June 1st, 2009

Is Labour Sincerely Sorry?Labour Fakes ‘Personal’ Letters of Apology

The SNP have got hold of the formulaic HQ-drafted fake apologies being sent out by Labour’s MPs, MEPs and local councillors.

The suggested letter to be sent by MPs (see full letter here) begins

Dear [Insert Name]

I thought twice about sending this letter because I know how rightly angry people are with MPs. I suspect that you are fed up to the back teeth as day after day more stories come out showing greed and, in some cases, serious wrongdoing. I would like to echo Gordon Brown’s words – that I’m sorry that the political system and some MPs have let you down.

The letter for Labour’s local councillors

Dear [Insert Name]

I know how angry people are with Westminster politicians. I suspect you are as fed up I am, as day after day more stories come out showing greed and in some cases, serious wrongdoing. I would like to echo Gordon Brown’s words – that I am sorry that the political system and some MPs have let you down.

The suggested letter to be sent by MEPs is more of the same

Dear [Insert Name]

I know how angry people are with Westminster politicians. I suspect you are as fed up as I am as day after day more stories come out showing greed and in some cases, serious wrongdoing. I would like to echo Gordon Brown’s words – that I am sorry that the political system has let you down.

They are echoing Gordon’s words alright, he finds it difficult to say sorry, they can’t even be bothered to find their own words.  Don’t they really mean “we are sorry we got caught?”


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Control freaks

  2. 2
    JD says:

    Only an idiot would believe such a letter. Then again there are still people who tell pollsters that they will vote labour again, so there are still idiots about. Oh dear…….

  3. 3
    XXXX says:

    Not at all. The top echelons of the Labour party understand that their ordinary MPs and councillors do not have the intellectual capacity or educational attainment to be able to draft a good letter. Supporting them to do so is part of the agenda to reduce inequality.

  4. 4
    Harri says:

    Just Freaks is adequate enough .

  5. 5
    I'll Bring The Rope says:

    Hearing Gordon Brown’s pathetic display on the Today programme this morning makes me realise that we must have an election now. The man is a deluded fool.

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Spinning to the very end. They will crash into the ground spinning. Had to laugh that the Prime Mentalist had to get a mention in the these mass produced and unspontaneous missives. How very Kim Jong Ill.

  7. 7
    Indigo says:

    It’s awfully bad form to apologise for other people’s wrong doing – dontchaknow.

  8. 8
    Master Baiter says:

    Conservatives are losing votes to the Untied Kinkdumb Nincummpoop Party, thick and fast.

  9. 9
    Basil says:

    Dreadful. It is because they are NOT sorry that they actually have to be told what to say.

  10. 10
    MrPeregrination says:

    There really is something utterly creepy about the way everyone must “echo Gordons words”.

    I’ll bet 50 quid old Mr Brown either drafted or edited these letters himself. It fits in with his constant “I’m fixing this”, “I’ve come up with new rules” etc etc. He hasn’t come up with anything – at least not anything the rest of the population will accept.

  11. 11
    Scott says:

    shameful, and yet so, so typical.

  12. 12
    Andy Carpark says:

    Gordo’s personalised apology was waiting for me on the mat when I got in last night. Northumberland postmark.

    Does anyone know the significance of the number that appears to the bottom left of the address?

  13. 13
    RavingMad says:

    Harman on Radio5 at moment not answering questions on expense isues. Nicky Campbell interupting anyone who tries to question Harman about ‘the truth’. Campbell is a sycophantic idiot of the highest order. Harman of course on because shithead Brown is chicken.

  14. 14
    colin says:

    If like me you have the misfortune of having a labour MP,send the sod a copy before he sends you one.I am.

  15. 15
    I've shagged Darling's eyebrows says:

    They were handing this letter out yesterday in Edinburgh.

  16. 16
    Bogeyman says:

    I see one of these letters is tailored for MEPs, who “suspect you are as fed up as I am” with the corruption, as if they are innocent bystanders.

    When is someone going to open their books? I bet the Euro trough makes Westminster’s look relatively shallow.

  17. 17
    Thats News says:

    It’s like the old joke. “All you need to succeed in life is sincerity. And once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

    “Code of conduct to help clean up politics: Brown”: Presumably this will not cover sending out fake sincere letters of apology)

  18. 18
    Churchill's Cattleprod says:

    Quite. It just would not faze me in the least if they put “P.S. We’re keeping all the money – you got a problem with that suckers?” at the bottom.

  19. 19
    Steve Expat says:

    Well let’s give them the opportunity!

    GENERAL ELECTION NOW PLEASE http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/GoToCountryNow/

    Remember, even Hitler was democratically elected by the German people, Gordon has no mandate from us whatsoever.


  20. 20
    Right Bastard says:

    Dear Gordon,

    Following receipt of your letter, I can tell you that I didn’t think twice of sending you this reply.

    You are quite right in suspecting that I am fed up to the back teeth. In fact, Gordon, I am furious. I would like to take this opportunity to echo the words of the good people of this country – FUCK OFF YOU ONE- EYED SCOTTISH TWAT AND TAKE THE REST OF YOUR THEIVING RETARDS WITH YOU.

    Yours ever so sincerely, etc. etc.

  21. 21


    Coming Soon: An English Revolution

    Is England on the verge of revolution?

    To those who know this most peaceful of nations intimately, the question is bound to sound bizarre. Boasting attachment to the rule of law and democratic government, the English have not had a revolution since the 17th century.

    Nevertheless, these days it is hard to be in the company of Englishmen without hearing talk of the need, indeed the imminence, of revolution.

    “I do sense a revolutionary mood,” David Starkey, one of Britain’s foremost historians, told the BBC. “I won’t be surprised if we did end up having a revolution.”

    Starkey is not alone in his analysis.

    Even Gordon Brown, believed to be the most unpopular Prime Minister Britain has ever had, admits that “revolutionary change” might be needed to “reform the way we are governed.”

    According to Plekhanov, one of the architects of the Russian revolution, revolutions happen after a society has experienced a period of uninterrupted prosperity followed by the sudden shock of a severe economic crisis.

    Well, theoretically at least, this is the case in Britain.

    The period of prosperity started in the 1990s and came to an abrupt end with the financial crisis and subsequent economic meltdown of 2008. In that period, British gross domestic product, the key measure of economic performance, almost doubled, enabling the average citizen to enjoy levels of prosperity never experienced before.

    Over the past 18 months, however, the British economy has been in reverse gear with GDP shrinking by an average of 2.7 per cent. At the same time, Britain has gone from full employment to unemployment rates approaching 10 or 11 per cent, something unheard of since the 1970s.i

  22. 22
    Churchill's Cattleprod says:

    16% of the population and, like certain Clapham Commoners, still going down.

