • 286
      Anonymous says:

      Space!!!!! Gaping hole…

    • 288
      Boris for P.M. says:

      Salter is a spinner no doubt. But anyone who thinks this is a crashing blow to Brown’s reshuffle plans hasn’t been paying attention.

      She was gone, ended, history.
      And now Brown doesn’t even have to offer her a pretend makework job now.

      Of course the timing means this can’t be seen as anything other than a fuck you to Brown and anyone pretending otherwise is a Liar.

  115. 268
    Fuehrerbefehl says:

    Verdammt noch mal! Ihr britische Dummkopefe. You just do not get mein Strategie. Zis is a taktikal vizdrawal to Vitehall, vere surrounded by ze bravest of ze brave, namlich ze Voodkraftvolk, ve vill entice ze enemy into a fatal trapp and smesh zem into a million tiny pieces. My new friend Peter Goebbelson has assured me zat everyzing is in going to plan and zat my government vill last one thousand years!

  116. 273
    Rick the Roman says:

    Don’t worry, Bob, it has been noted, you theiving hoon

  117. 276
    nell says:

    Right – cup of coffee to hand – now for PMQ’s.

    Was the carrot topped one the last woman in cabinet bar Harriet?? If so I wonder whether this has been a revolt by the women master minded by Harriett who aspires to the top job!!??

  118. 280
    Sir Robin Knest-Magpie says:

    Do you think that Gordon might just get the message if someone sent him a waterpistol and a packet of smarties?

  119. 282
    Anonymous says:

    Exactly. They are tearing each other’s throats out. The plan is to execute Brown and save their own skins. Alan Johnson is controlled by the CIA, he was selected by them a long time ago and sent on training courses. NEWLAB is dying as is globalism. You are witnessing the END of a historical epoch. You are witnessing the birthpangs of true democracy. It may be bloody or peaceful we dont know yet.

  120. 284
    The Master says:

    Brillo [new hair] grilling Hoon on Daily Politics about his X’s

  121. 289
    Barry Twatgland says:

    I’ve taken this week off work to do a little DIY on my house, one of the things I was looking forward to was the inevitable door-knocking from the Labour councillor and his henchmen. I live in Blackburn, Lancashire in one of the few remaining white, working (admittedly a rarity) class areas and we are usually bombarded by leaflets, baby kissing, megaphones on hire-vans and the like. Nothing. Not a single red rosetted cretin.
    Has anyone had the pleasure of laughing in the face when asked “can we count on your vote” yet ?
    They even spoiled that.

  122. 293
    HahahhaHHHAAAAaaa!!!! says:

    Nick Cleggy — Go home and prepare for Government!!! HAHAHAHAHAaaa!!!

    • 294
      Ewanme says:

      Yeah , honey !!

      Cracked me up .

      E x .

      • 319
        peter carter-fuck says:

        I agree. We are in the middle of a war. This convention has become an embarrassment. If the Fuhrer had had to read out the names of the dead at the Reichstag he’d never have been able to find time to focus on helping hard working Germans and their families.

  123. 299
  124. 300
    Bob Dylan says:

    Hazel and Jacqui
    Pair of old lezzas
    Leaving the bunker
    Running away

    Hazel and Jacqui
    Two in the morning
    Spending the night
    On the motorway

    Wheels rolling along
    Wheels rolling along
    Wheels rolling along
    Wheels rolling along

  125. 327
    Ever Vigilant says:

    Master Baiter is too distressed to post more today and has asked me to remind his supporters as follows,

    Under the Tories,

    1) Interest rates wiil be 75%

    2)All benefits will be abolished

    3)all doctors,nurses,teachers,police and firemen will be sacked

    4)Public Transport will be abolished

    5)All NHS hospitals will be closed until privatised

    6)Children aged 3-16 will have to pay school tuition fees

    7All houseowners in mortgage arrears more than 7 days will be evicted

    8)Private health insurance will be compulsory at £100/week premium

    9)The inflation target will be 50% (or more)

    10)Labour Politicians will be awarded 7 years penal servitude

    MB is confident that item10 will decimate Tory support

    Please vote Labour,please




  126. 252
    Master Baiter says:


  127. 320
    peter carter-fuck says:

    You can’t handle the truth.

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