  23. 23
    I've shagged Darling's eyebrows says:

    Interestingly, the Labour Party have refused to sign the Constituents Contract along with the LibDems.

  24. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Why does none of this surprise me?

    It’s just modern dictatorship.

    Can no-one in NuLab think for themselves or is it they are just not allowed to?

    The problem NuLab have got is this:

    They are all career politicians, and they put politics before government.

  25. 25
    parish councillor says:

    Now that is funny!

  26. 26
    Anonymous says:

    No spell checker then?

  27. 27
    Robots ahoy! says:

    The same mentality as Smeargate. Where is McBride these days anyhow?

  28. 28
    Anonymous says:

    Fake letter of apology. The sneaky rats will make us pay for them.

    As for the Euro MPs Bogeyman yes they are even worse.

  29. 29
    Half the Story Told says:

    They are the afterbirth of humanity and needing flushing down the electoral system on Thursday.


  30. 30
    Anonymous says:

    Usual reactionary NuLab policies…..

    Why don’t they ever get on the front foot with something.

    Anyone would think the moral compass is a myth…..

  31. 31
    Tom says:

    Can you remind me who will be paying for these letters?


  32. 32
    Postman Alan says:

    Or just return the letter they send you with “Not known at this address – return to sender”. That way they have to pay to collect it.

    On second thoughts WE will have to pay for it. Cancel.

  33. 33
    dr. sipp says:

    cant wait too vote—im straining at the leash

    the PM is seriously de-luded

  34. 34
    Backwoodsman says:

    Are they deviously incompetent, or incompetently devious ?

  35. 35
    k.b. says:

    Like his predecessor Gordon also thinks he’s also a messiah!

  36. 36
    (yes I am a cunt / no I am not Nu Labour) says:

    Have you not read Barthes or Sartre on the *myth of sincerity*?

    Next you’ll be trying to persuade us that these politicians actually run Britain!

  37. 37
    Robin Hoodie says:

    All they can re-state ad nauseum is that it is ‘the fault of the system’.

    And remind me again which group altered the system to suit their own greed?

    Well it was all of the Parliamentarians, but Labour was in charge through their huge majority, and who was it in charge of the money?

    Oh wait…………..!

  38. 38
    Steve Expat says:

    Darling apparantly to repay some money for service charges on his flat, but still denies any wrongdoing…

  39. 39
    The big D says:

    Another reason why political parties should be banned. Even Cameron’s waffle about not whipping some votes is not enough.

    Nothing will get better until political parties are history.

  40. 40
    Flying Carpets says:

    When will David O’Cameron apologise or resign for scamming £75,000 from the tax payer to pay off his London home mortgage.

    What makes him think he should pansy around pretending to be the gentry by buying a massive Oxfordshire constituency house?

    Trying to launder massive addictional costs allowance claims through mortgages, just doesn’t wash.

  41. 41
    Twizzle says:

    I’d say they put their party before their country. Simple really.

  42. 42
    freddie flintoff says:

    fookin hoon shoot em up the arse

  43. 43
    Robin Hoodie says:

    It comes out of the individuals own pockets.

    We are the individuals, and they are the thieving toads!!

    The MEP’s are possibly taking more than 10 times that piss on expenses for doing fuck all.

    Biggest culprits, that ginger couple from Wales. Ex Labour leader. Mmmm Kinnock bastards.

  44. 44
    Edward Devoy says:

    On the subject of councillors, labour and tory, these same parties are running our local authorities, because they think we the people are the same as they are they totally abuse their power to subvert the British way of life. They treat us all as criminals or terrorists, they spy on us, they oppress us daily with petty laws that criminalise the average citizen, they break the law routinely without fear of being made accountable individually or corporately for their actions.
    It is time for a clean sweep throughout the UK of the political elite who have systematically destroyed democracy and turned us into a kleptocracy.
    We the people are poweless in the UK at the moment, but we can keep these kleptocratic misanthropes out of Europe by voting for the only pan-European party. The only party able and willing to give the power back to the people and make Europe work for the people. For a future democratic accountable, transparent EU, Libertas is our only chance.

  45. 45

    Education, Education, Education.

    The Penguin

  46. 46
    Mrs Kindleysides says:

    So who will govern us if there are no political parties?

  47. 47

    And he made the trains run on time…..

    The Penguin

  48. 48
    Mrs Kindleysides says:

    Just more nulabour lies and spin with one intention – to deceive the public.

  49. 49

    End public voting.

    All commons votes to be private.

  50. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Brown and Mandelson talking about Darling’s role as chancellor (albeit excellent) in the past tense – oh dear, they’ll be saying he’s unassailable next…

  51. 51
    Wycked Hors says:

    …more of a Holy Willie:

    I bless and praise Thy matchless might,
    When thousands Thou hast left in night,
    That I am here afore Thy sight,
    For gifts an’ grace
    A burning and a shining light
    To a’ this place.

    Burns would have made mince out of him – beware those who carry moral compasses.

  52. 52
    Devonport Dave says:

    Better yet,once again the taxpayer is coughing up for several thousands of pounds-worth of Government propaganda,Cameron’s already touched on that one so yet another own-goal.
    Classic Harman on 5 Live just now regarding McBride,along the lines of “No-one with any sense thinks Gordon didn’t know more about that than he’s saying”.
    Gordo has been busy today,the country’s going down the crapper,we’re bust,Vauxhall might close e.t.c.,e.t.c., ….and he’s been phoning Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan(!!!) to enquire after the health of Susan Boyle.

  53. 53
    Anonymous says:


  54. 54
    I want to be an MP when I retire says:

    Dear Me, (I’m writing to myself), I do hope they remember to [insert name].

  55. 55

    Good sentiments though!

    The Penguin

  56. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, we’ve seen another ‘pump and dump’ market led boom.

    Run by people of doubtful ability, with no government control.
    Gordon needed the boom to ‘finance’ his unneccessary PFI-led expansion plans.

    The elite treat the rest of us like peasants, cheap labour who can be replaced by poles, romanians or anybody else at a moment’s notice.

    They are colonials, no better than the feudal barons they replaced.

    It won’t change soon, so expect more unrest.

  57. 57

    And themselves before party!

    The Penguin

  58. 58
    Stevo says:


  59. 59
    Anonymous says:

    I read somewhere once that GB held anarchist views back in his university days. I like to think that he’s buggered things up on purpose and is actually doing his damnedest to bring about a populist reaction and revolution. Look here, it’s my reality and I’ll believe what I like! Don’t burst my bubble OK.

  60. 60
    Bock and collocks says:

    Does this letter come with a thick felt tip pen, as used by Gord himself.

    Shameless bunch of hoons. This lot deserve to be torched.

  61. 61

    McStalin rises again. After 12 long years of wasting time and public money, he puts himself as the unassailable dictator who is going to sort the whole blody mess himself. TWAT.

  62. 62
    Lord Mandleson says:

    Am already on the case

  63. 63
    Jane Goody says:

    You can always check by adding RSVP. Might just work.

  64. 64
    no longer anonymous says:

    The Sun has come out for the Tories in the Euros, could things get any worse for Brown? Let us pray.

  65. 65
    The big D says:

    What is wrong with independent MPs?

    They could still base their political views on party lines but without party patronage, conscience voting would be more likely. Especially if the people who voted for them were the only ones who mattered for their future Westminster employment.

  66. 66
    Dr Bob says:

    She’s only in the adjacent room. He’s taking his medicine like the psychotic twat that he is.

  67. 67
    Bomber command says:

    Until they were bombed to shit of course.

  68. 68
    Sniper says:

    No he didn’t. Popular myth.

    Just like “raising children out of poverty”.

  69. 69
    The Compleat Dangler says:

    Is Hazel Blears is on page 3?

  70. 70
    Anonymous says:

    Already up the arse crack more like.

  71. 71
    Post Office Worker says:

    I am not allowed to put animals through letter boxes so not putting any of this codswallop and tripe through anyone’s letter boxes:


    Our beloved leader must be getting very, very desperate sending out this shite.

  72. 72

    It was terrible – no hint of genuine contrition or understanding at all. Over at Parliament though some Citizens’ Arrests are underway. As reported on LBC: people with handcuffs, police standing by, politicians ducking & diving (nothing new there).

  73. 73
    It's all Balls says:

    Dear Mr and Mrs Mug

    I thought twice about sending this letter but I’ve just had clearance from the fees office that I can claim for the stamps. I suspect that you are fed up to the back teeth with Gordon Brown as PM but you need to understand that he has schemed for 10 years to become PM so even though he knows he should stand down he has a sort of ‘Fuck you’ mentality at the moment.

    Having said that, I would like to echo Gordon Brown’s words – that I’m sorry that the Telegraph found out about it before we had a chance to cover up the most embarrassing claims.


    T Roffer (MP)

  74. 74
    Anonymous says:

    Euro trough is bottomless. Fuck the EU and its lickspittle fucking apologists here. I am voting UKIP on the 4th fuck them all.

  75. 75
    Helen Wright says:

    It just reinforces the notion that our Mps etc, are not earning their keep, if they aren’t even trusted to write their own letters of apology.
    Pay rises? Pfff! They do so little nowadays and the Scots Mps do even less than English ones – pay cuts for the Celtic Fringe MPs and pay freeze for English MPs. The Scots et al wanted separate national governments, so its totally wrong for the MPs at Westminster to demand equal pay to English MPs, who do more than twice as much work [even though that means just doing as they’re told – when did they become so spinelss and subserviant to their Scottish Master?]

  76. 76
    Grytpype-thynne says:

    What, give us more freedom by making another law banning something? Are you a disciple of GB?

  77. 77
    Alibis4MPs.com says:

    I am glad were able to help out at such short notice Alastair. Your cheque is in the post I trust?

    Keith Viz

  78. 78
    Anonymous says:

    “enabling the average citizen to enjoy levels of prosperity never experienced before”

    On average, possibly true. The reality is that most people have got no better or worse off over the last 30 years.

  79. 79
    ravinghetero says:

    there’s no need to be so rude about the Prime Arsehole

  80. 80
    Bob says:

    He also cursed her: “I hope Susan Boyle is OK because she is a really, really nice person and I think she will do well,”

  81. 81
    I want to be an MP when I retire says:

    How many people in the UK are called [Insert Name], are they all tory voters.

    Dear Mr & Mrs [Insert Name],

    Get off your fat arse and vote for the [Insert Name] party.

    Yours Sincerley and Honestly, I promise,

    [Insert Name] MP and wanker.

  82. 82
    David Dycke says:

    Note that not a single MP, Councillor or BBC journalist has the spine to stand up to this bullshit.

    What kind of mind control program are they running?

    Perhaps they really are lizards after all?

  83. 83
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, and old man Schumpeter is still right after 50 years or so in the grave:

    the capitalist achievement does not typically consist in providing more silk stockings for queens, but in bringing them within the reach of factory girls in return for steadily decreasing amounts of effort.

  84. 84
  85. 85
    Bordeaux Binger says:

    Obfuscation, Obfuscation, Obfuscation.

  86. 86
    midget fancier says:


  87. 87

    Are you know saying we can’t trust these people? :)

  88. 88
    davidc says:

    or ‘education education education’ and that other grand old favourite ‘tough on crime , tough on the causes of crime’

  89. 89
    [Insert Name] says:

    The letter is going straight in the shredder along with the council tax and Radio Times.

  90. 90
    Johnny says says:

    A revolution designed by the incumbents is no such thing.

  91. 91
    Bordeaux Binger says:

    Please spare us that. It would come under the heading of ‘ cruel and unusual punishment ‘ and the RSPCA would complain about ill-treatment of chipmunks.

  92. 92
    Steve Expat says:

    Just incompetent, thoughing fucking Hoons the lot of them.

    Really looking forward to Snotty’s face on Friday morning :-)

    General election now please!

  93. 93
    Mr & Mrs [Insert Name] says:

    Dear Gordon,

    Fcuk off you raving lunatic.

    Best Regards,

    Mr & Mrs [Insert Name]

  94. 94
    Victim support says:

    We have heard that you have recently been a victim of a crime: having excrement pushed through your letterbox.

    If you are feeling vulnerable after this crime please do contact us, we have lashings of warm words and tea to offer you.

  95. 95
    Groucho says:

    He got his own official train to run on time, on one occasion.

  96. 96
    Mussolini says:

    Wasn’t it me who made the trains run on time?

  97. 97
    Steve Expat says:

    Nah, it’s Helen, 20, from Birmingham. She looks much better with her tits out than the chipmunk…

  98. 98
    Groucho says:

    I will be wiping my arse with my letter and returning it to Gordon.

  99. 99
    Trough Mixture says:

    I heared you like to keep it in t’ corridor of uncertainty.

  100. 100
    Master Baiter says:

    Pink gin, pink gin, pink gin

  101. 101
    The Master says:

    The Gorgon has lost it. Before he was even asked a question by Evan on R4 this morning he launched into a statement.Just a pity it wasn’t the one we all want to hear.It should have been “I am sorry about the voters getting it wrong and am going over to The Priory to console Ms Boyle and will be staying there for the forseeable future, goodbye,er..that’s it” Enter men-in-cloth-caps-and-white-suits

  102. 102
    Steve Expat says:

    Election, election, election

    Local, Euro, GENERAL

  103. 103
    Master Baiter says:

    When will David O’Cameron apologise or resign for scamming £75,000 from the tax payer to pay off his London home mortgage?

    What makes him think he should pansy around pretending to be the gentry by buying a big Oxfordshire constituency house?

    Trying to launder massive additional costs allowance claims through mortgages, just doesn’t wash.

  104. 104
    pissed off pensioner says:

    Gordon has PROMISED to cean up parlement after this expences scandle
    Yea right, like he promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

    All we will end up with is a statement saying IT WAS ALL WITHIN THE RULES IT WAS THE SYSTEM THAT WAS WRONG

    Bollox to labour , tories lib dems and ukip they are all crooks and I for one will vote for the unmetionable party.

  105. 105
    It doesn't add up... says:

    This story is spinning faster than a top – we’ve had Darling announce he’s going to repay some money for double claiming (but as yet not for anything else), and now Jonah has changed his mind:


  106. 106
    Master Baiter says:

    Consonant please

  107. 107
    Sambo says:

    Worth a look……

  108. 108
    Derek says:

    Talking of apologies to be made, the EngDem candidate for the South East is in the dock.

    Just look at this.

    And his ‘humour‘ isn’t in much better taste either.

  109. 109
    The Inquisition says:

    Financial misconduct = Conservatives

  110. 110
    Guidorcs Oaf says:

    Belly good

  111. 111
    Anonymous says:

    No doubt it’s some kind of tracking code – you know what NuLabour & their surveillance society are like! Your name & address isn’t good enough….

  112. 112
    Revised version says:

    Dear [insert latest Prime Ministers Name],

    Fcuk off you [insert expletive] [insert expletive] [insert expletive] [insert expletive][insert expletive] [insert expletive] [insert expletive]

    Best Regards,

    Mr & Mrs [Insert Name]

    ps [insert expletive] [insert expletive] [insert expletive] [insert expletive] you [insert expletive] [insert expletive]

  113. 113
    An Observer says:

    Facist racist mental midget

  114. 114
    The Inquisition says:

    Financial malfeasance = Conservatives, Conservatives, Conservatives

  115. 115
    Gordon McRamsey says:

    Fuck off.

  116. 116
    Pissed off voter says:

    Harman hs just been answering (??) questions on R5. I couldn’t get on. Since she is probably one of those reading this blog to find out what else may have been found out about MPs’ errant ways, perhaps she’ll be good enough to answer my question.

    It took the Scottish parliament about six weeks to publish receipts online. It has taken the Daily Telegraph a similar length of time to analyse and report approximately 5/6 of MPs. Ms Harman promised publication of Westminster receipts LAST summer, now ONE YEAR LATER, they are still not published. Why so long?

  117. 117
    Anonymous says:

    Even very badly broken ones! I do wonder exactly what depths of depravity the Labour Party would have to plummet to before any of its members protested?

  118. 118
  119. 119
    English Liberation Front says:

    ‘I feel that with the record that I have had in the past, I am in the best position to clean up this political system,’ (Gordon Brown) said during a blitz of media interviews.

    ‘People know I am determined and people know I work hard and people know that I am not going to allow temporary setbacks to deter me from doing what is the right thing for the country.

    ‘I am not arrogant or unwilling to listen to people but I do believe that if people look towards what needs to be done at the moment, it is to get us through this economic downturn. I think I have got the experience to do that.’

    Well, Gordon, as one of the “people” I know you are determined to cling to power, I know you work hard at ruining what’s left of this country and I know that you will not allow temporary setbacks to deter you from doing what is the wrong thing for the country (remaining in No.10). Let’s not dwell on your “record” – there is not just one point of view about that and the expert witness detractors grow as your power diminishes. However, you are both arrogant and unwilling to listen.

    But your quote suggests to me that you have no intention of calling for a General Election, now or in 12 months time on the arrogant assumption that only you know what is best for us, the people. You are, sir, completely barking mad.

  120. 120
    General Pandemonium says:

    Take no notice of the largest corporation in the US going bankrupt.

    It can’t possibly affect Englandland’s got talent on the peanut allowance train.

    Look over there!

    Is it a bird is it a plane no it’s an oligolpoly of exiled tax cheating billionaire media manipulators.

    Fortunately the UK public are thick as concrete’s got hard Boyle.

  121. 121
    Anonymous says:

    Consider the scenario MB…..

    The mortgage on his Oxford home is say – £600K.

    If he pays of £75K himself, the outstanding mortgage is £525K.

    Thus he still claims £350K mortgage.

    Why don’t you think before you write?

  122. 122
    ReichsChancellor ( in-waiting )Balls says:



  123. 123
    Another Observer says:

    You vote for who you want and take no notice of any PC tw*t who wants to change your mind,it’s your vote not theirs.

  124. 124
    Groucho says:

    This isn’t a party political issue, you muppet. They are all in it. Many on all sides have had their snouts in the trough. The others knew what was going on an did nothing about it.

  125. 125
    Not Mad Nad says:

    Why nothing about dodgy Tory MP Jeremy Hunt letting his agent live rent free in his second home which he funded using the ACA?

  126. 126
    Trough Mixture says:

    You wouldn’t want to see her Barm Cake.

  127. 127
    Monkey Man says:

    You deal in peanuts, while the Conservaitves and their bandit bankers rob you blind, thicko.

  128. 128
    Another Observer says:

    Hello Tim,PB getting too hot for you tosser

  129. 129
    Anonymous says:

    Shithead Broon has already been running around the TV studios like a Blue Arsed Fly telling us how we mustn’t vote for the Party who dare not speak their name on Thursday. Followed, naturally, by the usual lies about MPs’ expenses & how he’s handling it & the economy so successfully. Does he really think we’re dumb enough to believe him? Unfortunately, it looks like 16% of the population is exactly that dumb.

  130. 130
    An Observer says:

    Read it numbskull

  131. 131
    That was yesterday's news says:

    A week in politics is a long time, so is day, that was yearday’s news, time to move on.

  132. 132

    Nothing on Cameron?

  133. 133
    It doesn't add up... says:

    Double claiming – i.e. fraud = Labour

  134. 134
    An Observer says:

    Hello Mr Bean Pea brain.

  135. 135
    Anonymous says:

    And sincerely meant from the heart.

  136. 136
    Anonymous says:

    I must admit, it would give me a great deal of personal satisfaction to have the One-Eyed One firmly fixed on the prongs of my pitchfork.

  137. 137
    nell says:

    If anyone receives one of these ridiculous letters they should write I DEMAND AN ELECTION NOW across it in thick black felt and then mail to Gordon at No.10 in an unstamped envelope.

  138. 138
    Men in White Coats says:

    A bit late today – can someone please confirm who has checked into The Priory ?

    Was it

    A) Susan Boyle
    B) Gordon Brown
    C) All of the above

  139. 139
    Swiss Bob says:

    Mr Ishmael / Stanislav has a caption competition, not for the faint hearted: Call me Ishmael – Caption Contest, Ed Balls takes a call from the Prime Minister.

  140. 140
    Prince Villiam says:

    That’ll give your DNA matey. Don’t you have any chums from Eton with bad cough?

  141. 141
    freddie flintoff says:

    its me on the peadlo

  142. 142
    Reds under the bed says:

    Brown’s authority as PM with the public is shot beyond repair.

    If the Labour Party emerge from this week’s Local and Euro elections in third place, as predicted, Brown’s authority with the party, unions and cabinet will also be shot beyond repair.

    If Brown continues to claim that he is the only man to clean up Westminster and fight the recession, the pressure from all sides will inevitably result in an early election.

    I just hope Brown gets his attack dogs to skewer any leadership challenge because I want to see him personally trounced into the dustbin of history for all the misery he has visited on this country.

    I also want to have a good laugh at all Brown’s daily photo ops during an election campaign. Being the socially awkward idiot that he is, just imagine the slew of new gurning videos we call all enjoy on You Tube.

  143. 143
    Mr & Mrs [nsert Name] says:

    If it is the unmetionable party, why do you mention it?

    Please [Insert Name] of unmetionable party.

  144. 144
    Reactionary Reformist says:

    Of course, all of this could be abolished for MPs who actually LIVE IN their constituencies. One must assume that they’d already have a house, and so wouldn’t need another one. Unless they’re still living with their mum and dad, or in a hostel, I suppose.

    Then I, as a taxpayer would happily front for a 2 bed flat when they’re in Westminster.

    So they sometimes have to stay away from home – boo hoo; do the army get to buy a detached house with double garage in that home of mayonnaise, the Hellmand province?

  145. 145
    Anonymous says:

    Well .. what else can one expect from a man of Campbell’s age & who still calls himself “Nicky” .. what a Hoon ..

    No, sorry .. make that what another “Tartan” Hoon …

    What’s the difference between Scotland and North Korea ?

    North Korea isn’t being bankrolled by England ..

  146. 146
    It doesn't add up... says:

    You forgot d) Ian Griffin – looking for Kinga Legg’s ghost

  147. 147
    G. Brown. (Your Leader) says:

    Thank you for your kind support. I’m sure my fan base would also like to know that I’m not one eyed actually.

  148. 148
    Anonymous says:

    It’s results on Friday for the local elections, Sunday for the EU ones isn’t it? Friday will only bring startling results inasmuch as Labour will do well – they’ve worked out how to do postal vote fraud successfully (Glenrothes) so no Council seats will fall out of Labour control. Fiddling the EU results may be trickier so we may see a more honest result there.

  149. 149
    Skipper says:

    I’d Better call air Sea Rescue!

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

    You liar.

  151. 151
    HMRC's Bleeding Stone says:

    It may be a sign of the times, but I read that comment as “troughing crime, troughing: the cause of crime”.

    Maybe that should be the party’s epitaph?

  152. 152
    Anonymous says:

    “Mandelson and the Cabinet are not for turning.” Who does Lord Mincing think he is? Maggie Thatcher? He’s not fit to lick the shit off her toilet bowl.

  153. 153
    Dr Feelgood says:

    They would naturally clump together into similarly inclined interest groups.

    How do you think the Whigs and Tories came about in the first place?

  154. 154
    Lady Robin Knest-Magpie says:

    If you can bear it use it to wipe your dogs arse. Just a suggestion. Then return to sender.

  155. 155
    as if....... says:

    Mrs Thatcher revealed today that she had phoned two of the judges from the TV show New Faces to check up on the comedian Jim Davidson after his admission to a clinic in north London last night……..

  156. 156
    Bingo says:

    Splendid to see old McHopeless stick his stumpy fingers into yet another silly current event, Britains got Talent (unlike Gordon).

    Everything he does is cringe worthy and clumsy.

    Someone put him out of his misery.

  157. 157
    Anonymous says:

    You forgot the line ‘Personally, I don’t give a fuck whether or not you ever vote for me again ‘cos we’ll just fix the results anyway’.
    Apart from that, it sounds just about right as a reflection of MPs’ attitudes.

  158. 158

    Next you’ll be claiming to have two arseholes!

    The Penguin

  159. 159
    Curly says:

    Buy the book, then judge.

  160. 160

    It certainly gave Lord Voldemort a lot of satisfaction having him impaled on his pork sword.

    The Penguin

  161. 161
    Steve Expat says:

    Yep, they’ll start the count of the council election ballots as soon as the polls close at 10pm Thursday, as usual for UK elections.

    The Euro ballots will be counted on Sunday night, after the polls have closed in all EU countries – countries are free to set the ballot acccording to local custom between Thursday and Sunday.

    Snotty McBroon’s face will no doubt be a bit longer on Friday morning and a lot longer come Monday morning, by which time it will of course all be someone else’s fault and a great result for the Labour Party

  162. 162

    Do you mean “now” by any chance? Not that I’m pedantic, I hate all nit pickers. In fact, I’m going to make a fucking list of them…

    The Penguin

  163. 163
    Steve Expat says:


  164. 164
    Jonny the Comet says:

    Friday 5 June – Completely Talentless Twat Taken to Clinic

    Britain’s Got No Talent runner-up Gormless Brown has been taken to a private London clinic with exhaustion. Gormless came third in the Euro and local talent show on Thursday night behind winner Call Me Dave and second-placed uKipper.

    A rambling twat was taken voluntarily by ambulance to a clinic, police said.

    Officers were called to a London hotel on Sunday at 1800 BST to doctors assessing an incompetent buffoon (who kept saying “I’m staying on – I’m the best man for the job”) under the Mental Health Act, Scotland Yard said.

    The Sun said the Scottish git was admitted to the Priory clinic with exhaustion, a day after he came third to a bunch of xenophobes in the show.

    The Priory Clinic said: “We can neither confirm nor deny the reports.”

  165. 165
    Democrat says:

    Free the English..

  166. 166
    Phil says:

    When you think of it you have corrupt politicians heading up what is likely to be a corrupt public sector. 52% of people now work for the public sector. There is no chance of the politicians enacting any meaningful solution to what’s happened. We’ll just get more of the same. A revolution of some description which sees all the current politicians removed is really the only option.

    It remains to be seen whether it materialises and in what form. The alternative is more of the same or worse. Imagine any of the current politicians being returned after an election and having 5 years of unfettered law making in front of them. The first thing they will do is pass laws to make sure we can never find out what they’re doing again followed by more repressive laws to keep us in our place. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

  167. 167
    Lady Robin Knest-Magpie says:

    So am I and if that doesn’t work the euro question will probably have to be settled with pitchforks.

  168. 168

    What the fucking hell is “yeardays news?”

    The Penguin

  169. 169
    Scallywag says:

    If you’d had the misfortune to see the bunch of wazzucks masquerading as the SHunthorpe Labour Party when they appeared on the news to read out their grudging acceptance of the resignation of their bent MP, you’d realise just why they need all the help they can get from the control freaks at Labour HQ.


  170. 170
  171. 171
    Plato says:

    That really does take the stupidity biscuit. How long did they think it would be before everyone noticed it was a boiler-plate job?

    The wording is hilarious – “I thought twice about sending this letter …”

  172. 172
    Anonymous says:

    Tearing off your name/address & tracking code first I hope? Also, wipe it over, back & front to remove possible DNA/fingerprint traces.

    Don’t you have a dog? I can hardly see the NuLabour Stasi taking time to check the arsehole of every dog in England.

  173. 173

    Check out the video clip I’ve just stuck on my blog – if you have a strong stomach!

    The Penguin

  174. 174
    Raedwald says:

    Dear Sucker,

    I thought twice about sending this letter because I know how rightly angry people are with MPs. I suspect that you are fed up to the back teeth as day after day more stories come out showing greed and, in some cases, serious wrongdoing. I would like to echo Obnoxio’s words – that we’re all jumped up, overweening, self-important hoonweasels of fucksticks who have let you down badly.

    And I wanted to let you know that Labour are not hearing your message on purpose; we are all stuffing our fingers in our ears and going ‘laa la la la’

    Taking no action and troughing for Britain

    It’s not just a question of paying back money – not that we’re going to do this anyway. We need to pay ourselves much more money to ensure we can carry the pretence of being honourable. And we need even more of your taxes to keep our corrupt little party going.

    That’s why Labour have refused to take action against MPs who are suspected of wrongdoing. Independent people, not MPs, who we have paid extremely well to come up with the right result, will look at every MP’s expenses from the last four years and declare us all innocent. This sort of behaviour is exactly what the Labour Party’s best at – we have always stood for the few, not the many. So we will stop anyone who tries to keep our snouts out of the State trough.

    Labour is determined to continue stealing your taxes. This is not a time for paying less to MPs and our Party – it’s time for us all to reach deeper in our pockets to maintain our corrupt cabal in power. That’s why Labour is:

    * Establishing a tough new process with the power to bar MPs from standing at the next General Election unless they can trough like saddlebacks.
    * Organising for independent people, not MPs, to look at every MP’s expenses from the last four years and find us all innocent.
    * Paying ourselves an additional £40,000 a year Democratic Allowance to replace our lost furniture allowance and property investment funds
    * Redefining outer London to include all London constituencies so even more MPs can claim a second home allowance
    * Making sure that MPs who are married or live together as partners are able to take double bubble in expenses
    * Creating a new system that takes decisions out of the hands of MPs to decide their salaries, expenses or how they discipline themselves and into the hands of an utterly compliant and pliable independent body who will do exactly as we say.

    But at the heart of all this are you and your neighbours – that’s what matters.

    You work hard every day and do the best you can. Except the welfare dependent amongst you – whom we have quadrupled in eleven years. I absolutely understand why people feel let down. So I’d like to take this opportunity to say to you that whilst there are some politicians who have behaved honestly and honourably, very few of them are in the Labour Party. I hope you will see how we have destroyed your community since we’ve been in power, and how your family has to struggle financially as a result of our financial incompetence.

    PS I wrote all of this myself and didn’t use a standard template provided by Labour HQ.

    Sincerely Yours

    Sharon Swillbucket MP
    Member for Fivebellies South

  175. 175
    Harri says:

    “MPs’ expenses: Alistair Darling pays back expenses
    Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, is to pay back more than £1,000 in service charges on a flat he claimed with his MP’s expenses. ”

    Wow , how very decent of him and mighty charitable.

    Yeah, just throw some crumbs and a few left over scraps to the hoardes that will do the trick… job done.

    How very very dare he, the fucking hoon .

  176. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Mr Brown said “major constitutional reform” was needed to restore the public’s faith in politics, and promised to form a National Council for Democratic Renewal to help bring about change.

    If in doubt, setup a quango at tax payers’ expense. After all, if you’re running the country why should you ever make a decision on anything?

    We already have a national council for democratic renewal, Gordon; it’s called a general election you fucking hoon, and we all want one right now so that we can boot you and the rest of your negligent corrupt mad colleagues out.

  177. 177
    Builders Crack says:

    Where are the fucking police? Obviously out doing good police work targeting the motorists. We have we got a police force that dances to the tune of this fucking Labour government and who rates a person who does not pay his TV license as a bigger criminal than their thieving and corrupt political masters.

  178. 178
    Gordon's 'Hagiography' says:

    Gordon, oh Gordon you’ve taken us for fools.
    You lied about Prudence and your ‘Golden Rules’.
    You plundered our pensions and decimated our savings,
    We’re fed up of listening to your ‘global’ ravings.
    Blair claimed you’re a genius; he lied to us too.
    The ‘British’ economy is in deep doggy-doo.
    ‘No booms, no busts !’ you used to shout out.
    That was all hubris, of that there’s no doubt.

    You bang on and on about your Presbyterian daddy,
    Born a son of the manse and raised in Kircaldy.
    Now how would he regard you, with disgust or with pride ?
    Seeing you’ve got such friends as Draper and McBride ?
    You say your ‘moral compass’ isn’t pointed toward sleaze,
    But what about Darling, McNulty,Malik,Moran, Smith and Blears ?
    Of the Top Twenty Troughing MPs, NuLabour’s got SIXTEEN !
    Your Cabinet is rotten, sir – you’re nowt but a has-been.

    Now,if you’d like us to show a scintilla of affection,

  179. 179
    Popeye says:

    Should we really expect anything else?
    Most of them don’t know the time of day, but they do know where the petty cash is kept, they call it the FEES OFFICE.

  180. 180
    Anonymous says:

    that as his mate Mussolini

  181. 181
    no longer anonymous says:

    Actually Mr Mussolini I believe the trains were running on time just before you came to power.


  182. 182
    Hugh Janus says:

    Draft letter from PM:

    I resign and will call a General Election.

  183. 183
    no longer anonymous says:

    I hope you didn’t mean paedo.

  184. 184
    Mark Oaten says:

    I’ve just cum.

  185. 185
    markedman says:

    You may be correct tosser, or whatever your name is, but liebour will still end up in third if not fourth place.

  186. 186
    Anonymous says:

    This could be arranged.

  187. 187
    Mr & Mrs [Insert Name] says:

    Dear Gordon,

    Are you really Saddam Hussein come back to haunt us?

    Best Regards and get well soon,

    Mr & Mrs [Insert Name]

  188. 188
    Anonymous says:

    Brown: “I’m the best person to clean up the political system. I think the cleaning up of the political system is best done by someone who has got a clear idea of what needs to be done – and I have.”

    Is that why he’s setup quangos and committees several levels deep and not made any decisions or used any rationality/logic/reason in any of his arguments?

    Ah, this is why he’s “the best man for the job” when it comes to dealing with the recession too; after the longest benign global boom in history we somehow ended up with more real/actual public debt than ever before, and that was before the recession hit.

    I’ve yet to hear a single sentence that Brown’s ever made which makes logical sense.

  189. 189
    Gordon's 'Hagiography' says:

    Gordon, oh Gordon you’ve taken us for fools.
    You lied about Prudence and your ‘Golden Rules’.
    You plundered our pensions and decimated our savings,
    We’re fed up of listening to your ‘global’ ravings.
    Blair claimed you’re a genius; he lied to us too.
    The ‘British’ economy is in deep doggy-doo.
    ‘No booms, no busts !’ you used to shout out.
    That was all hubris, of that there’s no doubt.

    You bang on and on about your Presbyterian daddy,
    Born a son of the manse and raised in Kircaldy.
    Now how would he regard you, with disgust or with pride ?
    Seeing you’ve got friends such as Draper and McBride ?
    You say your ‘moral compass’ isn’t pointed toward sleaze,
    But what about Darling, McNulty,Malik,Moran, Smith and Blears ?
    Of the Top Twenty Troughing MPs, NuLabour’s got SIXTEEN !
    Your Cabinet is rotten, sir – you’re nowt but a has-been.

    Now,if you’d like us to show a scintilla of affection,
    Screw up some courage, CALL A GENERAL ELECTION !

  190. 190
    Steve Expat says:

    O/T, but looks like Darling’s chosen a good day to announce bad news

    BBC: An Air France plane carrying 228 people from Brazil to France has gone missing over the Atlantic.

  191. 191
    Mr & Mrs [Insert Name] says:

    Is that you signing off as [thick and fast]?

    Best regards for a speedy recovery,

    Mr & Mrs [Insert Name]

  192. 192
    Hugh Janus says:

    Do that and I’ll report you to the RSPCA.

  193. 193
    HH's personal secretary says:

    As my employer always says ‘Well, you must realise that the truth is far, far too precious to be shared with the ordinary voter. We in the Labour Party are best placed to decide what facts about MPs expenses should be made public. Currently, we’re trying very hard to find at least one – just one Labour MPs expense claims that we feel we could share with you – in the meantime, here’s some claims from Mr Mackay, Ms Kirkbride, Mr Viggers that you may want to peruse’,

    Oh sorry marm, should I not have said that bit about one Labour MP? Oh, oh, please don’t hit me again.

  194. 194

    […] June 1, 2009 · No Comments Is Labour Sincerely Sorry? Labour Fakes ‘Personal’ Letters of Apology […]

  195. 195
    NotaSheep says:

    “I’m sorry that the political system and some MPs have let you down.” Surely “I am sorry that I have let you down.” would be better.

  196. 196
    Hugh Janus says:

    The only ‘investigation’ that interests me is by the boys in blue. Fat chance of course.

  197. 197
    M.T.BUCKET says:

    Speak up brown you.re through.

  198. 198
    Anonymous says:

    People know that he’s a delusional psycho, without any grip whatsoever on reality & that he’s best suited to one of those white jackets with the arms tied round the back & a very long enforced stay in Broadmoor – yes, the one for the Criminally Insane – what he has done to this country is indeed criminal.

  199. 199
    Democrat says:

    Free the English now..

  200. 200
    My walls need redecorating says:

    OK, this shows us that ZaNu can at least manage to cut and paste.
    I wonder if they’re any good when it comes to hanging ?

  201. 201
    Anonymous says:

    He’s had 12 years to identify a corrupt system and to press for reform, but he failed to do so. This kind of shite simply won’t wash.

  202. 202
    Master Baiter says:

    He paid off £75,000 on his London house using using tax payers’ money allocated for a house in Oxfordshire. He cleared his London mortgage, he used taxpayers’ money on his main home, that is against the spirit of the rules if not the rules themselves. Taken together with his stance over Kirkbride, the arch doube dipper it shows where he stands on the issue.

    Perhaps you can’t understand it but everyone else can.

    That’s why there was a steaming pile of bovine excrement in front of him just after he gave a so called explanation on his (suing Kirkbride’s fateful expression) ‘arrangements’.

  203. 203
    Democrat says:

    Spot on E.L.F.

  204. 204
    Reg Buttox says:

    me too

  205. 205
    Rick says:

    Not mind control; money control. They all rely to some degree on Liebour patronage. Without Liebour, the BBC, for instance, would be history.

  206. 206
    Groucho says:

    What a fine idea. I am sure my dog will be happy to help.

  207. 207
    Old Moore says:

    Whereas Labour’s vote share is holding up well I suppose? If we want myopia the BBC is a good bet. Save your typing fingers MB.

  208. 208
    P1 says:


  209. 209
    Anonymous says:

    Of course he’s the best man for the job to clean up the political system – after all, he’s the c**t who f***ed it all up.

  210. 210
    Reg Buttox says:


  211. 211
    Housing Hubba Bubba says:

    The Guildford Four
    The Maguire Seven
    The England 50million

  212. 212
    Rick says:

    The “unmentionable party” is the B N*P. The very letters (unless subtly disguised) will give many here an attack of the vapours. Some conspirators!

  213. 213
    Man on the Clapham omnibus says:

    Would suggest watching this documentary:


    Controversial director MICHAEL MOORE’s controversial documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 has won the PALME D’OR best movie award at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL last night (22MAY04).

  214. 214
    Anonymous says:

    Well Darling Alistair was certainly a member of the International Marxist group in the 70’s and was probably an entryist to the Labour Party originally so you may be on to something


  215. 215
    State Educated says:


  216. 216
    MrPeregrination says:

    Yea, great isn’t it. They’ve dropped into the low thirties or high twenties or something. HAHAHAHHAHAH the Conservatives are DOOMED! DOOOMED!

    What? 16% er, oh. Never mind.

  217. 217
    Man on the Clapham omnibus says:



    The UK economy and public finances are in a mess. But instead of focussing on this, parliament is transfixed by the scandal over MPs’ expenses.

    By Hugo Dixon, Breakingviews.com Last Updated: 11:07AM BST 01 Jun 2009

    “Gordon Brown’s popularity is at rock bottom. The country is being run by a lame-duck government. And now Alistair Darling, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is fighting allegations made by The Daily Telegraph over how he billed the taxpayer for his expenses. Brown has rushed to support his finance minister, saying he does not believe there is any substance in the report”…………………..

  218. 218
    Ars Gratia Artis says:

    > I can hardly see the NuLabour Stasi taking time to check the arsehole of every dog in England.

    They wouldn’t need to. They could just need to take a swab of every Labour Party members dick after sex.

  219. 219
    Be gone Gordon says:

    Sent my liebour fool a copy be email to which he replied:

    “Thank you for your e-mail. I am not aware of the letter that you refer to and therefore cannot comment on it.

    If you wish to discuss your concerns with me I will be happy to try and arrange an appointment to discuss issues of policy and the situation regarding expenses.”

    Typical of ZaNu

  220. 220
    I laughed out loud at that. says:

    That really is funny.

  221. 221
    Anonymous says:

    Yep; following Gordon’s logic, Robert Maxwell (if he hadn’t disappeared off a boat) should have been put in charge of pension regulation, Sir Fred Goodwin should be put in charge of banking regulation, and Hitler should have been the head of a jewish protection quango.

  222. 222
    Churchill's Cattleprod says:

    Immediately the words “bolting horses” and “stable doors” come to mind.

  223. 223
    Harri says:

    By the fucking state of his red flaky lizard like skin on his chops, having a full bastard face transpalnt i should think.

  224. 224
    Harri says:

    Blinking flip.

    I meant TRANSPLANT.

  225. 225
    13eastie says:

    The ZanuLabour Sincere Apology Dictat surprises me not one jot!

    Yesterday I received a visit at my home from my local Tory candidate (who does not know me from Adam), to deliver a two-page hand-written letter to seek my continued support in the light of concerns raised about the party’s involvement in the expenses debacle.

  226. 226
    Gordon Brown pops out his false eye so Fondlebum can skull-fuck him says:

    Neither is Scotland.

  227. 227
    Tony B says:

    he has – Ed and Yvette

  228. 228
    anonybot says:

    I prefer MY version !!

    Dear [Insert Name of MP]
    I didn’t need to think twice about sending this letter because I and the rest of the electorate are absolutelyand rightly angry with people who are MPs. I am fed up to the back teeth with the statements made by MPs that they have done nothing wrong and have acted entirely “within the rules” irrespective of the morality and I am disgusted at the examples that come out showing greed and, in some cases, serious wrongdoing.

    It is simply not good enough that MPs offer to stand down at the next election in an attempt to ensure that they allowances and further funds from the tax-payer . In fact where they have been found to have used poor judgement or immorally claiming monies they should stand down immediately and forfeit any salary,payments or pensions.

    Further I would like to echo David Cameron’swords – that this Parliament no longer has any morality left and there therefore should be an immediate General Election in order that the Electorate may have a chance to express their disgust with the present Parliament at the Ballot Box.

    As a first step I expect that you will immediately resign thereby triggering a by-election to enable this to take place

  229. 229
    Man on the Clapham omnibus says:

    Sorry wrong address first time



    The expected bankruptcy filing by General Motors Corp. (GM) will trigger the settlement of around $3 billion in credit-default swaps written against the auto maker.

    The filing is expected Monday, with the resolution committee of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, which groups the leading credit derivative dealer banks, deciding on a settlement plan that………………………

  230. 230
    Harri says:

    Two cheeks , same arsehole !

  231. 231

    Thought I’d better update you – as at 1pm there are no further reports *anywhere*. Keep your eyes and ears open and if you hear anything pls let me know. Ta.

  232. 232
    Fells Point barfly says:

    Somebody put him out of OUR misery…… anytime now is good.

  233. 233
    Peter says:

    Comes to something when they can’t even fake fake sincerity without screwing up, mind.

  234. 234
    barefootcontessa says:

    Spin, spin, spin.

  235. 235
    barefootcontessa says:

    Jackie Smith, our great home secretary will be behind it, and gb will be behind her.

  236. 236
    barefootcontessa says:

    Don’t be so unkind, he IS a presbytarian.

  237. 237

    There’s no-one to bell the cat.

  238. 238
    Jacqui Smith's other choice of scapegoat says:

    At least they are semen free unlike the ones that are sent praising Jacqui Smith.

  239. 239

    It would be prudent to monitor their contacts to ensure they don’t profit from a life in politics and don’t legislate at the behest of special interests. Hanging all the Labour influence peddlers in the Lords would be a good start.

  240. 240
    Illiterati says:

    Those that can read and get these letters will bin immediately them as being too fucking stupid for words.

    Those that can’t read them will just bin them.

    Cheque mate Gordy.

  241. 241
    anon126 says:

    it is like I’ve been saying in my blog for months, they don’t understand why we are a bit cross. They think they can spin themselves out of this. But we don’t want spin, we want the corrupt punished. All the talk of reform, and all the pseudo-apologies wont wash.

  242. 242
    Harriet Harman says:

    Of course the boys in blue will do nothing.
    If they were girls in red then we would be able to root out all the Tories!

  243. 243
    "X" for anyone but the big 3 says:

    Letter for your stressed MP!

    Dear [Insert Corrupt MPs Name]

    I know how angry Corrupt MPs are with the general public. I suspect you are as fed up I am, as day after day more stories come out showing greed and in some cases, serious wrongdoing. I would like to echo the general public anger – that I am sorry that the political system and most MPs have stolen money from the public purse.

  244. 244
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, have any evidence that these aren’t made up? They don’t look that genuine to me

  245. 245
    Nearly Headless Nick says:

    Simon COHEN, don’t you mean?

  246. 246
    "X" for anyone but the big 3 says:

    News just in

    Gordon Brown, David Cameron and the other leader resign!

    No not really, but wouldn’t it be great if he just all fecked off?

  247. 247

    Are Labour MP’s not capable of writing themselves then?

    David T Breaker

  248. 248
    Silly Point says:

    [chanting] BARMY NAVY! BARMY NAVY!

  249. 249
    Venus de Milo (dictated) says:

    Cheers pal. Just tried to do this with next door’s bloody rottweiler and he bloody thing bit my arms off.

  250. 250
    Nil By Mouth says:

    We were promised suicides.

  251. 251
    The polls and the Poles don't fool me. !! says:

    Now that the sudden shock of a severe economic crisis is in full swing. Do we have to wait for the period of uninterrupted prosperity to catch up, “or can we just revolt now”?.

  252. 252
    Goat says:

    Moore is an hoon.

  253. 253
    Foggy Albion says:

    He winks him off

  254. 254

    […] This post was Twitted by UKRightofCentre – Real-url.org […]

  255. 255
    cynic says:

    This inst fair., Most of the PLP are so thick they need help like this – especially since they are having to sack all those wives, sons, daughters, cousins and mistresses who now provide ‘secretarial’ support for them

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